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Thread: Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

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    Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    More than okay with Paul London coming in vanilla as you like and losing in 5 minutes to Super Crazy. I like that you keep debuting young talent this way, instead of big wins right out of the gate. It just feels right.

    Using this segment to bridge the two matches was definitely a decent choice, despite how cringe that London dialogue was : rofl: Having Joey talk about TWA beforehand was also a great way to link it together.

    I LOVE that you had Shane cheat to win, totally the right call. Him being a smug prick and hitting SSM afterwards was just even better. Question though: when you say Jackknife pin do you mean where he's just stacking Jay's legs up into his chest and Shane's torso on top, or the bridging version where Shane essentially somersaults on top of Jay, back-to-chest, his arms grabbing Briscoe? I ask because I see them both called the Jackknife pin, but only the first one makes sense to me with the legs on the rope. Shane having Briscoe's legs hooked, back on Jay's chest, and still getting legs on the ropes just seems too difficult to pull off. So curious how you visualized that.

    Ya know, I really liked this Sandman promo. When it comes to his actual voice and you get past all of his smoke and mirrors, he's just a bland talker with no real distinct attribute about him, which makes promos tricky. However, you did really well with just putting everything out there, and doing it in a kind of simple way that it just felt organic. This was good use of Sandman, and an underrated promo.

    Damn, more Michael Shane; today must be my lucky day! I was waiting for Bryan to end up here, considering the constant TWA connections, and the teaser here of a potential match here was good. This has been a nice show arc for the TWA kids.

    Ooo, big segment here. I liked the Credible/CW stuff on the legends, but obviously it's all about this investor reveal. I swear to fucking God if it's the Jarretts I'm going to be fucking pissed. And while he's from Memphis and not Nashville, you have no idea how badly I want it to be The King

    You really love giving Danielson huge victories in ECW that feel like absolutely nothing because you just pussy foot the match Yeah it's cool knowing that Danielson has a clinic of a match, but I feel nothing from it, sadly.

    This was definitely a bit of a throwaway show, but obviously you got Corino vs Tajiri next week, the investor reveal after that... So yeah, you can bullshit this show with that great stuff coming up :P

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    Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Decent enough way to bring London into the thread, given the appearance of Kendrick and Danielson, London coming in makes sense. Lance Cade coming in soon to complete the sweep? But yeah, a solid enough performance on debut, no shame in losing to Crazy and the handshake after was a nice touch.

    That must have been the most un-ECW chat ever from London, he and Spanky would surely be eaten alive by an ECW crowd! Fine enough stuff from Shane, although the relationship between he and Spanky has to be coming to an end soon.

    I think I said in my feedback from last week's show that I could see Shane cheating to win, so that makes so much sense here, and then the kick after the bell really hammers home the difference between he and Spanky right now. No complaints here, I thought this all made a lot of sense and was pretty logical.

    I quite liked the Sandman promo, interesting to hear the history between he, Credible and The Network. Not the most exciting of characters when you strip back the beer cans and cigarettes. It wasn't the most memorable of promos, but it came across well in how deep rooted this rivalry has been.

    God, Shane again! Certainly a fair amount of the show dedicated to these guys the last couple of weeks. Shane and Danielson would be a fun match, although Danielson seems on a different level from the other TWA guys given the way he's made such a bigger impact in comparison. But again, Shane's character development was fine.

    Wow, that's a big tease regarding the investor being Nashville based. Certainly would suggest the Jarretts, but the thought of them in ECW is rather strange. The stuff about Sandman was fine, but the intrigue is definitely with the investor stuff. One question would be is Corino being left completely off this show? He's been such a big part of things as of late I'd have thought you'd find a way to squeeze him in here with the rest of The Network.

    What is going on with that main event write up!? Pretty poor effort here mate, and again, another classic match we've missed out on. Here's hoping for more effort from Corino and Tajiri next week.

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    Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Paul London! Was always a fan so excited to see him show up but I expected it would happen eventually with the other guys already here based on the trajectory. That being said, I'm also a fan of him not winning in his debut. I can get behind a guy coming in and looking solid in his debut but losing to a savvy veteran like Super Crazy. It doesn't hurt London at all to lose right away, especially since he got in a good showing. And of course it doesn't hurt that he immedaitely gets to associate with Spanky and Michael Shane. Loved Shane's line about celebrating a loss, love his dickishness (if that's a word). Better yet, he got to follow it up with another solid win.

