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    Former GCS writer now lead producer for FOX's Marvel Project
    With hit HBO show Gotham City Stories' recently ending and it's respective spin off series Metropolis continuing to gain steam whilst Death's Dark Knight is still in production. It is of no surprise that when news of a potential show focusing on the Marvel Universe was mentioned to be in planning that Gotham City Stories and Metropolis Writer as well as Rogue producer Andrew Ryan was one of the names linked to the project. However it can now be confirmed that following his departure from the Metropolis and Death's Dark Knight series Ryan will in fact be taking the role as head producer for the show which is set to air on the FOX network alongside shows such as The Simpsons, Empire and Gotham. The series which is set to premiere in later in the year and has been described as the retelling of the entire Marvel Universe starting out with three stories of Spiderman, X Men & Iron Man respectively before slowly the likes of Daredevil, Thor, Captain America, Blade, The Incredible Hulk as well as many other notable Marvel characters will be introduced as well.
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    Re: Marvel

    ​Present Characters

    May Parker - Played by Glenn Closse
    Ben Urich - Played by David Duchovny
    Cindy Moon - Played by Katie Chang
    J.Jonah Jameson - Played by John C Mcginley
    Betty Brandt - Played by Alexis Bledel
    Mary Jane Watson - Played by Jane Levy
    Miles Morales - Played by Marcus Scribner
    Jefferson Davis - Played by William Catlett
    Captain Quaid - Played by Michael Luwoye
    Yuri Watanabe - Played by Jamie Chung
    Brigid O'Reilly/Mayhem - Played by Milla Jovovich
    Screwball - Played by Allison Pill
    White Rabbitt - Played by January Jones
    Calypso - Played by Sonequa Martin Green
    Carolyn Trainer/Lady Octopus - Played by Rhea Seehorn
    Lilly Hollister/Menace - Played by Jessica Henwck
    Frances Louise Barrison/Shriek - Played by Joelle Carter
    Tamara Pearson/Fang - Played by Chloe Sevigny
    Robert Minoru - Played by Eddie Shin
    Tina Minoru - Played by Fan Bingbing
    Nico Minoru - Played by Miranda Cosgrove
    Gene Hayes - Played by John Lynch
    Alice Hayes - Played by Annamaria Marinca
    Molly Hayes - Played by Hannah R Lloyd
    Geoffrey Wilder - Played by Rockmund Dunbar
    Catherine Wilder - Played by Alfre Woodard
    Alex Wilder - Played by Bryshere Y Gray
    Dale Yorkes - Played by Johnny Knoxville
    Stacy Yorkes - Played by Jenna Fischer
    Gert Yorkes - Played by Shannon Purser
    Frank Dean - Played by Ben Barnes
    Leslie Dean - Played by Vanessa Ray
    Karolina Dean - Played by Dove Cameron
    Victor Stein - Played by Jason Clarke
    Janet Stein - Played by Wynn Everett
    Chase Stein - Played by Blake Jenner
    Detective Flores - Played by TJ Ramini
    Topher - Played by Oliver Coopersmith

    Charles Xavier/Professor Xavier - Played by Terry Quinn
    Scott Summers/Cyclops - Played by Ian Somerholder
    Wolverine - Played by Manu Bennett
    Ororo Monroe/Storm - Played by Kerry Washington
    Jean Grey - Played by Evan Rachel Wood
    Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto - Played by Mads Mikkelsen
    Beast - Played by Tyler Hoechlin
    Mystique - Played by Yvonne Strahovski
    Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat - Played by Leighton Meester
    Bobby Drake/Iceman - Played by Kyle Gallner
    Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver - Played by Alex Pettyfer
    Laura Kinney/X-23 - Played by India Eisley
    Anna Marie/Rogue - Played by Lyndsy Fonesca
    Bishop - Played by Michael Jai White
    Gambit - Played by Alexander Skarsgard
    Mister Sinister - Played by James Purefoy
    Legion - Played by David Haller
    Shadow King - Played by Peter Mensah
    Jubilee - Played by Ellen Wong
    Trevor Fitzroy - Played by Tim Man
    Karl Lykos/Sauron - Played by Andrew Howard
    Callisto - Played by Nadia Hilker
    Polaris - Played by Natalie Dormer
    Blink - Played by Claudia Kim
    Marrow - Played by Antonique Smith
    Firefist - Played by Chandler Riggs
    Sunspot - Played by Giullian Yao Gioiello
    Mercury - Played by Madison Lintz
    Regan Wyngarde - Played by Katelyn Nacon
    Arclight - Played by Elizabeth Ludlow
    Malice - Played by Kristin Lehman
    Prism - Played by Connor Williams
    Scalphunter - Played by Trevor Long
    Vertigo - Played by Laura Fraser
    Black Bolt - Played by Luke Hemsworth

    Iron Man
    Tony Stark/Iron Man - Played by Jack Huston
    Pepper Potts - Played by Jamie Ray Newman
    James Rhodes - Played by Omari Hardwick
    Howard Stark - Played by Tom Selleck
    George Tarleton - Played by Steven Ogg
    Victoria Hand - Played by Elizabeth Mitchell
    Riri Williams - Played by Lovie Simone
    Bethany Cabe - Played by Christina Hendricks
    Bram Velsing/Dreadknight - Played by Jason Patric
    Arsenal - Played by Clancy Brown
    Aaron Soames/Mauler - Played by Tony Dalton
    Basil Sandhurst/Controller - Played by David Morrisey
    Doug Johnson/Detroit Steel - Played by Tom Welling
    Sasha Hammer - Played by Allison Williams

    The Punisher
    Frank Castle/The Punisher - Played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan
    David Lieberman/Microchip - Played by David Costabile
    Billy Russo/Jigsaw - Played by Michael Eklund
    Martin Soap - Played by Eddie Marsan
    Kathryn O'Brien - Played by Lauren German
    Rachel Alves - Played by Rose Leslie
    Mickey Fondozzi - played by Joe Mantegna
    Norah Winters - Played by Molly Dunsworth
    Lisa Santos - Played by Stephanie Beatriz
    Henry Russo - Played by Frank Dillane
    Mennonite - Played by Russell Harvard
    The Elite - Played by Alden Ehrenreich
    Grotto - Played by Tom Wright
    General Zakharov - Played by Pruitt Taylor Vince
    George Howe - Played by BJ Britt
    Steve Goodwin - Played by Ted Dibiase
    Carlos Cruz - Played by Richard Cabral
    Derek Smalls - Played by Nick Blood
    Olivier - Played by Goran Bogdan
    Saracen - Played by Sendhil Ramamurthy
    Jamie Ortiz - Played by Michael Antonakos
    Rapido - Played by Adam Copeland

    Midnight Sons
    Blade - Played by DB Woodside
    Hannibal King - Played by Ryan Eggold
    John Carik - Played by John Carroll Lynch
    Abraham Whistler - Played by Tony Goldwyn
    Abigail Whistler - Played by Ally Loannides
    Michael Morbius/Morbius the Living Vampire - Played by Rupert Friend
    Frank Drake - Played by Matt Bomer
    Faiza Hussain - Played by Dilshad Vadsaria
    Diabolique - Played by Melissa Fumero
    Morgan Le Fay - Played by Eva Green
    Modred - Played by Matthew Rauch
    Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider - Played by Taylor Kitsch
    Mephisto - Played by Jackie Earl Haley
    Danny Ketch/Ghost Rider - Played by Matt Barr
    Stacy Dolan - Played by Lucy Fry
    Arthur Dolan - Played by Scott Caan
    Daimon Hellstorm - Played by Josh Henderson
    Sister Sara - Played by Julie Benz
    Robbie Reyes - Played by Ryan Guzman
    Gabe Reyes - Played by Moises Arias
    Eli Morrow - Played by Demian Bichir
    Shriker - Played by Martin Sensmeier
    Satana - Played by Rachelle Levefre
    Marc Spector/Moon Knight - Played by Charlie Hunnam
    Jean Paul DuChamp/Frenchie - Played by Jacky Ido
    Marlene Alraune - Played by Mercedes Mason
    Khonshu - Voiced by Mark Margolis
    Gena Landers - Played by Tawny Cypress
    Samuels - Played by Kevin Corrigan
    Nedda - Played by Jennifer Ehle
    Ray Landers - Played by Tyler James Williams
    Buck Lime - Played by Wendell Pierce
    Rob Silverman - Played by Justin Hartley
    Jacob Russell - Played by Jared Padalecki
    Gregory Russof - Played by William Forsythe
    Gregor Russof - Played by Walton Goggins
    Sir Mordred - Played by Charlie Cox
    Dark Dwarf - Played by Kevin Rahm
    Salome - Played by Alexa Davalos
    Chthon - Played by Forrest Whittaker
    Marduk Kurios - Played by Sam Neill
    Satannish - Played by Vincent D'Onofrio
    Victoria Hellstorm - Played by Vera Farmiga
    Louise Hastings - Played by Adina Porter
    Jinx - Played by Caleb McLaughlin
    Sam Buchanan - Played by Logan Lerman
    Victoria Montessi - Played by Olivia Cooke
    Marie Laveau - Played by Vivica A fox
    Doctor Voodoo - Played by David Oyelowo
    Gargoyle - Played by Brett Dalton
    Ted Sallis/Manthing - Played by Ray Liotta
    Lucien Sinclair - Played by Joe Pesci
    Animus - Played by Sterling K Brown
    Silver Dagger - Played by Robert Kilpatrick
    Edward Cross/Skinhead - Played by Connor Paolo

    Matt Murdock/Daredevil - Played by Shane West
    Foggy Nelson - Played by Adam DeVine
    Karen Page - Played by Maggie Grace
    Bullseye - Played by Jeffrey Donovan
    Wilson Fisk/Kingpin - Played by Tony Todd
    Bushwacker - Played by John Jarratt
    Mr.Fear - Played by Crispin Glover
    Bengal - Played by Til Scweiger
    Maya Lopez/Echo - Played by Natasha Liu Bordizzo
    Milla Donovan - Played by Emily Swallow
    Wilbur Day/Stilt Man - Played by August Diehl
    Brett Mahoney - Played by Hisham Tawfiq
    Blue Talon - Played by Ed Skrein
    Maggie Murdock - Played by Melissa McBride
    Ten Fingers - Played by Byron Mann

    Bruce Banner/Hulk - Played by Hugh Dancy
    Betty Ross - Played by Nikki Reed
    Rick Jones - Played by Amadeus Serafini
    Clay Quartermain - Played by Charles Halford
    Cary St. Lawrence - Played by Gemma Whelan
    Leonard Skivorski - Played by Jimmi Simpson
    Amadeus Cho - Played by Osric Chau
    Red King - Played by Justin Prentice
    Robert Maverick - Played by Gerard Butler
    Jim Wilson - Played by 50 Cent
    Marlo Chandler - Played by Billie Lourd
    Caiera - Played by Christian Serratos
    Korg - Played by Paul Wight
    Miek - Played by Chad Lindberg
    No-Name - Played by Linnea Berthelsen
    Hiroim - Played by Huang Xiaoming
    Elloe Kaifi - Played by Lizzie Brochere
    Axeman Bone - Played by Tyron Woodley
    Grandmaster - Played by Ewan McGregor
    Deaths Head 3.0 - Played by Bill Goldberg
    Kram - Played by Gene Snitsky
    Yenrag - Played by Nick Nemeth
    Primus Vand - Played by Tyler Vand
    Lihla - Played by Jenna Coleman
    Princess Omaka - Played by Odette Annable
    Old Sam - Played by Christopher Plummer
    Mung the Inconceivable - Played by Robert Maillet

    Captain America
    Steve Rogers/Captain America - Played by Liam Hemsworth
    James Barnes - Played by Garrett Dillahunt
    Johann Schmidt/Red Skull - Played by Jason Isaacs
    Werner Von Strucker - Played by Joe Keery
    Sam Wilson/Falcon - Played by Laz Alonso
    Erica Holstein - Played by Allison Brie
    Sharon Carter - Played by Sarah Gadon
    Helmut Zemo - Played by Ed Harris
    Larry Ekler/Zeitgeist - Played by Shawn Hatosy
    Clinton McIntyre/Protocide - Played by Ricky Whittle
    Alexander Lukin - Played by Emile Hirsch
    Bart Gallows/Americop - Played by Aaron Stanton
    Daniel Leighton/Cut Throat - Played by Callan McAulliffe

    Thor - Played by Travis Fimmel
    Odin - Played by Charles Dance
    Loki - Played by Mark Pellegrino
    Jane Foster - Played by Carice Van Houten
    Lady Sif - Played by Janina Gavankar
    Balder The Brave - Played by Craig Parker
    Volstagg - Played by Lee Jones
    Frigga - Played by Kim basinger
    Hogun - Played by Tatsuya Fujiwara
    Fandral the Dashing - Played by Pedro Pascal
    Erik Selvig - Played by Johnny Coyne
    Heimdall - Played by Ciaran Hinds
    Malekith the Accursed - Played by Aiden Gillen
    Algrim the Strong/Kurse - Played by Michael Montgomery
    Brunhilde/Valkyrie - Played by Laura Vandervoort
    Alflyse - Played by Antje Traue
    Bitterhand - Played by Aaron O'Connell
    Wormwood - Played by Biao Yuen
    Grendell - Played by Brandon Molale
    Scumtongue - Played by Peter Franzen
    Rotjaw - Played by Tom Bateman
    Sourfoot - Played by Rupert Grint
    Lady Waziria - Played by Krista Grotte
    Painted Xan - Played by Christian Howard
    Wormsong - Played by Casper Van Dien
    Lorelei - Played by Jaime King
    Arthur Blackwood/Crusader - Played by Daniel Radcliffe
    Skurge the Executioner - Played by Conan Stevens
    Arkin - played by Joshua Harto
    Knorda - Played by Carla Gugino
    Kryllk - Played by Ben Robson

    Scott Lang/Ant Man - Played by Scott Porter
    Hank Pym - Played by Robert Carlyle
    Janet Van Dyne - Played by Julia Stiles
    Bill Foster - Played by Rob Brown
    Darren Cross - Played by Jeffrey Wright
    Cassie Lang - Played by Brighton Sharbino
    Blake Burdick - Played by Kristoffer Jon Polaha
    Peggy Rae - Played by Julie McNiven
    Erica Sondheim - Played by Carrie Coon
    Augustine Cross - Played by Charles Michael Davis
    Blacklash - Played by Marama Corlett
    James Bradley/Nemesis - Played by Dan Feuerriegel
    Hope Van Dyne - Played by Christine Evangelista
    Petra Laskov - Played by Syndey Park

    Phil Coulson - Played by Gabriel Macht
    Nick Fury - Played by Djimon Hounsou
    Bobbi Morse - Played by Ivana Milicevic
    Maria Hill - Played by Trieste Kelly Dunn
    Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow - Played by Rebecca Ferguson
    Clint Barton/Hawkeye - Played by Mike Vogel
    Arnold Brown - Played by Woody Harrelson
    Daniel Whitehall - Played by Greg Ellis
    Johann Fenhoff - Played by Bradley Whitford
    Brock Rumlow - Played by Sullivan Stapleton
    Adam Manna - Played by Toby Leonard Moore
    GW Bridge - Played by John Goodman
    Laura Brown - Played by Emily Beecham
    Alexander Pierce - Played by John Pyper Ferguson
    Rick Stoner - Played by Michael Ironside
    Kate Bishop - Played by Rachel Bilson
    Red Guardian - Played by Sasha Roiz
    Peter Parker/Spiderman - Played by Tyler Posey

    Wade Wilson/Deadpool - Played by Jensen Ackles
    Nathan Summers/Cable - Played by Stephen Lang
    Neena Thurman/Domino - Played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead
    Cannonball - Played by Liam Mcintyre
    Boom Boom - Played by Margaret Qualley
    Rictor - Played by Chord Overstreet
    Shatterstar - Played by Chris Zylka
    Forge - Played by Zach McGowan
    Blind Al - Played by Gina Torres
    Bob, Agent of Hydra - Played by King Bach
    Weasel - Played by Lew Temple
    Dazzler - Played by Portia Doubleday
    Longshot - Played by Marshall Allmann
    Mojo - Played by Glenn Flesher
    Mr.Veech - Played by Michael McKean
    Arize - Played by Mark Hamill
    Spiral - Played by Amy Johnston
    Quark - Played by Ron Cephas Jones
    Major Domo - Played by Domhnall Gleeson
    Minor Domo - Played by Jessica Stroup
    Chimera - Played by Gwendoline Christie
    Mojo 2 - Played by Cody Fern
    Warlock - Played by Mustafa Shakir
    Windsong - Played by Gabrielle Dennis

