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    Adrenaline Rush: Live

    The winner of this match, an d STILL the CWA World Heavyweight Champion, JON SNOWMANTASHI!’

    The shrill, congratulatory tone of Lindsay Monahan echoed throughout his ears, repeating ad infimum. He was dimly aware of a crowd roaring, perhaps in sorrow, perhaps in glory, perhaps in mere appreciation. To be honest, he couldn’t tell.

    All he could tell was that something had gone seriously wrong.

    The story. What’s wrong with the story? Is there a scene missing, a paragraph accidently deleted? This was the end of the chapter, where the conquering hero was supposed to vanquish the unbeatable foe and reclaim his throne, the past years of uneasy questions and unwelcome answers dissipating as he raised the championship belt in the air amidst a sea of his most adoring fans. There would be balloons, confetti cannons, people crying from joy. Children of all ages would be inspired by the hardships their hero had overcame, and grow up knowing that if they persevered and held their head high, they too can overcome any obstacle. It would all be a marvellous affair, going down in history as one of the greatest moments in our history. He would take the microphone, exhausted, battered, bruised, but successful in his bid to prove he hadn’t lost a step, that he was just as good as he ever was. He would say something inspiring, something heartwarming, obviously give props to the now ex-champion, and promise to never stop being the Heartbeat.

    It would be a lovely thing, doubtless.

    The story had all been leading up to this victory chapter. Every page, paragraph, line, word written. All meticulously planned, arranged, and organized so this moment would be so… so worth it. Worth all the hardship, all the surgeries, all the stupid, reckless, risks taken, would all be worth it.

    Hell, he had even titled this chapter as ‘The Redeeming Heartbeat: The trials and tribulations of a man who was kicked down a mountain, only to climb up without missing a beat, and inspire millions.’ The title’s a work in progress, admittedly.

    But the chapter, that ending chapter, that all-important, everything-has-been-leading-to-this-chapter. Without this chapter, everything that came before would be rendered pointless.

    Something’s wrong with this chapter.

    Where’s his music? It seemed odd to have a celebration without his music?

    Why isn’t Lindsay Monahan announcing him as the CWA World Heavyweight Champion? Jon Snowmantashi isn’t even close to the correct pronunciation of his name. C’mon, Lindsay. Get a grip.

    Where’s that championship belt? The referee should’ve handed it over by now. Surely he… Wait.

    Why… Why is his body riddled with agony? Where’s the pride and joy of accomplishment? Why does it hurt so, so bad?

    Why had he been staring up at the bright lights for the past minute listening to a crowd chant ‘SNOWMANTASHI?’

    Are… Are those tears he can feel, dripping down his face? Is… Is he crying from joy? No, no, there’s that sinking feeling, that distressing feeling within your throat. That’s not joy. There’s the opposite of joy. Unjoy. Unjoy? That doesn’t sound like a word. Anti-joy? That sounds more plausible. But we’re stalling here. Something’s wrong, distressingly wrong.

    This isn’t right. This isn’t part of the chapter.

    Dear god, something’s wrong.

    Indeed. As Jon Snowmantashi marched his way proudly up the ramp, CWA World Heavyweight Championship across his shoulder, inside the ring, the man known worldwide as ‘Krash’ slowly, gingerly, sat himself up with assistance from the ropes. Dazed, mind muddled, the challenger could only watch the retreating form of Jon Snowmantashi, the glitter of his gold trailing further and further away, until finally, it clicked.

    He had lost.

    Somewhere, deep within him, something broke.

    Every bone in his body hurt.

    Every bone, every muscle, tendon, ligament, limb. Every fragment of his body, every flake of skin, every vein that jumped blood from his battered heart, through to his tired, aching body.

    He had fought crazed anarchic cultists with teeth sharper than knives. Fought MMA sadists with a specialty for breaking bones like twigs. Fought giants with fists larger than his head.

    All of them had tried to break him, bend him, rip him apart.

    None of them had made him hurt like Jon Snowmantashi did.

    Of course, they all hurt him physically. Every one of them always did. These days he was coming out of matches more bruised than he used to. To be expected, really. No-one’s young and invincible forever. But he can live with the bruises, with a limp, with a pair of eyes always on the lookout for the next swinging fist coming his way. Truth be told, he couldn’t remember the last time he woke up feeling 100% perfectly fine.

    But he can live with that.

    What separated Jon Snowmantashi from the countless others was that he broke far more than Krash’s body.

    He broke his spirit.

    He broke his soul.

    He too, perhaps, broke his heart.

    Isn’t that ironic? The self-proclaimed Heartbeat of CWA, quietly asking himself whether his heart was broken. Ironic, in a Shakespearean, tragically pitiable kind of way.

    “Krash! Krash, hey, you got a minute?”

    Krash paused at the doorway of his private locker room, eyes closed in exhaustion. Jogging to catch up to him was, of course, Michelle Kelly, Lead CWA Backstage Interviewer, and her ever loyal cameraman. Who else did he expect?

    “Krash, we’ve just witnessed one hell of a main event, where you clashed with Jon Snowmantashi for the CWA World Heavyweight Championship, unfortunately in a losing effort. What’s going through your mind?”

    Deep breaths. In, and out. In, and out.

