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Thread: April BTBOTM - Being The Booker

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    Re: April BTBOTM - Being The Booker

    Some quick thoughts for SD, which again was perfectly booked. I’m strapped for time so I’m just gonna leave what I liked.

    I am very excited for this Orton/Morrison feud. I stated in the past that Orton needed to be away from the title for a little while, and a feud to elevate Morrison is a perfect way of keeping him away for now. I am hoping Morrison comes back from the DDT with a vengeance, as this feud has a ton of potential.

    The storyline arc of MVP with Dibiase is almost at the top, and I really like it. He is getting more pissed each week and I am excited to see where this goes. Also loved The Hardy’s here.

    I loved the way you continued from last week with Edge and Batista. Batista’s “YOU OWE ME” could definitely be printed on a t-shirt, and I would buy that shit in a heartbeat haha.

    So now the stage is set for Survivor Series, and this match will be epic. I am very curious to see who will be on each team, and I also love that if Angle wins he gets a title shot. I really don’t know who will be on each team, but I am pumped as hell to see it unfold over the next few weeks.

    Survivor Series is shaping up to be a massive show. So many different storylines leading into it, and the past few weeks seem like you’ve turned over a new leaf on both Raw and SD. By no means were things getting stale, you just found a way to spruce them up more than before, which is a credit to your amazing booking. Great work all around here, can’t wait for Raw, and eventually Survivor Series.

    WWF-1991 and Beyond-The Road to Summerslam takes one final stop with July's Saturday Night's Main Event!

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    Raw Re: April BTBOTM - Being The Booker

    Heads up; after this Raw, Smackdown was written in recap form just due to having to write a three hour Raw for the following week. Also, I flubbed a bit as I meant to write up a 'news and notes' type post after Nemesis and completely forgot about it, then forgot to do it again after Smackdown. I'll hopefully remember to do that after this weeks Smackdown to explain a few absences etc and hint toward some future plans. This Raw is also very dialogue heavy, which is why it's longer than what recent weeks may have been.

    Monday Night Raw | October 27 2008 | London, England

    Clips from last weeks show, beginning with Linda McMahons announcement of the Survivor Series Elimination Match for the Commissioner position and the closing sequence with Shawn Michaels siding with JBL…

    Opening Video

    NO Pyro

    Instead, we open up in the ring, amidst boos …

    As JOHN ‘BRADSHAW’ LAYFIELD stands centre ring, flanked by RANJIN SINGH (the man in charge tonight) and VLADIMIR with the MASTER CRAFTSMEN stood behind them … and SHAWN MICHAELS off to the side.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I’d like to think that most of you people here in the United Kingdom are smart enough to see the truth that stands before you … because back home in America, many of those fans still don't believe I should be Commissioner of the WWE.

    Ain’t too many here believe he should be either!!” ~J.R chimes in.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: They don’t want to see me replace the ineptitude that’s been running this company into the ground for the last eighteen months. Jesse Ventura has treated his position as if it’s a part-time venture. A hobby. He isn’t here tonight, and why?? Because he didn’t think of you great people as worth his time to fly over here.

    Layfield is definitely doing his best to kiss up to the English fans.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: An’ he doesn’t deem it necessary to be present even when we’re back home in the U.S.A on a week to week basis. Hell, he left Smackdown without ANY form of authority in Finlay’s absence after he was brutally and savagely taken out.

    He has a point, J.R!!!”

    Jesse Ventura put John Laurinaitis in charge, Coach.”

    And he should be fired for that decision alone!!”

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Jesse Ventura hasn’t even had an active participation in that investigation, either. Oh no, Mister Ventura is too busy filming some bargain bin movie that won’t get even a theatrical release. He’s too busy setting up some tin-foil hat conspiracy series than to be a dedicated Commissioner and get to the bottom of the mystery of which piece of garbage took out HIS General Manager of Smackdown.

    In the background, Albright, Haas and Dinsmore all chuckle at that dig at Ventura.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Instead, it took ME to bring that show to order. I’m doing the mans job FOR him, and I’m not even in office … yet. But I soon will be … and let me tell you people, I wont be an absentee Commissioner. I will be at Raw – every single week. I will be at Smackdown – every single week … and I will bring this company into the modern world, out of stone ages Jesse Ventura has dragged it down into.

    The Master Craftsmen applaud in the background, and try to get the fans to do the same. Still, notably, Shawn Michaels is almost completely apart from the rest of the group, in a corner on his own.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I don’t even think this match at the Survivor Series should be happening in all honesty. Jesse Ventura has proven himself unworthy of his position – and not for the first time in his life; he ain’t fit for office.

    Well, there’s a dig at the former Governor of Minnesota if ever there was one.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: He’s inept, uninterested … and he can’t even find the time to assemble a team capable of representin him at the Survivor Series. Whereas I have left no stone unturned in bringing together the finest group of superstars to GUARANTEE victory at the Survivor Series. I myself, will step out of retirement to control my own destiny. THAT is how much I want to be the Commissioner of the WWE. And joining me, the World Heavyweight Champion, Brent Albright-

    Heat from the fans, as Albright steps forward, with Haas and Dinsmore patting their leader on the back.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: My own personal Russian Hitman, Vladimir-

    A more muted response with only a light shower of boos for the stony faced Russian.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: And as you can see, the Showstopper-

    Massively MIXED reaction from the fans cuts JBL off, and forces him to shout over the mic to be heard.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: THE HEADLINER, THE ICON, THE MAIN EVENT … THE single greatest in ring performer of this- or ANY generation … The Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels.

    Michaels never steps out of the corner, but instead offers JBL a nod, accepting the intro. JBL is all smiles, as he turns away again.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: And as a sign of gratitude- call it a signing bonus even – Shawn Michaels will challenge CM Punk a week from tonight on Raws landmark Eight Hundredth episode.

    Three hours next week on the USA Network!!” ~J.R does a bit of a shill.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Not only that … Shawn Michaels will also have the right to set the stipulations for that very match next week, and later tonight, he’ll reveal the match he’s chosen.

    What!?” ~J.R is somewhat stunned by that revelation.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Now that makes four. And as I’ve already said, I’ve left no stone unturned and no expense spared in my pursuit to bring together the greatest collection of WWE superstars to represent and fight alongside me at the Survivor Series.

    JBL stands in the middle of the ring with a big grin, brushing down his tie, looking proud as he builds up for his big announcement…

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Which is why right now I want to unveil the fifth and final member of Team Layfield. The man that guarantees this team will deliver victory for me on November 16…

    **HATE ME NOW**

    It’s JOHN CENA!!! The reaction inside the arena is HUGE, but massive boos follow the initial reaction as Cena enters the arena – as ever in a plain black hoodie – rounding out Team Layfield in style, as Albright looks somewhat confused in the ring; clearly he wasn’t aware.

    On commentary, The Coach is already saying “it’s over” in terms of the Survivor Series, believing there’s no way Ventura and Steamboat can match this team assembled by JBL … and J.R can hardly disagree, saying that Ventura certainly has his work cut out for him.

    Cena – making his first appearance since beating Paul London at Nemesis – climbs into the ring, and shakes hands with JBL, whilst Albright still looks put out by all of this.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Mister Cena; welcome aboard!!

    The boos ring out as Cena is handed the mic by JBL, with Layfield applauding Cena…

    John Cena: You got it, Bradshaw. Came to the right guy t’get the job done. Because if there’s anybody with enough reasons to get Ventura and Steamboat outta power – you’re lookin at him.

    Turning around, Cena eyes the hard camera to send a message.

    John Cena: Yeah, that’s right. All come back to haunt ya, Dragon. Thought y’could hardball with me?? I don’t think so. John Cena always gets what he wants in the end. And ever since you locked me outta the title picture, your card was marked in my book.

    Steamboat barred Cena from challenging for the title for the rest of this calendar year!!” ~J.R makes the uninformed aware.

    John Cena: Y’don’t tie up a rabid dog like me like that. Keepin me outta the title picture for the rest of the year?? That’s a LIFETIME for me!! And the longer I have to sit on the sidelines, the more it kills me to see a paper champion carryin MY belt around Raw.

    Already agitated by Cena’s presence, that dig doesn’t go down well with the World Champion. And Cena sees that reaction – and plays up to it.

    John Cena: Yeah, that’s right – I said PAPER champ, son. And let it be known, I don't give a crap who ya beat; you ain’t EVER losin that tag until you can beat me.

    The Man In Black turns away, dismissing the champion, as JBL stops Albright from confronting Cena, trying to calm Brent down as Cena continues on, seemingly not caring who he pisses off on his team.

    John Cena: JBL?? He’s gonna wipe that rulin once he takes the reigns after Survivor Series … and I’ll be free to make my move on gettin my belt back. That’s all the motivation I need, that’s for damn sure … even if it means bein a team player for a few weeks.

    Cena turns back to address the team.

    John Cena: But uh … word of warnin to the rest of ya – includin’ you, Cap’n-

    Layfield is all ears.

    John Cena: Any one of y’all screws this up for me?? Just know I’mma be huntin yo ass down.

    Mixed reaction. John Cena is taking no prisoners, laying down the law on his own team – including the leader, with JBL surprisingly smiling, despite the warning from Cena.

