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Thread: "Double E" Elijah Edwards

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    "Double E" Elijah Edwards

    Name*: Elijah Edwards
    Nickname: Double E
    Date of Birth*: September 12 1990
    Place of Birth: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Currently Residing*: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Height*: (In foot and inches): 6'4

    Weight*: (In lbs): 221lbs
    Gimmick*: Proud Canadian technical wrestler
    Disposition: Baby face

    Wrestling Style*: (Hardcore, Technical etc.): Technical/Strong Style
    Wrestling Abilities*: (Rank from 1-5, 1 being your best) Speed, Technical, Power, Brawling, Charisma.

    Signature Taunts/Poses:
    Entrance theme: "Icky Thump" by The White Stripes

    Basic Moves*:
    1. European Uppercut
    2. Discus Lariat
    3. Snap Double Underhook Suplex
    4. Elbow strikes (often times in the corner)
    5. Snap DDT
    6. Spinebuster
    7. Mongolian Chop
    8. Hammerlock Northern Lights Suplex
    9. Inverted Suplex Slam
    10. Slingshot Suplex
    11. Snap Suplex
    12. Hammerlock submission
    13. Knife Edge Chops
    14. Belly To Back Suplex
    15. Bicycle Kick
    16. High Knee Strike (ala Triple H)
    17. Grapevine STF
    18. Heel hook
    19. Headscissors Lock
    20. Belly To Belly Supex
    21. Exploder Suplex
    22. Facewash
    23. Flying Elbow Drop (ala Scott Lost)
    24. Fireman’s Carry Gutbuster
    25. Pendulum Back breaker

    Signature Strike Moves*:

    From Toronto with Love (Regal Plex)
    Kick of Fury (Tornado Kick)
    The Day Time Stood Still (Delayed Vertical Suplex)
    Butterfly Suplex
    One Armed Scissor (Running Single Arm Swinging Neckbreaker)

    Signature Submission Move*:

    Canadian Deathlock (Indian Deathlock)
    Crossface Chickenwing
    Winter Dreams (Shining Triangle)

    Regular Finishing Move*: (One only): Excellent Execution (Liontamer)

    Previous Experience (If any): Competed in EWE, PCW, and PWE

    CWA High Voltage Championship

    Injury History (If any): none

    Name of character representative*: Ryan Reynolds


    Promo*: (It doesn't have to be long, but you do need to write something.)

    It's a dingy rec center located in the outskirts of Chicago, Illinois filled with over eight hundred fans for an independent show. The crowd is lively. A match has just ended and one of the participants in the bout is Elijah Edwards. Elijah makes his way behind the curtain, receiving an ovation from some of his peers as well as the promoter.

    Promoter: Hell of a match, Elijah.

    Elijah Edwards: Appreciate it, Jimmy.

    Edwards walks into the locker room, waiting for him is a well dressed individual with perfect hair and a million dollar smile. This man is his agent Romeo Rollings.

    Romeo Rollings: Wow, kid. Just wow. Good showing out there. Whatever rust you were worried about having you've really shook it off.
    Elijah Edwards: Think so?
    Romeo Rollings: I know so. But I'm not here just to blow smoke up your ass, that's what your parents are for. I've got some big news for you.

    Elijah Edwards: What's that?

    Elijah begins to unwrap his tape wrist before peeling off his elbow pads.

    Romeo Rollings: A deal with a big time promotion called Clique Wrestling Alliance.

    He looks up at Rollings appearing surprised.

    Elijah Edwards: Great. When do I start?
    Romeo Rollings: We'll work those details out later. Just celebrate getting back on the horse and a chance back in the lime light, alright?
    Elijah Edwards: By celebrate do you mean get back in the weight room and training?

    Romeo Rollings: Kid, while I admire your dedication can you at least bring home a couple of girls? Pop some bubbly? Go out on the town, something?
    Elijah Edwards: You know I've got a lot riding on this... there's no time for that. Besides, Cindy would have my head on a stake and you know it.
    Romeo Rollings: Of course, such a charming young lady she is. All rainbows and sunshine.

    Rollings makes the sound of a cracking of the whip, but Elijah pays him no mind.

    Romeo Rollings: I hate to ask this kid... but you are ready for this right?

    Elijah looks back at him, staring at him with a look that says, "Did you really just ask me that?"

    Romeo Rollings: I know in PCW you had a lot of personal strife you were dealing with and you weren't exactly exuding confidence. That's taken care of.. right? I would hate to see you go through the same bullshit all over again.

    Elijah cracks a smile.

    Elijah Edwards: You've got nothing to worry about, Rome. I'm ready.

    Romeo claps his hands together, pointing at his young client.

    Romeo Rollings: That's what I love to hear, Double E. That's what I love to hear. I'll see you in a few days, okay?

    Elijah nods. Rollings exits the locker rom and Elijah finishes getting out of his gear.

    Manager*: Yes

    Manager Name: Romeo Rollings
    Manager Date of Birth: December 28, 1983
    Manager Gimmick: High profile agent

    Manager Disposition:
    Character Representative:
    Jeremy Piven
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    Re: "Double E" Elijah Edwards

    Welcome aboard to CWA! Nice looking character you have here. Everything looks to be in order, so you'll be hooked on our next show after our PPV so sit tight until then.

    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business


    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: "Double E" Elijah Edwards


    Itís late morning in the cloudy covered city of Toronto. Elijah Edwards, inside his very extravagant loft, is packing his suitcases. One is filled with clothes for press conferences, the gym, and casual attire while the other is filled with his ring gear. An uncontrollable smile creeps upon his face as he finishes packing his bags, surveying his methodical packing job, he nods approvingly. He reaches for his bags and turns to exit the room when he is met with Cindy, his girlfriend, standing in the door way.

    Elijah Edwards: Hey.. I didnít hear you come in.

    Cindy Brooks: Leaving?

    Elijah Edwards: Yeah, Iíve got a show in Memphis for CWA. Going to be gone for a five days. I have to do press, photo shoot. The whole works.

    Cindy Brooks: Thatís great...

    Elijah Edwards: The joys of being apart of a major federation again.

    Elijah places his bags on the floor, extending his arms out for a hug.

    Elijah Edwards: Gonna bring it in? I know youíll miss me.

    Cindy, almost heartbroken, walks over to Elijah in embrace, tightly squeezing the Toronto Grappler. The pressure she generates surprises Elijah, who gazes down at his girlfriend in concern.

    Elijah Edwards: Is everything okay?

    Cindy Brooks: Donít do this.

    Elijah Edwards: What? What are youó Sweetie, itís only going to be for a few days. Itís not like we havenít been through this before.

    Cindy Brooks: I know, but youíve been out of that life for two years nowÖ You donít think youíll happy doing something else?

    Elijah Edwards: Cindy (pulling himself away from her), we talked about this. Remember? I thought you were cool with this.

    Cindy Brooks: I was.. I mean, I thought I was.. Iíve just been thinking about everything that happened before and- and I donít want you to go throw that again.

    Elijah Edwards: Different time, sweetheart. Different circumstances. Itís not going to be like last time. I promise you thought.

    Cindy Brooks: How can you be so sure? How do you know it wonít start up again?

    Elijah Edwards: Has it happened at any point in the last year?

    Cindy Brooks: No.. but-

    Elijah Edwards: Then youíve got nothing to worry about. Itís all been put behind me. Címon now. Dr. Fischer and I discussed this. He doesnít see an issue with it.

    Cindy Brooks: You can work with my father. Heís got a position available. Itís good hours and great pay. Benefits, everything.

    Elijah Edwards: I am not working in a breaker shop with your father. Besides, Iím not even qualified for that kind of labor.

    Cindy Brooks: You can get trained.

    Elijah Edwards: No. Iím a wrestler. I always have been and I will be. I signed with CWA for three years with great pay. More than I ever received working under the Power Wrestling umbrella. Iím sorry, but I canít just back out now.

    He picks up his bags to leave, but Cindy steps out in front of him. She tries her best to wrestle his bags out of his hands.

    Elijah Edwards: Stop. Cindy, stop.

    Elijah jerks the bags away.

    Elijah Edwards: Knock it off?!

    Cindy Brooks: I canít do this, Elijah! You hear me?! I canít do this again. I donít want to have to be sitting along side you are draped in ice packs from head to toe. I donít wanna have to fly to some city in England to be with you, worried sick, because youíre laying up in a hospital unable to remember my name. And I donít want to see you in a toxic environment that eats you up inside with vultures who degrade you every chance they get to the point where I find you unconscious in the shower with an empty pill bottle!

    Cindy drops to the floor in tears. Elijah kneels down in front of her, rubbing her arms tenderly.

    Elijah Edwards: Hey. Cindy. Hey. Shhh. Calm down. Please?

    Cindy Brooks: Please, Iím begging you. Donít go. If not for you than for me.

    Elijah sighs. Heís searching for a response as he gazes heartbroken into his loverís eyes. He wipes the tears from her cheeks.

    Elijah Edwards: Iím sorry. I know how hard all of that was for you. Iím not happy about any of it. My professional woes, all that misery I went through in EWE and PCW, it wasnít just about that. Itís how I felt about myself as a person. I was miserable about who I thought I was, what I felt I wasnít but needed to be, and what I needed to fill that void I wanted to be filledÖ And I thank you for standing by me through all of that. Even that incident in the beginning of the year.. but I have to go back and try again. An honest try. One where I am in the proper frame of mind to do this job and do it well. You saw how far I rose despite my demons. Imagine how much farther and more accomplished Iíll be now that IĒm emotionally well! Honey, thereís nothing going to stop me except me. And Iím not about to get in my own way. You may not like this now and you may even resent me for it, but I canít just walk away from wrestling without leaving the legacy I know I can leave.

    Cindy Brooks: And what if it never comes, Elijah? What if this legacy you so desperately crave never comes to fruition? What if youíre just another failed story in the wrestling business? A cautionary tale of someone who had all the potential in the world, yet never can achieve a modicum of success he and everyone else believed he could?

    Elijah stares at his girlfriend stunned.

    Elijah Edwards: You donít mean that. Do you? Youíre upset, right? Itís just the anxiety and worry talking..

    Cindy doesnít respond. She wipes away her tears as Edwards burns a hole through her waiting for a response. Anger begins to radiate from Elijah as he gazes at his girlfriend.

    Elijah Edwards: You know what? If you donít want to be with me, if you canít support me and accept that Iím going to do this than you better start seeing someone else. I donít this bullshit. Not from you or anybody else in my life. Okay? I am more than capable of accomplishing what I want. And if I donít, if I canít do itÖ then at least Iíll know that I tried.. thatís more than I can say for you.

    Cindy stops crying. She looks up at Elijah in disbelief. He begins to show signs of regret, but goes back to the cold stare as he grabs his bags and gets up.

    Elijah Edwards: Leave the keys on the bar.

    Elijah exits. Cindy buries her head into her hands and resumes weeping.


    The scene opens to the interview space set up in the FedEx Arena. In this area, stands CWAís newest acquisition Elijah Edwards. Standing along side him in a very expensive black suit with a blood red tie is his manager Romeo Rollings. Double E flashes a million dollar smile as his arms are folded when Romeo begins to speak.

