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Thread: CWA Presents: Five Star Attraction! Live from New York City!

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    CWA Presents: Five Star Attraction! Live from New York City!

    Darkness. That’s how tonight’s proceedings begins. We’ve treated to a black void that encompasses the entity of our screens. It lingers there for a good few moments in total silence, long enough for viewers to wonder if their TV’s were working ok or if there was some kind of issue…..until eventually we hear the soft -Tick, Tock. Tick Tock- Over and over again faint at first but slowly it becomes louder and louder until it starts to resound and echo. The clock keep ticking away as the black begins to melt away to reveal to a bird eye view of beautiful New York City with the sun rising. Majestic music going along with the breaking of a new light.

    “From the time men are born, they dream of glory….

    Shots of MSG past filled to the brim of fans on their feet at a FSA of the past as someone stands in the middle of the ring after winning…

    “They dream of that one night where they overcome all obstacles and stands in victory”

    Various shots of crowds on their feet, at Five Star Attraction past raising their hands, shaking their heads and hands covering their mouths in shock
    “When they become larger than life”

    Several blink and you’ll miss it flashes of various wrestlers holding titles, having their hands risen in joy

    “To create moments that’ll be immortalized live forever in time- ”

    Even faster we see various clips of Five Star Attractions past plays; Cyrus Truth standing tall and proud. The Ultimate Pain and Roberto facing off. A Mouthful of Awesome entering. Mr. Showtime bathed in his spotlight. Chubby Carlos dreams coming true. The slaying of the Goliath and so many others, and all the while we hear the ticking of a clock and one word echoed through all these moments


    The images suddenly stop in mid frame, as if God just pressed the universal pause button and eventually were taken back to the black void

    “Dreams do not come true all at once, a movement can not happen over night. Every revolution started out as just a thought…”

    "Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to the first edition of CWA Adrenaline Rush! I hope you all had a safe and happy holidays but now, its time for some bone crunching, career shorting, death defying brand of Entertainment that is exclusive to Clique Wrestling Alliance. I know you people didn’t spend your hard earned money to listen to me talk so without further hesitation, lets kick off the show!”"

    "Every future king begins as a child…Every grand oak starts as a seed"

    Were taken to a dusty old gym in Montreal, where we see a youth no more the 20 years old frantically punches and kicks a rusty punching bag like it owed him money before pausing for a moment backing off...and aiming his first ever super kick right at the bag...

    "We are formed in these moments, defined by them, molded by them, with each passing moment no matter how small we become the people were destined to be..."

    During this narrative we see a collection of slow motion clips melting into each other.

    We see a young man holding aloft a large cardboard check to a sea of photographers, looking like he can’t believe his look while a girl with blond hair and warm features watches on with nothing but pride….

    ….Which morpes into a young Asian man with flashy robes and spiky hair standing in the middle of the tokyo dome with his arms outstretched, his head tilted back and his eyes closed savoring in the love of his native fans one last time before he leaves his homeland in search of fame and fortune on a new stage

    ...Which morphs into..a man with dirty long shaggy hair sitting in a boiler room,shirtless bloody and bruised and clearly having just wrestled sitting on a bench while a doctor stitches a large cut in his forehead, but all the while sitting there with a sick grin on his face, He just tasted blood for the first time. and he likes it….

    ….Which morphs into the image of a man standing in the middle of the ring with his arms raised in victory looking down at his defeated foe who was screaming in pain and clutching his broken arm, with a sneer. The Ice Age has come…..

    ...Which morphs into what seems to be a school yard setting where we see a large youth having a smaller underweight youth with baggy and dirty clothes in a headlock but soon another teen that can only be his brother jumps on his back and starts pounding away at the bully, now with the other brother freed he jumps into the fray and joins his sibling in the beatdown, before they’re dragged off by a teacher, to yet another to the principal's office…

    ….Which morphs into what seems to be backstage in a broadway show, where we see a young man with a scarf around his neck, his earnest expression illustrated by the low orange glow while he mutters “I will be a star...I will be a star” over and over again...

    ….Which morphs into a large set asian gentleman sitting opposite John Duncan listening to him describe an american company interested in his services…

    ...Which morph into a ceiling image of a small girl sleeping in a four poster bed her face facing the camera as it slowly zooms in on the bed silently.

    “All these moments, every single possible instance….Had let us to this moment, welcome to where destinies are sealed..

    The camera continues to zoom in on the girl’s face until we get an extreme close up of the girls eyes, and after a beat they open wide and the camera quickly zooms out to reveal the girl has been replaced by Michelle Von Horowitz smiling knowingly at the audience

    “Welcome to where dream comes true…Welcome to Five Star Attraction”

    After the video the fans get pyrotechnics display the camera pans over the sold out crowd before going over to the announce booth where Jim Taylor and Tim Coleman are standing by decked out in the best attire.

    Jim Taylor:
    Hello fans and welcome to CWA Five Star Attraction! The one night of the year where CWA’s best and brightest get a chance to shine just a little brighter! I’m Jim Taylor and at my side is Tim Coleman and Tim, what a show we have for tonight!

    Tim Coleman: You’ve got that right Jim! The deck is stacked tonight with 9, count them 9, start studded matchups that have fans absolutely salivating!

    Jim Taylor: You’re right about that Tim, and to top it all off we have an extraordinary main event when we’ll see Michelle von Horrowitz challenge Jon Snowmantashi for his CWA World Heavyweight Championsip, as well the High Voltage Championship and the tag team championship but first we’ll see the debut of a highly touted free agent signing Japanese sensation, Lightbringer! He’ll be taking on Charles Murphy, who has had a string of success since arriving in CWA!

    Tim Coleman:
    We saw this guy at the CWA/FWA Super Show, but now this is the big stage so tonight we’ll see if he’s really got what it takes to survive in the big time!

    Jim Taylor: Let’s take it to Lindsay Monahan who’s in the ring!

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and gentlemen the first of the night is scheduled for one fall, introducing first…

    The hardcore metal sounds of “Be My Blood” fill the arena drawing the ire of the fans as Charles Murphy steps out surveying the audience that jeer him. He puts two hand-guns under his chin and pulls the trigger before walking down to the ring, and he wildly beats on his chest along the way.

    Lindsay Monahan:
    Making his way to the ring from Lancaster, Pennsylvania and he currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland, he weighs in tonight at 200lbs…”The One True Thing” Charles Murphy!

    Jim Taylor:
    Charles Murphy making his Five Star Attraction debut tonight, and he looks to continue his recent success with another win but he’ll have his work cut out for him tonight

    Lindsay Monahan:
    and his opponent…

    The sound of coin dropping is heard before unfamiliar music plays and after a few seconds the man known as Lightbringer makes his way out. He stands on stage with his manager, Himawari, at his side and he throws his arms out soaking in the atmosphere of it all before walking down the ramp towards the ring as Himawari claps for him.

    Lindsay Monahan: Making his way to the ring being accompanied by Himawari, from Tokyo, Japan, and weighing in at 230lbs…”Tokyo Kisai” Lightbringer!

    Jim Taylor: There he is folks! Lightbringer, and his nickname translates into “Star of Tokyo” for those that were curious. Tonight, he makes his CWA debut against a very game Charles Murphy, and for those that are unfamiliar with this young man well you're in for a treat!

    “Tokyo Kisai” LIGHTBRINGER w/ Himawari vs “The One True Thing” Charles Murphy

    The match starts off with a furious pace – Murphy attacks LB with a lot of stiff forearms to begin with and tries to turn the match into somewhat of a brawl. Murphy manages to back LB up into the post and clubs away with body shots before hitting stiff European uppercuts to the face of Lightbringer.

    Tim Coleman: I like this a lot from Murphy! He’s doing well!

    Jim Taylor: Well, we’ve still yet to fully see what Lightbringer is all about, but an impressive start from the one true thing!

    Lightbringer is keeled over in the corner as Murphy backs away and looks to go for a running dropkick in the corner but LB moves out of the way and Murphy connects with the turnbuckle. He slowly starts to get up and “Tokyo Kisai” pounces as he launches a knee into the sternum of Murphy before throwing him onto the turnbuckle and looks to go for a forearm shot… instead he stops and pats Murphy on the chest – confusing him for a brief moment as he then lands a forearm shot.

    Jim Taylor: Little bit of sportsmanship!

    Tim Coleman: It’s the only good strike he’ll land! This guy let us down at the supershow and there’s no way Muprhy will let him take advantage!

    Lightbringer grabs Murphy and puts him up on the top turnbuckle and then delivers a dropkick to his seated opponent, sending him to the outside. LB climbs to the top and jumps to the outside, taking Murphy out with a diving crossbody as the crowd break into applause. The referee begins to make a count but LB picks Murphy up and throws him into the ring, he looks to jump in after him but Murphy gets up and delivers a sliding dropkick to Lightbringer on the apron and sends him off of it and onto the canvas below. “The One True Thing” leaves the ring and gets on the apron, he jumps off with a double axe handle smash to Lightbringer – but the Japanese superstar doesn’t fall, he stumbles back, stunned and allows Murphy to grab him – he goes for a twisted neckbreaker but LB spins out of it and looks to deliver a kick to the gut… Murphy catches it and plants him with a dragon screw! Lightbringer grabs his leg in pain as Himawari checks on him.

    Jim Taylor: Maybe Murphy has done his scouting, Lightbringer’s had problems with his knees! Dirty tactic?

    Tim Coleman: All’s fair in love and war! It’s a smart tactic!

    Murphy forces Himawari away before throwing down kicks onto the leg of Lightbringer as well as dropping some elbows on it. He gets up and beats his chest, signalling an intent for more damage as he picks Lightbringer up and throws him into the ring. He delivers another dragon screw from the apron before jumping into the ring and using a variety of suplexes in order to try and grind “Tokyo Kisai” down – first a german, then a belly to belly and then finally a reverse suplex that catches some in the crowd offguard as they seem to think Murphy was going for his finisher. Murphy goes for the pin but only gets a near fall. He’s obviously disappointed but looks happy to continue his work as he picks Lightbringer up and lands another few forearm strikes to the body before bouncing him off of the ropes - he bends over and looks for his signature ‘Heaven to Hell’ it seems but Lightbringer boots him in the face, causing him to straighten up – LB then grabs him and dumps him with a quick yet powerful body slam!

    Jim Taylor: It looks like Murphy made a tactical error! Lightbringer knew what he was going for!

    Tim Coleman: It’s just lucky! Murphy still has the upper hand!

    Murphy gets back to his feet quickly, holding his back as Lightbringer grabs him again and dumps him with another body slam. This time, Murphy isn’t as quick to get to his feet. He sits, clutching at his back as Lightbringer bounces off of the ropes and takes him out with a quick sliding dropkick to the back of the head – he goes for the cover but Murphy makes the quick kickout this time! Lightbringer quickly gets to his feet with Himawari shouting advice at him – he looks set to comply as he measures up Murphy and goes for a knee strike but Murphy dodges it and then lands a dropkick to the knee of Lightbringer! It drops him to one knee and allows Murphy some time to recover… which he does as he grabs Lightbringer and throws him off of the ropes and lands the Heaven to Hell this time!

    Tim Coleman: Comeback over! It’s all over now!

    Murphy goes for the cover…1….2….NO! Kickout by Lightbringer! Murphy brings Lightbringer up again and drops him with another dragon screw – the crowd start to boo the tactic whilst Tim Coleman can be seen clapping here and there. He continues to attack the leg with strikes as he bounces “Tokyo Kisai” off of the ropes and looks to land a dropkick but Lightbringer holds onto the ropes and Murphy ends up hitting thin air. Lightbringer bursts forward instantly with a running knee strike straight to the face of Murphy!

    Jim Taylor: He must be out cold! That was a vicious strike!

    Tim Coleman: He’s fine!

    Murphy seems to still be together with his consciousness as he lays flat on his back, Lightbringer is recoiling slightly in pain as well as he clutches his knee on the mat. Himawari begins to pound the canvas and the crowd join in as he begins to get to his feet, slowly beating Murphy to a standing position as they grab onto each other and start to trade forearm strikes back and forth. Murphy gets the upper hand once more as he stuns the former SPJ Intercontinental champion with an European uppercut and then gets for a neckbreaker but Lightbringer, again, twists out of it and delivers a kick to the midriff before grabbing Murphy and planting him with a quick DDT! Lightbringer then manages to kip up back onto his feet as the crowd start to cheer him on! He, however, takes a moment to grasp his leg.

    Jim Taylor: That leg is definitely giving Lightbringer some issues but he is fighting through it!

    Tim Coleman: Murphy has the work done, he just needs one more shot at that leg and it’s game over! KAIZEN ruined Lightbringer’s debut at the supershow but Murphy will be the one to make him realise he doesn’t belong!

    Jim Taylor: We’ll see about that!

    Murphy slowly starts to come to in the ring as Lightbringer runs at him and hits him with a sliding European uppercut, he gets back to his feet with a bit more spring in his step as he ascends to the top turnbuckle and then delivers a thunderous diving elbow drop to Murphy! He goes for the cover…1…2…..NO! Shoulder up from Murphy! Lightbringer gets to his feet and strikes his trademark pose that signals the end as he grabs Murphy up and goes for the Lightbringer Lariat!

    Jim Taylor: This could be it!

    Tim Coleman: Murphy’s too smart to get caught like this!

    But Murphy ducks under the forthcoming lariat and bounces off of the ropes and then takes Lightbringer off of his feet with a running STO! Murphy goes straight back to work on the leg, digging into it with an elbow as the crowd boo – he then locks in the Zealot Lock! Himawari and the crowd try to spur “Tokyo Kisai” on as he struggles to deal with the pressure and pain. Murphy torques and shows no mercy as it looks like Lightbringer considers tapping out for a brief moment.

    Jim Taylor: This could be it! Murphy might have a win here!

    Tim Coleman: Weak legs. Weak sauce.

    After a struggle, Lightbringer manages to get to the ropes and the referee eventually pulls Murphy away from him. Lightbringer rolls on the canvas, in obvious pain, and Murphy then mocks him with his prayer pose – perhaps trying to signal the end. He takes his time before looking to grab Lightbringer and lift him up but LB takes him unawares with a roll through and grabs the leg of Murphy and locks on a Calf Killer submission! The crowd are suddenly willing Murphy to tap out as he is the one squirming in pain this time!

    Jim Taylor: Murphy getting some of his own medicine! He decided to mock Lightbringer and that allowed him enough time to recover and pull this off!

    Tim Coleman: He won’t tap! He won’t tap! Just watch him get out of this and give this guy more of a beating!

    Murphy, visibly, looks to be in less pain in this submission compared to the Zealot Lock on LB but he is in pain nonetheless as he pushes a way towards the ropes and eventually gets there – Lightbringer drops the hold immediately and looks exhausted as he rests on one knee. Murphy uses the ropes to get back to his feet and bounces off of them, looking for another STO on “Tokyo Kisai” but Lightbringer ducks and waits for the rebound as he lifts Murphy up onto his shoulders and drops him with a Landslide (Samoan Driver)! He goes for the cover…1….2…..NO! Murphy gets the shoulder up! The crowd thought it was over!

    Jim Taylor: So close! You have to feel that the next big move could end this!

    Lightbringer brings Murphy up but Murphy shows some fight still as he slaps LB with chops and forces him back, he bounces off of the ropes and takes LB down with a swinging neckbreaker. Murphy then turns to the crowd and does his gun pose, signalling an attempt to finish the match as he lifts up Lightbringer and puts him into position for a reverse suplex. He lifts him up for ‘True Choice’ but he’s unable to go for it as he lifts him up as Lightbringer lands behind him, clutches Murphy’s wrist and then spins, drops him with the Lightbringer Lariat!!! Murphy looks finished as the crowd break into a hopeful cheer as Lightbringer drops to his knees and makes the cover – the crowd chant as Himawari does theatrics in the corner…1….2…..3!!!

    Jim Taylor: Lightbringer has done it! A close shave but still a successful debut nonetheless!

    Tim Coleman: It’s all just luck! LUCK!

    Winner: “Tokyo Kisai” LIGHTBRINGER

    LB celebrates his victorious debut as he exits the ring and continues his celebration Himawari as they make their way up the stage to the back while back in the ring Murphy is disappointed in his loss.

    The camera joins our announce team, smartly dressed and with piles of prepared notes in front of them. Behind, a man waves a ‘KAIJU’ sign rather proudly whilst his children stare embarrassedly at him.

    Jim Taylor: Well, ladies and gentlemen, after than classic match, it’s time for us to take a look ahead at tonight’s main event.

    Tim Coleman: Yes indeed, Jim, after weeks of innuendo, confrontation, and brief encounters across the ring in tag team matches, tonight it will be the CWA World Heavyweight Champion Jon Snowmantashi taking on the 2015 Wrestle Royale Winner Michelle von Horrowitz.

    Jim Taylor: But before we bring you that tale of David and Golliath later on tonight, first we have a brief glimpse of the challenger.

    Tim Coleman: After what can only be called a savage beatdown on the champion last week, the CWA universe has been asking the same question in unison.

    Jim Taylor: That question, of course, is why?

    Tim Coleman: von Horrowitz has been holed up in her locker room since early on this afternoon, but earlier this week she sat down with Michelle Kelly for a brief conversation.