    John Cena: Anything else??

    Still smiling, JBL shakes his head.

    John Cena: Then I’m outta here.

    Tossing the mic back at JBL (who catches it), Cena turns and leaves, just like that!!

    The Master Craftsmen all look around at one another, not pleased with the blatant disrespect from Cena to the rest of the team … but JBL looks impressed, probably glad to have someone as focused on getting the win at Survivor Series as Cena.

    Cena marches up the ramp, and out of sight, with JBL looking around, before wrapping things up – still looking pleased.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: And I think we’ll leave it there, shall we, gentlemen??

    Layfield motions to the ropes, with the troops beginning to leave … but JBL steps in front of the big intimidating Russian.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Except for Vladimir here. Ain’t that right, Ranjin??

    Singh nods, and leans over to speak into JBL’s mic.

    Ranjin Singh: That is correct. Right now, as the General Manager of Raw tonight, I want to show you great fans exactly what Vladimir has to offer. For all our great fans in the UK, I present to you the in ring debut of Vladimir!!!

    What a disingenuous suck up!!” ~J.R sees through Singh.

    Ranjin Singh: And his opponent … will be Englands own; Doug Williams!!!

    The big Russian offers a solitary nod, as he stays back in the ring, with JBL and Ranjin following the rest out, and J.R hypes the in-ring debut of VLADIMIR; NEXT!!

    Commercial Break

    Match 1:
    Vladimir vs. Doug Williams
    Not a great homecoming for Williams. Fired up to be at home, he comes quick out of the blocks against the stoic Russian – who doesn’t budge from the right hands of the Brit – forcing Williams to run off the ropes – right into a BIG BOOT TO THE CHEST!!!!! Vladimir tosses Williams across the ring, then sets him on the top rope, with Williams kicking at the Russian, doing whatever he can to to keep Vladimir at bay.

    The Russian shrugs off the desperation kicks, and swipes at the legs of Williams, leaving Doug in a prone position, laid across on the top rope. Vladimir is backed up by the ref, but he comes steaming back in with a kick to Doug, and catches him – FALLAWAY SLAM!!!!! A total show of dominance from the Russian, finishing Williams off in short order with the BATTERING RAM HEADBUTT to the chest of the Brit for the 1...2...3!!!
    Winner: Vladimir @ 01:29

    The fans don’t like it, but J.R and Coach can’t help but put the Russian over after a dominant debut. Hand raised, Vladimir remains stoic, but has announced himself as a major threat to anyone…


    And watching backstage, JBL has a permanent smile on his face – very impressed with what he’s just seen. But BRENT ALBRIGHT clearly isn’t interested in that, still seething over the disrespect shown by John Cena earlier.

    Brent Albright: Didn’t you think it would’ve been a good idea to consult with me before bringing Cena on board?? You know he’s only got his best interests at heart. You know it’s THIS he’s interested in, right??

    Albright raises the belt up slightly off his shoulder.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I don’t give a damn what he’s interested in. As long as he’s on board, that’s all that matters. As long as we win at the Survivor Series … that’s all that matters in the end. And sure, he wants that title. Tell me someone who doesn’t.

    Albright looks somewhat disheartened, but JBL quickly clears up any confusion.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: But just because I’ve promised to lift his ban on challenging for that title … doesn’t mean he’s gonna get a shot right off the bat.

    JBL puts a hand on the shoulder of Albright and reassures him.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: All you have to remember, is that this arrangement benefits us all. Once I’m installed as Commissioner … once Ranjin Singh is installed as General Manager … you’re gonna be the most protected, most valued World Heavyweight Champion of all time.

    Albright nods, looking a little more relieved and at ease.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: We’ve got our team set now. Ventura and Steamboat are stuck on three. Take a look around the landscape … no matter who they bring on board now, they cant hold a candle to what we’ve got. So my advice?? Don’t rock the boat. Not when everything is in hand.

    Again, Albright nods, agreeing with the sentiments from JBL.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: As a matter of fact, I want – or rather, Ranjin wants … you and John Cena to join forces t’night to get better acquainted. You and Cena teamin up to take on your mutual friend, Paul London and Shelton Benjamin.

    Albright smirks and shrugs.

    Brent Albright: That’s what you want?? Okay. You can count on me, I’ve been on board since day one. I just don’t know if we can say the same thing about Cena.

    As the champion turns to leave, JBL says nothing, thinking over the warning about Cena.


    Elsewhere, there’s a pop, as WILLIAM REGAL and GOLDUST are shown on screen, walking through the halls, dressed for action – NEXT!!

    Jim Ross: Well, William Regal will be hoping for a better homecoming that Doug Williams got!! A huge opportunity coming up next – a tag team battle royal with the winners receiving a title opportunity next week on Raw 800!! It’s next!!!

    Commercial Break


    In this world, DOMINANCE is key.”

    Batista delivering a Spinebuster on The Undertaker at Judgment Day, Mark Henry giving Umaga the Worlds Strongest Slam at SummerSlam.

    In this world, POWER is the ultimate currency.”

    Beth Phoenix standing tall with her Womens title, The Brian Kendrick getting his head shaved after losing at SummerSlam.

    Here, STRENGTH is in NUMBERS.”

    The Master Craftsmen standing tall together, Melina aligning with the Fight Factory.

    And here, WEAKNESS will be EXPLOITED.”

    Randy Orton PUNTING countless innocent victims over the last 18 months, CM Punk blasting Shawn Michaels with the Bible in August.

    To stand above ALL others…”

    Shots of Christian, Edge and John Cena over the last few years with World Title belts.

    To be at the TOP of the food chain …”

    Kurt Angle screaming out after a victory, neck muscles bulging, Chris Jericho sneering at the audience on Smackdown.

    SURVIVAL isn’t just an INSTINCT.”

    Mister Kennedy attacking Mr. McMahon on a recent episode of Raw, John Cena beating up Drew McIntyre on Raw during the summer.

    It’s a way of life.”

    Triple H blasting multiple people over the years with a sledgehammer, The Undertaker sitting up at WrestleMania.

    And the only way to GUARANTEE SURVIVAL in this world?”

    The following words THUD onto a black screen.






    Back in the arena, the ring is already filled up with the tag teams of Raw waiting for the final entrants…


    Getting a hearty home country pop, William Regal leads out his team with Goldust taking a back seat tonight as the KNUCKLEDUSTERS head for the ring as the clear favourites in London.

    J.R notes that the team of Damien Sandow and René Duprée are NOT here tonight – citing that they don’t wish to visit England so soon again after their last trip, meaning Regal and Goldust will have to wait at least ANOTHER week before they can get their hands on the pair…

    Americas Most Wanted vs. Charlie Haas & Nick Dinsmore vs. Colt Cabana & Colin Delaney vs. The East Coast Party Boys vs. The New Standard vs. The Knuckledusters
    J.R explains that once one member of a team is eliminated, so is his partner. Obviously, it’s a bit of a mess, but the teams all end up pairing off; AMW go at it with Delaney & Cabana after their recent issues, Hawkins & Ryder battle with Rhodes & Doane whilst Haas and Dinsmore try to pick off Regal & Goldust. First team to go is Delaney & Cabana when Colin gets launched over by James Storm, meaning Colt Cabana has to leave the ring too.


    With one team gone, Harris and Storm look to help out the New Standard, making life extremely difficult for the East Coast Party Boys. Ryder and Hawkins do their best to fight back against the numbers, hanging on for dear life after being split up to opposite sides of the ring. AMW work on Ryder, Rhodes & Doane on Hawkins whilst Regal and Goldust continue to battle with Haas and Dinsmore.

    Eventually despite their best efforts, the party is over for the boys from the East Coast, just unable to hang on any longer. Officially, it’s Ryder that gets eliminated by Rhodes, but two seconds after Ryder hits the ground, Hawkins hits the floor on the other side of the ring courtesy of Harris and Storm. The Knuckledusters are in trouble too with Haas and Dinsmore lining up a double clothesline attempt … but both Regal and Goldy duck – elevating the former champions up and over … and OUT!!!



    Three teams down, three remain. But it doesn’t look good for the fan favourites, as AMW and the New Standard continue their mutually beneficial alliance, as Harris and Storm go after Regal, and Rhodes and Doane go for Goldust, splitting the Knuckledusters up. Both men are thrown over – but hang on the apron, battling for dear life. Harris runs off the ropes, looking to force Regal off at speed – but the wily veteran LOW BRIDGES the ropes … with Harris tumbling to the floor!!!!!


    Storm can’t believe it. He is forced from the ring, but is clearly livid with his partner as they leave … with Regal now able to return to the ring … and he dips into his trunks – BRINGING OUT THE BRASS KNUCKS!!! Whilst Rhodes and Doane are too busy try to break Goldusts grip on the ropes to eliminate him, it allows Regal to spin Doane around and BLAST HIM with the Knucks!!! Rhodes turns, eyes bugging out as he sees his partner down before he gets NAILED too!!! Goldust gets back inside and with Regal, the pair throw BOTH Rhodes and Doane to the floor!!!