    Fantastic Four
    Reed Richards - Played by Timothy Olyphant
    Susan Storm - Played by Diane Kruger
    Ben Grimm - Played by Ron Perlman
    Johnny Storm - Played by Hunter Parish
    Alicia Masters - Played by Kelly Reilly
    Wyatt Wingfoot - Played by Tom Stevens
    Nathaniel Richards - Played by Jim Caviezel
    Franklin Storm - Played by Richard Dormer
    Alyssa Moy - Played by Katharine Waterson
    Kristoffer Vernard - Played by Niall Matter
    Crystal - Played by Zoe Kravitz
    Molecule Man - Played by Dennis Quaid
    Titania - Played by Jasmine Waltz

    Namor - Played by Daniel Dae Kim
    Dorma - Played by Mozhan Marno
    Namora - Played by Bridget Regan
    Andromeda - Played by Christina Ochoa
    Tamara Rahn - Played by Megan Boone
    Lemuel Dorcas - Played by Christian Camargo
    Abira - Played by Tamzin Merchant
    Argos - Played by Jon Michael Hill
    Banara - Played by Dylan Baker
    Caleb Alexander - Played by David Conrad
    Carrie Alexander - Played by Shannon Woodward
    Leon McKenzie - Played by Steven Yeun
    Desmond Marrs - Played by Samuel Barnett
    Phoebe Marrs - Played by Andi Matichak
    Llyron - Played by Ishmael Cruz Cordova
    Bloodtide - Played by Isabelle Cornish
    Dragonrider - Played by Florence Faivre
    Manowar - Played by Ken Leung
    Lyra - Played by Emilie De Ravin
    Zoran - Played by Jose Zuniga
    Vyrra - Played by John Cusack
    Naga - Played by Jeremy Lawson
    Karthon - Played by Kenny Wormald

    Captain Britain
    Captain Britain - Played by Max Brown
    Dai Thomas - Played by David O'Hara
    Meggan Puceanu - Played by Lotte Verbeek
    Miss Locke - Played by Lara Pulver
    Arcade - Played by Matt Smith
    Lance Hunter - Played by Pierce Brosnan
    Cortney Ross - Played by Jessica Brown Findlay
    Elizabeth Braddock - Played by Kate Bracken
    Roma - Played by Charlotte Hope
    Merlyn - Played David Bradley
    Dane Whitman/Black Knight - Played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers
    Alistaire Stuart - Played by Warren Brown
    Alysande Stuare - Played by Billie Piper
    Doctor Crocodile - Played by Michael Kenneth Williams
    Tom Lennox - Played by Rory Kinnear
    Wolfsbane - Played by Christine Woods
    Lionheart - Played by Kate Bosworth
    Gravemoss - Played by Mark Duplass
    Hauptmann Englande - Played by Wes Chatham
    Highwayman - Played by Adrien Brody
    Hurricane - Played by Chris Larkin
    Riot - Played by Joe Cole

    Doctor Doom
    Victor Von Doom/Doctor Doom - Played by Martin Wallstrom
    Boris - Played by Matt Letscher
    Gert Hauptmann - Played by Jason Butler Harner
    Alexander Flynn - Played by Freddie Highmore
    Gorzenko - Played by Boris McGiver
    Dubcek - Played by Charles Baker
    Mad Thinker - Played by Billy Burke

    Master of Kung-Fu
    Shang Chi - Played by Iko Uwais
    Fu Manchu - Played by Collin Choi
    Black Jack Tarr - Played by Ted Danson
    Clive Reston - Played by Victor Webster
    Fah Lo Suee - Played by Jodelle Ferland
    Leiko Wu - Played by Yifei Liu
    Denis Nayland Smith - Played by Joe Fiennes
    Simon Bretnor - Played by Adam Goldberg
    Killraven - Played by Rodrigo Santoro
    Linda Fong - Played by Hana Mae Lee
    Adder - Played by Tananobu Asano
    Lazarus - Played by Cody Runnels
    Pavane - Played by Alana De La Garza
    Samisdat - Played by Clifton Collins
    Sata - Played by Manny Montana
    Yellow Claw - Played by Jet Li
    Shaka Kharn - Played by Peter Shinkoda
    Zaran - Played by Taylor Lautner
    Midnight Sun - Played by Ato Essandoh
    Shadow Stalker - Played by Matias Varela

    Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman - Played by Julia Goldani Telles
    Scotty McDowell - Played by Richard Speight Jr
    Sybil Dvorak - Played by Abigail Breslin
    Otto Vermis - Played by Ralph Ineson
    Lindsay McCabe - Played by Julia Garner
    David Ishima - Played by Tom Felton

    Eddie Brock/Venom - Played by Ryan Kwanten
    Ann Weying - Played by Kat Graham
    Cletus Kasady/Carnage - Played by Matthew Lillard
    Spoiler - Played by Titus Welliver
    Jenna Cole - Played by Kaitlyn Dever
    Elizabeth - Played by Ashley Tisdale
    Becky Underwood - Played by Vanessa Hudgens
    Ashley Kafka - Played by Felicia Day
    Carlton Drake - Played by Giancarlo Esposito
    Fordham Rhodes - Played by Eric Johnson
    Claire Dixon - Played by Jennifer Garner
    Orwell Taylor - Played by Enrico Colantoni
    Sentry - Played by Wu Jing
    Ramshot - Played by Chris Cochrane
    Screech - Played by Cyril Raffaeli
    Firearm - Played by Lateef Crowder Dos Santos
    Bomblast - Played by Alaa Safi
    Leslie Gesneria - Played by Ella Rae Smith
    Ramon Hernandez - Played by Benjamin Hollingsworth
    Carl Mach - Played by Lane Garrison
    Trevor Cole - Played by Shazad Latif
    Donna Diego - Played by Ally Maki
    Patricia Roberson - Played by Audrey Esparza

    Wolverine - Played by Manu Bennett
    Shingen Yashida - Played by Ken Watanabe
    Daken - Played by Lewis Tan
    Romulus - Played by Johnny Depp
    Nitro - Played by Joshua Mikel
    Roughhouse - Played by Numan Acar - Bloodscream - Played by Wilson Bethel
    Wild Child - Played by Jack O'Connell
    Cyber - Played by Cole Hauser
    The Native - Played by Nathalie Emmanuel - Tyger Tyger - Played by Malese Jow

    The Thunderbolts
    General Ross - Played by Ted Levine
    Emil Blonsky - Played by David Lyons
    Samuel Sterns - Played by Johnny Lee Miller
    Herman Schultz - Played by Josh Holloway
    Abner Jenkins - played by Jesse Spencer
    Batroc - Played by Sebastien Foucan
    Juggernaut - Played by Kevin Durand
    Paladin - Played by Matthew Fox
    Donnie Gill/Blizzard - Played by Cameron Bright
    Chen Lu/Radioactive man - Played by Will Yun Lee
    Dallas Riordan - Played by Gugu Mbathu Raw
    Grizzly - Played by Michael Cudlitz
    Tatterdemalion - Played by Ben Bela Bohm
    Charcoal - Played by Brandon K Hampton
    Jolt - Played by Bonnie Wright
    Man-Wolf - Played by Rick Cosnett
    Atlas - Played by Austin Amelio
    Electro - Played by Dominic Monaghan
    Multiple Man - Played by James Patrick Stauart
    Songbird - Played by Willa Fitzgerald
    Franklin Hall - Played by Ethan Hawke

    White Tiger
    Ava Ayala/White Tiger - Played by Monica Raymond
    Sano Orii - Played by Reggie Lee
    Hector Ayala/White Tiger - Played by Matt Cedeno
    Angela Del Toro - Played by Emily Rios
    Tigra - Played by Tatyana Ali
    Ana Kravinoff - Played by Chloe Grace Moretz
    Alyosha Kravinoff - Played by Jesse Metcalfe
    Agent Coville - Played by Jimmy Smits
    Awilda Ayala - Played by Lauren Velez
    Black Tarantula - Played by Seal
    Lightmaster - Played by Ray Campbell
    Blackbyrd - Played by Mekhi Phifer
    Abe Brown - Played by Wilson Cruz
    Bob Diamond - Played by Freddy Rodriguez
    Flippo Ayala - Played by Jon Seda
    King Cobra - Played by Thomas Jane
    Cobra - Played by Josh Bowman

    Jessica Jones
    Jessica Jones - Played by Alexandria Daddario
    Oscar Clemons - Played by Orlando Jones
    Zebediah Killgrave/The Purple Man - Played by Tom Ellis
    Malcolm Powder - Played by Ryan Cartwright
    Jeryn Hogarth - Played by Gabriel Mann
    Man Mountain Marko - Played by Brad William Henke
    Patsy Walker/Hellcat - Played by Zoey Deutch
    Dakota North - Played by Lindsey McKeon
    Lone Shark - Played by Richard T Jones
    Kat Farrell - Played by Michelle Monaghan
    Alisa Jones - Played by Kelly MacDonald
    Mary Wilkinson - Played by Jessica Simpson
    David Lawson - Played by Gavin Rossdale
    Dorothy Walker - Played by Connie Britton
    Foolkiller - Played by Haaz Sleiman
    Dia Sloane - Played by Keisha Castle Hughes
    Jared Beekman - Played by Jesse Plemons
    Alison Green - Played by Rose Byrne
    Denny Haynes - Played by Robert Sheehan
    Jared Beekman - Played by JJ Field

    Iron Fist
    Danny Rand/Iron Fist - Played by Dan Stevens
    Joy Meachum - Played by Jennifer Carpenter
    Lei Kung - Played by Hiroyuki Tagawa
    Steel Serpent - Played by Manuel Garcia Rulfo
    Master Khan - Played by Ali Suliman
    Yu-Ti - Played by Kippei Shiina
    Miranda Kai - Played by Lauren Cohan
    Wendell Rand - Played by Sam Worthington
    Heather Rand - Played by Alicia Silverstone
    Fooh - Played by C.S Lee
    Brenda Swanson - Played by Lea Michelle
    Dragon Fist - Played by Stephany Jacobsen
    Zhou Cheng - Played by Christian Keyes
    Prince of Orphans - Played by Babou Ceesay
    Orson Randall - Played by Ben Daniels

    Daughters of the Dragon
    Colleen Wing - Played by Juju Chan
    Misty Knight - Played by Lyndie Greenwood
    Rafael Scarfe - Played by Donnie Wahlberg
    Warhawk - Played by Clive Standen
    Lee Wing - Played by Jackie Chan
    Bob Diamond - Played by Justin Bruening
    Razor Fist - Played by Nick Damici
    Impasse - Played by Billy Brown
    Shaya - Played by Chiaki Kuriyama
    Ushas - Played by Lucy Liu
    Sharen - Played by Alanna Masterson
    Jonathan Swift/Blue Streak - Played by Vincent Fuentes
    Gadget - Played by Rainer Bock
    Grigori Sovchenko/Ghost Maker - Played by Michael Mosley
    Hammer Harrison - Played by Fernando Chien
    American Samurai - Played by Karl makinen
    Cherry Blossom - Played by Taissa Farmiga
    Celia Ricadonna - Played by Jennifer Connelly

    Luke Cage
    Luke Cage/Power Man - Played by Chad Coleman
    Cornell Cottonmouth - Played by Harold Perrineau
    Mariah Dillard - Cynthia-Addai Robinson
    Willis Stryker - Played by Pooch Hall
    Shades - Played by Lance Gross
    Claire Temple - Played by Natalie Martinez
    Noah Burnstein - Played by Kurt Fuller
    Rackam - Played by MC Gainey
    DW Griffith - Played by Max Martini
    Flea - Played by Jaiden Kaine
    Moses Magnum - Played by Eamonn Walker
    Darris Kimbro - Played by David Oyelowo
    Quincy McIver/Bushmaster - Played by Jimmy Jean Louis
    Tilda Johnson/Nightshade - Played by Keke Palmer
    Hardcore - Played by Blair Underwood
    Coldfire - Played by Michael Ealy
    Lin Sun - Played by Tae Noo Ja
    Reva Conners - Played by Taraji P Henson
    Robert Hao/Chaka - Played by David Sakura
    Jason Quantrell - Played by John Barrowman
    Piranha Jones - Played by Mike Epps

    Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk - Played by Erica Durance
    Mallory Book - Played by Betty Gilpin
    Louise Grant Mason - Played by Susanna Thompson
    Elaine Banner - Played by Teri Hatcher
    Morris Walters - Played by Kevin Sorbo
    Jill Stevens - Played by Ellen Page
    Daniel Ridge - Played by Bobby Cannavale
    Adrenazon - Played by Floriana Lima
    Manfred Haller/Behemoth - Played by Robert Knepper
    Montgomery H Price - Played by Simon Baker
    Nicholas Trask - Played by Linus Roche
    Robyn Malt - Played by Charisma Carpenter

    Black Panther
    T'Challa/Black Panther - Played by Aldis Hodge

    Captain Marvel

    Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel - Played by Katee Sackhoff
    Mar-Vell - Played by DJ Cotrona

    Doctor Strange
    Stephen Strange/Doctor Strange - Played by Patrick Dempsey

    Elsa Bloodstone
    Elsa Bloodstone - Played by Emily Browning
    Mr. Dluga - Played by Luke Perry
    Tomasz Dluga - Played by Alex Meraz
    Ulysses Bloodstone - Played by Bruce Campbell
    Maya and Aztek Bloodstone - Played by Rowan Blanchard
    Machine Man - Played by Misha Collins
    Living Mummy - Played by Antonio Banderas
    Pharoah Ramses - Played by Faran Tahir
    Frankenstein - Played by Sid Haig
    Number None - Played by Derek Mears
    Dread Rorkannu - Played by Kane Hodder
    Nosferatu - Played by Bill Mosley
    Dragon Man - Played by Willem Dafoe
    Doctor Minkley - Played by Tobin Bell
    Elise Bloodstone - Played by Sarah Michelle Gellar
    Dirk Anger - Played by Kevin Zegers
    Charles Barnabus - Played by Dominic West

    Cloak and Dagger
    Dagger - Played by Christa B Allen
    Cloak - Played by O'Shea Jackson

    Guardians of the Galaxy
    Peter Quill/Starlord - Played by Jake McDorman
    Gamora - Played by Lynn Collins
    Drax the Destroyer - Played by Henry Rollins
    Rocket Racoon - Played by Simon Pegg
    Groot - Played by John-Rhys Davies
    Mantis - Played by Allison Sudol
    Jack Flag - Played by Robert Pattinson
    Angela - Played by Ayelet Zurer
    Yondu Udonta - Played by Rory McCann
    Vance Astro - Played by Ramon Rodriguez
    Charlie-27 - Played by Mike Colter
    Martinex T'Naga - Played by Kevin Mambo
    Stakar/Starhawk - Played by Karl Urban
    Nikki - Played by Elisabeth Moss
    Aleta Ogord - Played by Jodie Whittaker
    Pyreus Kril/Firelord - Played by Callum Turner
    Quasar - Played by Kristanna Loken
    Wendell Vaughn/Quasar - Played by Finn Jones
    Taneleer Tivan/The Collector - Played by Marton Csonkas
    Nebula - Played by Faye Marsay
    Uatu the Watcher - Played by Neal McDonough
    Brother Royal - Played by Theo Rossi - Aladi Ko Eke - Played by Kaya Scodelario
    Bubonicos - Played by Stephen Lord
    Korvac - Played by Clayne Crawford
    L'Matto - Played by Michael Obiora
    Mindscan - Played by Marisa Ramirez
    Topographical Man - Played by Toby Kebbell
    Reptyl - Played by Ian Tracey - Dara Ko Eke - Played by Paula Malcolmson - L'Witt - Played by Giorgia Whigam - Ecallaw - played by Will Mellor - Kodor - Played by Tristan Gemmill
    Irani Rael - Played by Sarah Butler - Rhomman Dey - Played by Mark Dexter - Powerhouse - Played by Steve Austin - Tanak Valt - Played by Amber Rose Reva - Nova - Played by Ben Mckenzie
    Ronan the accuser - Played by Robert Patrick - Korath the pursuer - Played by Roland Moller
    Bel Dann - Played by Coby Bell - Galen Kor - Played by Jason R.Moore - Hal Kon - Played by Cali Elizabeth Moore - Staak - Played by Laurence Mason - Hala - Played by Samantha Norton
    Ka'Ardum - Played by Jim Parrack - Lilandra - Played by Kate Mara - D'Ken - Played Abhin Galeya - Deathbird - Played by Crystal Reed
    Warbringer - Played by Benjamin Byron Davis
    RKll - Played by Gabrielle Union - Zark - Played by Jason Statham - Jash - Played by Aml Ameen - MyRl - played by Emmy Raver Lampmann - Rygga - Played by William Beck - Veranke - Played by Alex McKenna

