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    CWA: Kings Reign Supreme

    A Year In The Making.
    One King Reigns Supreme.

    CWA World Heavyweight Championship

    Jonathan Snowmantashi vs. Jon McGinnis III

    May 29th, 2015. World’s Strongest. Philadelphia, PA.

    “Here he comes, the CWA world heavyweight champion! He’s been in the same boat that McGinnis is in now and he knows what McGinnis is feeling right now, but now he’s the man to beat and rest assured that he’ll use everything in his power to make sure he keeps that championship in his possession.”

    Cyrus Truth, the CWA World Heavyweight Champion grabs McGinnis from behind and sends him fast onto the back of his neck with a German Suplex into the apron.

    “Many times we’ve seen Cyrus defend that coveted championship and we know how much it means to him and what he will do to keep that championship. McGinnis better be ready because he’s about be in the fight of his life, and this one is for all the marbles!”

    The onslaught continues, he throws McGinnis into the steel rails, lifts him up and power bombs him right onto the apron, and adding further damage to the challenger’s back, he hits the buckle bomb straight into the damn guard rail.

    “Good grief he may have just broken Jonathan McGinnis in half!”

    “Both of these guys are tearing each other apart all for the richest prize in the game!”

    A sprint of moves flashes, countless superkicks, an ankle lock, the Journey’s End, the small package, Something Light and even the ridiculously named C-A-S. In the end, one hand stands victorious.


    McGinnis cries with the belt hugged against his chest, humble, the first thing he does is kiss his wife and child.

    “What a perfect moment!”

    June 13th, 2015. Adrenaline Rush. London, England.


    Jonathan McGinnis adjusts the CWA World Heavyweight Championship belt on his shoulder, he looks at the crowd, near tears at the genuine appreciation they have.


    He yells passionately, “BECAUSE OF ALL YOU, I DID WHAT PEOPLE SAID I COULD NEVER DO!!!!. I beat Cyrus, and I Walked out YOUR NEW!!!!! CWA HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!!!!”

    And then he speaks directly to the camera. This is the picture of a man who is humble, respectful, has beliefs, goals, something holding him up, and he talks to that something then. “I have important people who are watching at home and I want to say to my wife Kate and son Brett, You don’t know how important you guys are in all of this, I love you and Brett, daddy did it.” Yeah, daddy did it.

    We switch backstage, that same night, Cyrus Truth professes his truth as he’s done for years now. “Congratulations, McGinnis. You slayed the Last Dragon...barely. But I don't stay slayed for very long. Tell me, do you feel the weight of the title "World Champion" yet? Have you begun to understand what I've been saying for months now? No...I doubt it.” Maybe he did begin to understand that night, or maybe he would never understand it, and that’s how it’d change him in a way he could never have expected. “Tonight, I'm going to do you a rare favor and teach you another lesson: what does it truly take to keep that glory?”

    Cyrus Truth and Jonathan McGinnis do battle as fiercely as they did at World’s Strongest. It’s a bigger fight than it was before, a much more personal test of ferocity. Fighting Spirit is nailed with a Backfist. Knife Edge Chops responded with a Heart Punch.

    “What is Shade doing here?”

    The spectacle quickly turns to gloom. But within what follows, one subtle moment lays more forgotten than the vicious assault that preceded it, the words that Cyrus Truth would whisper to Jonathan McGinnis.

    June 27th, 2015. Adrenaline Rush. Newcastle, England.

    “You know, Michelle, being champion may have put a target on my back, a target that I have never experienced before.” The flashback from last week where he was also a victim of Shade is shown. Now, in the ring this week, stands Jon Snowmantashi, a fast rising import from Japan, and Shade, the head antagonist of the CWA.

    “Me and Snowmantashi have history with one another, and when he came here to CWA, I knew he was going to make a splash here. But tonight, he faces the man I will face for my championship, so I would be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping that Snowmantashi would tear Shade apart, just before our world title match.” And so he request, so he receives, Snowmantashi kicks the holy hell out of Shade’s skull.

    “You wait till Kingu Reign for Shedo-kun, I leave some left after tonight so you still have fight. But until bell rings again, and someone say winner, you don’t get off table, un?” The warning from Snowmantashi ahead of the main event rings loud when McGinnis pulls Shade out from underneath the apron. Snowmantashi is indifferent to the good intentions, he hits a colossal suicide dive and takes both men out. One can’t miss him looking down on McGinnis, something that would come forth all too often afterwards, and shaking his head.

    In the end, Snowmantashi stands forth, victorious over his opponent, while McGinnis looks pleased, but of course, there’s nothing more to that?

    July 11th, 2015. Adrenaline Rush. Blackpool, England.

    “SU-PER KICK CI-TY! KAIJU! KAIJU! SU-PER KICK CI-TY!” Snowmantashi stands in the ring with McGinnis, not long after the near confrontational ending to their first true meeting in CWA after a short history in NWA:JP.

    “I told you I not want help,” Snowmantashi says. “Sometimes, it doesn’t matter what you want, any man would’ve been grateful that I was there,” the CWA World Heavyweight Champion replies, and again, hindsight allows us to look such words in a different perspective. But the subtle arrogance in Snowmantashi never changes: “I not any man.”

    Richmann, then healthy general manager of Adrenaline Rush interrupted the proceedings with an announcement, “Jon Snowmantashi, Jonathan McGinnis, you will both be stepping in the ring together in the main event,” though clarified soon after, “The two man you’ll be facing will be your opponent at Kings Reign Supreme, Shade, and the man who made his return and beat Prince Pain last week, Austerio!”

    “McGinnis and Snowmantashi have a storied past, but this is a whole new scene so it'll be interesting to say the least if they can co-exist! Those two better get on the same page or else they'll fail miserably!” The two athletes do enter the main event that night together.

    “You need to realize where you are, you can’t expect to win every match just because you’re the better man in that ring, they will find ways to hurt you, they will find ways to get around you.” A blink and you’ll miss it shot of Snowmantashi suffering a trio of superkicks from the Indy Club a long way down the line.

    “It not matter if cheat, I still win, I better, all that matters.” Snowmantashi and McGinnis are perfectly in-sync this night, hitting the ropes and colliding with Austerio and Shade with the picture perfect stereo suicide dives. “THIS IS AWESOME!”

    Snowmantashi and McGinnis both see their hands raised and the chant is all too validated. This was indeed an awesome time.

    July 26th, 2015. King’s Reign Supreme. Manchester, England.

    “Snowmantashi has done it! He has prevailed against a game Austerio tonight!” The bittersweet victory that night came at the cost of Snowmantashi’s friend, Johnny Yamaguchi’s health, but it was a victory that carried him forward nonetheless.

    “The Echo taking a page out of our world champ’s book with all of these super kicks!” Maybe we should’ve known then, but how could we. Yeah, they loved super kicks. Yeah, they’re proud independent wrestlers. But their arrogance, their desire to anger the universe, that was far from the humble, respectful, loyal, CWA World Heavyweight Champion.

    “The winner of the match, and STILL your CWA World Heavyweight Champion, Jonathan McGinnis!” Jonathan McGinnis celebrates in the middle of the ring, a confident second defence over Shade.

    August 10th, 2015. Adrenaline Rush. Mobile, Alabama.

    “Making his way to the ring from Tokyo, Japan and now residing in Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 290lbs, “Inhuman” Jon Snowmantashi!” - “He’s gotta be the favorite to win this match.”

    And when you see Snowmantashi soaring through the ropes with the suicide dive and taking out his army worth of opponents in Austerio, Prince Pain, and Thomas Jones, you might agree that he is the favorite to win this match. But that last but a short while when he’s speared through the goddamn barricade by Prince Pain. The Kaiju tries to make it back to the ring, to take the victory with only the man he defeated the night before left but a Souvenir DDT takes him out.

    “Jon Snowmantashi has been eliminated, and the winner of the match and NEW number one contender, AUSTERIOOOO!” That night sent Snowmantashi into his own spiral, his first true defeat. The first time he’d been pinned. It was a mistake, he’d lost focus. Instead of pushing those around him away, he brought them closer, soon enough, Duncan and KAITADESU would become major pillars in Snowmantashi’s career.

    But before that. McGinnis stood at the top of the stage, championship held up for his bout to come against Austerio. One that, like Cyrus Truth’s whispers, may have also been the twist in McGinnis’s fate.

    August 24th, 2015. Adrenaline Rush. Louisville, Kentucky.

    That night, as Snowmantashi emerged from a vicious assault at the hands of Prince Pain furious and seemingly unscathed, he stood tall, back on his feet, a man renewed after a painful defeat. But that night was not about Jon Snowmantashi’s redemption.

    “I ponder if you really, truly, honestly know what you’re getting yourself into because once you signed that paper you basically signed the death warrant to your CWA career,” the crazed Austerio stated. A bold statement. At the time, it felt like an empty statement. McGinnis had proven he was pound for pound the absolute best in the CWA, what could Austerio do to threaten him?

    “I know that your wife will probably be there cheering you on and she’ll be depressed when she sees you beaten at Global Collision.” - “If I were you I’d choose your next words wisely.” - “Oh, struck a nerve have I? Well, at least when she sees what a loser you are after our match that you’ll always have that friend of yours to fall back on…” Some would say this was the moment, the moment the first string of McGinnis’s mental guitar broke.

    “I understand we don’t want to ruin that boy scout image of yours. I mean you paint yourself as this devoted husband and father when you’re really just a phony Jon. You know it.” One might wonder what Austerio thinks of Jonathan McGinnis today, is he pleased his foretelling came true? Or indifferent he wasn’t there to take advantage of it. “It eats you up knowing that I’m right and that you’re nothing but a piece of scum that doesn’t deserve to hold that world title.” Who wouldn’t agree with that today? McGinnis shouts at Austerio to end the final shot from that night, a crazed look in his eye, bloodthirsty for Austerio’s head.

    September 5th, 2015. Adrenaline Rush. Lexington, Kentucky.

    “There’s a reason I’m CWA World Heavyweight Champion… there’s a reason I’m undefeated-” McGinnis spouts, opposed by Jon Snowmantashi and his new representative, John Duncan who attempted to dissuade McGinnis’s anger ahead of his match against Austerio. Perhaps, Snowmantashi should’ve tried harder to get McGinnis to regain his senses back then.

    Once more, Richmann came in time to break the tension between Snowmantashi and McGinnis whom, though dear friends, had egos that never allowed either of them to be entirely passive in their friendship. “What better way than to cap off the road to Global Collision then by picking up a couple of our globe-trotting athletes, reuniting them once more and pitting them again… Austerio… and, never call me an uncaring boss… Prince Pain?”

    Backstage, before the big aforementioned match, maybe others saw flaws in McGinnis before Snowmantashi ever did. “McGinnis, he’s a hawk, and he hides his claws, though if Austerio’s anything to believe and I do take his every word with a pinch of salt…. McGinnis doesn’t hide his claws very well.” KAITADESU would state rather boldly. Were the two ever truly dear friends, if they’d had cracks within the ship so far back?

    It’s some Suicide Dive Squad magic once again that night nevertheless, Snowmantashi hits the Suicide Dive to get some measure of revenge on Austerio and McGinnis pays him back in dividends with a little Something Light on Prince Pain to earn the pair a victory.

    September 21st, 2015. Global Collision. Nashville, Tennessee.

    “I told you didn’t I Jim? We have new tag team champions in The Echo!” Ah, the Echo. Ever silent, but ever present in the background. The Echo’s first loud statement in CWA was this victory at Global Collision to claim the most prized pair of belts in the company.

    Like King’s Reign Supreme, the trend continued with our victors but this time, the victory meant a greater deal, a shot at arch nemesis Austerio or long time rival, Jonathan McGinnis. And further then, one could say, tonight was the night the inevitable happened. Snowmantashi soars through the sky with a Snowfall to pin Prince Pain. “I can’t believe it myself Jim, but here I sit watching it happen before my very eyes!”

    And in the main event? SUPERKICK! SUPERKICK! SUPERKICK! The trifecta allowed McGinnis to deliver on his promise on the arrival of Superkick City in Nashville and of a very painful headache for Austerio. “Your winner, and STILL the CWA World Heavyweight Champion, Jonathan McGinnis!” But when he was declared victor, Austerio was wiped from his mind, there was only one thing on his mind.

    “He can't celebrate for long because he has to deal with his so called best friend at Wrestle Royal!”

    October 12th, 2015. Adrenaline Rush. Memphis, Tennessee.

    “On Five Star Attraction…” one of the Echos says, “The Big Dance. The Grand Daddy of them ‘em all. Spout out any cliche you want: It all amounts to the same thing...The Biggest show of the year….and The Echo are going to make an impact in a BIG way.” Did they know what they were going to be doing at Five Star Attraction back then?

    But that night was also the night Snowmantashi and McGinnis would meet in the ring for the first time knowing their date with destiny. “This time we finally settle the score, once and for all, for the greatest prize in this business.” But are scores ever settled. Until one of them is dead, until one of them is truly no longer standing, the score is never settled.

    “I not simply beat you Makuginisu-kun, I know I can do that, I not simply beat you, I make sure everyone knows, these people here who see you as hero, people in suit who sit on knee for you to stay, the resura's in back who make jokes and try to be like you, I make sure they all see that I have broken you, friend. They will know that all hero's fall, you will fall to the Kaiju.” Snowmantashi’s blatant disregard for the mental and physical health for McGinnis no doubt had some sort of impact on how McGinnis turned out - but it hasn’t weakened the resolve of a man who has always been out for proving he’s the best no matter the cost. One could say, or Cyrus Truth in particular, that is the cost of glory.

    After all, he would prove what he said he would prove, and unlike Austerio, fulfil his promises of a broken McGinnis. He just didn’t break him the way he expected him to break.

    “I am a better man and wrestler than you.” McGinnis holds up the championship in the air, eyes staring into Snowmantashi’s own, their friendship was firmly placed into the side in favor of one simple question, who was the better man, the better wrestler.

    November 13th, 2015. Adrenaline Rush. Grand Rapids, Michigan.

    Johnny Vegas would tell you the day McGinnis broke was the day he beat him in Grand Rapids, Michigan, fair and square, in the middle of the ring, in one of the biggest underdog victories of the decade. And you know what, maybe after that very first defeat, many would agree with him.

    November 27th, 2015. Wrestle Royale. Detroit, Michigan.

    “Those Echo kids are the future of tag team wrestling, if not the entire Clique Wrestling Alliance!”

    “Well, two men who might disagree with that are now set to face one another for the CWA World Championship. A rivalry that goes back years now comes full circle for the richest prize in professional wrestling.”

    “It's McGinnis vs Snowmantashi. One-on-one for the CWA World Title.”

    It wasn’t the first time these two fought and they wouldn’t act like it. Snowmantashi and McGinnis knew they were the absolute best in the company and to win, they’d have to bring the absolute best out of the other. The Super Kick City was well in motion thought Snowmantashi wizened up quickly enough to McGinnis’s propensity for the deadly strike.

    Through several super kicks. Through Something Light. McGinnis found himself back in that ring at World’s Strongest, forced to go to the limit to take this victory, this defining victory in his career, he went for the C-A-S… and ended up torn upside down with a lariat… looking at the stars until near three hundred pounds thundered onto him and lay there for three inevitable counts.

    “What. A. Match.”

    “Tonight, a monster from the East rises.”

    And a demon from the west is born? That same night, the first triple Stereo Super Kick occurred in the Wrestle Royale, no one thought anything of it.