    Krash finally opened his eyes, spying the microphone held out expectantly in front of him, Michelle Kelly with a sympathetic expression on her face. His gaze flickered between Michelle and the microphone for several seconds, before he grasped the microphone gently in a hand…

    … And pushed it back towards Michelle.

    Turning his head, Krash wordlessly opened the door to his locker room, letting it swing closed behind him as Michelle weakly protested his silence. For once, he had nothing to say.
    After that video we see a display of pyrotechnics and the camera surveying the sold out Oakland crowd.

    Jim Taylor: Hello everyone and welcome to Adrenaline Rush where we'll experience the fallout from Global Collision! As you just witnessed Krash was unable to capture the world championship at Global Collision, and we'll see Krash in action tonight as he battles Sean Summers in the main event!

    Tim Coleman: That's not all Jim, we'll hear from our new High Voltage Champion Nate Savage as he addresses the fans tonight as well as that no good Michelle von Horrowitz and LIGHTBRINGER...

    Jim Taylor: Speaking of Nate Savage, I'm being told that he's on his way out here now...

    "(Freedom, la la la la)
    (Freedom, follow me)
    (Freedom, la la la la)

    "Cut the Cord" kicks into high gear and a heavy mixed reaction rings out for the new High Voltage Champion, Nate Savage. Nate stands on the stage with his championship draped over his shoulder as he stares out at the millions in the arena. He smirks a little before beginning his walk to the ring with an air of confidence in his step.

    Jim Taylor: Here he is fans, our new High Voltage Champion. He did what he set out to do and he took back the championship by defeating Michelle von Horrowitz, though he did have a little assistance from LIGHTBRINGER...

    Tim Coleman: Savage deserves ALL of the credit Jimbo! He shut up that lousy Michelle von Horrowitz and brought that championship back home where it belongs. He did all of us a favor Jim, and you should be thanking him just like all of these fans should too!

    Jim Taylor: Well he's certainly getting a mixed response from these fans. Some that are happy he brought the title back to CWA, but there are others that still don't care for the way he goes about his business

    Savage has entered the ring and requests the microphone. He listens to his mixed reaction before bringing the microphone.

    Nate Savage: Let me just make things perfectly clear for all of you, especially those of you that have chosen to cheer for me now. When I beat Michelle von Horrowitz at Global Collision and took the High Voltage Championship from her, I didn't do it for you nor did I do it for this company. No, the only person I did this for was myself...

    A round boos fills the arena now.

    Nate Savage: I did this for me and me alone. Some may call it selfish but those people are stupid idiots that don't know anything and have never had to work as hard as I did to get to this point in my career. I put Michelle von Horrowitz in her place and showed her that acting like some petulant child doesn't always go your way. She made the biggest mistake when she stole my moment away from me after she stuck her nose in my business and I made sure that she paid dearly for it. I not only took back my moment but I also took back MY championship that I rightfully earned in the first place...

    Savage is cut off by the music of one Mark Merriwether, who receives a warm ovation from the fans. Mark stands on stage with a microphone in hand and brings it up to speak as his music fades out.

    Mark Merriwether: I was sitting in the back and I just couldn't bear another second of your incessant blabbering, so I spared myself and these fans of having to listen to another second of you blathering on and on.

    A pop from the fans for this as Savage looks a little annoyed.

    Mark Merriwether: Am I getting under your skin Savage? Good! You see, these fans they don't really care what you have to say and I know that I especially don't care what you have to say. All I care about is shutting you up right here, right now, tonight!

    Another pop from the fans.

    Nate Savage: What happened to you Mark? You used to have so much potential but now you've gone soft and started pandering to these mouth-breathers. You want a match though, is that what you really want?

    Mark Merriwether: You bet your ass I do. If you think you're so good why don't you put your money where your mouth is and accept my challenge

    Nate Savage: You're on Mark, but don't say that I didn't warn you

    Merriwether heads down to the ring as Savage hands over his championship and referee Karl Rooney has entered the ring to officiate the match.


    Singles Match (Non-title match)
    Mark Merriwether vs Nate Savage

    Savage bumrushes Merriwether as he's entering the ring and pummels him in the corner much to the dismay of the fans. Savage backs up before charging in and crushing Merriwether in the corner knocking the wind out of his sails. Savage drags Merriwether by the head and begins taunting him allowing Merriwether to fire back with a series of lefts and rights stunning Savage and sending him stumbling back. Merriwether has Savage on the ropes and lays into him with several backhand chops to the chest before sending him off the ropes and catches him with a double axe handle on the rebound knocking Savage off his feet prompting him to roll outside of the ring. Merriwether follows suit and attacks Savage from behind with another double axe handle knocking him to one knee. Merriwether brings Savage and looks to drag back in the ring, but Savage has other plans and drives a fist into the midsection of Merriwether before pushing him into the barricade back first, and then Savage tosses Merriwether into the steel steps and Merriwether crashes shoulder into the steps with a loud thud!

    Tim Coleman: Merriwether have may have bit off more than he can chew by challenging Savage to this match!

    Savage tosses Merriwether back inside the ring and once back inside he flattens Merriwether with a running senton before making the cover...


    Merriwether gets a shoulder up and Savage immediately locks in a side headlock keeping Merriwether grounded, but Merriwether weathers through it and frees himself and he's back to his feet in time enough to aim for Savage's head for his signature superkick yet Savage ducks underneath and catches Merriwether with a surprise roll up...