    Romeo Rollings: Good evening, ladies and gentleman. My name is Romeo Rollings, the head of Rollings Agency, and I am representing Clique Wrestling Allianceís newest super star Elijah Edwards. Allow me to educate you fine and outstanding individuals on Double Eís history. This ripped, chipped, chiseled, and jacked paragon of masculinity hails from the Great White. Toronto, Ontario (dramatic pause), Canada to be exact. Now, I know what youíre thinking right about now, folks. Surely, this guy isnít really a wrestler. Heís looks like a guy whoís plastered all over billboards modeling for some fancy designer or on the silver screen as a leading man, making all the girls moó excuse me, after all we are on national televisionó no need for the FCC coming after us like starving pitbulls of a Mexican cartel. He makes the girls aroused and lust. Check it out. Show Ďem the guns, Elijah.

    Elijah Edwards, wearing a semi embarrassed smiled, flexes his bicep for the camera.

    Romeo Rollings: It that doesnít drive the girls, crazy. I donít know what does. Folks, my client is more than just looks. After all, he was trained under one of the finest Canadian wrestlers to ever grace the squared circle Lance Storm at the Storm Wrestling Academy, this man is adept in the technical stylings of professional wrestling. He knows how to work a body part and contort them in ways most human begins could never fathom or ever want to experience. A kind of talent that Stu Hart, with his pearly white smile adored in immaculate angelís attire as he smiles down from the heavens above, would be proud of. Now, because Elijah is a student of the game. Heís versatile. Heís more than just a technical wrestler. He can take to the air like the best Junior Heavyweights of the world. Heís also impressive with his feet as well as his hands. He received additional training in the New Japan Pro Wrestling Dojo with all the young boys of Japan and Gaijins of the world. Everything they would put them through, Elijah Edwards did it too. Running up all the steps like Rocky Balboa ready to take it to the World champ Apollo Creed, hitting the heavy bags with the force that would make George Foreman quiver, and hitting the weights like Arnold in his prime. My client is no stranger to the bright lights of a major wrestling promotion. Heís wrestled in such organizations as EWE, PCW, and PWE. He was considered one of their brightest up and coming stars. But as one door closes, another one opens. Which brings us here to CWA.

    Romeo Rollings does his finest impression of Vanna White as he displays the organizations logo.

    Romeo Rollings: My client may have been out of the limelight for two years, but what hasnít faded was his hunger, his passion, and desire for this great sport of professional wrestling. Heís a competitor ready to take on any and all comers. Ready to show the world just which country produces the finest wrestlers, bar none. This week, Elijah Edwards will be squaring off against two other new arrivals here in CWA. They are Alex Nova and Johnny Adams. Now that I have properly introduced the man, the myth, and legend. Why donít you hear from him yourself. Elijah.

    Romeo steps back, allowing Elijah Edwards to take center stage. The camera gets tighter on Elijahís profile as he begins to speak.

    Elijah Edwards: My manager has the gift of gab doesnít he? But please, ladies and gentleman, donít let Romeoís boisterous persona give you the wrong impression about me. I am a humble man. I have trained all over world, honing my skills and to become a great wrestler. I have been in mainstream wrestling organizations before, but any success I have achieved elsewhere does not matter. Itís history. Any accolades my opponent Alex Nova may have acquired in other promotions does not matter. And take note, Nova. While you boast about being a deceitful, conniving, and backstabbing son of a bitch, youíre going to have to face me head on in a battle of skill. Man to man. Your little boy games wonít fly with me. Johnny Adams, just because you are a rookie to this sport, I donít under estimate you. In fact, I canít measure what I havenít seen, but Iím sure youíre one hell of an athlete for Issac Richman to consider signing you. I look forwards to standing across the ring from you and testing myself.

    First impressions matter a great deal in life. How you dress, talk, and carry yourself lets the world know what kind of individual you are. It dictates how theyíll perceive you. Itís a barometer whether people will like or hate you. While one victory isnít a fair gauge of success in this business, it does deliver a positive impression on both the fans, the boys, and management alike. Itís better coming into the company with a win and confidence than behind the pack trying to play catch up. I am not interested in getting off to a bad start, Iíve been there and done that. Iím looking to get out ahead and prove to everyone in CWA that Iím not a flash in the pan who will fissile out in a matter of seconds. I am a champion, a franchise. I am Elijah Edwards.

    The camera pulls back as Romeo pats Elijah on the back as the scene fades to black.

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    Re: "Double E" Elijah Edwards

    The scene opens up with Elijah Edwards, dressed in a suit jacket and a vintage t-shirt, standing alongside his well dressed manager Romeo Rollings.

    Elijah Edwards: I am going to say this straight out of the gate: I dislike- no, I despise tag team matches. Why? Letís start with the basics.

    Number One: if youíre a thrown together team by the promoters, thereís a strong possibility you and your partner may not gel as a unit. You are unfamiliar with each otherís strengths and weaknesses. Timing, individually and collectively, is off. In the case of my partners and I, we have exchanged pleasantries, but never have had an in-depth conversation with one another. I havenít the slightest idea as to what makes them tick. I donít know their interest, dislikes and vice versa. I couldnít tell you anything about their personalities other than the face that one is a billionaire and the other is a self described ďrelentlessĒ individuals.

    Number Two: Unequal workload. Perhaps your partner is not as talented as you are. They are a guy whoís opening the show or the pre show match. Thereís brief flashes of brilliance, but their failures are more predominate. In your eyes, itís a liability. You donít want to lose, you come into this sport to win. In order to ensure victory, you carry the majority of the load for your team. Letís look at the other side of the coin, shall we? What if your partner is the bonafide superstar of the company. They have held numerous champions and usually find themselves in the main event. They donít want you as a partner, youíre beneath them. Or maybe they just donít have the desire to give their all in a tag team match because theyíre not too fond of it. The possibilities are endless.

    Elijah glances over at his manager Romeo, who begins to grin from ear to ear.

    Conversely, I realize there are times you need to have a helping hand. For instance, my manger Romeo Rollings.

    Double E places an arm around the shoulder of Rollings.

    This man is a fantastic strategist. He helps come up with a game plan going to each and every match I have. Whenever I am in a tough spot, whenever thereís an opening I may not have caught, Romeo is there. He also helps with the Elijah Edwards brand. Setting up media appearances, travel arrangements, and lodging. Itís why I have him around. Heís a great asset. Which is why, despite my pessimistic feelings towards tag team wrestling, I am willing to put my faith in to my partners Jacob Wayne and Johnny Vegas. Two men who have been around this organization for quite sometime. They have battled against Apollo Mars, Prince Pain, and Harrison Wake. While we may be individuals forced to come together, I expect all parties involved to check their egos at the door and come up with the victory. I realize one of the individuals on the opposing team, Prince Pain, is a former World champion. Prince, a couple of months ago you've claimed that this was your yard. Well, consider me the latest trespasser and I will not go quietly. Bring everything you've got, Prince. But despite everything you've got- you will be excellently executed.

    Elijah Edwards folds his arms as the camera pulls back and fades to black.

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    Re: "Double E" Elijah Edwards


    The scene opens with Romeo Rollings and Elijah Edwards grinning ear to ear as they stand in the CWA interview space.

    Romeo Rollings: See? What did I tell you, champ? A win would come sooner rather than later. Things arenít going to be like they were before.

    Elijah Edwards: Your guidance was a huge part of that, Romeo. Thereís no denying that. I give a big kudos to my partners Johnny and Jacob for their contributions as well. I wasnít too fond of being put into a tag team match because of my previous experience with them, but we came out on the winning side of things. Now, itís back to the singles grind. This week, Iím taking on the very man who I placed last week to secure my first win in CWA. Iím facing the one and only Nate Savage.

    Romeo Rollings: Heís a fighter. Itís going to be tough. Really, really tough.

    Elijah Edwards: Absolutely, I learned that first hand last week in our six man tag match. I can imagine now heís a little bitter. He maybe a little upset about what transpired last week. He may even be a little salty about suffering defeat to a newcomer here in CWA. Iíd imagine you were also dealing with a major headache after taking a Kick of Fury clean to the face. Youíre probably filled with a lot of rage. Youíre looking for revenge. For you, this match very may well be a grudge match, but for me itís just another match. Itís another chance to prove myself to the entire world and the rest of the wrestlers in CWA that I am every bit as good as I believe I am. Itís another step up a rung of the ladder here in CWA to a championship title shot.

    Romeo Rollings: Elijah Edwards is a man of a clear and focused mind. He realizes why heís here in CWA. Itís not about personal vendettas, itís about competition and championships. Itís about prestige. Itís about money- which is one of my personal favorites. I mean, who doesnít love money? It makes the world go round. With every match won, we go home with the winnerís purse. That means more money for those supermodel fine women in the power. The better bubbly, the world class food. All the sweet perks that Nate Savage didnít get to experience last week because he fell to Double E.

    Elijah Edwards: Now, now. Címon, Romeo. Weíre not trying to kick a man while heís down. Thatís not what Iím about.

    Romeo flashes a sheepish smile, shrugging as if saying, ďyouíre right.Ē

    Romeo Rollings: Youíre right. My apologizesÖ. but you canít deny the party last weekend was great, right? I mean, remember that one red head with the huge jugs who was dancing on top the taó

    Elijah covers his agentís mouth this his hand and places his left index finger against his mouth, smiling.

    Elijah Edwards: Somethings arenít meant to be repeated.

    Romeo Rollings: (muffled) SorryÖ

    Elijah Edwards: The every so charming and boisterous personality of Romeo Rollings strikes again, ladies and gentleman. Nate, I expect you to come at me with all the bent up frustration and anger you must be feeling from the loss, I would expect nothing less. If it was me who took the fall for my team, I maybe a bit sour about it, too. I expect one hell of a fight and I demand nothing less, but in the end- when itís all come to pass. I expect to have my hand held high in the air victorious. This is coming from arrogance, this is coming from a place of determination. Because I want one of the prestigious championship titles this company has to offer. And I have to get through you to get one step closer. Good luck.

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    Re: "Double E" Elijah Edwards


    The scene opens on Romeo Rollings, dressed casually rather than the expensive suits we are accustomed to seeing him in, is standing along side Elijah Edwards, soaked in sweat in an Under Armer sleeveless shirt and basketball shorts, as he performs a series of pull ups. Rollings is gazing up at Double E shouting words of motivation.

    Romeo Rollings: Look at you, youíre a machine!

    Elijah is moving at at a fast pace up and down the pull up bar. His reps have peaked over a dozen with no signs of slowing down.

    Romeo Rollings: They said I was crazy for representing you. They told me you were damaged goods. You were a diamond in the rough who was never going to become the crown jewel everyone wanted you to be. You were a failure. EWE and PCW chewed you up and spit you back out. You were never going to be able to compete with wrestlingís superstars. You didnít have the mindset. You know what I say to that?

    Itís a rhetorical question Romeo is posing to Elijah. In fact, itís as if Elijah doesnít even know heís there. Itís too focused on churning out reps.

    Romeo Rollings: I say they are all full of crap. You posses all the tools to be a top star in this industry. Youíve got the passion for this sport. Your in ring ability is second to none. All you needed was confidence. And guess what, Elijah? You found that confidence. Look at your record since entering the CWA: 2-1. Youíve only wrestled three matches in the company and youíve already found yourself in a number one contenderís match for a championship. The High Voltage championship to be exact.

    Elijah is up to 18 reps at this point.

    Romeo Rollings: Look how far youíve come in such a short time, Elijah. They canít brush you off to the side anymore. Youíre a force to be reckoned with!

    Romeoís client hangs begins to hang from the bar, briefly. Edwards is breathing heavy.

    Romeo Rollings: Everything you wanted, everything I have promised you is happening. The name Elijah Edwards means something again. But Michelle von Horrowitz wants to take that away from. Harrison Wake wants to take that away from you. They want to kill your momentum. They want to prove all your detractors right. Theyíre under the impression your consistency wonít last. Youíre going to slip up just like you always have. What do you have to say to that, Elijah? Huh? What do you have to say to them?