    December 14th, 2015. Adrenaline Rush. Albany, New York.

    “I gave my all, I had to beat Snowmantashi, it still remains this mental demon that I have yet to get over, maybe I never will.” He would, but at the cost of what? McGinnis wasn’t the same man that day, he wasn’t the man who always fought like he had everything to lose, maybe the title was always bigger than his family, because that night, it truly felt like had already lost everything.

    “Michelle von Horowitz just defeated the former world champion! Could this mean Snowmantashi's reign is in jeopardy?” Jonathan McGinnis sits in the corner, three defeats in singles competition in a row. In his entire career, the Last Indy Darling had never felt so broken. Michelle von Horrowitz and Jon Snowmantashi were now the biggest names in the CWA and as they stared at each other, with McGinnis in the background, maybe you’ll notice some sort of glint in his eyes that says more.

    January 10th, 2016. Adrenaline Rush. Buffalo, New York.

    “MICHELLE SNEAKS IN AND ROLLS UP JONATHAN McGINNIS - ONE! TWO! THREE!” - “The winners of the match, Michelle von Horowitz and Johnny Vegas!” This had become the common fate of Jonathan McGinnis, even when paired up with Jon Snowmantashi, the once face of CWA had entirely lost what made him the best in the company.

    January 25th, 2016. Adrenaline Rush. Brooklyn, New York.

    “McGinnis always positioned himself as the wrestler of the people. An every-man who left it all in the ring each week. When he reached the top that he always strived for he didn’t know what to do with himself, and he diminished.” The four defeats McGinnis has faced, with disappointment writ plain on his face flash as Horrowitz denounces him as a false hero.

    That night, when Michelle von Horrowitz and Johnny Vegas would face off, two of Five Star Attraction’s headliners, it would be Jonathan McGinnis that would decide the victor for the match. “Isn't it obvious Jim? He's playing mindgames with Johnny!” A timely distraction would cost the millionaire the victory, only the first mind game Jonathan McGinnis would start playing both with himself and others.

    February 10th, 2016. Five Star Attraction. New York City, New York.

    The night that changed everything.

    When The Echo were defeated by The Moment, we might have thought that was a good sign for things to come at the biggest pay-per-view of the year.

    “He’s done it! Jonathan McGinnis has finally gotten that monkey off of his back and he has beaten Johnny Vegas!” And Jonathan McGinnis had finally redeemed himself after a long and painful road all the way from Wrestle Royale, but no one could have predicted what would happen next.

    The Connors sprint from the back and are quick to viciously assault Johnny Vegas until Jonathan McGinnis steps into the squared circle with a steel chair in hand, stopping the Echo did in their tracks.


    “What the….? Oh my G- Did that just happen?!”

    The arena is in complete silence. Vegas just had his skull drilled into by a steel chair courtesy of Jonathan McGinnis. Another super kick straight to the skull of the held up corpse of Johnny Vegas. Each man gets a super kick in and then in a clear flashback to Wrestle Royale, TRIPLE SUPER KICK!

    “I can’t believe what we have just witnessed. I’m…I’m in disbelief right now.” Jonathan McGinnis blows the smoke off his gun-shaped hand, a grin on his face, a grin like nothing we’d ever seen before.

    That night, Jonathan Snowmantashi would emerge victorious too. But as he stood at the top of the ramp, staring into the eyes of Jonathan McGinnis his allies in the Echo, everyone knew that there was still a score to settle.

    February 24th, 2016. Adrenaline Rush. Trenton, New Jersey.

    “Where is my title shot....?” The ominous question came out of McGinnis, sided by two equally hungry Echos. “The three of us should be RULING this damn place, We are the three most talented wrestlers this company has ever seen. He won the World title two months after his debut. We went eight months undefeated! We should be kings. This show should be called Johnny McGinnis We should have posters. Movies. T-Shirts. TV shows. Interviews. Everything.” The two were jeered in the crowd but for those who enjoyed the anti-authority, rebellious trio of stars.

    “That leaves me to our world champ, I'm coming for my belt... that is all on my mind. Every night, I think about how you took what mean't the world to me. Tonight, Snowman, you will find out, that you are just holding that belt for me. Keep it warm. Big man.” And somewhere in the back, Snowmantashi is indeed watching, and he’s waiting.

    That night, the Indy Club did ring victorious, forcing one half of the Moment to tap out while Snowmantashi couldn’t force his way back in the ring to stop the submission. The Indy Club stood tall that night once again, too sweets being shared around the world.

    March 9th, 2016. Adrenaline Rush. Atlantic City, New Jersey.

    “Where the hell would this company be without me? I brought in this renaissance for the CWA, before I entered this company, most wrestlers on the roster wouldn’t know a arm bar from a arm chair. This place sucked, I know it, and you all know it, but that’s how things were, until when I showed up. I brought, “Wrestling” back to CWA.” None but Cyrus Truth might truly disagree with that statement. The arrival of McGinnis would pave the way for Snowmantashi, The Echo, Michelle von Horrowitz, LIGHTBRINGER, among others. But the jeers still rang it, they still couldn’t concur with his methods.

    That night, it’s once more The Indy Club’s night to rule. Drew Connor distracts Enigma long enough for him to get his head super kicked off and lose to Ethan. And in the main event, the pair interfered in the LIGHTBRINGER’s match against Jonathan McGinnis, and super kick the head off of the new import from Japan.

    Of course, they quickly realized that their supremacy in the CWA wouldn’t be unchallenged. An attempt to circle and close in on Snowmantashi was foiled by the arrival of every person they’d spurned so far, all looking for a fight against The Indy Club and coming to the side of the CWA World Heavyweight champion.

    March 23rd, 2016. Adrenaline Rush. Newark, New Jersey.

    “In court there is something called an Act of God. An event that is out of human control. A natural disaster. Something that no one can be held accountable for. And so, while Jonathan McGinnis may be at the very heart of this storm, he may be the man that kick mountain ever so lightly so as to cause the unrelenting avalanche, it is unfortunate that everyone on that mountain must thereafter suffer. Everyone on this mountain will be broken bones and bloody messes. It doesn't matter if you are one.And it doesn't matter if you are three of the slimiest, scrawniest, cowardly men in the world, this force of nature does not discriminate.”

    John Duncan’s monologue came amidst the rage Snowmantashi felt in that main event as he did battle with The Moment, taking his eyes away from the task of the Echo for but a moment. Ultimately, the Ind Club can never stop themselves from being the last face seen on Adrenaine Rush.

    But that night, a bold match was declared for Retribution, one that would change the fate of CWA much alike Wrestle Royale and Five Star Attraction had done before it and a year back, World’s Strongest as well.

    “You get your rematch against Mr. Snowmantashi for the world title, Not just any match though Johnboy, it'll be inside of an elimination chamber! Joining you and Snowmantashi will be Michelle von Horrowitz, Harrison Wake, Enigma and one man who has been itching to get his hands on you... the final participant will be Johnny Vegas!”

    A Steel Roulette match featuring six of the best in the CWA. It would undoubtedly be a great challenge in Snowmantashi’s second ever match.

    April 7th, 2016. Retribution. Boston, Massachusetts.

    “SNOW-MAN-TASHI!” “SNOW-MAN-TASHI!” “Get out here you son of a bitch!” McGinnis yells, defiant. “SNOW-MAN-TASHI!”

    That night, six man went to war but only would be able to emerge victorious. We go through stills of that night. McGinnis slapping Snowmantashi. The then-CWA World Heavyweight Champion german suplexes McGinnis hard on the back of his head. The countdown begins and Michelle Von Horrowitz enters the fray.

    MvH is as dangerous as all the man she’s fighting with, an uppercut, a crossbody into the chains. The busaiku knee even nearly ends it for Snowmantashi but McGinnis stops us from ever finding out if he would’ve kicked out in a bizarre if not egotistical change of fate.

    When Enigma is out next, we get to see a unique powerbomb, german suplex, superplex combination that could have collapsed the entire steel roulette onto itself.

    Soon after, Harrison Wake comes into the squared circled and he is remorseless in his assault on everyone else in the ring, throwing haymakers and landing back breakers, even adding himself to the list of people nearly eliminating Snowmantashi.

    Johnny Vegas makes it into the ring just in time to put on hold the Super Kick Party, and he goes on a spree, taking just about everyone out with an arsenal of DDT’s and even tossing in his own Super Kick to the party. Ultimately, his excitement gets the better of him and as he’s sent crashing off the pod, he sees his dreams crushed by Harrison Wake.

    This is the start of an endless barrage of eliminations, Enigma spears the pylon glass and looks dead as MvH picks up the scraps and eliminates him. MvH goes moments later when Snowmantashi gives her a bad case of deja vu and she’s crumpled with a Snowfall. Wake is the next one to follow her, super kicked by McGinnis and sent through a Hailstorm by Snowmantashi.

    The two man who started are the two man who end it. We get a flash of all the many Super Kicks Snowmantashi would go through, particularly the last one where Snowmantashi begs him for another. “He went through hell to and Snow wouldn't go down until his last breath but we do have a new world champion, and his name is Jonathan McGinnis.” The Indy Club throw too sweets in the air, now entirely dominant here in the CWA.

    The Road to World’s Strongest.

    The Road to World’s Strongest is a short but one that can be summed up rather simply, there was only one match that could main event, a rematch between Jon Snowmantashi and Jonathan McGinnis, the second time they’d face off in singles competition, and the first time since Wrestle Royale in December.

    Snowmantashi smacks the chair out of McGinnis’s hand in his desperate attempt at hurting his future challenger, and a rabid spree of headbutts, shows McGinnis he won’t be driven in to insanity but he will most certainly win the title back the way he won it months ago. And in a picture perfect shot, he goes flying with the short lives Murder Inc to take out the Indy Club with a three speaker stereo suicide dive.

    June 2nd, 2016. World’s Strongest. Miami, Florida.

    The night where McGinnis would face Snowmantashi one on one, an opportunity to truly settle the score the way it should have been at Wrestle Royale. An absolute assurance as to who is truly the better man. The Indy God or the Inhuman KAIJU.

    It’s a much more personal fight than what it was at Wrestle Royale. The super kicks are aplenty in this one but Snowmantashi retaliates when he can, exchanging a super kick and paying it right back with a killer lariat. This match is almost a brawl, yet methodical in that McGinnis targets Snowmantashi’s legs frequently. Still, when McGinnis goes for countless super kicks, Snowmantashi’s brutal array of clubbing blows nearly breaks bones in the champion.

    Snowmantashi unleashes his own super kick as well, and hits a Hail Storm that nearly does it but the referee is out and though the crowd counts to six, it’s all fruitless. It takes a Snowfall to finally seal the deal.

    “Winner and NEW!!! CWA World Heavyweight Champion, "Inhuman" JON SNOWMANTASHI!!!!!!” Is this the end of the Indy Club, one might wonder, but mood grows somber when Noah Hanson steps out from the curtains. “Clearly McGinnis foot was under the rope and because of that I order that this match be restarted, under NO!!! DQ!!!!!!. RIGHT NOW!!!!!”

    The Echo deliver a double super kick before anyone knows what’s what. They use a chair and deliver another double super kick when that isn’t enough. Still he refuses to stay down. TRIPLE SUPER KICK! And that finally does it. “Winner and STILLL!!! CWA World Heavyweight Champion, "The Indy God" Jonathan McGinnis”

    July 19th, 2016. Adrenaline Rush. Calgary, Alberta.

    "At Kings Reign Supreme, one final confrontation between Snowmantashi and McGinnis for the World Title. First to score two falls wins." Cyrus Truth states in his authorative voice, he might not be entirely in charge of CWA but one could not tell. "This is it, boys. Victory or annihilation. Time to find out who the best in CWA is." The Last Dragon sent his message to the two. The rivalry would finally come to an end. Victory or annihilation.[/QUOTE]

    Pyrotechnics go off as the camera pans over the sold out arena showcasing various signs with standouts such as:





    Jim Taylor: Hello one and all to Kings Reign Supreme! Jim Taylor and Tim Coleman here to bring you tonight's entertainment and what a show we have in store for you fine folks and it's all capped off with what should an unforgettable 2 out of 3 falls match between two FIERCE rivals, Jon Snowmantashi and the hometown boy World Champion, Jonathan McGinnis!

    Tim Coleman: McGinnis is finally going to put an end to the Kaiju once and for all, I guarantee it! What about that tag team championship match?

    Jim Taylor: The return of Cyrus Truth after nearly a year of hiatus from CWA returns to action tonight, and he teams up with CWA's Heartbeat, Krash! That seemingly unstoppable duo takes on the team of The Echo! You've got to believe that this will be The Echo's toughest challenge yet

    Tim Coleman: I don't believe that for a second Jim! The Echo are a solifidied tag team while this will be the first time that Krash and Cyrus have ever teamed up. The way I see it it'll be easy pickings for The Echo!

    Jim Taylor: Well that's not the only championship we'll see defended as LIGHTBRINGER will defend his High Voltage Championship against former champion Elijah Edwards and the hard nosed Michelle von Horrowitz in what should be a barn burner!

    Tim Coleman: I predict a new champion in that match, call it a hunch!

    Jim Taylor: Then we have that grudge match as Nate Savage will take on both Ariel Justice and Johnny Vegas, but first we have another grudge match as Anthony Mason will take on newcomer Leo Taylor!

    Grudge Match
    Anthony Mason vs. Leo Taylor

    Lindsay Monahan: Tonight's opening contest is scheduled for one fall and introducing first...

    "Medal" plays throughout the arena and Anthony Mason steps out with a look of intensity etched across his face as he walks to the ring while the fans jeer him.

    Lindsay Monahan: From Washington D.C.and wrestling out of New York, standing at 6'3 and weighing in at 245lbs, "The American Alpha" Anthony Mason

    Jim Taylor: Anthony Mason demanded this rematch after he feels like he was embarrassed last week after suffering a loss to Leo Taylor

    As "Stand Proud" plays, out comes Leo Taylor, walking out Calmly in full cosplay attire, suitable for the match, as Leo points towards to the sky while looking towards the ring, before walking down, giving out handshakes and high fives as he comes down, slowly walking down before climbing the steel steps and entering the ring, adjusting his cap before taking it off, passing it off to the referee as he informs him he'll wrestle in his current attire.

    Lindsay Monahan: and his opponent standing at 6'0 and weighing in at 200lbs, "The Ultimate Fanboy" Leo Taylor!

    Tim Coleman: Can you blame him Jim? Losing to this guy has to be a huge embarrassment!

    Jim Taylor: Well he certainly has a chance to redeem himself Tim


    As soon as the bell sounds Mason explodes out of his corner and pummels Taylor in his corner with several forearm strikes leading to a scathing response from the fans. Mason opens up with more kicks to the midsection keeping Taylor cornered as the referee tries to keep Mason at bay allowing Taylor time to recover. Mason has had enough as he moves the referee aside and charges towards Taylor in the corner, but Leo was ready as he narrowly avoids contact with Mason causing him to crash in the corner. Leo has Mason where he wants him as he's backed into the corner, and unleashes a massive amount of punches while shouting ORA with each strike, and the fans cheer along with each hit...

    Tim Coleman: Listen to these idiots! How can they cheer this guy?

    Jim Taylor: Maybe because they find him to be fun, unique, and exciting

    Leo drags a groggy Mason from the corner and takes him down with an arm drag. He follows that up with another arm drag and then brings up Mason and pulls him in for a front suplex! Mason clutches his back upon it striking the mat as Leo fires up the crowd. Mason recovers to his feet and suddenly Leo shouts out, "SECRET TECHNIQUE!", and exits the ring and runs around it leading Mason to follow suit chasing Leo before Leo re-enters the ring and Mason follows back inside and hops up to his feet and eats a dropkick from Leo dropping him on his back.