    Gwen Stacy/Spider Woman - Played by Dianna Agron
    George Stacy - Played by Kiefer Sutherland - Frank Castle - Played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan - Jean DeWolff - played by Michelle Borth
    Peter Parker/The Lizard - Played by Tyler Posey - Richard Parker - Played by Thomas Gibson - Mary Parker - Played by Paget Brewster
    Mary Jane - Played by Jane Levy - Betty Brandt - Played by Alexis Bledel - Glory Grant - Played by Lex Scott Davis
    J Jonah Jameson - Played by John C McGinley
    Eugene Thompson/Agent Venom - Played by Colton Haynes - Sergei Kravinoff - Played by Scott Adkins - Maria Castle - Played by Kim Engelbrecht
    Ben Urich - Played by David Duchovny
    Carlie Cooper - Played by Portia Doubleday - Randy Robertson - Played by Alfred Enoch - Arthur Stacy - Played by Will Patton
    Felicia Hardy - Played by Elisha Cuthbert - Liz Allan - Played by Britt Robertson
    Francine Frye/Electro - Played by Tara Strong - Blackie Drago/Vulture - Played by James Carpinello - Daniel Burkhart/Mysterio - Played by Thomas Brodie Sangster - Elaine Coil/Scorpia - Played by Melissa Mahut - Richard Deacon/Human Fly - Played by Lucas Black
    Francine Foswell - Played by Louisa Lytton - Nick Lewis Jr - Played by Richard Harmon - The Owl - Played by Tommy Flannagan
    Wilson Fisk/Kingpin - Played by Tony Todd - Matthew Murdock - Played by Shane West
    Thomas Fireheart/Puma - Played by Dominic Rains
    Mendell Stromm - Played by Len Cariou - Big Wheel - Played by Ian Nelson
    Phil Urich/Goblin King - Played by Nicholas D'Agosto - Jason Macedale/Hobgoblin - Played by Josh Stewart
    Malcolm McBride/Carrion - Played by George Rainsford
    Black Tarantula - Played by Raul Castillo - Lobo Brothers - Played by Daniel and Louis Moncada
    Foreigner - Played by Vincent Regan - Bloodshed - Played by Shawn Teale
    Cindy Moon - Played by Katie Chang - Jesse Drew - Played by Grey Damon

    Remy Lebeau/Gambit - Played by Alexander Skarsgard
    The Pig - Played by Sergio Lopez
    Candra - Played by Serinda Swan - Bond - Played by Jacob Anderson
    Jean Luc Lebeau - Played by Adrian Paul - Fence - Played by Jean Reno - Belize Marceaux - Played by Ciara Renee - Lapkin - Played by Nick E Tarabay - Mercy Lebeau - Played by Peyton List - Rouler Marceaux - Played by Richard Winsor - Henri Lebeau - Played by Falk Hentschel - Etienne Marceaux - Played by Natalie Alyn Lind
    Marius Boudreaux - Played by Thomas Ian Griffith - Joulien Boudreaux - Played by Chris Wood - Bella Donna Boudreaux - Played by Jenna Dewan
    Orphan Maker - Played by Percy Hynes White - Nakh - Played by Steven Seagal - Fifolet - Played by Ronda Rousey - Francois Chicolaut - Played by Michael Cerveris - Assassin - Played by Sean Kanan - Gris Gris - Played by Eme Ikuawakor - Harvester - Played by Chris Klein
    Cecilia Reyes - Played by Raven Symone - Courier - Played by BD Wong
    Genevieve Darceneaux - Played by Italia Ricci
    Harrison Snow - Played by Ralph Macchio


    Ororo Monroe/Storm - Played by Kerry Washington
    N'Dare Muroe - Played by Lark Voorhies - David Munroe - Played by J August Richards
    Achmed El Gibar - Played by Danny Glover - Ainet - Played by Halle Berry
    Evangeline Whedon - Played by Amanda Abbington
    Beautiful Dreamer - Played by Willa Holland
    Evan Daniels - Played by Franz Drameh
    Andreas De Ruyter - Played by Wesley Snipes
    The Leper Queen - Played by Mary J Blidge
    Deluge - Played by Jimmy Akingbola
    Dervish - Played by Ru Rongyuang - Dive Bomber - Played by Jeff Branson - Erg - Played by Adrian Padsar - Masque - Played by Anthony Corrigan - Lariat - Played by Parker Young - Angel Dust - Played by Victoria Justice
    Carver - Played by Michael Rooker - Fugue - Played by Michael Jonsson - Healer - Played by Marcus Rosner - Shatter - Played by JR Ramirez
    Gentle - Played by Chris Chalk - White Panther - Played by Pallance Dladla - Junta - Played by David Castaneda
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    Re: Marvel

    ​Past Characters

    Ben Parker/Uncle Ben - Played by Jon Voight - First Appearance (Season 1 Episode 1) - Last Appearance (Season 1 Episode 1) - Status: Deceased
    Dennis Carradine/The Robber - Played by Adam Rothenberg - First Appearance (Season 1 Episode 1) - Last Appearance (Season 1 Episode 1) - Status: Deceased
    Leland Owlsley - Played by Tommy Flannagan - First Appearance (Season 1 Episode 2) - Last Appearance (Season 1 Episode 2) - Status: Deceased
    Frederick Foswell - Played by Ian McShane - First Appearance (Season 1 Episode 3) - Last Appearance (Season 1 Episode 3) - Status: Deceased
    Silvermane Manfredi - Played by John Nolan First Appearance (Season 1 Episode 3) - Last Appearance (Season 1 Episode 10) - Status: Deceased
    Flash Thompson - Played by Colton Haynes
    Liz Allan - Played by Britt Robertson
    Fancy Dan - Played by Jonathan Tucker - Arrested
    Ox - Played by Geno Segers - Arrested
    Montana - Played by Neil Jackson - Arrested
    John McIver - Played by Lance Reddick - Killed by Kingpin
    Tim Stuart - Played by Chris Coy - Arrested
    Tom Stuart - Played by Travis Aaron Wade - Arrested
    Debbie Bertrand - Played by Annet Mahendru - Arrested
    James Wesley - Played by Raul Esparza - Killed in Warehouse shootout
    Barracuda - Thomas Q Jones - Killed by Punisher
    Tombstone - Played by Winston Duke - Arrested
    Hammerhead - Played by Vinnie Jones - Arrested
    Sable Manfredi - Played by Emilia Clarke - Killed by Bullseye
    Wilson Fisk/Kingpin - Played by Tony Todd - Arrested
    Lynn Michaels - Played by Ophelia Lovibond
    Carlie Cooper - Played by Portia Doubleday
    Walter Bolt - Played by Desmond Harrington
    Gwen Stacy - Played by Dianna Agron - Killed by Norman Osborn/Green Goblin
    Norman Osborn/Green Goblin - Played by Michael Shannon - Killed by own Glider
    Phineas Mason/Tinkerer - Played by Reed Diamond - Arrested
    Michael O'Brien - Played by David Harbour - Arrested
    Flint Marko/Sandman - Played by Brian Geraghty
    Harry Osborn/Green Goblin - Played by Douglas Booth - Poisoned
    Herman Schultz/The Shocker - Played by Josh Holloway - Arrested
    Alexei Systevich/Rhino - Played by Hathtor Bjornsson - Arrested
    Otto Octavius/Doctor Octopus - Played by Jared Harris - Arrested
    Adrian Toomes/The Vulture - Played by Steve Buscemi - Arrested
    Mac Gargan/The Scorpion - Played by Teddy Sears - Arrested
    Max Dillon/Electro - Played by Dominic Monaghan - Arrested
    Chameleon - Played by Tom Wlaschiha - Arrested
    John Jameson - Played by Rick Cosnett - Arrested
    Abner Jenkins/Beetle - Played by Jesse Spencer - Arrested
    Curt Connors - Played by Noah Wyle - Arrested
    Spencer Smythe - Played by Jonathan Pryce - Died from radiation poisoning
    Morris Bench/Hydroman - Played by Chris Carmack - Evaporated
    Miles Warren/The Jackal - Played by Kevin Bacon - Arrested
    Mark Raxton/Molten Man - Played by Mat Vairo - Arrested
    Quentin Beck/Mysterio - Played by Zachary Quinto - Arrested
    Stanley Carter/The Sin Eater - Played by Justin Theroux - Arrested
    Jean DeWolff - Played by Michelle Borth - Killed by The Sin Eater
    Robbie Robertson - Played by Omar Epps
    Randy Robertson - Played by Alfred Enoch
    Alistair Smythe - Played by Michael Pitt - Arrested
    Felicia Hardy/Black Cat - Played by Elisha Cuthbert
    Aaron Davis - Played by Shemar Moore - Killed by Samuel Silke
    Samuel Silke - Played by Gabriel Chavarria - Arrested
    Richard Fisk/Rose - Played by Y'Lan Noel - Arrested
    Alisha Manfredi - Played by Stephanie Corneliussen - Killed by Joseph Manfredi
    Joseph Manfredi - Played by Logan Marshall Green - Killed by Black Cat
    Glory Grant - Played by Lex Scott Davis - Arrested
    Walter Hardy - Played by Nicholas Hammond
    Jonathan Ohnn - Played by Robert Englund - Arrested
    Morlun - Played by Joseph Morgan - Killed by Spiderman
    Roderick Kingsley - Played by Jamie Dornan - Killed by Ned Leeds
    Mayday Parker - Played by Gage Golightly
    Spider Ham - Voiced by Chris Rock - Killed by Morlun
    Miguel O'Hara/Spiderman 2099 - Played by Echo Kellum - Killed by Morlun
    Max Borne/Spiderman 2211 - Played by Sean Kanan - Killed by Morlun
    Spiderman Noir - Played by Jonathan Groff - Killed by Morlun
    Billy Braddock/Spider UK - Played by Alex Walkinshaw - Killed by Morlun
    Spider-Gwen - Played by Dianna Aggron
    Aracindo Jr - Played by Xolo Mariduena - Killed by Morlun
    Ben Reilly - Played by Tanner Buchanan - Killed by Morlun
    Brian Kornfield/Spider X - Played by Laurence Fox - Killed by Morlun
    Mattie Franklin - Played by Mary Mouser
    Madame Web - Played by Christine Baranski - Killed by Morlun
    Solus - Played by David Straithairn - Killed by Morlun
    Verna - Played by Lucy Gaskell - Killed by Morlun
    Karn - Played by Kurt Yaeger - Killed by Morlun
    Dex - Played by Sol Heras - Killed by Morlun


    Sebastian Shaw - Played by Garrett Dillahunt - First Appearance (Season 1 Episode 1) - Last Appearance (Season 1 Episode 5) - Status: Deceased
    Bolivar Trask (Tim Roth) ~ Killed by Master Mold
    Donald Pierce (Samuel Witwer) ~ Killed by Wolverine and Beast
    Master Mold (John Noble) ~ Destroyed by Emma Frost, Azazel and Riptide
    Bastion (Jay Ryan) ~ Destroyed by Cyclops, Iceman and Storm
    Toad (David Belle) ~ Killed by Donald Pierce
    Havok (Max Thierot) ~ Killed by Bastion
    Emma Frost (Katheryn Winnick) ~ Left with Riptide and Azazel
    Azazel (Gaspard Ulliel) ~ Left with Emma Frost and Riptide
    Riptide (Nick Weschler) ~ left with Azazel and Emma Frost
    Malcolm Cocord (Joshua Close) - Killed by X-23
    Abraham Cornelius (Jake Weber) - Killed by X-23
    Kayla/Silver Fox (Amelia Rose Blaire) - Killed by Sabretooth
    John Wraith/Kestrel (Colman Domingo) - Killed by Sabretooth
    William Stryker (James Woods) - Killed himself
    Victor Creed/Sabretooth (Joe Manganiello) - Killed by Wolverine
    Fred Dukes/Blob (Wade Williams) - Killed in explosion
    David North/Agent Zero (Kevin Alejandro) - Killed by Beast
    Lady Deathstrike (Tao Okamoto) - Killed by Magneto
    Banshee (Joseph Gilgun) - Killed by Sabretooth
    Ajax (Wil Traval) - Killed by Deadpool
    Danielle Moonstar - Played by Q'orianka Kilcher - Killed by Sunfire
    Gauntlet - Played by Langley Kirkwood - Killed by Wolverine
    Foxbat - Played by Frederick Weller - Killed by Lifeforce
    Tusk - Played by Joseph Gatt - Killed by Wolverine
    Spyne - Played by Tyson Sullivan - Killed by Wolverine
    Lifeforce - Played by Valorie Curry - Killed by Quicksilver
    Mesmero - Played by Burn Gorman - Killed by Magneto
    Caliban - Played by Toby Schmitz - Killed by Iceman
    Apocalypse - Played by Kevin Grevioux - Sent to Astral Plane
    Sunfire - Played by Lee Byung Hun - Killed by Bishop
    Plague - Played by Amanda Plummer - Killed by Mystique
    Famine - Played by Danielle Harris - Killed by Wolverine
    Psylocke - Played by Katharine Isabelle - Killed by Beast
    Warpath - Played by Anthony Ruivivar - Killed by Sunfire
    Dominikos Petrakis/Avalanche - Played by Alex O'Loughlin - Killed by Psylocke
    Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler - Played by Iwan Rheon - Killed by Psylocke
    Warren Worthington III/Angel - Played by Jackson Rathbone - Killed by Bishop
    Wanda Maximoff/Scarlett Witch - Played by Ruth Wilson - Killed by Psylocke
    Robert Kelly - Played by Leland Orser - Killed by Mister Sinister
    John Allardyce/Pyro - Played by Jake Abel - Killed by Legacy Virus
    Piotr Rasputin/Colossus - Played by Alexander Ludwig - Killed by Legacy Virus
    Graydon Creed - Played by Milo Ventimiglia - Killed by Mystique
    Jason Wyngarde - Played by Jon Hamm - Killed by Legacy Virus
    Moira MacTaggert - Played by Winona Ryder - Killed by Legacy Virus
    Juggernaught - Played by Kevin Durand - Arrested
    Omega Red - Played by Josh Blackler - Killed by Magneto
    Fatale - Played by Jaqueline Toboni - Killed by Cyclops
    Jamie Madrox - Played by Patrick James Stuart - Arrested
    Roderick Campbell - Played by Fredric Lehne - Killed by Cyclops

    Iron Man
    Temugin - Played my Temeura Morrison - First Appearance (Season 1 Episode 2) - Last Appearance (Season 1 Episode 4) - Status: Deceased
    Ho Yinsen - Played by Naveen Andrews - First Appearance (Season 1 Episode 2) - Last Appearance (Season 1 Episode 4) - Status: Deceased
    Obadiah Stane/Iron Monger - Played by Christopher Eccleston - Suicide
    Ho Yinsen - Played by Naveen Andrews - Killed by Ten Rins
    Wong Chu - Played by Karl Yune - Killed by The Mandarin
    Gregor Shapanka - Played by Christopher Heyerdahl - Arrested
    Jack Taggert - Played by Leslie Odom Jr - Arrested
    Gene Khan/The Mandarin - Played by Rick Yune - Killed by Iron Man
    David Cannon/Whirlwind - Played by Andrew J. West - Arrested
    Borris Bullski/Titanium Man - Played by Diego Klattenhoff - Arrested
    Arthur Parks/Living Laser - Played by Mark Dacascos - Killed in explosion
    The Ghost - Played by Daniel Henney - Killed by James Rhodes
    Luciano Nefaria/Count Nefaria - Played by Stephen Moyer - Killed in explosion
    Bruno Horgan/Melter - Played by Iddo Goldberg - Arrested
    Ultimo - Voiced by Khary Payton - Destroyed
    Justin Hammer - Played by Bob Odenkirk - Arrested
    Anton Vanko/Crimson Dynamo - Played by Nikolaj Costa-Waldau - Killed
    Mark Scarlotti/Whiplash - Played by Jerome Flynn - Arrested
    Gary Gilbert/Firebrand - Played by Darri Ingolfsson - Killed by Vanko
    Milos Masaryk/Unicorn - Played by Michael Huisman - Arrested
    Maya Hansen - Played by Nicole Beharie - Arrested
    Aldrich Killian - Played by Vince Vaughn - Suicide
    Mallen - Played by Toby Stephens - Killed by Iron Man
    Eric Savin - Played by Michael James Shaw - Killed by War Machine
    Ellen Brandt - Played by Margarita Levieva - Killed by Mockingbird
    Samantha McGee - Played by Alyssa Sutherland - Arrested
    Simon Maddicks - Played by Tadhg Murphy - Killed by Phil Coulson
    Paul Duval - Played by Seth Gabel - Arrested
    Paul Allen - Played by Barry Sloane - Killed by Mockingbird
    Andrew Forson - Played by Tony Shalhoub - Arrested
    Edwin Cord - Played by Mel Gibson - arrested
    Whitney Frost - Played by Lena Headey - arrested
    Ezekiel Stane - Played by Alfie Allen - killed himself
    Justine Hammer - Played by Kacey Rohl - Killed by Ezekiel Stane
    Sinclair Abbott - Played by Alberto Ammann - Killed by Happy Hogan
    Calvin Haldermann - Played by Shea Whigham - Killed by Whitney Frost
    Ralph Roberts - Played by Johnny Whitworth - Arrested
    Eric Lynch - Played by Nestor Carbonell - Arrested
    Happy Hogan - Played by Owain Yeoman - Euthanized by Tony Stark

