Jim Taylor: Good evening fans and welcome to another edition of Adrenaline Rush as we make our final stop on our of California right here in San Jose. As always with me tonight is my broadcast colleague, Tim Coleman!

Tim Coleman: The sooner we get out of California the better! This state voted blue, disgusting!

Jim Taylor: I'd rather not get political if you don't mind Tim, and I'm sure our fans feel the same way which is why they are joining us tonight. What a show we've got in store for you tonight fans, a blockbuster main event of epic proportions as World Champion Jon Snowmantashi teams with LIGHTBRINGER to take on Michelle von Horrowitz and Cyrus Truth!

Tim Coleman: Well it'll be interesting to see how Snowmantashi and LIGHTBRINGER fair as a tag team, it'll also be a sneak preview of whats to come when LIGHTBRINGER gets his hands on that lousy von Horrowitz witch! Plus, the wildcard in all of it, Cyrus Truth! What part will he play in this match? You've also got to wonder whether or not if the egos of Michelle and Cyrus will manage to co-exist as a unit tonight!

Jim Taylor: We'll also see the High Voltage Championship on the line as Nate Savage defends against Mark Merriwether, and there will be a triple threat match between Shawn Summers, Elijah Edwards, and Leo Taylor where the winner earns a championship match of their choosing. First though we'll see El Pecado take on CWA's resident Heartbeat, Krash!

Lindsay Monahan: Tonight's opening contest is scheduled for one fall!

The arena dims to a thin blackness, as the tapping of slow, purposeful footsteps play over the arena speakers. 'The Kill' begins playing as a spotlight shines on the middle of the entranceway, illuminating Krash as he has his back towards the crowd. He glances over his shoulder at the fans as colorful, purple pyro explodes from the corners of the stage, before he whips around, facing the crowd and spreading his arms out as if to welcome them all. After a few seconds of posing, he begins making his way down the ramp, ensuring to high-five and otherwise interact with the crowd.

Lindsay Monahan: Making his way to the ring from Melbourne, Australia and weighing in at two hundred & five pounds, "The Heartbeat of CWA"...KRASH!

He climbs onto the ring apron and leaps over the ropes, onto the second turnbuckles, where he gazes out at the fans, nodding or pointing at a few, before bouncing back into the ring and into his corner, patiently awaiting his opponent.

Tim Coleman: The guy went from main eventing to being in the opening match, that's gotta make him feel degraded just a little don't ya think?

Jim Taylor: I'm sure Krash knows he has to work his way back up the ladder but you can tell that his recent string of bad luck has taken it's toll on him

Lindsay Monahan: And his opponent...

The eerie, dark music plays throughout the arena as El Pecado slithers out from the back with Alexa Medina at his side. Some fans, particulary young children look frightened by the mere sight of Pecado while the older audience don't seem afraid at all yet jeer him.

Lindsay Monahan: Being accompanied by Alexa Medina, from Mexico City, Mexico by way of The Darkest Alley in Boyle Heights, California. Weighing in tonight at two hundred & twenty pounds, EL PECADO!

Tim Coleman: Krash is going to have to put that self pity aside for tonight if he wants to defeat El Pecado, who is no slouch

Jim Taylor: You're right about that Tim, though I'm sure if anyone can do it it's Krash

Tim Coleman: That's what you said last week and he lost to Shawn Summers by a roll-up! Krash's bad luck is wearing him down and if he doesn't get it together tonight, well he's toast!


El Pecado bursts from his corner and begins to pummel Krash in his corner leaving little to no reaction time for the veteran. Pecado is backed away by referee Nate Bryne, but Pecado slightly shoves Bryne aside and makes a beeline for Krash once more looking for corner splash but he misses and hits chest first knocking the wind out of his sails as Krash sidestepped him in time. Krash sneaks up behind Pecado applying a rear waist-lock...RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX! Krash sends Pecado hurling mid-air before plummeting to the mat in a heap! Pecado manages to roll back to a vertical base holding his head in a corner but he's taken by surprise as Krash levels him a running dropkick knocking Pecado back into the corner before slumping down allowing Krash to hit him with a sliding dropkick. Pecado rolls underneath the bottom rope to the outside where he's checked on by Alexa, but Alexa scatters immediately as she saw Krash rocketing through the middle rope...SUICIDE DIVE! He nearly takes himself out as he hits Pecado before tossing his opposition back in the ring. He hops up on the apron and lands a picture perfect springboard leg drop across the throat of Pecado and makes the first cover...