    Tim Coleman: What was that nonsense all about?

    Jim Taylor: Lighten up a little Tim

    Leo takes Mason and sends him off the ropes and catches him off the rebound with a frankensteiner! Then Leo locks Mason in Future Lock 2017! Afterwards Leo acts as if he has stopped time and referee follows in on the action while Mason lies on the mat after the Future Lock 2017.

    Tim Coleman: Really?

    Leo is charging is Hadouken before dropping Mason with it! Leo is ready to hit Mason with the Die Hard, but suddenly Mason fights back with several strikes allowing him to escape Leo's grip and he drops Leo with a belly to back suplex!

    Tim Coleman: About time! End this madness Mason

    Mason throws off his straps and brings Leo in for another belly to back suplex! Mason is getting fired up and so is Leo as he begins to hulk up with the support of the fans as he deflects strikes from Mason before hitting him with a Spirit Bomb! Leo now brings Mason in...DIE HARD! He hooks the leg for the cover...


    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match, Leo Taylor!

    Tim Coleman: You have got to be kidding me!

    Jim Taylor: Leo Taylor racks up another successful win over Anthony Mason, much to Tim's dismay I might add

    Leo celebrates with the fans while Mason recovers and looks flustered in the ring.

    Jim Taylor: Well fans the show will roll along, and up next we will see the handicap match where Johnny Vegas and Ariel Justice will take on Nate Savage. Prior to this match, I had the chance to speak with Nate Savage about this match and in usual Nate Savage fashion he didn't hold anything back.

    The scene shifts to a dimly lit studio where Nate Savage sits across from Jim Taylor. Jim in his usual get up of formal attire while Nate wears a sleeveless Johnny Vegas t-shirt along with some black track pants. Nate looks like he's in his typical foul mood with his arms crossed and stares daggers at Jim, who shuffles his papers before the interview begins.

    Jim Taylor: Hello fans, Jim Taylor here and today I'm here with the man known as "Nasty" Nate Savage. Nate, how are you today?

    Nate Savage: How do you think I feel Jim?

    Jim Taylor: I wouldn't know to be honest Nate

    Nate Savage: Of course you don't because you don't know a thing about me, yet every time I appear on Adrenaline Rush I hear you spouting off about me, why is that Jim?

    Jim Taylor: I don't mean to offend you in any way

    Nate Savage: Then why do you think you know so much about me when in reality you don't a damn thing about me, huh Jim?

    Jim Taylor: Look, I'm just doing my job and I call it like I see it

    Nate Savage: Oh, is that so? You're just doing your job, huh? What about me? I'm just doing my job when I go out there but the difference between you and I is that I'm not hiding behind some desk. I'm going out there and putting my life on the line to put food on my children's plate. I bust my ass each time I'm out there, and what I do I get for it? Nothing

    Jim Taylor: If I can be frank for a moment Nate, but maybe if you showed some decency towards others you would get it in return

    Nate unfolds his arms and leans in close to Jim.

    Nate Savage: That's another difference between you and I, Jim. You show decency and respect for others. Me? I don't give a damn what those stupid idiots in the crowd think of me and I certainly don't give a damn what you think of me. I shouldn't have to show respect to others in order for it to be returned to me. These people should know their place and respect me.

    Jim Taylor: Respect is earned, not given Nate

    Nate Savage: You know what Jim? You're starting to get on my last nerve so why don't we move this interview along and get to the point

    Jim chooses to listen and moves on as Nate leans back in his chair folding his arms once more.

    Jim Taylor: Very well then, this weekend you face not one but two competitors in the form of Johnny Vegas and Ariel Justice. What are your thoughts going into this match?

    Nate Savage: My thoughts are simple Jim. I plan on going in there and decimating both Vegas and Justice on my own, end of story.

    Jim Taylor: That's it? You're not at all nervous going in there alone?

    Nate chuckles at this.

    Nate Savage: Nervous? Why should I be nervous Jim? The only people that should be nervous are Johnny Vegas and Ariel Justice. Johnny is going to wish that I had finished him at World's Strongest while Ariel on the other hand is going to regret the choice she made when joined forces with Johnny and his little crusade. Me, well I have no reason to be nervous and I have no need for a tag team partner becmause as I have proved in the past when being forced to team up with someone that it's rather pointless and unneccessary because I don't need anyone's help. I like to do things on my own because I've always been a bit of a loner if you will. I never got along well with anyone growing up because I just don't care much for people in general. There are only a select few in this world that I do care for and that is my wife and my two children, other than that the rest of this world can go to hell for all I care. Though with all of the current events happening and the two doofuses that are running for president, well it seems like we're already on our way there...

    Jim Taylor: Do you have any final words for Johnny Vegas and Ariel Justice?

    Nate Savage: If Johnny thinks what I put him through at World's Strongest was bad well he's in for a rude awakening, because what I plan on doing to him at Kings Reign Supreme will pale in comparison. When it's all said and done he'll be sipping his meals through a straw when I'm done with him while his little wife cries at what a pathetic loser he's become. I'm going to break him Jim, Johnny Vegas will be a broken man at the end of the night and luckily for him we'll be in Canada so free healthcare and believe me he's going to need it. As for Ariel Justice because as if her career choices weren't bad enough, her life choices are even worse because she's going to learn real fast that when you mess with the bull you get the horns. I mean it's bad enough that Johnny Vegas enlisted the help of a girl, but a girl that hasn't won a match since arriving in CWA. I mean at least find someone that could wrestle their way out of a paper bag...

    He unfolds his arms and leans in close.

    Nate Savage: At Kings Reign Supreme, it all ends. I put an end to the storybook career of Johnny Vegas once and for all, and Ariel Justice goes down with him...

    With that Nate stands up and removes his headset and walks off as the scene fades out back to ringside.

    Tim Coleman: You and your big mouth Jim!

    Handicap Grudge Match
    Ariel Justice & Johnny Vegas vs. Nate Savage

    Lindsay Monahan: The next contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a handicap match

    "Hate by Design" hits and the crowd pops big as Johnny Vegas steps out with Jenny at his side. He feels the energy from the crowd and feeds off of it as he looks hyped up and ready to go as he heads to the ring. Along the way he slaps hands with some fans as does Jenny, who also hypes up the crowd to get behind Johnny.

    Lindsay Monahan: Being accompanied by Jenny Vegas, from Los Angeles, California. He stands at 6'2 and weighs in at 220lbs, Johnny Vegas!

    Johnny steps inside the ring and awaits the arrival of his partner as her music hits, but after several seconds no one appears.

    Jim Taylor: Ariel Justice is supposed to be joining Johnny tonight..

    Tim Coleman: Maybe she got cold feet and chickened out at the last minute!

    Jim Taylor: I highly doubt that

    The big screen flickers to life showing Ariel Justice backstage laid out on the floor unconsious. Johnny looks at the screen with concern when suddenly from behind he's clobbered by Nate Savage with a running double axe handle!

    Jim Taylor: Just like that Nate Savage attacks Vegas from behind after the distraction of Ariel Justice's unconsious body laid out backstage

    Tim Coleman: Who could have done something like that?

    Jim Taylor: Don't be so daft, who do you think?!

    Nate stomps and kicks Johnny to the mat before beginning his ground and pound attack with several forearm strikes to the head. The crowd boos Nate relentlessly as he continues his assault before being restrained by another official while another one checks on Johnny. Eventually, Johnny insists on starting the match and the referee allows it as Nate is practically salivating at a vulnerable and weakened Johnny.


    Right away Nate charges at Johnny and pummels in the corner with several clubbing blows to the back keeping Johnny cornered. Nate backs up before running at Johnny, but Johnny slides out of the way in time forcing Nate to crash chest first into the corner. Johnny uses this momentum to dropkick Nate in the back keeping him cornered now before taking him out of there and sets him up on the ropes...SPIKE DDT! Johnny plants Nate's skull to the mat and hooks the leg...


    Nate kicks out and Johnny holds nothing back now with his turn on the ground and pound attack delivering several closed fisted strikes to Nate's temple before it gets broken up by the official. This gives Nate time to breathe a little as he crawls to his hands and knees when he senses Johnny running in for a knee attack he slides out of the way, and slips behind Johnny and clubs him in the back before driving Johnny to mat with a sleeper suplex! He keeps the sleeper hold locked in for several seconds allowing the blood to rush to Johnny's head before relinquishing the hold. Johnny flops to the mat as Nate stomps him in the back a few times, and Nate brings Johnny up in position...PUMPHANDLE NECKBREAKER! The vicious move is done with such force on the neck as Johnny falls to the mat holding the back of his neck while Nate smiles sinisterly.

    Jim Taylor: Such brutality on display by Nate Savage!

    Tim Coleman: Would you expect anything less from the guy Jim? I wouldn't be surprised if he was trying to break Johnny's neck!

    Nate stands over Johnny as he's trying to find his way to his feet while Jenny wills him on outside along with the fans. Nate laughs at him and tells him to just give up along with a few slaps to the head. Nate brings Johnny up but Johnny fights back with several forearms that rock Nate in the jaw sending him back off the ropes and Johnny hits a standing dropkick that sends Nate over the rope to the outside where he manages to land on his feet yet stumbles a bit to keep his balance. He tries to become aware but not for long as Johnny Vegas leaps over the ropes...TOPE CON HILO! He takes out Nate along with himself for the time being as both men lay sprawled out on the floor while the referee counts. Once the count reaches 4 Johnny is up and tosses Nate back inside the ring before hopping back in the ring and runs off the ropes...SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT! Vegas connects with all of it and hooks the far leg...


    Jim Taylor: Johnny throwing everything he can at Nate but it just hasn't been enough so far

    Johnny rolls off of Nate and backs off in the corner giving himself some breathing room. This also allows Nate recovery time as he comes to on his feet in the opposite corner, and soon Johnny sprints towards him hoping to catch Nate off guard...SIDE SLAM! Nate with the counter catching Johnny and flattens him with a devastating side slam! Now Nate runs off the ropes...RUNNING SENTON! He crushes Johnny beneath his weight and makes the cover...


    "STAY DOWN YOU STUPID IDIOT!" Nate screams at Johnny as he begins to wail away on him with several closed fisted punches until Johnny's nose is busted by Nate's fist prompting blood to trickle out of it. The referee soon backs Nate away and checks on Johnny to make sure he's okay, but he seems out of it. Nate grows infuriated as he shoves the referee aside and sends Johnny off the ropes looking to end it with a Nasty Bomb...SUPERKICK! Vegas answers back with a superkick that stuns Nate off of his feet and he falls flat on his back and then Johnny collapses on top of him for the cover...


    Jim Taylor: I thought for sure that it was over!

    Johnny rolls off of Nate onto his stomach while Nate lies on his back breathing heavily before rolling to his side. Both competitors begin to stir and rise up, and turn to face each other delivering stiff right and lefts to one another. Johnny busting open Nate's upper lip while Nate does more damage to Johnny's already busted nose, and finally it's Nate with the upper hand or knee as he knees Johnny in the gut doubling him over. He places Johnny in position...FALLAWAY PACKAGE POWERBOMB! Johnny crashes to the mat in a heap but Nate isn't through with him just yet as he sends him off the ropes...NASTY BOMB! Johnny isn't moving at this point as Nate collapses on top for the cover hooking the far leg...


    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match, Nate Savage!

    Jim Taylor: In what supposed to be a handicap match turned out to be an all out war between two bitter enemies, and in the end it's Nate Savage that wins the war

    Nate rolls out of the ring and stands outside of it looking back in at Johnny, who has still not moved. Nate then slides back in the ring and takes Johnny dragging him out of the ring in position...POWERBOMB OFF OF THE APRON!

    Jim Taylor: That was completely uncalled for!

    Tim Coleman: He did what he set out to do Jim. He even told you that he was going to break Johnny Vegas and by the looks of it he did just that!

    Jim Taylor: That still doesn't make it right!

    Nate now leaves as more officials and Jenny check on Johnny as Nate walks up the ramp smirking all the way.

    *Promo for the next PPV airs*

    High Voltage Championship Triple Threat Match
    LIGHBRINGER (c) vs. Elijah Edwards vs. Michelle von Horrowitz

    As we return to the arena, the crowd are waiting with baited breath for more CWA action after the two opening bouts. Many banners are seen in the audience, many of which seem to be in support of the ‘KAIJU’, Krash, or Cyrus Truth. There are pockets of support for other wrestlers, and as the camera pans across we see a few for Canadian-of-choice Elijah Edwards, a lone Echo fan with a ’VICIOUS AND DELICIOUS!’, as well as several hand-drawn ’STRONG STYLE DOJO’ logos. We arrive at the ring to see Lindsey Monahan, waiting with her microphone.

    Lindsay Monahan: “Ladies and gentleman, the following contest is the triple threat match for the CWA High Voltage Championship!”

    “In Dreams” by Roy Orbison sounds out around the arena to a chorus of boos and the hostility really catches on when MVH comes out with her typically showy PPV entrance. She is carried out to the ring on a makeshift, seemingly purpose-built bed, borne upon the shoulders of eight muscular, oiled men in tiny black underpants. They seem to waltz down the ramp to the music, the lights dimmed except for a spotlight, revealing the first challenger mock-sleeping in her mock-chariot.

    Jim Taylor: “Here comes Michelle von Horrowitz, Tim, who intends to take the CWA High Voltage Championship out of the company, if she’s successful in this match tonight.”

    Tim Coleman: “That’s a very big if, if you ask me, Jim. Michelle von Horrowitz has a history of falling short when it really matters, something both of her opponents picked up on in the lead up to this match. When a title is on the line, she’s always underperformed, and come up just short. I think the High Voltage Championship is safe tonight, at least as far as potential theft goes.”

    Jim Taylor: “Well, I’m sure the CWA Universe hope you’re right, Tim, and they’re letting their feelings known here in Montreal, raining down the hate on MVH as she’s deposited in the ring by her ‘gate-keepers’, who retreat up the ramp.”

    They do indeed, and MVH retreats into a corner, taking a seat and waiting for her opponents. The lights come up and her music fades out, the crowd still letting her know how they feel about her promised treachery. It is replaced by “Icky Thump” by the White Stripes, and the Montreal arena launches into rapturous applause and adulation as Elijah Edwards walks out onto the stage. He’s focused on the ring, ignoring the Canadian fans, his manager – Romeo Rollings – taking up position over his shoulder. Edwards begins to make his way down the ramp as the crowd begin to chant his name.

    Jim Taylor: “Here comes Elijah Edwards, Tim, the second challenger tonight. He’s coming off the back of some of the biggest performances of his career, including a singles victory over the current CWA World Heavyweight Champion.”

    Tim Coleman: “That’s right, Jim. I don’t like it, but Edwards has shown some renewed motivation lately, particularly in his pursuit of the Indy Club. But I worry that’s drawn his focus away from this championship match and his opponents tonight.”

    Jim Taylor: “That didn’t seem to be the case earlier in the week, Tim. Edwards had von Horrowitz and the champion well scouted in his pre-match promo.”

    Tim Coleman: “Let’s hope so, because if the High Voltage Championship changes hands tonight, it needs to be going home with Elijah Edwards for the company’s sake."

