I just don't know what to think of England at this tournament. Good team that's dominated games and been unlucky not to score more, or an average team that's struggling to break teams down? It actually might be beneficial for England to get Portugal in the next round because I'm sick of us playing teams that stick 10 men behind a ball and won't attack us; it really isn't our strength to break down defenses and we might get more joy against a side that will play more attacking players and leave space in behind. As for 'oh but we'll get France in the Quarters', gimme a break, we gotta face someone difficult at some stage if we want to keep progressing. We might as well go home if all we're doing is hoping for an easy time of it.

It's funny how going into the tournament, the big positive for England was the strike force we have and the big concern was the defence, and yet we've never looked like losing a game, the full backs have been bright (Walker especially), Smalling and Cahill have been quietly great at the back, but all our strikers look unconvincing. Tonight was a good example of why Vardy to Arsenal would be the wrong move for all parties, although than that one chance in the first half, he was anonymous and doesn't suit a possession based side. Also, the complete flip flop on Rooney is textbook fickleness from football fans. 3 weeks ago he shouldn't of been in the squad according to the majority, now there's an inquest because Roy dropped him. 6 changes was a lot, but really Henderson in for Rooney was the only stinker of a call, everything else on paper didn't look like it would hamper England too much.

Well done Wales. That late Russia goal cost us, but we just can't put teams to the sword and have paid the price for that.

Just a wider point on these Euros, we're starting to see the draw back in a 24 team format where defensive play is being rewarded. These 3rd group games could turn into a right snoozefest when teams know they'll qualify with a draw. England tonight, and France yesterday have been two of the worst games.