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Thread: Adrenaline Rush: Live from Vancouver, BC, Canada

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    Adrenaline Rush: Live from Vancouver, BC, Canada

    Cold opening this week. But before the picture even cuts in the very first thing we hear in the Canadian crowd throwing absolute venom towards the ring and the first thing we see is something no CWA fan would ever predict. Noah Hanson standing in the middle of a CWA ring. The opening image is of everyone booing quite possibly the most manipulative figure ever to set foot in a CWA ring, looking no difference from when he was banished from CWA, the cream jackets, the keen sharp eyes, the glasses, and his jaw constantly working on a piece of gum. He stands there his arms neatly folded in his lap calmly taking the abuse to his side is a weedy looking Indian gentleman with long sideburns whilst a suited up huge, tall, dour eastern European looking man is standing on the outside of ring

    Noah Hanson: “Miss me?”

    At these words Hanson can’t help but let out a small smirk, can’t he;ping but relishing the idea that he took the wrestling world by surprise once more

    Noah Hanson: Ohhhh how I missed this, the smell of parental disappointment lingering in the air mingling with ripe body odour charming sentiments impulsively shared and shouted in my direction. The sheer unbridled sense of irony I feel when a grown man in a “Wrestling” T-shirt and working minimum wage, telling me that I’M the one that sucks. I was just counting the days till I came back….All I need is some 300-pound gorilla to grab me by my jacket and scream in my face and my trip down memory lane would be complete

    The crowd rain down heat at his sarcasm dripped words, Hanson making no friends whatsoever on his CWA return

    Noah Hanson: So, I suppose the most pressing question at the moment is how exactly I’m I standing here before you back in control of a company that….well….let's just say I didn’t leave under the best of terms.

    Hanson smirks at that understatement

    Noah Hanson, I can understand why me standing here might confuse all of you -and not just because of the limited brain power of the average wrestling fan… Believe you me. I had no intention whatsoever of EVER going near a wrestling ring ever again, and let me clear something up right now, about a year or so ago I made a deal that I would never go near CWA ever again, and me being here in one way invalidates my promise. My word is my bond and I never EVER go back on my word…..but while my presence was never felt on this show, I never made any promises about my company, nor about CWA’s working relationship with Hanson Heavy Industries. Why would it? It’s been a very lucrative deal for both parties...Business is business. No matter what personal feelings dictate. So I was always there in the background, dealing with marketing, finances, details that I’m sure you’d find fascinating. In fact, fun fact. I was there when Jon Snowmantishi signed the dotted line for CWA...but that was as far as I intended it to go….that was until World’s Strongest. Because you see…..As you’ve might have noticed...The authority in CWA hasn’t been Richman. It hasn’t been any CWA official. It’s been a renegade group of wrestlers whose been allowed to run amuck for months on end and Richman, the board of directors have agreed has been WAY too easy on them…. To be fair I can understand that thinking…. Anything to avoid being kicked in the face right? But with that mentality Richman has allowed CWA to be held hostage and as a result, The Indy Club had run rampage over CWA. It’s his job to show that actions have consequences. For example, if someone were to march down to this ring right now and super kick me?

    Noah pauses abruptly his lip curling at the idea, maybe imagine that very situation. The mental image already filling him with rage as his eyes twists, his face darkening. The Indian man looks overlooking slightly concerned...before the moment passes and Hanson snaps back to reality

    Noah Hanson: Well, no point getting TOO graphic too soon is there?

    Hanson chuckles a little adjusting his suit

    Noah Hanson: ….And that’s why, the board of directors have placed Richman on a well earned extended vacation, and in his place? Megan Anderson personally invited me here. So, here I am. To bring the authority BACK. to CWA and let me assure you all, that I will be excising a ZERO-Tolerance policy. No more run-ins for every single match. No more matches being ruined by gang attacks. No. No. No Not while I’M HERE. Let me remind you how this works, I crack the whip. YOU play the game. You do what I say and we will be fine. I’m a nice guy. Really I am. Just. Don’t. Cross. Me.

    Noah stares coldly into the camera, his slightly weedy frame belies the sinister threat that echoes through the arena before he moves on

    Noah Hanson: “Now, that we got that out of the way, let me address the BIG conspiracy theory that’s been floating around...NO. There’s no collusion with myself and The Indy Club. I have no interest in The Indy Club. I personally have never met any members of the club, never spoke with them and there is NO conspiracy against Jon Snowmantishi.

    The crowd boo, showing their disbelief, after all. Hanson has earned his reputation.

    Noah Hanson What happened at World’s Strongest was the RIGHT thing. It’s my job to make sure that these events go off without a hitch….And to ENFORCE the rules. Or maybe Jon Snowmantshi wanted to win the title like that. Maybe he DIDN’T wants to prove without a shadow of a doubt That he deserves to win the title. Maybe he wanted his peers to talk behind his back and say he only won thanks to bad officiating. If the same thing happened to McGinnis. I would have done the exact same thing, so if he needs to find someone to blame for the fact he lost the title, he has to look somewhere else because -As always- My hands. Are. clean. Now was It unfortunate what happened after the match was restarted? Oh yeah, absolutely. But I had nothing to do with it, and I’ve already reached out to Jon Snowmantishi explaining myself...not that I need to. I’ve got in contact with John Duncan. I sent his offices fl-

    Noah cuts himself off, placing a hand over his mic, turning to the Indian man and is heard asking him “You did that, right?” to which he nods.

    Noah Hanson I have sent flowers to express my wishes to have a mutually beneficial working relationship with him and his charge.Indeed, I wish to hear NO MORE of this matter. Frankly, as far as I’m concerned, it has been dealt with. And any CWA superstar that wants to pursue this matter any further does so at the risk of being handed their pink slip.

    Hanson pauses, letting that message wash over - making his warning to the boys in the back crystal clear …

    Noah Hanson: See, for far too long, ever and everyone in that roster, had been treated as equals and you’ve been pushing that privilege over and over and over again because you knew the worst thing he could do when you demanded something was to be suffocated by his cheap cologne….Me? Not so much….So if this...Indy Club thinks they “Run” this place. That they can just walk over CWA under my watch?....Just try it. I dare you.”

    One last time, Hanson winks at the camera a wolfish expression on his face, as his music pipes in, and he soaks up (no) cheers, with his associate holding the ropes open for him, as he exit’s the ring…

    Jim Taylor: Not the way we expected to open up our show, but Noah Hanson made his grand return at World's Strongest and has put the locker room on notice or to be more specific...The Indy Club

    Tim Coleman: I'm sure The Indy Club is just shaking in their boots at Noah's warning...

    Jim Taylor: There's something rather fishy about this whole thing. Anyways, moving on to tonight where we have loads of action to get to and before our opening contest we'll hear from one of the competitors, newcomer Anthony Mason!

    Michelle Kelly appears backstage with microphone in hand walking towards the locker room. She walks in looking around the locker room as the other CWA performers look confused. She walks back out as she runs into one of CWA trainers and ask “Where is Anthony Mason?” The trainer points her to around the corner as she walks up to a door that has red, white and blue label on it that says The American Alpha. As she is about to knock on the door Anthony Mason walks out with a big smile on his face and she hits his chest. Kelly pauses for a second because of the awkward first meeting but quickly regains her composure.

    Kelly: You are Anthony Mason I presume?

    Mason: You would presume correctly and you must be Michelle Kelly. You must have come here to get an exclusive on CWA biggest and brightest new acquisition.

    Kelly: I have come here interview you. At least you have that correct. Your other claims are still remain to be seen and how did you get your own personal locker room?

    Mason: Ms. Kelly CWA understands the talent that they have signed when it comes to this True American Hero. I am an Olympian, a much decorated one at that. Who has made my country proud more times than you have fingers there is no way they would put me with the rest of pack.

    Kelly: Yes I have heard of you. You have quite an impressive amateur background. You have been a winner in high school, college and the Olympics but that was amateur wrestling you are now in the big leagues. With a bunch of grade a athletes who are professionals. How do you plan to survive in the pros.

    Mason: It’s funny that you say that because I was just on the phones with my mom wondering how are these pros going to stand in the same ring with the best technical wrestler this company has ever seen. I have faced off against opponents that experts say that had no chance in hell to beat. I proved each “expert” wrong over and over till they could no longer deny my greatness. Come inside I want to show you something.

    Mason invites Kelly into his locker room. She is hesitant at but slowly goes inside. She shakes her head as she sees multiple pictures of Mason smiling in different angles hung all over the place. She sees a big screen TV hung right on the wall. Mason turns in on to show her a video.

    Mason: Ms. Kelly I have won many medals in my career but I have to say one of the easiest ones were versus team Canada. Much like Vancouver the team was boring, slow, weak chumps compared to me. Let me show you the tape.

    Mason plays a video of him wrestling a member of team Canada from several years ago. Mason is seen toying around with his opponents. He flips him over than allows him to get back up and then wrestles him back to the ground. After a few minutes of this he finally gets his opponent down for the pin.

    Kelly: Other than insulting the crowd you are about to go out in front of and make your debut what is the point of you showing me this video?

    Mason: The point? The point is to show you a little glimpse of what I am capable of. What your American Hero is capable of. To show you what I am going to do to my opponent Duke Martin. See he is very similar to my opponent in this video and to many of the residents of British Columbia. He is inferior to me. I am going to suplex my way to a dominating victory as this Duke Martin watches his career falls short just like Canada. Now will you excuse me I have to get ready for my match.

    Mason shows Kelly the door and locks in front her as she walks away shaking her head.
    Jim Taylor: Anthony Mason debuts next after the break!


    Singles Match
    Anthony Mason vs. Duke Martin

    The show returns from the commercial break where Duke Martin is already standing in the ring...

    Lindsay Monahan: The following match is set for one fall, introducing first already in the ring from Los Angeles, California and weighing in at 230lbs, Duke Martin!

    A smattering of applause for Duke, who looks confidently towards the entrance area...

    Lindsay Monahan: and his opponent...

    "Medal" by Jim Johnston rings out through the arena as Anthony Mason steps out to a rather negative response from the Vancouver fans. Mason strides towards the ring oozing confidence along with a confident smirk across his face...

    Lindsay Monahan: Approaching the ring from Washington D.C. and wrestling out of New York. He weighs in at 245lbs, "The American Alpha" Anthony Mason!

    Jim Taylor: Mason certainly hasn't endeared himself to these Canadian fans tonight after some rather unkind remarks during his backstage interview earlier

    Tim Coleman: Who cares what these Canadian idiots think? This man is a true American hero and he's an olympic gold medalist!

    Jim Taylor: I am aware of his accomplishments Tim. The young man is full of talent and bursting with charisma it seems, but can he back it up once he steps inside that squared circle remains to be seen...


    The match kicks off with an offering of a test of strength by Anthony Mason as he reaches out for Duke, who obliges him but instead Mason takes Duke by the arm and twists it around and takes him down with an arm drag. Duke, looks rather taken aback by this as Mason laughs as he knows he outsmarted Duke. The two go in for a collar and elbow tie up now with Mason trapping Duke in a side headlock, but Duke shoves him towards the ropes yet Mason comes back hard with a shoulder tackle knocking Duke off his feet. Duke rolls on his stomach looking to distance himself from Mason as he pulls himself back, but Mason is right back on the attack with a big boot straight to the gut followed by a belly to back suplex!

    Tim Coleman: Anthony Mason is straight up schooling Duke right now!

    Duke crawls to the rope using them as leverage to bring himself back up as Mason sneaks up behind him and plants him down hard with a thunderous german suplex! He follows up with two more german suplexes and Duke has a glazed over look in his eyes while Mason is setting his next move as he brings Duke in for a bridging fisherman suplex!


    Jim Taylor: Duke kicking out on instinct

    Tim Coleman: All he's doing is delaying the inevitable Jim

    Mason takes Duke and hooks him in...EXPLODER SUPLEX IN THE CORNER!

    Jim Taylor: Duke is folded up like an accordion!

    Tim Coleman: He's seeing stars now!

    Mason is fired up as he throws off the straps of his singlet from his shoulders. He waits for Duke to rise up, and Duke stumbles to his feet somehow after being manhandled before stumbling right into a spinning elbow! Mason picks him up now...THE PATRIOT SLAM! He hooks the leg for the pin...


    Jim Taylor: Why would he break up the pin? He clearly had the match won

    Mason looks to add insult to injury to an already lifeless Duke Martin as he locks in The Patriot Clutch! Duke is out cold in an instant as the referee calls for the bell.

