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    Adrenaline Rush: Live from Newark, NJ

    “Sword of Destiny” blares through the physical attendance system. The female vocals announce the arrival of the CWA Heavyweight Champion of the World and the moment the heart pounding drums echo through the minds of the attendees at the Prudential Center. Jon Snowmantashi steps through the curtains and there is not a single ounce of the joviality he has become renown for between the time he is seen and the time he steps into the ring. He’s in shorts and a “KAIJU” shirt with little other branding to his name. At his side stands his representative the loud and grinning John Duncan. The oddball pair are odder yet with their varying moods. The KAIJU does not wait for John Duncan to finish his waves to the crowd, he begins a rhythmic walk to the ring, the gold around his shoulder bouncing up and down as his every mass practically jumps with each stomp down to the squared circle.

    [JIM TAYLOR]: It goes without needing to be said but our world champion looks none too happy tonight.

    [TIM COLEMAN]: Your world champion maybe, Jim, my world champion is backstage with the greatest tag team wrestlers in the world getting ready to do what they do best, Jim, steal the show. Maybe Snowmantashi should go back there and get ready for his own match.

    [JIM TAYLOR]: Tim, I think you might be the only man in this arena who doesn’t want to hear what Jon Snowmantashi has to say. Our champion isn’t known for coming out here and putting his thoughts forward.

    [TIM COLEMAN]: And thank God for that. One, he’s incoherent and barely speaks english. Two, the less we see of Snowmantashi, the more we see of the real reason we’re all here, Indy Club.

    The champion doesn’t wait to take in the ring, or slap hands (though he was never wont to that anyways). He marches up the steel steps and goes under the top rope to get in the ring. He’s steel-faced as he paces up and down the ring, rubbing the sweat off his nose, waiting as John Duncan hustles around the squared circle for a microphone and then clumsily slides into it himself. The “Sword of Destiny” comes to an end and is replaced by a roaring “KAIJU - KAIJU - KAIJU” chant akin to a deathly cult awaiting the arrival of their monstrous savior. John Duncan makes attempts to speak but they’re more or less futile. Angered, Snowmantashi gestures for Duncan to give him the microphone. The fans die down, anticipating whatever roar might exude from the KAIJU.

    [JON SNOWMANTASHI]: I said in the past, I am like a force of nature. Morality… right… wrong… hero… villain… it is as nothing to a force of nature. And so, you may question… what does honor mean to a force of nature, if anything. Kaitadesu told me that I should not let honor dictate me as I once did. He is right. Honor does not dictate nature. But. But…. Honor and lack thereof, is action driven by the intention to give or not to give it and that action… and that intention will be received with an appropriate reaction - with the appropriate consequences.

    He’s practically choking the words as, if he’s stiffling them through his teeth. Angry, to the near point of breaking the microphone within a hand that’s very nearly turning into a fist.

    [JON SNOWMANTASHI]: Karma… dictates nature too. And those who deserve to be rewarded will be rewarded. Not by me, no. I am not an agent of reward. I am an agent of punishment. And as such… those who deserve to be punished… will be punished.

    He lowers the microphone. He speaks vaguely, and the attending populace can but guess at who he speaks of. Duncan who has managed to conjure a microphone of his own is eager to shed some light on the words behind Snowmantashi’s subtle threats.

    [JOHN DUNCAN]: For those of you who do not know me. I am the CWA Heavyweight Champion of the World, Jon Snowmantashi’s representative, I am John Duncan. And as his representative, it is necessary that I not only translate his message, but deliver it. To deliver this message, it requires that I take you all back in time to December 11th, 2013… the first time my client Jon Snowmantashi stepped into the ring with the former CWA Heavyweight Champion of the World, the man he beat to get this title… Jonathan McGinnis. The tides were turned back in December 11th, 2013. Jon Snowmantashi was the champion in Japan. He was the man people idolized. Jonathan McGinnis was the foreigner who thundered through everyone in his path to get his shot. And yet… while the positions differed, the result did not. Jonathan McGinnis COULD NOT beat Jon Snowmantashi. And so he left. He came back to America. He came here. He won this title here. He thought he had escaped Jon Snowmantashi, the man he could never… ever… defeat.

    The words hang there. Not for the crowd. Not for Jim Taylor or Tim Coleman. Not for Snowmantashi. It hangs there for Jonathan McGinnis. Is he listening? Is he listening closely? Is his conscious urging him to listen? It should.

    [JOHN DUNCAN]: He thought he had escaped Jon Snowmantashi but he had not. My client came to America because for years he had Japan in his clutches. He was a conqueror. He could not be beaten. So he came to conquer another land, he came to conquer America. He came to conquer the greatest wrestlers on this damn planet. The Cyrus Truth. The Prince Pains. The… the Jonathan McGinnis. And it was inevitable that fate would see this force of nature crash down on Jonathan McGinnis again and at Wrestle Royale… it happened. McGinnis’s world was swept away by Jon Snowmantashi a second time. And so, McGinnis’s answer? To find an army, then to go find someone else to fight. He returns to Japan and he’s trying to lay his stake on the championship he failed to beat Jon Snowmantashi for because he knows he cannot beat Jon Snowmantashi for the championship he failed to defend. That was not his mistake. Maybe it was wise. Maybe he should’ve settled for the High Voltage Championship, the title belonging to the man this KAIJU beat last week. It seems McGinnis was so afraid, he went all the way to Japan instead. Again, that was not his mistake. His mistake was his lack of respect. You see, there’s something that’s not only distinct to Japan, it’s everywhere. WE RESPECT THE PEOPLE WHO PAVED THE WAY FOR US. You respect your grandparents. Or the man in the picture on the mantel where you work. We respect the Mr. Willis’s. We respect the founding fathers who allowed us to be here tonight. There is no America. No CWA. No CWA Heavyweight Championship of the World without the people who precede us. WE HAVE TO RESPECT THEM or there is nothing. Jonathan McGinnis went over to Japan, he berated the people who had once put him on a pedestal, but that is not his crime, that is not his transgression against the very nature of who we are, his transgression was superkicking… SUPERKICKING… a legend, a hero, a man who had paved the way for this KAIJU to start his conquering… he superkicked Zero Inoki when his back was turned and then he ran away with his tail tucked between his legs!