    Winners: The Knuckledusters @ 04:58

    London pops big for Regal and Goldust, as they earn the opportunity to challenge the champions next week on Raw, and the pair of veterans celebrate with Goldust hugging Regal – whilst the always uptight Brit awkwardly freezes when being hugged by the weirdo; but doesn’t fight it. However … the celebrations are cut short, as RANJIN SINGH; the GM tonight … walks onto the stage.

    Ranjin Singh: I don’t mean to be a- a- a party pooper…

    The contempt for the bumbling, nervous Singh is clear to hear from the fans.

    Ranjin Singh: But this match isn’t over.

    The heat intensifies, whilst Regal and Goldust both look confused.

    Ranjin Singh: There’s one more team that have entered this match. They just arrived-

    And they literally have just arrived – in the ring, having come from the crowd; it’s DAMIEN SANDOW and RENÉ DUPRÉE!!! Regal and Goldust have their backs turned, focusing on Singh on the ramp … as their rivals waste no time at all, grabbing Regal and Goldust from behind … DUMPING THEM OUT OF THE RING TO THE FLOOR!!!!! DUPRÉE AND SANDOW HAVE STOLEN THE MATCH FROM UNDER THE KNUCKLE DUSTERS NOSES!!!!!


    Winners: The Knuckledusters @ 04:58
    Winners: Damien Sandow & René Duprée @ 06:02

    The heat inside the o2 arena is off the charts!! William Regal just got screwed in his home country!! And the foes of the Knuckledusters – the team that Regal and Goldust haven’t been able to get their hands on – steal the win through the backdoor, and most importantly get the title shot next week on Raw!!!

    Duprée and Sandow don’t get long to smugly celebrate and bask in the vitriol of the hometown fans of Regal as the Knuckledusters quickly regroup and immediately hit the ring, looking to get a piece of Sandow and Duprée … but the heels quickly scarper out of the ring to avoid that fate and briskly make their way up the ramp.

    In the ring – screwed out of a title shot next week – Regal and Goldust are both livid, both desperate to get their hands on Sandow and Duprée, as J.R tells us that WHEN the Knuckledusters do catch Sandow & Duprée there will be hell to pay…

    Commercial Break

    Back from the break, J.R and Coach discuss what just occurred moments ago with René Duprée and Damien Sandow stealing the win – and next weeks tag title shot – from under the noses of William Regal and Goldust. J.R again opines that the day will come when Sandow and Duprée have to face the pair, and there will be hell to pay …

    Then he transitions to the ongoing situation between Beth Phoenix and Natalya over the Womens title, and the sneak attack by Phoenix on Natalya last week, before sending it back to Scott Stanford backstage with the Womens Champion…

    Scott Stanford: Thanks J.R, and thank you Beth Phoenix for joining me at this time. Last week, after she won her match, you attacked Natalya in the ring, completely taking her by surprise. But despite those actions last week, it’s done little to stop the speculation that Natalya maybe has your number.

    Beth looks offended.

    Beth Phoenix: Excuse me!? My number?? I don’t think so.

    Rather intimidatingly, Beth addresses Stanford.

    Beth Phoenix: Look at me, Scott. Look at what I’ve got. I’m the WWE Womens Champion, and have been for nearly FIVE months now. No one – NO ONE has MY number in this division. What I did last week was remind everyone of that fact … and especially remind Natalya.

    She points off camera whilst glaring at the interviewer.

    Beth Phoenix: And I’ve heard what people are saying. I’ve heard people like you say that I can’t break Natalya’s Sharpshooter. That I’m afraid of the Sharpshooter. And even that Natalya might actually be STRONGER than me.

    Beth shakes her head.

    Beth Phoenix: She’s not stronger than me. She’s not even close. No one in this Womens division is. I’m the strongest. I’m the best. What happened at Nemesis was a one off; an aberration. I just had ONE bad night, that’s all.

    Phoenix holds up that one finger for a few moments before continuing.

    Beth Phoenix: So Scott, you … and everyone else – ESPECIALLY Natalya – can read my lips … I CAN break that Sharpshooter; I don’t even need the ropes to do it!! I AM stronger than Natalya and I’ll prove it if I have to. And most importantly, if she gets a rematch with me … I WILL beat Natalya and prove you, and all those other people that doubt me just who the dominant diva is here in the WWE.


    Elsewhere, we get our first sighting of RICKY STEAMBOAT this evening – powerless tonight with Ranjin Singh in control – sat in a VERY small office; essentially a broom cupboard, the Raw GM is on the phone.

    Ricky Steamboat: … I know you had prior arrangements tonight. So does Bradshaw. It’s just more political point scoring is all … {listens to the person on the other end of the call} … so you’re speaking to him later?? Let’s hope it’s good news. It’ll mean we can have our five set and ready … {listens again} … that works for me, if you trust my judgment, I’ll bring him on board. I know he wants in. … {listens to the person on the other end of the call} … Okay. I’ll talk to you later.

    London, Rey & Shelton enter just as Steamboat ends the call, with all three looking around the rather uncomfortable settings.

    Ricky Steamboat: Good timing. I’m just finished speaking with Jesse. Uh … I’d offer you all a seat … but as you can see, there’s not a whole lot of room here in this “office” Ranjin Singh kindly afforded me tonight.

    Shelton Benjamin: Where are we on the last two spots?? I’m sure you saw it earlier. John Cena??

    Ricky Steamboat: Yeah, I saw it. But don’t worry, yeah, we’re up against things right now, but Jesse and I want to make sure we’ve got the right guys on the team. We’re not going to panic. Jesse?? He’s going to be speaking to someone later. And the other spot?? I’ve got someone in mind. So by the end of the night, all things considered, we should be set.

    Rey Mysterio: Hey, well, that’s all good with me. I gotta run though – my match is up next and they didn’t even tell me who I’ve got.

    Ricky Steamboat: Well, it should be all above board. JBL and Jesse agreed last week to treat everyone fairly. Good luck though – and be careful.

    Mysterio nods, taking the advice on board, before bumping knuckles with Shelton and then London, leaving for his match.

    Ricky Steamboat: And you two have the tag match later, right??

    Paul London: Lookin forward to it. Been itching to get back in there with Cena since Nemesis and Albright?? Well, goes without saying.

    CM PUNK enters the crowded room now, just as Shelton Benjamin was about to add something.

    CM Punk: Wow. All very cosy in here, huh??

    London, Benjamin and Steamboat are all silent, none of them at all comfortable around Punk.

    CM Punk: Sorry- am I interrupting??

    Benjamin scoffs, as Punk steps forward.

    CM Punk: Can Ricky and I have a moment – alone??

    London and Benjamin look to Steamboat; who nods. They leave the room, but give Punk each a dirty look as they do – Punk smirks the whole time, not caring a jot about what the other two think of him before sitting himself down, across from Steamboat.

    CM Punk: Sounds like you’re a little light on the ground, Rick.

    Ricky Steamboat: We’re fine.

    Punk relaxes back on the chair.

    CM Punk: Sure coulda fooled me, because it looks like JBL has put together a hell of a team … while you’ve got three. And I don’t see too many options for ya.

    Steamboat says nothing. Punk sits forward.

    CM Punk: Now … I’m sure you heard me last week. And I’ll be honest, while I don’t like you … I hate Bradshaw. So while I’d prefer if you got fired and he disappeared, I’m smart enough to know that I’ll have to make do with one of ya … and congratulations; you – and Ventura – are the lesser of two evils.

    Ricky Steamboat: {Unimpressed} I’m touched.

    CM Punk: So … all you gotta do … is ask the question.

    Steamboat starts organizing some pieces of paper on his desk, not even giving Punk his full attention.

    Ricky Steamboat: Well … that’s kind of you. Very generous. But uh, I’m gonna pass.

    Punk scoffs.

    CM Punk: I don’t think you’re in a position to pass. I don’t see anyone beatin down your door, Rick. You need me.

    Steamboat stops what he’s doing in order to sternly put his point across to Punk.

    Ricky Steamboat: No. What Jesse and I need – what we want – is team players. Quite evidently; you’re not a team player. And your ego?? Your personality?? It’s toxic. I’m not gonna doubt your ability; you know what I think of you in that regard … but I wouldn’t even consider asking you to be part of this team.

    Punk chuckles.

    CM Punk: Well that’s too bad. But I’m not surprised, either. I’ll just chalk it up to another boneheaded decision on your part. I just hope it isn’t a decision you live to regret, Steamboat.

    The I.C Champion stands up.

    Ricky Steamboat: Thanks for the concern … but if I were you, I’d be focusing on your Intercontinental title defence next week against Shawn Michaels.

    Standing at the door, Punk thinks about it for a second, then shakes his head.

    CM Punk: Yeah, sure.


    Back into the arena…

    **BOOYAKA 619**

    Popping up through his trapdoor, REY MYSTERIO salutes the fans as he wears his tag team title belt around his waist.

    Jim Ross: And here he is!! The Master of the 619, Rey Mysterio is headed to the ring for action – we’ll find out his opponent; NEXT!!!

    Commercial Break

    Mysterio is waiting in the ring for his opponent…


    Oddly, it’s going to be one of CHARLIE HAAS and NICK DINSMORE (either of which will be pulling double duty) as the stablemates of Brent Albright make their way down the ramp.