Pecado throws a shoulder up in time and rolls away from Krash to a corner where he shakes away the cobwebs. He finds his way back to his feet and senses Krash running at him moving out of the way in time yet Krash catches himself before hitting the turnbuckle and fires off a back elbow knocking Pecado back some giving Krash some breathing room. Krash finds himself and comes from out of the corner looking for a kick to the throat, but Pecado ducks it and catches Krash with a roll up but Krash manages to roll through...SUPERKICK! Pecado is stunned and Krash soon applies Discordant Serenity forcing Pecado to submit instantly!

Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match, KRASH!

Jim Taylor: Well, Krash made quick work of El Pecado tonight and gets back on track in the win column

Tim Coleman: Krash showed a different, more relentless side to him tonight that I can get behind if he keeps it up with performances like that!

Jim Taylor: Moving on from that we'll see our triple threat up next as Shawn Summers faces off with Elijah Edwards and Leo Taylor, after the break so stay tuned!


Adrenaline Rush returns from break finding Leo Taylor already in the ring to a rousing, positive ovation from the fans.

Lindsay Taylor: The next match is a triple threat match set for one fall and already in the ring from New York, NY and weighing in at two hundred pounds, "The Ultimate Fanboy"...LEO TAYLOR!

Jim Taylor: No jazzy or extravagant entrance from Leo tonight as he looks all business

Tim Coleman: Maybe I can take him seriously for a change!

"Icky Thump" now fills the arena and another loud, positive ovation this time for Elijah Edwards who walks out with Romeo Rollings following close behind.

Lindsay Monahan: And his opponent being accompanied by Romeo Rollings, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and weighing in at two hundred & twenty one pounds...ELIJAH EDWARDS!

Jim Taylor: These two have teamed together in the past but tonight they have to put that aside for a shot at gold!

"Cola" plays and a resounding negative reception rains out, nearly drowning out the sound of his music as Shawn Summers confidently strides out down to the ring.

Lindsay Monahan: And their opponent from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and weighing in tonight at two hundred and five pounds, "The God King"...SHAWN SUMMERS!

Jim Taylor: A new moniker, new theme music but still the same attitude from Shawn Summers who has got to be radiating with confidence right now after coming off a big win over Krash last week

Tim Coleman: He looks ready and focused Jim, which can spell for trouble for both of his opponents tonight if they aren't careful!

Shawn stands in his corner cracking his neck from side to side with a smirk while Leo watches both of his opponents carefully, and Elijah limbers up while getting a last minute pep talk from Romeo. The referee is Johnny Yamaguchi, who cautiously stands near Shawn before calling for the bell.


Jim Taylor: It was supposed to be senior referee Billy Stevens calling this match but he hasn't been seen or heard from in days

Tim Coleman: You're trying to make it sound like something suspicious happened to him, who cares Jim?!

The three men circle each other as Elijah and Leo look at one another before nodding in approval and gang up on Shawn pummeling him back to his corner. Elijah clobbers Shawn with a corner clothesline bringing him to a slumped position allowing Leo to hit him with a cannonball! The crowd cheers for the two as Leo rises back up and amps up the fans some more before turning around and being on the receiving end of a devastating discus lariat from Elijah! Slight jeers from the fans as Elijah stomps down on Leo a little before bringing him back up and bouncing his legs off the ropes...slingshot suplex!

Tim Coleman: It's just like you said Jim, they have to put team aside for tonight if they want that shot at gold and Leo learned that the hard way!

Jim Taylor: Some fans didn't appreciate that but it is every man for himself in there tonight

Tim Coleman: It's just the way the cookie crumbles!