    The footage is shaky but it comes straight from Japan. Jonathan McGinnis is confronting the champion, Punker J. Wolfington who has the NWAJP Heavyweight Championship around his waist. The two are at ringside and McGinnis slaps the spit out of the champion’s mouth. He doesn’t defend himself for the retaliation but scurries away to the ring with Punker in hot pursuit. Young boys hustle to the ring, and agents and referees alike try to separate the two premier talents from a premature confrontation. Even Zero Inoki is there, the legend stands out and the crowd in Newark can easily tell who he is, Punker J. Wolfington seems to cede under the demand of Inoki and then - SUPERKICK! Inoki falls limp to the floor. The crowd is silent for a half-second and then they erupt, angered, furious, rioting. McGinnis doesn’t wait around, he hurries away even as he’s assailed from every direction. The camera returns to John Duncan, shaking his head but it’s the expression on the face of Snowmantashi. It’s not frowning. Not read. It’s blank. You can imagine he’s saving it. Saving all that pent up aggression.

    [JOHN DUNCAN]: Jonathan McGinnis titles himself an Indy God. Jonathan McGinnis, let me speak to you frankly, on behalf of Jon Snowmantashi the GOD within CWA. THE CHAMPION within CWA. THE FORCE OF NATURE within CWA. You are no longer in the independents where you learned your craft and beat other people learning their craft. The brothers at your side. They are no longer in the independents where they could disrespect every person that stepped in front of them. You are at the BIGGEST and BRIGHTEST stage in the world. Being the best in the independent, being a so-called god there is nothing in the CWA. You want to be venerated here, you have to beat every man - excuse me, everything that stands in front of you. And here is Jon Snowmantashi. Not a man, the GOD of CWA. He stands before you. You want to be a god. You WANT this championship so badly. Jon Snowmantashi ushers you invitation. He ushers your brothers in invitation. And whether you accept or not is irrelevant. Because while I may not be a weather man, I can predict the shitshow, I can predict the hellacious cold winter that will sweep over CWA and this storm, this storm WILL NOT stop until it has done what it has set out to do, give the consequences to the lack of honor, Jonathan McGinnis gave to a legend in Zero Inoki. But until then - until that moment that he gets his hands on you Jonathan McGinnis, people will suffer indiscriminately, and that, that is unfortunate. And the first person - persons to suffer will suffer tonight… The Moment… the CWA Tag Team Champions of the World… Ben Bruce and Nick Lawton.

    Admittedly, the reception isn’t the greatest, at the very least not compared to when they’re opposite The Echo. This time however, they will be opposite of the KAIJU, and at the height of his tenure, there is little the cultist in Newark prefer than to see KAIJU’s onslaught. The KAIJU himself lifts the microphone his prey metaphorically before him within the camera’s lens. They are looking into the eyes of a being who has little pity for their fate.

    [JON SNOWMANTASHI]: Dankan-kun is correct. Nature does not discriminate. Makuginisu-kun made a mistake, and for that, everyone shall pay. Ben Burusu and Nikku Roton, weeks ago you stood by my side, and we sought to wage war against Makuginisu-kun’s army… and we failed. Nikku… you succumbed to the pain. You abandoned yourself to defeat. You could not hold on, fight through the pain until your partner Ben Burusu or I could help you. And in losing, we allowed Makuginisu-kun to continue his dangerous path. And in losing, Makuginisu-kun was allowed to go to Japan… and to do what he did. This is not why I am doing what I am doing, Ben… Nikku. Tonight, I will expect a great war. You are champions. And like Iraija Edowazu before you, I will expect you to fight like champions, like the best of CWA. But, there is only one who is above all else, there is only one KAIJU who does not obey the laws of men, of other champions, this is who I am, and this is something that cannot be helped. The pain, the suffering, the punishment I will deal to Makuginisu-kun… to the Indy Club, it is inevitable that tonight you will suffer equal punishment.

    He says it in an apologetic tone but one look and one can tell there is no ounce of regret in the eyes of Jon Snowmantashi for what he intends on doing to his two opponents. Snowmantashi lowers the microphone and Duncan does not miss a beat.

    [JOHN DUNCAN]: In court there is something called an Act of God. An event that is out of human control. A natural disaster. Something that no one can be held accountable for. And so, while Jonathan McGinnis may be at the very heart of this storm, he may be the man that kick mountain ever so lightly so as to cause the unrelenting avalanche, it is unfortunate that everyone on that mountain must thereafter suffer. But I must drive home this point, nature does not discriminate. And so, you must really look past this being personal, it’s not Ben, Nick, it’s not. Everyone on this mountain will be broken bones and bloody messes. It doesn't matter if you are one. It does matter if you are two, and two of the very finest in this world at that. And it doesn't matter if you are three of the slimiest, scrawniest, cowardly men in the world, this force of nature does not discriminated. I can but offer you this as a sort of reassurance… the men at the heart of this… the men responsible for what will happen to you tonight… he will suffer equally.