    Edwards reaches the ring, climbing through the ropes and entering a stare off with von Horrowitz, who is still seated in a corner with a smile on her face. Edwards shifts his weight from foot to foot, loosening up whilst he burns a hole in his opponent with his eyes. Finally, he tears his gaze away from her and to the entrance, awaiting the champion…

    “The LIGHTBRINGER theme” plays and there’s a positive reaction, though more of the Canadian fans are in the corner of their country-man, it seems. The current champion walks out onto the stage, his championship belt draped over his shoulder and a determined look on his face. He loosens up his joints as he begins to walk down to the ramp.

    Jim Taylor: “And finally, here is the champion. He comes to the ring with his trademark, singular focus, and the fans here in Montreal respect that. They may be pulling for Elijah Edwards, but LIGHTBRINGER has shown himself to be the real deal during his short tenure here in the CWA.”

    Tim Coleman: “That’s right, Jim. He’s undefeated, after all. Many have tried and failed to overwhelm LIGHTBRINGER, and he stands here tonight seemingly invincible. That’s got to give him the psychological edge.”

    Jim Taylor: “He’s beaten Edwards twice already for this championship, as well as a hard-fought defence against Dustin Dreamer. LIGHTBRINGER is yet to show weakness, tearing through whatever opponents are put in front of him.”

    Tim Coleman: “But he hasn’t faced the newly re-focused Elijah Edwards, and he’s never faced Michelle von Horrowitz. What they say about triple threat matches removing the champion’s advantage is obviously true. LIGHTBRINGER needs to have eyes in the back of his head.”

    The champion climbs into the ring, standing right in the middle of it and staring at each of his challengers in turn. Eventually, he meanders at a leisurely pace into his appointed corner. Lindsay Monahan comes forward again.

    Lindsay Monahan: “Introducing the challengers… first, from Rotterdam, the Netherlands and wrestling out of New Orleans, Louisiana… she weighs in tonight at seventy-one kilograms… “Dreamer”… Michelle von Horrowitz!”

    The crowd boo again, MVH remaining in the corner, unmoved.

    Lindsay Monahan: “And, in the corner to my right… accompanied to the ring by Romeo Rollings… from Toronto, Canada… weighing in at two hundred and twenty one pounds… Elijah Edwards!”

    A huge roar of support goes up again, and Edwards plays up for the crowd for the first time. It is only momentary, and soon he is a picture of focus once more.

    Lindsay Monahan: “And their opponent… from Tokyo, Japan and wrestling out of Tampa Bay, Florida… he weighs in tonight at two hundred and thirty pounds… he is the current, reigning, and defending CWA High Voltage Champion… “Tokyo Kisai”… LIGHTBRINGER!”

    There’s more support, but it’s more polite and respectful than that aimed at Edwards. The champion strides forward, his belt raised, the two challengers eyeing it up enviously. At length, LIGHTBRINGER passes it on to the referee, who parades it around the ring before handing it to the timekeeper. Lindsay Monahan climbs through the ropes as the referee makes his final checks. Eventually, the bell rings…

    Triple Threat Match – CWA High Voltage Championship.
    LIGHTBRINGER (c) vs. Elijah Edwards vs. Michelle von Horrowitz.

    The three competitors stand in a triangle, staring at each other from across the ring… and Elijah Edwards and LIGHTBRINGER come together in a collar and elbow tie up. The two men buck for supremacy, whilst Michelle returns to at ease. She shrugs, before taking a seat on the top turnbuckle, watching the action unfold. Edwards moves into a hammer lock on the champion, trying to wrench at the joint. But LIGHTBRINGER goes behind into a rear waist lock, squeezing the air out of Edwards. Elijah tries to wrench the champion’s grip free, but can’t do it, so instead reaches between his legs and takes LIGHTBRINGER down by the boot. He quickly grabs the other foot and tries to turn him into the Excellent Execution early. LIGHTBRINGER kicks him off and the two enter a stand-off…

    Jim Taylor: “Much has been made in the build up to this one that we have two of the most technically gifted athletes in the CWA in the ring tonight.”

    Tim Coleman: “That’s right, Jim. LIGHTBRINGER and Elijah Edwards have consistently shown that they’re amongst the premier athletes in our industry when it comes to mat-based wrestling.”

    Jim Taylor: “And it seems that Michelle von Horrowitz is content in letting them get on with it, taking a seat on the top turnbuckle and watching the early throws of this one from her perch.”

    Indeed, she even joins the audience in clapping LIGHTBRINGER and Edwards after their opening exchange, and continues to watch as the two men circle again. Edwards offers a test of strength, and the champion takes his hand but then wrenches it into a wristlock. Edwards lets out a little yelp of pain, before stepping through and reversing into an arm bar. LIGHTBRINGER looks like he intends to use his power advantage to break free, and Edwards senses this, taking him over with a snapmare instead, and then hitting a stiff kick to the back. LIGHTBRINGER scrunches his face up and then roars, standing up to no-sell the move and slap his chest. Edwards, sensing the adrenaline roaring through the champion, simply hits a low drop kick and wipes him out at the knees. LIGHTBRINGER face plants the mat, and as he tries to get up, Edwards takes him in a front face lock and hits a snap suplex.

    As LIGHTBRINGER rolls out of the way momentarily, Elijah Edwards walks over towards MVH, not content to let her stay out of the fray any longer. Michelle stands to attention again and leaps off the second turnbuckle, taking Edwards down with a cross body. She hooks the leg…

    ONE… TW - - NO!

    She slaps a sleeper hold onto Edwards, attempting to take his speed out of the equation early on…

    Jim Taylor: “And now MVH comes into this match.”

    Tim Coleman: “More like she was dragged into it. Typical sneaking, snivelling behaviour from von Horrowitz.”

    Jim Taylor: “Not how I’d put it, Tim, but it is true that most CWA fans are cheering on LIGHTBRINGER or Elijah Edwards tonight, in light of von Horrowitz’s intent to leave the company should she win the High Voltage title.”

    Tim Coleman: “I found it hard to come to terms with the fact that I’d be pulling for either of those two, so I’m just telling myself that I’m pulling against von Horrowitz instead.”

    Inside the ring, though, MVH still has her sleeper on Edwards, and when LIGHTBRINGER comes to he notices Edwards fading. He moves behind MVH, and slaps her in a sleeper too! For a moment, it’s a Sleeper Hold Centipede, but as von Horrowitz begins to fade she loosens her grip on Edwards, and he slumps forward. It takes him a moment to come to, but when he does he turns to see his two opponents, MVH still in the sleepr. He takes them both out with the same enziguri!

    Jim Taylor: “Elijah Edwards kills two birds with one stone with that move.”

    Edwards waits to see who is first up to their feet, and it is LIGHTBRINGER. He moves over to him and doubles him over with a boot to the midsection, before nailing him with a snap DDT. The champion rolls out of harm’s way, allowing Edwards to focus on MVH. He moves over to her and creams her with a European uppercut, and then a second takes her into the corner. Edwards hits a series of knife edge chops, and then he drags her out of the corner in a front face lock. He looks like he might be going for his ‘the Day the Earth Stood Still’ delayed vertical suplex, but Michelle blocks it by going down to one knee. She works her way loose from Edwards’ grip,and hits a head-butt. Elijah backs away a step, and Michelle proceeds to stamp hard on his toes. Edwards reaches down to his aching foot with a scream, and MVH hooks his arms, perhaps going for a double arm underhook DDT… but no! Edwards powers out, lifting MVH up and over, slamming her down and bridging for a cover…

    ONE… TWO… - - NO!

    MVH arches her back up, rotates back around so that she’s standing up straight again with Edwards’ arms hooked… and takes him over with a double underhook suplex. She shakes the cobwebs loose for a moment, allowing herself to re-compose her thoughts, before getting up and hitting a few stomps to various parts of Edwards’ body, before looking over at LIGHTBRINGER, who is standing in the corner, using it for support. She hoists Edwards up and rocks him with a forearm. He tries to fire back with a European uppercut, but two stiff kicks to each calf followed by three hard right forearms back him up into a corner. Von Horrowitz backs away as LIGHTBRINGER finally gets up and moves in, hitting a trio of Europeans to the cornered Edwards. He allows Von Horrowitz to attack Edwards unhindered, so she drags him out of the corner and manipulates him into position, hitting a Russian leg sweep on Elijah, sending the back of his head into the middle turnbuckle!

    Tim Coleman:“It even looks like von Horrowitz and LIGHTBRINGER are working together here, perhaps attempting to isolate and eliminate Elijah Edwards in the early going.”

    LIGHTBRINGER drags Edwards up with his arms around his waist, and throws him overhead with a German suplex. Edwards tries to get to his feet, but when he’s on a knee von Horrowitz hits him with an enziguri! Edwards, showing resiliency, crawls on his hands and knees, but the champion hits a ‘sliding European uppercut’, sending him onto the mat. Von Horrowitz leaps onto Elijah, hooking the leg…

    ONE… T - - NO!

    Jim Taylor: “LIGHTBRINGER breaks up the count, and it doesn’t look like that alliance is going to last for very long…”

    Indeed it doesn’t, with LIGHTBRINGER dragging von Horrowitz to her feet and taking her over with a suplex. He waits for her to get to her feet patiently, and then Irish whips her into the corner, going for a running splash… but MVH darts out of the way, and the champion collides with the turnbuckles. Von Horrowitz propels herself off the ropes and takes LIGHTBRINGER’s base away with a low drop kick. LIGHTBRINGER hits the mat and she connects with a standing shooting star press!

    ONE… TWO… - - NO!

    The champion gets a shoulder up, and MVH drags him up to his feet in a front face lock, hitting a couple of knees to his abdomen before releasing him. Michelle goes for a forearm on LIGHTBRINGER, but he blocks it and hits back with a European uppercut of his own. He takes her by the hair and hurls her into the corner, but before he can do anything else he is cut off by Elijah Edwards, who lifts a knee into LIGHTBRINGER’s midsection. Edwards takes LB and tries to Irish Whip him into the same corner as von Horrowitz, but the champion reverses and throws Elijah towards her instead. He goes for a corner clothesline, but MVH ducks it and comes charging out at LIGHTBRINGER, nailing him with a Busaiku Knee Knick! Michelle goes for the cover, hooking the leg…

    ONE… TW - - NO!

    Elijah Edwards leaps onto the pin with a double axe handle, breaking it up. He proceeds to hoist Michelle up to her feet and backs her into the corner with a series of European uppercuts. He puts her in a front face lock, lifting her up to a seated position on the top rope. He follows her up, maybe looking for a superplex. There’s still energy left in Michelle, though, and she fights him off with a trio of hard forearms, sending him crashing onto the mat. She looks like she’s going to climb to the top…

    Jim Taylor: “Michelle maybe looking for the 450 Splash early here? She’s not wasting any time!”

    But LIGHTBRINGER is up and alert to the danger, and he charges across the ring to nail Michelle with a European uppercut. MVH leans back, still seated on the top rope, and LIGHTBRINGER climbs up to the second turnbuckle, putting her in a front face lock of his own…

    Tim Coleman: “It seems these two men are desperate to hit Michelle von Horrowitz with a superplex!”

    Jim Taylor: “But Michelle is understandably desperate not to be hit with one, fighting off with some shots to the ribs.”

    The hard rights rock LIGHTBRINGER, and then she nails him with a head-butt, sending him off the second rope as Edwards begins to stir behind him. Undeterred, LIGHTBRINGER strides back to the corner and hits MVH with a big dropkick with an impressive vertical leap. She leans back again, her arms flailing and her position precarious, as LIGHTBRINGER climbs up to the top tope, putting her in a front face lock again. But Edwards is up too, and he gets into powerbomb-position underneath LIGHTBRINGER. After a deep breath, the three plummet to the mat, the Tower of Doom throwing MVH across the ring! Edwards leaps onto the closest opponent, who happens to be LIGHTBRINGER, hooking the near leg…

    ONE… TWO… - - NO!

    When the champion kicks out, Edwards crawls over to MVH, and hooks both legs…

    ONE… TWO… TH - - NO!!

    Jim Taylor: “How did she kick out? She must have been over ten feet in the air there!”

    Tim Coleman: “One has to think that, if Edwards had pinned MVH first, he’d be the High Voltage Champion right now.”

    Michelle rolls away, taking sanctuary beneath the bottom rope, as Edwards and LIGHTBRINGER both get to their feet in a rather laboured fashion. They come together and Elijah lifts a spinning kick into the abdomen of the champion, taking him by the scruff of the neck and slamming his head against the top turnbuckle…

    Jim Taylor: “Nothing technically proficient about that, Tim!”

    Tim Coleman: “No, but it hurts, and I’m sure Edwards would do a lot more to walk out of here with the belt.”

    Edwards places LIGHTBRINGER in a front face lock, looking for his delayed vertical suplex again, but whilst he’s in the air the champion drives his knee downwards into Elijah’s head, and the challenger is forced to drop him. Edwards turns around into a boot to the midsection, and LIGHTBRINGER propels himself off the ropes, hitting a running neckbreaker! He goes for the cover…

    ONE… TW - - NO!

    Michelle von Horrowitz is over to break up the count! Von Horrowitz drives a knee to the grounded champion’s head a total of four times before sucking in deep breaths. She lifts him up and Irish whips the champion into the turnbuckles, charging in for a cornered forearm, but he ducks it and lifts her over the top rope with a big back body drop. She lands on the apron, but when she turns she’s nailed with a European uppercut from the champion, sending her onto the outside. LB moves back over to Edwards, who hits him with a European uppercut of his own. The champion turns his back on Elijah, who slams him down to the mat with a belly-to-back suplex! Edwards doesn’t go for a cover, instead hoisting LIGHTBRINGER up in a front face lock and hooking his arm. As he hoists the champion into the air, MVH climbs up onto the ring apron, and then darts up onto the top rope. Edwards holds LIGHTBRINGER up in the air for his The Day The Earth Stood Still signature as von Horrowitz steadies herself on the top rope. She leaps off, hitting the champion with a missile dropkick, just before Edwards slams him down with the delayed vertical suplex! Michelle and Elijah both get to their feet, and von Horrowitz charges at Edwards, who simply takes her in a bearhug and throws her with a belly-to-belly, Michelle taking an ugly landing in the corner! Edwards drags her into the middle of the ring and hooks the leg…

    ONE… TWO… - - NO!

    Jim Taylor: “Michelle von Horrowitz gets the shoulder up, but Edwards coming out the better in that exchange.”

    Edwards takes a moment to catch some breath, before hoisting von Horrowitz up again. He Irish whips her into the corner, but before he can do anything else LIGHTBRINGER is back up and he takes him down with a standing dropkick. He moves over to the cornered MVH, climbing up to the second turnbuckle and proceeding to nail ten hard rights, the crowd counting along. MVH falls into a seated position, and LB poses for a moment when he’s done before jumping back down… turning around into a big spinebuster from Edwards! Elijah notices von Horrowitz sitting in the corner, and proceeds to scrape the sole of his boot against her head, time and time again, before charging off the opposite ropes, the impact of the final boot and the culmination of the ‘facewash’ resonating around the arena!

    Jim Taylor: “Michelle von Horrowitz slumps down after that move, Edwards almost kicking her head off!”

    Tim Coleman: “She may be out! All he needs to do is pin her!”

    But it’s not that easy, and as Edwards gets up he’s greeted by LIGHTBRINGER. Edwards lunges towards him, but the champion hits him with a snap power slam! He hooks the near leg…

    ONE… TWO… - - NO!