    We cut from the announce team to a small, plain room, two women sitting in the foreground of the shot. One, CWA backstage announcer Michelle Kelly, sits cross-legged in a dress and heels, prepared notes on her lap. The other, CWA number one contender Michelle von Horrowitz, is slouched in her chair, staring idly past her counterpart at nothing in particular.

    Michelle Kelly: Michelle, thank you for taking time out of your preparations to join us now.

    Von Horrowitz snaps out of her daze and looks at Kelly before waving her on in her questioning.

    Michelle Kelly: Let’s leap in at the deep end, then, if you don’t mind. Last week on Adrenaline Rush, you attacked Jon Snowmantashi from behind with a chair, and then the championship belt, and finally the exposed turnbuckle. You would’ve put him through a table, if CWA security hadn’t shown up to stop it. Were your motives as plain as they seemed? Were you just attempting to weaken the champion before Five-Star Attraction?

    The wrestler sits up, almost straight, in her chair, and even leans forward slightly. She idly massages her wrists as she speaks.

    Michelle von Horrowitz: Last week on Adrenaline Rush, Jon Snowmantashi said something that I took exception to. Every time he opens his mouth, he spews something I disagree with. Something I can challenge. But last week, Jon Snowmantashi claimed he was unstoppable. That he was more than just a man. He looked at all of the people at the Barclay’s Centre and those that watched at home, all of the men and women and children who stared back at him with adoration, the one hope in their truly hopeless lives, and he lied to them. He set them up for the realisation that their hero, the man who carried on his back their own pathetic little dreams that they never get to live out themselves, wasn’t the person he’d claimed to be. Last week on Adrenaline Rush, I was performing a public service. I exposed the lie at its telling. I showed the world that Snowmantashi could be stopped.

    There’s a few seconds of silence, and von Horrowitz slouches back down in her chair. Kelly shapes up for her next question.

    Michelle Kelly: With all due respect, even with the help of steel chairs, gold belts, and steel turnbuckles, did you actually show that? Snowmantashi returned to the stage during the climax of the show, after your main event victory over Johnny Vegas.

    Michelle von Horrowitz: Very impressive. Almost half an hour later. Michelle, even you, in your limited experience within the wrestling industry, will know that I do not need to hold Snowmantashi’s shoulders to the mat for thirty minutes. Three seconds will do just fine. The methodology is unimportant. If Snowmantashi can be downed with a chair, he can be floored by a dozen DDTs. If the champion falls to a gold belt, the steel steps will do the same job. At Five-Star Attraction, I will finish what I started. Then the world will see this man for what he really is.

    Here, she turns away from Michelle Kelly, and stares straight down the camera lens.

    Michelle von Horrowitz: After I defeat the World Heavyweight Champion, kaiju, Jon Snowmantashi. Only one of those three titles will remain. He will no longer be the champion of this world. He will no longer be the champion of anything. He can no longer claim to be a force of nature, an unstoppable superman. He will only be Jon Snowmantashi.

    We return to the announce team after the shot fades to black.

    Tim Coleman: And that full interview is available on, along with a video package chronicling Jon Snowmantashi’s rise to the world heavyweight championship.

    Jim Taylor: But for now, we return to in-ring action…

    Tag Team Championship
    The Echo (Drew & Ethan Conner) [C] vs The Moment w/ Amanda Starr

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome….PRIMUS!

    Monahan gestures up to the staging area where we do indeed see to the side of the entrance ramp, Tim “Herb" Alexander, Larry “Ler" LaLonde and of course the incomparable Les Claypool, collectively known as Primus set up and ready to go to a curious ovation, from the crowd in New York, after a lull we hear the distinctive sounds of drum sticks clicking together three times -The universal “Cue in”- For bands the world over before we hear the infamous opening riff to “The Devil went down to Georgia” as Primus launches into their own unique cover of the song.

    The Devil went down to Georgia. He was lookin' for a soul to steal.
    He was in a bind 'cause he was way behind. He was willing to make a deal
    When he came across this young man sawin' on a fiddle and playin' it hot.
    And the Devil jumped upon a hickory stump and said "Boy, let me tell you what."

    "I guess you didn't know it, but I'm a fiddle player, too.
    And if you'd care to take a dare I'll make a bet with you.
    Now you play a pretty good fiddle, boy, but give the Devil his due.
    I'll bet a fiddle of gold against your soul 'cause I think I'm better than you."

    The boy said, "My name's Johnny, and it might be a sin,
    But I'll take your bet; and you're gonna regret 'cause I'm the best there's ever been."

    Johnny, rosin up your bow and play your fiddle hard.
    'Cause Hell's broke loose in Georgia and the Devil deals the cards.
    And if you win you get this shiny fiddle made of gold,
    But if you lose the devil gets your soul.

    The Devil opened up his case and he said, "I'll start this show."
    And fire flew from his fingertips as he rosined up his bow.
    And he pulled the bow across the strings and it made an evil hiss.
    And a band of demons joined in and it sounded something like THIS”

    The instant "THIS" is uttered by the band, the band stops in place, the song stops abruptly and the lights are killed, The silence lingers in the air for a good few moments until we hear from the PA system

    Ethan Connor:

    And suddenly the house lights come back on as Primus begins to rock the unmistakable opening to “Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver” causing a loud mixed reaction by the crowd as Les Claypool’s becoming a blur on that base as he struts around the stage like only he can, the entire stage rocking out Claypool making sure to the includes the infamous “Heees” that sound like he’s laughing at everyone in attendance -Quite appropriate considering who they’re no doubt playing

    Wynona's got herself a big brown beaver
    and she shows it off to all her friends.
    One day, you know, that beaver tried to leave her,
    So she caged him up with cyclone fence.
    Along came Lou with the old baboon
    And said "Recognize that smell?"
    "Smells like seven layers,
    That beaver eats Taco Bell. COME ON!

    And off he goes again playing the the bass like his fingers were on fire but now they’re met with uproaring boo’s and why? because back at the elaborate entrance out strolls out the world Tag Team Champions, Drew and Ethan Connor, collectively known as the “The Echo” Dressed for the occasion tonight, both adorned in the brightest tights you’ve ever seen, Sure they look like they may have been black tights...bit it looks like someone just took neon paint and tossed it all over them and you can’t forget about those bad ass multi coloured boots. Sweet, they’re also both wearing matching leather jackets with long colourful tassels that run all the way down almost touching the ground on the bottom of their arm sleeves and of course to complete the look is the Echo’s crown jewel: They’re title belts. Drew and Ethan just stop on the stage while Primus keeps playing their entrance theme. Just taking in the moment. Clearly this is an emotional moment for both, from the trailer park to the summit of wrestling. The boys from the slums of Georgia have arrived tonight. Eventually Drew grabs his younger brother’s head and presses his forehead against Ethan’s and stage mics are able to pick up some of the words being said “We belong here, you understand. We made it! This is OUR time! This is OUR moment! No one is taking it away from us!” Ethan nods frantically at the pep talk getting all kind of fired up before Drew let’s go and they begin their descent down to the ring

    "Now Rex he was a Texan out of New Orleans
    And he travelled with the carnival shows.
    He ran bumper cars, sucked cheap cigars
    And he candied up his nose.
    He got wind of the big brown beaver
    So he thought he'd take himself a peek,
    But the beaver was quick
    And grabbed him by the kiwis.
    Now he ain't pissed for a week.
    And a half!"

    Both brother’s nod their appreciation to the band , head banging and tossing themselves around like they’re in the middle of a rock concert before they begin to walk down the ramp cross chopping revealing in the hate the crowd is throwing at them and telling anyone that’ll listen that their championships aren’t going anywhere.

    Jim Taylor: Let’s put aside their attitudes. Let’s ignore the fact that they don’t seem to respect anyone or anything. The facts speak of themselves. As much as I HATE to say it. Ever since they arrived in CWA, The Echo has been nothing short of dominating. With a near flawless record in tag team competition no tag team has been able to upstage The Echo. So Tim, I pose the question to you: How do The Moment do the seemingly impossible? How do they shut up the Connor brothers?

    Tim Coleman: “Oh boy, you just have to ask me the hard ones don’t you? First off, they can’t let The Echo get in their heads? All of this? This is psychological war at its finest. They can’t get psyched out. I re-watched the match they had at the Wrestle Royale and I noticed something key: The Echo had an answer for everything The Moment threw at them. If The Moment want to beat The Echo, they’re going to have to pull something out of the hat here, something the Connors AREN’T prepared for, if they’re going to have a shot.

    "Now Wynona took her big brown beaver,
    And she stuck him up in the air.
    Said "I sure do love this big brown beaver
    And I wish I did have a pair."
    Now the beaver onces slept for seven days
    And it gave us all an awful fright.
    So I tickled his chin and I gave him a pinch
    And the bastard tried to bite me.
    Wynona loved her big brown beaver
    And she stroked him all the time.
    She pricked her finger one day and it
    Occurred to her she might have a porcupine. All right!"

    Eventually The Echo slides into the ring in time with the music posing on opposing corners shimming out of their jackets and hopping down, Drew getting on the mat back first and trusting his groan in time with the music as if giving a modified verison of the Crop chop while Ethan walks around him in a circle his title belt held aloft in one hand and the other a middle finger flipping off everyone in attendance screaming “WERE NEVER LOSING THESE BELTS. WERE THE BEST THERE IS. SUCK IT UP!” before they eventually get bored of that and retreat to the corner while Primus finishes their theme the signature instrumental of the piece, the final riff echoing through the arena to a huge pop.

    Soon enough “Rock or Bust” hits and a resounding pop from the fans obviously in support of the trio collectively known as The Moment! Amanda is out first clapping and firing up the fans in support for her partners, Ben Bruce and Nick Lawton, who make their way out behind her and the three friends begin their walk to the ring while slapping hands with fans along the way…

    Jim Taylor: Like you mentioned Tim, The Moment can’t let that over the top entrance done by The Echo get in their heads because like you said it’s all about mind games when it comes to those Conner boys…

    Ben and Nick hop up on the apron and hold open the ropes for Amanda, who slides on in and elicits more cheers from the crowd as all three now rally the fans behind them while The Echo watch on from their corner unimpressed. Finally, Ben and Nick climb down from the turnbuckles and stand in their corner while Amanda exits to the outside and Lindsay Monahan enters the ring to make the introductions…

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and gentlemen the next match is scheduled for one fall with a 45 minute time limit, and it is for the CWA Tag Team Championship! Introducing first to my right they are the challengers, and they are accompanied by Amanda Starr!

    Loud pop for Amanda, who claps and continues to rally the fans behind her boys.

    Lindsay Monahan: They come from Auckland, New Zealand and are currently residing in Vancouver, Canada. They weigh in tonight at a combined weight of 409lbs. They are the “Rock ‘n’ Reckless Express”, the team of Ben Bruce and Nick Lawton…THE MOMENT!

    Ben and Nick continue to hype themselves up while the crowd and Amanda show enthusiastically show their support for the challengers…

    Lindsay Monahan:
    and now introducing next to my left they come from Gainesville, Georgia…

    Lindsay sighs as usual while Drew shouts at her, “Say it Lindsay!”

    Lindsay Monahan: by way of your Mother’s bedroom…

    She rolls her eyes while the Connor brothers share a laugh and a high five before.

    Lindsay Monahan: They weigh in at a combined weight of 350lbs…

    Ethan whispers something to Lindsay and forces her to repeat it.

    Lindsay Monahan: and they are the best tag team in all of professional wrestling, as well as “The Leaders of the tag team Revolution”, and most importantly they are the current CWA Tag Team Champions of the World…Drew & Ethan Conner…THE ECHO!

    The Conner brothers proudly show off their tag team titles much to dismay of the sold out crowd, and The Moment look on from their corner not impressed in the least and more so ready to get this match underway…

    Ding! Ding! Ding!

    It’ll be Ben Bruce and Ethan Conner kicking things off for this one as the two begin to circle each other sizing the other up. Ethan stops circling Ben and begins to mock the big man, which only makes Ben want to rip Ethan’s head off prompting him to grab Ethan by the wrist in a wrist lock and attempts a short arm lariat yet Ethan manages to duck underneath in time while freeing himself from Ben’s vice like grip. Ethan then attempts a pele kick only for Ben to scoot out of the way in time, and Ethan being quick on his feet manages to land back on his feet yet Ben is ready for him and this time takes him down with a big boot!

    Jim Taylor: Nearly took his head off with that boot!

    Ethan is back up however as he springs up, yet its right into another big boot from Ben and before Ethan can spring back up Ben picks him up this time and slams him down to the mat with a thunderous sidewalk slam! Ethan cringes in agony now while holding his back and Ben takes him for another ride with a bridging fisherman suplex!


    Ethan kicks out in time and Ben takes Ethan by the head and hoists him up for another suplex, but Ethan is able to squirm his way out of it with several knees to the head forcing Ben to drop him allowing Ethan to gingerly land on his feet and then Ethan takes Ben in for a jawbreaker! Ben is knocked back stunned and Ethan uses this momentum to take flight with a springboard forearm that knocks Ben back once more this time to the ropes as he tries to shake the cobwebs away but not in time as Ethan catches him with a beautifully executed handstand headscissors takedown that finally brings Ben off his feet and Ethan is in for the cover this time…


    Ben with a big kick out and Ethan lays into him with a few forearm shots to the head before dragging him over to the corner and tagging in Drew. Now Drew comes in off the tag laying the boot right Big Ben’s midsection doubling him over and then Drew catches him right on the jaw with a European uppercut that has the big man spinning with back turned towards Drew and Drew now looks primed and ready to execute an inverted frankensteiner, but Ben was ready for him as keeps Drew’s feet in his grip while walking around the ring as Drew fights to break free until it’s too late as Ben brings him down with a back electric chair drop! Drew lays sprawled out of the mat holding his head while Ben crawls to his corner tagging in Nick, and Nick comes in willing Drew to get up and as Drew is up he goes for a kick only for Nick to catch it and bring him down with a dragon screw leg whip! Now Nick is ready for Drew as he sizes him up before running in at him taking Drew down with a shining wizard kick and hooking the leg…


    Drew kicks out in time and Nick sends Drew to the corner looking for a huge leaping corner splash, but Drew moves out of the way in time causing Nick to crash right into the turnbuckle and he lays in the turnbuckle in obvious pain while Drew tags in Ethan, who then takes Nick out of the corner leaving him vulnerable to allow Drew to nail him with a super kick straight into a German suplex by Ethan into a bridging pin attempt…


    Ethan now tags in Drew, who proceeds to make his up on top of turnbuckle while Ethan holds Nick in a vertical suplex position and Drew sails through the air landing a diving cross body hooking both legs with the landing…


    Drew getting frustrated now and he picks up Nick by the head, but Nick catches him with a jawbreaker stunning him momentarily as he spins around leaving him wide open for Nick to hit the backstabber!

    Jim Taylor: Oh, double knee backbreaker, and that was the opportunity Nick needed to make the tag…

    Drew lays on the mat while Nick manages to tag Ben back in to the match, and now big man is fresh and rested looking to get his paws on theses dastardly Conner brothers. He wills Drew to get up before bringing him in and taking him down with a huge straightjacket release suplex!

    Tim Coleman: Good grief he tossed him away like it was nothing!

    Drew lands across the ring like rag doll and Ben looks ready to strike once more and he looks ready to end it for good as he signals for it. He takes Drew up on his shoulders in position for the Auckland Earthquake, but Drew fends him off with a rapid elbows forcing Ben to release Drew, who then makes the tag to Ethan. Ethan comes in off the tag climbing up and leaps off only for Ben to catch him in mid-air and drives him down hard with a huge power slam! Nick wants the tag in now and Ben makes the tag to Nick and Nick is in now willing Ethan to his feet as he looks to hit his big time finisher while Ben fends off Drew with a big boot knocking him off the apron Nick sizes up Ethan…

    Tim Coleman: Canadian Residence!

    Jim Taylor: Nick with the front flip piledriver and Ethan Conner is seeing stars right about now!

    Nick then secures the leg for the pin as Drew tries to slide but Amanda holds him back…


    Lindsay Monahan: Here are your winners, and NEW tag team champions, Nick Lawton and Ben Bruce, The Moment!

    On the outside Amanda yanks Drew from underneath the ropes, and Drew instinctively goes for a super kick, yet Amanda is ready for him catching his boot and spins him around and catches him with a super kick of her own!

    Jim Taylor: Amanda with sweet revenge as she takes out Drew with her own super kick!

    Tim Coleman: This is humiliating for these boys!

    Jim Taylor: It’s about time they got a taste of their own medicine after all of the shenanigans they’ve pulled

    Ethan rolls out of the ring holding his head and checks on his brother while in the ring the trio of The Moment celebrate, with Ben and Nick together holding up on their shoulders while she holds aloft the tag team championship belts. Meanwhile, on the outside Ethan helps Drew and they look back in the ring looking rather disappointed.


    Respect Match
    Diego Gonzalez vs Rolando Fuentes

    Lindsay Monahan: The next match is scheduled for one fall!

    “Paper Planes” hits and the crowd roars with delight as Diego Gonzalez steps out with a smile on his face. He makes his way down to the ring slapping hands with fans along the way.

    Lindsay Monahan: Introducing first from Tijuana, Mexico and wrestling out of San Diego, California, weighing in at 205lbs, Diego Gonzalez!