Leo winces as his back smacks the mat and Elijah brings him back up once more...snap suplex! Leo rolls underneath the bottom rope away from harm momentarily as Elijah follows him and tries to yank him back up but receives a kick to the head for his troubles knocking him back some. Just as Leo finds his footing on the apron he's knocked off to the floor by Shawn Summers, who turns his attention to Elijah clubbing him from behind with a forearm before getting him in position...inverted lifting DDT! Shawn in for the early cover...


Elijah kicks out and rolls to his side clutching his head. Shawn stands over Elijah before stomping and kicking away at him with a sick smirk on his face while doing so, relishing in the fans hatred for him. Leo has snuck back in the ring and waits for Shawn to turn and as he does so Leo goes for a superkick but Shawn grabs hold of his foot yet Leo finds a way to strike back with an enziguiri to the temple stunning Shawn. He follows up with a hurricanrana sending Shawn flying to the other side of the ring where he rolls to the outside. Leo turns around in time to duck a bicycle kick attempt from Elijah and has Elijah from behind in a back suplex position, but Elijah flips out of it in time and stuns Leo with a european uppercut! Then he hoists Leo off his feet...pendulum backbreaker! His knee right across the back of Leo, who writhes in agony on the mat clutching his back and Elijah applies a grapevine STF submission with nowhere for Leo to go in the center of the ring. Leo is struggling and fighting but it is no use and when it looks like he may tap the submission is broken apart by Shawn, who then stomps away at Elijah before turning his attention on Leo, bringing him up...WIPE OUT! Overhead belly to belly suplex and Leo flops to the mat in a heap as Shawn hooks the leg...


This time it's broken up by Elijah, who now rolls around on the mat with Shawn as the two brawl. Elijah gets several shots in but soon Shawn turns it around on him and proceeds to unload a flurry of offense with continous rights and lefts to Elijah's face along with elbow strikes.

Jim Taylor: Red King! Shawn's new name for his signature beatdown of an opponent!

Elijah does his best to block the strikes but to no avail and Shawn finally relents rolling off of Elijah before bringing him up and brings him position for a double underhook powerbomb, but as he brings up in mid-air Elijah finds a way to counter it into a sitout facebuster driving Shawn face first directly to the canvas! Elijah catches his bearing after hitting the counter move and he looks battered in the face but he musters up the strength to roll over and make the cover on Shawn...


Shawn throws a shoulder up and Elijah catches him by the arm and begins to apply one his signature submission...WINTER DREAMS!

Jim Taylor: Elijah has that shining triangle locked in tight with nowhere for Shawn to go!

Shawn is fading fast but soon the submission is broken up by Leo just as Shawn was about to pass out. Leo drags Elijah away and looks to apply an single leg crab but Elijah kicks him away knocking him back allowing himself to get back to his feet, but soon he's taken out by with a HADOUKEN! Running double axe handle from Leo and Elijah is out on the mat as Leo hooks the leg...


Elijah kicks out before three and a gasp from the fans while a look of shock is on Leo's face as he can't believe it. Leo wipes away that disbelief though as he brings Elijah up for what looks to be Die Hard but Elijah escapes it in time and Leo is met by the KICK OF FURY! Leo is laid out for the time being and as Elijah turns around he's met by a boot to the gut from Shawn followed by BLUNT TRAUMA! Stalling brainbuster as Elijah is dropped on his skull and the stalling had given Leo enough time to receive the fans support to bring him back up as he hulks up while Shawn watches on with a smirk. Leo runs at him looking for the hadouken, but misses as Shawn ducks and Leo instinctively goes for a superkick but Shawn catches it and counters into The Best F'N Ankle Lock, Period! He cranks back on the ankle of Leo, refusing to let go and soon grapevines his leg adding more pressure giving Leo no choice but to submit!

Lindsay Monahan: Your winner by submission, SHAWN SUMMERS!

Tim Coleman: Big win for Summers, but you've got wonder who he'll choose to face for a championship

Shawn celebrates his win while in the ring Leo is tended to by the referee while Romeo checks on Elijah, who is beside himself outside the ring.