    After a quick breather, Elijah resumes the exercise. Romeo Rollings sheepish grin emerges.

    Romeo Rollings: Yeah, thatís what I thought.

    After a few more reps, Double E drops from the bar. Rollings hands him a water jug and towel. Elijah wipes the sweat off his face before jugging half the jug. Wiping the water from his lips, Edwards looks to the camera and begins to speak.

    Elijah Edwards: For two hours, I have been here in this gym busting my ass in preparation for this Triple Threat match at Wrestle Royale. This is my second work out of the day. Iíve already had three meals filled with protein and carbs already today. And when I leave here, Iím going back to my hotel room to watch matches of Harrison Wake and Michelle von Horrowitz. Something I have already done for hours on end all through out the week already. And Iím willing to bet my opponents have been hard at work as well in preparing for this triple threat match to declare the number one contender for the High Voltage championship currently held by Craig Owens. Now, Iím sure the gossip writers of CWA are clamoring to hear my prediction for the Owens and Wolf match up. Theyíre also wondering which of the two I would rather face, but I honestly havenít given it a thought. I canít afford to contemplate such frivolous matters. Because all I have been thinking about is Harrison Wake and Michelle von Horrowitz. That is all I can afford to think about. Whatís important to me at this moment is that I stay focused on the task at hand and prepare properly.

    Harrison, you and I have stood across the ring from each other once before. Sadly, it wasnít one on one, but instead in the confides of a six man tag. However, I got to witness first hand just the kind of competitor you are. I experienced all the rage, and pure violence that comes with facing you. Youíre a man who runs on instinct. You fail to strategize. Sure, you may watch tape, but you seem to hardly keep a mental note of strengths and weaknesses which may very well be your downfall in this match.

    Michelle, for you and I this will be the first time we lock up in the squared circle, but Romeo has briefed me on everything I need to know about you. Currently, you are undefeated, but you only won your last match by the skin of your teeth. If it wasnít for Craig Owens involvement, you may very well be 2-1. This isnít me undermining your ability, Michelle. This isnít me being sexist. Youíre forever at a disadvantage being a woman in a male dominated world, but youíve been able to overcome your opponents size and strength. I donít take anything away from youÖ.

    But youíve undermined my ability.

    You see, last week I said I shy away from personal vendettas in favor of competition, but I take exception to a certain remark you made about me in your match against Johnny Adams a couple of weeks ago in which you referred to me as a ďgreen boyĒ.

    How foolish of you, Michelle.

    For a woman who prides herself on being well prepared through video tape study, cardio and weight training, you seem to lack the proper knowledge of just who it is youíre coming up against. You havenít done your homework. I, on the other hand, have done my homework on you. I studied up on your career and realized that we share a few similarities. I, much like you, have four years of wrestling experience. I cut my teeth in EWE before moving along to PCW and PWE. I have been involved in big time matches before. Iíve participated, and won, numerous number one contenderís matches before. I know what it feels like to have the butterflies in your stomach minutes before you walk out from behind the curtain and down the aisle to face the champion. I have suffered defeat and I have basked in the glow of victory. This is nothing new to me. This is home to me. Itís familiar.. I will echo the sentiments you divulged two weeks ago. What happened last week doesn't matter, itís what you do this week that counts. My success in those previous promotions may not carry much weight here in CWA. Much like any success you may have achieved Europe and in Japan is frivolous in the CWA faithful.

    While we both debuted at the same time, we experienced different outcomes. You won and I loss. You had one opponent while I faced off against two. I wonít make excuses for my defeat. It was a learning experience. It made me buckle down and work harder to win the following week. It also helped me shake off whatever rust I had for being out of action for over a year. You can speak in literary prose and exude arrogance. The same arrogance that will be your downfall at Wrestle Royale. All because you decided Elijah Edwards wasnít a threat. You will regret your error in judgement, Michelle. And you, along with Harrison Wake, will be excellently executed. Courtesy of ďDouble EĒ Elijah Edwards.

    Elijah takes a swig of his water, placing the towel across his neck as he exits the scene.

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    Re: "Double E" Elijah Edwards


    Romeo Rollings is pacing around as Elijah Edwards is sitting in a chair with his head down and arms folded. Rollings is visibly upset.

    Romeo Rollings: Unbelievable. Un frigginí believeable. Really? Harrison Wake? Harrison Wake, the big mindless neanderthal is the one who wins the Triple Threat match? I mean, at least it wasnít that 90 pound anorexic case waiting to happen. After all that garbage she spewed about Elijah and myself, itís nice she got knocked on her ass.. BUT REALLY?! Harrison Wake?! The guy who couldnít count to ten unless he was barefoot or wearing sandals. This is the problem with Triple Threat matches. The right man didnít win. Elijah Edwards displayed his vast technical ability. He that little girl on the ropes. Harrison was a none issue. He got lucky that he was able to rest long enough to move out of the way of the elbow drop. Because I promised you if Double E had connected and finished him off with the Excellent Execution, you would seeing the High Voltage number one contender standing right here. Triple Threat matches should be barred. Right, Elijah?

    Romeo slaps Elijah on the shoulder waiting for him to respond, but he doesnít. Double E gazes down at the floor, releasing a deep sigh. Rollings looks back at his client with a concerned look.

    Romeo Rollings: Elijah, buddy. You there? (snaps his fingers and whistles) Hey. Iím talking to you!

    Still no response. Elijah slouches back in the chair with an absent minded stare. Romeo looks at him, waving his hand in front of his face.

    Romeo Rollings: E Double? Double E? The Technical Wizard? Címon, pal. As much as I love to talk, you gotta chime in here at some pointÖ donít you have something to say to these people? To Harrison? He robbed you of your destiny. He put a road block in the way of our plansÖ areó are you regressing now? Because I gotta tell you, man, we canít allow that to happen. I need you to give me something. Anything. A smile, some tears, frustrations! Give me something, pal. Elijah.. Elijah.

    Romeo Rollings nudges Elijah. The Toronto native shoots out his chair, shoving Romeo into the wall. The Hollywood Agent Extradonaire looks terrified as Edwards has two handfuls of the collar of his shirt in his hands.

    Elijah Edwards: Emotion?! You want emotion?! You got it! You want to know how I feel? Huh?!

    Romeo Rollings: Whoa, take it easy, man. Breathe. Inhale. Exhale. You may pop a blood vessel or something.

    Elijah violently shoves Romeo into the wall again, causing his agent to collapse to the floor grasping at the back of his head. Edwards, showing no remorse, turns back to the camera.

    Elijah Edwards: Harrison, congratulations. You pulled off the proverbial upset. You- the country bumpkin, the shredded neanderthal- pulled off the proverbial upset. Nobody- not myself, Michelle, or any of the fans thought you were going to win. We all undermined your determination to win. Now, youíre going on to face Craig Owens for the High Voltage ChampionshipÖ

    It should be me, HarrisonÖ it should have been me!

    Normally, I would take my loss in stride and be gracious in defeat, but I canít. Because I know the better man didnít walk out of Wrestle Royal as number one contender. You didnít win on ability, Harrison. You won because Michelle and I were so caught up in our bitter war of words that we decided we were going to try and beat each other senseless. And I canít even say you outwitted me because letís be honest here, Harrison, you couldnít out smart a hamster suffering from mild retardation. Do you really wanna know what got you this win, Harrison?


    It was luck.

    Thatís all your victory was, Wake. Pure luck. You were able to roll out of the way and hit me with a Timber Bomb after I had already beaten the day lights out of Michelle. Oh, and Michelle- it isnít over between you and I. Not by a long shot. I promise you the two of us will meet again in the squared circle. And there wonít be any Harrison Wakes to impede the beating thatís in store.

    Romeo Rollings, whoís gotten back up off the floor and still holding the back of his head, begins to grin. This is a side of Elijah Edwards that hasnít been seen in CWA.

    Elijah Edwards: Until thenÖ Iíll have to take all this pent up rage and frustrations out on Harrison Wake in a good old fashioned one on one match up. No third party distracting me from trying to tear all the ligaments in your leg. No one to keep me from stretching you leaving you vulnerable and scared. Just me and you, pal. You may think you know pain, but you havenít scratch the surface on what pain is. Iím not losing again. Iím not going to be derailed on my quest for championship gold. I have to make an example out of you in front of the entire world and let everyone know Elijah Edwards is playing with kid gloves. Heís looking to knock your block off and take what he deserves. So come Adrenaline Rush, Harrison- you will be excellently executed. Come hell or high water.

    Elijah shoves the camera man back as he storms out of the frame.

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    Re: "Double E" Elijah Edwards


    The scene opens to Elijah Edwards and Romeo Rollings sitting in the CWA Studio observing the monitors playing the match between Harrison Wake and Edwards. Once the match concludes, the tape pauses. Both men turn around.

    Romeo Rollings: Man, what a show that was. What a display of tenacity, the aggression, the technical wizardry this man possesses. (Turns to Elijah) You truly are a marvel.

    Elijah Edwards: Youíre too kind, Romeo. Really. That silver tongue of yours is the reason I decided to bring you aboard. But do you know what that match demonstrates? My dedication to my craft. My desire and need to win. It shows my ability to face adversity and not let it affect me in any way. Because a couple of nights before that match at Adrenaline Rush, I lost to Harrison Wake in a Triple Threat match to determine the number one contender for the High Voltage championship. I was angry, Iíll admit it. For the next couple of days, I was seething with rage and frustration. So much so that I put hands on the man standing beside me.
    Someone who I trust and respect.

    Elijah, placing a hand on Rollingsí shoulder, looks to him apologetically.

    Elijah Edwards: I am sorry for that, by the way.

    Romeo Rollings: No worries, champ.

    Elijah Edwards: Last weekís match against Harrison Wake is a testament to my will. It showed that I have all the makings of a champion. Because days prior, I suffered a loss. I was denied a chance to face Craig Owens for the High Voltage championship. So I took the fight to Harrison Wake to prove to everyone whoís invested in CWA that Elijah Edwards isnít some johnny come lately. Heís not a flash in the pan. I will not be ignored and I will not be denied what I feel I deserved. I out performed Harrison Wake at Adrenaline Rush. So much so that Mr. Isaac Richman was left with no other choice but to put me in the High Voltage Championship match at Five Star Attraction.

    Romeo Rollings: He would have been a fool not to. After all, this man embarrassed the number one contender. He showed the world just how much a fraud Harrison Wake is. He isnít a real contender. This man, Elijah Edwards, is the true contender to the High Voltage Championship. He earned that right last week when he beat you.

    Elijah Edwards: However, we seem to find ourselves in yet another tag team match. This time, Wake, you and I will be partners. I got to be honest with you- I donít trust you. Iíve got a feeling youíre going to leave me high and dry out there because youíre upset that I robbed you of the one on one match you feel you deserved. Iím willing to deal with you though. Because at Adrenaline Rush I get to face off against Craig Owens, the High Voltage champion himself. Owens, the two of us havenít had the pleasure of being properly acquainted, but we soon will. You donít have the luxury of a sneak attack. You may have your muscle, Ryan Andrews, do all the heavy lifting while you wait on the outside, but at least youíll get to see first hand the kind of wrestler I am. And should you decide to climb in the ring with me at Adrenaline Rush, Iíll be more than happy to give you a sampling of whatís to come at Five Star Attraction.

    Romeo Rollings: Do you think heíll make it to Five Star Attraction? I mean Harrison Wake does have a foul temper.