    In the ring, Mysterio is naturally wary, talking with the referee, wanting to know WHICH of the two he’ll be facing. Still, with both dressed to compete, it’s hard to know who it’ll be … especially when they BOTH climb up onto the apron. Rey looks around for a moment…

    until RANJIN SINGH walks out onto the stage AGAIN, getting the usual ‘Go-away’ heat from the boisterous English fans.

    Ranjin Singh: Thank you all. Rey, I understand you’ll be keen to find out who your opponent is. And, as a special treat for all our great fans here in the United Kingdom, I feel like they deserve more than just an old fashioned one on one match-

    Singh stops and looks for a cheap pop, but it’s still the boos.

    Ranjin Singh: So, instead of facing either Charlie or Nick … you’ll face BOTH!!!


    Ranjin Singh: Now, now … I don’t want you to think I’m being unfair and stacking the deck against you just because you’re on Jesse Venturas Survivor Series team. It’s NOT a handicap match. It’s a triple threat match!!!

    Triple threat my Oklahoma ass!!!” ~J.R bingo.

    Ranjin Singh: I hope you all enjoy!!!

    Rey Mysterio vs. Nick Dinsmore vs. Charlie Haas
    It may be a triple threat match officially, but right from the bell, it’s exclusively 2 on 1. Rey uses his size disadvantage to his advantage initially to avoid the pair, and even has success by catching Haas with a headscissors to send him into Dinsmore. That impact sends Dinsmore to the outside for a brief moment, as Rey tries to seize the opportunity, planting Haas with a bulldog, then gets him at the ropes for a 619 … but gets tripped from the outside by Dinsmore!!!

    From there, it’s two on one. And it becomes clear it’s not about winning either for the former tag team champions. It’s just a beat down. They don’t even bother going for pin attempts or submissions. J.R is furious on commentary; pointing out none of Rey’s teammates can even put a stop to this due to the previous agreement between JBL and Ventura. All they can do is watch, as Haas and Dinsmore systematically break Mysterio down…


    Not a part of Team Ventura, Nemeth is simply coming out to do the right thing!!! He fights off Haas and Dinsmore, before knocking Haas down with a dropkick, and sends Dinsmore out of the ring with a clothesline!!! Nemeth looks to execute his LEAPING DDT on Haas … but Dinsmore saves his partner, dragging him to the floor before Nemeth could strike!!! In amongst the chaos, the referee calls for the bell, throwing the match out…
    Winner: No Contest @ 04:16

    Dinsmore and Haas retreat, both angry at the run in by Nemeth, ruining their plan, whilst Nick check on Rey Mysterio, trying to help him recover from the two on one beatdown he had to suffer through…

    Commercial Break

    Straight back into the arena…


    One week on from an attack at the hands of Mister Kennedy – which came 24 hours on from a loss to the same man – TRIPLE H marches out through the curtain, in his street gear … and as ever, spits some water.

    J.R talks about Triple H spending the night in hospital last Monday as a result of the sledgehammer incident, coupled with him refusing to go to hospital the night before, with Coach doubling down on just how much Kennedy has gotten into the head of The Game, saying no one has ever done a number on Triple H like this.

    The Game arrives in the ring, and waits out the reaction from the fans, looking for silence essentially, before speaking…

    Triple H: After last week … you can bet your ass that nothin’s changed. Hell, all last week did was solidify everything I said before. I want Kennedy gone!!

    Decidedly mixed reaction for the divisive Kennedy.

    Triple H: And I don’t mean I want him fired. No, no, no. I want to run his sorry ass outta the WWE. I want to cut that man down to size. I want to expose Kennedy for what he is; a two bit loudmouth HACK that ain’t fit to lace my boots, let alone share this ring with me.

    The Game paces around, clearly angry.

    Triple H: This game has gone on too long. And I’m done letting this piece of garbage make a name for himself off of me. Because that’s ALL he’s done. He hasn’t accomplished a single thing in this ring to earn the spot he’s got … because all he’s done is run his mouth. All he’s done is TALK a big game, and one good night at Nemesis ain’t gonna change that fact.

    He’s a King of the Ring winner too and a former Intercontinental Champion.” ~Coach comes to Kennedy’s defence on commentary.

    Triple H: So as I said … I want him gone. I want to embarrass that man … I wanna humiliate that man and I wanna beat that man – so badly – that he never has the gall to show his face in MY ring … EVER again.

    Triple H looks straight ahead at the hard camera.

    Triple H: So I’m gonna lay it out, right here, right now. Kennedy?? I want … ONE more match. You … and me … one … on one. Let’s finish this; once and for all at the Survivor Series.


    Triple H: And I want a match that WILL bring closure. I want a match that WILL end this. Where by the time it’s over, we’ll know everything we’ll ever need to know about you … and about me.

    What the hell is he suggesting, Coach??” ~J.R sounds concerned.

    Triple H: A match … that’ll break you down … crush your spirit … and kill all that confidence. I promise you this … when it’s all said and done … when the truth about the REAL Mister Kennedy is out in the open … you will NEVER show your face in this ring again.

    Brimming with intensity, Triple H glares right into the camera.

    Triple H: The match I want – if you’ve got the guts to accept?? …

    Dramatic pause…

    Triple H: I … QUIT!!!

    BIG reaction in London.

    Triple H: I want to beat you – so badly – that your only option is to quit. I want to destroy all that cockiness, all that confidence … to show these people that the guy you present yourself as week in, week out on Raw … is all an act. And when you quit?? You’ll be a broken man. Never the same again … and never to be seen again.

    Pausing for a moment, Triple H gathers his thoughts, letting everything sink in, before addressing his message toward the stage…

    Triple H: All you gotta do … is accept. If you’ve got the guts to say yes, then all-


    Ask and you shall receive” is the call from J.R as MISTER KENNEDY marches through the curtain, and onto the stage, full of vigour, not looking at all concerned after the challenge from Triple H. Indeed, Kennedy LAUGHS over the mic as his music dies down and he responds.

    Mister Kennedy: You ARE certified, huh?? I mean- you HAVE gone nuts, right!? Maybe I’ve scrambled that brain of yours one too many times these last two weeks … because to throw that kind of challenge out you’ve gotta be crazy.

    Tracking back and forth, Kennedy scratches his head, before stopping and facing down the ramp again.

    Mister Kennedy: An “I Quit” match!? You sure??

    Triple H: You’re damn right I’m sure.

    Mister Kennedy: It’s just … that doesn’t seem like a good idea. For a guy that’s called the “Cerebral Assassin” … it feels like a decision based on emotion … rather than using your head.

    Triple H: Yeah?? Seems to me you’re lookin to find a way outta this without losin face.

    Kennedy shakes his head.

    Mister Kennedy: Nah … I’m not lookin for a way out … I’m just confused why you’d think challenging me to an I Quit match was a good idea. I mean … after all I’ve been through … do you think there’s anything you can do to make me quit!?

    The man has a point!!” ~Coach.

    Mister Kennedy: I got FIRED!! Anyone else gets fired, they walk away; I didn’t. I didn’t accept that because I decide my fate. I got fired … and fought every minute of every hour, every day to get my job back. And not only did I succeed, I got a better deal out of it. I got a title shot as a signing bonus … and got screwed out of it by YOUR father-in-law. I didn’t fold my tent and take it on the chin. I didn’t cower away from the big bad boss …

    Kennedy points to the side of the stage.

    Mister Kennedy: I threw his ass off this stage!!

    Big pop, followed by some heat for the defiant act last month.

    Mister Kennedy: Because NO ONE is gonna deny me what I’m owed. And I walk into Raw, week after week, knowing I’ve got a target on my back. I know I’m a wanted man around here and everybody is thirsty for my blood. But I don’t hide. I don't throw a hood over my head and I don’t sneak around through the backdoor. I’m front, centre, loud and proud. That whole time I was fired I never thought about quitting – not even once. When I got screwed by the machine, I never quit. And even though I’m a marked man, I’ve NEVER considered quitting.

    Can’t deny that. He never threw the towel in.” ~J.R concedes that one.

    Mister Kennedy: So what the hell makes you think there’s ANYTHING you can do to make me quit!!??

    A rather raucous pop greets that statement. In the ring, Triple H thinks about it for a moment, then smirks himself.

    Triple H: You think you’ve suffered?? Huh?? You think what you’ve been through these last six months were tough?? You don’t know the FIRST THING about suffering. You don't know ANYTHING about PAIN … but if you accept this match?? If you’ve got the guts to put your reputation on the line?? Believe me … you will find out, first hand what pain is, what suffering is … and you’re not gonna like it.

    All business, Triple H stands at the ropes, shaking his head.

    Triple H: You’re gonna hate it. And you won’t have what it takes to fight through the pain, fight through the adversity … and at the first chance you get … I promise you … you WILL say the words … I … Quit.

    On the stage, Kennedy shakes his head defiantly.

    Mister Kennedy: I’ll tell you this, you don’t know the first thing about me. You want an I Quit match?? Then lets do it.

    Big pop – it’s on.