    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match, Anthony Mason!

    Mason keeps the hold applied for a few extra seconds before finally releasing it and has his arm raised in victory. He drops to his knees and throws both his fists out in celebrating while the fans still remain unimpressed and shower him in jeers.

    Tim Coleman: What an amazing performance!

    Jim Taylor: Yes it he crying?

    Tim Coleman: He's so moved by his own performance it's like winning the olympic gold medal all over again!

    Jim Taylor: Somehow I doubt that

    Mason wipes a tear away from his eye as he makes his exit to a jeering audience while Martin recovers in the ring.

    Cut backstage where Megan Anderson is seen on her way out to the ring before the show cuts to another break.


    McGinnis gets his shoulder up at the very last second. Snowmantashi is furious!!!! Limping on one leg he climbs the top rope - but his leg is shaky! He looks over his shoulder and decides to call an audible. Snowmantashi climbs down the ropes and drags McGinnis closer to the ropes. He smacks his legs, climbs up one more time - SNOWFALL!!!



    THREE!!!!!!!!!!!! NEW CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!

    Winner and NEW!!! CWA World Heavyweight Champion, "Inhuman" JON SNOWMANTASHI!!!!!!

    The crowd GOES FUCKING NUTS!!!! As Snowmantashi is the NEW!!!! CWA World Heavyweight Champion, Until a third offical enters the ring and runs over to the ref who just made the official three count. The ref shows footage that McGinnis foot was juusssstttt! Under the rope. Snowmantashi looks confused and so does McGinnis who slowly gets to his feet. Mass confusion hits the ring as it is debatable, very debatable if McGinnis foot is indeed under the ropes and if so - just barely. Snowmantashi holds up the championship and goes to leave but as he does a very familiar music hits and it is the music for Noah Hanson!!! The former authority figure of CWA as he walks and the ref and everyone else looks confused to what is going on. Hanson with a microphone in hand and is about to explain what is going on.

    Noah Hanson: Well, I'm pretty sure, you guys know who I am, but you, don't know why I am here. With Megan Anderson on a "business trip" and Richman unable to really be of any help. I'm here to lend a hand. Clearly McGinnis foot was under the rope and because of that I order that this match be restarted, under NO!!! DQ!!!!!!. RIGHT NOW!!!!!

    The bell rings as Snowmantashi who is beyond spent after this match, is now beyond pissed, he had the championship won. But as Snowmantashi turns around IN THE RING!!!!! Is The Echo!!!! The Echo with a DOUBLE SUPERKICK!!!! To Snowmantashi as the big man DROPS TO THE FLOOR!!!!!! The championship goes flying out of his hands. It was like they were waiting for this moment to strike as something is fishy. The Echo slowly take McGinnis and drag him over to Snowmantashi as they place the champ on him for the



    THREE!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!

    Snowmantashi gets his shoulder up just in time as again, The Echo look to strike as McGinnis slowly gets up and is pretty much caught up to date with what is going on. The Echo take the chair that McGinnis brought into the ring earlier. Snowmantashi on one knee can't even stand as Drew puts the chair in front of the face of the challenger as a DOUBLE SUPERKICK!!! To the chair that cracks against the skull of Snowmantashi as McGinnis drops to his knee's and crawls over and covers for the



    THREE!!!!!!!!!!!! THREEE!!!!!! NO!!!!!

    Snowmantashi REFUSES TO STAY DOWN!!!! As The Indy Club stand up and wait for Snowmantashi to stand up but he doesn't. The Echo though help and hold Snowmantashi up as they quickly take a step back with McGinnis and hit a TRIPLE SUPERKICK!!! As Snowmantashi who was dazed before now look to be out cold as McGinnis furious on how long this has taken covers Snowmantashi as the Echo help and hold down the pin as the ref counts with no choice



    THREE!!!!!!!!!!!! THREEE!!!!!! THREEE!!!!

    Winner and STILLL!!! CWA World Heavyweight Champion, "The Indy God" Jonathan McGinnis

    Before McGinnis leaves the ring. He kisses the forehead of his former friend Snowmantashi. He leaves the ring and is handed the CWA World Heavyweight Championship. The Echo hold the belt for him and also help the Indy Club Brother stand as he can't even walk on his two feet. The Indy Club stand tall with Pyro shooting off. While in the ring, Snowmantashi is laid out in the center of the ring. Noah Hanson walks out and looks on as The Indy Club walk right past the former authority figure. The question is raised on, WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED!!!!

    Highlights of the controversial ending to the World Strongest main event plays as Megan Anderson's walks out and to the ring with a microphone in hand. She walks to the ring and enters it. Standing in the middle of the ring, she has the CWA Universe attention.

    Megan Anderson: It seems that I have to address the controversial ending to the world heavyweight championship match between the champion Jonathan McGinnis and Jon Snowmantashhhhh.......

    Megan Anderson gets cut off mid sentence..............


    Out steps the reigning and defending, TWO TIME!!! CWA World Heavyweight Champion, "The Indy God" Jonathan McGinnis, and by his side is Celina Sasha and she holding the most precious championship in wrestling today, the CWA World title. Both wearing an Indy Club T-shirt's, they walk down the ramp and slowly enter the ring. Inside the ring, McGinnis takes a microphone and gets in the face of Megan Anderson. Megan doesn't look happy about this at all.

    Megan Anderson: How dare you interrupt me......

    Jonathan McGinnis: How dare I!!! How dare you.... I already know, what you are about to do,you were about to announce a rematch between me and Snowmantashi. You were about to make McGinnis/Snowmantashi 3. But why.... why would you do that, how in the hell is that even fair, HOW? I beat him in the middle of this ring, fair and square, don't you dare play with me. I'm the best wrestler in the world, I'M THE MAN!!! And you will show me, some damn respect......

    Megan Anderson: Excuse me... who do you think you are, huh? Talking to me like that and after all I been through, this company has been through because of you. I had to miss World's Strongest as I was finally able to clean up that mess that you made for me in Japan. And you are here in my face telling me what to do... I should fire you... RIGHT!!! NOW!!!!

    Jonathan McGinnis: But, you won't, because you know, just like everyone in the back, I'm this company's meal ticket, The Indy Club are the only marketable names you have in this place. We are CWA's bread and butter. You are not like your father, Megan, atleast I thought you were. I really did, I thought we shared this passion, this passion for wrestling, but I can see, that you are like most females on this planet. You are..... brainless. This is your champion, I'm YOUR CHAMPION!!! And you will treat me with respect. I swear, I thought there was something between us, like something, more than friends.. this vibe you sent me had me wondering, maybe, McGinnis and Anderson can you know.......

    Megan Anderson gets furious.

    McGinnis: OH! Did I strike a nerve.....

    Megan Anderson:
    You know, I can't wait to see your smile, when I announce that at Kings Reign Supreme, that you, will defend....

    Jonathan McGinnis: Oh please, don't do it...

    Megan Anderson: Don't do what? Prove that you are a weak champion, that you don't deserve that championship.... you know, if I had known that this was how all this was going to go, I should of never talked you into resigning. I should've let you leave. Then maybe, I wouldn't be in this MESS!!

    McGinnis smirks.

    Jonathan McGinnis: You look so gorgeous when you try to be intense.

    Megan Anderson: You're crazy..... you know that....

    Jonathan McGinnis: I don't like to think, that I'm crazy, more, like I'm ahead of the curve. I'm the villain that CWA needs and boy, I wear those colors proud as hell. Maybe one day, you will see things how I do, I hope for it. I need someone like you by myside, to help, me and to help The Club, mold CWA to something useful.

    Megan Anderson:
    You are really full of yourself, like this plan that you have with Noah Hanson...

    Jonathan McGinnis: What plan? I'm not working with Noah Hanson, and you suspect that, because, why? Because he did the right thing? He made the tough call to restart the main event between me and Snowmantashi? But I'm glad! He is in power...

    Megan Anderson:
    For the time being, he has some power around here, but that is till I speak some sense into the board of directors...

    Jonathan McGinnis: And why.... why would you want to do that, Megan? You just like getting under my skin... don't you... You like provoking me. You and Richman, especially, find it assuming... You guys will find it assuming, I bet, if me and The Echo, just leave.... just leave and take the most prestigious championship you guys have with us. Maybe we can show up on another show with the, making more of an impact..... maybe we leave this place, and leave the talent pool crippled by our departure. Maybe we leave and find a more suitable place for us....

    McGinnis looks into the camera and waves his hand before giving a wink.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Hey, Rondo!

    Megan Anderson:
    I have you under contract, so you will do what I say.... YOU WORK FOR ME!!!! And if you and your friends want to leave, CWA will hit you with some many injunctions, your grandkids are going to need lawyers.. That is why at Kings Reign Supreme.... you will defend your championship.. against..... Snowmantashi in a ......

    McGinnis quickly knocks the microphone out of the hand of Megan Anderson. She goes to slap him but McGinnis blocks her strike as she tries to swing with the other hand and he blocks that as well. He tosses Megan to the ground and Sasha Celina tries to hold back her client as Megan gets up to her feet. She walks towards McGinnis and then OUTTA NOWHERE SUPERKICK TO MEGAN ANDERSON!!!!! Megan drops to the mat as Celina looks on in shock. McGinnis stands over a knocked Megan Anderson and as he demands Celina Sasha hand him championship. He holds it up over Megan Anderson as he gives his precious championship a kiss before kneeling down and giving one to Megan Anderson one as well. Celina Sasha looks in shocked that McGinnis just dropped the C.O.O of the CWA, Megan Anderson.

    Jim Taylor: Fans, I'd like to apologize for the despicable act you just witnessed by our world champion. We'll get everything sorted and be right back after the break...


    Singles Match
    Dustin Dreamer vs. Elijah Edwards

    We return to the arena and the camera pans over the audience, past signs reading ‘Long Live The King Of Chaos’, ‘I’m AN Indy God, not THE Indy God’, and one with a sketch of the Club dressed as Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff that reads ‘So you wanna geld a Snowman(tashi)?’. Suddenly, 'Johnny's Revenge' by Crown the Empire begins to play and is accompanied by the fans' hostility. Soon enough, Dustin Dreamer appears on stage, lapping up the boos and even egging the audience on. He begins to make his way to the ring.

    Lindsay Monohan "Ladies and gentlemen, this next contest is scheduled for one fall, with a thirty minute time limit. Introducing first, making his way to the ring... He weighs in tonight at two hundred and twenty pounds... From Chicago, Illinois... The King of Chaos... Dustin Dreamer!!”

    Jim Taylor: "Here he comes, Tim, the King of Chaos! Dreamer will certainly be looking to erase the memory of his defeat to LIGHTBRINGER at World's Strongest."

    Tim Coleman: "Indeed, Jim, but it should be said that LIGHTBRINGER scraped through that match by the skin on his teeth. This man is unlucky not to be walking out here with the High Voltage Championship on his shoulder."

    Dustin climbs into the ring, circles around it, and loosens up his joints whilst staring at the entrance. His music eventually dies down, replaced by The White Stripes' 'Icky Thump'. The crowd's mood is lifted immediately, Elijah Edwards appearing on stage to much fan-fare before he makes his way to the ring. Romeo Rollings walks a few paces behind, nodding approvingly.

    Lindsay Monohan: "And his opponent... He comes to you tonight from Toronto, Ontario and weighs in at two hundred and twenty one pounds... Elijah Edwards!"

    Jim Taylor: "Elijah is fresh from a victory at World's Strongest in a triple threat match with Ariel Justice and Duke Martin, a win that will surely re-insert his name into the High Voltage Championship conversation."

    Tim Coleman: "Not if Dreamer beats him here tonight, which could certainly happen. I'm sure the King of Chaos will want another shot at that prize."

    Jim Taylor: "This is certain to be an even match-up, Tim... There is only one pound difference in weight and they both stand at six feet, four inches. This is going to interesting!"

    Elijah slides into the ring, and straight away Dreamer is on him, refusing to wait for the opening bell. He hits a trio of stomps to Edwards before he can get up, and then he leans over him to reel off a series of vicious right hands. Eventually, the referee is able to drag him away, and when Dustin is in the corner he taunts the booing crowd.

