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Thread: CWA Adrenaline Rush: Live from Trenton, NJ

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    CWA Adrenaline Rush: Live from Trenton, NJ

    No opening video. No music video. No highlight reel the first image of the first show post Five Star Attraction is simply this:

    We can only assume that the image is being displayed to the capacity crowd as we hear in the background thunderous boos as the image eventually fades away from the screen as were taken to the arena where we see a beautiful dark skinned woman standing in the center of the ring, dressed to the nines in a very nice suit and a pair of spectacles lightly leaning on her nose with a stoic expression on her face, the heat for the most part has cooled down somewhat considering we’ve never seen this woman in a CWA ring before but the heat is still there from the more knowledgeable fans who knows exactly who she is and more importantly who she is associated with. After a moment she raises the mic to her blood red lips and begins to speak.

    Celina Sasha: Ladies and gentlemen, things around here are going to change. Before, we get into all that. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Celina Sasha and I'm the advocate for the needed change here in CWA. I'm the advocate for the three men that shook this company to its core at Five Star Attraction... "The Indy God" Jonathan McGinnis, and The Echo, known to all of you, as the club, THE INDY CLUB!!!!

    The instant these words are out of Sasha's mouth, she's showered with ungodly boos after what that particular trio did at FSA but she just rolls her eyes and continues speaking-

    Celina Sasha: See, I'm use to that. I'm use to crowds of people vilifying myself, the innocent and my clients. for the last few years I've worked with the Connor brothers and time and time again, they were harassed and dragged through the dirt simply for exercising their rights to free speech. Simply for expressing themselves as they wish. Drew and Ethan Connor are innocent men no matter how much you people want to treat them like animals

    Sasha referring to incident that got The Echo a lot of heat in Japan when they attempted to take a piss on the Japanese flag in the middle of the ring.

    Celina Sasha: and once I saw what happened at this years Five Star Attraction, and they told me about what Mr. McGinnis in particular had to deal with...well I just had to come to CWA. To make sure. JUSTICE is served...... so without further ado, I bring to you, THE INDY CLUB!!!!..

    The lawyer gestures towards the entrance ramp and on cue Sabotage by the Beastie Boys hits the PA system to ROARING hate from the crowd. The trio of Jonathan McGinnis and the Connor brother’s making their way onto the stage all three wearing t-shirts bearing the legend “INDY CLUB” they totally ignore the poor vile hate coming their way as they make their way to the ringside area. Instead of going in the ring McGinnis takes the time to take a quick detour towards the announce table where he sits up on the table with his legged crossed from under him a calm expression on his face. His partners in crime The Connor brothers make their way into the ring where Celina happily passed them both mics. The music eventually cuts out leaving The Connors to be in a sea of pure hate from the crowd, but as usual they seem to take it all in stride as they let the crowd simmer down before Drew stands beside his brother and raises the mic to his lips

    Drew Conner: “Just in case you forgot; let me remind you people who they hell we are. We are The Echo. Two pieces of white trash from the Trailer parks of Georgia. That RULES the tag team world. We are the most dynamic, record smashing. Standard setting. Glass ceiling shattering Super kick throwing tag team you have ever seen. The BEST damn wrestlers you’ll ever see.

    Ethan Connor:“.....But even though we come out here and say it every single week. No one really listens to us do you? Ever since we arrived in CWA we’ve been called every name under the sun, we have been boo’ed and shunned and insulted over and over again. We’re ego manics. Were jerks. Were idiots. But you can’t deny every time we get in this ring. We back up everything we say. Because we CAN!

    Drew Conner: We are the LIFE blood of tag team wrestling. We make this s**t cool again and at Five Star Attraction. That was the moment our entire careers have been leading towards. Five Star Attraction was the culmination of our lives work. Every thing we've been working for. Everything that we dreamed about. It was all leading up to Five Star Attraction. But things? Things didn’t work out that way did it?

    Drew makes a exaggerated point of staring down at his waist which for the first time in quite a long time is NOT where covered in gold as Ethan shakes his head in anger

    Ethan Connor: That’s Right...As hard as this might be to believe….we are…:...NOT the CWA World tag team champions

    He barely has time to finish his sentence, before the crowd drowns him out with a deafening cheer of approval! the brother’s rolls their eyes, while Sasha shakes her head at the fans' glee in seeing them dethroned

    Drew Conner: “Yeah, yeah OK. OK. We get it. You’re all on top of the world right now, aren’t you? The fact that the Moment and their BITCH screwed us puts you all on cloud nine doesn’t it? Well, that’s fine. Go ahead, enjoy it while it lasts. We won’t hold it against you. Enjoy YOUR moment, each and every one of you that wanted so damn bad to see us slip and fall.I know you’ve all been waiting for this for a long, long time….so you might as well make the most of it

    The fans start cheering with thunderous approval for the new CWA Tag Team Champions, who ended The Echo’s reign at Five Star Attraction But the brothers just stands in the ring, absorbing it, without looking too impressed or taken out of their stride. It doesn't look like losing their championship has knocked their sense of self-confidence too much, as Drew goes to speak again

    Drew Conner: So are you done? Got that all of your system now? Or do you want to milk this moment for a little longer? Good. Because it NEVER happening again. Lets get ONE thing straight. The Moment earned NOTHING. They did not BEAT us. They did not DEFEAT us. You wanted to know what happened? It’s pretty damn simple: I couldn’t break up a pin because Amanda Starr HELD. ME BACK. If she didn’t do that, I would have broken that count. That match would have went on and we WOULD have beaten The Moment. You people have the nerve to call US tools? When The Moment need their bitch to STEAL OUR BELTS. And yes that’s what she is, A BITCH. who took EVERYTHING from us…

    Ethan Connor: “But it’s ok, you know why? Biches step up, to be KNOCKED. THE F**K. Down.

    Drew Conner: So let’s move on with item number two right? Why were all here; “Why” Why did you do it guys. Why did we shove Richie Rich’s silver spoon up his ass? Why did we join up with this guy? Why. Are. We. Here.

    The Echo shares a smirk with each other seemingly their moods taking a turn for the better as Drew throws a “Clique point” towards The announce table

    Jonathan McGinnis: I hope to make you guys here as uncomfortable as possible, believe me I do. You guys play a huge role here in CWA, possible the biggest, according to same. You two are the propaganda machine here in CWA, every show that airs listen to whatever it is that spills out of your mouths, from facts to complete non-sense. You two are the voices of the CWA, the voices of Adrenaline Rush, and I need you guys. If there is any two people that can spread the message to the entire CWA Universe, it will be you to, but most importantly you....

    McGinnis points directly at Jim Taylor, the whole thing just fills uneasy as nobody knows what is going to happen. McGinnis points at Jim Taylor and looks into his eyes like he wants what he is about to say to resonate with the play by play man for CWA Adrenaline Rush. He looks at Jim.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Where is my title shot....?

    Jim Taylor: Listen, I have nothing to.......

    Jonathan McGinnis: Oh you have a lot to do this.... during the road to the biggest show of the year, why was there barely any mention of how I was being robbed my rematch that I have inside my damn rematch clause. Everyone has one, right, Jim, everyone, so where was mine. Most importantly, why did you bother to bring up the great injustice of all this... why? You seem to use your propaganda machine sitting behind this desk every week for other things besides the huge injustice that was sitting right in front of everyone. I should've been in the main event of Five Star Attraction, instead teaching some disrespectful ass-clown some respect. Now Vegas may never wrestle again, but his blood is not on my hands, but on the hands of everyone here in CWA, and that means you, Jimmy-BOY!. You failed to open the eyes of the entire CWA Universe about how I was robbed of my Five Star Attraction moment, so I had to create one, I had to make my own moment. But I'm still not satisfied, I'm still not happy. I was robbed out of my first Five Star Attraction Main Event, and I would've left as champion. I would be champion right now.... so now, Jim, what do you have to say for yourself.... SAY YOU'RE SORRY!!!! NOW!!!

    McGinnis gets off the announce table, as looks like over to Tim Coleman.

    Tim Coleman: Just say you're sorry.....

    Jim Taylor: NO! I didn't do a damn thing....

    McGinnis smirks as the time keeper tries to break this up but McGinnis clocks him with a SUPERKICK!!!!.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Now, say it, or I will kick your teeth down your damn throat.... matter of fact, STAND UP!!!!

    McGinnis forces Jim to stand.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Do your job and spread the propaganda, spread mine for me... tell the entire CWA Universe that I deserved to be in the main event of Five Star Attraction.... TELL!!!!! THEM!!! NOW!!!!!!

    Jim remains quiet as this begins to bother "The Indy God". He starts to sing to Jim.

    Jonathan McGinnis:♫ SAY SOMETHING, OR I"M GIVING UP ON YOU!!! ♫

    Jim Taylor: Okay, Okay, you deserved to be in the main event of Five Star, are you happy?

    Jonathan McGinnis: NO! Not really.... tell the world, that I was robbed.... tell them...

    Jim Taylor: You were robbed....

    Jonathan McGinnis: Yea, I don't truly believe you mean it, so here....

    McGinnis hands Jim Taylor a microphone as he pulls him up to where he stands on the announce table.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Tell em'..

    Jim Taylor in front of the entire CWA Universe.

    Jim Taylor: Ladies and gentlemen, I'm Jim Taylor and....

    Jonathan McGinnis: You are the propaganda spreader in CWA, SAY IT!!! SAY IT!!! Tell them the truth, so we can wrap this up here...

    Jim Taylor: Ladies and gentlemen, I'm Jim Taylor and.... the propaganda tool of the CWA, and I honestly stand here and tell all of you, that McGinnis was robbed for the dream opportunity to be in the main event of Five Star Attraction, he was owed a rematch clause and was not given what he rightfully deserved....

    Jonathan McGinnis: See, wasn't that so hard, I knew I could get the truth out of you, now sit your ass back down.

    McGinnis leaps off the announce table as he see's that officials are helping up the poor time keeper that he just superkicked as he superkicked him AGAIN!!! McGinnis makes his way to the ring where he joins the rest of the Indy Club. Drew and Ethan jump up and down laughing their asses off reveling in the announcers misery saying things off mic like “BOOM HEAD SHOT!” And “POW!” All the while Celina Sasha the woman insisting the trio are nothing but innocent victims, conveniently ignores what just happened totally focused on her nails

    Drew Connor: See, This? This is EXACTLY what were talking about. The three of us should be RULING this damn place, We are the three most talented wrestlers this company has ever seen. He won the World title two months after his debut. We went eight months undefeated! We should be kings. This show should be called Johnny McGinnis We should have posters. Movies. T-Shirts. TV shows. Interviews. Everything. But no, We’ve left to open shows, and live in mid-card hell. .Until Once upon a time Johnny Vegas stood in this ring and he SPAT. He spat in the faces of guys like us and John. You know people that had to actually WORK to get heere. To scratch and claw and bleed, travel the world. Collect the miles to earn the right to get to the biggest dance of them all

    Ethan Connor: See Johnny. We didn’t win the lotto and thought “Golly pro wrestling sounds like fun” This isn’t a game to us Johnny. We paid our dues, we proved we belonged here and at Five Star Attraction? We proved YOU don’t.

    Drew Connor: Johnny Vegas? You walked into Superkick City and boy were you in the wrong side of town….”

    Jonathan McGinnis: You know, enough about Vegas. I feel the time spent talking about him, is enough.... we are here to talk about championships....

    McGinnis looks over to The Echo.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Yeah, that's enough time wasted on Johnny boy, we have much bigger fish to fry.

    Jonathan McGinnis: It should be pretty damn clear what our goal is, we want the gold... we want our gold, back.

    Drew Connor: Well I wouldn't say Bigger fish. More like two litter shrimps swimming with sharks and one large, overweight tubby fish

    Ethan Connor: A whale?

    Drew Connor: Right! Tonight were eating two shrimps and hunting a whale. Boys. It's time to go harpooning

    Jonathan McGinnis: TONIGHT!!! LIVE!!!! We make it known, I mean, it's the whole point we even put this little club together, like seriously, in our club house we have this #1 on things to do. Get our gold back, and it starts tonight...

    Drew Connor: Our gold! Not anyone else's The Tag team belts and The world title BELONG to us, their our private property that STOLEN from us. We didn't lose the tag belts. They were stolen from us by two little dorks and their baby sitter and him? Him?! He never got his damn rematch after he held the world title for MONTHS.

    Ethan Connor: How is THAT fair?!

    Drew Connor: Those belts don't belong to this company. Hell this company doesn't even belong to this company. This is now OUR company. Superkick City is now extending it's borders and we've paving over The Moment and Jon-boy tonight

    Jonathan McGinnis: Damn, who many Jon's/Johnny/Jonathan's are there in the CWA... but yeah, we will use tonight to send a direct message... things are going to change around here.

    Drew Connor: I vote we call him Tubs

    Ethan Connor: Tubs. Tubby. Tub boat. Roly poly Jon The benched whale. It's all good...

    Jonathan McGinnis: HA! Fat jokes, how original... c'mon, we're better than this...

    Drew Connor: Hey when you walk around causing mini earthquakes with your feet You're asking for it

    Ethan stomps around the ring like he was King Kong while Drew flails around and hangs onto the ropes for dear life as if trying his best to stay up. McGinnis can't help but laugh as Sasha doesn't look to be laughing.

    Drew Connor: If you want we can move on to The Moment and how much Amanda Starr is a dirty ho bag

    Ethan Connor: We know because she actually told us

    Drew Connor: Was that what she said? because her words were muffled her mouth was full

    Ethan Connor: ..and we weren't the only ones in the room"

    Jonathan McGinnis: Yeaaa, I'm happy with not having and STD.... but she does have a reputation in the back. For giving a good bang for a buck..

    Ethan Connor: Well she pretty much screwed us over

    Drew Connor: I wonder how long she's been..-ah-hem- Tag teaming with Benny and Nicky

    Jonathan McGinnis: That is a good question, and like most good questions these days, it will go unanswered.

    Ethan Connor: Whatever dude, they're all eating superkicks tonight

    Drew Connor: Johnny. Benny. Nicky. Bitch face. Indy club is running over all of them and taking our belts

    Jonathan McGinnis: But that leaves me to our world champ, I'm coming for my belt... that is all on my mind. Every night, I think about how you took what mean't the world to me. Tonight, Snowman, you will find out, that you are just holding that belt for me. Keep it warm. Big man.

    Drew Connor: Take as many pictures as you can with those belts. Moment. They're coming home soon..

    Ethan Connor: Johnny Vegas? Stay in the dirt where we left you rich boy...

    Drew Connor: Oh but tell your wife to give us a call...

    Jonathan McGinnis: She is pretty hot, I do have a thing for blondes.

    Drew Connor: ...and now that we castrated Johnny Vegas at FSA it all works out.

    Jonathan McGinnis: But for tonight, it's pretty simple if you look at it. Our first match as a unit, and we have exactly what we want in front of us. The champions, the best that this company has to offer, and I know, I kid with Snowmantashi, but I will surely use this as my opportunity to prove why I'm the best wrestler in the world and we are the best unit in wrestling history. We will show why, all of you, and even the World Heavyweight Champion, will have no choice, but to HAIL THE CLUB!!!

    And with that the Indy Club's theme hits the PA system as The club takes it's leave The Echo giving the camera's a parting crotch shot while McGinnis follows. Celina Sasha is the last to leave the ring. The Indy Club stand tall on the entrance ramp and throw up a TOO SWEET!!!. McGinnis though waves to Jim Taylor one more time.

    Jim Taylor: Certainly an interesting way to start the show, and unfortunately that won't be the last we see how those three. Moving on, we do have matches to get tonight, and our first match has a bit of controversy surrounding one of the combatants involved, right now we're going to take you to an interview that was shot earlier in the day with our very Michelle Kelly and CWA star Charles Murphy...

    The scene begins hours before bell time in the back lot of the Sun National Bank Center. Michelle Kelly although on her cell phone, is at the ready and accompanied by a cameraman. Even this early, there are already a hundred or so fans camped outside the petitioned off areas, hoping to get a glimpse or even a autograph or picture with their favorite CWA superstar. Eventually the crowd begins to stir as a lone yellow cab pulls up to a screeching stop. After throwing a wad of cash at the driver, Charles Murphy steps out into the late afternoon sunlight with a squint and grimace. Michelle and the cameraman immediately begin descending on him as the crowd begin to yell things still not realizing who it is. Charles grabs his two duffle bags and turns around just as Michelle walks up to greet him, who he loudly scoffs at.

    Charles Murphy: "Aw s***, not this right now."

    He kicks the cab door shut behind him with both hands full and tries to side step Michelle who doesn't seem deterred or intimidated in the slightest.

    Michelle Kelly: "Well it comes with the territory of working for this company!"

    Murphy stops briefly trying to remain hospitable, the crowd realizing who he is even with his hood up and covering his face begin to boo and yell derogatory things at him. He doesn't seem to notice or care.

    Murphy: "Whatever you say tootsie. Walk and talk, cause that's all the time you'll get from me."

    Murphy now begins a quick stride away from the departing cab and Michelle follows in hot pursuit without missing a beat.

    "You really surprised a lot of people in our industry with your overall attitude and lackluster performance at our companies biggest show of the year. Especially after two remotely impressive victories before hand."

    Charles spits on the ground and smirks while doing his best to swallow the obvious anger and frustration.

    "I see I'm not the only one with a reputation around here. You live up to yours of being a dumb b****. But don't be coy with me, every damn person from Richman to the nobody selling food knows my attitude. So I assure you, people weren't as surprised as you so subtly claimed there. I have no excuses for my loss against Lightbringer. Oh trust me, I can come up with some. But I won't do that. I'll just get my revenge on my opponent tonight!"

    Kelly: "That makes no sense at all. Besides, Dustin Dreamer is no stranger to CWA. Maybe he'll shut you up like Lightbringer did!"

    Murphy: "In a perfect world, that guy might have been my friend. We have a lot in common based off of what people tell me."

    Kelly: "Coming from the man who doesn't trust anyone but himself."

    Murphy: "See, you aren't always so stupid Michelle. Even you can catch on. Chaos, pain, and destruction are decent tools indeed. But no one should rely on tools or anyone or anything as an ally. It's all just a crutch, that will eventually break and lead to your downfall. Call yourself a good guy or a bad guy in this business, I say when you're face to face with a man in the ring....what's the damn difference?! At least I don't pretend to be something I'm not, and I don't hide who I am."

    Kelly: "Maybe so, but opponents are one thing. It was still a cheap and selfish move to skip out on the Five Star Fanfest like that. You had a responsibility and obligation to appear for the fans, well, very few fans who paid and waited to see you for some reason."

    The fans are still yelling things at him from behind the guard rails, minus one or two who genuinely still show muffled support. Charles shrugs towards them with his shoulder.

    Murphy: "Oh, those parasitic scum eating pieces of filth? If my hands were free right now I'd flip them all off!"

    Kelly: "In the history of our organization, you are possibly the only one to ever do that."

    Murphy: "Flip off a fan?! Jesus Christ people are p****** around here."

    Kelly: "No, I meant miss a scheduled appearance for fans."

    Murphy: "Well good, they don't deserve to meet me and I don't want to meet them. They can buy a damn ticket and sit in the arena like everyone else. I can promise they don't want to be any closer!"

    Kelly: "You don't have to tell me twice."

    Murphy: "Your sarcastic wit is rather adorable sometimes. Forgive me if I puke in your face. But you just like all of my other peers already sicken me worse then the mindless fans that blindly worship them. Someone needs to actually stand their ground for once."

    Kelly: "Just what are you even getting at?"

    They're nearing the back entrance where security is there to greet them and keep rowdy fans away. One slightly intoxicated fans tries to jump the barrier.

    Angry fan: "Screw you Murphy! I waited with my son for almost two hours just so he could get your autograph you lowlife piece of s***!"

    Two of the bigger security guards grab the man and begin to haul him away towards the holding area, Charles reluctantly holds up a hand and tells them to stop. Out of character, he politely excuses himself from Michelle Kelly and sits his bags down. He slowly walks over to the man who is struggling less and less as he remains restrained by the security. Charles stands there for a while studying the mans face, before finally talking in a very calm and deliberate tone.

    Murphy: "Michelle, make sure you take note of this. This goes along with what I was just talking about. So many times you see guys who in front of the cameras are so mean and so bad and just oh so nasty. But it's all a very elaborate show, meant to deceive and fool the idiots. Later on you'll see that same bad man kissing babies and telling children to dream big and reach for the stars."

    The man whether drunk or just totally lost at this point says nothing. The color has drained from Michelle's face however, who now suddenly seems out of character and worried.

    Murphy: "Is your son here now?"

    Fan: "Nu-no, he's with his mother."

    Murphy: "Ah, well that's a shame. I would have set the little f***** straight, and he would learn that bad guys are real, and evil does certainly exist. But I'll still give you that autograph since you waited so patiently and asked so nicely."

    Fan: "You sick-"

    Before the fan can respond and before anyone else can react, Charles punches him square in the face sending him reeling. Followed by two rapid fire shots to the stomach and another on the chin. The security hesitate and let the man go who immediately drops to the ground. Charles doesn't stop there for a second as he begins viciously stomping the defenseless man without mercy. Security quickly grab him and yank him away, but severe damage has already been done. Murphy powers his way out of their hold and returns to his bags. Michelle is speechless, but runs to the side of the poor man who doesn't seem completely conscious.

    Murphy: "Tell your little b****** that I did that to you! And tell him that I dedicate my next match and beating to him as well! You think I care about the fans or what anyone else think? Absolutely not! I hope this scars and traumatizes him for life. He'll still have a better upbringing then me!"

    Charles looks at the camera laughing as he smacks himself in the face and head a few times.

    Murphy: "We're all good, we're all bad, and there are words and titles and labels all over the place. What does it all mean? Well tonight someone specifically is gonna find out. Welcome back to the Alliance Dusty! You're an agent of chaos and just another actor playing the part. Me, my actions speak volumes louder than my words. I hate everyone and everything. Whether you boo me or cheer me, I defiantly spit in all of your faces! I AM THE ONE TRUE THING IN THIS DAMN WORLD, AND I'M GONNA KILL YOU!"

    Murphy storms off out of frame as Michelle, security, and now paramedics are attending to the injured fan. Clearly, there will be repercussions for this later as the screen fades to black.

    The scene transitions to present time where Charles Murphy is seen in Isaac Richmann's office as they are watching the events of earlier in the day, and Charles is chuckling about it.

    Isaac Richmann: Is that funny to you? You're lucky I was able to convince that man to not press charges against you

    Charles Murphy: What I find so amusing Isaac is that you think I care about all of this.

    Isaac just shakes his head in confusion.

    Isaac Richmann: One more stunt like that and there will be consequences. Now you have a match up next, so I suggest you go get ready

    Murphy gets up and leaves but turns to Isaac before walking out.

    Charles Murphy: You think what I did to that guy was bad? Just wait until you see what I do my opponent tonight. His blood will be on your hands, not mine, mark my words Richmann.

    With that Murphy takes his leave as Isaac watches him while shaking his head.


    Charles Murphy vs Dustin Dreamer w/Athena

    Lindsay Monahan: The first match of the evening is set for one fall, and introducing first...

    “Johnny’s Revenge” by Crown the Empire hits and a mixed reaction but mostly jeers now for Dustin Dreamer, who makes his way out flanked by the woman simply known as Athena.

    Lindsay Monahan:
    Making his way to the ring being accompanied by Athena, and from Chicago, Illinois. He stands at 6’4 and weighs in at 220lbs, “The King of Chaos” Dustin Dreamer!

    Jim Taylor:
    Dustin Dreamer making his return to CWA after he was put on the shelf several months ago, and by the looks of it he’s got a change in attitude which I’m guessing is large in part due to the woman at his side

    Lindsay Monahan:
    and his opponent…

    “Be My Blood” by Young and in the Way hits causing the fans to erupt into a chorus of boos as Charles Murphy steps out. He stands on stage staring out at the sea of fans with a scowling expression and smacks himself on the face several times before walking to the ring.

    Lindsay Monahan:
    From Lancaster, Pennsylvania and wrestling out of Baltimore, Maryland. He stands at 5’11 and weighs in at 200lbs, “The One True Thing” Charles Murphy!

    Jim Taylor: Charles Murphy has certainly not endeared himself to these fans and after what we saw the events of earlier today he’s skating on thin ice with Isaac Richmann…

    Tim Coleman:
    He’s lucky that Isaac convinced the fan not to press charges

    Jim Taylor: I’m certain Murphy would have not cared in the slightest, Tim

    Tim Coleman:
    The guy is a few fries short of a happy meal that’s for sure

    Dreamer stands in his corner receiving last minute advice from Athena while Murphy removes his black vest tossing it outside, and he smacks himself a few more times.

    Ding! Ding! Ding!

    The two competitors size each other up before locking up and Murphy slaps Dreamer across the face as lack of respect towards his opponent. Dreamer will not stand for it firing off several forearm strikes that have Murphy reeling back in the corner, and Dreamer on the attack with a corner choke using his boot before the official backs him off while Murphy gasps for air. Dreamer has backed off but soon charges at Murphy, but Murphy slides out of the way causing Dreamer to crash into the turnbuckle chest first and Murphy brings Dreamer from the corner before dropping him right across his knee back first with a pendulum backbreaker! Dreamer crumbles to the mat in obvious pain as he clings on to the ropes to bring himself back for leverage but Murphy clobbers from behind with a running double axe handle to knock him to one knee. Murphy shoves Dreamer back to the corner, and strikes him viciously with an open hand chop right across the chest! Dreamer cringing as Murphy fires off another knife edge chop leaving his mark on Dreamer’s chest before dragging him out of the corner and takes him down with a double under hook suplex! Murphy with the cover now…


    Dreamer with the kick out and Murphy perform several repeated elbow and leg drops to Dreamer keeping him down, and as Murphy goes for the knee drop Dreamer rolls out of the way and Murphy is down on one knee now allowing Dreamer to fire off several bionic elbow strikes! He follows up with repeated headbutts before yelling out and hitting Murphy with a running high knee taking him down and now Dreamer goes for the pin attempt…


    Jim Taylor: Murphy keeping himself in the match while Dreamer showing no signs of ring rust, yet a newfound aggression that he’s unleashing out on Murphy

    Tim Coleman: I like this new aggressive side to Dreamer, and if he keeps it up he can defeat Murphy

    Dreamer up top now waiting as Murphy rises up and catches him with a diving double axe handle! He grabs Murphy by the head clasping his hands on each side of Murphy’s head before bringing it in close and he bites on Murphy’s forehead prompting Murphy to howl out in pain and Dreamer shoves him to one knee…

    Tim Coleman: Well, that’s certainly one way to hurt a guy!

    Murphy checks his forehead for blood as Dreamer goes to hook him up for a German suplex, but Murphy fends him off with several back elbow strikes knocking Dreamer back some. Murphy now having recovered from the bite brings Dreamer in with a wristlock transitioned in for a short arm lariat!

    Jim Taylor: Confrontation Clothesline!

    Murphy now with the pin…


    Murphy thought for sure he had it in the bag and now he begins to apply his signature submission, The Zealot Lock! The inverted reverse figure four leg lock is applied tightly and Dreamer is trying to fight it as he reaches out for the ropes and he successfully clings on breaking the hold much to the dismay of Murphy. He goes to grab Dreamer by the head, but Dreamer with the cheap dirty tactic of an eye poke temporarily blinding Murphy who stumbles backwards holding his eyes allowing Dreamer to recover in time to get Murphy up…DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! This could be it as Dreamer drapes his arm over Murphy…


    Murphy somehow kicked out and Dreamer is beside himself thinking it was three as he pleads his case with the official. Murphy recovers behind Dreamer, and notices he’s distracted allowing Murphy to roll him up with the school boy!


    Dreamer kicks out at the last second and he looks shocked that he almost got caught. He swings back up in time and ducks underneath a clothesline by Murphy and catches Murphy with a back fist to the back of his head. Now he takes Murphy and hooks him up in position for the Dream Crusher, but Murphy counters and flips Dreamer over on his back hitting the mat. Murphy recovers and brings Dreamer in…

    Tim Coleman:
    True Choice!

    Jim Taylor: A deadly combination of a reverse suplex transitioned into a double knee backbreaker and Dreamer may be done…

    Murphy hooks the leg…


    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match, Charles Murphy!

    Jim Taylor: Charles Murphy back to his winning ways but it wasn’t easy as he faced a very game Dustin Dreamer

    Dreamer rolls out of the ring with disappointment as Athena checks on him, and Murphy exits on the opposite end walking to the back when he stops by a fan and notices it’s the same fan from earlier. Murphy glares at the man, who is showing the signs from the assault and without warning Murphy pulls him over the railing by his shirt collar and decks him with a forearm strike! Followed by several stomps until more officials and security along with Isaac Richmann come out to stop this attack…

    Jim Taylor: Murphy just absolutely losing it on that helpless fan!

    Richmann checks on the fan while Murphy is handcuffed by security, and is escorted to the back and Richmann now in tow follows them to the squad car. Before Murphy is tossed inside Isaac looks at him…

    Isaac Richmann: I warned you Charles, that kind of crap just doesn’t fly here in CWA! I’m suspending you for one week without pay and during that time away maybe you’ll think twice before pulling another stunt like that, take him away!

    Murphy responds back by spitting in Richmann’s face before being shoved in the squad car and taken away as Isaac watches on wiping the spit away while the show cuts to commercial.


    Harrison Wake w/Mia Walsh vs Shade

    Harrison Wake is already in the ring waiting for his opponent, and Shade's music hits but no one comes out. Wake begins to grow impatient and anxious when the screen flickers to life with a view of the backstage area where Shade has been laid out.

    Tim Coleman: Well, Shade looks to be in no condition to compete...

    Jim Taylor: Something doesn't smell right about this

    Tim Coleman: Don't look at me, I wore cologne!

    Jim Taylor: Not you...wait!

    Wake is distracted as he's jumped from behind by The Indy Club, and they lay into him like a bunch of hyenas before The Echo hold up Wake for McGinnis allowing him to drill Wake right in the mush with a super kick! Mia Walsh is having a fit on the outside yelling at The Club while the three stand over Wake crotch chopping before exiting the ring as Walsh enters the ring to check on her client.

    Jim Taylor: The Indy Club becoming a nuisance tonight!


    (NWA:JP ANNOUNCER): そして、まだあなたのNWA :世界のJPヘビー級チャンピオン...パンクロッカーJ. Wolfington !

    Snowmantashi and Kaitadesu are lounged backstage in the Sun National Bank Center. Snowmantashi isn’t much for the lavish lifestyle of a world champion but he can appreciate some of the benefits that come from it. A small laptop sits on one of the locker room benched and a long HDMI cord links it to the flat screen TV suspended in the corner of the room. It usually just replayed some of the events from Five Star Attraction and a variety of CWA YouTube channel videos but Kaitadesu and Snowmantashi had quickly gotten over watching the endless replays of the Indy Club’s debut and the Echo’s backstage rampaging. Oddly enough, he seemed entirely unimpressed whenever the final shot of McGinnis signaling for the imaginary belt he once held while Snowmantashi stood in the ring half-elated, half-exhausted from his first defense. Instead, they’d plugged in the latest NWA:JP show, “Fresh Start.”

    (NWA: JP ANNOUNCER): 私たちはよく、本当にパンクロッカーJ. WolfingtonはNWAの新しい顔である疑いもなく言うことができると思う: JPと自分自身を外人であるにもかかわらず、彼は文化に徹底的に自分自身を夢中だ彼は、基本的に私たちの一つです。ジョンSnowmantashiが去り、彼はゼロ恐怖を破った後、誰がではなく、さらに今夜彼の統治に反対しなかった後、彼は昨年、空いているタイトルを獲得しました。

    The door burst open but only Kaitadesu’s head turned to see who had come. Snowmantashi gazed almost longingly at the TV screen.

    (KAITADESU): Mr. Duncan, you look particularly more flustered today than you generally tend to look.

    (JOHN DUNCAN): Ha, ha. Funny. Terrific humor. What in the bloody hell are you two watching?

    (KAITADESU): Fresh Starts-

    (JOHN DUNCAN): Is that a new Netflix show or something?

    (KAITADESU): New NWA:JP pay-per-view, we missed it on the count of Snowmantashi’s big match at Five Star Attraction.

    (JOHN DUNCAN): Right, so the newly founded Indy Club or wandering backstage beating people senseless and you two are here watching overseas wrestling?

    (KAITADESU): You’re blowing things out of proportion, they beat like, what, three-four guys in suits? I mean, uncalled for, but they stopped right?

    Duncan holds himself tightly.

    (JOHN DUNCAN): That could’ve been me.

    (KAITADESU): You worry too much, you’ve got plenty of other guys to take your place back at the agency, right?

    (JOHN DUNCAN): You worry too little. There’s a significant difference between facing off against a little girl from lord knows where in the nameless parts of Europe and having to contend with one of the best singles wrestlers in the world and two of the best tag team wrestlers in the world.

    Snowmantashi hasn’t even bothered acknowledging John Duncan’s presence at this point.

    (JOHN DUNCAN): Tashi-lad, I know you’ve got this whole ‘I’m not worried about anyone mentality’, but seriously, I’m a bit concerned you’re not the least bit worried right now. I’m going to optimistically hope you’ve got some friends to back you up right, the new Japanese guy, LIGHT-something or another.

    The CWA Heavyweight Champion of the World frowns a bit at the half-mention of the name.

    (JON SNOWMANTASHI): LIGHTBRINGER. But no. I not need friends to help me. (he has to realize how that might sound with Kaitadesu next to him) Well, physically in the ring. Lucky for you, John.

    (JOHN DUNCAN): To be quite frank, I’m just flattered you think of me as a friend. All that said, surely you can’t fight off all three of them. McGinnis at Wrestle Royale nearly beat you as it was.

    (JON SNOWMANTASHI): Makuginisu-kun at Resura Royale is not same person as Makuginisu-kun today. He’s different.

    (JOHN DUNCAN): Quite right, he’s got no more morals, and two psychopathic kids with him. And no wife. He’s more dangerous.

    (JON SNOWMANTASHI): Weaker. No one to fight for. Nothing to push him to fight. And the Echo are disgraceful resura’s who use silly means to draw attention to themselves because they not know how to really fight. Makuginisu-kun at Resura Royale had wife and kid to fight for, he fought because he wanted to beat the odds, he fought because these people were everything he had too. Now, he has no reason to push himself, the Echo will make him do stupid things in the name of attention he never cared about before. Money blinds him. He is no longer the man I once respected. No longer the man I once wanted to fight. He is nothing.

    The agent is almost exasperated at Snowmantashi’s flippant dismissal of the most dangerous contender for his prized possession.

    (JOHN DUNCAN): Old man, surely you realize that the Indy Club are a lot more dangerous than McGinnis was… before all of this.

    (KAITADESU): There’s a difference between someone like what McGinnis is today and what say, Michelle von Horrowitz is. Michelle von Horrowitz fought for her own code, she had ambitions beyond simply wanting a shiny gold belt, beyond simply wanted the subsequent fame. McGinnis lost his ambition, this whole Indy Club charade is a bunch of bullshit. A shame too, you know, when McGinnis and Jonny here first teamed, it was because they were facing a couple of outsiders who wanted that sort of infamy, they wanted the whole of Japan to hate them, and they got their assess kicked and sent back home. The Echo, they wanted the same damn thing over in Japan, they’re lucky the NWA:JP sent them back here, because I’d never seen Snowmantashi so fucking pissed in my life. Respect, honor, shit, that’s the one thing you don’t fuck around with around Snowmantashi. If McGinnis wants the kid’s attention than all he has to do is something stupid, something disrespectful. You want the kid to acknowledge McGinnis, maybe go get McGinnis to do something silly like that.

    Duncan sighs and realizes he’s not getting through to either men.

    (JOHN DUNCAN): Then you’ll be happy to know that’s not the only reason I’m here. I just got word that the Indy Club are having their first match together tonight, and, yes, I can metaphorically hear your inattention ‘Tashi-lad, and Kaitadesu, I know you’re wondering how this is relevant after all you just said, here’s the thing, they’re going to be facing The Moment, who took the tag team championships from them at Five Star Attraction… and The Moment’s partner is none other than Snowmantashi.

    Ouuu, a flicker of attention from Snowmantashi who turns away from the TV. There’s almost the faintest sign of a frown on the champion’s face.

    (JON SNOWMANTASHI): Makuginisu-kun does not matter to me, but Doryu-kun and Isan-kun. They came to my country. They came to my ringu, and they disrespected it. They left before I ever got the chance to to make them pay the price for playing with fire. The Moment can be in my corner, or they can take the night off helping the poor victims of Doryu-kun and Isan-kun recover. It takes more than three people to beat me, it takes at least six-

    (JOHN DUNCAN): You said five last time…

    Snowmantashi glares at the agent.

    (JOHN DUNCAN): Six it is, carry on.

    (JON SNOWMANTASHI): I will do what every man and woman in Amerika wishes to do to these brothers, I will break them, I will send them back to their dear mothers and I will ensure that we never see them again.

    (JOHN DUNCAN): You’re still neglecting McGinnis, here. I know you think he isn’t worth your attention but he’s still a dangerous man, he’s still got the talent, even if you don’t think he’s got the fire. You know, ‘Tashi-lad, I almost get the feeling you DON’T want to face McGinnis tonight.

    (JON SNOWMANTASHI): Makuginisu-kun has fought me before, he’s stood on opposite side of ringu, and he saw his entire world come crashing down, he saw his dreams broken. Everything Makuginisu-kun stood for disappeared after I beat him at Resura Royale. When Makuginisu-kun stands on that apron, and Doryu-kun and Isan-kun lie on the mat broken, beaten, and they reach out, crying, begging for Makuginisu-kun to save them. Makuginisu-kun will look me in the eyes, and he will feel every kick, every punch, every Snowfall, every Hailstorm he’s felt before and he will realize he cannot beat what cannot be truly beaten. Indy Club is a machination by men to defy nature. A silly attempt to conjure an opposition to the unopposable, they will realize that it was a pointless attempt after tonight. They will talk as the weak are wont to talk, they will belittle the people that have brought them to where they are now, they will glorify themselves, but it is all pointless. The end of Adorenarin Rashu will come, and they will have to face me, and it will end just as soon as it began. The sole use of their new shirts will be to clean off their blood from my ringu. And after that, I will wait and see who has the will, the strength to rise up and challenge me, maybe Misheru-kun will be stronger after Go Suta Attorakushon, maybe she will give me an even bigger fight. That will be great. Maybe I will get to make U’eku pay, finally. I await a new challenge, Duncan-kun. Now… I will go eat.

    John Duncan stands there bemused as the CWA Heavyweight Champion of the World stands up and marches past him and out of the locker room leaving Duncan and Kaitadesu alone.

    (JOHN DUNCAN): You really don’t think he’s underestimating them. Maybe the title’s giving him an ego.

    Kaitadesu chuckles.

    (KAITADESU): I think he is underestimating them.

    (JOHN DUNCAN): Then why aren’t you beating some bloody sense into him.

    (KAITADESU): That’s not for me to do. It’s not a matter of ego. Fact is, he is the champ. The Indy Club has to prove themselves, and once they do, once the kid takes them seriously, in the same way he took that girl seriously, they’re going to have a real fight. Maybe that happens halfway through tonight’s match. Or maybe it’s pay-per-view time and Snowmantashi finally realizes he’s got a real fight on his hands. Honestly, it really doesn’t matter when, Snowmantashi needs to feel the threat to acknowledge it, and once he does, he’ll be better for it. The kid’s only greater than what he thinks he’s facing.

    (JOHN DUNCAN): You’re telling me he needs to get his ass kicked before he starts taking them seriously.

    (KAITADESU): If they’re worth being taken seriously, then yeah, that’s exactly what I’m telling you. And if they aren’t, the kid’s going to do what he tends to do, break whoever’s standing in his way.

    Well, should be an interesting night.


    Elijah Edwards w/Romeo Rollings & Lightbringer w/Himawari vs Craig Owens & Ryan Andrews

    Lindsay Monahan: The following match is set for one fall...

    Hans Zimmer’s “Time” plays and Craig Owens walks out without his usual fanfare as he looks to be in a foul mood. The crowd shows their displeasure for Craig and his partner, Ryan Andrews, who follows behind Craig with a menacing scowl across his face.

    Lindsay Monahan: Making their way to the ring, first from Dublin, Ireland and wrestling out of Chicago, Illinois, standing at 6’7 and weighing in at 267lbs, “The Punisher” Ryan Andrews! His partner from Chicago, Illinois and wrestling out of New York, New York. He stands at 6’4 and weighs in at 240lbs, “The World Renowned” Craig Owens!

    Jim Taylor: Craig doesn’t look so pleased tonight

    Tim Coleman: Can you blame him Jim?! What happened at Five Star Attraction was an absolute travesty! A miscarriage of justice! Craig was robbed of his High Voltage Championship

    Jim Taylor: He knew what he was walking into when he agreed to the match Tim

    Lindsay Monahan:
    and their opponents…

    Lightbringer’s theme hits and the crowd gives off a very good ovation for the newcomer, Lightbringer. He throws out his arms before walking down to the ring while Himawari follows behind him clapping for him.

    Lindsay Monahan:
    First, making his way to the ring being accompanied by Himawari, from Tokyo, Japan and wrestling out of Tampa Bay, Florida. He stands at 6’3 and weighs in at 230lbs, “Tokyo Kisai” Lightbringer!

    Jim Taylor: Lightbringer coming off an impressive debut at Five Star Attraction defeating Charles Murphy, and now looks to continue to impress here tonight while gaining the support of the fans already...

    Lindsay Monahan:
    and his tag team partner…

    “Icky Thump” by The White Stripes hits and the crowd goes wild for the NEW High Voltage Champion, Elijah Edwards. He proudly wears the championship around his waist and a smile on his face as he soaks in the adulation from the crowd. He walks down to the ring slapping hands with fans along the way while Romeo Rollings isn’t far behind cheering on his agent.

    Lindsay Monahan: Making his way to the ring being accompanied by Romeo Rollings, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He stands at 6’4 and weighs in at 221lbs, and he is the NEW High Voltage Champion, “Double E” Elijah Edwards!

    Jim Taylor:
    Elijah Edwards all smiles tonight and with good reason too. He dethroned Craig Owens and won that High Voltage Championship!

    Tim Coleman: Craig is going to wipe that smug smile right off his face!

    Elijah unstraps his championship and holds it up for Craig to see while mocking the former champion, who is seething and about ready to blow a gasket as Andrews holds him back.

    Tim Coleman: Such blatant disrespect by Edwards! Some champion…

    Jim Taylor: Oh quit being so hypocritical Tim because you know as well as I do that if that were Craig mocking Elijah you’d be singing his praises!
    Elijah and Lightbringer discuss some strategy before deciding that LB will be starting the match for his team while Owens will start for his team.

    Ding! Ding! Ding!

    LB squares off with the former champion Owens and the two immediately go in for a collar and elbow tie up, with Craig being the aggressor shoving LB back to a corner before being broken up by the official but not before Craig slaps LB across the face to a round of jeers from the fans. Craig begins to run his mouth to LB after the slap, LB just smiles slyly before unloading on Craig with several rapid fire knife edge chops straight across Craig’s chest! Craig backs away to his corner in pain holding his beet red chest forcing the official to make LB back off before Craig tags in Ryan Andrews...

    Andrews comes in off the tag with a menacing glare staring down LB, but LB is not intimidated in the least bit as he fires off a knife edge chop to Andrews yet little to no effect on the big man who yanks LB by the head and tosses him back into the corner like a rag doll before laying the boots to LB’s midsection and Craig makes the blind tag back in smack talking LB and lays some boots of his own to LB before taking him out of the corner and hooks him up…

    Tim Coleman: Director’s Cut!

    Jim Taylor: Craig with the double underhook suplex!

    Craig makes a cover but LB kicks out at two, and Craig tags Andrews back in once more and Andrews comes in stomping away on LB as the crowd boos him and begin to rally behind LB as do Elijah and LB’s manager, Himawari. Andrews takes LB by the head looking to slam it into the top turnbuckle padding, but LB blocks the attack putting his boot up on the padding and fires back with a few back elbows that have Andrews reeling back. He sends Andrews to the opposite corner and he acts as if he’s going to hit Andrews but instead assures him he’s not going to before leveling the big man with a forearm strike! He follows up with another that Andrews between the ropes and through the apron allowing LB to launch himself at Andrews with direct hit nailing the triangle dropkick knocking Andrews off the apron…

    Andrews holding his head as he lands on his feet trying to find his bearings while LB launches himself to the outside taking out Andrews with a diving cross body off the top rope!

    Jim Taylor:
    A sensational diving cross body by Lightbringer!

    LB is quick to his feet tossing Andrews back in the ring and hops up on the apron waiting as Andrews rises up, and leaps off with a springboard dropkick but Andrews swats him away like a fly! LB back up however and nails a dropkick to Andrews knocking him back to his corner prompting a tag from Owens, who berates his partner as he tags in. Craig comes in off the tag and charges in at LB, but quickly gets taken down with a drop toe hold from LB, who looks to follow that up with a sliding European uppercut but Craig dodges it and sweeps LB off his feet and he begins to stomp away on LB before climbing up top and dropping a diving knee drop right across the chin of LB and Craig quickly makes the cover…

    Jim Taylor: Craig with The Flop trying to not flop again like he did at Five Star Attraction

    Tim Coleman: You’re a real comedian Jim


    Craig growing upset by the minute goes for a springboard dropkick he calls Red Light Special, but he misses as LB moves out of the way and LB makes the tag to Elijah with nowhere for Craig to run as Elijah comes in off the tag making a beeline for Craig leveling him with several forearm strikes leaving Craig on one knee followed by a high knee strike! Craig flops to the mat and Elijah is looking to end this already as he attempts the Excellent Execution but Andrews comes in and clobbers Elijah with a running big boot!

    Tim Coleman: Concussion on Delivery!

    LB comes back in and begins throwing several forearm strikes before taking the big man to the outside over the rope and LB and Andrews brawl on the outside. Back in the ring Craig looks to make a comeback as he sets up Elijah for The Take Home Tune, but Elijah slips out of it and nails Craig with a clothesline! Elijah takes Craig down with a snap suplex followed by an exploder suplex into the corner folding up Craig like an accordion! Elijah takes him in for it…

    Jim Taylor: From Toronto with Love! He’s not finished just yet…Excellent Execution!

    This is the move that won Elijah the High Voltage Championship, and Craig is trying with all his might to not tap out but it’s just too much to bear any longer forcing him to tap out!

    Lindsay Monahan: Your winners of the match, the High Voltage Champion Elijah Edwards and Lightbringer!

    Andrews collects Owens from the ring, who is beside himself while still recovering. Inside the ring Edwards celebrates another successful victory with Romeo while LB and Himawari celebrate in the ring as well. Elijah goes to LB and holds out his hand, and LB returns the gesture shaking hands with Elijah while the crowd shows them the proper respect.

    Jim Taylor: Elijah Edwards and Lightbringer with good sportsmanship.

    Tim Coleman: Ugh, sickening!

    Jim Taylor: No one asked you. Lightbringer earning the respect of our High Voltage champion tonight, could we see these two competing for the High Voltage championship? Only time will tell, but up next we'll see former number one contender Michelle von Horrowitz take on Enigma in what should be an instant classic!


    Enigma vs Michelle von Horrowitz

    The lights dim and ‘In Dreams’ by Roy Orbison plays over the speaker system. Before long, Michelle von Horrowitz is standing at the top of the stage, surveying the hostile audience. Her eyes lock onto the ring and she begins to walk down the ramp, taking a moment to snatch a sign out of a fan’s hand. The sign has ‘UNDEFEATED’ scrawled across it and the first two letters have been crossed out. She hides the sign underneath the ring and climbs up the steps.

    Lindsay Monahan: This next contest is scheduled for one-fall and has a sixty minute time limit. Introducing first, from Rotterdam, the Netherlands and wrestling out of New Orleans, Louisiana… She stands at one hundred and seventy centimetres and weighs seventy one kilograms… She is ‘Dreamer’, Michelle von Horrowitz!

    Jim Taylor: Here she comes, Tim, the former number one contender for Snormantashi’s world championship, her challenge unsuccessful at Five Star Attraction.

    Tim Coleman: It sure was, Jim, and I’m sure this young lady will have plans to bounce back immediately, but that’s not going to be easy…

    Jim Taylor: Indeed it’s not – tonight she faces a CWA legend in what’s sure to be a tough battle.

    In Dreams is replaced by ‘Radioactive’ and the lights go out all over the arena. Enigma is standing at the top of the stage, pyrotechnics falling around him as a mixed reaction emanates from the crowd. He blows out a huge plume of smoke and strides down the ramp.

    Lindsay Monahan: And her opponent… From Mississippi and wrestling out of Jacksonville, Florida… He stands at six feet and three inches and weighs in at two hundred and fifty pound… Enigma!

    Tim Coleman: An incredible match and a big win for Enigma at Five Star Attraction against Shade…

    Jim Taylor: Indeed, and the circumstances of that victory were brutal, Enigma emerging victorious after a hard-fought last man standing match-up.

    Tim Coleman: You have to imagine that Enigma is physically destroyed after such a match, but here he is, as focussed as ever…

    Enigma climbs into the ring and the referee issues his final instructions before calling for the bell, the match beginning with the two competitors staring at each other from across the ring. They begin to circle, and MVH goes for a collar and elbow tie up. Enigma is uninterested in chain wrestling, instead hitting a European uppercut, following it up with a big boot. MVH climbs to her feet and walks into a clothesline… and then a second. She rolls underneath the bottom rope and stares at her opponent, sizing him up with apprehension.

    Tim Coleman: Shades of what we saw at Five-Star Attraction, Jim, with Michelle ducking out of the ring in the early stages.

    Jim Taylor: And how did that turn out?

    Michelle slides back into the ring, and Enigma charges over with a stomp. Michelle crawls into a corner, lifting herself up with the ropes, but Enigma follows her in with a few cornered knife edge chops. The crowd ‘WOO!’ along with Enigma’s strikes, and he follows up by placing von Horrowitz into a front face lock, slamming her face into the mat with a DDT. He goes for the cover…

    ONE… TW- - NO!

    Michelle gets a shoulder up but Enigma keeps on the offensive, applying a headlock to grind his opponent down. Michelle takes a while to fight her way back to a vertical base, and when she does she gains a tiny bit of separation with a trio of elbows to Enigma’s abdomen. She attempts to charge off the ropes, but Enigma grabs her by the hair and slams her to the mat. He follows up with a leg drop, and then a cover…

    ONE… TWO… - - NO!

    Jim Taylor: It’s been nothing but Enigma so far in this match, and he gets his second two-count there with the leg drop.

    Tim Coleman: Michelle seems off her game, for sure, but it’s going to take more than that to put her away.

    Enigma hoists Michelle up and Irish Whips her into the corner, following up with a running clothesline. He then reels off a series of right hands, rocking Michelle down to a seated position. A few stomps follow, until the referee intervenes to separate the pair. Michelle takes the opportunity to hit a standing drop kick, Enigma stumbling back. He charges in and she nails a drop toe hold, Enigma’s head crashing off the second turnbuckle. She goes for a cover.

    ONE.. T- - NO!

    Michelle stays on the attack, dropping a series of elbows into her opponent’s chest. She hoists him up and Irish Whips him into a set of ropes, but he ducks the attempted clothesline. He hits a kick to the midriff and sets her up for a piledriver, but she fights out of it and drives Enigma back into the ropes with a shoulder, following up with two knife edge chops and a European uppercut. Enigma falls to the mat and rolls under the bottom rope, standing up on the apron. In the ring, von Horrowitz charges to a corner, jumps to the second rope, and then sends him down to the concrete with a triangle drop kick…

    Jim Taylor: Some athleticism shown there from MVH…

    Tim Coleman: It doesn’t look like she’s done there, charging across the ring and hitting a baseball slide…

    Jim Taylor: von Horrowitz crawls back into the ring, bounces off the ropes once more… SUICIDE DIVE!

    Both competitors crash towards the mat as the referee begins a count towards ten, but von Horrowitz is quickly to her feet. She goads the crowd before casually climbing up the steps, entering the ring as the referee reaches four. She sits in a corner, her head rested against the bottom turnbuckle as if she’s preparing for sleep. She shouts out towards her opponent.

    MVH: He’s counting, Mr Enigma… (Five)…

    The crowd begin to boo her, but she shouts above their racket.

    MVH: You’re not the demon you think you are… (Six)…

    She crosses her legs and places her hands behind her head in relaxation.

    MVH: You’re not even the man that they think you are… Seven…

    Jim Taylor: Michelle looks quite happy to settle for a count-out victory here. Cheap tactics, when you think about it.

    Tim Coleman: A win is a win, Jim…

    Enigma rolls under the bottom rope as the count reaches nine, but Michelle stays on him, hitting a low drop kick to the side of his head. She lifts him up by the hair and whips him into corner, Michelle charges across the ring and hits a cornered shining wizard, balancing on the second rope and lifting her arms up to goad the crowd…

    Tim Coleman: Perhaps thinking of following up with a hurricanrana?

    Jim Taylor: She’s taking her sweet time, though… And Enigma is stirring, he hoists her up, POWERBOMB!

    Tim Coleman: Straight into the cover…

    ONE… TWO… - - NO!

    Enigma stands up and hoists Michelle to a vertical base, driving her into a corner with his shoulder. He hits a trio of stomps to her abdomen before throwing her down with a power slam. Michelle fights her way back to her feet, and Enigma charges at her…

    Tim Coleman: SPEAR!

    Jim Taylor: And again, Enigma goes straight into the cover…

    ONE… TWO… T- - NO!

    Visibly a little frustrated, Enigma shakes his head at the referee before climbing to his feet. He gets to his feet and begins a Garvin Stomp, individual kicks to each limb before one to the head. He crouches down and waits for MVH to rise, moving in when she does in an RKO attempt…

    Tim Coleman: No… von Horrowitz able to reverse by pushing Enigma away.

    Jim Taylor: Michelle looking for an enziguri… No, ducked by Enigma, and he goes for a clothesline… No! Dodged by von Horrowitz, who hits a knife edge chop and then attempts a lariat of her own… Enigma blocks it, doubles her over with a boot to the midsection… PILEDRIVER!

    Tim Coleman: von Horrowitz just crunched against the mat there! Enigma goes for the cover…

    ONE… TWO… TH - - NO!

    Enigma thinks over his options, and decides to wait in the corner for von Horrowitz to get to her feet. When she does, he charges in for a big boot, but MVH is able to evade it at the last moment, catching Enigma’s leg above her shoulder, she forces his body into the Stretch Muffler submission, Enigma’s frame contorted and his head prone for a half dozen stomps. He lifts his hand, ready to tap… But then claws his way towards the ropes, inching closer and closer as the seconds tick by…

    Just as he’s about to touch them, Michelle lets go of the hold and drags him back into the centre of the ring, before placing him in the ankle lock…

    Jim Taylor: Surely Enigma’s going to tap here! This move has submitted several FWA competitors in von Horrowitz’s short tenure…

    Tim Coleman: I think you’re underestimating the resilience of Enigma, Jim…

    Michelle drops into a grapevine position and Enigma writhes in pain, lifting his hand as if he’s about to tap… But no, he clenches his fist and, with a flourish of energy, he uses his free leg to boot Michelle in the face… And again… And a third time. She has to let go of the hold, crawling away as Enigma does the same in the opposite direction, holding his right boot.

    Jim Taylor: The damage could well be done to Enigma’s ankle, he’s using the ropes to drag himself up there, and standing on his one, good leg…

    Enigma stumbles forward as Michelle charges at him, looking for a lariat… No! Enigma catches her arm and drags her to the floor…

    Tim Coleman: Venom’s Edge! Crossface submission locked in here on Michelle von Horrowitz, and she’s gonna tap! She’s going to tap!

    Jim Taylor: No! She begins to claw at Enigma’s hands, digging her nails into his knuckles… She’s going to fight him off…

    Enigma responds by hitting a pair of elbows to the top of her head, and then manoeuvring into The Holy Grail! He wrenches at her arm and she squirms under the pressure, reaching out with her free hand and her two legs for the ropes, but she’s sundered in the middle of the ring. She eventually realises she’s stranded and lifts her hands, reading to throw in the towel… With a last burst of effort, she drives Enigma’s shoulders down into the mat, forcing the referee to start the count…

    ONE.. TW—NO!

    She’s nowhere near the three, but the kick out forces Enigma to break the hold, and Michelle quickly rolls away into a corner, holding her arm and her shoulder alternately. Enigma retreats into the opposite corner, heavily favouring his ankle. The two stare across at each other, slowly climbing to their feet, relying on the ropes for stability. They gingerly encroach into the centre of the ring, ready for the final push……

    They engage in a lock up and immediately Enigma doubles over Michelle with a knee to her midsection before hoisting her up in position for the 187x...

    Jim Taylor: If Enigma connects with this then all he'll have to do is finish her off with that deadly Fatal Flat-Liner...

    Michelle finds the will to escape though as she flips behind Enigma clobbering him from behind with a back fist to his head, and now she's setting him up...PSYCHO DRIVER! She hits all of it but it took a lot out of her as she drapes her arm over him for the cover...


    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match, Michelle von Horrowitz!

    Jim Taylor:
    A grueling battle between two warriors but Michelle prevails...wait a minute what's this?!

    As Michelle rises to her feet she's taken down by an in stereo super kick from The Echo!

    Jim Taylor:
    What is the reasoning behind this?!

    Tim Coleman: Do they really need a reason Jim?

    McGinnis enters the ring now while The Echo prop up Enigma and McGinnis drills him with a super kick! The Indy Club look down at their handy work and crotch chop in unison at the downed Michelle and Enigma. They exit the ring to much hostility from the fans, who boo and throw trash at them.

    Jim Taylor:
    Well that was certainly uncalled for, and up next we'll see those degenerates in action...


    The Moment (Ben Bruce & Nick Lawton) & Jon Snowmantashi vs The Indy Club (Jonathan McGinnis & The Echo)

    Lindsay Monahan: The next contest is the main event of the evening and is scheduled for one fall, introducing first…

    “Rock or Bust” blares out of the sound system and the fans come to life with a roar of cheers for the NEW tag team champions, The Moment. Ben and Nick wear their championships around their respective waists as they walk slapping hands with some fans to the ring while Amanda claps and cheers them on while also interacting with the fans.

    Lindsay Monahan: Being accompanied by Amanda Starr, from Auckland, New Zealand and wrestling out of Vancouver, Canada. They are the CWA Tag Team Champions…Nick Lawton and Ben Bruce…”The Rock ‘n’ Reckless Express”…THE MOMENT!

    Jim Taylor: The new tag team champions, The Moment, dethroning The Echo at Five Star Attraction heading into this match with a full steam of momentum!

    Tim Coleman: One of many tragedies to take place at Five Star Attraction!