    Jim Taylor: It’s been a long time since we have seen Diego in action, but tonight he steps back into that ring one more time to face a man that was once his rival but over time they’ve become great friends…

    Tim Coleman: You can throw all of that out of the window Jim, tonight isn’t about friendship it’s about who is the better man between these two

    Lindsay Monahan: and his opponent…

    “Droppin Plates” hits and the crowd still in a frenzy of cheers as Rolando Fuentes steps out. He stands on stage pounding his chest with his left fist and then throws out his arms before walking to the ring.

    Lindsay Monahan: Making his way to the ring from Canton, Ohio and wrestling out of Houston, Texas, weighing in tonight at 235lbs, Rolando “Ice” Fuentes!

    Tim Coleman: Diego asked for this match and wants to help bring out the old, vicious side to Rolando that’s been missing, and if you ask me if that side does come out well Diego will likely regret it!

    Jim Taylor: That will remain to be seen, but tonight it’s all about respect

    Rolando enters the ring and pounds his chest again with his left fist and throws his arms out while the crowd shows their appreciation for the veteran while Diego stands across in his corner.

    Ding! Ding! Ding!

    The bell sounds and before the action begins both men shake hands as a sign of respect for the other before circling each other and locking up. Both men jockeying for position in the lockup when Rolando traps Diego in a side headlock, but Diego quickly slips out of it behind Rolando clutching his waist looking for takedown yet Rolando is ready for this and spins around behind Diego and quickly takes Diego down with a waist lock. Diego is back on his feet however and sprints towards Rolando but Rolando is ready for him and brings him down with an arm drag, and Rolando immediately locks in an arm bar submission wrenching back while Diego squirms around trying to break free. Eventually Diego frees himself from Rolando’s grip and takes Rolando over with a snap mare and follows up with a low dropkick on Rolando’s lower back which has Rolando wincing as he rolls to his feet, but quickly gets taken down with a standing dropkick by Diego. With Rolando down Diego looks for a springboard moonsault, but Rolando springs up in time and Diego sails right over him landing perfectly on his feet to a round of applause from the fans.

    Jim Taylor: These two are so evenly matched having teamed and wrestled each other for several years they know each other so well.

    Rolando and Diego lock up once more with Rolando backing Diego up to the corner until the referee separates them. Once separated however Diego fires off a slap right across Rolando’s face, which fires up the hot tempered veteran and Rolando comes back with a several rough knife edge chops straight across Diego’s chest leaving it beet red.

    Tim Coleman: I’m certain that Diego slapped Rolando personally to fire him up, and it worked but by the looks of Diego’s chest it may not feel so good!

    Diego is still in the corner stunned and feeling the effects from those chops, and Rolando charges at him with a step-up enziguri that has Diego stumbling out of the corner allowing Rolando to quickly take him down with a snap suplex! Rolando sets Diego up and delivers a stiff soccer kick to his lower back before bringing him back up and taking him right back down with another snap suplex into a pin…


    Diego with a shoulder up and Rolando quickly grabs hold of Diego’s arm and attempts another arm bar submission yet Diego manages to grab the ropes in time to break the hold. Rolando releases the hold and wills Diego up before running at him but Diego is ready and takes him down with arm drag of his own. Rolando rolls to his feet however and runs at Diego again, but once more Diego is ready for him and ducks his attack countering back with a pele kick that stuns Rolando and Diego catches him with a fisherman suplex! Diego attempts his springboard moonsault once more and this time he executes it beautifully and hooks both legs for the pin…


    Rolando kicks out and now Diego is looking to set Rolando up in position for his signature submission!

    Tim Coleman: Game Over!

    Jim Taylor: Diego with that Mexican surfboard transitioned into a dragon sleeper, and Rolando with nowhere to go it may very well be game over for him!
    Diego keeps it expertly applied while the referee checks on Rolando, who begins to fade away. After a third time however Rolando shows signs of life as he slowly slips out from underneath Diego’s grip and rolls to his feet and before Diego can even react Rolando drills him with a super kick knocking him on his back and Rolando makes the cover…


    Diego kicks out and Rolando brings Diego up sending him off the ropes, and as Diego comes back off the ropes Rolando catches him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! Diego crumbles to the mat but no time to recover though as Rolando brings him back up and sends him to the corner and connects with a running corner clothesline! Rolando fires off several side elbow strikes to Diego’s head knocking him for a loop. He takes Diego out of the corner and brings him down with a bridging fisherman suplex!


    Diego with the kick out keeping himself alive. Rolando applies a rear headlock submission keeping his high flying friend grounded for the time, but Diego slips out of it and sends Rolando off the ropes this time and looks for a clothesline yet Rolando ducks underneath and spins Diego around looking for a boot to the midsection yet Diego catches it looking to counter with a dragon screw leg whip but Rolando is quicker on the occasion clocking Diego on the side of the head with an enziguri! Diego is stunned momentarily as Rolando takes him up looking for his dreaded Ice Pick finisher that he has used to win many a matches, but Diego has it well scouted as he flips behind Rolando catching him with an inverted headlock backbreaker! Rolando drops to his knees cringing in agony while Diego hops over to the apron willing Rolando back up to his feet…

    Tim Coleman: Contraband!

    Jim Taylor: Diego with his signature springboard hurricanrana straight into the pin!

    3? NO!

    Jim Taylor: Oh, he nearly had Rolando with Contraband, but Rolando stays alive barely kicking out before three and these two are putting on an absolute clinic in there!

    Diego takes a moment to catch his breath while Rolando rolls over on his side catching his breath as well. These two are spent having put each other through so much just for the spirit of competition. Finally Diego climbs up top readying himself for his High Times moonsault, and as he leaps off he’s caught by Rolando in mid-air and brings him down with a shoulder breaker! Rolando now signals for his Ice Pick once more yet Diego counters once more flipping behind him and catches Rolando with a poisoned frankensteiner! Diego hooks the leg…

    Diego thought he had him there but doesn’t fret as he hoists him up on his shoulders looking for Buzzkill, and as he’s about to drop Rolando’s head to his knee it’s countered by Rolando who lands on his feet and clobbers Diego with a roaring elbow! Diego on jelly legs now and Rolando has him where he wants him…

    Jim Taylor: ICE PICK!

    Tim Coleman: Third time’s the charm! Diego won’t be getting up from that

    Rolando drapes his arm over his friend and as he does so he leans in and the camera picks up him telling Diego, “Thank you”…


    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match, Rolando Fuentes!

    Rolando lays on the mat beside Diego, and both competitors are spent as Rolando breathes heavily and beads of sweat fall down his face. The referee helps him up and raises his arm and the crowd shows their appreciation for the veteran once more. Soon enough Rolando helps Diego up on his feet, and once Diego comes to they share a hug and then raise each other’s arms to a standing ovation from the fans. Tears streaming from both Rolando and Diego as they soak in the adulation from the fans.

    Jim Taylor: What a moment! This is what this sport is all about

    Tim Coleman: I’ll have to agree with you there Jim, these guys tore the house down tonight and deserve every amount of recognition from these fans

    Rolando and Diego take their leave together up the ramp while the fans are still clapping and cheering for them.

    Jim Taylor:
    Well, we go from a match between men that respect each other, to a match where both men want to rip each other's throats out!

    Tim Coleman: That's putting it lightly, Jim

    Jim Taylor: This all started when Nate Savage tried to end Clint Shepard by powerbombing him on a ring apron several months ago, yet Shepard didn't stay away for long coming back at Wrestle Royale escalating things further between the two and Savage has gone far enough to bring Shepard's personal life into this, well it all comes to an end tonight as these two will meet one on one...

    New York Street Fight
    Clint Shepard vs Nate Savage

    “Cut the Cord” hits and the fans let their hate flow as the music plays and after the intro and the song kicks in Nate Savage steps out on stage. Savage seems to be enjoying the negative energy he’s getting from the fans as a slight smirk forms on his face. He walks down the ramp towards the ring while the fans nearby give him an earful, and he just glances at them with a smirk and shake of the head before stepping in the ring.

    Lindsay Monahan:
    Introducing first, he hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he weighs in at 266lbs, he’s “Nasty” Nate Savage!

    Jim Taylor: Savage is as mean and ruthless as they come, he’s just downright…

    Tim Coleman:

    Jim Taylor:
    Yes, that would be an apt description of the man

    Tim Coleman: It is his moniker for a reason Jim

    Lindsay Monahan:
    and his opponent…

    Soon Savage’s music comes to an end and the arena goes dark as the opening sounds of “Mad World” begin to play, and as soon the opening of the song begins the lights come back on and Clint Shepard is on stage ready for a fight. The crowd goes absolutely wild for the man simply known as “The Icon” as he makes his way down to the ring looking all business.

    Lindsay Monahan:
    Making his way to the ring from Phoenix, Arizona, weighing in at 287lbs he is “The Icon”…CLINT SHEPARD!

    Tim Coleman: Shepard is making a big mistake stepping in there with Savage. He may as well be walking into his own funeral.

    Jim Taylor: I’m afraid you may be right Tim, but for Shepard’s sake I hope to god that you’re wrong. Shepard is fueled by revenge tonight after not only Savage nearly injuring him permanently, but Savage made things personal when he brought up Shepard’s family

    Tim Coleman: Shepard is going to have to forget all of that if he wants to survive in there tonight

    Jim Taylor: This one is going to get ugly in a hurry folks.

    Shepard stands in his corner staring across at the man that was once his protégé, and that man stares back at his former mentor with a firing raging in those eyes of his while the crowd is red hot in anticipation for this match.

    Ding! Ding! Ding!

    As soon as the bell sounds both men come out from their corners like bats out of hell and they begin tearing into each other trading blows like nobody’s business. They show no signs of letting up either forcing the referee, Nate Byrne, to release them. As soon as they break up they go right back at it just trading lefts and rights until Shepard catches Nate in the midsection with a knee doubling him over and allowing Shepard to take him down with a tackle much to the delight of the fans. Shepard has Savage where he wants him as he mounts him and begins throwing down forearm after forearm while Nate does his best to protect himself.

    Jim Taylor: I told you it wouldn’t be pretty, and they sure as heck wasted no time beating the snot out of each other within seconds of the match starting!

    Tim Coleman: Yeah, and I don’t envy that referee tonight!

    Jim Taylor: Nate Byrne will certainly have his work cut out for him tonight!

    Shepard lets up with the forearm shots and rises up to his feet beckoning Nate to get up as well. Savage holds his nose checking for any signs of blood before getting up on one knee and Shepard looks to catch him with his double underhook DDT, but Savage senses danger and frees himself and rolls out of the ring.

    Jim Taylor:
    Shepard looking for Hells Bells, but Savage had it well scouted

    Savage takes a moment to gather himself and take a breather, but Shepard will have none of it as he slides outside of the ring to meet Savage yet its Savage catching Shepard with a spinning forearm right to the jaw knocking the legend back. Savage then drills Shepard in the midsection with a boot doubling him over and now Savage has him right where he wants him and plants him on the outside with a double underhook DDT of his own…

    Jim Taylor: Savage taking a page out of Shepard’s book with that double underhook DDT, and now he has him right where he wants him and it’s anything goes folks

    Savage snatches up a chair from ringside and just as Shepard is rising up on one knee Savage viciously cracks the chair right across his back! The loud smack echoes through the arena as Shepard crumbles to the floor holding his back. Savage with another smack of the chair right on Shepard’s spine, and he follows up with another one which garners much deserved heat from the fans…

    Jim Taylor: Savage is just unrelenting with that steel chair

    Tim Coleman: Shepard is the one that agreed to this match Jim, so if the fans should be booing anyone it’s him for forcing them to watch his public demise

    Jim Taylor: Oh, don’t be so dense!

    Savage now takes Shepard and tosses him into the steel steps eliciting a thunderous thud as Shepard’s body makes contact with the unforgiving steel. Savage seems to be enjoying this as a sick smile forms across his face, and with the chair still in hand he stands over Shepard and drives the end of it right into Shepard’s midsection driving all of his air out with the shot! Shepard gasps for air while Savage is still smiling about it and he’s about drive it down once more but Shepard stops him holding and it’s almost like a tug of war between them and the chair until Shepard has a good grip on it and forces Nate to smack himself across the head with the chair knocking him back stunned. This gives Shepard much needed time to recover, but he realizes that he doesn’t have long as he senses Savage coming back at him with the steel chair swinging wildly with it…Shepard moves out of the way just in time as Savage smacks the chair against the turnbuckle pole forcing him to drop it and holding his hands allowing Shepard a boost of momentum to shove Nate head first into the turnbuckle pole and Nate drops to floor to the floor in a heap…

    Jim Taylor: Now Shepard is back on the offensive and looking to beat Savage at his own game

    Shepard takes Savage by the head and whips him to the corner of the barricade. Then Shepard unloads with several forearms to the head knocking Savage loopy as he slumps down in a seated position. Shepard sees this as an opening as he backs up some before charging in at Nate and hits him with running corner knee to the face right against the barricade and Nate slumps even further down to the floor while the fans nearby show their support for Shepard as he looks on at them and down at Savage…

    Tim Coleman:
    Has there even been a pin attempt yet?

    Jim Taylor: I don’t believe there has been one Tim. I don’t think these two care about who wins they just want to tear each other apart…

    Shepard grabs Nate by the head dragging him by the head before throwing him into the second set of steel steps! Nate bounces off them holding his shoulder on the floor and Shepard lays the boots to him. Shepard then backs up looking for another running knee this time against the steel steps, but as he’s running Savage bounces back up in time and counters with a drop toe hold sending Shepard face first to the steel steps!

    Tim Coleman:
    Good grief!

    Savage leans against the ring looking back at Shepard’s prone body near the steps, who hasn’t moved since falling face first on the steps. Savage has that sick smile of his as he walks on over and makes the cover on the outside where it’s anything goes…


    Shepard, somehow kicks out, but barely. Savage almost looks as if he’s happy about it because it means he can continue to inflict more pain upon Savage. He takes Shepard’s near lifeless body, and the cameras catch a glimpse of Shepard who is now donning a crimson mask as blood pours from his head. Savage sets him up in position…POWERBOMB ON THE RING APRON!

    Jim Taylor: That’s the move that he used to put Shepard on the shelf for several months…and now Shepard hasn’t even moved…this isn’t good folks

    The referee checks on Shepard while Savage tells him to back away, but the referee doesn’t listen so Nate shoves him away and picks up Shepard once more looking for another power bomb but this time Shepard begins to show signs of life as he flips Nate over behind him and Nate crashes to the floor with a thud! The crowd comes to life after being in a stunned silence and Shepard is on his hands and knees finding the power in himself to come back in this fight…

    Tim Coleman: How is Shepard still moving? He shouldn’t be able to after the punishment he’s endured

    Shepard finally rises up and the first thing he does is take the chair from earlier and as Nate is getting up Shepard swings for the fences smacking Nate right across the head with the steel chair!

    Jim Taylor: Savage getting a taste of his own medicine!

    Now Savage is busted open as blood trickles from his forehead down his facial features. Shepard throws Savage in the ring and rolls in after him with steel chair in hand, and then he places it on the mat before setting Nate up in position…


    He then hooks the leg…

    2 ˝

    Almost three but somehow Savage stays alive and now Shepard looks for other means…

    Jim Taylor:
    Eye of the Tiger! He has that STF locked in!

    Tim Coleman: Yeah, but Savage is near the ropes!

    That he is and Shepard is unaware of this until Savage snags the rope in time to break the hold. Shepard isn’t deterred yet though as he brings up Nate, and hoists him up on his shoulders looking for License to Kill but Savage wriggles free landing behind Shepard and he spins him around and catches him with an exploder suplex right into the corner! Shepard is a crumpled mess in the corner while Nate recovers and has evil thoughts in mind as he grabs the steel chair and places it in position across Shepard’s face so it’s stuck in the corner with him before he backs up…

    Tim Coleman:

    Jim Taylor: He used that steel chair for extra punishment, but he may have hurt himself as well!

    Savage holds his lower back as he winces on the mat. Soon enough he recovers though and takes Shepard in position…SAVAGED!

    Jim Taylor: Savage with that deadly package piledriver driving Shepard’s skull straight to the mat!

    He makes the pin hooking the leg…


    Lindsay Monahan: Here is your winner, Nate Savage!

    Jim Taylor:
    Mercifully this one is over. I don’t think either one of these men will ever be the same after tonight…

    Tim Coleman: You can say that again Jim, and I think we may have seen the last of Clint Shepard tonight

    Jim Taylor: I certainly hope that isn’t the case, but you may be right

    Nate stumbles to his feet, still holding his lower spine when his hand his raised. He stands over his fallen former mentor, and suddenly he pulls him up…

    Jim Taylor: Oh no, haven’t you done enough?!

    Savage looks like he’s about to hit Shepard, but suddenly he shakes Shepard’s hand in a sign of respect and takes his leave letting Shepard have a moment in the ring with the fans as they give him a standing ovation.

    Jim Taylor: I can’t believe what I just saw, Nate Savage actually showing respect to a man he once called his mentor…

    Tim Coleman: Shepard must have earned his respect, Jim

    Jim Taylor: I imagine so, and the fans rightfully so giving Shepard a standing ovation…

    Shepard soaks in the adulation of the audience before taking his leave up the ramp.