    And maybe there’s a crack there. Proof that it’s all a metaphor. Because when John Duncan says equally, there’s wryest of grins. Equally. No. When Jon Snowmantashi faces the Indy Club, they will suffer a fate greater than any one has ever suffered. The Sword of Destiny plays again, and it will play again and again, until the sword finds its destiny

    Jim Taylor: Our champion is ready for his next challenge tonight, and we'll see that later but up next we'll see Nate Savage go one on one with newcomer Demetrious Young after the break!


    Demetrious Young vs Nate Savage

    Lindsay Monahan: Tonight's opening contest is scheduled for one fall and introducing first...

    Shinedown's "Cut the Cord" begins and as the song kicks in Nate Savage steps out with his usual scowl while the fans shower him in hate.

    Lindsay Monahan: Making his way to the ring from Philadelphia, PA, standing at 6'0 and weighing in at 266lbs, "Nasty" Nate Savage

    Jim Taylor: Savage looks to be in a foul mood

    Tim Coleman: Doesn't he always?

    Jim Taylor: Good point. Well, earlier today Nate spoke about this match...

    In a locker room sitting by his lonesome we find “Nasty” Nate Savage, he seems to be preparing for his match when he senses that he’s not alone anymore prompting him to turn towards the camera with a scowl on his face. He snatches up a nearby chair and places it in front of the camera with its back facing the camera as he takes a seat in it.

    Now, before I get to my match tonight I’d like to make one thing clear because I have been hearing a lot of talk about me going soft after I shook Clint Shepard’s hand at Five Star Attraction. Listen, yes I shook the man’s hand but that doesn’t mean I like the man, it was just on that evening he earned my respect, that’s it. Hopefully that clears the air and people stop speaking about me behind my back or else I’ll have to start cracking skulls. Speaking of which, my opponent tonight…

    He sighs and scratches his chin.

    First of all I ask on Twitter for my name to appear on the card, and it seems that Isaac Richmann was reading and put me on the card, you think I’d be happy right? Wrong! My first match since Five Star Attraction and I have to some nobody that goes by the name Demetrious Young, really Isaac? Is that the best you have for me? Some rookie off the street that’s not even worth my time…

    He sits up from the chair and calmly paces before kicking the chair behind him in a fit of rage. Before speaking he begins to calm himself once more by taking a deep breath…

    Demetrious Young, nothing personal kid but like I said you’re not even worth my time if I’m being perfectly honest. My name should be higher up on the card, but once again there’s blatant disrespect shown by Isaac Richmann trying to hold me back. Isaac, you know who else tried to hold me back? Clint Shepard, and look what I did to him…

    He gets closer to camera.

    Demetrious Young, again kid it’s nothing personal but I’m going to leave you in a broken, beaten mess tonight…his blood will be on your hands Isaac…

    Nate shoves the camera away ending the scene.
    Tim Coleman: Yikes, I don't envy the new guy tonight...

    Lindsay Monahan: and his opponent...

    "Stockhold Syndrome" hits and the fans give off a mixed reaction as Demetrious Young steps out with a confident look in his eyes.

    Lindsay Monahan: Making his way to the ring from Miami, FL. Standing at 5'9 and weighing in at 206lbs, "The Standard" Demetrious Young!

    Jim Taylor: Demetrious Young is looking to make a splash in CWA, but he'll have his work cut out for him with an angry Nate Savage...

    Before the bell rings, Savage POUNCES on Young and batters the newcomer in a vicious barrage of fists and elbows! Young is blindsided and unable to protect himself as Savage mauls him like a rabid dog. Savage is relentless in his assault, even going so far as to BLAST the referee and drive him to the mat with a Nasty Bomb!

    Young staggers back to his feet as Savage grabs him by the hair and nearly decapitates him with a short-arm lariat! Savage is roaring as he sends Young into the ropes and PLANTS him with a Nasty Bomb! Young is barely moving as Savage heads to a camera and GLARES at it, basically yelling at Richmann and saying "Am I getting through to you now?!"

    Jim Taylor: Good grief! Talk about getting your point across...

    Tim Coleman: Wrong place, wrong time for Demetrious Young

    Jim Taylor: Nate Savage sending a message to Isaac Richmann at the expense of a defenseless Demetrious Young, but was it really neccessary?

    Savage leaves the ring to even more hate from the fans while the referee has come to and checks on Demetrious Young.


    Lightbringer w/Himawari vs Dustin Dreamer w/Athena
    w/ w/

    Lindsay Monahan: The following contest is set for one fall and introducing first…

    “Johnny’s Revenge” by Crown the Empire blasts out of the sound system eliciting a scathing response from the fans as Dustin Dreamer emerges from behind the curtain with his manager Athena at his side as they both walk to the ring not paying any mind to the fans.

    Lindsay Monahan: Accompanied by Athena, from Chicago, Illinois. He stands at 6’4 and weighs in at 220 pounds, “The King of Chaos” Dustin Dreamer!

    Jim Taylor: Dustin Dreamer earned his victory last week since his return, though it certainly wasn’t the way that Dustin had planned to win…

    Tim Coleman: He can thank that hothead Harrison Wake for getting himself disqualified!

    Jim Taylor: That was last week and now tonight Dreamer faces another test, one that could quite possibly be his toughest one yet…

    The familiar music plays and fans cheer wildly for the newest sensation to CWA, LIGHTBRINGER! At his side as usual is Himawari, who claps and shows him some support as they both walk to the ring.

    Lindsay Monahan: His opponent, being accompanied by Himawari, from Tokyo, Japan and wrestling out of Tampa Bay, Florida. He stands at 6ft 3in and weighs in at 230lbs, “Tokyo Kisai” LIGHTBRINGER!