    Elijah Edwards: Oh, heíll be there. Iíll make sure of that. I donít want any excuses. I donít want there to any doubt in anyoneís mind. I want Craig Owens there at one hundred precent. I want Harrison Wake there at one hundred precent. I want them to bring everything theyíve got because I promise you itís not stopping me again. Just remember this tag match is only a taste of the fight Iím bringing at Five Star Attraction. Regardless though, youíll still be excellently executed.

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    Re: "Double E" Elijah Edwards


    Romeo Rollings is sitting in a cafe located in downtown Toronto, bundled up in layers of jackets and scarf. Heís constantly checking his watch and the door. A few minutes pass, and a man in an oversized hoodie with a huge unkept beard sits down at the table with Romeo.

    Romeo Rollings: Hey, buddy. Look, Iím sorry but I donít have any spare change to give to you. Maybe you should try the lovely couple sitting on the other side of this joint. I thin-

    The man peals off the hood to be reveal to be Elijah Edwards. A perplexed Romeo leans in closer to get a better look, very unsure as to what heís seeing.

    Romeo Rollings: Okay, this is starting to feel like a really bad tinder date.

    Elijah Edwards: You said you wanted to meet with me.

    Romeo Rollings: I-um, yeah.. Iíve been a fan of yours for a while now. I loved your work in EWE. You propelled yourself with your work in PCW. You were on the verge of being something special. Ió

    Elijah Edwards: Did you have business you wanted to talk about, or are we just going to sing my praises?

    Rollings grows quiet. Elijahís expressionless gaze is intimidating, even to a loud mouth like Romeo.

    Romeo Rollings: I was getting to thatÖ Are you okay? I donít know you personally, but you seem a littleÖ off.

    Elijah Edwards: You know what, Iím sorry for wasting your timeÖ Iím going home.

    Elijah begins to stand as Romeo tries to stop him.

    Romeo Rollings: Hey, hey, hey. Whoa, letís take it a step back. Okay? Iíll cut to the chase. Like I said, I watched your career in the Power organization. You were on the cusp of being the biggest star of the wrestling industry, but it never happened.
    Elijah Edwards: Yeah.. what can I say? I wasnít good enough.

    Romeo Rollings: Talent had nothing to do with, man. You had that in spades. The heart was the there. The drive and passion was evident.. you lacked the confidence. I could see it in your eyes every time you spoke. You were always second guessing yourself. You told yourself you could beat the greats, but you never bout in. You didnít have anyone in your corner to remind you of what you can be.

    Elijah Edwards: And is that where you come in?

    Romeo Rollings: Bingo.

    Elijah Edwards: Well, Mr. Rollings. Iím confident that Iím not interested in going into acting.

    Romeo Rollings: Iím not here to represent you in Hollywood. Although you would make bank as the next action star, Iím here to offer my representation for you in professional wrestling.

    Elijah chuckles.

    Elijah Edwards: And what does an agent to actors know about the sport of professional wrestling?

    Romeo Rollings: I was apart of the fraternity a long time ago. I made a name for myself up and down the west coast, won a few championships. Nothing to brag about. Then I decided to change careers. My father was a well respected agent in the business and what better way to make millions by the boat load by not breaking my neck? Anyways, I want back in. I can help you find that missing element to get you to the top.

    Edwards sits back in his chair, releasing a heavy sigh. Romeo flashes a look of concern.

    Elijah Edwards: I havenít been in a ring in almost a year. I was spotty at best in my career. If I havenít made it yet, itís not going to happen.

    Romeo Rollings: Bullshit.
    Elijah Edwards: Excuse me?

    Romeo Rollings: Did I stutter? No, Iím pretty sure my speech is superb. And Iím sure youíre living life to the fullest throwing your little pity party, but Iím offering you a chance at redemption. What The Judge, Dan Murph, and the rest of those guys saw you in was real. You could have been the best if you would have just gotten over whatever it was holding you back.

    Elijah Edwards looks away from Romeo, rolling his eyes and slouching back into his chair.

    Romeo Rollings: What is it? Taking the big loss for the first time after riding a wave of momentum? Being told you werenít good enough by people who werenít as talented than your or on the brink of retirement clinging to their spots, so they tried to affect you to keep you at bay? Maybe itís a combination of them all. But do you really wanna be a quitter? Do you want to wake up and be fifty years old agonizing over the what ifs? I donít think so. I wouldnít. My start in wrestling and agenting wasnít easy. I took my lumps, but I picked myself up and went back at it. Now the world is at my command. I found my niche.

    Double E turns back to Rollings, who flashes a confident smile.

    Romeo Rollings: Let me help you make your dreams come true. Give me a year. If you donít become one of the premiere stars of whatever promotion youíre involved in, if you donít get a title shot within the first two months of being there, then fire me and Iíll go back to Hollywood.. and you go back to wallowing in self pity on your couch eating ice cream as you watch Sixteen Candles.

    Edwards scratches the side of his unkept face, contemplating what heís just heard. After a few seconds of pondering, he extends his hand out to Romeo, whoís smile grows wide as he accepts the gesture.

    Romeo Rollings: Youíre not going to regret this, pal. I promise you that.

    One Year Later

    Elijah Edwards is sitting in his hotel room watch the television. An ad for Adrenaline Rush begins to play. In the advertisement, he sees an image of himself alongside Ryan Andrews, Craig Owenís muscle. Thereís a knock at the door. Elijah answers the door to see Romeo Rollings standing in the door way. Double E flashes a smile before allowing his agent to enter the room.

    Elijah Edwards: Hey Romeo, howís it going.

    Romeo Rollings: Not too bad, champ. I set up the interview with Michelle Kelly before the Pay Per View.

    Elijah Edwards: Sounds cool.

    Romeo paces around awkwardly.

    Romeo Rollings: Yeah, itís real exciting.

    He slaps his hands together as if heís trying to figure out what he wants to say.

    Elijah Edwards: Are you okay?

    Romeo Rollings: Yeah, yeah. Everythingís fine. Why wouldnít it be?

    Elijah Edwards: You donít seem like you is allÖ Youíre usually in a better mood.

    Romeo Rollings: What happened last week?

    Elijah Edwards: What about last week?

    Romeo Rollings: What you did to Harrison Wake after the match.

    Elijah Edwards: That arrogant jackass got what he deserved.

    Romeo Rollings: It was overkill.

    Elijah Edwards: Overkill? Overkill?! Thatís really rich coming from you. Werenít you the one who said I need to be more aggressive out there?
    Romeo Rollings: Yeah, during a match. Not after the bell.

    Elijah Edwards: You thought I was soft.

    Romeo Rollings: I didnít say you were soft.

    Elijah Edwards: You thought I was more concerned with competition than hurting my opponent to win. Thatís what Iím doing, Romeo. Iím giving you what you wanted. Are you forgetting whatís at stake? I havenít. I want the High Voltage championship. I softened up the competition. One less guy I have to worry about. The championship is within my grasp and Iím going to take it. Itís mine.

    Romeo sits down at the edge of the bed, rubbing his forehead.

    Elijah Edwards: You canít tell me you disagree with that?

    Romeo Rollings: I donít.

    Elijah Edwards: Then whatís the problem?

    Romeo Rollings: Just.. donít get carried away.. okay?

    Elijah Edwards: Iím not getting carried away, Rollings. Iím putting myself into a better position to win. Youíve delivered on your promise. Within three matches of being in the CWA, I was in title contention. Now, Iím in a match for gold. Iím not taking any chance. I refuse to leave empty handed.

    Edwards puts a hand on Romeoís shoulder.

    Elijah Edwards: Itís all because of you.

    Romeo Rollings: I just opened the door, kid. You had to walk through it.


    The scene opens with Elijah Edwards sitting in the conference room of the hotel heís staying at.
    Elijah Edwards: Everyone seems to be surprised by my actions after the match last week. Some say I went too far. Harrison, despite being the most unbearable human being in CWA, didnít deserve to be assaulted. Others feel he got exactly what he deserved for sabotaging us during the match. Iím partial the latter argument. Harrison, you thought you were on tough S.O.B. and I rendered you to be nothing more than a whimpering child. You just happened to be the example I sent to that coward Craig Owens, who seems to believe Iím irrelevant.

    Am I irrelevant to you now?

    Deep down, Owens. I know youíre scared. You wonít admit it, but I could see it in your eyes as you watched the helpless Harrison Wake trapped in the Excellent Execution. It gave you a glimpse to your future. Not only will you lose your unblemished record, but youíll lose your High Voltage championship conversely. Itís inevitable, Owens. All good things must come to an end. Youíre just trying to prolong the inevitable by having Ryan Andrews fight your battles for you.

    As cowardly as I think it that youíll send Ryan to face me at Adrenaline Rush instead of you, itís smart. I understand why you did it, but it doesnít matter. I will not go quietly into the night, nor will I be intimidated by your over sized lap dog. Like any dog whoís hyper aggressive and untamable, I will put him down. Goliath will fall to David. And like Harrison Wake, Ryan will be excellently executed. Once the match is over, heíll be able to fill you in on just how good I am. Itíll be another example of how your reign will end, Owens.

    Now, Iíll speak to Ryan. Tell me, Andrews. What kind of man decides to be subservient to another man? How can you look yourself in the mirror and not be ashamed of what you see for doing the dirty work of a selfish coward who claims to be a champion? I hope the monetary gain is worth losing your self respect. You certainly donít have my respect. All you ever have will be my contempt and the ever lasting shame of losing to a man who you believe is beneath you. I will execute you excellently. End of story.

    The scene fades to black.

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    Re: "Double E" Elijah Edwards

    The scene opens on Michelle Kelly sitting across from Elijah Edwards and Romeo Rollings in a lavish interview space.

    Michelle Kelly: Hello, everyone. And welcome to my weekly interview time on CWA.Com. Today, I am joined by CWAís rising star Elijah Edwards and his agent Romeo Rollings. Gentlemen, thank you for joining me.

    Elijah Edwards: Pleasure is all mine.

    Romeo Rollings: Thank you, Ms. Kelly.

    Michelle Kelly: Michelle is fine.

    Romeo Rollings: Alright. Thank you, Michelle. And youíre looking lovely today.

    Michelle Kelly: Why thank you. Ever the charmer aren't you?

    Romeo Rollings: I have my moments.

    Michelle Kelly: Letís get right to it, shall we? This Sunday at Five Star Attraction. Elijah you enter into a triple threat match for the High Voltage championship against Harrison Wake and Craig Owens, the current champion. In CWA, this is your first title match. Are there any nerves?

    Elijah Edwards: Not one bit. Iíve been ready for this match for a long time now.

    Michelle Kelly: There are certain individuals, Harrison Wake and Mia Walsh especially, feel as if you donít deserve this title shot and that it solely should belong to Wake. Considering that at the last pay per view, Wrestle Royal, he defeated you and Michelle von Horowitz. Are they justified in their thinking?

    Rollings and Edwards look to each other. They both start to laugh.

    Elijah Edwards: Of course, theyíre allowed to feel anyway they would like. Yeah, he beat me and Michelle at Wrestle Royal. But let me ask you this, Michelle. At Adrenaline Rush the following week, who won?

    Michelle Kelly: You did.

    Romeo Rollings: Precisely. My client beat Harrison Wake in the middle of the ring fair and square. One on one, I might addd. It wasnít like Harrison was battling two other wrestlers. He wasnít in the process of battering and beating one of his opponents only to have the other swoop in and steal a victory away from him. No, Elijah Edwards beat him in decisive fashion.

    Elijah Edwards: Itís not like Iím took his title shot away from him. Heís still getting one. Maybe not in the condition he would like, but it is a title shot regardless.