    Merriwether kicks out and rolls through back to his feet...WELCOME TO HOLLYWOOD! Superkick to Savage, who drops to the mat in a heap and Merriwether hooks the far leg...


    Jim Taylor: Merriwether nearly catching an upset over Savage!

    Savage kicked out in the nick of time and Merriwether climbs to the top rope looking for his Stunt Drop diving elbow drop and as he leaps off he misses as Savage rolls out of the way, and Merriwether clutches his elbow in pain after crashing it to the canvas. Savage finds his bearings now and looks rather annoyed by Merriwether as he exits the ring and snatches up a steel chair.

    Jim Taylor: Savage has evil intentions in mind for Merriwether and if he uses that chair he'll get him disqualified!

    Tim Coleman: I don't think he cares Jim!

    Savage back in the ring now with chair in hand as he waits for Merriwether...SMACK! Steel chair right across the skull of Merriwether and the referee instantly calls for the bell...

    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match by disqualification, Mark Merriwether

    Savage continues his relentless assault with several more chair shots to the carcass of Merriwether before tossing the chair aside, and he exits the ring taking his championship with him.

    Tim Coleman: Merriwether asked for this so he has no one else to blame!

    Jim Taylor: It still doesn't make it right for Savage to act that way, and though Merriwether is technically the winner of the match I'm sure that's not the way he wanted to win

    Tim Coleman: He doesn't look much like a winner right now though, Jim

    Merriwether is assisted to his feet by referee Karl Rooney and is helped out of the ring to the back.


    Returning from commercial we find Savage walking down the hallway looking pleased with himself when he's approached by Noah Hanson.

    Noah Hanson: I'm going to make this brief Mr. Savage as I have more pressing matters to attend to, but what you did out there was uncalled for and I don't believe as though Mr. Merriwether got a real fair shake so next week he's going to get a rematch with you and your championship will be on the line. Good day Mr. Savage...

    Hanson walks off before Nate even have a chance to protest, and he's irked by this news as he storms off elsewhere.

    Grudge Match
    Brooke Conner vs Elijah Edwards

    "Good Girls Go Bad" by Cobra Starship blares out of the sound system eliciting a heavy negative reaction from the fans in attendance. Brooke Connor steps out looking to be in a rather foul mood after her loss at Global Collision, which was her debut match. She strides down to the ring not making eye contact with the fans that jeer her as she walks by.

    Lindsay Monahan: Making her way to the ring from Gainesville, Georgia by way of Hollywood, California and weighing in at one-hundred & twenty-five pounds, "The Killer Queen" Brooke Connor!

    Jim Taylor: Brooke looks less than happy to be here tonight

    Tim Coleman: She lost her debut match at Global Collsion, do you expect her to be all happy about that Jim?

    Jim Taylor: Well, not exactly...

    Tim Coleman: Cut her some slack then!

    Brooke paces in the ring as her music fades out and soon "Icky Thump" plays out to a massive pop from the fans. Elijah Edwards walks out with a smirk on his face and Romeo Rollings at his side. He casually walks to the ring slapping hands with fans along the way before turning his attention towards Brooke, who glares back at Elijah.

    Lindsay Monahan: and her opponent being accompanied to the ring by his agent Romeo Rollings, from Toronto, Ontario Canada and weighing in at two-hundred & twenty-one pounds, "Double E" Elijah Edwards!

    Jim Taylor: Brooke looks to ready pounce at any second as she stares daggers through Elijah

    Tim Coleman: If looks could kill Jimbo, I guarantee that Elijah would be a dead man!

    Elijah strides to his corner and limbers up while Romeo gives him a last minute pep talk as referee Nate Bryne signals for the bell.


    Brooke explodes from her corner as she charges at Elijah but luckily Elijah manages to narrowly avoid her attack as he sidesteps her, and then catches her from behind with a quick roll up!

    One...NO! Brooke kicks out

    Jim Taylor: Could you imagine the egg on her face if she had lost that fast?

    Tim Coleman: I bet that you'd love that Jim!

    Brooke rolls out and back away from Elijah as he rolls the opposite way, but enough for Brooke to catch Elijah with a single leg takedown and she tries to follow up with an ankle lock but Elijah manages to slip out of her clutches and kicks her back giving himself enough space to recuperate. He rolls back up to a vertical base as Brooke charges at him once more and this time Elijah catches her and drops her down hard with a spinebuster! She cringes upon impact and rolls away underneath the bottom rope to the apron while clutching her lower spine. Elijah comes over and tries to yank her by the hair, but she senses danger and drills him with a back elbow to midsection doubling him over. She uses this opportunity to get to her feet before propelling herself with a springboard cross-body taking Elijah down and straight into the pin...

    One...TW-NO! Kick out from Elijah and Brooke attempts a headlock but Elijah slips out from it and instead catches her with a back elbow to the jaw before bringing her over with a snapmare yet she manages to land on one knee. Elijah uses this to run off the ropes and come back with a high knee strike to the side of her head knocking her to the mat. Elijah sizes her up before applying a modified figure-four headscissors and soon applies extra pressure as Brooke writhes in agony and desperately reaching out for the ropes and finally does so giving herself a reprieve as Elijah releases the hold. She rolls away and the referee does his job of keeping Elijah back giving Brooke ample time to recover. Soon Elijah comes in at Brooke yet she's ready for him as she drives her elbow into his midsection doubling him over before striking him in the shin with a stiff shoot kick forcing him down to one knee, and she soon applies an arm-bar but transitions into a cross-arm breaker looking to deal out damage to Elijah's shoulder yet he manages to just barely cling onto to the bottom rope nearby forcing the hold to be broken...

