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    Adrenaline Rush: Live!

    We cut to backstage and we are in The Echo’s locker room (Private locker room of course, they insist on getting star treatment, plus it’s probably best for them to be kept away from everyone else. They need to be kept away from polite company like the animals they are) We come across the scene at what looks like a fairly somber moment from the brothers Drew sitting on a chair looking pensive and Ethan pacing the room angrily

    Ethan Connor: “I’m so sick of this bullshit man, It should be YOU who should be the world champ and ME with the High Voltage Not Snowmantashi, for the last year we’ve been DOMINATING this place. We’ve been dominating the wrestling world and we have to deal with dorks like those two? Damn it it’s not fair.

    Drew Connor: “I know man, I know….and you know what? I think it’s time we did something about it?

    Ethan Connor: Like what? Jump ship to FWA?

    Drew Connor: FUCK NO! Are you joking?! Their tag division is literally just a dude. That’s it. They need to give us a million dollars and Gabby as our sex slave for us to even consider polishing that turd.

    Ethan Connor: Kicking Hanson in the face?

    Drew Connor: “Naaaaa, He cashes our checks. Plus I’m pretty sure he’s in league with the devil or something….

    Ethan Connor: “...So what do we do?
    Drew considers this question for a moment rubbing his hair out of his eyes jabbing at his brother with his forefinger getting steadily more animated
    Drew Connor: This entire company is against us Ethan and as long as guys like Krash, Snow, Cyrus….We’d never get to the top of this company we need reinforcements. We need….family

    Ethan looks up quickly, his eyes flashing in excitement seemingly picking up on what his saying as he smirks evily

    Ethan Connor: We gotta go make some phone calls...

    Cut back to ringside where Jim and Tim stand by.

    Jim Taylor: I'm not entirely certain what that is all about, but if it involves The Echo I'm sure it can't be good

    Tim Coleman: You always assume the worst Jimbo!

    Jim Taylor: Moving on we have jam packed show tonight and lets not waste another second of it and get to our opening contest!

    Lindsay Monahan: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first already in the ring...JOEY JOBBERTON!

    Joey meekly waves out to the fans as he stands in the corner waiting for his opponent, and he doesn't have to wait long as Lana Del Rey's "West Coast" plays out to a somewhat warm welcoming reception as Shawn Summers steps out with a confident smirk etched across his face.

    Lindsay Monahan: and his opponent from Vancouver, British Columbia and wrestling out of San Diego, California. He weighs in at two-hundred & five pounds, "Orange County's Finest"...SHAWN SUMMERS!

    Jim Taylor: It's been about 2 years since we last Shawn Summers compete in CWA after he took some time away to deal with some personal health issues. He's a former High Voltage Champion and Tag Team Champion.

    Tim Coleman: I imagine that he'll want to add some more gold to his accolades, only one title that has eluded him and that is the world championship. No doubt he'll be gunning for that soon enough but tonight he'll have to deal with this Joey Jobberton guy, who by the looks of it hasn't eaten anything in days

    Jim Taylor: Joey isn't your average superstar

    Tim Coleman: That's understatement Jim, the guy looks like a twig! Shawn is going to eat this kid alive!

    Shawn steps in the ring still wearing his confident smirk as he stares daggers across at Joey Jobberton, who is looks rather nervous about his chances before the bell is rung.


    The bell rings and Joey nervously gulps as he walks to the center of the ring and extends his hand to Shawn, who in return looks at Joey's hand before grabbing it in for a shake but then he pulls Joey in...WIPE OUT!

    Jim Taylor: Shawn with the overhead belly to belly suplex launching Joey across the ring!

    Shawn picks up Joey once more...WIPE OUT! Another belly to belly suplex hurling Joey to the mat. Joey lands hard on his back cringing in agony, Shawn stands behind Joey willing him up and Joey struggles back up before turning around...LIGHTS OUT! Roundhouse kick to Joey's head and before he drops to the mat Shawn picks him up in position...BLUNT TRAUMA! Stalling brainbuster dropping Joey right on his head...

    Tim Coleman: He's just having his way with this kid!

    Joey is out of it but Shawn doesn't look finished as he sets up Joey...ALPHA MALE! He has the guillotine choke applied with the leg grapevine around Joey's body to apply more pressure prompting Joey to submit instantly...

    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match, Shawn Summers!

    Jim Taylor: Shawn Summers hasn't lost a step it seems after completely obliterating Joey Jobberton tonight

    Tim Coleman: No kidding, he didn't even break a sweat!

    Summers leaves the ring with his signature confident smirk while the referee Nate Byrne checks on Joey in the ring.


    Singles Match
    Humanity vs El Pecado w/Alexa Medina

    An eerie presence falls over the arena as the lights dim and soon the Dark Orchestral sounds echo out. El Pecado steps out with Alexa Medina not far behind as a lone light is shone down on them to accompany their walk to the ring.