    Edwards gets the shoulder up, and LIGHTBRINGER takes a few moments to get some respite as MVH rolls onto her front, deciding to stay near to the corner for the time-being. The champion takes Edwards by the hair and drags him to his feet, backing him into the corner with a trio of European uppercuts. He Irish whips Edwards across the ring into the opposite turnbuckles, and Elijah stumbles back out into the middle of the ring. LIGHTBRINGER charges at him, going for a BIG lariat… but Edwards manages to duck out of the way of it, and he nails the turning champion with a discuss forearm! It looks like one of LIGHTBRINGER’s teeth flies out as he stumbles back towards the ropes.

    MVH sits in the corner whilst Edwards charges against LIGHTBRINGER, who is using the ropes for support. The Champion ducks the attempted clothesline and send Elijah crashing to the outside with a big back body drop. LIGHTBRINGER climbs out onto the apron, as if he’s going to follow him, but before he can get any further Michelle hops up to the second turnbuckle and hits him with a Triangle Dropkick. LIGHTBRINGER crashes down onto the recuperating Edwards, sending him over again. LIGHTBRINGER tries to climb back into the ring, but MVH has already propelled herself off the opposite ropes, sending him tumbling over Edwards with a baseball slide. Michelle stays in the ring, and charges back off the opposite ropes again as Edwards makes his way to the feet, running at her opponents once more…

    Jim Taylor: “SUICIDE DIVE! Michelle von Horrowitz putting it all on the line to take out both of her opponents!!”

    Michelle gets to her feet. She doesn’t taunt or hype the fans. Not yet, anyway, instead she just nods her head with her hands on her hips, surveying the men on the ground in front of her with satisfaction. She takes LIGHTBRINGER and pulls him to his feet by his hair, and then sends him face-first into the steel steps. She takes a moment to savour his pain before Irish Whipping the champion hard into the barricade. She backs away from him, hitting the crawling Elijah with a stiff kick to the ribs to send him back to the floor, before looking under the ring apron.

    Tim Coleman: “Looks like Michelle wants to take things hardcore against two very technical men. Perhaps she feels that’s how she can win this one?”

    Jim Taylor: “Well, I can’t say I like it, Tim, but this is a No Disqualification match, so it’s within the rules.”

    MVH emerges with a chair. She moves over to LIGHTBRINGER, who is still on his knees near the barricade, and hits him over the back with the steel. He rolls onto the floor and she moves away from him, repeating the gesture with Edwards. She throws the chair into the ring as the crowd boo her heavily. She rolls into the ring and walks around with a huge smile on her face, her hands held out beside her in her ‘Pro-Wrestling Jesus’ taunt, for no other reason than to goad the audience. She climbs onto the second turnbuckle, drawing an invisible championship around her waist and ranting, her words inaudible amongst the hostility.

    Jim Taylor: “I’m not sure how wise this is, Tim. Michelle has the advantage now, but she shouldn’t let it slip away from her.”

    Michelle hops down from the turnbuckle at her leisure and climbs out of the ring, moving over to Edwards. She drags him to his feet before Irish Whipping him into the steel post. She walks over to Double E, pulling him up to his feet… and throwing him over the Swahili Announcer’s Table! The two foreign broadcasters disperse instantly as Michelle begins to rip the monitors off the table, preparing it for more carnage. When she’s done, she climbs on top of it, lifting Elijah Edwards up too…

    Tim Coleman: “Looks like ‘Dreamer’ has sinister ideas! This one has broken down and broken down fast!”

    Michelle knees Edwards in the abdomen, hooks both of his arms, and sends him crashing face-first onto the table with a double arm underhook DDT… but the table doesn’t budge! The two lie there for a moment before MVH rolls off, shaking loose the cobwebs. Realising Edwards’ predicament, she rolls into the ring, a little more gingerly than before. Staring down at Elijah, who has rolled onto his back, she begins to ascend the turnbuckle…

    Jim Taylor: “Oh God, no, we’ve seen Michelle von Horrowitz try this before…”

    Tim Coleman: “Indeed, and we’ve seen Michelle von Horrowitz miss this before…”

    MVH reaches the top rope, and stands up, steadying herself. All sound seems to suck out of the scene as she leaps off for the elbow drop, and then when Edwards rolls off the table and she crashes through it, everything returns louder than ever. A ’HOLY SHIT’ chant breaks out as Elijah rolls onto his hands and knees, sucking in oxygen. MVH is lifeless at the feet of the Swahili announcers.

    Jim Taylor: “Michelle von Horrowitz going for all or nothing there and coming up with nothing! She might have just wiped out her own chances in this championship match!”

    In a laboured fashion, Edwards slides back into the ring, just as LIGHTBRINGER has rolled in on the opposite side. The two men take a moment to get to their feet, composing themselves in opposite corners. They take a look at Michelle von Horrowitz, and then at each other, and then begin to circle it. As they do, Edwards stands on the chair, which has lain forgotten about for the time-being. He picks up the steel and looks down at it, and then up at his opponent, who waits with his fists up. Edwards, staring back down at the chair, slowly lowers it and disposes of it, throwing it out of the ring. There’s a slight nod of respect before the two circle the ring, bringing it in for a collar and elbow tie up.

    LIGHTBRINGER instantly lifts a knee into Edwards’ ribs, and then puts him in a headlock. The challenger goes down to a knee, but with the crowd on his side he drives the champion into the ropes, throwing him into the opposite set. He goes for a shoulder block, but LIGHTBRINGER doesn’t go down, budging only a few inches and then smiling at Edwards. He slaps his chest, willing Elijah to give it another go. Edwards propels himself off the ropes, hitting another shoulder block, harder than the first. LIGHTBRINGER takes a step back, but doesn’t go down, roaring now at Elijah and beating his chest like a drum. Edwards, not disheartened, charges to the ropes a third time, going for another shoulder block… but LIGHTBRINGER meets him with a dropkick to the knees, taking Edwards down to the mat!

    Tim Coleman: “The champion played Edwards like a fiddle!”

    LIGHTBRINGER looks to keep up the advantage, lifting Edwards up and backing him into a corner with a trio of European uppercuts. He Irish whips him across the ring, charging after him and going for a cornered European uppercut, but Edwards dives out of the way. LIGHTRBIGNER hits the turnbuckles, and Edwards rolls him up with a schoolboy…

    ONE… TWO… - - NO!

    Jim Taylor: “And Edwards coming close to stealing one there, the quick roll-up nearly catching the champion off guard.”

    Tim Coleman: Nearly being the operative word, Jim!”

    LIGHTBRINGER is quickly to his feet, but Edwards is on him in an instant, putting him in a headlock, LIGHTBRINGER hits a few elbows to Edwards’ ribs, causing separation, before quickly manipulating the challenger into a rear naked choke. The commentators explain that there’s no disqualifications, and that choke holds are fair game, but soon enough LIGHTBRINGER manoeuvres into a sleeper hold instead anyway. Edwards seems to be fading out, and when the champion considers him to be drowsy enough he looks to move into an arm bar… but Edwards senses the danger, and quickly squirms to the bottom rope, hooking it with both arms. LIGHTBRINGER stands up and backs away.

    Tim Coleman: “Both of these men are incredibly dangerous with submissions. I suspect that, with Michelle von Horrowitz down on the outside, this one is about to become very mat-based.”

    The two bring it in again, and LIGHTBRINGER goes behind for a rear waist lock. He pushes Edwards forwards into the ropes, looking to roll him up, but Elijah hooks the top rope with his arms and LIGHTBRINGER rolls backwards without him. Edwards charges at the champion, going for a penalty kick style strike, but LIGHTBRINGER wisely dodges it and takes Edwards in a hammer lock. Edwards unleashes a trio of back elbow strikes to LIGHTBRINGER’s head, and then goes behind into a hammer lock of his own. The champion grabs Edwards by his head, and hits him with a jaw-breaker, Edwards stumbling backwards. LB gets to his feet and lunges at him, but Double E hits a double leg take down, keeping hold of LIGHTBRINGER’s right boot. He steps through, and then locks in the Canadian Deathlock!

    He wrenches at the champion’s knee joint, who is sundered in the middle of the ring. He reaches out for the ropes and realises that they are too far away, and that escape is his only option. He sits up and hits a trio of clenched fists to Edwards’ head, but the Canadian holds on resolutely…

    Jim Taylor: “We don’t see LIGHTBRINGER resorting to straight right hands very often, but this calls for a needs-must approach… His championship reign is flashing before his eyes!”

    LIGHTBRINGER hits another three right hands, and then pulls Edwards towards him by his hair before nailing a series of head-butts! He lets go, but Elijah holds on… until the champion kicks wildly, a couple of boots catching Elijah flush in the face and forcing Double E to finally relinquish the hold. Edwards backs away, standing up slowly, his stamina waning. LIGHTBRINGER is down on the mat, and Edwards moves over to him, picking up both legs this time, perhaps going for the Excellent Execution. The High Voltage Champion sees it coming, though, and he kicks Edwards away from him. When LB gets to his feet, Edwards comes in for a short arm clothesline but the champion catches it… Flying Armbar! LIGHTBRINGER has it locked in in the middle of the ring!

    Jim Taylor: “This could be it right here, Tim! There’s nobody to break it up!”

    Tim Coleman: “And that exchange looked a lot like the finish of the match that gave LIGHTRBINGER that championship to begin with! This is the move that Edwards tapped out to the first time LIGHTBRINGER beat him!”

    Edwards struggles around, LIGHTBRINGER wrenching at the shoulder joint with his legs. Elijah reaches out for the ropes, first with his free arm, and then with each of his legs, but he’s a long distance away from them. He seems in despair, and lifts his hand as if he’s about to tap out… but instead he clenches his fist, and drives the champion’s shoulders down onto the mat whilst still in the hold…

    ONE… TWO…. - - NO!

    LIGHTBRINGER can kick out, but he’s forced to relinquish the hold… and when he does, Edwards is waiting for the moment, catching the champion’s legs and turning him over into the Excellent Execution!

    Tim Coleman: “In the middle of the ring, Jim!”

    Indeed. LIGHTBRINGER does his best to conceal the pain, reaching out towards the ropes, but he’s in a similarly difficult predicament to the one Edwards just escaped. He grimaces, and then lets out a cry of pain, before beginning to inch, hand over hand, towards the ropes. He reaches out with his fingertips, mere millimetres away…

    … before Edwards drags him into the middle of the ring again! The champion reaches up with his hand, about to strike the mat with it, writhing in agony… but he’s not ready to throw in the towel just yet. He re-doubles his efforts in dragging himself to the ropes, reaching out and wrapping his fingers around the bottom one! The referee comes in to break the hold, and Edwards lets go. He backs away from the champion as he slowly uses the ropes to pull himself up to his feet, and then Elijah comes at him again. But LIGHTBRINGER is waiting, and he grabs Edwards by the neck and the tights before propelling him between the second and top rope! Edwards collides shoulder-first with the steel post, and the High Voltage Champion backs away from him, using the opposite corner to support his frame as he breathes heavily.

    Jim Taylor: “And some of this Montreal crowd don’t like that! LIGHTBRINGER showing a mean streak, doing what it takes to gain the advantage here.”

    Tim Coleman: “The crowd don’t like it because they’re Partisan. Edwards is Canadian, they are Canadian, it all fits.”

    LIGHTBRINGER waits patiently in the corner, signalling that it’s all over, Elijah Edwards gradually getting up to his feet. The champion moves in for the kill, grabbing Edwards’ wrist and pulling him towards him for his finisher… but no! Edwards ducks it, and goes for the cross-face chicken wing! He almost has it locked in… but the champion grabs him by the wrist, powers out of the move, and yanks Edwards into the LIGHTBRINGER lariat! He gets all of it! Edwards slumps to the mat! LIGHTBRINGER falls onto the top of Edwards, hooking the leg…

    ONE… TWO…. … TH - - NO!!!

    Michelle von Horrowitz appears out of nowhere, diving onto the top of LIGHTBRINGER to break up the pin!

    Jim Taylor: “Finally, Michelle von Horrowitz comes back into this match-up, and it couldn’t be at a more opportune time!”

    Von Horrowitz drags LIGHTBRINGER to his feet and doubles him over with a boot to the midsection, before nailing him with a drop toe hold, sending him face first into the middle turnbuckle! She proceeds to roll the champion up with a schoolboy…

    ONE… TWO… - - NO!

    The champion powers out, and Michelle rolls off him. Edwards is just about getting to his feet, and stumbles over towards MVH. He lunges at her, trying to clothesline her over the top, but she gives him a flapjack onto the top rope. She follows up with a chop block to the front of the knee, which sends Edwards down to a mat. Von Horrowitz charges to the opposite set of ropes, coming back at Edwards and nailing him in the head with a low dropkick. Elijah rolls out of the ring to avoid any more. With Edwards momentarily incapacitated on the outside, Michelle struggles to her feet, and the champion – who has covertly gathered himself in the corner and climbed to a vertical base - stalks her. When she’s up, he takes her by the hand, pulling her towards him for the LIGHTBRINGER ariat… but MVH ducks and goes straight into a Regal Plex! She bridges…

    ONE… TWO… T - - NO!

    LIGHTBRINGER powers out, but von Horrowitz manipulates her hold on him, moving straight into Cattle Mutilation! She wrenches the hold, the bridge solid, LIGHTBRINGER’s face contorted in pain…

    Jim Taylor: “Submission move locked in tight here! LIGHTBRINGER has nowhere to go! He’s right in the middle of the ring!”

    Tim Coleman: “Is the champion going to tap? What an unceremonious way that would be to lose his championship!”

    LIGHTBRINGER’s hand is parallel to the mat, poised, ready to give in, but he clenches his fist, and then begins to drag himself towards the rope. He moves, inch by inch, each centimetre more difficult than the last, whilst Michelle wrenches at the hold, trying to add additional pressure. LIGHTBRINGER reaches out, mere millimetres from the ropes…

    … and then Michelle rolls him back into the middle of the ring, straight back into the Cattle Mutilation! LIGHTBRINGER writhes in agony again, looking for all intents and purposes like he’s going to tap. There’s a look of mad glee on Michelle’s face as she wills him to submit… before the returning Elijah takes out the bridge with a stiff kick to the back of the legs! He grabs MVH’s boots, and puts her in the Excellent Execution! LIGHTBRINGER rolls out of the way, disorientated, whilst MVH screams out in pain. Now it’s her turn to contemplate submission. She lines up her hand, but then begins to crawl, as LIGHTBRINGER had, but Elijah doesn’t let her. He places his knee into the small of her back, bending her into contortions that the human body shouldn’t be able to manage…

    Jim Taylor: “LIGHTBRINGER better do something quick! His championships about to change hands without him being involved! His worst fear!”

    Tim Coleman: “Elijah Edwards knows victory is close! Michelle doesn’t have the strength to get to the ropes! The match has taken too much out of her!”

    She looks ready to throw in the towel, lifting her hand once more… but LIGHTBRINGER breaks it up with a double axe handle to Edwards’ back. He takes Double E by the wrist, pulls him in close… LIGHTBRINGER lariat! LIGHTBRINGER, exhausted, falls in to the pin…

    ONE… TWO… THR - - NO!!!

    Jim Taylor: “Michelle breaks it up at two and nine tenths!!”

    Tim Coleman: “LIGHTBRINGER can’t believe it! Neither can Montreal! Just listen to this place!”