    Michelle Kelly: And do you like these odds? Every time you have been placed in a triple threat match youíve come out on the losing end.

    The smile on Double Eís face fades away and replaced with an annoyed stare.

    Elijah Edwards: Not really. And that point has been lingering in the back of my mind. But you know what? Third time is always a charm right? A championship title is on the line at Five Star Attraction. When Romeo and I entered CWA, the goal was to get into the title picture as soon as possible.

    Romeo Rollings: Only took six matches to get a title shot. That speaks volumes about my client, does it not? Usually, it takes a wrestler maybe a few dozen matches to even get a whiff of a title match. And heís done it with less than that.

    Elijah Edwards: I think it shows my level of dedication to the sport. The hours of training, both in the ring and in the weight room, Iíve logged since coming into CWA. Romeo and I study tape constantly. Whether itís my matches- seeing what Iíve done right and wrong- or the person Iíll be standing in the ring against. Iím a man possessed, Michelle. Driven. Driven to be great. Everybody has a legacy they leave behind. Good or bad, ordinary or extraordinary. I intend to leave an everlasting impression on the sport of professional wrestling and CWA.

    Michelle Kelly: What about Craig Owens and his reign that has lasted for five months. Heís also has the help of the giant Ryan Andrews, who will be in his corner at Five Star Attraction. A semi active wrestler unlike Mia and your agent Romeo Rollings.

    Romeo Rollings: I can trade fista cuffs with Ryan if heíd like. I used to a professional wrestler before I ever became an agent. Thatís why my knowledge and experience is in valuable to Elijah. I not only know how to broker deals, but I know how to put together a winning formula in the ring.

    Elijah Edwards: Itís one of the reasons why Iíve been so successful. It takes more than just God gifted ability. And to answer your question, Michelle. Iím not worried about Andrews. Heís inconsequential to me. The same goes for Mia Walsh. What matters to me right now is the High Voltage Championship and what Iím going to have to do to win it. Craig Owens has had an impressive five month title reign, but heís done it with Ryan Andrews getting involved. Had it not been for that giant, Owens may not be the champion right now. Thatís the difference between Craig Owens and I. Heís scared of failure. Iíve experienced failure numerous times in my career. Iíve embraced it. Itís what makes you better as an athlete and as a human being. If you noticed since my loss at Wrestle Royal, Iíve gotten a lot more vicious in my matches. Thereís been a bit more of an edge in my words against my opponents. Not out of bitterness, but of wanting something and failing at it. I wanted that number one contendership to meet Craig Owens at Five Star Attraction, but I didnít get it. So I worked harder to put myself in a position to get there. I beat the number one contender and found myself in this match. It wasnít from luck or politics. It came out of hard work.

    Michelle Kelly: Is that what makes you better than your opponents this Sunday?

    Elijah Edwards: Yes. But first let me say this: itís not out of arrogance but confidence in my own abilities. Does Romeo Rollings get physically involved in my matches when Iím in a tough spot? No. He doesnít have to. Iím more than capable of securing a win on my own. His guidance is invaluable. He can see things that I canít because Iím in the thick of things. A lot of people doubt that I can be a good champion or capable of beating Craig Owens. Theyíre wrong. I can beat Craig Owens and I will. Thereís nothing in this world that matters to me more than winning the High Voltage Championship. For the longest time, Iíve a huge chip on my shoulder being pegged as the next biggest thing, but failing at winning the big one. Always being told that I had potential that has yet to be realized.. if it ever will. Itís a frustrating position to be in. To know youíre good, and everyone recognizing how talented you are, but never having the hardware to show for it.

    Michelle Kelly: What will winning the High Voltage championship mean to you?

    Elijah Edwards: Realized potential. Putting the doubt Iíve had away and ignoring it for good. I can be a champion. A damn good one at that. I believe that with all my heart. I have all the tools, the will, the heart, and the work ethic. Winning the High Voltage championship will validate the faith Romeo Rollings had in me. In fact, heís the reason Iím here right now. If it hadnít been for the meeting we had so many months ago, Elijah Edwards would have been out of wrestling still. I owe to him to win the High Voltage title, not just myself.

    Romeo Rollings: Elijah Edwards is a world beater, Michelle. Every time someone says he canít do something, he works twice as hard in order to achieve success in whatever they said he could not. Just like Tim Cole on commentary claiming he canít beat Owens. Heís going to beat him come hell or high water. Elijah Edwards is walking out of Five Star Attraction with the High Voltage championship.

    Elijah Edwards: This is bigger than a personal vendetta with Harrison Wake or beating an egoistical champion. This is a personal conquest. A need to rid myself of a demon that has plagued me for as long as I could remember. All the doubt and self loathing that drove me out of the wrestling business. Iím my toughest critic. And there was a time in my life that every time I lost a match, I took it to heart. I would listen to peopleís negative feedback and lived in it. I let it get me down. Then I would bounce back. Iíd start to get on a roll. I had an end goal in mind. Get a title shot. After a while, I would get the title shotÖ and I would freeze. I would begin to doubt myself. I let my opponent get into my head before a single word was uttered. I thought I would lose. No matter how much work I put in and no matter how bad I wanted it. I would lose. Because I felt I was inferior to my opponent. And that could have been the furthest thing from the truth. I may have been equally as talented if not better than my opponent, but I allowed myself to be consumed by self doubt. I didnít want anyone to know I felt that way, so I faked confidence that border lined on arrogance to mask my doubt. But everyone saw it. My confidence was paper thin. Not anymore. Not this time.

    Craig Owens is not getting into my head. Harrison Wake either. In fact, they donít even stand in my way to the High Voltage championship. Itís me against me. They are just on obstacle standing between me and my goal. I will not be denied again. Not anymore. No one is keeping me from the High Voltage title. Itís not going to be easy. It wonít be sunshine and rainbows. Itís going to be a fight. Bloody and viscous, but at the end of the day I will be walking out of Five Star Attraction with the High Voltage championship.

    Elijah leans forward in his chair.

    Elijah Edwards: Just look in my eyes. This isnít fake confidence. This is real. This is my time, my moment. I can feel it. I will not allow myself to feel defeat again. I will not come this close again and come up short. Not going to happen. Will not happen. Craig Owens can bring an entire army with him. Iím still taking his title. Harrison Wake could have smartened up and learn technical skills. It wonít matter either. Bottom line is this: I will not be denied again. I will not fail myself, my family, my girlfriend, nor the man sitting beside me. Iím done sick and tired of coming up short. Itís not happening again. Not as long as I can draw breath into my body. I will not let myself fail againÖ

    Michelle Kelly: Well, Elijah. Thank you for your time. Weíll see you at Five Star Attraction.

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    Re: "Double E" Elijah Edwards


    The scene fades in on a close up of the High Voltage championship. The camera pulls back to reveal the championship sitting on top of a table. A hand reaches into the frame, picking up the title. As the camera pulls back further, it reveals the championship resting on the shoulder of ďDouble EĒ Elijah Edwards, wearing a huge grin on his face. The camera can pick up Romeo Rollings standing outside on the balcony on the phone engaging in a fiery conversation.

    Elijah Edwards: At Five Star Attraction, I lifted a huge monkey off my back. Since becoming a wrestler four years ago, I tried and failed at becoming a champion. Now, against all the odds and against two world class athletes, I have become the CWA High Voltage champion.

    Elijah removes the title from his shoulder, staring at it as the shine from the gold bounces off his face.

    Elijah Edwards: Up close, itís more beautiful than I could have imagined.

    He places the title back on his shoulder.

    Elijah Edwards: When the bell sounded at Five Star Attraction ending the match, I felt a since of relief. Every set back I endured in my life prior to that night, from losing championship matches in other organizations to fractured relationships, financial crisis, and occupational uncertainty- winning this championship made all of it worth it. I also felt a since of pride. Because not only did score the victory, but I beat the champion himself. For Owens, itís a tough pill to swallow because he doesnít have any excuses to hide behind. Because I didnít beat Harrison Wake to earn this, nor did I use under handed tactics like hired muscle or a foreign object to incapacitate him. I locked him in the Excellent Execution, and I forced him to submit because he couldnít bare the pain. Now, at Adrenaline Rush, I face off against Craig Owens one more time in yet another tag team match with his hired muscle Ryan Andrews. However, this time instead of being forced to team with a man who I utterly despise, Iím partnering up with the newest acquisition in CWA from Tokyo, Japan LIGHTBRINGER. I witnessed him in action at Five Star Attraction and I was impressed with what I saw. He seems like heíll make a fine opponent.

    Now letís get back to you, Craig. Knowing you the way I do after battling you for the past month, I know youíre seething with anger over losing the title to me. You, professional wrestlingís self proclaimed royalty, can not fathom that a mere ďpeasantĒ like myself was capable of beating you. But hereís the cold and harsh reality of the matter, Craig. I did. And Iím going to do it again at Adrenaline Rush. Iím also certain youíre hoping that if you are to beat me, youíll be making a case to face me for the High Voltage Championship in a rematch. Thatís what I would do if I were in your shoes, but thankfully Iím not a cowards like you. I havenít rested on my laurels. I didnít grow complacent and let the young lions knock me off the top of the mountain. I understand you believed that victory after victory made you bullet proof. Hell, some of your fellows wrestlers thought you were going to walk out victorious.

    Elijah places the title back on the table.

    Elijah Edwards: Iíve made a career disrupting the status quo and defying the odds. Thatís what has made me the champion you see here before you today. Elijah Edwards can be considered a lot of things to everyone in CWA, but a flash in the pan will not be one. Iím here for the long haul, Craig. Iím writing a wave of momentum and I will not let it stop now. As for Ryan Andrews, you should really consider breaking away from Craig Owens. He used you to keep the title and heís going to use you to try and win it back. Be a man. Make something of yourself. I understand money makes the world go round and itís very important, but is it worth your integrity as a man? If so than your parents must be proud of the boy they raised who would sell his soul for fortuneÖ then again, whoís is to say they were proud of you at all in the first place? Regardless, I am the High Voltage champion and you both will be excellently executed. Courtesy of Canadian Excellence.

    Elijah sits down in the chair, admiring the High Voltage championship as the scene fades to black.

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    Re: "Double E" Elijah Edwards


    Romeo Rollings dressed in a button up shirt and vest is standing beside Elijah Edwards, who is sitting in a chair with the High Voltage championship.

    Romeo Rollings: When I first told you were facing Jon Snowmantashi, you didnít believe.

    Elijah Edwards: It was hard to believe.

    Romeo Rollings: You asked me repeatedly if I was telling the truth.

    Elijah Edwards: It caught me by surprise.

    Romeo Rollings: Isaac Richman decided to put you up against the World Heavyweight champion.

    Elijah Edwards: My biggest test today in this organization.

    Romeo Rollings: A lot of critics say youíre in over head.

    Elijah Edwards begins to shine the High Voltage title.

    Elijah Edwards: Theyíve said that before havenít they?

    Romeo Rollings: A lot of people donít think this will be much of a contest. After all, heís the unstoppable monstrous teddy bear of a champion.

    Canadian Excellence gets up out of his chair adjusting the title on his shoulder.

