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Thread: Adrenaline Rush: Live from Jacksonville, FL

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    Adrenaline Rush: Live from Jacksonville, FL

    CWA Adrenaline Rush is deep within the action as the cameras pan to the backstage area, more specifically, the locker room area. The cameras peep into the locker rooms, where we see the various lockers and benches, but something different catches their eye. The fans immediately see familiar faces-Drew and Ethan Connor collectively known as The Echo. The fans immediately boo at the sight of the tag champs, as they stood turned to the camera. On the benches beside them are the converted CWA World titles. In Drew’s hand was a white Styrofoam cup filled with what we could assume was coffee or tea.

    Drew Connor: Can you believe it?”

    Ethan stood there ruefully shaking his head . Drew stood there, coffee cup in hand as he took a sip of it. It must have been a gross cup of coffee as he immediately reacted accordingly.

    Drew Connor “Okay, first of all, whoever made this cup of coffee should be fired on the spot. Seriously. How hard is it to add two creams, one sugar? It's not hard--- a monkey could do that. Hell, Michelle could even do it!”

    Drew was completely dumbfounded. He threw the coffee cup to the side as the light brown liquid fell to the ground, making a mess. The brothers would both look at the mess both shrugging their shoulders not even caring one bit

    Ethan Connor: Lightbringer will mop that up later.”

    The crowd reacted accordingly, as a loud chorus of 'Oooooohhhhh' rang loud. They smirked and continued onward turning to the camera

    Drew Connor: Bad coffee aside, let's get down to brass tax shall we?

    Ethan Connor: “Oh boy oh boy oh boy….

    Drew Connor: We’ve been in this company for a year, almost a full year since we first signed on the dotted line for CWA we’ve been waiting and praying and BEGGING for this match and now almost a year later…..we got everything we’ve been screaming at the next fight night. Main Event. …One of the poster boys. It’s X-mas come early.

    Drew runs his hands through his hair and smacks his brother on the shoulder

    Drew Connor: Bro? Get your harpoon ready. We’ve going whaling”

    Ethan claps his hands together clearly excited

    Ethan Connor: This night has a been a LOOOOONG time coming. This should have been the main event of Five Star Attraction.It should have been OUR names on the marquee, the spotlight, that belonged to us, but that night in Detroit at The WrestleRoyale, Michelle Von Whatever saved your damn life.

    Drew Connor: ...and your title. It doesn’t matter if it’s just one of us, Or Both of us, at Five Star Attraction that belt was destined to come back home to the trailer parks with us.But you dodged a bullet that night. You avoid the match of your life and instead you got….Michelle.

    Drew wrinkles up his nose and Ethan scoffs as if to say “Seriously”

    Drew Connor: “Seriously? We’ve meant to be impressed by what you did that night? Beating a girl who looks like she’s a 12-year-old boy whose balls haven’t dropped yet? Who's not even half your size? Whoop-de-do.

    Ethan Connor: “Seriously who even remembers Five Star Attraction anyway?I don’t all people remember about it was when the Indy Club smacked around Johnny Vegas like a prison bitch.

    Drew Connor: “If you don’t give us the spotlight, we take it.

    Ethan Connor: Just like tonight’s main events. We’ve been clamouring for this match for months. MONTHS on end, we’ve been saying that you put us in the ring with any of the big players the main event impact players and each and every one of them would be made our bitches. Since day one we told them that. Day one. The first goal was always to win these titles

    As he speaks Ethan grabs his own belt from the bench and shoves it in full view of the camera making sure everyone can see the nameplate “Connor” on the belts

    Drew Connor: And we did that of course, but unlike most tag teams? We’ve not happy with that. The day AFTER we won these belts for the first time we marched into Richman’s office put our feet on his expensive coffee table smacked his PA’s ass and we said; “We want main events. We want big Jon. We want MVH. We want title shots. Main Events. MONEY. We want what we’ve got coming to us, that was always the plan. Pure domination allll over CWA. We get the Tag Team titles. He gets the High Voltage Title I get the World title it-

    Ethan Connor: “Woah, woah, woah! Wait. Why do you get the world title? I want the world title!

    Drew Connor: Semantics Ethan. Semantics. I’m just making a point.

    Ethan Connor: “Ok, Great. So YOU can get the High Voltage Title and I get the World title. Every-

    Drew Connor: Hey! Cool, your jets chief! Why should YOU get the world title!? I’m the older brother!

    Ethan Connor “First of all, don't call me Chief! Do I look like I am wearing feathers to you?! Second of all, it's called the World HEAVYWEIGHT title for a reason! I’m exactly six pounds more heavy then you. Between the two of us, I’m the most qualified!

    Drew Connor:-I don’t believe this- Look do we really have to do through this again? Remember that show we did in Kentucky? Where we were booked against each other?

    Ethan Connor: Oh you gotta bring THAT up!

    Drew Connor: How did that end for you huh? I pinned you!

    Ethan did not take too kindly to that absolute fact that DC dropped on him as he begins to shout and wave his arms around


    Drew Connor: “WE WERE INSIDE!”



    The two were bickering back and forth much to the amusement of the live crowd. Drew stopped, took a deep breath and smiled as he closed his eyes and shook his head backing off a little his hand raised in a traditional “cool off” motion

    Drew Connor: “Look, it doesn’t matter -Even though I did beat you- The point is, we never got those big matches, we never got those shots. You know what we got instead, bottom feeders and dorks who couldn’t keep up with us on their best day. We were stranded in mid card hell. Because that’s what tag team wrestling has become, CWA had been brainwashed to expect mediocrity from their tag team champions. Every other tag team, before us, has never had OUR ambition. Our desire and most importantly OUR talent! You line up every single world champion in this company's history and I PROMISE you we’ll tear them all apart,and we’ve been telling the world that since DAY ONE. And only now are people actually listening to us.

    Sure things might have been a little tense there, but at the reminder of how far they’ve come Ethan smiles again and slings his belts around his shoulder

    Ethan Connor: The Indy Club rules this place, WE run this place The Leaders Of The Tag Team Revolution. The Wet Dream Team! The Party Starters! The Golden Gods Of Wrestling. Yada, yada, yada, other names we can't think of right now. Just like we told you last week we DOMINATED THE CWA. We did exactly what we said we were going to do, we told them we were going to take back OUR belts from those two mouth breathers! And now? The Echo are simply the best thing going today! There isn't even a close second!

    Drew Connor: Back to jerking the curtain Bruce and Benny…

    Ethan Connor: “Drew, this is a family show.”

    Drew didn't care and,quite frankly,neither did Ethan

    Ethan Connor:“Quite honestly, even though The Moment gave the worst performance we have ever seen since Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern, the sad fact remains that they got to experience what the main event truly feels like, but trust me,dorks,after Retribution, you'll be back to the bottom of the card, exactly where you belong

    Drew Connor:My last bowel movement was harder than beating these two dorks.”

    They both share a chuckle at that for a moment before moving on

    Ethan Connor: But that’s the past. Now we look to the future. Now we look to the Snowman…

    Drew Connor: Let’s go ahead and take The Indy club out of this, let go ahead and take the champ out of the equation. Boom. Nonfactor. No, our problems with tubs started a long time, Johnny shoved his foot down Johnny Vegas’s Throat. See I don’t know if you remember this snowman, but we were actually signed in the exact same week. That week, we should have had a ticket tape parade through the doors of CWA. That should have been the headline in pro wrestling. Hell, they should have handed us the tag team titles the day we walked through the front door. But no, NO ONE was talking about us….but you wanna know who they were talking about….YOU.

    Ethan Connor: “Every damn mark and dork were sucking you off “Oh Jon Snowmantashi is here! Oh, he’s so great! I can’t WAIT until he gets a title shot!”

    The Echo seem impossibly appalled at the idea that someone actually got more attention than them, clearly the worse thing they can think of. As Drew holds up two fingers in disgust

    Drew Connor: “Two weeks. That how long it took you to get the main event match. Two. Weeks. You wanna know what we were doing? We were OPENING the damn show, we some ass wipes that couldn’t hang five minutes with us! This is only our SECOND main event match. We literally crawled our way from the bottom of the card to the main event, while you were HANDED the limelight. No one was helping US out. We didn’t abuse a friendship with the world champ to get to the top. But yet there you were, the ink on your contract not even dry and you’ve got handed to you what it took us a LIFETIME to work for and that. Pisses. Us. off.