    A ’THIS IS AWESOME’ chant has broken out as the three competitors lie on the mat, sucking in oxygen. LIGHTBRINGER rolls onto his front, moving to the ropes to use them for support, whilst Michelle makes her way to her hands and knees. She gets to her feet, and the champion and ‘Dreamer’ stare at each other from across the ring, Edwards rolling out of the way, still feeling the effects of the second lariat. They slowly come together, entering a stare-down, the crowd launching into a ’TO-KYO KI-SAI’ chant, firmly on the champion’s side. To dispel it, Michelle hits a boot to the midsection, and hooks the arms, going for her double arm underhook DDT… but LIGHTBRINGER rotates out of it, keeping a hold of her wrist, going for the LIGHTBRINGER lariat. Michelle fights him off with a stiff kick to each thigh, and then hooks his arms again… but once more LIGHTBRINGER rotates out, holding her arm in preparation for his finisher… Michelle grunts in annoyance at the repetition… and then nails LIGHTBRINGER with a low blow! He bends forward, and she hooks his arms, nailing him with a double arm underhook DDT!

    Jim Taylor: “MVH was insistent on using that move. And we know what that usually sets up…”

    Michelle climbs up to the top rope, the exertion of the match meaning it’s a slow ascent. She looks down at LIGHTBRINGER, steadies herself, and then leaps off, going for her 450 Splash… but LIGHTBRINGER just about gets his knees up! MVH bounces off the champion and rolls towards the recovering Edwards… who seizes the opportunity and locks her in the Winter Dreams! Michelle calls out in agony, and LIGHTBRINGER drags himself to his feet, coming over to unleash a wicked kick to the side of Edwards’ head. He drags him to his feet, scoops him up… Tombstone Piledriver! LIGHTBRINGER hooks the leg…

    ONE… TWO… T - - NO!

    Michelle breaks it up again! The three wrestlers move to different corners, crawling or rolling, each using the turnbuckles to make their way back to a vertical base. They stare across the ring again, weighing up their next move, before they come together, LIGHTBRINGER nailing Michelle with a European Uppercut, only for Elijah Edwards to hit the champion with one of his own. And then he has one for MVH too. MVH recoils, steadies her feet, before responding with a hard forearm to the side of Edwards’ head. She follows up with stiff kicks to LIGHTBRINGER’s thighs and calves, and then a clothesline takes him down. MVH turns, and EE doubles her over with a boot to the midsection, maybe going for a snap DDT… but MVH drives him all the way back into the corner instead. She thrusts a few shoulders into his abdomen and then backs away, leaving him there to recuperate, before heading back to the champion… who rocks her with a European uppercut! She fires back with a forearm, and then gets another uppercut in return. They exchange blows, a dozen each in total, in rapid succession, before MVH breaks up the rhythm with a poke to the eye! She pushes LIGHTBRINGER back into the opposite corner to Edwards, and then tries to Irish whip him hard into their opponent… but Elijah roars out of the corner and takes the champion down with a Discuss Lariat!

    Jim Taylor: “LIGHTBRINGER taken out of his boots with that one!”

    Edwards pops straight back to his feet, and MVH lunges for him, but Edwards nails her with a big European uppercut and then a boot to the midsection. She doubles over, Edwards hooks the arms… Butterfly Suplex! To her credit, Michelle fights right back up… but gets another Butterfly Suplex for her troubles! LIGHTBRINGER has stumbled to his feet, and he goes for a lazy forearm when he stumbles towards Edwards. Elijah ducks it… From Toronto With Love suplex! Edwards covers LIGHTBRINGER, hooking the far leg…

    ONE… TWO… TH - - NO!

    Edwards looks momentarily frustrated, but he quickly crawls over to MVH, hooking her far leg…

    ONE… TWO… - - NO!

    Tim Coleman: “This match won’t end! These three competitors are refusing to give up on this one. Each has been hit with enough to keep them down for three, but each continues to kick out, showing what this High Voltage Championship means!”

    Edwards is back to his feet, both of his opponents still on the mat, and he weighs up his next move. He goes for the champion first, grabbing his legs, looking for the Excellent Execution again. LIGHTBRINGER senses the peril, and kicks him off, sending Edwards into the corner. LIGHTBRINGER gets up to his feet gingerly, and Edwards attempts to charge out with a wild clothesline, which the champion ducks easily. He boots Edwards in the midsection and puts him in position for a DDT… but out of nowhere appears Michelle von Horrowitz, taking his head off with another Busaiku Knee Kick! She stands up and runs at Edwards, going for another, but he dives out of the way and she crashes to the mat. She attempts to get up quickly, but Edwards is on her, doubling over with a boot to the midsection. He propels off the nearest ropes and hits his One Armed Scissor signature neckbreaker! He stands up, obviously thinking of a cover… but here comes LIGHTBRINGER from behind with a reverse neckbreaker of his own! He goes for a cover on Edwards…

    ONE… TWO… - - NO!

    Edwards kicks out, and LIGHTBRINGER stays on him, hoisting him up in a front face lock. He pushes the seemingly stunned Elijah away from him, winds up, and goes for the LIGHTBRINGER lariat… which Edwards ducks, and goes straight into a backslide…

    ONE… TWO… TH - - NO!!

    LIGHTBRINGER kicks out, and Edwards is back up to his feet… but the revitalised von Horrowitz comes at him with a sunset flip, into the pin…

    ONE… TWO… T - - NO!

    Edwards gets a shoulder up, and Michelle looks to press home the advantage… but LIGHTBRINGER is behind her, and he rolls her up with a schoolboy…

    ONE… TWO… TH - - NO!

    Michelle gets a shoulder out this time, and all three competitors get to one knee at the same time, entering yet another stand-off, their stamina all but drained. The crowd applaud heartily, launching into a ‘FIGHT FOREVER’ chant as the three slowly make their way to their feet.

    Jim Taylor: “And, as has often been the case in this epic match, these three come off just about even in that exchange. They’re each waiting for one big moment, one opening, which will take them over the line and see them take home that championship belt…”

    Tim Coleman: “That’s what it’s all about, Jim! LIGHTBRINGER wishes to keep the belt, to set records, to carve out a legacy. Elijah Edwards wants to put his name in the history books as only the third two-time High Voltage Champion. And von Horrowitz wants to steal it. It could go any of three ways, we’re getting down to the business end of this one!”

    The three competitors stand in a triangle, hands on their knees, sucking in breath, eyeing each other up as the tension begins to rise. The audience is on the edge of their seat, worn out but ready for the final push. With a roar, Michelle von Horrowitz charges at LIGHTBRINGER and takes him down with a big forearm. She turns around to be hoisted up by Edwards, who plants her with a fireman’s carry gutbuster! He’s up to his feet, but so is the champion, and LIGHTBRINGER hits a European uppercut. Edwards hits back with one of his own, and they go back and forth, the sounds of the uppercuts ringing out in the arena as separate portions of the fans cheer for their favourite. Eventually, LIGHTBRINGER lets out a roar and nails ten consecutive European uppercuts, the final of which sends Edwards stumbling down to a knee. LIGHTBRINGER throws himself off the ropes, and nails Edwards with the ‘sliding kick’! LIGHTBRINGER runs over to Edwards, looking to cover him, but von Horrowitz is back to her feet and she takes the champion by the scruff of the neck and flings him out of the ring. She leaps on Edwards herself, hooking the leg…

    ONE… TWO… T - - NO!

    Elijah gets a shoulder up as LIGHTBRINGER hops up onto the apron, but Michelle is quickly over to him, sending him tumbling off again with an enziguri. She turns around… into a small package from Edwards!

    ONE… TWO… TH - - NO!

    Michelle kicks out, and the two are up to their feet immediately. MVH goes for a wild lariat, but Edwards ducks it and goes straight into a crucifix pin…

    ONE… TWO…. THR - - NO!

    They’re back up to their feet almost straight away again, but Michelle isn’t quite so quick to dive in this time, instead thinking a little more closely about her next move. Edwards seizes on the hesitation, backing her all the way into the corner with a series of knife edge chops. He backs away before charging at von Horrowitz, hitting her with a running forearm and then placing her in a headlock, slamming her down with a bulldog. Michelle is face-down, and Edwards grabs her arm, placing her in a hammer lock. Michelle expends her energy fighting up to her feet, reaching around for the ropes, but Edwards turns her around and nails a hammer lock northern lights suplex! He bridges for the cover…

    ONE… TWO… THRE - - NO!!!

    Jim Taylor: “LIGHTBRINGER slides under the bottom rope and makes the save, at the last possible moment! How close was that, Tim?!”

    Tim Coleman: “I’m not sure that wasn’t three, Jim! As much as I hate to say it, Elijah Edwards was within a whisker of becoming the CWA High Voltage Champion!”

    LIGHTBRINGER picks Edwards up, breathing heavily as he wonders what to do to put him away. Eventually, he just decides to nail a HUGE European uppercut and then dumps him over the top rope to focus on von Horrowitz. He lifts her up and Irish whips her off the ropes, hitting her with a flapjack. She hits the mat hard but rolls to the ropes, stopping any hopes of a pin, and LIGHTBRINGER unleashes a wild, savage, seemingly endless series of stomps. Michelle rolls under the bottom rope and onto the outside to try and escape him, but the champion follows her out. He lifts her up… but she drives him back first against the apron. She hops up as he sinks to a knee, before charging across the apron at him, hitting a big kick to the chest of the champion, who hits the floor.

    Michelle can’t really follow up, though, sinking down to her knees after the series of stomps dished out by LIGHTBRINGER. She tries to shake the cobwebs loose, and then stands up, watching LIGHTBRINGER getting to his feet. She charges again, going for a senton from the apron… but LIGHTBRINGER catches her… and powerbombs her onto the barricade! He stumbles backwards, another ’HOLY SHIT’ chant starting up as he sits on the ring steps, exhausted. Eventually, he takes MVH by the hair and throws her beneath the bottom rope, sliding in after her. At length, he hooks the far leg…

    ONE… TWO… TH - - NO!!

    Tim Coleman: “How… ? …. What ? … I have no words!”

    Jim Taylor: "Wow. I’m speechless at your speechlessness.”

    LIGHTBRINGER can’t believe it either, even going so far as to argue with the referee. Eventually, he stands up, his hands on his hips, and then begins to drag MVH to her feet. She has her next move planned, though, and plays possum, pretending she can’t support her own weight and leaning against LIGHTBRINGER for support. When he tries to prop her up, she rakes his eyes hard, and then bites the champion on the forehead! He wails in agony and throws her off, reaching at his head as if he expects to see blood, before the two come together again. She goes for a forearm, but he catches her by the arm and pulls her in for the LIGHTBRINGER lariat… MVH ducks it, and then takes the champion out with a chop block to the back of the knee! He crawls over to the ropes clutching it, on his good knee, and von Horrowitz takes him down with a shining wizard! She gets up to focus on Edwards, who has slid back into the ring and is propped up in the corner, and charges at him with a running knee! She lets him roll forward onto the mat, and then continues to climb up to the top rope, turning to face Edwards within the ring…

    Jim Taylor: “Michelle von Horrowitz looking to go high risk again, but she hasn’t had much luck with that so far in this match-up.”

    MVH sits on the top turnbuckle for a moment, stretching her hands out beside her once more, sensing the end is near.

    Tim Coleman: “Looks like she’s thinking 450 Splash again here, trying to put an end to this one in style.”

    Jim Taylor: “But Elijah Edwards is back to feet! And he rocks MVH with a European uppercut!”

    Von Horrowitz leans back, still seated on the top rope, and Edwards begins to climb up alongside her. He takes a handful of hair and slams a forearm into her head, before beginning to hook both of her arms. He looks like he’s going for a second rope butterfly suplex, but after steadying himself he steps up onto the TOP rope…. Michelle has no chance but to follow, and he drags her over, slamming her down to the mat! The crowd erupt with applause as MVH virtually bounces away from Edwards, who has taken a lot out of himself with the move as well.

    Tim Coleman: “Neither competitor can get to their feet, it seems! And LIGHTBRINGER is still struggling from the effects of that shining wizard, too…”

    Jim Taylor: “It’s a good job that there are no disqualifications or countouts, Tim, because none of the competitors would be able to answer a count of ten here!”

    It’s Edwards who rolls onto his hands and knees first, and he fights up to his feet, stumbling towards von Horrowitz… but he’s upended by LIGHTBRINGER, who takes him by the wrist and yanks him in… LIGHTBRINGER lariat! He thinks about going for the pin, but he notices MVH stirring in the corner. He grabs her by the arm, and sends her down with a LIGHTBRINGER lariat too! The High Voltage Champion looks at his opponents, a smile beginning to creep over his face…

    The camera draws back to a wide shot, the High Voltage Champion left alone, standing in the middle of the ring. The contingent of support for the man from Japan mimics the LIGHTBRINGER pose, before we cut back to the champion hooking Michelle’s leg, counting along with the referee…

    ONE… TWO… … …

    Jim Taylor: “von Horrowitz gets her foot on the topes! LIGHTBRINGER can’t believe it!”

    The champion shakes his head and admonishes the referee, before turning around and stomping over to Edwards. He falls onto Elijah, hooking both legs…

    ONE… TWO… TH - - NO!

    Tim Coleman: “Edwards had too long to recover, and gets the shoulder up at two! LIGHTBRINGER is despairing here, on his knees, hands on hips, looking up at the skies!”

    LIGHTBRINGER picks Edwards up, shaking his head, as if in disgust that this man had the gall to kick out of his finisher. He grabs his forearm once more, and nails him with another vicious LIGHTBRINGER lariat, Edwards crumpling to the mat! The champion hooks both legs again.

    ONE… TWO… THR - - NO!

    Von Horrowitz breaks up the count with a double axe handle! She drags LIGHTBRINGER up and away from Edwards by his arms, and plants him with a double underhook DDT! She senses that the end of the match is close, and she waits in the corner, teeing up the champion… before sending him down with the Busaiku Knee Kick! MVH climbs the turnbuckle as quickly as she can, tending to various aches in her body after the hard fought match-up. She steadies herself on the top rope… 450 Splash! She gets all of it, and she clutches her ribs in pain before managing to hook the far leg…

    ONE… TWO… THR - - NO!

    Jim Taylor: “This time it’s Edwards’ turn to break up the three, as he simply collapses onto MVH to stop the count! But he can’t do anything offensive to follow up. All three competitors roll away from each other, their bodies destroyed!”

    Tim Coleman: “You can say that again, Jim! Elijah Edwards has taken FOUR LIGHTBRINGER lariats! Unbelievable! And it’s still not over!”

    LIGHTBRINGER is the first to his feet, though it's a struggle for the champion having gone through so much punishment in order to keep his championship. Elijah begin to stir now and groggily rises up and shakes away the cobwebs before facing LIGHTBRINGER. Elijah attempts his tornado kick, but LIGHTBRINGER slowly moves out of the way gripping Elijah with a waist lock looking for a german suplex yet Elijah has fight left in him as he throws back several elbows that force LIGHTBRINGER off of him. Elijah spins around into a waist lock of his own and brings LIGHTBRINGER down with a german suplex! LIGHTBRINGER lands pretty hard, yet somehow he's up once more being fueled by pure momentum, and Elijah is completely unaware as he turns around...LIGHTBRINGER LARIAT!

    Tim Coleman: How has he not beheaded him or broken his arm at this point?

    LIGHTBRINGER collapses to the mat after the lariat just as Michelle rolls over still clutching her ribs, but she fights the pain and is bent over in the corner lying in wait as LIGHTBRINGER rises up...BUSAIKU KNEE! LIGHTBRINGER falls on his back but Michelle isn't through yet as she's running on fumes now bringing him up in position...BURNING HAMMER! Michelle drives LIGHTBRINGER to the mat and slowly drapes her arm over him for the cover...