    The referee calls for the bell once he has them separated, but the damage has been done and Elijah is still grounded and recovering from Dreamer's attack. Dreamer is back on him, hitting a few stomps and then dragging his opponent to his feet in a front face lock. He takes him over with a snap suplex, and as Elijah rolls around in pain, clutching his back, Dreamer circles him with a slightly unhinged look on his face. He drags him to his feet by the hair and doubles him over with a boot to the midsection. He pulls his head between his legs...

    Tim Coleman: “This one's gonna finish before it's even begun! Dreamer is setting up for his Package Piledriver finisher!”

    Jim Taylor: “He calls this the Dream Crusher, Tim! But NO! Elijah powers out and reverses with a big back body drop...”

    Dreamer lands hard on his back, but he's able to quickly fight up to his feet and charge in at Edwards, attempting a wild lariat. Edwards manages to duck it, and then Dreamer turns around into a big European Uppercut! Dreamer is rocked back all the way into the corner, and Edwards instantly charges into him with a running forearm. Dreamer stumbles out of the corner, Edwards putting him in a bearhug and throwing him across the ring with a belly to belly overhead release suplex! Edwards covers, hooking the leg...

    ONE... TWO... - NO!

    Jim Taylor: "Dreamer gets the shoulder up, but Edwards has taken the advantage back in this one."

    Edwards smells the blood in the water, and he's instantly over to lift Dreamer's legs, looking for his Excellent Execution finisher... But Dreamer kicks him off, sending Edwards reeling into a corner. Dustin climbs to his feet as quick as he can, nailing the cornered Edwards with half a dozen right hands to the ribs, proceeding to Irish Whip him into the opposite corner. Edwards hits it HARD, and bounces out into the middle of the ring, stumbling and stunned, and Dreamer nails him with a trio of forearms. He goes behind into a rear waist lock, dragging Edwards over with a German Suplex, bridging for the cover...

    ONE... TWO... - NO!

    Tim Coleman: "Dustin Dreamer is beginning to get back into this one. Elijah doesn't know what's hit him!"

    Dreamer spends some time goading the fans, but he follows up with a Garvin-style stomp, kicking each of Elijah's legs, then his arms, then his torso, and then when he sits up he hits a stiff kick to his back, before placing Double E in a headlock.

    Jim Taylor: "And now the King of Chaos begins to grind down his opponent, locking in a headlock and keeping the former High Voltage Champion confined to the mat."

    Tim Coleman: "Brilliant strategy, if you ask me! Edwards likes to fly around that ring with his aerial based offence, taking that out of his arsenal is sure to hinder how effective he is!"

    Jim Taylor: "And Edwards seems to be fading fast, his hand drops to the mat when the referee tests for consciousness. This one could be over!"

    Tim Coleman: "What did I tell you, Jim? Dreamer has Edwards' number! This one's in the books, Edwards' arm drops a second time."

    Jim Taylor: "The referee lifts up the arm once more... Drops it... NO! Elijah stays alive, and now he uses the crowd's reaction to fight up to a knee..."

    Elijah is pumping his fist, the crowd continuing the chant his name, and eventually he gets to a vertical base, still in the headlock. He proceeds to reel off a pair of elbows into Dreamer's abdomen, eventually causing a little separation. Elijah charges off the ropes, run at Dreamer... And takes him over with a clothesline! Dreamer is straight to his feet, but is taken down once more with a standing drop kick! Dreamer is up again, charging and going for a wild lariat, but Edwards is able to duck it and transition into his Regal-plex!


    Tim Coleman: "I hate to admit it, but Edwards is on a roll! Dreamer's in trouble!"

    Elijah Edwards poses for the fans, signalling that the end is near, whilst Rollings claps him on from the outside. Eventually, Dreamer manages to fight his way to his feet, and Edwards moves in for the kill. He doubles him over with a boot to the midsection, hooks the arm, and hoists him up...

    Tim Coleman: "He's going for that delayed vertical suplex... He calls it The Day The Earth Stood Still!"

    Jim Taylor: "But no! Dreamer uses his free hand to rake at the eyes whilst the referee's view is obstructed, and then slips out the back... Edwards turns around…"

    Tim Coleman: "SPEAR!"

    Jim Taylor: "Dreamer hooks the leg..."

    ONE... TWO... TH - NO!

    Edwards gets a shoulder up at the very last moment! Dreamer can't believe it! He rolls off his opponent, head in his hands, weighing up his next move...He hooks up Elijah in position for his Dream Crusher package piledriver, but Elijah counters it by flipping Dustin down on his back and he locks in Execellent Execution! Dustin does his best to fight back but it's just too much for him to bear as he taps out...


    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match, Elijah Edwards!

    Elijah soaks in the victory as Romeo enters the ring to celebrate with him. Meanwhile, Dustin is outside of the ring absolutely irate as he slams his fist down on the mat.


    We return from a quick few commercials back to the CWA landscape, panning across a sea of chattering fans, still abuzz about the previous match. At the commentary booth, Tim Coleman appears to be midway through an argument with a fan in the front row, before Jim Taylor gently nudges him back on track.

    Jim Taylor: Welcome back, folks, to CWA following World's Strongest. If you're just tuning in, first of all, I'm disappointed in your lateness, and second of all, here's what you missed. Tim?

    Tim Coleman: One hell of a night so far!

    Jim Taylor: ... That typically goes without saying. Irregardless, stay tuned, because coming up next, we-

    Suddenly, the lights dim to a complete blackout. The only sources of illumination are several phones in the audience, currently being waved slowly by their holders. The sound of papers ruffling is slightly audible as Jim Taylor, clearly confused, searches for a quick answer as to why everything's gone dark.

    Tim Coleman: Who turned out the lights? I can't find my coffee in the dark like this.

    Jim Taylor: We, uh, we apologize folks, we appear to have lost power with the lights, I'm sure one of the technicians will fix it any moment now. In any case-

    Abruptly, a spotlight appears, highlighting the center of the ring for a brief second, before fading away. It appears again, now at the ropes closest to the entranceway, but this time, an audible footstep plays over the arena loudspeakers with it's arrival, before it fades away once more. The 'tap' of a footstep is heard again, never raising or lowering it's stride, and with it, the spotlight shines next to the ring, at the end of the entranceway, before fading.


    The spotlight shines on the entrance ramp, about a quarter of the way to the stage, before fading away.


    The spotlight shines higher on the entrance ramp, now halfway up the ramp, before fading.


    Three-quarters of the way to the stage, and the spotlight fades away once again.


    No spotlight. Nothing but the buzzing of the CWA audience. Until a familiar guitar riff plays.

    'What if I wanted to break,
    Laugh it all off in your face?
    What would you do?'

    The spotlight shines, poised directly onto center stage, where a man stands, back to the audience. Those familiar with who that music belongs to begin cheering, only growing louder as the man glances over his shoulder at the sea of fans.

    'What if I fell to the floor,
    Couldn't take this anymore?
    What would you do,
    do do?'

    BAM. Colorful purple pyro explodes on the corners of the stage as 30 Seconds To Mars's 'The Kill' kicks into it's chorus, and the man on stage whips himself around and faces the crowd, unable to hide the positively delighted expression on his face.

    Tim Coleman: Oh my god. Is that-?

    Jim Taylor: Krash! It's Krash! It's been nine months since we've seen that face! World-renowned superstar, one of the longest reigning CWA Champions in our storied history, someone who captured the hearts of every CWA fan wherever he went, Krash is back!

    The fans eagerly chant 'KRASH, KRASH, KRASH' as the returning star takes a moment to pause atop the ramp, letting the chants sink in. Wearing a pair of bright red trousers, with a black waistcoat over a white t-shirt, Krash gazes out at the fans chanting his name, spreading his arms in a 'Did you miss me gesture?' before beginning the walk down the ramp.

    Tim Coleman: Nine, ten months ago, after suffering a severe knee injury, Krash withdrew from CWA, much to the heartbreak of the fans watching at the time, and since then he's been sitting at home, watching the world go by without him, but now he's back! Considering the severity of his injury I don't even know if he's 100%, but he's back!

    Jim Taylor: The fans in the audience are going wild, and I can't blame them!
    Krash strolls around the ring, continuing to interact with the fans at ringside, even sharing a quick handshake with Jim Taylor & Tim Coleman as he picks up a microphone from ringside, before rolling into the ring. He raises the microphone in the air, but if anything the cheering gets only louder.

    Tim Coleman: Man, are people happy to see this guy or what?

    Eventually, Krash waves a hand as if to quieten the crowd, before bringing the microphone to his lips. Finally, a hush settles over the fans.

    Krash: ... I was going to ask whether you lot have missed me, but right now that question seems kinda pointless, don't you think?

    Another cheer from the crowd. Pointless indeed.

    Krash: Hey, you know what? I missed you too. All of you. Each and every one of you, from the front row to the back, from the bottom of my heart, I missed you. I mean that, I really do. Every night without you fans felt like an eternity, like with each passing day, my life grew more and more grey, more dull, more lifeless. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Wrestling IS my life, and without it, I'm nothing. Without you, I'm nothing. Without this buzz, this atmosphere, without THIS-

    Krash gestures at the ring he's standing in, kneeling down and patting the mat gently.

    Krash: Without this, I'm nothing. You have no idea how it felt when I was finally told that I was healthy enough to come here and be something, and you have absolutely no idea how good it feels to be able to walk to this ring, stand on my feet, and say: 'I'm back, baby!'

    As if the fans need any more prodding to fall into a 'WELCOME BACK' chant.

    Krash: And what a CWA I've returned to! So many changes, new champions, new blood... I'm now a veteren compared to most of these guys, can you believe that? So many fantastic new additions that I've been looking forward to locking up with for months now. I'm talking people like The Inhuman Behemoth, Jon Snowmantashi...

    Massive pop for the former CWA Champion.

    Krash: The Backwoods Badass, Harrison Wake...

    The pops turn into a more mixed reaction, with a notable section popping for the Wisconsian.

    Krash: And of course, someone who's had one of the most dramatic trip through CWA in recent memory, probably one of the most contraversial figures in wrestling today, the current CWA Champion, Jonathan McGinnis.

    No pops, all boos for Jonathan McGinnis.

    Krash: Yeah, that's the one. It's going to be fun facing him, don't you agree?

    By the sounds of it, they most certainly do. Krash breathes in the cheering agreements, pausing for a few seconds.

    Krash: Oh, how I've missed that sound. It's good to be back, friends. If I have my way, I'm never leaving you again.

    More cheering. Krash has not lost his smile since he returned, if anyhting, it's gotten bigger.

    Krash: So, for my first order of business, I'd like to-

    Before Krash could tell the waiting world what exactly was his first port of call, “Wynona's Big Brown Beaver” cuts through the sound system causing Karsh's words to die in his mouth , not that it would matter because as always when it comes to The Echo the booing’s so loud it would be impossible to be heard. Eventually out sauters Drew and Ethan Connor The World Tag Team Champions already dressed for battle considering they’ve been booked in the main event for the evening. Tonight the heat for the Echo seems to be especially great considering how The Echo screwed over Murder. Inc at World’s Strongest, their music eventually cuts off but the boos do, causing both Brothers to roll their eyes looking frankly bored by the response they’re getting. Before Ethan steps forward a smirk on his face

    Ethan Connor: Vancouver, Canada!.....The Party's here!

    At the sound of their signature opening phrase the boos just get louder as Krash looks on in the ring bemused

    Drew Connor: Yeah, that’s it. Just keep booing, every boo just makes our collective erection that much stronger.


    Ethan Connor: “Don’t boo after that weirdos

    Drew Connor: “Perverts. Anyway. Sorry to interrupt your riveting speech Krash. We’ve got something that's actually relevant to say, instead of just rambling on about making history and how much you miss this or whatever other garbage you were spewing.

    Ethan Connor: Oh I missed this, so much I’m nothing without you fans. I love you all so much, oh all your collective penis’s in my mouth feel amazing….

    Drew Connor: We just wanted to be the first ones on the roster to express our surprise that you’re still alive! I mean, I was SURE you died a long time ago. Probably jumping off something massive.

    Ethan Connor: ...Or, bitten by a spider or kicked in the head by a kangaroo. Or a dingo ate your baby. I mean, Australia is essentially The Fallout World right? Just a post-apocalyptic wasteland with horrible creatures just waiting to tear you apart….I’m pretty certain The Moment have died a thousand time over…

    Drew Connor: That’s New Zealand. The Moment are from New Zealand.

    Ethan Connor: What’s the difference?