    Jim Taylor: The fans have certainly taken a liking to this young man from Japan, and he’ll be looking to bounce back after last week’s grueling encounter with Jonathan McGinnis which resulted in McGinnis needing the aid of The Echo making the match a no contest. Not the way LIGHTBRINGER was looking for a win…

    Tim Coleman: Oh boo hoo! A win is win in my book. If he can’t handle it then maybe he should just go back to Japan, and take that jezebel with him!

    Jim Taylor: Thank goodness no one will read your book. We also learned from that match that Himawari isn’t one to back down after she brought the fight to both McGinnis and The Echo…

    LB enters the ring as Himawari hops off the apron, and LB is about to take off his entrance coat but he’s blindsided from behind by Dustin Dreamer, who lays the fists to LB in the corner and the referee is able to keep Dreamer at bay allowing LB to regain his senses…

    Jim Taylor: Dustin Dreamer is eager to get this match started catching LB off guard momentarily, and this is not the start that LB wanted for this match…

    Tim Coleman: Never turn your back on your opponent, didn’t they teach him anything in Japan?!

    Jim Taylor: While I actually agree, but the match hasn’t even begun yet Tim…

    Ding! Ding! Ding!

    Now the bell has sounded and Dreamer is right back on the attack as he pummels LB in the corner with lefts and rights followed by several kicks to the midsection keeping LB grounded in the corner. The crowd show their disapproval for Dreamer’s actions as he drags LB out of the corner by his head and Dreamer looks for a forearm strike, but LB ducks and comes back at Dustin with a flurry of his own brand of offense with several rapid fire knife edge chops that have Dustin reeling back in the corner. LB backs up and takes off his coat tossing it aside before running at Dustin with a corner clothesline that sends him over the ropes to the apron, and now LB wills Dustin up…TRIANGLE DROPKICK! Dreamer falls to the outside and stumbles to maintain his balance as LB looks for a baseball slide yet Dreamer was ready as he slides out of the way. LB is ready though as he attempts a clothesline, but Dreamer is one step ahead of LB sending him face first into the steel steps!

    Tim Coleman: Dreamer outsmarting LB on that exchange and using the environment to his advantage

    Jim Taylor: Dreamer had better be cautious though Tim, or else he’ll be get counted out or disqualified

    Dreamer keeps on the attack with several stomps to LB’s midsection and then tosses him back in the ring. Dreamer is up on the apron and now LB has sprung up as he looks to drill Dreamer with a running forearm strike, but Dreamer was ready for it and blocks it countering back with his own forearm strike. Now Dreamer looks to take LB out with a suplex to the outside, but LB is able to block and he counters back with his own suplex that brings Dustin back into the ring. LB is right back on the attack with seated headlock trying his best to keep Dustin grounded, but Dustin has fight left in him as he comes back with back elbow jabs in the midsection forcing LB to break the hold. LB is holding his midsection with his back turned allowing Dreamer to catch him with a bridged German suplex!


    LB with the kick out and Dreamer whips LB to the corner as Athena barks orders from the outside, and Dreamer charges in with a corner clothesline nearly bringing LB out of his boots. Then Dreamer begins to choke LB with his boot as the referee counts and Dreamer stops the choke hold before 5. Dreamer brings LB out of the corner and drops him with a nasty neckbreaker! He hooks the far leg…


    LB grabbed the rope breaking the pin and referee tries to explain that to Dustin, who is having none of it while Athena has LB by the head and uses the ropes to choke him with much to the dismay of the fans. Himawari charges over at Athena and takes her down with a tackle and begins slamming her head on the outside mat as Dustin looks on from the ring screaming at Himawari to back off…

    Jim Taylor: Talk about a jezebel, that dastardly Athena got what she had coming to her for putting her hands on LB…

    Dustin is still distracted which has allowed LB some time to recover and regain his breath as he catches Dustin by surprise with a roll up…


    Dustin kicks out and LB almost had him there and Dustin knows it. LB has backed himself in a corner ready to strike, and he does so with a deadly looking knee strike right to the head of Dustin and LB with another pin attempt…


    Dustin now with a shoulder up with no signs of frustration from LB while Himawari and Athena have been separated on the outside. LB brings Dustin up as he looks to end the match with the LIGHTBRINGER lariat, but Dustin ducks it and from behind he drills LB with a forearm strike before hoisting him on his shoulders…DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! This could be it as Dustin hooks the far leg…


    LB just barely kicks out before three and Dustin cannot believe it as he smacks the mat in frustration. Dustin goes to hook up LB for the Dream Crusher, but LB has it scouted and flips Dustin over on his backside and now both men use this time to take a breather. LB is rising up using the ropes as leverage while Dustin stumbles back up swinging wildly for a clothesline but LB catches it…FLYING ARMBAR! The submission is applied as LB stretches back on the arm and Dustin cannot withstand the pain any longer and is forced to submit…

    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner of the match by submission, LIGHTBRINGER!

    Jim Taylor: A well-deserved victory for LIGHTBRINGER after last week’s match that left us with a sour taste in our mouths…

    Tim Coleman: Yeah, yeah he got lucky Jim, but his luck will run out soon. Besides, you can’t take anything away from Dustin Dreamer, who put up one heck of a battle

    Jim Taylor: That he did Tim, Dustin has nothing to be ashamed of but he’ll live to fight another day instead of having his arm ripped out of its socket by LIGHTBRINGER

    LB celebrates with Himawari in the ring while Dustin and Athena shuffle off to the back. LB and Himawari are about to exit the ring when Isaac Richmann’s music hits and out comes the Adrenaline Rush GM with a microphone in hand.