    The Defenders
    Ward Meachum - Played by Billy Bob Thornton - Killed by Bullseye
    Harold Meachum - Played by Luke Mitchell - Killed by Steel Serpent
    Curtis Carr/Chemistro - Played by James Marsden - Killed by own weapon
    Turk Barrett - Played by Jamie Hector - Arrested
    Frank Simpson - Played by Tom Pelphrey - Killed by Jessica Jones
    Comanche - Played by Demetrius Grosse - Arrested
    Blake Tower - Played by Iain Glen - Killed by Bullseye
    Alexander Bont - Played by Raymond J Barry - Killed by Wilson Fisk
    Dontell Hamilton - Played by Roger Cross - Killed by Turk barrett
    Gideon Mace - Played by Tom Noonan - Killed by Wilson Fisk
    Buck Cashman/Bullet - Played by Michael Trucco - Killed by Bullseye
    Scimitar - Played by Chaske Spencer - Arrested
    Kraven The Hunter - Played by Scott Adkins - Arrested
    Melvin Potter/The Gladiator - Played by Kirk Acevedo - Arrested
    Elektra - Played by Eliza Dushku - Killed by Bullseye
    Typhoid Mary - Played by Jodi Lynn O'Keefe - Arrested
    Martin Li/Mister Negative - Played by Masa Yamaguchi - Killed by White Tiger
    Stick - Played by Kris Kristofferson - Killed by Sasaki
    Stone - Played by Ian Whyte - Killed by Gorgon
    Kagenabu Yoshioka - Played by Brian Tee - Killed by Daredevil
    Sasaki - Played by Cung Le - Killed by Jessica Jones
    Master Izo - Played by Hiroyuki Sanada - Killed by Stick
    Maki Matsunomo/Lady Bullseye - Played by Rila Fukushima - Killed by Elektra
    Kirigi - Played by Jeeja Yanin - Killed by Misty Knight
    Matsu'o Tsurayaba - Played by Kane Kosugi - Killed by Colleen Wing
    Tomi Shishido/Gorgon - Played by Daniel Wu - Killed by Stick
    Kuroyama - Played by Gary Daniels - Killed by Elektra
    Scythe - Played by Stu Bennett - Arrested
    Bride of Nine Spiders - Played by Ashley Madekwe - Arrested
    Shingen Yashida - Played by Ken Watanabe
    Bakuto - Played by Maurice Compte - Killed by White Tiger

    Deacon Frost - Played by David Muenier - Killed by Blade and Morbius
    Vanessa Tara Brooks - Played by Jada Pinkett Smith
    Madame Vanity - Played by Lisa Berry
    Lamia - Played by Falk Hentschel - Killed by Blade
    Glory - Played by Alona Tal - Killed by Lamia
    Jamal Afari - Played by Edi Gathegi - Killed by Blade
    Joe Dawson - Played by David Giuntoli - Killed by Hannibal King
    Steppin Razor - Played by Kamar De Los Reyes - Killed by Blade and John Carik
    Ilsa Strangeway - Played by Sarah Greene - Killed by Abigail Whistler
    Lucas Brand - Played by Marilyn Manson - Killed by Hannibal King
    Count Dracula - Played by Clive Owen - Killed in explosion
    Turac - Played by Casper Crump - Killed by sunlight
    Taj Nital - Played by Cliff Curtis - Killed by Frank Drake
    Harold H Harold - Played by Andrew Lee Potts - Killed by Dracula
    John Falsworth - Played by Michael Imperioli - Killed by Abigail Whistler and Rachel Van Helsing
    Quincy Harker - Played by Clive Russell - Killed by explosion
    Edith Harker - Played by Hannah Spearritt - Killed by Quincy Harker
    Jacob Cromwell - Played by Douglas Henshall - Killed by explosion
    Safron Caulder - Played by Ruth Bradley - Killed by shiklah
    Rachel Van Helsing - Played by Stephanie Leonidas - Suicide
    Cesar Belinski - Played by Don Johnson - Killed in explosion
    Rosa Belinski - Played by Meg Ryan - Killed in explosion
    Lucas Cross - Played by Mykelti Williamson - Killed by Draconis
    Draconis - Played by Pablo Schreiber - Killed by Blade
    Solomon Negus - Played by Robert Wisdom - Killed by Varnae
    Yathalea Marcoule - Played by Katie Leung
    Shiklah - Played by Alain Huffman - Destroyed
    Vampire X - Played by Derek Luke - Killed by Rosa Belinski
    Varnae - Played by Brian Cox - Killed in sun
    Night Terror - Played by Taye Diggs - Died in explosion

    Ghost Rider
    Crash Simpson - Played by Grant Bowler - Killed by Mephisto
    Reverend Styge - Played by Rick Springfield - Incarcerated
    Steven Mark Levins - Played by Adam Fergus - Killed by Ghost Rider
    Ebenezer Laughton - Played by Colin Donnell - Killed by Ghost Rider
    Max Pressman - Played by Todd Lasance - Killed by Caretaker
    Madcap - Played by Drew Roy - Killed by Ghost Rider
    Peter Van Zante - Played by Ben Mansfield - Killed by Ghost Rider
    Caretaker - Played by William Sadler - Killed by Danny Ketch
    Centurious - Played by Peter Stormare - Killed by Ghost Rider
    Barbara Ketch - Played by Nell Tiger Fee - Killed by Blackout
    Lilith - Played by Lady Gaga - Reimprisoned
    Zadkiel - Played by Reeve Carney - Banished to hell
    Stephen Lords/Deathwatch - Played by Kristofer Hivju - Killed by Danny Ketch
    Blackout - Played by Michael Rowe - Burned to death
    Pilgrim - Played by Leynar Gomez - mortally wounded by own claws
    MeatMarker - Played by Christopher Sean - Killed by Danny Ketch
    Skinner - Played by Marko Zaror - Killed by Johnny Blaze
    Nakota - Played by Michelle Ang - Killed by Lillith
    Outcast - Played by Dustin Clare - Killed by Johnny Blaze
    Sister Nil - Played by Cara Buono - Killed by Skinner
    Creed - Played by Denis O'Hare - Killed by Johnny Blaze
    Guero Valdez - Played by Elliot Villar - Killed by Robbie Reyes
    Andrew Kale - Played by Scoot McNairy - Banished to hell
    Anton Hellgate - Played by Andrew Lincoln - Killed by Robbie Reyes
    Clarisse Van Ripper - Played by Alicia Witt - Killed by Robbie Reyes
    Roadkill - Played by Dean Norris - Destroyed
    Blackheart - Played by Dylan McDermott - Killed by Johnny Blaze
    Roxanne Simpson - Played by Katia Winter - Hell

    Moon Knight
    William Cross/Crossfire - Played by Oliver-Jackson Cohen - Arrested
    Peter Alraune - Played by Ben Cross - Killed by Raoul Bushman
    Mr.Quinn/Conquer Lord - Played by Warren Cole - Arrested
    Snapdragon - Played by Grace Park - Arrested
    Raoul Bushman - Played by Raymond Cruz - Killed by Moon Knight
    Bertrand Crawley - Played by Ian McElhinney - Killed by Shadow Knight
    Detective Flint - Played by Jeffrey Vincent Parisse - Killed by Shadow Knight
    Ricky Landers - Played by Corey Hawkins - Killed by The Slasher
    Ryan Trent/Black Spectre - Played by Pilou Asbaek - Arrested
    Anton Mogart/Midnight Man - Played by Matt Mullins - Died due to toxic Exposure
    Phillip Russell - Played by Patrick Fabian - Arrested
    Benjamin Donovan - Played by Omar Dorsey - Arrested
    Randall Spector/Shadow Knight - Played by Phillip Winchester - Killed by Moon Knight
    Scarlet Fasinera/Stained Glass Scarlet - Played by Jaime Murray - Killed by Black Spectre
    Peter Alraune - Played by Xavier Samuel - Died in explosion
    Robert Markham/Morpheus - Played by Joe Anderson - Killed by Moon Knight
    Sandahl Swarn - Played by Danay Garcia - Killed by Marlene
    Razor - Played by Ty Olsson - Arrested
    Jimmy Crawley/The Slasher - Played by Gil McKinney - Died falling off a roof
    White Dragon - Played by Alain Moussi - Arrested
    The Profile - Played by Gethin Anthony - Institutionalised
    Jeffrey Wilde/Midnight - Played by Nick Jonas - Killed by Moon Knight
    Elisa Warsome - Played by Rihanna - Arrested
    Carson Knowles - Played by Wes Bentley - Killed by Moon Knight
    Isabelle Kristel - Played by Karine Varnasse - Killed by Cajun Creed
    Jordana - Played by Sarah Jones - Killed by Cajun Creed
    Erin Mackey/Anarky - Played by Elena Satine - Killed by Moon Knight
    Boom Boom - Played by Lou diamond Phillips - Killed by Frenchie
    Cajun Creed - Played by JR Bourne - Killed by Frenchie
    Commodore Planet - Played by Robert John Burke - Killed by Moon Knight
    Seth Phalkon - Played by Ashton Holmes - Imprisoned

    The Punisher
    Ma Gnucci - Played by Katey Sagal - Killed by Punisher
    Nicky Cavella - Played by Tahmoh Penikett - Killed by Punisher
    Don Carlo Cervello - Played by Christopher Lloyd - Killed by Jigsaw
    Nolo Cotendre - Played by Nick E Tarabay - Killed by William Rawlins
    Carlo Gnucci - Played by Finn Wittrock - Killed by Punisher
    Bobby Gnucci - Played by Devon Graye - Killed by Punisher
    Eddie Gnucci - Played by Julian Ovenden - Killed by Punisher
    Curtis Hoyle - Played by Joel Gretsch - Killed by Punisher
    Joan - Played by Tracy Spiridakos
    Bumpo - Played by Craig Ricci Shaynak
    Spacker Dave - Played by Jamie Campbell Bower
    Charlie Schitti - Played by Ian Flemyng - Killed by Nolo Cotendre
    Pittsy - Played by Michael Mcelhatton - Killed by Punisher
    Ink - Played by Aramis Knight - Killed by Punisher
    Magnity - Played by Morris Chestnut - Killed by Punisher
    Finn Cooley - Played by Liam Cunningham - Killed by Punisher
    Peter Cooley - Played by Oliver Stark - Killed by Punisher
    Tiberiu Bulat - Played by Ulrich Thomsen - Killed by Punisher
    Cristu Bulat - Played by Zach Appleman - Killed by Punisher
    Vera Konstantin - Played by Dakota Fanning - Killed by Punisher
    William Rawlins - Played by Tom Mison - Killed by Frank Castle
    The Elite - Played by David Haydn Jones - Killed by Frank Castle
    The Holy - Played by Wagner Moura - Killed by Frank Castle
    Mr.Payback - Played by Sam Trammell - Killed by Frank Castle
    Chris Poulsen - Played by Matt Nable - Killed by Frank Castle
    General Kriegkopf - Played by Lars Mikkelsen - Killed in explosion
    Dove - Played by Jessica Tovey - Killed by Rachel Alves
    Angela - Played by Jessica De Gouw - Killed in car accident
    Alex Alaric - Played by Jere Burns - Arrested
    Marcus Coriander - Played by Josh Segarra - Killed by Angela
    Mike Pearse - Played by Ryan Robbins - Killed by Andy Seifert
    Jerome Gerty - Played by Kevin Chapman - Killed himself
    Stuart Clarke - Played by Matthew MacCaul - Killed by Jigsaw
    Andy Seifert - Played by Emmett J Scanlan - Killed by Kathryn O'Brien
    Liam Malloy - Played by Demore Barnes - Killed by Dove
    Stephanie Gerard - Played by Kim Dickens - Killed by Rachel Cole
    Alex Shapiro - Played by Bodhi Elfman - Killed by Punisher
    Arranger - Played by Steven Bauer - Arrested
    Harry Thornton - Played by Dwight Yoakam - Killed by Punisher
    Annabella Gorrini - Played by Madeline Stowe - Killed by Jenny Cesare
    Tim Cesare - Played by Shaun Ashmore - Killed by Punisher
    Barbara Barruci - Played by Tara Summers - Killed by Molly Von Richthofen
    Bonnie Di Angelo - Played by Michelle Ventimillia - Killed by Jenny Cesare
    Lorraine Zucca - Played by Amber Valleta - Killed by Martin Soap
    Shauna Toomey - Played by Paula Patton - Killed by Jenny Cesare
    Tony Pizzo - Played by Brian Dennehy - Killed by Barbara Barruci
    Man Down Below - Played by Sean Harris - Killed by Punisher
    Jenny Cesare - Played by Alexandra Breckenridge
    Joe Perrett - Played by Adam Rodriguez - Killed by Punisher

    Igor Starsky - Played by Morgan Spector - Killed by Hulk
    Frank Payne/Constrictor - Played by Chad Michael Murray
    Rebecca Banner - Played by Victoria Smurfit - Killed by Brian Banner
    Brian Banner - Played by Richard Brake - Killed by Bruce Banner
    Konrad Zaxon - Played by Kevin Rahm - Killed by Hulk
    Glenn Talbot - Played by Michael Raymond James - Killed by Hulk
    Ferdinand Lopez/Machete - Played by Miguel Gomez - Arrested
    Carl Creel - Played by Nathan Jones - Arrested
    John Ryker - Played by Matt Dillon - Died in explosion
    Geoffrey Crawford - Played by James Frain - Died in explosion
    Samuel J Laroqquette - Played by Daniel Sharman - Killed by Ryker
    Louise Lembert - Played by Alycia Debnam Carey - Killed by Jessie Harrison
    Jessie Harrison - Played by Emily Kinney - Killed by Louise Lember
    Diane Davids - Played by Michelle Krusiec - Killed by Ryker
    Burt Horowitz - Played by Ukweli Roach - Killed by Ryker
    Jason McCall - Played by David Wilmot - Killed by Ryker
    The Ringmaster - Played by William Mapother - Arrested
    The Clown - Played by Matt Servitto - Arrested
    The Strongman - Played by Martyn Ford - Arrested
    Human Cannonball - played by John Foo - Arrested
    The Great Gabonnos - Played by Francis Arnaud - Arrested
    Princess Python - Played by Bex Taylor Klaus - Arrested
    Nadia Blonsky - Played by Julia Jones

    Captain America
    Wolfgang Von Strucker - Played by Henry Czerny - Killed by Helmut Zemo
    Peggy Carter - Played by Amy Acker - Died from old age
    Baldini - Played by Daniel Sunjata - Killed by Dum Dum Dugan
    Abraham Erksine - Played by Richard Sammel - Killed by Heinz Kruger
    Chester Phillips - Played by Sam Elliott
    Heinz Kruger - Played by Ross Marquand - Killed by Captain America
    Timothy "Dum Dum" Dugan - Played by Ray Stevenson
    Izzy Cohen - Played by Ryan Hurst
    Gabriel "Gabe" Jones - Played by Lawrence Gillard Jr - Killed by Hydra
    Dino Manelli - Played by Rus Blackwell - Killed by Hydra
    Robert "Rebel" Ralston - Played by Jeff Kober - Killed by Red Skull
    Jonathan "Junior" Juniper - Played by Alexander Calvert - Killed by Red Skull
    Baron Heinrich Zemo - Played by Stephen Dillane - Killed in Plane Crash
    Gruning - Played by Keith Jardine - Killed by Red Skull
    Cadavus - Played by Peter Jacobsen - Killed by Red Skull
    Jurgen Hauptmann - Played by Chad Donella - Killed by Red Skull
    Krushki - Played by Nick Bateman - Killed by Peggy Carter
    Arnim Zola - Played by Sylvester Groth - Died in prison
    William Naslund/Spirit of 76 - Played by Matt Cohen - Killed by Hydra
    Jeffrey Mace/Patriot - Played by Alan Ritchson - Retired
    Fred Davis - Played by Bruce Langley - Killed by Hydra
    Golden Girl - Played by Claire Coffee - Retired
    William Burnside - Played by Austin Nichols - Killed by Winter Soldier
    Jack Monroe - Played by Max Arciniega - Killed by Winter Soldier
    Batroc - Played by Sebastien Foucan - Arrested
    John Walker - Played by Russell Horsnby - Arrested
    Flag-Smasher - Played by Sebastian Roche - Killed by Brock Rumlow
    Harold Paprika - Played by Tim Kang - Arrested
    Jacques DuQuesne - Played by David Valcin - Arrested
    Susan Scarbo - Played by Gillian Anderson - Killed by Erica Holstein
    Robbie Dean Tomlin - Played by Nicholas Hamilton - Killed in explosion