    Elijah Edwards: They said the same thing about me beating Craig Owens for the High Voltage Championship, yet here I am standing with the championship slung over my shoulder. I defied the odds. They said it couldnít be done. Heís one of the elite. And I excellent executed him. Now, in the match I am facing the elite of CWA. The World Heavyweight champion. Am I intimidated by this fact? Not at all. Is this going to a challenge? Absolutely. I wouldnít have it any other way. While most men I share a dressing room with would cower away or allow themselves to be beaten mentally before even locking up, I welcome the challenge. I need the challenge. Not only to better myself, but to prove to everyone that I belong here. To showcase to the world one more time why I am the High Voltage champion. Because Jon is an incredible wrestler. I have tremendous amount for Snowmantashi and what heís accomplished in this business. I sure as hell hope he respects me and my abilities. I hope he doesnít take this bout lightly. If he is, if he thinks heís going to waltz into this match under the assumptions that heís in for an easy night than heís got another thing coming. Because Snowmantashi is going to get everything Elijah Edwards has to offer.

    Iím coming into this match with the biggest chip on my shoulder. Because I know a lot of you are doubting me. You think that I canít possibly hang with the World Heavyweight champion. Despite all the hard work Iíve put in and beating some of CWAís brightest stars. Ignoring the fact that I battled my way through two men to earn the right to call myself a champion. Even in a tag team match against Craig Owens and Andrews, a lot of people thought he would come out victorious, proving once and for all that I was a fluke. That I somehow caught lightening in a bottle, yet it was all of you who had yolk on your face because I beat him again. Proving once more that I am not just a flash in the pan. Iím not all sizzle and no stake. I have substance. I am every bit as good as I claim to be. For Snowmantashi, this is just another match. Itís an exhibition against two premiere wrestlers in the sport today. Not for meÖ for me itís everything. Itís the only thing. Beating Snowmantashi is more important to me right now than the championship I possess. This is bragging rights and a chance to further cement my name and legacy here in CWA. If I beat the Heavyweight champion of the World clean in the middle of the ring, it may just put me in line for a title shot somewhere down the light. It proves that I belong here. That I am one of CWAís elite. Just because I hold a secondary championship does not infer that I am an inferior champion or beneath Snowmantashi. I will get my seat at the table and I will excellently execute Jon Snowmantashi.

    The scene fades to black.

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    Re: "Double E" Elijah Edwards


    A Week Before Five Star Attraction

    The sky is colored fire red orange as dawn occurs. Elijah Edwards, whoís already been up for two hours, is standing by his window of his hotel room. Itís quiet, but the silence is broken when the obnoxious sound of a cell phone moving along the night stand as it vibrates. The screen lights up and reads ďmissed calledĒ. Elijah checks to see who it was and sees ďCindy Brooks (2)Ē at the top of the screen. He sighs before putting his phone back down, walking back to the window.

    Thereís a knock at the door.

    Romeo Rollings voice can be heard.

    Romeo Rollings: Hey, champ! You up?

    Elijah Edwards: No.

    Romeo Rollings: Funny. Hurry up and pack, weíve got a flight to catch. Weíre headed to Brooklyn.

    Elijah Edwards: I know. Iím facing Craig Owens and Ryan Andrews.. in a tag match.. with Harrison Wake.. of all people.

    Romeo Rollings: Consider this a test run for Five Star Attraction.

    Elijah Edwards: I frigginí hate tag matches.

    Romeo Rollings: Iím aware. Now grab your crap and letís go. The plane leaves in two hours.

    Elijah picks up his phone and opens up his stored photos. He scrolls to a picture of him and Cindy together at Coney Island, both wearing huge smiles.

    Romeo Rollings: Elijah? Did you hear me?Ö Címon man. TSA is a bitch and Iíd rather get being pat down by Tits McGee with the gross neck beard sooner rather than later.

    Elijah Edwards: Iíll be out in five.

    Romeo Rollings: Three!

    Elijah laughs as he begins to pack his things.

    The Plane Ride

    Elijah is sitting by the window seat staring at his iPad watching Craig Owens matches. Romeo sits beside him trying to get comfortable to go back to sleep.

    Romeo Rollings: You would think with modern technology they would make planes with beds! How anybody sleeps comfortably in these seats Iíll never know.

    Rollings notices Edwards staring intently at the iPad, oblivious.

    Romeo Rollings: Sir, do you realize watching porn on an airplane isnít kosher!

    Double E sets the iPad in his lap, gazing at Romeo with a look that says ďreally?!Ē. Romeo flashes a child like mischievous grin.

    Romeo Rollings: Perhaps you should ease up on your match prep for a little, huh? I admire your dedication to the sport, but itís not necessarily a bad thing to have hobbies or down time. Pick up knitting, reading, sleeping, a girlfriend! No, girlfriends are horrible. Theyíre an overbearing distraction when it comes to a job like this. Donít get a girlfriendÖ wait, donít you have one? Whatís her name again? Sydney? Clara?

    Elijah Edwards: Cindy!

    Romeo Rollings: Right. Cindy.

    Elijah Edwards: Yeah. Cindy. Now weíre not talking about Cindy. Letís talk about this Triple Threat match Iíve got coming up.

    Romeo Rollings: No, Iím tired of talking about work.

    Elijah Edwards: Irony coming from a workaholic.

    Romeo Rollings: Hey, believe it or not, I enjoy leisure time, too. But right now you and I are going to talk about your woman. Because I never hear about her.

    Elijah Edwards: You donít like relationships.

    Romeo Rollings: I donít like being in them, but Iím not a monster. Why are you so gun shy about talking about Cindy?

    Elijah grows quiet and uncomfortable, gazing out the window.

    Elijah Edwards: We havenít spoken in a while.

    Romeo Rollings: A while? Define a while.

    Elijah Edwards: Since I started in CWA.

    Romeo Rollings: What?! Are you an idiot?! Two weeks of radio silence is fine, but five months?! If you had any uncertainty about the two of you being together before you shouldnít now!

    Elijah Edwards: Iíve been busy!

    Romeo Rollings: Is wrestling worth more than your relationship with Cindy.

    Thereís a moment of silence between the two. Elijah is wrestling with a response.

    Elijah Edwards: Of course not.

    Romeo Rollings: Call her after the show.

    Elijah Edwards: She's not going to want to talk to me.

    Romeo Rollings: She will.

    Elijah Edwards: I donít think so.

    Romeo Rollings: I do. Call her. Trust me.

    Romeo leans back in his chair and shuts his eyes.

    Four Days Before Five Star Attraction

    Elijah is sitting in his hotel room watching tv. Occasionally, he glances down at his phone at the number for Cindy. His finger hovers over the the call button. He goes down to press ďcallĒ, but pulls away. Elijah ponders a moment before hitting the call button.

    The phone rings three times.

    Finally, a voice can be heard.

    Cindy Brooks: Hello?

    Elijah is quiet for a moment.

    Elijah Edwards: Hey, Cindy.

    Cindy Brooks: Hey!.. Itís been a while.

    Elijah Edwards: YeahÖ it hasÖ how have you been?

    Cindy Brooks: Good.. Iíve been good. I changed jobs and been livi- staying with Amber.

    Elijah Edwards: Oh.. thatís cool. Where are you working now?

    Cindy Brooks: Iím working a secretary at a law firm.

    Elijah Edwards: Wow, thatís a big change.

    Cindy Brooks: Yeah, the pay was worth it.

    Elijah Edwards: Of course. Money makes the world go round.

    Cindy Brooks: Yeah.. youíre right.

    Thereís another awkward pause between the two.

    Cindy Brooks: I see youíve been doing pretty well in that new promotion.

    Elijah Edwards: Yeah, making progress. A better environment than PCW. Iíve got more a chance to prosperÖ Everythings going the way I want it to.

    Cindy Brooks: Thatís good. Thatís really good. I know youíve always wanted to be a star in wrestling.. So youíve got a Triple Threat match against Craig Owens and Harrison Wake this Sunday?

    Elijah Edwards: Mhm.. Itís a big deal. Romeo and I have been preparing for this for a while. Iím ready.

    Cindy Brooks: Think you can win?

    Elijah Edwards: I know I can.

    Cindy Brooks: I believe in youÖ

    Elijah Edwards: Thanks. I appreciate that a lot, CindyÖ Iíve missed you.

    Cindy Brooks: Iíve missed you, too.

    Elijah Edwards: Iím sorry I havenít called sooner. Iím sorry for leaving things the way I did. That wasnít right.. but let me make it right with you. The same way Iíve fixed my wrestling career. Because you were there when I was down and out. When I didnít believe in me, you did. When I was bloody and broken, you were the one who fixed me upÖ I love you.

    Cindy Brooks: I love you, too.

    A smile appears on his face.

    Cindy Brooks: Elijah?

    Elijah Edwards: What?

    Cindy Brooks: Win.

    The Night of Five Star Attraction: Three Minutes After Triple Threat

    An exhausted and limping Elijah Edwards shoots out from behind the curtain, adorned with a unbreakable smile. Romeo Rollings, pumping his fist in the air, cheers- high fives his client.

    Romeo Rollings: What did I tell you?! What did I tell you?

    Elijah Edwards wraps an arm around Romeoís shoulders.

    Elijah Edwards: We did it, Rome! We did!

    Romeo Rollings: Itís all you, champ. All you.

    They go to walk away- but Elijah is stopped in his tracks. Romeo goes on still celebrating until he notices what Elijah is looking at.

    Itís Cindy Brooks.

    Sheís wearing a proud smile. Edwards rushes over, embraces her in a big hug.

    Cindy Brooks: I knew you could do itÖ Iím proud of you.

    Elijah Edwards: I love you.


    Romeo Rollings, dressed in a black button up shirt with a baby blue vest, stands alongside his client Elijah Edwards, wearing a Ramones t-shirt with a suit jacket and the High Voltage championship around his waist.

    Romeo Rollings: Here it is, champ. The moment weíve been waiting for.

    Elijah Edwards: You and I knew this was coming sooner or later.

    Romeo Rollings: Itís the first title defense.

    Elijah Edwards: Against a very, very tough opponent in Tokyo Kisai.

    Romeo Rollings: The self proclaimed Star of Tokyo. CWAís latest newest darling. And thatís the funniest thing about CWA management. If youíre new, they love you. Michelle von Horowitz was CWAís crown jewel of newbies. She won the Wrestle Royale to earn a World Heavyweight title match. CWA promoted her not as the little engine that could being sheís a 90 pound little girl, but as a serious contender. She was the focal point of all the marketing for shows. She was all over tv being interviewed, all over the online special features on, she was on posters, mugs, billboards, t-shirts. She was already in the talks of all time greats in CWA. She went one on one with Jon Snowmantashi- and she lost. Whether she wants to admit it or not, sheís shaken. The yellow brick road she, and everyone else, thought she was on has gotten a little darker. While she find herself in Steel Roulette, she will fall again.

    Who will take her place as CWAís newest darling?


    The man who debuted at Five Star Attraction in an impressive showing against Charles Murphy. He teamed with Canadian Excellence the next night at Adrenaline Rush in a winning effort. He went on to fight in a no contest against Jonathan McGinnis. Heís bringing Strong Style to the American soil. The people love him. Heís getting the von Horowitz treatment. Hell, everyoneís anticipating his inevitable battle with Jon Snowmantashi for the World Heavyweight titleÖ assuming he can get pass The High Voltage Champion Elijah Edwards. The unsung star of CWA. Which is sad considering heís one of their champions? And why isnít he among the talks of the best? Itís not because of his look. You could put him on the cover of GQ and it would sell like hot cakes. It isnít because of the lack of ability. He has that in spades. Whatís it going to take for my client to get the recognition he deserves? Who does he have to beat in order to be talked about in the list of McGinnises, Shades, and Snowmantashis?

    Elijah Edwards pulls Romeo Rollings back as he steps forward.