Backstage of the SAP Center in San Jose, home of tonight's Adrenaline Rush and lead interviewer Michelle Kelly is standing by with a backdrop behind her and a microphone in hand as her trusty cameraman focuses in on the shot. She sighs before lighting up with a smile as her cameraman indicates that they are filming.

Michelle Kelly: Ladies and gentlemen my guest at this time, the High Voltage Champion...Nate Savage

The camera pans over to find Savage standing by with a less than enthuastic look about him and his championship draped over his shoulder.

Michelle Kelly: Nate, last week you were in an impromptu match with Mark Merriwether, and just when things were looking up for Mark, well you resorted to getting yourself disqualified and assaulting him post match with a steel chair. Do you care to explain your actions?

Savage glares at Michelle and shakes his head before answering.

Nate Savage: I don't exactly appreciate your tone Michelle and I don't really feel like that I need to explain my actions because I feel that they were justified

Michelle Kelly: Really? Attacking a man with a steel chair while he's already down. Alot of people wouldn't justify that

Nate Savage: It seems someone has upped their sodium intake lately. Look Michelle, I don't need to explain myself to you or anyone else.

Michelle Kelly: Moving on where tonight you face Mark Merriwether once again, but this time you've got to put your championship on the line. Are you at all worried at what may happen in this match?

Nate Savage: Do I look worried Michelle? Seriously, what should I be worried about? Mark Merriwether should be the one that is worried because he's stepping foot inside MY ring with me with MY championship on the line. If he thinks what I did to him last time was bad, well that will pale in comparison to what I have in store for him tonight. Why should I even be defending my championship against him when I've got bigger fish to fry?

Michelle Kelly: Some say that Mark didn't get a fair shake last week

Nate Savage: Just because Noah Hanson and the fans feel the tiniest bit of sympathy for him he gets a title shot? All of the sympathy in the world isn't going to help him get through tonight.

Nate looks into the camera.

Nate Savage: Mark, last week when I mentioned that you had gone soft, I meant it. I mean, you've always been mediocre at best but now you're just a shell of a man. What I'm trying to tell you is that all the pandering from the mouth-breathers isn't going to get you to the top and get you this...

He nudges his championship.

Nate Savage: Do you think I was just handed this? No, I had to scratch and claw to get this in my posession. I didn't suck up to the fans and do whatever they say, I do things my way. Sure, I stepped on toes and bended the rules a little, but I did what I had to do to get the job done. Ask my former mentor Clint Shepard what happened when he got in my way? Johnny Vegas, Ariel Justice, and Michelle von Horrowitz. Ask any one of them and they'll tell you the same thing...

He adjusts the championship on his shoulder.

Nate Savage: I'm not about to let some mediocre, washed up, actor wannabe wrestler like you take my spot away from me. Heed my warning Mark, walk away now while you still can. Go back to Hollywood while you still have the chance, or else face the consequences. You got a few lucky shots in last week, I'll give you that. This week however, well your luck is about to run out.

With that Nate storms off leaving Michelle with a look of concern for Mark.


The bell doesn't even have a chance to be rung as Savage pounces on Merriwether just before the introductions, battering the challenger for his title with a barrage of punches and elbows. Merriwether rolls out of the ring, but Savage is a pitbull as he quickly pursues him to continue pouring on the damage. Merriwether does his best to weather the storm as he gets some shots in, but Savage is in his element and is letting Merriwether know he done goofed stepping to him.

After a minute or so of brawling on the outside and at the insistence of the referee, Savage finally rolls Merriwether into the ring and follows him (and tells the ref "You don't tell me what to do, I'm the champion!). Both men are on their feet as the bell finally rings to properly start this match.

Savage has reeled in some of his earlier aggression, going for measured punches on the Hollywood Standard's head in the corner of the ring, almost ignoring the referee's insistence to get him out of there. Merriwether, crafty as he is, manages to get out himself with a thumb to Savage's eye, blinding the High Voltage Champion and getting him to back off. Merriwether then comes out with a vicious chop block, sending the champion's knee to the mat in a sickening crunch. A barrage of axe handle smashes to the back of Savage's head sends the champion to the mat hard as Merriwether goes for a cover, but only gets two.