    Mister Kennedy: I’m ready for this to end … and I’m ready to end you, Hunter. You talk about humiliating me and embarrassing me by making me quit … but when YOU say those words at the Survivor Series … how are YOU ever gonna show your face again??

    Kennedy asks the question and leaves it to linger, with no response from Triple H. The two long time rivals stare one another down from afar – as J.R goes into shill mode ahead of their final showdown at the Survivor Series … an I QUIT match…

    Commercial Break


    The show that broke ground…”

    Sweeping shots of the Manhattan Centre back in 1993 for the first Raw, and clips of a young Shawn Michaels on that show, followed by clips of Razor Ramon, Bret Hart and Hulk Hogan.

    That changed the game forever…”

    Austin stuns Mr. McMahon for the first time, and shoves Mike Tyson a few months later, then Mankind winning his first WWF Title in 1999 & Triple H’s return from injury in 2002.

    And fifteen years later, it’s STILL going strong!!”

    Fireworks, and clips of the modern roster; Mister Kennedy, CM Punk, Christian, Beth Phoenix, John Cena and Rey Mysterio.

    On November Third, WWE’s flagship show celebrates 800 episodes…”

    Clips of Raw moments through the years; DX playing cards, The Rock dropping an elbow, Kane setting off his pyro, Eric Bischoff debuting with Vince in 2002, Cena and Christian brawling back in July.

    And ALL the stars are joining the celebration!!”

    Shots of Shawn Michaels, The Master Craftsmen, Triple H, Paul London and Gail Kim.


    Also Sprach Zarathrustra plays-


    For the first time since his retirement in July, the Dirtiest Player In The Game returns to Raw!!”

    Clips of The Undertaker walking to the ring on the FIRST episode of Raw, and later iterations of his character on the show in the years that followed.

    Appearing on The Playas Club, the Sixteen Time World Champion will bring the party to the Celebration!!”

    More clips of The Phenom in action on Raw over the years.

    Stylin and profilin, any appearance by the Nature Boy Ric Flair CANNOT be missed!!”


    NOVEMBER 3 2008



    Backstage – to NO sound – we’re privy to a meeting between RICKY STEAMBOAT and NICK NEMETH, with Steamboat seemingly doing most of the talk, whilst Nemeth nods.

    Eventually, Steamboat extends a hand, with Nemeth graciously accepting, giving the Raw GM a firm handshake. Steamboat pats the shoulder of Nemeth as we fade out…


    Back into the arena and CANDICE MICHELLE is already heading to the ring, as J.R and Coach discuss what that meeting between Nemeth and Steamboat could’ve been about, with J.R drawing the obvious conclusion.


    And making her way to the ring, BETH PHOENIX raises the title belt above her head. Highlights air from last week of Beth ambushing Candice and Natalya after their match last week – mainly to get an attack on Nattie – which has led to Candice asking for this match tonight.

    Match 4 | NON-TITLE MATCH:
    Womens Champ. Beth Phoenix vs. Candice Michelle
    Very one sided. Phoenix rag dolls Candice from the opening bell, as she looks to exert her dominance. Candice puts up a fight but nothing she does has any effect on the champion, who simply picks her apart. Not content to just win, Beth wants to send a message to Natalya with her victory … and APPLIES THE SHARPSHOOTER ON CANDICE!!!!

    To her credit though, Candice DOESN’T instantly tap, and she IS close to the ropes … allowing her to grab them and survive!!! Or, at least, it should. Instead, Beth REFUSES to release the hold!!! Charles Robinson frantically tries to break the grip, pleading with Beth to release due to the rope break … but Phoenix WONT release … leaving the official no choice but to call for the bell!!!
    Winner: Via DQ – Candice Michelle @ 03:03

    Even with the DQ, Beth Phoenix STILL refuses to break the Sharpshooter on Candice!! Poor Candice meekly taps the mat … but that isn’t going to make a difference now, as Beth leans back, applying MORE pressure…


    Beth Phoenix sees her rival coming – facing the ramp – and elects to NOW release the hold, and leaves the ring as Natalya climbs inside. Nattie looks to help Candice in the ring, all the while watching Beth, as the champion backs up the ramp, holding her title.

    On commentary, J.R hypes a future rematch between Beth and Natalya, talking about the tension between the pair, and their issues being far from over as the battle for dominance in the womens division rages on…

    Commercial Break

    Match 5:
    Kelly Kelly w/Victoria vs. Jillian Hall
    Fresh off Kelly and Victoria getting the final word in their feud with LayCool, J.R explains on commentary that Victoria will continue to help Kelly Kelly progress in her career, looking to be a mentor figure for the young blonde. Here, Kelly shines against the resident jobber, getting all her shit in. Jillian has a brief period of control, but not long enough to trouble Kelly, and with Victoria watching on, the veteran is highly impressed as Kelly shows how far she’s came along under her tutelage, finishing Hall with the K2!! 1...2...3!!!
    Winner: Kelly Kelly @ 02:19

    Just a standard win for Kelly, and Victoria joins her once the match is over, raising the arm of her protégé, as J.R talks about the improvements of Kelly under the wing of Victoria…


    In his locker room, the World Champion BRENT ALBRIGHT appears to be finishing up his warm up ahead of the main event later when JOHN CENA walks into the room…

    John Cena: Ready to follow my lead, champ??

    Albright chuckles at the thought, and looks at the title.

    Brent Albright: I think this title says you’ll be following mine. Tonight … and at the Survivor Series.

    Now Cena smirks, but Albright steps up to him.

    Brent Albright: Just remember, JBL is the captain of this team. And I’m his ace. You?? You’re the support. After all … I beat Christian … and you couldn’t.

    Cena laughs it off.

    John Cena: All you did was beat a husk of what I left of Christian after SummerSlam. Don’t go playin that card, ace. And hey, no need to thank me for that either.

    Brent Albright: Wasn’t planning on it.

    It’s tense between the two, both sizing each other up, both standing their ground.

    Brent Albright: But look, I think we can agree on one thing, Cena … you and I need to be on the same page here. Tonight. And at Survivor Series. Getting Ventura and Steamboat outta power benefits us both.

    John Cena: Damn right it does. You ain’t gotta worry about me havin your back, champ. We’ll both be happier to have Steamboat outta the way. And then?? We’ll really see what you’re made of.

    Cena flicks the title on the shoulder of Albright, and departs, making it clear what he’s after.


    Back into the arena…

    **SEXY BOY**

    Greeted by a decidedly mixed reaction, SHAWN MICHAELS steps rather tentatively onto the stage ahead of announcing his choice of match for next week when he challenges CM Punk on Raw 800 for the Intercontinental Title. J.R hypes that segment, telling us to go nowhere – we’ll hear from the Showstopper; NEXT!!

    Commercial Break

    Back from the break, Shawn Michaels is in the ring, waiting to speak, acknowledging the mixed response of the fans.

    Shawn Michaels: I know what you’re thinking, and I’ve heard what a lot of you are saying too. That I’ve sold out.

    I’ve heard a few of those cat calls.” ~J.R adds his two cents.

    Shawn Michaels: I understand why a lot of you say that. But let me tell ya, I didn’t sell out.

    Scattered boos and a faint “You Sold Out” chant. Shawn ignores it.

    Shawn Michaels: I just made a choice. Clearly, it’s one you people don’t agree with … and you’re all entitled to your opinion. But deep down, I know that ultimately … I made the right decision.


    Shawn Michaels: And I know that all of you would’ve much preferred had I stood alongside Ricky Steamboat and Jesse Ventura in opposing JBL … but quite honestly, Bradshaw has been nothing but fair to me. He’s given me the opportunities that Ricky Steamboat wouldn’t. And the way I see it, I owe him. So at the Survivor Series, I intend on playin my part in ensuring JBL is the next Commissioner of the WWE.

    The heat rises after that statement.

    Shawn Michaels: I’m sorry that you don’t like it, and for what it’s worth, despite our differences … I’ve got nothing against Ricky Steamboat personally. I admired him as a wrestler. You could even say I idolised him at a time, and if things were different … maybe I would be lining up on his and Jesse Ventura’s team … but right now, I have to do what’s in MY best interests … and it’ll all be worth it when I defeat CM Punk next week on Raw’s Eight Hundredth episode and take the Intercontinental Championship from him.

    Slightly more positive reaction from the fans this time.

    Shawn Michaels: Thanks to Bradshaw, he has given me the right to choose the stipulations for that match next week, and havin had the last seven days to think it over … I’ve decided that one match … isn’t enough.

    What’s that supposed to mean??” ~Coach is confused.

    Shawn Michaels: For everything CM Punk has put me through … one fall isn’t gonna cut it. Next week on Raw, CM Punk and I will face off in a Best two out of three falls match.

    Oh wow!! Two outta three falls, Coach!! Next week!!” ~J.R puts it over.

    Shawn Michaels: I don’t want Punk to strike lucky, so to beat me this time, he’ll have to beat me – twice. But it wont be a traditional two out of three falls match. The first fall, I want to prove I’m better than CM Punk like I should’ve way back at SummerSlam. But once I’m done doin that, I want to punish CM Punk for the hell he’s put me through over the last four months.