    Elijah Edwards: Every individual placed in front of me in championship matches. Unlike members of the Indy Club, Iím not asking for hand outs and Iím not here with sour grapes. Does it bother me that I am not mentioned among the best in CWA? Sure. Who wouldnít be frustrated at the fact that theyíve given their blood, sweat, and tears to the sport they love and admire and not be given the recognition for it? But Iím not going to sit here and complain about it. No, Iím going to fight. Iím going to continue doing what Iíve been doing. Win consistently and work harder than everyone else Iím in the locker room. Thatís why is why Iím standing here today as the High Voltage champion. All the negativity over the years, Iíve used as fuel to get me to this point. The old Elijah Edwards would have been content with winning the High Voltage championship. But being the High Voltage champion isnít good enough.

    Do you wanna know what is?

    Being regarded as the best High Voltage champion in CWA history.

    Elijah unstraps the High Voltage championship form around his waist, holding it up towards the camera.

    Elijah Edwards: For many, this is an inferior championship because itís not the World Heavyweight title. Itís deemed as a title held by lower tier wrestlers who may never find themselves in the main event picture battling for the top prize. I want to make this championship mean something. The High Voltage championship will be a symbol of excellence and prestige. One day it will be talked about in the same light as the World Heavyweight title. This belt will be sought after by everyone who steps into the squared circle. I will be the man to do it. No one else has the desire or determination to do it. No one has the will- my will- to be the greatest High Voltage champion in CWA.

    LIGHTBRINGER, youíre a tough competitor. Thereís no denying that. I fought along side you a couple of weeks ago. You and I are a lot alike LIGHTBRINGER. We are two sides of the same coin. We both strive to be great. We donít saddle ourselves with characterizations that arenít a representation of who we are, but instead we allow our work to represent us as wrestler. You represent Strong Style while I showcase a European World of Sport style of wrestling.

    And now hereís the part where we differ, LIGHTBRINGER.

    You donít have a passion to be the High Voltage champion. Sure, you wouldnít mind being the High Voltage champion, but you donít need to be the High Voltage champion. To you, this title is just a pit stop before you fight for the World Heavyweight title. Itís just decoration to an already extravagant entrance attire for you. For me, this is everything. Itís my life blood. It took me four years and three promotions to finally be able to call myself a Champion. Iíve went through hell and back seven times over just to get a shot at gold and win. Just imagine what Iím willing to go through just to keep it?

    Because Iím not a one hit wonder, LIGHTBRINGER. Thereís plenty more hits on this album to come. A couple of weeks ago, you said that you outclass every single person you wrestle against. Youíre not going to out class me. You would be foolish to think you will. To talk on a point Romeo brought up earlier: the rocket has been strapped to you by CWA. Not out of favoritism, youíre talented enough to deserve the recognition and chances at success. Youíve had success SPJ, FWA, and youíre having early success here.

    What about failure?

    Iím willing to bet failure for you is few and far in between. Youíve never suffered a loss so devastating that you started to second guess yourself. Youíve never had a championship with in a finger tips touch only to have it RIPPED away from you at the last second. The kind of heartbreak that stays with you for months, and sometimes even years, a feeling impossible to shake. Iíve been there, Iíve done that. Iím not going back to that feeling, LIGHTBRINGER. Iím not a transitional champion, I am a legacy champion. This is your first taste of failure. And thatís okay, it will better you, hopefully. Winning a championship is hard, but retaining it is even harder. Thereís an enormous target on my back. You and I will wage war; only one of us will emerge the winnerÖ and you will be excellently executed.

    The scene fades to black.

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    Re: "Double E" Elijah Edwards


    Romeo Rollings is the first to enter through the curtain to the GO position, followed by his client Elijah Edwards, whoís head is down in disappointment after his intense battle with LIGHTBRINGER. Thereís applause and inaudible chatter showering him, but he pays it no attention.

    Good job, Elijah.

    Hell of a match! Hell of a match!

    Sorry about the loss, man. Youíll get another shot. I guarantee it!

    Double E and Rollings shuffle through the crowd. Finally, Elijah looks up, catching a glance at the monitor mounted on the wall displaying the image of LIGHTBRINGER, along with his manager Himawari, celebrating the victory- raising the High Voltage championship high into the air. The Star of Tokyoís smile is unparalleled and filled with the glee. Itís the same expression Elijah wore February 17th. As you gazes up at the monitor, a hint of resentment hits him. It is brief, but for a moment it overwhelms his sense of disappointment. They leave the go position and head down the hallway. Romeo, putting his arm around Double E, begins to try and console his client.

    Romeo Rollings: Kid, don'tí worry about a thing. Okay? Youíre going to come back from this. I promise. Just a minor setback. Itís not the end of the world. Youíve got a rematch clauó

    Elijah runs over to a C Stand knocking it over. Rollings stops dead in his tracks in a state of shock. Edwards kicks over a set of apple boxes and pounds his fist into a roadie case.

    Elijah Edwards: FUCK!! FUCK!! FUCK!!

    Romeo walks over to his client, places an arm on his shoulder in hopes of consoling him, but Canadian Excellence is in no place to be consoled- shoving him off aside before heading towards the locker room.

    Romeo Rollings: I know how you feel, Elijah. Really I do. Failure sucks. Itís going to happen. I know you didnít want it to be like this. I didnít want it to end this soon, but youíre going to get another shot at the belt. I promise you this.

    For Elijah, this is the biggest failure of his career. A feeling heís felt numerous times before, but now thereís a slight deviation to this familiar feeling. Before Retribution and before CWA, Elijah Edwards wrestled under the POWER umbrella in their promotions of EWE and PCW, fighting desperately to be considered an elite professional wrestler. He wanted his name spoken in the same breath of The Judge, The One, Dan Murph, Scorch, and JMC. Men who were heralded and respected among their peers and the fans. Elijah struggling to earn numerous number one contenderships- a right that sometimes would be taken away from him without reason- or to even be considered in a match up to determine one. Before championship matches, his momentum and confidence was through the roof. He believed in his ability without hesitation. Whenever a person would compliment him on his recent outings, he would be grateful and take it for truth; never considering it to be a lie he felt he was being told most of the time. But whenever it became time to go one on one with the champion, Elijah believed them to be superior than him. An untouchable and unbeatable deity that he had no chance of overcoming. For him, the battle would be a first grader trying to play ball with Michael Jordan. Although he would tell himself he could do it and put forth a bit of effort, he would lose. A self fulfilling prophecy. This time around it was different. When he came face to face with the champion, he did it with defiance and gusto, brimming with confidence and no thought of failure. Now, he finally did what he thought was impossible, yet always dreamed and lusted for- and it was taken from him in his first defense. The same feelings he felt two years ago, hopelessness, despair, and self doubt wash over him. Something he never thought, nor wanted, to feel again.

    Romeo Rollings: Take a deep breath and relax.

    As Elijah heads down the hallway- Romeo running to catch up, he passes Toxic Rain through the hallway flanked by a camera crew.

    Romeo Rollings: (under his breath) Son of a bitch.

    On the outside, Elijah is expressionless, appearing almost absent minded, but on the inside heís distressed at the sight of camera and microphone. Elijah is hoping they donít recognize his weakness. Toxic Rain shares Elijahís quick stride.

    Toxic Rain: Elijah, clearly youíre upset after suffering a loss in your first title defense. Tell me whatís going through your mind.

    I failed. Iím a fraud. Everything I thought I was, everything I hoped to be- is all a lie.

    Toxic Rain patiently awaits a response, but gets nothing. She looks to Rollings briefly, who is shaking his head, unenthusiastic about her presence. Rainís gaze lands back on Elijah, whoís acting as if she isnít there.

    Toxic Rain: Do you take any consolation in the fact that you and LIGHTBRINGER are being called the Match of the Night? Itíll probably most likely be the Match of the Year. How about that?

    Still no reaction. At this point, Toxic Rain is becoming a bit frustrated as sheís hoping to get a viral clip for her segment. Rollings, whoís even more bothered by the bombardment of questions than Elijah might be, steps in- staring right in Toxic Rainís face and startling her.

    Romeo Rollings: Do you really think getting the match of the night is some sort of consolation prize to losing the High Voltage championship? Itís not. LIGHTBRINGER was the better man tonight. He was every bit as good as we thought he was going to be. It was two grapplers, at the top of their game, going to war for one of the prestiges prizes in this company. Both hoping to prove they are every bit as good as they have claimed to be, and they both proved it.

    Toxic Rain: Okay, Romeo. Seeing as how youíre the one who is going to talk, maybe you can tell me about how youíre part in this match. Youíre his agent. You make sure he gets the most money he can get and sets up his matches, and even help strategies for them. Do you think you could have done a better job?

    Rollings letís out a chuckle, insulted by Toxic Rainís notion.

    Romeo Rollings: Even in championship moments, Iím sure Phil Jackson had some moments he wishes he could redo. I helped Elijah prepare has best as we could for a guy with very minimal footage of in CWA. Despite the small bit of video tape of LIGHTBRINGER, Elijah Edwards, Canadian Excellence and the best technical wrestler in CWA, brought this young gun the fight of his life. A fight he had yet to have in his career. The Star of Tokyo caught a lucky break with the rolling Armbar.

    Toxic Rain: So youíre implying that LIGHTBRINGER was nothing more than lucky?

    Toxic Rainís question is leading, the two of them know this. Her sheepish smile acknowledges this. A sly smile emerges on Rollingsí face. Heís dealt with these situations before with reporters and interviewers in Hollywood.

    Romeo Rollings: A regular spin doctor you are, aren't you? Well, lucky for Double E and I, video evidence is hard to doctrine. LIGHTBRINGER is every bit as good as heís claimed to be. He and Elijah are evenly matched. Itís was going to take a mistake or capitalizing on good positioning. LIGHTBRINGER narrowly- and I have to stress narrowly got out of the way of a lariat to lock in the arm bar. Elijah was exhausted at that point, theyíve wrestled fifteen to twenty minutes at that point, but he fought on because he knew what was at stake.. it was just a bad break.

    Toxic Rain: Will there be a rematch?

    Rollings goes quiet and stops walking. The smugness Rollings is known for washes away. He looks to Elijah for a moment- who doesnít stop walking towards the locker room- contemplating what he should say next. As quickly as it left, the million dollar confident smile of Mr. Rollings resurfaces.

    Romeo Rollings: Why wouldnít there be a rematch? Issac Richman is probably sitting in his office right now with dollar signs in his eyes and eagerly waiting for the buy rates to pour in. Now, if you will excuse me.

    Romeo jobs to catch up to his client, whoís already through the door of the locker room to shower and change.


    Elijah Edwards is sitting in a black leather couch across from a woman covered in tattoos, being concealed by her white blouse, and has long brunette dreadlocks with thick black glasses. Her name is Dia. The office is neat and pristine filled with textbooks and essay bound books on behavioral health. The chiseled physique Double E is known for is on the verge of disappearing. His hoodie that normally would be snug is slightly baggy on him. His beard appears as if it needs to be trimmed up. Even his hair is starting to grow out and look unkept. The only sound that can be heard is of the clock in the far left corner of the wall behind Dia ticking away. Dia, sitting with a tape recorder in hear laps, awaits for the silent Elijah to speak. Thereís a lot of things Elijah wants to talk about and figure out, but he doesnít know exactly where to begin. At times, he feels itís pointless to even try.

    Dia: Whatís going on over there?

    Elijah Edwards: Nothing.

    Dia: Nothing.

    Elijah Edwards: Yup.

    Dia: Surely thereís something we can talk about. What about your last job wrestling at PWE?

    Elijah Edwards: PWE didnít last long enough for me to mention.