    Henry Gyrich - Played by David Wenham - Killed by Black Tom Cassidy
    Killjoy - Played by Thomas Dominique - Killed by Deathlok
    Harry Leland - Played by Alexis Denisof - Killed by Selene
    Frederick Von Roehm - Played by Brendan Hines - Killed by Cannonball
    Fantomex - Played by Cheyenne Jackson
    Black Tom Cassidy - Played by Colin Farrell
    Matthew Risman - Played by Luke Arnold - Killed by Black Tom
    Feral - Played by Dichen Lachman - Killed by Genesis
    Deathlok - Played by Lakeith Stanfield - Destroyed
    Siryn - Played by Abigail Lawrie - Killed by Black Tom
    Selene Gallio - Played by Hilary Swank - Killed by X-Force
    Black Box - Played by Sharlto Copley - Killed by Fantomex
    Gideon - Played by Edward Burns - Killed by Selene
    Sage - Played by Britt Robertson - Destroyed
    Mister Tolliver - Played by Ryan Phillippe - Killed by Cable

    Byrrah - Played by Ian Anthony Dale - Killed by Behemoth
    Tha-Korr - Played by Michael Greyeyes - Killed by Attuma
    Leonard McKenzie - Played by Lochlyn Munro - Killed by Krang
    Princess Fen - Played by Elizabeth Reaser - Killed by Attuma
    Attuma - Played by Anthony Starr - Killed by Andromeda
    Orka - Played by Kevin Rankin - Killed in landslide
    Piranha - Played by Owen Teague - Killed by Piranhas
    Krang - Played by Justin Rain - Killed by Behemoth
    Tiger Shark - Played by JD Pardo - Killed in Landslide
    Captain Barracuda - Played by Chris Kerson - Eaten by sea creatures
    Sea Leopard - Played by Erik King - Killed by Arath
    Commander Kraken - Played by Nicholas Cage - Killed by Namora
    Tyrak - Played by Billy Magnussen - Killed by Andromeda
    Meranno - Played by Killian Scott - Killed by Namor
    Paul Destine - Played by Patrick Fischler - Suicide
    Crosta - Played by Avi Nash - Killed by Sea Leopard
    Arath - Played by Santiago Segura - Killed by Sea Leopard

    Captain Britain
    The Reaver - Played by Richard Madden - Killed by Captain Britain
    Mastermind - Played by Cillian Murphy - Destroyed in explosion
    Slaymaster - Played by Paul Anderson - Killed by Captain Britain
    Jammie Braddock - Played by Luke Roberts - Killed by Mastermind
    Dormouse - Played by Joanne Froggatt - Arrested
    Mad Jim Jaspers - Played by Steven Mackintosh - Destroyed
    Red Queen - Played by Helen McCrory - Arrested
    The Executioner - Played by Allen Leech - Arrested
    The Jester - Played by Robert James Collier - Arrested
    The Knave - Played by Robert Kazinsky - Arrested
    Tweedle Dope - Played by Tom Cullen - Arrested

    Erik Josten - Played by Austin Amelio - Arrested
    Elihas Starr - Played by Colin Cunningham - Suicide
    Nathan Garrett - Played by James D'arcy - Arrested
    Mitchell Carson - Played by Brendan Fraser - Arrested
    Antonio Rojo - Played by Juan Pablo Raba - Arrested
    Alexander Gentry - Played by Amir Arison - Died
    Roland English - Played by Randy Couture - Arrested
    Sonny Burch - Played by Peter Sarsgaard - Killed by Mitchell Carson

    Doctor Doom
    Cynthia Von Doom - Played by Lucy Lawless - Killed by Soldiers
    Werner Von Doom - Played by Kenny Johnson - Killed by Soldiers
    Valeria - Played by Ashley Johnson - Sacrificed to demons
    Vladimir Fortunov - Played by Xander Berkley - Killed by Doctor Doom
    Rudolfo Fortunov - Played by David Hoflin - Killed by Doctor Doom
    Zorba Fortunov - Played by Warren Christie - Killed by Doctor Doom
    Dmitri Fortunov - Played by Nico Evers Swindell - Killed by Doctor Doom
    Ramona - Played by Amanda Righetti - Killed by Doctor Doom
    Gustav Hauptmann - Played by Enver Gjokaj - Killed by Doctor Doom

    Master of Kung-Fu
    Kwai Farr - Played by Rinko Kikuchi - Killed by Mordillo
    Moving Shadow - PLayed by Godfrey Gao - Killed by Fu Manchu
    Cartlon Velcro - Played by Colin Hanks - Arrested
    Darkstrider - Played by Joe Taslim - Arrested
    Demmy Marston - Played by Joe Adler - Arrested
    Grindhouse - Played by Alex McGregor - Arrested
    Kogar - Played by Ron Yuan - Arrested
    Korain - Played by Terry Chen - Heart Attack

    Gods of Olympus
    Hercules - Played by Lee Jones
    Zeus - Played by Sean Bean - Killed by Amatsu-Mikaboshi
    Athena - Played by Adrianne Palicki
    Hera - Played by Michelle Hurd - Killed by Amatsu-Mikaboshi
    Hephaestus - Played by Michael Chiklis
    Hebe - Played by Bella Thorne
    Apollo - Played by Steven Pasquale
    Ares - Played by Eion Bailey
    Pluto - Played by Michael Emmerson
    Artemis - Played by Eiza Gonzales
    Hermes - Played by Sam Strike
    Aphrodite - Played by Frankie Shaw - Banished
    Huntsman - Played by Uli Latukefu - Killed by Hercules
    Neptune - Played by Esai Morales
    Delphyne Gorgon - Played by Rosario Dawson
    Hecate - Played by Teresa Ruiz - Underworld
    Hippolyta - Played by Elodie Yung - Killed by Huntsman
    Typhon - Played by Florian Muntaneau - Tartarus
    Venus - Played by Fernanda Urrejola
    Amatsu-Mikaboshi - Played by Troy Baker - Destroyed


    Karl Malus - Played by Eric Roberts - Arrested
    Harlan Krueger/Hangman - Played by Christopher James Baker - Arrested
    Locksmith - Played by Jayson Warner Smith - Arrested
    Josef Saint/Needle - Played by Timothy V Murphy - Arrested
    Tick-Tock - Played by Lukas Haas - Arrested
    Charles L Delazny/Enforcer - Played by Charles Mesure - Killed by The Hornet
    Flying Tiger - Played by Ken Kirzinger - Arrested
    Curtis Jackson - Played by Christian Slater - Arrested
    Jerry Hunt - Played by Mark Stanley - Killed by Hydra
    Jonathan Drew - Played by Bren Foster
    Sabrina Morrell - Played by Mindy Robinson - killed by Hangman
    Waxman - Played by Vincent Kartheiser - Arrested
    Miriam Drew - Played by Jordana Spiro
    Herbert Edgar Wyndham - played by Bill Nighy

    Ulik - Played by Edwin Hodge - Killed by Thor
    Ymir - Played by Sherman Augustus - Imprisoned
    Laufey - Played by William Fichtner - Killed by Loki
    Enchantress - Played by Jennifer Morrison - Killed by Sif
    Gaea - Played by Jaime Lee Curtis - Sacrificed herself
    Karnilla - Played by Jaime Alexander - Killed by Odin
    Tyr - Played by Chance Kelly - Imprisoned

    Fantastic Four
    Harvey Rupert Elder - Played by Ennis Esmer - Killed in explosion
    Miracle Man - Played by Ioan Gruffud - Killed by Wizard
    Gregson Gilbert - Played by Justin Welborn - Killed in explosion
    Nicholas Scratch - Played by Frank Whaley - Dragged to hell
    Puppet Armstrong - Played by Curtis Armstrong - Killed by Thing
    Trapster - Played by Chris Vance - Arrested
    Wizard - Played by Scott Grimes - Arrested

    Black Widow
    Damon Dran - Played by Damian Lewis - Destroyed
    Yelena Bolova - Played by Sarah Shahi - Killed by Black Widow
    Igor - Played by Tom Brooke - Arrested
    Ivan Petrovich - Played by Billy Campbell - Killed by Red Guardian
    Night Raven - Played by Dean Charles Chapman - Killed by Phil Dexter
    Phil Dexter - Played by David Walton - Killed by Night Raven
    Stansky - Played by Lee Tergersen - Arrested
    Taras Romanov - Played by Dean Winters - Killed by Black Widow
    Erik Romanov - Played by Orlando Bloom - Self Destruct
    Commisar - Played by Pip Torrens - Killed by Black Widow
    Boris Turgenov - Played by Luke Grimes - Killed by Black Widow
    Aleksander Lukin - Played by Stephen Dorff - Killed by Vindiktor
    Sofia - Played by Emma Roberts - Killed by Black Widow
    Headmistress - Played by Juliette Lewis - Killed by Black Widow
    Anya - Played by Katja Herbers - Arrested
    Vasily Karpov - Played by Gustaf Skarsgaard - Killed by Winter Soldier

    Barney Barton - Played by Josh Hartnett - Arrested
    Buck Chisholm - Played by Michael Madsen - Killed by Hawkeye
    Phil Javert/Swordsman - Played by Cuba Gooding Jr - Arrested
    Frederick Myers/Boomerang - Played by Martin Dingle Wall - Killed by Hawkeye
    Javelynn - Played by Brooke Williams - Arrested
    Gayle Rogers - Played by Mekia Cox - Killed by Swordsman
    Laura Barton - Played by Jessica Barden - Killed by Swordsman
    Pete Zamora - Played by Clarke Peters - Killed by Trick Shot
    Marcella Carson - Played by Christina Ricci - Arrested
    Clown - Played by Ken Lally - Arrested
    Eden Vale - Played by Piper Perabo - Killed by Black Widow
    Imus Champion - Played by Lin Manuel Miranda - Arrested
    Sheila Danning - Played by Jessica Alba - Arrested

    Briggs - Played by Antonio Te Maioha - Killed by Venom
    Kass - Played by Mike Doyle - Killed by Venom
    Raiden - Played by Krzystof Sozsynski - Killed by Venom
    Trent - Played by Jay Hieron - Killed by Venom
    Roland Treece - Played by Harvey Kietel - Arrested
    Crane - Played by Isaiah Mustafa - Killed by Venom
    Truman Marsh - Played by Ned Luke - Killed by Cletus Kasady
    Doctor Yes - Played by Aaron Stanford - Killed by Kass
    Doctor Paine - Played by Joe Dempsie - Killed by Venom
    Kristin - Played by Melissa Bolona
    Clive - Played by Leo Fitzpatrick


    Dr.Rottwell - Played by Malcolm McDowell - Killed by Wolverine
    Sharp - Played by Gary Ray Stevens - Killed by Wolverine
    Binderup - Played by Michael Bisping - Killed by Wolverine
    Comfort - Played by Christina Marsterson - Killed by Wolverine
    Klein - Played by Dan Southworth - Killed by Wolverine
    Overfield - Played by Jade Quon - Killed by Wolverine
    Pottratz - Played by Roland Kickinger - Killed by Wolverine
    Ogun - Played by Kazuki Kitamura - Killed by Wolverine
    William Scott/Razor Fist - Played by Tyson Arner - killed by Wolverine
    Mariko - Played by Ko Shibaski - Killed by Hand
    Asano Kimura - Played by Harry Shum Jr - Killed by Hand
    Noburi Hideki - Played by Chai Hansen - Suicide
    Yukio - Played by Nan Yu - Killed by Hand
    Kenuicho Hirada - Played by Arifin Putra - Killed by Hand
    Amiko Kobayashi - Played by Samantha Jo - Killed by Hand
    Bando Saburo - Played by Dustin Nguyen - Killed by Silver Samurai
    Itsu - Played by Kiki Sukezane
    Elizabeth Howlett - Played by Clare Kramer - Suicide
    John Howlett - Played by Casper Van Dien - Killed by Thomas Logan
    Thomas Logan - Played by Kim Coates - Killed by Wolverine
    Rose - Played by Hayley Lu Richardson - Killed by Wolverine
    Dog - Played by Michael Trevino - Killed by Wolverine
    Truett Hudson - Played by Arthur Darvill - Killed by Wolverine

    The Thunderbolts
    Rick Stoner - Played by Michael Ironside - Killed by Doctor Octopus
    Otto Octavius - Played by Jared Harris - Arrested
    Frank Payne/Constrictor - Played by Chad Michael Murray - Killed by Abomination
    Caprice - Played by Mallory Jansen - Killed by Typhoid Mary
    Mary Walker/Typhoid Mary - Played by Jodi Lyn O'Keefe - Killed by Caprice
    Adrian Toomes/Vulture - Played by Steve Buscemi - Died
    Mac Gargan/Scorpion - Played by Teddy Sears - Arrested
    Dmitriy Smerdyakov - Played by Tom Wlaschiha - Arrested
    Joseph Harrow/Hammerhead - Played by Vinnie Jones - Arrested
    Marcus Daniels/Blackout - Played by Robbie Amell - Died
    Quicksand - Played by Dina Shihabi - Killed by Charcoal
    Phil Javert/Swordsman - Played by Cuba Gooding Jr - Killed by Paladin
    Karla Sofen/Moonstone - Played by Martha Higareda - Killed by Caprice
    Tom Cassidy/Black Tom - Played by Colin Farrell - Killed by Juggernaut
    Whitney Frost/Madame Masque - Played by Lena Headey - Arrested

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    Re: Marvel

    Upcoming Schedule!

    White Tiger miniseries: Kraven's last hunt!
    Captain Britain Final season: Murderworld (part 1) and Excalibur (part 2)
    Jessica Jones miniseries: Wrath of the Rhino (Part 1) and The Purple Man (Part 2)
    Ironman Final season: Sins of the father!
    Iron Fist miniseries: Return to K'un-Lun
    Ant-Man season 2: Cross Technologies
    Daughters of the Dragon miniseries: The Cult of Kara-Kai
    Captain America season 3: The Rise of Hydra
    Luke Cage Miniseries: The war for Harlem
    Daredevil miniseries: Without Fear
    X Men Season 6: Legion (Part 1), The Onslaught (Part 2) and Rise of the Phoenix (part 3)
    X-Force Final season: Mojo World
    Master of Kung Fu part 1: Fu Manchu
    Guardians of the Galaxy season 1: The team part 1 and 2
    Elsa Bloodstone miniseries: HATE
    Thor season 2: The Dark Elves
    The Midnight Sons: The Darkhold
    Fantastic Four season 2: Doctor Doom
    The Punisher final season: Enter the War Zone
    Namor Final season: The throne
    She-Hulk miniseries: Origin
    Venom: The Lethal Protector part 2
    Spiderman Final Season: Cloak and Daggered (part 1), Runaway (part 2) and the spider society (part 3)
    The Wolverine part 2: Old man Logan
    Spider-Woman (Gwen Stacy): Miniseries
    Thunderbolts part 2: Graviton
    Gambit miniseries: Origin
    Storm miniseries: Origin
    Black Panther season 1
    Doctor Strange season 1
    The Hulk season 4: World War Hulk
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    Re: Marvel

    Really looking forward to this Shade, GCS and Rogue were both tremendous reads and I expect this one will be too! Best of luck!

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    Re: Marvel

    Commenting to sub

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    Re: Marvel

    Marvel casts it's leading men

    Tyler Posey as Peter Parker/Spiderman
    "When the announcement of the Marvel Universe program was announced one of the most debated parts would be just who would be playing the role of Peter Parker and it can now be revealed after speculation in which names such as Logan Lerman and Freddy Highmore being reportedly in talks for the role it can now be revealed that Tyler Posey will be playing Peter Parker aka Spiderman. Posey of course best known for his role as Scott McCall in Teen Wolf does have some prior experience in Super Hero based television shows thanks to a prior appearance in Smallville. But this will be his first time in a leading role in such a program. Whilst not much is known about the time line of the show it is believed that the pilot will show flash backs of Peter Parker before the spider bite which transformed him into Spiderman"

    Jack Huston as Tony Stark/Iron Man
    "One of the main questions asked in regards to the Marvel show would be just who would take the role of Iron Man considering that thanks to the highly successful movies the role is very much synonymous with that of Robert Downey Jr. But it can now be confirmed that Jack Huston will in fact be the man to take the role. Best known for his work on Boardwalk Empire as Richard Harrow as well as his work on shows and films such as American Hustle, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and Kill your darlings. Similar to that of Tyler Posey's Peter Parker there will be flash backs detailing just how Tony Stark went from selfish billionaire to super hero"

    Terry O'Quinn as Charles Xavier/Professor Xavier
    "With the Marvel Universe focusing on an X Men storyline as well many fans wondered just who would be selected to play Charles Xavier and whether he would be portrayed by a young actor or an older actor for the role in the light of Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy's past work in the role. However it can now be revealed that the Marvel Universe version of Xavier will be portrayed by Terry O'Quinn. The Lost star who is possibly best known for his role as John Locke in the critically acclaimed ABC drama Lost. In a different take from the other stories profiled in this first season it is said that the X-Men story will instead show two different stories one focused on with flash backs and one focused in present day with the flash backs focusing on Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr's friendship and how things changed.

