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Thread: Being The Booker

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    Survivor Series Re: Being The Booker

    Official Card for The 22
    nd Annual WWE Survivor Series:

    November 16 2008 | Phillips Arena, Atlanta GA
    Theme Music; ‘Spolin For A Fight’ by AC/DC

    5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:
    World Heavyweight Champion Brent Albright, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Vladimir & John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield
    Rey Mysterio, Shelton Benjamin, Paul London, Nick Nemeth & Raw General Manager Ricky Steamboat
    *If Team Layfield win; JBL becomes WWE Commissioner*
    *If Team Ventura win; Jesse Ventura remains WWE Commissioner*
    After J.B.L went AWOL in the aftermath of WrestleMania - as a result of his master plan to end The Undertakers streak backfiring (thanks to Jesse Ventura rehiring Kane to back up his brother) - the then Raw GM left his associate, Ranjin Singh in charge for the interim period. Following weeks of chaos and shambolic management from the clearly out of his depth Singh, WWE Commissioner Jesse Ventura stepped in, forcing Bradshaw out of power and replacing Singh with the legendary Ricky Steamboat. But, from day one, Steamboat has found himself undermined by the World Champion, Brent Albright - a known associate of J.B.L - and his decisions have also left the likes of John Cena and Shawn Michaels opposing Steamboat's position. The night after SummerSlam, a plot by J.B.L saw Steamboat sent on a wild goose chase to keep him out of the arena, and J.B.L in charge. Layfield though, wasn't coming back just for his old job - he wanted Ventura's. Over the following three months, J.B.L has played nice with the disillusioned Shawn Michaels and made promises to John Cena to bring both on board with his campaign to replace Jesse Ventura as Commissioner.

    With enough support from a large section of the roster, and suspicions of J.B.L paying off certain board members, it brings us to the most WWE of stipulations; a Survivor Series Elimination Match with the future of the company essentially at stake. And J.B.L hasn't played nice. Forcing through a move that saw Christian traded to Smackdown and barring him from competing at the Survivor Series - citing the closed issue between Cena and Christian as one that must remain closed and not re-opened - before plotting to injure the impressive Big Zeke, J.B.L left Jesse Ventura little option but to call upon the long retired Ricky Steamboat to be the fifth man on his team. Nearly fifteen years have passed since Steamboat last competed in a wrestling match, and Bradshaw - over a year out of action himself - will go into the Survivor Series confident that his all star team - two former world champions in Michaels & Cena and the current World Champion in Albright - can deliver victory for him, and oust Ventura from power, giving Layfield the highest possible office in relation to on air events at least.

    5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:
    WWE Champion Chris Jericho, Umaga, U.S Champion Mark Henry, WWE Tag Team Champions Wade Barrett & Elijah Burke w/Melina & Armando Estrada
    Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, Jack Swagger, Carlito & Kofi Kingstonw/Paul Heyman
    *If The Dangerous Alliance win, Kurt Angle will receive a WWE Championship Match, Jack Swagger will receive a U.S Championship match and the Caribbean Connection will receive a Tag Team Championship match – all at Armageddon*
    After the events which saw Smackdown General Manager Finlay forced out of action, Friday Nights have been left rudderless. John Laurinaitis has been found to be out of his depth in such a high position, and as a result, WWE Champion Chris Jericho has been able to avoid a WWE Championship defence in that period. Jericho, and his associate Armando Estrada (along with an all too happy Paul Heyman) managed to manipulate the interim boss into agreeing to this Survivor Series elimination match. With question marks remaining over Kurt Angles ability to still cut it at the elite level, Jericho believes this to simply be the easiest option to available to him (certainly easier than rematching Edge again, or granting Batista a title shot) whilst for Angle, and his manager Paul Heyman, it's thought that this may be his only way - and certainly the quickest way - back to a title shot in the near future. A match that suits both parties, things began to hot up with the recruitment process.

    On Angles side is the latest Paul Heyman prodigy; Jack Swagger. A thoroughbred if ever there was one. But he's being thrown into the deep end amongst this level of competition. Meanwhile, Jericho already had Umaga - the Samoan Bulldozer reduced to nothing more than a henchman for Jericho since the WWE Champion linked up with Estrada - and in addition, brought on board the U.S Champion Mark Henry whilst Paul Heyman cajoled Randy Orton into teaming with Angle - albeit with the promise of the first title shot IF Angle goes on to win the title. That left two spots open on both teams, and both Estrada and Heyman had the same two people in mind; the WWE Tag Team Champions. In the end, The Fight Factory sided with the WWE Champion, who would go on to coin his team 'The Hall of Champions' and left Angle scrambling to find his final two members. He didn't have to look far. Carlito and Kofi Kingston are hot on the trail of the tag champions, and quickly demanded - not volunteered - to be on the team. Then, in a surprise twist, Chris Jericho saw to it that not only was he putting a title shot at stake ... but so too would his fellow champions, with Jericho beleiving that will give his team mates the extra incentive to secure victory on Sunday. It's left Mark Henry & The Fight Factory both furious with the double cross ... and it remains to be seen if Jericho's gamble will pay off at the Survivor Series. Can Kurt Angle earn himself - and his team mates - title opportunities at Armageddon? Or will Jericho be able to use his brain, and write off yet another challenger to his gold?

    5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:
    Edge, Christian, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy & Evan Bourne
    Batista, Sim Snuka, Ted DiBiase Jr, Jamie Noble & M.V.P w/Ted DiBiase Sr
    A match brought together by a number of separate issues - some of which being between team mates. Edge and Batista have been at one anothers throats for the last month, ever since Batista screwed Edge out of the WWE Championship whilst looking to secure himself a title shot (which failed to materialise) whilst The Hardys (and recently Bourne) have had their fair share of issues with the group known as Filthy Rich (along with their "property" M.V.P) over the last few months. Add in Sim Snuka's run ins with Edge (on numerous occasions) over the last few months, Christian on his Smackdown debut, and even getting caught in Matt Hardy's crosshairs in the past, the self proclaimed "Wrestling Royalty" will have a number of scores he wants to settle. Interestingly though, neither Edge or Batista really want this match - they just want a piece of each other. Could that, alongside Edge and Matt Hardys frosty relationship in recent months and Christian's non-chalant attitude since Summerslam mean 'Team Edge' have to not only watch out for their opposition, but look over their shoulders at the men supposedly standing alongside them? It isn't all sunshine and rainbows on Team Batista either. The Animal doesn't want partners, and it's clear he doesn't play nice with others anymore either. Given the potential for infighting between M.V.P and his employers ... how long will Batista's patience hold out with his team?

    Womens Championship Match:
    Beth Phoenix vs. Natalya
    - With NO Rope Breaks Allowed -
    Last month at Nemesis, Beth Phoenix left with her title in tact through the skin of her teeth - losing by DQ in fact. The Glamazon could be accused of overconfidence going into that event, having written off the challenge of Natalya in the build up. After all, she'd already beaten the best the division had to offer in the form of Mickie James and Gail Kim. Nemesis proved to be no fluke though - Beth Phoenix had found herself a new, formidable challenge in the shape of the daughter of the Anvil. And with her, the expertly applied - and excellently executed - Sharpshooter. Until now, Beth Phoenix hasn't been able to find an answer for the famous Hart Family hold ... but if she finds herself trapped in the hold at the Survivor Series, she'll have to find one as she CAN'T avail of the ropes this time around. Otherwise, her reign of dominance over the Womens division will be over. For weeks, Natalya has proven herself to be more than a match for Phoenix in every department, which has seen Phoenix's confidence shaken to it's core - and her championship reign on very shaky ground. It remains to be seen if Beth Phoenix can survive this challenge.

    Cruiserweight Championship Match:
    Christopher Daniels vs. Bryan Danielson
    In a horror show on Halloween night in England, Bryan Danielsons strangehold over the Cruiserweight championship came to a shuddering halt at the hands of Christopher Daniels. Daniels - who has badgered Danielson for a title shot ever since arriving on Smackdown from Raw following SummerSlam - didn't earn the shot. He didn't deserve it. He had no interest in competing for his crack at the title - he demanded it be handed to him. And in the end, he got what he wanted. Despite Danielson wanting the Fallen Angel to earn his shot like everyone else, he finally broke and granted Daniels his title shot when the Fallen Angel held up the rest of the division. And it all played directly into Daniels hands. A mysterious hooded figure would interfere toward the end of the contest - someone Daniels claims to be nothing more than a fan, and certainly not an ally of his - and help cause the loss for Bryan, meaning Daniels got everything he wanted; just as he said he would. This time, Bryan Danielson has had ample time to prepare. This time, Danielson will be on the lookout for any suspicious figures. This time, Danielson will look to rectify the events of October 31. And history won't be on Christopher Daniels side either; NO ONE has ever beaten Bryan Danielson in back to back meetings since his debut a year ago. In fact, no one has beaten Danielson twice period in his WWE tenure. Can he be the first?

    Triple H vs. Mister Kennedy
    One man will do the unthinkable. The most personal of issues comes to a head at the Survivor Series in the most personal of matches. For over a year, Mister Kennedy has targeted Triple H and the McMahon family as he looks to climb the upper echelon in the WWE. And it's worked. He may have succumbed to a defeat at the hands of Triple H at WrestleMania, and he may have been fired in the aftermath ... but all of that only added to the notoriety behind the mans actions. And despite being fired, Kennedy remained a thorn in the side of not only The Game, but his family too. Kennedy played the game to perfection. He forced the WWE's hand into hiring him back at SummerSlam - but not just on any old deal. A pay increase. A title shot upon his return. #30 in the 2009 Royal Rumble. And how did Kennedy celebrate his return?? By dropping Stephanie McMahon in the middle of the Madison Square Garden - just weeks after Stephanie had given birth to her - and Triple H's - second child. And after more mind games - including an assault on Mr. McMahon himself - Kennedy and Triple H would meet once more at Nemesis. An Unsanctioned Match it may have been ... but the outcome wouldn't be forgotten in a hurry. Triple H would take the bullet for his wife - a sledgehammer shot to the skull - leading to Kennedy triumphing. But it wasn't over there. Triple H couldn't let this issue drop. Instead, he wanted to raise the stakes. And they don't get much bigger than an I Quit Match. With the personal animosity involved between the two, it's hard to fathom either man ever yielding to the other - telling his hated foe that he quits - but either Triple H, or Mister Kennedy WILL do just that at the Survivor Series.

    R-Truth vs. The Brian Kendrick
    After weeks of finger pointing and accusations ... it was The Brian Kendrick that was revealed as the man that took out Smackdown GM Finlay. His issues with the Irishman had been obvious and well documented for a long time. Kendrick even ousted Finlay for a thirty day period as GM ... but ever since Kendrick lost to Bryan Danielson at SummerSlam and had to shave his much loved hair off in the process - a stipulation enforced by Finlay - there's been a new Brian Kendrick. Sadistic. Twisted. He even refers to himself now as a 'Monster'. The old Kendrick wouldn't have carried out such a sick, savage assault on anyone. But this new Kendrick would. He did. And not only did Finlay feel his wrath, but so too did R-Truth. Truth had fun with Kendrick in the initial aftermath of his head shaving ... but it wasn't fun for Kendrick. And Kendrick didn't forget. He brutally assaulted R-Truth too, but Truth is back on his feet, and he's hungry for revenge. But can he get it against this new, sadistic side of a bald Brian Kendrick?


    Gail Kim vs. Michelle McCool w/Layla El
    Gail Kim scored an elimination over Michelle McCool AND Layla El en route to surviving the Diva's Survivor Series Elimination Match this past Wednesday on Superstars. LayCool haven't taken kindly to that loss, and as a result have made a challenge to Gail - which was gladly accepted.

    Once again; huge thank you to ranthellacious for the match graphics!!

    Prediction Template for The 22nd Annual WWE Survivor Series:
    November 16 2008 | Phillips Arena, Atlanta GA
    Theme Music; ‘Spolin For A Fight’ by AC/DC

    5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:
    World Heavyweight Champion Brent Albright, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Vladimir & John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield
    Rey Mysterio, Shelton Benjamin, Paul London, Nick Nemeth & Raw General Manager Ricky Steamboat
    *If Team Layfield win; JBL becomes WWE Commissioner*
    *If Team Ventura win; Jesse Ventura remains WWE Commissioner*

    5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:
    WWE Champion Chris Jericho, Umaga, U.S Champion Mark Henry, WWE Tag Team Champions Wade Barrett & Elijah Burke w/Melina & Armando Estrada
    Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, Jack Swagger, Carlito & Kofi Kingstonw/Paul Heyman
    *If The Dangerous Alliance win, Kurt Angle will receive a WWE Championship Match, Jack Swagger will receive a U.S Championship match and the Caribbean Connection will receive a Tag Team Championship match – all at Armageddon*

    5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:
    Edge, Christian, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy & Evan Bourne
    Batista, Sim Snuka, Ted DiBiase Jr, Jamie Noble & M.V.P w/Ted DiBiase Sr

    Womens Championship Match:
    Beth Phoenix vs. Natalya
    - With NO Rope Breaks Allowed -

    Cruiserweight Championship Match:
    Christopher Daniels vs. Bryan Danielson

    Triple H vs. Mister Kennedy

    R-Truth vs. The Brian Kendrick


    Gail Kim vs. Michelle McCool w/Layla El

    1. Predict the winners. {2 points per correct answer}
    2. Predict the PPV match order***. {2 points per correct match placement}
    3. What will be the longest match on the PPV? {
    2 points}
    4. What will be the shortest match on the PPV? {
    2 points}
    5. Wh
    o will be the survivor(s) of each Elimination Match? {2 points per correct answer}

    6. Who will be the FIRST person eliminated in EACH of the Elimination Matches? {2 points per correct answer}
    7. Which superstar will score the most eliminations across the three combined elimination matches? {3 points}

    *** = not including the pre-show match.

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    Re: Being The Booker

    Survivor Series Predictions

    7) 5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:
    World Heavyweight Champion Brent Albright, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Vladimir & John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield
    Rey Mysterio, Shelton Benjamin, Paul London, Nick Nemeth & Raw General Manager Ricky Steamboat
    *If Team Layfield win; JBL becomes WWE Commissioner*
    *If Team Ventura win; Jesse Ventura remains WWE Commissioner*

    I personally would prefer Team Ventura winning this match, but Team Layfield is packed and there are more potential storylines coming out of Team Layfield winning.

    5) 5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:
    WWE Champion Chris Jericho, Umaga, U.S Champion Mark Henry, WWE Tag Team Champions Wade Barrett & Elijah Burke w/Melina & Armando Estrada
    Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, Jack Swagger, Carlito & Kofi Kingstonw/Paul Heyman
    *If The Dangerous Alliance win, Kurt Angle will receive a WWE Championship Match, Jack Swagger will receive a U.S Championship match and the Caribbean Connection will receive a Tag Team Championship match – all at Armageddon*

    This is an interesting one as there a lot of moving pieces here. This match also has the strange aspect lining up all your SmackDown! title matches in one match which could be interesting, but not sure if that's a path you'd take. I'll side with The Dangerous Alliance though since I predict Team Layfield to win.

    1) 5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:
    Edge, Christian, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy & Evan Bourne
    Batista, Sim Snuka, Ted DiBiase Jr, Jamie Noble & M.V.P w/Ted DiBiase Sr

    This one is very much a top up, but I think you want to move forward with The Hardy Boyz as well as the Filthy Money/MVP angle so I'll go with Team Edge.

    2) Womens Championship Match:
    Beth Phoenix vs. Natalya
    - With NO Rope Breaks Allowed -

    I think Beth Phoenix uses the ropes to get a cheap win.

    3) Cruiserweight Championship Match:
    Christopher Daniels vs. Bryan Danielson

    I think whoever the mystery guy I think will interfere and cause a DQ finish with Bryan Danielson.

    6) I QUIT MATCH:
    Triple H vs. Mister Kennedy

    I think Mister Kennedy is more likely to bounce back from a loss here, but I'll go with Mister Kennedy winning this match as I think the only way this angle can end is with Kennedy coming out on top.

    R-Truth vs. The Brian Kendrick

    This is a showcase match for Brian Kendrick's new persona so he will likely win unless he gets himself intentionally DQ'd.


    Gail Kim vs. Michelle McCool w/Layla El

    This one just feels like a match to get Gail Kim over so you'll have another person to fight Beth Phoenix.

    1. Predict the winners. {2 points per correct answer} Done.
    2. Predict the PPV match order***. {2 points per correct match placement} Done.
    3. What will be the longest match on the PPV? {
    2 points} The Hall of Champions vs. The Dangerous Alliance
    4. What will be the shortest match on the PPV? {
    2 points} R-Truth vs. The Brian Kendrick
    5. Wh
    o will be the survivor(s) of each Elimination Match? {2 points per correct answer}
    a) Brent Albright and John Cena.
    b) Randy Orton.
    c) Christian, Matt Hardy, and Jeff Hardy.

    6. Who will be the FIRST person eliminated in EACH of the Elimination Matches? {2 points per correct answer}
    a) Rey Mysterio.
    b) Kurt Angle.
    c) Sim Snuka.

    7. Which superstar will score the most eliminations across the three combined elimination matches? {3 points}
    Mark Henry

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    Re: Being The Booker

    Although my one-man feedback embargo is ongoing until you-know-what, I will lift it for the purpose of predictions for this show.Also, one criticism off the bat: I think at least one of the world titles should've been on the line on this show. I know it's Survivor Series, but you could've had either/or title up for grabs.

    7- 5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:

    World Heavyweight Champion Brent Albright, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Vladimir & John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield
    Rey Mysterio, Shelton Benjamin, Paul London, Nick Nemeth & Raw General Manager Ricky Steamboat
    *If Team Layfield win; JBL becomes WWE Commissioner*
    *If Team Ventura win; Jesse Ventura remains WWE Commissioner*
    As much as I'd like to see Team Ventura win just to end this JBL seeking power storyline once and for all - I can't remember a time BEFORE JBL wasn't a major player on Raw - I feel like his team is TOO stacked to take a loss here. I wouldn't be completely shocked if Paul London ended up as the sole survivor in an unexpected moment, but I'm sticking to my guns that Team JBL simply has too much star power to lose. Meanwhile, CM Punk must have something to do on this show, but I can't see him going as babyface as to help Team Ventura win.

    5- 5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:
    WWE Champion Chris Jericho, Umaga, U.S Champion Mark Henry, WWE Tag Team Champions Wade Barrett & Elijah Burke w/Melina & Armando Estrada
    Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, Jack Swagger, Carlito & Kofi Kingston w/Paul Heyman
    *If The Dangerous Alliance win, Kurt Angle will receive a WWE Championship Match, Jack Swagger will receive a U.S Championship match and the Caribbean Connection will receive a Tag Team Championship match – all at Armageddon*

    It seems a little too obvious that The Dangerous Alliance will win here, but there's nothing wrong with that. It nicely sets up your next pay-per-view, and is necessary to continue this Kurt Angle storyline, which for me is the most intriguing storyline on Smackdown. I also expect Umaga will somehow play a big role in Team Jericho's downfall to continue that story. And, I want to see what happens when Angle's team wins and Orton comes hunting for his title match. Ergo, The Dangerous Alliance for the win.

    1- 5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:
    Edge, Christian, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy & Evan Bourne
    Batista, Sim Snuka, Ted DiBiase Jr, Jamie Noble & M.V.P w/Ted DiBiase Sr

    At first, I thought "is this even a question?" But then I remembered that despite the rest of the crap on that team, Batista could come off looking as gold by being the sole survivor in this match, and this is the win he needs to get to that next level. I know he beat The Undertaker recently, but that's almost been forgotten about with everything else going on on the blue brand. Edge is already established as a main eventer and coming off of years of being involved in the WWE title picture so he doesn't need the win, and Christian not giving a shit could be critical in costing their team. So I'll go with Team Batista getting the win, with Batista being the sole survivor.

    3- Womens Championship Match:
    Beth Phoenix vs. Natalya
    - With NO Rope Breaks Allowed -

    Although I don't see another woman on the horizon who could dethrone Beth Phoenix just yet, and Natalya wouldn't be a bad choice at all, I just don't see it happening. Beth Phoenix to retain her championship with a clean win here.

    4- Cruiserweight Championship Match:
    Christopher Daniels vs. Bryan Danielson

    Can't see Bryan regaining the title so quickly after losing it unless you're playing hot potato, and I know that's not your style. Christopher Daniels to retain.

    6- I QUIT MATCH:
    Triple H vs. Mister Kennedy

    This is a tough one to call. However, Kennedy could easily recover from a loss since he's the heel. He's arguably going to be more of an important player in the thread moving forward, but he can also skulk away and move on to a new challenge with a loss. Besides that, I have a history of going with the heels in feud-ending matches in this thread and you seem to always go with the babyface, you old sentimental fart. So I'll go with Triple H to pick up the win here.

    R-Truth vs. The Brian Kendrick

    I've always been honest with you, so I'll say it again here, despite the possibility of getting flack from other members...I don't like this storyline at all. I read that "who attacked Finlay?" angle on Smackdown with such anticipation, and was so disappointed when you revealed it to be Kendrick. Maybe it's me being short sighted and not being able to visualise Kendrick being bald and going psycho...but, yeah, don't like it. Think I preferred him as the comical CW Champ than this. Also, with the addition of R-Truth into the equation, it feels like this storyline has dropped from being very interesting to not gauging my interest at all. Anyway, I'll go with The Brian Kendrick to pick up the win, although I expect Finlay may return to try and cost him the match, or attack him after.


    Gail Kim vs. Michelle McCool w/Layla El

    Meh, who cares. Let's go with Michelle, as she has Layla in her corner.

    1. Predict the winners. {2 points per correct answer} Done.
    2. Predict the PPV match order***. {2 points per correct match placement} Done.
    3. What will be the longest match on the PPV? {
    2 points} Main event (JBL/Ventura).
    4. What will be the shortest match on the PPV? {
    2 points} Does this include the pre-show? If so, Gail/Michelle. If not, Truth/Kendrick.
    5. Wh
    o will be the survivor(s) of each Elimination Match? {2 points per correct answer} Batista to be sole survivor, Swagger and Orton to be survivors, Cena and Michaels to be survivors.

    6. Who will be the FIRST person eliminated in EACH of the Elimination Matches? {2 points per correct answer} Sim Snuka, Umaga, JBL.
    7. Which superstar will score the most eliminations across the three combined elimination matches? {3 points} I'm expecting Batista to be a one-man wrecking crew.

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    Re: Being The Booker

    7- 5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:


    World Heavyweight Champion Brent Albright, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Vladimir & John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield
    Rey Mysterio, Shelton Benjamin, Paul London, Nick Nemeth & Raw General Manager Ricky Steamboat
    *If Team Layfield win; JBL becomes WWE Commissioner*
    *If Team Ventura win; Jesse Ventura remains WWE Commissioner*

    5- 5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:
    WWE Champion Chris Jericho, Umaga, U.S Champion Mark Henry, WWE Tag Team Champions Wade Barrett & Elijah Burke w/Melina & Armando Estrada

    Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, Jack Swagger, Carlito & Kofi Kingston w/Paul Heyman
    *If The Dangerous Alliance win, Kurt Angle will receive a WWE Championship Match, Jack Swagger will receive a U.S Championship match and the Caribbean Connection will receive a Tag Team Championship match – all at Armageddon*

    1- 5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:
    Edge, Christian, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy & Evan Bourne

    Batista, Sim Snuka, Ted DiBiase Jr, Jamie Noble & M.V.P w/Ted DiBiase Sr

    4- Womens Championship Match:
    Beth Phoenix vs. Natalya
    - With NO Rope Breaks Allowed -

    3- Cruiserweight Championship Match:
    Christopher Daniels vs. Bryan Danielson

    6- I QUIT MATCH:
    Triple H vs. Mister Kennedy

    R-Truth vs. The Brian Kendrick


    Gail Kim vs. Michelle McCool w/Layla El

    1. Predict the winners. {2 points per correct answer} Done.
    2. Predict the PPV match order***. {2 points per correct match placement} Done.
    3. What will be the longest match on the PPV? {
    2 points} Main event (JBL/Ventura).
    4. What will be the shortest match on the PPV? {
    2 points} Truth/Kendrick.
    5. Wh
    o will be the survivor(s) of each Elimination Match? {2 points per correct answer} Batista to be sole survivor, Orton to be sole survivor, Cena and Michaels to be survivors.

    6. Who will be the FIRST person eliminated in EACH of the Elimination Matches? {2 points per correct answer} Sim Snuka, Umaga, Vladimir.
    7. Which superstar will score the most eliminations across the three combined elimination matches? {3 points} Jack Swagger

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    Re: Being The Booker

    Quote Originally Posted by Wolf Beast View Post

    Once again; huge thank you to ranthellacious for the match graphics!!

    Again, not a problem. Glad you liked them!

    Think I probably fell off towards the end of the predictions, but who cares. Pumped for the pay per view!!

    Prediction Template for The 22nd Annual WWE Survivor Series:

    7. 5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:
    World Heavyweight Champion Brent Albright, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Vladimir & John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield
    JBL's not done. His reign of terror in control of the WWE will be devastating. Until someone rises up and stops him once and for all, I'm guessing Wrestlemania.

    4. 5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:
    Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, Jack Swagger, Carlito & Kofi Kingstonw/Paul Heyman
    I think this one may be a little too obvious, but it sets up Armageddon too perfectly to ignore. Angle continues his shot to the top of Smackdown, while getting the younger guys on his team a huge victory.

    2. 5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:
    Batista, Sim Snuka, Ted DiBiase Jr, Jamie Noble & M.V.P w/Ted DiBiase Sr
    Batista is on too hot of a streak to stop here. Just beat The Undertaker!

    6. Womens Championship Match:
    Beth Phoenix
    Lets go with Beth. Because she's not my Divas Champ hahaha.

    1. Cruiserweight Championship Match:
    Christopher Daniels vs. Bryan Danielson
    The commentary team on Smackdown mentioned the fact that no one has beat Danielson twice, one too many times.

    5. I QUIT MATCH:
    Mister Kennedy
    I agree with Kingpin that Kennedy could easily bounce back from a loss here, but I don't think he'll need to. You build of Kennedy has been fantastic.

    The Brian Kendrick
    He was just revealed as the attacker...and R-Truth isn't Finlay.

    Michelle McCool w/Layla El

    1. Predict the winners. {2 points per correct answer}
    2. Predict the PPV match order***. {2 points per correct match placement}
    3. What will be the longest match on the PPV? {
    2 points}
    Team Layfield versus Team Ventura.
    4. What will be the shortest match on the PPV? {
    2 points} ...This question doesn't have three stars next to it, does it include the preshow? Cause If so
    McCool versus Kim. If not included, Kendrick versus Truth.
    5. Wh
    o will be the survivor(s) of each Elimination Match? {2 points per correct answer}
    - Batista
    - Orton and Swagger
    - Albright, Cena and Michaels.

    6. Who will be the FIRST person eliminated in EACH of the Elimination Matches? {2 points per correct answer}
    - Noble
    - Henry
    - Benjamin
    7. Which superstar will score the most eliminations across the three combined elimination matches? {3 points}
    - Batista

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    Re: Being The Booker

    Match 1:

    R-Truth vs. The Brian Kendrick
    After losing at Summer Slam, and going off the radar, the return was such a good twist therefore I don’t see why you would book him to loose. Unless you continue his spiral of decent which would be interesting to watch. I don’t think you’re going to go down that avenue – therefore TBK to win.

    Match 2:
    5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:

    Edge, Christian, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy & Evan Bourne
    Batista, Sim Snuka, Ted DiBiase Jr, Jamie Noble & M.V.P w/Ted DiBiase Sr

    Your building Batista up, at last, and I cannot see him losing his momentum here. Christian will cause Team Edge to loose – given the interesting phone call on the latest Smackdown. That therefore then puts the end, in my mind, to the Batista/Edge, setting up Nicely Edge/Christian which could go all the way to Wrestlemania.

    Match 3:
    Womens Championship Match:

    Beth Phoenix vs.Natalya
    - With NO Rope Breaks Allowed -

    Time for a change. Let’s see the direction you take the women’s division with a new champion.

    Match 4:
    Cruiserweight Championship Match:

    Christopher Daniels vs. Bryan Danielson
    He seems to be on a role. Why stop it now?

    Match 5:
    5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:

    WWE Champion Chris Jericho, Umaga, U.S Champion Mark Henry, WWE Tag Team Champions Wade Barrett & Elijah Burke w/Melina & Armando Estrada
    Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, Jack Swagger, Carlito & Kofi Kingston
    w/Paul Heyman
    Interesting build. I think I said it before I was a little disappointed that WWE championship wasn’t going to be defended at Survivor Series considering the World Heavyweight Champion over on Raw is also involved in a similar match up. I’m going with Angle win – the dangerous alliance. This will nicely set up your Armageddon Pay Per View for Smackdown and allowing the stories to continue into Armageddon.

    Match 6:
    5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:

    World Heavyweight Champion Brent Albright, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Vladimir & John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield
    Rey Mysterio, Shelton Benjamin, Paul London, Nick Nemeth & Raw General Manager Ricky Steamboat

    As many have said before me – as much as I would LOVE Team Ventura to win there is just so many juice storylines coming out of Layfield winning. Cena/Albright for one. I think we’ll see Taker play with Cena during the match, Punk will make an appearance before, after, during or all three. The Shawn Michaels element is also interesting one.

    Match 7:
    Triple H vs.Mister Kennedy
    Will be a very violent match. I have no doubt about that. You write gimmick matches, especially when it includes hate, perfectly. And this I expect no different. I cannot see Mister Kennedy loosing this and although I know he can take the hit & loose, I am going with a win for Kennedy. The build has been exceptional and I cannot wait to see which direction you take both men, no matter what the outcome.

    Gail Kim vs. Michelle McCool w/Layla El
    McCool – Layla in her corner.

    1. Predict the winners. {2 points per correct answer}
    2. Predict the PPV match order***. {2 points per correct match placement}
    3. What will be the longest match on the PPV? {2 points}
    Kennedy v HHH
    4. What will be the shortest match on the PPV? {2 points}
    Beth Phoenix/Natalya
    5. Who will be the survivor(s) of each Elimination Match? {2 points per correct answer}
    6. Who will be the FIRST person eliminated in EACH of the Elimination Matches? {2 points per correct answer}

    7. Which superstar will score the most eliminations across the three combined elimination matches? {3 points}
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    Re: Being The Booker

    I've tried to write this damn prediction twice now and keeps failing to post my reply, so hopefully third time's a charm...

    7. 5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:

    World Heavyweight Champion Brent Albright, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Vladimir & John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield
    Rey Mysterio, Shelton Benjamin, Paul London, Nick Nemeth & Raw General Manager Ricky Steamboat
    *If Team Layfield win; JBL becomes WWE Commissioner*
    *If Team Ventura win; Jesse Ventura remains WWE Commissioner*
    I've really enjoyed Steamboat and Ventura as the "decent guys doing a good job" approach, but it's time to shake it up. I'm predicting Brent is the last man standing, with London pulling a "HBK in 2003" type effort out the bag to shock one of the stacked heel team.

    1. 5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:
    WWE Champion Chris Jericho, Umaga, U.S Champion Mark Henry, WWE Tag Team Champions Wade Barrett & Elijah Burke w/Melina & Armando Estrada
    Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, Jack Swagger, Carlito & Kofi Kingstonw/Paul Heyman
    *If The Dangerous Alliance win, Kurt Angle will receive a WWE Championship Match, Jack Swagger will receive a U.S Championship match and the Caribbean Connection will receive a Tag Team Championship match – all at Armageddon*
    If there weren't the stips involved I'd guess at the champs team, but these stips means surely we're setting up Armageddon now? Plus I'm going for two heel wins in the other SS matches, so faces need to win eventually. Going to guess that Angle is one of the few to be eliminated yet still get a title shot out of it, just to add a bit of intrigue.

    4. 5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:
    Edge, Christian, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy & Evan Bourne
    Batista, Sim Snuka, Ted DiBiase Jr, Jamie Noble & M.V.P w/Ted DiBiase Sr
    Going out on a limb here, but despite this being ridiculously one-sided in terms of star power, I expect the heels to win. Matt and Jeff will screw up to further that angle, and I'm going to guess something comes out of Christian's lack of motivation and Edge warning him on Smackdown. That leaves Batista to finally announce himself as a top-tier guy by eliminating basically the whole other team single-handedly. And if you have Sim Snuka going along for the ride, never even getting in the ring and yet picking up a "survivor" slot, I'll love you forever.

    2. Womens Championship Match:
    Beth Phoenix vs. Natalya
    - With NO Rope Breaks Allowed -
    I've enjoyed this feud, but I think it ends with Beth still as the champion.

    3. Cruiserweight Championship Match:
    Christopher Daniels vs. Bryan Danielson
    Given he only just won it and that we have the "mystery attacker" angle going on, I don't see the belt changing.

    5. I QUIT MATCH:
    Triple H vs. Mister Kennedy
    There is no way Trips quits because he's been beaten too badly, because that's not in his character and not realistic to what Paul Levesque would go for in real life. So either Kennedy gets a scummy win, or Trips finally gets one over on Kennedy to end this feud for good. I'm calling the latter. This feud has been great, but now it's time for the babyface to man up, fight through all the obstacles that were put before him, and get the job done. Kennedy can get his heat back by being a total prick if needed.

    R-Truth vs. The Brian Kendrick
    This is such an afterthought it didn't even get a graphic! Kendrick wins this easily, unless he gets DQ'd for being too vicious. Either way, he needs to show that he is way, way above Truth in this match, and go on to bigger and better things.


    Gail Kim vs. Michelle McCool w/Layla El
    I think Gail's going to be the one to finally dethrone Beth, so needs to be kept hot.

    1. Predict the winners. {2 points per correct answer} DONE
    2. Predict the PPV match order***. {2 points per correct match placement} DONE
    3. What will be the longest match on the PPV? {
    2 points} VENTURA/JBL
    4. What will be the shortest match on the PPV? {
    2 points} KENDRICK/TRUTH
    5. Wh
    o will be the survivor(s) of each Elimination Match? {2 points per correct answer} ALBRIGHT; ORTON & SWAGGER; BATISTA AND, FUCK IT, SIM SNUKA

    6. Who will be the FIRST person eliminated in EACH of the Elimination Matches? {2 points per correct answer} NICK NEMETH; UMAGA; JAMIE NOBLE
    7. Which superstar will score the most eliminations across the three combined elimination matches? {3 points} BATISTA

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    Re: Being The Booker

    I always really struggle with prediction posts because of the coding and layout getting fucked every time, so going ghetto style.

    Team Steamboat wins
    I'm probably going to be wrong because it seems time to make a change here, and the heel side is better, but I'm rooting for JBL to eat a bag of dicks. And, Cena to turn on him for not calling him Big Match John too!

    The Dangerous Alliance wins.
    It sets up all your storylines.

    Team Batista wins.
    He needs another standout moment, and Survivor Series is the place to do it. He better cleanly pin Christian. Despite his no motivation arc, it's still a big win to have. I'm honestly hoping for Batista to eliminate everyone for his team. That's how I'd book it.

    Beth retains the Women's Title
    She's been booked so poorly in the run up that she pretty much HAS to win or she's buried.

    Daniels retains the Cruiserweight Title
    He just won it. Danielson's attacker can reveal himself, either as an enemy for him, or the Fallen Angel's Guardian Angel.

    Ken Kennedy quits
    Because this is the WWE and you are better than anyone at booking a realistic, yet entertaining, WWE. HHH doesn't job in these matches.

    Ugly Kendrick wins
    Do I really need a reason?

    Gail Kim wins the pre show match with no build because she's an actual wrestler.

    Cruiserweight Title because I'm a WCW man. Jerk The Curtain! Batista v Edge. Kendrick v Killings. SD elimination match. I Quit. Women's Title for a cool down. RAW to close it off.

    SD elimination goes the longest for that work rate.

    Kendrick Truth is the shortest

    Paul London is the Survivor. Randy Orton and Kurt Angle survive. Batista stands alone.

    Benjamin, Kofi, Bourne.

    HAS to be Batista. He does it all.

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    Re: Being The Booker

    7-5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:
    World Heavyweight Champion Brent Albright, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Vladimir & John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield

    Rey Mysterio, Shelton Benjamin, Paul London, Nick Nemeth & Raw General Manager Ricky Steamboat
    *If Team Layfield win; JBL becomes WWE Commissioner*
    *If Team Ventura win; Jesse Ventura remains WWE Commissioner*

    It makes too much sense for Team JBL not to win. I love the JBL character so I am actually pulling for the heels here. Expecting this to be an all out brawl. Really looking forward to this match.

    4-5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:
    WWE Champion Chris Jericho, Umaga, U.S Champion Mark Henry, WWE Tag Team Champions Wade Barrett & Elijah Burke w/Melina & Armando Estrada
    Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, Jack Swagger, Carlito & Kofi Kingstonw/Paul Heyman

    *If The Dangerous Alliance win, Kurt Angle will receive a WWE Championship Match, Jack Swagger will receive a U.S Championship match and the Caribbean Connection will receive a Tag Team Championship match – all at Armageddon*

    I think The Dangerous Alliance win here. You’ve really done a masterful job of slowly building Angle back into a legit title contender, and I think this is the start of his push back to the top. Definitely expecting some shenanigans from Jericho.

    1-5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:
    Edge, Christian, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy & Evan Bourne
    Batista, Sim Snuka, Ted DiBiase Jr, Jamie Noble & M.V.P w/Ted DiBiase Sr

    I’ve wrestled with this match and if I like the idea of it or not, but I am all for getting more guys on the show. This is basically all Edge vs. Batista with the monkey wrench of Christian coming over to SD being thrown in. Really want Batista’s team to win here…I want more “YOU OWE ME!” segments.

    2-Womens Championship Match:
    Beth Phoenix vs. Natalya
    - With NO Rope Breaks Allowed –

    To be completely honest I haven’t had much interest in the Women’s division, most likely being brought up in the mid 2000’s on bra & panties matches and more looks than wrestling, I commend you for being able to write an enjoyable storyline for this.

    3-Cruiserweight Championship Match:
    Christopher Daniels vs. Bryan Danielson

    Both men have been booked brilliantly in the past few weeks. I think Daniels retains here.

    Triple H vs. Mister Kennedy

    This is what I am most looking forward to. On one side, it makes sense for HHH to get his heat back and end Kennedy, but the way you’ve written Kennedy lately getting mixed reactions from the crowd makes me think you have a lot more planned for him down the line. Also, HHH can job forever and still be over, so it won’t take too much out of the tank for him to lose again. In the end, we are all winners for reading this match. I am going with my gut, and saying Kennedy.

    R-Truth vs. The Brian Kendrick

    I am happy Kendrick is back. Hoping for a big push following this.


    Gail Kim vs. Michelle McCool w/Layla El
    McCool. Why not.

    1. Predict the winners. {2 points per correct answer}
    2. Predict the PPV match order***. {2 points per correct match placement}
    3. What will be the longest match on the PPV? {2 points} Team JBL vs. Team Ventura
    4. What will be the shortest match on the PPV? {2 points} Women’s Title
    5. Who will be the survivor(s) of each Elimination Match? {2 points per correct answer} HBK, Albright, Angle, Batista
    6. Who will be the FIRST person eliminated in EACH of the Elimination Matches? {2 points per correct answer} Sim Snuka, Carlito, Shelton Benjamin
    7. Which superstar will score the most eliminations across the three combined elimination matches? {3 points} Going with my MVP of the night- Shawn Michaels.

    Good luck writing this man. I know from writing one before, these Survivor Series elimination matches are very grueling to plan out as well as being challenging. If there is anyone than can knock it out of the park, it’s you. Looking forward to this!

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    Re: Being The Booker

    (7) 5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:
    World Heavyweight Champion Brent Albright, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Vladimir & John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield
    Rey Mysterio, Shelton Benjamin, Paul London, Nick Nemeth & Raw General Manager Ricky Steamboat
    *If Team Layfield win; JBL becomes WWE Commissioner*
    *If Team Ventura win; Jesse Ventura remains WWE Commissioner*
    TEAM JBL has to win this match… there is just to much legs that JBL as Commissioner has for you to not go that route… I think you make Paul London in this match and have him as the soul survivor and that puts him in the title picture going into the Rumble

    (5) 5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:
    WWE Champion Chris Jericho, Umaga, U.S Champion Mark Henry, WWE Tag Team Champions Wade Barrett & Elijah Burke w/Melina & Armando Estrada
    Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, Jack Swagger, Carlito & Kofi Kingstonw/Paul Heyman
    *If The Dangerous Alliance win, Kurt Angle will receive a WWE Championship Match, Jack Swagger will receive a U.S Championship match and the Caribbean Connection will receive a Tag Team Championship match – all at Armageddon*
    The obvious answer is for the Dangerous Alliance to win and I think your going to go with that in order to put together your Armageddon card… it will be fun to see how you book the eliminations though… I think we start to see the babyface turn of Umaga here and Angle/Orton will be a fun dynamic.

    (2) 5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:
    Edge, Christian, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy & Evan Bourne
    Batista, Sim Snuka, Ted DiBiase Jr, Jamie Noble & M.V.P w/Ted DiBiase Sr
    This is probably one of the hardest matches to call as far as a winner goes… there are a lot of routes that you can go and honestly, I am booking stuff in my head, but I don’t think that will be what you actually do… this really is a toss up for me but b/c Team Edge has more star power to it, I believe they get the win.

    (3) Womens Championship Match:
    Beth Phoenix vs. Natalya
    - With NO Rope Breaks Allowed -
    I think it is to early to switch the belt here as I think you can get another match out of this on the way to Royal Rumble, so Beth Phoenix will cheat her way to victory.

    (1) Cruiserweight Championship Match:
    Christopher Daniels vs. Bryan Danielson
    I love the recaps that you put out there for your show… it really helps me determine what is going on with everything, as unfortunately I haven’t been able to keep up as well as I would like do to home life… however, I always love a mystery man storyline… Daniels has to be the winner here and he can boast about this for so long

    (6) I QUIT MATCH:
    Triple H vs. Mister Kennedy
    So there is two routes that I see you going here; the WWE standard route of having HHH win or by having Kennedy use Stephanie to force HHH to quit… I will say that if you go that route, I will be rather upset b/c I have something similar coming up in my BTB… I agree with Zoom-E and think you will go the traditional WWE route and put HHH over.

    R-Truth vs. The Brian Kendrick
    Kendrick isn’t going to lose his first big match, especially against R-Truth.
    Gail Kim vs. Michelle McCool w/Layla El
    Flip a coin and Michelle McCool takes the win with help from Layla.
    1. Predict the winners. {2 points per correct answer}
    2. Predict the PPV match order***. {2 points per correct match placement}
    3. What will be the longest match on the PPV? {2
    points} Team JBL vs. Team Steamboat
    4. What will be the shortest match on the PPV? {2
    Kendrick vs. R-Truth
    5. Who will be the survivor(s) of each Elimination Match? {2 points per correct answer}
    JBL VS. Steamboat – HBK
    Edge vs. Batista – Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy
    Hall of Champions vs. Dangerous Alliance – Kurt Angle
    6. Who will be the FIRST person eliminated in EACH of the Elimination Matches? {2 points per correct answer}
    JBL VS. Steamboat – JBL
    Edge vs. Batista – Ted Dibiase Jr.
    Hall of Champions vs. Dangerous Alliance – Umaga
    7. Which superstar will score the most eliminations across the three combined elimination matches? {3 points}
    Paul London

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    Survivor Series Re: Being The Booker






    The opening video begins on a black screen, before the narration comes from Charlie Chaplin in ‘The Dictator’…
    {Selected portions}
    In this world, there is room for everyone.”

    The video then opens with a shot of a smiling JBL, then a stand off between Team Jericho and Team Angle this past Friday on Smackdown.

    The way of life can be free and beautiful …”

    Shots of John Cena winning his first World Title at WrestleMania 21 with the world at his feet, and Shawn Michaels in happier times, pointing around an arena of fans…

    “… But we have lost the way.”

    Then, Cena blasting a handcuffed Christian at Saturday Nights Main Event, and transforming into the ‘Man in Black’, along with Shawn Michaels delivering Sweet Chin Music on Paul London, Rey Mysterio & Shelton Benjamin four weeks ago.

    Greed has poisoned mens souls…”

    Chris Jericho aligning with Armando Estrada and Umaga back in September to secure the WWE Championship, and JBL being backed up by his team of mercenaries for this event.

    “…Has barricaded the world with hate.”

    Mister Kennedy and an array of his despicable acts toward Stephanie and Vince McMahon, then being held apart from Triple H back in August.

    To those who can hear me, I say; do not despair.”

    Clips of Paul London looking dejected after losing at SummerSlam, Nick Nemeth after going 60 minutes with CM Punk in September and Bryan Danielson after losing the Cruiserweight title last month.

    The misery that is now upon us is but the passing of greed-”

    Brent Albright – with the mite of JBL and his cronies – holding onto the World Title at Nemesis, Christopher Daniels with his newly won gold and Batista drilling Edge with the Batista Bomb to screw him over.

    The bitterness of men who fear the way of human progress.”