    Lindsay Monahan: Making his way to the ring being accompanied by Alexa Medina, from Mexico City, Mexico and wrestling out of The Darkest Alley in Boyle Heights, California and weighing in at two-hundred & twenty pounds he is "El olma oscura"...EL PECADO!

    Jim Taylor: El Pecado was successful last week in his return match after defeating both Mark Merriwether and Duke Martin

    Tim Coleman: Something about this guy just makes my skin crawl Jim, I don't know what it is

    Jim Taylor: You're not alone on that one partner

    The lights come back on and soon the opening guitar sounds of "Terror Time Again" fills the arena much to the joy of the fans as Humanity steps out. He doesn't share the fans' enthusiasm as he wears a stone-faced expression with his sights set on El Pecado in the ring.

    Lindsay Monahan: and his opponent from Princeton, Minnesota by way of St. Paul Minnesota, weighing in tonight at two-hundred & seventy-five pounds he is "King of Crucifix"...HUMANITY!

    Jim Taylor: Unlike his opponent, Humanity was unsuccessful in his return match last week and looks to right that wrong tonight but El Pecado stands in his way

    Tim Coleman: I don't see that stopping him though Jim. He looks focused and I imagine that he'll want to bounce back after last week's disappointing loss


    Referee Johnny Yamaguchi calls for the bell as the match kicks off with both men approaching each other in the center of the ring, Humanity with the height and weight difference but that doesn't deter El Pecado to start off with some stiff forearm strikes to Humanity's jaw yet they little to no effect on Humanity who levels Pecado in the gut with a boot before locking up in an elbow and collar affair. Pecado refuses to budge though forcing Humanity to push him back into the corner where Yamaguchi is forced to break them up, and just as that happens Pecado slaps Humanity on the cheek firing up the veteran who wants to rip off Pecado's head as Yamaguchi does his best to keep Humanity at bay while Pecado recovers. Once he's out of the corner Humanity moves Yamaguchi aside and charges towards Pecado, who catches Humanity and whips him to the ropes catching him with a nasty sling-blade off the rebound!

    Jim Taylor: El Pecado getting the better of Humanity on that exchange and now he looks to take control of the veteran

    Tim Coleman: Humanity's temper got in the way that time and it cost him

    Pecado a few extra stomps for good measure to keep Humanity grounded before setting up on the apron...SENTON ATOMICO! Pecado lands hard on top of Humanity, taking all of the air out him and Pecado with a lateral press hooks the leg...


    Pecado glares at the referee Yamguchi, who assures him it wasn't a three count. Pecado rolls up to a vertical base waiting for Humanity to rise, who takes his time before propping himself up and he turns around in time for Pecado to springboard off the ropes looking a Thesz press but Humanity catches him and clutches him tightly with a bearhug submission keeping it locked in only momentarily...BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! His weight crushing Pecado, who clutches his midsection and abdomen as Alexa Medina watches on from ringside with no emotion on her face. Humanity runs off the ropes now as Pecado is on all fours and delivers a sickening soccer kick! Pecado rolls over in agony still clutching his midsection. Humanity grabs Pecado up in a rear waist-lock before dropping him back hard with a bridging german suplex!


    Jim Taylor: Pecado kicks out but he's already had a lot taken out him early on

    Tim Coleman: Humanity is definitely showing more aggression tonight, which is what he's going to want if he wants to keep a guy like El Pecado down

    Pecado is able to kick out but Humanity is relentless with his attacks hitting a leg drop straight across the throat of Pecado. He then mounts Pecado and begins to clobber away with several mounted punches before Yamaguchi is forced to break it up. Humanity obliges but goes back on the attack this time with an attempt into a cross-face submission, but Pecado is able to slip away and catches Humanity with a school boy roll-up!


    Humanity forcefully kicks out and is on his knees now. Pecado is up now and delivers a hard roundhouse kick followed by a spinning heel-kick to Humanity, dropping him down and rolls underneath the bottom rope to the outside to catch a breather. Pecado has other ideas though as he props himself up top waiting for Humanity to turn around...MOONSAULT DIVE TO THE OUTSIDE!

    Jim Taylor: Amazing agility from El Pecado throwing caution to the wind with an impressive moonsault dive!

    Tim Coleman: I think he took himself out as well as Humanity!

    El Pecado did take some out of himself but he's still in the fight as the fans are on their feet now for the aerial acrobatics. El Pecado rolls Humanity into the ring and hops up on the ring apron...SENTON ATOMICO! He hits it once more with authority. Humanity rolls over holding his abdomen before getting to one knee as Pecado looks to take his head off with a super kick, but Humanity wisely ducks out of harm's way and catches Pecado with a school boy roll-up!