    Drew Connor: Nothing, there’s literally no difference between Australia and New Zealand.

    Well, there goes CWA’s valuable Austrasia demographic as Drew and Ethan nod to each other as they make way into the ring, Krash moving back at the corner, his body language alert and tense knowing full well who he’s dealing with

    Ethan Connor: So welcome back man, and hey I promise you this, people are going to be happy to see you around. After being gone for close to a year they’ll be all ready to roll out the red carpet. They’re going to give you the grand hero’s welcome everyone THINKS you deserve. Never mind the fact that you haven’t been relevant since 2014 but hey. Who cares about that when you can live off past glories right?

    The sarcasm in Ethan’s voice is obvious, and attracts quite a few boos, but Drew shrugs and keeps things moving as they continue to talk

    Drew Connor: I mean, why the hell are you even here? Why did you BOTHER coming back? Why would ANYONE want to see the single most overrated paper champion in the HISTORY of CWA?! What have you actually done in your career? Be a yes man to Cyrus Truth? Won the world title by pinning someone with shattered limbs? Become Tag Team Champions by beating teams that wouldn’t last five minutes with us?

    Ethan Connor: “Oh yeah, that’s right. How could we forget? We’ve talking to one-half of the greatest tag teams in HISTORY- The Gang Stars

    Despite the clear sarcasm in Ethan’s tone, the name does indeed get a response

    Drew Connor: A legendary tag team famous for doing a single memorable thing for their entire run...and STILL be considered legendary .

    Krash in the corner just stares blankly as the two

    Drew Connor: I mean, I’m standing here, trying to figure it out but I remember a single thing you two did! Really the only thing that springs to my mind would be the repetitive string of pointless matches he had with talentless dorks that passed for tag teams back in the day. Other than that, those countless oh-so-riveting speeches that you and Alyster Black gave together. You remember, right? All of those in-ring cures for insomnia where it was nothing but you and that gimp from Pulp fiction patting each other on the back for thirty minutes straight? And I don't think thrilling footage like that would sell out arenas…

    Ethan Connor: After all, if people really wanted to watch a couple of guys get each other off, then I'm pretty sure there are places on the Internet that cater for that kind of thing….

    The Connor’s grin at each other , while the fans in attendance give them some boos for disrespecting their hero's career highlights. Krash himself starts to take a step forward which The Connor’s notice

    Drew Connor: Hey, hey don't get mad at us, just for telling you the truth. We’ve only saying that if you had the choice of watching a Gang Star match... or a five-star Echo classic? Well, I personally don't think it's much of a choice at all

    Drew looks to his brother who shrugged his shoulders and nods agreeing before looking back at Krash a mock look of concern on his face

    Ethan Connor: Uh-Oh! Hey, Drew. I think he’s getting mad

    Drew Connor: “Oh big surprise. You haven’t changed at all have you? You’re still the same self-involved poser that takes himself WAY too seriously and thinks the world owes him something! Well... that might have been enough to make you that mattered back in 2012 or whenever you were last relevant. But this is a whole new CWA. The Indy Club’s CWA. We run this house. We make the rules. The only reason anyone else, get’s mike time is because we LET them….

    Ethan Connor: And you know what? I think your time is up. So why don’t you get out of OUR ring. And go back to that hole you’ve been hiding in for the last year.

    Ouch. Strong words by the Tag Team Champions. Then again, neither of the Connor brothers have ever one to mince words. The fans in attendance jeer and boo at the Tag Champions, quite clearly unhappy with the pure disrespect these two are showing. Krash, meanwhile, gazes at the CWA Tag Team Champions, twirling the mic absent-mindedly in his grasp, with an expression somewhere between 'offended' and 'amused.'

    Krash: I'm going to be honest with you, I really didn't see that coming. Like, any of that. I mean, I get that when cats are away, the rats will play, but... Man.

    Perhaps that's not how the traditional saying goes, but the switch seems more suitable to the situation at hand, admittedly. Krash slowly strolls around the Echo, sizing them up, while the champions follow, never breaking eye contact, licking their lips in anticipation of the returning hero's reaction.

    Krash: Ethan and Drew Connor! The Brash, The Cocky, The Controversial, but perhaps most importantly, The CWA Tag Team Champions. Oh, I've heard of you two. When I was sitting at home, tuning into CWA every week, I watched you two ascend up the tag team ranks since your debut, shut mouths, cash checks, make headlines, win gold, and superkick dudes in the mouth. Oh yes, I know exactly who you two are. I'd say it's an absolute pleasure to make your acquaintance, but I think we all know that would be somewhat of a lie after your little 'welcoming speech.'

    Ah, there's that smarmy, self-assured trademarked smirk of the Echo, satisfied that they've gotten under the skin of Krash.

    Krash: Seems as though you two memorized the history books for just an occasion like this, but for those of you who tend to mute the television when the Echo appear - and I absolutely can't blame you in that regard - let's recap: Hi. I'm Krash. Three-time CWA Tag Team Champion, with one reign going over a full year. Winner of the 2014 Wrestle-Royal from the number one position. Former CWA World Heavyweight Champion, with one of the longest reigns CWA has on record, going over two-hundred days. I've spent more time holding gold in my career than not. I'm the most popular, talented, handsomely awesome athlete to ever walk through the doors of the CWA locker room, bar none. And that's just in CWA alone! See, when people talk about there being a measuring stick of professional wrestling, I am that measuring stick. When people talk about there being a line between your atypical superstars that help fill an arena, and the larger-than-life combatants that sell out stadiums with one line, that line is so far beneath me that it's more down under than my home.

    Loud cheering in agreement for the returning hero, who takes a moment to pause and look out at the sea of attendees.

    Krash: Now, don't get me wrong, Ethan, Drew, I'll gladly admit from watching CWA on my hiatus that you two are some godamn talented dudes, with the gold to prove it.

    The crowd boos this remark, although Krash is quick to wave a hand at them to quieten down ever so slightly. For their part, the Echo nod viciously in agreement, Drew audibly exclaiming 'finally he says something worthwhile!'

    Krash: No, it's true, beneath those loud, obnoxious, inferiority-ridden complex personalities, lies two amazing athletes who know exactly what they want, and exactly how they will get it, with exactly the right amount of talent to get there. I can see that clear as crystals. Like a younger, less-handsome version of the Gang Stars. You can despise the comparison all you want, but it's still true.

    Oh, man. The Echo really don't like this comparison, Ethan in particular begins mouthing off that 'they're better than the Gang Stars ever were.' Krash waits patiently, taking in the off-the-handle reaction to his genuine compliment.

    Krash: And having said that, I can now say that because of it, one of the other reasons I returned to the green grass of CWA, is you two.

    Krash points a finger and nods at the CWA Tag Team Champions. Ethan & Drew pause mid-remark, torn between smirking in satisfaction and frowning.

    Krash: That's right. You two were among the names on my list of 'Talent I Wanted To Face.' Albeit it originally significantly lower on the list, but with your cute welcoming speech, I'd say you've shot up in priority. Congrats on that. So... If this ring is your house, and you really want me out of it that badly, then good luck with that, friends. Last time, I was forced to leave for my health, for my shattered knee. Now, it's going to take a lot more than that to make me leave again... And personally, as talented as you two are and as much as you two talk, I don't think you've got what it takes to take me out.

    “Ohhhhhh” Goes the crowd at that shot fired at the Tag Champs, While Drew and Ethan recoil ever so slightly at the threat, wearing matching blank expressions on their collective faces, they silently blink at the former world champion for a moment, before making eye contact with each other……..and breaking out in uproaring laughter. Clutching their chests and doubling over laughing so hard. Shaking their heads at the mere idea before Drew looks up and sees Krash’s stone expression and the laughter dies in his voice as he jabs Ethan in the shoulder and points to him

    Drew Connor: I think he’s actually serious…

    At his words Ethan looks up in surprise

    Ethan Connor: Wait. You’re….Oh my God...You actually mean it don’t you?

    Soon, their expression sour into one of extreme disgust, vastly insulted

    Ethan Connor: Who the hell do you think you are?! You wanna come into this ring and run us down?! You wanna take shots at us? You wanna stand there with your bum knee and stupid two dollar haircut and brag about holding these belts for a year? How many times did you defend those titles huh? Twice? Three times? You wanna know why you held these belts for a year? Because no one could remember you held them!Three times, tag champs. Oh yeah that’s great. Bravo we’ve so impressed! Three times in what? Your entire career? We, won these TWICE in our damn rookie year!

    Ethan nods proud of himself before Drew steps forward

    Drew Connor: You can run your damn mouth about everything you’ve done and everything you are….But more important than all that Krash….is who you’re not. And’re NOT the man anymore...We are!

    More Heat

    Drew Connor: “You’re not the one who's been revolutionising and dominating a entire division for a year..We are!

    Ridiculous exaggeration of course, but it draws more heat…

    Drew Connor: “You’re not the tag team champions…We are!

    Boos as Ethan nods along as Drew runs a hand through his hair and shakes his head

    Drew Connor: So tell us Krasher, despite all of that, why one show after we’ve proven how dominate we are does Adrenaline Rush have you pourin’ your heart out over a bunch of things you did that people stopped caring about years ago? Why, when me and my brother should be out here celebrating ANOTHER career defining victory, whyare you stood in this ring begging for someone to pay attention to you.

    Krash keeps his composure in the face of the smirking champs

    Drew Connor: Guess what? These people, they don’t wanna hear what you have to say Krash. They don’t care about you and your sob stories or your big rocky comeback. They wanna hear...from us! They wanna hear about our heroic performances, they wanna relive the memories of World Strongest’s. They don’t wanna hear about your tales of the past Krash, they wanna hear...what we’ve going to do in the future. So we’ll ask you one last time, why don’t you walk out of our ring and leave with your last shred of dignity before we kick your ass and THROW you ass.

    Drew steps aside, motioning for Krash to head for the exit, with Ethan arrogantly sitting on the middle ropes, looking to assist Krash out of the ring. Instead, Krash stands firm, his eyes fixed on The Echo who grows ever frustrated at Krash’s' lack of movement.

    Drew Connor: What? What the hell’s wrong with you? Didn’t we make ourselves clear Krash? Get out of our ring now! Before we do something you’re going to regret.

    Still Krash doesn’t budge an inch, his eyes still staring at the Connor’s…


    The only thing Krash reacts to is Ethan Connor's sudden outburst, at which he raises his eyebrows questioningly, before gesturing to Ethan.

    Krash: Is he okay? I ask this out of genuine concern, mind you. I wouldn't feel good trash talking someone who still has a mind of a six-year-old.

    Ethan kicks the bottom rope in frustration, whispering in his brother's ear afterwards while Krash watches.

    Krash: No, no, mates. I'm been gone for too long to be 'encouraged' to leave that easily. Call it stubbornness if you must, but I've missed this ring too much to be run off by two overgrown runts with a superkick fetish. You hear these fans? Are they cheering for you, or me?

    Krash waves a hand over his shoulder, in some direction of the audience, who true to his word begin chanting 'KRASH, KRASH, KRASH' at the top of their lungs.

    Krash: Do you honestly think I'm going to leave, just because you say so, when I have an ocean of fans chanting my name?

    Krash turns his back on the Echo, pointing an arm across the sea of fans.

    Krash: You hear that? That sound, is when you know that you've made it. That you're on top of the world, or more appropriately, that I'm on top of the world. And that no-one, most definitely not the Echo, can take that away from me. So as far as this gracious offer for me to just ignore everyone in this arena and crawl away goes, yeah, you're going to have to beat me out, and trust me, friends...

    Krash turns back to the Echo, unblinking, glaring at Drew and Ethan Connor.

    Krash: I sure as hell ain't going to make it easy for you.

    THUMP! Krash just smashed his microphone off the forehead of Ethan before leaping forward and hammering Drew with right and lefts with machine gun like speed as the crowd explore. Krash knows the odds are against him. So he used the mic as a equalizes and Ethan falls to the ground clutching his head. Ethan falls to the ground clutching his head in pain while Drew has become totally taken by surprise by the attack. Drew is left helpless as Krash bounces his knuckles off his skull. Krash backs off a little roaring to the crowd adrenaline rushing through his veins as he turns aroud-ONLY TO BE GREETED WITH A TITLE BELT OFF THE SKULL BY ETHAN. The crowd instantly deflates and starts to boo as Ethan snarls, winching in pain touching the place the mic hit him while muttering “Mother Fucker-” before backing off suddenly and deliver a HUGE boot to the prone Krash’s rib cage that could shatter bones before stomping the former world champ with relish as Drew joins in on the fun. As is so often the case with The Echo, The numbers games overwhelm Krash and soon those damn Connor brothers with signature pack of hyenas mentality both of them tearing and stomping at Krash. The Connors take turns throwing punches and flush kicks to the prone Krash, before they once again get Krash off the mat looking to put him down for good. The Tag Champs watch the Woozy Krash almost like Animals hunting their prey standing side to side, measuring Krash before they both lunge forward in perfect sync collecting with a BEAUTIFULLY DEVASTATING STEREO SUPERKICK! Krash hits the mat like a sack of bricks possibly knocked out with the force that these two disgusiting men who call themselves “Champions” hit him with. The sickening impact from the strike certainly sent shivers down the spines of many members of the audience, but it very well may have shattered Krash’s skull and teeth. The Brothers Connor stand over Krash admiring their handy work, picking up their respective tag titles and raising them high in the air, Ethan stomping on Krash’s bum knee a couple of times mid-celebration while Drew leans down and picks up the discarded mic, smirking slightly leaning down until he’s leering right in his face

    Drew Connor: Welcome Home….Dork

    Drew would ungratefully drop the mic as “Wynonna's Big Brown Beaver” hits the sound system. The Broters venture to the ropes and vacates the ring yelling out and riling up the crowd utterly disgusted by the actions of The Echo while Krash starts to feebly stirl in the ring


    Non-title match
    LIGHTBRINGER vs. Mark Merriwether

    “Hollywood” by Jay-Z hits and, after a few second, ‘The Hollywood Standard’ walks out onto the stage to heavy boos. He laps them up, a big shit-eating grin on his face and his hands raised to right angles like Jesus on the cross. He shouts ‘I’m from Ho-lly-wood!” before beginning his march down the ramp.

    Lindsey Monahan: “Ladies and gentlemen, this next contest is scheduled for one fall, with a thirty minute time limit. Introducing first, making his way to the ring… from Seattle, Washington and now residing in Hollywood, California… He weighs in at two hundred and thirty pounds… ‘The Hollywood Standard’… Mark Merriwether!”

    Jim Taylor: “A Mark Merriwether fresh from victory at World’s Strongest, no less…”

    Tim Coleman: “That’s right, Jim! Merriwether destroyed Marcus Bennett last Sunday and now he’s on to bigger and better things.”

    Merriwether climbs into the ring and hits his trademark taunt, spinning around with his arms raised and then goading the fans with a low bow. He stands up with arrogance smeared over his face, looking down his nose at the fans assembled in the arena. His music dies away, replaced by the ‘Light Bringer’ theme, the crowd’s reaction instantly changing. They rain down the cheers as the High Voltage Champion walks onto the stage, eyes only for his opponent. He begins to slowly descend the ramp.

    Lindsey Monahan: “And his opponent… from Tokyo, Japan and currently residing in Tampa Bay, Florida… He weighs in at two hundred and thirty pounds… He is the current CWA High Voltage Champion… ‘Tokyo-Kisai’… LIGHTBRINGER!!”

    Jim Taylor: “Another man who won at World’s Strongest, Tim, LIGHTBRINGER successfully defending his championship against Dustin Dreamer.”

    Tim Coleman: “And although this is a non-title match-up, LIGHTBRINGER will be aware that a loss here to Merriwether will virtually gift ‘the Hollywood Standard’ an opportunity at his championship.”

    Jim Taylor: “There are no shortage of potential challengers, Tim. From Merriwether to Elijah Edwards, who beat both Ariel Justice and Duke Martin at World’s Strongest. And I’m sure The King of Chaos would like another chance at LIGHTBRINGER’s prize.”

    LIGHTBRINGER climbs into the ring, taking off his robe and staring across the ring at his opponent. The referee begins to make his final checks.

    Tim Coleman “And the tale of the tape records another evenly matched contest, Jim. Both men weigh in at two hundred and thirty pounds, though Tokyo Kisai does have three inches in height on the Standard…”

    Jim Taylor: “And LIGHTBRINGER definitely has the experience advantage, having wrestled in Japan since 2008. Though both made their CWA debut this year.”

    Tim Coleman: “The referee calls for the bell, and here we go!”

    The two circle the ring, and LIGHTBRINGER offers a hand up for a test of strength. Mark Merriwether takes his hand and wrenches at it, applying a wristlock. He nails a pair of forearms and then shifts the hold into a hammer lock. LIGHTBRINGER tries to reach out to the ropes but finds himself sundered in the middle of the ring. He hits Merriwether with an elbow to the side of the head, and a second forces the Standard to release the hold. LIGHTBRINGER, quick as a cat, moves into a rear waist lock, charging forward to bounce Merriwether chest-first of the ropes. He rolls backwards with a roll-up…

    ONE… TW - - NO!

    Merriwether kicks out and clambers back up to his feet. LIGHTBRINGER charges, going for the LIGHTBRINGER lariat early on, but the Hollywood Standard ducks it and goes behind with a schoolboy roll-up…

    ONE… TWO… - - NO!

    This time it’s LIGHTBRINGER’s turn to kick out, and Tokyo Kisai scrambles to his feet. He goes for a forearm, but Merriwether catches it and transitions into a backslide pin…

    ONE… TWO… - - NO!

    LIGHTBRINGER kicks out again, and the two are instantly up to charge at each other again. Merriwether leaps up and catches LIGHTBRINGER’s arm, wrapping his legs around the other one, going for a crucifix roll-up… But LIGHTBRINGER is too powerful and Merriwether finds himself held up in the air, Tokyo Kisai slamming him down with a modified Samoan drop!

    Jim Taylor: “The two showing their technical ability in the opening exchanges, there, with LIGHTBRINGER now taking the advantage with a headlock.”

    Tim Coleman: “Probably a wise move, Jim, I don’t think these two could keep up such a pace for the entire match. LIGHTBRINGER needs to move into a rhythm and grind his opponent down.”

    Jim Taylor: “He’s doing that right now, Tim. LIGHTBRINGER has Merriwether in a seated position, that headlock only amplified by a knee placed between the Hollywood Standard’s shoulder blades.”

    Tim Coleman: “But there’s a lot of fight left in Merriwether, the Hollywood Standard climbing up to a knee. He hits an elbow to LIGHTBRINGER’s ribs… and then a second…”

    Jim Taylor: “But LIGHTBRINGER senses the hold is slipping, and transitions into a rear waist lock, slamming his opponent down with a German suplex! Bridging into the cover!”

    ONE… TWO… - NO!

    Merriwether kicks out, and LIGHTBRINGER instantly goes for another headlock, but the Hollywood Standard squirms over to the bottom rope and wraps himself around it. The referee forces LIGHTBRINGER away, and Merriwether tries to charge him whilst he’s being restrained at the official. Tokyo Kisai pushes the ref to one side and hits a hard European uppercut on Merriwether. The Hollywood Standard stumbles backwards, and LIGHTBRINGER places him in a front face lock, perhaps going for a DDT. The Hollywood Standard drops to one knee to block it, and then drives his opponent’s back into the turnbuckle, causing LIGHTBRINGER to release the front face lock. Merriwether continues to drive his shoulder into the ribs of his opponent, backing away to scream ‘I’M FROM HO-LLY-WOOD!!’ much to the chagrin of the audience. The goading allows LIGHTBRINGER to catch his breath, though, charging at Merriwether with a forearm smash, sending him down to one knee. Tokyo Kisai puts him in a front face lock, drags him up to his feet, and takes him over with a suplex. He goes for a cover…

    ONE… TWO… - - NO!

    Merriwether gets a shoulder up again, and LIGHTBRINGER transitions straight into a hammer lock with the Standard grounded. Merriwether tries to reach out for the ropes, but realises he’s right in the middle of the ring and his only chance of escape is getting to his feet. LIGHTBRINGER shifts his weight to keep the Standard grounded as the crowd launch into a ‘TOK-YO KIS-AI’ chant…

    Jim Taylor: “LIGHTBRINGER serving up something of a lesson, here, managing to get the better of his opponent here in the opening stages.”

    Tim Coleman: “But there’s plenty left in this fight, Jim, and LIGHTBRINGER has a lot more to do to secure the victory.”

    Jim Taylor: “He looks in good shape here, Tim, that hammer lock causing Merriwether some discomfort…”

    Tim Coleman: “But the Hollywood Standard is already up to one knee, and he’s able to use that free arm to reel off some hard right fists to the ribs of LIGHTBRINGER…”

    Jim Taylor: “And then he transitions beautifully into an arm drag, taking LIGHTBRINGER down. Tokyo Kisai is straight back to his feet, but he runs into a clothesline! Finally, Mark Merriwether is beginning to get something going in this one.”

    Tim Coleman: “What did I tell you, Jim? Merriwether is just better. A better wrestler and a better man, and an American!”

    With LIGHTBRINGER reeling from the clothesline, Merriwether hops up to the second rope and waits for his opponent to rise. When he does, he leaps off and takes him over again with a double axe handle, Tokyo Kisai hitting the mat again. Merriwether backs away, sizing him up for a swinging neckbreaker. He slams LIGHTBRINGER down with the move, proceeding to circle around his opponent with his arms raised. The crowd get on his back and he replies with a grin and a smile. He finally refocuses his attention on the grounded champion, circling him with again a few stomps. He picks up LIGHTBRINGER’s leg and throws his boot down to the mat, Tokyo Kisai instantly reaching down for his knee, which the Standard promptly boots a few times. Merriwether grabs his boot and drags his leg over to the rope, placing LIGHTBRINGER’s knee over the bottom one. He holds the top rope, leaps, and slams down onto Tokyo Kisai’s thigh, LIGHTBRINGER rolling around and screaming in agony as the official reprimands the Hollwood Standard.

    Merriwether just laughs the referee away, before going back to work on the knee. He hits a few stomps to the joint and then lifts the leg up again, dropping an elbow onto LIGHTBRINGER’S knee. He drags him over to a corner, sliding out of the ring and pulling LIGHTBRINGER by the boot. The Hollywood Standard slams LIGHTBRINGER’s knee into the steel post, the referee screaming at him from inside the ring and starting a fast count towards ten. Merriwether repeats the move, LIGHTBRINGER reaching down for his knee and dragging himself away from the corner, unable to stand. Merriwether goads the audience once more, lifting his arms into the air as they rain down the boos.

    Jim Taylor: “The people here in Vancouver are letting Marcus Merriwether know exactly what they think of him!”

    Tim Coleman: “Do you think the Hollywood Standard cares?! He’s above these people! And he has LIGHTBRINGER right where he wants him. Merriwether is focussing in on a victory over the High Voltage Champion.”

    Merriwether eventually slides into the ring and marches over to his opponent. He lifts up his legs and steps through, turning LIGHTBRING over into a sharpshooter!

    Jim Taylor: “He has it locked in, in the middle of the ring! LIGHTBRINGER’s knee has already taken a barrage of punishment and now Merriwether has the sharpshooter locked in, in the middle of the ring!”

    Tim Coleman “He’s got nowhere to go! Tap, champ, tap!”

    LIGHTBRINGER momentarily looks as if he’s going to heed Coleman’s advice, his hand raised a few inches from the mat, but he clenches his fist and drags himself arm over arm, inching closer to the ropes… But Merriwether replies by sitting down onto the champion’s back, pinning him against the mat whilst elevating the angle of the hold!

    Jim Taylor: “LIGHTBRINGER is still a few inches from the ropes…”

    Tim Coleman: “Just look at the contortion of his back and the pressure being applied to that knee!”

    With one last exertion of strength, LIGHTBRINGER plants his palms against the mat and powers his chest upwards. It lessons the angle of the hold, and allows the High Voltage Champion to reach forwards and clasp the sanctuary of the bottom rope! The referee begins his count towards five, Merriwether utilising every second before eventually releasing his opponent.

    Jim Taylor: “And although the champion is out of that hold, you’ve got to ask yourself what condition that right knee of LIGHTBRINGER will be in.”

    Tim Coleman: “And it’s only going to get worse, Jim! Merriwether is a calculated competitor, make no mistake.”