    Ian Somerholder as Cyclops
    The second leading role has also been revealed today for the X-Men Storyline as it has been confirmed that another Lost alumni will be taking a key role in the X-Men Story as it can be confirmed that Ian Somerholder will be joining the cast to play Cyclops. Somerholder who has recently starred in the hit show the Vampire Diaries will be playing one of the most well known members of the X-Men team Scott Summers aka Cyclops. It can also be confirmed that in this show's interpretation fan's will get to see some of Scott's troubled backstory as well as his longing to control his powers.

    Manu Bennett as Wolverine
    Finally the last leading man role has been filled by a man who has most recently appeared in shows representing the DC universe. As it can be confirmed today that Manu Bennett will be joining the cast to play Wolverine. Bennett of course played Slade Wilson in the hit CW show. But this time round he will be playing on of the Marvel Universe's most popular heroes which has been made famous in the film universe because of Hugh Jackman who has become synonymous with the role. Wolverine aka Logan has a long and storied past which unfortunately he has no memory of due to actions in his past life. One he will need the help of the professor to remember making him an honorary if unlikely member of the team.

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    Re: Marvel

    Looking forward to this Shade! Going to add it to my list of stuff to read. I will at some point get round to catching up with GCS as well, promise!
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    Re: Marvel

    Will definitely be reading. Good Luck!

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    Re: Marvel

    Marvel casts some leading ladies

    Dianna Agron as Gwen Stacy
    With Spiderman's story this season focusing on his time in University as well as the evolution of his powers. It is of no surprise that the first character announced today will be long time love interest Gwen Stacy. Gwen is of course a key love interest of Peter Parker who has been described as one of the most popular girls at the Empire State University who like him is studying Science. Unlike Peter however Gwen has fit in well in University and is good friends with the likes of Liz Allan and Flash Thompson. Playing the role of Gwen will be Glee/I am number four star Dianna Agron.

    Glenn Closse as Aunt May
    Another key woman in the life of Peter Parker is course Aunt May and with the addition of Gwen Stacy already confirmed and it revealed that the story would begin in Peter's final year of University. It is to no one's surprise that the next addition to the cast will be Aunt May. The long time guardian of Peter Parker who was of course widowed following the death of her husband Ben Parker. May is very much Peter's support system throughout as she always is willing to listen to his problems as well as give him advice and hopefully protect him as best she can from the world as she remains completely oblivious to his secret identity. Playing Aunt May will be Actress Glenn Closse.

    Kerry Washington as Storm
    With Charles Xavier, Wolverine and Cyclops already confirmed for the X-Men series. It is no surprised that the next name unveiled to be apart of the X-Men will be none other than Storm. Real name Ororo Monroe, Storm is one of the longest serving members of the X-Men team who has also at points in fact acted as the leader and is often regarded as Charles Xavier's most loyal lieutenant. Playing Storm will be Scandal Star Kerry Washington.

    Evan Rachel Wood as Jean Grey
    With Storm already announced it is no surprise that the next Mutant announced for the X-Men story is one of it's most notable characters Jean Grey. Often regarded as one of the most powerful mutants in the world. Jean's character arc is said to begin with her still at points learning to control her powers as well as stop being afraid of what she can do. Playing Jean Grey will be none other than True Blood actress Evan Rachel Wood.

    Jamie Ray Newman as Pepper Potts
    Finally in a key addition to the cast for the Iron Man Story it has been announced today that actress Jamie Ray Newman will take the role of Pepper Potts. Similar to that of her role in the films Potts will act as Tony Stark's aide/secretary and will be one of the few people who he considers a friend and who is later on expected to become a love interest. Playing Pepper Potts will be actress and singer Jamie Ray Newman.

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    Re: Marvel

    First Villain castings announced for Marvel!

    John Nolan as Silvermane Manfredi
    With Spiderman only just becomming the hero. It is no surprise that villainy is still at an all time high in New York City with the most notable villain being the aging gangster known as Silvermane Manfredi. The crime lord who has recently found his operation challenged for the first time in years has long been the face of fear in the city with his no tolerance approach to violence. But it seems lately with the times changing the fear Manfredi and his family name once carried is slipping. As there are rumors of a potential contender to the Crime Lord of New York's cities throne which will not sit well with Manfredi. Manfredi will be portrayed by Batman Begins and The Dark Knight actor John Nolan.

    Raul Esparza as James Wesley
    Every good villain needs a good right hand man and that is where John Wesley comes into things. Although not the most intimidating of men when compared to the likes of Lincoln Thompson and Hammerhead. Wesley is quickly becomming a feared man to cross in the underground thanks to his connections to "The Big Man". Wesley is currently acting as the spokesman for this so called big man who is beginning to rival Silvermane and he is always accompanied by several armed guards should things not go his way. James Wesley will be played by Hannibal actor Raul Esparza.

    Mads Mikkelsen as Erik Lensherr/Magneto
    With X-Men's castings thus far focusing on the team itself. Now comes the interesting reveal of just who is opposing them and the real big intrigue was to who would be taking over the reigns from impressive names such as Ian McKellan and Michael Fassbender to portray Magneto. Now it can be revealed fresh off of his acclaimed performance as Hannibal Lector in the hit NBC show Hannibal Madds Mikkelsen will be taking the reigns of the key villain in the X-Men franchise.

    Christopher Eccleston as Obadiah Stane
    With rumors that the Ten Rings organisation was set to appear in this season of Marvel. Many expected the main villain for this season to be The Mandarin. Instead it can be revealed today that the main villain for the first season of the show will be Obadiah Stane aka Iron Monger. Stane is of course a long time friend as well of Mentor of Tony Stark who worked alongside his father in the early days of Stark Industries (Now international) and even helped Tony navigate his way through the company following his parents untimely demise. Unfortunately on his return from being held captive by Ten Rings Stark's relationship with Stane begins to change on seeing some of the questionable decisions made by his former mentor. Obadiah Stane will be played by Dr Who star Christopher Eccleston.

    Temuera Morrison as Temugin
    The second addition for the Ten Rings storyline and set to play a key role in the flash backs is a man known as Temugin. Long believed to be the leader of the Ten Rings organisation. Temugin has long been wanted for his acts of terror. This includes playing a key role in the abduction of Tony Stark. During these flashbacks it is believed we will see what will become a turning point in the life of Stark as he sees these men using weapons his company had created for their crimes and becomes horrified at this prospect. Set to play Temugin for season one of the show will be Star Wars actor Temuera Morrison.

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    Re: Marvel

    Good luck with this Shade.

    Like I repped to you I do wish you might have tried something different to GCS. The measuring stick will always be there and I think GCS has the more connective roster should we say which is what made it so compelling to read and really get into.

    But Marvel is its own world and I'm a big fan. I'm sure your work will be as impeccable as always.

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    Re: Marvel

    Last castings announced ahead of premiere

    With the first episode of Marvel drawing near. A bunch of castings have been revealed ahead of the show which will be the last revealed until after the pilot episode.

    Jon Voight as Uncle Ben
    With the earlier addition of Aunt May to the cast. It is not surprising that the next name confirmed for the Spiderman story is Uncle Ben. Ben Parker of course is the uncle of Peter Parker as well as the husband of May. Described as a altruistic and kind character Ben will play a key part in the Spiderman story appearing mainly in the flash backs of Peter's story. Set to play Ben will be Deliverance and Coming Home star Jon Voight.

    Kiefer Sutherland as George Stacy
    Another not so surprising announcement for the cast considering the earlier addition of Gwen Stacy is that of Captain George Stacy. Described as one of the most respected members of the NYPD. George Stacy is very much a man who is all about doing his job and doing it right. Which will cause him to come into conflict with Spiderman at points as whilst Stacy will see some of Spiderman's actions as heroic. He'll find himself conflicted with Spiderman's operating outside of the law. Playing Stacy will be 24 Star Kiefer Sutherland.

    Douglas Booth as Harry Osborn
    You can't have Oscorp without Osborns right and now we have our first addition to the Osborn family confirmed today. As Harry Osborn has been added as a recurring character for the Spiderman Storyline. Similar to Gwen Stacy Harry Osborn is one of the more popular members at the Empire State University and whilst his relationship with Peter is nonexistent at first. Harry quickly forms a bond with Peter with the two becomming close friends. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about Harry's relationship with his father as he has long grown up with a cold and unloving father and is constantly looking for his approval. Osborn will be portrayed by Noah/The Riot Club actor Douglas Booth.

    Michael Shannon as Norman Osborne
    With Harry Osborn revealed it is not surprising that Norman is closely following him and now it can be confirmed today that Norman Osborn will be joining the cast in a leading role. Norman of course is head of Oscorp and the father of Harry Osborn. Unfortunately his relationship with Harry is rather a strained one which grows a lot more confrontational when Norman meets and is quickly impressed by Peter Parker. Playing Norman will be Man of Steel as well as Boardwalk Empire star Michael Shannon.

    Colton Haynes as Flash Thompson
    With a key part of Peter's story especially in the first episode focusing on the changes to his life before and after the spider bite. It is no surprise that the next character added to the Spiderman story will be Flash Thompson. Thompson of course is the longtime bully of Peter Parker as well as the star player of their high school football team. Flash is usually always seen with a group of his friends with him including girlfriend Liz Allan as they delight in making Peter's life a misery. That is until Peter is bitten by the spider. Playing Flash will be Arrow star Colton Haynes.

    Britt Robinson as Liz Allan
    Another addition to the Spiderman Story and in particularly the flashbacks of Peter before he became spiderman is that of Liz Allan. The girlfriend of Flash Thompson as well as long time friend of Gwen Stacy. Liz has no problem in joining in the ridicule of Peter Parker although it will quickly become clear that she is not as outright cruel as the others when it comes to the bullying. Playing Liz will be Under the Dome actress Britt Robertson.

    Owain Yeoman as Happy Hogan
    When you are a notable Billionaire like Tony Stark. You've got to have someone watching your back at all times and that is where Happy Hogan comes in. A former boxer Hogan very much acts as the bodyguard for his employer as well as chauffeur. But it is clear that similar to Stark's relationship with Pepper Potts. Hogan is one of the very few people Tony considers to be a friend of his in the world. Playing Hogan will be The Mentalist actor Owain Yeoman.

    Omari Hardwick as James Rhodes
    A key addition to the Iron Man story can also be revealed today. As Lieutenant Colonel James Rhodes will be appearing in the show alongside Tony Stark. Rhodes is one of Stark's closest friends having been working with Stark for years now. Which is why one of the key stories which will be shown through season 1 is the shift in their relationship following Stark's return after being held captive. Playing Rhodes will be Being Mary Jane star Omari Hardwick.

    Garret Dillahunt as Sebastian Shaw
    With the X-Men storyline in the first season planning to add some depth to Charles/Erik's relationship. An interesting new addition to the cast has been announced today as it can be confirmed that Sebastian Shaw will be appearing as a key part in Erik Lehnsherr's story. Shaw a mutant gifted with the ability to absorb energy is rumored to be long connected to a club plotting to use mutants in order to influence world events in accordance with their own agenda. Playing Shaw in this role will be Raising Hope actor Garret Dillahunt.

    Adam Rothenburg as Dennis Carradine/Burglar
    The final casting announced for today ahead of the first episode is that of Dennis Carradine aka The Burglar. Set to play a very key part in Peter's backstory Carradine is a career criminal who has spent most of his life in and out of prison for numerous crimes including armed robbery, burglary and car jacking. Playing the role of Carradine will be Ripper Street actor Adam Rothenburg.

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    Re: Marvel

    Quote Originally Posted by Sykotic View Post
    Good luck with this Shade.

    Like I repped to you I do wish you might have tried something different to GCS. The measuring stick will always be there and I think GCS has the more connective roster should we say which is what made it so compelling to read and really get into.

    But Marvel is its own world and I'm a big fan. I'm sure your work will be as impeccable as always.
    Thanks for the comments Syk dude. And I can understand where you are coming from with something different from GCS. If I'm honest with you I've got a couple of ideas in mind for the future including a western story as well as a possible James Bond show. But Marvel is going to be a different take in some ways from GCS as for one I'll be having to utilize a lot more characters/stories for one as well as a completely different kind of story. With Marvel obviously a lot more lighthearted than DC especially my GCS interpretation. So I hope you enjoy my Marvel booker dude.

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    Re: Marvel

    David Duchovny to star in Marvel!

    Although it was previously believed that there would be no more castings announced ahead of the pilot episode of Marvel. It can now be revealed in some exciting news that David Duchovny will be joining the cast in a recurring role. The 55 year old actor who is of course best known for his role as Fox Moulder on X-Files not to mention his portrayal of Hank Moody in Californication also has recently appeared in the TV show Aquarius. Duchovny's role in the series will be that of reporter Ben Urich. Urich will be an investigative journalist for the Daily Bugle who will later on serve as a useful ally for several of the heroes across New York. Whilst also acting as a way to tie in several of Marvel's stories together.

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    Re: Marvel

    FOX Broadcasting Presents

    Things we've become!

    Tapping his finger down across the glass table as he ponders his next move. Professor Charles Xavier carefully looks across the chess board to prepare his next move as Erik Lehnsherr watches on smugly as he realizes at the moment he is very much in control of the game. After nodding his head thoughtfully Charles moves forward one of his pawns as Lehnsherr begins to smirk arrogantly.

    Erik: So that is your move?

    Slowly straightening his posture as he lowers his hand Charles smiles before he looks up at Erik.

    Charles: I am.. It's your move now Erik.

    Chuckling before he moves his queen across the board. Erik wastes no time in taking Charles' pawn which in turn puts him in line of the king.

    Erik: That's always been your weakness Charles. You are too conservative. Not afraid to take risks and your unwillingness to do what is necessary will cost you.

    Charles: As will your willingness to strike without thought.

    To Erik's surprise Charles has his knight take Erik's queen. Erik's smile fades as he shakes his head.

    Erik: We all make sacrifices. Just depends how much of one you are willing to make.

    Without hesitation Erik takes Charles Knight with a Bishop.

    Erik: You cannot save everyone Charles. You should know that by now.

    Charles: Does not mean I can't try.

    Slowly moving his hands from the table Erik Lehnsherr begins to smile once more as he shakes his head in disbelief.

    Erik: You still think you can save me? Make me see things your way?

    Charles: There is good in you Erik. You seem to forget that I have seen it in your memories.

    Erik's smile fades as his expression shows more of a look of disgust while he looks round at the park the two are seated in on this particularly brisk morning. Looking at one older gentleman taking a stroll or a middle aged jogger and her dog or a young couple walking hand in hand. Lehnsherr is purely disgusted as he looks back at Charles with scorn.

    Erik: We are the superior species. Humans are no longer at the top of the food chain. Why can you not see this?

    Charles: Because what you are talking about is extermination.

    Erik: Man has exterminated one another since the stone age. They just called it evolution. All I am doing is carrying on the circle.

    Charles: Or you could be the better man. You said you think we are superior. Then why not prove it by no reducing yourself to this?

    Erik: Because these people do not deserve my help. These humans you love and want to protect... I've seen their true natures. They think they have evolved but really only the world around them has truly changed. They are still the primitive savages they have always been! and the sooner you realize that the better off you will be Charles.



    With the grey skies forming above the cold surroundings of the Auschwitz camp. A terrified 14 year old Max Eisenhardt is led by in a large crowd of prisoners along with both his mother Luna and father Jacob. However as they walk towards the unforgiving building the trio is quickly stopped by two soldiers as well as their Colonel Harbin Zemo. Zemo is in his earlier 50s and is sporting slicked back black hair as well as a graying beard. As Zemo stares coldly at Max the two soldiers with him have their guns pointed at both Luna and Jacob.

    Zemo: Why are you all still together? Children go there!

    Zemo points to another building to the side where kids are being led by armed guards. On seeing this a sobbing Luna wraps her arms around her terrified son whilst Jacob steps in front of them.

    Jacob: I will not let you take my son.

    Zemo sneers as he shakes his head.

    Zemo: Do you really think I care about your little threats? Move now or else.