    Pecado kicks out and with a roll over he's back on his feet immediately and this time he drills Humanity with a vicious super kick! Humanity is still on his knees asking for another and Pecado obliges him but this time with another spinning heel-kick! Humanity drops to the mat and blood emerges from his lips as he lays on the mat with a sickening grin while El Pecado looks over at Alexa Medina, who orders him to finish the match. Pecado listens as he brings Humanity up in position for a package piledriver, but before he can run with it Humanity flips him over on his back. Humanity uses the middle rope as leverage to bring himself back up wiping away the blood from his mouth and turns around in time as Pecado is stirring...WELCOME TO REALITY!

    Jim Taylor: Humanity plows through El Pecado with that massive running lariat!

    Tim Coleman: He's not finished just yet Jim!

    Humanity brings El Pecado up on his shoulders...THE DEVIL'S WHISPER! With the lateral press he hooks the far leg...


    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match, Humanity!

    Jim Taylor: Humanity picks up a well deserved victory tonight to make up for last week

    Tim Coleman: You got that right Jimbo!

    Humanity leaves the ring smiling that bloody smile while Pecado has rolled out of the ring and is tended to by Alexa Medina.

    Jim Taylor: I'm being told that the next match that was supposed to take place between Mark Merriwether and Duke Martin will not happen tonight. Merriwether missed his flight and Martin is nowhere to be found. Moving on though it appears we'll hear from Noah Hanson in regards to the High Voltage championship debacle, after the break so stay tuned!


    We return to the arena as Noah Hanson’s theme music rings out to a mixed reaction, the general manager appearing on stage and beginning to make his way down to the ring. He has a serious look on his face, meaning business as he climbs through the ropes and collects a microphone.

    Noah Hanson: “Ladies and gentlemen, last week saw an uncontracted and unwanted former employee interrupt and sabotage a CWA show. At the climax of a fatal five-way from which Nate Savage emerged as your NEW High Voltage Champion, Michelle von Horrowitz leaped over the barricade to blindside him and steal MORE gold from this company. Our response to this is clear, the CWA will not toler - -“

    Hanson’s monologue is interrupted as “Cut the Chord” by Shinedown sounds out to both cheers and boos. Some have judged Savage to be the wronged party in the situation, whilst others still remember his vicious assaults on Johnny Vegas and Ariel Justice. He walks out on stage, his facial expression revealing that he’s clearly not impressed.

    Jim Taylor: “Here comes Nate Savage, the official CWA High Voltage Champion, but you can see that he walks down the ramp without his championship belt. And he does not look too happy about that.”

    Tim Coleman: “Of course he isn’t, Jim. He’s been stolen from, and a man like Nate Savage doesn’t take too kindly to that. I imagine he’ll have a few choice words for Michelle von Horrowitz.”

    Noah Hanson: “Mr. Savage. To what do I owe the honor?”

    Noah asks with an ever so slight hint of agitation in his voice because of the interruption.

    Nate Savage: “Cut the crap, Hanson!”

    The crowd appreciate the abrupt declaration.

    Noah Hanson: “No need for the hostility, Mr. Savage, I'm on your side here…”

    Nate shakes his head in disbelief.

    Nate Savage: “Oh really? If you're on my side then why did you allow Michelle von Horrowitz to waltz in and steal MY High Voltage Championship!?”

    Noah Hanson:
    “Mr. Savage, you know full well that I had no idea that Michelle was going to pull a stunt like that, so I don't know what you're assuming and I'll have you know that I don't necessarily appreciate it.”

    Nate Savage: “Fine, but you know what I don't appreciate? My property being taken from me after I won it fair and square! I beat those four other chumps to win that championship and then Michelle thinks she can just steal it from me and get away with it? She not only stole my moment but she stole my glory and humiliated me in front of the entire world. Not that I usually care what these mouth-breathers think, but even they know that I was wronged and most importantly she humiliated me in front of my wife and children...”

    Nate pauses for a moment as the crowd falls into a hush listening to his every word.

    Nate Savage: “If she thinks she's going to get away with this, well she's dead wrong. I'm going to teach my children a lesson about what you should do to filthy thieves...”

    A chorus of cheers for this as Nate continues.

    Nate Savage: “She's going to regret ever sticking her nose in my business when I'm through with her. She's woken up a sleeping giant and this giant is rather pissed off and wants nothing more than to rip her stupid head off!”

    Noah Hanson: “I don't mean to interrupt, Mr. Savage, but what are you getting at exactly?

    Nate Savage: “What am I getting at? Give me that bitch at Global Collision so I can ruin her life and take back MY High Voltage Championship!”

    The challenge lingers in the air, and eventually it gives way to the lights cutting and Roy Orbison’s In Dreams playing out. We see Michelle von Horrowitz’s usual entrance video playing on the big screen, the wrestler delivering her 450 Splash to Enigma, Drew Conner, Jon Snowmantashi… On the screen, she lifts Harrison Wake up for the Burning Hammer… but the video begins to blur as she drops him on his head, and it reveals MVH sitting in a locker room, sign-posts with Spanish words on them in the background. She is wearing an obnoxiously large sombrero along with ring gear, clearly ready for a match in some foreign promotion. On either shoulder is a CWA High Voltage Championship, one won from LIGHTBRINGER and the other stolen from Nate Savage.