    Jim Taylor: A mistake from Brooke not keeping Elijah away from the ropes, which may come back to haunt her and she's beginning to become flustered with herself

    She looks for a stomp on his other arm that was used for the rope break, but he slips out of the way in time and sweeps her off her feet driving her to the mat with the back of her heard hitting the canvas hard. She clutches her head while crawling away but Elijah drags her back before bringing her up and brings her back down with a slingshot suplex! He immediately makes the cover...

    One...TW-NO! Brooke with a shoulder up and Elijah brings her back up once more this time dropping her down with a snap suplex and into another pin attempt...One...TW-NO! Brooke with another shoulder up and as Elijah brings himself up to a vertical base he becomes distracted by Ethan Connor making his down to the ring with a smirk on his face...

    Jim Taylor: Well I'm sure whatever he's up to can't bode well for Elijah as the odds are now stacked against him

    Tim Coleman: You always assume the worst out of people Jimbo. Maybe he's out here to show support for his sister, did you ever think that?

    Jim Taylor: Supporting his sister my foot! He's up to no good and you know it Tim

    Elijah watches Ethan with his back turned to Brooke, who uses this as an opportunity to sneak up behind Elijah and spin him around before catching him with an inside cradle!

    One...two...THR-NO! Elijah manages to kick out at the last second after nearly getting robbed. Elijah moves towards the rope as a way to bring himself back up to one knee when he feels a tugging at his ankle from Ethan Connor, yet Elijah kicks him away before standing back up but not for long as Ethan hops up on the apron and holds Elijah by his arms in place for Brooke who has a devilish smirk as she goes for a spinning backfist, but she misses Elijah as he ducks and instead strikes Ethan off the apron and to the floor. She begins to scold and berate Ethan and as she turns around only to be tripped up by Elijah as he drags her away from the rope...EXECELLENT EXECUTION! Brooke writhes on the mat and tries to crawl back to the bottom rope but no avail as she begrudgingly taps out!

    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match, Elijah Edwards!

    Jim Taylor: The Connors' cheating tactic backfired on them leading Elijah to secure the well deserved victory!

    Tim Coleman: I can't believe it!

    Elijah celebrates with the fans and Romeo while Brooke is on the outside where continues to berate Ethan and slaps him on the back of the head.


    Back from commercial where we find Ethan and Brooke Connor backstage. Brooke is fuming after suffering another loss while Ethan tries to keep up with her.

    Ethan Connor: Sis, I'm sorry!

    Brooke turns around and smacks him again.

    Brooke Connor: You idiot, what were you thinking?! I didn't need your help out there

    Ethan Connor: Not from what I saw

    Ethan immediately realizes his mistake in saying that and pays for it with another smack to the head from Brooke before she storms off. Ethan holds the back of his head, wincing as he does so when Drew walks up.

    Drew Connor: Bro listen, after that whole debacle just now, maybe it's best you stay back here tonight. I'll take care of Leo Taylor, no sweat...

    Before Ethan can protest, Drew walks off leaving Ethan alone.

    We return to the arena, the camera panning across the assembled audience and settling on the big screen just in time for...

    "A candy colored clown they call the sandman..."

    Instantly, a sense of negativity is to be found in the stadium, the crowd booing loudly as Michelle von Horrowitz wanders out onto the stage. She doesn't seem to care about the building hostility - in fact she mostly ignores the members of the audience as she meanders down towards the ring. There's a scowl on her face and, though she hasn't been booked in any match tonight, there is a purpose about her.

    Jim Taylor: "Michelle von Horrowitz looks focused tonight, walking down to the ring as if she has something that needs to be said..."

    Tim Coleman: "She always thinks she has something that needs to be said, Jim, but that doesn't mean we want to hear it..."

    Jim Taylor: "I imagine we will be treated to her thoughts on Global Collision, Tim, and her ill fated attempts to leave the company as the final High Voltage Champion, retiring the belt in the process..."

    Tim Coleman: "What excuses do you think she'll have come up with, Jim? On second thoughts, I can't wait to see her squirm!"

    MvH has climbed through the ring ropes and stomped directly to the other side of the ring. She collects a microphone from Lindsey Monahan and plants her feet in the middle of the ring. Eventually, her music begins to fade out but the hostility remains, even when she lifts the microphone to her lips to speak.

    MvH: "Tulips... Trogs... When I was first offered this time to share with you all my reflections on last Sunday's debacle, my opening line sprung directly to mind: I should be standing before you all tonight as your High Voltage Champion. But that's not strictly true, is it? No, if all was correct with the world and I'd beaten Nate Savage at Global Collision, I wouldn't be standing in front of you at all! I'd be half way to Cuba by now in my fabulous, CWA-subsidised boat. Instead, I'm stuck here with you mouth-breathers, contaminating my lungs by sharing this stale, stuffy oxygen with all of you. And you have NO idea, trogs, how hysterically unhappy that makes me. But life is woe. I guess you sorry people know that better than most..."