    Lindsay Monahan: and their tag team partner…

    “Sword of Destiny” hits and the biggest pop of the night as the crowd bursts to life with an incredibly loud ovation for the CWA World Heavyweight Champion, Jon Snowmantashi. The champion looks to be all business as he heads straight to the ring.

    Lindsay Monahan: From Tokyo, Japan and wrestling out of Los Angeles, California. He weighs in at 290lbs, and he is the CWA World Heavyweight Champion…”Kaiju” JON SNOWMANTASHI!

    Jim Taylor: The only champion to walk in to Five Star Attraction as a champion and still walk out with his championship intact, but I’m sure he’ll be the first to admit that it was no easy task because Michelle von Horrowitz put up one hell of a fight!

    Tim Coleman: Get ready for the mood to change…

    Lindsay Monahan:
    and their opponents…

    “Sabotage” by The Beastie Boys hits and the entire mood in the arena goes sour as the fans drown out the music with their booing. Soon enough the trio accompanying the music make their way out, The Echo step out first and both of them point to the entry way as Jonathan McGinnis emerges through the smoke. McGinnis stands in between The Echo, and they pose while McGinnis forms a gun with his hand and pulls the trigger while pointing at the three competitors inside the ring and he blows the imaginary smoke away before walking to the ring as The Echo taunt the fans along the way while behind the trio is their advocate, Celina Sasha who saunters slowly behind them.

    Lindsay Monahan: First making their way to the ring being accompanied by Celina Sasha, from Gainesville, Georgia they are Drew and Ethan Conner, The Echo! Their tag team partner is from Montreal, Canada and is wrestling of Los Angeles, California and weighs in at 207lbs, “The Indy God” Jonathan McGinnis! Together they are simply known as The Indy Club!

    Jim Taylor: I never thought I would see the day where a man like Jonathan McGinnis would stoop so low and align himself with the likes of hooligans like The Echo!

    Tim Coleman: Well believe it Jim, and if I were you I’d watch what I say from this point on because I don’t think you want a repeat of what happened at the start of the show

    Jim Taylor: Point well taken partner

    The Echo perform several crotch chops in the opponent’s direction while McGinnis stares at them silently, specifically at Snowmantashi, who meets McGinnis’ gaze with his own as he hands over his championship. The Indy Club all remove their official t-shirts that read #HailTheClub and toss them aside while Snow and The Moment go over a game plan in their corner.

    Ding! Ding! Ding!

    Ethan kicking off the match with Ben Bruce and Ethan is still having his fun mocking Ben, but the larger member of The Moment will have none of that foolishness as they go in for a lock up and he immediately shoves away Ethan. The younger Conner looks taken aback by this and holds up his hands in defense making the referee tell Ben to back off as Ethan limbers up a bit while holding his back. Ben’s patience is wearing thin at this point prompting him to rush in at Ethan, who slips out of the way and drills Ben right across the chin with a forearm strike slightly stunning the big man enough for Ethan to fire off several more forearm strikes backing Ben in enemy territory where he delivers several stomps to the midsection before tagging in Drew. Now it’s Drew’s turn to lay the boots to Ben, who lays slumped in the corner helpless while Amanda looks on with great concern. Drew now tags in McGinnis, and McGinnis backs up a bit before sprinting towards Ben connecting with running face wash! McGinnis tags Drew back in, who comes in off the tag with a springboard 450 splash that finds the mark on Ben and Drew hooks the leg…


    Kick out by Ben, who rolls on his side trying to recover while Drew mocks him standing over him. Drew wills Ben to his feet and goes for a leg lariat, but Ben catches him and sends him crashing to the mat with a power bomb! Drew rolls around on the mat writhing in pain while Ben catches his breath before taking Drew by the head and tosses him to his corner and lays the boots to him now before making the tag to Nick…

    Jim Taylor: Turnabout is fair play and Drew Conner learning that the hard way

    Nick enters the match and charges at full speed connecting with corner dropkick on Drew! Nick takes the dazed Conner and brings him down with a half-and-half suplex. Nick building up a full head of steam now and takes Drew off the ropes and off the return he hits a nicely executed tilt-a-whirl backbreaker as Drew crumbles to the mat and Nick makes the cover…


    Nick tags in Ben and Ben lifts up Drew above him in a gorilla press position before dropping him to Nick, who catches him with a cutter!

    Jim Taylor: Kiwi Fruit! What a combination by the tag team champions

    Ben hooks the leg now…


    Drew with another kick out and now Ben brings up Drew in a vertical suplex position, but Drew manages to escape flipping behind Ben and hits a nasty super kick right to the back of Ben’s head knocking him to one knee! Drew uses this momentum to tag in McGinnis and Ben with his last ounce of strength reaches out and tags in Snowmantashi! The showdown we’ve been waiting for and the former friends duke it out trading lefts and rights, but Snowmantashi gaining the advantage with several more forearm strikes followed by an endless amount of headbutts!

    Tim Coleman:
    Snowmantashi going to town on McGinnis!

    McGinnis is stunned allowing Snow to hit him with a t-bone suplex! McGinnis in trouble now as he backs away in the corner while Snow stalks him and lays into him with several hammer clubbing hammer strikes in the corner. Snow brings McGinnis from out of the corner and hooks him up with a belly to back suplex, but McGinnis fights back with headbutts of his own knocking the big man off him giving him some breathing room and McGinnis comes back at Snow with a heart punch followed by a super kick! Snow in a daze but doesn’t drop forcing McGinnis to deliver another super kick followed by a third one that has Snow down to one knee finally. McGinnis follows up with a scissors stomp followed by an elbow smash that finally has Snow off his feet and McGinnis makes the cover…


    McGinnis looks surprised and berates his former ally, who lays on the mat. McGinnis stands atop the turnbuckle now and leaps off with hopes hitting a diving cross body, but no dice as Snow catches him mid-air and drops him with a power slam! Snow wills himself back up but still showing signs of the three super kicks from earlier as he hoists up McGinnis for the Hailstorm but McGinnis slips out of it and from behind catches Snow with a double knee backbreaker! Snow collapses to the mat as does McGinnis and after several seconds pass both men make a tag to their respective corners with Ethan coming in off the tag and it’s Nick for The Moment with Ethan ducking underneath a clothesline attempt by Nick and drills him with a pele kick! Nick is now stunned and Ethan nails a super kick on Nick, who drops to the mat and Ethan makes the tag to McGinnis once more and Drew enters as well knocking both Snow and Ben off the apron before taking Nick up on his shoulders in a fireman’s carry position and Ethan wails on Nick with a STIFF kick to the head followed by a fireman’s carry flapjack by Drew and McGinnis catches Nick’s arm mid-spin in a fujiwara armbar on impact!

    Tim Coleman: Post-Concussion Syndrome!

    Jim Taylor: What a lethal combination and Nick may have no other option but to tap!

    The Conner bros fend off Snow and Ben while Nick holds on but can’t take it any longer and taps out!

    Lindsay Monahan:
    The winners of the match, Jonathan McGinnis, Drew & Ethan Conner…The Indy Club!

    Nick rolls out of the ring holding his arm as The Indy Club celebrate throwing up the "2 Sweet" hand gestures.

    Jim Taylor:
    The Indy Club have certainly left their mark tonight, but for how long will it last? Tune in next week to find out fans, until then good night!

    The show closes out with The Club still celebrating while The Moment are still recovering on the outside and Snowmantashi stands on stage watching from afar with his championship in possession.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: CWA Adrenaline Rush: Live from Trenton, NJ

    Beautiful show! Well worth the wait. Props to who wrote my match/end segment, as well as the writing for the rest of the show!

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    Re: CWA Adrenaline Rush: Live from Trenton, NJ

    In bed on my phone right now so I'll put up a real comment later if I remember. Hail the club promo was just about as perfect of a promo as you can get. It was seamless, slimy, hit some perfect notes including the fourth wall breaking ones, might've been me but there might be been some hesitance in McGinnis towards Snowmantashi too which was perfect. Just a really great promo. And no doubt having another guy you can bounce off of in your RP should freshen up both of your materials. Looking forward to future matches easily deserved win (albeit having not seen SMM rp).

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    Re: CWA Adrenaline Rush: Live from Trenton, NJ

    I had a feeling I was gonna lose when I realized I didn't have hardly anything to say about my opponent this week and I couldn't get to much story this week. Oh well I think my next promo will be better now that I've reintroduced Dreamer and gotten Athena introduced.

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    Re: CWA Adrenaline Rush: Live from Trenton, NJ

    Final match/segment has been added in, and the next card will be up shortly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: CWA Adrenaline Rush: Live from Trenton, NJ

    This was an excellent show. The Indy Club stuff particularly (which, admittedly, was most of the show!) was great. Interesting times ahead.

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