    MVH: “It’s me, trogs, but I’m sure you already knew that. Who else would it be, at this hour? It’s so nice of you to devote this whole segment on your little show to me. And I say YOUR deliberately, Noah. Do not make the mistake of thinking that it is MY show anymore. I would be there as a guest, if I was there at all. But I don’t think even ’guest’s rights’ would save me should I walk through your doors bearing these.”

    She taps on the faces of her two identical CWA High Voltage Championships.

    MVH: “That is, of course, in any other capacity than the one you are suggesting. If I were to come willingly into the lion’s den next Sunday to face Nate Savage, I of course imagine I would be allowed to at least compete without undue duress. Until I win, of course, when your dogs would descend upon me to take my titles. After this poodle stood next to you in the ring proved himself impotent once again, of course.”

    She smirks as Nate Savage becomes agitated in the ring, proof that she’s appearing live. The audience are booing loudly as she pauses, allowing the hostility to fester before continuing.

    MVH: “Nate Savage, you may be Noah’s champion, but you are not the champion. I pinned the undefeated LIGHTBRINGER in the middle of the ring to win this thing. This thing…”

    She lifts up the left-hand title, the name-plate on which still reads LIGHTBRINGER…

    MVH: “Is the real thing, whereas the other is just a fake. But a fake that you could not be allowed to hold, Nate. It is not personal, I would’ve done the same to the other four jokers in that cluster-@#*! that you called a match last week. But it was you, and I almost kind of regret that it was. You have a sort of belligerent charm about you and I didn’t really want to emasculate you, as you’ve said yourself, in front of the entire world and your wife and children. Or did you say humiliate? Never mind. The point is that we can’t always have what we want, can we? You found out last week.”

    Savage is leaning over the top rope, staring out at the big screen and quietly seething. Hanson hangs back, watching the crowd hurling their scorn at von Horrowitz.

    MVH: “But I have digressed. This challenge. I thought that something like this would come about, if not from you, Nate, then from Noah himself. So I began to wonder, what is in it for me? Or, more specifically, what can you do for me? And there is something. It irks me that you seem so insistent on crowning an imposter champion, if only because a counterfeit cheapens the real thing. I will do your match, on one condition. If I win…"

    Another smirk before she corrects herself…

    MVH: WHEN I win: you retire the High Voltage Championship, with me officially recognized as the final champion.”

    She pauses to think for a moment.

    “And Nate Savage WILL NOT be introduced in our match as the CWA High Voltage Champion.”

    Another pause.

    “And I want a boat.”

    She finally seems done, and she leans back in her chair. Noah Hanson lifts his microphone to speak.

    Noah Hanson: “You want a boat?”

    Von Horrowitz nods slowly but says no more. Hanson laughs to himself and begins to shake his head.

    Noah Hanson: “You’re asking for me to put an awful lot on the line, Michelle. A championship with eight years of rich history. A snub to one of my top stars in Nate Savage, who is – regardless of what you say – the CWA High Voltage Champion. And a boat. That’s an awful lot without a counter-bet. I’ll tell you what, Michelle, I’ll give you ALL of that, if you give me one thing in return. I am a man who follows the ratings, and I can’t deny that people have tuned in each week to see whether you’ll show up. You’re a draw, now. You’ve got your boat, but if you lose? You’ll sign a year extension on your contract, at the same pay that you came in on, before last year’s Wrestle Royale.”

    Michelle seems to think for a moment, Savage watching on, clearly affronted by her disrespect and annoyed by her calm demeanour, not to mention Noah’s concessions. Hanson just watches the screen.

    MVH: “Okay, seems fair. Bye!”

    With that, Von Horrowitz disappears from the screen, and Savage turns to the acting general manager. Nate screams something about not liking her conditions, but Hanson brushes him off and lifts the microphone again.

    Noah Hanson: “You know, Nate, I meant what I said about the value of this championship’s value. Eight years of lineage. Eight years! And it could very easily disappear next Sunday, if you don’t perform. And if you don’t? Well, I don’t see how your position here could be any longer tenable.”

    With that, Hanson leaves the ring, walking away from Savage with his threat lingering in the air. Nate stares after him, shaking his head at the small man. The crowd are in an awkward position, not really accepting Savage as the saviour of the CWA as they’re so used to booing him, but a LET’S GO SAVAGE chant begins to gather steam amongst some.

    Jim Taylor: “There you have it, folks! A match to declare the true High Voltage Champion next Sunday at the Global Collision! And perhaps even the last one.”

    Tim Coleman: “No chance. Michelle von Horrowitz is an overrated, jumped-up, little traitor. Savage has got this.”

    Jim Taylor: “But Noah Hanson has just added another layer of pressure, which you could easily argue is unwise going into such a big match.”