    I love how much emphasis Michael Shane especially is getting lately as not only is it fresh in this BTB since he's new to the scene and part of the next generation, but it's also pretty fresh overall since Shane never really got the chance to shine IRL and isn't someone you commonly see pushed in a BTB so I love it and he has the personality to be a star here, so I hope he continues upwards.

    Good stuff from The Sandman here and then from the champs as well, looking forward to the Tag Title Match for sure.

    Woah, finally going to see the Investor...awesome. I wonder if that Nashville line is a red herring - not sure you'd make it THAT obvious who it could be.

    Enough has been said about the Main Event so I won't pile on but just to say that's a huge win for Danielson here.

    As others and even yourself said - mostly a filler show but there's going to be those as you build towards the bigger events but I can just reiterate who much I am loving Michael Shane right now and he was easily the highlight of this show for sure.

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    Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Thanks for all of the feedback, love you all for it. I was lazy with the last main event and probably deserved to be called out on it, I'll try not to do that again. I can at least guarantee that this next show's match recaps aren't lazy so there's that...

    ECW Hardcore TV Preview

    April 6th, 2002
    Battle Creek, Michigan

    If there was ever a night to tune in to ECW Hardcore TV, its tonight. Two men who have quite the history will collide when the ECW Champion Steve Corino will defend the ECW Championship against the ECW Television Champion Yoshihiro Tajiri. Corino and Tajiri have been at each other’s throats since Living Dangerously, when Corino interrupted Low Ki’s celebration to brag about being untouchable. Tajiri disagreed, making his way to the ring and just as Tajiri began to pinball Corino around the ring, the show came to a close. Since then, despite having other ECW Title defences to make, including against Masato Tanaka only two weeks ago, the champ has had his eyes on Tajiri. ‘The King Of Old School’ is looking for revenge after Tajiri damn near ruthlessly ended his career two years ago at Hardcore Heaven. On the other hand, ‘The Japanese Buzzsaw’ made his intentions clear at Living Dangerously, but then firmed as number one contender after pinning the champ in a six man tag match on March 9th. Will Corino finally get his revenge tonight, or will Tajiri become the ECW Champion for the second time? Or will different questions be asked and answered. The leader of The Network, Cyrus was hesitant to book this match, not enjoying the defence heavy run that The Network’s Corino seems to be taking on as champ. Whilst it seems as if Corino wants to defeat Tajiri alone, Cyrus and The Network could be the wild card heading into this one.

    Whilst the main event leaves us with plenty of questions, for our next match, we already have some answers. We know that Christopher Daniels doesn’t seem interested in facing Bryan Danielson, despite attacking him on the Hardcore TV after Living Dangerously. As a matter of fact, ‘The Fallen Angel’ only wants to put his ‘undefeated streak’ on the line against people that impress him. We also know that Spanky impressed Daniels two weeks ago by defeating Jay Briscoe. The two will do battle this week and we also know that Spanky will do all he can to continue to make a name for himself in ECW. Will tonight be the night that Christopher Daniels finally loses a one on one match, or will he put Spanky down and continue on his merry way?

    Daniels/Spanky is definitely a new school battle, but we will be kicking off tonight’s show with a typical, old school, ECW brawl. Two mainstays of ECW, Justin Credible and The Sandman will kick off the show against each other. Both men have voiced their dislike for each other, dating back to seemingly forever, but their war has heated back up over the last few weeks. Not only are they on opposing sides of the war between ECW and The Network, Justin Credible and CW Anderson are the ECW Tag Team Champions. Over the past few months, The Sandman and his tag team partner, Tommy Dreamer have decided they want to become champions. Perhaps fearing for their titles, with help from Homicide, the champions attacked Dreamer and Sandman on March 16th, trying to take them out. Having only just returned from injury, The Sandman didn’t take to kindly to the attack, and he’ll be hunting for revenge tonight. We also know that the two men’s teams will face off at Hardcore Heaven with the tag titles on the line, so this could be the first step in determining who goes into the pay per view with all the momentum.

    Confirmed Matches:

    ECW Championship Match:
    Steve Corino (c) defends against Yoshihiro Tajiri

    Christopher Daniels vs. Spanky

    Justin Credible vs. The Sandman

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