    Tim Coleman: Please kick out!


    Elijah begins to slightly stir...


    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match, and the NEW High Voltage Champion...MICHELLE VON HORROWITZ!

    All three competitors lay in the ring completely spent as Michelle's music rings throughout the arena. It seems like an eternity before Michelle moves as she rolls over and is handed her championship by the official. She's on her knees now and cradles the belt like a newborn baby...

    Jim Taylor: What does this mean for the High Voltage Championship?

    Tim Coleman: I couldn't tell you Jim, but I'm disgusted by this and for once I share these fans feelings

    Michelle hugs the championship like there's nothing else in the world at that very moment as the fans shower her in hate with trash. She eventually exits the ring and walks up the ramp cradling her championship, while the fans continue to litter the ring but she never turns back as she vanishes behind the curtain.

    *Another promo plays for the next PPV*

    We return to the show and Noah Hanson appears on stage to a rather mixed response from the crowd as he smirks out at them.

    Noah Hanson: Now as I promised last week on Adrenaline Rush that I'd announce who will go into this year's Hall of Fame. My dear friend Isaac Richmann was supposed to do it, but it must have slipped his mind...

    He chuckles slightly at this.

    Noah Hanson: Anyways, for this year's Hall of Fame the inductees will be...

    Dan Maskell!


    A mixed reaction for CWA's Heretic, but respect is shown for his accomplishments

    Clint Shepard!


    Big pop from the fans.

    Snake Eyes!

    Another big pop from the fans.

    and finally, last but not least...GUARDIAN DEVIL!

    Another huge pop from the fans as Noah smirks before taking his leave.

    Jim Taylor: Wow, what a big announcement from Noah Hanson!

    Tim Coleman: GD is the last CWA Original to go in the Hall of Fame, so this is big! And Maskell is a triple crown winner in CWA and who could forget Snake Eyes and Clint Shepard?

    Jim Taylor: Moving on from that blockbuster announcement to the tag team championship match

    Tag Team Championship Match
    The Echo (c) vs. Cyrus Truth & Krash

    Lindsay Monahan: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it for the CWA Tag Team Championship!

    The arena dims to a thin blackness, as the tapping of slow, purposeful footsteps play over the arena speakers. 'The Kill' begins playing as a spotlight shines on the middle of the entranceway, illuminating Krash as he has his back towards the crowd. He glances over his shoulder at the fans as colorful, purple pyro explodes from the corners of the stage, before he whips around, facing the crowd and spreading his arms out as if to welcome them all. After a few seconds of posing, he begins making his way down the ramp, ensuring to high-five and otherwise interact with the crowd.

    Lindsay Monahan: Making his way down to the ring from Melbourne, Australia by way of The Hinterland, West of Melbourne. He stands at 5'11 and weighs in at 205lbs, he is "The Heartbeat of CWA"...KRASH!

    He climbs onto the ring apron and leaps over the ropes, onto the second turnbuckles, where he gazes out at the fans, nodding or pointing at a few, before bouncing back into the ring and into his corner, patiently awaiting his tag team partner...

    The arena lights dim and there's a brief moment of silence before the opening of "Subconscious Entry" begins to play and as the song kicks in the lights come back on revealing Cyrus Truth standing on stage. He gazes out at the fans, who cheer wildly for him. He stands there soaking it all in before slowly walking towards the ring wearing his usual stone faced expression mixed in with a look of focus.

    Lindsay Monahan: and his tag team partner from The Long and Winding Road! He stands at 6'1 and weighs in at 232lbs, he is "The Exile"...CYRUS TRUTH!

    Jim Taylor: The fans are on their feet as they welcome back Cyrus!

    Tim Coleman: These fans sure are forgiving towards a guy that basically kicked this company, along with its fans, to the curb for another wrestling company!

    Jim Taylor: I'm certain that you are the only person that feels that way Tim.

    Cyrus and Krash shake hands as they await the arrival of their opponents, and as Cyrus' music fades out it's soon replaced by the familiar sound of "Wynona's Big Brown Beaver", and the crowd erupts into a frenzy of boos as The Echo step out proudly displaying their tag team championship belts around their waists. Ethan points towards Cyrus and Krash in the ring, and then at his belt and yells out, "You two dorks will never have this!" Ethan and Drew then two sweet each other on their way down to the ring while mocking and insulting fans along the way.

    Lindsay Monahan: and their opponents from Gainesville, Georgia by way of your mother's bedroom! They weigh in at a combined weight of 350lbs, they are "The Leaders of the Tag Team Revolution" and they are also the team that will make mince meat out of both Cyrus Truth and Krash and go down in the record books as the greatest tag team in the history of not just CWA but the world! Most importantly they are the CWA Tag Team Champions of the world...THE ECHO!

    Lindsay shakes her head in disbelief after saying all of that and leaves the ring while The Echo parade around mocking Cyrus and Krash.

    Jim Taylor: These two obnoxious hooligans certainly are full of themselves...

    Tim Coleman: They have eliminated the entire tag team division, Jim. From The Movement, The Moment, Murder, Inc. It's not cocky if you can back it up, and these two certainly can do just that!

    Jim Taylor: The same can be said for both Cyrus Truth and Krash, who are no stranger to gold here in CWA. Krash being a 3x tag team champion himself along with being the second longest reigning CWA World Heavyweight Champion. While Cyrus is a 2x World Heavyweight Champion and holds the record for most overall days as champion as well as the longest individual reign wrestling the likes of The Ultimate Pain, Chubby Carlos, Jonathan McGinnis, and his own partner tonight, Krash. They know each other very well having been foes in the past, but tonight they stand together united and look to bring down the reign of terror that is The Echo!

    Tim Coleman: That's all well and good, but there time has come and gone. This is The Echo's time, and Cyrus along with Krash are just on borrowed time...

    Drew and Ethan stand across from Cyrus and Krash, no longer mocking them and staring at them intently before the bell sounds...


    It will be Krash beginning the match with Drew Conner and Drew takes this time to taunt Krash giving him the crotch chop that he and his brother are known for doing. It doesn't deter Krash though as he just smirks and the two circle each other until Drew charges in at Krash, but Krash catches him instantly and takes him down with an arm drag! Drew looks caught off guard by that while Krash circles him with a smile, and Drew charges in again at Krash with Krash sliding out of the way sending Drew into the ropes and he comes back right into a standing dropkick perfectly executed by Krash! Drew sits up looking perturbed when Krash drills him in the lower spine with a low but effective dropkick. Drew feeling the effects of that as he cringes when Krash grabs him by the head and brings him down with a nicely done front snap suplex! Krash picks up Drew and sends him to the corner with an irish whip before nailing him a running corner dropkick which has Drew stumbling out of the corner allowing Krash to bring him down with a fame asser! Into the pin goes Krash...


    Drew kicking out and Krash instinctively goes for a sleeper hold to keep the high flying hooligan grounded, but Drew finds a way out of it as he slips away from Krash's grasp and drills Krash with a pele kick! Krash stands in a slight daze now as Drew runs across the ring off the ropes and on the return he takes Krash down with an excellent frankensteiner! Drew tags in Ethan and the younger Conner comes in off the tag hopping over the ropes with a leg drop right across Krash's throat and hooks the leg...


    Krash's turn to kick out this time and he's brought up to his feet by Ethan before Drew makes the blind tag in, and nails Krash with a pele kick while Ethan runs across the ring hitting Krash from behind with a shoulder block to the back of the knee.

    Jim Taylor: Talk about being turned inside out!

    Tim Coleman: Genius!

    Drew makes the pin this time...


    Krash kicks out again and Drew does his best to keep Krash isolated away from Cyrus, who is eager to enter the ring as are the fans who want to see him in the ring and tear The Echo a new one. Drew brings up Krash looking to set him up for a super kick, but Krash ducks underneath and slips behind Drew locking him a waist lock hurling him across the ring with a release german suplex! Drew lands hard on the mat giving Krash ample time to make the tag to Cyrus and the crowd comes alive as Cyrus enters the ring and begins stalking an unsuspecting Drew Conner. Ethan runs in to save brother, but Cyrus is well aware of this and catches Ethan with an arm drag followed by a standing dropkick that sends Ethan out of the ring. Meanwhile, Drew has been allowed time to recover as he sneaks up behind Cyrus, but once again Cyrus is all knowing as Drew attempts sending Cyrus to the ropes yet Cyrus counters with a discus punch flush on the jaw knocking Drew for a loop. Cyrus throttles Drew by the throat now with a one handed choke straight into a legsweep STO!

    Jim Taylor: Memento Mori!

    Ethan climbs back up on the apron setting himself up as he's about to springboard off into Cyrus, but Krash sneaks up behind Ethan and trips him up off the apron sending Ethan toppling back to the outside floor!

    Tim Coleman: That was a cheap shot!

    Jim Taylor: I don't hear you calling foul when The Echo pulls the same type of stunts

    Tim Coleman: Because I actually like them!

    Cyrus brings a dazed Drew up to his feet and brings him back down with a bridging fisherman's suplex...


    Drew kicks out before three keeping the championships in tact for a while longer. Cyrus rolls off of Drew and begins to eye him up as Drew is on one knee now looking as though he's unaware of his surroundings, but just as Cyrus attempts Wanderer's Wrath, Drew rolls out of the way in time and quickly catches Cyrus with a roll up...


    Cyrus kicks out and springs back to his feet only to eat a super kick! Drew instinctively hits a super kick out of nowhere stopping The Wayward Warrior dead in his tracks as he collapses to the mat like a sack of bricks. Drew uses this time to recover and helps his brother recover before making the tag to Ethan. Off the tag Ethan hits a springboard shooting star press! He makes the lateral press cover for the win...


    Cyrus stays alive with a big time kick out! Ethan can't believe it and tells Cyrus to stay down. Drew re-enters the match much to referee's dismay as Ethan brings Cyrus back up and the brothers drill Cyrus with stereo rolling elbows before Drew is forced back on the apron, but the damage has been done. Ethan takes Cyrus and irish whips to the corner where he then props Cyrus up on the top rope in a prone position before jumping up and brings Cyrus back down to reality with a top rope frankensteiner! Ethan leans on the ropes seemingly proud of his work when Drew makes the tag and climbs up top immediately and leaps off connecting with a 450 splash onto Cyrus and into the pin...


    Cyrus somehow, some way finds the will to kick out and Drew cannot believe it now as he begins to throw a fit.

    Tim Coleman: He just won't quit, will he?!

    Jim Taylor: You as well as anyone should know better than that Tim

    Drew tags in Ethan, who climbs up top while Drew sets Cyrus up in a powerbomb position, but before he lift Cyrus up he's flipped right into the corner where Ethan is precariously positioned and Ethan is wishboned on the top rope as Cyrus is willed on by the fans and Krash to make the tag and he finally does so with a leap towards Krash's outstretched hand. Krash runs into the ring and knocks Drew out of the ring before turning his attention to Ethan on the top rope and climbs up to the top with Ethan placing him in position...SUPERPLEX! Ethan is flattened with a suplex off the top rope and Krash drapes his arm over Ethan...


    Ethan kicks out at the last possible second and the crowd cannot believe it. Both competitors lie on the mat for what seems like forever until Krash finally begins to move, feeling the effects though as he rises up and has Ethan by the head...LOW BLOW! Low blow by Ethan and the referee saw it clear as day and immediately calls for the bell

    Jim Taylor: You've got to be kidding me!

    Tim Coleman: This is brilliant!

    Lindsay Monahan: The winners as a result of a disqualification, Cyrus Truth and Krash! Although, the titles cannot be changed hands by result of disqualification so therefore still the CWA Tag team champions...THE ECHO!

    Krash has collapsed to the mat clutching his groin while Ethan and Drew celebrate on the outside like a bunch of children on christmas morning. The crowd showers them with hate and throw garbage their way while in the ring Cyrus checks on Krash and glares at The Echo.

    Jim Taylor: Why am I not surprised?

    Tim Coleman: Was there ever any doubt Jim?

    Jim Taylor: Those two weasels will get what's coming to them, mark my words. Moving on we have our main event to get to, but first we'll hear from the challenger...Jon Snowmantashi!

    “Ladies and gentleman, I’m backstage with the challenger in tonight’s main event, Jon Snowmantashi.”

    Snowmantashi nods. He doesn’t have food on him tonight. He doesn’t have his scarf. He’s in his trunks only, and his focus seems to be one-sided, all on McGinnis.

    “Jon, this has been building up for over a year. At World’s Strongest last year, Jonathan McGinnis won the CWA World Heavyweight Champion, just last week, Cyrus Truth made his return to the CWA. Ever since then, Jonathan McGinnis has lost the championship to you, won it back at Retribution, formed the Indy Club in between and even managed to pin you not once, but twice. Tonight, you two face off one last time in a 2 out of 3 falls match. The first fall being a tables match. The second fall being a submission match. The last fall, if it goes that far, is a last man standing match. How do you prepare for that sort of match on such short notice? But more importantly, there are people saying this is very much the end of Jon Snowmantashi versus Jonathan McGinnis, the very last encounter, what does that mean to you.”

    There’s no John Duncan to answer his questions this time. Jon Snowmantashi stands alone and grabs the microphone to address his opponent tonight.

    “This has been building up for much longer than just a year, this has been building up since the first time I met Makuginisu-kun a few years ago. And until he beat me in the Steel Ruretto, I was confident that I was better than Makuginisu-kun. But at Ritoribyūshon, he beat me, and I have no excuse, I had the same opportunity everyone else had, and like everyone else, I lost to Makuginisu-kun.

    At World’s Strongest, I believed I would redeem myself. Makuginisu-kun managed the impossible in the Steel Ruretto but in a one on one match, he had never beaten me in all the times that we had met. But once more, Makuginisu-kun was smarter than I expected - or perhaps less self-respectful, and once more, I find myself staring at the top of the building for only the third time since I’ve come here to the CWA. I now knew how Makuginisu-kun felt not long before when I defeated him, and Begasu-kun did, and Misheru—kun did. He felt less than what he was. But I did not let that change me.

    Cyrus Truth has given me one last chance, and though his fate lies too against me, I will push that aside and thank him for this opportunity. How do I prepare for this match? Misheru-kun, in this past year, you’ve learned preparing is as nothing to me. I have fallen but I have not changed, and I have not faltered. I am still Inhuman. I am not the sort of man who will break at the weight of glory, I will not fall to a knee in the face of defeat.

    The table match matters little, it is not a test of true skill in the ring. Maybe I accidentally fall through it, maybe it is over with great ease and I simply throw him through it. The second fall, I will not lose because there is no way Makuginisu-kun can ever make me tap out. There is no man who can inflict so much pain on me that I will abandon myself to defeat. I am willing to have a broken arm, a broken ankle, I am willing to have a broken kneecap, he will have to break every bone in this KAIJU so that the referee decides I can no longer continue, but you must not doubt that I will never abandon myself to the pain.

    And the last fall, that may very well decide the ultimate fate of that victory. A last man standing, I have not so egotistical as to say that there is no way Makuginisu-kun can not keep me down for ten counts, because that is not true. I will assure you that Makuginisu-kun will need to do more than anything he has ever done in his entire career, he will need to unleash every power his godhood grants him, or tonight I will become a slayer of gods.