    Tim Coleman: “That’s when Savage thrives. We saw it last week in the fatal five-way, and we’ll see it again next Sunday.”

    Hanson disappears from the stage as Savage beats his chest in the ring, shouting about being the real champion as we fade to commercial.


    Tag Team Match: Non-title match
    Elijah Edwards & Leo Taylor vs The Echo

    Lindsay Monahan: The next contest is a tag team match scheduled for one fall and introducing first...

    As soon as the beat begins to play, Leo Taylor comes out, in his detective garb with a siren attached to his hat, walking down to the ring as he shows his badge to people, telling them that they'll be save from harm as he runs into the ring, waving his finger around in the siren's direction.

    Lindsay Monahan: From New York, NY by way of the local police department and weighing in at two-hundred pounds, "The Ultimate Fanboy"...LEO TAYLOR!

    Tim Coleman: I think I smell bacon!

    Jim Taylor: Leo makes his way to the ring and how appropriate he's in police garb tonight when he's facing a couple of no good criminals in The Echo

    Tim Coleman: Always quick to judge Jimbo, what have The Echo ever done to you?

    Jim Taylor: I'm afraid that would take all night and we don't have that kind of time

    The music is soon replaced by "Icky Thump" and the crowd explodes with cheers as Elijah Edwards makes his way out with a confident smile on his face. He walks down to the ring slapping hands with some lucky fans along the way.

    Lindsay Monahan: and approaching the ring is his tag team partner from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and weighing in at two-hundred & twenty-one pounds...ELIJAH EDWARDS!

    Jim Taylor: My sources tell me that Elijah had some trouble getting here tonight but luckily he's been able to arrive on time and lend a hand to Leo

    The two shake hands in their respective corner as Elijah's music fades out and is soon replaced by "Wynona's Big Brown Beaver". The boos are deafening as The Echo step out looking less than confident and more so irratated.

    Lindsay Monahan: Their opponents from Gainesville, GA by way of your mother's bedroom and weighing in at a combined weight of three-hundred & fifty pounds, they are your CWA Tag Team Champions...THE ECHO!

    Tim Coleman: Now here comes a real tag team Jim, a team these idiots can be proud of!

    Jim Taylor: I'm not sure if you can tell but these fans don't exactly share your sentiments

    The Echo enter the ring and before they even remove their title belts they bum rush Edwards and Taylor in the corner. Drew is going off on Leo while Ethan deals with Elijah as all four trade blows. Soon Ethan has Elijah in a corner where he's stomping a mudhole in him while the referee regains some sort of control and calls for the bell...


    It'll be Ethan kicking things off with Elijah and Ethan uses this time as opportunity to gloat and mock the crowd, and giving them all a crotch chop eliciting even louder jeers. This gives Elijah ample time to recover as he springs up waiting for Ethan to turn around...BICYCLE KICK! Elijah levels Ethan with that bicycle kick and Ethan stumbles back to a vertical base and Elijah takes him in...SNAP SUPLEX! Ethan cringes on the mat as he attempts to find a way back up and once he does...DISCUS LARIAT! Elijah in for the cover...


    Ethan throws a shoulder up and immediately rolls out of the ring when the crowd begins to cheer and Cyrus Truth emerges from the back. He leisurely walks down to the ring keeping his eye on The Echo, who glare at him as he makes his way over to the commentary table.

    Jim Taylor: Looks like we've got company, welcome Cyrus!

    Cyrus Truth: I appreciate it Jim, but I'm not exactly here to share pleasantries

    Tim Coleman: Nice of you to show up unannounced

    Cyrus Truth: I'm in no mood Coleman

    Jim Taylor: Tim please show our guest some respect

    The match continues as Ethan makes the tag to Drew, who enters the match and locks horns with Elijah who traps Drew in a side headlock before Drew shoves him off to the ropes and a clothesline attempt from Drew but Elijah ducks underneath and answers back with a pele kick! Drew stumbles a bit allowing Elijah to drill him with a sharp european uppercut that knocks Drew back in a corner and Elijah isn't finished yet as he clobbers Drew with a corner clothesline! Leo makes the tag and begins a strip search on Drew before tossing him out of the ring. He does the same to Ethan as well as his own partner and the referee only to end up patting them on the back.

    Tim Coleman: More nonsense from this nitwit!

    Jim Taylor: It's rather odd but it's entertaining nonetheless

    Leo has his back turned momentarily as Drew enters the ring and clubs him from behind with a double axe handle. Then he tosses Leo in the corner and stomps away at him before Ethan makes the tag.

    Cyrus Truth: There's a time and there's a place for that kind of act. Now is not the time and unfortunately that Leo kid is paying the price

    Ethan enters the match now and delivers a hard running clothesline in the corner before taking Leo out and looks for a suplex, but Leo blocks it and counters it with a suplex of his own! Ethan is up now holding his lower back when tells him to stop and obey the law...SUPERKICK! Ethan getting a taste of his own medicine as Leo lies on top for the cover...