    Isaac Richmann: LIGHTBRINGER, something told me that I wouldn’t regret signing you, and you have proved that to be very true pulling off victory after victory. We haven’t seen a newcomer do that since the likes of Jon Snowmantashi, Jonathan McGinnis, and Michelle Von Horrowitz and look what they have accomplished…

    LB looks intrigued and curious as to what Richmann is getting at.

    Isaac Richmann: What I’m trying to say is that you’ve earned yourself a match at Retribution, and not just any match my friend. Oh no, you’ll go one on one with the High Voltage Champion, Elijah Edwards and the championship will be on the line!

    The crowd erupts with a huge pop for the announcement and now Elijah Edwards comes out with his agent Romeo Rollings. LB has now exited the ring and with Himawari in tow he meets up with Elijah and the two shake hands as a sign of respect.

    Jim Taylor: The match is set, it’ll be LIGHTBRINGER challenging Elijah Edwards for the High Voltage Championship at Retribution! What an announcement made by Isaac Richmann…

    Tim Coleman: That’s not the only announcement we’ll get from Isaac tonight, and it had better be the announcement that Jonathan McGinnis is finally getting his rematch against Snowmantashi!

    Jim Taylor: We’ll find out later tonight what the future holds for the world championship, but up next we have more action in store for you after the break, stay tuned folks!


    The Echo vs Michelle von Horrowitz & Mr. Enigma

    Michelle wanders out onto the stage, surveying the arena during the opening verse. As the music comes in and Orbison sings 'I close my eyes', she leisurely walks down to the ring.

    Lindsay Monahan: Making her way down the aisle from Rotterdam, the Netherlands and wrestling out of New Orleans, Louisiana. She stands at 170cm and weighs 71kg, “Dreamer” Michelle von Horrowitz!

    Once she reaches the ring she climbs to the second turnbuckle in the ring and points upwards with both hands, staring up at the ceiling.

    Jim Taylor: Michelle receiving a mixed reaction from the fans tonight, but I don’t think any of that matters to her

    Michelle begins to adjust her kneepads in the corner.

    Lindsay Monahan: and her partner…

    As the lights go out all over the arena, the music and video begin to play and as Enigma takes the stage, standing atop the ramp, as his longtime fans go insane with some chanting his name and others booing him. The pyro begins to fall from above and also sparks up from below as Enigma blows out a huge puff of smoke. With that, Enigma begins his slow methodical pace to the ring.

    Lindsay Monahan: From Mississippi and wrestling out of Jacksonville, Florida. He stands at 6’3 and weighs in at 250lbs, Mr. Enigma!

    He makes his way to the ring and then paces around the ring looking eerily at some fans and breaking into laughter at others as if he was insane as he makes his way around and back to the ring steps. He then climbs into the ring, removes his excess attire and sits in the opposing corner awaiting the next move with complete focus in his eyes and utter ill intent in his heart for his opponent.

    Enigma and MVH stare each other down in their corner.

    Jim Taylor: Will these two co-exist tonight? Last week we saw them assist each other in their respective singles matches but tonight they’ve got to work together as a team…

    Tim Coleman: Good luck with that Jim!

    Lindsay Monahan: and their opponents…

    The opening chords to “Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver” echoes through the arena and the fans quickly respond with quite possibly the loudest jeers of the night so far as The Echo make their way out looking as confident like usual. They stand on stage and “2 Sweet” each other before walking down to the ring while mocking and berating fans along the way.

    Lindsay Monahan: From Gainesville, Georgia by way of *sigh* your Mom’s bedroom, they weigh in at a combined weight of 350lbs. They are Donald Trump’s favorite tag team and they represent The Indy Club, Drew and Ethan Conner…THE ECHO!

    Tim Coleman: There’s a true tag team right there, Jim! Plus, if that wasn’t enough they’ve been endorsed by the man that could very well be our next president!

    Jim Taylor: That’s a frightening thought. Moving on, we’ll see these heated rivals square off next after the break, stay tuned!


    Jim Taylor: Welcome back fans, here’s what took place during the break…

    Drew Conner snatches the microphone away from Lindsay, which garners more hate.

    Drew Conner: Richie Richmann you better be listening wherever you are back there because I’m only going to say this once. Tonight’s announcement had better be about us getting our rematch against those dorks in The Moment, AND Jonathan had better be getting his rematch against tubby or else there will be hell to pay Richie!

    Ethan takes the microphone.

    Ethan Conner: Starting tonight with these two chumps! We’ll be sending Chuckles back to circus and Michelle we’ll be sending back to wherever the hell she came from and why will we do that Drew?

    He hands the microphone back to Drew.

    Drew Conner: Because we can! Let’s get this party started dorks!
    Jim Taylor: The Echo not holding anything back tonight

    Tim Coleman: Why should they Jim? They haven’t been given their rematch and tonight they’ll use that pent up frustration on Enigma and Michelle

    Ding! Ding! Ding!