Merriwether, feeling confident now that he's slowed down the wrecking ball, starts to get a bit full of himself as he mocks the champion with slaps in the face and very verbal taunts. Savage, as you'd expect, takes this about as well as a piranha takes to a swimmer invading its territory. He SPITS in Merriwether's face before chopping him in the THROAT, leaving the challenger gasping for air. The champion gets to his feet and starts punching away at Merriwether again, although it's clear that Savage is still favoring the knee that was chopped blocked earlier. He fights through the pain as he picks Merriwether up in a pumphandle before planting him with a neckbreaker. Savage covers, but only gets a two count.

Savage snorts like a bull in anger as he grabs Merriwether by the hair and looks for a vertical suplex. However, Savage's knee gives way just long enough on the lift for Merriwether to counter the suplex into a DDT, planting the champion. Savage is dazed as he kneels on the mat, and Merriwether takes advantage with a brutal sliding lariat! Merriwether goes for the cover, but Savage kicks out due to Merriwether not hooking the leg.

Merriwether looks unconcerned as he senses the blood in the water and focuses his attack squarely on the tweaked knee of the champion, brutally assaulting it in an attempt to keep Savage off his feet and prevent most of Savage's powerful offense. Savage, being Savage, swings away at Merriwether every chance he gets, but now the pitbull is getting a taste of his own medicine as Merriwether's offense is relentless. However, Merriwether's penchant for showmanship lends him to making lackadaisical covers and taking too much time in-between big moves to properly put Savage away, as the High Voltage Champion kicks out again and again.

Savage's guts begin to irritate Merriwether as he decides enough is enough. He drags Savage off the mat and prepares to deliver what looks to be either a powerbomb or a piledriver...either way, we'll never know, as Savage counters that into a back body drop! Merriwether hits the canvas hard as Savage tries feverishly to return some feeling and some motion to his knee. Merriwether gets up first as Savage struggles to his feet. The Hollywood Standard again goes for another chop block, but Savage counters that with a big boot, showing some remarkable ring awareness! Merriwether's back to his feet, but loopy as the hobbled champion violently slugs away at his challenger before whipping him viciously into the corner. Savage, either not feeling the pain in his knee or caring whether it's there or not, somehow manages to will himself to charge at full speed and squash Merriwether with a corner cannonball! Savage goes for the cover, but Merriwether kicks out at two!

Savage roars like a hungry lion as he uses the ropes to drag himself to his feet, bringing Merriwether along with him. He pushes Merriwether into the ropes, looking for the Nasty Bomb...but Merriwether counters with Welcome To Hollywood! The superkick hits like a truck as Savage collapses. Merriwether pounces on his prone body and covers...



NO! SAVAGE KICKS OUT! Merriwether can't believe it as he glares at the referee, who confirms that this match isn't over yet. Merriwether decides that it's time to make Savage suffer as he manages to lock in a LCA STF, looking for the tapout. But Savage is called "Nasty" for a reason as he forces Merriwether to break the hold by BITING MERRIWETHER'S hands! Merriwether clutches his hands and releases the hold, which gives Savage time to hobble to his feet. Merriwether instinctively goes for the Final Cut, but Savage counters...SAVAGED! Savage manages to reverse Merriwether's cutter into a package piledriver! Savage falls into a pin cover and gets the three, retaining his title!


Lindsay Monahan: The next contest is your MAIN EVENT of the evening and is scheduled for one fall!

Michelle wanders out onto the stage, surveying the arena during the opening verse. As the music comes in and Orbison sings 'I close my eyes', she leisurely walks down to the ring. She walks by some fans in support of LIGHTBRINGER, and she gives them a look of utter disgust before sticking her tongue at them and rolls her eyes as well before continuing her walk to the ring.

Lindsay Monahan: Introducing first from Rotterdam, the Netherlands and wrestling out of New Orleans, Louisiana. She stands at 170cm and weighs in at 71kg, "Dreamer"...MICHELLE VON HORROWITZ!

Once she reaches the ring she climbs to the second tunbuckle in the ring and points upwards with both hands, staring up at the ceiling.