    Ethan crawls back to his feet and tags in Drew while Leo makes a motion as if he has a gun forcing Drew to drop down to the mat and then out of nowhere Elijah comes in...FLYING ELBOW DROP! Straight into the spine of Drew and Leo looks on as if he to say he fooled him while Elijah makes the cover...


    Drew kicks out and rolls over still clutching his back. Elijah attempts to lock in the Canadian Deathlock submission, but it's broken up by Ethan. This prompts Leo to run over with a notepad and fine Ethan for interference. Ethan tells him to buzz off and Drew regains his composure only to be rolled up by Elijah...


    Drew kicks out once more!

    Jim Taylor: The Conners showing resilience but they can't seem to find any offense in this match

    Cyrus Truth: They're learning that their underhanded tactics don't always work out the way they like

    Tim Coleman: It doesn't help with the constant distractions from that idiot Leo Taylor!

    Drew tags in Ethan and Ethan attempts a super kick on Elijah, who catches him by the boot and spins him around before bringing him in...FROM TORONTO WITH LOVE! Elijah hits all of it and now Leo is in...SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT! Elijah makes the cover...


    It's broken up as Drew drags his brother out of the ring and he walks back up the ramp carrying his brother with him eliciting boos from the crowd while the referee Karl Rooney counts.

    Jim Taylor: Apparently The Conners are walking this one out!

    Cyrus Truth: They're showing their true colors like the cowards that they are

    The count reaches ten and The Conners are long gone.

    Lindsay Monahan: The winners of the match by result of a count-out...Elijah Edwards and Leo Taylor!

    Jim Taylor: Surely that wasn't the way that Leo and Elijah wanted to win but they'll have to take it I suppose

    Cyrus removes his headset and leaves but remains lingering at ringside in case The Conners try to sneak back out while Leo and Elijah remain in the ring looking upset.


    We return from commercials to the CWA ring, nicely styled up with a red carpet, two lush leather chairs, and a professional mahogany table, upon which rested two microphones, two pens, and most importantly, a single sheet of paper, the contract for the main event of CWA Global Collision 2016. Ah, yes, the finals of CWA’s 2016 Ruler of the Ring tournament is almost here, all it needs is just two signatures, and it’ll be official.

    Jim Taylor: Ladies and gentlemen, it’s been one hell of a night so far, but it’s not over yet. You can see in the ring the scenery has changed, a table’s in the ring, a pair of leather chairs are in the ring, and most importantly, there lies the contract to the main event of Global Collision.

    Tim Coleman: What Tim failed to mention is that they took OUR seats for this contract signing. I am no longer comfortable and I have half a mind to file a complaint.

    Jim Taylor: That’s half a mind more than you usually have for anything, Tim. You’re not joking around. In any case, we’re set to make it all official with this contract signing for the main event of Global Collision and the CWA World Heavyweight Championship. Perhaps this’ll be one of the rare instances where a contract signing doesn’t descend into chaos.

    Tim Coleman: Ha. Doubt that.

    The lights dim as the sound of footsteps slowly approaching becomes audible, before…

    A spotlight shines on the figure of the challenger, the suave and stylish Krash, back to the audience. A colourful parade of pyro explodes before he turns, greeting the roaring audience with a smirk. Dressed in a pair of white trousers with a yellow t-shirt beneath a dark blue waistcoat, the self-assured hero slaps the hands of several fans at ringside as he makes his way to the ring, mouth running a mile a minute.

    Jim Taylor: This must be a fairytale story come to life for Krash. Returning after more than a year due to an injury, climbing the ranks to get back in a position where he could possibly regain the CWA World Heavyweight Championship, I have to believe he has been waiting for a moment like this for a very, very long time.

    Krash slides into the ring, grabbing the contract and raising it in the air as he parades around the ring, before placing it back on the table. His music slowly fades away, and the Beating Heart of CWA sits down in one of the plush leather chairs, leaning back and placing his feet on the table as he awaits the Monster, the Kaiju, the Behemoth, the CWA World Heavyweight Champion that is Jon Snowmantashi.

    As a long ‘KAIJU’ chant fills the stands, as the CWA World Heavyweight Champion Jon Snowmantashi walks out from behind the curtain, dutiful John Duncan trailing behind him. Slowly, but surely, with all the time in the world, Jon Snowmantashi walks down the aisle, not taking his eyes off of his challenger. He’s got his usual wrestling tights on, with a Snowmantashi/Kaiju t-shirt over them, and most importantly, the CWA World Heavyweight Championship hung along his shoulder.

    Jim Taylor: The CWA World Heavyweight Champion, Jon Snowmantashi, is a force to be reckoned with, having done something few others in his league have – actively put the CWA Championship on the line at all opportunities since regaining the championship from Jonathan McGinnis at Kings Reign Supreme, and has done so for the entirety of the Ruler of the Ring tournament so far. First it was Elijah Edwards, who fought valiantly but fell short, then it was Drew Connor, who couldn’t quite make it. Now, he willingly walks into the firing line, daring Krash to make the shot, do what only one other man could.