    Jim Taylor: I have to admit, that New York Street Fight we just witness was something to behold. A lot of people expected brutality between Clint Shepard and his ex-protege Nate Savage, but goodness gracious, they took it to a whole 'nother level.

    Tim Coleman: Absolutely, Jim. That match is going to have lasting effects for both men, for years to come.

    Jim Taylor: Speaking of lasting effects, our next bout is most certainly something important. The CWA High Voltage Championship is a prize sought by many, but held only by the elite. Current Champion Craig Owens has an impressive resume to back himself up, but tonight, on the brightest stage of our company, he may be in for the toughest fight of his career as he faces off against not only the driven, technical mastermind of Elijah Edwards, but the brutal and relentless stylings of Harrison Wake to boot. Will we see a new High Voltage Champion walk out of Five-Star Attraction, or will Craig Owens find another mark to put on his resume? Let's find out.

    Three Way Dance for the High Voltage Championship
    Craig Owens [C] w/Ryan Andrews vs Elijah Edwards w/Romeo Rollings vs Harrison Wake w/Mia Walsh
    w/ w/ w/

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and gentleman, the following matchup is a Three-Way Dance, and it is for the CWA High Voltage Championship!

    The crowd pops heavily, certainly looking forward to what can absolutely be one hell of a match, and up on stage, it looks like we've got some special guests - namely, rock supergroup sensations The Racontuers! The popular band wave as a large portain of the audience cheer at the sight of them, before nodding at each other and beginning the first few bars of The White Stripe's Icky Thump.

    The fans are split - half are singing along with the lyrics, while the otherhalf are chanting 'DOUBLE E! DOUBLE E! DOUBLE E!' Either way, the chanting and lyric-singing gives away to raccous cheering as Elijah Edwards steps through the curtain, his sharply-dressed agent Romeo Rollings right behind him. Elijah takes a brief moment to take in the atmosphere, all these fans chanting and cheering for his arrival, before applauding in the direction of The Racontuers. The Racontuers return the favor, and Elijah begins the walk down to the ring, Romeo Rollings in tow.

    Lindsay Monahan: Introducing first, accompanied to the ring by Romeo Rollings, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at two-hundred and twenty-one pounds, 'Double-E' Eliah Edwards!

    Jim Taylor: It wouldn't be Five-Star Attraction if some of us didn't go all-out with the grand touches, and having a live band - The Racontuers, no less - to perform your entrance is one hell of a grand touch.

    Tim Coleman: What? Why didn't I get a special entrance? I want the Beatles to sing to me as I enter the building.

    Jim Taylor: I can think of several problems with that request that I can't go into at the moment. Regardless, Elijah Edwards is entering the most important match of his career, and you've got to think he's entering with the most momentum, having defeated Craig Owen's heavy, Ryan Andrews, just this past Adrenaline Rush, right?

    Tim Coleman: I don't know, it's one thing to defeat a champion's lackey, it's a whole 'nother thing to try and defeat a championship himself. There's a reason as to why Craig Owens has won and held the High Voltage Championship.

    Elijah Edwards rolls into the ring, climbing onto the second turnbuckle to gaze out at this sea of adoring fans, while at ringside, Romeo Rollings shouts about how this is Elijah Edward's night, and he's taking home the high Voltage Championship, baby.

    The cheering quickly turns to jeering, as none other than the backwoods brawler, Harrison Wake, walks out through the curtain, his agent Mia Walsh trailing behind. Not even paying the booing fans a hint of recognition, Harrison merely makes his way down the ramp, his eyes cold, focused. Despite being on the grandest stage of the year, there's no special, extravagant touch on his part... Except maybe a pair of slightly sharper eyes than usual, a glint of a plan, the dull shine of a man who knows precisely how dangerous he is, and how to take advantage of that fact.

    Lindsay Monahan: Accompanied to the ring by Mia Walsh, weighing in at two-hundred and forty pounds, 'The Backwoods Badass', Harrison Wake!

    Tim Coleman: In complete contrast to Elijah Edwards, Harrison is no technical mastermind. He's not going to waste time with wrist locks and armbars when snapping someone's elbow against his knee will have a quicker, not to mention more satisfying, effect. I firmly believe, Jim, that there is no-one else on the roster as uncaringly violent as Harrison Wake can be.

    Jim Taylor: I'd be inclined to agree, Tim. His style won't win beauty awards, but it'll damn well win fighting awards, and for that reason is why Harrison Wake is one of the most unsettling wrestlers on the roster - just by being near him, you get the feeling this is a man who knows exactly how to hurt you and not only give zero damns about it, but actually relish in the fact.

    Harrison Wake climbs onto the apron into the ring, his deadpan glare panning over the crowd, before retreating to a corner and sitting down, quietly cracking knuckles. His pale, unblinking eyes stare a hole in Elijah Edwards, as from ringside Mia Walsh whispers something in his ear, to absolutely no reaction... except for maybe the left side of his mouth curling ever-slightly into a grin.

    As the lights in the arena shut off completely encasing the building in darkness the opening strands of Time by Hans Zimmer begin to play out from the titantron. The boos from the crowd on hearing the theme are deafening as two spotlights shine down on both the far left as well as far right of the stage. Positioned on both ends of the stage are a couple of femae ribbon twirlers who begin their performance as raining down on them from above is gold confetti. A third additional spotlight then shines down on the center of the stage where from behind a screen a shadow dance troupe begin to perform as they take the shape of a rocket whilst on the titantron beautiful imagery from space begins to show. After a few seconds all the spotlights then go out before a golden spotlight this time shines down at the top of the ramp and standing triumphantly with his title held high in the air behind him by an unimpressed Ryan Andrews is "The Impresario", "The cultured king of the ring" Craig Owens. Owens is wearing a pair of black and gold tights whilst also having a checkered black and white scarf around his neck. As he confidently struts down to the ring Ryan is closely following with the title held up in the air as he visibly rolls his eyes.

    Lindsay Monahan: And finally, accompanied to the ring by Ryan Andrews, currently residing in New York, New York, weighing in at two-hundred and forty pounds, he is the CWA High Voltage Champion, 'The World Renowned,' 'The Impresario,' 'The Headliner', none other, than Craig Owens!

    Tim Coleman: My god. What an entrance! Bless this man. Bless Craig Owens and everything he touches.

    Jim Taylor: There's going all-out for the biggest show of the year, and then there's... that. I must wonder, did Craig Owens put more planning into this circus of an entrance than he did planning for the match itself?

    Tim Coleman: Don't be ridiculous, Jim. Craig doesn't need to plan, all his talent comes naturally. We're looking at the High Voltage Champion, not some overhyped drama student with a big budget. He talks a hell of a big game, and more importantly he backs it up. I wouldn't be surprised if we're watching Craig here perform as a champion for many, many more years to come.

    After walking up the steps Craig gracefully leaps over the top rope and into the ring before he hits an effortless cartwheel before finally finishing up with one of his trademark la seconde turns as the spotlight remains on him the entire time. With that the music comes to a halt as the lights in the building begin to switch back on and the booing from the crowd magnifies as Craig stands proudly in the ring with Ryan a few feet behind him holding the high voltage title in the air. After posing for a few seconds Owens is then passed a microphone by one of the ring crew and he begins to smirk.

    Craig: Now I know it has been a while since I your cultured king of the ring have come out here to address his adoring public and I know this moment may be a bit overwhelming for you all. So I'm going to in an act of kindness give you all a moment to recollect yourselves so we can bring some decorum back to this event.

    As Owens pauses a loud series of Owens sucks chants start to begin.

    Craig: Tonight is a big night in the history of the CWA. In fact some will call it the biggest as tonight is Five Star Attraction!

    There is a slight pop for the event as Owens smiles.

    Craig: But in reality there is only one five star attraction in the CWA and his name is Craig Owens!

    This immediately draws boos back onto the Impresario who despite the reaction still seems upbeat.

    Craig: For in the years to come when historians will check the record books. They will find out that without Craig Owens there would be no CWA. Because it in me that this company has what it really needs... A true champion. A champion who does not get defeated every week. A champion who does not get made a fool of by a woman of all things. And most importantly a champion who delivers every single time he is out here. Because that is what a seasoned performer does and that is why when it comes to the CWA and all aspects in life men like me are immortal. Because our successes live on forever!

    As several pieces of garbage are tossed in the ring by the jeering crowd a dismissive Owens shakes his head in disgust.

    Owens: Which in turn brings me to tonight and the latest not to mention greatest part of the Craig Owens story told so far. Because tonight at Five Star Attraction I shall walk in your High Voltage Champion and walk out the exact same way!

    With a smile on his face Owens turns round and looks at the title held in the air by Ryan before he turns back to the crowd.

    Owens: I mean what else do you expect from me? Have you seen the two men put in front of me here tonight. Who on earth would even consider them as a credible threat to myself. I mean let's start out with the obvious shall we? Elijah Edwards.

    Craig Owens turns to Elijah Edwards, who doesn't look surprised at all by this, only mildly annoyed.

    Owens: Now Elijah you have some semblance of ability. Not too mention you have heart. But do not believe that the skills you have which helped you beat the peasants make you capable of handling the king. See I am a believer as a king you have to do acts in twos. An act of kindness followed by an act of cruelty to show you are capable of both. I gave these people.. my people a moment in my act of kindness. Humiliating and thrashing you will be the act of cruelty.

    Chuckling to himself Owens then continues despite several loud chants from the crowd for Edwards. For his part, Elijah frowns, taking a step forward, but Romeo Rolllings waves him back, whispering into his ear.

    Owens: And now we move on to a more a more I guess the accurate term would be simpler man. I mean I'm not one to pass judgement but I'm pretty sure Harrison Wake cannot even spell the word title let alone ever have known the feeling of holding one.

    Now Craig Owens turns to Harrison Wake, a sneer across his face, but Harrison Wake is utterly devoid of any physical reaction, merely staring into Owen's eyes.

    Craig Owens: See at least with Elijah Edwards and this is me clutching at straws I assure you. You have a man who looks like an athlete. A man who looks like a wrestler. Whereas in Harrison Wake you have a walking advertisement as to why cousins should not be allowed to procreate.

    As Owens laughs the crowd erupts into boos.

    Owens: Which is why it is my duty tonight to send Harrison Wake back to "his people" as soon as I possibly can. Just like I did so when I face off with Twista Excel. Because I will not stand for nor will I allow men like them to pollute this world any farther. I will not allow men like him to corrupt your minds and degrade the lessons I am teaching you. So mark my words once tonight is over there will be no more Harrison Wake in the CWA.

    A slight raise of an eyebrow, and that's all Harrison does to show that, indeed, he was listening. With his smile fading Owens reaches back and takes the title from Ryan before he holds it in the air with one hand whilst holding the microphone with the other.

    Craig: Because I am Craig Owens. I am your feature presentation and I am running the show! CUT!

    After dropping the microphone on the canvas the confident Craig then mimics signing his name in the air as an unimpressed crowd watch on. The referee approaches, asking for the title, which Craig Owens relinquishes, but only after demanding that the referee say please. Shooing everyone but Owens, Edwards, and Wake out of the ring, the referee raises the High Voltage Championship in the air, displaying this match's prize to all, before handing it off and signalling for the bell to ring.


    The match begins! Who shall make the first move? Our three combatants circle each other, seeing who will make the first move, and while Craig Owens appears to be muttering something under his breath, Elijah Edwards and Harrison Wake both make the first move, both men simultaneously clocking Craig Owens by the face! Edwards backs off, while Harrison Wake unleashes a flurry of fists and forearms over Owens, offense that is far from pretty but effective as hell. Wake pauses in his efforts to grab Owens by the hair and throw him at Edwards, who catches the High Voltage Champion with a hip toss. Owens scrambles to the ropes and lifts himself to a vertical base, just in time for Harrison Wake to nail a jaw-shattering big boot, sending Craig Owens tumbling out of the ring.

    Jim Taylor: Not off to a strong start for Craig Owens. Perhaps it wasn't the best idea to antagonize both your opponents moments before the match begins.

    Tim Coleman: It's a calculated move, Jim. Trust me, it'll pay off later on.

    Jim Taylor: Regardless, that leaves Harrison Wake & Elijah Edwards alone in the ring, and in a match where Owens could potentially lose the High Voltage Championship without being pinned or submitted, it'd be better to stay with the action at all times.

    Indeed. Elijah Edwards and Harrison Wake meet in the middle of the ring, and Elijah locks on a quick side headlock. Wake attempts to elbow out of it, but this Edward's technical master shines as he manages to not only avoid the blow, but transition into a rear-waistlock, trip Wake over, and slide back into a headlock in the space of a few seconds. Impressive! But Wake is ready, and manages to gain some footing and, lifting not only himself back to his feet, but also Edwards, and tackles Edwards into a corner turnbuckle, breaking the hold by force. If that isn't enough the instant Wake is free, he round on Edwards with a sharp fist across the face, stunning Canadian Excellence with a series of forearms, before backing off to the opposite corner, only to charge and catch Edwards with a stiff knee across the chin!

    Tim Coleman: Harrison's positively brutal offense is one of the reasons I'm glad I commentate and not wrestle. With each strike it looks like he's just breaking your body apart, blow by blow, and I'm sure that's what it feels like too.

    Jim Taylor: I can definitely agree with you here, Tim. I don't envy anyone Harrison Wake sets his eyes on.

    Suddenly, from outside the ring, Craig Owens strikes, grabbing Harrison Wake by the ankle and dragging him to the outside, before driving-him back-first into the ringside barrier. He follows this with a series of kicks to the ribs, downing the Wildwoods Wrath, punctuating each stomp with a shout about whether Harrison knows who he is and that how dare he try to ruin his Five-Star Attraction moment. Owens grabs Wake by his beard, dragging him towards the ring, shoving him inside before turning to the crowd, shouting for them to 'Watch this!' He then turns back to the ring - just in time to catch Elijah Edwards, who vaults himself over Harrison Wake AND the top ropes, crashing down upon Craig Owens with a beautiful diving cross body!

    Jim Taylor: Craig took his eye off the game for a mere second, but that was more than enough for Elijah to take advantage of with a surprise dive. In a match as chaotic as this could be, being distracted like that could cost you dearly.

    Now Elijah Edwards tosses Craig Owens into the ring, quickly following the champion inside, and going for the Liontamer - only for Harrison Wake to ruin that idea with a facebreaker knee smash. Now Wake grabs Edwards by the neck, dragging him over to a corner, and just stands smashing his face against the top turnbuckle. Once, twice, thrice, then a fourth time for good measure. Wake turns his attention to Craig Owens - just in time to duck underneath a Libertto, the massive boot instead catching Elijah Edwards flush in the face.

    Tim Coleman: Well-scouted by Harrison Wake, being aware of Craig Owen's presence and avoiding one hell of a big boot in the process. Dude knows his whereabouts, and that can pay off big time.

    Harrison Wake catches Craig Owens with a nice Samoan Drop, before bouncing off the ropes and nailing a soccerball kick right across Owen's face! Wake goes for the lateral press, but only gets a two count for his troubles. As Owens rolls to the ropes, Wake turns back to Elijah Edwards, still in the corner, and climbs onto the second turnbuckle, raining down a hailstorm of lefts and rights over Edward's head, with the crowd chanting right along. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, te-No! Edwards blocked the final punch, and instead grips Wake by the waist, before dropping him face-first against the top turnbuckle! Wake stumbles, and Edwards catches him in an Exploder Suplex position, but Wake struggles, managing to grip one of the ropes to avoid being thrown across the room. Edwards strikes with a headbutt, loosening Wake's grip on the ropes, but suddenly Craig Owens strikes from behind, snatching Elijah Edwards in a rear waist lock. A minor struggle ensures, before Owens hoists Edwards with a beautiful German Suplex, causing Edwards to successfully nail that Exploder Suplex on Harrison Wake!

    Jim Taylor: Goodness gracious! Elijah Edwards hits Harrison Wake with an Exploder Suplex as he himself is being German Suplexed by Craig Owens! That's a Five-Star Attraction moment if anything.

    With that impressive display of technical prowess and pure power, Harrison Wake has been thrown across the ring, and rolls to the outside, while Craig Owens seems to be in control with Elijah Edwards in the center of the ring. He quickly nails a Lights, Camera, Action on the downed Edwards, making the cover, but only nets a two-count. Owens drags Edwards towards the ropes, draping him throat-first on the bottom rope, before stepping on the back of Edward's neck, posing as he chokes the life out of Edwards. The referee admonishes him, and Owens casually poses to a chorus of boos, before relenting and stepping away. Edwards drags himself to a vertical base using the ropes, coughing slightly, and Owens steps forward - European Uppercut! Edwards catches Owens with a European Uppercut, before nailing a One Armed Scissor! He makes the cover!



    T-No, kickout, Owens kicks out before the three.

    Tim Coleman: Edwards almost got Owens there, we nearly saw a new champion. How awful, thank goodness the reign of Craig Owens lives on!

    As Craig Owens rolls to his feet, Elijah Edwards goes for a bicycle kick, but Owens blocks it and rolls through, taking Edwards down and locking in a quick Pink Slip! Owens wrenches on the hold while Edwards struggles, the ropes ever-so-slightly out of his reach. He's fading, Double-E is fading, while Craig Owens begins to boats about making his Five-Star Attraction moment, when from outside the ring Harrison Wake strikes, grabbing Edwards and dragging him into the ropes, forcing a rope break.

    Jim Taylor: Harrison Wake saving the match! This ain't over just yet.

    Furious, Criag Owens exits the ring, confronting Harrison Wake with a trio of hard forearms and a stiff Motion Picture strike, before making an 'It's over' motion and gripping Wake in preparation for the Director's Cut - only for Wake to sweep the legs out from underneath Owens, dumping him hard back-first on the cold floor! But that's not enough for the Backwoods Badass, who grasps Owens by his legs, before slingshotting him face-first right into the ring post!

    Tim Coleman: No! Not his face, his beautiful face! Harrison Wake can't do that!

    Jim Taylor: Technically Harrison made gravity do the work of that. Still though, a great plan by Wake here that could potentially take Craig Owens out for the rest of this match. We might see a new champion because of this!

    Indeed, Craig Owens appears to be completely knocked out by his rough tumble on the outside, and Harrison Wake takes a brief moment to observe his handwork, and let out a small chuckle of satisfaction, before turning back to the ring and setting his eyes on Elijah Edwards, recovering in the ring. Wake climbs into the ring, approaching Edwards - only to be caught with a sudden Kick of Fury right to the gut by Edwards, who nails the From Toronto With Love, dumping Wake right on the back of his skull, bridging into a pin cover!

    Jim Taylor: From Toronto With Love! This could be it!



    Th-No! Harrison Wake kicks out before the three. Undeterred, Elijah Edwards drags Wake back to his feet, putting him in a suplex position before lifting him high in the air. He holds it, holds it, holds it for five, ten, fifteen, a whopping twenty seconds, before finally dropping Wake to the canvas with the Day Time Stood Still! Not quite done, Edwards goes to a corner, climbing onto the top turnbuckle, before diving and nailing a beautiful Flying Elbow Drop right into the black heart of Wake! He makes the cover again!



    THR-NO! Kickout! Harrison Wake kicks out again!

    Tim Coleman: Harrison Wake showing a hell of a lot of fight here tonight, taking out Craig Owens and refusing to be the one who loses this match with the stakes so high. Props to him, especially after Elijah Edwards pinned him to gain entry into this championship match in the first place all those weeks ago. Dude does not want to lose this one.

    Elijah Edwards pauses, before gripping at the legs of Harrison Wake, going for the Liontamer, but Wake is awake enough to struggle and avoid the deadly submission from being locked in, managing to kick Edwards away before rolling to a vertical base, albiet it a slightly unsteady one. Edwards reapproaches - Superkick! Wake nails a superkick! Following it up with a Lou Thez Press, raining down fists of fury upon Edwards, before finishing it with a brutal headbutt! Wake rolls away, climbing to his feet as Edwards tries to shake off the effects of such a vicious headbutt, and Wake absconds to the second turnbuckle, before leaping off and catching Edwards with a diving knee straight to the face!

    Jim Taylor: Harrison Wake isn't a high flyer at all, but most certainly can incorporate his rough-and-tumble brawling style with some flourish. That knee may have knocked Elijah Edwards out cold!

    Harrison Wake makes a lateral press, hoping to score the win and the High Voltage Championship!



    Thre-NO! Craig Owens at the very last moment dives in to break the cover with a forearm!

    Tim Coleman: We were so close to seeing a new champion, but Craig Owens - thank goodness - saved the match AND his championship reign for now, despite a tough landing against a ring post.

    Rough landing is one way to put it, as Craig Owens appears to be bleeding from the nose following this encounter with the ring post, as he wipes away some blood with his wrist-tape. All three men are down but not out, retreating to an empty corner.

    The West Corner, Elijah Edwards, reeling from having his skull damn-near crushed by a flying knee, but awake and fighting on.

    The South Corner, Harrison Wake, still feeling the effects of Elijah Edward's flurry of technical offense, but more than ready right on.

    The North Corner, Craig Owens, blood dripping from his nose as he pulls himself to his feet with the ropes, absolutely not backing down.

    And the East Corner, underneath the bottom turnbuckle, the CWA High Voltage Championship rests. The prize. The gold. The glory.

    Jim Taylor: What you see ladies and gentlemen, are three incredibly gifted athletes. Three athletes as different as night and day, who all come from their own walks of life, their own unique backgrounds. Each one just as much deserving of the High Voltage Championship as the others. But there can be only one, and they are more than happy to beat each other senseless until there's only one man standing at the end of this.

    Craig Owens strikes, nailing Elijah Edwards with an uppercut, before turning to Harrison Wake and attempting the same. But Wake ducks under it, and nails Edwards with a hard forearm, knocking him into the ropes. Owens strikes, going for a spear on either man, but once again Wake moves out of the way, and Edwards catches the brunt of the spear, collapsing onto the apron. Now Wake catches Owens with a Sucker Punch, and drags him into the middle of the ring, before he nails The Timber Bomb!

    Tim Coleman: Timber Bomb! Timber Bomb! That's it, Owens is out!

    Harrison Wake throws his arm over Craig Owens, making the cover!



    THRE-NO! Elijah Edwards breaks it up, dragging Harrison Wake off of Craig Owens. Owens rolls to a corner while Edwards throws Wake to the ropes, catching him with a huge belly-to-belly on rebound. Edwards goes to follow up, but Wake trips him, dropping him to the mat, and unleashing a hard Super Punch right to the back of Edward's head! Wake goes for the pin cover!



    THRE-NO! Elijah Edwards kicks out! Harrison Wake sends a dissatisfied glare at the referee, who confirms it was two. Wake drags Edwards to his feet, but Edwards surprises him with an uppercut, and another, and a third, dropping Wake to a knee. Edwards hits the ropes and goes for a running uppercut - but Wake ducks out of the way, and Edwards clocks the referee instead!

    Jim Taylor: There goes the referee! Something tells me some shortcuts might be taken advantage of in a moment.

    Before Edwards can even apologize to the poor referee, Wake strikes with a huge low-blow! Harrison Wake nails a sickening uppercut right into the groin of Elijah Edwards! Coughing, Edwards collapses to the mat, while Wake gets to his feet, and turns to face Craig Owens - only to be blasted in the face with the CWA High Voltage Championship!

    Tim Coleman: My word! With the referee down, this match has immediately descended into chaos!

    Despite being clocked with a massive lump of gold, Harrison Wake is still standing, ableit extremely woozy on his feet, and in a show of defiance, spits in Craig Owen's face! Owens is stunned... before turning to a rage as he punches Wake twice, before hitting the Take-Home Tune! Owens makes the over!

    Tim Coleman: A brutal shot with the title belt followed by the Take-Home Tune! Is this how Craig Owens retains his High Voltage Championship?



    THR-NO! Elijah Edwards breaks it up just barely! Harrison Wake rolls to the apron, and slumps outside the ring, while back in the ring Craig Owens intercepts Edwards with a flapjack, throwing him throat-first onto the ropes. Owens signals for the end, and grips Edwards in position for the Take-Home Tune - but Edwards struggles out of it, grabbing Owens by the legs and sweeping him to the mat! In prime position, dead center of the ring, Elijah Edwards locks in the Liontamer!

    Jim Taylor: Liontamer! Liontamer in the center of the ring!

    Craig Owens struggles, trying to crawl to the ropes, but Edwards has it locked on tight and isn't budging an inch. Owens is shouting, screaming 'NO NO NO NO' as he can feel his championship reign slipping away. His hand is shaking, twitching as he writhes in pain, and on the other side of the ring, on the apron, Harrison Wake's hand slowly grabs the bottom rope, and he drags himself into the ring.

    Tim Coleman: It's not over! It can't be over!

    Seeing Harrison Wake, Elijah Edwards wrenches on the Liontamer even more, bending Craig Owen's back in an unnatural degree.

    Jim Taylor: So close! Can we see a new champion right now!

    Harrison Wake drags himself closer, one arm outstretched, gripping the kneepad of Elijah Edwards, but finally Craig Owens, one palm covering his pain-stricken, bloodied face, slaps the mat with his open palm.


    Lindsay Monahan: Here is your winner, via submission... Elijah Edwards!

    Elijah Edwards releases the hold, as Harrison Wake slumps in disappointment and Owens rolls away, clutching at his back. Romeo Rollings, High Voltage Championship in hand, climbs into the ring and embraces Edwards, congratulating him as Edwards celebrates, overjoyed.

    Jim Taylor: He's done it! Elijah Edwards has won the High Voltage Championship on the brightest stage of them all!

    Tim Coleman: It was a hard-fought victory, and it could've gone to either man at any stage, but tonight is Elijah's night. All three men put forth one hell of an effort tonight.

    On one end of the ring, Mia Walsh consoles a wordless Harrison Wake. On the other end, Ryan Andrews helps a pained Craig Owens to his feet, and behind escorting him to the back. In the center of the ring, however, a much happier story is being told, as Elijah Edwards, Canadian Excellent, Double-E, to a sea of cheering fans and his agent applauding him, holds the CWA High Voltage Championship high above his head.


    Respect Match
    Humanity vs Nightmare

    The bell rings as the two longtime tag partners face off in the middle of the ring. Humanity, the man considered to be the brains and passion behind The Movement, stands stoically in the face of the seething, near-rabid hound that is Nightmare. Humanity tells Nightmare something that the cameras can't quite pick up on, but it apparently sets off Nightmare as he UPPERCUTS Humanity. He angrily shouts that he wants to fight, to which Humanity responds the way you would expect him to...RIGHT HAND TO THE JAW! Humanity apparently isn't ready to ride off into that sunset just yet as he tells Nightmare to come at him if that's the way he wants it.

    Nightmare growls as he and Humanity trade BOMBS in the middle of the ring, pummeling one another with heavy fists with neither willing to give an inch. This goes on for a little while until Humanity smartly blocks one of Nightmare's punches and utilizes his collegiate wrestling background to grab Nightmare in a headlock and power him down to the mat. Humanity looks like he's calmed down a bit from that initial flurry as he uses technical wrestling to keep Nightmare grounded.

    However, Nightmare's adamant as he kicks out of every pin attempt at one. Nightmare's full of piss, vinegar, and rage as he even powers out of a chancery and turns it into a back suplex. Humanity gets up, but is met with a running uppercut sending him rocketing into the corner. Nightmare relentlessly drives his shoulder into the gut of Humanity before backing off and allowing Humanity to stagger out...only to get DRILLED with a lariat to the back of the head! Nightmare CLEARLY isn't concerned about Humanity's well-being tonight, seemingly trying to send a message to his longtime tag partner. He continues to batter Humanity until he rolls away and out of the ring, presumably to gain some distance...

    ...Yeah, that doesn't work as Nightmare follows Humanity like a predator, stalking the Effigy of Death and battering him with shoulder tackles into the barricade, Irish whips into the ring apron and posts, and a particularly nasty knee trembler to the side of the head. Humanity, however, showing that inhuman endurance that made him a legend in CWA, somehow retains enough wherewithal to roll back into the ring, kneeling in the middle of it.

    Nightmare follows him in as he begins to kick the crap out of Humanity with his educated feet. Nightmare even draws a little blood out of Humanity's head as he screams at Humanity "Is this all that you are? I don't want Brian! I WANT HUMANITY! I WANT A FIGHT!"

    ...Either that was the smartest thing (since it accomplished the goal Nightmare set out for in this match) or the dumbest thing (since it accomplished the goal Nightmare set out for in this match) Nightmare did as his next kick is CAUGHT by Humanity. Nightmare looks a bit shocked as Humanity, head bowed, begins to chuckle. He then looks up at his partner with a wild and crazed look in his eyes, as if to say "If you insist!" as he dragon screws Nightmare to the matt and both men get to their feet. They butt heads as Nightmare looks...pleased? Is that the word for it? Either way, both members of The Movement seem to have reached a certain understanding of one another: they're goddamn monsters who feast on fear and relish in suffering. Why the fuck should that change tonight?!

    ANOTHER barrage of fists and forearms as these two men beat the PISS out of one another. Nightmare gets the advantage in this exchange as he goes to whip Humanity into the ropes...Humanity ducks the clothesline and responds with a big boot on the return! Nightmare's still on his feet as Humanity drops Nightmare damn near on his head with a backdrop driver! Apparently, caution is for other people and not monsters as Humanity seems rejuvenated, if but for one night only as he exits the ring and grabs...a table? This is a hardcore match?

    Apparently now it is as Humanity slides the table out from under the ring and sets it up outside. He then re-enters the ring as Nightmare JABS him in the throat! Nightmare regains his footing as Humanity gasps for air...inverted DDT! Followed by a series of knee drops to the head! Nightmare then sees the table outside the ring and apparently thinks to himself "good idea, but it's missing something." As he exits the ring and rummages underneath it, we find out what that thing is.

    Barbed wire.

    Yes, because a table isn't quite complete without BEING WRAPPED IN BARBED WIRE. Nightmare goes to wrap it in the razor-sharp wire as Humanity stirs and sees what's going on. He rolls out of a different side of the ring and comes up behind Nightmare. A German suplex sends Nightmare down HARD onto the floor of the arena. Humanity stalks Nightmare much like Nightmare did to him before, but with more patience and strategy as he focuses his assault on Nightmare's back. He then sees the table wrapped in barbed wire and smiles as he sets Nightmare for a suplex through it...but Nightmare counters out of that and turns that into a jawbreaker using his foot! Humanity instinctively rolls back into the ring as Nightmare rushes in and chop blocks him to set up for a drive-by kick! Humanity looks out of it as Nightmare looks at the table and drags Humanity to his feet towards that side of the ring. Front-facelock...oh no, a SUPLEX from the ring to the outside? That seems to be Nightmare's game plan, but HUMANITY BITES HIS WAY OUT! Nightmare clutches his hand as Humanity grabs him and powers him down with a piledriver! Nightmare's dropped on his head and Humanity, though still in it, is noticeably exhausted...but happy in some strange way. It's as if this match is a chance to exorcise those hardcore, violent urges of his before his big ride into the sunset. Was this Nightmare's intent this whole time?

    Regardless, Humanity doesn't seem to care now as he sets Nightmare up for the River Styx Powerbomb...AGAIN ATTEMPTING TO SEND SOMEONE OUT OF THE RING INTO THE TABLE. THAT'S WRAPPED IN BARBED WIRE. However, Nightmare knows his partner well as he delivers rapid fire punches to the head of Humanity and gets himself free...BAD DREAMS DDT! Nightmare PLANTS Humanity with his finishing move...

    ...but doesn't go for a pin? Oh, of course. The table. Nightmare sees that out of the corner of his eye and, though he is battered and bruised thanks to the heavy-handed style of Humanity, apparently thinks that a barbed wire-wrapped table shouldn't go to waste. Oh, and apparently THAT'S not enough as he slides out of the ring again to retrieve something else from under the ring.

    A bottle of lighter fluid and a box of matches.

    Are you shitting me? Barbed wired isn't enough? We NEED fire? Apparently Nightmare thinks so, as does the crowd who roars for this and for the brutality on display. Nightmare douses the table in lighter fluid and sets it ablaze, the flames producing so much heat that audience members several rows back can FEEL it. Nightmare climbs up to the apron to finish off Humanity in dramatic fashion...




    This is INSANE! Ring crew members immediately grab fire extinguishers to put both men out, but the damage is done. Both Humanity and Nightmare are OUT as the referee, having given both men a lot of latitude in this match, immediately calls for medical teams. This match is a no-contest.

    But for the members of The Movement, winning was never the point.

    This is made clear after a couple of very somber minutes as medical professionals try to help both men back and stretchers are pulled out. However, Nightmare adamantly refuses to get on as he stumbles towards Humanity, who SOMEHOW is back up to a knee. Nightmare drops to a knee as well to kneel with Humanity. Humanity...actually thanks Nightmare, for giving him the push to do what he does better than anybody in CWA's history and be a hardcore king for one last time. Nightmare seems content as well, having reminded Humanity of his legacy and reassuring himself that The Movement was a team of partners, of men whose bond grew to that of brothers. Both men kneel there soaking in the appreciation of the CWA crowd.

    If this is the last ride of The Movement, it damn sure was a spectacular one.


    Jim Taylor: Another match of respect to another match fueled by hatred and revenge!

    Tim Coleman: You got that right Jim, Enigma wants to exact revenge on Shade for trying to take him out a number of months ago

    Jim Taylor: The only way he'll be able to do it to keep Shade down for the count of ten, but can he do it?

    Tim Coleman: I don't know Jim, Shade has been on a roll as of late and he may be hard to stop

    Jim Taylor: Well, we'll certainly find out right now...

    Enigma vs Shade: Last Man Standing

    Lindsay Monahan: The next match is a last man standing match where one man must incapacitate his opponent for the count of ten in order to become the winner! Introducing first...

    As the lights go out all over the arena, the music and video begin to play and as Enigma takes the stage, standing atop the ramp, as his longtime fans go insane with some chanting his name and others booing him. The pyro begins to fall from above and also sparks up from below as Enigma blows out a huge puff of smoke (like Goldberg). With that, Enigma begins his slow methodical pace to the ring (like the Undertaker). He makes his way to the ring and then paces around the ring looking eerily at some fans and breaking into laughter at others as if he was insane as he makes his way around and back to the ring steps. He then climbs into the ring, removes his excess attire and sites in the opposing corner awaiting the next move with complete focus in his eyes and utter ill intent in his heart for his opponent.

    Lindsay Monahan: From Jacksonville, Florida and weighing in at 250lbs of solid muscle, ENIGMA!

    Lindsay Monahan: and his opponent from an undisclosed location, weighing in at 185lbs, Shade!

    The match begins with HOLY SHIT A TOPE FROM SHADE ONTO ENIGMA! Enigma's getting a welcome back in a big way as the ref rings the bell and Shade crashes on Enigma! Enigma tries to recover, but Shade is in close pursuit with a running dropkick, sending Enigma back first into the barricade. Shade's not allowing the referee to even begin the count as he grabs Enigma and rolls him back into the ring. Enigma's stirring as Shade hops onto the apron and goes for a springboard forearm...COUNTER! Enigma counters a flying Shade with an elbow smash of his own! Shade crumbles as the referee begins his count with Enigma hunched over, a sick grin on his face. Shade gets up at four, but Enigma is relentless and shows he hasn't missed a step with vicious stomps and strikes to a dazed Shade.

    Enigma, eager to inflict some damage after being gone for so long and to get some revenge, continues his onslaught with a look of satisfaction on his face. He backs Shade into a corner and pummels him with wild punches before backing up, looking for a running hip attack. However, Shade still has wherewithal and manages to counter Enigma's attack with a drop toe-hold, sending Enigma face first into a turnbuckle! Enigma's loopy as Shade's back to his feet. The referee counts as Enigma uses the ropes to get back to his feet at five, only to get drilled with a running double knee attack in the corner!

    Enigma's still on his feet due solely to having his arm draped on the ropes as Shade exits the ring and pulls a steel chair out from under. Enigma's still on spaghetti legs as Shade re-enters and goes for a swing...MISS! Enigma ducks and counters with a big boot! Shade falls to the mat as Enigma grabs the chair and proceeds to PUMMEL Shade with it. Enigma's thirst for blood is rewarded as Shade's back is busted open with that barrage, but that's not enough for him as he throws the chair to the mat and grabs Shade by the head and plants him with the DDT! Enigma rolls away and onto his feet as the ref counts.

    Shade stirs at seven and manages to get back up before the count of ten. Enigma seems a bit irritated, but cracks his knuckles as he starts to drill Shade with measured punches...

    MIST! Shade spits a red mist in the eyes of Enigma! This is new for Shade, but it's effective as all hell as Enigma is blinded. Shade uses this opening to plant Enigma with a step-up frankensteiner, drilling Enigma face first into the chair! Shade follows that up with a standing moonsault, sandwiching Enigma's head between his body weight and the chair. Shade looks pleased as he motions for the referee to make the count, and Enigma's only motion is rolling...

    ...rolling to the ring apron, and Shade immediately realizes what Enigma's trying to do and breaks the count himself, preventing Enigma from rolling out of the ring and onto the floor. Shade violently pummels Enigma, even grabbing the chair to do even more damage. Shade, however, isn't able to put everything behind his swings as he's suffered a load of damage himself. Shade is becoming frantic as he heads out of the ring, completely ignoring the referee counting Enigma as he pulls a table out from under the ring and sets it up, unaware that Enigma has beaten the count and has the chair in his hand...

    THWACK! Shade kisses steel as Enigma THROWS THE CHAIR AT HIM as he tries to re-enter the ring. Enigma runs as fast as his battered body will let him and DRILLS Shade with another big boot, sending Shade crashing into the table! Enigma, either desperate, crazed, or both, doesn't seem to care as he somehow ascends the top rope and LEAPS OUT OF THE RING ONTO THE FLOOR TO DRILL SHADE WITH THE FATAL FLATLINER! Both men are on the floor as the referee begins his count...




    Both men are still motionless.




    A little motion, but neither is anywhere close to being on his feet.



    Enigma grabs the ring apron to try and pull himself back to his feet as Shade heads for a barricade.


    Enigma SOMEHOW gets back up as Shade inches slowly..


    Shade can't beat the count! Enigma wins in his return match, exacting revenge on Shade!

    "Radioactive" plays once more as Enigma's arm is raised in victory while Shade stumbles back to the mat in defeat.

    Jim Taylor: He's done it! Enigma has gained some revenge on Shade tonight!

    Enigma takes his leave while still showing signs of toll the match took on him while in the ring Shade remains looking rather stoic like despite the loss.


    Grudge Match
    Jonathan McGinnis vs Johnny Vegas w/Jenny Vegas

    ‘King for a Day’ by Pierce the Veil rings out around the arena to a good amount of cheers, and before long Johnny Vegas is stood on the stage. Jenny is at his side and he stares around at the tens of thousands of fans lining Madison Square Garden. Nodding to himself, approving of the situation, he makes his way to the ring.

    Lindsay Monahan: This next contest is scheduled for one-fall and has a sixty minute time limit. Introducing first, accompanied to the ring by Jenny Vegas and wrestling out of Los Angeles, California… He stands at six feet, two inches, and weighs in at two hundred and twenty pounds… He is; Johnny Vegas!

    Jim Taylor: This promises to be another good one, Tim. A re-match of a great battle on the Adrenaline Rush before the Wrestle Royale, when this man pulled off a shock win against then World Champion, Jonathan McGinnis.

    Tim Coleman: Indeed, and since then Vegas has been asking for a second go at Jonathan McGinnis, probably looking to further cement his place as a main event player here in the CWA.

    Jim Taylor: It’ll be interesting to see if either man adapts their strategy from the last time we saw them together in the ring.

    Vegas reaches the ring and climbs through the second and third ropes, heading to the second turnbuckle and posing for the fans. Jenny Vegas stands behind him, applauding his presence. He hops down from the turnbuckle and faces the stage, waiting for the arrival of his opponent.

    ‘Blessings’ by Big Sean plays and the crowd continues to cheer. Jonathan McGinnis walks out onto the stage to a good pop, and he looks focussed. He stares down at Vegas as he begins to make his way down the ramp.

    Lindsay Monahan: And his opponent; from Montreal, Canada and wrestling out of Los Angeles, California… He stands at five feet and eleven inches and weighs in at two hundred and seven pounds... He is ‘the Last Indy Darling’… Jonathan McGinnis!

    Tim Coleman: Here he is, the man who’ll certainly be looking to avenge that loss to Vegas.

    Jim Taylor: Yes, the former World Heavyweight Champion, and McGinnis looks all business. And he’ll want to re-assert himself into the title picture, as well.

    Tim Coleman: Of course, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the winner of this match is telling us all how he’s first in line next week on Adrenaline Rosh.

    McGinnis is in the ring and the referee is making his final checks. The two wrestlers continue to stare each other down as the referee calls for the bell.

    Ding! Ding! Ding!

    The two start out by circling the ring and, after a few moments jockeying for position, lock it up in a collar and elbow tie-up. Vegas backs McGinnis up into a corner first, but the Darling fights back and forces his opponent across the ring into the opposite turnbuckle. The referee gets in-between them, ordering them to break and beginning a count to five. McGinnis begins to back away… the break is clean, and a polite round of applause circulates the audience.

    Jim Taylor: Very sportsmanlike showing by these two wrestlers, there.

    Tim Coleman: But how long will that last? They know as well as we do the stakes in this one.

    The two circle the ring again, and this time Vegas is able to place McGinnis in a headlock. McGinnis goes down to one knee, but renews his efforts and forces Vegas back into the ropes. He attempts to push his opponent off him and towards the opposite set, but Vegas keeps hold of his neck and wrenches the move. Re-thinking, the Darling picks Vegas up and attempts to drop him with a back drop. But Vegas rotates 360 degrees and lands on his feet, and when McGinnis turns around, he puts him right back in the headlock.

    Jim Taylor: Johnny Vegas happy to try and grind McGinnis down in the early going here.

    Tim Coleman: I’m not sure that’s a particularly sensible strategy. McGinnis has the edge when it comes to submission holds and technical wrestling.

    Jim Taylor: Vegas seems perfectly happy to play him at his own game here.

    Vegas adapts his headlock into a front face-lock, before taking McGinnis over with a suplex. He follows up with a head scissors, using his arms to wrench McGinnis’ neck back. The Darling squirms and positions himself for a headstand, using the angle to force his way out of the move and hit a low dropkick to the seated Vegas.

    Vegas rolls backwards and is back to his feet immediately. McGinnis charges in but Vegas leaps over him and rolls him up with a sunset flip…

    ONE… T- - NO!

    McGinnis is up and runs at Vegas again, swinging wildly for a clothesline, but Vegas ducks it and rolls him up again with a schoolboy…

    ONE… TW- - NO!

    McGinnis goes for the same clothesline, but again Vegas ducks it, attempting a backslide roll-up reversal. McGinnis manages to power out though, and with his arms hooked to Vegas’ and their backs together, he pulls Vegas overhead by bowing down… Vegas manages to land on his feet, and the two engage in a face-off, a ripple of applause audible from the audience.

    Jim Taylor: Quick exchange there leading to a pair of two counts, and Vegas coming out on top.

    Tim Coleman; Never really had much chance of picking up the win there, but a sure psychological boost from managing to out-wrestle McGinnis, at least in that instant.

    The two begin to circle the ring again. This time, Vegas decides to dive in and go for a clothesline, but McGinnis ducks underneath it. He catches the turning Vegas with a drop kick, sending him to the mat. Vegas is quick to his feet, charging across the ring again, but Vegas takes him down once more with a deep arm drag. Vegas charges in a third time, and this time is able to block the attempted arm drag and reverse into a hip toss of his own. It’s McGinnis’ turn to charge in, and Vegas goes for a second hip toss, but the Darling rotates three hundred and sixty degrees, lands on his feet, and takes Vegas over with a clothesline of his own. Johnny Vegas rolls over towards the turnbuckle and starts to use the ropes to help him up as his opponent takes a moment to catch his breath.

    Jim Taylor: The two entering into a quick pace early on, Tim.

    Tim Coleman: Yeah, I’m not sure how sensible that is. They better pace themselves.

    Jim Taylor: I feel there’s a bit more at play than title rankings and prestige here, Tim. Maybe a bit of professional rivalry.

    The combatants circle the ring a little gingerly, weighing each other up from across the squared circle. The two go in for a collar and elbow tie-up, but Vegas kicks McGinnis in the abdomen to double him over. He throws the Darling into the corner and nails a couple of knife edge chops. He takes McGinnis over with a snapmare and follows it up with a stiff kick to his back. Vegas applies a reverse chin lock, wrenching away at the neck of his opponent. After half a minute, with half the crowd egging him on, McGinnis fights back to his feet. He hits a couple of elbows into Vegas’ abdomen, and the third causes him to release the hold. McGinnis attempts to follow it up with a clothesline, but Vegas ducks it and takes him down with an enziguri. He goes for another cover…

    ONE… TWO… - - NO!

    Jim Taylor: Another near fall for Vegas there, but McGinnis gets the shoulder up at two.

    Tim Coleman; Vegas has been impressive here in the early going, but you can’t count McGinnis out. He’s a former world champion for a reason.

    He picks the former world champion up and hits a pair of stiff-looking kicks to either side of his torso. Vegas backs McGinnis up towards the ropes and sends him charging with an Irish Whip. He goes for a clothesline, but the Darling ducks it and continues running. Upon re-approach, Vegas goes for a big back body drop, but McGinnis manages to land on his feet. Vegas turns around into a big knife edge chop, but fights back with a kick to the abdomen to double his opponent over. Vegas sets him up for a DDT, but McGinnis reverses it with a Northern Lights Suplex, bridging for the cover…

    ONE… T- - NO!

    Vegas kicks out, and McGinnis lifts him up straight away. He gives him a knee to the gut and then takes him over with a double underhook suplex. He rolls through and hits a second, and then a third, finally releasing and going straight into another lateral press…

    ONE… TWO... - - NO!

    Vegas kicks out again and McGinnis takes a moment to suck in a lungful of air.

    Tim Coleman: The Last Indy Darling starting to come into this one a little bit more now, reeling off a beautiful quartet of suplexes there.

    Jim Taylor: Suplexes? Suplices?

    Tim Coleman: …

    Eventually, he rises, and pulls Vegas up with him. He backs him into a corner and hits a couple of knife edge chops, but Vegas fires back with one of his own. The two exchange knife edge chops, and Vegas is able to fight his way out of the corner, and when the two are in the centre of the ring hits a hard forearm which rocks his opponent. Vegas Irish whips him hard into the corner, and McGinnis hits the turnbuckle and bounces down onto the mat.

    Jim Taylor: Did you hear that impact?!

    Tim Coleman: A little bit of a mean streak shining through there from Vegas.

    Vegas lifts McGinnis up and backs him into a corner, Irish Whipping him across the ring into the opposite corner. He charges across the ring and goes for a clothesline in the corner, but McGinnis gets out of harm’s way. Vegas is stunned, and McGinnis attempts a super-kick… But no, Vegas catches his foot and pushes him away. Vegas goes for a super-kick of his own… No! McGinnis ducks it. Vegas stumbles into the ropes and McGinnis goes for another super-kick… No! Vegas drops down to the mat and rolls beneath the bottom rope, catching his breath on the outside.

    McGinnis doesn’t give him any time to rest, bouncing off the ropes and going for a suicide dive, nailing Vegas on the outside!

    Tim Coleman: WATCH OUT!

    Jim Taylor: And the crowd are on their feet again for that spectacular suicide dive! They’re giving it up for both men here at the Garden!

    McGinnis picks Vegas up and rolls him under the bottom rope, sliding underneath and going for a cover.

    ONE… TWO… - - NO!

    Tim Coleman: Vegas had precious seconds to gain composure there, but McGinnis with the advantage here.

    Jim Taylor: But this one has been so back and forth, it’s difficult to call a front-runner.

    McGinnis lifts Vegas up to his feet, backing him up into a corner with a trio of knife edge chops, the audience woo-ing along with glee. He ascends to the second turnbuckle, nailing ten right hands to the top of Vegas’ head as they count along with the blows. He hops down and takes Vegas straight into a headlock, charging across the ring and hitting a picture perfect bulldog. He wills Vegas back to his feet, charging in to attempt another super-kick… but no, Vegas evades it. Vegas bounces off the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but this time it’s McGinnis’ turn to duck. He sends a spinning kick into Vegas’ midriff, doubling him over, and connects with a scissors stomp. He follows it up with an elbow smash, and then a lateral press.

    ONE… TWO… - - NO!

    McGinnis looks at the referee, almost in disbelief, before shaking his head and staring down at Vegas. He lifts him up and European uppercuts him into the corner, following it up with a pair of knife edge chops and a forearm. Vegas stumbles out of the corner into McGinnis’ grasp, and the Darling takes him overhead with a belly-to-belly suplex. McGinnis begins to ascend to the top rope, willing Vegas back to his feet, and steadies himself upon the turnbuckle. He leaps off, getting major elevation on the diving cross body attempt, but…


    Vegas goes straight for the cover…

    ONE… TWO… T- - NO!

    Jim Taylor: How on earth?!

    Tim Coleman: I thought he’d super-kicked his head clean off his shoulders! How in the world did McGinnis kick out?!

    Vegas can’t believe it, and he looks over at Jenny as if to ask for guidance. He stares at McGinnis’ seemingly spent body and then begins to ascend to the top turnbuckle himself. He steadies himself, staring around the arena at the tens of thousands of fans up on their feet. He leaps off, going for a picture perfect shooting star press…

    Tim Coleman: No! Jonathan McGinnis gets his knees up!

    Vegas rolls away from him, clutching his abdomen. The two lay spent on either side of the ring as the referee begins his count towards ten. It’s six before they’re back on their feet, and they almost stumble into the centre of the ring and into each other’s forearms. They go back and forth until they’ve traded a dozen forearms each, gasping for air and aching with fatigue. Eventually, neither man is able to lift his arm, and they fall into each other, still standing only because of the other man’s support.

    Jim Taylor: What a match these two are putting on here at Madison Square Garden! Just listen to this!

    The two of them push away from each other and lift their guards, circling the ring yet another time, staring at each other with heavy eyes. The two competitors soon begin to trade blows once more, lefts and rights with cheers from the crowd in support of both men as they continue to lay waste to one another until finally its Vegas gaining the upper hand or boot rather as he drives his boot to the midsection of McGinnis doubling him over. Johnny then drags McGinnis over to the ropes placing him right in position…

    Jim Taylor: Rope hung DDT! McGinnis’ head crashing to the mat and this may be all she wrote for McGinnis…

    Johnny lays on the mat with his chest heaving up and down from breathing so heavily due to exhaustion from this competitive matchup. Soon enough though he rises up gingerly and props himself up on the top rope looking to put the finishing touches on McGinnis with the Money Shot…

    Tim Coleman: If he hits this it’s all over for McGinnis!

    Just as Johnny leaps off McGinnis springs to his feet and rolls underneath Johnny, who is in mid-air and manages to land on his feet maintaining his balance and right as he turns around…

    Tim Coleman: SUPERKICK!

    Jim Taylor: McGinnis getting all of that one right on the mark! He’s not finished yet it seems…

    McGinnis now takes the groggy Vegas before he drops to the mat and places him in position…

    Tim Coleman: Something Light!

    Jim Taylor: McGinnis with the final nail in the coffin after hitting that powerbomb into a double knee backbreaker!

    McGinnis slowly but surely hooks the leg as the referee, along with the fans in unison make the count…


    Lindsay Monahan: Here is your winner, Jonathan McGinnis!

    Jim Taylor: He’s done it! Jonathan McGinnis has finally gotten that monkey off of his back and he has beaten Johnny Vegas!

    Tim Coleman: In spectacular fashion I might add! He proved that it was just a fluke that Johnny Vegas defeated him the first time they met!

    Jim Taylor: Regardless of whether you believe that or not Tim, you can’t take anything away from Johnny Vegas, who showed valiant effort and never once backed down from McGinnis threw his way

    McGinnis leans against the ropes breathing heavy, his chest red and bruised but undeniably happy as he savors the victory rolling out of the ring high fiving various fans ignoring the small buzz generated by the fans that quickly turn to booing THE CONNOR’S HAVE RUN IN FROM THE CROWD AND AMBUSHED JOHNNY VEGAS!

    Vegas with all the fight he could muster tries to fend them off and even gets a few hits in but it’s two against one and Johnny just wrestled the match of his career, and the numbers game eventually catches up with him as the Connor’s forces him into a vulnerable position in the corner and rains down on him with stomps and punches to a HAIL of boos from the crowd

    Jim Taylor: Oh come on! What’s this about? Johnny Vegas just wrestled the match of his life and these two idiots just assaulted him This is low, even for The Echo”

    The Echo continue the assault much to the horror of Jenny Vegas as The Connor’s just keep hammering away at the prone Vegas all the while taunting him and the crowd, Ethan going as far as to scream out several times during the assault “Yeah, rich boy! Get dunked on!” but Drew rapidly taps his brother on the shoulder in fear once Jonathan McGinnis re-enters the ring this time with a char in hand. The Echo back off rapidly from Jonathan who is breathing pretty damn heavy, but standing in between The Echo and Johnny spoiling for a fight. You can see Jenny breathe a sigh of relief now that her husband had been saved. Now that the odds are even, they’re a lot less confident their eyes keep flickering to the chair in his grasp, Johnny Vegas eventually makes his way to his feet his eyes a little glazed but McGinnis’s eyes are intense and focused on The Echo. He takes a step forward. He raises the chair above his head and brings it down…


    Jim Taylor: WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!!!

    Tim Coleman: What the….? Oh my G- Did that just happen?!

    Madison Square Garden is stunned!! Johnny Vegas crumples to the mat like he was shot, as McGinnis slams down the chair and looks down at Vegas with clear pride on his face. Jenny is at ringside pressing her hands against her mouth in horror. But in clear contrast to The Connors who are laughing their asses off in delight at the shocked expression of the crowd dropping the clear rogue. Eventually McGinnis steps away from Johnny and gives The Echo some kind of direction as they spring in the action dragging a practically KO’ed Johnny Vegas to his feet while McGinnis gets in the right stance, once he’s ready The Connors pushes Vegas towards him….and gets his head practically knocked off by a STIFF superkick from McGinnis. Vegas is practically brain dead but somehow stays on his feet, his body whiplashed on impact turning it around to face the other direction….only to walk into another super kick from Drew! Whipping his body around….to be greeted by a super kick from Ethan. The third in a row! Johnny Vegas is being taken on a tour of Superkick city! The third shot brings Vegas down to his knee clearly off in la-la land and supported only by his knees. Jenny is in tears at ring side begging the trio to stop, but they ignore her as they position themselves in front of Johnny. McGinnis in the centre, with Drew and Echo to his left and right respectively, just sizing up their prey, they all share a look with each other before stepping back, and all THREE DELIVERING A SUPERKICK AT THE SAME TIME. HOLY SHIT. A TRIPLE SUPERKICK. The Crack echos through MSG making even the bravest man whine. You can practically see a tooth fly out of Johhny’s mouth. Vegas eyes roll to the back of his head falling forward onto the mat. Passed out. The crowd is repulsed but the three couldn’t care less. The Connor’s both jump up and down and crotch chop the (Dead?) Body of Johnny Vegas. But Jonathan McGinnis just looks out at the crowd with a sly grin on his face, ignoring the tearful, almost hysterical Jenny calling for help. He simply makes his hand in the shape of a gun...and calmly blows on it like he was blowing the smoke off it

    Jim Taylor: I can’t believe what we have just witnessed. I’m…I’m in disbelief right now…

    The Echo now celebrate with Jonathan McGinnis as they leave the ring while the crowd is still stunned and silent. Meanwhile, Johnny Vegas is helped up by trainers and EMTs along with Jenny and he’s helped out of the ring to the back.

    Jim Taylor: Fans, I honestly have no idea what this means for the future of CWA, but I can tell you one thing and that’s that it doesn’t look good…

    Tim Coleman: Speak for yourself Jim, I’m all for this new pairing.

    Jim Taylor: Why am I not surprised? We’ll do our best to keep you updated on the condition of Johnny Vegas when it becomes available to us, but for now the show must go on and the action will continue because up next will be the match that everyone has eagerly been waiting for all night. It will be CWA World Heavyweight Champion Jon Snowmantashi defending his championship against Michelle von Horrowitz…

    As we return to the arena, Lindsay Monahan has taken up position in the centre of the ring, microphone in hand. The crowd are pumped, from the action that's gone before and what lies ahead.

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for your main event!

    CWA World Heavyweight Championship - Main Event

    Jon Snowmantashi [C] vs Michelle von Horowitz

    The atmosphere heightens again as the bell rings, and all eyes are turned to the entrance ramp. Roy Orbison's 'In Dreams' begins and the audience is on the challenger's back before she's even arrived. She is brought out onto the stage on a simple, makeshift bed, borne my eight muscular men dressed in black underpants and alternating comedy/tragedy masks. They hold her on top of their shoulders by a wooden beam running either side of the mattress. The boos reach fever pitch as she is carried down the ramp and slid beneath the bottom rope. She awakens and ascends to the second turnbuckle, the bed borne away again by her silent keepers, and traces the line of an invisible championship belt around her waist.

    Jim Taylor: What a pompous entrance by our number one contender there, but what should we expect?

    Tim Coleman: Oh, please, Jim - the streak this woman's been on, she's entitled to a little bit of luxury.

    Jim Taylor: You’re right about her momentum, Tim, but all it's brought with it is a sense of superiority.

    Tim Coleman: If she wins tonight, it'll be more than just a 'sense'...

    Jim Taylor: But that's a big if Tim, because standing in her way...

    As if on cue, Orbison dies away as MVH takes a seat on the top rope. There is a period of silence that follows, the intensity of the crowd's roars growing and growing until it feels as if they might take the roof of Madison Square Garden clean off. There's a 'SNOW-MAN-TASH-I!' chant circulating around half of the audience, whilst most of the remainder are screaming 'KAIJU' at the top of their lungs. The silence goes on, the latter chant winning out until it feels like eighty thousand people are willing his arrival...

    Jim Taylor: Just listen to this, Tim!

    Tim Coleman: It's hard not to... Typical New York loudmouths, if you ask me.

    Finally, 'Sword of Destiny' rings out around the arena, and the crowd loses their shit. It's only a short amount of time before Snowmantashi is standing on the stage, championship gold hanging from his shoulder. He pauses for a second at the top of the ramp, surveying his fawning fans, before his eyes lock onto the woman standing in the ring. He begins a swift stride down towards the ring, ignoring the fans either side of him just desperate for a touch from the champion. He climbs through the ring ropes, never once taking his eyes off his challenger, lifting the belt high above his head.

    Tim Coleman: These two have been at each other's throats the last month or so.

    Jim Taylor: Yes indeed, Tim. What started off as a war of words matured into a skirmish in a pair of tag matches, and then an all-out battle last week on Adrenaline Rush.

    Tim Coleman: And if tonight is anything like last time these two brawled, we might have a new champion.

    Jim Taylor: But it won't be, Tim. What we saw last week was a vicious sneak attack. Tonight is a wrestling match, and I'm giving the edge to the champ.

    The bell rings and the crowd simmers down as Monahan lifts her microphone back to her mouth.

    Lindsay Monahan: This next contest is scheduled for one-fall with a sixty minute time limit, and is for the CWA World Heavyweight Championship!

    Polite applause, though the general feeling is of impatience. The crowd just wants the two of them to start kicking lumps out of one another.

    Lindsay Monahan: Introducing first; the challenger. In the corner to my left, from Rotterdam in the Netherlands and wrestling out of New Orleans, Louisiana. She weighs in at 71 kilograms and stands at 170 centimetres tall. The winner of the 2016 Wrestle Royale, Dreamer, Michelle von Horrowitz!

    The crowd greets the introduction with boos. Michelle hops down from her perch on the top turnbuckle, and then shifts from foot to foot, cracking her neck twice, limbering up for the match.

    Lindsay Monahan: And in the corner to my right, from Tokyo, Japan and wrestling out of Los Angeles, California. He weighs in tonight at 290 pounds and stands six feet, five inches tall. He is the reigning, defending, undisputed CWA Heavyweight Champion of the World... kaiju, Jon Snowmantashi!

    Most of the introduction is inaudible through the enormous amount of cheers that the man's presence is generating. He lifts the heavyweight title into the air, still staring intently at his opponent. He hands the championship to the referee, who parades it around the ring, before handing it to Monahan on the outside. She takes her seat in the timekeeper's area as the bell is rung.

    Tim Coleman: Here we go, ladies and gentlemen, your Five Star Attraction main event! It really doesn't get any bigger than this!

    Jim Taylor: That's right, and a truly international feel to this contest. The man from Asia takes on the woman from Europe right here in the good ol' US of A!

    Tim Coleman: That's why it's the world championship, Jim... And here we go!

    Snowmantashi charges over to MVH, who is quick to back away and take refuge by ducking between the second and third ropes, legs still in the ring. The referee stands in the champion's way, but he's uninterested in pursuing her anyway, knowing that she'll have to stand her ground eventually if she's to take his title. Michelle moves back into the centre of the mat and the two begin to circle the ring. They seem to be shaping up for a collar and elbow tie up, but when they're moments away from locking, the challenger again scarpers to the refuge of the ropes.

    Jim Taylor: It looks to me as if von Horrowitz wants nothing to do with the champion.

    Tim Coleman: It's just strategy, Tim... It would be plain idiotic of her to go in for a test of strength with Snowmantashi.

    The referee admonishes MVH, telling her to get back into the ring and fight. She glances at the man in black and white and then slowly, tentatively climbs back into the ring. She approaches Snowmantashi, looking as if she's going for another collar and elbow tie up. The champion can't help but let out a snicker, and he beckons her onwards, preparing to lock it up. MVH pauses at the last minute and hits a kick to the side of Snowmantashi's right calf, and then a second. She follows up with a low drop kick to his right knee, before planting a shoulder in his midriff and driving him back into a corner.

    Jim Taylor: And now we finally get going...

    Tim Coleman: von Horrowitz with a surprising show of strength there, backing the big man into a corner, and she's following it up by driving that shoulder into his abdomen.

    Jim Taylor: But Snowmantashi isn't having any of that, he swats her away as if she was a fly, and MVH falls back into the middle of the ring.

    She's back up to her feet quickly, grabbing onto the top rope to stop the oncoming Snowmantashi. But he's lost patience and, as the referee begins to count towards five for the rope break, he unleashes a pair of stiff kicks to the challenger's side, and then follows it up with a wicked knife edge chop. Michelle hits the mat and quickly rolls under the bottom rope.

    Jim Taylor: Snowmantashi doesn't seem like he wants to wait it out tonight. He came here for a match and by God he's going to get one!

    Tim Coleman: Come on, Jim! He cheated, plain and simple! That should’ve been a clean rope break!

    Michelle walks around on the outside for a moment, hands on her hips, sizing up Snowmantashi with apprehension. As the referee's count reaches five, she begins to climb up the ring steps and walks across the apron. The champion, not content to wait for her, charges over and nails her with a knife edge chop. The force would've been enough to send her rolling to the outside again if he hadn't a firm grasp on the back of her neck. He quickly sets her up and brings her back over the top rope with a suplex. He manages a couple of stomps to the challenger's head before she crawls back to a corner, the referee again coming in for the rope break. Snowmantashi is bored of this, though, and he Irish Whips her across the ring. Von Horrowitz's neck hits the turnbuckle hard, and she bounces back towards the centre of the ring, where the champion is waiting with a huge clothesline that almost takes her clean out of her boots.

    Jim Taylor: von Horrowitz folded up by that lariat, and there she lies in a crumpled heap in the middle of the ring.

    Tim Coleman: I don't think she'll be doing much running away now!

    Snowmantashi lifts his opponent up from the mat and doubles her over with a boot to the midsection before hoisting her up into a fireman's carry...

    Tim Coleman: The champion perhaps looking to end this one early with the Hailstorm.

    Jim Taylor: But no, there's still life in the challenger, she reels off a pair of elbows to the side of Snowmantashi's head, slips out the back, and nails him on the turn with an enziguri!

    Tim Coleman: But look at Snowmantashi, the big guy's only down to one knee! That kick would've floored any man!

    Jim Taylor: The KAIJU said it himself last week - he is more than just a man!

    MVH follows up the kick with a pair of forearms, before charging to the ropes. Snowmantashi rises from one knee and attempts a lariat, but the challenger ducks it and – whilst the big man’s back is turned – hits a chop block to the back of his right knee. Again, the champion is down to one knee, and the challenger charges to the same set of ropes, hitting a shining wizard upon her return.

    Jim Taylor: And Snowmantashi down on the mat for the first time of the match-up, and von Horrowitz straight away goes for the cover.

    ONE… T- NO!

    Jim Taylor: Snowmantashi up almost instantly – this one’s still early and the champion has a lot left in him.

    The challenger keeps up the pressure, going straight into a head scissors. The champion attempts to wrench himself free, but the hold is locked in and instead he decides to reach out for the bottom rope with a leg. He makes it, but von Horrowitz nails a handful of elbows to the top of his head whilst the referee makes the count for the rope break. She released at four and rolls away, weighing up her next move carefully.

    Tim Coleman: Smart strategy by von Horrowitz here, targeting that right leg when the big man is standing, and instantly going for the neck at every chance she gets.

    Jim Taylor: Maybe thinking Ankle Lock or Double Arm Underhook DDT…

    When the big man is up, MVH charges towards him and goes for another kick to the side of his leg, but this time the champion catches in. He pulls von Horrowitz towards him by her leg and knocks her down with a short arm lariat. The challenger is straight back up, but she runs right into a headbutt, which takes her down again. She rolls beneath the bottom rope, but the champion moves towards her immediately. Von Horrowitz thrusts a shoulder through the middle and top ropes, doubling him over, before using the leverage of the ropes to springboard over him, charging onwards towards the opposite set of ropes. She goes for a running forearm and connects, but seems to bounce off the champion. He laughs merrily and pounds his chest, before launching off the floor and hitting a standing drop kick.

    Jim Taylor: Michelle von Horrowitz goes down again, and this time Snowmantashi doesn’t give her chance to run away, staying on her with a trio of head stomps.

    Tim Coleman: And now he lifts her back to her feet, driving her into the corner with that shoulder thrust into her abdomen.

    With von Horrowitz’s back against the turnbuckle, Snowmantashi drives a series of stiff fists to her stomach, following it up with a pair of kicks to the side. He backs away and charges in, hitting a clothesline in the corner that sends the challenger down to a seated position. The champion grabs her by the hair and drags her onto her feet and – in the centre of the ring – puts her back on the mat with a uranage slam. He bounces off the nearest ropes and nails a grounded diving headbutt, going into the cover…

    ONE… TWO… - NO!

    He drags her back to her feet, again by the hair, and places her in a reverse waist-lock, driving the air out of her lungs before taking her overhead with a belly-to-back suplex. Snowmantashi follows up with another pair of stomps, before driving an elbow into her chest. He stands up and backs away, watching the challenger from a corner, willing her back onto her feet and, when she’s there, he takes her right back off them with a charging lariat.

    Jim Taylor: This is bad news for the challenger, with Jon Snowmantashi beginning to make his size and power advantage felt.

    Tim Coleman: But did you see the big man hobble out of that corner? I think von Horrowitz’s game plan is paying dividends.

    Jim Taylor: But for the time-being, Snowmantashi has the advantage and he goes for the cover.

    ONE… TWO… - NO!

    Snowmantashi picks his challenger up and again puts her in a waist-lock, this time going for a German suplex. He lifts her up and over, but von Horrowitz is able to rotate 360 degrees and land on her feet. The champion turns into another low dropkick, and MVH follows it up with a running neckbreaker.

    Jim Taylor: von Horrowitz is giving the champion all she has, and he’s up to his knees mere moments after she is.

    Tim Coleman: I think she’s going to have to settle into a rhythm and wear the big man down. He swats high impact moves away as if they were flies…

    The challenger backs the champion up into a set of ropes and attempts to Irish Whip him across the ring, but Snowmantashi reverses it and sends MVH running herself. She goes for a clothesline upon return, but the big man ducks. Michelle carries on running, bounces off another set of ropes and puts Snowmantashi into a sleeper hold.

    Tim Coleman: Something we haven’t seen from von Horrowitz before, but probably a good move. There’s no way she’ll be able to keep Snowmantashi down for three until she’s worn his down.