    Defiantly Jacob shakes his head only to be pistol whipped by one of the soldiers flanking Zemo. As Jacob falls for the floor the other soldier begins to strike him repeatedly with the base of his gun drawing blood from Jacob's face. Zemo remains stoic as he watches on whilst Luna and Max both sob uncontrollably. Looking down at his shoes Harbin notices a small spec of blood on his boots before he angrily stomps down on the head of Jacob several times until Max tries to push him away. Zemo punches the young boy knocking him down to the floor as one of the soldiers snatches Luna by her hair. In anger a seething Max looks up from the ground at Zemo and the soldiers. As he lets out a scream Max watches as the two soldiers helmets slowly fold inwards crushing the soldiers skulls to Zemo's surprise. Taking a step back Zemo draws a gun at the stunned Max when suddenly a voice calls out.

    ?: Enough!

    Zemo lowers his gun as he looks to a tall dark haired man in his late forties. With his hair also slicked back and a black bushy beard the man unlike all the other soldiers is not wearing a uniform as instead he is wearing a suit with a white lab coat over it.

    Zemo: Dr.Kruger. What can I do for you?

    Kruger: Take the father and mother to the medics.

    Zemo looks confused by Kruger's orders.

    Kruger: Do it now!

    Slowly Dr.Kruger turns to Max who begins to stand up.

    Kruger: And you come with me.

    Present Day

    It is a beautiful summer day across the boisterous city of New York and as the scene opens in the Forest Hills district in Queens. The students of Empire State University all head outside for their lunch break either to eat, study or engage in all manner of activities from playing pool, basketball or even magic the gathering. That is except for one unfortunate young man known as Mark Raxton. Raxton is in his late teens and is dressed in dark black clothing with black stone ear gauges as well as dark nail varnish. Pinned up against the wall by his jacket Raxton is completely at the mercy of both Flash Thompson and Kenny McFarlane whilst a smirking Liz Allan watches on from the distance.

    Flash: I told you before and I'm telling you again now. This doesn't have to happen. All you have to do is pay up.

    Defiantly Max shakes his head.

    Max: I won't give you a cent Flash.

    Flash smirks before he looks back at Kenny.

    Flash: Wrong answer.

    Thompson punches Max hard to the stomach causing him to double over in pain. Dropping to a knee on the floor Max is winded from the blow as Kenny quickly picks him up holding his arms behind his back.

    Flash: You brought all of this on yourself.

    Thompson rears back for another shot but just before he can connect Peter Parker steps between both him and Max and catches Flash's fist.

    Peter: Enough Flash. This has to stop.

    Thompson takes a step back from Peter as he begins to look anxious.

    Flash: This has nothing to do with you Parker.

    Peter: I told you before Flash. I can't let do to anyone else what you used to do with me. So unless you want to try and fight me again. I'd leave him alone.

    Gritting his teeth together as he steps away from Max Flash shakes his head before both he and Kenny walk away with Liz Allan closely following them

    "Now I know what you are thinking. That was pretty impressive right? I'd love to tell you it was always like this... Unfortunately it wasn't. There was a time when I was the punching bag."


    As students begin to board one of the many buses stationed outside of Midtown High school Peter Parker finds himself at the end of a line boarding one of the buses. Once he steps onto the bus Peter slowly begins to edge his way towards the back of the bus past many smirking students who meet him with dismissive glances as well as snarky comments. This includes Flash Thompson who takes the time to stick his foot out just a little bit causing Peter to stumble forward and nearly fall into the laps of both Liz Allan and her friend Gwen Stacy who are sitting on the bus in the row just behind Flash.

    Peter: I'm sorry. Excuse me.

    Whilst Gwen smiles at Peter warmly Liz does not look happy as she shakes her head.

    Liz: Just watch where you are going next time freak.

    Gwen: Cut it out Liz.. Flash tripped him. We both saw that.

    Peter: Like I said I'm sorry.

    Gwen: You don't have to apologize.

    As Gwen nods her head and continues to smile Peter sheepishly heads to the back of the bus and sits down next to Harry Osborn. Harry for his part does not look to be in the best of moods as he looks stoically out of the window.

    Peter: Harry are you OK?

    Harry sighs as he looks away from the window and turns to his friend.

    Harry: I'm fine Pete. But you know you really shouldn't Flash get away with stuff like that. The second you stand up for yourself the better it will be.

    Peter: Did you not see what happened the last time I stood up to him? he kicked my ass.. badly.

    Harry shakes his head as he grits his teeth and looks back out of the window as the bus stops in traffic. With rain beating down on top of it Harry keeps his eyes on the drops falling slowly down the window.

    Peter: Are you sure you're OK?

    Harry: I'm fine.. It's just my dad. All I've ever wanted is his approval. I don't think I'll ever get it.

    Peter: Harry. I'm sure your father is proud of you.

    Harry: Well I guess we'll find out now won't we?

    As Peter then also looks out of the bus window the bus stops right outside of the oscorp building. Standing on the steps leading up to the oscorp building is Norman Osborn who is currently in the middle of a conversation with one of his researchers. From inside the bus Harry waves to his father who looks at him stoically from the steps before turning away and walking into the Oscorp Building.

    "So things didn't change for Harry with his dad. But things did change for me. Whether it was by luck or simply fate. It was walking through the labs of Oscorp I was bitten by a spider. At first I thought I was reacting to the venom. Instead it turns out this was no regular spider and that this moment would change my life forever."


    Later on that afternoon back at the Parker Household Ben Parker is sitting down in the living room reading the local newspaper Meanwhile May Parker is in the kitchen finishing up cooking dinner when suddenly she hears the front door opening. May looks a little surprised as she begins to head to the doorway of the kitchen.

    May: Peter.. You're home early!

    As May reaches the doorway she gasps in both shock and horror as she sees a shivering Peter stagger towards the wall leading to the stairs. Dripping in sweat Peter pulls himself towards the Bannister as a concerned May rushes towards him.

    May: Ben! come out here now!

    A concerned Uncle Ben then rushes out from the living room as Peter sits down on the stairs. Breathing heavily Peter looks over at his concerned aunt and uncle.

    Ben: Peter. What's wrong?

    Peter: I dunno.. I think I caught a bug or something.

    Aunt May reaches for Peter's forehead and places her palm across it. Quickly pulling her hand away the panicked Aunt May looks over at Uncle Ben.

    May: He's got a bad fever. Perhaps we should call a doctor.

    Peter: No... Just help me get upstairs. I'm sure I'll be fine after some sleep.

    Still showing concern for his nephew Ben helps pull Peter to his feet before helping him get up the stairs whilst May looks on.

    Present Day

    With various members of the paparazzi standing by in the distance. Several medical personnel as well as military and police are also standing by as a plane lands on the runway of this private airfield. Once the plane has landed and the doors begin to open slowly stepping out of a black town car parked up nearby are James Rhodes, Pepper Potts and Happy Hogan. As the trio look on anxiously slowly walking out from the plane is Tony Stark. Stark is wearing a dirty as well as torn black suit but despite this seems extremely happy as he is approached by Potts, Hogan and Rhodes.

    Rhodes: Tony. Welcome back!

    Stark: It's good to be back. Did you miss me?

    Potts: I'm just glad I didn't have to go job hunting.

    Stark chuckles as Pepper smiles.

    Hogan: Are you ready to go Mr.Stark?

    Tony: Go where?

    Rhodes: To the hospital Tony. You've been held in captivity for over three months. Not to mention we've been told about your chest and more specifically what happened to you over there!

    While Rhodes, Potts and Hogan all look stern Tony for his part does not seem happy with the suggestion as he shakes his head in defiance.

    Stark: Look I've been held captive for months. So now that I'm free I'm not spending anymore time being pulled about to places I want to go... In fact there are only a couple of things right now I really want to do.

    Potts: Tony...

    Before Pepper can finish Stark speaks over her.

    Stark: No.. Not that before you ask. The parties can happen later. For now I want something good to eat and I want to go to Stark Industries. Is that clear?

    Potts and Hogan both reluctantly nod their heads before they walk back to the car. Just as Stark is about to follow however he is stopped by Rhodes who places his hand on his shoulder.

    Rhodes: For what it's worth Tony. We looked for you everyday and if there was a way we could have got to you sooner. We would have.

    Tony: I know. Which is why it was a good thing I did some of the work for you.

    Rhodes: You know a lot of people are going to want to know what happened to you over there not to mention know how you escaped.

    Stark: I suppose this is where you are going to warn me to be careful what i say?

    Rhodes: Would you listen to me if I did?

    Stark: Probably not.

    Rhodes smirks before he nods his head.

    Rhodes: It's good to have you back.


    Stepping off of a plane on the airfield of a military base in Afghanistan. A suited up Tony Stark is full of his usual bravado as in his right hand he is clutching a small glass of scotch. Waiting for Tony at the end of the airfield is Colonel Glenn Talbot as well as a couple of soldiers. After drinking the last bit of his scotch Tony hands the glass to one of the soldiers before he shakes hands with the general. As he then looks at Talbot Stark begins to show signs of confusion.

    Tony: Colonel Talbot. Whilst it is always a pleasure I thought I was supposed to be meeting with General Ross.

    Talbot nods his head before he smirks.

    Talbot: Ross has had to leave the base for the time being.

    Tony: Anything serious?

    Talbot: Apparently one of his researchers had an accident in one of the labs.

    Stark shakes his head before he chuckles.

    Stark: What one is it this time?

    Talbot: You know the general he has so many side projects it's hard to keep tabs. But I got to say I'm also surprised Tony. I thought it would be Mr.Stane I was meeting with today.

    Stark: Obie called me this morning. Told me he was feeling sick ahead of this presentation and asked if I could do it. Besides you know me. Any chance I can get to get some sun I'm taking it.

    Talbot: Well luckily for you Tony. You'll get your chance quicker than expected. Originally we was supposed to be hearing from yourself, Mr.Osborn and Mr.Hammer. Unfortunately Mr.Osborn's project is not yet ready and well Mr.Hammer's...

    Stark: Has probably already broken.

    Talbot: Well with that in mind. Let's head to the cars.

    Slowly Stark, Talbot and the soldiers begin to walk towards the Humvee but as they reach the vehicle a rocket fires out from the distance hitting the vehicle. The vehicle explodes sending Talbot, Stark and the soldiers flying backwards in the air. Groggy from the blast Stark can do little other than look up from the ground as he sees several other soldiers all shot down by terrorists. Taking a agonizing breath Stark looks down to his chest were his white shirt is slowly turning red thanks to the blood pouring out from his chest.

    Present Day

    On a particularly cold, grey not to mention rainy day in New York a solemn Peter Parker walks through the large metallic gate leading into the Cypress Hill Cemetery. Walking past several of the graves Peter finally steps off the thin pathway leading to the end of the cemetery before he reaches a small grave were Aunt May is standing by with a small bouquet of flowers. The recently filled grave is still sporting many bouquets of flowers on it already.

    Peter: I hope you wasn't waiting too long for me.

    May: No. I've not been waiting too long. Besides I like coming up here and seeing him. It's where I think of the good times.

    Peter hugs May as his eyes begin to water.

    Peter: I miss him too.

    May: I know you do Peter. He was a great man.

    Peter: The best. I just wish before all this my lasts words to him were different. I said horrible things to him.

    May: Your uncle loved you Peter. He was always proud of you and he thought of you as a son. As do I and he knows in turn how much you cared about him.

    As a crying Peter nods his head May places the flowers down to the side of Uncle Ben's headstone.

    "I said my life changed unfortunately it wasn't all for the better. But at first things were great. Once I woke up the next day after that bite I felt different. I felt stronger. I felt faster. Like I could make the impossible possible. Although I wouldn't know that at first."


    It is the morning after he was sent home sick during the oscorp trip and Peter Parker for most part looks to be feeling a lot better as he walks through the halls of Midtown High School ahead of class that morning. Stopping off by his locker Peter reaches into his pocket for his key before opening up the locker and putting his camera inside whilst also removing a report written for one of his classes. With that Peter shuts the door behind him and locks it before he turns to come face to face with Flash Thompson. As the smirking Flash stares at Peter in the distance both Liz Allan and Kenny McFarlane are watching on.

    Flash: I heard you went home sick yesterday Parker. I so hope you used that time wisely.

    Parker: What are you talking about Flash?

    Flash: You heard the teacher. We have reports that need to be written about all the things we saw at Oscorp.

    Feigning confusion Peter looks over at Liz and Kenny who just smirk at him.

    Parker: So what does that have to do with me?

    Flash: You're doing mine for me. Then when you've done mine you will do Liz and Kenny's is that clear?

    Parker: So same old same old I take it?

    Flash nods his head as he stares Peter down.

    Parker: I'm not doing it Flash. I'm sick of you treating me like this.

    Clearly a little surprised by Peter's reaction Flash shakes his head in disbelief before he chuckles.

    Flash: Do I really have to remind you what will happen if you won't do it?

    Peter: I don't want to fight you Flash. But I won't be bullied by you.. Not anymore.

    As Flash continues to look on in disbelief a small crowd begins to form around them including both Gwen Stacy and Harry Osborn.

    Flash: I wouldn't want to fight me either. But you don't have a choice.

    As Flash raises his hands in a fighting stance and many of the crowd begin chanting fight Peter slowly places his bag on the floor. Flash then throws a straight right at Peter but much to both of their surprise Peter side steps the blow at the last second with ease. Flash then swings for a left hook but Peter again avoids it this time ducking right under the blow causing Flash to go off balance and stagger towards the lockers. Whilst Flash looks to be getting more angry with every miss Peter looks stunned at his ability to avoid the blows with ease. Flash lunges at Peter for a big punch but Peter this time leans back avoiding the blow. Just then Kenny McFarlane charges at Peter from behind looking to hit him with a tackle but Peter effortlessly leaps into the air and back flips over Kenny's shoulders sending Kenny running into the lockers as several of the people watching on are stunned. Landing on his feet Peter is in awe as Flash then tries for a jab but Peter this time catches his hand and begins to squeeze. Much to the crowd's shock Flash begins to scream out in pain as Peter's grip tightens around his hand. With Flash unable to pull himself free Peter with his free hand hits Flash with a big uppercut sending him flying backwards against the lockers before he hits the floor. Quickly Liz Allan rushes to check on Flash whilst a stunned crowd just look on. Gwen Stacy for her part seems to be completely stunned by what has happened where as Harry Osborn is delighted as he slaps Peter across the back.

    Harry: Peter. You've been holding out on us. That was awesome!

    "Unfortunately Harry may have been the only one to think that was awesome. Later that day I was called to the principal's office and he called my Aunt and Uncle. Which led to quite possibly one of the worst days of my life."

    Later that day

    After having met with the principal Peter Parker makes his exit from out of the Midtown High School building and is clearly anxious on seeing his Uncle Ben Parker waiting for him by his car. Ben for his part seems to be a mix of angry and disappointed as Peter heads towards him. Sheepishly Peter climbs in the passenger side of the car as Ben then walks round to the driver's side and steps in the car. As the two begin to drive down the road Ben shakes his head as Peter sighs.

    Peter: So do you want to hear my side of this?

    Ben: Honestly Peter. There isn't a side of this which I believe sounds good at all.

    Peter: How does Aunt May feel about this?

    Ben: She's worried as you'd expect. Which is why I said I'd come and talk to you.

    Peter: Talk about what? Flash bullies everyone. It was about time someone stood up to him.

    Ben shakes his head disappointingly as he looks over at Peter.

    Ben: Peter. I don't know what to say to this. First yesterday you scare us half to death by coming home sick as a dog. Now you're starting fights.

    Peter: I didn't start this fight.

    Ben: Well you sure as hell finished it.

    Peter: What was I supposed to do? run away? or let him beat me up?

    Ben: No. Look Peter I get it. You're changing. I went through the same thing when I was your age.

    Peter: I'm sure you didn't.

    Ben: My point is you are changing into the man you are going to be for the rest of your life. Now from everything we've discussed previously Flash had this coming. But Peter just because you can beat him up. Just because you can hurt him. Doesn't give you the right to. You have to remember with great power comes great responsibility.

    As Ben pulls up at a traffic light the angered Peter shakes his head.

    Peter: Are you scared I'm going to be a bully like him? Would you stop lecturing me please.

    Ben: I don't mean to lecture you Peter. I don't mean to act like your father.

    Peter: Than stop pretending to be. Because you aren't my father!

    With that an angered Peter storms out of the car and slams the door behind him before he quickly jogs over onto the sidewalk. Clearly upset Ben pulls up in his car before he steps out of the vehicle and looks to rush after Peter down the street.

    Ben: Peter!

    Turning down a side alleyway Ben is dismayed to come up to a dead end. But as he turns back round to head out onto the street he comes face to face with an anxious looking man in his late thirties. Wearing a dark leather jacket over a red t-shirt and dirty black jeans the dark, scruffy haired man is clutching a small burlap sack in one hand whilst in his other is a gun which is pointed at Uncle Ben.