    JBL, all smiling, backed up with his Survivor Series team, and his other associates as he tries to take control. Then, Paul Heyman and Armando Estrada shaking hands four weeks ago on Smackdown as they tied up the WWE Title picture.

    The hate of men will pass, and dictators die.”

    Edge attacking Batista, Natalya applying the Sharpshooter on Beth Phoenix, then Ricky Steamboat snatching JBL with a picture perfect arm drag.

    And the power they took from the people will return to the people.”

    And shots from the brawls that ended Raw the last two weeks, with Team Ventura – and sections of the Raw roster – fighting back against JBL’s tyranny.

    And so long as men die, liberty will never perish.”

    Triple H and Mr. Kennedy head to head last Monday, then, a shot of JBL looking worried at the end of Raw two weeks ago.

    Soldiers – don’t give yourselves to brutes.”

    Shots of the five men comprising Team Ventura tonight, then another shot of JBL – standing on stage; all smiles.

    Men who despise you, enslave you – who regiment your lives.”

    John Cena assaulting Drew McIntyre, Chris Jericho shown berating Umaga, and a grinning evil smile of Paul Heyman.

    Tell you what to do, what to think and what to feel.”

    M.V.P carrying bags for the DiBiases, Estrada directing orders at Umaga, Shawn Michaels offering a nod to JBL.

    “Don’t give yourselves to these unnatural men!!”

    Carlito and Kofi Kingston coming to the aid of Kurt Angle two weeks ago, Ricky Steamboat removing his jacket two weeks ago to confirm his participation at the Survivor Series, and Team Ventura standing tall that same night.

    Machine men with machine minds and machine hearts!”

    Vladimir looking imposing when in action on Raw, Shawn Michaels sullen expression, John Cena attacking Paul London way back in September.

    You are not machines! You are not cattle! You are men!”

    Paul London fighting back against John Cena, Umaga shouting in his tribal tongue, Team Angle standing together as one last week.

    You, the people, have the power to make this life free and beautiful…

    Nick Nemeth reaching down to offer Rey Mysterio a hand, Jesse Ventura waving to the fans, and shaking hands with Ricky Steamboat.

    To make this life a wonderful adventure.”

    Shots of happy, smiling Natalya, a euphoric Bryan Danielson winning back the Cruiserweight title at the Great American Bash, Edge holding up the WWE Title upon victory at WrestleMania with fireworks shooting off in the distance.

    Let us use that power … let us all UNITE!!!”

    Flashing clips of Team Angle and Team Jericho’s stand off on Smackdown, then Team Ventura all standing as one on Raw’s 800th spectacular…



    !! ~ PYRO ~ !!

    Spoilin For A Fight’ by AC/DC blares through the Phillips Arena, and the camera pans to show the excited fans in attendance in Atlanta with Michael Cole the first voice being heard tonight-

    Michael Cole: We are SPOLIN FOR A FIGHT TONIGHT!! The Phillips Arena has been sold out for weeks in anticipation of the November tradition. The Twenty Second Annual Survivor Series is on the air, and with it, has brought the Raw and Smackdown rosters together – one of those rare, special nights on the WWE calendar!! I’m Michael Cole, alongside Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, and King; how excited are you for tonight!?

    Jerry Lawler: They don’t call this place HOT-lanta for nothin, Michael!! We’re gonna see dream teams tonight, alliances we never thought we’d ever see – only at the Survivor Series!! I can’t wait!!

    Michael Cole: The Survivor Series is rich in history, and tonight, we’ll see three traditional Survivor Series elimination matches that I have no doubt will live long in the memory and add to that rich history this famous event is known for. So much at stake in those matches, two of which coming from Smackdown, and one from Raw. And our colleagues from Raw are here to call that action too!! Jim Ross and The Coach!!

    And we cut away to see JIM ROSS and THE COACH at their own position at ringside.

    Jim Ross: And no disrespect, Michael – but in my opinion, the stakes don’t get much bigger than Raw’s Survivor Series elimination match t’night!! The Commissionership of the WWE is on the line as Jesse Ventura and John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfields teams do battle with the future of the WWE hangin in the balance. An’ the outcome will effect us ALL!!

    The Coach: I can’t wait to see off Jesse Ventura AND Ricky Steamboat tonight, J.R. There won’t be any tears shed and we can move on and put this dark period behind us.

    Jim Ross: We’ll see if your confidence pays off later tonight in that main event – but before all that, there’s so much more to come-


    Taking a lead, KURT ANGLE marches out first … as his team mates follow out behind. Paul Heyman is with JACK SWAGGER, giving the rookie some words of advice ahead of such a big opportunity for him, whilst CARLITO and KOFI KINGSTON chat together on their way out, as RANDY ORTON lags behind the rest.

    Michael Cole: And we are kicking off in tradition with the original concept of the Survivor Series!! “Teams of five strive to survive”!! And King, these two teams we’re about to see will ALL be looking to survive. Everything is at stake here!!

    Jerry Lawler: Without a doubt, Michael!! You’ve got a team of hungry challengers right here, and they’ve ALL got an incentive to win this match tonight!!

    Michael Cole: Kurt Angle and Paul Heyman have assembled quite the ‘Dangerous Alliance’ to take on Chris Jericho and his ‘Hall of Champions’. Originally, a victory for Angles team would’ve ONLY assured Kurt Angle a shot at the WWE Title next month at Armageddon, but now – at Chris Jericho’s request, believe it or not – title shots hang in the balance for the Caribbean Connection and Jack Swagger too!!

    Taking a look behind to make sure everyone is out of the shot of potential danger, Kurt then sets off his pyro sequence. Once that’s over with, Orton wafts smoke out of his way, whilst Carlito taps the arm of Kofi, motioning that they could do with some of that. Chants of “YOU SUCK” along with the theme music fill the arena too – but none of that is putting Angle off.

    Jerry Lawler: And don’t think Randy Orton is doing this for free, Michael. We know the deal he’s cut with Kurt Angle. He has plenty invested on this.

    Michael Cole: Yeah, Randy Orton is looking for the quickest path possible back to the WWE Title, and this arrangement suits all parties. Paul Heyman thought he pulled off a masterstroke by bringing the former three time WWE Champion on board. We’ll see if it pays off tonight.

    Angle and his team mates all make their way into the ring, with Angle giving encouragement to all four of his team mates with slaps the back of Carlito and Kofi, then a nod to the laid back Orton, before taking a longer time to speak with Swagger, pumping up Heyman’s prodigy, with Heyman watching intently from the outside…

    Michael Cole: And you can see just how important this is for Kurt Angle. Perhaps more than anyone else here – he needs a win tonight. This is a bonus for Jack Swagger – his career is only starting; there’ll be many more opportunities for him in the future. And Carlito and Kofi Kingston will always be in contention for the tag team titles. But if Angle’s team can’t get the job done tonight, you’ve gotta believe it’s a long, long road back to the WWE title from here.

    Jerry Lawler: It’s important for Heyman too, Cole – for that very same reason. He sold himself to Angle on the promise of bringing Kurt Angle back to the WWE title. Failure tonight is not an option for these two.


    The countdown is long since gone, and there’s no ‘Jesus’ pose for CHRIS JERICHO anymore either. The WWE Champion saunters through the curtain, leading out HIS Survivor Series team, which sees him backed up by UMAGA (with Armando Estrada drilling instructions into the Bulldozer), then the FIGHT FACTORY with Melina, as MARK HENRY is last to follow, with his manager; Theodore Long.

    Michael Cole: And you don’t need to look far to find the link in this group. The WWE Champion, the United States Champion and the WWE Tag Team Champions all in one unit – and Umaga is closely aligned with the WWE Champion. Jericho wouldn’t even BE WWE Champion if it wasn’t for the Samoan Bulldozer.

    Jerry Lawler: And we know it’s not all rosy on this team, Michael. That’s what concerns me. Mark Henry and the Fight Factory got double crossed by Jericho. It was only supposed to be Jericho’s future that was in the balance, but the WWE Champion – as smart as it was to do it – betrayed those three that agreed to team with him tonight. Now, they don’t have an option – they can’t walk away, even if they wanted to!!

    Michael Cole: Chris Jericho will tell everyone he used his brain, and maybe he did. He’s guaranteed full commitment from his team mates tonight. But he’s gotten that at the expense of team harmony. A dangerous trade off, and it’s a case to finding out if it was a smart one.

    Jericho climbs into the ring AFTER Estrada, with Armando stepping to the middle of the ring, wanting to make sure the team he helped put together is allowed to get in before anything can kick off. Jericho looks around, with only Umaga joining him in the ring, as Barrett, Burke and Mark Henry merely stand on the apron. They want Jericho to lead from the front!!

    Jerry Lawler: Well this doesn’t look promising!!

    Michael Cole: It does not, King. At least not for Jericho. A concerning sight here if your Chris Jericho, but that’s got to be a major boost for Kurt Angle and his team?

    Jerry Lawler: Huge, Michael. A huge confidence booster for Angle. They only need to smell weakness – and seeing this blatant disrespect for the WWE Champion isn’t gonna be hard for the ‘Dangerous Alliance’ to capitalise on.

    Nodding at the lack of support, Jericho thinks it over … before patting the shoulder of Umaga – and quickly proceeds onto the apron himself!! Jericho is wanting Umaga to start this match for him!!

    Michael Cole: What a surprise!! Chris Jericho is ducking out!!

    Jerry Lawler: He’s using his brain, Michael!! Self preservation!!

    Michael Cole: We’re all set to get underway here – Umaga is going to be starting here for Jericho … but it appears as if Kurt Angle is gonna lead from the front!!

    5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:
    WWE Champion Chris Jericho, Umaga, U.S Champion Mark Henry, WWE Tag Team Champions Wade Barrett & Elijah Burke w/Melina & Armando Estrada
    Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, Jack Swagger, Carlito & Kofi Kingstonw/Paul Heyman
    *If The Dangerous Alliance win, Kurt Angle will receive a WWE Championship Match, Jack Swagger will receive a U.S Championship match and the Caribbean Connection will receive a Tag Team Championship match – all at Armageddon*

    After the bell rings, Angle and Umaga inch toward one another, and the Bulldozer is wild eyed as ever, with Armando Estrada yelling foreign instructions to his monster, looking to put a huge dent into Team Angle from the get go. They circle the ring, with Angle keen not to make a mistake early. Umaga lunges, looking to strike suddenly, but Angle ducks out of the way, and gets behind Umaga, applying a waistlock, but struggles to get his arms locked across the massive gut of the Bulldozer. Umaga quickly throws a BACK ELBOW to knock Angle off, but Kurt the flailing elbow, and rolls to school boy the massive opponent;

    ………………KICK OUT………………

    Way too early!! Umaga kicks out easily of the pinning combination and both The Wrestling Machine and The Samoan Bulldozer get back up to their feet quickly with Umaga charging at Angle, but Kurt ducks down, and trips the Bulldozer up with a drop toe hold, showing his own sharpness and quickness here then quickly grabs a hold of Umaga’s ankle whilst he’s down – LOOKING FOR THE ANKLE LOCK – but Umaga kicks him away!!! Despite losing the ankle lock attempt, Angle looks heartened by his start, getting the better of Umaga here.

    Again, Estrada is making demands of his Bulldozer, SLAMMING his hands on the apron, not happy with what he’s seen thus far. Seeing the frustration of his handler, Umaga rushes to his feet, and comes charging at Angle, but again, the Olympian ducks out of the way, frustrating the Bulldozer, with Umaga swinging a wild clothesline – and misses – then goes for a kick; CAUGHT by Angle, and Angle delivers a DRAGON SCREW!!! And holding the leg again, Angle looks to apply the ANKLE LOCK … BUT UMAGA KICKS HIM OFF AGAIN!!!

    Still, Angle looks pleased with how he’s faring with Jericho’s Bulldozer, with Heyman applauding, shouting to Angle “THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!!” whilst Jericho cuts a frustrated figure … and aggressively slaps the back of his partner to take over himself!! The two team captains are about to get it on!! Circling the ring, Angle and Jericho trade words, with Jericho pointing to his teams corner, motioning for Angle to try and do to him what he pulled off on Umaga. They lunge in, locking up, but Jericho quickly drives a knee to the gut of Angle.

    Jericho clubs the back of his rival captain, stomping Angle down to the mat, and makes sure to catch the eye of Umaga on the apron as if to say ‘that’s how you do it.’ He takes off, hitting the ropes, but Angle pops up – and locks Jericho in for a BELLY TO BELLY – BUT JERICHO SLIPS FREE!!! The WWE Champion puffs his cheeks, lucky to have escaped, but when he fires off a chop, Angle ducks, and Kurt responds with a big overhand right hand!! Angle follows up with a firemans carry, straight into a front face lock, but as Jericho pushes up quickly, Angle elects to make a tag – bringing in Carlito.

    Cole; “And in comes Carlito!! Carlito nearly shocked the world on Smackdown two nights ago with Jericho!!”

    King; “And he’ll be looking to try and pull it off tonight!!”

    Angle exposes the ribs of Jericho, allowing Carlito to place a kick there, before backing Jericho against the ropes and lighting him up with right hands and chops, getting some revenge for the cheap shot on Smackdown after their thrilling match up and the faux handshake from Jericho. Jericho shoves Carlito off, and tries to get to his corner, but Carlito stops him from getting there, charging him into a neutral corner. Again, Carlito fires off right hands and chops, before backing out, looking to get a running start – but Jericho rushes out of the corner and knocks Carlito down with a clothesline!!

    Jericho stomps Carlito, talking trash as he drags Carlito back up, sending him off the ropes, and knocking him down with a reverse elbow. Dragging Carlito up again, Jericho sends him off the ropes once more – but this time, Carlito springs onto the middle rope, and comes back with a reverse elbow to Jericho!!! Carlito takes the champion off his feet, then runs off the ropes, catching Jericho with a knee lift, but Jericho telegraphs the follow up clothesline, ducking under, then looks for the STEP UP ENZIGURI-

    NO!! Carlito ducks it, and Jericho kicks fresh air, before landing on his face, allowing Carlito to drop an elbow on the champion!!!Electing not to make a cover, Carlito drags the champ back up, and sends Jericho off the ropes – and Elijah Burke makes a tag as Jericho hits the ropes – with Carlito meeting the returning champion with a dropkick … but is unaware of the presence of Burke, and Eli is right on Carlito after the dropkick, not even allowing the Cool One to get back up before pummelling him with clubbing blows to the back!!

    With Carlito downed, Burke drives his knees into the side of the head of his rival – as Cole reminds us what victory means for both men tonight – and Melina is shown nodding in delight, with Elijah keeping Carlito under control, backing him up into the corner, allowing Burke to let rip with his boxing background, showing his credentials there. Burke softens Carlito up in the corner, then SNAPS off a suplex, floating over into the cover…


    Burke shrugs at the kick out, bringing Carlito to his feet and sending him into the Team Jericho corner, following in with a shoulder to the gut – as we see Jericho slyly grab the arm of Carlito to prevent him from getting out of the way. Burke drives his shoulder to the gut a second time, and tags in Barrett. Barrett continues where his partner left off, putting the boots to Carlito … then walks away, trying to rile up the opposition … with Kofi reacting and trying to get in the ring.

    That plays right into the hands of the Brit, as Chad Patton cuts Kofi off … and allows the tag team champions to set up an illegal double team on Carlito, as Burke ties up the arms, allowing Barrett to attack the body. Burke quickly slips out before being detected by the referee, with Barrett dropping a knee on the face of Carlito, and making a cover…

    ………………KICK OUT………………

    Barrett stalks Carlito to the ropes, with The Cool One trying to pull himself back up, whilst Wade drives his knee into the back of his opponent, using the ropes for leverage. All the while, he’s protesting his innocence to the referee, making the most of the five count before backing off, and tagging Eli back in again. Burke picks up where his British partner left off, attacking Carlito in the ropes, and catapults Carlito - throat first - into the bottom rope!!! Carlito reels away, clutching his throat, but Burke isn’t done, and drags him back, setting Carlito on the middle rope, then takes off … delivering a leaping body guillotine on the ropes!!! Burke drags Carlito back into the middle, cover…

    ……KICK OUT……

    Still not enough to put Carlito away!!! Burke shakes his head, bringing Carlito back to his feet, sending him into the corner … then tags Barrett. Barrett DOESN’T enter though, and instead holds Carlito in position in the corner … FOR THE ELIJAH EXPRESS!!! BUT CARLITO SWINGS WILDLY, FIGHTING FOR HIS LIFE … AND FIGHTS OUT OF THE CORNER … AND BURKE RUNS HIS KNEES RIGHT INTO THE TURNBUCKLES!!!!! Barrett is selling the wild swings he’s taken from Carlito … as the Cool One stumbles across the ring, looking for a tag … but JERICHO TRIES TO CUT HIM OFF … but Carlito senses him coming from behind and DUCKS … THEN CATCHES JERICHO COMING BACK WITH THE APPLE CORE FLATLINER!!!!!


    And as Jericho rolls out of the ring to recover, Kofi Kingston LEAPS over the ropes into action, coming right after the legal man; Wade Barrett, cracking the Brit with forearms to rock him, then lights up the chest of the tag champion with double handed chops, and follows with a standing dropkick!!! Barrett goes down and retreats to the corner, allowing Kofi Kingston to race in at the corner; KORONCO BUSTER!!!!! Kofi hammers Barrett in the corner, before rolling off, and knocks Barrett off his feet with a sweet forearm uppercut!! Kingston hooks the legs…

    ………KICK OUT………

    Looking to keep the momentum going, Kofi stays on Barrett, looking to send him to the corner – REVERSED though by the bigger man, and Wade sends Kofi in instead, but the athleticism of Kingston allows him to leap onto the middle turnbuckle before impact and leaps back off with a SPLASH TO BARRETT!!!! Kofi leaps up to his feet, feeling the momentum, and sizes up a BOOM DROP on Barrett … ONLY FOR MARK HENRY TO CUT HIM OFF WITH A DEVASTATING CLOTHESLINE!!!!!

    Cole; “Oh – now COME ON!! He can’t be allowed to get away with that!!”

    Lawler; “I don’t think Kurt Angle is gonna allow him, Michael!!”

    But Kurt Angle isn’t having it, and comes RIGHT AFTER Henry!! Showing no fear of the bigger man, Angle fires off overhand rights at Henry, beating the U.S Champion into the corner, as Orton and Swagger get involved for the first time too, with Swagger assisting Angle against Henry, and Orton throwing shots at Umaga to force the Bulldozer from the apron!!! IT’S BREAKING DOWN!!! Elijah Burke is stirring after his missed Elijah Express earlier, but Jericho is still worse for wear from taking the Apple Core, meaning The Dangerous Alliance have a number advantage here!!

    Angle and Swagger manage to beat Henry out of the ring, stomping him under the bottom rope, and follow out, leaving the recovering Kofi and Barrett as the only two in the ring. As a result, Melina looks to get involved, climbing up onto the apron to cause some kind of distraction … but PAUL HEYMAN deals with Melina, SNATCHING her handbag from her!!! Heyman taking off with her handbag distracts Melina, and she gets back down, screaming at Heyman. Burke is shaping to get in, but Carlito YANKS him off the apron, and sends him into the barrier … as Barrett knocks Kofi down in the ring with a big boot!!!

    Barrett then sizes up Kofi … looking for his BULLHAMMER-




    Kingston covers … as Carlito jumps to the top rope – AND SPLASHES TO THE FLOOR, TAKING OUT EVERYONE!!!!!


    ELIMINATED: WADE BARRETT by Kofi Kingston @ 07:23
    {HALL OF CHAMPIONS 4 – Chris Jericho, Umaga, Mark Henry, Wade Barrett & Elijah Burke}
    {DANGEROUS ALLIANCE 5 – Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, Jack Swagger, Carlito, Kofi Kingston}

    First blood to Kurt Angles team!! Melina has her handbag back, but realises she just got outsmarted by the smiling Heyman. Barrett rolls out of the ring, defeated, whilst Kofi recovers, but Chris Jericho – the only guy not caught up in the brawl – is right in on Kingston, attacking from behind!! The WWE Champion drags Kingston up, and looks to quickly try and square the match up, sending Kofi – HARD – into the corner, and rushes to hit the RUNNING BULLDOG – BUT KOFI DUCKS!!! Jericho runs past, then turns … TROUBLE IN PARADISE-


    JERICHO DUCKED IT!!! He then looks to execute a double leg takedown on Kofi for the Walls of Jericho – BUT KOFI BLOCKS THE ATTEMPT … AND DROPS THE WWE CHAMPION WITH THE S.O.S!!!! Cover…

    ………KICK OUT………

    Kofi Kingston nearly just knocked off the WWE Champion!!! He looks up to the sky, knowing how close he came to making a HUGE name for himself, but shakes his head, getting his focus back on the task at hand, and makes a tag to Orton, bringing the former three time champion into the match – legally – for the first time. Orton methodically puts the boots to Jericho, whilst Paul Heyman is shown talking with Swagger on the floor. Orton, having suitably softened Jericho up, swings the WWE Champion onto the ropes-



    Jericho avoids the DDT, then hangs up Orton on the ropes, allowing himself to climb to the top rope … MISSILE DROPKICK TO ORTON!!! Jericho, seeing his team back on the apron again, makes a tag out to Burke, and Eli – the one half of the tag champions still standing – picks up where his captain left off, ramming Ortons back into the corner, opening up with body shots – as he always does, and stomps Randy into the canvas. Eli leaves Orton flat on the mat in the corner, backing up … before rushing back across the ring, elevating himself up on the top turnbuckle, crashing down onto Orton with an elbow!!!

    Cole; “And that’s vintage Elijah Burke!!”

    Lawler; “He’s definitely looking to make an impression here, Michael!!”

    The move draws a cheer of appreciation from the fans, as Burke cockily takes a bow in the middle of the ring, eating it all up, and smirks, with Melina clapping and smiling at the move – looking much happier after her anger earlier. Elijah drags Orton away from the ropes, shooting the half as he tries to pull off a huge win on a personal level;

    ………………KICK OUT………………

    Agitated, Burke shakes his head after the kick out, then looks for a tag from Mark Henry … BUT NO!! The Worlds Strongest Man flat out REJECTS the offer of a tag, and motions for Burke to carry on!!! Walking around outside, Theodore Long stands in front of the announce table, proclaiming that “There’s too much at stake, playa!! Mark Henry will only get involved in this match when the time is right.” Burke shrugs at the refusal by Henry, and Jericho is distracted by the actions of Henry too, confronting his partner about it on the apron … but whilst this happens, Orton catches Eli coming off the ropes – WITH A SNAP POWERSLAM!!!!!


    Orton looks up at his teams corner, and offers the tag to Swagger, who looks down to Heyman … and Heyman gives the nod of approval!! Swagger takes the tag, coming into the match for the first time, and comes in with stomps to Burke, then POWERS Burke up from the mat … executing a GUTWRENCH SUPLEX FROM THE MAT!!! Swagger floats over into a cover …


    Elijah may have kicked out, but Swagger is all over him, showcasing his amateur wrestling credentials, riding Burke on the mat, whilst Jericho and his team look somewhat concerned on the apron in the opposite corner. Indeed, Jericho has a few more words for Henry, pointing at the spot he’s now put Eli in. Burke manages to wrap his legs around the ropes and force a break from the iron grip of the wrestling prodigy. Swagger is forced back by the official, and MELINA climbs up onto the apron again, distracting the official, allowing Eli to poke Jack Swagger in the eye!!!

    Perhaps stupidly though, Burke elects not to go for a tag, and instead looks to give some back to Swagger, teeing off with right hands on the youngster, then looks for a kick – CAUGHT!! Swagger trips the inside leg … AND APPLIES THE ANKLE LOCK!!!!!! Luckily for Burke, he’s close to the ropes, and clasps onto them to force a break … or at least; it should!! Instead, SWAGGER REFUSES TO BREAK!!!!! Shouting from the outside, Heyman tells his prodigy “DONT BREAK THE HOLD!!!” And Swagger does as instructed – he DOESN’T break the hold!!!

    Cole; “Break the hold!!”

    Lawler; “Heyman is tellin him NOT TO, Michael!!”

    Cole; “What on earth is the idea of this!?”

    Melina SCREAMS at the official to do his job and break it … worried for her man, but Chad Patton can’t break the hold of Swagger, and is forced to conduct a count … but Swagger keeps torquing the ankle … taking no notice of the officials five count … AND GETS HIMSELF DISQUALIFIED AS A RESULT!! HE REFUSED TO BREAK THE HOLD!!!!!

    {HALL OF CHAMPIONS 4 – Chris Jericho, Umaga, Mark Henry, Wade Barrett & Elijah Burke}
    {DANGEROUS ALLIANCE 4 – Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, Jack Swagger, Carlito, Kofi Kingston}

    Swagger – even after the bell is rung and he’s announced as having been eliminated by DQ – keeps the hold applied, until finally relenting, and holding his hands up innocently. Heyman APPLAUDS the actions of his newest toy, telling Swagger that it was “PERFECT” … though Angle looks puzzled, and quizzes Heyman, who tells Kurt it’s all under control. Swagger leaves the ring, and Burke struggles to his feet, favouring his ankle-


    Heyman leans on the apron – all smiles – waving across to Melina on the other side of the ring, as the count comes down…



    ELIMINATED: ELIJAH BURKE by Randy Orton @ 11:12
    {HALL OF CHAMPIONS 3 – Chris Jericho, Umaga, Mark Henry, Wade Barrett & Elijah Burke}
    {DANGEROUS ALLIANCE 4 – Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, Jack Swagger, Carlito, Kofi Kingston}

    And with Burke eliminated, that’s BOTH of the tag team champions gone!! Heyman motions for Melina to head to the back, and she’s absolutely livid at what’s transpired here. Orton though, is smiling, having picked off a victim.

    Well now it makes sense, Michael. Paul Heyman didn’t like having Melina out here!! He has enough to contend with, having Estrada and Long at ringside. With the Fight Factory gone, he’s one less outside presence to worry about!!”

    A calculated risk from Heyman. Sacrificing one of his own to ensure the elimination of Elijah Burke. He didn’t want to risk Burke making a tag, so he made sure he could barely stand!!”

    And he was easy pickings in the end for that RKO!!”

    Whilst Mark Henry looks down to talk tactics with Theodore Long – clearly just doing their own thing apart from the rest of the ring – Jericho tells Umaga to get in, and the Bulldozer does as he’s told, coming after Orton. Orton looks to beat Umaga to the punch, but the Samoan essentially no sells the shot from Randy, and the pair start trading shots; and it’s a fight Umaga can only win. The Samoan Bulldozer forces Orton to back up into the corner, looking to cover up – but the ferocity of Umaga breaks through that resistance.

    Umaga then loads up, and shoots Orton across the ring into the opposite corner – HARD. Yelling out, Umaga SPRINTS across the ring to crush Randy in the corner … but Orton gets his feet up!! The boots momentarily stagger Umaga, and allows Orton to rush out of the corner at the Bulldozer – CAUGHT – BELLY TO BELLY BY UMAGA!!! Umaga SLAMS Orton down on the mat, and roars again, before coming off the ropes, and drops down with a HEADBUTT on Orton!! Orton writhes upon impact, as Umaga follows that by boosting himself to sit on the top turnbuckle … AND FLIES OFF FOR A DIVING HEADBUTT-

    NO ONE HOME!!!

    Orton rolls to safety, and quickly tags out to Kofi Kingston!! And once again, Kingston proves himself to be fearless, trying to get at Umaga while he’s dazed, unloading lefts and right hands – until the Samoan shrugs it off and SHOVES Kingston away!! Kofi comes off the ropes, but slides UNDER the legs of the Bulldozer, only to be met with a straight kick to the gut when he gets back up!! The kick sends Kofi stumbling back into the ropes, doubled over, and allows Umaga to shoot him off the ropes again. Umaga ducks down for the return-

    Allowing Kofi to attempt a SUNSET FLIP!!

    But Umaga doesn’t go down!! The Bulldozer fights the flip, and stays on his feet – AND LOOKS TO SIT DOWN SPLASH ONTO KOFI-


    Jericho hangs his head in disappointment on the apron, whilst Henry throws his hands up in frustration – both unhappy with Umaga thus far – as Kingston uses the opportunity to tag KURT ANGLE back in!! And together, Angle and Kofi take turns nailing Umaga with uppercut forearms – back and forth – with Umaga staggering but NOT going down!! Eventually, Angle has to take over on his own, with Kingston being ushered out of the ring by the referee, and the Olympian pounds on Umaga, then ducks under a swing from the Samoan and TRIES to clasp his hands for a GERMAN SUPLEX-


    Grabbing the arms of Angle, Umaga makes sure the Olympian can’t execute the hold, and then sends Angle down with a devastating open handed UPPERCUT!! Angle is nailed again, and spirals to the corner, rocked by the blows of Umaga, as the Bulldozer comes CHARGING in to the corner- BUT ANGLE DUCKS OUT OF THE WAY!!! Umaga hits the corner … and stumbles into the path of the Gold Medallist … WHO DOES EXECUTE THE RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX ON UMAGA THIS TIME!!!!


    Lawler; “That’s amazing!!!”

    Cole; “And it’s at moments like this, y’gotta realise Kurt Angle is STILL the wrestling machine of old!!”

    There’s surprised looks all around the apron on both sides, and even on the floor, as Estrada is frozen to the spot, wincing at seeing Angle bring down the Bulldozer. The big move appears to have boosted Angles own confidence … but as Umaga struggles back up, MARK HENRY has seen enough and SLAPS the back of Umaga to take over!!! Suddenly, the mood changes, and Angle is faced with the prospect of taking on a FRESH Mark Henry – a man who hasn’t suffered a defeat since being drafted to Smackdown in April!!!

    Angle doesn’t rush in, and instead circles the ring as Henry stalks him down … until Angle strikes, looking to pick the leg, and DOES trip Henry down … but the Worlds Strongest Man IMMEDIATELY kicks Angle off – and the sheer POWER of the leg strength of Henry sends Angle TUMBLING THROUGH THE ROPES TO THE FLOOR!!!! On the apron, Orton winces, and looks away – wanting no part of taking on the U.S Champion, whilst Carlito and Kofi both drop down to tend to Angle. Kurt is up quickly, trying to shrug off the bump and QUICKLY slides back into the ring.

    Kurt ducks under a shot from Henry, and meets Henry when he turns around with a boot to the gut, then looks to apply his front face lock and wrestle the U.S Champion to the mat … but Henry is way too fresh and way too strong to go down, and instead he POWERS Angle into the air … PRESSING ANGLE UP … AND DROPS HIM DOWN!!!! Henry stomps around the ring, pounding his chest, making sure to tell Umaga who the dominant force is here, whilst Carlito tags in on Angles to take over.

    Angle looks a little surprised by the tag himself – his pride somewhat dented by being overwhelmed by Henry – but won’t get an immediate chance to turn that around. Carlito looks to use his speed and trickery to bamboozle the Worlds Strongest Man, ducking under him, then looks to slide under – BUT HENRY HAS IT SCOUTED – and he reaches down just as Carlito is sliding, and GRABS CARLITO BY THE FACE!!!!! Carlito is trapped, as Henry DROPS A LEG!!! Cover;


    The leg drop alone nearly got the job done!!! Henry gets back up, with Jericho reaching out for a tag … but the Worlds Strongest Man completely ignores the request!! He’s wrestling this match on his own terms!! The U.S Champion drags Carlito to his feet, and PLANTS a headbutt on him, sending Carlito falling down again, knocked loopy. Henry drags Carlito back to his feet, and attempts a whip off the ropes … but Carlito holds onto the ropes instead of coming back!!! Henry comes rushing in – DROP TOE HOLD!!!! Carlito takes Henry down, and the Worlds Strongest Man lands on the ropes throat first!!!


    The Caribbean Connection team up together, watching as Henry peels himself away from the ropes, and they each go for a low dropkick, taking out one leg each – BRINGING HENRY DOWN TO HIS KNEES!!! Carlito and Kofi bounce off the ropes, DOUBLE DROPKICK TO HENRY!!!! And the Worlds Strongest Man is down!!! Theodore Long starts to climb up onto the apron, complaining that Carlito has been in the ring now for far too long after the tag … but inadvertently assists the opposition … as Carlito gets MORE offence whilst the referee is distracted by Long!!!

    Cole; “Teddy Long is getting involved to the DETRIMENT of his man here!!”

    Lawler; “We need a second referee, Michael!! Chad Patton is all over the place!! Turn around you IDIOT!!”



    The Worlds Strongest Man is in BIG trouble, with Carlito now rolling out of the ring and Paul Heyman frantically getting the officials attention to make the count, as Kofi hooks the leg…



    Kingston’s eyes bug out at the FEROCITY of the kick out, but blocks it out, and attempts to keep on the Worlds Strongest Man. Kingston climbs up to the top rope, setting himself as Mark Henry struggles to get back up, shaking the cobwebs loose … before turning around – INTO A SPLASH FROM KOFI KINGSTON – WITH MARK HENRY CATCHING HIM!!!! Kofi is helpless, trapped in the vice like grip of Henry … WORLDS STRONGEST SLAM ON KOFI KINGSTON!!!!!


    ELIMINATED: KOFI KINGSTON by Mark Henry @ 15:02
    {HALL OF CHAMPIONS 3 – Chris Jericho, Umaga, Mark Henry, Wade Barrett & Elijah Burke}
    {DANGEROUS ALLIANCE 3 – Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, Jack Swagger, Carlito, Kofi Kingston}

    And we’re all square again!!! Kofi Kingston is flattened on the canvas, with Mark Henry getting up, asking for who’s next … and after looking amongst themselves, it appears Angle will take it upon himself to take on the U.S Champion again. Kofi is rolled out of the ring in the meantime, and Carlito drops down the check on his eliminated partner, whilst Angle looks to take Henry on this time head on. Angle throws his best shots at Henry, and does back him up … but the Worlds Strongest Man puts a stop to it emphatically by grabbing Angle by the head and BUTTING Angle to the mat!!!

    Cole; “And just when you thought Angles team had the Worlds Strongest Man in trouble, Mark Henry has come roaring right back into this!!”

    Lawler; “This is why Jericho was desperate to get him on board. He truly is an immovable object!!”

    Cole; “And Kurt Angle is beginning to learn just that!!”

    Kurt crawls away, woozy from the headbutt … but Henry STEPS onto the back of Angle, then steps off, with Angle writhing in agony. The U.S Champion beats Angle into the ropes, and presses his knee against the back of Kurt, choking him against the ropes before being backed up by the referee. Hands up, Henry protests his innocence, then offers a tag to Jericho … which the WWE Champion accepts. However, after the tag, Henry motions he isn’t done yet … and hurtles across the ring – CHOCOLATE SLIDE TO ANGLE!!!!

    Henry slides through the middle rope, having just crushed the back of Angle, and Jericho isn’t wasting any time, quickly dragging Angle from the ropes – right toward the Team Jericho corner – and hooks the leg …



    Jericho stays on Angle, giving him little time to rest, whilst Henry climbs back up onto the apron, as he and Umaga share an uneasy glance at one another. Jericho opens up with chops on Angle in the corner, softening him up for a whip off the ropes – but Angle reverses!! He sends Jericho off … but Jericho rebounds off the ropes with a FLYING FOREARM knocking Angle down!!! Sensing an opportunity, Jericho attempts the LIONSAULT … KNEES FROM ANGLE!!!!!

    Angle and Jericho are both slow to get up, but it’s Angle that catches Jericho – OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!!!!! Angle is in the zone now, stalking the WWE Champion – the man he wants at Armageddon – and looks for an ANGLE SLAM – NO!!!!! Jericho lands on his feet, Angle spins around-





    Both men have the same idea now, making tags; Jericho to Henry, Angle to Orton … but as Orton steps in and sees who he’s about to face, Orton turns back around, and tags the chest of Carlito instead!!! Randy clearly wants no part of Henry, and pats the shoulder of Carlito, telling him he’ll be fine. Agitated by the chicken shit tactics of Orton, Carlito shakes his head, but has to act quickly – as Mark Henry comes at him at the ropes!!! Carlito ducks down, and drives a shoulder into the gut of Henry, then flips into the ring, over the back of Henry. Carlito runs off the ropes-


    The Worlds Strongest Man cleans Carlito out with the big boot, and looks to follow up with a BIG SPLASH off the ropes-


    Carlito rolls out of danger, but finds himself trapped in Team Jericho’s side of the ring with Henry in his way of making a tag back out … and when he tries to slip past the recovering U.S Champion, Mark Henry SHOVES him back against the ropes!!! Henry comes charging at Carlito … BUT CARLITO DUCKS DOWN … AND HENRY COLLIDES WITH UMAGA!!!!! The impact knocks Umaga off the apron, staggering at ringside from the impact of the collision.

    Meanwhile, Carlito makes a tag to Orton – much to the chagrin of Orton, who still wants no part of Henry … but didn’t have a chance to get out of the way of the tag. Slowly, Orton climbs into the ring, clearly wary of taking on Mark Henry, keeping his distance … but before he has to take Henry on … UMAGA TRIPS HENRY FROM THE OUTSIDE … AND DRAGS HIM OUT TO THE FLOOR!!!!! The two gargantuan monsters are face to face on the floor – and they’re BOTH pissed off!!!

    Lawler; “Oh NO!! What’s Umaga doing!? Doesn’t he know that was an accident!!”

    Cole; “We knew this might happen, King!! There’s some really bad blood between Umaga and Mark Henry!!”

    And quickly, both Theodore Long and Armando Estrada are trying to play peace keeper, whilst Chris Jericho yells at Estrada to get things under order. Long tries to talk Henry into settling down, motioning with his finger twirling at his temple that Umaga is crazy, whilst Estrada looks to calm Umaga down. Just as the tension appears to be de-escalating – with Angle and his team happy to watch this play out and hope the opposition come to blows – Long makes a point to Estrada, seemingly telling him to get his man under control …

    But Estrada clearly doesn’t take kindly to be talked down to by his rival manager, prodding his finger on the chest of Long, telling Teddy in no uncertain terms who the lead voice is on this team … so Henry steps in, grabbing Estrada by the lapels!! AND UMAGA SEES RED!!!!! The Samoan Bulldozer attacks Mark Henry!!!!! Chris Jericho cant believe what he’s seeing, and has to start distracting Chad Patton to prevent the official from counting Mark Henry out!!!

    Henry and Umaga are going to war on the floor, going blow for blow – old wounds have been re-opened from SummerSlam!!! Estrada and Long both try to step in and calm things down before it gets out of hand … but it’s WAY to late for that!!! These two monsters won’t be stopped – and Jericho’s ‘Hall of Champions’ are imploding before his very eyes!!! Henry and Umaga are wailing away at each other, trading blows all around the ringside area … and Angles team are loving what they’re seeing!!!

    Umaga grabs Henry by the head, looking to run him into the post, but Henry puts his hands up to block, then elbows Umaga in the face, and SLAMS Umagas head off the steps!! Umaga is staggered, and Henry comes after him – but Umaga strikes back with an uppercut thrust that rocks Henry!!! Then Umaga follows up with a SUPERKICK!!! Henry is wobbly legged … but before Umaga can follow up, Estrada FINALLY gets in front of him to stop the madness!!! Armando pleads with Umaga to stop, settling his Bulldozer, whilst Long tries to assist Henry … BUT KURT ANGLE COMES SNEAKING UP BEHIND THE WORLDS STRONGEST MAN-


    Now, Randy Orton gets after Jericho to free up the referee … who spots Henry down … and begins to count him out!!! Suddenly, Armando Estrada is pleading with Umaga to SAVE Henry!!! Frantically, Estrada points to Henry, instructing Umaga to get the Worlds Strongest Man back inside the ring to prevent a count out loss!!! Carlito and Angle look to cut Umaga off, but he fights both off with uppercuts before nailing Carlito with a clothesline, and gives Angle the same treatment!! Again, Estrada demands Umaga assist Henry … but when the Bulldozer FINALLY gives in and tries to help his rival … IT’S TOO LATE!!! MARK HENRY HAS BEEN COUNTED OUT!!!!

    ELIMINATED: MARK HENRY via Count-out @ 19:27
    {HALL OF CHAMPIONS 2 – Chris Jericho, Umaga, Mark Henry, Wade Barrett & Elijah Burke}
    {DANGEROUS ALLIANCE 3 – Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, Jack Swagger, Carlito, Kofi Kingston}

    And now it’s three on two!!! Jericho is in big trouble now, having been sent to the floor by Orton … he’s now hearing that Mark Henry has been counted out!! The WWE Champion is LIVID … and he clearly has one person to blame; Umaga. Estrada – on the other side of the ring – looks like he’s about to have a meltdown; sweating profusely, worrying about the situation he finds himself in now … whilst Umaga nonchalantly drops Henry now he’s been counted out!! Theodore Long tends to his charge, who is still woozy and on his knees after the Angle Slam.

    In the ring, Orton is stood alone, and is smiling as he watches things fall apart for Jericho’s team, seeing the look on Estrada’s face. Jericho – now desperate to even the scores – grabs his WWE title belt, and looks to take advantage of the situation on the other side of the ring. He sees Patton trying to direct Long and Henry to the back … and decides to sneak into the ring to attack Orton behind the referees back.

    Meanwhile, as Patton leaves the ring to sternly tell Long to leave (who explains that it’s not that easy as he’s an old man try to move a 400 pound man) Umaga gets back to work, tossing Angle into the barrier, before clubbing the back of Carlito … then throws Carlito back into the ring, which gets Chad Pattons attention directed back to the ring … unfortunately for Jericho … as it happens right at the very moment that Jericho NAILS Orton in the back of the head with the WWE CHAMPIONSHIP BELT!!!




    {HALL OF CHAMPIONS 1 – Chris Jericho, Umaga, Mark Henry, Wade Barrett & Elijah Burke}
    {DANGEROUS ALLIANCE 3 – Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, Jack Swagger, Carlito, Kofi Kingston}

    And now it means it could be curtains for Jericho’s team as a whole!!!!!! Umaga is left alone to face Angle, Orton and Carlito!!!

    Cole; “Chris Jericho’s plans have just unravelled in the most spectacular fashion!!!”

    Lawler; “They’ve just seen the U.S Champion and the WWE Champion eliminated in the space of a minute!! They’re done for here!!”

    Cole; “Only Umaga remains now for Chris Jericho, and he’ll have to contend with THREE men-”

    Lawler; “And two of the greatest world champions of the last decade!!!”

    Jericho’s mouth is left wide open, frozen in shock after being caught in the act – his desperation getting the better of him … AND BACKFIRING!!!!! Estrada has his head buried in his hands now – he can see the writing on the wall here, and then throws his hat at Umaga in frustration!! After taking a moment to let the news sink in that he’s been disqualified, Jericho suddenly snaps back into life and YELLS at Umaga, pointing down at Orton, telling him to at least take advantage of this opportunity and cut the deficit…




    Payback for Henry!!! Theodore Long nods, and Paul Heyman is shown in FITS of laughter on the other side of the ring, having seen the opposition simply IMPLODE over the last few minutes!!! Armando Estrada is in a fit of rage too, getting in Longs face, wondering if he’s lost his mind, having essentially just screwed the team over and handed a future U.S Title shot to Jack Swagger – and Long responds, telling Estrada “TAKE A LOOK AROUND, PLAYA; THIS TEAM IS DONE ANYWAY!!” before Mark Henry steps between the two … and without Umaga to back him up, Estrada is stepping back from the Worlds Strongest Man.

    Long and Henry begin to leave, as Chad Patton starts to conduct his count on Umaga from the ring. Shaking his head, Jericho is seemingly accepting defeat here, with Umaga down on the floor!!!



    Jericho climbs out of the ring in a huff, kicking over the steps, being heard saying; “THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!” and begins to walk up the ramp … with Armando Estrada following in hot pursuit, trying to apologise and explain to Jericho what’s gone wrong … but the WWE Champion wont hear any of it.



    The WWE Champion berates Estrada on the ramp, seemingly placing ALL the blame on Umaga, despite Estrada’s best efforts to place the blame elsewhere. Meanwhile, Chad Patton has reached the count of FIVE with Umaga still down on the floor from the Worlds Strongest Slam, as Kurt Angle has recovered, and along with Carlito is helping Randy Orton get back up. On the outside, Heyman demands that Chad Patton count faster, as he gets to SIX, then SEVEN, as it looks like Jericho and Estrada are walking out on Umaga, not even waiting to see if he can beat the count, accepting defeat.


    AND UMAGA IS STIRRING!!! He pushes up, and gets a hand on the apron, with Heyman’s eyes bugging out, muttering “No”-


    Angle, Carlito and the recovering Orton watch to see…




    Cole; “Somehow, Umaga has beaten the count – but King, has he simply only delayed the inevitable!? How can even Umaga be expected to come back from this predicament!?”

    Chris Jericho and Armando Estrada have suddenly stopped, realising the bell hasn’t rung … and turn to see that the Samoan Bulldozer ISN’T DONE YET!!! However, it may not be for long, as Angle and Carlito are instantly on him!!! Putting the boots to Umaga, Angle and Carlito look to put the finishing touches on the weakened Bulldozer … but it’s still a tag match, and Chad Patton looks to enforce the rules, demanding Angle and Carlito get out as ORTON is the legal man. Randy is still spaghetti legged from the title belt shot he took though, and wisely makes a tag to Angle.