    Ethan Connor: You want to know something Stay Puff. You’re not as bad as you THINK you are, you’re not as bad as THEY think you are, are you big? As a tank. Are you tough? Sure. But are you….heh….”Kaiju”? Nope

    He draws out the word “Kaju”his tone totally full of scorn and his voice dripping with sarcasm

    Drew Connor: That’s the problem with you Puro f**ks. You believe your own hype. You all got your heads up your asses.

    Ethan Connor: Or up our asses.

    They both share matching smirks at that comment enjoying alluding to the incident that got them thrown out of Japan

    Drew Connor, See guys like you and Lightbringer, just because you have a chop fetish and you’re all stiff as balls that that makes you BETTER than us. We spent YEARS in your dojo’s and they had to kick us out because we were destroying Tokyo like his name was God and my name Zilla.

    Ethan Connor: “Its time for a wake-up call boy! You think you’re invincible and you think were just pipsqueaks that you can just slap around. You think you’re a fighter? You haven’t fought for dick into the ring with The Connors. See You got a handicap match against The Moment a few weeks ago and you could have won that match with your hands tied behind your back….It’s the Moment. So What?! We ain’t Benny and Bruce! We’ve The Echo Mother F**ker/ We’ve he the greatest Tag Team this company has ever SEEN. No fuck that. We’ve the finest wrestlers on the globe. We are ELITE. We don’t care if you’re the greatest single wrestler in the world. You’re still just. One. Man. A fat man. A UGLY man. But just ONE man and you want to take BOTH of on at the same time?! You’re out of your mind.

    Drew Connor: You’ve seen that movie, wattacall it?! King Kong, See. King Kong was just strolling around using New York as his own personal playground and he climbed to the highest place he could possibly go, and he felt INVINCIBLE but soon enough here comes the fighter jets

    Ethan Connor Rat-ta-ta-ta-ta

    Ethan bends his hands and fingers in the shape of guns holds them up and begins to move them in a swaying movement making the sound of guns with is hands

    Drew Connor: ...And sure he tried swiping at that but they were just TOO fast. TOO Quick. TOO many and they cut his hairy ass full of bullets and he fell all. The. way. down. to earth.

    Drew empathise the last four words by jabbing his finger at the ground

    Ethan Connor: “See, you can fight all you want, but at the end of the day, you’re just ONE man. Going up against the most dominating team and the most dominating club Pro Wrestling has ever seen. Johnny broke you physically at Retribution and we’ve here to pick apart what’s left and we’d like to say that this was just club business….but it’s not.It’s personal.Ethan, what’s the code everyone in CWA has to follow? “You don’t Fuck with our family. You don’t disrespect us. EVER

    Drew Connor: ….And you Snowman. You had the nerve . The BALLS. To go on national TV and tell the world that:Tthe Echo are disgracefulresura’s who use silly means to draw attention to themselves because they not know how to really fight

    Ethan looks to the ground for a moment his face steadily growing red shaking his head clearly stunned by the remark as his brother laughs in bemusement

    Drew Connor: “He says we don’t know how to fight man

    Drew exchanges incredulous looks with his brother before moving towards the camera a step forward

    Drew Connor: “Let me ask you something Jon-Boy have you ever rifled through dumpsters, through trash cans, looking for even just a crumb to keep your insides from eating themselves because you're so hungry, you haven't eaten in a week?! Y'know that feeling you get when you haven't eaten all day so you can look your damn finest when the camera comes to life? Try doing that for a whole week, but not by choice, just because ya don't have the money to get yourself a damn buttered roll. Ya can't sleep because your stomach is empty and pretty pissed off that you've neglected it. Ya can't stay awake because your eyes hurt, your brain can't even function, and all you want is TO END IT. But you can't, because the voice in your head tells you're gonna be somebody, someday. We deal with that hunger every, single day, even when we’ve well-fed. We want the world, but all we get is a steaming pile of dog shit on my doorstep.

    Ethan Connor: “We’ve been fighting all our lives you fat fuck! while you gorging yourself on egg rolls and turkey legs we were homeless starving on the street. We’ve been fighting EVERY day of our lives while you had the world handed to you on a damn plate. You don’t know the first thing about fighting, oh but you will…We’ve running you out of town.You want to see fight? We’ll show you fight. And when you’re picking your broken body off the ground Just get ready to kick our asses.

    Drew Connor:Let's just get the hell out of here, just thinking about that whale is starting to piss me off."

    Drew and Ethan would then walk off camera, but their footsteps stop only seconds later. The fans are wondering why the screen has yet to turn black until we hear the familiar voice of one Drew shout "HE STILL HASN'T CLEANED UP THE COFFEE!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" followed by his partner in crime saying "YOU'RE NOT THE ONE WHO STEPPED IN IT AND RUINED YOUR SHOES! THAT'S IT, I'M VOTING FOR TRUMP!" The gentle footsteps of these two men that were heard moments ago have now turned into stomping - it's obvious that the janitor hadn't cleaned up Drew;s mess from early, and now Ethan is paying the price. Luckily for him, those big, fat, guaranteed contracts that they signed are for TONS of money, so his shoes are easily replaceable. Hoorah. Big words from the tag champs but can they back it up? Stay tuned

    Jim Taylor: Good evening fans, and once again we are greeted by an opening with The Indy Club

    Tim Coleman:
    More specifically, The Echo. If every show opens like that I'm certain that the ratings would skyrocket!

    Jim Taylor:
    Somehow I doubt that. Anyway, we have lots to get to tonight so let's not waste anymore time and get to the action!

    Excellence takes on the Hollywood Standard
    Elijah Edwards vs Mark Merriwether

    ‘Icky Thump’ by The White Stripes hits and, soon enough, Elijah Edwards is standing on the stage, surveying the adoring audience. To his left is Romeo Rollings, his agent and manager, and together the two walk to the ring.

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and gentlemen this next contest is scheduled for one-fall with a thirty minute time limit. Introducing first, accompanied to the ring by Romeo Rollings… from Toronto, Ontario… he stands at six feet, four inches and weighs in at two hundred and twenty one pounds… ‘Double E’… ELIJAH EDWARDS!

    Jim Taylor: Here he is, Tim, our former High Voltage Champion, a man who was unsuccessful in his attempt to win back his gold from Lightbringer last week on Adrenaline Rush. I’m sure that Edwards will be looking to get back to winning ways here tonight.

    Tim Coleman: But that’s easier said than done, Jim!

    Edwards climbs into the ring, the Jacksonville crowd firmly on his side as his music fades out. It’s replaced with ‘Hollywood’ by Jay-Z, and Mark Merriwether slowly walks out on the stage, a smug look on his face as the crowd rains down the boos.

    Lindsay Monahan: And his opponent… from Seattle, Washington and wrestling out of Hollywood, California… he stands in at six feet zero inches and weighs two hundred and third pounds… ‘The Hollywood Standard’… MARK MERRIWETHER!

    Tim Coleman: And here comes true class, Jim! The Hollywood Standard, a man who exudes glamour and sophistication.

    Jim Taylor: And fresh off the back of a win against Marcus Bennett last week, too. Merriwether will be keen to keep up the momentum this week against Edwards.

    Merriwether climbs into the ring, eyeing up Edwards as he stands in his corner, the referee making his final checks and calling for the bell.

    Mark Merriwether versus Elijah Edwards

    The two men begin to circle the ring, Merriwether offering a test of strength, which Edwards gladly accepts. The Hollywood Standard is shorter but heavier, and the half-stone weight advantage seems to come handy as Merriwether backs Elijah up into a turnbuckle. He hits a pair of knife edge chops, before Irish whipping Edwards across the ring into the opposite corner, following him in with a clothesline. Elijah stumbles forward, and Merriwether is quick to ascend to the second rope, leaping off with a Double Axe Handle attempt, but Edwards is able to reverse with a right first into Merriwether’s midsection, doubling him over. Edward hits a pair of European Uppercuts, and then places Merriwether in a headlock.

    Jim Taylor: Both of these men are all about speed, using their pace and aerial ability to win matches, but Edwards seems content to slow this one down with the headlock here.

    Tim Coleman: Quite often we see this, too fast guys nullifying each other’s main branch of attack and having to rely on other strategies to see the match through.

    Merriwether backs Edwards into the ropes, throwing him into the opposite set and thus escaping the hold. The Hollywood Standard goes for a clothesline as EE re-approaches, but Edwards ducks and Merriwether turns into a big Mongolian Chop! Elijah doubles Mark over with a boot to the midsection, and then plants him into the mat with a DDT. He thinks about the cover, but then instead grabs Merriwether’s legs, shaping up for his Excellent Execution finisher. Mark kicks out, sending EE into the turnbuckles, and when he stumbles into the centre of the ring Merriwether goes for the Final Cut, but Edwards pushes him off and the two engage in a stand-off…

    Jim Taylor: A polite round of applause circulates through the Jacksonville audience as these two meet an impasse.