    Michelle will kick things off with Drew, continuing where they left off in last week’s match. They begin to circle each other with Drew egging her on and taunting her resulting in Michelle opening up with a low dropkick right to the shin taking Drew to one knee. Michelle propels herself off the ropes in time to catch Drew with a running cross-body taking him down to the mat. Drew looks taken aback by this and pleads with the referee to have Michelle back off, which the referee obliges and Drew uses this opportunity to recover acting as if his back is severe pain and Michelle is having none of it as she runs at him again for another cross-body but Drew catches her in position for a powerslam. Michelle finds her way out of though with several back elbow strikes to the side of his head forcing him to drop her, and she unloads on Drew with several stiff kicks to his sides and thighs that backs him up in the corner until the referee has Michelle back away. Michelle refuses as she’s had enough of this nonsense from The Echo and she comes in again at Drew only for Drew to counter back with a rake of the eyes temporarily blinding Michelle and now Drew places her in the corner and goes to town on Michelle with several kicks the midsection accompanied by insults shouted at her and taunts until she’s down in a seated position. Drew then tags in Ethan who comes in and with an assist from Drew he hits Michelle with a low corner dropkick! He drags Michelle out of the corner and peppers her body with a few stomps for good measure before setting himself up on the apron…springboard elbow drop! Ethan hooks the leg…


    Michelle gets a shoulder up while Ethan tags Drew back in the match, who comes in and is looking for a 450 springboard splash but Michelle rolls out of the way in time just Drew is about to make his landing yet he somehow manages to land on his feet gingerly and connects with a pele kick that has Michelle stunned allowing him to take her down with a handspring backflip into a tornado DDT planting her skull to the mat. Drew taunts Michelle and stands over her yelling out, “This is too easy!” before making the cover…


    Michelle kicks out and Drew tells her to just stay down followed by some rather vulgar insults. He tags in Ethan and then holds Michelle in a German suplex position while Ethan sets up for a super kick, but Michelle ducks out of the way at the last second which has Ethan hitting his own brother with the super kick!

    Jim Taylor: It looks like that plan backfired on The Echo!

    Tim Coleman: Oh no, this can’t be good!

    Ethan is in shock allowing Michelle to sneak up behind him…REGAL-PLEX WITH A BRIDGE!


    Ethan kicks out but Michelle isn’t finished as she transitions into a cross-face chicken wing with a body scissors…and now she follows that up with CATTLE MUTILATION! She has it locked in the center of the ring with nowhere for Ethan to go, will he tap?! NO! It’s broken up in time by Drew as he used his last ounce of strength to break it up before slowly rolling to the apron while Michelle groggily rolls over to her corner where the tag is made to Enigma...

    Jim Taylor: Enigma is in and he’s ready to clean house!

    Enigma runs in and knocks Drew off the apron with a clothesline before setting his sights on Ethan, who is groggy and has no idea of his surroundings as Enigma is lining him up…CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!

    Jim Taylor: Holy cow! He about took his head clean off with that clothesline!

    Tim Coleman: I don’t know how Ethan will kick out of that one!

    Enigma hooks the far leg…

    2 ½

    Ethan kicks out at the very last second before three and Enigma just smiles at this knowing he gets to inflict more damage. He grabs Ethan by the hair looking to set him up for a power bomb, and as he brings him up Ethan counters with a DDT and Enigma’s head bounces off the mat! Both men lay in the middle of the ring spent for several second. Finaly, Ethan begins to stir and makes the tag to his brother Drew, who prevents Enigma from making the tag to Michelle with a running stomp to the back of the head. He taunts Michelle, who is ready to jump over the ropes but before she can she’s tripped up by Ethan on the outside and knocked to the floor while inside the ring Drew has Enigma set in his sights…SUPERKICK! Enigma drops to one knee begging Drew to just bring it, and Drew more than happily obliges…CANADIAN DESTROYER! Enigma’s skull is driven to the mat with such force and Drew makes the cover…


    Lindsay Monahan: The winners of the match, Drew & Ethan Conner…THE ECHO!

    Tim Coleman: Give the devils their due Jim, Drew & Ethan gave it their all tonight!

    Jim Taylor: I will give credit where it’s due and say that they were on their A game tonight. That can’t bode well for whoever they face next…

    Tim Coleman: Which will be The Moment at Retribution in a rematch for the tag team championship!

    Jim Taylor: That remains to be seen Tim, and speaking of the tag team champions they will be in action later tonight as they will take on our CWA World Champion, Jon Snowmantashi in a two on one handicap match!


    Harrison Wake w/Mia Walsh vs Jonathan McGinnis

    Blessings by Big Sean rings out around the arena and, shortly afterwards, Jonathan McGinnis is standing on the stage, staring out over the arena. He begins to stride down to the ring as the introduction begins.

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and gentlemen, this next contest is scheduled for one-fall and has a thirty minute time limit. Introducing first, making his way to the ring, from Montreal, Canada and wrestling out of Los Angeles, California, he weighs in tonight at two hundred and seven pounds… Jonathan McGinnis!

    Jim Taylor: And a very angry Jonathan McGinnis, no less, still waiting for that big announcement regarding the World Championship.

    Tim Coleman: Can’t you see why, Jim?! This is a legal matter. McGinnis had a rematch clause in his contract and the match for Retribution should already have been announced, in my eyes.

    Big Sean dies away and is replaced with Move Me by The Ghost Inside. Wake walks out onto the stage, usually the bad guy but greeted with cheers because of his opponents. He doesn’t seem to know how to react, and Mia Walsh has to lead the way to the ring before he re-focuses on the man in front of him.

    Lindsay Monahan: And his opponent, accompanied to the ring by Mia Walsh… From Rocky County, Wisconsin, he weighs in tonight at two hundred and forty pounds… He is the Backwoods Badass… Harrison Wake!

    Jim Taylor: A man who has a list of grievances against Jonathan McGinnis, though that could be said about the majority of the locker room.

    Tim Coleman: Oh, boo hoo…

    Wake climbs into the ring as the referee makes his final checks and calls for the bell. The two of them circle, McGinnis clearly wanting to lock it up in a collar and elbow tie up. Wake is having none of it, slamming a knee into McGinnis’ abdomen and hurling him into the turnbuckle.

    Jim Taylor: And now Wake unloads with a vicious series of lefts and rights, clearly taking out some of that pent up aggression on McGinnis in the early stages.