    It isn't clear whether they are listening to her, but they continue braying nonetheless. Michelle doesn't seem too bothered. She marauds on regardless.

    MvH: "I am not here to remark upon your pathetic existences. Well, I'm not here just to do that. I'm here to talk about Global Collision, and the travesty of the century. No, millennium! See, you're all too stupid to realise that, as we're in the first century of the millennium, the 'travesty of the century' and the 'travesty of the millennium' are the same thing. But I'm getting distracted again. Stop distracting me with your idiocy! The point remains that Nate Savage is a filthy little thief who stole my title and my legacy! Just look at the CWA Title Histories... I'm not even recognised as a former High Voltage Champion! I mean, it's obscene! But I do not blame Nate Savage. He picked up the loot after the front door had already been kicked in. I don't even blame Noah Hanson. He was just protecting the interests of his silly little company, after all. But there is one man that the lion's share of the blame can be appointed to..."

    The fans know to whom she is referring, and have already began to chant his name...

    MvH: "LIGHTBRINGER! I demand three things; an explanation, as to why you seem to think it's okay to interfere in my matches, despite the fact that I beat you clean just two months ago. An apology, for robbing the tulips and the trogs of a final High Voltage Champion that they can be proud of. And finally, a match, so I can prove to all of these people that what you did was little more than a cheap, filthy sneak attack. Come down here, coward! Come down here and give me what I've asked for..."

    The gaze of the fans turns to the entrance area, the anticipation beginning to build... the sound of a coin dropping hits and LIGHTBRINGER's music breaks out in the arena to a loud reception from the fans. Michelle von Horrowitz stares up at the ramp with a slight fire burning in her eyes as "Tokyo Kisai" emerges onto the stage, not dressed to wrestle but instead in a suit. He stands and gives a brief stare at von Horrowitz before strutting down to the ring without much fan interaction.

    Jim Taylor: "Well... we were told LIGHTBRINGER would have an explanation for his actions... and it looks like Michelle von Horrowitz will be coaxing that from him now!"

    Tim Coleman: "I'm intrigued to find out what brought him back. Aside from embarrassing von Horrowitz, of course... "

    Jim Taylor: "That might be all there is to it, Tim! Neither of these two have taken their eyes off one another!"

    Tim Coleman: "The beginnings of the most unlikely love story?"

    Jim Taylor: "I don't foresee either of those two being amicable to the other for a long time... not after Global Collision and what came before!"

    The Japanese superstar steps into the ring and walks straight over to MvH, the pair of them exchange stares but he nonchalantly plucks the microphone from her hands and moves into the middle of the ring to begin speaking. His Japanese accent is not very thick and it appears he is able to speak English very well - a fact that may take some of the audience by surprise since they may have never heard him speak at all.

    LIGHTBRINGER: "Before I get to addressing Michelle's incessant whining, I would just like to say that it is a great pleasure to be in a CWA ring again - as well as to hear a great reaction like that. Wouldn't you agree, Michelle? To hear the fans chant your name and cheer for you? Oh... my mistake. I forget that the only person who likes you is... you. That's your problem. Everybody but you can see it. You live in your own little bubble - separate to reality. You think the most important thing in the world is yourself and that's why you will never hear your name being shouted by the fans of the CWA. You may act like that won't bother you, you'll cover it up by calling them 'troglodytes' - but we both know that it bothers you. After all, you try so hard to prove you're better than all the fan favourites, right? Are you jealous? Are you pissed off about that? You seem it. That's a shame. You say you don't care what other people think... but yet you wish to be adored and thought of as 'the best' by everyone... well you can't have it both ways."

    It appears LIGHTBRINGER's comments strike a nerve with MvH as she begins to strut over... but 'Tokyo Kisai' lifts the microphone to his mouth and motions with his hands

    LIGHTBRINGER: "I wasn't finished speaking, Michelle. Please go back to your corner and continue staring at me like an upset child. Thank you."

    The Japanese man can only smirk as MvH looks at him with distaste as she backs away...

    LIGHTBRINGER: "Now... you want explanations. That's fine. I will give them to you. For a long time now, you have been incessantly calling my name out... bragging about your accomplishment of defeating me. No doubt, most would do the same. I understand the need to constantly highlight the highest point of your life to others constantly... but there comes a time where it becomes tiring to hear... a point when it becomes too much. I watched as you took my belt and decided to drag it through the mud. You had a 'vendetta' with this company and decided to sully the belt in response. You go to Japan and mention my name... beat unworthy opponents, beat a dear friend of mine... and call me out? Did you not see me coming for you, eventually, Michelle? You were the one bragging about being beating me, outsmarting me... yet I was the one who outsmarted you. I fooled you into thinking I had disappeared. Isn't it funny how you claim to have read me like a book yet you had no idea what was going to happen to you? You made this more personal than it ever had to be, Michelle, and for that, you're a miserable, utter fool."

    Some fans begin a loud "FOOL! FOOL! FOOL!" chant at von Horrowitz that has her a little edgy but she brushes it off, plays it cool.

    LIGHTBRINGER: "This isn't about the belt anymore, I have bigger fish to fry. You insulted my teammate just to get at me... and it worked. I wanted you to lose... and that you did. How does that feel? Does it piss you off? Good. I like that. Now you might feel similar to how I felt. You do not deserve an apology of any sort - the belt has been saved from whatever hideous fate you had in store for it. If anything, this company and its fans deserve an apology from YOU! But you will never say sorry, you are too short sighted to even consider why. I am not sorry for my actions. I will not apologise, Michelle. BUT... a match, you say?"