    Tim Coleman: Both men looking to finish this one early with their finisher, there, but no dice so far!

    The two circle the ring again, but Merriwether has no interest in the proposed collar and elbow tie up, instead doubling EE over with a boot to the midsection. He hurls him into the corner by the scruff of the neck, following up with three knife edge chops and a hard Irish Whip into the opposite turnbuckle. Elijah Edwards stumbles out into a big clothesline! The former High Voltage Champion is quick to his feet, but this time he’s taken down by a running single leg high knee! Once more, Edwards is back up, but he’s met with an enziguri, causing him to stumble to one knee… Merriwether bounces off the ropes and hits a swinging neckbreaker, following up with the first cover of the match…

    ONE… TWO… - NO!

    Tim Coleman: An impressive flourish of offence from The Hollywood Standard, there, Edwards taken off guard by the sudden assault.

    Jim Taylor: But Double E gets the shoulder up, showing that trademark resiliency. There’s still plenty of wrestling left in this one!

    Mark Merriwether is quick to keep up the onslaught, hitting a handful of stomps on Edwards and then hoisting him back to his feet by his hair and taking him in a headlock. The Hollywood Standard trots across the ring and slams EE down with a running bulldog, taking the time to taunt the fans with a smug grin plastered on his face. He lifts Edwards’ legs, hitting three quick stomps to each thigh, before stepping through and turning Edwards over with a Sharpshooter! Edwards screams out in agony, a couple of yards from the nearest set of ropes…

    Jim Taylor: And look at this, Tim! We’re used to seeing Edwards making men tap out, submission specialist that he is, but here he finds himself in the middle of the ring with the Sharpshooter locked in!

    Edwards crawls along, arm over arm, in clear agony, and eventually manages to stretch his fingers out to the ropes. The referee comes in and Merriwether eventually breaks the hold at four, the damage clearly done to both of Edwards’ legs. Merriwether begins to target them, first hitting a half dozen stomps and then lifting each leg up in turn to drop an elbow on the knee joints. He lifts EE to his feet, Edwards clearly struggling, and hits a few knife edge chops to back him into the corner. He makes to Irish whip EE across the ring, but instead hits a Drop Toe Hold, slamming Elijah’s face against the mat! He hooks the leg.

    ONE… TWO… - NO!

    Merriwether picks Edwards up, sensing that he might need something bigger. He puts him in a full nelson hold, maybe looking for his Hollwood Shuffle, but Edwards fights out with a pair of elbows to the head. Mark is rocked, and Edwards quickly turns around into a bear hug, throwing Merriwether across the ring with a Belly-To-Belly Suplex. Edwards gets up, pumping his fist, the audience getting behind him, and he stalks The Hollywood Standard, doubling him over with a boot to the midsection when he’s on his feet. Elijah lifts him up and nails a Fireman’s Carry Gutbuster! He goes into the cover and hooks the leg…

    ONE… TWO… - NO!

    Jim Taylor: And the crowd are on their feet as Edwards begins to fight his way back into this one!

    Tim Coleman: It’s about time he mounted some offence…

    Edwards is keen to keep it going, lifting Meriwether to his feet and backing him into the corner with a European uppercut, a knife-edge chop, and a forearm smash. He puts Merriwether in a front face lock and takes him over with The Day Time Stood Still, his delayed vertical suplex, before hoisting Merriwether back to his feet and backing him into the ropes. He Irish whips him and, upon re-approach, knocks him down with a high knee strike!

    Edwards is really feeling it, and the crowd are on their feet. He waits for Merriwether to get up before doubling him over, bouncing off the ropes and nailing the One Armed Scissor, his running single arm swinging neckbreaker!

    Tim Coleman: Why doesn’t he just go for the cover?!

    Jim Taylor: Elijah Edwards is beginning to hit his stride!

    Merriwether is sucking in oxygen, struggling to get to his feet, and EE helps him out by dragging him up by the hair. He backs him into the ropes again, going for an Irish whip, but The Hollywood Standard reverses it and sends Edwards running. Merriwether goes for a clothesline, but EE ducks it, continues to charge and nails a Discuss Lariat! Now he goes for the cover…

    ONE… TWO… TH – NO!

    Jim Taylor: Merriwether gets his shoulder up at two and nine tenths! Edwards can’t believe it!

    Tim Coleman: He better believe it!

    Edwards senses that the end is near, picking Merriwether’s legs up and shaping up for the Excellent Execution… He almost has Mark turned, but at the last second The Hollywood Standard kicks out, sending EE through the middle and top turnbuckle and shoulder-first into the steel post! Merriwether fights his way up, takes Edwards in a rear waist lock, and throws him with a German Suplex, bridging for the cover…

    ONE… TWO… TH – NO!

    Tim Coleman
    : This time it’s Edwards kicking out at the last possible moment!

    Jim Taylor: Both men lay spent in the ring, Merriwether unable to follow up, Edwards clutching his neck from that vicious German!

    It takes the two to the referee’s count of six to get back to their feet, and they stumble into the centre of the ring, Merriwether lashing out with a forearm… Edwards fires back with a European Uppercut, sending Mark stumbling backwards, before The Hollywood Standard fires back with a second forearm… Edwards staggers, and then unleashes a huge European uppercut… the two trade blows, a dozen each, before they both fall to the mat, physically spent!

    ONE… TWO…

    Jim Taylor: The referee begins his count towards ten here, both men breathing heavily, staring up at the ceiling.


    Tim Coleman: There’s signs of life in Merriwether here, The Hollywood Standard rolling onto his front…

    FIVE… SIX…

    Jim Taylor: But now Edwards too is stirring, rolling towards that bottom rope, beginning to come around…


    Both men use the ropes to climb up to a vertical base, staring at each other from across the ring, ready for the final push. Merriwether charges in at Edwards first going for his Welcome to Hollywood superkick, but Edwards counters it catching him by the boot and begins striking back at Merriwether with several forearm shots while keeping hold of his boot. Finally Merriwether is able to strike back with an enziguiri using his free foot leaving Edwards momentarily stunned, and this allows Merriwether to set up Edwards...HOLLYWOOD SHUFFLE!

    Jim Taylor: Merriwether hitting Edwards full force with that full nelson suplex and now he's looking to put away Edwards with that Final Cut of his...

    Tim Coleman: Hold the phone, what is he doing out here?

    Marcus Bennett is walking down the ramp with his gaze fixated on Merriwether inside the ring, and Merriwether takes notice of this and begins to shout Bennett to get lost.

    Tim Coleman: Yeah, get lost you bum!

    Jim Taylor: It would seem that Bennett still has a bone to pick with Merriwether

    Tim Coleman: More like he's a sore loser because Merriwether beat him fair and square last week!

    Jim Taylor: Well, maybe so but if I were Merriwether right now I would shift my focus back to my opponent Elijah Edwards

    Jim would be right because this distraction has allowed Edwards time to recover, and as soon as Merriwether turns around Edwards takes him by the legs and pins him down....EXECELLENT EXECUTION! Edwards submission hold is locked in with nowhere for Merriwether to go who eventually taps out

    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match by submission, Elijah Edwards!

    Tim Coleman: If it weren't for that lousy Bennett sticking his ugly mug in business that doesn't concern him we may have had a different outcome!

    Jim Taylor: Maybe if Merriwether would have kept his focus and not allow Bennett to get in his head then we could have seen another outcome, but regardless Elijah Edwards can add a notch in the win column tonight giving him some much needed momentum

    Edwards and Rollings celebrate leaving up the ramp while back in the ring Merriwether is about blow a gasket as he screams at Bennett, who just smirks and laughs while backing up the ramp.


    Backstage of the arena Johnny Vegas is seen walking in the arena along with his wife Jenny.

    Jim Taylor: Johnny Vegas is here tonight and I’m sure he’s out for blood!

    Tim Coleman: I’m surprised he’s even able to walk after what The Indy Club did to him last week!

    Johnny walks up to Isaac Richmann’s office and barges inside much to the dismay of Isaac, his usual joyful demeanor quickly vanishes turning to a grimace as he lets out an audible sigh.

    Isaac Richmann:
    What can I help you with Mr. Vegas?

    Johnny Vegas:
    I want The Indy Club tonight! I don’t care if it’s Drew, Ethan, Jonathan, hell I’ll take them all on at once I don’t give a damn! I just want to rip each of them to shreds so please Isaac give me that chance!

    Isaac stands up from his desk and approaches Johnny.

