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Thread: CWA Adrenaline Rush: Live from Atlantic City, NJ

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    CWA Adrenaline Rush: Live from Atlantic City, NJ

    After the logo is shown there's a brief recap video playing of the events that took place on the last edition of Adrenaline Rush with The Echo and Jonathan McGinnis announcing the formation of The Indy Club, and them running rampant throughout the show targeting various stars such as Michelle von Horrowitz, Enigma, Shade, and Harrison Wake before defeating the new tag team champions The Moment and CWA World Champion Jon Snowmantashi in the main event...

    Pyrotechnics go off as the camera pans over the fans with various signs supporting CWA stars, surprisingly some Indy Club supporters in the building but there are their detractors as well.

    The McGinnis theme that is almost synonymous with the former CWA World Heavyweight Champion, "The Indy God" Jonathan McGinnis. "Blessing" by Big Sean blasts through the P.A system, and oddly enough, a mix reaction for McGinnis can be heard for the former champ. Seeing how his recent change of actions, one would of thought that he would not receive any positive pops but maybe the crowd has got just so use to cheering once hearing Blessing intro that almost out of habit, they cheered. What ever the case might be, out steps out one of the members of the Indy Club, The Indy God, Jonathan McGinnis. Wearing the Indy Club Shirt and jeans, he steps out, but not alone as behind him is the Clubs advocate Celina Sasha. She too is wearing a Indy Club shirt and jeans as the two head towards the ring. As the two walk down the ramp, McGinnis throws up the Too Sweet to the word before breaking out in a laugh. He walks but before entering the ring, he takes a detour around it, he stops at the announce table and throws a Too Sweet towards Jim Taylor, and knowing the history between the two from last week, Jim looks in no mood to give one in return. McGinnis smirks, and then walks over to the poor time keeper that he super kicked twice last week, and tries to give him a Too Sweet but the time keeper declines as McGinnis mocks like he is going to super kick him again. The time keeper flinches. Celina Sasha has something set up in the ring as she orders for officials to set up a chair and bring in a microphone. McGinnis enters the ring, and walks over to the chair and takes a seat in it. He looks over at the crowd, before picking up the microphone that was set up for him. With no more time to waste, McGinnis speaks.

    Jonathan McGinnis: If I can be serious for a moment....

    The crowd doesn’t pipe down, and this quickly bothers McGinnis. Sasha takes the microphone from him.

    Everyone.... SHUT NOW!!!!!

    This of course upsets the CWA Universe, and they show their displeasure's of being told to shut up. Sasha hands the microphone back to McGinnis.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Thanks. These people are so rude. I want to use this time, to talk about something that is very dear to me. It means a lot to me, and that is my recognition. MY RESPECT!!! Let’s be honest for a second. Where the hell would this company be without me? I brought in this renaissance for the CWA, before I entered this company, most wrestlers on the roster wouldn’t know a arm bar from a arm chair. This place sucked, I know it, and you all know it, but that’s how things were, until when I showed up. I brought, “Wrestling” back to CWA. I made this place relevant again, and I did it in matter of weeks. My rise to the top saved this place from the rough days in was in, and the rougher days it was heading towards, I did all that, me. Believe me, I know here to toot my own horn, I have a point to all this. Just look at the roster before I came here and now look at it. I opened up the doors for everyone who came in after me, I proved that someone, like me, can travel the world, and then come to CWA and make not only a name for myself, but a myth, it had to be a myth for me to climb the top of the CWA mountain as quickly as I did. But I showed the way for someone like, our CWA World Heavyweight Champion, Snowmantashi. Without me, lighting up Japan and getting the CWA to notice me out there, they would never have had come across Snowmantashi, and most likely, his ass would still be in Japan, being the big fish in the small pond that he was. It was going toe to toe with me, that opened the eyes of every executive here that, he was worth a chance here.

    McGinnis readjusts himself in the chair.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I did that, I'm the key reason behind the success of our current champion, who by the way is still holding MY BELT!!. He owes me for his success, whether he wants to admit it or not, he knows the truth. It was ME!!! I brought the strong style, that now seems to be so common here in CWA, I brought that style here. ME!!! I'm the reason for his success, and I'm the reason for my opponents tonight success here, and I'm talking about "The Light Bringer" TOKYO KISAI!. Just like Snowmantashi I opened up the door for him as well, but you see, not like The Echo, who show me the respect that I deserve for opening doors, when it comes to The Light Bringer and Snowmantashi, they refuse to even let it cross their minds. I stand behind both of their success, as a proud father. But how fitting, that the path to MY WORLD TITLE!!! , I have to go through "The Lightbringer", it's almost poetic, that for me to get back what is mine, and I was robbed off, I mean, just ask Jim Taylor, even he agrees that I was robbed out of my championship rematch for MY WORLD TITLE!!! I He was screaming about it to the heavens last week.

    The camera pans over to Jim Taylor who is shaking his head.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I was reasonable for all this, I'm reasonable for the fact that asswipe in the front row is wearing a Light Bringer shirt, which he wasted whatever money he spent on it, I mean, he could of got himself one of these Indy Club shirts, but it's all sold out.... but I'm interested in something.

    McGinnis leaves the ring and walks over to the time keeper and snatches the ring bell from him. He walks over to the fan wearing The Light Bringer shirt and starts to ring the bell in the poor fans ear.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Why.... just why....?

    Fan: Lightbringer is the MAnn.....

    McGinnis cuts the fan off by ringing the bell again and even louder this time.

    Jonathan McGinnis: He isn't... shit.... or I mean, he wouldn't be shit, if it wasn't for me. Haven't you been listening to what I have been saying.... HELLO!!!!!

    Again McGinnis rings the bell in the fans ear.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I should make you take that shirt off, but I fear what's underneath, like blubber.... so keep it on. Matter of fact here.

    McGinnis drops the ring bell that he had in his hand and takes off his Indy Club shirt and hands it over to the fan, but quickly snatches it back. He puts it back on and smilies before walking over to the time keeper and giving him the bell back. He rings it one more time.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Yeah, it still works, thanks for letting me barrow it.

    He enters the ring and takes a seat again, looking more calmer and relax then he did before.

    Jonathan McGinnis: The dominoes are in effect, everything is lined up, and now it is only a matter of time before everything goes to plan. It started last week, it started with me using CWA's propaganda tool over there, to reveal the travesty of be being robbed of my rights here in CWA, where the fuck is Donald Trump or something when you need him, he knows the truth when he see's it.. plus his steaks are to die for... delicious. He told me I'm his favorite wrestler, after we had a long discussion of banning Asians in CWA. We're working on it, he is about to be President soon, this could be a reality for us. But tonight, after I super-kick Light-bringer teeth down his throat and he falls to the knee's of the Club, we will be on step closer, to achieving our goal, of making this place a whole lot better. Because tonight, KISAI, you face not just the best wrestler in this company, but the best wrestler on the planet, and when history looks back at our first ever encounter in the ring, they will see, that when I say, I 'm the better man than you, that I mean it, and I went out there and proved it. Because tonight, if you take away one thing, you will take away, that the Club always win, because we always play by Club RULES!!!!

    [COLOR=#333333][COLOR=#333333][I]Blessing plays as McGinnis gets up out of his seat and leaves the ring with Celina Sasha by his side. The two travel up the ramp but not before McGinnis interacts with the fan one more time, smiling in his faces as the fan has the balls to flip off The Indy God. This makes him crack up before turning around and heads up the ramp. The camera fades to black......

    Jim Taylor: Jonathan McGinnis not mincing words when it comes to the latest sensation to hit CWA, Lightbringer, and we'll see if he can back those words up later tonight but up next we'll see Dustin Dreamer take on Harrison Wake and I'm being told that our own Michelle Kelly is standing by with Dustin Dreamer...

    As the scene reopens we see the CWA interview set where Michelle Kelly stands with a mic.

    Michelle Kelly: Ladies and Gentleman, my guest at this time is a superstar who just recently returned to CWA with a very different attitude, the self proclaimed "King Of Chaos" Dustin Dreamer.

    Dustin Dreamer walks into the interview set with an evil grin on his face while he's dressed in jeans, a black tank top and a leather jacket. Oddly enough, Athena is nowhere to be found.

    Michelle Kelly: Dustin, last week we saw you make your return to CWA after nearly a year out of action but you returned with a very different attitude and a new manager by your side. What caused this sudden change in attitude?

    Dreamer: What caused it? Andre Jones caused it when he took me out of action and put me in a hospital. He made me realize what I've always secrectly known, the world is a screwed up place and nice guys finish last. I realized if you wanna get anywhere in this business you need to be ruthless, you need to be willing to do whatever it takes to win. And now that's exactly what I'll be doing.

    Michelle nods her head slowly then speaks up.

    Michelle Kelly: But you were having a good amount of success before your injury, you were even in a #1 contenders match for a shot at the World Champ. And you along side Jacob Wayne we're beginning to build a successful tag team. Then you came back last week and lost. Looks to me like you were having more success before.

    Dreamer now has an angry look in his eyes as he turns and glares at Michelle Kelly, who doesn't flinch and puts the mic to the mouth of Dreamer.

    Dreamer: First off, as far as I'm concerned Jacob Wayne can drop dead. He was just using me to make himself successful because he knew he was nothing on his own, and that's been proven by the fact he's nowhere to be found anymore. I'm better off on my alone, I've always been alone and I always will be but that's okay because I like it that way. Second, as far as last week goes, Charles Murphy got lucky alright? He caught me off guard, I under estimated him and he got me. Good for him, but tonight I have my eye on a bigger prize, I have my eye on destroying Harrison Wake.

    Michelle Kelly: Since you mentioned him, let's talk about Harrison Wake. Tonight you face him 1 on 1 and he is slightly bigger than you and that size could come into play. What's your game plan for the match tonight?

    Dreamer chuckles to himself.

    Dreamer: My plan? My plan is to go out there, beat the hell out of him, drop him on his head and pin him right in the middle of the ring. Or hell, maybe I'll just choke the life out of him. I guess it depends on how generous I'm feeling once I'm out there. Wake may be stronger from tipping cows in Wisconsin but I grew up on the mean streets of Chicago and you don't survive those streets if you're not smart and not tough. I'm smarter and tougher than Wake and tonight he learns there's a new big dog in this yard.

    Michelle nods and moves onto her next question.

    Michelle Kelly: One final question, last week we saw you brought a somewhat mysterious woman with you known as Athena, tonight however she's nowhere to be found. Some say she....

    Suddenly Michelle is cut off by the lights going off in the interview area, they come back on a few moments later and Athena is standing between Dreamer and Kelly with a look of evil and pure hate in her eyes.

    Michelle Kelly: What where did you come from?

    Athena turns her head and looks at the confused interviewer and simply smirks while forcing her hand with the mic in it to her mouth.

    Athena: That is not a matter for your concern, but I heard you we're just about to ask The King Of Chaos a question about me, so maybe you should just ask me yourself.

    Athena releases the hand of the interviewer, who quickly pulls it back towards her body, and now her hand shakes ever so slightly as she raises the mic to her mouth.

    Michelle Kelly: Okay, um some say you brought out this darker side of Dustin Dreamer, is that true?

    Athena quickly responds, not even having to think about her answer.

    Athena: Yes, there was a darkness deep inside The King Of Chaos and I simply am helping him unleash it.

    The interviewer slowly nods her head, then continues the interview.

    Michelle Kelly: So how did this, um partnership form?

    Athena: That does not matter. What matters is the task at hand and that task is introducing Mr. Wake to my king, and having my king beat Mr. Wake so bad that he runs back to Rock County and after that, for my king to begin his journey to the crown. But as for right now, this interview is over as my client has some final preperations to do for his match with Mr. Wake.

    Athena grabs Dustin Dreamer by the arm and they walk away together as the scene fades out and Michelle Kelly is left standing there, still a little confused and scared.

    Jim Taylor: Up next we'll see Dreamer in action with Harrison Wake, don't go away fans!


    Dustin Dreamer w/Athena vs Harrison Wake w/Mia Walsh

    Lindsay Monahan: The following contest is set for one fall and introducing first…

    “Johnny’s Revenge” by Crown the Empire blasts out of the sound system eliciting a scathing response from the fans as Dustin Dreamer emerges from behind the curtain with his manager Athena at his side as they both walk to the ring not paying any mind to the fans.

    Lindsay Monahan: Accompanied by Athena, from Chicago, Illinois. He stands at 6’4 and weighs in at 220 pounds, “The King of Chaos” Dustin Dreamer!

    Jim Taylor: Dustin Dreamer made his return to CWA last week yet he was unsuccessful in his return match, but tonight he looks for that elusive first win back

    Lindsay Monahan: and his opponent…

    “Move Me” by The Ghost Inside now hits and the crowd responds with a mixed reaction for the man known as Harrison Wake. At his side is his agent, Mia Walsh, and the two make their way to the ring.

    Lindsay Monahan: Accompanied by Mia Walsh, from Rock County, Wisconsin. He stands at 6’4 and weighs in at 240 pounds, “The Backwoods Badass” Harrison Wake!

    Jim Taylor: Dreamer will certainly have his work cut out for him tonight as he takes on Harrison Wake, who still has to be steaming after what transpired last week when he was assaulted by The Indy Club for no real reason

    Tim Coleman: Yep, and unfortunately for Dustin Dreamer he has to contend with that tonight

    Ding! Ding! Ding!

    The two men square off before locking up in the center of the ring and before Dreamer can get any sort of offense its Harrison Wake firing off a stiff back fist to the jaw knocking Dreamer back a little. Dreamer holds his jaw in surprise before running at Wake only to be caught off guard with a heart punch followed by a spinning lariat that brings Dreamer to the mat and he quickly rolls out of the ring to avoid any more damage and receives some words of advice from Athena while Wake frantically paces the ring just itching for a fight…

    Jim Taylor: Dustin Dreamer getting a bit caught off guard here early on, maybe he didn’t expect this from Harrison Wake but he’s certainly getting it tonight…

    Dreamer slides in re-entering the ring and narrowly avoids a stomp attack from Wake as he rolls away and bounces up to his feet in time and manages to catch Wake with a dropkick, yet Wake springs back up in time to be drilled with another dropkick followed by a short-arm clothesline! Dreamer brings Wake back up and has him position up high before dropping him right back down with a suplex. Dreamer now begins to climb up top and waits before leaping off and hitting a diving double axe handle on Wake and Dreamer now with the lateral press…


    Wake with a shoulder up and Dreamer immediately applies a rear headlock submission as he rears back on it applying pressure, but it’s not enough to keep Wake down for long as the Backwoods Badass shows his resiliency and forces Dreamer to relinquish the hold with several back elbow strikes to the midsection doubling over his opposition. Wake finds his footing before hitting Dreamer with a Throat-buster! Dreamer holds his throat after Wake jammed his elbow sharply in it as Wake wastes no time planting Dreamer to the mat with an STO! Now Wake with the pin hooking the far leg…


    Jim Taylor: Dreamer keeps himself alive, but the damage may have done to that throat as he seems to still be feeling the effects of that Throat-buster

    Wake wills Dreamer to his feet before slamming him down with authority with a Lou Thesz press followed by another hook of the far leg…


    Dreamer with another kick-out and Wake is ready to end this as he hooks up Dreamer in position for The Timber Bomb, but Dreamer fights out of it and counters with a DDT! Now Dreamer is ready to end it as he hooks Wake in position for the Dream Crusher but Wake flips him over flat on his back and now both men use this time to recover. Athena talks to Dreamer as he had rolled to his corner while Mia Walsh smacks the apron and shouting words of encouragement to Wake who is on one knee breathing heavily. They both get up at the same time and Dreamer comes in wildly with a clothesline, but Wake ducks underneath it and drills Dreamer with a super kick! Dreamer on jelly legs now and Wake pulls him in…

    Jim Taylor: TIMBER BOMB!

    He hooks the leg…


    Dreamer grabbed the bottom rope to break up the pin much to Harrison Wake’s dismay, who is rather irate about this and begins to plead his case with the referee while Dreamer recovers before scrambling up behind Wake and catches him unsuspecting with a roll up!

    Wake kicks out furiously after knowing he almost got caught. He springs up and wildly swings at Dreamer who ducks underneath and from behind Dreamer catches Wake with a German suplex! Dreamer isn’t finished yet though and plants Wake to the mat with a Death Valley driver straight into a pin…


    Wake kicks out and Dreamer showing signs of frustration now while Athena attempts to calm him down. He looks to set up Wake once more with the Dream Crusher, but Wake once again has it scouted and flips him over yet Dreamer lands on his feet and Wake turns around looking for another super kick but Dreamer was ready and catches him by the boot spinning him around but Wake comes right back with a spinning backfist clocking Dustin right on the jaw causing him to stumble back in the corner. Now Harrison begins to wale on Dustin with several forearm strikes as the referee pleads with Harrison to stop, but Harrison shoves the referee away forcing him to call for the bell...

    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match by result of disqualification, Dustin Dreamer!

    Jim Taylor: Dreamer is a winner but he certainly doesn't look like one right now

    Tim Coleman: Yeah, because that lunatic just used his face as his personal punching bag and cost himself the match!

    Jim Taylor: I don't he really cares to be perfectly honest, Tim

    Athena drags Dustin out of the ring with a bloodied up lip while Harrison remains in the ring, angrily pacing while Mia Walsh enters the ring with a microphone.

    Mia Walsh: Indy Club, I hope you boys were watching that because that is going to be you when Harrison gets his hands on you three...

    Mia tosses the microphone aside and coaxes Harrison to take his leave as we cut to commercial.


    Ethan Conner w/Drew Conner vs Enigma

    As we return from the commercial break, the lights go off around the arena and ‘Radioactive’ begins to play. There’s a mixed reaction from the crowd, a massive, positive pop sounding when the music first starts and then a mixture of heckles and ‘EN-IG-MA’ chants as it settles. Pyros fall from above and Enigma is standing amongst them, blowing out a huge puff of smoke and beginning his slow pace down to the ring.

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and gentlemen this contest is scheduled for one-fall with a sixty minute time limit. Introducing first, from Missouri and wrestling out of Jacksonville, Florida… He stands at six feet, three inches tall and weighs in at two hundred and fifty pounds… ENIGMA!

    Jim Taylor: Here comes Enigma, Tim, the man who returned with a big win over Shade in a Last Man’s Standing Match at Five Star Attraction, and he’ll certainly be looking to get back to winning ways after last week’s loss on Adrenaline Rush.

    Tim Coleman: Yeah, of course, Tim, but that’s not necessarily going to be as straight forward as you make it sound.

    Enigma climbs up the steps after completing a circuit of the ring, eyeing up various fans on his way. His music dies down and is quickly replaced by ‘Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver’ by Primus. Ethan Connor walks out onto the stage, accompanied by his brother and a large chorus of boos from the New Jersey crowd.

    Lindsay Monahan: And his opponent… Accompanied to the ring by Drew Connor… Currently residing in Gainesville, Georgia, by way of… *ahem*… your mother’s bedroom… He stands at five feet and ten inches and weighs in at one hundred and seventy eight pounds… ETHAN CONNOR!

    Tim Coleman: Look at this, Jim. Look at how these people boo success!

    Jim Taylor: They don’t boo success, Tim, they boo the sort of underhanded tactics we saw employed by the Connor Brothers last week after the climax of the epic match between Enigma and Michelle von Horrowitz.

    Tim Coleman: Is it really underhanded? The Echo told us all what they intended to do in CWA as part of this Indy Club, and last week was just the opening gambit.

    Jim Taylor: And here tonight Enigma has a chance for revenge after being laid out, along with his opponent, in the aftermath of his match last week.

    Both members of the Echo have climbed into the ring and Drew is patting his brother on the back by way of encouragement, who is limbering up with some stretches. Enigma simply stares at them coldly from across the ring. The referee carries out his final checks, talking to the combatants and removing Drew from the ring (at length) before moving over to the time-keeper.

    Before he can ask for the bell to be rung, ‘In Dreams’ by Roy Orbison plays around the arena to a mostly negative reaction, though there are some cheers and a haphazard ‘M-V-H’ chant. Michelle von Horrowitz walks out onto the stage and surveys the audience before striding down the ramp with purpose.

    Jim Taylor: Maybe here to even up the score? Michelle von Horrowitz didn’t have anything nice to say about The Echo this week.

    Tim Coleman: My mother used to always tell me that if you don’t have anything nice to say, you shouldn’t say anything at all.

    Jim Taylor: Your mother says a lot of things.

    Tim Coleman: What’s that supposed to mean?

    Jim Taylor: And it appears, after a brief stand-off with Drew Connor ahead of their match later tonight, von Horrowitz is going to join us here at the commentary booth…

    Michelle picks up a headset and takes a seat next to Jim Taylor, staring across the ring at the Echo in turn. The referee calls for the bell and the two combatants, who’ve been distracted by von Horrowitz’s arrival, begin to circle the ring and lock it up in a collar and elbow tie up.

    Jim Taylor: As these two begin to jockey for position, Enigma using his more than sixty pounds weight advantage to move into a rear waist-lock, we should welcome our guest here at the announcer’s table.

    Tim Coleman: Indeed, very nice of you to join us, Michelle.

    Michelle doesn’t reply, and in the ring Enigma has grounded Ethan, the waist lock still applied. Connor attempts to wriggle free as Drew shouts instructions from the outside, so Enigma manoeuvres himself into a headlock, wrenching away at Ethan’s neck. After a few moments, Ethan fights up to his feet and bounces Enigma off the ropes, leaping for a standing dropkick… but Enigma manages to hook himself onto the top rope and Connor crashes and burns.

    Jim Taylor: Enigma begins an early Garvin stomp here, one kick delivered to each of Ethan Connor’s limbs, and then one to his head. Michelle, you were the recipient of this move last week on Adrenaline Rush…

    MVH: Yes, indeed I was, Jim, and it was thoroughly unpleasant. Enigma really knows how to pick apart each and every part of your body.

    Tim Coleman: And now he locks in a grounded front face lock, perhaps trying to slow down the faster man. Sensible strategy, Michelle?

    Again, von Horrowitz ignores Coleman’s question, and Enigma lifts Ethan up to his feet. He maintains the front face lock, and then attempts to take him over with a vertical suplex. Ethan drops his knee into Enigma’s head twice whilst he’s hoisted up, and then manages to slip out of the back. Connor goes for a lariat, but Enigma ducks it, kicks him in the midsection, puts the front face lock back in, and then drops him with a DDT. He goes for a cover…

    ONE… TW – NO!

    Enigma continues the grounded assault, going for an arm bar as Ethan squirms towards the ropes, Drew all-the-while shouting encouragement.

    Tim Coleman: Drew trying to talk his brother back into this match, with Enigma dominating the early stretches.

    Ethan gets to the ropes and the break is enforced by the referee. The two get to their feet and circle the ring, looking like they’re going for a test of strength. However, just before contact is made, Ethan hits an eye poke, followed by a pair of knife edge chops. Enigma is backed up into a corner, where Ethan works the body for a while. He then drives a shoulder into Enigma’s stomach and uses the position to force him up to a seated position on the top turnbuckle. Ethan follows him up…

    MVH: This is where the Connors are dangerous, when they begin to fly. Enigma’s strategy is the right one.

    Jim Taylor: But it looks like his luck with it is running out, as Ethan hits a beautiful hurricanrana from the top rope! He goes for a cover himself…

    ONE… TWO… - NO!

    MVH: See, that’s just the Connors all over, sloppy cover after a high impact move. It’s all part of the Echo image, isn’t it, Jim? Cutting corners, showboating for the fans who just aren’t interested…

    Jim Taylor: We saw some of that cutting corners last week, when Drew and Ethan hit the ring to take out both you and Enigma following your match…

    MVH: Yes, and well before their match, I might add. These are not the actions of the strong.

    Tim Coleman: Tonight is a fair playing field, though, Michelle, and Ethan seems to be doing pretty well against Enigma right now.

    No response is forthcoming, and Ethan continues to take the fight to his opponent. He hits a pair of forearms, taking Enigma back into a set of ropes, and Irish whips him across the ring. When Enigma re-approaches he ducks a clothesline attempt but, when he hits the first set of ropes again, Drew is there to grab his feet and stop his momentum. Enigma turns around to stare at the interloper, and then turns around into a big standing drop kick from Ethan. He goes for another cover.

    ONE… TWO… - NO!

    Ethan stays on him, locking in a head scissors as Enigma goes for the ropes. It takes him almost a minute but eventually he makes them with an outstretched foot. Ethan lets go as the ref reaches four, and Enigma gets up gingerly. Ethan charges in, trying to clothesline him over the top rope, but his opponent ducks and throws Ethan over himself with a back body drop. Connor manages to land on the apron. When Enigma turns around, Ethan takes him by the hair and slams his throat against the top rope. He stumbles into the middle of the ring and Connor leaps up, nailing a beautiful springboard forearm, straight into another cover…

    ONE… TWO… - NO!

    MVH: I saw this myself first hand last week. Enigma is a very resilient opponent. It’s going to take something bigger than that to put him away.

    Jim Taylor: I think Ethan knows that, too. These constant covers seemed designed to sap the energy from Enigma’s body, bit by bit.

    Ethan puts in a headlock, and it takes Enigma a while to climb up to his feet. He hits a couple of elbows to Ethan’s midriff, and then takes him over with a backdrop. Ethan is up to his feet immediately, but Enigma hits a clothesline, and then on the third occasion he takes him over with a picture-perfect vertical suplex, going for a cover of his own.

    ONE… TWO… - NO!

    Enigma backs into the corner, stalking his opponent, waiting for him to regain a vertical base. Eventually he does, and Enigma takes him right back down with a spear! Another cover…

    ONE… TWO… T – NO!

    Ethan gets his shoulder up, and Enigma takes a moment to suck in some oxygen. He slowly pulls Ethan up to his feet by his hair, rocking him with a kick to the midsection. He lifts him up, maybe looking for a big Powerbomb… but no! Ethan rakes the eyes out of the referee’s sight, and Enigma stumbles to the side of the ring, Connor able to hurricanrana him over the top rope! Ethan lands on the apron and rolls under the bottom rope into the ring as the referee begins his count towards ten and Enigma lays sprawled on the outside.

    Ethan distracts the referee as Drew hits a flurry of stomps on Enigma before posing for the fans, and in the meantime the Connor in the match has made his way to his feet. He waits for Enigma to rise too and, when he does, charges across the ring…

    Jim Taylor: SUICIDE DIVE! Ethan starting to build up a head of steam.

    MVH: You know, I’d really love to see how one of these boys gets on without their brother at ring side. They fight like jackals.

    Tim Coleman: Effective strategy, if you ask me.

    MVH: Nobody was asking you. Literally nobody in the universe cares what you think, Coleman.

    Ethan drags himself to his feet, and then lifts up his opponent by the hair, Irish whipping him straight into the steel steps! There’s a sickening thud as Enigma’s shoulder collides heavily with the steel. Ethan and Drew exchange a too sweet and then Drew meanders around the ring to crotch chop in Michelle’s direction, a huge smile on his face. Michelle stands up for a stare off as Ethan throws Enigma under the bottom rope.

    Jim Taylor: Things might be about to kick off here at the announce table... Ethan Connor goes for a cover…

    ONE… TWO… - NO!

    Order is gradually restored at ring side as Drew wanders back over to the opposite side of the ring. Ethan picks Enigma up again and backs him up to a set of ropes, Irish whipping him into the opposite set. He goes for a lariat, Enigma ducks it, and then hits a big RKO on Ethan as he turns around! Both men hit the mat, physically spent, Enigma unable to cover him…

    Jim Taylor: The fans are on their feet here, willing Enigma up

    The two men roll over to opposite corners, dragging themselves to their feet and staring at each other across the ring…just then there’s a commotion at ringside with Drew running to Enigma’s corner and hopping up on the apron with a distraction causing Enigma to angrily turn around with a forearm shot drilling Drew right across the jaw and straight off the apron while Enigma spits at him…

    Jim Taylor: Drew was up to no good but he paid the price for it…

    MVH: Serves him right

    Enigma then turns around…SUPERKICK! Ethan with a superkick on Enigma, who falls flat on his back…

    Jim Taylor: Oh no, not this way!

    Tim Coleman: Brilliant strategy, seems like Drew’s distraction paid dividends after all!

    MVH: Typical…

    Ethan falls on top of Enigma hooking the far leg…


    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match, Ethan Connor!

    Ethan’s hand is raised by the referee, and his brother comes into the ring to celebrate with him. Enigma crawls to a corner, clutching his injuries, and Drew points over at him…

    Jim Taylor: What do we have here? Why am I not surprised?

    MVH: Because these are the sort of petulant acts we’re used to from the Echo.

    The brothers charge over to the corner, hitting a handful of stomps to Enigma and then celebrating with a fist bump. Ethan picks Enigma up as Drew lines him up, nailing a superkick! Ethan hits a second! Then stereo superkicks!

    Jim Taylor: They might just finish Enigma right here, just after his return!

    As Drew doubles Enigma over with a kick to the midsection, he drops down to one knee. Ethan charges over to the ropes, maybe looking for a neckbreaker onto his brother’s outstretched limb… But we hear the muffled sounds of a head set being put down, and Michelle grabs Ethan’s legs as he bounces off the ropes, causing him to fall flat on his face…

    Von Horrowitz climbs up onto the apron as Drew charges over at her, and she hits a springboard cross body, taking him to the mat… But she stands up into a big super kick from Ethan! The Connors stand momentarily over the bodies of Enigma and von Horrowitz, and they decide to target Michelle with a flurry of stomps. Enigma, forgotten about for the time being, rolls over to the corner of the ring and uses the ropes to regain a vertical base, and as Drew turns around to check on him he’s taken over by a massive spear! Ethan charges over at Enigma… kick to the midsection… 187x! Ethan’s neck is almost snapped in two by the suplex-into-inverted-cutter!

    Drew rolls out of the ring and drags Ethan out with him, Connor heavily cradling his neck. They point and shout at Enigma, standing tall in the ring, as Michelle gingerly climbs back to her feet.

    Tim Coleman: There seems to be serious bad blood between these four, Jim…

    Jim Taylor: And the Echo have nobody to blame but themselves.

    A second referee has come to the ring, the official scheduled for the von Horrowitz – Drew match. He points at Ethan Connor, and then at Enigma, and then to the entrance, signalling that he’s sending both of them to the back!

    Jim Taylor: von Horrowitz might have her wish! It looks like Drew is going to have to go this one alone!

    Ethan is fuming, screaming in the referee’s face, the occasional ‘your mum‘ audible amongst the rest of his babble. Enigma just shrugs and climbs out of the ring, making his way up the ramp towards the exit. Ethan is a little slower to go, but eventually he does, and Drew climbs into the ring with Michelle. The referee calls for the bell and the match gets underway…

    Drew Conner w/Ethan Conner vs Michelle von Horrowitz


    Drew hits a kick to the midsection straight away and grabs Michelle by the scruff of the neck, throwing her into the corner. He hits a pair of knife edge chops before Irish whipping her into the opposite set, charging in and going for a clothesline. Michelle ducks it, Drew’s chest hitting the top turnbuckle, and she rolls him up with a school-boy…

    ONE… - NO!

    Jim Taylor: Michelle trying to end this one early with a roll-up there.

    Tim Coleman: Never going to happen. The Connors are former tag team champions for a reason, Jim.

    The two circle the ring before tying it up, Drew instantly moving into a headlock. He charges across the ring with MVH in tow and hits a bull-dog, and then a running spinning heel kick when she makes her way to her feet. He feels the momentum building, climbing up to the top rope, but von Horrowitz is back up and she rocks him with a forearm smash. She climbs up with him, maybe looking for a superplex, but Drew pushes her off. Michelle lands in the middle of the ring, and Drew goes for a top rope elbow drop, but she rolls out of the way. Von Horrowitz goes for another corner…

    ONE… T – NO!

    Michelle applies a grounded head lock and, when it becomes clear that Drew is too strong and is breaking free, she manoeuvres her body into a headscissors. Drew eventually manages to rotate his body enough so that the hold can’t be held in, but von Horrowitz grabs one of his free arms and puts in an armbar, wrapping her legs around his shoulder. She finishes off with a couple of stomps to Drew’s prone head, but the Connor is able to reach out to the bottom rope and force the break.

    Jim Taylor: Michelle looking to employ the same strategy as Enigma in the last match here, Tim, keeping Drew Connor grounded…

    Michelle pulls Drew to his feet by his hair and Irish whips him into the corner… But Drew runs up the turnbuckles and flies off the top with a moonsault, landing on Michelle and taking her down! He goes for a cover of his own.

    ONE… TW – NO!

    Drew keeps up the pressure with a front face lock, but von Horrowitz fights her way back to her feet. Connor lifts a knee into her midsection a couple of times before hooking her arms and taking her over with a double underhook suplex. He lifts her up again, a pair of forearms rocking her towards the ropes. He Irish whips her across the ring, and when she re-approaches he hits a big back body drop, sending Michelle all the way to the outside! Drew isn’t done there, he charges off the ring, somersaults over the top rope, and lands on the rising Michelle! She crumbles down to the mat and Drew is instantly up, taunting his opponents and the fans in self-congratulation.

    Jim Taylor: Drew should be worried more about finishing this off than showboating. That could turn around to bite him…

    Tim Coleman: Oh, come on, Jim! Wrestling’s supposed to be fun!

    Jim Taylor: Ladies and gentlemen, as Drew Connor rolls von Horrowitz under the bottom rope, we’re going to have to take a quick commercial break…


    Jim Taylor: Welcome back to Adrenaline Rush, and over the commercial break we saw a shift in momentum…

    An instant replay shows Michelle von Horrowitz in a corner, Drew charging at her, and then being taken down with a drop toe hold, sending his face into the second turnbuckle….

    Jim Taylor: And since then we’ve seen von Horrowitz targeting the head of Drew Connor, trying to build off that impact.

    As we return to live footage, Michelle has a headlock held in, her legs wrapped around the grounded Connor in a body-scissors. He’s rolling from side to side to try and find an escape, and eventually the angle is right for him to hit an elbow to the side of Michelle’s head, and then a second, and the third breaks the hold. He fights to his feet as Michelle shakes off the cobwebs. She charges over, going for a front face lock, but Drew reverses with a Northern Lights Suplex, bridging for a cover…

    ONE… TWO… - NO!

    Drew keeps up the pressure, using a headlock to drag his opponent back to her feet. He throws her into the corner, running in with an elbow smash, before suplexing her into the middle of the ring. He runs to the ropes and jumps up to the second, nailing a springboard moonsault into the cover.

    ONE… TWO… T – NO!

    Jim Taylor: Michelle von Horrowitz just about getting the shoulder up there, but Drew is breaking free from her relentless ground and pound.

    Tim Coleman: Absolutely, and now he’s just starting to get into the groove. A few more high impact moves like that and this one is over.

    After a trio of stomps, Drew picks Michelle up and puts her in a front face lock. He moves over to the corner and climbs up to the second rope (headlock still applied). He leaps off, obviously going for a tornado DDT, but von Horrowitz is able to push him off and send him crashing into the middle of the ring. Drew fights back to his feet as Michelle sucks in some deep lung fulls of air, then she charges over, looking for the Busaiku Knee Kick…. No! Drew evades it. Michelle gets up and turns around….


    He falls straight into the cover.

    ONE… TWO… TH – NO!

    Drew is aghast, admonishing the referee and staring at his opponent in disbelief. Eventually, he drags her up to her feet, planning what he’s going to do next. He hits a scoop slam in the middle of the ring and points over at the corner, beginning a hasty ascent and steadying himself on the top rope…

    Jim Taylor: 450 Splash maybe? Drew leaps from the top turnbuckle, just look at the elevation, the rotation…

    Tim Coleman: It’s beautiful, Jim! But no! Michelle gets her knees up into Drew’s sternum, and one half of the Echo rolls across the ring clutching his ribs.

    Michelle stalks Drew from across the squared circle as he uses the ropes to regain his vertical base. She charges in from behind, perhaps looking for the Regal-plex… No, Drew manages to fight out with a trio of elbows. Michelle stumbles backwards into the middle of the ring.

    Jim Taylor: Drew Connor looking for another super-kick here….

    Tim Coleman: No! Michelle von Horrowitz catches his foot…

    Jim Taylor: And straight into the stretch muffler! Submission move locked in in the middle of the ring here! Drew has nowhere to go!

    Michelle wrenches on Drew’s leg, applying additional pressure on his contorted body. With her free boot, she repeatedly stomps on Connor’s head, the crowd gasping at the brutality of the move. Drew raises his hand, close to submission, but each time he does he clenches his fist and drags his aching body a few inches closer to the bottom rope. He’s almost there, just an inch further…

    Von Horrowitz releases the hold and drags Drew back into the centre of the ring, applying an ankle lock! Drew writhes in pain, screaming out, staring at the bottom rope longingly. Michelle is constantly looking for the grapevine, but Drew is squirming too much for her to lock it in properly. With a last ditch effort, Drew manages to roll through, his momentum sending Michelle into the corner, through the middle and top rope, and shoulder first into the steel post!

    Drew hastily retreats into the opposite corner, clutching his ankle, whilst Michelle sags down into a seated position, holding her shoulder in despair…

    Jim Taylor: Seems as though that we have come to a standstill…

    Drew gingerly props himself up in the corner using the ropes as leverage while Michelle crawls back up as well as she still clutches her shoulder, and Drew comes out of the corner with a superkick attempt but Michelle catches his boot and drops an elbow strike right across his knee before rolling him up in a small package!


    Drew kicks out before the count of three and rolls over to a corner as does Michelle who rolls over to the opposite side until there’s a commotion from the fans…

    Jim Taylor: Wait, that’s Ethan Connor, he’s supposed to be barred from ringside!

    Tim Coleman: He’s just being a good brother looking out for Drew!

    Drew has noticed this and distracts the referee by feigning still feeling the effects from the earlier submission to his ankle, while Ethan sneaks up and attempts to pull out Michelle’s foot from beneath the bottom rope but Michelle doesn’t budge and instead reaches over the top rope trying to snag Ethan by the hair but he scrambles away in time holding his hands up in defense as there’s another commotion from the fans…

    Jim Taylor: Here comes Enigma to even the odds!

    Tim Coleman: What’s that clown doing here?! He’s supposed to be barred!

    Jim Taylor: Oh, NOW you’re upset but you weren’t moments ago when Ethan tried to interfere

    Enigma runs down the ramp clubbing Ethan from behind with a double axe handle before tossing Ethan into the guardrail, causing Ethan to cry out in pain while back in the ring Drew shoves the referee aside and beckons MVH to turn around before attempt another superkick…but Michelle ducks underneath this time and drills Drew with a superkick of her own! Drew stumbles back into the corner in a daze and Michelle pulls him out and in position…PSYCHO DRIVER! On the outside Enigma is still laying the boots to Ethan while in the ring Michelle makes the cover…


    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match, Michelle von Horrowitz!

    Jim Taylor: The Connors didn’t expect that to go down making their attempts to ruin this match futile

    Tim Coleman: This isn’t by these four, not by a longshot!

    Jim Taylor: You’ve got that right Tim

    Enigma has stopped attacking Ethan and looks back in the ring at Michelle and nods as if to say “You owe me”, while Ethan scrambles over to the opposite side of the ring to held Drew out of the ring.

    Cut to the backstage area outside of Isaac Richmann's office as he stands by with his assistant Vanessa and Michelle Kelly.

    Michelle Kelly: Mr. Richmann, last week we saw the events that transpired between you and Charles Murphy, can we get an update on Mr. Murphy?

    Richmann: Yes Michelle, last week after I had already let Charles off with a warning he still decided to go and pull a stunt like assaulting that defenseless fan, and as a result I was left with no other choice but to suspend Mr. Murphy a week without pay. Now, I have requested Mr. Murphy return next week and issue a formal apology to the CWA fans

    Michelle Kelly: Moving on, we still do not have a main event for our next PPV event Retribution, who will face Jon Snowmantashi for the world championship?

    A sly grin forms on Isaac's face as he responds.

    Richmann: Well, I've been doing some thinking and after discussing it over with the board of directors I've come up with a decision, but that announcement will have to wait until next week and believe me Michelle, it's a doozy...

    Richmann grins like a chesire cat and chuckles while walking back into his office with Vanessa behind him as we cut to commercial.


    Jonathan McGinnis vs Lightbringer w/Himawari

    A theme becoming familiar with the CWA fans blares through the PA system as “Tokyo Kisai” Lightbringer makes his way out backed up by his valet, Himawari. The fans give out a loud pop as he poses at the top of the ramp.

    Jim Taylor: Already we have seen this young man and become impressed with him. Don’t you think Tim?

    Tim Coleman: You might be right but he’s up against it tonight against the former CWA champion, Jonathan McGinnis! The REAL champ in my opinion.

    Jim Taylor: Well the fans like this guy and so do I! He is a tougher matchup than you think.

    Tim Coleman: Being good in Japan means nothing. This is America!

    The Japanese superstar makes his way down the ramp as the fans reach out – perhaps some hoping to grab Himawari, who knows. He makes his way into the ring and is introduced, taking off his robe and staring dead ahead at the entrance ramp.

    Jim Taylor: He’s looking focused. I have a feeling this might be a good one!

    http://<iframe class="restrain" titl...="0"></iframe>

    The fans start to boo as “Blessings” blares over the PA system - out comes “The Indy God” Jonathan McGinnis to a wave of venomous hisses and whistles.

    Tim Coleman: There he is! The Indy God! This is going to be a masterful showing!

    Jim Taylor: He’s not flanked by The Echo, either. Maybe he wants a fair fight.

    Tim Coleman:It’s not a fair fight with that broad out there!

    McGinnis struts down the ramp ignoring the fans, shouting some words at them before getting into the ring he walks over and stares at LIGHTBRINGER and throws up the too sweet at him but LIGHTBRINGER does nothing in response. McGinnis gives a wry smile as the referee backs him up. Before the match starts, McGinnis reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out an Indy Club shirt and throws it at Himawari.

    Jim Taylor: He’s being a pest already!

    Tim Coleman: Mind games, Jim. He’s freaking him out. This guy hasn’t faced anyone as good as McGinnis in this sort of arena!

    Jim Taylor: He did face KAIZEN…

    Tim Coleman: Who?

    “Tokyo Kisai” LIGHTBRINGER w/Himawari vs “The Indy God” Jonathan McGinnis

    Both men stretch on the ropes before the bell rings and they go to lock up but McGinnis takes the back and simply slaps it and backs away from LB. He grins as the Japanese star turns around, slightly peeved. They lock up again and this time LIGHTBRINGER gets the edge – he manages to force McGinnis back to the turnbuckle… but he stops and taunts him by slapping his chest… but then throws a lightning quick forearm strike that crushes into McGinnis’ jaw. LIGHTBRINGER backs away and taunts him – the crowd ramp up the volume.

    Jim Taylor: I think McGinnis knows he can’t take this lightly now!

    Tim Coleman: That was nothing! McGinnis has got this!

    McGinnis comes forward for a superkick but LIGHTBRINGER ducks and kicks the midriff, he goes for a DDT but McGinnis twists his way out of it and takes his opponent by surprise by a superkick to the jaw out of nowhere – the crowd boo as Himawari looks slightly worried at ringside.

    Jim Taylor: That shot echoed around the arena! He might be out!

    Tim Coleman: Just can’t deal with the superkick!

    McGinnis goes for the surprise early pin and the referee jumps down…1…..2…..NO! LIGHTBRINGER gets his shoulders up and the crowd cheers in relief. McGinnis looks frustrated but delivers brutal kicks to the side of “Tokyo Kisai” that seem to take a toll on his opponent. He throws one kick too many however as LIGHTBRINGER catches one and delivers a dragon screw that causes McGinnis to fall to the mat in pain, clutching his leg. He rolls close to the ropes and sits up but the Japanese superstar comes crashing into the back of his head with a sliding kick and then rolls out onto the apron. McGinnis lies on the mat clutching the back of his head and doesn’t have time to brace as LIGHTBRINGER comes over the top rope with a slingshot senton and goes for the pin….1……2 NO! McGinnis gets his foot on the rope before we get close to a 3 count. The crowd are firmly behind the Japanese wrestler.

    Jim Taylor: You get the feeling that this might end up being a war!

    Tim Coleman: He’s gotten lucky, McGinnis will ride this out and take control!

    LIGHTBRINGER picks up McGinnis and looks to go for a German suplex but McGinnis spins out of it and delivers a huge punch to the chest of his opponent before kicking him in the gut and hitting him with a double underhook suplex – followed by another and then another! The crowd don’t like it but some can appreciate the talent!

    Jim Taylor: You have to admit, those suplexes are impressive!

    Tim Coleman: As I said, he’s back in control!

    McGinnis jumps down for the cover…1….2…NO! “Tokyo Kisai” kicks out! The crowd will him on to try and make a comeback but McGinnis instantly smothers him and goes for a STF – he manages to lock on for a small interval but LIGHTBRINGER manages to get his arm free and fights off the hold but his energy is sapped. He rolls out of the ring to recover and Himawari gives him some advice. McGinnis isn’t impressed in the ring.

    Tim Coleman: He needs his woman to help him! This is how bad he is!

    McGinnis then takes the chance to bounce off of the ropes and hit a suicide dive to the outside! He takes out LIGHTBRINGER! McGinnis is hyped up on the outside as the fans boo something fierce at him, he even shouts at Himawari to go make him a sandwich before jumping back into the ring.

    Jim Taylor: Just vile. What has happened to this guy?

    LIGHTBRINGER struggles to get to the apron – McGinnis kicks him in the gut through the ropes and drags him through – he then plants him with the rope hung DDT! The crowd seem resigned to that being the end of it as McGinnis makes the cover …1….2….NO! McGinnis recoils in annoyance as he hasn’t put the match away!

    Jim Taylor: There’s life in this yet!

    McGinnis gets on his feet and takes a small tantrum as he starts to punch and kick LIGHTBRINGER as he slowly rises to his feet. He eventually gets up and shoves McGinnis away and tells him to bring it on – the crowd pop as McGinnis comes forward with a forearm which LIGHTBRINGER jumps on and transitions into a flying armbar!

    Jim Taylor: McGinnis might be in trouble! He’s stuck in the middle of the ring!

    “The Indy God” is, indeed, in trouble as he squirms in the middle – he tries his best but he realises that he cannot reach the ropes. He has to tap… but he doesn’t! He tries one last gasp attempt at throwing his legs over and taking away the leverage of the armbar… and he succeeds! He manages to break out and instantly grabs a hold of LIGHTBRINGER’s ankle and locks in an ankle lock!

    Tim Coleman: Never doubt Jonathan McGinnis!

    LIGHTBRINGER is clearly in pain as he edges ever so slowly towards the ropes with the crowd cheering him on… McGinnis wrenches him all the way back to the center and he looks like he will elicit a tap but LIGHTBRINGER manages to roll inwards and trips McGinnis’ leg and he locks in a calf killer! The crowd are buzzing but only for a second as McGinnis quickly scurries towards the ropes. He gets up and comes forward but LIGHTBRINGER takes him by surprise by scooping him up and hitting him with a fireman’s carry neckbreaker! He goes for the cover…1…..2…NO! Kickout by McGinnis. LIGHTBRINGER rolls out of the ring to tend to his injury whilst McGinnis recovers against the ropes…

    Jim Taylor: Well… you kind of wonder if he can do it!?

    Tim Coleman: Not a chance… hey look… there’s why!

    Coleman references the fact that The Echo have appeared. And they are not together. Drew comes running down the ramp and onto the apron to distract the referee whilst Ethan comes through the crowd.

    Jim Taylor: This is nonsense!

    Ethan goes for a superkick but LIGHTBRINGER catches it – to the crowd’s surprise and pleasure. He hits a dragon screw on the outside and he gets back into the inside. He manages to hit McGinnis with a European uppercut before landing a Landslide (Samoan Driver)… He goes for the cover but the referee is still distracted – Himawari pulls Drew off of the apron and the referee turns back around… He counts the pin…1….2….NO! McGinnis gets his shoulder up! Himawari is then shoved to the ground whilst Drew stands on the outside. He watches on as LIGHTBRINGER strikes his signature pose before picking McGinnis up and going for the LIGHTBRINGER Lariat….

    Jim Taylor: This could be it!

    Instead, McGinnis ducks whilst Drew bursts into the ring and takes LIGHTBRINGER’s head off with a superkick that reverberates around the arena - The crowd unleash boos as the referee calls for the disqualification!

    Winner via DQ: "Tokyo Kisai" LIGHTBRINGER

    Himawari comes into the ring and hits Drew with a question mark kick that knocks him down – and then she hits McGinnis with a forearm to the chest but he laughs it off for a moment… then he goes to strike…

    Tim Coleman: Show her who is boss, McGinnis!

    But he pulls away at the last moment with a wry smile and simply makes the Too Sweet sign and dings it off of her forehead before simply walking past her and sliding out of the ring with Drew, both regrouping with Ethan at the rampway. The back up cracking smiles and having a laugh as Himawari helps LIGHTBRINGER to his feet.

    Jim Taylor: This is just a joke to them. It’s sad.

    Tim Coleman: You can’t knock them for having fun!

    The Echo give a suck it taunt as “Tokyo Kisai” looks on with an stern angry look on his face, McGinnis all smiles before they disappear.

    Jim Taylor: They cheapened that man’s victory tonight.

    LIGHTBRINGER is then helped backstage by Himawari as the fans cheer.

    Jim Taylor: I can bet that that won't be the last time we see those two face off, but moving on it's time for our main event it'll be champion vs champion, High Voltage Champion Elijah Edwards taking on World Champion Jon Snowmantashi!


    Main Event - Champion vs Champion
    Elijah Edwards w/Romeo Rollings vs Jon Snowmantashi

    As Snowmantashi approaches the ring, Elijah Edwards wastes NO time as he hits Snowmantashi with a baseball slide from the ring, sending him back first into the barricade! This gets the crowd all riled up as the referee rings the bell. Edwards, looking to prove he's among the top stars in CWA. thumps his chest to show he's not afraid of Snowmantashi as he goes to work clubbing on the superheavyweight.

    A decent strategy, to be sure...take the initiative on Snowmantashi and batter him quickly before he can gain some steam. Problem, though...Snowmantashi ain't a normal man and while Edwards's initial attack did disorient him, it also have the unfortunate side effect of firing Snowmantashi up. As Edwards batters Snowmantashi's head with elbow smashes, Snowmantashi counters with a VICIOUS headbutt! Edwards is staggered as Snowmantashi headbutts him again, and again, and again before driving Edwards back first into the ring apron!

    Snowmantashi looks rather focused now as he tosses Edwards into the ring and enters himself. Edwards staggers to a vertical base as Snowmantashi starts to pelt Edwards with right jabs, sending Edwards back into a corner. Snowmantashi then starts to skillet chop Edwards repeatedly, making the High Voltage Champion's chest beet red and causing Edwards to weeze. The World Champion, showing a rare sort of laser focus (perhaps to reassert his dominance as top champion, or perhaps Edwards just pissed him off with that earlier attack, who really knows), waits for Edwards to stagger out of the corner before dropping him with a belly-to-belly suplex! Edwards is sent flying from one corner to the opposite side as he slumps in the corner. Snowmantashi sees this and rushes in for a corner splash...

    ...Edwards gets the boot up! Snowmantashi runs face-first into Edwards's boot, staggering the Kaiju for just the briefest moment. But that moment gives Edwards the moment to drill Snowmantashi with a high knee! Snowmantashi's still on his feet as Edwards follows that up with an uppercut! STILL the Inhuman One stands, so Edwards decides to grab Snowmantashi's legs and cover him with a jack-knife...only a two count. Edwards immediately goes for a second pin, but Snowmantashi kicks out at one with authority.

    Edwards again descends on Snowmantashi, desperate to keep the World Champion from rising to his feet, but Snowmantashi continues to struggle and fight back. He pushes Edwards into the ropes, and Edwards rebounds looking for a bicycle kick...Snowmantashi blocks it! And then counters that into a T-Bone Suplex! Snowmantashi shakes the cobwebs out of his head as Edwards arches his back in pain, clearly suffering the force of Snowmantashi's slam-heavy offense. Still, the plucky and popular High Voltage Champion still continues to rise as Snowmantashi turns to face him and chops him again.

    Edwards responds in kind with Mongolian chops, which strike the Japanese superheavyweight hard...but if you looked at Snowmantashi, it's as if he were stung by a bee. Hurt, maybe, but more annoyed than anything. Another round of headbutts as Snowmantashi backs Edwards into another corner and picks him up, sitting him on the top turnbuckle. Another chop as Snowmantashi ascends, looking perhaps for a superplex...

    ...But Edwards wants no part of that as he BEGINS TO HEADBUTT SNOWMANTASHI. It seems crazy, but it looks to be working as Snowmantashi starts to get a bit wobbly. Edwards manages to get a leg up and start kicking Snowmantashi in the head until he finally fells the Kaiju. With Snowmantashi lying on the mat, Edwards senses his opening and drives his elbow right in Snowmantashi's heart! Edwards immediately goes for a cover...NO! NOT THREE! Snowmantashi kicks out before three!

    Edwards can't believe it, but immediately regains his focus as he grabs Snowmantashi's legs, looking for Excellent Execution. But Edwards struggles to apply the crab, giving Snowmantashi a moment to regain his bearing and batter Edwards's head with hammer-like blows! Edwards is staggered as Snowmantashi gets to his feet and hoists Edwards onto his shoulders...Hailstorm! With Authority! Snowmantashi briefly looks at Edwards with a slight smirk of respect as he makes the pin cover and scores the win!

    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match, Jon Snowmantashi!

    Jim Taylor: A brilliant match...wait, what is this all about?!

    The crowd begins to boo mercilessly as The Indy Club saunter out to the ring and begin to circle it looking in at Snow and Edwards, who has just come to and throws his hands up ready for a fight.

    Jim Taylor: Haven't these degenerates done enough tonight?

    Just when they are about to enter the ring the crowd erupts into cheers as Michelle von Horrowitz, Enigma, Harrison Wake, and the tag team champions The Moment all come down into the ring ready to take on The Indy Club. The three of them rethink their strategy and slither away back up the ramp laughing and taunting the group inside the ring.

    Jim Taylor: The Indy Club tucks their tale between their legs and live to fight another day it seems. That will be all for tonight fans, and don't forget to tune in next week for the big announcement regarding the world championship match at Retribution!

    Tim Coleman: Richmann has got an ace up his sleeve!

    The show closes with the group of competitors in the ring staring off at The Indy Club on stage, who continue to mock all of them until the show fades out.

    Match credits
    Cyrus T: Snow vs Edwards
    Shake: Lightbringer vs McGinnis
    SuperSaiyan: Enigma vs Ethan Connor, MVH vs Drew Connor
    Jimmy King: Dreamer vs Wake


    Jimmy King

    Jon Snow
    Ruff Rider
    Pizza Dog
    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

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    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: CWA Adrenaline Rush: Live from Atlantic City, NJ

    Really enjoyed the show. Dustin Dreamer seems like an excellent addition to the roster, as was Murphy (I look forward to his return next week). Loved the finishes to the two Echo matches and glad to pick up the win - good match, AON! The World Title announcement for next week is intriguing. Two good, close matches to finish up with, too, judging by the promos posted in the character threads. The climactic stand-off was well done, too - I'm gonna predict a big 6-person tag will main event a PPV in 2016.

    Excellent work!

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    Re: CWA Adrenaline Rush: Live from Atlantic City, NJ

    With the involvement of Wake, The Moment and Horrowitz/Enigma, I've really got no clue where this is going.

    Enjoyed the show. We've thoroughly descended into everything I hate about Bullet Club, all em interferences. That said, it works hilariously here since Indy Club comes off like a Bullet Club parody anyways. McGinnis has found some new life as a heel. Now they just need to do something extreme for Snowmantashi to get pissed off at.

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    Re: CWA Adrenaline Rush: Live from Atlantic City, NJ

    Quote Originally Posted by Jon Snow View Post
    With the involvement of Wake, The Moment and Horrowitz/Enigma, I've really got no clue where this is going.

    Enjoyed the show. We've thoroughly descended into everything I hate about Bullet Club, all em interferences. That said, it works hilariously here since Indy Club comes off like a Bullet Club parody anyways. McGinnis has found some new life as a heel. Now they just need to do something extreme for Snowmantashi to get pissed off at.
    Did we make that many enemies in a matter of two weeks?


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    Jim: I like Willis more and more with each day
    [04:43 PM]Jim: Which is why Willis > Natural
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: hes like a roman reigns
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: willis has the raw sex appeal tho
    [11:18 AM]Order: I LOVE BIG WILLY

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    Re: CWA Adrenaline Rush: Live from Atlantic City, NJ

    It reminds me of Operation Barbarossa. This little club will be fighting on too many fronts for it to handle, soon enough...

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    Re: CWA Adrenaline Rush: Live from Atlantic City, NJ

    Damn not the way I'd wanna win but a win none the less so I'll take it. At least it did a good job setting up my next promo.

    Will read the rest of the show when I get on my laptop.

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