    LIGHTBRINGER is careful not to release the ropes as he drags himself up to his feet, and eventually the Hollywood Standard gets bored of waiting. He pushes the referee away and charges at LIGHTBRINGER, but the champion ducks and sends Merriwether over the top rope. The Standard lands on his feet on the apron, but LIGHTBRINGER creams him with a forearm smash! The HV champion puts his opponent in a front face lock, looking to suplex him back into the ring, but his knee gives way and he doesn’t have the the strength! Merriwether hits a pair of hard right hands to LIGHTBRINGER’s ribs, and then one to his temple, Tokyo Kisai stumbling back into the middle of the ring. Merriwether leaps up, springboarding off the top rope and hitting a clothesline! LIGHTBRINGER hits the canvas and Merriwether hooks the leg…

    ONE… TWO… - - NO!

    Tokyo Kisai gets a shoulder up, but Merriwether is quick to go back to work. He hits a trio of stomps to LIGHTBRINGER’s right knee, and then an elbow drop to his chest. He lifts up his opponent’s legs, stepping through…

    Jim Taylor: “It looks as if Merriwether is going for that sharpshooter again….”

    Tim Coleman: “Surely this would be the killer blow… He almost has him turned…”

    Jim Taylor: “But NO! LIGHTBRINGER uses his good leg to kick Merriwether off, sending the Hollywood Standard chest first into the turnbuckle… Merriwether stumbles back towards the High Voltage Champion, who’s scrambled back to his feet… LIGHTBRINGER hits a flapjack! Finally he’s beginning to gather some momentum…”

    Tim Coleman: “But he’s heavily favouring that knee, Jim! He can barely stand!”

    LIGHTBRINGER stumbles around the ring, weighing up his next move, before deciding to climb to the top rope…

    Jim Taylor: “Looks like LIGHTBRINGER has decided it’s all or nothing here, going all the way to the top turnbuckle…”

    Tim Coleman: “Heaven knows how he’s climbed without putting weight on that right knee, but he has, and now he steadies himself, waiting for Merriwether to get to his feet…”

    Jim Taylor: “Diving cross body! LIGHTBRINGER rolls away from Merriwether, who lies flat on his back in the middle of the ring!”

    LIGHTBRINGER doesn’t go for the pin, instead waiting in the corner, willing his opponent to get back to his feet. The crowd are feeling the comeback, another ‘TOK-YO KIS-AI!’ chant beginning to gather momentum as Merriwether uses the ropes to climb back to his feet. He stumbles into the middle of the ring, LIGHTBRINGER hobbling towards him and scooping him up…

    Jim Taylor: “Tombstone Piledriver! LIGHTBRINGER hooks the leg!”

    ONE… TWO… T - - NO!

    Jim Taylor: “Merriwether gets the shoulder up! I thought this one was in the books!”

    Tim Coleman: “Just a testament to the resilience, to the GREATNESS, of Marcus Merriwether!”

    Jim Taylor: “But the tide has turned here, a complete one hundred and eighty degree rotation… LIGHTBRINGER sizing up Merriwether for the killer blow!”

    Merriwether slowly makes his way to his feet, and LIGHTBRINGER doubles him over with a kick to the midsection. He takes him in a front face lock, and plants him to the mat with a DDT! Merriwether hits the mat hard and LIGHTBRINGER kips up!! The pain is clearing searing through his knee, but the adrenaline coursing through the rest of his body overrides it, the fans reaching fever pitch. He lifts the Hollywood Standard up, taking him by the hand…

    Jim Taylor: “Looks like he’s going for that LIGHTBRINGER lariat, Tim! He pulls Merriwether towards him…”

    Tim Coleman: “… but the Hollywood Standard ducks it! He still has LIGHTBRINGER by the hand. He drags the High Voltage Champion back around so that he’s facing him… SUPERKICK! SUUUPEEEEERKIIIIIICK!”

    LIGHTBRINGER slumps to the mat, Merriwether falling down into a pinning position, counting along with the referee…

    ONE… TWO… THR - - NO!!!

    Jim Taylor: “LIGHTBRINGER gets a shoulder up at two and nine tenths!!”

    Tim Coleman: “Merriwether can’t believe it! He doesn’t have the energy to follow up, or to argue with the referee. He just rolls off LIGHTBRINGER, both men lying on the mat and sucking in oxygen!”

    The referee begins a count towards ten… Merriwether rolling onto his knees and crawling towards the ropes, using them to help him to his feet. LIGHTBRINGER takes longer to come to, eventually rolling onto his front and forcing himself up to a knee. The referee reaches seven when Merriwether is on his feet, though he simply slumps himself in the corner, breathing in heavily and watching LIGHTBRINGER drag himself to a vertical base, still heavily favouring that right knee. Both men lock eyes once more, shaking away the cobwebs and preparing for the final push…Merriwether finally brings himself out of the corner and once again goes for his patented superkick, but LIGHTBRINGER has it well scouted this time catching Merriwether by the boot and he looks for the LIGHTBRINGER lariat yet Merriwether ducks underneath and tries for his Final Cut finisher...LIGHTBRINGER has answer for that though as he slips away and shoves Merriwether off to the ropes who then hangs on to the ropes only to be rolled up by LIGHTBRINGER...


    So close! Both men rise up and LIGHTBRINGER is ready as he clutches Merriwether by the wrist...LIGHTBRINGER LARIAT! Merriwether is absolutely clobbered as he collapses to the mat and LIGHTBRINGER is there to hook the leg...


    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match, LIGHTBRINGER!

    LIGHTBRINGER celebrates his victory with his arm raised and leaves the ring with his title in hand while Merriwether comes to in the ring.

    "On This Battlefield No One Wins"

    *The scene starts with a flashback to World's Strongest with Edwards winning. The camera is behind Ariel Justice with a view so it is like looking through the eyes of Ariel. Ariel tries crawling to break up the cover but it is too late. The scene then cuts to a view of Ariel sitting against the bottom turnbuckle with her hands on her head. She knows she could of won this but she let it slip away*

    "The Show Must Go On"

    *The Scene cuts to backstage where Ariel Justice is standing in front of a camera. There is no interviewer just the camera and Ariel. She is talking to the crowd and whoever is watching the monitors backstage*

    Ariel: Hello everyone my name if you have forgotten it is Ariel Justice. I have come to CWA to kick ass and chew bubblegum but I ran out of Big League Chew last night. My record hasn't started out the best in this company and tonight I look to change that. Michelle Von Horowitz, you are the trendsetter here. You were the true starter of Women coming into this company and being a fight them all type of girl. You didnt care if it was man,woman,midget,zebra you were down for a fight. I come in with respect for you. You have became a highlight reel everytime you step into this ring. You have potential match of the year candidates with many people. I am excited for tonight as I get to step into the ring with you and we can tear the roof off this motherfucker. We can show everyone around the world that we are not the ladies from previous years who went around more worried about breaking a nail then actually fighting. After the match is over I will reach my hand out to you and you can decide if you want to shake it or not. I will do that as a sign of respect for this company for this business and for myself. I am in the mood for a fight tonight Michelle so I hope your ready because your going to get my all.

    *All of a sudden a backstage worker enters the room*

    Ariel: What the hell do you think you are doing in here?

    Worker: uhm uhm uhm I was told to come deliver this to you

    *The worker hands over a box that is wrapped in Harley Quinn wrapping paper. Ariel looks it over and opens it up as confetti shoots out of it. Ariel never flinched as there is confetti in her hair, on her face, literally everywhere as she looks down into the box. She cracks a smile for a second before getting a serious look on her face*

    Ariel: Nice nice nice I fucking hate confetti. Time to show up destroy and then leave.

    *Ariel walks off the set with the box in her hand as she stares down at it*

    Jim: What the hell is in the box? and Who in the hell is it from?


    Singles Match
    Ariel Justice vs. Michelle von Horrowitz

    Lindsay Monahan: The next match is set for one fall, introducing first...

    "This Fire Burns" hits and the crowd cheers in approval as Ariel Justice briskly walks out looking all business.

    Lindsay Monahan: Making her way to the ring from Tampa, Florida, standing at 5'6 and weighing in tonight at 150lbs, Ariel Justice!

    Jim Taylor: It hasn't been an easy road for Ariel Justice since arriving on the scene in CWA as she looks for her first win still

    Tim Coleman: Nobody ever said life was easy Jim!

    Lindsay Monahan: and her opponent...

    A familiar theme rings out as Michelle wanders out onto the stage, surveying the arena during the opening verse. As the music comes in and Orbison sings 'I close my eyes', she leisurely walks down to the ring. She stops by a young man giving her the thumbs down and she sticks her tongue at the young fan giving the fan a thumbs down in return.

    Lindsay Monahan: Approaching the ring from Rotterdam, the Netherlands and wrestling out of New Orleans, Louisiana. She stands at 170cm and weighs in at 71kg, "Dreamer" Michelle von Horrowitz!

    Jim Taylor: Michelle is coming off a big win over her rival Harrison Wake at World's Strongest in what was an unforgettable two out of three falls match!

    Tim Coleman: You can say that again Jimbo! Remember how I said nobody ever said life was easy? Well, Ariel better get used to that saying because she's going to have her hands full tonight with Michelle!

    Michelle enters the ring and climbs to the second tunbuckle in the ring and points upwards with both hands, staring up at the ceiling. Ariel watches Michelle from her corner like a hawk as Michelle comes down from the second turnbuckle and looks right back at Ariel with a serious expression.


    The two ladies circle each other before locking up in a collar and elbow tie up. Michelle backs Ariel in the corner before being forced to release her grip, and as she does so she lays a slap right across Ariel's cheek leaving it beet red. This fires up Ariel as Michelle spreads her arms out as if to say, "Bring it", and Ariel charges toward Michelle with a clothesline but Michelle takes her by surprise with an arm drag. Ariel is back up in an instant and swings wildly at Michelle, but Michelle is still one step ahead of her as she catches her with another arm drag takedown and applies pressure cranking back on Ariel's arm as well as adding extra pressure on her shoulder. Ariel fights out of it though using her free arm as she peppers Michelle's head with some palm strikes forcing Michelle to relinquish the hold. Ariel regains her composure as she's back on her feet, and swings wildly once more this time striking Michelle flush on the chin with a spinning forearm knocking her slightly silly allowing Ariel to take Michelle off her feet with a snap suplex! Michelle gathers herself as she rolls back in a stance but Ariel is straight back on the attack with a hard kick square in the midsection followed by a DDT, driving Michelle's head to the mat and Ariel with the lateral press hooks the leg...


    Jim Taylor: These two ladies seem so evenly matched

    Tim Coleman: I don't think Michelle expected this from Ariel

    Jim Taylor: I'm certain that Michelle knows better than anyone not to underestimate an opponent

    Ariel keeps Michelle grounded with a chin lock while digging her knee in Michelle's spine to add extra pain. Michelle struggles to fight free as she slips away from Ariel's grasp and slides around before throwing Ariel down with another arm drag and before Ariel can fully recover Michelle connects with a beautifully executed dropkick! Ariel is back up however but Michelle hits a low dropkick that has Ariel down one knee allowing Michelle to rock her with a shining wizard! Ariel drops down as Michelle makes the cover...


    Michelle grabs Ariel by the scruff of her neck bringing her up face to face with her, but Ariel comes back with a jawbreaker that knocks Michelle back some allowing Ariel time to recover. She's quick to grab Michelle in a rear waist lock and Michelle tries to fight free, but Ariel's grip is too tight as she sends Michelle crashing to the mat with a german suplex! Ariel not releasing her grip hits Michelle with another german suplex and once more with a bridge...


    Jim Taylor: Ariel nearly had it there!

    Tim Coleman: Talk about an upset if Michelle hadn't kicked out

    Ariel ponders what to do next when she notices someone on top of the stage watching her.

    Jim Taylor: It looks like Ariel has a fan in Jenny Vegas

    Tim Coleman: It's no secret Jim that Jenny has some weird obsession with Ariel

    Jenny stands on stage watching from afar as Ariel shoots her a glare when from she's caught by surprise from behind as Michelle rolls her up!


    Ariel kicks out in time and rolls back to her feet, but Michelle nails her with a boot to the gut before sending her off the ropes and on the return she catches her with a calf kick! Ariel rolls away underneath the bottom rope yet Michelle hits her this time with a baseball slide that sends Ariel to the outside. Once Ariel regains her composure she's met with a suicide dive! Michelle knocks Ariel back first into the barricade and then takes Ariel by the hair and tosses her back in the ring. Michelle sets up Ariel in position before hitting a picture perfect slingshot leg drop! Michelle lands feet first outside after hitting the leg drop as Ariel tries to recover. Michelle hops up on the apron and wills Ariel, who soon rises to her feet unaware as Michelle connects with a springboard cross body! Michelle then hooks the leg...