    Isaac Richmann:
    Johnny, you know that I can’t allow you to compete tonight after McGinnis tossed you off of the stage last week, as far as I’m concerned you are in no shape to compete.

    Vegas is fuming now.

    Johnny Vegas: I’m fine Isaac just give me The Indy Club!

    Isaac Richmann: I’m afraid that in good conscience that I just can’t do that Johnny, it’s for your own good. Tell you what, take the night off and clear your mind and maybe this whole thing will just blow over.

    Isaac pats Johnny on the shoulder with a smile, and Johnny responds by storming off with Jenny in tow as Isaac watches him leave shaking his head.

    Tim Coleman: You’d think he’d be happy he just scored a night off!

    Jim Taylor: That’s not what he wanted though Tim. He wants all three of The Indy Club’s heads on a platter

    Tim Coleman: Well as The Rolling Stones song goes, “You can’t always get what you want!” Besides you see the shape that he’s in, there’s no way he would survive a one on one match with one of The Indy Club let alone three on one they would eat him alive!


    Dreamer meets Dreamer
    Dustin Dreamer vs Michelle von Horrowitz

    We come back from a commercial break to hear the ending of LIGHTBRINGER’s theme song as the CWA High Voltage champion takes his seat at the commentary desk - putting his title on the top of the table, facing towards the ring.

    Jim Taylor: Well it looks like we have a guest here for the next match, it’s the CWA High Voltage Champion, LIGHTBRINGER! Welcome! I’m sure you’ll be keeping an eye on Dustin Dreamer?

    LIGHTBRINGER: Thanks for the welcome. I think both people are worth keeping an eye on.

    Before they can talk further, “Johnny’s Revenge” by Crown the Empire begins to play and the crowd let out a chorus of boos as “The King of Chaos” Dustin Dreamer makes his way out onto the stage.

    Tim Coleman: A rising star is Dustin Dreamer! You never know, he might be the next CWA High Voltage champ! He is the number one contender, after all!

    LIGHTBRINGER: I’m sure we’ll find out soon.

    Jim Taylor: Well, you’ve already faced Dreamer before and won – do you think you can do it again?

    LIGHTBRINGER: All I can say that is I’m willing to defend this belt successfully – I will beat anyone who stands in my way. Dreamer did well to get the contendership – we will see if he has stepped up his game against Michelle von Horrowitz.

    Tim Coleman: I think you might be pleasantly surprised!

    The talking is interrupted as Dreamer’s music fades and is replaced by “In Dreams” by Roy Orbison – there is a mixture of boos and cheers in the crowd as Michelle von Horrowitz comes out onto the stage.

    Jim Taylor: Michelle von Horrowitz! Also known as “Dreamer” funnily enough, she has been a standout this year and she looks to continue and build on the momentum created last week from her win against Harrison Wake!

    LIGHTBRINGER: It was a great match. Truly, it was a very impressive performance from both of them.

    Tim Coleman: I have to agree, a great spectacle.

    MVH stops at the ramp as a fan appears to be shouting hostilities – she gives him a sarcastic thumbs up as she turns her attention back to the ring – focused on Dreamer. Eventually von Horrowitz gets into the ring and poses on the turnbuckle as Dreamer looks on, ready for the match.

    Jim Taylor: I understand you may already be familiar with Michelle von Horrowitz, too!

    LIGHTBRINGER: Yes, I have seen her wrestle in Japan – she was very good, she would prefer to fight the man and so she developed a bit of a reputation. As you have seen, she can handle herself well.

    Both combatants meet in the middle of the ring as the referee calls for the bell…

    “Dreamer” Michelle von Horrowitz vs “The King of Chaos” Dustin Dreamer

    Jim Taylor: Some eagle eyed fans will notice that Dreamer has been appearing without Athena at his side.

    Tim Coleman: He’s better off that way!

    LIGHTBRINGER: He may benefit from not feeling the extra pressure of having to impress someone – but it’s a tough match.

    Dreamer and MVH start the match off by circling each other cautiously – Dreamer seems like he is waiting on something – and MVH begins to throw some leg kicks to throw him off. After a fourth unanswered kick, Dreamer bull rushes at her and goes for a clothesline but she ducks under, bounces off of the ropes and hits a dropkick to the knees of Dreamer as he turns around. He flips forward and lands on his back and MVH goes for a quick cover but Dreamer powers out of it before the referee can even get down to count. Both of them get back to their feet and the opening plays our once more – MVH goes for stiff leg kicks. Dreamer manages to catch one and drives her forward towards the corner turnbuckle with force, stunning her, he then grabs her and hits a quick suplex out of the corner and he then goes for the quick cover, but again, the ref is not required to count.

    Jim Taylor: It seems both Michelle and Dustin are looking to show each other they’re up for this early on…

    LIGHTBRINGER: You can see that Michelle is targeting the legs. Dreamer is going to have to be aggressive and not let her dictate the match.

    Dreamer doesn’t let von Horrowitz get up as he crashes into her with a quick sliding dropkick to the back – he then lets Michelle get up before bouncing off of the ropes and hitting her with a leaping forearm smash, some in the crowd are impressed by the move but most boo Dreamer as he starts to get an upper hand on the matchup. MVH appears to be slightly stunned on the mat as Dreamer grabs her by the head and starts plastering her with quick headbutts before grabbing her and trying to lock on a sleeper hold…

    Tim Coleman: Dreamer is fired up! He’s doing well so far! I like it!

    The crowd watch in silence as MVH struggles to prevent Dreamer from cinching the submission – the referee watches with a close eye as she slowly starts to fade…

    Jim Taylor: What a win this would be for Dreamer, surely MVH is not done yet!?

    LIGHTBRINGER: It’s impressive that he has this advantage so early.

    An upset looks on the cards as MVH fades completely – but she suddenly springs back to life and manages to battle back to her feet, she launches elbows into Dreamer’s torso before he lets go of the grip… MVH bounces off of the ropes, slides through Dreamer’s legs and then jumps up and hits him with a poisoned frankensteiner! The crowd are into the MVH comeback as she takes a breather and awaits on Dreamer to rise – she runs at him and mows him down with a busaiku knee kick! She then grabs Dreamer and gives him a dragon style curb stomp before going for the cover…1……2…..NO! “The King of Chaos” manages to get the shoulder up just as the referee makes the two count. Von Horrowitz suggests the end is close as she begins to climb to the top rope… but Dreamer rolls out of the way and rolls out onto the apron of the ring before she can get anywhere near ready to launch – the crowd boo Dreamer.
    Tim Coleman: These idiots don’t know what they’re watching! That was a great move!

    Jim Taylor: Dreamer may be feeling a little frustrated…

    LIGHTBRINGER: Yes, wel-

    Before the High Voltage champion can finish speaking on commentary, his attention is taken as Dustin Dreamer shouts at him and taunts him as the crowd continue to boo – the champion seems nonplussed and finishes speaking…

    LIGHTBRINGER: I think he should focus on what’s going on in the ring…

    Dreamer riles the crowd up some more before turning around – MVH bolts towards corner and jumps onto the second rope before vaulting through the air to smack “The King of Chaos” off of the apron with a huge triangle dropkick. He slowly recuperates at the ring side before MVH comes storming back in with a baseball slide that causes him to stumble backwards onto the commentary desk – he comes face to face with the High Voltage title, staring at it a moment before turning around and being met with the body of Michelle von Horrowitz who comes flying through the air with a suicide dive. The fans break into cheers of appreciation for the moves they are seeing.

    Jim Taylor:
    It seems that the woman they call “Dreamer” has the upper hand on the man named Dreamer!

    Tim Coleman: Clearly, he has his eyes on the gold right here! This match means nothing to him!

    LIGHTBRINGER: It might serve him better to refocus.

    Dreamer tries to crawl to a separate area at ringside in order to try and regain his concentration but MVH is first to her feet and follows him there, striking him with kicks to the leg and torso area as he slowly starts to get to his feet, gritting his teeth and fighting through the pain. Eventually, he catches a leg, drives an elbow into it before releasing it and then drops his opponent with a clothesline - MVH gets back to her feet quickly yet with her back turned to Dreamer and receives a german suplex onto the canvas outside of the ring! The crowd react as her head thuds off of the mats, Dreamer pops up with a sickening smile as he jumps back into the ring and allows the referee to count.

    Tim Coleman: Attaboy!

    Jim Taylor: A real vicious streak here from Dreamer, did you hear the impact of MVH's head hitting the ground!?