Tim Coleman: Look at her, so smug!

She shoots a glare over in Tim's direction and waves at him sarcastically.

Her music fades out and is soon replaced by "Subconsious Entry Version", much to the delight of the fans who cheer wildly as Cyrus Truth steps out. He wears his usual stone faced expression while remaining focused as he slowly walks to the ring.

Lindsay Monahan: Her tag team partner from The Long and Winding Road, standing at 6'1 and weighing in at 232 lbs, "The Exile"...CYRUS TRUTH!

Cyrus enters the ring and completely ignores his partner as he brushes past her and stands in the corner.

Tim Coleman: Two egos as big as one of the men they're about to face!

Jim Taylor: Two combustible elements that is for sure

The music fades out and is soon replaced by "Light Bringer" eliciting another loud, positive ovation, this time for LIGHTBRINGER. He strides out down to the ring with a focused look in his eyes.

Lindsay Monahan: Their opponents, first from Tokyo, Japan and wrestling out of Tampa Bay, Florida. He stands at 6'3 and weighs in at 230 lbs, he is "Tokyo Kisai"...LIGHTBRINGER!

Jim Taylor: This will be our first time seeing LIGHTBRINGER back in action since he lost the High Voltage championship to Michelle von Horrowitz, and boy are these fans excited to see him

LIGHTBRINGER is in the ring now and is staring daggers at Michelle, who just rolls her eyes at him in return. Soon his theme music fades out and is replaced by "Sword of Destiny" eliciting a loud pop for the World Champion himself, Jon Snowmantashi! He slowly makes his way out wearing his championship over his shoulder.

Lindsay Monahan: His tag team partner from Tokyo, Japan and wrestling out of Los Angeles, California. He stands at 6'5 and weighs in at 290 lbs, he is simply known as "Kaiju" and he is also the CWA World Heavyweight Champion...JON SNOWMANTASHI!

Jim Taylor: The champion is back in action this week after a break on our last show and what a test that stands before him

Tim Coleman: Good thing he isn't alone then, huh Jim?

Jim Taylor: I'm certain Snowmantashi wouldn't back down from any sort of fight even if the odds were stacked against him, but he will have the assistance of LIGHTBRINGER to combat Cyrus Truth and Michelle von Horrowitz in what should be an absolute spectacle of a main event!


The referee is Johnny Yamaguchi once again and it'll be Michelle starting off with Snowmantashi, and both competitors being no strangers to each other having battled in the past for Snowmantashi's championship. This time though there is nothing on the line, expect for maybe pride. The two lock horns immediately and right away Snowmantashi clutches Michelle in a side headlock looking to take her down but Michelle fends him with a shove to the ropes yet he comes back with a massive shoulder block taking Michelle down to the mat in an instant. Snowmantashi wags his finger at her, which provokes her to swing her right leg at his tree trunk like leg but he avoids it yet she uses her left leg swiftly landing a kick to Snowmantashi's large thigh area eliciting a twinge of pain from him allowing Michelle to knock back his other leg with a right kick bringing him down to one. Michelle swings for the fences with a roundhouse kick but Snowmantashi has answer for that as he ducks it and scoops up Michelle into a surprise roll up...


Michelle rolls through and kneels near the bottom rope maintaining her distance from her current foe. Snowmantashi looks at her before charging towards her giving Michelle the opening to trip him up with a drop toe hold into the bottom rope. Michelle follows up with a vicious soccer kick to the gut of Snowmantashi, and Snowmantashi clutches his massive frame in pain. She grabs him by the ankle and applies a single leg lock, wrenching back on the big man's leg keeping him grounded. Snowmantashi manages to snatch a bottom rope to break free and he clutches at lower leg section, nursing it as Michelle stomps at it once more adding more salt to the wound. She brings him up and looks for a russian leg sweep but Snowmantashi fights back with stiff back elbows to her head knocking her off, and he clutches her with a rear waistlock and transitioning into a german suplex! Snowmantashi slightly struggles back to his feet and beckons Michelle back to hers prompting her to run at him but she falls into his trap as he catches her with a uranage! Snowmantashi then tags in LIGHTBRINGER as Michelle is rolling to her corner while trying to recover from the uranage. She slowly crawls to her corner where Cyrus' arm is outstretched, and LIGHTBRINGER snatches her by the ankle but Michelle fends him off with a several kicks knocking him back giving her the momentum to tag in Cyrus!