    Tim Coleman: Sounds like he has a death wish to me. Why would you WILLINGLY put the title on the line for this entire tournament?

    Jim Taylor: He wants challengers. He wants someone to step up and go the extra mile, bring the best out of any man. I don’t know about you, Tim, but that’s the true hallmark of a fighting champion to me.

    Unblinking, his gaze never wavering from his challenger, Jon Snowmantashi climbs into the ring. He stands, motionless, staring into the clouded soul of Krash, as his music fades away. The stare off continues, the fans eating it all up. A dramatic man would say the unblinking gaze of these two competitors never left each other’s eyes from the moment Snowmantashi walked out. A realistic man would note that yes, while all eyes were unblinkingly staring at their target, and yes, Jon Snowmantashi was staring a hole through Krash, Krash’s eyes were drawn to the golden CWA World Heavyweight Championship belt on Jon Snowmantashi’s shoulder.

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and gentlemen, this contract signing for the main event of CWA Global Collision is now underway! Introducing first, the-

    Krash: Actually, Lindsay, I got this.

    Well, this is interesting. Microphone in hand, Krash gets to his feet, and runs a hand through his neatly-styled hair as he paces around the ring. Jon Snowmantashi, for his part barely moves a muscle, only tilting his head ever so slightly.

    Krash: Ladies and gentlemen! Allow me to introduce to you, the fine and faithful CWA fanbase, the reigning CWA World Heavyweight Champion! Hailing from Tokyo, Japan, but wrestling out of Los Angeles, California… He weighs in at a staggering display of two-hundred and ninety pounds… He has been called the monster, the beast, the unstoppable, unconquerable, undeniable, inevitable, unbeatable Kaiju… But perhaps most importantly, he is the two-time and current, reigning CWA World Heavyweight Champion! Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in warmly welcoming the living, breathing, fighting Mount Tsurugi of a man… None other than JON. SNOWMANTASHI.

    That’s one way to call an introduction. The fans respond, cheering and applauding for the Kaiju as a low ‘SNOW-MAN-TAH-SHI’ chant kicks in. Now facing Jon, Krash bows to the Champion, showing respect to the man he will be facing soon. Jon is still, motionless, perhaps amused, but not letting his guard down. Krash straightens, before gesturing to the leather chair in front of Jon.

    Krash: Take a seat, big guy. They’re quite comfy, these chairs.

    Jon Snowmantashi glances at the leather chair, before deciding to go with it, and sits down within the chair. It squeaks under the weight of the Champion, buckling slightly, but holds. Satisfied, Krash begins pacing around the ring once more.

    Krash: And his opponent, the challenger… Hailing from Melbourne, Australia… Weighing in at two-hundred and five pounds… He is the White Wolf, the Heartbeat of CWA, the man who walked down the road of ruined dreams with only one working leg, and came back better than ever… Pardon me, Jon…

    Krash climbs onto the table and stands above the contract, surprising Jon slightly before continuing with his introduction.

    Krash: Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the challenger, the underdog, the man coming in with everything to lose and everything to gain, simply… Krash.

    The crowd pops once more at Krash’s self-introduction as the man poses on the table dramatically, Jon Snowmantashi eyeing him up and down. Eventually, Krash hops down from the table and sits himself down in his chair, eyeing Jon Snowmantashi pleasantly.

    Krash: Jon, before we make this official, there’s a few things I’d like to get off my chest, alright? Just a few thoughts I’d like to say, if you don’t mind.

    If Jon Snowmantashi has any objection, he doesn’t say so. After a brief second, Krash nods.

    Krash: Jon, I like you. You seem like a genuinely good person in a profession where most people are anything but. You’re honorable. You’re heroic. You’ve got a bangin’ sense of humor. I mean, there’s a reason you were one of my top choices for the Beat The Indy Club Club thing, y’know? And that reason wasn’t because you know how to win, although admittedly that did have a hand in it. No, it’s because, for all those reasons, I’ll gladly consider you to be a decent, honorable man, a true rarity in professional wrestling. Now, here’s the problem, Jon, because as much as you are all those things, there’s something else you are too. A Champion.

    Jon Snowmantashi breathes, before following Krash’s eyeline to his CWA World Heavyweight Championship on his shoulder. With one hand, he unbuckles the belt, before placing it on the table next to the contract. Krash nods.

    Krash: Yeah, that’s the one. You’re a champion, a two-time CWA World Heavyweight Champion. Hell, your CWA career isn’t even two years old, but you’ve tasted that gold twice over. Which says quite a lot about your capabilities as a wrestler, I’d say. But here’s the thing. I haven’t held championship gold in a very, very long time, Jon. I want that to change, and if it means having to face off with this gigantic, handsome mountain of a man who you can counts the losses of on one hand, a man who is capable of beating me down and tearing me apart without breaking a sweat, a man who, in his own words, describes his style of wrestling against any opponent as ‘Breaking them’, then, well…

    Krash shrugs dramatically, somewhat despondently.