    Michaels pauses for a moment.

    Shawn Michaels: I don't want CM Punk to be able to run away, and I don’t want to be confined in what I can do or where I can take him. I want to take CM Punk on a trip to the woodshed. I want to beat some respect into CM Punk with no restrictions. So the second fall?? … falls count anywhere.

    He can’t do that, surely!?” ~Coach is concerned for Punk.

    He just did!!” ~J.R’s contrite reply.

    Shawn Michaels: Then … if he does survive and win one of those first two falls, then I’m takin CM Punk into a world I pioneered. If this goes to a third fall next week, it’ll be a match I made famous. It’ll be … a LADDER match.

    Big pop.

    Shawn Michaels: And one way or another, CM Punk will finally be humbled. After months of torment, I can finally draw a line under this whole thing. He’ll finally pay for all his actions, all his disrespect … of me, my faith and-


    It could be one final act of disrespect, as CM PUNK interrupts Shawn Michaels promo, wandering onto the stage, with his title belt strapped around his waist. In the ring, Michaels seethes a little, watching his long time rival from afar.

    CM Punk: You can deny it all you want Shawn. You can say you didn’t sell out, and you can say that instead you made a “choice” … but that choice you made?? The choice was to SELL OUT!!

    Michaels shakes his head in disagreement.

    CM Punk: You and I both know you have NO business in challenging me for the Intercontinental Championship. And the ONLY reason this match is happening next week is because you’ve sold yourself out to JBL.

    Shawn still disagrees, as Punk waves it off.

    CM Punk: But that’s okay. Because now we can add hypocrite to that LONG list of sins you’ve got against your name.

    Michaels seethes in the ring, but stops himself from responding.

    CM Punk: You want two out of three falls?? Fine. At least this way, there can be no debate when it’s all said and done and you’ll know once and for all that faith has NOTHING to do with it and the fact is, that I … am BETTER … than you!!

    We’re gonna find out next week!!” ~J.R.

    CM Punk: Just remember Shawn … even IF you beat me next week on Raw … even IF you “humble” me and take away the one thing on this planet that I care about … it’ll all be for nothing. You haven’t beaten me. You haven’t proven ANYTHING to me. And you haven’t made God proud either.

    Ohhhh” ~The fans.

    In the ring, Michaels remains strong, not reacting to the bait.

    CM Punk: You’ll have to live with the fact that in order to tear me down … in order to teach me a lesson … in order to take away my Intercontinental Title … you sold your soul to the devil to make it happen.

    With a sinister grin, Punk knows exactly what he’s doing with that final line … and so does Michaels. The Showstopper seethes in the ring, as Punk departs, with J.R hyping that blockbuster main event for next weeks landmark episode of Raw …

    Commercial Break



    The debut of The Undertaker. Introduced by The Million Dollar Man and initially managed by Brother Love, The Undertaker makes an immediate impact as an imposing and terrifying force in a Survivor Series elimination match. He eliminates Koko B Ware in a little over 90 seconds before also eliminating the legendary Dusty Rhodes. He himself is eliminated via count out … but the Deadman makes an instant impression … and one that would continue for 18 years … and counting.



    Cutting away to an undisclosed location, THE MIZ is out on the street, cutting a promo directly to the camera.

    The Miz: One week from tonight, on the biggest Raw of all time, you will bear witness to the coming out party of the soon to be biggest STAR in Raw history.

    Miz is all smiles and over the top mannerisms.

    The Miz: I have brought style, class and star power to this show like nobody else before me. Mike Tython?? He’s got NOTHIN on me; The Miz is a real knockout attraction!!

    He shadow boxes for a moment – badly.

    The Miz: And I don’t need to drive a beer truck or a Zamboni to the ring like{imitates Texas accent} ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin just to create buzz; I’m a responsible adult. My presence alone creates buzz.

    Continuing to walk, Miz shrugs.

    The Miz: As for catchphrases?? The Rock and his kindergarten routine is bush league compared to MY wit; HOO-RAH!!! … Smell what The Miz is cookin, Rocky??

    Miz stops in his tracks, and points at the camera.

    The Miz: Then … there’s YOU, Undertaker. The so-called “conscience” of the WWE. Well, Deadman, the bell tolls for YOU next Monday night and the lights are gonna go out on your stranglehold as the Phenom. And instead, it’s lights ON for the brightest star … the future of the WWE. And the NEW Phenom.

    The camera pans out, showing the famous ‘HOLLYWOOD’ sign in the background, with Miz quite obviously in L.A…

    The Miz: Next Monday Night in Hollywood, the new star is officially BORN. And his name … is THE MIZ!!!!

    Fade out…


    Back into the arena, J.R briefly touches on Miz being in for a rude awakening next week on Raw before the entrances begin for the main event…

    Main Event:
    World Heavyweight Champ Brent Albright & John Cena vs. Paul London and World Tag Team Champ Shelton Benjamin
    Obviously, it’s a quality match up, given the level of talents involved. Shelton and Albright start it out, but things kick up a notch when it’s Cena vs. London, as the level of intensity is there, following on from their match at Nemesis. London – fired up and eager to prove a point – is getting the better of Cena, but a knee to the back by Albright when London runs off the ropes allows Cena to put London down. That sets off Benjamin though, and he hits the ring with things breaking down as we head into the last commercial break of the night.

    Commercial Break

    On the other side of the break, order is restored, but London is still in need of a tag. Albright and Cena work well together as a tandem, despite both bustling for the role of leader, but it appears to bring out the best in both men as they try to one up one another. Shelton is forced to watch from the apron for the most part, but given his recent tag run with Mysterio, he’s able to stay patient and offer encouragement from the outside for London. Eventually, London sparks a fight back, but he and Albright both collide with a simultaneous clothesline attempt and both go down.

    It’s a race for both men to crawl to their corners … with Albright tagging Cena … just as London tags Shelton!!!

    And the fresh men hit the ring to collide, but it’s the eagerness of Benjamin that gets the better of the Man in Black. He hits a sequence of his signature moves, leading to a series of near falls on Cena, with Cena barely hanging on … but when Benjamin looks for the BLOCKBUSTER, he finds NO ONE home!!! Cena quickly lunges in, applying the STFU … but PAUL LONDON BREAKS IT UP!!! London takes the fight to Cena, but Albright is back, and all four men are soon battling it out as the match breaks down.

    London and Benjamin team up, looking like a well oiled machine to get the upper hand, with J.R talking about this being a good sign for Ventura and Steamboat at the Survivor Series. They send Albright to the floor, and London follows that with a PLANCHA. In the ring, Benjamin looks for the T-BONE EXPLODER – but Cena elbows out, scoops Shelton up – FU!!!! Cena plants Benjamin and gets the cover … 1...2...BENJAMIN KICKS OUT!!!!! Cena shakes his head in shock, but tries to put the finishing touches on Shelton, dragging him up-

    But London climbs back onto the apron, forcing Cena to try and knock him off – BUT LONDON NAILS CENA WITH A STEP UP KICK ON THE APRON!!!!! Cena staggers back to the middle of the ring … PAYDIRT!!!!! The Black Diamond strikes from nowhere!!!!! 1...2...BROKEN BY ALBRIGHT!!!!! London is straight in after Albright breaks up the pin, and sends the champion back out of the ring. Shelton then looks to tag London in … but as he reaches out, London gets dragged off by Albright!!!! London’s face SMASHES off the apron, and Albright sends the Golden Boy into the steps!!!!

    Out of instinct, Shelton Benjamin rolls to the outside to come after the World Champion, chasing him around the ring … with Albright sliding back inside … leading Shelton right into a trap and a THUNDEROUS clothesline from John Cena!!! The Man In Black quickly drags Shelton back up … AND DRILLS HIM WITH A PILEDRIVER!!!!!! Albright cuts London off from getting back into the ring as the count comes down … 1...2...3!!!!!
    Winners: John Cena & Brent Albright @ 11:15

    Benjamin and London fell into the trap and paid the price!! Cena and Albright get the win, keeping the momentum rolling for Team Layfield heading toward the Survivor Series. On commentary, The Coach is giddy over how good this team looks, and almost as soon as the announcement is made by Lillian Garcia – the rest of Team Layfield (minus Shawn Michaels) hit ringside!!!

    JBL, Vladimir and the former tag team champions Haas and Dinsmore put the boots to London on the outside and Benjamin in the ring!!! J.R calls it a mugging, with JBL trying to direct traffic and weaken the opposition for Survivor Series…



    The cavalry sprint to the ring, but despite an initial burst of energy and enthusiasm, they’re unable to turn the tide and overcome the numbers game. It’s too much for Rey and Nemeth to deal with!!! Even with Shawn Michaels absent, JBL’s Survivor Series team (and the added cavalry) are too much for Venturas foursome to deal with!!!