Jim Taylor: Michelle wanting no part of LIGHTBRINGER tonight

Tim Coleman: She can run now but there will be no running come Wrestle Royale!

Cyrus comes in hot off the tag taking LIGHTBRINGER down with a running clothesline and he follows up with another clothesline followed by an arm drag takedown. Cyrus looking for an armbar, but LIGHTBRINGER has the wherewithal to fight out of it as he slips out of Cyrus' grip and quickly follows up with a sliding european uppercut that stuns Cyrus knocking him back several feet into a corner. LIGHTBRINGER wastes no time going at it by lighting up Cyrus' chest with several knife edge chops but not before Cyrus counters and fires back with chops of his own as well as some hard open palm strikes to the chest. Cyrus drags LIGHTBRINGER out of the corner and drops him smack dab on the mat with a fisherman's suplex into a pin...


LIGHTBRINGER kicks out and Cyrus makes the tag to Michelle, who comes in and immediately stomps and kicks away at the downed LIGHTBRINGER. She's savoring this moment getting her licks in on the man that cost her the High Voltage Championship. She sets him up and sends him off the ropes...wheel-barrow inverted DDT! She then drags him underneath the bottom rope with his neck hanging off the apron before ascending up...slingshot leg-drop! Right across LIGHTBRINGER's throat and she shoves him back underneath into the ring before making the cover...


LIGHTBRINGER with a shoulder up this time and she snatches his arm this time looking for a fujiwara armbar, but LIGHTBRINGER slips out of it in time before any damage can be done. She charges at him but he's ready and slips her up with a sweep of the legs, yet she manages to regain her composure only to be taken down by a dropkick. LIGHTBRINGER brings her back up and looks to end it all with his lariat, but she ducks underneath and quickly makes the tag to the Cyrus. He immediately enters the match and drills LIGHTBRINGER with a running forearm stunning him in his tracks and takes him down with a snap DDT! LIGHTBRINGER rolls away from Cyrus after the DDT near his corner and it's there where Snowmantashi tags himself in and has an intense staredown with Cyrus Truth.

Jim Taylor: The CWA World Heavyweight Champion having an intense staredown with the FWA World Heavyweight Champion!

Cyrus breaks the silence with an attempt at a headbutt stunning Snowmantashi back some steps. Snowmantashi isn't phased too much by this and comes back with a massive headbutt of his own knocking Cyrus back, and Snowmantashi isn't finished as he snatches Cyrus towards him and unleashes an endless flurry of headbutts before launching Cyrus over him with a t-bone suplex! Cyrus lands near his corner where Michelle tags herself in and climbs to the top rope and launches herself off with a diving cross-body but Snowmantashi catches her and slams her to the mat with a powerslam! LIGHTBRINGER then proceeds to tag himself and comes flying off the top rope with a diving elbow drop! The crowd comes alive as he brings her back up...LIGHTBRINGER LARIAT! He lays out Michelle and hooks the leg...


Lindsay Monahan: The winners of the match the team of LIGHTBRINGER and Jon Snowmantashi!

Jim Taylor: A big win for LIGHTBRINGER in his first match back gaining a bit of retribution towards Michelle but can he do it when it matters most at Wrestle Royale? That remains to be seen, and the tension between both world champions can be cut with a knife as they just stare each other down still! Snowmantashi seems to have Cyrus' number tonight, but if these two ever meet again will it be different? I'm afraid we're out of time for tonight fans, good night!

Snowmantashi continues to stare a hole through Cyrus, who remains on the outside glaring at Snowmantashi while LIGHTBRINGER celebrates the win to close out the show.


Cyrus Truth: High Voltage Championship
Jimmy King: Krash vs El Pecado, Triple Threat, Main event

Jimmy King

Luke Cage
Pizza Dog