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Thread: Patient Evaluation; Kate "Red" Hunter

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    Patient Evaluation; Kate "Red" Hunter

    Patient record:

    Name: Kate “Red” Hunter (Unverified)
    Patient number: 321003
    Age: No record.
    Background: No Recond
    Diagnosis: Unconfirmed, possible schizophrenia/possible multiple personality disorder, though
    Progress recently with Kate had been slow, frustrating so. I’d have hoped that a more forceful approach with her would yield more results but directly asking her questions only seems to make her lock up like fort knoxs. Talking to her is an….odd experience it feels like a therapy session and more like some kind of odd verbal sparring exercise. She’s clever. Far more clever than a teenage girl in her state she should be, Thus reaffirming my belief that may be projecting an image of mental illness in order to make sure she stays in that room. But even that theory had pronounced holes in it. After discussing the outside world from her the patient seems to want to leave….but she is unable to, that some outside force keeping her from leaving that room.

    Much in the same vain, the doll seems to have some kind of power over her, many of the staff have seen her...speaking to the doll quite regularly, even though “Speaking” might be the wrong word. She seems to be regularly, pleading with it. bargaining with it. As if that doll had the key to some kind of salvation for her…

    If all of this wasn’t enough, probing into her background continues to be fruitless. No one has come further with information. No records from the local hospitals or schools or anywhere in between. It’s like she just….appeared out of the blue.

    It’s like she’s toying with me, shifting the disorder with each passing day. Delusional child. The Overly confident young woman, disturbed. Rational. Smart. Open. closed. Aloof.

    She’s playing games with me…

    Maybe it’s time I stop playing games. It’s time to end this
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    Re: Patient Evaluation; Kate "Red" Hunter

    Interdasting. Very interdasting.

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    Re: Patient Evaluation; Kate "Red" Hunter

    I like her middle name

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