    'Tokyo Kisai' raises his eyebrow and looks around at the fans who seem to give a positive response to the idea.

    LIGHTBRINGER: "Well, of course, I am not afraid of you. I would love a match. Another opportunity to shut your mouth and embarrass you? I accept that opportunity. Let's have a match. One on One. Bragging rights go to the winner and that is that. Deal?"

    LIGHTBRINGER extends his hand out as MvH looks cautious. She stares up from the man's hand to his face, and then back down to his hand again. She has no intention of shaking it just yet.

    MvH: "The less said about that torrent of nonsense you just spewed, the better. Your justifications are as feeble as your lariats. You honestly believe that your cowardly sneak attack shows that you've outsmarted me? Please! But you can say what you want, at whatever speed you want to say it, like we've all come accustomed to. As for the match, I can think of no better stage than the Wrestle Royale: Michelle von Horrowitz and LIGHTBRINGER, one-on-one..."

    She spits into the palm of her hand and offers it to LIGHTBRINGER. He takes it delicately, lightly shakes it twice with a slight bow... and then clutches her wrist, as if he's about to bring her in for a LIGHTBRINGER lariat! But instead, he shoves her away and laughs, promptly climbing out of the ring before she can compose herself to retaliate. His entrance music begins to play as he slowly wanders up the ramp. He hits the LIGHTBRINGER pose, the audience continuing to cheer his name as von Horrowitz becomes more and more irate in the ring. She kicks the bottom turnbuckle and then shakes the top rope, shouting unheard obscenities in her future opponent's direction.

    Jim Taylor:
    "You heard it here first, ladies and gentlemen! A match that has been building for about three months now will finally take place at this year's Wrestle Royale: LIGHTBRINGER versus Michelle von Horrowitz!"

    Tim Coleman: "The scene of von Horrowitz's most famous victory last year - with perhaps the exception of her High Voltage win over LIGHTBRINGER and Elijah Edwards. Could it be the setting for her most crushing defeat this year?"

    Jim Taylor:"Wishful thinking?"

    Tim Coleman: "You bet..."

    We close on LIGHTBRINGER looking back at von Horrowitz from the stage area, a smirk on his face, the female quietly seething as she stares him down.


    Grudge Match
    Drew Conner vs Leo Taylor

    We return to Adrenaline Rush as “Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver” by Primus begins at Drew Conner makes his way down to the ring alone. The crowd proceeds to throw scorn in his direction but he just laps it up with a smirk, striding down to the ring with purpose in his step.

    Lindsey Monahan: “Ladies and gentlemen, the next contest is scheduled for… one-fall! With a thirty minute time limit. Introducing first, from Gainesville Georgia… weighing in at one hundred and seventy two pounds… he is one half of the CWA World Tag Team Champions… DREW CONNER!”

    Connor climbs into the ring and, without his brother, he steps up to the second turnbuckle and slaps the face of his championship belt. He’s ranting about something or other as his music fades out, replaced by… (00:28)

    As soon as the other instruments come into play, Leo Taylor comes out, his arms by his side as after the first "Hey", three other Leo's (lookalikes) come out behind him, Colour Coded, as the Halloween edition of Leo Taylor runs down, each Taylor with an object in their hand, Rope in Red's hands, a Net in Green's and Blue, dressed as Ethan, carrying a water bottle for Leo. Leo tells them to stay on the side as they bumble around, Leo getting into the ring and trying to act like a villain, failing as the crowd love him.

    Lindsay Monahan: “And his opponent… weighing in at two hundred pounds… from New York City… ‘The Ultimate Fanboy’… LEO TAYLOR!”

    After Leo climbs into the ring, the referee makes his final checks and calls for the bell.

    Singles Match
    Drew Conner vs. Leo Taylor

    The match starts off as a quick-paced affair, the two darting around the ring and avoiding each other with a series of leap frogs and baseball slides, Drew eventually managing to catch his opponent flush in the face with a dropkick. Instead of following up, though, he decides to goad the audience, allowing Taylor to return to his feet and take Conner down with a dropkick of his own! From there, Leo looks to slide into a rhythm, first keeping Drew grounded with a body scissors and then, when Conner shows off some power in fighting to his feet, Leo reels off a handful of forearms before doubling him over with a boot to the midsection and then taking him down with a front suplex, floating over into a cover and getting a two count. He hoists Drew to his feet and tries to throw him off the ropes, but Conner reverses and sends Leo across the ring instead… Taylor ducks a wild clothesline and then, upon re-approach, sends Conner down with a hurricanrana! Drew quickly rolls under the bottom rope and onto the outside, shaking the cobwebs loose whilst taking a breather.

    The referee is up to four, Drew taking his sweet time and attracting the attention of the Green ‘Leo’ and the Red ‘Leo’ on the outside. They come at him from either side, and Green ‘Leo’ tries to throw his net over Drew. Conner sees it coming, though, and slides beneath the bottom rope, causing the net to land over Red ‘Leo’ instead! The two look-a-likes fumble around trying to get loose, whilst Drew laughs at them as he gets to his feet… and then turns into a clothesline! He gets straight back up and goes for a clothesline of his own, but Taylor ducks it and goes straight into a back suplex. He goes for a cover and gets another two, and then settles into a rhythm. Taylor dominates for a while, punctuating some holds with a handful of power moves (including a frankensteiner and a gut wrench suplex) that get him another pair of two counts. Afterwards, he Irish whips Drew hard into the corner, and when Conner stumbles away from the turnbuckles Taylor lands an arm drag, and then goes straight into an arm bar!