    Misheru-kun, to this being the last time Makuginisu-kun and I go to war… I agree. Makuginisu-kun will have to end my career, or I will destroy him. I am not mincing words, I am not being poetic. Here, in his home, I will put him to bed where he was born. Tonight, this is the end. This decides who is better. Tonight, this decides who will stand atop the mountain of CWA. It decides who Kurasshu-kun and who Sairaisu Truth-kun or LIGHTBRINGER-kun will pursue. The Echo may choose to interfere as they have done countless times before, and I will be ready. They may aid him in his pursuit of my fall through a table, my submission, or my destruction, and so be it, it is to be expected and it shall not be an excuse. Tonight, it all ends. Makuginisu-kun. Or Snowmantashi-san. Only one of us remains. Makuginisu-kun may slay his greatest demon in his home, and perhaps redeem himself now that it has been destroyed. Or his greatest demon will envelop him and swallow him whole, his fall into ruination complete. By the end of this night, only one King will Reign Supreme.”

    Snowmantashi walks away from the set, there’s no flair in his step, no true intimidation, he’s blank faced, entirely focused, and ready to end it all.

    Lindsay Monahan: The following contest is the your main event of the evening, and it is a two of three falls match for the CWA World Heavyweight Championship!

    There's a big pop from the crowd before a hush falls over it as the arena is darkened...

    The opening to the familiar theme plays and as the song kicks in the lights return to find Kaiju standing on the top of the ramp showing no emotion as he slowly walks to the ring while the fans cheer him on. He enters the ring and moves to his corner turning his attention to the ramp where he watches for his long time rival...

    The music plays and a rather loud mixed reaction for the world champion in his hometown. There's still people who firmly support the champion, while there are those that refuse to stand by him despite him being from here. McGinnis casually walks to the ring looking serious for once, and he soon enters the ring and stands in the corner opposite of Snowmantashi.

    Tim Coleman: You can just feel the tension!

    Jim Taylor: It certainly is palpable tonight, and there is certainly no love lost between these two. They've gone to war in the past, but tonight it all ends...

    Lindsay Monahan: Introducing first the challenger, from Tokyo, Japan and wrestling out of Los Angeles, California. He stands at 6'5 and weighs in at 290lbs, he is "Kaiju"....JON SNOWMANTASHI!

    A loud pop for the challenger.

    Lindsay Monahan: And his opponent from Montreal, Canada and also wrestling out of Los Angeles, California. He stands at 5'11 and weighs in at 207lbs, he is "The Indy God" and your CWA World Heavyweight Champion...JONATHAN MCGINNIS!

    Another loud mixed reaction for the champion and hometown guy as he hands over the championship. The referee shows it to Snowmantashi before handing it off and signals for the bell.


    2 out of 3 falls match for the CWA World Heavyweight Championship
    Jonathan McGinnis (c) vs. Jon Snowmantashi

    The two men, former friends and bitter rivals, are in separate corners of the ring, both looking really eager to tear into one another. Once the bell rings, it's like a dinner bell for two hungry pitbulls as McGinnis and Snowmantashi meet in the middle of the ring and start WAILING on one another with powerful blows, one after another after another! It's a blistering beatdown from both men who have grown to hate and loathe each other club one another in a frenzy to prove which one is the better man.

    Snowmantashi finally gets the better of the battering as his strength overwhelms McGinnis's tenacity. He backs McGinnis into a corner, pummeling the champion with pointed elbows and vicious forearms that knock McGinnis for a loop. McGinnis tries to scratch his way out of the corner, only for McGinnis to get overhead belly-to-belly suplexed for his troubles!

    McGinnis, knowing that he's in a bad way, smartly rolls out of the ring to get some space, but Snowmantashi's not about to let McGinnis slip through his fingers again as he chases him and starts to pummel him some more, McGinnis trying his best to gain some distance. McGinnis is on the floor next to the ring apron as Snowmantashi grabs him by the back of his head for more punishment...and gets DRILLED in the head with a wrench! McGinnis managed to snag a wrench from under the ring to use on Snowmantashi! Snowmantashi falls hard as McGinnis gets a rather twisted, pleased look in his eyes as he starts to pelt the top of Snowmantashi's head with wrench shots and closed fists as a trickle of blood starts to show. McGinnis revels in the sight of the Kaiju battered and bloodied as he looks to get a table from under the ring and get on the board early in this endurance match.

    McGinnis slides the table in the ring and, before setting it up, superkicks Snowmantashi to keep him down. He then slides into the ring and sets the table up in the corner, leaning it on the turnbuckles. He knows he can't well lift the Japanese heavyweight, but he CAN whip him into the table to score the first fall. After setting up the table, McGinnis taunts a woozy Snowmantashi to get into the ring as an angry giant slides back in...only to get stomped by the jackal-like McGinnis. McGinnis slaps Snowmantashi a few times, punctuated by a couple of superkicks just for good measure before standing Snowmantashi up and Irish whipping him into the table...only for Snowmantashi to counter that and reverse it! McGinnis manages to stop just short of the table as Snowmantashi builds up a head of steam to spear McGinnis, only to be superkicked! McGinnis then knees Snowmantashi hard in the chin as Snowmantashi falls to a knee. McGinnis again tries to whip Snowmantashi into the table, but Snowmantashi's too heavy and WAY too pissed to be moved. McGinnis gets frustrated and tries to slap Snowmantashi, but the Kaiju headbutts McGinnis and powers him down with a spinning side slam! McGinnis falls hard, but he has no time to recover as Snowmantashi picks him up and exploder suplexes him into the corner, sending him crashing into the table!

    Winner of the first fall: Snowmantashi

    McGinnis looks near death as Snowmantashi is finally allowed by the referee to get on with the second fall. Snowmantashi's not known for his submission game, but perhaps his strategy is to beat McGinnis into submission with a series of suplexes and slams designed to punish McGinnis for his disrespect. McGinnis scrambles to a corner to try and get Snowmantashi to back off, but the Kaiju's having none of that as he forwardly charges at McGinnis...and gets an eye-rake for his trouble. McGinnis throws another superkick (less out of showing off and more out of sheer desperation) and connects right on the side of Snowmantashi's head, reopening the wound from the wrench shot earlier.

    With Snowmantashi bleeding, McGinnis goes full shark as he begins stomping at the limbs and head of Snowmantashi. Specifically, he targets the leg and foot of Snowmantashi, as he's looking like he setting up for an ankle lock to try and even this out. Snowmantashi, however, is truly inhuman as he continues trying to fight back, but McGinnis is in full desperation mode as he has to stop his limb assault to keep Snowmantashi down on the mat.

    However, that desperation turns to suicidal overconfidence as McGinnis takes just a bit of time to taunt his blood rival with all sorts of slurs and insults. He goes to lock the ankle, but Snowmantashi has enough power in his legs to push McGinnis into the corner, cracking his head on the top turnbuckle. Dazed, McGinnis is slow to react as Snowmantashi struggles to get to his feet, slapping his face to regain his bearings. McGinnis goes for a mule kick to drop Snowmantashi, but the Kaiju swats him down with a huge chop! Snowmantashi tries to stand up straight, but struggles on his damaged foot, which McGinnis takes advantage of and drills Snowmantashi with a running knee! McGinnis wastes no time in cinching in a grapevined ankle lock, contorting the ankle of Snowmantashi gruesomely!

    McGinnis is rabidly trying to make Snowmantashi tap, but Snowmantashi is fueled by adrenaline and pride as he claws to a rope, not to force a ref break but for leverage. McGinnis is holding on for dear life as Snowmantashi gets closer and closer to the ropes. McGinnis, either sensing that Snowmantashi's not going to give up or not realizing that there's no rope breaks, breaks the hold as he stomps on the back of Snowmantashi's head.

    McGinnis screams at Snowmantashi to give up as he looks now for an STF. However, Snowmantashi is able to prevent McGinnis from cinching it in as he forces McGinnis back with a back headbutt. McGinnis's nose looks a little bloody as Snowmantashi gets to the ropes and drags himself up onto his feet again, wobbly but defiant. McGinnis again goes for a superkick, but this time the Kaiju catches McGinnis's leg and traps it under his left arm. McGinnis is wide-eyed as he knows he's caught and tries, rather fruitlessly, to get Snowmantashi to let go.

    Snowmantashi is not feeling merciful today.

    HEADBUTT! HEADBUTT! ELBOWS AND FOREARMS! HEADBUTT! EVEN MORE HEADBUTTS! McGinnis has no idea where he is as Snowmantashi grabs McGinnis and locks him in a torture rack!

    Snowmantashi's wobbly, but his strength is still unreal as he tries to break McGinnis's spine! So much torque, so much suffering...and it ends up being too much! MCGINNIS TAPS! SNOWMANTASHI SCORES THE SECOND FALL AND WINS THE WORLD TITLE!

    The bell rings as Snowmantashi dumps McGinnis...not in any way, mind you. In a way that represents the pride and respect of Japanese wresting and Snowmantashi's honor. In a way that sends a message to McGinnis: "Disrespect will NOT be tolerated anymore."

    He drops him with a BURNING HAMMER.

    This awe-inspiring move and CAREER ENDING technique drops McGinnis damn near on his head and neck. The message is sent clearly: respect has come back to CWA's World Title, and its champion is once more Jon Snowmantashi...

    *END SHOW*

    Match credits
    Cyrus Truth: Main event
    SuperSaiyan: MVH vs. LIGHTBRINGER vs. Edwards
    Jimmy King: Taylor vs. Mason, Savage vs. Vegas, Echo vs. Truth/Krash

    Match grading
    Cyrus Truth
    Jimmy King

    Jon Snow
    Jimmy King

    Jon Snow
    Pizza Dog
    Last edited by Jimmy King; 08-12-2016 at 02:50 PM.

    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: CWA: Kings Reign Supreme

    congrats to SS on the win, well deserved. and a great match to boot too.

    Big show with a ton of shit happening.

    Although MVH and Snowmantashi need to sort out the naming rights to Burning Hammer... probably with Kenta Kobashi too.


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    Re: CWA: Kings Reign Supreme

    Big congrats to SS on winning the High Voltage championship. Battling the you and Shake is a lot of fun.

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    Re: CWA: Kings Reign Supreme

    ^ Thanks - genuinely didn't expect to win that match, thought both the other promos were excellent. This triple threat was a really fun challenge and hopefully MVH will do battle with Edwards and LIGHTBRINGER again in the future.

    Excellent work on the show to all involved. The finish to the tag match hopefully sets up more between the two going forward. Savage and Vegas has been good so far and I think it's now 1-1 (?) so could be a great three-PPV program.

    Looking forward to seeing where the world title picture goes from here. LIGHTBRINGER... Wake... Krash maybe? Will be fun to see.

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    Re: CWA: Kings Reign Supreme

    Ok first off. This needs to be said, The opening to the PPV is by FAR the best opening I’ve ever seen on CWA. It was perfect. Utterly. I loved it. You managed to make a year worth of shows seem like a meticulously planned one year story. Culminated enough. I’m a sucker for detail and research and I can tell how much went into this opening. I honestly can’t praise it enough. Well done whoever pulled this off.

    -Shame that AM seemed to have gone poof. Really liked his deal that being said I really enjoy Leo Taylor, BIG things in his future.

    -Really, I could copy and paste what I just said about Nate and The Vegas’s hope SOP shows up sometime soon again. God knows we need more guys around to build up the midcard.

    -JESUS FUCKING CHRIST. WHAT A MATCH. MOTY RIGHT HERE. Honestly what an epic battle and a very interesting result considering MVH’s words. Will she live up to her words? What’s about to happen now? Plus, I think this in the long run this will be good for Lightbringer and Double E to move up in the card not to mention have them fight for the world title. Snow. McGinnis. Cy. Krash. Double E. Lightbringer. Sounds like one hell of a main event picture to me.

    Also, I did enjoy the use of the gif. It’s the little creative touches that get me

    - All worthy HOF’s one and all, and I have to make mention of the Snake Eyes conlusion. What a wonderful surprise and I’m more then a little humbled and I’m sure I speak for Sawyer too. I might just write a little snippet on all of the HOF class and I hate to be...THAT guy, but Robbie E was the one in Snake Eyes. Not Amazing Red. Frankie Enzo and Peter Jacobs.

    -Huh, didn’t see that coming, I have something of a confession, I looked back on my promo and saw a far few glaring spelling errors (I know shocking right) So I thought I was dead meat. But on to the match I really did like it, and I always get a kick out of the Connor’s being booked as the cowardly Hyena’s like they are. Looking forward to the rematch

    -Jesus, all I can say is, The King is Dead. Long Live the King.

    Great show guys
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: CWA: Kings Reign Supreme

    You're right AON, it was Frankie Enzo with Jacobs in Snake Eyes. I just remembered Jacobs also teamed with Park, who used Amazing Red as the rep but now I remember that his handler went MIA at the time and Enzo took his place, it's been fixed.

    Next card will be up later so keep a look out.

    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: CWA: Kings Reign Supreme

    Quote Originally Posted by An Original Name View Post
    Ok first off. This needs to be said, The opening to the PPV is by FAR the best opening I’ve ever seen on CWA. It was perfect. Utterly. I loved it. You managed to make a year worth of shows seem like a meticulously planned one year story. Culminated enough. I’m a sucker for detail and research and I can tell how much went into this opening. I honestly can’t praise it enough. Well done whoever pulled this off.

    -Shame that AM seemed to have gone poof. Really liked his deal that being said I really enjoy Leo Taylor, BIG things in his future.

    -Really, I could copy and paste what I just said about Nate and The Vegas’s hope SOP shows up sometime soon again. God knows we need more guys around to build up the midcard.

    -JESUS FUCKING CHRIST. WHAT A MATCH. MOTY RIGHT HERE. Honestly what an epic battle and a very interesting result considering MVH’s words. Will she live up to her words? What’s about to happen now? Plus, I think this in the long run this will be good for Lightbringer and Double E to move up in the card not to mention have them fight for the world title. Snow. McGinnis. Cy. Krash. Double E. Lightbringer. Sounds like one hell of a main event picture to me.

    Also, I did enjoy the use of the gif. It’s the little creative touches that get me

    - All worthy HOF’s one and all, and I have to make mention of the Snake Eyes conlusion. What a wonderful surprise and I’m more then a little humbled and I’m sure I speak for Sawyer too. I might just write a little snippet on all of the HOF class and I hate to be...THAT guy, but Robbie E was the one in Snake Eyes. Not Amazing Red. Frankie Enzo and Peter Jacobs.

    -Huh, didn’t see that coming, I have something of a confession, I looked back on my promo and saw a far few glaring spelling errors (I know shocking right) So I thought I was dead meat. But on to the match I really did like it, and I always get a kick out of the Connor’s being booked as the cowardly Hyena’s like they are. Looking forward to the rematch

    -Jesus, all I can say is, The King is Dead. Long Live the King.

    Great show guys
    Glad someone appreciated that, wasn't expecting to see it used as the opener but it was nice to see.

    I know the roster is pretty thin right now but I think you summed up how many options there still are at the top. Snowmantashi, Cy, Krash, Double E, LB, and hell Echo are pretty much main event players too and you can't count out MvH as well. I think the midcard definitely needs some buffing though.

    And of course can't discount another godly MvH match this time with EE & LB and MvH steals the show once more in what should be without a doubt an interesting story going forward.

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    Re: CWA: Kings Reign Supreme

    You guys posting promos?
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: CWA: Kings Reign Supreme

    My promos been up. Unless you're referring to CWA staff.

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    Re: CWA: Kings Reign Supreme

    I is.
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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