    ?: I'll be needing your car. So give me your keys now.

    Present Day

    As their game of chess continues a smug Erik Lehnsherr smirks seeing he is currently well ahead of Charles Xavier in their game of chess. Charles meanwhile remains calm under pressure as he uses his pawn to take Erik's knight. After shaking his head Erik uses one of the castles to take Charles' last pawn.

    Erik: Charles I've always believed you to be one of the most intelligent as well as best men I have ever known. Do not corrupt that image I have of you by being a fool.

    Charles: Erik embracing humanity does not make me a fool. It makes me the better man.

    Sneering as he stares coldly at Charles Erik once again removes his hands from the table.

    Erik: Charles. We both know how this game will end. There is no stopping the inevitable.

    Charles: I can't believe that Erik. There has to be another way.

    Erik: There is no other way Charles. I'm simply ending what was started many years ago.

    Charles: Those men were just following orders.

    Erik: Not all of them. The sooner you learn who the real bad guys are the better it will be Charles.


    Having been escorted to the office of Dr.Kruger by several soldiers. A terrified Max Eisenhardt is forced to sit down on a wooden chair across from Dr.Kruger. Nodding his head as he smirks the doctor motions for the soldiers to leave the room. The soldiers quickly leave the room as Kruger picks up from the desk a small bar of chocolate which he holds out to Max.

    Kruger: It's OK Max. Take it.

    Slowly Max reaches for the bar of chocolate and takes a bite out of it as Dr.Kruger stands up slowly from his chair. Removing his lab coat revealing a grey suit underneath it Kruger walks round to the side of his desk before he picks up from a chair one of the crushed helmets from earlier.

    Kruger: Now Max. I know you are scared of what is going on here. Which is why I want you to know I mean you no harm what so ever. In fact to the contrary I'm very impressed with what I've seen from you.

    Max continues to eat the chocolate as Kruger tosses the helmet to the ground.

    Kruger: Which is why I want to help you develop your gift. To reach what true potential you have. Although before we begin I suppose I'd better be honest with you.

    Max looks confused as Kruger motions for him to look out of the window of his office. Slowly Max stands up from his chair and walks over to the window where he is distraught to find the same soldiers who brought him to the office now standing by with their weapons aimed at the back of his parents' heads.

    Kruger: Now like you Max. I have gifts. Gifts which for a time I believe made me an outcast of society. Which I now know made me superior. Superior to all these humans and you can be the same. But to get there we must remove weakness.

    Max: Please don't do this.

    Kruger: As hard as it is to believe Max. You'll know one day I am right when I say we are the superior species.

    Putting his hand on the back of Max's neck Dr.Kruger forces the horrified Max to watch as the soldiers shoot down his parents. With a sick smile on his face as Max begins to cry, Dr.Kruger begins to laugh.

    Kruger: So before we begin your training. Allow me to introduce myself properly to you. My name is Sebastian Shaw!

    Present Day

    Meanwhile standing inside his lavish office inside the Stark Industries tower. A smug Obadiah Stane is in the middle of a phone call to several of Stark Industries' developers when the doors to his office open up. As Stane begins to wrap up his call he cannot help but break into a smile as Tony Stark slowly walks into the office. Once he has wrapped up the call a beaming Obadiah walks round the desk with his hands held out in front of him. As Tony looks on Stane places his hands on Tony's shoulders before he shakes his head and chuckles.

    Stane: Tony! I didn't expect to see you here so soon.

    Stark: Well I figure with this being my company I should check in. See how everything is going.

    Stane raises his eyebrows as he tilts his head to the right and starts to nod his head impressively.

    Stane: So you thought to come here first. Out of everything you could do. You came to work first. I got to say I'm impressed.

    Stark: Well not exactly first. We stopped off and got a burger first. Then here.

    Stane chuckles as Stark smiles.

    Stane: Did you get me one?

    Stark: You know it completely slipped my mind. So how's the company going?

    Stane: It's going well. We've got some competition from oscorp as of late obviously. Seems Norman is finally getting his project off the ground. Other than that it's the same as it was before you left.

    Stark: Which is what I want to talk to you about.

    Stane's smile fades as he begins to show some confusion.

    Stane: What do you mean?

    Stark: I want us to get out of the weapons manufacturing game.

    Whilst Tony looks serious Obadiah Stane chuckles as he shakes his head.

    Stane: Oh that's a good one Tony. Nice to see your sense of humor is still there.

    Stark: I'm not joking.

    Stane's smirk fades as his eyes grow wide.

    Obadiah: Tony. We have designed weapons for years now. That is what Stark Industries does. Your father knew that as well. So why change it now?

    Stark: I saw things over there. Things which I'll have to live with for the rest of my life. Those terrorists have used the very weapons we have created against us and I do not want my legacy to be an ever growing body count.

    Taking a step back from Tony a stunned Obadiah takes a deep breath before responding.

    Stane: Then tell me now. What do you want to do with Stark Industries?

    Stark: I want what I've always wanted. What my father wanted. To make the world a better place.


    After storming off from Uncle Ben Peter Parker darts down a back alleyway before he leans up against a wall. With a tear falling down his cheek Peter goes to wipe it away but finds his hand stuck to the wall. Pulling his hand away Peter is stunned as he steps back from the wall.

    Peter: What is happening to me? Ever since that bite I've felt weird.

    Looking across the alleyway Peter sees a small cobweb on a ladder and he notices in the cobweb is a spider climbing about after it's prey. As he watches the spider curiously Peter slowly walks back to the wall before he puts his hand back on it slowly. Raising his over hand slightly higher on the wall Peter is surprised that he is able to slowly pull himself up on the wall before he begins scaling it like a spider. Once he is a few feet off of the ground an amazed Peter looks down and smiles before he begins to quicken up his climb to the top of the roof. Once he reaches the top of the building Peter looks across at an adjacent rooftop and remembering the ease he was able to leap into the air in his earlier fight with Flash Thompson he runs to the ledge before leaping high into the air from one rooftop to another. As he takes a deep breath Peter then sees from the rooftop a nearby building which is having some construction done to it. Looking at his wrists and seeing a small web like substance covering his veins he points his hand out to the site before much to his delight a spiderweb fires out across to the building. Concentrating hard Peter then aims his second web towards another building this time keeping hold of it before he swings across from rooftop to rooftop. Unable to stop himself Peter lands hard on the gravelly ground of the rooftop before he takes a deep breath. Just then Peter feels his phone vibrate and is stunned to find he has several missed calls as well as the fact that several hours have now passed since his earlier argument with Uncle Ben. With his battery dying on his phone Peter rushes home swinging and jumping across rooftops. Once he reaches his street Peter is alarmed to see several police cars parked up out front. Rushing inside Peter can hear a crying Aunt May in the living room and runs in to see May sobbing as she sits down on the couch whilst across from her is Captain George Stacy.

    Peter: Aunt May... What's happened?

    Whilst the distraught Aunt May sobs George Stacy slowly stands up from his chair before he slowly walks over to Peter.

    Stacy: Peter... I'm sorry to have to tell you this. It's about your uncle.

    Peter gasps.

    Peter: What's happened?

    May: He's dead.

    On hearing the news Peter begins to cry as he rushes over to Aunt May and hugs her tight. Keeping his arm around her shoulder Peter then looks over at Stacy.

    Peter: What happened?

    Stacy: We believe it was a mugging gone wrong. According to witnesses your uncle put up a struggle and unfortunately during the struggle he was shot.

    As Peter wipes his tears away an officer on Captain Stacy's radio reveals they have got the suspect's location and he is heading towards a nearby warehouse. On hearing the news Stacy begins to head towards the door of the house.

    Stacy: I am truly sorry for your loss and I promise we will catch the guy who did this. I'll call in a few of my guys to keep you both company for now until this is over.

    As Captain Stacy begins to leave the house Peter stands up from the chair as a concerned May looks at him.

    May: Where are you going?

    Peter: I need to get some air. I'll be back soon.

    "I was so angry. This man took my uncle from me. He took my uncle from Aunt May. I knew right then it was time to put what I could do to use. To make sure this man couldn't hurt anyone else like he had my family."

    Present Day

    Holed up inside an abandoned warehouse building Uncle Ben's killer rushes up the stairs of the building before he looks out of one of the broken windows to see a view of the city. The robber is horrified to see several police cars on their way to his location. Removing his jacket and slinging it to the floor the robber begins to take aim from the window with his gun as a police helicopter also flies towards the building with a spotlight shining from it. From this light the anxious robber sees a shadow of a man climbing up one of the windows and panics as he fires out several shots without seeing anyone near him. Backing up from the window the robber then again sees the silhouette of someone in the building this time from the rafters. As police cars pull up outside the building the robber fires his gun towards the ceiling. Panicking the robber then rushes to one of the doors on the floor but as he reaches the door he is spun round and hit with a hard punch to the face by a man wearing a red balaclava, red sweatshirt and blue pants. The robber tries to fire back with a punch but the man avoids it before he grabs hold of the pipes above and pulls himself in the air before kicking the robber to the face sending him tumbling over a work bench. Having now dropped his gun the robber staggers to his feet where he is hit again by the man backing him up against one of the windows. With his mouth and nose busted the robber begins to beg.

    Robber: Please don't hurt me. If it's money you want I got it.

    Removing the balaclava from his face Peter Parker angrily shakes his head.

    Peter: I don't want your money.

    Robber: Look just give me a chance. We can talk about this.

    Peter angrily snatches the robber by his shirt and lifts him up in the air.

    Peter: What about my uncle? Did you give him a chance?

    Robber: It was an accident. All I wanted was his keys. The old man wouldn't give them to me.... Please I have a daughter!

    As the robber sobs Peter begins to lower him to his feet before he takes a step back. But as he does so the smirking robber draws a knife which he slashes in the air at Peter only to have Peter duck it before grabbing The robber's wrist forcing the knife out of his hand. Peter then hits the robber once again and the robber staggers back tripping on a piece of pipe on the floor which sends him tumbling out of the window. As the robber hits the ground below with a thud the horrified Peter rushes to the window's edge where police are gathered round his body. As the helicopter light begins to shine on him Peter quickly puts the balaclava back on whilst down below George Stacy looks up at him.

    Stacy: We have the place surrounded. Come out with your hands up!

    Cast in Order of Appearance
    Terry O'Quinn as Charles Xavier/Professor X
    Mads Mikkelsen as Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto
    Alex Lawther as Max Eisenhardt (Guest Star)
    Will Patton as Jacob Eisenhardt (Guest Star)
    Indsay Wagner as Luna Eisenhardt (Guest Star)
    John Pyper Ferguson as General Harbin Zemo (Guest Star)
    James Carpinello as Soldier (Guest Star)
    Elias Toufexis as Soldier (Guest Star)
    Garrett Dillahunt as Heinz Kruger/Sebastian Shaw
    Connor Jessup as Mark Raxton
    Colton Haynes as Flash Thompson
    Noah Munck as Kenny McFarlane
    Britt Robertson as Liz Allan
    Tyler Posey as Peter Parker/Spiderman
    Dianna Agron as Gwen Stacy
    Douglas Booth as Harry Osborn
    Michael Shannon as Norman Osborn
    Jon Voight as Uncle Ben
    Glenn Closse as Aunt May
    Jack Huston as Tony Stark/Iron Man
    Owain Yeoman as Happy Hogan
    Jamie Ray Newman as Pepper Potts
    Omari Hardwick as James Rhodes
    James Woods as Glenn Talbot (Guest Star)
    Christoper Eccleston as Obadiah Stane
    Adam Rothenburg as Dennis Carradine/Burglar
    Kiefer Sutherland as George Stacy

    (Bookers Note: This was actually tougher to write than expected but I've had a couple of personal problems lately which didn't help matters. Overall I'm pretty happy with the episode but I know there is work to be done for it to get to GCS standard. So I'll just say bear with me and I hope you all enjoy the shows to come.)

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    Re: Marvel

    Season one; episode one; Thing's we become. before I start I just want to say how enjoyable it is to read this project as it is actually being written, instead of being like someone that watches breaking bad years after anyone else has and insists on live tweeting with no one else caring. the opening with Charles and Erik was perfect, and I really felt the character coming me off the page. a chess match acts as such important symbolism in regards to comparison the constant struggle that both men have between them during their entire lives. The flashback was really important and I guess a lot of comparisons can be made with the original X-Men film which I have no qualms with, at the same time I love the use of Zemo (as you know in my botched attempt at writing Marvel myself) as I always have felt that purple one has so much potential then he has even been actually given within the Marvel Universe. The Peter Park introduction was also just as nice to read, and I enjoy the "first person commentary" element that you have added into this project, it is characters like Spiderman/Deapool to name just a few that really benefit from these monologues turned into narration as they explain their story to almost a non-existent audience. The relationship with Harry and Peter is incredibly important and in the films and some of the comics series they never really valued the friendship that both men had, so I am hopeful that from what I HAVE READ from Gotham so far you will able to add the importance to their friendship. Peter got bitten by a Spider...didn't see that one coming (I always wonder if someone like Harry had got bitten instead, I know this comment is completely irrelevant but I just thought I would share it with you anyway). The introduction of Tony Stark was just perfect, right on the money! Of course though because Iron Man is a direct opposite to Batman in the Marvel versus. DC comparisons board, there will be comparisons between both men, and no doubt you might pick up on them yourself. The flashback with Tony is clever for a number of reasons; you introduce Talbot directly, you mention General Ross and you make a subtle mention about Hulk without even doing very much at all...a clever way at introduction major players. The attack on Stark is well written and I just felt like I was reading the genuine article, which you have a knack of doing.

    Uncle Ben is one of those characters that is so important from beyond the grave in the same way Thomas and Martha Wayne are...i know I am bring up more comparisons but they do define the character. I always wonder in situations like as Peter why defending yourself in a confrontation is reason for you to get in trouble, you never see the attackers getting in trouble. But the victims are always made to pay the price, and as we all know some people are going to pay more of a price than others. The argument between Ben and Peter only ends one way, but every time it is describes it resonates the same feeling of you have to be careful what you say to people as you can never be sure if it is going to be your last conversation with them...(I'm sure Peter Park would love to do a Deadpool and ask the original writers to make a possible alternative beginning to his story.) Returning to the chess-game between Charles and Erik...its short but its just sweet and on the money $$$. Max/Erik meeting Shaw is a very important start to the journey, and the flashbacks that you are presenting are truly strengthening the first chapter of this already impressive series. Stark is getting out of the weapons game, we know how this is all going to go...Important Flashback, but then you trick the reader because it isn't one for Stark...sneaky. The death of Ben changes Peter forever, and making another comparison I always wonder that if Peter Park had been part of the DC Universe would he actually have been a villain instead of a hero...mhmm food for thought. A solid ending to the episode as we are left to mull over the question that many Spiderman fans have had over years, did he commit murder or was it just manslaughter?

    Because I can't make direct comparisons to the complete Gotham City Stories Series I won't make a complete comment, however the transition from one to the other wasn't difficult at all. Once again you have proven yourself to be a truly accomplished writer, and I now I have two of your fantasy projects to enjoy in-between working on my own dedication to your inspiration. Keep this up!

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    Re: Marvel

    I am really liking the tone of this so far. I think Peter Parker's is the story I will be most enthralled with, but can't wait to read them all.

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    Re: Marvel

    How long has this been in the making?

    I know when you first mentioned this project I was skeptical about having so many worlds in one single series and how you'd be able to stuff it all in. I still am hesitant on that front but you've got a great talent for handling insane casts of characters so I try to keep that in mind.

    This episode was in the truest sense a pilot. Nothing groundbreaking, you introduced all the main hitters appropriately (Parker/Ben were real good and Stark wasn't bad either) and gave each a fitting origin story.

    This isn't a criticism but more a minor worry. I hope that you don't do too much replicating of scenes we've seen in the movies because a lot of them do mirror those and I also hope that you're willing to take more risk and make this series more of your own by diverting from what the comics or movies have done, this is your universe after all. This is the first episode so I'm not too worried about it now, not too easy to diverge from tried and true tested origin stories.

    We got an impactful moment in all three of their stories and really you did well enough giving each their fair share of attention. You've got a knack for name-dropping and keeping characters in the rear view mirror that always give your worlds an expansive feel. Though where's my Silk namedrop?

    I have no real criticism. Interesting decision to give Peter Parker the fourth wall breaking when the series really isn't solely about him, I'm not sure if I like it or not just because its not symmetric with all the other words and sort of feels like it clashes stylistically. Nevertheless, it'll make for an interesting bit if he meets a mind reader like Xavier and they wonder who the fuck he's talking to or if Deadpool interrupts his little end of scene thoughts.

    Keep it going bruh!

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