    Dia: What about the one before that one? What was it PCW?

    Elijah Edwards: Yeah.

    Dia: Letís talk about that.

    Elijah Edwards: It was rough.

    Dia: What was rough about it?

    Elijah Edwards: I was an island to myself in the locker room. Sure, I shared a locker room with most of those guys in EWE, but I didnít have the decade long tenure in the Power brands like they had. Any time I would pick up a big win or started to gain a little bit of traction, I wet met with back handed compliments by the owner or my success regarded as insignificant. Maybe it was.. I dunno. I didnít have much good going on before wrestling, so for me it was everything. But when he made comments like, ďheís not good. He just had momentumĒ it crushed me.

    Dia: And you stayed?

    Elijah Edwards: Yeah.. looking back. I feel stupid for that.. Maybe I should have walked away, but I couldnít let them break me. I wasnít about to give them the satisfaction of them being right about meÖ but they were.

    Dia: Right about what?

    Elijah Edwards: That Iím not a good wrestler. The flashes of greatness was nothing more than anomaly. I was the bottom of the bottom along with Blade Lavigne. Maybe even worse. Iíve longed to be a great wrestler because I wasnít good at anything else in life. Iím not as smart as most people in my family. I never had good grades. I was a lousy hockey player. Wrestling was supposed to be my calling. What gave me purpose.

    Dia: And you felt nothing but emptiness and hopelessness? Like nothing you did mattered?

    Elijah Edwards: Exactly.

    Dia: Maybe you should have walked away.. if it was going to affect you that badly.

    Elijah sinks in his chair. His face dropping a bit. ďYouíre rightĒ he thought to himself.

    Dia: Were there anybody you were friends or got along with in your time there?

    Elijah Edwards: I had two associates. Michael Hayden and Jacob Senn.. I failed them.

    Dia: How did you fail them?

    Elijah Edwards: I was their leader. We were the Agents of Salvation. A group I started in hopes of breaking up the status quo in PCW. I was tired of the same guys getting all the top spots with us young guys being left with scraps. I dubbed myself ďThe Savior of PCWĒ fighting a war against the tyrannical reign of Ryan Blanchette, who at one point became my biggest adversary. I wanted to be taken seriously by them. After a while, I began to win matches after years of losing majority of the time. The fans were behind me. People were beginning to take notice of me. Despite a lot of people feeling there was no need for the AoS, we were there fighting a war. An war impossible to win considering youíre taking on the guy whoís running things.. Senn and I had a tag team title match against Dan Murph and Ryan, titles they didnít earn. They just crowned themselves champions because they could..

    Dia: What happened with that?

    Elijah shuts his eyes, reliving the night in his head again for the millionth time. Every emotion his felt in the days prior and preceding the match is still fresh in his mind. The defiance in their actions of challenging POWER for the Tag Team titles when it was an uphill battle. The second guessing and doubt when Ryan and Dan would leave voice mails, text, and emails about their impending victory over Elijah and Senn, proclaiming the AoS were embarrassments to wrestling. The burning passion to defy Ryan and not bend to his will and do the impossible.

    Elijah Edwards: We fought them at the biggest Pay Per View of the year. Jacob Senn was my partner for the match. In hindsight, I wish they would have paired me with Hayden instead. Senn is a good guy, but he was no where near the caliber of talent or partner I needed in order to due battle with Dan and RyanÖ despite all of that, I put on the performance of a life time. I made Dan Murph tap out, but Ryan said the match was no submission. They hit Jacob Senn with a chair and said it was no disqualification. Every time we got ahead, they would change the rules.

    Dia: Thatís rough. And no one said anything about it?

    Elijah Edwards: Heís the boss. Who's gonna stop him? Anyway, I failed. All my energy went into that match against them. More energy than I did when I went one on one with the World Champion Sorch. I won that match and figured I could do it again.. I couldnít. After that, I started to think they were right. I wasn't good enough. I never was going to be good enoughÖ Only for Ryan to turn around say that I was good enough. He told me I had all the talent in the world and that I was a mirror image of him. He had been putting me through the gauntlet to bring out the best in meÖ He offered me a chance to join POWERÖ and I took itÖ and they beat me down and everything I built for myself came crashing down. I never rebounded. I lost the locker roomís trust. Any respect they had for me went out the window. I thought all the praise Ryan gave me was a lieÖ When I asked him about it a year later, he said his compliments was his honest opinion, but wanted me to be defiant and continue the good fight.

    Elijah leans his head back in his chair, releasing a deep frustrated sigh.

    Elijah Edwards: What a mind fuck, huh?

    Dia: Itís a lot to take in. I appreciate him trying to motivate you to be better. I also admire your dedication to your profession. Thereís nothing wrong with aspiring to be great, but without love for yourself how can you achieve that? You beat yourself up and belittle yourself. Thatís not healthy. And itís not true. You are not some talentless human being. Everyone has something theyíre good at. A skill uniquely theres. Wrestling maybe your calling, but if youíre down on yourself and think youíre terrible whoís going to think other wise? You have to belief in you. You have to love yourself before you can love someone else or put your time and energy into a big dream.

    Normally, Elijah would believe sheís full of shit. For once, maybe this was real. Maybe everything sheís saying isnít a lie. There has to be more to his life than being a glorified punching bag he believed he was in the world. He survived an attempted overdose. Heís entire left he fought the feeling of inadequacy and depression. Although at times the illness would win, but he was still breathing. He could not continue living in self loathing and pity. He needed to take his life back.


    Elijah is sitting in front of a television monitor watching his Retribution match for the eighth time. Thereís a notepad sitting beside him covered in notes scattered all around the page. If there was a mistake he made in the match, he made note of it. If there was a move that was effective and obviously bewildered LIGHTBRINGER, Elijah would make a note of it. There was also a mountain of video tapes from Super Puro Japan featuring LIGHTBRINGER. He preparing himself better for this match. Thereís bags under Elijahís eyes. He probably only got a few hours of sleep if that. Also sitting on the table is a half eaten sandwich. Once the match at Retribution ends, he puts in a tape from SPJ. Romeo walks in.

    Romeo Rollings: Double E!

    Rollings sits down across from Elijah, who has yet to acknowledge his presence. He studies the mountain of video tapes before settling on the half eaten sandwich. Romeo

    Romeo Rollings: A sandwich? For breakfast?

    Romeo leans in for a closer examination of the sandwich, realizing itís the same one he bought for Elijah the night before. Elijah is busy jotting down notes. Romeo looks to Elijah perplexed.

    Romeo Rollings: Did you sleep here?

    Elijah Edwards: Yeah.

    Elijah examines LIGHTBRINGERís movements and takes more notes. Now Romeo has a look of concern.

    Romeo Rollings: Have you slept any?

    Elijah Edwards: Yeah.

    Romeo isnít convinced as he leans back in his chair, studying his client with great care.

    Romeo Rollings: Like a baby, huh?

    Elijah Edwards: You bet.

    Every time Elijah answers his tone is filled with inconvenience. For him, Romeo is an unnecessary distraction to his work. Heís hyper focused on studying LIGHTBRINGER and everything that makes him the wrestler he is. Romeo slouches down in his chair figuring out how to get his clientís attention.

    Romeo Rollings: How about we discuss some strategy for the match? I see youíve furiously been taking notes.

    Elijah swings the chair around to face his agents He sets the pen down and looks up at him. Romeo tries hard to keep a straight face as he gazes upon a haggard Elijah Edwards.

    Elijah Edwards: What do you got?

    Romeo Rollings: Heís a good wrestler. A damn good wrestler. The Strong Style Dojo is a top notch wrestling school. Heís torn his ACL twice. Which is a bonus for us because your Excellent Execution focuses in on the legs and lower back. Maybe pull a little Bret Hart action and figure four his legs around the corner post. Heís also had a neck injury. Maybe a few elbow smashes will help reawaken the nagging injury.

    Elijah Edwards: Those injuries didnít slow him down last time.

    Romeo Rollings: But you didnít focus heavily on those areas. Now we know heís got a weak spots. This is what we need to get ahead.

    Rollings grows quiet and uneasy. Elijah is confused. The silver tongued devil is wrestling with himself on how to approach the subject heís about to discuss, but canít figure out the right approach. There is no easy way for him to say it.

    Romeo Rollings: We know you two are evenly matched.. and if things start to get away from usÖ Iíll provide a distraction or two. Hopefully the referee will get knocked out and Iíll come in with a steel chair and bash LIGHTBRINGERís brains in. Then, you can lay your body across his chest and call it a night.

    Elijah is stunned. His blood begins to boil a bit and he clenches his fists tightly. Romeo realizes heís hit a nerve with Elijah. Immediately, he converges on to damage control and begins to plead with him.

    Romeo Rollings: Come on now. Take it easy. This is just a worse case scenario. Okay? Iím just spit balling here.

    Elijah Edwards: Are you serious right now?

    Romeo Rollings: I know. I know. Itís not in your makeup. But listen Ió-

    The mountain of DVDs are shoved off the table.

    Elijah Edwards: Of all the fucking people who are doubting me.

    Romeo Rollings: Iím not doubting you. Iím Team Edwards one hundred percent. Iím trying to put you in the best position to get back the High Voltage title. Yeah, sure youíre a goodie two shoes kind of guy. You play by the rules and love the spirit of competition. But what about winning? You want to win right? If you want that High Voltage title.. you may have to do that.

    Elijah is disgusted at notion. He looks away from Rollings unwilling to look at him.

    Elijah Edwards: You donít think I can beat him.

    Romeo Rollings: I didnít say that, Elijah. Iím saying you should consideró

    Elijah turns back to Romeo, whoís become uneasy as he sits up in his chair trying to back up. Edwards is shuts his eyes and taking deep breaths in hopes of calming himself down. Romeo is rapidly thinking trying of a way to get himself out of this situation.

    Romeo Rollings: What happened last time you fought LIGHTBRINGER? What did you say before the match? You said you wanted to be the greatest High Voltage champion in CWA history. Great goals. Really, it is. You were focused on the future that you didnít think about the present. LIGHTBRINGER deserves your undivided attention. If you thought defending the title against him was tough just imagine how much harder itís going to be challenging him for the title.

    Elijah Edwards: Iím focused! I was focused now and I was focused before! Iím going to give him everything Iíve got!

    Romeo Rollings: And what if it isnít enough?!

    Elijah yanks Romeo up by the collar of his shirt. Romeo shoves him back, hoping to create some space between the two. After claiming himself down, Elijah sits back down his chair. He collects his thoughts before going to speak.

    Elijah Edwards: Everything you said to Toxic RainÖ was it full of shit?

    Romeo Rollings: No.. Iím just trying to help you get back on top. Thatís all.

    Elijah Edwards: He didnít outclass me. You and I know that. But some people donít think Iím his league. I need to prove to them, and more importantly to myself, that Iím just as good as LIGHTBRINGER.. if not better. He had a great night. Heís riding an incredible high.. I was too until he stripped it from me. I respect him. Heís the closes thing to a friend I may have in CWA right now.. besides you, of course.. My win against Craig Owens wasnít luck. And I flat out refuse to be categorized as a transitional champion. Thatís not my legacy.. I still can carry out my dream of being the best High Voltage champion if I can win this rematch. The pressure isnít on me as much as itís on him. Now he has to live up to the hype heís created for himself. Thatís an advantage for meÖ And Iím going to muster up all my efforts to beat him.. the right way.

    Romeo begrudgingly nods.

    Elijah Edwards: Set backs makes me stronger. Losing the title is a minor speed bump. Iím going to get it back. I will fight until I have nothing left to giveