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Thread: "(東京鬼才) - Tokyo Kisai" - LIGHTBRINGER

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    Re: "(東京鬼才) - Tokyo Kisai" - LIGHTBRINGER


    P R O G R E S S
    Strong Style Dojo - Tokyo, Japan
    January 10th 2017

    It had been almost an hour of complete torture in the place that LIGHTBRINGER had called 'home' for almost the entirety of his wrestling career. The gauntlet was a fearsome task that he was on the verge of completing. Fulfilling penance for his own self perceived slight against his team. All he had to do was survive against the man who led the SSD: Daisuke Ishihara. Something he could never do. He was always a step behind. But LIGHTBRINGER needed proof that he had evolved through the experience. He was searching for a reason to believe that the loss to Krash was a fluke and that things would be different the next time around. He wanted to make sure he had the will to overcome anything. That's why, when Ishihara had finished speaking to him in the ring, he decided to get up... slowly stumble over to his senpai... look him in the eye and deliver the most disrespectful slap. It was the only chance he'd get to do such an action in the dojo without being flat out disregarded by everyone else.

    There was a brief silence... some gasped in shock whilst BoBo clapped and shouted words of encouragement... LIGHTBRINGER looked on as Ishihara's head was turned to the side... mouth agape for a brief moment. There felt like a brief pause in time for a small moment of reflection - LIGHTBRINGER knew that the next few minutes were going to be hell for him. He was going to face a raging storm for his disrespect. But pass or fail, he'd take it like a man. As he always did in the ring, it would be no different here. Ishihara turned to him and looked fuming, he shoved him then cracked him with a stinging elbow, followed by another to the gut. 'Tokyo Kisai' keeled over and Ishihara started driving knees into his head, bringing him to his knees... and then a guillotine choke is slapped on and he feels real pressure. He falls to his knees as Ishihara pulls guard and tightens the squeeze. Slowly, the blood choke starts to work its magic and LIGHTBRINGER feels himself starting to go out. The sounds of BoBo slowly fade as he focuses on the blood dripping from his forehead onto the mat at a fast rate due to the choke... and he decides to try and fight it. He grasps Ishihara's hands and tries to break the squeeze - just barely managing to do so. But he's given no respite as Ishihara instantly tries to lock up a triangle choke. He's able to fight out of that too but he spends the rest of his time fighting off various submissions attempts and being given no time to breathe by the leader of the dojo. It's a suffocating round which culminates when Ishihara locks in a devastating armbar in the middle of the ring. It's the arm that LIGHTBRINGER prefers to use for his devastating lariat finisher and thus he must preserve it. He tries to fight it initially but he's too tired to stack Ishihara and take leverage off of the move. Just as the thought of tapping crosses his mind, the dojo's buzzer sounds signalling the end of the Gauntlet. An instant wave of relief washes over 'Tokyo Kisai' as he realises he has survived.

    Ishihara lets go of the submission as BoBo comes running into the ring to check on his best friend. He pours water over his head but LIGHTBRINGER grabs the bottle and instantly begins chugging it. His attention then turns around to Ishihara as he lifts him up. The other opponents LIGHTBRINGER faced - including Masamichi - come into the ring and they all bow their heads in appreciation for the contest. LIGHTBRINGER returns the same bow except he falls to his knees to do so - the rest of the dojo are quick to give a brief clap. But that's it. No cheers, no massive adulation. Just back to business - the rest of the gym dissipate away to carry out their drills/chores, Masamichi growls before leaving the ring along with TANK whilst Himawari expresses disappointment at not being able to grapple well enough. LIGHTBRINGER rolls onto the apron and sits up, BoBo sits behind him and gives him an icepack on the arm - meanwhile Ishihara comes out of the ring and stands infront of the pair, arms crossed, clearly with some observations.

    "You know... five more seconds, Kisai, and your arm would be snapped. Out of commission. You would have blown your chance to take that title away from Kaiju at the big event. You're really lucky. But... you were brave. I think you might have been a little too brave. You know it is okay to give up to fight another day? I don't know what you were trying to prove to us. But... I hope you were successful and that this was worth it. That didn't look like fun from where I was standing the majority of the time."

    LIGHTBRINGER looks up.

    "Of course, Daisuke. I knew that it would be a tough test. I was trying to prove to myself that I could evolve and continue on. I lost a match I took too lightly. I was an embarrassment. I had to pay the price. I have that same match coming up again and now I know I have a newfound respect for my opponent and a will to win. I don't want to go through something like that again and to do that, I must defeat Kurasshu. I have to toughen myself up for travelling the path that comes after. It was stupid of me to hold on... but I want to prove that I have the will to win no matter what. If you had broken my arm, so be it, I would not have given up anyway. I need to find more than just one way to win than using my lariat, Daisuke. But I thank you for your advice. I know that sometimes... it is fine to live to fight another day. I am sure that the advice may come in handy eventually."

    Ishihara laughs at his student.

    "Of course, Kisai. You'll win. Don't worry about that. I don't know much about your opponent but I'm positive the effort you put forth today is indicative of a victory. We will see. I'll be watching. You should rest. You've done enough today. Fly back to America. Get prepared. You've more important things to focus on than being here. Eventually, we will just be a distraction. Thank you for the contest."

    Ishihara bows his head and leaves him - he walks off and is seen having a discussion with Himawari and Jigglypuff. BoBo then hands the icepack to LIGHTBRINGER before sliding out of the ring. LIGHTBRINGER holds it against his arm as his friend lectures him.

    "You did good. You did better than good! That was courageous, Kisai! Maybe we should go out for a dr--"



    "Because we are being serious now, BoBo. We're only a little while away from the title match with Snowmantashi. We need to think more about that rather than alcohol and you hunting gaijin girls. I, also, don't want to have to drag you away from some damn ganguros again. They have big nails and they can hurt me very badly if I try to take away their precious BoBo. Think serious, ok? I still have to match Kurasshu and show that I can beat him when it matters."

    "Ok, Kisai, tonight... you win. No drinking. No drinking at all. But, hey, we have cause to celebrate! You've shown us that nobody can be on your level when you're on your A game. If Jigglypuff can't outtrick you then no one can. If TANK can't crush you then no one can. If Daisuke can submit you... no one can. If Himawari can't distract you with her 'miracles' then..."

    "I get the point, BoBo. I appreciate it. You make it seem much better given the hell I've just been through. I can take strength from this - not only Kurasshu but Snowmantashi... the rest of the CWA... I don't think they could compete with me on this form. But... Kurasshu is first. Then we will deal with what comes after. Whatever that is. I have a feeling that being 1-1 against Kurasshu... might lead to another match down the line at some point. It's imperative that we keep focus... I forgot to ask... what about Masamichi?"

    "Fuck Masamichi. You stomped him. If he had stomped you then you would have no chance, my friend. But he didn't. You did a good job. Easy. You can run your mouth better than him too. He is a shitty wannabe version of you. You're better in every way. Don't worry about him. But... what comes after you beat Kurasshu? You think you will get the rematch right away?"

    "I don't know BoBo. I was thinking... I was thinking of requesting that I have a tag team match with Snowmantashi. Remember I told you about that? I think it makes sense."

    BoBo throws the water bottle to the ground in a fit of rage.


    People in the dojo don't really care as LIGHTBRINGER lets out a brief giggle at his friend's inexplicable rage at the mentioning of that.

    "Why not, BoBo? I think... it's a way to offer an olive branch heading into Faibu Sutā Atorakushon... and you know... a way to close a chapter on something from the past. I want that match just for the memories. But... maybe for more reasons too. But I'll explain in due time, BoBo. Help me."

    BoBo scowls at him for a moment then helps him off of the ring apron. LIGHTBRINGER puts his arm around his best friend and looks to stumble out of the dojo and to a changing room...

    "Kisai... you're a sneaky bastard."

    LIGHTBRINGER looks at his friend with a puzzled look.

    "You've got something up your sleeve. I know you do."

    LIGHTBRINGER has a brief smirk across his face, he drops the arm away from BoBo and looks to speak...

    "In due time... In. due. time."

    And as he looks to continue walking forward with his friend, they are interrupted as Himawari approaches the pair - carrying what appears to be a large box of chocolates.


    They turn around - BoBo seems excited and tries to take the box... but Himawari stops him.

    "These aren't for you, idiot!"

    BoBo protests as she hands the box to LIGHTBRINGER.

    "These are for you. Daisuke told me you wouldn't be here for a while after today. Maybe not until March. So.. I just wanted to make sure you'd get these. I mean.. it's... it's... really early but I don't want to be rude or forget. We're... I'm still thinking of you even though you are away in America and I'm still here... ok?"

    She blushes slightly as she speaks as well as covering her mouth... but LIGHTBRINGER accepts the gift anyway and nods... and BoBo then interrupts the moment.

    "Where's my choco!? I'M NOT GOING TO BE HERE EITHER!"

    LIGHTBRINGER jabs him in the side and Himawari laughs at him - but then she produces a very small chocolate bar.

    "Don't worry. I remembered for you too. Here you go."

    BoBo accepts the gift but looks slightly peeved.

    "This is Giri-choco right!? Look at what you gave him and now look at me! You've given the game away, Himawari! He knows it's Honmei-choco for sure now... you even made them yourself and I get the store bought stuff!"

    She blushes once more but looks at BoBo.

    "I gave that away long ago, BoBo-san. Perhaps they will bring Kisai luck. Who knows? I must return to my duties. Good luck... and please return safe in March!"

    They all bow their heads to each other as she returns to her duties. LIGHTBRINGER holds up his box of chocolates and mocks BoBo as they walk away.

    "Shut up."

    "I didn't say anything."

    "Ah but you wanted to! You know... she likes you."

    "Yes. Yes. I've heard it before BoBo. Let's just get something to eat and focus on something else."

    "I've got my chocolate bar."

    "That won't fill you."

    "Mega Ramen?"

    "I've already conquered one mighty challenge tonight. No need for another. I will think about it on the way. Whatever it is. We go back to America tomorrow. I'll beat Kurasshu and make the tag request... then Faibu Sutā Atorakushon."

    "I thought we'd be here for a couple of weeks?"

    "Daisuke says I am not required here. That I should go back to America as soon as possible and focus. You know he's a big believer that I should be acclimatising there rather than spending my time here. I came here for what I wanted. We don't need to stay here much longer."

    "But... never mind. If you want to go back to America sooner then I am IN!"

    LIGHTBRINGER and BoBo would return to America and 'Tokyo Kisai' would end up successful in his rematch against Krash. He would make the tag team match request and end the show with it... but it would remain to be seen whether it would get granted.


    A small hotel room in New York

    After returning to America, LIGHTBRINGER was able to keep his no alcohol promise and would spend his time training at a gym in Tampa Bay, Florida with FWA superstar Ryan Rondo. After his tag request was granted, he would spend time practicing tag team wrestling moves with BoBo and Rondo. Despite neither being a perfect match for Jon Snowmantashi, he had wanted to put on his best performance yet and so he felt he needed to understand the mindset of being a tag team wrestler. That being said, LIGHTBRINGER used to be a part of a well known team in Japan during the early stages of his career but he had forgotten a lot of his old tactics and gameplans. You could say this was a refresher for him. He had been in tag matches in the CWA before but he knew this one was a little more special and meant a little more than any of the others that had come before him.

    Sometime in February, Geoff Jefferson, CWA web admin employee contacted LIGHTBRINGER with regards to a small interview. Jefferson had explained the tag request had piqued CWA interest and that they had the chance to promote their match at Five Star Attraction using a special story avenue - the past between LIGHTBRINGER and Jon Snowmantashi. Something that hadn't been explored in any great detail. Jefferson was going to put together a small video package - using permission for video rights from the company it belonged to - and ask for LIGHTBRINGER's thoughts on certain things. He had directed to meet him a hotel room that would be professionally set up for the interview. The impression was that Snowmantashi would go through the exact same thing. BoBo had chosen to accompany his best friend - as he had thoughts he'd like to share too... despite his very limited English skills.

    The pair of them would meet Jefferson in the Hotel lobby. He greeted them with a handshake before directing them to a lift - and then to the hotel room. The room was dimly lit and set up with all fancy lights and equipment. LIGHTBRINGER and BoBo were both given mics to wear also. The pair of them sat down in their interview stools as Jefferson made sure everything was ready to record...

    "One last thing... can I get you fellas something to drink?"


    LIGHTBRINGER jabs his friend in the side...

    "No. No alcohol. I don't think they'd even have Sake here, BoBo. Please excuse my friend. Limited English... only knows certain words. We will just have a glass of water."

    BoBo turns to his friend and speaks in Japanese.

    "No alcohol? You're killing me."

    "Deal with it. This is time to be professional. Lots of things to speak about."

    "Is it time for you to reveal 'the plan' ?"


    Jefferson would return with their drinks and then the interview would formally start.

    "So, as you know, we've acquired some video rights to your past.. career. I believe you were known as a different name? I've seen some video already and I have to say... quite the transformation."

    "Well... back then... I was only a rookie. I just started out. It was a different company from SPJ as you know. I had been told I'd shown a lot of promise and that people in this company... they were thinking of shooting me up the card instantly for that. I wasn't exactly looking like a superstar with my jet black hair and my boring attire so it couldn't be that. But they thought I should be paired up with a veteran and that I could be a tag team wrestler to help my development. One day, they thought I'd be able to break out as a big singles wrestler, right?"

    Jefferson smirks at that comment and holds his hands up...

    "Were they right? I can't tell..."

    BoBo turns around and speaks quick Japanese.

    "What's he saying? Is he making fun of you?"

    LIGHTBRINGER hushes him.

    "Of course, I've made it. I'm here. But I never really broke out in that company. I actually... left and quit wrestling before I could do that. The person you see now... LIGHTBRINGER... this is who I have become under my return to the business. I trained hard for a return and I broke out. I was able to outshine everyone and I've gone on to make waves. At least, in Japan. Now the plan is America... right?"

    Jefferson nods in agreement as LIGHTBRINGER takes a drink of his water.

    "Right. Right. Well... you could be well on your way there. A small part of you must find it funny that you are going against a fellow Japanese person for the right to call yourself the CWA champion... do you find it funny that, in a way, to conquer America, you have to go through a Japanese man?"

    LIGHTBRINGER ponders the question for a minute.

    "No. I think... there are a lot of talented wrestlers in and from Japan and so it makes sense to me that we are growing in popularity and dominance. Even in the FWA you are seeing a breakthrough in Japanese stars - KAIZEN, as much as I don't like him and the young Eimi Sanada. Here, you have me and Jon Snowmantashi. I believe you were also a part of the marketing for that Women's Classic yes? Then you'll have met Ai Kurayami. She's fearsome and she could win that whole tournament. If you look at the big picture, you could say we are all starting to break out and run the show. So no surprise for me. Is it surprising that it is Jon Snowmantashi? Well... well... I'd say it's almost a full circle for me."

    "In what way?"

    LIGHTBRINGER smirks, knowing full well that Jefferson has watched video footage and knows what he is talking about.

    "Well... what other questions do you have that I may answer with this response? I'm sure you are sending this out before the final Adorenarin Rasshu... I suppose you may enquire why I asked for that tag team match? Of course, you already know now if you've seen the video footage. But, it comes full circle because Jon Snowmantashi was my tag team partner during my first run at being a wrestler. And that's why I asked for this match before we face. The opponents doesn't matter. I'd just like to relive the memories for one last time before we potentially have the greatest match the CWA has ever seen."

    "Well, of course, I knew. But it's good to hear it coming from you. I'm sure the fans will appreciate that and any insight into your past. I don't think we've scratched under the surface enough when it comes to your history. The same with Snowmantashi and various others. But... isn't it a bit weird to make this request now?"

    LIGHTBRINGER has a brief glint in his eye... a sign that he has an ulterior motive as he cheekily smirks.

    "I have my own reasons, of course, that I cannot share. That would be giving the game away. I'm sure Snowmantashi is wondering what I'm up to. He knows me well enough to know that I was always trying to plot creative ways for us to win whereas he was old fashioned and boring - he just wanted to beat people up and win the match. I was kohai to his senpai so I couldn't say no. He taught me alot. But perhaps I feel like our team ended on the wrong note. You see... there's a lot to explain. We started off well, the team chemistry was there and we were able to win match after match. It was a big surprise - we had suddenly climbed up the ranks. I think, initially, he wasn't happy at being in a tag team. I could sense that. But we worked well together and would keep winning. Eventually, we would capture the tag team titles. It was quite shocking that someone like me was winning titles so quickly. I thought too highly of myself. We then defended our belts for a while... but eventually cracks started to show as we entered the tag league. We would win a few matches but we also lost. Losing never felt good and I was the one pinned every single time. I was to blame. I started to believe that perhaps Snowmantashi was carrying me. Then... in a must win match... he wouldn't tag me in. It pissed me off. But he would go on to win the match by himself anyway... proving my initial thoughts right. I wasn't doing anything for this team. It was all a lie. And I realised that Snowmantashi must have thought very little of me. We would get to the finals of the Tag League... but we would lose. We had communication issues. We talked it out and we would have a rematch with our opponents with the belts on the line. Unfortunately, I was dropped on my head really badly and suffered a concussion. I did not know where I was for the majority of the match and as a consequence of my poor cohesion... we lost. I was very upset. Snowmantashi tried to pick me up and tell me things would be okay... but I slapped him and walked away. I was booed out of the building. I quit later that evening. I felt like a joke. I felt like I had been babysat when I didn't need it and Snowmantashi shouldn't be doing it. I solved the problem by walking away... and Snowmantashi was allowed to move up the card and take his place as the true champion of the company eventually. That's where he deserved to be, in my mind... and probably in his mind too. I don't think he thought much of me."

    "Snowmantashi. Is. MOTHERFUCKER!"

    BoBo blurts out, trying to emphasise the point that LIGHTBRINGER is making, in a rather crude way. Jefferson laughs.

    "I think, BoBo, we might have to cut that out."

    "No. Keep. Snowmantashi is fat pig!"

    BoBo almost sarcastically threatens him and Jefferson backs down - he looks down at a set of notes he is holding.

    "Well... that response... LIGHTBRINGER... LB... Kisai? What do I call you?"

    "Whatever you prefer. I hear LB is common?"

    "LB it is! Well, LB, I have to say you've covered a few things here. Interesting insight. And so you could say your reasoning for this match is now that you want to prove yourself? To Snowmantashi?"

    LIGHTBRINGER takes another drink of his water before settling it down. He speaks - the following is a back and forth between him and Jefferson with BoBo vocalising acknowledgement every so words to indicate he agrees and is listening along.

    "Yes, you could say so. See, we never got to close out our tag team with a victory, right? That's what I want. And I want to be the one responsible for it. Kurasshu, Eriza.... they are the opponents. I've beaten them before... so of course, I feel confident that I can do it. I want to use this match to show Snowmantashi that I have evolved beyond what I used to be. I'm still cunning. I'm still flashy. But I am no longer the little boy that would make simple mistakes. Kurasshu is a fighter but we have both conquered him recently... together, we have the strength to totally overcome him. Also, the difference from now and the past: I am not the weak link in the match. Eriza is. He's still languishing with the High Voltage title whereas I have moved on to higher things. I feel like I elevated that title... and now, it's up to him to keep up to that level. But given that I know he can never outmatch me... I don't think he can. I think his recent actions have brought interest in him... but he does not have a partner that will be willing to stand up for him."

    "And you think Snowmantashi will stand up for you?"

    "I'm sure he will listen to this and accept my reasoning. He has a big heart and I know that he doesn't like to lose. He won't be concerned with inflicting pain on me - and neither me on him. But Eriza? Kurasshu? You think either will care for each other and act as a team? Not a chance. For one night, me and Snowmantashi will relive the olden days and we will win. We will close the book on our tag team properly. Then - the rivalry truly begins. But I'm not going to speak about my match with Snowmantashi. This was supposed to be about the tag team. In the last few weeks, I've been training myself to get back into the mindset of a tag team wrestler. Even reliving some of our old moves. I feel comfortable with it. I think it will be fun. But make no mistake about it - I want to win this match. I am the headliner of Faibu Sutā Atorakushon and so is Kaiju. I want to prove that we are the top two and we deserve it over everyone else. We do that by crushing the High Voltage Champion and Kurasshu. And I'll be honest... despite my win over Kurasshu on the last show... I want to make it 2-1. I want to pin him to win this match. And trust me, I will do exactly that."

    "But... what if your teamwork breaks down? What if it's a case of distrust?"

    "Snowmantashi never trusted me totally and we still won. I don't think this is any different, right? He still won't trust me... but at least we are not on such explosive terms like the other team. At least we have developed since then. I have changed. That is the x factor in us teaming now - I've already explained how I've developed. If this was the past, I wouldn't be capable of matching up to Eriza or Kurasshu... but I know I am. I have shown it already... I have already been through hell to prove it. Trust me. This is a stretch of matches I am taking more serious than anything else in my career thus far. This match... it does mean the world to me as it brings closure and is the final proof that my development has come a long way, yes? I've been spending the last few weeks proving to myself that I have evolved, that I am more than ready for toppling Snowmantashi at Faibu Sutā Atorakushon... and this is the final test before then. This is my final chance to build up a head of steam and a lot of momentum for that match. I need to take it. Trust me, Jefferson-san, I will be the star of this match and I will make everyone realise that Snowmantashi is up against the biggest challenge of his life. Shōn Samāzu? Fuck him. Jonasan Makuginisu? Fuck him too. Sairasu T? Yawn. They are nothing compared to me. You'll see in this match when I outshine Snowmantashi."

    "Some interesting words. Some barbs there... I'm not sure how those people might respond to that. Do you think Snowmantashi would agree?"

    "He will after the match. That will be the difference from now and the past. I will make Snowmantashi realise that I have surpassed him. I am the master now - he is nothing. He will be remember the times he used to berate me for rescuing me... and then be grateful when I rescue him. After our matches, people would speak about how Snowmantashi deserves to be at the top of the company... after this match? People will speak about how I should be at the peak of this promotion. That is my aim in this match. I get to provide closure on a personal chapter of my career... but I also get some measure of revenge before everything comes full circle at Fabu Sutaa Atorakushon. Do you have any other questions to ask me? I fear I may repeat myself too much as we go on. Perhaps you'd like to ask me the fondest memory of our tag team?"


    "When I slapped him in the face. I will do the same after our match once more. Trust me on that. Except this time, I won't storm out of the ring feeling ashamed. I will watch as he stares back at me in anger... and fail to do anything about it. Because he will know.... he WILL know... that I am better than him. And that is thanks to the people that have truly looked after me and trained me to be the person I am today. That slap... won't just be for me... it'll be for my friend, BoBo, here..."

    BoBo pipes up once more and makes sure to get into the camera lens.

    "Yeah! Fack you, fatboy!"

    "As well as my other teammates. They're the ones who deserve the credit for shaping me. Snowmantashi deserves nothing."

    Geoff Jefferson lays back, slightly surprised... he cuts the camera whilst LIGHTBRINGER clears some sweat away from his head and drinks more water.

    "That... was a bit intense. Are you... free to talk some more in future? If I showed you footage, could you talk over it and I can splice it in?"

    LIGHTBRINGER smirks and nods his head.

    "Sure. Am I free to go now?"

    "How about you meet me back here after you get lunch?"

    LIGHTBRINGER stands up with BoBo and they prepare to leave the room. He turns around to Jefferson to share one last word...

    "You're interviewing Snowmantashi now, right? Have fun with that. Please tell him everything I said. Play it all back to him. I want to know how he feels about it, I want him to step into that ring fired up and determined to prove a point to me. It'll make it all that much sweeter when I still run the show. You tell him he can stand on the sidelines and watch as I take out Kurasshu and Eriza by myself. See how that feels."

    Jefferson laughs slightly...

    "I'm sure he will enjoy being told that. I will tell him that."


    Later that day, LIGHTBRINGER would return and give another interview that would be released to the CWA's YouTube page along with Snowmantashi's just before Adrenaline Rush. The snippets from this interview would also feature - and would serve to hype up the tag team match.


    Small notes:

    The Tag League was a round robin tournament where the winners would receive a tag title shot. If the tag champions won, they selected their challenger.
    'Giri' and 'Honmei' are terms to refer to chocolate given as a present for Valentine's Day in Japan - Giri-chocolate is for co workers/people who you see regularly but have no romantic feelings for. Honmei-chocolate is for people you have feelings for in a romantic way. Females give males the chocolate on Valentine's Day and men return gifts on March 14th (telling you this as its going to be significant)
    Eriza should read 'Elijah' rather than 'Erizah'


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    Re: "(東京鬼才) - Tokyo Kisai" - LIGHTBRINGER



    The day of Five Star Attraction
    Just outside Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York, USA

    “So this is it, Kisai?”

    “... yup. This. is. it.”

    BoBo and LIGHTBRINGER both stand outside the famed Madison Square Garden arena in New York City. The venue of CWA's biggest show of the year: Five Star Attraction and where the CWA Heavyweight Title match between LIGHTBRINGER and Jon Snowmantashi will take place later that night. The pair of friends stand and simply stare up at it for a moment... they seem frozen in time as the busy New York populace seems to move around them, the crowds keeping a constant motion whilst the pair stare in apparent awe. Two Japanese men dressed in sharp suits squinting up at the Madison Square Garden probably didn't seem to stick out as much as you think it would. Even if one had bleached blonde hair and the other was wearing a rather dubious bandana to boot. BoBo squints for a moment... then cranks his head to the side as if trying to look around the building... he wears a puzzled expression. LIGHTBRINGER notices this and questions his friend.

    “What is it?”

    BoBo turns his attention back.

    “It's called Madison Square Garden... right?”


    “So why is it round, Kisai? I am confused. Do we call shapes differently in Japan to here?”

    LIGHTBRINGER laughs for a moment before suddenly stopping and wearing a puzzled expression himself. He realises that his friend raises a valid point.

    “You know what, BoBo? That question isn't as silly as it seems. Perhaps we are a little ignorant of the American culture. I don't know why it is called that. Maybe it is location and not the shape of the building it is describing?”

    “Are we in Madison Square? What was the square up there?”

    He points in a direction where Times Square is located.

    “I think that's Times Square.”

    “So... why isn't it called Times Square Garden!? This is ridiculous, Kisai. America confuses me. What the fuck is this!? We're going to have to figure this shit out! You're winning the CWA title tonight... you're going to be here for a long time... we need to know this stuff!”

    LIGHTBRINGER calms his shouting friend down...

    “It's alright BoBo. I'm sure Americans come to Japan and don't know what's going on either at times.”

    “You think? You think they see the Tokyo Dome and get confused by it!? It's a Dome and it's in Tokyo! There's nothing to be confused by! How is this the greatest arena in the world and yet its name doesn't make sense!?”

    “You're making a mountain out of a molehill, friend. I don't think we should be stood here discussing the small issue that is the name of arena...”

    BoBo looks at his friend... still irrationally angry... but calms down.

    “... instead we should be talking about what is going to happen inside of it.”

    The pair of them look up to see a billboard on the front of the arena advertising the Five Star Attraction event – on one side stands the champion, Jon Snowmantashi... and on the other, the challenger, LIGHTBRINGER himself.

    BoBo rubs his hands together in excitement.

    “Yes, Kisai. Yes! You're right. Look at that fat fuck... he doesn't realise what is about to hit him. I hope he enjoyed holding the belt for that photo... because it won't be his for much longer! Let's go in there... and scope it out!”

    BoBo looks to step forward but LIGHTBRINGER, still staring up at the advertisement board, puts his hand out and stops him from advancing forward. His best friend casts him a confused look and makes an inquisitive noise in his direction.

    “I think, BoBo, maybe you should take a walk for a while. Get to know the city. Get a drink. I don't know. I think... I need to be alone for a short while. Focus. As much as I love discussing silly stuff with you and being teased about Himawari... I need to get into fight state. This is big. But I think I just need time alone. Don't be offended.”

    His friend looks slightly hurt at the idea, looking down at the ground, he nods his head in an understanding manner. LIGHTBRINGER had some thinking to do. He had a puzzle to solve. Something that had been plaguing his mind for a while. He had to figure out Snowmantashi and everything around him. But he had to do it alone. A period of quiet reflection would hopefully bring some sort of clarity.

    “It's alright, Kisai. Sometimes we need time alone. Maybe I can find a bar... and a waitress with big boobs whilst you prepare. I'm nervous too you know? I can't remember the last time I had this sort of feeling.”

    “Me neither, friend. Of course, you are still coming out there with me. We win together. But I just need alone reflection time.”

    His friend looks to leave... but a small smirk comes across his face...

    “Hey Kisai... you mentioned being teased about Himawari... I'm sorry... you brought it up... BUT... White Day (March 14th) huh? She'll be disappointed!”

    LIGHTBRINGER looks at his friend with a sarcastic scowl...

    “Oh. Don't worry BoBo. I haven't forgot. I have the perfect gift to bring back to her to show my appreciation. It's nice that you have to remind me though...”

    “Do tell, Kisai? What is this 'perfect gift' that you speak of, hmm?”

    LIGHTBRINGER looks at his friend with a smirk and points to himself, laughing slightly. His friend laughs too.

    “Of course! You are the perfect gift!”

    “Well, now, thank you for the compliment, BoBo-san. But I wasn't just speaking about myself you know. I have a belt to bring home too. I'm sure it will be the perfect gift. Repayment for the faith shown and the fact she was the first one to accompany here... unlike someone else...”

    His friend gets apprehensive... and slowly begins to back away, laughing nervously.

    “Hey now... I'm here now... and you are the one telling me to go away for a while... and you know... I would love to speak more Kisai... but you know, you told me to get a drink and well, you know, I guess... I need that drink... you... focus... alone time now... yes!?”

    LIGHTBRINGER smirks and nods.


    “HAHA! Ok. I will go now, alcohol awaits me... and I am sure you will use your reflection time well... but tonight... we make that walk together! Remember that!”

    “I will, BoBo.”

    The pair of them do their secret handshake before BoBo walks off – wandering around aimlessly without a clue. LIGHTBRINGER smirks at the sight of his friend going off by his lonesome. It was always weird how he seemed so aloof yet when walking to the ring, he was the most serious person in the world. It was like he had a switch. And tonight, the switch would flick on and BoBo would walk to the ring ready to back him up like the world depended on it. LIGHTBRINGER returned his gaze back at the poster of Snowmantashi and himself. His eyes rested firmly on the belt.

    “This is it.”

    He took a deep breath and began to walk forward – ready to enter the venue


    Inside the Garden arena

    LIGHTBRINGER took his first few steps in the backstage arena – people were busy moving things and getting certain props ready for the show. He paid them no heed as he walked around – he was lost in his own little world. He didn't know or care if people were staring at him, he wanted to take the surroundings in. Running through his mind at this precise point in time was the scenario that would occur a few hours in the future. He would be making this same walk... except it would be THE walk. He'd be dressed in his fancy robe, gold chains dangling... wrestling attire... and ready to take what was his. He could just imagine the anticipation – he was sweating just thinking about it as he walked in real time.

    He made it to the stage area, imagining the tension rising the goosebumps hitting as his theme begins to play. He walks out onto the stage and pictures the crowd before him. He was surprised at the size of the arena. It wasn't as big as he imagined. The Tokyo Dome was much bigger... more spacious. But he liked this arena... it was small, cosy... it felt like a fitting venue for a big show. He cast a small smirk on the stage. The fans would be right next to him. Very close to the ring. They would see the action with a clear view.

    “This is perfect.”

    He looked all around at the empty seats and imagined them completely full... and the fans... who knows what they would be doing? He would continue to be lost in his own world as he slowly thought to himself.

    “Perhaps they will boo me. Perhaps they will cheer me. At least they will have a reaction to me. They will be paying attention to me. That's the intention, isn't it? At the end of the night, I will have earned their respect. I am sure of it. But... it is not their respect I am after. I'm after that title. I'm hunting after Jon Snowmantashi. It doesn't matter if the entire crowd think I am not worthy. I know that beating Jon Snowmantashi in that ring proves it so. And that is the only important thing here. People can deny it but that's the truth.”

    He takes the walk down the short ramp area – he knows he will likely have to block out insults from the audience. He can't quite imagine the venom that will spewed in his direction but he's positive that BoBo will stand by his side and probably give it back just as good. Even if his English is nowhere near an appropriate level. He wouldn't have it any other way... he knows he isn't the crowd's favourite on this occasion. He glances up at the CWA banners that hang around the ringside area as well as in various other spots throughout the place.

    “I wonder why the crowd won't see me as the favourite...”

    Of course, he knew the answer. He casts a look at the ring and his mind flashes back to Adrenaline Rush. It's almost like an out of body flashback experience as he sees Jon Snowmantashi eat a sling blade move from Elijah Edwards. It looks like a simple move for the CWA champion to kick out of – he gets his foot on the rope... but BoBo takes it away. The memory makes LIGHTBRINGER smirk at his friends seemingly craft and counterproductive tactic... but it made Snowmantashi look like a fool as he didn't kickout in time afterwards. It was a part of the plan. It was an action that had the crowd in uproar. He liked it. Snowmantashi looked silly. LIGHTBRINGER would go on to feign being upset with his best friend.

    “It was easy to fake being annoyed. It's never easy to stomach a defeat. Even if it was a part of the plan. I had that small pit in my stomach where I realised I had still lost the match. But it washed away when I realised I had accomplished my goal. I had brought things full circle. It was never about reliving the glory days. It was never about winning together as a team 'for the memories'. It was all about making Snowmantashi look like the weak link. It was all about making Snowmantashi feel like he was to blame for the defeat this time. Not I. All these years being his understudy and being the clear 'weak one' yet who was the one defeated? Not I. It shows that the old man has fallen a step behind. He was easy to outsmart. He placed his trust in something that he shouldn't have. Fool.”

    Of course, there was more to the story. Snowmantashi would instantly raise his issues with BoBo. The memory makes LIGHTBRINGER smirk for a brief moment. That's when he knew he had him. He had fallen for it. The defeat... was just a means to an end. Just a ploy. It wasn't the real coup de grace of the plan that night. The laugh of BoBo as he stood back and mocked Snowmantashi still echoes through his head like a cheery song. Snowmantashi realised he had been played... but it was too late. He was grabbed and sent crashing to the canvas by the LIGHTBRINGER Lariat. A cold, calculated moved from 'Tokyo Kisai' that had left the crowd reaching for the pitchforks.

    LIGHTBRINGER, still enjoying the brief flashbacks in his head, jumps into the prepared ring set up. He stands in the exact same spot he was standing in at the end of Adrenaline Rush. He was looking down at the body of his future foe... former tag partner... former 'friend'. He knows he displayed nothing but cold hatred on his face at the moment... he even gets a surge of adrenaline throughout his body just thinking about it. He bent down and picked that title up. He held it up for everyone to see... and the boos rained down upon him. He doesn't remember caring for the boos... he just remembers how it felt to hold the belt high at that moment.

    “It felt powerful. It felt like it was made for me. It felt... right.”

    He looks all around at the empty seats of the arena and thinks of the fans that were sitting there at the point in time that this all occurred. They would have hated it. They would have thought it seemed so so wrong.

    “The fans... the fans would think it was a cowardly move. The fans would think that me holding that belt in that moment of time was a travesty. But they don't realise that I was giving them a gift. A glimpse into the future. A glimpse into the destiny of the CWA. And they don't realise their ignorance. They don't realise that I will be giving them a great gift later tonight when the scene is repeated and I am the new champion of the CWA. They will boo me... but will they ever stop to think why? Why should I be booed? I never claimed to be a good guy. I never claimed to be a hero. I claimed to be the best. At wrestling... you have to be the complete package and that is what I am. I get the fans attention with my personality, with how I perform in the ring and with what I say. I am doing them, and the CWA, a favour by removing Jon Snowmantashi from the picture. Have they ever stopped to think what, exactly, is so endearing about this man? Don't they realise that Jon Snowmantashi has been a villain all along?”

    He stops thinking for a moment. Maybe he was getting too absorbed in his own world and trying to convince himself of something that isn't true. But... as he continues to imagine himself standing there with the belt held high, he can't help but picture himself as a savior.

    “I've never claimed to be these things... but perhaps, in this case, I am the hero. I am the savior of the CWA. And nobody realises it.”

    It's a controversial line of thinking but not one he would shy away from. He wasn't one to ever shy away from being controversial. Real men say what they think. Men of stature aren't afraid to create and face controversy. It's the people who boo and deny for no other reason that they can't face reality that are afraid of it. Because it is true. LIGHTBRINGER knows he would have no issue being a hated world champion, a controversial figure... He casts his mind back to the incident that no one thought possible in his resurgent early career. He was just a Young Lion in SPJ... the first man to conquer the Young Lion Climax tournament undefeated, and he stepped outside of the ring and slapped the World Heavyweight Champion in the face. The crowd did not boo him as much as express complete shock at the action. It was almost the exact same here... except the crowd started booing him out of shock. He was sure of it. He was never one to show respect to people that didn't deserve it. That slap incident was proof of that... despite his standing at that point in his career. He had everyone's attention after that. It was his signal of intent. Just like his 'cowardly' move on Snowmantashi was his new signal of intent. A warning shot. He never got that shot at Kotani... he was never guaranteed one. But he was guaranteed one this time.

    He remembers dropping the title back down to the laid out champion... feeling absolutely disgusted. He remembers when they were a tag team in the old days. LIGHTBRINGER was dropped on his neck... it almost snapped... he got up and fought through... only for Snowmantashi to be disgusted with his losing effort in that very same match years ago. Snowmantashi was simply disgusted at the notion of defeat. That was something similar between the pair – they hated losing. They both had somewhat of an ego. But LIGHTBRINGER was disgusted for a lot more than just the notion of defeat.

    “Does Snowmantashi even realise why I have a problem with him? Does his ego allow him to realise that he is the real issue between us... not the title belt. Of course, the belt is a great added extra but people should understand my story... my point of view. Then they would realise I am not a villain in this. I did not hit Snowmantashi like that just so I could weaken him for this match or so I could show him that I am the real champion. No. I did it because I wanted to. I have been in this company for a year. I have watched as Snowmantashi has stood at the top for almost all of that time. And I have slowly realised the truth: he is nothing special. Again, I ponder why the fans think he is something special? Is it because he can hit really hard? There are dozens upon dozens of wrestlers in Japan that can hit really hard and show a bit of fire. I have beaten plenty like him and I will beat plenty more. I will beat him. Perhaps that is how he intimidates his opponents? With a style they are not used to? Perhaps that is why Jonathan McGinnis is the only one who could truly stand up to him – he knew what to expect. I know what to expect... and then some.

    No. Jon Snowmantashi is a fantastic fighter. There can be no doubt about that – you don't stay at the top for a long time. Unless, of course, you are facing people not worthy of being in the ring. Snowmantashi can be beaten. McGinnis has proved that when Snowmantashi meekly surrendered the belt to him. Just like he will meekly surrender the belt to me.

    But what really gets to me is the fact I have sat for an entire year and seen Jon Snowmantashi do nothing to further the CWA brand. He has been a fighting champion, one the crowd clearly gets behind for some reason... but what has he done for the CWA? In the last few weeks, he has sat on the sidelines whilst I have fought tooth and nail to showcase why I am the rightful challenger. I have taken defeats and victories. He has done nothing. He only showed up because I asked him to. Is this someone the crowd want to cheer? Is this someone they can be really proud of?

    Just like in SPJ, I elevated the Intercontinental title and proved myself to be the REAL Champion of that company, no matter what Kotani the shithead says. I took the High Voltage title here and I elevated it to a higher level – I brought attention to it. What has Jon Snowmantashi done for the CWA title? What has he done to call attention to it? Absolutely NOTHING. That is why I am truly the hero in this situation.

    That is why I should be cheered in this situation. I am saving the CWA.”

    LIGHTBRINGER takes a moment to look up the banners bearing the CWA logo... he quietly looks at it for a few moments before taking a look at his own two hands.

    “These hands will take the CWA and build it right back up again. I will restore everything that Jon Snowmantashi has torn down. And I will be jeered for it. I will give the belt the respect it deserves. I will give the fans the respect they deserve. I will give this company the respect it deserves by training like I have every single day and showing up at every single show to wrestle. Boo me for it. Cheer Snowmantashi for doing the exact opposite. It's lost on them all at this point but I know the truth: I am the champion the CWA needs. Maybe Jon Snowmantashi knows it too. I AM the complete package. I have everything that this company needs to get back to the top again... and I will fight with everything I have to make sure that this becomes a reality. I will be thought of as a selfish man for my actions, no doubt, as my interests align with the CWA's... but nobody understands what is the best for the CWA but me. They only see my interests. They don't see the CWA's coming into play. That is unfortunate for them. But I will make them see. I will bring them the light. I'm doing this for me... I am doing this for the CWA... I am doing this for the greater good.

    I will stand here before the Madison Square Garden crowd... cast as a villain... but in reality, I am the hero. I am the Five Star Attraction!”

    A small smile comes over the face of the future CWA World Heavyweight Champion. He looks up at a big poster in the arena - the same as the one he had seen outside - and knows that it simply is his destiny to defeat Jon Snowmantashi tonight. The belt on his shoulders. It looks like it belongs there. It just looks so wrong on Snowmantashi. It's a wrong he will rectify. He is going to the change the very landscape of the CWA tonight. He can feel it. He gets to the top of the stage area once more and looks back down to the ring. He can only imagine how he is going to feel when he stands there as the new champion. He won't care about the crowd reacting because he will know he has taken the first step in accomplishing his mission. He knows that tonight is a new beginning for the CWA. And tonight is the ending of Jon Snowmantashi.


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