    "Dreamer" on the outside slowly starts to recover, gripping the apron and using it to help her stand up. The referee almost reaches an eight in his count but he quickly moves out of the way as Dustin Dreamer meets MVH on the apron and starts hitting her with forearms to the midsection as well as some headbutts in order to stun her - he manages to drag her through the ropes and plants her with a rope assisted DDT but he doesn't let go of the headlock and instead cinches up a guillotine choke! The crowd are on edge again as Michelle von Horrowitz finds herself having to battle out of a dire situation.

    Tim Coleman: I think Dustin has shown that he is no slouch in this match! He might be coming for your belt!

    Jim Taylor: He has displayed excellent submission skills so far...

    LIGHTBRINGER: I've already been through a submission match, I will be prepared for these moves - but I can't lie, he is doing well.

    MVH thrashes out her legs and desperately tries to get her feet on the ropes as Dreamer pulls on the choke hold - she manages to catch the rope with her foot but Dreamer drags her away and locks the choke in further - the refere keeps a close eye as the crowd starts to raise their volume. With one last almighty push, MVH rolls and forces Dreamer to roll with her and ends up getting to the ropes with Dreamer still latched onto her neck - the referee breaks them up as "The King of Chaos" takes his time in letting the hold go. The crowd are furious though as he doesn't allow Michelle much time to recover as he lands a serious of crushing forearms to the head before whipping her into a corner and closely following her with a huge clothesline - Dreamer lets her stumble forward before picking her up and dropping her with a Death Valley Driver! Dreamer believes he might have won it as he goes for the cover...1....2....NO! Some of the crowd let out cheers as MVH gets the shoulder up!

    Tim Coleman: So close!

    Jim Taylor: A stunning kickout - but Michelle isn't out of the woods yet!

    Dreamer is showing a good killer instinct, I can see that he has improved since the last time we met. Interesting.

    A portion of the crowd will von Horrowitz on as she slowly starts to get to her feet - they all shout warnings as Dreamer lurks in the opposite corner, waiting to pounce. The crowd holds its breath as he rushes forward and looks for a spear... but MVH moves out of the way! Dreamer goes flying through the turnbuckles and into the ringpost, almost frozen for a small moment in time as he deals with the immense shoulder pain. He slowly makes his way back to standing before turning around and being taken by surprise as MVH launches a corner shining wizard attack that fully connects! Dreamer is stunned! Von Horrowitz grabs her opponent into a headlock and then runs the ropes and lands her stylish tornado DDT, the crowd get to their feet as she goes for the cover...1....2....NO! Dreamer puts his foot on the rope in order to make the break!

    Jim Taylor: Dreamer is lucky he was close to the ropes!

    Tim Coleman: No, Jim, he's a smart guy, he wasn't going to waste his energy forcing the kickout!

    LIGHTBRINGER: You both could be right... but it looks like the end is near.

    Michelle von Horrowitz signals that the end is near as she looks to climb to the top turnbuckle - Dreamer is out on the canvas as she gets to the top and gets prepared for the 450 splash, she leaps off and spins through the air, the crowd amazed for a split second, - and she misses! Dreamer rolls out of the way and she ends up slamming into the mat! The crowd are surprised that Dreamer still had it in him to move! He manages to make his way to a corner and uses the ropes to help him get back to his feet - he even points at LIGHTBRINGER and taunts him before MVH gets back to her feet. Eventually, Dreamer bursts in and goes for a spear again but MVH reads it and lands another low dropkick onto the knees of Dreamer, propelling him forward. He seems to have a second wind though as he's back to his feet and comes running at MVH who goes for a clothesline attempt but Dreamer ducks, bounces off of the ropes and then takes her down with a spear!

    Tim Coleman: GOOD NIGHT MVH!

    Jim Taylor: It finally landed, he got the spear!

    Dreamer drops into the cover and the crowd releases boos as the count is made - 1.....2......NO!! MVH gets the shoulder up! Dreamer looks shocked and doesn't know what to do, he hounds the referee and almost violently insists that it was a three count, he demands faster counting which the crowd boo. However, some faces in the crowd appear worried as Dreamer knows he has to up the ante and he knows he has Michelle at his mercy. He walks over to her with a menacing glare in his eye and begins to lay the boot into her. He is keen to hit her with forearms as he lifts her to her feet - he gives her a quick rake to the eye which the ref shouts at him for... but MVH has no time to deal with it as Dreamer drives a knee into her gut before grabbing her and forcing her head between his legs... the crowd let out boos as Dreamer underhooks the arms...

    Jim Taylor: We all know what's coming...

    Tim Coleman: The end for Michelle von Horrowitz! I can't say i've cared much for her recently!

    Before lifting von Horrowitz up and to her doom, Dreamer casts a look over at LIGHTBRINGER...

    Jim Taylor: It seems that Dustin Dreamer has acknowledged you alot tonight and it appears he is trying to send a message...

    LIGHTBRINGER: Well... I think he should keep focus...

    Dreamer gives a shout along the lines of "You're next!" at LIGHTBRINGER - but his lapse in concentration is punished as MVH fights through the hold, unhooks her arms and tosses him over her shoulders, the fans cheer as Dreamer is taken by surprise! He gets to his feet with his back to MVH and has no time to react as she grabs him and plants him with a Regal-plex into a pin attempt...1.....2...NO! Dreamer gets the shoulders up before sitting up! MVH wastes no time and jumps onto his back, she secures a crossface chickenwing and yanks on it with Dreamer trapped in the middle of the canvas with nowhere to go! The crowd are shouting for a tap as Dreamer struggles furiously with the hold...

    Tim Coleman: He has to fight this!

    It looks like a losing battle as Dreamer thrashes furiously but is powerless as he slowly begins to fade in the middle of the ring, he looks on the verge of going out - the referee goes to check him but MVH lets the hold go, which appears to confuse the fans as Dreamer was on the verge of going out. However their confusion turns to cheers as von Horrowitz grabs her barely conscious opponent and drags him closer to the ropes. She climbs to the top and FINALLY HITS THE 450 SPLASH!! The crowd love it as she goes for the pin attempt...1....2.......3!! Dreamer just doesn't have the energy to kick out as the referee slaps the canvas for a third time and most fans cheer for the victory of Michelle von Horrowitz!

    Winner: "Dreamer" Michelle von Horrowitz

    After the match, MVH slides off of her opponent's body and slowly gets to her feet - the fans are appreciative of the effort she has put forth, they applaud her as she climbs to the top ropes and celebrates. Dustin Dreamer, meanwhile, rolls out of the ring and recuperates against the apron.

    Jim Taylor: A hard fought, deserved win for Michelle von Horrowitz! The momentum continues!

    LIGHTBRINGER: Dreamer broke concentration, he can't do that against me - but this is the level of Michelle... it just takes a small mistake and the match is lost. It's better he finds this out now rather than against me.

    Tim Coleman: I'm just gonna say it, Dreamer has a great chance against you after his performance tonight!

    LIGHTBRINGER: Maybe you're right. Maybe you're not. We'll see.

    As von Horrowitz continues to celebrate her victory in the ring, Dustin Dreamer stares furiously into the ring as he tries to use the apron to help himself up before stumbling and sitting with his back towards the ring/against the apron. He then stares at LIGHTBRINGER as well as the High Voltage title - the fans pay attention as "Tokyo Kisai" comes out from the commentary table and offers a hand to Dreamer which the crowd boo due to their obvious dislike of him. Dreamer doesn't know what to make of it first as he stares intently at the title belt before slowly getting to his feet and shoving LIGHTBRINGER!

    Jim Taylor: That's just petty!

    Tim Coleman: All's fair in love and war, Jim! It's a sign of intent! I wouldn't shake that man's hand! He's no champion!

    This draws the crowd into booing him even more as "In Dreams" by Roy Orbison continues to play, highlighting MVH's victory. LIGHTBRINGER simply stands there with a small smirk on his face as Dreamer backs away, visibly annoyed. The crowd can be heard slinging insults at him as he backs up the ramp - he stares down at LIGHTBRINGER on the outside as well as MVH on the inside who has her hand raised by the referee before the Adrenaline Rush broadcast cuts out and goes to commercial.


    Murder, Inc vs Captain Klappton & Fire Dragon

    The show returns from commercial with Captain Klappton and Fire Dragon already in the ring.

    Lindsay Monahan: The next match is scheduled for one fall, introducing first already in the ring the team of Captain Klappton and Fire Dragon! And their opponents…

    The sound of Max P’s “Gang” fills the arena when two unfamiliar faces to the CWA faithful step out hyping themselves up along with the fans.