    One by one, London, Benjamin, Mysterio and Nemeth are left laying; London eats the Ace in the Hole courtesy of Albright, Benjamin gets put down with the Battering Ram of Vladimir, Nemeth is slammed into the mat with a Cena FU and little Rey Mysterio gets turned inside out by the Clothesline From Hell by JBL…

    Standing tall, JBL leads the troops from the ring … as RICKY STEAMBOAT – powerless tonight – shakes his head from the bottom of the ramp, disgusted by the actions of Team Layfield. JBL approaches the Raw GM – all smiles – gloating about what he’s just done to his and Venturas team, with the camera’s picking up the end of the conversation between the pair…

    You’re gonna need somethin special for your fifth man, Steamboat. You got yourself a whole heap o’ losers right there, son.”

    I think I got something.”

    Oh yeah?? An’ who’s that!?”

    But, instead of revealing the name verbally, Steamboat instead smirks, and whispers into the ear of JBL … whose expression drops. The confidence replaced … by concern.


    Official Card for The 22nd Annual WWE Survivor Series:
    November 16 2008 | Phillips Arena, Atlanta GA
    Theme Music; ‘Spolin For A Fight’ by AC/DC

    5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:
    World Heavyweight Champion Brent Albright, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Vladimir & John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield
    World Tag Team Champions Rey Mysterio & Shelton Benjamin, Paul London, Nick Nemeth & 1 TBA
    *If Team Layfield win; JBL becomes WWE Commissioner*
    *If Team Ventura win; Jesse Ventura remains WWE Commissioner*

    5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:
    WWE Champion Chris Jericho, Umaga & 3 TBA w/Armando Estrada
    Kurt Angle, Jack Swagger & 3 TBA w/Paul Heyman
    *If The Dangerous Alliance win, Kurt Angle will receive a WWE Championship Match*

    Triple H vs. Mister Kennedy

    {Survivor Series graphics credit; Ranthellacious. Thank you!}

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    Re: April BTBOTM - Being The Booker

    The Team JBL opening promo was great with the addition of John Cena to the team being a huge pick up for JBL's team. Love the work wight Cena and Albright here and looking forward to if there's more between them in the future. I wonder who Venture can get as an equalizer here.

    Vladmir's victory over Doug Williams makes him look strong.

    More hinting at a possible in-team dispute or future feud with Cena and Albright, nice.

    Screwing with the hometown crowd booooo. Haha. Damien Sandow and Rene Dupree getting up the win here looks like we'll be getting either a title match at Survivor Series or Goldust and Regal will cost them as revenge for this.

    Good concise promo from Beth Phoenix really playing up the Sharpshooter, nice to see when moves get hyped up in promos.

    Loved the interactions here between CM Punk and Ricky Steamboat. Really want CM Punk on Team Ventura, but who knows if that'll happen. I'm thinking maybe Jesse is trying to get Christian, but Christian won't return so CM Punk will take his place maybe? Without Christian showing up on Raw, CM Punk feels like the biggest babyface on the show to me and he's a heel, which may be a sign that you need a second top babyface on Raw here, which I'm sure Paul London will be stepping up into in a couple months.

    Nice way for the heels to try to manipulate things to not follow the spirit of the agreement by making a triple threat. I loved J.R.'s line as it was expected after that announcement and so to see that touch there was great. Nick Nemeth is a great add to the babyface team.

    As expected we get an I Quit Match between HHH and Kennedy for them the opportunity to embarrass the other. I have a hard time seeing either of these two quitting, hopefully rgere are shenanigans to get an out here.

    I'm happy to see the fire Phoenix has had lately especially after the Nattie feud started. Great heel work here.

    Don't really have much interest in Kelly's advancement here, much better talents available on the indy scene in 2008 and her trainer is much better than her as well. Need some feeder talents though I suppose.

    Cena and Albright's interactions continue to be great. I'd like to see a pay off with this, but at the same time I think JBL is winning to shake up the authority figures so maybe it'll be later down the line.

    The Michaels and Punk promo is great, probably the highlight of the show for me. Hard to be sympathetic towards HBK as he certainly sold his soul to the devil and this is more about his pride than his faith. Really looking forward to their 2/3 falls match.

    The Miz was excellent, this is the first time he's come across as a superstar to me in this thread rather than just a delusional egomaniac.

    Another wild brawl to end the night after a match between representatives of the teams here. Wonder who this last member will be that it makes JBL concerned. Is it Christian? The Undertaker? Who knows!

    Great Raw again here. Definitely the superior show at the moment heading into Survivor Series.

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    Re: April BTBOTM - Being The Booker

    I’ve finally caught up so here are some general comments on Raw. Whilst it was a foregone conclusion to end the battle for power on Raw with a traditional elimination match, I’m enjoying the process of the teams being built as well as they are so far. Ventura/Steamboat play the face roles quite well with their straight down the line approach, JBL and his politics over the past few weeks have been awesome. From the masterful recruitment of Shawn Michaels, to showing up on Smackdown, to slandering Ventura for not showing up every week, I don’t think JBL has taken a step wrong recently. Has been such a fun read and I commend you on doing such a fantastic job.

    I mentioned it above but the next point I want to touch on is the evolution of Shawn Michaels, and with that his feud with Punk. HBK’s interactions and dealings with London and Nemeth over the past month have been interesting; however the stuff with Punk is obviously the bigger deal. London and Nemeth have introduced some nice layers though. Shawn joining team JBL but being somewhat of a pseudo heel is brilliant, whilst Punk retaining in the triple threat to set up this big time match next week makes perfect. Three stages of hell match? Could there be a more fitting end to this? Punk has been such a terrific heel here whilst Shawn’s arc has been phenomenal. The promo work between the two this week, even with Punk semi offering his services to Steamboat were all terrific as per usual.

    Despite losing to Christian at Summerslam, you’ve continued to make Cena seem like a big deal. His attitude is great throughout your promos, and the booking was smart to put him over London, who is good enough to make Cena look great. I agree with others who mentioned Cena simply couldn’t lose that one. But to move from that, straight into Cena almost being JBL’s ace in this SS situation shows how big of a deal he still is. The dynamic with Albright and the almost inevitable (if they win) confrontation between the two has only just begun this week, but I really enjoyed it. I think the fact that they will be on the same page but just occasionally throw little daggers at each other in the coming weeks should be a world of fun.

    More on this SS stuff based on the booking of this week’s show. Mysterio being placed in the one sided triple threat is just typical dickish JBL stuff. I’d say it’s Singh’s booking but let’s be honest, it’s all about JBL. But either way, thought this was brilliant, and the aftermath and Nemeth making the save works. If I have one criticism here, it would be the way Steamboat got Nemeth on board, with just the handshake and no dialogue. Whilst I get that this was a dialogue heavy show, and Steamboat had already mentioned he had somebody in mind earlier (which turned out to be Nemeth), I would have liked a segment really selling Nemeth and making him sound like a big deal. To me, he felt a little glossed over with the way it went down, not getting the big announcement moment like others, and considering he’s arguably the smallest name in the match, he probably would have done nicely with a big moment.

    The ending with the brawl and what not between the teams was fine, and Steamboat refusing to name number five has me intrigued. For the life of me I can’t think of a name at this point, maybe The Undertaker? I dunno. He does have a history with JBL after all and based with The Miz stuff it seems he’ll be on Raw next week. This SS stuff is certainly dominating the Raw brand at this point in time, but considering the power dynamic, it has to be this way. Enjoying it.

    Tag Battle Royal was fine enough and I like the way Dupree and Sandow have got one over on the Knuckle Dusters. Obviously Knuckle Dusters will get some revenge next week to lead to their feud. Either way, I’ve enjoyed this feud so far, with those Dupree/Sandow vignettes still being a massive highlight.

    Women’s stuff was pretty generic this week, but in my eyes, it makes sense that Phoenix will want to make a point after what happened with Natalya at Nemesis. I still think this is a tad colder than the Phoenix/Kim/James stuff previously, but this has been a solid enough angle anyway. I assume this will end at SS with Phoenix going over cleanly.

    I’d argue I’ve been Kennedy’s number one fan in this BTB for a long period of time right now, and I’d argue that the events of Nemesis and the past couple of weeks haven’t changed that. This whole personal feud has been a favourite of mine, and KK getting the win, then threatening Linda to take out Triple H again was awesome. An “I Quit” stipulation seems like the right way to go about things here, and I really hope this is the end of Triple H. Promo work over the past couple of weeks has been good, with KK’s arrogance really being a shining light. Really though, most the work is done with this one, just needs to be finished off.

    I don’t care much for Kelly Kelly so haven’t been overly interested in her Laycool stuff, especially considering Laycool jobbed out. With that being said, I also hope that Victoria eventually turns and beats the shit out of her.

    The Miz challenging The Undertaker is lol worthy. Not as good as the Hardcore stuff with The Miz in my eyes, but still solid enough, and I especially enjoyed his stealing of catch phrases on this week’s Raw. I completely expect a nice Taker squash match to slowly introduce him back into proceedings for WrestleMania season.

    Raw is really cooking on all cylinders right now. Some things hotter than others, but nothing that I don’t necessarily like, well, outside of Kelly Kelly lol. Keep up the fantastic work.

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    Re: April BTBOTM - Being The Booker

    Right, finally getting around to reading this, apologies for the delay. This might be a little more abridged than usual as I want to try and post my next show as well, but wanted to show some love before I did.