    Krash: Then fate’s a bit of a fickle bitch, ain’t she? Jon, come Global Collision, I’m pretty sure I’m in for one of the most painful nights of my career. But let me be honest with you, if it means having some modicum of a chance at being CWA World Heavyweight Champion again, then you’d best believe I’m going to fight like my entire life depends on it. I don’t care what I throw at you, if I have to break myself just to break you, I’m going to find a way to take you down, friend.

    Having said his piece, Krash places his microphone on the table before picking up a pen and signing his name on the dotted line as the crowd pops. He turns the contract towards Jon Snowmantashi, and pushes it towards him before sitting back on his chair and resting his feet on the table once more, portraying an air of deliberate casualness. Snowmantashi adjusts his chair so that he sits all the more closer to the table. He reaches over for the contract, gives it a glance, then grabs the microphone. He not-quite-glares at Krash and then looks the microphone over. Snowmantashi taps the microphone on the table, and it echoes across the arena. He does it again. A third time. He does this in rhytmic, patient fashion, but as he does it, there's always just a 1/10th of a second reduced between each taps, until the taps come all too frequently and the time between them is near non-existent. Krash frowns, perhaps out of curiosity for what Snowmantashi is doing. Then with one louder, and final tap, Snowmantashi stops. He raises the microphone to his mouth.

    Jon Snowmantashi: You are the Beating Heart of the CWA?

    It sounds like a question but its more of a statement, still, Krash nods. And the silent message Snowmantashi was sending perhaps grows clearer.

    Jon Snowmantashi: Every heart stops beating eventually. CWA's did for a bit, it looked like it wouldn't quite come back when Makuginisu-kun was on top of the world, but then, in the time least expected... it did. You returned, to their glee. And that was a mistake. You know, I've been here for just over a year, and I've faced many men with hearts. I tore Makuginisu-kun's heart out of his chest, and I... well you know what I did, I broke him. I've faced Eriyah-kun, and I broke his heart... twice. I broke the cold black heart of Misheru-kun. Even the young boy, brought everything he had, even his maggot-filled, filthy heart, and I broke that heart worse than it already was. Since the moment I've arrived, I've told you all, I do not care for fairy tales. I do not care if this is your destiny. A return long in the making. I do not care if you bring every ounce of fight in you... you will not win. You're not the one that takes this crown for me. No... like Makuginisu-kun, you would need an army to defeat me. And you do not have one, the best you can hope for, isn't a heroic victory in your very own fairy tale, the best you can hope for is the tragedy of a greek hero, inevitably brought down by a merciless god.

    He nudges the championship closer to Krash, allowing him an even better look at the golden belt, and of course, the plated name at the bottom of it.

    Jon Snowmantashi: I promise to you, as a man I too, respect... that should you bring everything left in you, I will not let you go gently into the good night, I will give you a fitting end, to be remembered as long as one can remember. When all is said and done, you will have fought your greatest fight, lost your greatest fight. Otherwise hesitate, or halt in your determination to defeat me, in hopes that you live to fight another day, and I will be disappointed. When I advise you to leave everything you have left in the ring, I truly mean that. Do not give up. Do not think about fighting another day. Think about this as your last fight, that is the best chance you have of defeating me... even if that in of itself won't be enough, at least you will fall fighting for the greatest glory in the world.

    He nods to the belt. He puts the microphone back on the table, and grabs the pen, he flips through the appropriate pages, and signs his name on the dotted line. He moves the contract over to the middle of the ring, and stands up to grab the CWA World Heavyweight Championship. He does it slowly, as if allowing Krash one last, truly last close look at the golden belt, so (over)confident that he is, that he'll emerge victorious. In respect to Krash's earlier actions, he bows to his challenger, before turning to leave as his theme plays out across the arena speakers.


    *END SHOW*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live!

    Krash/Snowmantashi segment is sick yo.

    Looking forward to the pay-per-view. Some good matches lined up. The world title match should be off the charts.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live!

    Most of the credit goes to Wolfy, dude's a great writer, wouldn't be surprised to cap off his return with a victory at Global Collision.

    Nate Savage/MvH stuff was good - was half hoping MvH would challenge for the World title if she won but the HV retiring would mean she'd have nothing else to go for but the world title. I'll be honest, gotta root against Nate Savage here because RIP HV title means more competition in the main event scene. I could see a LB interference letting Savage won, transitioning him into an HV defense while MvH transitions into a match against LB.

    Intrigued by what's next for the Echoes and who the third man is, will it be a manager, an actual wrestler, will AON play him/her? We'll see.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live!

    Final match has been added. Please keep a look out for the Global Collision card to be posted soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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