    After more than a dozen hard fists to the ribs, Wake backs away from McGinnis, charging back at him with a cornered clothesline. McGinnis stumbles into the middle of the ring, but turns around into a massive headbutt, taking him to one knee. Wake isn’t done there, hitting a few rough chops, and then knocking him over with a big boot. McGinnis rolls out of the ring to catch his breath.

    Jim Taylor: Looks like The Last Indy Darling is going to have to re-think his strategy, here. Wake has come out all guns blazing…

    Tim Coleman: And you’re behind this?! I thought this was a wrestling match!

    McGinnis slides into the ring as the referee reaches three, and Wake charges in, looking for another headbutt. McGinnis stops him in his tracks with an eye poke. Taking advantage of the momentary break, McGinnis charge in with a clothesline, dropping Wake to the mat. Wake goes for his own, but McGinnis ducks it and rolls him up with a schoolboy…

    ONE… TW - - NO!

    Wake again goes for a wild right hand, but McGinnis ducks again, backslide into a cover…

    ONE… TWO… NO!

    Wake looks as if he’s going to charge in again, but thinks better of it and backs away, the two circling the ring and staring across it at one another.

    Tim Coleman: See? This is what McGinnis has to do. He has to make Harrison Wake fight his style.

    It seems that Wake realises this, and they go for a test of strength. Wake uses his thirty three pound weight advantage to back McGinnis up into the ropes. The referee gets between them, looking for a clean break, but of course McGinnis goes for a slap. Wake blocks it, though, and wrenches McGinnis’ limb into an arm bar. He wrestles McGinnis down to the mat, but the Darling squirms his way to the bottom rope, hooking onto it with an outstretched limb. When the referee gets to four, Wake releases, and McGinnis gingerly gets up clutching his arm. They approach each other again, McGinnis talking a bit of trash before hitting a knife edge chop. Wake replies with one of his own, the crowd wooing for only him. They trade chops, five each, until Wake rocks McGinnis with a fist. McGinnis replies with one of his own, but Wake’s second shot is too much for McGinnis, and he stumbles back towards the ropes. He bounces off, propelling himself at the Backwoods Badass, but Wake lifts him up and slams him down with a Samoan Drop. He goes for a cover…

    ONE… TWO… NO!

    Wake lifts McGinnis up, backing him into the ropes and Irish whipping him across the ring. He goes for a big lariat, but McGinnis ducks it, charging through to the opposite set of ropes. He jumps onto the second rope, diving off with a springboard cross-body, taking Wake down to the mat!

    Jim Taylor: McGinnis finally utilizing some of that trademark speed. He needs to get out of a brawl if he’s going to have any chance in this one.

    McGinnis drags Wake up and takes him over with a vertical suplex, beginning his ascent to the top rope. When he’s up there, he takes a moment to first stare down at his opponent, and then around at the audience. He leaps off, going for a diving somersault corksrew… NO! Wake lifts his knees!

    Jim Taylor: McGinnis crashes and burns!

    Tim Coleman: But Wake can’t capitalise, he’s struggling to his feet himself…

    After a few seconds, the two manage to regain their respective vertical bases, stumbling back to the centre of the ring for the final confrontation. Wake fires off a hard right that rocks McGinnis on the jaw followed by a low kick to the gut that doubles over McGinnis before dropping to one knee. Wake has McGinnis by the head preparing to send him off the ropes for that Timber Bomb...LOW BLOW BY MCGINNIS! The referee calls for the bell

    Jim Taylor: McGinnis with the blatant low blow! Why am I not surprised by this?

    Tim Coleman: He shouldn't have to worry about this nonsense with Wake!

    Harrison drops to his knees holding his groin while the crowd heavily jeers McGinnis for his actions. McGinnis leans on the ropes with a smirk on his face, and he's about to go for a superkick to Wake but moves his head out of the way to avoid getting it kicked off before popping up to his feet...SUCKER PUNCH! He strikes McGinnis in the back in the head before sending him off the ropes...TIMBER BOMB! The crowd pops loudly for that as McGinnis writhes on the mat before slowly rolling out of the ring while Wake stands inside as his music plays.

    Jim Taylor: Harrison Wake getting the last laugh on Jonathan McGinnis, but this is far from over!

    McGinnis holds his back while backing up the ramp looking towards the ring where Harrison is glaring at him as Mia Walsh stands beside Harrison before the show cuts to commercial.


    Champion vs Champion
    Jon Snowmantashi vs The Moment w/Amanda Starr

    The bell rings as the announce team explain how this works. Only one member of The Moment is allowed in the match legally and have to tag in and out. Snowmantashi is by himself, but it's clear he doesn't seem to care about that. He's clenching his fists as Lawton starts things off. Lawton and Snowmantashi lock up, but the Kaiju's far too strong as he tosses Lawton across the ring, away from Bruce. Snowmantashi runs to splash Lawton in the corner, but Lawton rolls out and Snowmantashi collides chest first into the turnbuckle. Lawton spins him around and starts to chop and uppercut the World Champion, but all that accomplishes is firing up Snowmantashi as the Kaiju headbutts Lawton and suplexes him into the corner. Snowmantashi goes for a cover, but Lawton kicks out at two.

    Snowmantashi takes Lawton to a place where there's a lot of suplexes (a city, one might say) and continues to batter the smaller opponent. However, Snowmantashi gets a little too zealous and suplexes Lawton too close to his corner, allowing Bruce to tag in. As Snowmantashi grabs Lawton for another slam, Bruce rushes in and drives his big boot into Snowmantashi's head!