    You know what? I'm totally backing JBL here. Everything he says about Ventura is right, and now with Cena in his team he's even managed to pick the more interesting people. He gets my backing for commish! Loved the touches with Shawn being in the background and whatnot too. Great juxtaposition between the reluctant and downtrodden Michaels following them around, while the arrogant Cena is in and out however he wants.

    Way to heat up the UK crowd with that squash! I kid, I kid. Vladimir looks great, which is the only thing that matters right now.

    Good stuff with the battle royal. Easy going enough stuff, with the nice hometown moment, only to be snatched away by the heels. Exactly what you'd want, really. And, honestly, I wouldn't be shocked to see new champs next week, even with the champs in the Survivor Series match.

    Beth vs the Sharpshooter isn't a particularly wild angle, but it's exactly what this division needs as part of its rebuild. Good, solid stuff.

    Wow, I did not see that Steamboat/Punk segment going down like that. And... I absolutely love it. I know I say this every time, but the way you nail the little moments never ceases to amaze me. JBL has been an absolute force of nature recently - one of the best written characters on the board - which has made Steamboat and Ventura feel pretty meh in comparison. But Steamboat having a backbone and sticking to his guns suddenly adds a whole new angle to him at the point where it was most needed. Beautiful.

    Nick Nemeth helping out is... random. I guess I'll wait to see what comes of it. Love the triple threat stip instead of a handicap match, though.

    I'm glad you aren't dragging this Kennedy/Trips stuff out any longer. Not that I dislike it as a rivalry - quite the opposite, in fact - but you so slowly built to this point that I think it's for the best that you get out before it overstays it's welcome. And an I Quit match is pretty perfect for the way this feud has gone so far. Good stuff.

    So that Nemeth bit earlier was because he's in Team Ventura. Okay... If I'm honest, I'm slightly confused by all of this. Nemeth feels a bit out of nowhere, and while I 100% appreciate the stylistic creativity of the no sound backstage segment, I feel like Nemeth needs a bit more than that to get over and feel important.

    Not much to say about the women's matches, other than two back-to-back sub-4 minutes "divas" matches without anything to break them up feels uncharacteristically weird from a pacing perspective. Feels like maybe this second one could have swapped with the Vladimir squash or something. I dunno.

    FFS, stop booking matches before I do them! I want to use a 2/3 falls match on Raw soon ya bastard! Anyway, great stips again, and what a match that should be. Michaels promo was great from a character perspective, but slightly cold given he's turned heel for the first time in, what, a decade? That said, Punk again absolutely smashed it out of the park. The "you sold your soul to the devil" stuff is simply outstanding. Love it, love it, love it. (Very minor thing, but I also found it kinda weird having Shawn come back out when he was already in the ring earlier, which meant two back-to-back segments in the last 3 that felt uncharacteristically weird to start, but man did it pay off once it actually got going).

    Lovely little promo from The Miz. You really are working wonders with him.

    The heels going over and all seemingly lost is exactly what you need at this point in the story, so good stuff. I LOVE Steamboat whispering who number five is, and JBL looking shocked. You have me really, really excited now. Can't wait to find out who it is.

    Overall, another great show. Kind of a moving-the-pieces type show, but sprinkled with some absolutely brilliant little touches. And next week should be huge, too. Love it.

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    Re: April BTBOTM - Being The Booker

    Cena as the fifth man is great all around. It's a huge name and talent for JBL, and a man with a legitimate axe to grind with the bosses. I loved the attitude to took with Cena here. This is for him to get what he wants, fuck everyone, not buying in like HBK pretty much has. The immediate tension you built with him and Albright was great to set up all the mini angles.

    I fucking love Vladimir getting to squash England's own. That's just good Booking 101 to get the crowd against someone their mild on. I'm pretty sure I'm in love with the concept of a Battering Ram Headbutt as a finisher.

    Again, good work here with JBL and Albright. He's the constant suck up, and the paper champion is the constant gullible one. No issues here.

    Oh man, that's such great trolling. Regal goes from missing out on his enemies again, to seemingly getting a title shot, to getting screwed over by them. That's so great hahahaha.

    Standard women stuff, nuff said.

    Decent continued build for the big match. I really hope Punk gets in the match, but you're doing great to keep him a smarmy prick still. Really was hoping to see you use that Steamboat line about his personality for Punk to remark how he's the cult of personality :P

    Nice trolling to make it a triple threat match so rules aren't broken. Was good enough to see Nemeth be a clean cut babyface and do the right thing. Always good to have guys not on the team still in the mix.

    I actually thought this was a bit disappointing of a segment. It was in character, it was written very well, and I loved how HHH is desperate so he's trying to challenge Kennedy's guts while he retorts that he doesn't know him and that whole spiel about his fight to comeback. But man, the way you were teasing the I Quit stipulation, it felt like it was building up to actual quitting, not just the match. That is why I'm left disappointed. So really, it's a compliment to your booking and writing hahaha. You had me itching to see this become even bigger.

    Decent enough here with Beth. I like that she feels challenged so she's trying to prove a point. I don't think it's an arc seen too often eth a heel, especially in the women's game, so it helps to make it feel more fresh.

    You really aren't working with much with your women's division :P

    Simple enough with these two. I do love Albright trying to establish power, saying he's the ace and Cena is the support. That as a great little one liner.

    Yeah, everything about this was superb. HBK trying to act like a face while really being a heel, Punk still being a dick Abt taking his religious potshots, DVD bringing it all full circle by saying how the pious Christian now sold out to the devil to get what he wants. This has been just fantastic storytelling.

    If you don't have Miz completely contradict himself with an elaborate entrance next week now, you've done him wrong :P I love your obnoxious comedy character Miz. Just amazing.

    Main event was good. The faces got their shit in, but I love that you had the heels win clean because of them showing some teamwork. It's easy to book dissension within the group right away, but you went the opposite path, which was by far the right call. Nice little tease for next week. I'm sure hoping it is someone actually huge, and not Christian. That will be anticlimactic.

    A lot of good story building here. It definitely dragged at times with how dialogue heavy it was, but that was to be expected, so thanks for the warning haha.

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    Superstar Re: April BTBOTM - Being The Booker

    WWE Superstars | October 29 2008


    As always, Todd Grisham and Matt Striker present the show, as RICKY ORTIZ kicks us off, throwing out his rally towels (Union Jack themed this week) before taking on the rarely seen DOMINO in singles action. As you’d expect, with Domino essentially persona non grata, he’s purely fodder for Ortiz, who doesn’t look all that impressive either, but he gets the win @ 03:08 with THE BIG O.



    KURT ANGLE and CHRIS JERICHO will continue to assemble their Survivor Series teams.

    A TRIPLE THREAT MATCH for the NEXT crack at the Cruiserweight Championship.

    AND; the TAG TEAM TITLES are on the line when CRYME TYME challenge the FIGHT FACTORY!!


    Next up GAIL KIM keeps herself ticking over with a routine win over Englands own KATIE LEA in a decent match up between two good workers. Katie gives a good showing of herself, but still falls to EAT DEFEAT @ 07:16 with Gail Kim reminding everyone she wants back in the title hunt in the near future.

    Following that, Vickie Guerrero AGAIN watches as the SAN JUAN EXPRESS are in action, making quick work of a pair of local jobbers @ 02:03 with the DOUBLE BACK CRACKERS to score another impressive win. Once more, our commentators question why Vickie is out here, considering she already has a team of her own in the form of Chavo & Super Crazy… with Epico and Primo still none the wiser.



    RAW 800!!!

    A THREE HOUR celebration, featuring a special appearance by THE UNDERTAKER as he is challenged by THE MIZ.

    RIC FLAIR appears on Raw for the first time since his unforgettable retirement in July, as the special guest of THE COACH on the PLAYAS CLUB!!



    SHAWN MICHAELS challenges CM PUNK to end their heated, personal rivalry; the first fall a traditional wrestling match. The second; FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE … and if necessary, the third; a LADDER MATCH.


    Then, in the main event, DREW MCINTYRE defeats a British legend in the shape of ROBBIE BROOKSIDE. Grisham and Striker do their best to hype Brookside for the wider audience on commentary, but a good portion of the audience in London appear to be aware of Brookside, as he and McIntyre have a competitive match … but one that the young up and comer ultimately wins with a Diving Headbutt – referred to on commentary as the GLASGOW KISS to give Drew the 1...2...3 @ 08:15.

    After the match though, McIntyre gets on the mic, and despite the beating he’s taken from John Cena twice now … he issues a challenge for Cena to face him NEXT WEEK on Raw 800!!! Striker wonders if young Drew has a death wish, whilst McIntyres girlfriend, Tiffany, quickly comes to ringside, trying to tell Drew to stop and take the challenge back – not wanting him to get beat up by Cena again.

    Drew though doubles down on his challenge and says he’ll keep challenging Cena until he earns the respect of the Man In Black. McIntyre says he’s a proud Scot (not a smart thing to say in England) and he CAN’T accept what’s happened with Cena in the past, promising to make it right next Monday … if Cena has the guts to fight him. The show goes off the air with Tiffany horrified at the prospect of her boyfriend taking on Cena again … whilst Striker and Grisham wonder if Cena will even find the challenge worth accepting…


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