    It takes Conner a while, and at various points it looks like he’s about to tap, but eventually he gets to the bottom rope and hooks onto it with his legs. Leo lets go and waits for Drew to get up, and when Conner comes away from the ropes Taylor re-approaches… only for Drew to dart back over to the safety of the ropes. Leo goes for him anyway and the referee comes between them, allowing Drew to use the confusion to rake his opponent’s eyes! He follows up with a Russian leg sweep, quickly climbing to the top turnbuckle and nailing a moonsault! He hooks the legs, but gets just a two-count.

    Drew Conner takes over the momentum, slowing things down and hitting a series of strikes punctuated by rest holds. At various points, he grounds and grinds Leo down with a headlock, a sleeper hold, and finally a rear waist lock. Leo does look like he’s going to come back at various points, but Drew cuts him off by pulling the hair or taking Leo out at the knees, and at one point goes as far as to fish hook him (much to the fans’ chagrin). Conner is able to hit a series of high impact moves, including a springboard forearm and at another a top rope cross-body, both of which get him two counts. He hoists Leo up and Irish whips him into the ropes, taking him over with a leg lariat. Drew proceeds to climb up to the top turnbuckle, steady himself, flip the bird at the crowd, and then goes for a 450 splash…

    No! Leo gets his knees up! Drew is thrown across the ring and Leo is straight back up. He pulls the keeled over tag champion towards him, lifts him up… Spirit Bomb!! He gets all of it, a powerbomb packed with the energy of the crowd, who are going nuts for the re-vitalised Taylor! Leo hooks the leg…

    ONE… TWO… TH - - NO!

    Drew gets the shoulder up!! Leo can’t believe it, but then starts to ready himself for the big finish. Conner gets to his feet and Leo doubles him over again, perhaps looking for his Die Hard finisher… but no, Drew pushes him away, and then hits the right knee with a low drop kick. Taylor falls onto the other knee… and Drew nails him with a Super Kick! Conner catches Leo before he can fall over, and sets up for the Canadian Destroyer… no! Taylor reverses with a back body drop. Drew is straight back to his feet and goes for a wild clothesline… Taylor ducks beneath it, Drew turns around… DIE HARD!! Taylor nails him! He hooks the leg…


    The bell goes and Taylor is back to his feet, the official lifting his arm high into the air. Drew rolls under the bottom rope, scowling at the winner, whilst ‘the Ultimate Fanboy’ parades around the ring before his adoring crowd.

    Jim Taylor: “A big victory there for Leo Taylor, knocking off one half of the CWA Tag Team Champions.”

    Tim Coleman: “Sure, he was impressive inside the ring, but what is this nonsense? His little fanboy crew have joined him in the ring. This isn’t a sideshow…”

    Leo is lifted up onto the shoulders of his Red, Green, and Blue look-a-likes, the audience chanting ’LE-O TAY-LOR’ as we go to commercial.


    Singles Match
    Krash vs Shawn Summers

    The melodic sounds of Lana Del Rey's "West Coast" causing the crowd's mood to change as they show their displeasure for the man accompanying the music, Sean Summers. Sean has a smirk etched across his face as he confidently walks to the ring ignoring the jeers.

    Lindsay Monahan: Making his way to the ring from Vancouver, British Columbia by way of San Diego, California and weighing in at two-hundred & five pounds, "God King" Sean Summers!

    Jim Taylor: Sean Summers has been on a roll since his return and he's become more outspoken as of late with some disparaging comments he made on social media this week

    Tim Coleman: The man speaks the truth and he's thrown under the bus by critics all over, oh boo hoo!

    Jim Taylor: Well it certainly doesn't seem to have an affect on his confidence as he's just oozing with it right now

    The arena dims to a thin blackness, as the tapping of slow, purposeful footsteps play over the arena speakers. 'The Kill' begins playing as a spotlight shines on the middle of the entranceway, illuminating Krash as he has his back towards the crowd. He glances over his shoulder at the fans as colorful, purple pyro explodes from the corners of the stage, before he whips around, facing the crowd and spreading his arms out as if to welcome them all. After a few seconds of posing, he begins making his way down the ramp, ensuring to high-five and otherwise interact with the crowd. He climbs onto the ring apron and leaps over the ropes, onto the second turnbuckles, where he gazes out at the fans, nodding or pointing at a few, before bouncing back into the ring and into his corner.

    Lindsay Monahan: His opponent now making his way to the ring from Melbourne, Australia and weighing in at two-hundred & five pounds, "The Heartbeat of CWA" Krash!

    Jim Taylor: These two are no strangers to one another having faced each other in the past other organizations, so I expect to be an evenly matched affair. Though, Krash may not be in the right mindset currently after suffering the loss at Global Collision to Jon Snowmantashi

    Tim Coleman: He better get his head straight or else!

    Krash stares almost blankly across at Summers, who is still smirking while hopping in place in his corner as referee Billy Stevens calls for the bell.