    Lindsay Monahan: First from Quebec City, Quebec, Canada “The Physics Killer” Jermaine Creed, and his partner from Kinshasa, Congo “The Lethal Factor” Kendrick Lethal and together they are known as Murder, Inc.!

    Jim Taylor: These two have traveled far and wide now finding themselves in CWA looking to take the tag team division by storm!

    Tim Coleman: What tag team division, Jim? The Echo have eliminated every other team from the company!

    Jim Taylor: Well then they better watch this match closely and see what they’ll possibly have to contend with in the near future

    Creed and Lethal enter the ring together looking focused and determined to make an impression on the CWA audience. Meanwhile, Dragon and Captain seem unimpressed as they sneer at the two newcomers.


    It’ll be Creed kicking off the match with Dragon, and Dragon storms out of his corner right at Creed but Creed is ready for him ducking his attack and strikes Dragon with a backflip kick! Dragon stumbles back some but remains unfazed as he comes in at Creed again yet gets caught with a standing dropkick from Creed, and Creed is quick to follow up as he ascends to the top turnbuckle…DIVING DOUBLE KNEE DROP! He lands straight in the heart of Dragon, who rolls around in agony holding his chest as Creed makes the cover…


    Dragon throws a shoulder up and gingerly rolls over tagging in Captain Klappton, who licks his chops as he looks at the much smaller in comparison Jermaine Creed. Creed is not backing down though as Captain charges at him but Creed ducks underneath, and slides underneath the bottom rope to the apron where he props himself before taking the big man off his feet with a springboard clothesline!

    Jim Taylor: Creed taking it to Captain Klappton

    Captain shakes off the cobwebs as he rises up and Creed runs at him planting his head to the mat with a tornado DDT! Creed tags in Lethal and the much larger of Murder, Inc. enters the ring with a springboard cross-body taking down Captain Klappton! Lethal follows up with STANDING METEOR STAR SPLASH! He hooks the leg…


    Captain kicks out and begins to crawl to his corner where Dragon makes the blind tag and runs in at Lethal only to be brought down by a huge jumping clothesline! Lethal brings Dragon back up to his feet and hoists him up in position…NON-CONSENSUAL MURDER! Lethal with tags in Creed and takes Dragon in a powerbomb position bringing him up and drops him for Creed to take him down with a reverse hurricanranna!

    Jim Taylor: That was certainly impressive!

    Captain re-enters the match to make a save, but he’s brought by a Lethal with a clothesline followed by LETHAL INJECTION! Meanwhile, Creed has climbed up top…THE NEW FATHER OF MODERN PHYSICS! 630 senton hits the mark on Dragon and Creed makes the cover…


    Lindsay Monahan: The winners of the match, Jermaine Creed and Kendrick Lethal…MURDER, INC!


    Cut backstage once more to still find Johnny Vegas roaming the halls with Jenny still in tow when he bumps into “Nasty” Nate Savage.

    Nate Savage:
    Watch where you’re going rich boy or else I’ll finish what McGinnis started last week…

    Johnny Vegas: Really? I’d like to see you try

    Savage laughs at Vegas and walks away but suddenly turns around and clubs Vegas from behind when Johnny had his back turned. Johnny fights back though, and the two of them begin to trade blows as Jenny screams for help. Eventually security and other CWA wrestlers arrive on the scene to break them up.


    Backwoods Badass & The Crippler

    *Ace of Spades plays over the PA as Marcus Bennett comes out from the back. He seems to be focused as he has a brisk pace to himself walking to the ring. He gets in the ring backs up into a corner and waits for his opponent*

    *Move me plays as Harrison Wake makes his way out. He gets a mixed crowd of boos and cheers(due to his great match with MVH last week). He stares at Bennett as he makes his way out. Mia is walking beside him staring at Bennett as well.

    These 2 rough necks start in the middle of the ring. Bennett puts his hand up for a test of strength. Wake obliges with the first hand. Bennett puts up the other hand and Wakes looks to be oblige to that one but instead slaps Bennett in the face. Bennett backs up, rubs his cheek, and then looks at Wake and gives him the cut throat motion as he charges in and backs him into the corner and starts with punches to the gut. After a few punches Wake sees an opportunity and grabs Bennett and turns him into the turnbuckle and Wake starts with punches into Bennett's sternum and stomach. Wake goes for a irish whip into the other turnbuckle but Bennett bounces off with a clothesline.Wakes gets up and is put into the turnbuckle and Bennett starts with knife edge chops to Wake's chest. After about 7 or 8 Wake's chest is red. Bennett picks up Wake and sits him up on the turnbuckle. Bennett climbs but Wake pushes him off. Wake goes for a double axe handle smash but Bennett catches him and gives him a belly to belly. Wake rolls out of the ring. Bennett sees an opportunity and goes for a suicide dive through the ropes but Harrison out of nowhere hits a Throat Buster. Bennett is on the ground grasping for air as the ref is counting. Wake gets inside and the ref is up to 6 but Wake does not want to win by countout so he grabs Bennett and rolls him in the ring and then he gets in. Wake goes for the cover 1..............2........... Bennett kicks out. Wake goes for the cover again 1.........2........ Bennett kicks out again.

    Wake gets up and yells at the ref. Wake then picks Bennett up and bounces off the ropes and goes or a running Throat Buster but Bennett catches him and hits a belly to back suplex causing Wake to crash hard into the turnbuckle and crumpling into a heap in the corner. Bennett pulls Wake into the middle of the ring and goes over to the turnbuckle. He climbs to the top and by the time he gets to the top, Mia enters the ring, she pleads with Bennett to not do it trying to stall for time to help Wake but Bennett has other ideas and dives over her nailing a diving headbutt on Wake. Bennett goes for the cover 1...... 2......... Wake somehow kicks out.

    Mia jumps around celebrating that he kicked out and the ref turns to her and gets her out of the ring. Bennett picks up Wake and hits him with a arm drag into a armbar. The ref asks Wake if he would like to quit but he wont. Wake scrambles his way to the ropes and reaches out and grabs them. The ref starts counting and at 3 Bennett releases the hold. Bennett doesnt give up and picks up Wake and throws him shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Bennett pulls him off the turnbuckle and hits a belly to back suplex. Bennett goes up top again and goes for another diving headbutt but Bennett went to the well one too many times as Wake moves out of the way as Bennett crashes to the mat. Both men are on the mat as the ref starts counting. He makes it up to 7 as both men use the ropes to get up and as both men are on their feet they start exchanging punches to the head. Bennett hits a chop to the chest and Wake's eyes get big as he comes back with chops putting Bennett into the corner. Wake hits with many chops that it drops Bennett down into a sitting position in the corner. Wake backs up a little bit and runs to Bennett hitting him with a knee to the face. He picks Bennett back up and runs to the other turnbuckle bounces off and goes for a splash but somehow Bennett moves out of the way. Bennett uses this to grab Wake's arm and using the ropes crank on it hurting the arm and shoulder he has been working on the whole time. The ref counts to 4 and Bennett releases. Bennett grabs Wake's arm puts it behind his back and hits a belly to belly suplex. Wakes gets up holding his arm as Bennett runs in looking for a lariat but out of nowhere Wake hits a Timber Bomb but he is in alot of pain he cant make a cover. Wake finally moves over and tries for a cover but Bennett out of nowhere locks in the Knock-Out Choke and he has it clinched in good. Wake is trying to make his way to the rope. Wake is using so much energy having to pull the dead weight of Bennett with him and he stretches his leg out and he has the tip of his foot on the rope so the ref starts counting Bennett 1........2..... 3......4 and Bennett releases.

    Bennett backs up exhausted and lays in the middle of the ring. Wake slowly makes his way over and Bennett locks in the Knock-Out Choke again. Wake is in the middle of the ring nowhere to go. Wake is in the hold for what seems like forever and there is a few times he is close to tapping but Wake somehow picks up Bennett and drops him with another Timber Bomb but he is so out of energy neither man can go for a pin. Wake puts the injured arm on Bennett for the pin 1...............2.....................2.9999999 Bennett kicks out. Bennett somehow with kicking out gets some new energy as he takes the arm and locks in the Crossface. Wake's face is that of pain as he scratches and claws at the hands of Bennett. Wake can't break them apart and now has to try new tactics as Mia yells at him from the outside. Wake pulls him and Bennett towards the ropes and is almost there. He is fingertips away as Bennett wrenches back on the hold. Seeing her client's chances might be fading Mia reaches in grabbing Wake's hand and pulls him out of the ring. Wake just lays there on the outside to catch his breath. Bennett is pissed as he rolls to the outside. Mia gets in between Bennett and Wake. Bennett is so pissed his emotions get the best of him and he throws Mia into the barricade. She lays motionless as Bennett picks up Wake and throws him hard injured shoulder first into the steps. Bennett then throws Wake back into the ring and goes up top. Bennett comes off with a diving headbutt and goes for the pin 1.....................2........................ Wake kicks out. Bennett cant believe it and yells at the ref it is a 3. Bennett goes back up top and hits another diving headbutt and goes for the cover 1..........2..................... Wake kicks out again and Bennett is beside himself he cant put away the backwoods badass. Bennett gets up and again yells at the ref and again climbs up going for a third diving headbutt. He goes for the pin 1.............2........................ AND WAKE KICKS OUT AGAIN.