    Michelle proceeds to climb up taking her time giving Ariel the proper recovery time as she strikes Michelle on the leg bringing her down on the top turnbuckle in a prone position. Ariel props herself on the second turnbuckle and hooks Michelle up before bringing her down with a thunderous suplex from the second rope! Ariel, having nearly taken herself out with that slowly drapes her arm over Michelle...


    Michelle with a shoulder up in time and Ariel cannot believe it. She brings herself back up and briefly glances over at Jenny, who still remains on stage watching intently. Ariel brings Michelle to her feet and readies her for a double underhook facebuster, but Michelle gains a second wind as she frees herself and nails Ariel in the back of the head with a forearm strike. She follows up with an execellent Regal-plex with a bridge...


    Ariel kicks out but Michelle is quick to react as she turns this right into a crossface chickenwing before she eventually turns that into a cattle mutilation submission hold!

    Jim Taylor: Ariel is in quite the pickle now!

    Michelle relinquishes the hold once she realizes that Ariel is not going to give up showing her the slightest bit of mercy. Michelle brings Ariel up on her shoulders in position for the Psycho Driver I, but Arielescapes it flipping herself behind Michelle and locks in a rear waist lock yet Michelle has an answer for that as she throws back several elbow strikes until Ariel releases her grip. Michelle with a quick boot to the midsection before hoisting Michelle on her shoulders...PSYCHO DRIVER I! She hits all of it as Ariel is seeing stars while Michelle hooks the far leg...


    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match, Michelle von Horrowitz!

    Jim Taylor: Another big win for Michelle as she rolls along, but you can't take anything away from Ariel who threw everything she could at Michelle

    Michelle leaves the ring and exhaustedly walks back up the ramp to back, brushing past Jenny who walks down the ramp and enters the ring as Ariel is being helped by the official. Jenny obliges to take Ariel's hand and as she takes it she plants a small peck on the back of her hand before exiting and leaving Ariel with a confused look.

    Jim Taylor: Ariel isn't the only one confused by this bizarre behavior from Jenny, what does it mean?

    Tim Coleman: Don't ask me! I'm just as confused by that weirdo as you and everyone else is!

    Backstage we find Michelle Kelly hunting down Noah Hanson, who is seen on his way out of the arena before he turns around to greet the eager interviewer.

    Noah Hanson: Please Miss Kelly, make it quick. I'm a rather busy man and I have places that I need to be...

    Michelle Kelly: Well Mr. Hanson, first of all what are you going to do about the actions of The Indy Club tonight?

    Noah Hanson: I saw they did tonight, and I'll address those situations next week.

    Michelle Kelly: One more thing, who will be next in line for the High Voltage championship?

    Noah Hanson: Well, I guess I can make this official since I am technically in charge due to that unfortunate incident involving Miss Anderson and our world champion. I have been watching closely, and after some careful thinking I've decided that at the next PPV it will be LIGHTBRINGER defending his championship against the man he defeated for the title, Elijah Edwards!

    A loud pop resonates from inside the arena.

    Noah Hanson: AND Michelle von Horrowitz! Yes, it will be a triple threat match for the High Voltage Championship! Now if you'll excuse me Miss Kelly...

    With that, Noah and his associates get inside their limo and take off leaving Michelle to take in what she just heard.


    The sounds of Primus’s rocked-out tune "Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver" can only mean one thing: CWA World Tag Team Champions are on their way out to the ring! With the main event still to come at the end of the show, it seems that Connor’s first plans to grace the Canadian crowd with their presence before Ethan competes against Jermaine Creed. Sure enough, the ever-confident champions step out onto the stage, where they are immediately greeted by an overwhelming barrage of boos from the fans. Even those wearing Indy Club shirts are jeering The Brothers right now, uniting to shower their scorn upon the obnoxiously self-assured Best Tag Team in the world and to show support to their Canadian brother, everyone getting behind the home town boys Of course,all the booing in the world could not wipe the cocky smirks from both brothers faces, and they simply soaks-up the verbal abuse from the crowd with a self-satisfied smile. Drew takes a back seat for a moment stepping back letting his brother have his moment seeing as he’s the one bringing home the bacon tonight. Ethan looks around and shakes his head dismissively at the unfriendly crowd, then slicks his hands up in the air pointing to himself as he loudly declares that "You all came to see ME!With total confidence, Ethan swaggers toward the ring with -his brother following behind, looking a little bored knowing that he’s not in the spotlight. -Ethan pauses briefly only to turn up his nose at some of the fans in the front rows that use some "creative" and definitely not PG language in the abuse they are hurling at him. His title belt is fastened tightly around his waist, over a pure black Indy Club shirt He jumps up onto the ring apron and absorbs another loud wave of boos, which causes him to cockily point down to his platinum belt and shout back at them "You're looking at the best in the world! So get used to it! As Drew rolls in quietly"Ethan smirks as his antics seem to have stirred up even more hostility from the live crowd, if that were even possible, then finally ducks into the ring. He paces up and down, taking in the sight of the packed arena around him before he produces a CWA-branded microphone that he had stashed in the pocket While Drew retreats into the corner resting back against it leaning back as. Ethan taps the mic a few times, warning the crowd that it's time for them to shut up because he has something to say!

    Ethan Connor: First of all, Canada... I want to tell you that we don't appreciate that unfriendly reception. Whatever happened to a little thing called 'hospitality', huh? What happened to making a visitor feel welcome in your town? Especially when those visitors' happens to be the Tag Team Champion of the World, and undeniably the best thing that's ever happened to Canada since Jonathan McGinnis and we all know that nobody in this town's done a damn thing ever since then, I'd expect you to be a little bit more appreciative when someone with actual talent finally sets foot in Canada again!

    The crowd do not respond well to these words from the champion, and the boos come from all sides until he yells into his microphone

    Ethan Connor: Oh, go ahead and boo as much as you want! It doesn't change the fact that after I'm finished stealing the show like only we can tonight? We’ll be on the first flight out of here. While each and every one of you will have to continue to live out your lives in this dump. So I think we all know who's coming out ahead, don't we?

    Ethan smirks to himself, even as the crowd get more boos out of their collective system. Ethan looks to his brother. Who shrugs with total indifference toward their hostility, before Drew carries on with what he has to say

    Ethan Connor:
    Ah, but there’s two men that I think will feel more at home here in Canada than we ever could. Jermaine Creed and Kendrick Lethal …

    The crowd react to the mention of the hometown fans with a LOUD response that soon evolves into a brief yet vocal “CREED IS GONNA KILL YOU” chant which gets a chuckle from Drew as Ethan listens to the chants, an amused smile appearing on his face before the chanting finally dies away

    Ethan Connor Alright, alright... as I was saying... Creed should feel right at home here because, just like all of you people, he and his lover loves to live in a constant state of denial. Oh, it's true. All of you Canucks like to fool yourselves into thinking this is actually a nice place to live... or that any of your kids have a brighter future than asking "Do you want fries with that?" at the drive-through window...

    He shrugs nonchalantly when the crowd start to boo him again, then even goes so far as to point at a very young child in the crowd that's being carried by his Dad for a better view, both father and son decked out in Jon Snow merchandise

    Ethan Connor ... especially that kid. But just like all of you, Creed and Lethal likes to delude themselves as well. Because for the past couple of week, They’ve been throwing their name out there as worthy contenders for our titles!

    Ethan makes a show of looking incredulous, like the very idea of Murder Inc presenting themselves as a possible challenger for their titles in the first place is somehow inherently laughable

    Ethan Connor: As if they’ve actually done anything lately to deserve to step into the same ring as us, let alone have their name mentioned in any conversation about our Tag Team Championships! See Creed and his boy made plenty of claims... he told anybody that would care to listen that he was going to win the Tag Team titles. That they were going to be the ones to shut us up. That THEY were the big bad unstoppable force in CWA .

    Ethan shakes his head before he smirks at the crowd

    Ethan Connor:....But Murder Inc’s claims don't quite mesh with reality, now do they? After all of those big promises and empty threats, when push comes to shove. When the chips were down. When it came to back up their big talk...What happened? what did they actually accomplish?

    Ethan seems to take great pleasure in answering his own rhetorical question

    Ethan Connor
    : Absolutely nothing. They deluded himself into thinking they stood a chance of taking our titles away from us... they built themselves up with all of these grand claims... but when push came to shove, Murder Inc choked on their promises. They couldn't follow through on a single word that they said. And yet somehow, their failures haven't even made a dent on that state of denial that they lives in. Because despite everything, Creed and Kendrick are STILL running around like their tough shit

    Ethan looks extremely unimpressed by Murder Inc’s apparent behaviour and reaches down to rest a hand on the belt around his waist. He shakes his head with irritation, meanwhile Drew seems to be….texting on his phone?! Ethan looks over to his brother with a confused frown on his face but Drew calmly waves him off as we hear him mouth the words “Keep going. You’re doing great” shrugging Ethan continues on

    Ethan Connor:Hey, It's not like those two hasn't already received a FAIR shot opportunities to show what us what they can do on the big stage...

    He tilts his head to one side, as a malicious smirk appears on his face

    Ethan Connor:... or should I say, show what they CAN'T do. Oh, I admit, at World’s Strongest? They TRIED. They went out there to win. And they were good that night. But you need an LOT more than good to beat us. But good try dorks at least you showed up. Bravo, I guess?

    Ethan shrugs dismissively, but look annoyed when the crowd start to boo him for his bad attitude

    Ethan Connor: Oh, don't go feeling sorry for them! Do I need to remind you that they were HANDED that match after what? ONE match?

    Ethan shakes his head

    Ethan Connor
    And now they’re angling for ANOTHER shot?!

    Ethan rolls his eyes, before looking around at the crowd with an inquiring expression

    Ethan Connor: You wanna know how long WE had to wait to EARN a shot? TWO months. And once we did we put on countless Match of the Year candidates... winning championships and... breaking records... and redefining an entire division as Tag Team Champions!

    There are actually some muted cheers from the more smarky fans in the crowd,that remember all of The Echo’s accomplishments. But their cheers don't manage to get the crowd on his good side, as Ethan just sneers at these attempts to hop aboard the Echo bandwagon

    Ethan Connor: Oh, shut up! Like I need any of you people to cheer for us! The fact is, we can rely on OURSELVES to get ahead... and WE have the near flawless record to prove it. The simple fact of the matter is that we accomplished more in our CWA "rookie year" than Jermaine Creed will in his ENTIRE career… I defeated Creed in the middle of the ring.and yet he still seems to think that he somehow deserves title opportunities that me and my brother never had. Who does he think he is, exactly? What has Creed done to earn these constant title shots, huh? I can't remember seeing him ever achieve the kind of things that have earned him a place in the CWA history books like we have. I don't remember any record-breaking title reigns that Creed was responsible for. I can't think back to any competitive divisions that he single-handedly revolutionized. The only thing that Creed's revolutionized lately is crappy rap songs!.

    Ethan rolls his eyes

    Ethan Connor: ... and if that's all he has going for him, it's really not going to cut it. Although I suppose he'd tell us all that he and Lethal "worked for it"...

    Ethan makes some air-quotes, and his general attitude makes it clear that he would beg to differ while Drew snorts in the corner in derision

    Ethan Connor:..After all, he have SUCH a good story. Growing up in the streets. Travelling the world blah blah….but seriously? Murder Inc already had a shot at our belt in their SECOND match Is he really so arrogant and full-of-himself that he believes they’ve worked harder than anyone else that could be receiving the opportunities that keep getting handed to them? I can tell you all for a fact that he hasn't worked harder than us... heck, we actually beat them in the middle of the ring... but they were STILL given shots before we were. Is that because he and Lethal are such a "hard worker", or because he's a walking, talking tool to TRY and get the belts off us and that can sell t-shirts to all the little kids in the crowd that will stupidly beg Mommy and Daddy to buy something they can wear on the playground the next day to seem “cool” ? No offense, Canada

    The abundance of Murder Inc fans in attendance take exception to that remark, even if some of the parents have been emotionally blackmailed into taking an expensive trip to the merchandise stands, but Ethan shrugs off their

    Ethan Connor:BOO ALL YOU LIKE! But let me ask a question... what respect has Jermaine Creed ever shown to us? Since the day that he walked into this company, he's done nothing but look down his nose at us... judging us... acting like he's something special... despite everything that we’ve done around here. And... I... am... SICK OF IT!