    Michelle is able to climb up onto Snowmantashi’s back whilst locking in the hold, and the champion staggers around the ring. He attempts to throw the challenger off, and then backs her up into each of the four corners in turn, but the move is in tight. Eventually, after a couple of minutes, the champion goes down to one knee, clawing for air.

    Jim Taylor: I must say I’m surprised, Snowmantashi appears to be fading fast here. The referee moves in to check the arm, there it falls - - no! Snowmantashi is still in this!

    The champion nails a couple of elbows into von Horrowitz’s abdomen, and fights his way back to two feet. He powers out of the sleeper and puts the challenger into a rear waist-lock, before sending her overhead with a huge German Suplex. MVH fights back to her feet, more through instinct than anything, goes for a forearm, but the champion ducks it and sends her flying again with a T-Bone. Michelle gets caught up in the ropes and hits the mat hard, landing on the top of her head.

    The champion doesn’t let her lie in peace, charging back over and dropping down to the mat with a head-butt. He gets back on his feet before nailing another head-butt immediately afterwards. He repeats this four more times, and when he stands after the sixth grounded diving headbutt he walks away from the challenger with his arms in the air.

    Tim Coleman: Don’t get cocky, kid!

    Jim Taylor: Snowmantashi has reason to be cheerful, though. I don’t think von Horrowitz really knows where she is.

    Snowmantashi shakes von Horrowitz back to life and drags her to her feet. He doubles her over with a boot to the midsection, and hoists her up into the air, perhaps looking for a sit-out Powerbomb. Michelle von Horrowitz, sensing her impending doom, reels off a trio of right hands to the big man’s head, and manages to slip over the top into a sunset-flip roll-up…

    ONE…. TWO… - NO!

    Von Horrowitz is straight back on the offensive, hitting a dropkick to the seated Snowmantashi’s torso. He’s quickly back up onto his knees, but MVH hits a pair of stiff kicks to either side of the champion, which doubles him over, and she nails the kneeling Snowmantashi with a double-arm underhook DDT.

    Jim Taylor: Why isn’t she going for the cover? That move has put numerous competitors away here in the CWA.

    Tim Coleman: But she’s never faced a man like Snowmantashi. I think she’s beginning to realise just how much this might take.

    Jim Taylor: Instead she’s climbing to the top rope, maybe thinking 450 splash, but Snowmantashi’s already stirring. He charges over and hits a forearm to von Horrowitz, who’s precariously balanced on that top rope.

    Tim Coleman: Oh no, Snowmantashi’s not thinking… ? He’s climbing up too, maybe looking for a superplex from that second rope…

    Jim Taylor: Second rope?! It looks like the champion is heading to the top rope!

    MVH again senses danger, and is able to hit a pair of forearms to the side of his head. Snowmantashi gives up on the superplex for a moment and hits a trio of headbutts to von Horrowitz, who fires back with a knife edge chop. Then, she kicks the legs of the champion from underneath him, and Snowmantashi quickly finds himself wound up in the tree of woe. Von Horrowitz carefully stands on the exposed shins of the champion and hooks the top rope with the fingers of both hands, pulling and wrenching to apply additional pressure on Snowmantashi’s legs.

    The referee starts his count for the rope break, and at four MVH hops over the champion and into the centre of the ring. She takes a moment to curtsy (much to the fans’ ire) before charging at the champion, nailing a low dropkick. The champion tumbles out of the tree of woe and onto the mat, and von Horrowitz instantly ties up his legs, pulls back his arms, and crunches the champion’s face against the mat with a Dragon-style curb stomp.

    Jim Taylor: Devastating strike there from Michelle von Horrowitz, but the cover is proving more trouble than usual here…

    Tim Coleman: She’s struggling to heave the big man over onto his back, all two hundred and ninety pounds of him.

    Eventually, she manages it…

    ONE… TWO… - - NO!

    Snowmantashi forces a shoulder up and von Horrowitz rises to one knee, catching her breath as the big man begins to stir again. She moves over to the opposite corner and begins to ascend the turnbuckle again. She beckons Snowmantashi upwards, and when he’s on his feet, she dives off, attempting to catch him with a diving cross body…

    Jim Taylor: What strength! Snowmantashi plucks her out of the air as if she was nothing!

    Tim Coleman: And now he hoists her into a fireman’s carry. Could it be… ?!

    Jim Taylor: HAILSTORM! He nails it! Straight into the cover…

    ONE… TWO… … …

    Jim Taylor: The referee’s stopped counting! Why has the referee stopped counting?!

    Tim Coleman: Her foot, Tim! It’s on the bottom rope!

    Snowmantashi can’t believe it, and he just looks at the referee in frustration, who looks terrified and points at Michelle’s foot by way of an apology. The champion shakes his head before dragging the challenger into the centre of the ring. He heads to the corner and begins to climb it, facing away from his competitor…

    Jim Taylor: We’ve seen this before, and if two hundred and ninety pounds of Jon Snowmantashi crashes onto you with a moonsault then that’s it…

    He steadies himself before leaping off, soaring and rotating through the air…

    Tim Coleman: NO! The big man crashes and burns! Michelle rolls out of the way!

    Von Horrowitz uses the corner to drag herself back to her feet, and the champion gingerly clutches his abdomen. Michelle wills him back to a vertical base, and when he’s up she charges at him, taking him right off his feet again with a savage Busaiku Knee Kick. She wastes no time, climbing to the top rope once more and steadying herself…

    Jim Taylor: 450 Splash! Picture perfect!

    Tim Coleman: Straight into the cover…

    ONE… TWO… TH -- NO!

    Tim Coleman: Snowmantashi kicks out!!

    Jim Taylor: Von Horrowitz has hit him with everything she has and the champion still kicks out!

    The challenger rolls off the champion, visibly spent herself, and crawls into a corner. Snowmantashi gradually makes his way up to his knees, and uses the ropes to drag himself back up to a his feet. He falls into a corner and uses it for support as the challenger does the same opposite from him. The two stare at each other across the ring, both breathing heavily, ready for the final push…

    Just then von Horrowitz charges at Snowmantashi with full speed…

    Jim Taylor: Oh she just drilled him with the busaiku knee kick!

    Tim Coleman: He didn’t even budge though!

    Jim Taylor: He is stunned nevertheless…

    Snowmantashi down one knee now looking dazed allowing Michelle to plant his head to the mat with another double underhook DDT! She’s not finished yet though…

    Jim Taylor: Cattle mutilation!

    Tim Coleman: She has it locked in tight with nowhere for Snowmantashi to go in the center of the ring!

    She keeps her signature submission locked in tight with no intent of letting up as the champion begins to fade away, and just when it looks like all may be lost for Snowmantashi he shows signs of life as he begins to power himself out of the submission hold by countering into a backsliding pin attempt keeping Michelle’s shoulders planted to the mat…


    Michelle kicked out and the two competitors breathe heavily after such an exhausting encounter. Michelle is up first gathering her wits about on one knee as she beckons the champion to get up…

    Tim Coleman: Shining wizard kick!

    Jim Taylor: That looks like it took a lot out of Michelle though…

    She collapses to the mat for what seems like several minutes, but in reality only a few seconds before she springs up gingerly on her feet. Then she begins ascent to the top as she positions and readies herself…

    Jim Taylor: She’s looking for that 450 Splash!

    Tim Coleman: Wait a tic though! Snowmantashi has other ideas!

    Just as Michelle leaps off the champion bounces up in time to catch her in mid-air…

    Jim Taylor: HAILSTORM!

    Tim Coleman: He’s not done yet Jim!

    Snowmantashi climbs up top looking ready to end this once and for all…

    Jim Taylor: SNOWFALL!

    Tim Coleman: My god he may killed her with that moonsault!

    Snowmantashi hits his moonsault on the now unconscious challenger to his championship, and with his last ounce of strength he drapes his arm over her for the pin…


    Lindsay Monahan: Here is your winner, and STILL the CWA World Heavyweight Champion, Jon Snowmantashi!

    Snowmantashi lays on the mat for several seconds before slowly rising up to one knee as he's handed his championship.

    Jim Taylor: What a match that was folks!

    Tim Coleman: There were times that I thought for sure we were going to see a new champion, but Snowmantashi managed to pull out the victory in the end and walk away with the gold in tact!

    Jim Taylor: Michelle von Horrowitz put a tremendous effort though and has nothing to be ashamed of

    Snowmantashi looks down at Michelle and helps her to her feet despite her refusal for help. She shoves him away and takes her leave still showing the effects of the match while Snowmantashi shrugs and looks out at the sea of fans. He then takes his leave and as he's walking up the ramp he stops and the camera pans around to reveal his former friend, Jonathan McGinnis and his new buddies, The Echo standing on stage in front of him...

    Jim Taylor: This can't be good for Snowmantashi, he just went through a grueling match, c'mon guys!

    All McGinnis does is motion for the championship around his waist and mouths the words "I want my rematch" while pointing at the title on Snowmantashi's shoulder.

    Tim Coleman: He wants his rematch that he never did get!

    All Snowmantashi does is nod while the two have an intense staredown before McGinnis and The Echo take their leave leaving Snowmantashi to relish some more in his victory.

    Jim Taylor: Well, that could have ended much worse for Snowmantashi, but tonight he leaves Five Star Attraction still the world champion, good night from New York!
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    Rest in power, Flock U
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: CWA Presents: Five Star Attraction! Live from New York City!

    Match Credits:
    Jimmy King - Savage/Shepard, Tag Team Title Match, Finishes to the main event and Vegas/McGinnis
    SuperSaiyan - Main Event, McGinnis vs Vegas
    Punk Wolf - High Voltage Title Match
    Shake - LB vs Murphy
    Cyrus - Shade vs Enigma

    An Original Name (show intro as well as a few other things)

    Jon Snow
    Pizza Dog

    The other matches are coming, but I just wanted to post up what we have so not to keep anyone waiting any longer.

    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: CWA Presents: Five Star Attraction! Live from New York City!

    Congrats, Jon Snow! A well earned victory. Fun feud; hopefully we can do it again some time.

    Great show all around, guys. Particularly enjoyed McGinnis-Echo and the street fight. The show intro really made it feel special, too. Good work!

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    Re: CWA Presents: Five Star Attraction! Live from New York City!

    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: CWA Presents: Five Star Attraction! Live from New York City!



    Now, that's how you make an impact.


    [04:46 AM] Punk Wolf: Willis is our Modern-Day Jesus.
    [06:15 AM]Baldwin: Ily Willy
    [05:35 PM]Jon Snow: Willis, your misogyny must be put to an end.
    [06:57 PM]
    Jim: I like Willis more and more with each day
    [04:43 PM]Jim: Which is why Willis > Natural
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: hes like a roman reigns
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: willis has the raw sex appeal tho
    [11:18 AM]Order: I LOVE BIG WILLY

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    Re: CWA Presents: Five Star Attraction! Live from New York City!

    Things are going to be interesting this year in our beloved little fed, I feel.

    Lemme tell you, guys. You guys and gals made this shit a BITCH to grade. It's been a while since I've seen that much quality top-to-bottom. I applaud all of you for putting in some damn good work.
    Something Witty!

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    Re: CWA Presents: Five Star Attraction! Live from New York City!

    Goes without saying and definitely bias in the statement but awesome show.

    Biggest shock was Elijah Edwards winning (almost in the same vein that I hadn't expect SS to win the WR, so I'll have to go read up EE's winning RP) considering Wake/Owens are main event quality talent when they're on their game.

    McGinnis-Echo was great (though them triple super kicking Snowmantashi still would've been better )

    Not sure about the Shepard/Savage post-match stuff. Savage would've looked like a real menace if Shepard had to be stretchered out.

    As far as the main event goes, I'm generally confident enough that what I write will be able to do the job (or give the judge some pause) but SS's RP was really great in all aspects, I realized that the moment MVH got the WR shot that all the RP's were really on another level and I definitely thought there was a high chance of losing it, your writing ability is insane (and something I'd like to match in my own non-fedding writing), you've got a clear vision, your writing voice is there and secure and the character has so much depth. Don't think it'll be the last time you're thereabouts the main event and I don't think it'll be the last time MVH/Snowmantashi face off (though hoping Snowmantashi still walks away with the W ). Oh and on an additional note, great match (think my only minor insignificant criticism was the Snowmantashi gloating/crowd pandering) though I think you maybe made Vegas/McGinnis overshadow us too xD

    Main event is looking stacked what with McGinnis/MVH, the ton of fringe players with Enigma, Shade, Lightbringer, Owens, Wake and what have you. Hoping Snowmantashi maybe gets to defend in a huge multi-man match in the future *nudgenudgehinthint*

    Thanks Jimmy/Cyrus/Harry and all the folks who worked the show.

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    Re: CWA Presents: Five Star Attraction! Live from New York City!

    Quote Originally Posted by Jon Snow View Post
    Goes without saying and definitely bias in the statement but awesome show.

    Biggest shock was Elijah Edwards winning (almost in the same vein that I hadn't expect SS to win the WR, so I'll have to go read up EE's winning RP) considering Wake/Owens are main event quality talent when they're on their game.

    McGinnis-Echo was great (though them triple super kicking Snowmantashi still would've been better )

    Not sure about the Shepard/Savage post-match stuff. Savage would've looked like a real menace if Shepard had to be stretchered out.

    As far as the main event goes, I'm generally confident enough that what I write will be able to do the job (or give the judge some pause) but SS's RP was really great in all aspects, I realized that the moment MVH got the WR shot that all the RP's were really on another level and I definitely thought there was a high chance of losing it, your writing ability is insane (and something I'd like to match in my own non-fedding writing), you've got a clear vision, your writing voice is there and secure and the character has so much depth. Don't think it'll be the last time you're thereabouts the main event and I don't think it'll be the last time MVH/Snowmantashi face off (though hoping Snowmantashi still walks away with the W ). Oh and on an additional note, great match (think my only minor insignificant criticism was the Snowmantashi gloating/crowd pandering) though I think you maybe made Vegas/McGinnis overshadow us too xD

    Main event is looking stacked what with McGinnis/MVH, the ton of fringe players with Enigma, Shade, Lightbringer, Owens, Wake and what have you. Hoping Snowmantashi maybe gets to defend in a huge multi-man match in the future *nudgenudgehinthint*

    Thanks Jimmy/Cyrus/Harry and all the folks who worked the show.

    And you forgot Vegas in there tisk tisk

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    Re: CWA Presents: Five Star Attraction! Live from New York City!

    Quote Originally Posted by StylesofPunk View Post
    And you forgot Vegas in there tisk tisk
    The Late Johnny Vegas you mean

    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: CWA Presents: Five Star Attraction! Live from New York City!

    This is the first time I've reviewed a show since being here. This is one of the best ones I've read in a long time. The main event was a pure pleasure. I didn't have the slightest idea on who would win knowing both SS and Snow are hell of RPers. I'm sure this isn't the last time these two will meet and the next RP battle and match will be just as great. McGinnis and The Echo coming together will be a very interesting trio... assuming they're not brought up on murder chargers. R.I.P. Johnny Vegas?

    Also, I have to say, a big thank you to my opponents for the High Voltage championship. I can't honestly wait to see the battle as I'm sure it wasn't easy to pick a winner. I, almost in the vain of Jon Snow, am a bit surprised I came out the winner. After I sent in my rp, I felt I could have written something way better. But the match itself was a great read and treated all three talents respectfully. All credible and in tuned with their characters which sometimes is absent in feds I've in prior to. I also appreciate the kind words I've gotten from some of you already.

    A big applause to all the writers who contributed into making this a fun and awesome read. You guys did a kick ass job.
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    Re: CWA Presents: Five Star Attraction! Live from New York City!

    I'm glad that you all liked the show so far, a lot of hard work went into this one since it was such a stacked card. Also, there's some plans for certain characters that will be happening from the fallout of this event. CWA will need all of the help it can get now with this Club formation, so unlikely alliances may be made to combat these dastardly trio.

    Another thing to touch on like Cyrus noted this was not an easy one to grade, but that is just a testament to how well you all write. A lot of the matches were right down to the wire, so that's why a lot of them were written so close until the very end.

    One more thing to add on the next card will be up as soon as possible, and I'll have the promos up shortly.

    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: CWA Presents: Five Star Attraction! Live from New York City!

    Humanity vs Nightmare added. Hope that makes ya happy, Grim and Kilik. End of an era.
    Something Witty!

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    Re: CWA Presents: Five Star Attraction! Live from New York City!

    Quote Originally Posted by Jon Snow View Post
    Oh and on an additional note, great match (think my only minor insignificant criticism was the Snowmantashi gloating/crowd pandering) though I think you maybe made Vegas/McGinnis overshadow us too xD
    Cheers for the praise, man. I was happy with my promo when I sent it in, but then after reading yours I knew it would be close and felt Snowmantashi had the edge. RE the gloating, I was thinking about the size difference and thought the only way it could go long was if there was constant separation. I slipped in a bit of pandering as I felt Michelle ducking under the ropes for the twelfth time would get a little repetitive! Glad you enjoyed the match overall, was a blast to write both of them (Vegas-McGinnis was one that grew in the telling).

    Looking forward to the next show, still re-reading parts of this one in awe. Fantastic effort all round.

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    Re: CWA Presents: Five Star Attraction! Live from New York City!

    Gonzalez vs Fuentes has been added. Hopefully I did you proud with that one Harry

    Next card will be up later so hang tight folks!

    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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