    Bennett is so mad he rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair. While he does that emt's are down checking out Mia. Bennett sees this goes over and takes out the EMTs before coming into the ring with the chair. While he was out there Wake has gotten to his knees. Bennett goes for a swing but the ref stops it by grabbing the chair, Bennett rustles with the ref and he turns around into another Timber Bomb from Wake. Wake goes for a pin 1...........................2.................... BENNETT KICKS OUT. Both men lay on the mat completely spent. The ref starts counting both men down and reaches to 9 as on opposite corners both men pull themselves up. They look across at each other and run into each other laying in punches to each others head. Wake gets the upper hand and whips Bennett into the corner he comes over climbs up and starts punching Bennett but he looks away seeing what happened to Mia and that second pause gives Bennett a chance to punch Wake in the gut and to drop him face first on the turnbuckle. Bennett goes to the ring apron and starts climbing up to the top turnbuckle as he starts pulling Wake up to the top. Bennett slips for a second which allows Wake to catch a breath and out of nowhere Wake picks up Bennett and jumps and hits a TIMBER BOMB THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE. The ref is clueless what to do and he goes outside and checks up on both men. Both men are laying there and Wake out of nowhere is the first to show life. Wake crawls his way into the ring as the ref has abandoned the count out in favor of the match having a finish. Bennett after like forever starts to stir. He crawls toward the ring. Wake sees this and slides out of the ring and throws him into the steel steps and then throws him into the ring. Wake picks Bennett up and starts using him as a punching bag as Bennett is rocking back and forth. Harrison goes for another Throat Buster but somehow Bennett moves out of the way and hits a huge german suplex. Bennett takes alot of time and goes up for another diving headbutt and connects. He lays a arm over 1..........2......... WAKE KICKS OUT. Bennett with the last bit of strength he has grabs Wake and puts him in the Knock-Out Choke. Wake is trapped and he is fighting it. Wake tries to pick up Bennett but he cant he tries again and he cant. Wake gets a crazy look in his eye tries one more time so hard he ends up popping a blood vessle in his eye but his arm gives out. Harrison with all he can starts punching Bennett in the sternum but with each punch is less force and he tries one last time and it doesnt even get close as Wake is out and the ref calls for the bell.

    Winner of the match: Marcus Bennett

    Jim Taylor: Talk about a grueling match between two would you look at what the cat dragged?

    Tim Coleman: Haha, he's going to stick it Bennett for earlier tonight! Turnabout is fair play!

    Mark Merriwether slides in the ring and pummels Bennett down to the mat and two begin to trade blows. Bennett soon gains an advantage which prompts Merriwether to weasel his way out of the ring sprinting back up the ramp, but Bennett is in hot pursuit after him as Harrison Wake comes to in the ring. He requests a microphone from Lindsay Monahan, who hands one over to him.

    Wake: I'm gonna make this quick. Last week Michelle an I beat the hell out of each other. I've heard them rumblings that she wants another match, well Michelle I'm game if you are.

    He tosses the microphone back to Lindsay and he along with Mia take their leave up the ramp while the announcers talk about what just went down before cutting to commercial.


    Main event handicap match
    The Echo (Drew & Ethan Conner) vs Jon Snowmantashi

    The bells rings as Snowmantashi stands dead center in the middle of the ring, while The Echo converse amongst themselves about how they want to approach this. Ethan decides to take the first go at the former World Champion as Drew awaits in the corner for the inevitable tag. Ethan, being a Conner and therefore an insufferable prick, gets right in Snowmantashi's face and belittles him, unleashing all sorts of colorful obscenities and insults. Snowmantashi doesn't really least, until Ethan slaps Snowmantashi in the face before telling him to suck his dick.

    Snowmantashi slaps back, and it resonates through the crowd with a sickening THWACK! Ethan is knocked for a loop as Snowmantashi starts to pummel him with stiff forearms and blistering chops. He backs him into a neutral corner and starts to violently headbutt the arrogant Tag Champion until Ethan has no clue where he's at. Drew enters the ring to try and beat Snowmantashi off his brother, but is clocked by a spinning back fist! Drew is loopy as Snowmantashi German suplexes him into the corner onto his brother! Drew rolls out of the ring while Ethan is left a crumpled mess, much to the joy of the crowd! Snowmantashi cracks JUST the slightest of smirks as he grabs the younger Conner and pulls him back into the center of the ring.

    Snowmantashi sets to work suplexing Ethan again and again and again, retribution for everything they've done (and because they are remarkably annoying). Ethan is in a bad way as Snowmantashi is looking every bit the unstoppable Kaiju that he claims he is. He decides to teach the "young boy" a little bit more about unparalleled suffering as he gets Ethan into a Torture Rack and sets to work turning Ethan's spine into a pretzel. However, before he can get Ethan to tap out or break in half, Drew has re-entered the ring and chop blocked Snowmantashi's knee. Snowmantashi staggers as Drew continues stomping at the back of the knee of the Kaiju as Ethan finally slides away and regains his bearings. Ethan, now fully incensed, rushes a kneeling Snowmantashi and drives him face first into the mat with a headscissors takedown! Ethan's still in a bad way as he tags in the fresher Drew, who grins like a madman as he boots Snowmantashi right under the chin and takes him down again with a snap DDT! Drew goes for a cover, but Snowmantashi powers out at one.

    Snowmantashi works to get to his feet, but Drew is quicker and has enough focus to keep Snowmantashi grounded with kicks and stomps. Snowmantashi tries to swat Drew away like a gnat, but Drew is nothing if not annoyingly persistent. It gets worse for the Inhuman One as Ethan's recovered and the Conners begin the double team assault on the monstrous Japanese heavyweight with their trademark stereo superkicks! Ethan covers again, getting barely a two count as the brothers continue their tandem offense. They use quick tags and the full referee's five counts to do everything they can to keep Snowmantashi grounded. Blistering fast and flippy offense keeps the hits coming in quick and hard, but Snowmantashi weathers the storm and is defiant, powering out of pin attempt after pin attempt.

    The Echo are nothing if not confident, however. As the match continues and they keep the Japanese monster from gaining any traction, the Tag Champions begin to showboat. Not only are they consistently taunting Snowmantashi, they're also antagonizing the crowd as they are wont to do. Pretty soon, the time spent on taunts starts to get longer and longer, as the space in time between bouts of offense starts to get longer. Long enough, as it were, to allow Snowmantashi more time to get back up. After ordering an attractive female fan to get down on her knees and...well, yeah...Drew notes the recovering Kaiju and barks at Ethan. Both brothers nod their heads and go for the stereo superkick...

    ...But Snowmantashi catches both their feet with their hands! Snowmantashi has fire in his eyes as he pushes both Connors to the mat flat on their asses. The Echo gets back to their feet before Snowmantashi and descend on him like a pair of wild dogs, clubbing away at him in hopes of cutting off this surge. Snowmantashi is having NONE OF IT as he uses his ungodly strength to push both members of The Echo away from him to get back to his feet!

    Snowmantashi starts battering both Conner brothers, teeing off on each brother one after another! The Conners stop the onslaught by poking Snowmantashi's eyes as they run the ropes, looking for springboard forearm smashes...but Snowmantashi moves out of the way, leaving The Echo to collide with one another! Snowmantashi shakes the last of the cobwebs out of his head as he grabs both brothers and locks them in on either side of him. DOUBLE URANAGE TO THE ECHO! Ethan rolls out of the ring leaving Drew (the legal man) alone with a very alive and VERY ANGRY Snowmantashi. Drew's punishment? A spinning side slam that threatens to break him in half. Snowmantashi covers, but Drew kicks out at two.

    Snowmantashi looks equal parts amused and annoyed, but decides that inflicting more punishment on the Conner is its own reward in a way as he ascends the top rope for his downright terrifying Snowfall moonsault...