    Ethan yells into his microphone to cut across the sound of the booing crowd. In the ring, Ethan listens to this chanting, taking a few moments to let his last words settle before he says anything more. When he's finally ready to speak again, Ethan quickly waves off the chance then raises his mic to continue addressing his issues with Creed

    Ethan Connor:Jermaine Creed has shown no respect for me or my brother despite all of our obvious talents. He continues to look down on us, even though we’ve proven on multiple occasions that we are in a different league to them... or anyone else on this roster! Creed acts like he's better than us, for reasons that I defy anybody to explain! He's shown absolutely no respect... and just a fundamental lack of understanding about who the hell we are!!

    Ethan expression shows some of his annoyance and anger, but he quickly keeps talking to avoid getting too worked up about the perceived disrespect

    Ethan Connor: When they were running us down in the middle of the ring. Did we swoop in and beat them down like they deserved? When they won their ONE and ONLY match. Did we assault them when they were at their most vulnerable? No. You know why? Because we don’t need to! because in case he'd forgotten, we’ve already beaten him and Lethal when they were at the top of their game! They acted like they didn't know who the hell we are, or what we’ve capable of. He disrespected is, and showed no regard for our abilities! (The crowd start to boo, but Ethan is far from finished) but he obviously didn't take a single word that we said seriously.

    “When does anyone?” Drew mutters again not looking from his phone reminding everyone he’s there

    Ethan Connor:... In his deluded brain, they had nothing to worry about. But we showed him that not only are we to be taken seriously? We’ve just too good. You’d think he’d learn that by now. But he’s probably still making the same threats. He's probably still claiming he deserves that Murder Inc deserve to be in contention for our championship. And he's still acting like he's got what it takes to beat me, even though he's done NOTHING to back that up! Creed hasn't learned anything at all. Or does he really, truly believe that he can step straight into this ring and do any better against me than at World’s Strongest. No... I think this is just more of Creed’s ego talking, more of the same misplaced disrespect that he's shown us ever since he's been here, and more of the delusional behavior that means Creed will NEVER be ready for what I'm going to throw at him when he steps back into the ring with me tonight.

    A confident smile returns to Ethan's face, replacing the look of anger and annoyance that had briefly appeared. Although there is still plenty of resentment toward Creed within the Champion, the thought of actually facing him in the ring and venting some of the aggression he has been harbouring is enough to improve Ethan's mood tremendously.

    Ethan Connor: In case Creed didn't notice, which wouldn't surprise me,we can actually follow through on our promises. Which, as I'm sure we don't need to remind you people, is something he doesn't actually do... or is Murder Inc the champs? No, I didn't think so.

    Ethan grins while the fans boo

    Ethan Connor: Murder Inc is all-talk, while we actually backup every word that we say and he should have listened when we told him what would happen because at World’s Strongest it’s happened exactly as we said it would.
    But whatever! If Creed really wants to come at me, then he can BRING IT ON! Because like I said, I've beaten him before, and I will damn sure beat him again.

    Ethan's face is filled with the same kind of relentless confidence as his words, although there is no mistaking the look of determined intensity in his eyes

    Ethan Connor: It's not about the plucky underdogs triumphing in the face of overwhelming odds against the cocky champions. No... in reality? It only comes down to who wants it more. Who's willing to go that extra mile, to pull out all the stops, in order to get what they want. And I can promise each and every one of you, right now... NOBODY wants this more than we do. NOBODY is willing to go further or work harder than we have! we are the Champions for a reason... and as much as Creed and Kendricks might dream about holding these belt again someday, but Creed had better wake up from that fantasy world and understand the reality that the Echo Era is here to stay!

    Understandably, the fans in attendance are not pleased to hear Ethan's brash announcements. They soon respond with another rousing Murder Inc chant to try and get under the champion's skin. But Ethan does not look particularly impressed with the chanting,

    Ethan Connor: Listen to yourselves as if that's going to make any difference at all. Creed might have convinced all of you that somehow he's going to get the job done tonight. Heck, he might even have convinced himself. But believing something doesn't necessarily make it true and despite how much we spanked them. He still hasn't learned a damn thing about us. Because if he really had? He'd know that he can NEVER match the kind of determination that we have. He'd know that holding onto these titles...

    Ethan points down at the belt around his waist

    Ethan Connor: ... and being recognised as the single greatest Tag Team in the world today? It all means literally EVERYTHING to us.

    With a focused look in his eyes, Ethan quickly unstraps his championship then holds it up in the air beside him

    Ethan Connor:
    Creed has no idea what this really means to us... and he has no idea what I'm capable of doing to keep our spot at the top. We’ve worked harder than anyone to get where we are today, and I'm NOT letting someone like Creed stop us now. We’ve not letting this POSER try to steal focus away from a real wrestler... a real athlete... a real CHAMPION... like me! But luckily for wrestling... and luckily for ALL OF YOU... I'm not going to stand back and let anybody try to steal our spotlight, least of all Jermaine Creed. He can ram how much of a bad ass he is sp far down everybody's throats that they choke, but no matter how many fans are behind him, it won't make a difference. It won't stop me from giving Creed the reality-check that he desperately needs. It won't stop me from forcing him to understand that being the tag team champions actually means something to me, and tonight he's going to find out what that is. I’m nothing like Creed, spending half of my life pandering to people.II don't waste my time parading around to my hometown No... my focus... our ONLY focus... is what happens inside this ring. Our only focus is on proving exactly why we’ve as damn good as we say we are..the be-all and end-all of CWA! Sure we’ve in Canada And that's fine, that's great for him. But he needs to learn... and learn fast... that inside a CWA ring? The name Canada doesn’t mean a thing And the only name... the ONLY name... that matters is Connor!

    With that said, Ethan throws down his microphone and thrusts his Championship belt high into the air. The crowd boo him from all sides of the arena, practically drowning out the sounds of their theme music when the song starts playing across the sound-system. Ethan is not shaken in the slightest by the unanimously negative response of the Canadian crowd as he sweeps a hand through his dirty brown hair and smirks with his customary confidence….While Drew works on his high score in Candy Crush. The battle-lines have been drawn heading into tonight's main event... and whatever their feelings about their fellow Canadian. it sounds like this crowd might all be rooting against the insufferable Connor here tonight! But The Echo has never been the kind of men to rely on the support of the CWA Universe to succeed, and he certainly plans to make everyone in this arena cry themselves to sleep tonight after he makes Jermaine Creed sorry he ever stepped back into the Connor Country

    Main Event
    Ethan Conner w/Drew Conner vs. Jermaine Creed w/Kendrick Lethal
    w/ w/

    GANG hits and Jermaine Creed explodes from behind the curtain hyped up and ready for a fight as Kendrick Lethal is behind him hyping him up some more as the crowd roars in approval of them.

    Lindsay Monahan: Making his way to the ring and being accompanied by Kendrick Lethal, from Quebec City, Quebec, Canada and weighing in at 201lbs, "The Physics Killer" Jermaine Creed!


    The match begins as Ethan look to taunt...but gets CRACKED in the mouth by Jermaine, who's pissed off and still steaming after coming up short at World's Strongest. The younger Conner is battered into a corner as Drew yells at the ref to get Jermaine out of there, while Kendrick is encouraging this street mugging. Jermaine does back off...for a minute, but then drills Ethan with a running boot to the head. Ethan is staggered as the super athletic Jermaine is imposing his will early on, knowing that any victory over the Echo, singles or tag, is a step towards title contention.

    As such, Jermaine uses his potent physical power to suplex Ethan damn near out of his boots, battering the brash Tag Champion repeatedly as the crowd is eating up the punishment that Ethan is suffering. One of Jermaine's throws sends Ethan out of the ring to the arena floor, and Jermaine is quick to follow. Ethan scampers away as Drew cuts of Jermaine, telling him to back off and do something useful like carry his bags or shill his merch or something or another. Not sure, it's pretty racist. Either way, Kendrick cuts in and gets in Drew's face as the ref is telling them to back down or get expelled, but the distraction allows Ethan to low blow Jermaine and drill him with a superkick!

    Ethan, still a bit battered, is still a Conner and therefore insufferable as he cracks a smile and taunts his professional wrestling prowess as he slides Jermaine back in the ring and goes for a cover, where Jermaine powers out at one. Jermaine tries to quickly regain a vertical base but Ethan kicks at him and keeps him staggered enough to drive him headfirst into the mat with a headscissors driver. Kendrick looks concerned as Drew cheers his brother on while antagonizing the fans. Loud boos rain down as Ethan goes for another cover, once again only getting a one count.

    Ethan then does what a Conner usually does: attack like a rabid pitbull and cheat at every opportunity to keep Jermaine grounded. Ethan's target is the head and neck of Jermaine and, as the match goes on, it's becoming more obvious that Jermaine's feeling the effects of Ethan's assault as each kickout is becoming more and more labored. Kendrick continues to get the crowd to rally behind Jermaine as Drew shouts at him to shut up...right before spouting off more vitriol.

    Ethan is feeling real good about his life right now as he is taking more and more time to taunt as opposed to attack. But, much as it has in the past, his persistence in arrogant taunting is giving more and more time for his opponent to recuperate. Ethan has Jermaine down as he looks to finish him off with a flashy move, a springboard shooting star. Ethan springboards...JERMAINE GETS THE KNEES UP! Both men are down as they try to get back to their feet and Ethan is first. A bit pissed off at his flashy move being blocked, he goes for a buzzsaw kick...which Jermaine catches. Jermaine is wide eyed with a kind of primal rage as he chops Ethan HARD in the chest, leaving a palm-sized welt. Jermaine starts to batter the Tag Champion with elbows and forearms as Ethan is unable to stand up to the barrage. Ethan is whipped into the ropes and then taken down hard with a spinebuster! Ethan tries to crawl to a corner to get some distance, but Jermaine follows up with a pair of knees to the chest! Ethan is clutching his chest for air as Jermaine uses his knees again, diving off the top turnbuckle! Jermaine goes for a cover...

    NO! Ethan kicks out, barely avoiding the three count. Jermaine decides enough is enough as he picks up Ethan for the Creed of Violence, but Ethan elbows his way out. He looks for a rebound move as he runs the ropes, but Jermaine FLATTENS HIM with a straight right hand. Once again, Jermaine goes for a Creed of Violence, and this time connects it! This match looks over as Jermaine covers...



    NO! Drew senses the end and pulls the referee out. The referee is yelling at Drew, Drew is yelling back, and Kendrick is yelling at both. Drew says something REALLY racist, and that leads to a wild brawl between them! Jermaine tells Kendrick to whup his ass as the referee is distracted by the chaos...distracted enough that he doesn't see Jermaine turn around right into a title belt shot to the head! Ethan quickly tosses the belt back outside as he goes for his springboard shooting star and connects! The referee sees the cover, makes the count, and Ethan scores yet another tainted victory!

    Jim Taylor: That's the type of shenanigans you can expect from these two!

    Ethan and Drew celebrate like they won the super bowl while Kendrick checks on Jermaine in the ring as the show comes to a close.


    Match credits
    Cyrus Truth: Main event
    SuperSaiyan: Edwards vs. Dreamer, LIGHTBRINGER vs. Merriwether
    Jimmy King: Mason vs. Martin, Justice vs. MVH

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live from Vancouver, BC, Canada

    Very entertaining show. The club really run things. Its crazy how much the show is them. Solid singles matches especially double Es and Dreamer's match. Im glad i picked my first victory and i like how my character was potrayed i csn build on that.
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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live from Vancouver, BC, Canada

    And with that, Dustin Dreamer comes to an end. Was fun but I had nothing left to do with the character.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live from Vancouver, BC, Canada

    Quote Originally Posted by Matrix View Post
    And with that, Dustin Dreamer comes to an end. Was fun but I had nothing left to do with the character.

    This is a shame. One of my favourite new characters...

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live from Vancouver, BC, Canada

    Great show!

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live from Vancouver, BC, Canada

    Quote Originally Posted by SuperSaiyan View Post

    This is a shame. One of my favourite new characters...
    Not quite sure when, but I'll be back with a different character at some point. Already have a few ideas and they all have more potential than Dreamer.

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