    Krash and Summers remove themselves from their corners and circle each other while sizing each other up. Summers attempt a swift left kick to Krash's shin, but Krash backsteps in time. Summers still all smiles before going in for a tie up with Krash, who obliges him and Krash gains a head of steam pushing Summers back into a corner before Stevens backs him off and Summers slaps Krash across the cheek enciting his rival as Stevens does his best to keep Krash at bay. Summers slowly emerges from the corner before Krash charges back in at him but Summers sidesteps him in time and catches Krash with rear waistlock before taking him down to the mat keeping a firm grip around his waist. Summers soon attempts a sleeper hold but Krash manages to slip free from it and takes Summers over for a snapmare into a low dropkick right to Summers' lower back. Krash brings Summers up in position and quickly brings him down with a snap suplex! Krash looking to follow up with another one but Summers manages to block it and drops Krash with his own snap suplex! Summers keeping up on the attack with another rear waistlock transitioned into a german suplex! Summers stalks his opponent as Krash is in a seated position clutching his head before he brings himself back up and Summers strikes with an attempt at a rear naked choke yet Krash manages to slip out of it and sneaks behind Summers with a school boy roll up!

    One...TW-NO! Summers kicks out and rolls out back to a vertical base looking for a spinning heel kick but Krash avoids it and trips up Sean with a leg sweep sending Sean crashing to the mat with a thud. Summers scatters to a corner looking for a reprieve but Krash isn't having it as he comes in at Summers with a running dropkick bringing Summers to a seated position allowing Krash to follow through with a sliding corner dropkick! He drags Summers from the corner and hooks the far leg...

    One...TW-NO! Another kick out from Summers as he rolls underneath the bottom rope to the apron to catch a breather. He's up on one knee now on the apron and Krash follows through running to the forehead knocking Summers senseless but he manages to keep his balance on the apron. Krash now sets him up in position as the crowd knows what's coming next...spike DDT! Summers head bounces off the mat and drags Summers away from the rope and applies a side headlock. Summers fights out of though and slips away for a reprieve. Krash comes towards Summers who is feigning an injury and Summers catches Krash with a rake of the eyes and follows through with an inside cradle...

    One...TW-NO! Krash kicks out but he's still recovering from the eye rake as he blinks uncontrollably while bringing himself up but Summers is ready for him...SHINING WIZARD! Summers isn't through just yet though as he drags a dazed Krash back to his feet before hoisting him up...BLUNT TRAUMA! Summers quickly hooks the far leg...


    Jim Taylor: Krash staying alive but the damage may be done

    Tim Coleman: It's only inevitable now, Jim

    Jim Taylor: Well I'm not counting him out just yet

    Tim Coleman: It sure sounded like you were implying it!

    Summers takes this chance and unloads with a series of rights and lefts along with elbow strikes giving Krash his signature beatdown before Stevens forces him to break it up. Krash groggily crawls to a corner as Summers smirks at him before charging in...THE BEES KNEES! Summers drives his knee into Krash's chest taking all of the air of him. Summers seems to be enjoying himself as he drags Krash up once more...WIPE OUT! Overhead belly to belly suplex and Krash's body flops to the mat and Summers hooks the leg...

    One...two...THR-NO! Krash kicks out but Summers grabs hold of his boot and locks in The Best F'N Ankle Lock Period! He soon grapevines Krash's leg adding more pressure but Krash fights through it all and snatches the bottom rope in time. Summers keeps the hold applied for more seconds before releasing it. Summers begins toying with Krash now, who struggles to one knee as Summers smacks him on the head and Krash gains a second wind from this and catches Summers with an inside cradle!

    One...two...THR-NO! Summers kicks out in time and remains on the mat as does Krash. Krash struggles back up as Summers gets to a knee before Krash plants him with a fameasser! Krash gingerly makes his way to the top...THE KILL! The diving elbow drop connects and he hooks the far leg...

    One...two...THR-NO! Summers with a shoulder up and Krash can't believe it. He doesn't waste time though as he brings Summers up, but Sean fights back and hooks him in again for another Wipe Out yet Krash counters it...DISCORDANT SERENITY! He has the gulliotine choke applied and it looks like Summers is fading fast as Krash brings him down with the hold...but wait as Summers shows signs of life and flips himself over Krash hooking the legs in process for the pin...

    One...two...THR-NO! Krash kicks out breaking the hold and he's becoming flustered as he smacks the mat with his palm. He regains his composure and brings Summers in for what looks like Overdose, but Summers escapes and catches Krash with a backsliding pin...


    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match, Sean Summers!

    Tim Coleman: The downward spiral for Krash continues!

    Jim Taylor: Krash grew desperate towards the end and it ultimately cost him. One has to wonder how will Krash bounce back from all of this? I suppose we'll find out on the next edition of Adrenaline Rush

    *END SHOW*

    Match credits
    Jimmy King

    Jimmy King
    Business Wolf

    Luke Cage
    Pizza Dog
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live

    Thanks once again for getting this put together, Jimmy. And thanks to all our volunteer writers.

    We've some interesting things on the road to the WrestleRoyale.
    Something Witty!

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live

    All hail "The God King" Shawn Summers

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live

    Sorry - I will have my match in tonight (as in Thurs)...
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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live

    Match has been added in, thanks again SS for the help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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