    And Angle smells blood!! He doesn’t waste any time, rocking the shit out of Umaga with stiff European Uppercuts and overhand right hands in the corner, beating the shit out of Umaga whilst the Samoan is in this weakened state. Briefly, we see Jericho and Estrada at the top of the ramp, with Jericho again looking defeated, shaking his head and motioning to the ring at what he’s seeing. Angle drags Umaga out of the corner, and looks to send Umaga off the ropes – but somehow, Umaga reverses the momentum, sending Angle off instead!! Umaga ducks down for the return-


    Umaga wheels away, then turns back around-



    Lawler; “I DON’T BELIEVE IT, MICHAEL!!!”

    But the execution has clearly taken it out of Angle, looking spent from the exertion it took to pull off the Belly to Belly. He eyes up Umaga – who is stirring – and looks out to Heyman … with Heyman tilting his head to suggest making a tag. Kurt looks a little disheartened by the direction suggested by Heyman, but takes the advice on board … and tags out to the fresh man; Carlito. Carlito leaps into the ring, putting the boots to Umaga as the Bulldozer tries to get back up, and as Umaga pushes up to a knee, CARLITO QUICKLY DROPS HIM WITH A DDT!!!! Carlito covers;



    Carlito shakes his head, and continues to put the boots to Umaga when he gets up, keeping him down on the canvas in order to springboard off the ropes – coming back with a CORKSCREW SOMERSAULT!!! Another cover;



    Looking now to his corner, Carlito shrugs, and puts his hand out for a tag, with Orton suggesting Angle take it, as he still rubs the back of his head, seemingly making it known he’s still feeling the effects of the title belt shot from Jericho earlier. Angle doesn’t look impressed with Randy, but motions to Carlito he’ll take the tag. Kurt comes back in, and together with Carlito they stomp Umaga down … before teaming to shoot the Bulldozer off the ropes for a double team-


    On the stage, Jericho raises his eyebrows at the burst from Umaga, and it’s not just one short burst either – the Samoan Bulldozer has hit a second wind, knocking Angle right back down with an uppercut thrust, then gives Carlito the same treatment!! Orton meanwhile looks concerned for his team mates … but isn’t willing to do anything about it. He watches on as Umaga knocks both Angle and Carlito down AGAIN, before grabbing the legal man, and sends Angle off the ropes – putting him down with a reverse elbow!!!

    Umaga doesn’t even allow Carlito to leave the ring either!! The Bulldozer grabs Carlito by the hair, ignoring calls for caution from Chad Patton, before THROWING Carlito into the corner!!! The Samoan then gets Angle, and shoots him to the same corner, crushing Carlito, with the Cool One slumping down in the corner. Angle staggers out of the corner himself, right back into the path of Umaga, with the Bulldozer sending Kurt HARD into the opposite corner … then follows in with a BIG AVALANCHE!!!

    Angle slumps in the corner too … and with Carlito and Angle both in perilous positions in opposite corners, Umaga has one idea on his mind … AND THATS A SAMOAN WRECKING BALL TO CARLITO … THEN A SAMOAN WRECKING BALL TO KURT ANGLE IN THE OPPOSITE CORNER!!!!!



    Cole; “This is an incredible turn around here!!!”

    Lawler; “Umaga really IS like a Bulldozer here!! This is unbelievable, Michael!!”

    And the fans are actually CHEERING this from Umaga!!! The Samoan Bulldozer has just gotten the upper hand on TWO men, after being on the brink of defeat!!! Jericho has hope now on the stage … but as Umaga surveys the damage, and sees both Carlito and Angle rolling to the floor, he starts coming toward Angle to drag him back…





    Randy bounces off the mat, and rolls to the corner … which means only one thing for Umaga … ANOTHER SAMOAN WRECKING BALL!!! Umaga sets himself in the opposite corner, ready to charge across the ring…


    Umaga turns around, and tries to shrug Angle off and kick his legs free, but before he can, Umaga is still trapped in the corner – allowing Carlito to rush back in and deliver a DROPKICK to Umaga in the corner!!! Umaga’s chest gets crushed in the corner … and Carlito looks to follow up – BACKCRACKER TO UMAGA!!!! Kurt Angle is the legal man, and he scrambles back into the ring and hooks the leg…


    Angle looks up at Carlito – who has taken his position back on the apron – and shakes his head, wondering what they have to do to keep this inspired Umaga down!! Angle tags Carlito again, and Carlito perches himself on the top rope, waiting for the Bulldozer to get up to his feet-




    The fans respond in kind for the awesome looking Samoan Drop, but Umaga doesn’t have time to admire his work, as he cuts off an incoming Orton with an uppercut, then knocks Angle off the apron … before coming off the ropes-




    ELIMINATED: CARLITO by Umaga @ 25:52
    {HALL OF CHAMPIONS 1 – Chris Jericho, Umaga, Mark Henry, Wade Barrett & Elijah Burke}
    {DANGEROUS ALLIANCE 2 – Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, Jack Swagger, Carlito, Kofi Kingston}

    Umaga disposes of Carlito, but the veterans; Angle and Orton realize the seriousness of this threat now, and are immediately in on Umaga, pounding the back before he can even roll off Carlito’s beaten body!! They pound the back, whilst we briefly see Jericho and Estradas expressions on the stage, somewhat stunned by this turnaround, whilst Carlito is moved out of the ring. Orton takes the initiative to be the legal man, with Angle forced to the apron – but they keep Umaga close to the corner, and make a quick tag, bringing Angle back in. Kurt stomps Umaga down in the corner, then tags Orton in to do the exact same thing.

    Heyman – slightly flustered now, after earlier thinking the match was all but over – gives some pointers on how to proceed, as Cole notes that neither Angle or Orton are proficient tag team wrestlers, having been singles wrestlers for almost ALL their careers. Tagging again, Angle comes back in, but Orton stays too, as they drag the Bulldozer out of the corner … setting themselves for a DOUBLE SUPLEX-


    Angle and Orton release the front face locks, and club the back of Umaga, trying to soften him up some more … then load up for a second time to try the DOUBLE SUPLEX … AND THEY GET UMAGA OFF THE GROUND-




    Cole; “What has gotten into Umaga!!??”

    Lawler; “I haven’t seen him look this impressive in a long time, Michael!!”

    Cole; “Something has flipped tonight for Umaga!! Win or lose here, the Samoan Bulldozer is fighting to the bitter end!!! It’s gonna take something special to put him away tonight!!!”

    Paul Heyman is bug eyed on the outside at what he’s seeing … and even both of Estrada (Umagas biggest fan) and Jericho are stunned at what’s going down. Umaga ROARS as he gets back to his feet, and blasts Angle with a clothesline, before catching Orton rushing at him, scooping Randy up … SPINNING POWERSLAM TO ORTON!!!!! Orton rolls to the floor upon impact, leaving Angle on his own to deal with the Bulldozer for now. But it might not be for long, as Umaga grabs the arm of Angle, dragging the Olympian to his feet …




    Umaga is close to the ropes as soon as the hold is locked on … but Angle quickly PULLS HIM AWAY FROM THEM, and to the CENTRE OF THE RING as he twists and turns with his famous and DEADLY submission hold, clamping on tight on the the Bulldozer!!!

    Cole; “Kurt Angle is on the verge of history here, King!! Umaga has lost before – but he’s NEVER tapped out!! Will he tap out to the Ankle Lock!!!???”

    Lawler; “SOMETHING has to stop him, right!? He’s been like Godzilla tonight!!! If this doesn’t work … Paul Heyman better find a tranquillizer dart!!!”

    With Angle torquing at the ankle, Umaga flails his arms, and both Jericho and Estrada wince as they watch from afar. Angle and everyone else wait for The Samoan Bulldozer to tap, as Umaga raises his right hand into the air…


    NO! UmagaREFUSES to submit!!! He wouldn’t know how!!!

    Heyman SLAPS the apron, trying to will the submission, whilst Randy Orton climbs back onto the apron, taking his position, telling Angle he’s there if he needs him … but stands by to watch as Angle keeps wrenching on the hold, begging for Umaga to tap and deliver his path back to the WWE title…

    BUT UMAGA ISN’T QUITTING!!!! Umaga pushes through the pain to scratch and claw his way toward the ropes…



    Cole; How much more can Umaga take, King!?

    Lawler; I was asking that ten minutes ago, Michael!! We all thought he was done when Mark Henry left him laying!!!

    Cole; And this isn’t even for his own benefit; he’s doing this for Jericho, King!!

    Shaking his head, Angle continues to wrench at the ankle of Umaga, torquing the body part, as The Samoan Bulldozer has to dig in deep again … and attempts to drag his body, with Angle doing everything he can to stand firm. Yanking, tearing, twisting – Angle is trying EVERYTHING to draw the submission from Umaga, and he SCREAMS down at the Bulldozer;
    TAP!! TAP OUT!! FUCKIN TAP!!almost in desperation …

    WHEN UMAGA SURGES – AND POWERS HIS LEG – SENDING ANGLE HURTLING FORWARD – INTO ORTON!!!!! Orton takes the tumble off the apron!!! Angle hangs over the ropes, looking shocked at how Umaga powered out of the submission and seeing Orton down on the floor. Kurt turns, and looks to finally finish Umaga off – COMING FOR THE ANGLE SLAM-


    He swings a wild clothesline at Angle, but Kurt ducks under, taking off toward the ropes, bouncing back-


    Angle – almost out of instinct – quickly gets up, but he’s clearly out of sorts, knocked silly … and walks right into the path of the waiting Umaga … GRIPPING ANGLE-

    SAMOAN SPIKE!!!!!!

    Umaga covers … and Orton climbs into the ring … before electing NOT to save Angle!!! What the hell!? Orton just STANDS in the corner as the count comes down…



    ELIMINATED: KURT ANGLE by Umaga @ 28:29
    {HALL OF CHAMPIONS 1 – Chris Jericho, Umaga, Mark Henry, Wade Barrett & Elijah Burke}
    {DANGEROUS ALLIANCE 1 – Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, Jack Swagger, Carlito, Kofi Kingston}

    And we quickly find out why Orton didn’t save Angle – he had a plan … AND HE SPRINTS ACROSS THE RING AS SOON AS THE THREE COUNT COMES DOWN-




    He tries to wriggle his leg free of the grip of Umaga, but the Samoan Bulldozer is TOO strong!!! Umaga gets back up, keeping hold of the leg, forcing Orton to hop on one leg and beg off … whilst Angle rolls out of the ring … but there’s no forgiveness from Umaga; he spins Orton around, AND BLASTS HIM WITH A THUNDEROUS CLOTHESLINE!!!!! Umaga ROARS again, as Jericho and Estrada are shown now reaching the bottom of the ramp, coming for a closer look, as Umaga closes in on victory. He SLAMS Orton down, and sets Randy in position for the BANZAI DROP!!!

    The Bulldozer climbs to the middle rope-


    It’s a momentary distraction for the Samoan, listening to the instructions from his handler and the WWE Champion, both pointing up.

    Cole; “King- King- they- they want Umaga to go to the top!!!”

    Lawler; “I don’t know about this-”

    Cole; “Estrada told Umaga to do the same thing at SummerSlam, and it BACKFIRED!! It COST Umaga that match with Mark Henry!!!”

    And it might just cost him this one too!!! Doing as he’s told, Umaga starts to climb to the top, but Chad Patton is incensed at the arrival at ringside of Jericho, demanding the WWE Champion leave as he’s already been eliminated. And with Pattons back turned … coupled with Umaga being totally unsteady in climbing to the top … Orton is UP!!!


    Heyman punches the air in delight as Umaga topples from the top rope, crumbling to the mat – even a Bulldozer feels a low blow – with Orton now willing Umaga back up … whilst Estrada and Jericho have their hands on their heads as THEY might’ve screwed this up!!! Umaga had it all in hand before they showed up!!! Orton licks his lips … AND COMES AFTER THE RKO ON UMAGA-




    Umaga ROARS after the impact, as Jericho and Estrada breathe a sigh of relief … with the Samoan Bulldozer wasting no time … and certainly not listening to any advice from the outside as he climbs to the middle turnbuckle. Paul Heyman YELLS for Orton to get up … as Umaga bounces on the ropes before-




    ELIMINATED: RANDY ORTON by Umaga @ 30:53
    {HALL OF CHAMPIONS 1 – Chris Jericho, Umaga, Mark Henry, Wade Barrett & Elijah Burke}
    {DANGEROUS ALLIANCE 0Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, Jack Swagger, Carlito, Kofi Kingston}
    {Umaga is the sole survivor}


    Jerry Lawler: Two of the greatest world champions of the last decade, Michael.

    On the outside, Paul Heyman looks flabbergasted at what’s just happened. It was all in hand … and everything fell apart at the seams.

    Michael Cole: That – to me – is one of the most impressive performances I can recall in Survivor Series history. We thought – just as Umaga’s own team mate did – that this was over. At a three to one deficit, Umaga has overcome all the odds to be victorious tonight.

    Jerry Lawler: Whatever it is Umaga drinks; Chris Jericho owes him a large one tonight!!!

    Umaga has his arm raised first by the official, then by an all smiling Armando Estrada, whilst Chris Jericho nods, offering up a rather slow clap.

    Michael Cole: For months, Armando Estrada AND Chris Jericho had written Umaga off. Estrada called him a disappointment – he called him a Dummy. Jericho treated him as nothing more than muscle – a goon!! Tonight, Umaga just sent out a reminder to the entire WWE Universe that he’s STILL one of the most dominant, dangerous SAVAGES in the world.

    Jerry Lawler: But most importantly, Michael – Umaga has earned his keep for now. We all thought he’d blown it for Chris Jericho when he went off on Mark Henry. He redeemed himself in the end, and as a result … it means Kurt Angle is OUT of the title picture.

    Estrada gloats to the fans, pointing at his Samoan Bulldozer, full of pride after months of berating the Savage for his perceived failings, whilst Jericho delivers the faintest of pats on the back to the bug eyed Bulldozer, congratulating him.

    Michael Cole: Kurt Angle is out … but now, King, the question is who’ll be in?? Who’ll be the next challenger for the WWE Championship??

    Jerry Lawler: Are you for real?? Chris Jericho’s team got the job done. They shouldn’t have to defend ANY of their titles at Armageddon if you ask me. That was the deal – the contenders lost. Chris Jericho – and all his partners, have earned the night off next month…


    Opening bars of ‘Sweet Disposition’ by The Temper Trap

    Quick shots of previous stadiums that have hosted WRESTLEMANIA filling up on the day of the show, and excited faces of fans young and old, before FIREWORKS. And then, the famous line uttered by Vince McMahon in 1987.


    Clips of Hulk Hogan and Andre The Giant face to face at WrestleMania III, Christian kissing the title at WrestleMania 23, Steve Austin winning his first title at WrestleMania XIV and Bobby Heenan coming to the ring backwards on a camel at WrestleMania IX.

    A moment, a love, a dream, a laugh”

    Trish Stratus reuniting with and kissing Chris Jericho at WrestleMania 21, Ric Flair in tears after losing to Kurt Angle at his final WrestleMania appearance this past year, Bret Hart on the rosters shoulders at WrestleMania X, Austin shaking hands with Mr. McMahon at WrestleMania X7.

    “A kiss, a cry, our rights, our wrongs”

    Edge spearing Jeff Hardy in mid air off the ladder at WrestleMania X7, Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth reuniting at WrestleMania VII, Shawn Michaels on his knees at WrestleMania XII, Roddy Piper blasting a fire extinguisher at Morton Downey Jr at WrestleMania V.

    “A moment, a love, a dream, a laugh”

    The Undertakers entrance at WrestleMania XX, Triple H and Stephanie entering together at WrestleMania 23, Hogan and The Rock looking side to side at WrestleMania X8, Andre The Giant choking Bob Eucker at WrestleMania IV.

    “A moment, a love, a dream, a laugh”

    The Ultimate Warrior running to the ring at WrestleMania VI, Kane blasting off his pyro at WrestleMania 21, John Cena’s elaborate entrance this year and Shawn Michaels entrance at WrestleMania XII.

    “So stay there”

    Ricky Steamboat leaving in his cart with the I.C Title at WrestleMania III, The Undertaker with a tope at WrestleMania 23, Liberace dancing at WrestleMania I.

    “'Cause I'll be coming over”

    Austin trapped in the Sharpshooter at WrestleMania XIII, Randy Orton on his way to the ring with the title at WrestleMania XXIV and Vince McMahon peering up on the apron at WrestleMania XIX.

    “While our blood's still young”

    Flashing shots of Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania I, then XXII, The Rock at WrestleMania XIII then XXII and Kurt Angle at WrestleMania 2000 then XXIV.

    “It's so young, it runs”

    Clips of The Undertaker sitting up at WrestleMania XIII, Brent Albright capturing the Money in the Bank briefcase this year, John Cena giving The Rock the FU at WrestleMania XX.

    “Won't stop 'til it's over”

    Triple H raising the two titles at WrestleMania X8, John Cena capturing his first title at WrestleMania 21, fireworks going off after Christians win at WrestleMania 23 and Edge closing out WrestleMania 24.

    “Won't stop to surrender…”


    Heading just past Gorilla, KURT ANGLE is leaning on a wall, shaking his head, pouring water over himself as he tries to cool down, then crunches the water bottle in his hand … just as a muted PAUL HEYMAN arrives back from ringside with a ghostly white expression. Kurt turns, seeing Heyman, and shakes his head…

    Kurt Angle: What the hell just happened out there!?

    Paul Heyman: {Speechless} Kurt- I- …

    Kurt Angle: You said we couldn’t fail. You set this whole deal up, Paul. This was my ticket back to the WWE title.

    Paul Heyman: {Still struggling for the words} I- uh…

    Angle tosses the water bottle aside, and looks puzzled as he quizzes Heyman.

    Kurt Angle: And what the hell was that with Swagger getting disqualified!? Your idea??

    Heyman squirms, tripping over his words almost.

    Paul Heyman: Yeah… I mean … I had to get Melina outta there. She was causing too many issues. I thought we could sacrifice Jack to ensure Burke was there for the taking. It was a calculated risk, Kurt.

    Kurt Angle: And how did that turn out in the end?? Huh??

    Paul Heyman: I know … but c’mon, Kurt. We had this thing in the bag – we were up three to one – you had a two man advantage. How could any of us have seen THAT Umaga show up tonight!?

    Awkward silence. Angle ponders for a moment, rubbing his bald head, then places his hands on his hips – head down – as he speaks.

    Kurt Angle: That’s it. Isn’t it?? It’s over.

    Paul Heyman: No- NO!! It’s never over, Kurt. We can come back from this-

    Angle looks up and snaps to cut Heyman off.

    Kurt Angle: It’s done, Paul. There’s no way back for me until the Rumble now at least, and that’s a damn lottery anyway. Unless you’ve got any other ideas??

    Again, seemingly nervous, Heyman blusters over his words.

    Paul Heyman: Ideas?? Uh- … yeah. Of course. You know what I’m like, Kurt. I’ve always got a plan!!

    Another awkward silence. Angle motions with his hand, as if to cue Heyman up.

    Kurt Angle: Well??

    Paul Heyman: Uhh-

    And just in the nick of time, RANDY ORTON crashes this impromptu meeting before Heyman has to come up with a plan.

    Randy Orton: The hell was that!? How did you let this slip through your fingers, huh!? We had three on one!! THREE!! Even the two of us should’ve taken care of Umaga!!

    Kurt Angle: You think I’m happy!? I just lost a WWE title shot out there.

    Randy Orton: Yeah … and so did I. Remember??

    Angle nods, remembering the deal.

    Kurt Angle: Looks like we’re both screwed then, doesn’t it??

    Orton chugs on a bottle of water, shaking his head.

    Randy Orton: I’ll be fine. I’m not so sure about you.

    Kurt Angle: And what’s that supposed to mean??

    Angle and Orton are now standing pretty close … with tension rising.

    Randy Orton: It means Kurt … that was the best shot you’ll get any time soon at the WWE title. And you threw it away. Maybe that oughta tell you something.

    Orton doesn’t spell it out, but Angle isn’t stupid; he can work it out for himself. After a tense face to face, Orton turns away, and shapes to walk off … but stops, and turns to look at Heyman…

    Randy Orton: And maybe it oughta tell you something too, Paul.

    Shaking his head, Randy Orton leaves Angle and Heyman alone to continue their awkward conversation … with the two sharing a quick glance, and neither wanting to address the topic…

    In a locker room, CHRISTIAN is shown, removing gear out of his bag, getting set up for the Elimination Match coming up a little later … when EDGE ducks his head in, spotting the very man he’s looking for.

    Edge: Well, at least you showed tonight.

    Christian shrugs, and smiles as he responds.

    Christian: Sounded like you needed my help. Not like it’s the first time I’ve had to carry your ass.

    Edge cracks a bit of a smile himself.

    Edge: That’s good, that’s good. At least you haven’t lost your sense of humour, huh??

    Edge and Christian share a chuckle.

    Edge: But uh, all kiddin aside?? The hell is up with you, man??

    Christian: I don’t know. It’s … strange. Right now … just feels like I’m goin through the motions. There’s nothin about this place that’s pushing me.

    Edge: Yeah?? Well, while we’re on the same side tonight, trust me – I’m gonna be pushin you all the way. There’s no way I’m lettin these chumpstains beat us.

    Christian: {Half heartedly} Yeah. Sure.

    Sensing Christian isn’t really taking him seriously, Edge grabs Christian by the arm to get his attention.

    Edge: I’m serious. I’m not gonna rely on the Hardys of all people to save our asses. Jeff?? He’s okay. But Matt?? I’d really rather not be tagging with that guy. Especially after that whole- Hey. What’s up??

    Edge cuts himself off, having seen who just walked into the locker room; MATT and JEFF HARDY. It’s clear they didn’t hear what was being discussed.

    Jeff Hardy: All good man. Pumped for tonight!! The Hardys. Edge. Christian. All on the same team?? Sounds pretty sweet to me. Just headin in to make sure everything is set??

    Christian: We’re all set.

    Jeff Hardy: Sounds perfect.

    Matt Hardy: And hey – just so we’re all on the same page?? Tonight is important for US. Okay?? So, Christian?? No offence, man … but if you don’t wanna be here, that’s fine by me. Just stand on the apron, and let us take care of business.

    Matt and Christian have a tense look at one another; Matt clearly looking to send a message, and Christian clearly not appreciating the tone. Breaking the tension though, Matt nods, then walks off again. Christian is clearly riled somewhat by the comment from Matt, and Jeff looks to smooth things over.

    Jeff Hardy: Hey- don’t take it personally, man. He’s had a rough time of it lately. Matts heart’s in the right place – he’s just been a bit high strung is all.

    Edge: Just make sure he doesn’t screw things up for us, tonight.

    Jeff nods.

    Jeff Hardy: You got it.

    Christian: {Smirking} Yeah, and tell him if he tries to get any funny ideas that my e-mail accounts are password protected anyway. Save him the time.

    Jeff says nothing, but doesn’t take kindly to the dig. He sighs, then offers a nod to Edge – who tries to keep a straight face – before leaving, but as he opens the door, EVAN BOURNE bursts in.

    Evan Bourne: Hey guys!! We having a team meeting?? What’d I miss??

    Christian, Edge and Jeff say nothing, looking amongst each other … as we fade out.


    Jim Ross: And we’re moments away from deciding the fate of the Womens Championship when Natalya challenges Beth Phoenix in a match without any rope breaks, but Coach, just before we get to that, some interesting developments in the women’s division before we came on the air t’night…

    Clips air of the action between GAIL KIM and MICHELLE MCCOOL on the pre-show, with Gail looking impressive and on the verge of victory…

    The Coach: There sure was, partner. Everybody thought Gail Kim was on the verge of getting another crack at Beth Phoenix and the title she feels she should’ve never lost back at Vengeance … but she walked into a trap tonight.

    Jim Ross: A lot of help from Layla El helped Michelle McCool to victory … an’ as y’say Coach, with a win here t’night, Gail Kim would’ve been right back in the hunt, off the back of that Survivor Series elimination match victory this past Wednesday on Superstars.

    Until Layla El made her presence felt, first putting McCools foot on the rope after Gail landed with the Eat Defeat, then tripped the leg of Gail as she tried to suplex Michelle back into the ring, and prevented Gail from kicking out of the cover.

    The Coach: And with that loss tonight, it most probably opens the door now for either Victoria or Kelly Kelly to step up to the plate – they both survived last Wednesday too, and both ladies have been impressing for quite some time.

    Jim Ross: Well, let’s pump the breaks on Kelly Kelly challenging for the Womens title just yet. She’s young and she’s improving week by week, but it’s a big step up to challenge Beth Phoenix or indeed, Natalya.

    The Coach:Well … if you ask me, it’s one of those two that’s next in line, old timer.


    Greeted with a generous pop, and dressed in pink and black – as is her family tradition – the challenger NATALYA has a smile on her face, full of confidence ahead of her second crack at Beth Phoenix.

    Jim Ross: A month ago at Nemesis, Natalya looked to be on the verge of becoming the Womens Champion for the first time in her career – she had the famous Sharpshooter applied with Beth Phoenix in a world of trouble – but Beth Phoenix took the easy way out to survive with her title in tact. She will NOT have that luxury tonight.

    The Coach: And the biggest issue facing the champion is the fact she won’t have the sanctuary of the ropes tonight. That’s why Natalya looks this confident … but if I were Natalya, I wouldn’t be so cocky. Her family doesn’t exactly have a great track record at the Survivor Series, do they??

    Jim Ross: I’m gonna ignore that and move on … perhaps the reason Natalya looks so confident – an’ I wouldn’t say cocky, Coach – is of how well she’s fared in almost EVERY situation she’s been involved in with the champion. Just this past Monday on Raw-

    Clips begin to air of Natalya dominating the ‘Arm Wrestling Challenge’ between her and Beth Phoenix, going 2-0 ahead, and on the verge of a sweep over the champion.

    Jim Ross: The challenger proved she’s the STRONGER of the two women. Clearly winning that arm wrestling contest. Add to the fact that she had Beth Phoenix beaten at Nemesis … I can see why this young woman from Calgary feels like this is her night.

    The Coach: Well my sources tell me Beth Phoenix was dealing with a wrist injury on Monday.

    We then see Beth attack Natalya instead of suffering a humiliating 3-0 loss to Natalya … but even that backfires, and Natalya turns the tables, eventually applying the Sharpshooter on Beth and drawing a tap from the champion…

    Jim Ross: I sure didn’t see any problems with Beth Phoenix wrist here, Coach – she was slapping that mat like there was no tomorrow on Monday!!

    Back in the ring, Natalya is shown watching that footage on the titan tron, smiling and nodding, hoping to repeat the trick right now – and win the Womens title.

    The Coach: Well that just goes to show the toughness of the champion.

    Jim Ross: We’re about to find out how tough the champion is, Coach. She’s about to face the sternest test of her title reign, that’s for damn sure.


    Not smiling, and not looking her confident self, BETH PHOENIX has a face full of thunder – and maybe even self doubt – as she enters, and goes through her usual motions as she raises the Womens title belt over her head.

    Jim Ross: Just a couple months ago, Beth Phoenix thought she was untouchable. She sat on commentary with you and I writing off the competition in the Womens division. She even took weeks off instead of scouting competition … but now, she’s not only met a challenge – she’s met a challenge that she might not be able to overcome!!

    The Coach: Nemesis woke Beth Phoenix up, J.R. Yeah, she wrote off the competition – but so did everyone else. We should be thanking Beth Phoenix, because if it wasn’t for her dominance, Natalya wouldn’t have been forced to step her game up!! Beth Phoenix has inspired the rest of the division to try and reach her level.

    Phoenix continues down the ramp, eyes only for the challenger in the ring. She stops at the bottom of the ramp, taking a look to her left, then her right, having to hear insults from fans in the front row, before continuing to the ring, where she parades the title on the top turbuckle.

    Jim Ross: Well it seems to me that Beth Phoenix thought she could just rest on her laurels – an’ in this business, if you’re standin still, you’re fallin behind. And now, The Glamazon finds herself playin catch up. She’s the underdog in this one if y’ask me!!

    The Coach: Underdog?? There’s never a situation that Beth Phoenix can be considered an underdog, old timer. She’s just suffering a crisis of confidence – but she’s gonna rectify it right here, right now.

    The champion hands her title belt over to the official … and we’re underway…

    Womens Championship Match:
    Beth Phoenix vs. Natalya
    - With NO Rope Breaks Allowed -

    Right from the off, Beth Phoenix is clearly tentative to engage. Her confidence shattered after being dominated in the arm wrestling match on Raw, she’s not too eager to lock up … and despite Natalya calling her own to engage, Beth holds off and stays in the corner for the time being, but at the behest of the official, John Cone, telling Beth to engage, she snaps at him, telling Cone; “OKAY!!” Composing herself, Beth inches out of the corner … taking her time … before reaching in and finally locking up with the challenger.

    They tussle for leverage – it’s an even affair – and the two women struggle around the ring, turning each other over, before Natalya gets the better of it, and backs Phoenix up, into the corner. Out of instinct, Cone looks to step in and force a break by the ropes – but he SHOULDN’T be; there’s NO rope breaks here. Still, Natalya DOES comply, and slowly releases, wary of a cheap shot from the champ … which doesn’t come.

    J.R: “Well either Natalya is a helluva sport, or she’s forgotten that there’s no ropes in this thing.”

    Coach: “I guarantee Beth Phoenix hasn’t forgotten.”

    Resetting, Phoenix and Nattie circle the ring before locking up again. But this time, Beth is much more aggressive, and quickly backs Natalya up into the corner … but the champion is switched on and KNOWS she doesn’t have to let up. She presses Natalya against the corner, pushing her forearm into the face of the challenger, trying to rough her up … and the referee is powerless to do anything about it. Beth then drives a knee into the gut of her trapped opponent, and looks to crack her with a forearm shot -

    But Natalya ducks out!! Phoenix hits the top turnbuckle instead and winces from the impact, allowing the challenger to turn Beth around and HIP TOSS her out of the corner!! And suddenly, Natalya grabs the legs of the champion, TRYING to step through- SHE’S GOING FOR THE SHARPSHOOTER EARLY!!! But Beth is able to wriggle, kicking her legs to prevent Nattie getting the hold … and the champion rolls out of the ring to take a powder after a scare.

    Phoenix takes a walk on the floor, regaining her composure, and sees a sign in the front row that reads ‘BETH FEARS NATTIE’ … before promptly SNATCHING the sign from the fan and aggressively tearing it in half. Furious, Beth rushes back into the ring, coming after the challenger in order to prove the fan wrong, but Natalya ducks the shot, then takes Beth over with a firemans carry – trapping her arm upon landing and subduing the champion.

    Quickly though, Phoenix spins out, back to her feet and trips the leg of the challenger, turning the tables. Natalya though KIPS UP out of the arm hold, turning the pressure onto Beth on the feet and applying a hammerlock. The champion reaches, trying to feel for Nattie, before getting a snapmare. With Nattie seated, Beth looks to kick her – but the challenger lays down to avoid, and trips both legs of the champion, into a pinning predicament-

    ……………BETH KICKS OUT……………

    Only a ONE as Phoenix wriggles out of trouble, ducking down as Nattie goes for her, then grips the challenger from behind, trying to hoist her up – no. Natalya refuses to go, and lands back on her feet, tossing over her shoulder Phoenix to the mat. The challenger rushes off the ropes, rebounding back toward the champion – WHO EXPLODES WITH A POLISH HAMMER TO NEIDHART!!!!! The champion puts the challenger on her ass, knocking Nattie loopy and for the first time looks a little more content after an unsteady start.

    Natalya looks dazed as she sits up, but Phoenix doesn’t give her any time to recuperate, pulling the challenger up, backing her into the corner and roughing Nattie up with shots to the face, then knees to the body … with John Cone powerless to do anything to stop it with NO rope breaks. Beth uses that to her advantage here, and shoves Nattie down, face against the middle rope, pressing her knee to the back of the challenger, pushing her face against the rope. Phoenix then has Natalya down on the canvas, and steps onto her and uses the ropes again for leverage to press even more pressure on the challenger!!!

    Phoenix eases up eventually, stepping off the challenger, with Nattie rolling away, coughing and spluttering, with Beth now seemingly in the ascendancy. Gaining in confidence, Beth stands over Nattie, SLAPPING the back of her head while talking trash, telling the challenger; “THIS AIN’T NO ARM WRESTLING CONTEST NOW, SWEETIE!!” and stomps the back of Nattie, before dropping an elbow to the back, and following that by applying a side headlock. Beth wrenches in tight, still talking trash … but Natalya stirs, pushing up from the canvas, striking blows to the mid section of the champ, and frees herself-


    Beth looks pleased with her actions, and reaches down, dragging Nattie back up by the hair, and throws her aside!! Boo’s echo in the arena, as the champion sizes up Natalya, waiting for her to get up, then looks to continue the assault-


    J.R: “What a counter from the challenger!!! Beth Phoenix never saw it comin!!”

    The Coach: “That’s a lifelines for Natalya right there.”

    J.R: “But she’s gotta capitalise on it!!!”

    The Samoan Drop catches Beth unaware, and buys Nattie a few moments to recuperate, before climbing back to her feet, meeting the champion with a kick to the gut … and pops off a snap SUPLEX!! Nattie floats over into the cover;

    ……………BETH KICKS OUT……………

    Off the kick out, the Glamazon crawls to the corner, looking for sanctuary … but she wont get it there, as the fired up challenger is on the champions tail – and payback is a bitch, with Natalya not needing to relent because Beth is at the ropes!!! Natalya goes to work on Phoenix, knees to the gut, forearms to the face, then drives her shoulder into the gut of the champion too!!! Natalya sends Beth across the ring to the opposite corner, following there too, and begins to SMASH the champions head off the top turnbuckle padding!!! The fans count along, until Natalya gets to TEN!!!

    The challenger finally relents, and Phoenix staggers out of the corner, spaghetti legged to the middle of the ring – where Natalya lays her out with a DISCUS CLOTHESLINE!!!!! Scrambling to try and get up, Beth is now the one looking ragged and worse for wear, with Nattie easily hoisting her up – SLINGSHOT ATOMIC DROP!! Beth is left sitting on the mat, and Nattie runs over the back, hitting the ropes, coming back with a BASEMENT DROPKICK to the champion!!! Hooks the leg;


    ………KICK OUT………

    Phoenix gets the shoulder up, but it’s only a brief respite, as Natalya slams her back down on the canvas, giving herself the chance to perch herself on the top rope … jumping down at Beth- FOOT UP BY THE CHAMPION!!!! The boot of Beth Phoenix is planted right in the jaw of the challenger!!! Natalya staggers away, with Beth jumping at the opportunity, getting the challenger up for the BETH VALLEY DRIVER-



    Natalya lands back on her feet, and rushes Beth into the corner with a thud … then suplexes her out of the corner – BUTTERFLY SUPLEX … AND SHE BRIDGES OVER FOR A PIN-


    ……………BETH KICKS OUT……………

    Looking wide eyed, the champion seems relieved to have escaped the predicament, and crawls toward the corner out of instinct despite there being no respite there … with Nattie setting herself, waiting for Phoenix to get up, rushing across the ring at her … but the champion ducks down, elevating Natalya up and over!!! Beth looks to send Nattie to the floor with that, but instead, the challenger lands on the apron!! Beth turns, looking to take a shot at Nattie to knock her off – BLOCKED!! And Natalya grabs Beth by the head … RAMMING her face off the top turnbuckle!!! That sends Beth staggering away, as Nattie climbs up top-




    And Beth DRIVES her knee into the back of Natalya from that position – BACKBREAKER!!!! Phoenix keeps Nattie positioned over her knee too, applying the backbreaker submission, torquing the back of the challenger!!! Neidhart groans in pain, struggling in the submission hold, with Beth piling on the pressure. Pushing down, creating a further arch on the back over the knee, Beth punishes Nattie, and even drives an elbow to the exposed gut of the challenger to increase the pressure, before tossing Nattie aside like a rag doll.

    Natalya holds her back, grimacing in pain from the prior submission … but Beth is relentless, and kicks the challenger, sending her rolling out of the ring. The Glamazon is quick on the trail though, softening Nattie up with forearm shots on the floor, before picking the challenger up into a bear hug position … and RAMS Natalya – BACK FIRST – into the ring post!!!!! John Cone has a few stern words for the champ, but Beth tells him to shut up, before rolling Natalya back into the ring. Following inside, Beth drags Nattie back up … and into position-







    Mouth agape, Phoenix looks stunned by the counter from the challenger, and quickly looks to chop down Natalya and stop her mounting a comeback … but Nattie ducks the shot … then TRIPS PHOENIX DOWN-



    Natalya has to give up on the Sharpshooter and staggers away, covering her poked eye!!!

    J.R: “Desperate measures from the champion!! And y’can’t tell me Beth Phoenix doesn’t fear the Sharpshooter!!!”

    Coach: “I think that was just an honest accident, J.R.”

    J.R: “Gimme a break – that was no accident!!”

    As Natalya holds her face, Beth gets back up, ignoring the warning she’s getting from John Cena … and rushes up behind Nattie to take advantage – SCHOOL GIRL ON THE CHALLENGER-




    Even with the added leverage of the ropes to lean on, Beth STILL isn’t able to keep the challenger down!!! Growing frustrated, Beth grits her teeth, and clubs the back of Natalya to stop her rising to her feet. The champion sends Natalya off to the corner … but Nattie hops to the middle rope and JUMPS back off, BEHIND the incoming champion – with Beth colliding with the corner turnbuckles!! Now, the tables have turned, Natalya comes in at Phoenix … but the champion side steps and it’s Natalya colliding with the corner now!!! She staggers out of the corner – right into the path of Beth … AND A MICHINOKU DRIVER!!!!!




    Beth slumps her shoulders at the two count, disappointed that the driver didn’t finish Natalya off. Keeping composed though, the champion gets right back up, and drags Nattie up with her … and the challenger is powerless to prevent it this time …


    Beth breathes a sigh of relief, floating over into the cover, believing she’s seen off the threat of Natalya, once and for all…


    J.R: “Y’gotta be kiddin me!!!??”

    Coach: “No way!!!”

    J.R: “Bah gawd, Natalya Neidhart is STILL in this thing!!!”

    And this time, there’s NO composure. There’s no acceptance at this kick out … because NO ONE kicks out of the Phoenix Rising!! Beth gets up, blaming the official for the kick out, claiming he was too slow, but John Cone stands his ground, advising Beth to back up. Trying to keep a lid on her anger, Beth turns her attentions back to the challenger, spotting Nattie crawling toward the corner. Phoenix follows, and even grabs Natalya to get her to her feet, shoving her into the corner.

    There, Beth mounts the turnbuckles, standing over Nattie, and proceeds to lay into her with mounted right hands, peppering the defenceless challenger. The Glamazon then stops, and asks the fans; “NOT COUNTING ALONG THIS TIME!?” making a reference to the fans counting when Nattie bashed Beth’s head repeatedly off the turnbuckles earlier … but that momentary lapse BACKFIRES on Beth … AS NATALYA GRIPS THE LEGS OF THE CHAMPION … CARRYING BETH OUT OF THE CORNER-




    J.R: “How close was that!!!? We were a half second away from a new champion!!”

    Coach: “Beth Phoenix took her eye off the ball for a split second and it almost cost her dearly!!”

    Despite the powerbomb, Natalya can’t immediately follow up. Still worse for wear from the punishment she took prior to that powerbomb, Natalya struggles to get back to her feet, having expended a lot of energy delivering the high impact move. Both men are showing the effects of the contest, and drag themselves to their feet on opposite sides of the ring … and it’s Phoenix peeling away first, looking to strike at Nattie before Natalya can mount any offence-



    But instead of a cover, Natalya stays on her feet – holding onto the legs … AND STEPS THROUGH, TURNING BETH PHOENIX OVER-


    J.R: “Now we’re gonna find out!! CAN the champion survive the Sharpshooter!?”

    Coach; “No rope breaks J.R!! This is the nightmare coming true!!!”

    J.R: “Does Beth Phoenix have an answer to the Sharpshooter!?”

    It’s the nightmare situation that Beth Phoenix feared; she’s trapped in the middle of the ring, caught in Natalyas Sharpshooter!! The fans in Atlanta are on their feet in anticipation, as Beth buries her face into the mat, hiding the pain … then clenches her fists and PUSHES up … moving toward the ropes-


    It’s INSTINCT kicking in, as Beth scratches and claws across the ring … before GRASPING the bottom rope!!!! But it WONT make a difference!!! The champion is in a world of pain, with a hand on the bottom rope … and the official can do NOTHING about it!!! Realisation kicks in for Phoenix, with Cone shaking his head, asking if Beth wants to quit – but the champion REFUSES to give it in!!!! Phoenix pushes up, then reaches, grabbing onto the MIDDLE ROPE!! She’s trying a different approach to break the hold-



    J.R: “And that’s gotta be it!!! How much more can the champion take!?? Her body must be RAVAGED with pain here!!!”

    Coach: “It’s hopeless now. Tap, Beth!! Live to fight another day!!!”

    J.R: “Look at the torque here!! Her back is bein folded up like an accordion!!!! How much longer can the champion hold on!?”

    Momentarily, Phoenix lifts a hand, hovering over the mat – CONTEMPLATING submitting … but she just CAN’T bring herself to do it. John Cone drops down, getting a closer look, asking the champion again if she wants to quit … but he has to quickly move away as she reaches out to grab him; shades of last month at Nemesis. There’s no easy route out this time … and it looks like Beth Phoenix is fading …




    The challenger stumbles forward … and in a split second, Beth Phoenix stands up … WITH NATALYA’S LEGS CROSSED-




    Natalya now has to feel what Beth Phoenix has suffered through, and it’s the challenger that looks on in hopelessness, with Beth Phoenix LEANING BACK on the hold, applying ALL the pressure she can…


    The challenger inches toward the ropes … even in a hopeless exercise … and reaches out – GRABBING THE ROPES-


    Natalya is on the verge of tears, hands on the ropes, with Beth Phoenix leaning back, cranking the pressure on the challenger … left with NOWHERE to go … and left with NO OPTIONS. Hopelessly … Natalya meekly raises her hand off the rope … and with tears in her eyes after a moment of contemplation-


    … … … … … TAPS OUT TO HER OWN HOLD!!!!!


    Jim Ross: And in the end, Natalya just had no other choice. Beth Phoenix retains the Womens Championship – but it sure as hell was EARNED tonight. No shame in defeat for Natalya. A helluva showing from that young woman!!!

    Beth Phoenix doesn’t add insult to injury, and instead releases the hold once the bell is sounded, coming through a huge challenge to retain her title.

    The Coach: But an even greater showing from the champion, J.R!!! NO ONE has ever countered the Sharpshooter to that kind of effect!!

    Jim Ross: Well, if they have, I’ve yet to see it. That was about as impressive as it gets. No doubt about it – Beth Phoenix answered any critics t’night. They call her the Glamazon – hell, I’d call her Glamazing!!

    The Coach: Oh. That’s the worst I’ve heard yet. Please don’t say that one again, J.R.

    Relieved, Beth Phoenix is handed her title belt and has her hand raised in victory, whilst Natalya recovers on the canvas, emotional after the loss tonight.

    Jim Ross: Well, it don’t make a difference what they call her in any event – she’s universally known as the Womens Champion, and I’d dare say that’s all that matters to Beth Phoenix.

    Phoenix moves to leave the ring … but stops short.

    Jim Ross: Oh- now what??

    The champion turns back around, and takes a long look at the beaten challenger … before (surprisingly) sportingly offering a nod of respect to Natalya!!!

    Jim Ross: Well there’s some class!! Beth Phoenix damn well recognises she got taken to the limit t’night. And I gotta say, that one action has seen her go up in my estimation. They may not like each other, they may well be rivals forever … but there’s some mutual respect right there!! That’s what it’s all about!!

    The Coach: I don’t know about all that, J.R. The way I see it, that was Beth Phoenix telling Natalya “we’re done – don’t mess with me again”.

    Jim Ross: It looked like respect to me.

    Indeed, Natalya nods back at Beth Phoenix, accepting she lost to the better woman tonight, whilst pulling herself back to her feet, holding her back to sell the pain of the Sharpshooter; finding out what everyone else feels like tonight.

    Jim Ross: Beth Phoenix has earned the respect of her greatest rival t’night, that much is for sure-

    The Coach: And hey, J.R – tell me this; we discussed it early … but now that Beth Phoenix has seen off the threat of Natalya … who’s next!?

    Jim Ross: Helluva question. It’s gonna take somethin special to knock Beth Phoenix off her throne, that much is for sure. We might just be looking at the greatest Womens Champion of all time right now…

    Meanwhile, Beth continues to walk up the ramp, rubbing the title belt over her shoulder; her reign of dominance surviving it’s greatest threat yet.


    WWE Production theme; “Triumphant Return” plays as the word flashes on screen-


    Clips of RIC FLAIR getting an elaborate entrance, wearing the big gold belt … DUSTY RHODES raising his arms … GREG VALENTINE and RODDY PIPER staring one another down in the Dog Collar Match.

    ~ HISTORY ~

    The smoking entrance for VADER … RIC FLAIR and STING ready to lock up … the ROAD WARRIORS walking to the ring … MAGNUM T.A battling TULLY BLANCHARD.

    ~ GLORY ~

    HOLLYWOOD ’HULK HOGAN playing the WCW title on his way to the ring … RICKY STEAMBOAT & JAY YOUNGBLOOD winning the tag team titles … RIC FLAIR being hoisted onto the shoulders of his peers.


    Jubilant scenes of STING winning the title in 1997 … DUSTY RHODES holding the NWA title in 1985 … RODDY PIPER defeating Hogan in 1996.

    ~ IS BACK!!



    Clips of cheering fans, and fireworks going off at previous STARRCADE events.


    And the STARRCADE logo flashes across the screen-

    ~ RETURNS ~


    In RICKY STEAMBOATS office, the {current} Raw General Manager is shown exhaling as he sits, staring at his wrestling gear…

    I bet you never thought you’d have to do this stuff again!”

    The voice is that of JESSE VENTURA. The WWE Commissioner stands at the doorway, with a smile for Steamboat before continuing into the room. Steamboat chuckles at the comment from Ventura.

    Ricky Steamboat: I’m just worried if it doesn’t fit!!

    Ventura waves off that suggestion.

    Jesse Ventura: Look … I just wanted to drop by before all the madness later. You know how much this means to me that you’d do this, right??

    Ricky Steamboat: Yeah. And it’s my pleasure. I just hope I don’t let you down.

    Jesse puts a hand up to jump in.

    Jesse Ventura: Hey- hey- we’ll have less of that!! No matter what happens out there tonight – you won’t let me down. I’m proud to have you on this team. Win or lose … all we can do, is try.

    Ricky Steamboat: I’m proud to be on this team, Jesse. And whether it’s me or one of the other guys that gets the job done … I’m confident it’s gonna be us running the show tomorrow night – not J.B.L.

    Jesse Ventura: That’s what I wanna hear. I’ll leave ya to it, Rick. And if y’need any help squeezing into those tights, don’t call me!!

    Steamboat chuckles as Ventura leaves… then starts to look at his gear again…



    Shorn of his championship gold he’d held for 9 of the last 12 months, BRYAN DANIELSON looks naked almost the Cruiserweight title. Understated as ever, Danielson is wearing plain blue trunks and boots, stopping at the top of the ramp to survey the crowd before marching to the ring.

    Michael Cole: A chance tonight for Bryan Danielson to put a wrong, right. It was a Halloween to forget for the former two time Cruiserweight champion back in London, as he was first cajoled into defending his title – before LOSING the Cruiserweight gold to Christopher Daniels that same night.

    Jerry Lawler: I guess we could call that a “horror” show, right, Michael??

    Clips of the Danielson/Daniels match are shown, with the mysterious hooded figure making his impact known that night – leading to the new champion being crowned.

    Michael Cole: Well, it sure looked like a scene from a horror movie, King – a mysterious hooded figure managed to enter the ring … and it was that involvement that ultimately cost Bryan Danielson the Cruiserweight title. We still don’t know if that was a fan, or if it was all a set up by the Fallen Angel … but I know where I’m puttin my money.

    Jerry Lawler: Now, now, Michael. That’s quite the accusation. And you don’t have any proof to back it up!! I’d be careful if I were you.

    Michael Cole: Ah, c’mon King!! You don’t smell a set up?? Daniels made it so Danielson accepted his challenge THAT night. He didn’t give Danielson an option. Christopher Daniels had been asking for a shot for weeks, but the night he just so happens to demand a shot is the same night a man in a hood shows up and lays out Bryan Danielson?? I don’t think so.

    Jerry Lawler: Any other conspiracy theories, Michael??

    Danielson reaches the ring after slapping hands with fans, and paces, bouncing up and down, wringing out his hands … awaiting the arrival of his opponent…

    Michael Cole: I don’t need any, King. Bryan Danielson is going to be alert and ready for anything this time around. He’s not been caught on the hop tonight. He’s had two weeks to prepare for this one – and don’t forget; NO ONE has ever beaten Bryan Danielson twice.

    Jerry Lawler: Well there’s a first time for everything, isn’t there, Michael?

    **PALE RIDER**

    The Phillips Arena descends into darkness for the arrival of the NEW Cruiserweight Champion … and CHRISTOPHER DANIELS emerges onto the lone spotlight in the arena – head bowed – before flipping up his hood, showing his face, which also brings the lights up.

    Michael Cole: It goes without saying – this man has no guilt or compassion over the way he won the Cruiserweight title two weeks ago-

    Jerry Lawler: Doesn’t that tell you something?? He’s got a clear conscience!! He had nothing to do with that idiot getting in the ring!!

    Michael Cole: Like that means anything!! The man stepped in front of everyone in the cruiserweight division to get his shot. He didn’t earn it. He didn’t deserve it. He SAT OUT while others busted their asses to get a shot at the title. He has no guilt about anything!!

    Full of swagger and confidence, the Fallen Angel continues down the ramp, but makes sure to unzip his cloak on the mid point of the ramp to show off the Cruiserweight title strapped around his waist. Patting the belt, Daniels looks to anger the watching challenger in the ring, as Danielson clenches his fists – barely able to hold himself back.

    Jerry Lawler: Christopher Daniels didn’t go earning shots because he didn’t have to, Michael. He said from day one that he was superior to the rest of the division. He proved it by winning the title two weeks ago.

    Michael Cole: It still stinks, King. Bryan Danielson as champion promoted hard work and competition in the division. What does Christopher Daniels bring?? Lies, deceit and short cuts??

    Jerry Lawler: I doubt Christopher Daniels is spending much time worrying about the image of the Cruiserweight division, Michael. He’s got the one thing he wanted. Now he’s willing to do anything to keep it.

    Daniels stands on the apron, shooing Danielson back, telling the referee, Jimmy Korderas, he wants some separation before proceeding to enter the ring. Some last minute mind games from the defending champion…

    Michael Cole: Yeah, well he’ll have to do SOMETHING tonight. That’s for sure. He can’t duck out like he did on Smackdown on Friday.

    Cruiserweight Championship Match:
    Christopher Daniels vs. Bryan Danielson

    The bell rings, and Bryan Danielson comes right after Daniels, forcing the champion back and ducking through the ropes!! Unlike the prior match, there ARE rope breaks, and Jimmy Korderas is forced to act and instruct the challenger to step back. Bryan looks frustrated at the tactics from Daniels … but has another problem to deal with-

    Cole; “Wait- what’s this??”

    Lawler; “Security!!”




    Lawler; “What a shot!!”

    The hooded figure collapses off the apron, and is immediately escorted from ringside, but his face is never revealed … meanwhile though, DANIELS HAS ROLLED UP DANIELSON, taking the challenger by surprise – WITH A HANDFUL OF TIGHTS!!!


    Bryan escapes the predicament, but as soon as they’re back up, the fired up challenger beats Daniels to the punch, knocking the champion off his feet. Daniels looks to retreat to the corner … but as soon as he’s on his feet, HERE COMES DANIELSON!!! SHOTGUN DROPKICK in the corner!!! Bryan is right back up, storming to the opposite corner, and CHARGING right back with another DROPKICK to the champion in the corner!!!

    The Fallen Angel cant get out of the way of it, as Danielson sprints across one more time with ANOTHER DROPKICK!!! Christopher Daniels is rocked early, and Danielson isn’t waiting around, pulling the champion out of the corner, and SNAPS off a vertical suplex!! NO cover though from the challenger, and instead, Danielson is right back to his feet, climbing to the top rope-


    Boos fill the Phillips Arena, as Daniels takes the cowards way out, leaving Danielson perched up top … but the challenger isn’t going to accept the cowardice of the champion … AND DIVES OFF THE TOP ONTO THE DANIELS ON THE FLOOR!!!!!

    A big pop arises from the fans for that one, and the fired up challenger is quick to his feet, tossing the Fallen Angel back inside, following in … AND LOOKS TO HOOK UP THE CATTLE MUTILATION!!! He’s going for it all early in this one … but the champion is too aware, and manages to wriggle free before the submission hold can be applied … and wisely rolls right back out of the ring again!!!! There’s boos again for the cowardice being shown by Daniels as he retreats.

    Cole; “The referee has gotta do something here, King!!”

    Lawler; “Do what!? This is smart if you ask me. Christopher Daniels realizes just how fired up Danielson is. If he can stall for time, that adrenaline is gonna wear off from the challenger.”

    Cole; “He should fight like a champion!!”

    Lawler; “That’s exactly what he’s doing!!”

    Daniels takes a walk, looking to take the sting out of the contest, but Danielson isn’t prepared to let him off the hook, and starts off as he would for a SUICIDE DIVE-

    But the Fallen Angel is wise to it, and steps aside-

    But like a good game of chess, Danielson is two moves ahead; he knew Daniels would be wise to the Suicide Dive and STOPS SHORT, before changing course and delivering a BASEBALL SLIDE to the champion instead!!! The baseball slide knocks Daniels down, and as he recovers, Bryan Danielson sets himself in the ring … waiting for the champion to get up … AND THIS TIME SCORES WITH A SUICIDE DIVE!!!!!

    Wasting no time, Bryan brings Daniels back into the ring, and PUNISHES the Fallen Angel, cracking him with stiff kicks to the chest, as Daniels sits on his knees with no other option but to eat the kicks. Left kicks, right kicks, Bryan Danielson BATTERS the chest of the champion, getting ALL his frustrations out … then pauses … AND TAKES DANIELS HEAD OFF WITH A ROUNDHOUSE TO THE SKULL!!!!! Cover;


    ……KICK OUT……

    The champion kicks out of trouble, but he’s still on the receiving end of the aggressive challenger, who starts to climb to the top rope again to continue the assault … but it proves to be a mistake as Daniels lunges forward, throwing himself at the ropes, causing Danielson to lose his balance and CROTCH HIMSELF on the top rope!!! Smiling at the turnaround, Daniels staggers toward the corner, hooking the head of Danielson from the mat as he executes (for the first time in the WWE) the-


    There’s a big pop for the big impact move, and the champion smiles as he makes the cover-


    Disappointed at the kick out, the smile fades from Daniels, and the champion has to go back to square one. Still feeling the effects of the punishment he took in the early exchanges, Daniels takes a moment to catch his breath, before getting to work on Danielson by the ropes, stomping the challenger, looking to beat the fight out of him, before choking Bryan with his boot, using the ropes for leverage before being ordered to retreat by Jimmy Korderas.

    After a brief exchange of words with the official, Daniels gets back to the challenger, pushing him back into the corner and opening up with stomps to the gut, beating Bryan down to the mat. The Fallen Angel poses for the fans – to mild boos – before dragging Danielson out from the corner and slams him down onto the canvas. From there, the Fallen Angel applies a neck crank.

    Daniels cranks on the hold, with Danielson showing the pain on his face, grimacing as he struggles back to his feet … but the champion clips the back of the knee with his foot to put Danielson back down, and crank the hold in tighter. Again though, Bryan is quick to fight back up, and this time, elbows his way to freedom. He breaks the neck crank … but Daniels catches the challenger with a quick knee to the gut to cut off any fightback. A side suplex follows, with the champion floating into the cover;



    Shaking his head, the Fallen Angel gets back up, bringing Danielson with him, slamming him right back down, setting the challenger up for an ARABIAN PRESS-

    BUT IT MISSES!!!!!

    Bryan Danielson rolled out of danger, Christopher Daniels crashes onto the mat, and it’s an opening for the challenger to get back into the contest. And back to his feet, Danielson lays into the Fallen Angel with some stiff forearms, battering the champion in the middle of the ring. Daniels can’t even defend himself, and he’s out on his feet as Bryan sets things up, taking a step back-



    On the turnaround, Daniels catches the challenger with a kick to the gut, and shoots Danielson off to the corner-


    The champion swings a wild clothesline, but Danielson ducks and runs under, coming back off the ropes and runs through Daniels with a flying clothesline!!! Daniels goes down, and tumbles toward the corner, but Bryan isn’t letting up, coming steaming in to attack the champion-


    Fortunately, Danielson is able to stop short before colliding with the official, but the momentary distraction allows Daniels to capitalise – he pushes Korderas into Danielson, then grabs the challenger; STO … RIGHT INTO THE KOJI CLUTCH!!!!!!!

    Cole; “DANGER!! Danger for the challenger here!! Koji Clutch applied!! Christopher Daniels is willing to pull every trick in the book to gain an advantage … and it could prove to be the difference now!!!”

    Lawler; “Looks like it’s gonna pay off to me!!!”

    And it could – Daniels has the challenger trapped in his submission hold, cranking on the arm of Danielson, legs wrapped around the head, with Bryan struggling, trying to somehow find the ropes. Cole and Lawler continue to bicker about the tactics of Daniels to get to this point, but it could all pay off, as Daniels looks to draw the submission out of the challenger…


    Daniels is finding out the tenacity and will of the challenger first hand, as Danielson inches closer … and closer … trying to find the sanctuary of the ropes-

    AND HE DOES!!!!


    Cole; “Not too many men have been able to survive that hold, King!! The Koji Clutch has been a huge weapon in Christopher Daniels arsenal!! What can Daniels do from here!?”

    Lawler; “Something else – I hope he’s got something else up his sleeve!!”

    Taking his time, Daniels doesn’t immediately release the hold, taking most of the five count before letting go. Again, Korderas has a few choice words for the champion, but Daniels – a little more flustered now – pushes past the official to get at Bryan Danielson and keep the pressure on the challenger. He roughs Danielson up on the ropes, beating him against them and sends Bryan off – catching him on the return with a JUMPING CALF KICK!!!!! Hook of the leg;


    Shaking his head, Daniels is clearly agitated, and wants to get the challenger back up, dragging Bryan to his feet, and looks to hit his STEP-UP ENZIGURI-


    Christopher Daniels kicks thin air, and his body crashes onto the canvas … AND DANIELSON DIVES DOWN – TRAPPING THE ARMS-

    CATTLE MUTILATION!!!!!!!!!!!

    Daniels is caught in the middle of the ring – BIG TROUBLE for the champion!!!!! He desperately didn’t want to get caught in Danielsons submission hold!!! After taking shortcuts all night long, Daniels is now have to work to survive. He’s DIGGING and TRYING to save his two week long title reign!!! Daniels looks up, seeing the ropes are a LONG way away … and it’s going to be a real test of his mettle, with Danielson cranking the hold in tight!!!

    Cole; “Daniels is having to hold on for dear life here!! How long can he survive!!?”

    King; “He needs the ropes, Michael – and QUICK!!”

    Danielson cranks on the arms, ripping and tearing at the champions body, but Daniels is determined not to give it up!!! Still trapped, the Fallen Angel shuffles his feet, trying to find the ropes with them, as Danielson cranks the arms further, surely believing the submission is close … but kicking his feet around, the champion searches … hoping to find some ropes … AND FINALLY WRAPS HIS FEET AROUND THE ROPES!!!!!!!! Christopher Daniels survives the Cattle Mutilation!!!

    Danielson gives up the hold, shaking his head, but staying focused, knowing he’s now taken control of the contest. Giving the champion no respite, Bryan follows Daniels to the corner, laying into him with forearms and European uppercuts … then starts to fire off more stiff kicks to the trapped champion. Dragging Daniels out of the corner, Bryan sends the champion off the ropes…

    But Daniels SLIDES to the floor instead!!! He’s looking for a way out AGAIN!!!!

    Cole; “Oh come on!!! This AGAIN!!!??”

    Lawler; “You might not like it, Michael, but that’s the mark of a champion right there.”

    Daniels takes a walk again … but Danielson still isn’t going to let him get away, and climbs onto the apron himself … launching himself off the apron with a FLYING KNEE TO DANIELS!!!!! Danielson throws the champion back into the ring, wasting no time, and grabs a waistlock – GERMAN SUPLEX-


    Desperately, the Fallen Angel clasps onto the top rope to block the move, and the referee gets involved … which is what Daniels wanted -



    Massive heat engulfs the Phillips Arena, with Danielson staggering away, but Korderas unaware of what caused the issue … but Daniels isn’t waiting for Korderas to ask either – AND DELIVERS THE ANGELS WINGS TO DANIELSON!!! The move that won him the title two weeks ago!!!! Cover;



    Lawler: “And Christopher Daniels can’t believe it!! Neither can I!!!”

    Bug-eyed, Christopher Daniels puts his hands on his head, mouth agape, as he looks at the two fingers being held up by Jimmy Korderas. Wildly shaking his head, Daniels waves it off, telling the referee he was wrong; “THERE’S NO WAY HE KICKED OUT!! I’M OUTTA HERE!!” And with that, Daniels motions that he’s leaving … and proceeds to do just that!!! The Fallen Angel rolls out of the ring, telling the timekeeper to get out of the way as he collects his title belt.

    Jimmy Korderas leaves the ring too, looking to stop Daniels from leaving, standing in his way, telling him to get back in the ring. The Fallen Angel keeps arguing, keeping Korderas occupied-


    Cole; “What the hell!?”

    Lawler; “I thought security got rid of that idiot!!”

    Dragging himself up on the ropes, Bryan Danielson has no idea of the hooded figure behind him … but Christopher Daniels SURELY knows about this, as he keeps Korderas’s back to the ring; keeping him occupied … as the HOODED MAN SPINS DANIELSON AROUND … KICKS HIM IN THE GUT-


    Cole; “TURN AROUND REF!!!!!”

    But despite the calls from Cole, it’s too late. The mystery man quickly slips back out of the ring, and jogs up the side of the ramp, disappearing into the night – never showing his face – as Daniels FINALLY gets won around by the official, putting his hands up and agreeing to go back to the ring … which he does with a smile on his face … but takes no chances here; he picks the lifeless body of Danielson back up … ANGELS WINGS FOR THE SECOND TIME!!!!!!



    Michael Cole: BRYAN DANIELSON HAS BEEN ROBBED – AGAIN!!! Christopher Daniels has stolen this match to retain the Cruiserweight title!!

    Jerry Lawler: And history is made, Michael!! Christopher Daniels is the first man to beat Danielson twice!!!

    Michael Cole: There’s gonna be a giant asterisk against that one, King!! There’s no honour in the way Christopher Daniels has gotten these two wins!!! And who the hell is behind that hood!?

    All smiles, Christopher Daniels sits up, looking to the stage and offering a salute to no one in-particular. Quite a strange thing to do…

    Michael Cole: And who’s that salute intended for!? Huh!? Don’t try and tell me that Christopher Daniels hasn’t had a hand in these two screw jobs!!! It’s NOT a fan. It’s NOT someone acting alone – they’re in on it WITH the Fallen Angel!!!

    Jerry Lawler: He could be saluting to anyone, Michael!!

    Taking his title, Daniels briefly raises the belt in the ring, feeding off the boos from the fans, before getting out of dodge, laughing as he hits the ramp, with Danielson still knocked out in the ring.

    Michael Cole: I don’t know how many people Christopher Daniels has in his pocket, but you’ll not convince me he didn’t have something to do with BOTH these men that showed up tonight. And I’m even more convinced now that he had a hand in the mystery man that showed up on Halloween.

    Jerry Lawler: You’ll need proof, Michael!! And there’s NONE!! Now, lets get back to the REAL story; Christopher Daniels just became the first man to defeat Bryan Danielson TWO times!!! That’s HUGE if you ask me!!

    Michael Cole: It’s a joke, King, and you know it!!

    Highlights air of the big talking points; the hooded figure at the START of the match … Danielson kicking out of the FIRST Angels Wings … then the second hooded attacker, leading to the second Angels Wings … and Daniels retaining his gold.

    Michael Cole: And I think it’s safe to say that’s two different guys. How many people does Christopher Daniels have dotted around here!? Two?? Four?? Twenty!? If the second guy backfired, what’s to say there wasn’t a plan C??

    Jerry Lawler: We still don’t even know they’re connected, Michael. Come on…

    Michael Cole: Open your eyes, King!! It’s obvious!! And WHOEVER is in charge of Smackdown this week should be making this a priority!! This has got to stop!!!

    In the ring, Bryan Danielson is starting to come around … and looks up, seeing Christopher Daniels at the top of the ramp, holding the title belt up high … much to the chagrin of the cheated Bryan…

    Michael Cole: And I’m sure Bryan Danielson won’t let this issue rest either!! This is far from over…


    For over 25 years it has launched careers…”

    An old clip of Pat Patterson, then a flashing shot across a close up of the Intercontinental title belt, then Shawn Michaels kissing it during one of his reigns.

    And, it is one of the most prestigious championships in sports entertainment.”

    Various versions of the title, then Edge winning it for the first time & The Ultimate Warrior running to the ring wearing it.

    Defined by the legends who have held it…”

    Steve Austin barely able to stand at SummerSlam ‘97, Bret Hart kissing the title at SummerSlam ‘91.

    It is the Intercontinental Championship!!”

    Mr. Perfect, Matt Hardy and Chris Jericho all shown in jubilation after winning the title.

    Own this definitive collection of Intercontinental Championship matches in;”

    Clips of Shawn Michaels leaping off the ladder at WrestleMania X, Honky Tonk Man parading in the ring, Greg Valentine wearing an older version of the belt, and Roddy Piper getting his arm raised in victory.

    The History of the Intercontinental Championship.”

    The DVD cover is shown with the chyron; AVAILABLE NOW!

    Jimmy Snuka splashes off the cage…

    Gorilla Monsoon: Superfly perched 15 feet high-!!

    Randy Savage flying off the top onto Ricky Steamboat at WrestleMania 3, then Steamboat leaving with the title.

    Gorilla Monsoon: Standing ovation by this capacity crowd-!!

    Clips of Rob Van Dam soaring, Randy Orton raising the title and a smirking CM Punk looking at the title after winning it.

    Bobby Heenan: We’ve got a new Intercontinental champion!!

    The Superplex in the Bulldog/Bret SummerSlam ‘92 match, then Diana raising both Bret and Davey’s arms at Wembley.

    Vince McMahon: One of the greatest wrestling matches of all time has just taken place!!

    Owen Hart, Jeff Hardy, Triple H, Eddie Guerrero & Kurt Angle all with the title over the years, then Austin stunning Rock at IYH in ‘97, Razor Ramon lifting two titles, Matt Hardy and Shelton Benjamin in a cage last year, and a Rey Mysterio 619 to Carlito.

    Seven hours of Intercontinental glory – all in this three disk DVD set.”

    Jerry Lawler: What an amazing match!!

    Shots of Mister Kennedy, The Rock, Goldust and Brent Albright all winning the title over the years.

    Jim Ross: This is what it means to be tha Intercontinental Champion!!

    The DVD cover is shown again with the same chyron; AVAILABLE NOW!

    The History of the Intercontinental Championship. Available now.”


    Moving backstage into the interview area, the monitor in the background has the DVD cover of that I.C title, with SCOTT STANFORD standing by…

    Scott Stanford: Well, I for one cannot wait to get my hands on that DVD, and right now ladies and gentlemen, right now, I’m joined by the current Intercontinental Champion – CM Punk!!

    Walking into the shot, CM PUNK is already shaking his head and rolling his eyes in boredom.

    Scott Stanford: Mister Punk, having just looked at that trailer for the ‘History of the Intercontinental Championship’ DVD, you must be proud to be current holder of such a prestigious championship??

    CM Punk: What a stupid question.

    Punk gives Stanford a dirty look.

    CM Punk: What you SHOULD be asking me, Scott, is why isn’t the Intercontinental Champion involved on this show?? Why don’t I have a match tonight but Ricky Steamboat – after fifteen years of being retired, does??

    The I.C Champion scoffs, and shakes his head.

    CM Punk: They call the Survivor Series one of the “big four” Pay Per View events on the calendar … yet the longest reigning champion in the company … holding the most prestigious championship of ‘em all … is only here to shill a DVD that’s just been released in time for Christmas.

    Fixing the title belt on his shoulder, Punk half smirks, as he shakes his head.

    CM Punk: I’m not a corporate shill. The way I see it, this DVD only got made because I brought this championship BACK to prominence since I won it back in April. Before I restored pride in this title, nobody gave a DAMN about the Intercontinental Championship or the guy that held it – for years!! Look at this – they didn’t even have the decency to put me on the cover of this thing.

    Pointing to the screen behind him, Punk draws Stanfords attention to the DVD cover – just the I.C title plate.

    CM Punk: You ask me if I’m proud to be the Intercontinental Champion?? I’ve been proud to be the Intercontinental Champion from the day and hour I won it. Thanks to me, the Intercontinental title is THE most prestigious and sought after championship in this entire company. So you can all thank ME for this DVD even happening.

    Scott Stanford: Well … as you mention it, you don’t have a match tonight … but you pretty much planted your flag in the ground over the last month that you were offering your services to Jesse Ventura and Ricky Steamboat to be part of their team. An offer they declined.

    Punk – arms folded – shakes his head.

    CM Punk: Allow me to correct your error, Scott. I gave Steamboat and Ventura the opportunity to recruit me. All they had to do was ask me, and yeah, I’d have joined their team, because J.B.L is an asshole, and keepin him outta power would be preferable. But uh, they wanted everyone else to beg and plead to be part of their team … and I’m not gonna beg anyone for anything. They should’ve been DYING to sign me up. Their mistake.

    Scott Stanford: And as a result of them electing NOT to … recruit you … what chance do you give Jesse Venturas team in the main event tonight??

    He ponders for a moment … then responds.

    CM Punk: Without me?? I expect them to lose. But either way?? If it’s Ventura or Bradshaw that’s Commissioner after tonight … they’d better start recognizing MY greatness … instead of trotting me out to do this crap.

    Shaking his head, the frustrated CM Punk walks off the set…


    **I WALK ALONE**

    Regardless of being a heel, the entrance of BATISTA brings the fans in Atlanta to their feet. The Animal makes his way out – walking alone – onto the stage, looking as pissed off as ever before proceeding to set off his explosive pyro display.

    Michael Cole: The music may say he walks alone … but tonight, Batista will have four other men following in his shadow. In recent months, Batista has made it clear he no longer has time for any alliances, any tag teams – he’s out for himself and himself only. And King, he’s got one thing on his mind, and that’s the WWE Championship!!

    Jerry Lawler: He’s the reason Chris Jericho is still the champion. And the favour he pulled for Jericho wasn’t out of the kindness of his heart – he wanted a title shot in return-

    Michael Cole: Something Chris Jericho has shown no intention of giving The Animal. But a win tonight – an impressive win – as captain of this Survivor Series team, will undoubtedly push him to the top of pile, especially now that Chris Jericho doesn’t have a challenger lined up for Armageddon in twenty eight days time.

    And with Batista already halfway down the ramp, we see the rest of his team file out – all in a safe distance from The Animal – with The Million Dollar Man leading out Filthy Rich; TED DIBIASE JR, JAMIE NOBLE and their ‘property’ M.V.P … whilst SIM SNUKA joins the party for his own big opportunity in the spotlight.

    Michael Cole: And here they come, King. And I guess this is the beauty of the Survivor Series. Where else would you expect to see Batista join forces with the likes of Filthy Rich?? Or Sim Snuka for that matter??

    Jerry Lawler: No disrespect to these guys, but I’d bet Batista would much rather be standing out here on his own facing all five guys by himself.

    Michael Cole: Yeah, he’s made it perfectly clear, King – he doesn’t want anyone getting in his way – and that applies to his own team mates. Don’t forget, Batista and Edge didn’t select these teams – they were simply appointed the captains of these teams. They had NO say in their partners.

    Batista shoots a glare at his team mates as they proceed to join him in the ring, saying nothing to his assigned team mates for the evening. The Million Dollar Man is busy though – busy ordering M.V.P around. Porter has his hands on his hips, clearly frustrated, as he listens to DiBiase tell him what to do…

    Jerry Lawler: Well this says it all, doesn’t it? Batista looks like he’d rather be anywhere else in the world right now, than having to team with anyone!!

    Michael Cole: And this past Friday on Smackdown, Batista looked just fine on his own. He ran roughshod over four of the five men they’re about to encounter. Make no mistake, The Animal is on a tear right now. He beat The Undertaker back at No Mercy. He COULD just go it alone here if he wanted.


    Rushing onto the stage full of excitement, EVAN BOURNE salutes the fans – clearly pumped for his big shot and his chance to shine on PPV tonight.

    Michael Cole: He’s one of the most exciting talents in all the WWE today, King. Evan Bourne has won a tonne of admirers with his swashbuckling style over on Smackdown. And many believe it’s just a matter of time before this young kid can put it all together and be a future cornerstone of the Cruiserweight division.

    Jerry Lawler: Well, this is probably gonna be the biggest match he’s ever been involved in from his short career, tonight. If he can shine under the spotlight tonight, he might just go a long way. I know this though; as J.R would say – this kid is quicker than a hiccup!!

    Wisely, Bourne stays at the top of the stage, waiting for his partners…


    Hitting the stage together, JEFF HARDY and MATT HARDY – former United States AND Intercontinental Champions in their own right – get a big pop from the girls in the audience, but they remain popular with the men too. The Hardys pump up the fans, before meeting with Bourne, high fiving their partner tonight.

    Michael Cole: And who better for Evan Bourne to learn from than Matt and Jeff Hardy!! Team Extreme know a thing or two about high risks – but tonight, they’ll be looking to settle the score with Filthy Rich. The Million Dollar Man has looked to make a name off The Hardys in order to boost his kid’s new team with Jamie Noble. But they’ve found it isn’t that easy to knock off one of the greatest tag teams in WWE history.

    Jerry Lawler: But it’s still a good plan, if you ask me. Everyone knows that something isn’t right with Matt Hardy – it’s been evident ever since he was drafted to Smackdown back in April … and that whole situation with him sending that e-mail from Finlays computer while Finlay lay there in a pool of blood … that’s just weird, Michael.

    Michael Cole: No doubt, Matt Hardy has made some erratic decisions in recent months. He’s definitely suffering a crisis of sorts. He’s at a crossroads in his career, just when he thought he was about to break through the glass ceiling. It just hasn’t materialised for him.

    The trio all remain at the top of the stage, waiting for their two remaining partners…


    For the first time as a Smackdown superstar since 2002, CHRISTIAN enters an arena for competition. The fans pop for ‘Captain Charisma’, but the reaction is slightly more muted than usual, given his lack of appearances and blasé attitude as of late.

    Michael Cole: The names don’t come much bigger than Christian!! And what an addition he makes to this Survivor Series team!! What a dream team this is – Edge, Christian and the Hardys all on the same side!!

    Jerry Lawler: In theory, this sounds terrific. But Michael, you and I both know, Christian isn’t with it, right now. The guy is in a funk. He didn’t even show up to Smackdown on Friday!! Does he even want to be here tonight??

    Michael Cole: He is here, King. I think that says it all. And lining up next to his best friend, Edge, should be all the motivation Christian needs.

    Christian still puffs his chest, pounds his chest then blows a kiss to his ‘Peeps’ … but he isn’t interested in hanging around and waiting for Edge – Christian is headed straight to the ring – with or without his partners!!!

    Michael Cole: And Christian isn’t interesting in waiting!! That’s more like it!!!

    Matt Hardy doesn’t want to be shown up, and quickly follows Christian, looking to get alongside Captain Charisma as opposed to looking like he’s following, whilst Jeff and Evan also make their way down the ramp-


    EDGE isn’t even waiting for his pyro – the Rated ‘R’ Superstar just marches straight through the smoke, and hurries down the ramp, removing his trench coat as he makes his way to the ring, catching up with his partners – who are all lined up on the apron now.

    Michael Cole: No waiting from Edge here either, tonight!! He’s DESPERATE to get his hands on Batista – especially after Friday Night on Smackdown!!

    Jerry Lawler: The Animal left Edge laid out on Friday – if Edge isn’t careful, it’ll be the same tonight. You cant rush head on into an Animal!!

    Whilst Filthy Rich, M.V.P and Sim Snuka all back out of the ring … Batista stands his ground, as he and Edge lock eyes, both wanting a piece of each other.

    Michael Cole: And you can feel the tension here!! Batista wants Edge – Edge wants Batista!! They may not even acknowledge they’ve got any partners!!

    Jerry Lawler: Someone better get some control here!!

    Batista motions that he wants Edge, and Edge is all too happy to proceed … but referee Charles Robinson steps in, and wants this match to start the old fashioned way. It’ll be Edge and Batista to start – but only on the referees says so-

    5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:
    Edge, Christian, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy & Evan Bourne
    Batista, Sim Snuka, Ted DiBiase Jr, Jamie Noble & M.V.P w/Ted DiBiase Sr.

    But SIM SNUKA tags the back off Batista just as the bell rings!!! The Animal is furious, as Sim climbs into the ring, trying to settle Batista down, telling him he’s get his chance, but he wants Edge … whilst Christian asks Edge for a tag too … getting in the ring as Sim continues to try and calm his team down, with Noble and DiBiase frantically trying to tell him to tag back out … but he backs up…




    ELIMINATED: SIM SNUKA by Christian @ 00:21
    {TEAM EDGE 5 – Edge, Christian, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Evan Bourne}
    {TEAM BATISTA 4 – Batista, Ted DiBiase Jr, Jamie Noble, M.V.P, Sim Snuka}

    Snukas team mates didn’t even bother to try and save him!!! Addition by subtraction it seems, as Sim is rolled out of the ring in near record time, with Christian nonchalantly tagging back out; his job is done!! He tags Jeff, whilst saying to Matt; “that good enough for ya?”. Jeff Hardy comes in, meeting Ted DiBiase Junior. More understated, they circle the ring – no danger of a second quick elimination here, before locking up.

    Ted quickly wrenches a wristlock on Jeff, but Jeff quickly slips out, rocking DiBiase with some quick right hands before looking to run off the ropes – but DiBiase rebounds behind him, leaving Jeff confused when he comes off the ropes – seeing no one in front of him – and turns; right into a clothesline from Ted. DiBiase drops a knee, and soon wrenches in a side headlock on the mat.

    Jeff isn’t staying down for long and pushes back up, with DiBiase transitioning to a hammerlock, but Hardy escapes by jumping onto the turnbuckles, running up and comes off, arm dragging Ted to break the hold. Jeff pops off another arm drag to take control, and follows that by sending DiBiase off the ropes – REVERSED by DiBiase – and Ted immediately slides down to the mat, with Jeff running over. Ted gets up, leaping up for Jeff to come back again – but Hardy is prepared for it and dropkicks DiBiase in mid air!!

    DiBiase immediately rolls out of the ring after the dropkick to regroup, with his Dad right there to offer up some advice. Jeff though, isn’t waiting around and looks to slingshot out of the ring and onto DiBiase … but the Million Dollar Man pulls his boy out of danger … and Jeff crashes on the floor!! Young Ted breathes a sigh of relief, before dragging Jeff back up and throwing him into the ring. Following inside, DiBiase perches himself onto the middle turnbuckle, and comes off with a Double Axe Handle to put Jeff back down again. Cover;

    ……KICK OUT……

    Following up, DiBiase executes an elemental body slam, and with Jeff down, he shows shades of his old man with a fist drop. DiBiase attempts to apply a headlock from there, but Jeff is quickly fighting out of it, throwing elbows to the gut of Ted Junior, and begins trading shots with DiBiase until the younger man goes low with a knee to the gut to cut Jeffs momentum off. DiBiase sends Jeff off the ropes, but gets a major surprise with Jeff rebounding with a FLYING FOREARM SMASH!!!

    The forearm shot knocks DiBiase down and has him seeing stars, with Jeff meeting him getting back up with an Inverted Atomic Drop, then puts DiBiase down with a clothesline. Reaching out, Jeff tags his brother, bringing Matt into the match for the first time. Together, the Hardys send DiBiase off the ropes, putting him down with a double reverse elbow … and squeeze out every last second of their allowed time to double up again and deliver the SPIN CYCLE on DiBiase!! Matt covers as Jeff heads for the corner with the Million Dollar Man barking orders to M.V.P-


    Porter quickly leaves the ring, nodding his head as the official berates him for getting involved. M.V.P climbs back out onto the apron, looking down at the Million Dollar Man, asking his boss; “That good enough?” whilst in the ring, Matt is visibly frustrated at the interference. He stays composed though and sends Ted to a neutral corner, where he plants him with some trademark good looking right hands. To his credit, DiBiase fights back to get out of the corner, but Matt still gets the better of the exchange, and eventually knocks DiBiase Junior down with a discus clothesline.

    Edge makes a motion for a tag at this point, but Matt blows the request off and decides to try and put DiBiase away all by himself, quickly looking to execute a TWIST OF FATE- but it’s WAY too early for that and DiBiase is able to push Matt away, and in the process is able to retreat to his own corner and tag in Jamie Noble. Noble darts in, but is met right away by Hardy. Matt overwhelms the former Cruiserweight champion with his right hands, and backs him into the ropes, sending Noble off, and knocks him down with a reverse elbow on the return, then quickly drops a leg, straight into a cover;

    …………BROKEN BY M.V.P AGAIN…………

    Cole; “Ohh COME ON!? How can M.V.P be allowed to get away with this!? I know he’s being told to do it, but damn it!!”

    King; “They’re already a man down, Michael. They can’t afford to lose another one – that could be huge!!!”

    Rightly so, Matt is getting pissed off here and openly complains to the referee about M.V.P interfering. Meanwhile, Edge and Christian are in discussion on the apron, with Edge seemingly getting a little frustrated himself … but possibly at Matt and his refusal to tag back out of the match. Hardy ends up wasting too much time moaning to Charles Robinson and when he looks to hit the SIDE EFFECT Noble is able to elbow out of trouble before ramming Matt into the heel corner!!

    DiBiase makes a quick tag on the shoulder of his partner, and together, Filthy Rich start putting the boots to Matt in the corner, much to the chagrin of Edge on the other side of the ring, who throws his hands up and shakes his head at the turnaround, having seen this coming from a long way off. After stomping Matt down, Noble tags M.V.P and starts barking orders before he can even get into the ring to hold Matt up.

    Montel does as he’s told, holding Matts arms in place to expose the body and prevent Hardy from defending himself as Noble pounds the ribs – and adds in a little trash talk too to add insult to injury. Noble is ushered out of the ring by Charles Robinson, and M.V.P continues where Noble left off, sending Matt off the ropes and catches him with a beautiful overhead BELLY TO BELLY on the return!!! Half man-half amazing, M.V.P floats into the hook of the leg;


    A little measure of payback for M.V.P after being made to break covers himself a little earlier!! Jeff lets Porter know that too, but despite the save by Jeff, Matt is still in trouble, and M.V.P starts to shape up for a DRIVE BY KICK … when Ted DiBiase Junior slaps his back, tagging back into the match. Visibly frustrated, M.V.P flops his arms, then shakes his head, with the Million Dollar Man barking at him to get out of the ring and do as he’s told. Also on the apron, Batista shakes his head – with very low tolerance for what’s going on.

    DiBiase stalks Matt in the ring, waiting for Hardy to get up … THEN LOOKS FOR THE MILLION DOLLAR DREAM … AND LOCKS IT ON!!!!!

    Using his old mans famous submission, DiBiase applies it better than most, with Hardy flailing his arms, as the situation on the Team Edge side of things gets serious, with outstretched arms hoping to make contact with Matt and save him from being eliminated. DiBiase shifts his weight though, turning Matt AWAY from his corner, taking away the chance of a much needed tag. Hardy starts to fade … and Ted’s father starts celebrating on the outside- TOO SOON-


    ………KICK OUT………

    Young DiBiase JUST wriggles out of trouble in the end, but has to give up the submission hold in the process!! Both men are up quickly after the two count, both realising the importance of the next move … and both Ted and Matt have the same idea … ending up meeting – and colliding – in the middle of the ring with a DOUBLE clothesline!!! BOTH MEN ARE DOWN!!!!

    Cole; “King, that near fall was shades of the Survivor Series all the way back in 1996!! Bret Hart had that exact same counter to Stone Cold Steve Austins attempt at the Million Dollar Dream!!”

    King; “Yeah, but a different outcome for Matt Hardy!!”

    Cole; “And now both men are down – and both are in desperate need of a tag!!”

    Both crawling to their corners, Matt and Ted know this next tag could be crucial … with Matt looking at his brother, trying to crawl toward him … but as he reaches out, it’s EDGE that gets the tag first!! And upon seeing Edge become the legal man, Batista is suddenly keen to get involved, and he demands the tag from DiBiase!!! It’s Edge and Batista the legal men!!! And both men come charging to the middle of the ring!!!!!

    Blow for blow, Edge and Batista can’t wait to tear into one another, wailing away at one another like they were in a Hockey fight!! Edge’s speed helps him get the better of the exchange as he’s able to throw more shots … but just as he starts to wobble the Animal, Batista comes ROARING back – flattening Edge with a vicious clothesline!!!! The Animal lets out a roar, before quickly getting back to Edge, throwing his rival up onto his shoulder, looking for a RUNNING POWERSLAM-



    Edge looks to hook the leg-


    Which sparks CHRISTIAN into life, with Captain Charisma climbing inside, and CLOTHESLINES Noble over the top rope and out of the ring!!! Christian has a few choice words for the opposition corner right after that too, before heading back out of the ring … whilst EVAN BOURNE tags in for the first time, slapping the back of Edge as the Rated ‘R’ Superstar gets to his feet – which doesn’t appear to go down well with Edge at all.

    And the young Cruiserweight starlet comes in looking to impress against Batista, leaping in, and immediately using his speed to duck a swing from the recovering Animal, then knocks him off his feet with a jumping back kick!!! Batista scrambles back to his feet, and is met by the speedy Bourne – HURRICANRANA!!! Again, Batista tries to get up quickly to respond, but AGAIN isn’t quick enough to catch Evan Bourne, who comes at him with a TILT-A-WHIRL-



    And it all switches in an instant!!! Bourne writhes on the mat, and The Animal looks down and shakes his head, as if to say “big mistake, kid”. He roughs Evan up and TOSSES him into the corner, then proceeds to DRIVE his shoulder into the gut of the MUCH smaller man, with Evan wincing in agony at each shoulder thrust. Batista backs out, looking for another with a running start … rushing in – but Bourne uses his athleticism to push up, and ROLL OVER the back of the incoming Animal – who charges SHOULDER FIRST INTO THE POST!!!!!

    Bourne – out of danger – does the smart thing and tags the nearest team mate he can find; CHRISTIAN!!!!! Just as Ted DiBiase makes a tag off the arm of a worse for wear Batista!!! DiBiase comes in all guns blazing, but Christian ducks a shot, then lands an open handed SLAP of his own on DiBiase … then hooks him up; REVERSE DDT!!!!! Christian makes the cover, as the Million Dollar Man barks at M.V.P again to break the count…




    Cole; “He tried that one too many times, King!! And Christian is too wily to fall for that one!!”

    King; “They went to the well once too often!! It backfired that time!!”

    Getting back up, things get worse for M.V.P, as Christian catches him with a DROPKICK to send Porter rolling out of the ring!!! The former three time World Champion then steps onto the back of DiBiase at the ropes, completely illegally, before leaping over and onto the floor to deliver an uppercut shot to DiBiase through the ropes!!! Climbing back inside, Christian tags Edge, and the Rated ‘R’ Superstar looks to finish DiBiase off, with the EDGECUTION-


    MORE INTERFERENCE FROM FILTHY RICH!!!!! And this time, Edge has had enough, giving chase to Noble, sliding out of the ring, wanting a piece of the nuisance, chasing him around the ring … and back inside … with Noble sliding right back out, and Edge in hot pursuit – as Jeff Hardy makes a blind tag before Edge leaves the ring again. Edge continues to chase down Noble on the floor … UNTIL HE RUNS INTO THE PATH OF BATISTA – WHO CUTS HIM OFF WITH A SPEAR ON THE FLOOR!!!!!

    The Animal gets his hands on Edge, taking him out of the game potentially with a big Spear on the floor … but Edge’s team mates aren’t taking it lying down as Christian sneaks up behind Batista now, and runs The Animal – FACE FIRST – into the ring post as a response for the attack on Edge!!! Noble looks to take out Christian though … but Captain Charisma thinks quickly, ducking down and allowing Nobles momentum to take him over the barrier and into the crowd!!!!

    In the ring, Jeff is all over DiBiase, and sends him into the corner. Jeff tags Matt, and the Hardys – like the well oiled machine they are – know exactly what to do … setting up for POETRY IN MOTION … as EVAN BOURNE CUTS OFF AN INCOMING M.V.P WITH A HEADSCISSORS!!!!! POETRY IN MOTION CONNECTS!!! On the outside, Christian is now brawling back and forth with Batista, keeping the Animal occupied while Edge recovers, and in the ring, Matt and Jeff tag again, allowing them to deliver their DOUBLE WHEELBARROW SUPLEX ON DIBIASE!!!!!

    The coast is clear now for Jeff to head up top, with the Million Dollar Man forced to watch in horror …


    Jeff covers … as Jamie Noble returns to the ring to try and break the pin … but he’s cut off by Matt Hardy; TWIST OF FATE ON JAMIE NOBLE!!!!! There’s NO ONE to save Ted DiBiase Junior now as the count is made…


    ELIMINATED: TED DIBIASE JR by Jeff Hardy @ 08:05
    {TEAM EDGE 5 – Edge, Christian, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Evan Bourne}
    {TEAM BATISTA 3 – Batista, Ted DiBiase Jr, Jamie Noble, M.V.P, Sim Snuka}

    Ted DiBiase is gone, and right after rolling off Ted, Jeff tags Matt to make him legal and allow him the cover on Noble!!! On the outside, M.V.P has turned the tables on Bourne, sending Evan into the barrier, whilst the battle between Christian and Batista is on the ramp now, as Edge continues to recover from the Spear he took… there’s NO ONE to save Noble either…



    ELIMINATED: JAMIE NOBLE by Matt Hardy @ 08:18
    {TEAM EDGE 5 – Edge, Christian, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Evan Bourne}
    {TEAM BATISTA 2 – Batista, Ted DiBiase Jr, Jamie Noble, M.V.P, Sim Snuka}

    Cole; “And the Hardys have eliminated Filthy Rich!!! Finally, Matt and Jeff have closure with Jamie Noble and Ted DiBiase!!”

    King; “It’s worse than that, Michael – look what this means; it’s FIVE on TWO!!!”

    Cole; “There may not be any way back from this disadvantage now for Batista and M.V.P!!”

    Matt and Jeff hug it out in the ring to get the last word over Filthy Rich, and that moment allows M.V.P to get back in, and nail BOTH men with clotheslines!!! Shouting from the outside, the Million Dollar Man yells at Porter; “where were you a minute ago!?” M.V.P ignores the cat call from his boss … and instead gets his mind on sizing up Jeff Hardy-


    Montel takes out Jeff Hardy, but as he gets up, Matt Hardy is back up too, and ducks a boot from Porter, catching him on the turnaround; SIDE EFFECT TO M.V.P!!!! On the outside meanwhile, Filthy Rich and the Million Dollar Man are DITCHING M.V.P!!! They’re leaving without him!!! They seemingly don’t care a jot as Matt goes to the middle buckle, signalling to the fans … BEFORE DROPPING THE BIG LEG FROM THE MIDDLE BUCKLE!!!!!

    Hardy gets back up … and EVAN BOURNE is back on the apron, pleading for the tag … AND HARDY GIVES IT TO HIM!!! Whilst Batista finally gets the better of Christian- sending him back first into the side of the barrier on the ramp – in the ring, Evan immediately heads for the top rope, with M.V.P prone on the mat-

    AIR BOURNE!!!!!!!


    ELIMINATED: M.V.P by Evan Bourne @ 09:08
    {TEAM EDGE 5 – Edge, Christian, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Evan Bourne}
    {TEAM BATISTA 1 – Batista, Ted DiBiase Jr, Jamie Noble, M.V.P, Sim Snuka}

    A tough task just became nigh on impossible – Batista is now left to face FIVE men on his own!! The Animal is still on the outside when the announcement is made that M.V.P has been eliminated … but despite having the clear opportunity to simply walk away now and call it a night, Batista HEADS FOR THE RING instead!!! Sliding straight in, Batista looks to take the fight to the three men there, first knocking down Matt with a clothesline, then Jeff, then Evan Bourne.

    Matt is back up … and right back down with a right hand, right hand to Jeff, right hand to Bourne. Batista then looks to clear ring, sending out Matt, then tosses Jeff over the top, leaving Evan Bourne all alone; SPINEBUSTER!!!!! But before the Animal can follow that up with the Batista Bomb, EDGE IS BACK UP!!! The Rated ‘R’ Superstar trips The Animal from the outside, and drags him to the floor!!!

    Edge is ALL fired up after the Spear earlier, and looks for payback on Batista, sending him into the apron, then at the barrier … before charging at the Animal, only to get a shoulder block for his troubles!!! Batista takes Edge up, and TOSSES him at the steps with utter contempt for his rival!!! In the ring, Bourne has recovered and now tags the returning Matt Hardy. Batista climbs back in, with Matt coming full steam ahead, throwing all he’s got at the disadvantaged Animal.

    Batista pie faces Hardy down, then batters him with a nasty looking clothesline … as Edge and Christian rejoin Jeff Hardy on the apron with Evan Bourne. The Animal sees the return of Edge especially, and decides he doesn’t want to toy with Matt Hardy any more – he’s only interested in Edge. He pushes Matt aside, and points down at him, telling Edge to tag in. That’s what Edge wants too … but unfortunately, Matt isn’t so keen to comply, and feeling slighted and disrespected by his treatment from Dave, Matt instead wants to fight on!!!

    King; “What is he doing!? MAKE THE TAG, YOU IDIOT!!”

    Cole; “Matt Hardy had a glorious opportunity to tag. Edge wanted it – Edge demanded it even – but Matt Hardy is putting his own interests ahead of the team!!”

    King; “Yeah, but so is Edge, Michael. He wants Batista in the worst way!!”

    Hardy gets back up, and comes after Big Dave, but gets knocked down AGAIN!!! Matt refuses to STAY down though, as Edge gets more animated and frustrated … along with Christian and Bourne, who both want Matt to tag out, whilst Jeff even looks conflicted about his brothers behaviour. Hardy continues to take the fight to Batista, refusing to back down, but gets knocked down again with a boot. The Animal runs Matt into (what used to be) the Team Batista corner, and drives his shoulder into the gut, before sending Matt across the ring to his own corner-

    And this time, Edge takes the decision out of Matts hands, tagging the chest of Hardy as soon as he hits the corner!! It’s Edge and Batista again!!! This time, Edge doesn’t just meet Batista blow for blow though, and instead ducks under a shot first, then catches The Animal with a kick to the gut, and drops him with his modified BULLDOG!! Climbing onto the apron, Matt Hardy is pissed at Edge tagging in off him, as Jeff is seen having a few words with his brother to calm him down.

    Meanwhile, in the ring, Edge then mounts Batista, and NOW begins to hammer at him, until being forced up by the referee. Trying to keep a lid on his own anger issues, Edge climbs up onto the top turnbuckle … setting himself, ready for The Animal returning to his feet … AND LAUNCHES WITH A MISSILE DROPKICK TO BATISTA!!! Now, feeding off the energy in the building, Edge starts motioning for the SPEAR – and a chance to gain a measure of revenge on Batista to cap their recent issues!!! He sets himself in the corner, willing Batista up-


    Edge is initially taken aback and surprised … then instantly furious, as Matt Hardy climbs back into the ring!! Edge – wild eyed – grabs the arm of Hardy, asking him what he’s doing, with Matt motioning for Edge to get out of the ring and let him take care of business then tells Edge “it’s not all about you!!”. There’s a pretty long face off between Edge and Matt, with Bourne, Christian and Jeff all looking to calm both guys down … but Matt doesn’t do himself any favours by mockingly waving ‘bye’ at Edge, then turns to get at Batista-


    Batista hooks the leg tight;


    Edge COULD break the count …

    But he REFUSES to save Matt …


    ELIMINATED: MATT HARDY by Batista @ 12:09
    {TEAM EDGE 4 – Edge, Christian, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Evan Bourne}
    {TEAM BATISTA 1 – Batista, Ted DiBiase Jr, Jamie Noble, M.V.P, Sim Snuka}

    Batista prevents a shut out by taking out Matt Hardy … but as soon as he rolls off the cover, Edge is ready-




    Edge looks shocked initially at the kick out, looking up at Charles Robinson, as we see Jeff Hardy drop down from the apron to check on his brother who has rolled out of the ring. In the ring, Edge is still shaking his head, but despite Batista kicking out … it’s nothing more than a final act of defiance from The Animal, as Edge drags him back up … AND DRILLS BATISTA WITH THE EDGECUTION!!!!!! Edge hooks BOTH legs for the count this time…



    ELIMINATED: BATISTA by Edge @ 12:36
    {TEAM EDGE 4 – Edge, Christian, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Evan Bourne}
    {TEAM BATISTA 0Batista, Ted DiBiase Jr, Jamie Noble, M.V.P, Sim Snuka}
    WINNERS: TEAM EDGE @ 12:36
    {Edge, Christian, Jeff Hardy & Evan Bourne survive}

    Michael Cole: Revenge for Edge!! Edge knocks off The Animal here at the Survivor Series!! And what an impressive display from Edge’s team – they nearly pulled off a shut out, King!!

    Jerry Lawler: Almost perfect!! And if Matt Hardy hadn’t such a big chip on his shoulder, it may well have been a perfect night for Edge’s team!!

    Michael Cole: And Matt Hardy only has himself to blame!! Edge appeared to have everything in hand when Matt tagged himself back in – but there was more than one occasion during the match where Matt just didn’t seem to want to co-operate with Edge.

    In the ring, Evan Bourne and Christian both offer a congratulations to Edge, acknowledging that this victory means a little more to him than them, whilst Batista – bruised and weary – departs from the ring. On the other side of the ring though, Matt is having to be calmed down by his brother – he’s clearly hot about something.

    Michael Cole: Well, even though he was eliminated himself, Matt Hardy ought to still congratulate the rest of his team mates. They got the job done in the end-

    Jerry Lawler: And if anything, Matt’s elimination paved the way to victory. Edge took out Batista as soon as he was getting up after eliminating Matt Hardy.

    Michael Cole: I don’t know if he’ll take solace in that, King.

    It does appear that Matt has been calmed down by Jeff, and Jeff motions for Matt to get in the ring to shake hands with their team mates. Nodding, Matt then sighs, before swallowing his pride, and climbing back into the ring. He shrugs at his team mates, holding up his hands, seemingly apologising for getting himself in trouble, whilst Jeff goes around bumping knuckles with his fellow survivors.

    Michael Cole: Well this is good to see.

    Jerry Lawler: Matt should be heading for the showers, Michael!! He’s a glory hog!!

    Having made his peace with the team, Matt shakes his head, staying on the fringes as the other four have their arms raised. He leans on the ropes, looking up at the titan tron … which is showing replays of the final eliminations … including his own … and Edge blatantly refusing to save him when he had the chance to.

    Jerry Lawler: Uh oh. I don’t think Matt Hardy likes what he sees, Michael!!

    Indeed he doesn’t.

    Upon seeing that footage, Matt SNAPS … and immediately turns, and SHOVES Edge from behind!!! Pointing his finger at Edge – whilst Jeff looks to hold him back – Matt accuses Edge of screwing him over, then repeatedly shouts at Edge; “I’M SICK OF YOU!!! I’M SICK OF YOU!!!”

    Christian is forced to hold Edge back too – albeit a little more lackadaisical than Jeff is with Matt – with Evan Bourne trapped in the middle of it all, not wanting a fight to break out between the team members.

    Michael Cole: This is a sad sight, King. These guys should be celebrating here – they’ve just pulled off one of the biggest landslide wins in Survivor Series history!! It shouldn’t be like this!!

    Jerry Lawler: And who’s fault is that!? The one guy that got himself eliminated!!

    Finally, Jeff and Evan settle Matt down, advising him to leave the ring, and leaving with him, whilst Christian talks calmly to Edge – who himself doesn’t look like he’s going to start a fight, but is more than ready to defend himself.

    Michael Cole: And I think that may well be the wisest decision that could be made here. Diffuse the situation.

    Jerry Lawler: Yeah, and get Matt Hardy a dark room. The guy looks like he’s about to boil over, Michael!!

    Huffing as he storms up the ramp, Matt continues to bark and moan at Jeff about the footage he saw, clearly still upset that Edge didn’t save him when he could’ve earlier … continuing to complain, all the way to the top of the ramp and disappearing through the curtain. Meanwhile, in the ring, Edge and Christian are even sharing a joke together it seems, calmed down from Matt’s outburst.

    Michael Cole: Well, let’s not let the post match drama taint an otherwise incredible achievement here. Team Edge have dispatched of Team Batista in impressive fashion tonight, despite the best efforts of The Animal-

    Jerry Lawler: Yeah – no shame in this loss for Batista, Michael.

    Michael Cole: But in the end, Team Edge have prevailed – despite some infighting – with FOUR out of the team of FIVE surviving!!! A rout tonight at the Survivor Series!!!

    We then cut to the RAW announce table, and JIM ROSS sitting alongside THE COACH.

    Jim Ross: Well Coach … it may well have been a rout for Team Edge, but I think we can safely say there wont be any one sidedness in this next contest…

    The Coach: Far from it, old timer.

    Jim Ross: It is the culmination of one of the most personal rivalries I’ve ever witnessed. Either Mister Kennedy or Triple H will do the unthinkable here t’night – one of these two men are about to say the words … “I Quit.”

    The Coach: And what a fitting place for this blood feud to end, J.R … the Survivor Series.

    Jim Ross: Oh, indeed. Only one of these two men will survive t’night – hell, neither of these two may survive this one. The pain and the punishment Triple H and Mister Kennedy are about to inflict on one another and endure from one another … could well see both men spend this evening at a local medical facility. It’s time to put the women and children to bed…


    The video opens up at NEMESIS last month, with TRIPLE H and MISTER KENNEDY both bloodied, beating one another within an inch of their lives, over the top of words spoken by Triple H the night after.

    Triple H: I’m angry … I’m angry at myself. I’m angry that that smug son of a bitch beat me last night at Nemesis. I’m angry that my wife thought it was a good idea to come to the ring and try to save my ass and try to negotiate with a madman.

    Various angles of Triple H taking the bullet for Stephanie last month at the conclusion of the contest … and Kennedy winning.

    Triple H: But I’m especially angry … because I can’t let this thing go.

    Cut to the angry face of Triple H on October 20.

    Triple H: I can’t let Kennedy have the last word here. I can’t allow this guy to say he wins. Not this time. Not Kennedy. Not with my wife, stood right there, beggin that piece of crap for mercy. That’s not the way this ends.I’m willing to risk everything in my future to finish Kennedy once and for all.I want you to leave the WWE, and I want you to leave with your tail between your legs, humbled and humiliated.

    A series of shots of Kennedy being anything BUT humbled; slapping Pat Patterson, taking over the controls of the production truck, swanning around like he owns the place.

    Triple H: And I don’t mean I want him fired. I want to run his sorry ass outta the WWE. I want to cut that man down to size. I want to embarrass that man … I wanna humiliate that man and I wanna beat that man – so badly – that he never has the gall to show his face in MY ring … EVER again.

    Clips of the two men battling at both WrestleMania and Nemesis, and the ending of each; Triple H standing tall at Mania, Kennedy getting his win back last month.

    Triple H: So I’m gonna lay it out, right here, right now. Kennedy?? I want … ONE more match. You … and me … one … on one. Let’s finish this; once and for all at the Survivor Series.

    More clips of the two men in their matches and the violence in both affairs – neither of which was enough to settle the score.

    Triple H: And I want a match that WILL bring closure. I want a match that WILL end this. A match … that’ll break you down … crush your spirit … and kill all that confidence. I promise you this … when it’s all said and done … when the truth about the REAL Mister Kennedy is out in the open … you will NEVER show your face in this ring again.

    Cutting to that promo on Raw on October 27; brimming with intensity, Triple H glares right into the camera.

    Triple H: The match I want – if you’ve got the guts to accept?? …

    Dramatic pause…

    Triple H: I … QUIT!!!


    Ask and you shall receive” ~J.R

    Kennedy enters the ring – face to face with The Game.

    Mister Kennedy: An “I Quit” match!? You sure?? I mean … after all I’ve been through … do you think there’s anything you can do to make me quit!?

    As Kennedy narrates what he’s been through, we see pictures of him being escorted from the building on the night he was fired … then Triple H assaulting Kennedy – who was at Smackdown as a spectator – leading to Kennedy getting his contract signing at MSG at SummerSlam.

    Mister Kennedy: I got FIRED!! Anyone else gets fired, they walk away; I didn’t. I didn’t accept that because I decide my fate. I got fired … and fought every minute of every hour, every day to get my job back.

    Clips of everything dastardly Kennedy has done; back handing Stephanie, battering Shane last December, tossing Vince McMahon off the stage on Raw.

    Mister Kennedy: Because NO ONE is gonna deny me what I’m owed. That whole time I was fired I never thought about quitting – not even once. When I got screwed by the machine, I never quit. And even though I’m a marked man, I’ve NEVER considered quitting.So what the hell makes you think there’s ANYTHING you can do to make me quit!!?? You want an I Quit match?? Then lets do it.

    A big face to face of the two rivals.

    Jim Ross: Triple H and Mister Kennedy will go to war; and that’s what it’ll be – a WAR – in an ‘I Quit’ match to end it all.

    The Coach: This is a loss you don’t come back from. Not when it’s this intense. To quit?? Against a man you hate??

    Clips now of OLD ‘I Quit’ matches, and Mankind being battered with chair shots by The Rock at the 1999 Royal Rumble, then Flair battling with Funk, Christian choking Tyson Tomko at SuperBrawl 2007, and Tully Blanchard trying to stab Magnum TA with a splint of a chair leg.

    Ric Flair: I’ve wrestled tens of thousands of matches in my life … but the most gruelling of ‘em all – by far – was the ‘I Quit’ match.

    Shots of Edge leaving the ring at Backlash 2006 with the Money in the Bank briefcase after forcing Rey Mysterio to quit (after threatening Rey’s son), Flair himself after making Funk quit, and the blood dripping from the mask of Mankind in 1999.

    Ric Flair: The winner is merely gonna be a survivor. He’ll get to leave Survivor Series with his soul in tact. That’s all.

    And open up back in the ring with Kennedy and Triple H just last Monday…

    Mister Kennedy: Now?? You’re playing MY game. You’ve been playing it all year … but I’m the one manning the controls. And dare I say it … I think you having to look up at me at the Survivor Series and utter the words “I … Quit” … for the whole world to hear … is gonna tear you apart … and it’s a public humiliation I don’t think you could ever come back from.

    Triple H: You’re right. It would be a public humiliation. And yeah, it’s one I’d probably never come back from… but like I said … it’s not gonna happen.Because at the Survivor Series … YOU are gonna say the words. YOU are gonna be the one that quits. And after all your talk, all your games, all your stunts … it all ends.

    Shots of a frustrated Triple H over the past year – with Kennedy getting away from him back in February, then Trips being restrained by officers in the summer, and spitting at the direction of Kennedy when being hauled away the night after SummerSlam.

    Triple H: Just like it has for so many others that tried to make a name off me. This Sunday at the Survivor Series, I will beat you – so badly – that the only option you have left … the only thing you can do … is quit.

    Various clips of Triple H bashing numerous stars over the last decade with a sledgehammer and dropping others with Pedigrees.

    Triple H: And when you quit … You … are … done.When you tell ME you don’t want any more … you don’t just quit. You give up everything that makes you a man. You’ll never be able to look yourself in the mirror again without KNOWING you’re less of a man. Knowing that someone else – ME – took away your pride … took away … your soul.

    Having been looking away, Kennedy shoots his glare back at Triple H now, and the fans pick up as the two rivals eyeball one another.

    Triple H: And you’ll have to live the rest of your sad, pathetic life … knowing it was ME that made you utter those words … knowing it was ME that exposed you for the weak, piece of garbage you are.

    Kennedy nods … drinking it all in, before smirking;

    Mister Kennedy: You got one thing right. I am a piece of garbage.

    Clips of Kennedy being just that; garbage. Tossing Vince off the stage, attacking Stephanie at SummerSlam, threatening Linda, annihilating Shane … and the fateful Sledgehammer shot at Nemesis which Triple H took FOR Stephanie.

    Mister Kennedy: I mean, what kind of man throws a near seventy year old off a stage?? … what kind of man attacks another man’s wife?? … what kind of man makes an entire families life a living hell??And what kind of a man is willing to cripple a father of two young baby girls??

    More evidence of Kennedy’s callous behaviour over the last year, showing no remorse for any of his actions, attacking executives, referees and fellow wrestlers.

    Mister Kennedy: I’m ready to do whatever it takes to make you say the words; “I Quit” this Sunday at the Survivor Series. And believe you and me both … I’d rather cut my own tongue out than EVER say those words to you.

    Triple H: You might just have to do that.

    The video then cuts to this past Monday, as Triple H left the ring … but Kennedy called out to him.

    Mister Kennedy: Hey Hunter!?How are you gonna stand in this ring ever again and call yourself “The Game”??

    The camera looks for a reaction from Triple H, but he gives a ‘pfft’ and shakes his head, before continuing to leave…

    Mister Kennedy: How are you gonna look at your wife, knowing – just like she knows – you’re not the man you thought you were.

    Triple H stops again on the ramp … and the camera cuts to his reaction … and he’s clearly agitated by the mention of Stephanie – with a flashing shot of Triple H over the years; winning World titles, lining up sledgehammer shots, spitting water at WrestleMania.

    Mister Kennedy: How are you gonna look your children in the eye … knowing Daddy isn’t “Daddy” any more … but instead … Daddy is now … MISTER KENNEDY’S BITCH!! Think about how you’ll tell those kids that their Daddy handed over his SOUL to another man. THINK!!!

    The tune of “Soul of a Man” by Blind Willie Johnson begins… with shots of both Triple H and Mister Kennedy at quieter points, simply lacing up their boots, taping wrists, warming up…

    Mister Kennedy: You talk about humiliating me and embarrassing me by making me quit … but when YOU say those words at the Survivor Series … how are YOU ever gonna show your face again??

    Back and forth, the camera shifts between Kennedy and Triple H, both brimming with intensity…

    Wont somebody tell me.”

    Slow motion shots of both guys making their entrances at various points over the last few years.

    Answer if you can.”

    Trading blows at WrestleMania … trading blows at Nemesis.

    I want somebody to tell me.”

    Kennedy smashing a chair off the back of Triple H – and vice versa – with close up images of both men in anguish, writhing in pain.

    What is the soul of a man?”

    Triple H delivering a SPINEBUSTER onto steel steps at WrestleMania … BREAKING a camera over Kennedy’s back that same night … CHOKING Kennedy with a television cable … a PEDIGREE through the announce table … and a final SLEDGEHAMMER shot to the skull to end that match.

    Well I want somebody to tell me.”

    Kennedy applying the KROSSFACE with the aid of a leather belt at WrestleMania … delivering a MIC CHECK on the ramp at Nemesis … bashing Triple H with the 2x4 wrapped in Barbed wire at Nemesis … then SLEDGEHAMMER shots; to the gut, the back … and the final blow to the skull as Trips takes the bullet for Steph.

    Answer if you can.”

    Trips and Kennedy being held apart in the past, then brawling …

    I want somebody to tell me.”

    And end on the final shot from Raw three weeks ago; face to face.

    Just what is the soul of a man?”





    Decked out in his usual black trunks and black boots with the motif’s on the gear, TRIPLE H stands on the ramp … head down … before taking in a gulp of water; then spits that water out!! The King of Kings has his ‘game’ face on, marching down the ramp now with a purpose.

    Jim Ross: There ain’t many with a resume to rival The Game. That’s why they CALL him The Game!! Ten times a World Champion, a King of the Ring winner, Royal Rumble winner, WrestleMania headliner – he’ll be a first ballot Hall of Famer for sure; he may even get his own wing … but that entire legacy could be clouded after tonight. Should The Game be the one to utter the words; ‘I Quit’, all those accolades, all those accomplishments could be overshadowed by the fact that on November 16, 2008, The Game … quit.

    The Coach: It’s a prospect I cant envisage, J.R. But I’d say the same thing about Mister Kennedy. Problem is; someone HAS to say ‘I Quit’ tonight.

    Jim Ross: And just imagine Coach – what these two men will have to put one another through in order to make the other quit.

    Climbing up onto the apron, The Game gives a long look into the crowd, surveying the audience as he readies himself … before spitting his water into the sky, all eyes on him, before proceeding into the ring, and posing on the turnbuckles.

    Jim Ross: The Game has competed in every kind of match there is. Hell in a Cell, Last Man Standing matches, Streetfights, Elimination Chambers … but nothing – NOTHING will compare to what he’s about to endure. I guarantee it.

    The Coach: And he’ll have to dish out more punishment than ever before too, J.R. HAS to if he wants Kennedy to reach that breaking point where he has to quit.

    Triple H drops down from the turnbuckles, and begins to pace the ring, eyeing up toward the stage as he awaits the arrival of his foe…

    Jim Ross: I’ll tell ya this, Coach – I don’t think it’s ever been more personal for The Game than it is right now. Mister Kennedy has pushed his buttons like no man before him. An’ I don’t know if that’ll all come back to haunt Kennedy tonight. There could be hell to pay for Kennedy…

    The Coach: And there may be hell to pay for Triple H too. Don’t forget, Kennedy holds a grudge too. He wants to destroy Triple H just as much.


    Marching through the curtain and wasting no time making his way down the ramp, MISTER KENNEDY has tunnel vision – and it’s ALL on Triple H. Wearing black trunks with his own logo, Kennedy is dressed appropriately this time – as opposed to the street look last time out at Nemesis.

    Jim Ross: Well, if he’s nervous – he’s doin a helluva job hidin it!! Mister Kennedy is damn near runnin down this aisle!!

    The Coach: He’s chomping at the bit, J.R!! The chance to make the almighty Triple H say the words “I Quit” is a hell of a motivator!!!

    Jim Ross: He may just find it’s a little trickier to make that happen, though, Coach. If he wants The Game to quit – he’ll have to go through hell himself!!!

    The Coach: And trust me, J.R – he’s relishing the prospect!!

    Kennedy stomps his way up the steps, then stops at the apron … making Triple H wait. There’s a smile on the face, and Kennedy licks his lips, looking into the ring at his long time rival…

    Jim Ross: Y’might wanna put the kids to bed for this one, folks!! This will not be for the weak of heart. It’s gonna be messy, it’s gonna be brutal, and it’ll damn sure be ugly. This could well wind up bein a fight to death.

    The Coach: I’d expect that outcome before I’d ever imagine either one of these two saying “I Quit”.

    Jim Ross: Someone has to say it, Coach. We’re about to find out a LOT about these two men. I think they’re about to find out a lot about themselves too…

    Stepping inside slowly, Kennedy is taking his time … eventually climbing into the ring, and the bell rings – to a big pop!!

    Triple H vs. Mister Kennedy

    There’s no mad rush to fight this time – Kennedy and Triple H are both more measured in approach. Stepping toward one another, each man looks to get the final psychological blow in on the other with some trash talk before the action begins … and after Triple H appears to make a quip, Kennedy chuckles, putting his head down … before looking to take a swing at Hunter- BLOCKED – and The Game fires off a shot of his own, knocking Kennedy off his feet!!!

    Kennedy is right back up … and right back down off another right hand, and AGAIN off a third straight right hand!! Kennedy stumbles back to his feet again, and staggers into the ropes, met by Triple H, and The Game sends Kennedy off, meeting him on the return with a RUNNING HIGH KNEE!!! It’s all Triple H in the early going, but Kennedy isn’t prepared to just stay down either, forcing The Game to knock him down AGAIN with a clothesline this time, before dropping down himself, and gripping the throat of Kennedy, BLATANTLY CHOKING HIM!!!!!

    Referee Scott Armstrong quickly gets to his knees, looking to put the microphone to Kennedy and ask if he wants to quit … but Triple H is quick to SHOVE the official out of the way, shouting at Armstrong; “HE DOESN’T GET TO QUIT THAT EASY!!!” Having released his choke to push the referee away, Trips has allowed Kennedy to roll away too … but not far. Kennedy gets to the corner, but The Game is on him quickly, stomping Kennedy mercilessly in the corner, which gets the age old Jim Ross quote of “stompin a mudhole” into Kennedy.

    Triple H continues to dominate, dragging Kennedy to his feet and wasting little time in sending his foe across the ring at speed to the opposite corner – colliding CHEST FIRST with the turnbuckles!! Kennedy bounces out of the corner after impact – with Triple H charging through him with a clothesline to the back of the head!!! Kennedy goes down again, and with a sustained attack in the early going, Triple H seems comfortable enough to take a moment off and proceeds to REMOVE the top turnbuckle padding!!!

    With the fans cheering the sight of Trips throwing the padding away, The Game turns his focus back to Kennedy – who’s catching his breath as he recovers in the corner – and softens him up with a couple more straight rights, then attempts to shoot Kennedy across the ring to the corner with the exposed turnbuckle – REVERSED BY KENNEDY!!! Triple H goes hurtling toward the corner instead and takes his signature top rope bump, over the top and tumbling straight to the floor in a heap!!!!!

    It’s Kennedys first piece of offence, and getting his legs back under him, the loudmouth shows a smirk and licks his lips, seeing Triple H on the floor … and given the stakes, Kennedy isn’t going to wait in the ring for The Game to return. Kennedy steps through the ropes, watching and waiting as Triple H picks himself back up … and comes off the apron with an AXE HANDLE onto Hunter!!!

    Nodding now, Kennedy picks Triple H up, and SLAMS The Games face off the top of the steel steps!!! Kennedy grabs Trips by the face, telling him; “Wanna do that again!?” … and smashes his face off the steps again!!! Triple H looks to get away, but Kennedy shakes his head, grabbing the arm, pulling The Game back, and attempts to send him into the RING POST with an Irish whip – REVERSED by Triple H – AND KENNEDY COLLIDES WITH THE POST!!!!!

    The cocky demeanour evaporates, as Kennedy slumps to his knees after impact … and with the momentum quickly shifting back his way, Triple H is making sure not to waste any time whatsoever … by looking under the ring … AND DRAGGING OUT THE SLEDGEHAMMER!!!!!! The Game is bringing the big guns early, and the fans react in kind as he raises the weapon up high for all to see, looking up at the hammer himself … before setting his eyes on Kennedy.

    Trips starts to move toward the recovering Kennedy, but Kennedy kicks a leg out, purposely at the hammer, kicking it out of Triple H’s hands!! Kennedy then makes a dive at the weapon, but Triple H grabs at it too, and they tussle over the sledgehammer on the floor – both men on their knees, knowing this could be vital – even this early on. Desperate for possession of the sledgehammer, both men have the same idea, aiming HEADBUTTS at one another…

    And it’s a battle TRIPLE H wins, getting both hands on the sledgehammer, and getting to his feet … BUT KENNEDY INSTANTLY CHARGES TRIPS INTO THE STEPS!!!! Naturally, Hunter drops the hammer, with Kennedy quickly picking it up, and quickly looking to swing down at Triple H at the steps … BUT TRIPLE H DODGES OUT OF THE PATH OF THE HAMMER!!! The hammer CLUNKS against the steel steps and even puts a dent in the steps given the meaning behind the swing!!

    After missing though, Kennedy is left in trouble, and Triple H grabs him by the head, SLAMMING his face off the steps for the third time already!! That allows Triple H to regain control of the sledgehammer, and this time when Kennedy charges at him, Trips is ready for it; AND CATCHES HIM WITH A SHOT TO THE GUT WITH THE HAMMER!!!!!! Instantly, Kennedy drops to his knees, and clutches at his gut, selling that he’s been winded and struggling to breathe. And things are about to get worse, with Triple H standing over him…

    But Triple H elects NOT to go for a headshot-


    And it’s not a one off shot either – after that first crushing blow to the knee, Triple H delivers a SECOND sledgehammer shot to the knee of Kennedy!!! Kennedy cries out in agony, and tries to crawl away … but Triple H puts a boot on the ankle of his foe that stops him from crawling away … THEN DRIVES THE HAMMER DOWN INTO THE BACK OF THE KNEE!!!!! The Game is destroying the knee of Mister Kennedy!!!


    Coach; “It’s gotta be!!! Quit Ken!! Quit now while y’can!!!”

    J.R; “And y’gotta believe The Game is doin this to punish Kennedy!! He coulda went for a head shot and ended it right there – but he wants the pain and suffering to be LONG and drawn out here!!”

    Coach; “He wants to make sure Kennedy can never walk again, J.R!!”

    Triple H tosses the sledgehammer into the ring, and looks to drag Kennedy up next – but stubborn to the end, Kennedy tries to push Trips away – resulting in Hunter BOOTING Kennedy in the face to subdue him. Now, The Game picks Kennedy up, tossing him into the ring, with Kennedy already clearly hampered by his leg as he shuffles on the mat in the ring, with Triple H taking his time to follow inside … a luxury he can afford himself against a man that can’t currently stand.

    Once inside, Triple H looks to continue to punish the leg. Stomps to the knee by the ropes, then Triple H uses the ropes to leap up – and drop a BIG elbow to the knee of Kennedy!! He uses the ropes to give himself more height again, and this time drops his KNEE against the knee of Kennedy with the loudmouth rolling away, clutching his leg, crying out in pain … as a slight smirk begins to emerge from the corner of Triple H’s mouth.

    Trying to cause separation, Kennedy is crawling toward the apron, but Triple H puts a stop to that, grabbing Kennedy by the ankle – on the bad leg – and drags him right back, yanking the leg for good measure too!! Stretching the leg out, Triple H almost toys with Kennedy before dropping an elbow to the knee … gets up … and drops another elbow to the knee!!! He lets go, and Kennedy clutches at his knee, feeling the pain, as J.R and Coach continue to discuss that Triple H really wants Kennedy to suffer here tonight – he’s not looking to end it early at all.

    Continuing the punishment, Triple H slams the leg of Kennedy off the canvas repeatedly, before locking the legs up … AND APPLYING THE INDIAN DEATHLOCK ON KENNEDY!!!!! As ever, Jim Ross nearly has an orgasm in putting over the hold, and how rarely we see it, and stresses how much pressure and pain this’ll put on Kennedy’s already fragile leg. Tellingly though, Triple H shouts “DON’T YOU DARE QUIT YET!!” at Kennedy – who probably has no intentions of quitting anyway.

    Slapping his hands off the canvas as he tries to get close to the ropes – despite a rope break being meaningless in this match – Kennedy digs in, refusing to give up (especially this early) and continues to get closer to the ropes, having to swipe away at Scott Armstrong when the referee reaches down to ask if he wants to quit. Kennedy keeps crawling, making it to the ropes- but as he grabs them, he CONTINUES to drag himself forward!!

    Kennedy knows Triple H doesn’t have to break the hold, and merely uses the ropes to pull on, as he looks to crawl out of the ring!!! Triple H spots what’s happening, and tries to keep his hold applied, trying to put the brakes on Kennedy dragging him from the ring, but as the Green Bay native pulls himself over the apron, gravity starts to take control!! Kennedy drags The Game out of the ring, and with Trips unable to stop Kennedy from escaping, he loses the grip of the hold when dragged out of the ring!!!

    J.R; “An’ I think that was th’only way Kennedy was gonna get Triple H t’break that hold!!”

    Coach; “Smart move by Kennedy – he knew Triple H wouldn’t let go just because he got to the ropes!!”

    But the problems aren’t over yet for Mister Kennedy. His leg is in a bad way already, and he’s struggling to get up, whilst Triple H is already dusting himself off from his bump from the apron to the floor, watching as Kennedy drags himself up at the barrier … then rushes at him, delivering a clothesline that takes Kennedy OVER the barrier!!!!! And The Game isn’t happy to just leave it at that. He climbs over in pursuit, as the pair start to fight through the fans!!

    It’s Triple H throwing the shots though and Kennedy in retreat, limping backward, selling his leg injury, having to eat the shots coming his way as fans get out of the way, whilst others dip their heads into the camera shot to get on TV. A big shot from Hunter sends Kennedy sprawling onto the floor, but when Trips reaches down to drag Kennedy back up – SPLASH~!! Kennedy SWILLS A DRINK AT HUNTERS FACE!!!

    Kennedy buys himself time with the drink to the face of Trips, and drags himself up by using a fans chair, then shoves a (clearly planted) fan into the path of The Game, and after Trips pushes the fan aside, Kennedy is able to land a blow to the bread basket of The Game. Triple H doubles over, with Kennedy immediately SUPLEXING Triple H onto a row of chairs!!!!! It’s the first BIG piece of offence for Kennedy, but as soon as he delivers the move, Kennedy is back to favouring his bad leg, still feeling the effects of the prolonged assault on the body part.

    Still, the high impact suplex has given Kennedy an upper hand, and despite limping, he leads Triple H back toward the barrier at ringside, throwing him over and dumping him on the floor. Again though, it’s obvious that his leg is causing him problems, and Kennedy gingerly climbs back over the barrier himself, shaking the leg out as he follows after Triple H, who is staggering away – walking by the announce tables to the opposite side of the barrier. Kennedy slaps at his leg, as if to say ‘fuck it’ and puts the pain aside to come CHARGING at Hunter-





    And the “HOLY SHIT” chants do follow, as Triple H and Kennedy are both left sprawled out on the rubble from the broken down barrier with The Game laying atop his rival after the Spinebuster. Scott Armstrong is at a loss as to what to do, but sort of asks both men if they want to continue … and there’ll be no quitting from either man here, even if they can’t muster a word right now. Triple H is first to stir from the Spinebuster, and rolls off Kennedy, clutching at his wrist in pain.

    Gritting his teeth, Triple H fights through the pain, shaking his wrist loose as he returns to the scene, dragging Kennedy up from the rubble, and shows him back to the ring, rolling Kennedy back inside. Before following in himself though, Triple H grabs a steel chair – and not to sit on it. The Game returns to the ring, with Kennedy puffing his cheeks, trying to use the ropes to stand – still BADLY hampered from the attack on his leg early on – and it doesn’t get any better-


    Kennedy goes down instantly, and Triple H follows up with ANOTHER rattling chair shot to the leg!!! He pushes Scott Armstrong away when the official attempts to ask Kennedy if he wants to quit – he still doesn’t want the question to be asked – and delivers a THIRD chair shot to the knee!!! J.R asks how much more of this Kennedy can possibly take, and we might just get the answer … as Triple H unfolds the chair, placing the leg inside the opening!!!!!

    It’s a familiar sight, and with Kennedy prone on the mat, he cant get out of the way, with Triple H first stomping the chair – putting further pain and pressure on the leg of his foe. But the worst is to come … as Triple H perches himself onto the middle turnbuckle … HE WANTS TO PILLMANIZE THE LEG OF KENNEDY!!!!! The Game looks out at the fans, and motions that this’ll do it – and J.R agrees – emphatically stating this will BREAK Kennedy’s leg (if it isn’t already broken at this point) … and Triple H jumps off from the height of the middle turnbuckle-


    It’s only a stay of execution though for Kennedy – Triple H only lands on his feet, and is able to STOMP at the chair again!!! Kennedy tries to push the chair off from around his leg, but The Game stomps his face to subdue him, then drops a knee to stiffen Kennedy up. The Game drags Kennedy back up again – keeping the chair in position – and backs him into the corner, purposely tying the leg up onto the middle rope to expose it. Trips backs out and picks up the sledgehammer again-

    And looks to come in at speed with the hammer – targeting the exposed leg-




    Bringing Triple H to the canvas, Kennedy doesn’t need his legs to keep him up, and he proceeds to wail on Triple H, raining down blows – left and rights – throwing everything behind them!!! The blows force Triple H to release his grip of the sledgehammer, and as a result, Kennedy grabs it, and begins to use the wooden handle to CHOKE Triple H on the mat!!! Triple H looks to fight it, using his own strength to push back…

    But Kennedy presses down harder, with full intentions of choking the life out of The Game, until Triple H throws a shot at the temple of Kennedy. That breaks the choke, but it’s taken a bit of a toll on Triple H, and he looks to catch his breath for a moment, which allows Kennedy a few extra seconds to try and put weight on his leg to get up. Kennedy ends up using the hammer as a crutch almost to aid him to his feet, but as he stands, Kennedy eats a shot to the gut from Hunter, and the hammer flies out of his hands – and through the ropes to the floor.

    Kennedy tries to throw a shot back – blocked by Triple H – and The Game fires one back, putting Kennedy on his ass, which J.R guesses is a sign that Kennedy’s leg isn’t holding up. Kennedy retreats to the corner, pulling himself up on the ropes as Triple H stalks him down, following in, looking to continue the punishment- WHEN KENNEDY GRABS HUNTER BY THE TRUNKS … AND YANKS HIM IN TOWARD THE CORNER-



    Coach; “Two big moments for Kennedy!! Two big pieces of offence in a split second!!!”

    J.R; “An’ that may well be enough to turn this thing around in his favour!!”

    That remains to be seen, but it DOES buy Kennedy time!! We see a trickle of blood on Triple H’s face – barely enough to equate a blade job – as a result of his collision with the turnbuckle, and Kennedy – on his knees – reaches and SNATCHES the microphone from the official … but he isn't looking to ask Triple H the question. Instead, he proceeds to NAIL The Game with the microphone!!! Frantic shots – eight in total – with Kennedy trying to open up the gash, before grabbing Triple H by the hair, and uses the microphone-

    But it doesn’t work!! Kennedy smirks – but out of frustration – before using the broken microphone again to bash Triple H’s skull, then tells Scott Armstrong to get another one. Kennedy bashes Trips another couple of times with the broken mic whilst Armstrong retrieves another one, and once he’s got the working microphone, Kennedy tosses the other aside … then gets back to where he was, speaking into it whilst holding Triple H by the head;


    No response from Triple H. So Kennedy NAILS him with the microphone!!!

    ANSWER ME!!!”

    And he NAILS Triple H with the microphone again!!!


    “… No.”

    Not the answer Kennedy wanted – and he buries the microphone into the head of The Game AGAIN!!!



    And Kennedy BLASTS him again!!! The defiance of Triple H doesn’t go down well with Kennedy, and the loudmouth tosses the mic aside in frustration (with Armstrong dutifully collecting it) before pushing to his feet – but STILL noticeably struggling to put weight on his badly injured leg!! Meanwhile, Triple H – his cut now bigger from the repeated microphone shots – crawls to the corner, knocked loopy by the blows … but that’s right where Kennedy wants him, and the man from Green Bay limps in behind, putting the boots to The Game in the corner!!!

    Kennedy sets him into position and hobbles from the corner … then turns back around, and looks to block out the pain as he charges in – FACEWASH TO TRIPLE H!!!!! But that’s not enough!! Kennedy – not content with one simple facewash – reaches down, picking up the chair, and brings it to the corner, placing it over the FACE of The Game … and proceeds to deliver a SECOND FACEWASH-


    And NOW The Game is PROPERLY BUSTED OPEN!!!!! This match has turned on it’s head, and despite being badly hampered by his injured leg, Kennedy has struck first blood in the I Quit Match!!! As Kennedy hobbles around, trying to shake his leg loose, Scott Armstrong takes it upon himself to ask the question of Triple H in the corner-


    But he doesn’t even get an answer, Triple H instead pushes weakly at the official to indicate he’s not quitting. Kennedy sees this and nods – he’s happy this is continuing for now at least. He pulls Triple H by the legs out of the corner, and proceeds to mount his hated rival and punch at the bloody forehead, opening the wound up further and bloodying his own hands with Triple H’s blood!!! Armstrong inches in again, but Kennedy warns him off, before getting back up – STILL wincing when he puts weight on the bad leg.

    Kennedy picks up the steel chair Triple H was using earlier, and proceeds to return the favour, CRACKING the chair off the back of Triple H, stopping the Game from crawling to the ropes. He BENDS the chair over the back again, and a THIRD time, as Triple H contorts his body, wincing and grimacing in pain with each shot, feeling every ounce of every shot!!! Kennedy tosses the chair aside, and motions by shaking his head that he’s not content with that.

    The man from Green Bay hobbles out of the ring, gingerly climbing to the floor from the apron rather than drop down … but he has his eyes on the STEEL STEPS!!! With a sick grin on his face, Kennedy dislodges the top steps and tosses them aside in favour for the sturdier, bulkier bottom step … but struggles somewhat to get them up and into the right; both because of his own leg power issues and the weight of the steps. Eventually though, he’s able to power the step onto the apron-


    The steps to the face cause Kennedy to stumble on the floor, and Triple H reaches through the ropes to grab at Kennedy, but Kennedy quickly knocks him back with a right hand!!! Kennedy shakes the cobwebs, and climbs back in, coming for Triple H, and knocking him down with a clothesline. With The Game down, Kennedy drags the steps into the middle of the ring, setting something up … and looks to drag Triple H back to his feet-



    Both men are laying down on the step for differing reasons, but Triple H soon wipes the blood from his forehead, before rolling off and snatching the microphone from Armstrong. He turns Kennedy over, breathing into the mic, and grabs him by the face-


    Kennedy breathes heavily into the mic, with Triple H pushing it into his face…



    And Trips tosses the mic aside, dragging Kennedy right back to his feet, stepping onto the step … AND INTO POSITION FOR THE PEDIGREE ON THE STEEL STEP-


    Kennedy avoids the Pedigree!!!!! Triple H struggles back up from the back drop onto the canvas, but he is met by Kennedy when he does – FLAPJACK – FACE FIRST INTO THE STEP!!!!! Kennedy nods, enjoying what he’s just done, and slaps at his bad leg, pushing through the pain to just get back up, bringing Triple H and his scrambled brain with him … and POINTS TO THE CORNER – then tosses Triple H at the turnbuckle!!! Kennedy drags the steps a little closer to the corner, then limps in to follow Trips, and struggles … but DOES get Triple H UP onto his SHOULDERS!!!!

    J.R; “Ohhh … you don’t think-?”

    Coach; “Ohh, I do, J.R!! I’m thinking it’s Green Bay Plunge time!!!”

    J.R; “But surely not onto those steel steps!?”

    But it would appear that’s EXACTLY what Kennedy has in mind!! With Triple H on his shoulders, Kennedy points at the steps, before propping himself up to a seated position on the top rope!!! The fans are rising to their feet as Kennedy stands up on the turnbuckles-


    And of course there’s no way Triple H is taking that kind of bump!! The Game starts elbowing at the side of Kennedy’s head, stopping Ken from executing the big risk move, with fans BOOING at the fact these two aren’t about to kill themselves, and Triple H climbs down from the shoulders of his rival, down onto the apron… AND TOSSES KENNEDY OFF THE ROPES – ONTO THE STEEL STEP!!!!!

    Kennedy squirms on the step after impact, whilst Triple H shakes his head, throwing his hair back – blood spattering as he does so – before coming back after Kennedy, sizing him up for a clothesline over the top rope – KENNEDY DUCKS DOWN – AND SENDS TRIPLE H OVER THE TOP AND TO THE FLOOR!!!!! Again, Kennedy buys himself some time with the counter to the clothesline, and soon drops down himself, rolling to the floor – STILL struggling to put much weight on his bad leg.

    He grabs Trips by the head, smashing his bloody face off the Spanish announce table, then looks to do it again – but Triple H puts the brakes on, elbows Kennedy in the gut, and returns the favour by smashing Kennedys face off the table!! Kennedy staggers off, as Triple H RIPS the cover off the announce table, setting something up … but turns around, and KENNEDY LAUNCHES HIMSELF AT HUNTER – AND THE TWO MEN BUNDLE OVER THE TABLE!!!!!!

    Triple H and Kennedy wipe out Carlos and Hugo, taking our Spanish colleagues by surprise, and as both competitors roll around on the floor, they wildly swing blows at one another!!! Both men get their shots in, before they are both scrambling to get back to their feet … and as they do – KENNEDY SWINGS A MONITOR – WAFFLING TRIPLE H IN THE SKULL WITH IT!!!!! And that shot will put Mister Kennedy right back into the driving seat!!!

    Wincing as he hobbles around the table, Kennedy meets Triple H – on his knees – with The Games bloody wound getting progressively worse now, and drags his foe to his feet, throwing him back into the ring, summoning Armstrong and taking the microphone before climbing back inside himself. Triple H is on his hands and knees, brain scrambled from the monitor shot, with Kennedy standing over him, mic in hand…


    Triple H – still on his knees – looks up, and DEFIANTLY shakes his head!!! Kennedy sticks his sole into the face of The Game to knock him over.

    How about now!?”

    Still, Triple H SHAKES HIS HEAD … leading to Kennedy nailing him with the microphone again!!!


    Kennedy stuffs the mic into the face of The Game;

    NO WAY!!!”

    Kennedy BLASTS Triple H with the mic one more time, then hands the microphone back to the referee … and decides to go for something a little bigger. Returning to the step he introduced earlier, Kennedy uses ALL his mite to pick the instrument up, whilst Triple H pulls himself back to his feet, pushing away from the ropes-



    Coach; “Kennedy said he could do this all night – and I believe him!!!”

    Kennedy drops the steps, and with a smirk on his face calls for the microphone again from Scott Armstrong. He kneels down, over the body of his rival…


    Kennedy pushes the mic into the face of The Game again, with Trips breathing raggedly … before yelling;


    Accepting the refusal, Kennedy looks around and shrugs, muttering; “have it your way”. He chats to himself after handing off the mic, then starts looking around, and asks the official where the ‘hammer’ is. Remembering it fell to the floor, Kennedy smirks, and rolls out of the ring to retrieve the object, and brings it back inside, as J.R implores Triple H to just quit before it’s too late, claiming Kennedy has no line he wont cross to win this match. But, as Kennedy climbs back in, Triple H spots the hammer … and starts to CRAWL away!!!

    Coach calls The Game a coward, and in truth, it does look like Triple H is cowardly running from Kennedy right now, scrambling to the other side of the ring to escape from the sledgehammer wielding Kennedy. Seeing this, Kennedy chuckles – he’s loving Triple H retreat – and takes his time to hobble toward the ropes, with Triple H having climbed out of the ring by the apron. Kennedy reaches through the ropes, looking to drag Triple H back into the ring and finish him off-


    He wasn’t running, he wasn't retreating – he was playing possum!!!!! Kennedy CRUMBLES upon the impact of the hammer shot to the SKULL, as Triple H stands back up, raising his second hammer up high for all to see … before we catch a glimpse of Kennedy in the ring … and HE is BUSTED WIDE OPEN now too as a result of the sledgehammer shot!!!!!


    Coach; “I should’ve known better than to think Triple H would run away like that!!”

    Getting back into the ring – sledgehammer slung over his shoulder – Triple H is now in the position of dominance, and he’s going to milk it for all it’s worth!! Kennedy is on his hands and knees now, touching at his wound with blood dripping onto the crimson soaked canvas, with Triple H grabbing the microphone…

    We can call it right here … right now … or I can Pedigree your sorry ass a hundred times if I have to. One way or another … YOU … WILL … QUIT!!!”

    But Kennedy is SHAKING his head!!!

    You DUMB son of a bitch!!!”

    Triple H throws the microphone back to the referee, and watches as Kennedy pulls himself to his feet … and CROTCH CHOPS The Game!!! That only infuriates Triple H further, and as Kennedy pushes out of the corner, he eats a SICK sledgehammer shot RIGHT TO THE GUT!!!!! Kennedy immediately drops to his knees, Triple H dumps the hammer down, and positions Kennedy … PEDIGREE!!!!! An EMPHATIC Pedigree!!!! Triple H turns Kennedy over, and beckons Armstrong, telling him to ask Kennedy whilst he gets to his feet…

    You wanna quit??”

    Armstrong leans over Kennedy, winded by the hammer shot, bloodied by the earlier hammer shot, and scrambled by the Pedigree … he’s unable to speak … but he just about manages to muster the energy to limply WAG A FINGER!!!! HE WON’T QUIT!!! Upon seeing that reaction, Triple H shows a look of frustration that he cant seem to break Kennedy’s will!!! He goes back to old faithful, picking up the sledgehammer, and rips the microphone from the official;

    I’m givin you a chance to quit while y’still can!!”


    And Triple H responds by driving the sledgehammer into the BACK of Kennedy!!!!!!

    J.R; “He’s destroyed one of Kennedy’s legs … he’s busted the man wide open … he’s probably broken his ribs … and now he’s gonna target the back!! Bit by bit, Triple H is systematically breakin this man down!!!”

    Coach; “But he WONT quit!!”

    J.R; “Scott Armstrong has gotta step in here and some point… this can’t go on much longer!! Triple H said he’d CRIPPLE Kennedy … and I sure as hell believe he’s willin to do it!!!”

    I WILL cripple your ass if I have to!!!!”

    Grimacing on the mat, clutching at his back, Kennedy shakes his head again as Scott Armstrong sticks the microphone to his face;


    More defiance from Kennedy, and Triple H responds with ANOTHER shot to the back!!!!! Kennedy is flat on his face, wincing in agony, but STILL not willing to yield, as Triple H requests the mic from the official.


    He tosses the mic back to Armstrong, and starts to line up a final shot, yelling at Kennedy to “GET UP” … wanting to take out Kennedy with one final head shot … wanting Kennedy to take it like a man. And to his credit, despite knowing what’s coming, Kennedy is clawing at the ropes, pulling his battered and broken body to his feet … and peels away, as TRIPLE H COMES FOR THE FINAL HAMMER BLOW-


    AND APPLIES THE KROSSFACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kennedy counters the attempted hammer shot – and applies the Krossface out of it!!!!! And much like with the Indian Deathlock earlier, even if Triple H CAN get to the ropes, it’ll make no difference!!! The Game scrambles, trying to find a way to reverse or counter the hold, as Kennedy LEANS back with all he can, fighting through his own pain to crank back on The Game!!!! Triple H first tries to break the grips himself – but Kennedy has the arms locked tight … then tries to roll through to escape-


    Scott Armstrong kneels down, looking to ask the question of Triple H … but The Game himself shows his own defiance by wagging his finger – unable to verbalize no – whilst still trapped in the hold. Trips reaches around, and FINDS the sledgehammer he dropped!!!! The Game grabs onto the hammer, finding the butt of it, then tries to aim it – blindly – at Kennedy, but CANT reach him!! The Krossface remains applied, and Triple H … STARTS TO FADE!!!!!!

    Hunter weakly attempts another hopeful shot with the butt of the hammer – to no success – on Kennedy, with his energy levels dipping as a result. He drops the hammer, but summons the energy to try and pick it up again … just as Kennedy CRANKS back some more in the hold!!!! Kennedy leans back, applying more pressure … as Triple H gets his hand on the hammer … but FADES … AND LIMPLY LETS GO … AS HE APPEARS TO PASS OUT!!!!!

    Scott Armstrong sees it, and double checks, raising the arm … then letting it drop, with Triple H failing to keep it aloft!!! The referee taps the arms of Kennedy, telling him to let go – and indicates he’s going to stop the match … BUT KENNEDY DOESN’T WANT IT THAT WAY!!! He lets go of the hold, but immediately gets up – wincing as he hobbles on his bad leg – and grabs Armstrong by the shirt … and takes the microphone-


    And there’s a pretty big pop for that in the arena – as Kennedy shoves the mic into the chest of the official, warning him the consequences if he calls for the bell, then asks for something from the timekeepers position, getting a bottle of water handed to him by a deer in the headlights Lillian Garcia. He chugs a gulp of water for himself … then douses the rest on Triple H to bring him around!!!!! He tosses the bottle aside, and calls for the mic…

    WAKE UP!!! LOOK AT ME!!!”

    Kennedy grabs Triple H by his bloodied up face…


    Triple H tries to push up … but his body gives in on him, and he face plants onto the mat!! Kennedy shakes his head, then drops down … AND RE-APPLIES THE KROSSFACE!!!!! Triple H can’t muster any kind of response either … he’s fading, and fading quickly, as Kennedy leans back, yelling; “ASK HIM IF HE QUITS!!!” with Armstrong reaching down, looking for a response from The Game … but Triple H simply fades … and fades … passing out again!!!!!

    Once more, Kennedy releases the hold having sensed Triple H going limp, and shakes his head, calling for another bottle of water … and dumps it on his rival again to try and revive him. Scott Armstrong tries to talk sense to Kennedy, asking him to let him call it here … but Kennedy pushes the official away!!! He takes the mic again…

    I’m gonna give you one more chance. Now THINK about it!! THINK about your WIFE!!!”

    Triple H grimaces at the words of Kennedy…


    He makes a weak swipe at Kennedy from the mat, and misses by a distance.


    Again, Triple H tries to summon up the energy, pushing his fists into the mat to push to his feet … when Kennedy kicks his arms from under him!!! Triple H flops onto the mat again!!!


    The Game buries his face into the canvas, shaking his head, furious at what he’s having to listen to … but simply too weak to do anything about it … as Kennedy stomps the back of his head!!!


    Triple H reaches at the ropes, trying AGAIN to pull himself to his feet with one big surge … whilst Kennedy shakes his head as he watches this attempt.


    Head bowed, Triple H shakes his head … he just CANT give in it seems – not to Kennedy!!

    NO!? FINE…”

    Kennedy picks up the SLEDGEHAMMER … AND STARTS TO DEMAND Triple H get up … shouting at him to “take it like a man” … as he looks to take The Game out with the sledgehammer … with Scott Armstrong standing by with the microphone … WHEN TRIPLE H NODS … HE LOOKS AT ARMSTRONG … ARMSTRONG REACHES IN WITH THE MIC…

    “… I Quit.”

    Triple H says the words!!! He instantly flops his face into the mat, having done the absolute UNTHINKABLE … and Scott Armstrong calls for the bell … as Kennedy SMILES and tosses the sledgehammer aside!!!!


    The Coach: I don’t believe it, J.R!!! Kennedy said he’d do it – and he did!!! He made Triple H say the words … I … Quit!!!

    Adrenaline wearing off as his name is read out as a winner and his music blaring into the arena, Kennedy himself drops to the mat, having just scored THE signature victory of his entire career to this point.

    Jim Ross: We have just witnessed one of the most damnedest things in a WWE ring. The hatred, the bad blood, the fury of these two men – they went to hell an’ back t’night to break the others will … and in the end, it was Triple H that said the words!!!

    The Coach: I never thought I’d see the day, J.R!!

    Jim Ross: An’ if y’ask me … I think the only thing that made him quit was the thought of what would happen to his young family. He knew Kennedy had him … but The Game would’ve taken the bullet t’night. He would’ve sacrificed his whole career rather than ever quit. He didn’t quit for his own sake, Coach … he quit for the sake of his family!!!

    The Coach: How noble. But he STILL quit!! And he’ll FOREVER be a quitter now, J.R!! This will haunt Triple H for the rest of his life!!!

    Jim Ross: But he’ll be able to be a father to his children, Coach. He’ll be able to be a husband to his wife!! Sometimes, there’s bigger things in life than wrestling – believe it or not.

    EMT’s have arrived in the ring with STRETCHERS for BOTH men, as Kennedy gets his arm raised, whilst favouring his leg, and Triple H is laying flat on the canvas, hands covering his face, having done the one thing he never thought he would.

    Jim Ross: And quite frankly … I don’t know what this will have taken out of both men. Triple H has been through his fair share of wars of the years, he’s come back more times than enough … but this will have taken a greater toll than ANY of those other matches if y’ask me.

    The Coach: I’m tellin ya, J.R – this will HAUNT Triple H for the rest of his life!!

    Jim Ross: He quit t’night – but that don’t change a damn thing. The man is a ten time World Champion. He retired Mick Foley, he beat Stone Cold Steve Austin, he’s beat everyone – he’s carved a legacy that won’t be damaged by what’s happened here t’night!!

    The Coach: You tryin to convince me, or yourself!? What he just did WILL damage that legacy, J.R. Without a doubt. But as for Kennedy, he’s just now beginning to carve his own legacy. He will FOREVER be the man that made Triple H quit!!!

    Kennedy blows off the requests from the medics to leave on a stretcher, and instead limps out of the ring, with two referees following closely behind, looking to make sure he can stand and not buckle under his own weight. Struggling and limping, Kennedy makes his way up the ramp with a look of satisfaction at what he just accomplished.

    Jim Ross: There’s no doubt about it – if he can recover physically from this – and there’s no guarantees that he can with the abuse that leg suffered t’night, but IF he can … the sky is the limit now for Kennedy. Mister Kennedy is the real deal, Coach.

    The Coach: I said that all along, old timer!! It’s about time you got on board!! Just think J.R, with that new contract he signed in the summer – he’ll be the Number Thirty entrant in the Royal Rumble in January – with this momentum, I’ll be wanting to wager some serious money that Kennedy is headed straight for the main event of WrestleMania!!!

    Jim Ross: Well that all remains to be seen. He’ll be a favourite in the Rumble either way … but he’ll need to get that leg checked out. He’s walkin outta here t’night, but if y’ask me, he may be on the sidelines for quite a while after this one.

    Meanwhile, in the ring, TRIPLE H also REFUSES to leave on a stretcher, emphatically telling the EMT’s that he’s okay.

    The Coach: And Triple H is trying to salvage some pride here, huh?

    Jim Ross: He’ll be damned if he’s bein wheeled outta here on the stretcher, Coach. He may have quit, but he’s gonna at least walk outta the Survivor Series under his own power.

    The Coach: And could this be the last time we even see Triple H!? How does he ever show his face and come back from this!?

    Jim Ross: That remains to be seen. He’s got nothin left to prove, Coach … but Triple H loves this business. He lives and breathes this business. I doubt this is the last we’ve seen from The Game. Sure, this’ll hurt … but if there’s one man that can come back from a loss like this … it’s Triple H.

    Head down, Triple H finally departs the ring, with EMT’s talking to him as he weakly walks up the ramp, rather unsteady at times, but ignores whatever is being said to him, just keeping his head down as he departs.

    Jim Ross: These fans don’t even know what to think right now. We didn’t know – they didn’t know – what t’expect here. I think any outcome would’ve shocked these fans … but …

    J.R trails off, as Triple H hobbles through the curtain, out of view…


    A video package plays to the tune of ‘Rock N Roll Train’ by AC/DC, featuring clips of all the big stars in the WWE, whilst promoting the schedule for the remainder of 2008, into 2009...

    Friday Night Smackdown Presents;
    December 14 2008
    TD Banknorth Garden, Boston, Massachusetts

    Monday Night Raw Presents;
    December 28 2008
    Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, North Carolina

    Raw and Smackdown Presents;
    January 25 2009
    Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Ontario

    Raw and Smackdown Presents;
    February 15 2009
    Save Mart Centre, Fresno, California

    Friday Night Smackdown Presents;
    March 20 2009
    Verizon Centre, Washington D.C

    Raw and Smackdown Presents;
    April 5 2009
    Reliant Stadium, Houston, Texas

    And the package ends with the lingering shot of the WrestleMania 25 logo.


    Returning out of the video package, we see JOHN ‘BRADSHAW’ LAYFIELD for the first time this evening – and for the first time in over a year, in his wrestling gear. JBL has ALL his troops in the office; the entire Survivor Series team, along with RANJIN SINGH, NICK DINSMORE and CHARLIE HAAS.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I got a few words I wanna say gentlemen. First off … remember what you’re here for. Sure… I stand to gain th’most outta this whole thing. But each and every single one of you men in this room stands to gain just as much. Title shots, opportunities; y’name it, y’got it!!

    Haas and Dinsmore both nod, patting the back of Albright, showing the World Champion their support.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Just take a look around!! Look at the man standin next to ya!! Then think about the guys you’re facin t’night. I’m standin here and I’m lookin at the World Champion. I’m lookin at the biggest star in the business. I’m lookin at Mister WrestleMania!!

    JBL points at Albright, Cena and Michaels in succession, and smiles that goofy, toothy grin.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: An’ y’know what I’m thinkin!? I’m thinkin we’re facin a team of guys that can’t measure up to ours in ANY way, shape or form. Yeah!? World Champions?? ZERO. Icons?? ZERO. Superstars?? ZERO!! Hell, they hadda roll out old man Steamboat just to make up the numbers!! We CAN’T fail!!

    Albright nods, and JBL looks around the room, delighted with what he has assembled tonight.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Alright!! T’night is the night, gentlemen – the night for YOU, Brent Albright to go out and show the world just WHY you’re the Heavyweight Champion of the World. The night for YOU Vladimir, my Russian Hitman to announce yourself as the NEXT unstoppable force in this business!!

    Next, he points to Cena.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: And how about you, Mister Cena!? Huh?? How about it, BIG MATCH JOHN!! Y’wanna get back in the title hunt!? Huh?? Y’gonna make that happen!? Just remember, the man that REMOVED you from where you belong is gonna be on the other side of the ring. The men he’s given title shots to – all guys BENEATH you – are the guys he’s linin up with. Let’s show ‘em ju-

    John Cena: That’s enough.

    Raising his eyebrows, JBL is surprised by Cena cutting him off. The Man In Black steps forward.

    John Cena: Save the pep talk, Cowboy. I don’t need one.

    Cena taps the title belt on Albrights shoulder – with Albright then pulling it away.

    John Cena: I got all the motivation I need right there. Just remember that when I see to it you’ve got your nice big office in Stamford.

    JBL smiles and nods, as Cena storms out of the room.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: That’s the spirit. THATS the spirit I want!! No pep talk needed there, huh!? That’s what I wanna see!!! That’s why I call him Big Match John!! How about you, Mister Michaels!? How ya feelin!? Need a little extra incentive!?

    HBK shakes his head.

    Shawn Michaels: I don’t need anything. I’m here to do a job … and that’s what I’m gonna do.

    Michaels then abruptly leaves too, with JBL slowly nodding, still smiling, clearly happy that his team are all seemingly motivated.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I got a good feelin about this. I got a REAL good feelin!!

    And we fade out on the confident smile of JBL…

    After that meeting, we shift away and get an outside view of the Phillips Arena in Atlanta…

    Jim Ross: And what a beautiful arena this is – and what a magnificent city this is!! Atlanta, Georgia has played host to the Survivor Series here t’night, and we witnessed something we may never forget just moments ago.

    And we return to ringside, seeing the disheveled (but still in tact~!!) Spanish Announce Table, the TWO sledgehammers, production crew guys putting the steel steps back into position, and patches of blood on the canvas, with folded up chairs in the mix too.

    Jim Ross: An we’re still gettin over what just transpired between Mister Kennedy and Triple H. The Game ultimately quit – but in my opinion; an’ I know it’ll hurt him for weeks and months t’come … but it took guts and it took courage for Triple H to say those words.

    The Coach: I don’t think that’ll be much consolation, J.R, quite frankly.

    Jim Ross: Maybe not. Maybe not for Triple H. But he hasn’t gone down in my estimations, and I’d bet he still hasn’t gone down in any of these fans estimations either, Coach. He’s still The Game in my humble opinion. But credit to Mister Kennedy – he got the job done tonight. He’s the real deal; that much is for sure.

    The Coach: About time, J.R. About time you recognized the accomplishment of Kennedy tonight. They said it couldn’t be done … he and I knew different.

    Jim Ross: Well, be that as it may … we’ve still got a helluva way to go t’night. King?? Michael?? Think y’can follow that!?

    And shift now to MICHAEL COLE and JERRY LAWLER at ringside…

    Michael Cole: We’re gonna try, J.R. And we’re going from one violent situation … to another. On October 10th , Smackdown General Manager Finlay was brutally assaulted by an unknown assailant. After a month long investigation, all fingers were pointed at Matt Hardy … until The Brian Kendrick accepted responsibility for those heinous actions.

    Jerry Lawler: The Brian Kendrick went off the deep end after SummerSlam when he got his head shaved, Michael. He pointed the finger of blame at the man that signed off on that match – and that was the General Manager. Kendrick and Finlay have had their fair share of run-ins over the last year, but it reached new heights when Kendrick carried out that attack.

    Michael Cole: Kendrick was missing in action for a long time, King. He couldn’t live with the fact he had his head shaved … he was mocked and ridiculed by the likes of R-Truth, and after he took out Finlay last month, a few weeks later, he took out R-Truth too. And it led us to here tonight. Let’s take a look now at what The Brian Kendrick had to say for himself two nights ago on Smackdown…



    Expressionless, Kendrick waits out the noise being made by the fans.

    The Brian Kendrick: I don’t hear anyone laughing anymore…

    Wearing his tattered, dirty white leather jacket (with a bloody rag hanging out of the front pocket), Kendrick shakes his head.

    The Brian Kendrick: People aren’t pointing and laughing at the freak show anymore…

    He rubs his bald head, with a sinister look in his eyes.

    The Brian Kendrick: You all realise now … I’m not a joke. I’m a monster.Finlay … got everything that was coming to him. HE created this monster. His fingerprints are all over this!! He made a mockery of me, took away my identity … he just failed to realize and failed to understand that by taking away my identity … I had to embrace my new identity.

    Closing his eyes, Kendrick has a euphoric look on his face, before starting again.

    The Brian Kendrick: And just like Frankensteins Monster, I sought revenge for what Finlay caused me to become. It was only fitting for Finlay to feel the wrath of his monster.

    Laughing again into the mic, TBK gets boos from the audience.

    The Brian Kendrick: Now … I wonder Finlay … I wonder if you regret making a mockery of the old Brian Kendrick. As you sit on a hospital bed, does it seem like such a good idea to have killed the old Brian Kendrick??

    Staring right at the hard camera, it’s as if Kendrick is waiting for an answer to his question, before snapping back into reality.

    The Brian Kendrick: Because he wouldn’t have inflicted the kind of damage that this Brian Kendrick did. Was it worth it?? The fun you had in seeing me shorn of my identity at SummerSlam?? For what’s become of you?? You need-

    **WHAT’S UP!?**

    There’s no rapping or playing to the fans, R-TRUTH, having been also left for dead two weeks ago in a similar vein to Finlay weeks earlier (but to a lesser extent) makes his way onto the stage. He’s not asking the fans “What’s Up?” tonight though – he looks like he’s out for blood.

    R-Truth: I ain’t no detective, but Imma jump to some conclusions right about now … some sucka attacked me up from behind a couple weeks back … and I’m lookin at da numba one suspect!!

    The Brian Kendrick: You’re absolutely right.You … just like Finlay … humiliated me. You made a mockery of me on national television … and just like with Finlay, I wont tolerate anyone making a fool of me any longer.

    R-Truth: Well, y’gone screwed up, dawg!! Cause y’dint finish the job!!!

    The Brian Kendrick: The only reason I didn’t finish the job … is because I was disturbed before I could.

    Truth starts making his way to the ring-

    WAIT!! WAIT!!”


    John Laurinaitis: Just stop- hold up!!I can’t allow this to happen – not like this. Truth-Truth – I have to insist that you back off right now. You want a chance to get some revenge, and I understand that. And I will give you that chance-At the Survivor Series this Sunday.

    And after that, R-Truth gets the last word in…

    R-Truth: Yo punk ass is MINE on Sunday, Kendrick!!

    Kendrick doesn’t react in the ring, keeping his eerie smile etched on his face instead, whilst Truth breathes heavily on the ramp, eyeballing his foe.




    Stepping out with less swagger and cockiness that he used to, THE BRIAN KENDRICK saunters into view, still wearing his tattered and dirty white leather jacket – with the bloody rag hanging out of the pocket … and stops at the top of the ramp to survey the reaction of the audience to him.

    Michael Cole: This is the man responsible for the reprehensible assault that has put the Smackdown General Manager Finlay out of commission for the last month. All because it was Finlay that made Kendrick put his hair at stake back at SummerSlam!!

    Jerry Lawler: He’s a different animal, Michael. He’s said it himself – he’s a MONSTER!! Finlay created Frankensteins Monster when he made Kendrick get his head shaved!!

    Michael Cole: And R-Truth also suffered at the hands of this unhinged Brian Kendrick. He – like Finlay – was brutally and savagely attacked by this lunatic. And the reason?? Because R-Truth had some fun at Kendricks expense after he had his head shaved!!

    Taking a long look at the top of the ramp, Kendrick closes his eyes, and runs his fingers over his bald head, before marching his way down the ramp.

    Jerry Lawler: I don’t think anyone is laughing now, Michael. Do you??

    Michael Cole: Absolutely not.

    Kendrick climbs into the ring, and throws off his jacket, tossing it down and stepping on it before kicking the jacket out of the ring, hunching down as he readies himself for the arrival of R-Truth.

    Jerry Lawler: And if anyone thought The Brian Kendrick wouldn’t be up for the fight here tonight, I think his demeanour says different.

    Michael Cole: Without a doubt, King. Many thought it might be a different story having to face an opponent face to face – Kendrick’s actions have all been from behind and unaware – but he’s here to fight by the looks of things.

    **WHAT’S UP!?**

    But tonight, there’s NO rapping to the ring from R-TRUTH, because he’s too fired up- AND QUICKLY STARTS RUSHING DOWN THE RAMP!!! He’s not waiting!!!

    Michael Cole: And R-Truth isn’t hanging around either, King!! Both these men are here for a fight!!!

    Jerry Lawler: Oh MY!!!

    R—Truth runs straight to the ring, sliding in – with Kendrick going straight for him with stomps, not even allowing Truth to get up!!!

    R-Truth vs. The Brian Kendrick

    The bell rings with Kendrick right on the offensive, putting the boots to R-Truth, but as it happens by the ropes, the official, Marty Elias steps in to force Kendrick back and allow Truth up. Kendrick DOES back off, but as soon as Truth is up, TBK shoves past the official – and hits R-Truth with his JUMPING CALF KICK!!! Kendrick puts R-Truth down, but decides NOT to follow up with a cover, and instead wants to prolong the attack, stomping at the back, then kicking at the ribs and the midsection with some nasty offence.

    Truth tries to avoid the kicks and stomps, looking to defend himself and get to his feet. He gets to the ropes to try and help get himself to his feet, but that allows Kendrick to use the ropes to continue the attack!! He presses Truth’s throat down on the bottom rope, standing on top, pressing down, CHOKING Truth down. Again, Marty Elias is forced to act, demanding Kendrick retreat, and gives him a stern dressing down for his blatant cheating.

    Taking no heed, Kendrick pushes past the official … and does the EXACT same thing again!!! Elias doesn’t even bother with a five count this time, and immediately forces Kendrick back, not standing for his rule breaking. Again, the official gives Kendrick a stern dressing down, warning he’ll disqualify him if he continues with this behaviour. Kendrick doesn’t answer directly, and keeps his eyes on Truth getting up, before pushing past the referee again – delivering a STEP UP KNEE to Truth at the ropes!!!

    Kendrick grabs Truth by the head, and smashes his face off the turnbuckle padding, then snapmares his opponent out of the corner and follows that with a direct KICK to the skull of his seated opponent!!! Still no cover though, as Kendrick walks around the ring, with an almost euphoric look in his eyes, trying to get a reaction from a rather quiet audience right now – still coming down from the earlier I Quit match – and returns to take the fight to Truth-


    R-Truth fights from his knees, finally getting his hands on Kendrick, teeing off on TBK to fight to his feet, then shoots Kendrick off the ropes, and HIP TOSSES Kendrick across the ring with a little extra pep!!! Truth is fired up, and stops Kendrick from getting up by throwing more right hands, taking out his frustrations on the man that brutally assaulted him a few weeks ago. Truth then takes off, hitting the ropes, coming back at Kendrick … BUT KENDRICK RESPONDS WITH A DROP TOE HOLD – AND THE MOMENTUM SEES TRUTH CRASH ONTO THE ROPES!!!!

    Kendrick quickly cuts off the brief fightback from Truth, and proceeds to drag Truth under the bottom rope, leaving his opponents head and neck hanging over the apron … and delivers a pretty sick looking KNEE STRIKE to the HEAD!!! Kendrick pushes Truth back inside, and climbs the turnbuckles, perching himself as he waits for R-Truth to get back up … AND LOOKS FOR A CROSS BODY OFF THE TOP -


    Big momentum shift!!! Truth shakes the cobwebs loose, and pushes back to his feet, beating Kendrick up and meeting his rival with a snappy ARM DRAG!! Kendrick is back up – RIGHT INTO ANOTHER ARM DRAG!!! Once more, Kendrick bounces up, but he’s spaghetti legged and dizzy from the last two arm drags … and Truth has a THIRD arm drag for him!!! Kendrick struggles back up after that, and Truth is waiting for him, knocking him right back down with a BIG uppercut!!!!

    No playing around or dancing, Truth is out for payback tonight, but Kendrick rolls out of the ring after the uppercut … and Truth isn’t prepared to let him get a time out or any form of respite. He follows out and stalks Kendrick, with TBK stumbling away to create distance, then gets by the steps … AND DROPKICKS THE STEPS INTO THE KNEES OF TRUTH IN PURSUIT!!!!! Sneaky, but effective tactics from Kendrick, as Truth is slowed down and brought to his knees!!

    Confident again, Kendrick walks onto the steps, using them to get some elevation to deliver a double foot stomp onto the back of R-Truth!! With his opponent down, Kendrick rolls Truth back in, stomping the back to keep his opponent subdued, before dropping down and applies a Straight Jacket Clutch!! He cranks back, with Truth in some serious discomfort … whilst the wild eyes of Kendrick say all they need to about where he is mentally right now.

    Cole; “King, I’ve never seen The Brian Kendrick use this submission hold before.”

    King; “I don’t think I’ve ever seen him this aggressive, Michael. He’s a different person – he really is a different person now!!”

    Truth may by in discomfort, but it doesn’t appear as if he’s in enough trouble that he could submit … so after putting Truth through the ringer with the hold, TBK elects to release the hold of his own accord … but gets right back up to stomp his opponent down some more!! Standing tall, Kendrick shouts at the audience; “I … AM … A … MONSTER!!!” then grabs Truth, dragging him up by the face, telling him the exact same thing-


    Kendrick is on the back foot now, Truth fighting back to his feet, throwing stinging right hands that rock the smaller man … but TBK responds with a kick to the gut that slows the momentum of Truth down!! Kendrick composes himself, then SLAPS the taste out of Truth’s mouth before turning to hit the ropes, coming back at his opponent – RIGHT INTO A SNAP POWERSLAM FROM TRUTH!!!!!


    Truth nods at the kick out, but the momentum has shifted in his favour, and he demands Kendrick to get back up. TBK is a little worse for wear after the sudden powerslam, and is unable to defend himself as he gets up – and walks right into an AXE KICK from Truth!!! Another cover;


    Kendrick gets a shoulder up again – his own desire not under question – as Truth begins to mount a sustained period of offence. This time, he doesn’t wait for Kendrick to get back up and drags him to his feet instead, leading him around the ring, and BASHES Kendricks face off the top turnbuckle padding … in ALL FOUR CORNERS OF THE RING!!!!! Truth then sends Kendrick off to the corner with a HARD whip – so hard that Kendrick bounces out of the corner, right back into the path of Truth, who sends him right across the other way to the opposite corner – HARD!!!!

    And Kendrick drops to his knees upon impact the second time!! Wincing in pain, Kendrick looks less assured now, and Truth is building momentum. Taking no time off, and showing no mercy for the man that brutally assaulted him, Truth brings Kendrick right back up, sending him off the ropes and delivers a big back body drop!!! Kendrick struggles to get back up, with Truth eyeing up the SCISSORS KICK … just waiting for Kendrick to get into position … AND GOES FOR IT-


    Truth kicks at fresh air, and eats a BIG forearm shot from Kendrick!!! Kendrick hammers away at Truth, beating him into the ropes with vicious forearm shots, then sends his opponent off the ropes … BUT TRUTH COMES BACK WITH HIS STUNNING SPINNING FOREARM!!!!! Truth just cleaned out Kendrick!!!! He hooks the leg…


    This time, Truth looks wide eyed at the kick out – the forearm having won him a handful of matches in the past – but brushes it off, and starts nodding, muttering to himself as the match is set to continue. He backs up, watching as Kendrick crawls to the corner, picking himself up at the ropes, looking worse for wear. Truth sets himself, willing Kendrick up … and once TBK reaches his feet, Truth rushes in toward the corner -



    A horrible landing for R-Truth!!! Meanwhile, Kendrick picks himself up, recovering from the rush of offence he had to endure, and starts rubbing at his bald head, before snapping into action, wasting no more time. He hooks up Truth into position hooking the head … and races up the ropes – with NO resistance from Truth-






    But despite winning the match – KENDRICK KEEPS THE HOLD APPLIED!!!!! Marty Elias tries to break the grip, but Kendrick, with a wild look in his eyes, keeps his choke hold applied on Truth!!!


    Jerry Lawler: Brian Kendrick has lost it, Michael!!

    Michael Cole: He won the match – but that doesn’t appear to be enough here, King!! This guy needs committed!!!

    Despite Marty Elias best efforts, he can’t force Kendrick to break his choke hold, with Truth still tapping weakly on the mat, desperately wanting the hold to be broken, as the bell rings again to try and restore order!!!

    Michael Cole: Get some help out here!! QUICK!!

    Jerry Lawler: He’s gonna choke the life out of him!!!


    Jerry Lawler: WHAT!?

    Michael Cole: That- that’s FINLAY’S MUSIC!!!

    Kendrick NOW breaks the hold, hearing the familiar theme-


    Jerry Lawler: AND THAT’S FINLAY!!!!


    And he’s not coming alone – Finlay is wielding a SHILLELAGH!!!!!

    Michael Cole: And he isn’t coming alone!!!

    The Smackdown GM marches down the ramp, coming for the man that put him out of action – prevented him from doing his job for over a month – with Kendrick initially standing up, beckoning Finlay on, WANTING to fight the Belfast Brawler…

    Jerry Lawler: Kendrick has definitely lost it, Michael – what kind of whack job wants to fight an angry Irishman!!??

    Michael Cole: Especially one carrying a weapon like Finlay!!!

    But has second thoughts once Finlay reaches ringside … and bails out through the back door!!!

    Michael Cole: And maybe he’s not quite as crazy as we thought!! Brian Kendrick has thought better of it here after all!!

    Jerry Lawler: A wise decision if you ask me!!

    Finlay climbs into the ring, calling Kendrick on … but the wild eyed bald man shakes his head, pointing to the weapon Finlay is carrying as a reason for not wanting to engage with him tonight.

    Michael Cole: Kendrick isn’t so keen tonight – he doesn’t like it when it’s face to face, does he??

    Jerry Lawler: He’s pointing to that Shillelagh, Michael … but if you ask me, it’s the guy carrying it he should be afraid of!! You and I both know Finlay is one of the toughest men there is – and he will be desperate for payback after the way he was left laying last month.

    Michael Cole: Without a doubt, King.

    The Irishman continues to call Kendrick on, wanting to fight him for what he did … but Kendrick decides to keep him waiting, and hightails it by hopping the barrier and disappearing into the crowd.

    Michael Cole: The Brian Kendrick can run tonight … but Finlay isn’t going to forgive – and he certainly isn’t going to forget.

    Jerry Lawler: I don’t even know if Finlay knows the MEANING of those words!!

    Boos echo through the arena, wanting to see Finlay get his hands on Kendrick, but they’ll have to wait for another day. The Smackdown GM taps his weapon off his hand – most certainly dying to nail Kendrick with it – before turning his attention to checking on Truth, recovering in the ring.

    Michael Cole: And honestly, King – I’m just happy to have our General Manager back!! It’s been a rough, tough month on Smackdown without our leader … but now Finlay is back, I’ve no doubt we’ll see order restored in double quick time!!

    Jerry Lawler: I’m not sure Michael – right now, he looks pretty focused on one thing and one thing only. I’m not so sure that running Smackdown is gonna be high on his list of priorities…

    Michael Cole: It’ll be fascinating to see the impact Finlay should have this Friday on Smackdown – especially with Armageddon just four weeks away on Pay Per View…


    {The Killers ‘Goodnight, Travel Well’}
    The scene opens a midst desolation and a destitute environment, filled with fires, burning buildings and no signs of life – like a nuclear explosion had hit the planet – interspersed with flashing shots of EDGE in agony in the ring, KURT ANGLE in pain, RANDY ORTON falling down at No Mercy.


    Shots of crying mothers, lost looking children, casualties being carried in others arms … as explosions go off in the distance. Interspersed this time, JEFF HARDY falling from a ladder at the Great American Bash, BATISTA wincing in pain and MATT HARDY crashing through a table.


    Panning upward, the shot shows the dark skies above…


    And the picture continues to lift higher into the sky … high into the atmosphere…


    Then shows a finger pressing down on a red button.



    Panning to show the figure pressing the button-





    Jericho has a sick smirk on his face … as the camera pans to show his view … of a world below in chaos, ravaged by flames and explosions…


    Cutting backstage, TIFFANY is standing by … and with her; TEAM VENTURA!! All together; in classic, old school Survivor Series style, RICKY STEAMBOAT, REY MYSTERIO, SHELTON BENJAMIN, PAUL LONDON and NICK NEMETH are stood side by side for a pre-match interview…

    Tiffany: I’m standing by right now – just moments before our main event Survivor Series elimination match – with none other than the five men that will represent Jesse Ventura with his position as WWE Commissioner on the line!! Rey Mysterio, the pressure is all on the five of you to deliver…

    Rey Mysterio: You know … it’s pretty crazy, Tiffany … yeah … the pressure is all on our shoulders … but honestly?? It doesn’t feel like we’ve got ANY pressure. Because of Jesse Ventura. He hasn’t got in our heads, he hasn’t be at us telling us what to do, or demanding we deliver. He trusts us. He believes in us.

    Mysterio motions with his finger at the men behind him.

    Rey Mysterio: And most importantly, we believe in ourselves. We believe in each other. We may be five completely different individuals … but tonight … we are ONE unit.

    Shelton then steps in to take over.

    Shelton Benjamin: And honestly, Jesse Ventura didn’t need to do much to motivate us anyway. The thought of leaving the WWE in J.B.L’s hands as Commissioner?? That’s motivation enough for all of us. He may have put together the best team that money can buy – on paper – but this right here?? This is a team that money CAN’T buy.

    London nods.

    Paul London: And besides … we may all have differences … but we’ve all got one other thing in common; every single one of us knows what it’s like to have our backs against the wall.

    There’s nods of agreement from his teammates.

    Paul London: Every single one of us knows what it’s like to be the underdog. It’s the position I’m in every single night. It’s the position we’re ALL in every … single … night.

    London smirks and shrugs his shoulders.

    Paul London: And just like we all do every single night … win or lose, we’re not goin down without a fight, are we??

    No way” is the ad-lib by Benjamin, answering his partner, as Nemeth takes over.

    Nick Nemeth: We’re not going down at all. We can’t afford to. All our futures depend on it. But guys?? There’s no other four guys I’d trust more than you. And if you ask me, I don’t think they can say the same on the other side. They’re just a team of individuals … they could stab one another in the back-

    Nemeth snaps his fingers.

    Nick Nemeth: Just like that. That’s not us. No egos. No prima donnas here. Tiffany … you’re looking at five individuals that make a TEAM.

    London pats Nemeth on the shoulder, supporting his team mate tonight.

    Tiffany: Which leads me to you, Mister Steamboat. For the first time in almost fifteen years, you’re about to participate in a wrestling match. And it’s arguably the most important of your entire career. How must you be feeling right now??

    The Raw GM inhales a deep breath, then lets it out before speaking.

    Ricky Steamboat: I’m feeling blessed right now, Tiffany. I’m standing side by side with four of the greatest wrestlers on the planet. I’m honored … privileged … to call these four gentlemen my partners. And standing with these men … I feel about twenty years younger!!

    After the positivity, Steamboat clicks his tongue, and gets more realistic.

    Ricky Steamboat: But I know my limitations. There’s no secret that my being here as a competitor wasn’t our first choice. Far from it. But J.B.L through his politicking … through his scheming … has brought us to this point. He backed us into this corner … but as you can tell; we’re not nervous. We’re not afraid. We’re ready.

    Steely eyed, Steamboat turns, pointing down the line at each of his teammates.

    Ricky Steamboat: I’ve every confidence that these four men can lead us to victory. And as for myself?? Well, as the song goes; I may not be as good as I once was … but I can be as good once … as I ever was.

    Benjamin nods, piping up.

    Shelton Benjamin: C’mon!! Let’s go do this!!

    There’s a bunch of high fives, knuckle bumping and shoulder patting between the five men – all set for the most important match many of them have ever competed in…


    Jim Ross: An’ as y’can see folks … the time is upon us!!

    The Coach: WOO!! Here we go, J.R!! I’ve been waiting for this one for a LONG time!!

    Jim Ross: I think we all have. There’s been few matches in Survivor Series history with such massive stakes attached. But by the of this match … either Jesse Ventura will remain WWE Commissioner …

    The Coach: Or J.B.L will be replacing him from 12:01am!!

    Jim Ross: A star-studded five on five traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match will determine the fate of both men. The power struggle for control in the WWE is about to come to a head … as JBL and Jesse Ventura look to eliminate their biggest threat … each other.




    The music of J.B.L plays into the arena… and the unmistakable limo of Bradshaw pulls out, with JBL, Ranjin Singh, Vladimir & The Master Craftsmen exiting the vehicle.

    Jim Ross: What in the hell is this all about?? Ricky Steamboat isn’t here. The Raw GM had to leave a short time ago – around about thirty minutes – for an emergency board meeting in Stamford. He’s had to leave Dean Malenko in charge in his absence. And this is all very suspicious if you ask me.

    Cut to JBL in the ring with his group…

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Within the last hour, the current Raw General Manager had to leave on important business. And for those of you that can cast your mind back, you may recall that last October I made a sizeable investment in the WWE stock. And while I may have been removed from my position as Raw General Manager, I am still the WWE Executive Supervisor.Which makes me the highest ranked WWE official in this building t’night in Mister Steamboats absence.

    Cut to shots of actions throughout the night, starting with PAUL LONDON getting screwed over in a match with Damien Sandow.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Which means I’m in charge.

    And in the main event, it looks as if JBL is going to actively screw over REY MYSTERIO and SHELTON BENJAMIN out of the World Tag Team Titles they had won 24 hours earlier against the Master Craftsmen.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: When I seized control of this show late last year, I wanted to mould Monday Night Raw into the shape I wanted. And those plans were being carried out successfully … until the Commissioner of this company started pokin his damn nose in my business!!!

    A group of baby faces then get involved in the match, standing up to JBL … as RICKY STEAMBOAT emerges, having returned just in time to restore order on HIS show.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: That’s why I took my sabbatical, leaving Raw in the capable hands of Mister Singh. But Ventura couldn’t even leave that alone. In fact, Ventura has let his own power get to his head – he didn’t have to remove Ranjin from power. He did that solely to get at me.

    The return of Steamboat sees justice served with Mysterio and Benjamin successfully defending their titles, running off JBL and his cronies to close the show … but Steamboat looks clearly concerned by the developments.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: So I want to take this opportunity to tell Ricky Steamboat – when he finally sees this – you don't need to worry. It’s not your job I’m interested in any more … Ranjin can have that.I want the BIG job. I WANT VENTURAS JOB!!!

    Clips of The Master Craftsmen blatantly wearing ‘JBL FOR COMMISSIONER’ shirts in the weeks that follow, and clips of a shambolic main event between Brent Albright and Mister Kennedy with the lights going out, Triple H’s music playing, and RANJIN SINGH slipping the World Title to Albright, helping him retain his title.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I have been in close contact with various members of the active roster, gauging their happiness with their working conditions … and I’ve made some interesting findings to say the least. I have been doing my due diligence amongst the rest of the board too, and from my conversations with those board members, it has come to my attention that there’s minimal confidence in Jesse Ventura’s ability as Commissioner.

    Now cut to Ricky Steamboat in the ring, the week after the chaotic Kennedy/Albright match.

    Ricky Steamboat: I will not stand by and allow MY show to be sabotaged by anyone. If you think you can try and undermine me, try and turn this show into a farce?? Think again.

    And that promo is then gatecrashed by J.B.L!! Arriving through the crowd, J.B.L sends Raw into chaos again…

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Then you’re a bigger idiot than I thought you were, Steamboat. Face facts, son, you have been a colossal failure as the General Manager of this show. And that decision to appoint you was Venturas … just one in a long line of bad decisions from a man that ain’t fit for office. He can’t protect you … and you sure as hell can’t protect him.Hell, y’can’t protect much around here, can ya?? YOU!!! … Cant even protect … yourself

    JBL smirks from the crowd … as we now see his bodyguard VLADIMIR in the ring!!! Steamboat doesn’t know anything about it … and turns around … RIGHT INTO A RUNNING HEADBUTT TO THE CHEST FROM VLADIMIR!!!!

    Steamboat bumps for the running headbutt, clutching his chest, as JBL nods from the crowd – a well laid plan it seems. In the ring, the imposing Russian reaches down, grabbing Steamboat with one hand on the head, dragging the Raw GM up, trapping the arms … AND RAMS HIS HEAD INTO THE CHEST OF THE STEAMBOAT AGAIN!!!! Over and over!!!!

    And indeed, as J.R calls for help, the cavalry comes RUSHING down the ramp – led by Paul London, it’s him, Rey Mysterio, Shelton Benjamin, Kid Kash, the East Coast Party Boys … AND Shawn Michaels(!!) looking to make the save for the General Manager.

    Wisely, Vladmir releases Steamboat and makes an escape before the group of babyfaces can exact some revenge for the attack on their boss. The big Russian bodyguard climbs over the barrier, and makes his way toward HIS boss in the stands … message sent.

    Jim Ross: And thank God for these men!! Thank God they got here when they did!! Because if not, I dread to think what kind of condition Ricky Steamboat would’ve ended up in tonight!!! A relentless assault from that- that monster of a man – that bodyguard of JBL’s.

    Cut to;

    LINDA MCMAHON is shown on screen, stood in an office environment, with the bottom corner stating LIVE – STAMFORD CT.

    Linda McMahon: Good evening. As many of you will be aware, recently, there have been calls to review Jesse Ventura’s position as WWE Commissioner. Indeed, the WWE Executive Supervisor, Mister John Bradshaw Layfield has been actively campaigning to replace Mister Ventura.

    Clips of J.B.L – all smiles – the following week, with Ranjin Singh on the stage…

    Linda McMahon: Having taken Mister Layfields concerns under advisement, this subject was discussed this afternoon by the Board of Directors.As a result … the Board of Directors have decided to spend some more time to consider both options before we put this situation to an official vote. As a result, it has been decided – next week, Ranjin Singh will be in charge of Monday Night Raw.

    And a sign of a strained Ricky Steamboat… power slipping through his fingers, as J.B.L cajoles young Drew McIntyre into his office for a discussion…

    Cut to that following week;


    Jim Ross: Shawn Michaels has been prevented from getting back in the ring with CM Punk ever since SummerSlam … but tonight, if he can beat Nick Nemeth, he’ll be inserted into that Intercontinental Championship match at Nemesis.

    Kick outs from both men during the match, and Shawn with the kip up spot.

    The Coach: If Ricky Steamboat was in charge tonight, Shawn Michaels wouldn’t be anywhere near this kind of opportunity to get another crack at Punk!!

    And Michaels lands the outrageous Sweet Chin Music to defeat Nemeth and book that match he desperately wanted…

    The Coach: All thanks to JBL and Ranjin Singh!!

    Then a smiling J.B.L…


    Linda McMahon: We have been unable to reach a majority decision as to whether Jesse Ventura should continue as Commissioner or whether John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield should replace him.

    Shots of both candidates shown listening to the announcement in different areas of the building…

    Linda McMahon: So instead of votes, or job-sharing … the only way to resolve this issue, is to do things the WWE way … and at the Survivor Series … Mister Layfield and Mister Ventura will each assemble teams of five for a traditional Survivor Series elimination match!!!

    Various shots of members that end up on each team; Rey Mysterio battling with Brent Albright, Paul London going at it with John Cena, Vladimir throwing his weight around, Shelton Benjamin executing the Blockbuster, Nick Nemeth during his entrance…

    Linda McMahon: And the winning teams captain will be Commissioner of the WWE!!!

    And the reactions of both Ventura and JBL…

    Before later in the night, and the recruitment drive beginning…

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Look, I ain’t gonna beat around the bush here, Shawn … I know Steamboat and Ventura want you on their team. And so they should. You’re God-damn Shawn Michaels. The Showstopper!! The Icon!! … But uh … y’gotta ask yourself, son … what’s in it for you??

    Shawn Michaels: Nothin.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Well … that sure as hell doesn’t sound like much of an incentive. And in my opinion, a man of your talents?? Your stature?? Shouldn’t be doin anything for free. Especially not for a guy that ain’t done SQUAT for you.

    Clips of the tensions between Steamboat and Michaels over the last two months – all told through facial reactions…

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Ricky Steamboat has made your life miserable for months. He didn’t give you the one thing you wanted. The only thing you asked for, and he didn’t deliver – hell, it’s not even like he couldn’t … he just wouldn’t deliver it.

    Shots of the end of Raw, and a brawl between members of Team Ventura and Team JBL … with SHAWN MICHAELS making his way to the ring, with a big decision to make…

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: And they won’t deliver what you want- what you need. Me?? My administration?? We know exactly what you want. I know exactly what you need. You join my team at the Survivor Series?? I’ll give you exactly what you want … and then some.

    And delivers Sweet Chin Music to Mysterio, Benjamin and London … choosing to side with J.B.L … and Bradshaw beaming at pulling off such a coup …

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I don’t even think this match at the Survivor Series should be happening. Jesse Ventura has proven himself unworthy of his position – and not for the first time in his life; he ain’t fit for office.He’s inept, uninterested … and he can’t even find the time to assemble a team capable of representin him at the Survivor Series.

    Clips now of all of J.B.L’s team in action over recent times, all looking impressive…

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Whereas I have left no stone unturned in bringing together the finest group of superstars to GUARANTEE victory at the Survivor Series. I myself, will step out of retirement to control my own destiny. THAT is how much I want to be the Commissioner of the WWE. And joining me, the World Heavyweight Champion, Brent Albright …My own personal Russian Hitman, Vladimir … THE single greatest in ring performer of this- or ANY generation … The Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels.

    The entire group, all standing together on the October 27 edition of Raw … along with Dinsmore and Haas and Singh …

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Now right now I want to unveil the fifth and final member of Team Layfield. The man that guarantees this team will deliver victory for me on November 16…

    **HATE ME NOW**

    And JOHN CENA.

    The Coach: Check … mate!!

    Jim Ross: And John Cena has got plenty of reason to want Ventura and Steamboat outta power – Steamboat banned him from challenging for the World title for the rest of the year!!!

    A beaming Bradshaw welcoming Cena to the fold, and Cena getting on the mic.

    John Cena: Y’don’t tie up a rabid dog like me like that. Keepin me outta the title picture for the rest of the year?? That’s a LIFETIME for me!! JBL?? He’s gonna wipe that rulin once he takes the reigns after Survivor Series … and I’ll be free to make my move on gettin my belt back. That’s all the motivation I need, that’s for damn sure.

    And later that night, Team J.B.L leaves the four men of Team Ventura laid out…

    Jim Ross: J.B.L has put together an AWESOME Survivor Series squad – no question, one of the greatest line up’s we’re ever likely t’see … and at the same time … he’s systematically prevented Jesse Ventura from completing his team!!!

    Shots of a grinning J.B.L, enjoying life, showing up on Smackdown, and a flashing clipping from noting Christian being traded to Smackdown…

    Jim Ross: He sent Christian off t’Smackdown-

    And Big Zeke’s leg being crushed on Raw 800 … with J.B.L arriving at the scene, almost laughing at the situation…

    Jim Ross: And if I’m a bettin man, he was behind that so-called accident that befell Big Zeke-

    Raw 800 … and the show closing angle. JBL and the majority of his team, all lording it in the ring, overconfident…

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: What’s it t’be, Jess?? You got an ace up your sleeve, son?? Or are ya gonna do the right thing and just call this entire charade off and hand me the keys to your office!!?Because if you honestly think you can head into the Survivor Series a man light against the dream team I’ve put together, you’re a dumber son of a bitch than I imagined.

    And Ventura entering … with London, Mysterio, Benjamin, Nemeth and Steamboat…

    Jesse Ventura: THESE are the men that are gonna ensure YOU never get in power!!

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I’m afraid I only count four men …

    Steamboat removing his sports jacket-

    Ricky Steamboat: Actually… It IS five.

    And the brawl to end Raw 800 – including Steamboat popping off a picture perfect arm drag on JBL!!!

    Jim Ross: After fifteen years in retirement, Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat will lace the boots!! That’s how big this is!!! That’s how important this is!!!

    Team Ventura stand tall-

    And Jesse Ventura’s speech to his team from Raw on Monday airs, as clips of all ten men play over the top…

    Jesse Ventura: Win or lose on Sunday, that wont change. I’ll never forget the sacrifice each of you gentlemen have made for me.

    Paul London making the save for Rey Mysterio all the way back in July against Brent Albright, Shelton Benjamin leaping into action, Nick Nemeth taking the fight to Shawn Michaels at Nemesis, and Ricky Steamboat standing with the group on Raw 800.

    Jesse Ventura: I know there’s not a man in this room that won’t give one hundred per cent at the Survivor Series. I know you’re all gonna risk it all.You all know if we lose, that JBL isn’t gonna forget who tried to keep him out of power.

    A shot of JBL being denied his big night of glory the night after SummerSlam when the Raw roster banded together to fend him off with Ricky Steamboat.

    Jesse Ventura: There’s not one man in this room that came on board with any reservations. Not one of you asked for anything in return for your services at the Survivor Series. Those other guys?? You all know what lengths JBL has gone to to put his team together. He’s assembled a team of mercenaries.

    Flashing shots of John Cena standing with Team JBL, but with designs on the World Title, a conflicted Shawn Michaels nodding from the ring to the beaming J.B.L after joining the side, and J.B.L dragging the referee out of the ring to save Brent Albrights title at Nemesis.

    Jesse Ventura: There’s no place for politics in my WWE. There’s no place for a power hungry millionaire to plaster his face all over television at the expense of the talent. You guys are the lifeblood of this company – NOT J.B.L.

    And clips that show J.B.L making it all about himself, grandstanding, emerging from his limo, counting money, watching with glee from an expensive sky box…

    Jesse Ventura: Go out there at the Survivor Series and win this match for yourselves. Go out there on Sunday and win for the man standing next to you. For all your friends here on Raw, for all your comrades on Smackdown – because this match on Sunday is bigger than just Raw. This affects everything in the WWE.

    And close on the chaos this past Monday, and the stand off, with J.B.L escaping through the crowd, bellowing;





    And with that, the white stretch limo emerges to the side of the stage, with many of the rabid fans in that area giving a thumbs down and others trying to reach out and touch the vehicle when the driver exits.

    Jim Ross: And we know what this means. That limousine means only one thing, and that’s the – as ever – understated arrival of J.B.L. But will he leave here t’night in that same vehicle with the title of Commissioner??

    The Coach: Well I don’t appreciate the sarcasm for starters, J.R. If you had the means, you’d go everywhere in a limo too!! He’s a man that’s built for office, and I damn sure hope he’s leaving here tonight as the Commissioner of the WWE.

    The driver opens the back passenger door … and JOHN ‘BRADSHAW’ LAYFIELD emerges-

    Jim Ross: It’ll be his first match in almost eighteen months. He’s put himself back in at the deep end t’night, because I’m sure he couldn’t let his team take all the glory.

    The Coach: That’s the best you can do!? The man was nearly murdered in his last match!! He was buried alive!! It’s a miracle he can stand, let alone wrestle. But where’s JBL’s triumphant video?? Let me tell you, J.R – there WILL be a video commissioned by the next Commissioner in time for Raw tomorrow night. You can watch it from home.

    Jim Ross: He’s gonna replace me, is he?? I’ve been fired before. I’ll be just fine. But what-

    The Coach: Look at this!!!

    After Ranjin Singh and VLADIMIR follow JBL out of the limo … so too does the World Heavyweight Champion BRENT ALBRIGHT.


    And JOHN CENA emerges last from the limousine. JBL has his team ALL entering together!!!

    The Coach: And what a show of togetherness this is!! What a unit Team Layfield is!!! Ventura can talk about ‘mercenaries’ all he wants, but they’re a group. They’re a group, they’re a team, J.R!!

    J.B.L with his goofy smile, does a little jig as he steps onto the ramp, leading his team, but while they’re entering together, they do seem pretty fractured individually, with Vladimir, Albright, Michaels and Cena all walking on their own, not conversing, and barely even acknowledging one another.

    Jim Ross: I’ll give ya this, J.B.L has spared no expense to put together an awesome line up. Perhaps the greatest team ever assembled in Survivor Series history. And they can walk out together all they want, but if they can’t function as a group, y’can forget it!!

    The Coach: That’s the only hope you’ve got here, J.R. And you’re clinging on to these guys ego’s getting in the way. Well suck it up – that’s not gonna happen. Yeah, they’ve all got ego’s, but it’s those ego’s that’ll make sure JBL is Commissioner. It’s in all of their best interests to work together.

    Jim Ross: Well that’s what we’re gonna find out, isn’t it, Coach!? So how about y’stop callin things before they’ve even had a chance to happen!! How about that!?

    The Coach: Whoa… relax there cowboy.

    Jim Ross: Y’gonna call JBL a cowboy, too, Coach??

    The Coach: At least he’s a real cowboy, J.R…

    Bradshaw stands in the ring, and nods as he looks at each of his team members, with Ranjin Singh standing on the outside. J.B.L talks specifically with Brent Albright, as the World Champion strokes the title belt on his waist … with John Cena taking a glance at the belt Albright holds…

    Jim Ross: Well, there’s no doubt about the quality in this team. The current World Champion, two former World Champions, JBL has had all kinds of success in his own right and Vladimir is about as impressive of an unknown commodity as there’s ever been. John Cena is undefeated at the Survivor Series – he’s 5-0 at this event, and three of those wins came in Survivor Series matches – Shawn Michaels has been there and done it twice over. He’s more Survivor Series appearances than ANYONE in WWE history.

    The Coach: And don’t sleep on the fact that Brent Albright was a survivor at this event just last year in a high pressure situation, and JBL himself has been a winner in Survivor Series elimination matches too. In fact, both guys beat Paul London to win those matches.

    Jim Ross: Well, I’m sure that point ain’t gonna be lost on London. There’s no doubt the greatness on JBL’s side. If they can stay on the same page, Ventura’s team face a hell of an uphill battle.

    The Coach: The ego’s have been checked at the door, J.R. Any personal issues are forgotten for now. All that matters to these men is to get Jesse Ventura out of power.

    **THE BODY**

    Making a more understated entrance than his opposite number, JESSE VENTURA – the non-competing captain of this team – makes his way onto the stage, wearing a black leather jacket and a black t-shirt looks to be all business. In the ring, JBL is all smiles, seemingly inviting his opposite number to the ring … but Ventura is too smart for that.

    Jim Ross: Y’wanna talk about ego’s bein checked at the door – take a look at Jesse Ventura. He sure as hell didn’t want the glory t’night. He didn’t stick himself front and centre of his team. He’s picked four of the brightest, more talented stars in the WWE today, and pulled off an almighty coup in bringing Ricky Steamboat out of retirement.

    The Coach: He DIDN’T stick himself front and centre?? Is that what you just said?? Then what’s he doing right now?? He has no business being out here. He’s not IN the match!!

    Ventura steps to the top of the ramp, but doesn’t move from that spot as his music dies down…

    **BOOYAKA 619**

    Electing NOT to go for the traditional trap door entrance tonight, REY MYSTERIO comes hurrying out from behind the curtain, and salutes the fans on either side of the stage with short pyro bursts on either side as he points out.

    Jim Ross: And there ya have it, Coach!! This AIN’T about Ventura. He’s NOT hoggin the spotlight here like JBL. Jesse Ventura wants each of his team to have their own moment here.

    The Coach: Yeah, okay. Or maybe … maybe these guys just can’t stand the sight of each other, and they’ve been playing happy families just for appearances!?

    Jim Ross: I highly doubt that, Coach.

    Mysterio joins Ventura at the top of the ramp…


    Next out of the gate, SHELTON BENJAMIN makes his way through the curtain, looking pumped up and ready to deliver the goods tonight. The Black Diamond bounces around the stage, playing to the fans.

    Jim Ross: And lemme tell ya, Coach, Shelton Benjamin and Rey Mysterio haven’t forgotten about the World Tag Team Titles. They’re still owed a rematch, and my sources tell me that should Ventura’s team win t’night, that rematch could be as soon as tomorrow night on Raw.

    The Coach: And I thought these guys were all doing this out of the goodness of their heart?? I didn’t think there was any incentives on this team??

    Jim Ross: It ain’t an incentive, Coach. It’s a rightful rematch. You know as well as I do, Mysterio an’ Benjamin were robbed on Raw 800. And it’s that team work they’ve established over the last three months that Ventura will be hoping can knit this group together.

    Shelton joins Mysterio and Ventura, high fiving his recent tag team partner, whilst Ventura offers Benjamin a nod with the music dying down.


    Also charging out onto the stage, PAUL LONDON is full of verve and energy, getting a raucous pop from the fans.

    Jim Ross: And despite an incredible year for Paul London thus far, it’s still been a year of being called the ‘nearly’ man. Nearly won the Money in the Bank ladder match at WrestleMania, nearly won the World title on two occasions in the summer, and he nearly defeat John Cena last month at Nemesis. He cannot afford to be the ‘nearly’ man t’night.

    The Coach: But that’s what he is, J.R. It’s what he’ll always be. He can’t beat John Cena. He can’t beat Brent Albright. Unfortunately for him, those two guys are lining up against him tonight. Not only that, but London doesn’t exactly have a sparking record at this event either in elimination matches. Lost at the Survivor Series in 2005 when it came down to him and JBL. Even though his team won in 2006, he wasn’t a survivor, and last year, he was a loser again – eliminated by his Achilles heel; Brent Albright. It’s a terrible record, and all those memories are gonna come flooding back when faced with JBL and Brent Albright tonight.

    Joining the rest of the group, London bumps knuckles with Rey and Shelton, before getting a pat on the back from Ventura, with the Commissioner geeing up the ‘Golden Boy’.

    Jim Ross: Well, you sure done your homework t’night, Coach. Who’s fillin ya with these stats? JBL?? Ranjin Singh??

    The Coach: I have my sources.


    Unlike his partners thus far, NICK NEMETH is somewhat reserved as he takes his time walking through the curtain and onto the stage. He runs his fingers through his hair, and shakes out his fingers, before ROARING to the fans, finally showing how pumped up he is for this match tonight.

    Jim Ross: Y’wanna talk about potential!! This kid has it all!! Nick Nemeth is gonna be a future World Champion if y’ask me.

    The Coach: And you might be right, J.R … but Jesse Ventura doesn’t have time for potential. He needs the job done – TONIGHT!! That’s where Ventura faltered, and JBL succeeded with their teams tonight. JBL has a team full of guys in their prime. Guys that have a track record. Nick Nemeth MAY be a future champion … but he’s accomplished nothing yet.

    Shelton hops up onto the apron, showing his great vertical leap, offering a nod to Mysterio, before heading into the ring, playing to the fans some more.

    Jim Ross: Yet. Yet being the operative word, Coach. What an opportunity this’ll be to make a mark. Maybe tonight is when Nick Nemeth realizes that potential.

    Nemeth joins the rest of the group, all lined up as they wait for the veteran…


    Puffing his cheeks as he emerges onto the stage, RICKY ‘THE DRAGON’ STEAMBOAT looks overwhelmed by the reaction of the fans, as his team mates also applaud his arrival. Wearing white tights with a golden dragon motif, and his karate headband and black karate Gi, Steamboat nods, and applauds back at his team mates, grateful for their support.

    Jim Ross: It’s been almost FIFTEEN years since Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat competed in the ring. He retired in 1994 due to injury, but desperate times call for drastic measures. After Christian was packed off to Smackdown by JBL and Big Zeke was “mysteriously” attacked, Jesse Ventura turned to the legend … and Steamboat accepted the invitation.

    The Coach: Yeah, and what a huge mistake that’s gonna turn out to be, J.R. You can’t turn it on and off like a tap. He’s been out of the ring for fifteen years. He’s lining up against the best in the business today. I don’t care how good he once was; Ricky Steamboat has no business being in this match.

    Jim Ross: I’m sure if he felt he had nothing to offer, he wouldn’t be here. Ricky Steamboat wasn’t just good – he was one of the greats. And for one night, he hopes he can be that good again.

    After pumping his fists at the fans, Steamboat joins the rest of the team on the stage, and they band together with high fives and pats on the shoulder or chest – they really are a unit – with Ventura having a few last words for his troops before sending them to the ring.

    The Coach: And let’s talk about the disparity between these two teams. Between John Cena, Shawn Michaels and Brent Albright, they’ve ELEVEN World titles between them. There’s ONE former world champion on Ventura’s team … and that was Steamboat, damn near twenty years ago. And the rest of the team?? They’ve barely had eleven title shots between them. On paper, this thing ain’t even close.

    Jim Ross: Well it ain’t bein decided on paper, Coach. It’ll be decided in the ring. And y’can list all the accomplishments y’want on JBL’s team … I sure as hell am not writing off Jesse Ventura and his group of hungry kids, with the added experience and know-how of Ricky Steamboat.

    Ventura allows his five men representing him to take centre stage, giving them the spotlight as they walk to the ring together, but Ventura isn’t heading to the back. Seeing Ranjin Singh at ringside, The Commissioner elects to cancel out that influence by joining his team by being in their corner.

    5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:
    World Heavyweight Champion Brent Albright, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Vladimir & John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield
    Rey Mysterio, Shelton Benjamin, Paul London, Nick Nemeth & Raw General Manager Ricky Steamboat
    *If Team Layfield win; JBL becomes WWE Commissioner*
    *If Team Ventura win; Jesse Ventura remains WWE Commissioner*

    As the ring empties out, only Shelton Benjamin remains for Team Ventura, clearly already agreed earlier … whilst it’s a little different on Team Layfield. Albright AND Cena are both standing in the ring, looking to establish control as the leader … but Shawn Michaels shakes his head at the behaviour of the two men, and takes matters in his own hands by slapping the arms of BOTH men, ending the debate as HE is going to start instead!!!

    Neither Albright or Cena is happy about that, but they’ve no say in the matter, as Michaels quickly locks up with Benjamin and JBL ushers both men out of the ring for now. Michaels and Benjamin struggle in the collar and elbow, until Michaels shifts to a side headlock, into a takedown on Benjamin. Shawn keeps the headlock applied, with Shelton squirming to escape. He struggles, and doesn’t break the hold, but is able to get back up, pushing HBK off to the ropes, but Michaels comes back with a shoulder block to knock Shelton off his feet.

    Knocking Benjamin down, Michaels then takes off, hitting the ropes, with Benjamin sliding down, then leaping up and over as Michaels rebounds back, then it’s Shelton knocking Michaels down with a shoulder block on the return!! Benjamin smiles at winning that exchange, and nods as Shawn picks himself back up – clearly agitated at being knocked down by Shelton. They circle around again, then lock up, but Benjamin goes right behind immediately, looking to wrestle Michaels to the mat … but Shawn wisely grabs hold of the ropes to force a break.

    Getting back up, Michaels meets Benjamin in the middle of the ring, sharing a few tense words with his rival on this night, and Shelton appears confident, certainly not overawed at facing up to HBK, even smirking as he talks back to the Icon … when Shawn SLAPS the taste out of Benjamins mouth!! The Black Diamond’s head turns momentarily from the slap … then SLAPS Shawn right back!!! The slap rocks Michaels, with the legend holding his jaw, and Shelton nodding, asking how he likes it-



    Shelton SPINS Michaels around, and looks for a kick of his own, but that is caught by Michaels-


    …………KICK OUT BY SHAWN…………

    J.R; “Early advantage here for Team Ventura!! Shelton Benjamin just a fraction quicker than the legendary Shawn Michaels thus far…”

    Coach; “Yeah, but look at this – how smart is this from Shawn Michaels-”

    Right after the kick out, Michaels rolls out of the ring, visibly frustrated at nearly losing, taking a walk to clear his head … and J.B.L drops down from the apron, looking to give Shawn a bit of an early pep talk. In the ring though, confidence is flowing through Shelton Benjamin, and is getting plenty of praise from his own corner whilst waiting for Michaels to return. After a brief discussion with Layfield, Michaels refocuses, and climbs back into the ring to take on Shelton.

    Michaels and Benjamin lock up again, struggling for supremacy. Benjamin transitions to a headlock, but Michaels slips out, applying a hammerlock in the process. Shelton tries to wriggle out of it, but Michaels quickly clamps on a side headlock, taking Benjamin down again – just as he did at the beginning of the match – cranking the hold on … but The Black Diamond is able to get to his feet again. Still though, Michaels has the headlock in tight … before nodding at Albright, and the World Champion tags the arm to officially get in the match.

    Michaels releases his headlock, and exposes the ribs of Benjamin, giving Albright a direct target and lands a shot to the ribs. Shawn ducks out of the ring, and the World Champion takes over, clubbing the back of Shelton Benjamin, softening him up. He backs Benjamin up into a neutral corner, and sends him toward the opposite corner – but Shelton uses his incredible athleticism and LEAPS to the top, then leaps back with a cross body to Albright, stunning the champion!!!!!

    ……………KICK OUT……………

    Brent Albright JUST survives from nearly being eliminated in record fashion, but even though he kicked out, Brent Albright has gotten himself into trouble, with Benjamin mounting the champ, hammering blows down on him, as we get reminded of their history over the summer, with Albright briefly putting Shelton on the shelf in June – something Benjamin certainly hasn’t forgotten. Shelton brings Brent up, and looks for an Irish whip of his own across to the opposite corner, but it’s reversed by Albright, and this time, Shelton doesn’t get to avoid hitting the corner.

    Albright follows in, looking to crush Benjamin in the corner – FEET UP by Benjamin!!! Albright staggers away, trying to shake the cobwebs loose, and comes back after Shelton – arm drag!!! Benjamin arm drags the champion, then ducks under a clothesline attempt from the groggy Albright … and traps him by the head – DELIVER AN INVERTED BACKBREAKER!!!!! Hook of the leg from Shelton;

    ……KICK OUT……

    Benjamin shakes his head off the kick out, and looks to his recent tag partner, Rey Mysterio, looking to tag him in. Mysterio takes the tag, with Shelton first slamming Albright back down … whilst Rey builds up some steam, running off the ropes, with Benjamin dropping to all fours, giving Rey a platform of sorts to get bigger height – FOR A LEG DROP ONTO ALBRIGHT!!!!! Shelton rolls out, as Rey makes the cover on the champion…


    The World Champion is finding himself firmly on the back foot early on here, but JBL doesn’t look too concerned just yet, keeping composed. Rey brings Brent to his feet, pushing him up against the ropes, looking to send him off – but Albright is able to overpower Rey, reversing the Irish Whip – sending Rey off instead, and swings for a clothesline … but Rey ducks under, continuing on, off the opposite side, coming back again … but this time, Albright is wise to him, and instead of a clothesline attempt, the World Champion aims a low knee instead – right into the mid section of Mysterio!!!!

    Albright quickly drops a knee on Mysterio, but instead of getting back up, he DRIVES the knee into the throat of Rey, choking the smaller man!!! Rey kicks his legs to show the anguish of the choke, and Mike Chioda is quick to issue a mandatory five count to get the champion to release the illegal move. Chioda issues a stern warning to Albright, reminding him he can be eliminated by DQ.

    The champion nods, but keeps his eyes on Rey getting back to his feet, not allowing him to regroup and instead rams Rey into the corner!! Shoulder to the gut, Brent punishes Mysterio, over and over, roughing up the much smaller man. Again, Albright is forced back by the official, and nods at what he’s being warned about … before charging back in, looking for a running shoulder to the gut in the corner – BUT REY ELEVATES UP IN THE CORNER!!!!!

    Albright charges in, crashing head first into the middle turnbuckle pad!!!

    Rey dropping back down, sitting on the back of the World Champion-




    J.R; “The World Heavyweight Champion is in big trouble here!! He’s havin ta hang on right now!!!”

    Coach; “Losing the World Champion this early would NOT be a good thing for JBL!! Albright needs a tag J.R!!!”

    J.R; “He’s havin to expand a helluva lot of energy here early on!!!”

    The fans are still buzzing off the rarely seen CODE RED out of Mysterio – probably for the first time in this thread – and the World Champion is clearly worse for wear, having barely survived it!! Albright is all over the place with Rey firing off leg kicks and stinging right hands, softening Albright up to allow Rey to run off the ropes, coming back into a wheelbarrow position … AND PUTS ALBRIGHT DOWN WITH A BULLDOG!!! QUESADORA BULLDOG!!! Another cover;

    ………………KICK OUT………………

    This is a far from ideal start for Albright, unable to mount any offence, expanding energy just to survive, and Rey isn’t going to let up either. He backs Albright into the ropes, sending him off – REVERSED again by Albright – but that plays right into Mysterios hands, as he bounces back off the ropes … TAKING ALBRIGHT DOWN WITH A HEADSCISSORS!!!!!




    And Rey swings around the ropes, kicking at fresh air, whilst the World Champion frantically gets to his corner, tagging in J.B.L!!! There’s a sense of anticipation inside the Phillips Arena, as Bradshaw steps through the ropes for a match for the first time in well over a year. There’s a cocky smirk on the face of J.B.L as he takes his time climbing inside, seemingly enjoying the prospect of taking on the smallest man in the match. And as Layfield and Mysterio step to the middle of the ring, JBL towers over his opponent … and starts laughing at him!!

    Mocking his opponent, J.B.L raises his arm in the air for a test of strength, knowing full well that Rey won’t be able to reach. Mysterio nods as JBL laughs, and Bradshaw mockingly apologises, feigning ignorance … and proceeds to GET ON HIS KNEES!!! The fans boo the blatant disrespect from J.B.L, and the Texan continues to mock Rey for his stature … BEFORE REY RESPONDS BY KICKING THE KNEELING J.B.L IN THE FACE!!!!!

    The kick rocks Bradshaw, and he quickly tries to get back to his feet … when Rey DRIVES a STIFF leg kick to the thigh of Layfield – and the speed and ferocity puts J.B.L down to a knee!!! Suddenly, it’s all gotten real for Bradshaw, his eyes opening a little wider, the year plus out of the ring now catching up to him, and he tries to create space as he gets up, but Mysterio is on him, landing more kicks to the leg, looking to chop Bradshaw down like a tree!!!

    Bradshaw responds by PIE FACING Mysterio away, trying to buy himself time, but Rey is right back up, kicking at Layfield, and J.B.L looks to cut him off with a BIG BOOT – DUCKED BY REY!!! Bradshaw turns around, right into a drop toe hold from the smaller man … and it’s Reys turn to mock JBL, jumping on the back of JBL, and SLAPS the Texan around the head!!!!!

    Mysterio is now the one mocking J.B.L, and calls him on. With Bradshaws pride bruised, he quickly comes after Rey – big mistake; he’s not quick enough to catch Mysterio, and Rey ducks a clothesline, coming off the ropes, ducking a boot, coming back off the ropes again, and leaps over JBL … LOOKING FOR SUNSET FLIP-


    What he lacks in speed, J.B.L makes up for in power, and he’s able to prevent Rey executing the Sunset Flip, keeping his balance … and reaches down – GRIPPING BOTH HANDS ON THE THROAT OF REY!!! Bradshaw then HAULS Rey to his feet and up in the air – BUT MYSTERIO KICKS JBL AWAY SENDING HIM BARRELLING INTO THE CORNER!!!!! Layfield is sat on the canvas in the corner … and Rey charges in … DELIVERING A BRONCO BUSTER!!!!!

    Something we rarely see from Rey now – and something blatantly disrespectful – driving his crotch into the face of J.B.L over and over!!! The fans pop for the move, and after Mysterio stops and moves off, JBL is complaining to the official – his pride well and truly bruised on this supposedly triumphant return!! He kicks at the ropes, knowing he’s too slow to get his hands on Rey, and with Mysterio enjoying the moment, Layfield looks to his own corner … and elects to bring in the mysterious – but deadly – Russian Hitman; VLADIMIR!!!!!

    The smile returns to the face of J.B.L, with the Russian slowly entering the ring … but the smile on Mysterio’s face is gone now, looking over at his own team, with the corner all clapping their hands, geeing up Rey. Bradshaw points at Rey, telling his bodyguard to take care of business, before leaving the ring himself. The expressionless Vladimir stares a hole through Rey … before looking to stalk him down.

    Naturally, Rey backs up, clearly concerned about the Russian… and ends up backing into a neutral corner, with Vladimir closing in … and Rey DUCKS under his incoming opponent, back out of the corner, then starts throwing leg kicks at the Russian … which have no effect. Vladimir motions for Rey to give him some more and Rey aims another kick – BUT VLADIMIR TRAPS THE LEG!!!! Rey is caught on one leg, hopping as Vladimir holds the other … with the Russian flipping Rey over using the leg.


    J.R; “Oh my Gawd!! That’s straight up brutality right there!!”

    Coach; “Ohhh, I think we’re finding out that Vladimir is for real, J.R!!!”

    Mysterio bundles around, clutching his chest in agony, as the big Russian picks him up FROM THE MAT and HURLS him across the ring to the Team Ventura corner!!!! And showing his confidence … Vladimir ALLOWS Mysterio to tag out to one of his partners!!! Never one to show fear, Paul London steps up to the plate, taking the tag, and leaps into the ring!!!

    London comes right after Vladimir, throwing his best forearm shots to the chest and the face of the Russian Hitman … ALL NO SOLD!!! Vladimir then PIE FACES London down, then THROWS him to a neutral corner!!! Vladimir follows in, driving a knee to the gut of London, and drags him out of the corner, into his arms, setting him across the top turnbuckle, and proceeds to KICK London up from the top rope – CATCH him … AND SEND HIM FLYING WITH A FALLAWAY SLAM!!!!!!!

    Seeing things going south, Shelton Benjamin takes it upon himself to leap into action – not waiting for a tag – and jumps off the top at Vladimir-


    J.R; “Good gawd almighty!!! That’ll suck the wind right outta ya!!! That Battering Ram is as dangerous as they come!!!”

    Vladimir is taking out one member of Team Ventura at a time here!! London tags Nemeth whilst Vladimir tosses Benjamin back out of the ring, and is able to initially surprise the Russian, throwing punches, chops and kicks at him, slowing the Russian down and takes off, looking to build momentum by running off the ropes … KNEE TO THE BACK BY ALBRIGHT!!!! Nemeth stumbles forward – RIGHT INTO A SICKENING BATTERING RAM HEADBUTT TO THE CHEST FROM VLADIMIR!!!!!


    And it looks like Nemeth NEEDED saving, with no sign of him kicking out of that Battering Ram. Angry, Vladimir chases Rey out of the ring, then makes a beeline for Team Ventura’s corner, shoving at London – and BLASTS Ricky Steamboat with a FOREARM!!!!! Steamboat goes down off the unexpected shot, and it brings smiles from J.B.L and the rest of his team, all impressed with this one man wrecking crew in the form of Vladimir!!!

    The Russian Hitman raises his arms in the ring, then comes to get his hands on London at the apron – with London checking on Steamboat. Vladimir reaches over, grabbing London by the hair, looking to drag him inside … but London HANGS VLADIMIR UP ON THE ROPES!!!!! The Russians throat smacks down onto the top rope, and he stumbles away from the ropes-



    Vladimir is knocked loopy by the amazing DDT of Nemeth, and tries to find his bearings, crawling to the ropes … which is an invite for Mysterio-


    Vladimir takes the 619, and is kicked from the ropes, stumbling to his feet, spaghetti legged… walking right into the path of a SUPERKICK FROM NEMETH … and the Russian turns around … STILL ON HIS FEET … turning into a-



    It’s taken FOUR men to do it, but VLADIMIR IS DOWN!!!! Nemeth dives into the cover, hooking BOTH legs, as Mysterio, Benjamin and London all stand guard to prevent anyone breaking the count-


    ELIMINATED: VLADIMIR by Nick Nemeth @ 08:57
    {TEAM LAYFIELD 4 – Brent Albright, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Vladimir, J.B.L}
    {TEAM VENTURA 5 – Rey Mysterio, Shelton Benjamin, Paul London, Nick Nemeth, Ricky Steamboat}

    Bradshaw is a picture of frustration – unable to save his bodyguard from elimination, and once the three comes down, Bradshaw throws his hands up in fury. He drops down from the apron, whilst Cena, Albright and Michaels look amongst one another, shaking their heads, as Bradshaw looks to confront Ventura about the blatant interference from Benjamin and Mysterio in the elimination, with the two leaders trading verbals, with a little bit of the argument picked up on camera.



    The confrontation continues on the outside as Vladimir is rolled out of the ring … with JOHN CENA now stepping inside, and there’s one man on the other side desperate for another piece of the Man in Black … and Paul London is calling for the tag from Nemeth; who is willing to oblige!! The fans pop, as London and Cena get set to collide, circling the ring … and lock up. Immediately though, Cena switches to a side headlock, far too powerful for London.

    London shoves Cena off, then slides as Cena comes back off the ropes. He kips up, then leapfrogs over Cena coming back, hitting the ropes now himself … RUNNING RIGHT INTO A SAVAGE RUNNING SHOULDER FROM CENA!!!! The impact sends London FLYING across the ring with a sick bump!!! Cena dusts his hands down, and looks to wear London down, as we see J.B.L returning to the corner … whilst Ranjin Singh starts to lead a confused Vladimir to the back.

    Meanwhile, Cena has applied a BODY SCISSORS on London, squeezing the air out of his most recent rival, as London tries to pry the legs of Cena apart to free himself. Londons team mates will him on, but just as he starts to create some separation, Cena POUNDS the exposed ribs of his foe. The Man In Black cranks on some more, squeezing London, but that forces London to start swinging his elbow back, doing what he can to upset Cena and force him to release his grip on the body.

    London frees himself, scrambling to try and beat Cena to a vertical base, meeting him with a flurry of forearms to back Cena up into the ropes – where Brent Albright makes a tag on the back of his partner, unbeknownst to London – and when London sends Cena off the ropes, Albright slips in and blindsides London with a forearm shot to the back of the neck!!! Down goes London, and the World Champion makes a point to tell Cena “I’ve got it from here”; more point scoring between the two.

    Swallowing his pride, Cena climbs out onto the apron, shaking his head, as Albright stomps London down to soften him up. The World Champion isn’t wasting any time now either, gripping a waistlock on his grounded long time adversary, pulling London to his feet … AND EXECUTES A GERMAN SUPLEX!!! … AND HANGS ON!!!! Albright brings London back to his feet, and HE’S LOOKING FOR A SECOND CONSECUTIVE GERMAN SUPLEX – AND LONDON GOES FOR THE RIDE!!!


    Brent Albright keeps his arms locked, dragging London up to his feet for a third time like a ragdoll … and releases his grip around the waist, now looking for his HALF NELSON SUPLEX to complete this trifecta-




    Nemeth comes in, all guns blazing, still fired up from knocking off Vladimir, swinging wildly at the champion, forcing Albright to cover up – and knocks Brent down with a beautiful standing DROPKICK!!! Albright instantly tries to retreat to his corner, but Nemeth cuts it off, dragging Albright to the middle of the ring and drops an elbow across the back of the World Champion!! Albright turns over upon impact, and Nemeth gets up … and drops another elbow – this time to the heart. He gets back up-

    AND DROPS ANOTHER ELBOW!!! Nemeth is straight up again … and down with another elbow to the champion!! Right back up … right back down; elbow to Albright!!! Up … and down with an elbow again!!!



    Nemeth gets up one more time, holding up a finger to the fans for one more … and LEAPS up for more gravity, landing a TENTH consecutive elbow drop to the World Champion in short order!!!!! The fans inside the Phillips Arena are showing their appreciation for the effort, as Nemeth punishes Brent Albright … as he looks to knock off another member of Team JBL – and the big fish at that;


    Nemeth grits his teeth at the kick out, frustrated not to have scored the elimination, whilst some sighs of relief can be seen in the Team J.B.L corner – they don’t want to go down to three men this early. But things don’t look good for Layfield and his band of mercenaries as Nemeth gets back up … and he stalking the struggling champion … aiming for the JUMPING REVERSE BULLDOG he’s used to good effect over the last year … BUT ALBRIGHT SHRUGS HIM OFF!!!!! Nemeth lands on the mat, and bounces back up like an eager puppy-



    Coach; “Nemeth got too cocky there!! You can’t take risks with the World Champion!! No Way!!!”

    J.R; “But Nemeth is still in this thing!!”

    Nemeth survives the cover, but Albright has wrestled control back to his team, and J.B.L looks keen to take over, and redeem himself for being shown up by Rey earlier … and Albright is content to hand over to the leader of the team. Layfield steps inside, as Nemeth backs up … but instead of coming after the youngster, J.B.L doesn’t want to be embarrassed again like he was earlier … and instead points to STEAMBOAT!! He wants The Dragon!!!

    There’s cheers in the arena, as Steamboat looks around, with shouts of encouragement coming from his team mates, all showing the Raw GM support … and HE TAKES THE TAG FROM NEMETH!!!

    J.R; “An’ here we go!!! For the first time in nearly fifteen years, Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat is about to do what he does best!!!”

    Coach; “And he’s about to get served a big dose of reality!! He’s no business bein here!!!”

    Tentatively, Steamboat steps into the ring, and slaps at his chest in trademark fashion whilst circling the ring and eyeing the grinning J.B.L. Layfield does plenty of smack talking as Steamboat circles, inching closer … before the two men finally lock it up!!! And very quickly, Bradshaw overpowers Steamboat, backing the legend into the corner, showing his superiority when it comes to strength. Layfield presses his weight up against Steamboat in the corner until Chioda steps in, calling for the break.

    Ever so slowly, J.B.L eases up and retreats from the corner … but he’s always smiling. Smiling right in Steamboats face, Bradshaw feels pretty cocky having established his dominance … WHEN STEAMBOAT UNLEASHES A FLURRY OF CHOPS TO BRADSHAW!!!!! The Dragon explodes out of the corner, chopping JBL, forcing Layfield to back up, trying to cover his chest. Steamboat softens Layfield up, and attempts an Irish Whip to the corner – reversed by JBL!!!

    Steamboat hits the corner hard, and J.B.L comes charging in after him – BUT STEAMBOAT DODGES OUT OF THE CORNER!!!!! Bradshaw collides with the corner, and wearily staggers back out, as The Dragon bounds off the ropes, launching himself at JBL with a RUNNING CROSS BODY!!!!! Steamboat looks about to go for a cover, but spots Brent Albright coming into the ring … so he gets up instead and MEETS THE WORLD CHAMPION WITH A KNIFE EDGE CHOP!!!!

    John Cena looks to intervene – DROPKICK FROM STEAMBOAT!!!!! Here comes Albright again – VINTAGE DEEP ARM DRAG FROM THE DRAGON!!!!! Shawn Michaels halfway climbs into the ring – one leg over the middle rope – when Steamboat locks eyes with the Showstopper!!! Michaels stops short of stepping inside, as he and Steamboat stare at one another – The Dragon all ready to go … but HBK somewhat conflicted-

    But it doesn’t matter, because BRENT ALBRIGHT NAILS STEAMBOAT FROM BEHIND!!!!! Immediately, Team Ventura look to get involved and gain some revenge for the interference, but Mike Chioda holds them off, demanding they stay on the apron. Bradshaw is back up, recovered from the cross body, and he picks Steamboat up, sending the Raw GM off the ropes, and catches him on the return – WITH A SIDEWALK SLAM!!!!

    ……………SHOULDER UP……………

    Steamboat has to survive, and it’s a sign that despite his advanced years, he’s still got plenty of fight left in him. JBL watches as Ricky tries to crawl to his corner and has a chuckle, before standing up and dropping an elbow of his own to the back of the Dragon. The self made Millionaire then drags Steamboat toward the heel corner, reaching to tag John Cena. Nodding, Cena steps inside, clearly looking forward to getting his hands on Steamboat, and brings the Raw GM to his knees, before clocking him with a straight right hand!!!!

    Roughly, Cena drags Steamboat up, pushing him back into the corner, opening up with right hands and lefts to the body and the rib cage, breaking Steamboat down … then sends him across the ring to the opposite corner – sternum first!!! Steamboat has to hang onto the ropes to stop himself from going down … but he might’ve preferred to go down as Cena follows in, delivering rights and lefts to the exposed KIDNEY area!!! Steamboat grimaces in pain, and Cena drags him out-


    ……………………KICK OUT……………………

    Steamboat kicks out, but only barely, as a few concerned looks are shared in the Team Ventura corner. Cena shrugs off the kick out, and from the ground, he clamps his massive arms around the body of the veteran … putting Steamboat in a BEARHUG!!!!! It’s all applied on the canvas, and Cena squeezes, with Steamboat putting his arms up, looking in a great deal of pain with the wind being pushed out of him by the much bigger, stronger and younger Cena.

    Coach; “Ricky Steamboat started off like a house on fire, J.R … but I think it’s safe to say reality caught up to him pretty quick. That fire is out just about now.”

    J.R; “It sure ain’t lookin good, that’s for sure. But after fifteen years outta the game, this had to be expected, Coach.”

    Despite his advancing years and the predicament he finds himself in, Steamboat’s heart isn’t in question, and he battles the bearhug of Cena, battling to at least get on his knees, which forces Cena to stand up in order to keep his hold applied. London, Nemeth, Rey and Benjamin all begin to STAMP the apron, using that to egg on the fans, and in order will on Steamboat. The legend feeds off that energy, and summons the strength to stand back up – still caught in the Bearhug … but he’s doing EVERYTHING he can to fight it!!!

    Cena squeezes tighter, looking to get the hold applied and force the fight out of Steamboat, but the Raw GM overcomes it, and slaps the ears of Cena, looking to throw off his equilibrium … and SLAPS the ears again, with the Man in Blacks grip weakening. Steamboat then chops down on the shoulders of Cena … before RAKING THE EYES!!! Some dirty tactics – but necessary from The Dragon!!!!! He HEADBUTTS Cena, then SLAPS the ears again-

    And it works!!! Cena’s grip is broken, and Steamboat has to fight for his life now and strike whilst Cena is weakened … and Cena stands between Steamboat and a much needed tag out, so the Dragon throws a right hand at Cena … but takes one right back from the younger man!!! Steamboat digs into the reserves, throwing another back at Cena, but Cena fires right back again, dropping The Dragon to a knee!!! Ricky comes back though with A CHOP!!! But Cena fires back again!!!

    Now, the fans start to get loud; BOO for each strike thrown by Cena, YAY for each one fired back from the veteran. Cena strikes again; BOO from the fans, with Steamboat stumbling into the ropes … but he comes right back with a CHOP; YAY from the fans. Cena; BOO … Steamboat; YAY … BOO, YAY … BOO, YAY … BOO, YAY … BOO, YAY … they keep trading blows, the fans cheering for Steamboat, and booing for Cena… as somehow, Ricky Steamboat goes toe to toe with the Man In Black-


    The boos take over, and Cena motions that’s it’s time to say goodnight to the old man, picking him up, throwing The Dragon onto his shoulders … then takes a look across at the Ventura corner … BEFORE SHAPING UP FOR THE FU-




    Benjamin LEAPS onto the ropes, and into the ring WITH A SPRINGBOARD CLOTHESLINE TO CENA!!!!! Refreshed and raring to go, Shelton bounces right back up, ready and waiting for Cena – SAMOAN DROP!!!!! Cena retreats to a neutral corner, but Shelton rushes straight in at him – and MONKEY FLIPS Cena out of the corner!!! Michaels is stretching out his hand, looking for a tag from Cena, knowing he could do with one, as Shelton runs through him with a clothesline!!!!!

    The Black Diamond drags Cena up, sending him into the corner, and sets himself … rushing in – STINGER SPLASH FROM BENJAMIN TO CENA!!!!! Cena staggers out … WITH BENJAMIN LOCKING HIM UP – WANTING THE T-BONE EXPLODER-


    Cena pushes free, escaping the T-Bone attempt, then ducks a boot from Benjamin and trips him down-



    And before Cena can apply his submission hold, Shelton finds sanctuary, which has Mike Chioda force Cena off and away. Cena is a little aggressive, leading to Chioda having a sterner word with the Man In Black … and with Chioda’s back turned Brent Albright seizes the opportunity – BLASTING BENJAMIN WITH A FOREARM THROUGH THE ROPES!!!!! Shelton staggers back … RIGHT INTO THE PATH OF CENA – UP ON HIS SHOULDERS-




    ………………BROKEN BY REY MYSTERIO………………

    J.R; “Rey Mysterio sure as hell wasn’t gonna stand and watch and let that injustice go down!! He saw that cheap shot from Albright!!”

    Coach; “I don’t remember you complaining when FOUR guys got involved to eliminate Vladimir earlier, J.R!!! Rey Mysterio should be disqualified for that!!”

    Mysterio is ushered back out of the ring by Chioda, with the official admonishing Rey for what he just did, and Rey explains why, pointing to the Team Layfield corner and motioning that Shelton was the victim of a cheap shot. Meanwhile, Cena tags out to Michaels, and the Showstopper picks up where his team mate left off, backing Shelton into the corner and letting fly with some knife edge chops before snap maring The Black Diamond out of the corner and KICKS the back!!! Shelton lays down, wincing in pain, as Michaels bounces off the ropes, dropping a knee on his opponent. Cover;


    Getting back up, Shawn stamps the face of Benjamin, keeping him under control to drag him back up. A knife edge chop allows Shawn to back Shelton into the ropes, then sends him off, ducking down for the return … BUT BENJAMIN COMES BACK WITH A RUNNING KNEE LIFT!!!!! Michaels is staggered by the counter, and Benjamin reaches out, looking for a much needed tag … BUT MICHAELS SPINS HIM BACK AROUND – INVERTED ATOMIC DROP!!! And a clothesline puts Benjamin right back down!!!!

    Shawn pulls Shelton away from the corner, then tags in Cena, who immediately comes in and puts the boots to Shelton, getting some payback for having to take a lot of offence from Benjamin earlier. Bringing the Black Diamond back up, Cena punches Shelton, softening him up, as he looks to suplex Benjamin … and as he does since his heel turn, The Man In Black shows off his unquestionable strength – HOLDING Benjamin in the air!!!

    Coach; “Look at the strength, J.R!! John Cena is holding a 240 pound man in the air like it was nothing!!!”

    J.R; “And the blood will be flowing to the brain of Shelton Benjamin right now – it may look like Cena is showin off, and that he may be … but this is damn sure effective too!!!”

    Delaying the landing of the suplex, and letting the blood flow to the brain of Benjamin … John Cena continues to hold Shelton in position … with boos greeting the posturing of Cena, but applause from J.B.L on the apronhowever as Cena looks to finish the delayed vertical suplex … BENJAMIN LANDS BEHIND CENA – ON HIS FEET … DROPPING CENA WITH A REVERSE NECKBREAKER!!!!!!!! It’s a race to get to their feet between Cena and Benjamin now…


    AND ANOTHER!!!!!

    Hitting a second wind, Shelton Benjamin sends Cena off the ropes – BIG BACK BODY DROP!!!!! Benjamin drops to his knees after hitting it … but the coast is clear!!! Shelton crawls toward his corner for a tag … WHEN J.B.L GETS IN AND DRAGS HIM BACK FROM THE CORNER!!!!



    Mysterio, London, Nemeth and even Steamboat hit the ring, launching themselves at Bradshaw, and even Albright and Michaels on the apron!!! Team Ventura take the fight to Team Layfield, spilling out to the floor … leaving just Shelton and Cena, with both men getting up and Benjamin blocks a shot from Cena, then cracks him with a right hand of his own!!! He comes at Cena – but gets knocked down with a reverse elbow from the Man In Black!!!

    Cena picks Benjamin up, and slams him down, before proceeding to the apron, climbing to the top rope!!! The Man In Black is clearly setting up for his high risk top rope leg guillotine … perching himself up top whilst waiting for Benjamin to get in the right spot … whilst the fighting continues on the outside between everyone else … but Shawn Michaels has peeled away with all the attention being on attacking J.B.L and Albright. As Cena waits though-




    But Shelton Benjamin has no idea that Shawn Michaels just tagged himself in!!! He slowly hooks the leg of Cena, expecting a count … but DOESN’T GET ONE!!! He looks at Chioda, wondering what the hell is going on, and Chioda starts to explain that Cena isn’t the legal man. Benjamin is frustrated, and turns-



    ELIMINATED: SHELTON BENJAMIN by Shawn Michaels @ 19:12
    {TEAM LAYFIELD 4 – Brent Albright, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Vladimir, J.B.L}
    {TEAM VENTURA 4 – Rey Mysterio, Shelton Benjamin, Paul London, Nick Nemeth, Ricky Steamboat}

    Shawn Michaels sees off Shelton Benjamin, but as soon as the three count comes down, Rey Mysterio is on HBK, just a fraction too late to break the count, and hammering down on him, taking over from Shelton as Benjamin is rolled out of the ring. Michaels tries to cover up, pushing to his feet, shoving Rey back, but a stiff leg kick from Rey buckles the previously bad knee of Shawns coming into the match, and he hobbles off, with Rey able to launch himself at the Icon; HEADSCISSORS … INTO THE ROPES!!!!!

    Mysterio has Michaels in position … but here comes Brent Albright to make the save for Shawn … DROP TOE HOLD INTO THE ROPES ALONG WITH MICHAELS!!!!! Rey is on fire!!! He dials it up-


    Just as we see J.B.L stamp down on Steamboat on the floor, Nick Nemeth is back on the apron and Rey gives him a tag, with the two nodding, both having an idea … but as they tag, John Cena sneakily reaches over and tags the back of Michaels … but lays low after, staying crouched down on the floor!!! Nemeth and Mysterio both head up top … perching themselves, lying in wait;


    Both men bounce back up, with Rey watching as Albright rolls to the outside, being helped by J.B.L … and Mysterio looks to take BOTH out with a SOMERSAULT SENTON!!!!! AND PAUL LONDON ENDS UP TAKEN OUT BY IT TOO!!!!


    Nemeth covers … but just like Benjamin after the Superplex on Cena – Nemeth doesn’t realise that Michaels IS NO LONGER THE LEGAL MAN!!!!! He has the cover, and looks to Chioda for the count … wondering why there isn’t one-


    Cena drags him back out … and into position-



    ELIMINATED: NICK NEMETH by John Cena @ 20:45
    {TEAM LAYFIELD 4 – Brent Albright, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Vladimir, J.B.L}
    {TEAM VENTURA 3 – Rey Mysterio, Shelton Benjamin, Paul London, Nick Nemeth, Ricky Steamboat}

    J.R; “DAMN IT!!! In the blink of an eye, that one man advantage for Ventura’s team has become a one man DIS-advantage!!”

    Coach; “They’re down to three, and their three are all down!!”

    J.R; “And all of a sudden, it ain’t lookin good for Jesse Ventura!!!”

    We catch a glimpse of Ventura, lightly banging his fist on the apron, knowing the balance has shifted now after a great start from his side. And in the ring, Cena pushes Nemeth aside, before rolling out, looking to pick the bones of the rest of Team Ventura … and decides upon London. He tosses the Golden Boy into the ring, standing and watching as London picks himself up … and immediately drops him again, rushing in to hit the THROWBACK!!!! Cover;


    Not enough to finish off Paul London. With Steamboat and Mysterio still recovering on the floor, Cena decides to mockingly offer London a chance to tag out … then asks London where his partners are. Defiant, London aims a shot to the gut of Cena, but it’s no-sold by the Man In Black, and he sticks his sneaker into the face of London to put him back down!!! Pointing to the Ventura corner again, Cena says London is all on his own … before seeing Mysterio and Steamboat both begin to get back to the corner.

    Cena chuckles, and drags London away from the corner as a precaution, whilst also telling Rey and Steamboat they’re in big trouble. Cena tags in a recovered Albright, offering him the chance to double team London … and despite their bickering in recent weeks, Cena and Albright DO work as a unit for now, sending London off the ropes, and send him HIGH in the air together – with a landing – FACE FIRST on the canvas!!!!!

    Coach; “And if Cena and Albright can stay on the same page like this, Ventura’s men won’t stand a chance!!”

    J.R; “I’ll give ya that – perfect team work right there.”

    Coach; “The perfect team, J.R!! Period!!”

    Albright takes his time, standing over London with his long time rival selling the impact of the crash landing on the mat, before Albright stomps the back. Shaking his head, Albright brings London back to his feet, looking for a short arm clothesline – London DUCKS under, and hits the ropes, coming back – right into a shoulder block from the champion!!! No posturing from Albright though – he drops down instantly and looks to seize the chance-



    Frantically, London scrambles free before the deadly submission hold can be properly applied by Brent Albright, barrelling toward the ropes to be absolutely sure of safety, knowing how serious the Crowbar can be. Albright releases, and nods at the instructions of Chioda, gesturing he’s going to back off … THEN BOOTS LONDON IN THE FACE!!!! Ignoring the commands of the official, Albright drags London back up, beating him into the ropes, and sends him off, waiting for a return-

    But it doesn’t come!!! London hangs onto the ropes instead!!! Albright furiously rushes at London – and eats a face full of feet!!! London propels himself to nail Albright in the face and in one fluid motion, backflips over the ropes, landing on the apron, ducking down as Albright bounds toward him again; shoulder to the gut of Albright!!! London Sunset Flips into the ring, and rolls through … running off the ropes – BASEMENT DROPKICK TO THE WORLD CHAMPION!!!!!

    And now it’s London cutting off his opponents from making a tag!! He takes a cheap shot at Cena, then J.B.L and even at Michaels, before ducking under the champion, and lighting him up with stiff forearms!!!! London then wrenches the arm … and points to his corner – specifically Steamboat, and the fans pop with the legend returning to the ring!!!! And in vintage fashion for Steamboat, he climbs to the top rope, with London wrenching the arm of Albright-


    Old school Steamboat!!!!


    And Steamboat has clearly caught a second wind, ready and waiting for the champ to get up – catching Albright with a DEEP arm drag … AND ANOTHER … AND A THIRD!!! And with a FOURTH arm drag, Steamboat keeps a hold of the arm, and looks to apply an arm wrench on the mat!!! J.R continues to crow about it feeling like he’s just been transported back twenty years ago, as Steamboat wrenches the hold on the struggling champion. He continues to weaken the body part with knees whilst wrenching on tight.

    Having learned from staying in a little long earlier, Steamboat isn’t hanging around this time. He’s done his bit here, and with Albright tied up, Ricky tags Rey back into the ring. Together, they send Albright off the ropes, and together they execute a double drop toe hold!!! Back up, they high five … then BOTH drop elbows on the World Champion!!! Steamboat departs, and Rey takes over, quickly heading for the top rope-

    But Albright is back up!!! He darts to the corner – but Mysterio leaps off the top, rolling through, coming off the ropes, and dropkicking the leg of Albright, putting him on his knees, then runs off the ropes again, looking for a TILT-A-WHIRL … COUNTERED BY ALBRIGHT – INTO A BACKBREAKER!!!!!!! Hook of the leg…


    Brent slaps the mat in frustration at the kick out, then makes a tag back out to Michaels, as the Showstopper gets to renew hostilities with Rey after their showdown last Monday. Michaels drags Rey up, backing him into the corner … and unleashing a nasty knife edge chop!!! Rey tries to fight back, but Michaels cuts that off with another knife edge chop before sending Rey across to the opposite corner and follows in…

    But Rey has elevated up, wrapping his legs around Shawns head as he rushes in – HEADSCISSORS OUT OF THE CORNER!!!!! Michaels is left dizzy by that, as Rey climbs onto the apron – and springboards onto the ropes – BUT DOESN’T leap in!!! And for good reason, as Michaels shapes up for SWEET CHIN MUSIC – just like he did on Raw!!!! Instead, Rey jumps back onto the apron, drawing Shawn on, and low bridges the top rope, seeing Michaels tumble to the floor!!!! Taking a look behind him, Rey then jumps onto the ropes – ASAI MOONSAULT TO MICHAELS ON THE FLOOR-


    Shawn Michaels side steps out of danger!!!!! Rey Mysterio crashes and burns, and The Showstopper shows no mercy, picking him back up and throwing him into the ring. Michaels then proceeds to climb up top … SETTING HIMSELF FOR THE FLYING ELBOW-

    NO ONE HOME!!!!!!!!!!

    Just like Mysterio moments ago, Michaels crashes and burns on the canvas!!!!! Both men are worse for wear now, and as both get on their hands and knees, they are both on the wrong side of the ring for a tag. Rey looks to get by Michaels and crawl to his corner for a tag … but the Icon grabs the leg of Rey!!! The Showstopper looks to drag Rey back across the ring, with Mysterio hopping to his feet, AND MULE KICKS SHAWN AWAY!!!!! Mysterio has a free run to the corner-


    Bradshaw tosses Steamboat into the barricade … Albright sends London crashing into the steps!!!!


    Coach; “I think you can say goodnight to Rey Mysterio, J.R!!!”

    Jesse Ventura is throwing a fit at ringside, confronting J.B.L over the underhanded tactics … whilst in the ring, Shawn Michaels tags a fresh John Cena!!! Cena licks his lips with a tired Rey trapped in the opposite corner. The Man In Black charges in – FEET UP BY REY!!!! Cena staggers out of the corner, spaghetti legged … as Rey comes for a HEADSCISSORS-





    ELIMINATED: JOHN CENA by Rey Mysterio @ 24:02
    {TEAM LAYFIELD 3 – Brent Albright, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Vladimir, J.B.L}
    {TEAM VENTURA 3 – Rey Mysterio, Shelton Benjamin, Paul London, Nick Nemeth, Ricky Steamboat}

    Coach; “WHAT!?”


    Coach; “No. NO!!”

    And the fans are just as shocked as John Cena is. Just as shocked as the commentators are. Just as shocked as Cena’s stunned team mates are. Cena kicks out at 3.01 … but a fraction too late. On his knees, Cena is bug eyed, listening as Lillian Garcia announces officially that he’s been eliminated. Shaking his head, Cena starts to remonstrate with the referee, holding up two fingers, motioning that there’s no way Rey just beat him.

    On the apron, Michaels, Albright and Layfield can’t quite fathom what just happened either – it’s arguably Layfields biggest star (just don’t tell Albright) that’s been eliminated here. The Man In Black continues to argue with the referee, and Chioda keeps pointing to the back, instructing Cena to leave. Hands on hips, Cena starts to accept the decision … but J.B.L is now stepping inside to make his feelings clear … and all the while, they’re giving Mysterio time to recover!!!

    London and Steamboat are both still suffering the effects of being attacked, and are still unable to offer a tag to Rey … and with Layfield complaining to the referee, Ventura now gets up on the apron!!! The current Commissioner shouts at JBL to get out of the ring … and with the bickering continuing, keeping the referee distracted … JOHN CENA TAKES HIS FRUSTRATIONS OUT ON MYSTERIO – AND WAFFLES REY WITH A CLOTHESLINE!!!!!

    Cena TOSSES Rey out of the ring with bad intentions and HURLS him at the steps!!!!! Not done, Cena PEELS AWAY THE PROTECTIVE MATS!!!!! Quickly, Jesse Ventura drops down from the apron, looking to rush around and intervene to stop the attack going any further, as more referees appear on the scene to stop Cena … but he grabs Rey, WANTING TO PILEDRIVE HIM ON THE FLOOR!!!!!!! He shoves the officials aside, whilst Chioda tries to restrain Ventura … as London is back up and he barges through the officials to get at Cena and save Rey!!!!!

    Agents now rush to the ring in order to remove Cena as he and London trade blows. The two men are held apart, and London is calmed down by Ventura, who tells him to keep his focus … as the officials have to restrain Cena in order to get him to leave the ringside area … but in amongst all the commotion … J.B.L FLATTENS REY MYSTERIO WITH THE CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL ON THE FLOOR!!!!!

    Mysterio’s head BOUNCES off the cold, hard, EXPOSED floor!!!! Neither London or Ventura has even seen this happen, and Bradshaw quickly picks the lifeless body of Mysterio up, and tosses Rey into the ring, telling Michaels to finish the job … then JBL clatters London from behind to stop him from being able to save Mysterio!!! Bradshaw is covering all the bases here – and it’s all thanks to the chaos started by the already eliminated John Cena!!!

    Finally, Cena is being ushered from ringside by the entire squad of referees, and Ventura is AGAIN confronting J.B.L over his actions … whilst in the ring Shawn Michaels appears a little reluctant to finish off Mysterio, clearly showing some concern for his condition … but there’s no time for waiting around as far as Brent Albright is concerned and the World Champion slaps the back of Michaels, climbing inside, telling Shawn; “We ain’t got all night!!”


    Momentarily, Michaels appears conflicted – feeling sorrow for Rey, and anger at Albrights malice – but spots Ricky Steamboat climbing back onto the apron, and he does his job, cutting Steamboat off from breaking the submission hold … as Albright cranks back with Mysterio lifeless – he’s been out ever since the Clothesline From Hell!!! Chioda checks the other arm of Rey, testing to see if he’s out … and the arm FLOPS TO THE MAT – MYSTERIO IS OUT COLD!!!!!! CHIODA CALLS FOR THE BELL!!!!!

    ELIMINATED: REY MYSTERIO by Brent Albright @ 25:34
    {TEAM LAYFIELD 3 – Brent Albright, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Vladimir, J.B.L}
    {TEAM VENTURA 2 – Rey Mysterio, Shelton Benjamin, Paul London, Nick Nemeth, Ricky Steamboat}

    Momentarily we’re shown the departing John Cena, hearing the announcement of Mysterio’s elimination, and there’s a look of content from the Man in Black, gaining a measure of revenge for his own shock elimination … certainly now believing he’s done his job for the night, and disappears through the curtain. In the ring, Albright disrespectfully kicks Mysterio out, as J.B.L returns to the corner, rounding up the troops, whilst Steamboat pulls himself back onto the apron after just being knocked off by Michaels.

    Layfield gives a final pep talk, telling his men THEY are in the driving seat, saying this scenario is perfect for them, before telling Michaels he can’t afford any more hesitations. Shawn says nothing, but nods … before J.B.L points across the ring at Steamboat, suggesting Shawn take care of the Dragon. Meanwhile, as Ventura helps carry Rey to a trainer, there’s ANOTHER trainer tending to London, with the Golden Boy holding the back of his head after that sneak attack by JBL – another worrying sign for Ventura.

    J.R; “Well, this is the last damn thing Ventura needs!! This don’t look good for London right now!!”

    Coach; “And if London has to be withdrawn from this match, it’s all over. Because there’s no way Steamboat is gonna run this table!!”

    J.R; “Steamboat has given a hell of an account of himself t’night … but even I gotta agree … that’s a bridge too far for a man that’s fifteen years retired.”

    Coach; “Better start praying for miracles here, J.R!!! This thing is falling apart for Jesse Ventura!!!”

    With London out – for now – Steamboat has NO choice; he HAS to get in and compete. The Raw GM climbs in … and Michaels nods in the opposite corner – he wants to be the one to put Steamboat away. They’ve had their issues in recent months … and now, they’ll get to settle it!!! Steamboat and Michaels walk around the ring, taking their time as J.R calls this a “Dream match if ever there was one”, before they finally lock up.

    Michaels goes to the side headlock, and Steamboat initially drops to a knee. He pushes back up, pressing Michaels in against the ropes, looking to push him off – but Michaels puts on the brakes, and slides down with the side headlock still applied!!! Ricky squirms, getting back up with Shawn still cranking on. Steamboat looks to elevate Shawn now for an Atomic Drop … but Michaels counters, landing on his feet, taking Steamboat over with a side headlock takedown-



    Michaels escapes that predicament before even a two count. Both men are up, and Michaels looks for a chop – but Steamboat ducks under, and unleashes one of this own!!! Michaels clutches at his chest, and Steamboat looks for another, but Shawn ducks it this time and fires off a right hand!! Steamboat reels from the shot, and Michaels looks to send the legend to the corner-


    Michaels winds up taking that nasty corner bump, and tumbles back down … RIGHT INTO A MASSIVE CHOP FROM STEAMBOAT!!!!! Shawn struggles back up, right into a body slam from the Dragon!!! Steamboat nods, and takes a deep breath, before climbing onto the apron, and proceeds up the turnbuckles … but the years of inactivity mean Steamboat isn't as quick as he once was … and that allows Michaels more time to recover … which means he’s up by the time Steamboat is climbing to the top!!!

    The Showstopper meets Steamboat in the corner, landing with shots to the gut which allows Michaels now to climb up to the top too!!! It’s a perilous position for The Dragon now, and everyone knows it!! Michaels is looking for a SUPERPLEX … BUT STEAMBOAT FIGHTS IT!!!!! Ricky fights Shawn off, right hands, chops, and an overhand chop fends Shawn off – BEFORE STEAMBOAT SHOVES HIM TO THE CANVAS!!!!! Michaels hits the mat, and tries to quickly get up … but Steamboat perches … CROSS BODY FROM THE TOP BY STEAMBOAT TO MICHAELS!!!!!!


    J.R; “I thought he got ‘em!!! Ricky Steamboat is turning the clocks back t’night – an incredible showing here from the Dragon!!!”

    Coach; “I’ll give him credit, I never thought he’d be able to hang like this!!!”

    Steamboat looks up in desperation after the kickout, holding up three fingers in hope rather than expectation, as the Dragon looks to be running out of gas. He’s slow to get up … slow enough that Michaels is up at the same time, and it’s even Michaels that gets to strike first, knocking Steamboat down with a clothesline!!! Shawn brings Ricky back to his feet, pushing him back into the ropes, and lets fly with a knife edge chop to the Dragon-


    Michaels with a chop … Steamboat answers with another … Michaels. Steamboat. Michaels. Steamboat!!! The exchange continues, with The Dragon seemingly spurred on by these chops … UNTIL MICHAELS GOES DIRTY WITH A RAKE TO THE EYES OF THE DRAGON!!!!! Boos ring out in the Phillips Arena, with Shawn shaking his head, surprised by the fight still in Steamboat, then spins him around, hitting an Inverted Atomic drop … and another … Michaels takes a back step, and looks to put Ricky down with a clothesline -




    BUT ONLY JUST!!!!!

    Both men get up, Michaels just a fraction quicker, and he isn’t messing around firing off a straight right hand that knocks Steamboat down!!! Albright motions for a tag, but Michaels shakes his head, pointing at himself, telling Brent he wants to deal with Steamboat personally. Briefly, we see London still being tended to by two trainers now, with him having to follow a finger as part of the test … whilst Ventura watches on, clearly concerned.

    In the ring, Michaels brings Steamboat back up … and AGAIN the Dragon doesn’t know when to quit!!! He fights back with chops, then a right hand, and takes off, hitting the ropes … BUT RUNS RIGHT INTO A SLEEPER HOLD FROM SHAWN MICHAELS!!!!! Age old, but effective as hell deep into a match like this, against a tired opponent like Steamboat. The Dragon flails his arms, and drops to his knees, struggling to keep awake, with Michaels applying the hold expertly.

    Fading, The Dragon’s eyes close, as Ventura starts frantically slapping the apron, doing anything he can to keep Steamboat alive … with Chioda stepping in lifting the arm of Steamboat – and it falls limply to the mat!!! He lifts it a second time … and it falls again!!! The fans – and Ventura – all sit in hope … as Chioda raises the arm a third and final time … and it fa-


    The Dragon pumps his arm in hope, feeding off the energy in the building, whilst J.B.L and Brent Albright both cut frustrated figures on the apron, and Michaels is shaking his head too, with Steamboat getting to his knees … then to his feet, DRIVING his elbow into the gut of Michaels … and AGAIN … and a THIRD time to break the hold!!!!! Steamboat is still doubled over in exhaustion … as Michaels comes at him; ARM DRAG BY STEAMBOAT!!!!!

    Finding another burst, The Dragon runs the ropes, and rebounds back, knocking Michaels over with a shoulder block!!! Keeping the momentum going, Steamboat looks to repeat the trick, coming off the ropes toward Michaels … but Michaels sidesteps him this time … AND THROWS STEAMBOAT OVER THE TOP ROPE!!!



    Not anywhere near as impressively as he once could, but Steamboat DOES skin the cat, much to the shock of Michaels, who comes rushing at the legend – and gets nailed with a BIG double arm chop!!!! Michaels bumps for the chop, going down … which brings J.B.L rushing in to cut off the evergreen Steamboat … BUT THE DRAGON SEES HIM COMING – DUCKS DOWN – AND ELEVATES J.B.L UP … OVER … AND OUT OF THE RING!!!!!

    But Steamboat isn’t done there-


    J.R; “Bah Gawd look at Steamboat go!!! AMAZING!!! He’s timeless – it’s like he was never away!!!!

    Coach; “I can’t believe what I’m seeing!!!”

    Steamboat pops the crowd with that … but BRENT ALBRIGHT RUSHES AROUND THE RING – GRABBING HIM FROM BEHIND … AND RUNS THE RAW GM INTO THE POST!!!!!!!!! Albright takes matters into his own hands, much to the chagrin of the fans, and tosses Steamboat back into the ring, smiling at his handiwork … but it’s obvious that Michaels isn’t as enamoured with the assist – and the tactics are taking a toll on his own personal beliefs now. And it’s looking bleak for Ventura, as London continues to be assessed at ringside.

    In the ring, Michaels stands over the body of Steamboat, and having seen how The Dragon ended up in this spot, he finds it tough to take advantage. Shawn watches as Steamboat crawls on his hands and knees, trying to pull himself up on the legs of HBK. Michaels continues to hesitate, looking around the arena – with many booing the idea of Michaels standing over Steamboat and taking advantage of the situation. Albright – having checked on JBL – shouts at Michaels to get on with it and finish the job. Shawn shakes his head … but DOES slowly bring Steamboat up-



    Both men get up, but Michaels gets there first AND GOES FOR SWEET CHIN MUSIC-




    They’re up again, and AGAIN Michaels shapes up for SWEET CHIN MUSIC-



    The hold of Steamboat’s greatest rival!!! The Dragon has Shawn Michaels trapped in all kinds of trouble, with J.R yelling that Michaels has had knee issues for weeks and the Figure Four will destroy those legs!!! He keeps selling it, saying Steamboat will have learned that hold from the master of it, and says no one will know better than The Dragon how dangerous a hold it is!!! Michaels is desperately reaching for the ropes … searching for sanctuary…


    The heat is through the roof now for the CONSTANT run ins from Team Layfield, and Albright puts the boots to Steamboat on the mat, whilst Michaels recovers from the submission hold. J.B.L is finally back in position, and nods as he sees Albright stamp the shit out of Steamboat-



    London knocks Albright down, and delivers a HURRICANRANA to Michaels before Shawn can even react!!!! Layfield starts climbing back in … BUT LONDON CUTS HIM OFF WITH A SPINNING HEEL KICK!!!! He leaps back up, rushing at Albright – DROPSAULT TO ALBRIGHT AGAIN!!!! And the impact sends the World Champion OUT of the ring through the ropes!!!!! And London STILL isn’t done … he sizes up Albright on the floor … SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT FROM THE RING TO THE FLOOR ONTO ALBRIGHT!!!!!

    It leaves Ricky Steamboat in the ring, with Shawn Michaels alone!!!!! Steamboat drags himself up ONE MORE TIME … and uses the ropes to get to his feet, as Bradshaw rolls to the floor. Steamboat appears to have time, with Michaels still down … both men struggling up, with Steamboat able to strike first with a BIG CHOP!!!!! Steamboat feeds off the fans … whilst on the floor, London has his eyes on JBL again … but Albright grabs his foot!!!! London turns to kick Brent away … but turns back around-




    Steamboat sees it happen from the ring, and his face drops as London is taken out of the equation – he’ll have to continue to go it alone … but at least he’s on top against Michaels right now-


    And Steamboat hasn’t any idea either!!! He shakes his head whilst watching the events on the outside, and turns around-




    ELIMINATED: RICKY STEAMBOAT by Shawn Michaels @ 33:17
    {TEAM LAYFIELD 3 – Brent Albright, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Vladimir, J.B.L}
    {TEAM VENTURA 1 – Rey Mysterio, Shelton Benjamin, Paul London, Nick Nemeth, Ricky Steamboat}

    Jesse Ventura has his hands on his head – it’s ONE vs. THREE … and his ONE doesn’t look good!!! Paul London is left sprawled out on the cold, hard floor … whilst the other side have THREE men that whilst not exactly fresh … are more than able to compete. In the ring, Steamboat is down and out from the superkick, as a downbeat Shawn Michaels slowly climbs back to his feet. On the outside, J.B.L and Brent Albright are already congratulating one another, and Bradshaw is waving across at Ventura to say goodbye.

    Coach; “Face it, J.R – it’s over!!”

    J.R; “It sure don’t look good right now.”

    Coach; “Jesse Venturas future all rests in the hands of a choker!! And he won’t even get the chance to choke!!!”

    J.R; “Earlier t’night, Umaga overcame these same odds-”

    Coach; “Oh, don’t go comparing Paul London to the Samoan Bulldozer, J.R!!!”

    J.R; “I wasn’t about to. What I was about t’say was that there’s a big difference between Umaga and Paul London. This is a near impossible situation here.”

    Coach; “Near!?”

    Mike Chioda looks to help roll Ricky Steamboat – after a sterling effort – with Ventura puffing his cheeks, and despite the situation Ventura faces right now, he’s still eager to show his gratitude for the performance Steamboat put in for him tonight. It’s almost as if Ventura is conceding defeat at this stage, taking his eyes off the ring, to aide Steamboat to an on hand referee to lead him away. Meanwhile, J.B.L gets the game face back on, and starts demanding they get Paul London back in the ring to finish the match off.

    Albright takes care of London, getting his lifeless body back into the ring … and of course J.B.L wants to be the one to get the glory. Layfield extends his hand, demanding the tag from Michaels … and despite shaking his head at how everything has transpired, Michaels stays true to his word and tags Layfield back in. And much to the chagrin of everyone, JBL isn’t going to be humble about it. Doing his daft jig as he gets in, JBL is all smiles, before covering…



    A final act of defiance from Paul London!!! J.B.L can’t help but laugh at the audacity of London to kick out, but given it’s merely a stay of execution, he doesn’t appear too upset. Chuckling as he gets up, Layfield talks to London, telling him to “GET UP AND TAKE IT LIKE A MAN, SON!!” … as London crawls on his hands and knees. J.B.L starts winding up with his arm – he wants a CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL to put this match to bed … it’s just a case of London getting to his feet … and peel away from the ropes-





    London almost pulled off the surprise, but J.B.L was able to power his shoulders off the mat. They both get up, but J.B.L is fresher and NAILS LONDON WITH A BIG BOOT as they reach their feet!!! Lateral press-


    ………………KICK OUT………………

    London WONT stay down!!! On the outside, Ventura nods, clenching his fists, hoping for a miracle here, as Bradshaw shakes his head, and brings London back up with him … SWINGING NECKBREAKER to London!!! Now, Layfield HOOKS THE LEG to get the job done…

    ………………SHOULDER UP………………

    London kicks out AGAIN!!! Bradshaw sits up, shaking his head, looking over at his partners, and Albright offers to take over. Still though, JBL wants to be the one to score the glory, and shakes his head, electing to bring London up to his feet again … and sends him off to the corner with a HARD whip!!! JBL follows in, looking for a clothesline in the corner – FEET UP FROM LONDON!!!!!

    Bradshaw wobbles from the corner, and London perches himself onto the middle ropes, leaping off with a Mushroom Stomp to JBL as he comes back in, sending JBL face first into the buckles!!! London – finding it from somewhere – climbs out onto the apron, leaping onto the ropes – SPRINGBOARD CROSSBODY TO BRADSHAW-


    FALL AWAY SLAM!!!!!!



    The frustration is ready to boil over with J.B.L, and he’s had enough of the kick outs – getting up, he aggressively tags in Albright, telling the World Champion “Just get it done!!” seemingly giving up on being able to put Paul London away himself. Nodding, Albright relishes the responsibility, and Albright doesn’t waste time either … instead, he brings the lifeless challenger to his feet … and onto the World Champions shoulders … HE WANTS THE ACE IN THE HOLE…



    J.R; “What in the hell is keepin this kid goin!? He don’t know how to quit!!!”

    Coach; “He can’t keep this up for long!!!”

    And London switches his legs from the shoulders, wrapping them around the arms of the champion …




    London ALMOST pulled it off with the Crucifix Bomb, but Albright JUST wriggles free in time!!! He bounces up to his feet, swinging for a clothesline to knock London back down – DUCKED by London!!! London carries on, racing off the ropes, bouncing back toward Albright- BUT ALBRIGHT CATCHES THE ARM-


    NO!!!! London tries to roll through to avoid it …


    London fights it, with Ventura slapping the apron to will him on in his pursuit of finding the ropes … BUT BRENT ALBRIGHT REFUSES TO LET HIM GET AWAY!!!! J.B.L is shouting “TAP OUT!!” from the apron, as Albright cranks the hold – a hold he’s used to devastating effect on London in the past – and now Paul London has his hand raised … contemplating quitting … but only for a second … HE REFUSES TO TAP OUT!!!!!!!

    J.R; “Paul London has been in this position before – he’s tapped out before to this very hold – but he CAN’T afford to quit t’night or it’s over!!!!!!”

    Coach; “Brent Albright will break that arm if he has to!!!!!!”

    J.R; “He might just have to, Coach!!”

    Still, London wont give in!!! He reaches with his free arm, desperately close to the ropes … but just CAN’T get a finger on them!!! Albright cranks back AGAIN – the arm must be close to breaking point – with London still reaching … a hairs breadth away from getting them … his fingers BRUSH the ropes … then with one last surge … LONDON GRABS THE BOTTOM ROPE!!! HE IS STILL IN THIS!!!!! Albright finally releases, but is shaking his head as he gets back up, with Michaels now calling for the chance to put this away.

    Shawn gets the tag, and is shaking his head as he gets inside, backing London into the corner and unleashing a chop. London doubles over, Michaels stands him back up, and lets fly with another chop. Still shaking his head, HBK just wants London to stay down, and takes him from the corner, against the ropes, shooting him off … BUT LONDON LEAPS ONTO THE ROPES – AND SPRINGBOARDS BACK WITH A FOREARM TO MICHAELS!!!!!

    Both men are down, and J.B.L has had enough it seems!!! He drops down from the apron, and collects a chair from ringside, SMASHING it off the steps in frustration, before standing on the apron with it. Ventura points it out to the referee, wanting Chioda to make sure J.B.L doesn’t use the chair, whilst in the ring, Michaels and London are in a race to get up first, and London ducks a chop attempt from HBK, and starts to fire off with stiff forearms on Michaels!!! He sends HBK off the ropes – MICHAELS COMES BACK WITH A FLYING FOREARM!!!!!

    AND KIPS UP!!!!!

    Boos and cheers mix for the signature Michaels spot, and Shawn shrugs – he’s just doing his job – and starts to shape up for Sweet Chin Music in the corner, preparing to tune up the band … but Bradshaw has other ideas!!! J.B.L shakes his head, gaining the attention of HBK, and holds up the chair. Michaels shakes his head – he can finish it here. But Layfield – as the leader – overrules Michaels, and the camera gets a close up of the conversation as it continues on.


    I can finish it right now!!”

    Damn right y’can-”

    And J.B.L hands Michaels the chair!! He points to London, telling Michaels to nail him with the chair – he wants Shawn to sacrifice himself to guarantee the win for J.B.L!! Mike Chioda is overly animated, gesturing that if Michaels uses the chair, he’ll be disqualified … but J.B.L doesn’t care. He wants Michaels to sacrifice himself and get DQ’ed … but in the process end any hopes London would have of surviving. Layfield tells Michaels in no uncertain terms to use the chair and guarantee the win instead of risking it with attempting Sweet Chin Music.

    Michaels looks at the chair, and at the struggling London, clearly conflicted as to what to do … with J.B.L DEMANDING he nail London and Albright backing him up … as London struggles to his knees. Michaels closes his eyes, then wields the chair … BUT CAN’T BRING HIMSELF TO USE IT ON LONDON!!!!! Michaels hesitates, his conscience preventing him from doing something that horrible … so Brent Albright takes it upon himself to do it instead!!!

    Albright climbs into the ring, and looks to take the chair from Michaels and do it himself-




    J.B.L gets in-



    J.R; “Shawn Michaels couldn’t do it – he couldn’t use that chair on Paul London!! He couldn’t win it that way!!!”

    Coach; “Yeah – but he had no problem using the chair on his own team mates!!!!! What the hell is his problem!!!???”

    Solemnly, Michaels stands over Albright and Layfield, whilst London and Ventura are both shocked by the development. Shawn drops the chair, and takes a look out at Ventura, then up at the fans … AND STEPS OUT OF THE RING!!!!! Shawn Michaels leaves the ring … and starts to walk up the ramp!!!!! The Showstopper doesn’t even look back, as Mike Chioda – in amongst all the craziness and confusion … has to make a call!!! He watches as Michaels leaves with his head down … then shrugs, and calls Lillian Garcia over, explaining to her … and she nods… before announcing SHAWN MICHAELS has been eliminated – via forfeit!!!

    ELIMINATED: SHAWN MICHAELS via forfeit @ 39:56
    {TEAM LAYFIELD 2 – Brent Albright, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Vladimir, J.B.L}
    {TEAM VENTURA 1 – Rey Mysterio, Shelton Benjamin, Paul London, Nick Nemeth, Ricky Steamboat}

    Coach; “Shawn Michaels better hope J.B.L doesn’t win this now!! He’s finished!!! He stabbed the man in the back!!”

    J.R; “Shawn Michaels has a conscience, Coach!! He didn’t wanna win it this way – he didn’t wanna sacrifice himself to guarantee the victory!! He couldn’t use that chair on Paul London!!! That’s called makin a stand!!”

    Coach; “That’s called being typical Shawn Michaels!! You can never trust that man!!! J.B.L gave him everything he wanted”

    And as Shawn Michaels departs … it leaves London with just TWO men to conquer … and they are BOTH down!!! Jesse Ventura wills London on, as the Golden Boy crawls onto J.B.L, taking advantage of the situation that has presented itself to him … with Chioda making the count;



    Ventura turns away in frustration as Albright JUST gets there in time to break the count, keeping the 2 on 1 advantage. Still feeling worse for wear after taking a chair shot himself, Albright struggles up – as does the exhausted Paul London – taking a shot at London; BLOCKED!! London blocks it, and fires off a shot of his own, and another, and another!!! Albright is backing up, and London sends him off the ropes … CATCHING HIM ON THE RETURN WITH A DROPSAULT!!!!! London gets back up, and hits a STANDING SHOOTING STAR!!!!!


    London looks up in anguish, with very little left in the tank, taking a look at J.B.L who rolls to the floor to try and recover. It leaves London to focus solely on the World Champion, struggling to bring Albright to his feet, landing short forearm shots, to weaken the champion, before sending him off the ropes, knocking him back down with a jumping calf kick!!! London now heads for the top rope, climbing up, waiting for Albright to get back up and into position-



    Layfield looks exhausted himself – leaning on the ropes after shoving London off – and gives Albright the call to get up, whilst Ventura is furious on the floor, complaining to Mike Chioda about the blatant interference. Bradshaw drops down from the apron, picking up the scraps and tosses London’s broken body back into the ring for Albright. The World Champion roughs up London with some knees to the gut, and tags in JBL, with the two talking strategy and J.B.L tells Albright to hold London up.

    Albright drags London, trapping his arms … merely holding him in a defenceless position to allow J.B.L a free shot at the CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!!! Bradshaw wants to make sure of it too, and runs off the ropes to build momentum-




    J.B.L’s mouth is left agape at the misfire, looking momentarily down at the World Champion … then turns – INTO A SUPERKICK FROM LONDON!!!!!! Down goes J.B.L!!! Brent Albright is out of the equation, rolling to the floor … allowing London to summon the strength and the will – with Jesse Ventura cheering him on from the floor – to climb out onto the apron … climbing to the top rope, setting himself with J.B.L down on the mat … in a perfect position for London-

    450 SPLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!


    {TEAM LAYFIELD 1 – Brent Albright, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Vladimir, J.B.L}
    {TEAM VENTURA 1 – Rey Mysterio, Shelton Benjamin, Paul London, Nick Nemeth, Ricky Steamboat}

    And then there were TWO!! One man remains on both teams as J.B.L is finally eliminated after skating by for the majority of the match!!! Paul London through grit and determination – and a healthy dose of fortune too – has brought it to a one on one situation!!! The fans inside the Phillips Arena are building to a crescendo here, chanting London’s name as J.B.L is rolled out of the ring – with Ranjin Singh arriving back at ringside to meet his boss.

    In the ring, London picks himself up, nodding at the reactions in Atlanta … and now with it down to just him and Albright – his longest and fiercest rival – London looks ready to find another gear!!! Feeding off adrenaline, London sets himself, watching Brent Albright struggle to his feet on the floor … and as ever, London risks it all … WITH A SUICIDE DIVE TO BRENT ALBRIGHT!!!!!!!!

    Ventura pumps his fists in celebration, feeling like the match has turned in his favour, and London tosses Albright back into the ring, climbing in after him … then gripping Albright from behind, trapping the arms of the World Champion – EXECUTING A DRAGON SUPLEX!!!! LONDON BRIDGES FOR THE PIN-