    The Inhuman Champion is still on his feet as Bruce again looks to take the monster off, but the subsequent lariat still won't get the job done. Lawton motions for Bruce to try again and the Moment finally take Snowmantashi down with a big boot-legsweep combination! Lawton exits the ring as Bruce covers...only a one count.

    Snowmantashi attempts to fight back, showing just how impossibly strong and durable he is as it's a struggle for the Moment to keep control of the match. But, The Moment's experience at tag team wrestling serves them well as they maintain an advantage over the World Champion. Still, nothing in Lawton's technical expertise nor Bruce's raw brawling ability seem to be able to keep a very determined Snowmantashi down. Even securing a two-count seems a cause for celebration with how little Snowmantashi is willing to relent.

    The stubbornness of the World Champion seems to have lit a fire under The Moment. They realize that it's going to take the heavy guns to keep Snowmantashi down and both enter the ring to deliver some double-team offense. But before they can decide on a game plan, Snowmantashi fires back with hard skillet chops to both Lawton and Bruce! This quick flurry of offense disorients The Moment as Snowmantashi delivers a one man double-lariat, taking both men down HARD! The Moment are resilient and get back to their feet quickly to a flurry of punches from Snowmantashi. But the Tag Champions fire back with boots to the gut and DDT the Kaiju! Another cover, but Snowmantashi kicks out!

    Bruce shows incredible strength by picking up Snowmantashi in a fireman's carry as the Moment look to hit Hellblazer. But Snowmantashi fights out and sends Bruce flying with a German suplex! Lawton gets to his feet and tries to go on the offensive, but Snowmantashi plants him with a uranage, followed by a senton splash! Snowmantashi covers, but only gets two!

    Snowmantashi points to the corner, signaling for the Snowfall. The Japanese heavyweight ascends to the top and looks to finish this in grand fashion...

    ...INTERFERENCE! Snowmantashi is pushed off the top! IT'S THE ECHO! Drew and Ethan Conner have sent Snowmantashi falling out of the ring and have descended on Lawton! The referee calls for the bell, throwing this match out!

    Jim Taylor: Oh for crying out loud!

    The Echo like a pack of wild hyenas attack Nick Lawton with several stomps until Ben Bruce comes in for the save taking out both Drew and Ethan, but from out of nowhere it's Jonathan McGinnis clobbering Ben with a superkick! He stands over Ben crotch chopping him while Drew and Ethan laugh until Snowmantashi re-enters the ring and takes out The Echo in one fell swoop with a double clothesline leaving just him and McGinnis in a stand off, and McGinnis acting as if he's going to take a swing at Snow but instead he backs out of the ring much to the dismay of the fans while The Conners roll out with him holding their heads...

    The familiar funky tune can only mean the arrival of our faithful GM, Isaac Richmann, who struts out dancing along with his music before taking a stand on the stage.

    Jim Taylor: Announcement time!

    Tim Coleman: He sure took long enough!

    Isaac Richmann: As much as I'd love to leave McGinnis and his little buddies hanging any longer on my announcement, well I'd hate to leave you fine paying fans hanging so lets get to it, shall we?

    The fans cheer at this while McGinnis has grabbed a microphone.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Cut the crap Richmann! Give me my rematch now!

    Isaac Richmann: Well if you'd let me speak I was going to get right to it, but since you're so eager I'm going to make you wait just a tad bit longer...

    McGinnis is steaming with rage as The Echo hold him back while Snowmantashi looks on with interest as he wears his title over his shoulder.

    Isaac Richmann: First of all, in regards to the tag team championship match at Retribution...

    This perks up The Echo who look at Richmann while shouting at him.

    Isaac Richmann: Echo, I've heard you complaints on social media, and I've seen your videos but boys all you had to do was ask nicely. Since I'm in such a giving mood you will get your rematch at Retribution when you take on The Moment for the tag team championship...

    Drew and Ethan look pleased with this while The Moment look ready for the challenge on the opposite side of the ring.

    Isaac Richmann: in a ladder match!

    Drew and Ethan turn white with shock while the fans go nuts and The Moment still look ready for the challenge.

    Isaac Richmann: Now onto you Mr. McGinnis, again just like your buddies you just could have asked and I would have given you your rematch but you had to take matters into your own hands. Due to your most recent actions you've made some enemies, and well I know one of them got a chance at revenge on your earlier tonight but I'm sure he, along with a few others would like nothing more than to get their hands on you...

    McGinnis: Just what in the hell are you getting at Richmann?

    Richmann: You get your rematch against Mr. Snowmantashi for the world title

    McGinnis smiles.

    Richmann: Not just any match though Johnboy, it'll be inside of an elimination chamber!

    Huge pop from the crowd while McGinnis is going ballistic.

    Richmann: Joining you and Snowmantashi will be Michelle von Horrowitz, Harrison Wake, Enigma and one man who has been itching to get his hands on you...

    Richmann points to the screen.

    Jim Taylor: Is that?

    Tim Coleman: Oh no!

    Isaac Richmann: If you haven't figured it out yet John, the final participant will be Johnny Vegas!

    Another huge pop from the crowd while McGinnis and The Echo are losing their minds with rage while Snow and The Moment look on.

    Isaac Richmann: I hope the wait was worth it boys!

    With that Richmann's music kicks up again while The Indy Club are fuming with rage still as Snow stares them down from in the ring and The Moment stares across at The Echo.

    Jim Taylor: What an announcement! Tag Team championship in a ladder match, and the world championship in an elimination chamber match!

    Tim Coleman: How is any of that fair?!

    Jim Taylor: Life isn't fair Tim! I'm afraid that's all the time we have for tonight fans, good night!

    *END SHOW*
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