    ...but down the ramp, the Kaiju sees his true opponent. It's CWA World Champion Jonathan McGinnis, yelling at Snowmantashi and telling him that he's not at his level. Well, there's more colorful and obscene language, with just a hint of racism as well. But it's most certainly distracting. Just distracting enough for Drew and Ethan to return to the ring and POWERBOMB AN ASCENDED SNOWMANTASHI! The Echo hold up the "Too Sweet" to McGinnis as they begin to perform the "Your Mom Says Hi." Ethan hits the 450 splash as Drew flies with the Moonsault...KNEES! Snowmantashi gets the knees up! Ethan immediately tries to keep Snowmantashi grounded, but the Kaiju explodes with a POWERFUL LARIAT! Ethan's damn near decapitated as Drew is still clutching his chest. Snowmantashi gets him on his shoulders and hits the Hailstorm! Snowmantashi covers...



    NO! McGinnis rushes the ring and PUNCHES THE REFEREE! The bell is immediately run as this match is thrown out, but McGinnis doesn't care as he enters the ring and pounces on Snowmantashi like a jackal coming to pick the bone clean.

    Jim Taylor: Jonathan McGinnis just couldn't sit back and let this happen, could he?!

    Tim Coleman: He's just being a good friend and helping out his teammates!

    McGinnis is on the back of Snowmantashi similar, to which is visually similar to a small child hanging on their parents back with his hands around Snowmantashi's neck while Echo recover. Ethan soon recovers and begins to kick at Snow's legs before he throws himself back tossing McGinnis off of him to the mat and he looks to level Ethan with a discus clothesline but Drew drags his brother out of the ring for safety along with McGinnis. The trio hightail it living to fight another day while Kaiju watches on from in the ring staring them down as the show comes to a close.

    *END SHOW*

    Match credits
    SuperSaiyan: Edwards vs. Merriwether
    Shake: Dreamer vs. MVH
    Jimmy King: Murder, Inc. vs. Klappton/Dragon
    StylesofPunk: Bennett vs. Wake
    Cyrus Truth: The Echo vs. Snowmantashi

    An Original Name
    Jimmy King

    Jon Snow
    Pizza Dog

    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live from Jacksonville, FL

    A good show Murder Inc or American Alpha lol. Cant wait til next show

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live from Jacksonville, FL

    Great show!

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live from Jacksonville, FL

    > I get that The Indy Club is supposed to be brash, but having "this is a work" rubbed in my face when reading the promos takes me out of it, man.
    > the way EE/MM started out had me thinking MM was the face. Face gets the shine, heel gets the heat, maybe some hope spots, they go home
    > match got better in the second half as we settled into the ehat
    > Shawn Michaels made it a habit not to move a muscle until the ref counted 6 in a double-down
    > ending of the match made it look like Edwards would've continued to get his ass beaten if it wasn't for Bennett
    > I liked the intent of the segment with Johnny Vegas. I think it would've been more effective if Richmann had to call security to get reigns on Vegas because he was so intent on causing trouble
    > Lightbringer speaks pretty eloquently, orange doesn't do me any favours when I read his comments tho
    > I feel like Dreamer/Horrowitz should've been a grittier match, since that's Dreamer's thing. Like, he should've taken advantage of his time on the outside with MVH
    > the image of Dreamer ducking a clothesline from MVH despite being 9 inches taller brings a smile to my face
    > Physics Killer sounds like he'd recite an episode of Bill Nye while he stomps a guy to death
    > Murder Inc. def' got their shit in. Nice match, Jimmy
    > Wake with an elbow to the throat mid-suicide dive. Went from zero to a hunnah real quick. Something like that should've been worked the whole match but Bennett went full Undertaker
    > Mia is pretty strong if she can pull Wake out of Bennett's clutches and to the outside, I would've been fine with her pushing the rope into Wake's reach
    > all these diving headbutts are gonna be a problem for CWA down the line. You know what I mean
    > Bennett just blew his load with Wake and he still beats down MM. He should change his nickname to Undertaker. How am I supposed to believe Vader is a threat to Hulk Hogan if Hogan takes a Vader Bomb and sits up after?
    > Tashi played his part and got his shit in, Echo played their parts and did the same; nice match, Cyrus
    > would've liked some commentary to close the show out

    > what's the face/heel dynamic of the roster right now?
    > one thing I notice through these matches is a move is hit, guy picks his opponent up, whips him or hits another move, and that happens a lot. What about capitalizing when your opponent is on the ground? Ground and pound, stomp him, grab a hold, strike a pose

    Looking forward to the next card and probably writing a match.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live from Jacksonville, FL

    > what's the face/heel dynamic of the roster right now
    I do believe that the heels are outnumbering the faces.
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live from Jacksonville, FL

    One thing I found weird, why did MVH release the submission hold she had on Dreamer just to go hit a 450? That could've been done a few different ways better, like Dreamer reaches the ropes or breaks the hold on his own only to take a big strike and then the 450 happens.

    Other than that everything seemed okay upon quick glance.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live from Jacksonville, FL

    Quote Originally Posted by Matrix View Post
    One thing I found weird, why did MVH release the submission hold she had on Dreamer just to go hit a 450? That could've been done a few different ways better, like Dreamer reaches the ropes or breaks the hold on his own only to take a big strike and then the 450 happens.

    Other than that everything seemed okay upon quick glance.

    As far as I pictured it, being in the middle of the canvas in a crossface chickenwing combined with exhaustion/fading out meant that Dreamer getting to the ropes would be too drawn out a process, not to mention the complete lack of mobility when in the above hold. As far as Dreamer getting out of it, I could have done that, yes but I didn't because I wanted to infer that MVH had the chance to win the match with the hold but took Dreamer fading as a sign that she'd be able to hit the splash at the third attempt. The submission was used as a set up rather than a strike is all it is.

    Nice to see Edwards back in the win column this week. Solid debut for Murder Inc... although i'm not big on the name - but perhaps they can murder the Echo for us all. Bennett gets a huge win against Wake... didn't see that coming... - Wake grabbing a mic and challenging MVH felt a little out of place... or something like that. It felt a bit confusing I guess, a guy grabbing the mic after a loss to call out someone who they lost to last week? Idk. I'd have rather they had some sort of interaction to lead in to the rematch being made. That being said, MVH hasn't accepted yet. Shenanigans in the main event as expected... really think Snowmantashi is going to need allies to distract the Echo's attention or something, right now it feels like Snowmantashi vs the Club rather than Snowmantashi vs McGinnis but in saying that, I don't imagine McGinnis would be without his butt buddies very often so would be hard to book.


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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live from Jacksonville, FL

    Quote Originally Posted by Shake View Post
    As far as I pictured it, being in the middle of the canvas in a crossface chickenwing combined with exhaustion/fading out meant that Dreamer getting to the ropes would be too drawn out a process, not to mention the complete lack of mobility when in the above hold. As far as Dreamer getting out of it, I could have done that, yes but I didn't because I wanted to infer that MVH had the chance to win the match with the hold but took Dreamer fading as a sign that she'd be able to hit the splash at the third attempt. The submission was used as a set up rather than a strike is all it is.

    Nice to see Edwards back in the win column this week. Solid debut for Murder Inc... although i'm not big on the name - but perhaps they can murder the Echo for us all. Bennett gets a huge win against Wake... didn't see that coming... - Wake grabbing a mic and challenging MVH felt a little out of place... or something like that. It felt a bit confusing I guess, a guy grabbing the mic after a loss to call out someone who they lost to last week? Idk. I'd have rather they had some sort of interaction to lead in to the rematch being made. That being said, MVH hasn't accepted yet. Shenanigans in the main event as expected... really think Snowmantashi is going to need allies to distract the Echo's attention or something, right now it feels like Snowmantashi vs the Club rather than Snowmantashi vs McGinnis but in saying that, I don't imagine McGinnis would be without his butt buddies very often so would be hard to book.
    Dreamer takes a bite out of MVH, there you go.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live from Jacksonville, FL

    Glad everyone liked the show. Expect the next card to be up in the next day, so keep a look out for that.

    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live from Jacksonville, FL

    Really enjoyed this show. The MVH-Dreamer write-up was excellent - very back and forth with a lot of offence for both characters. The rematch with Wake should be a blast - hopefully Silk and I can put together a segment for the next show. The Wake-Bennett match had some good moments. It'll be interesting to see if Bennett can kick on from here, I'm enjoying Bennett-Merriwether and the pay-off match should be fun. Murder Inc will be a good addition to the tag division, I'm sure - I hope you intend to keep us updated in your Locker Room thread, Jon. The main event was fun while it lasted - here's hoping the Club's inevitable comeuppance is swift and brutal.

    Looking forward to the next show!

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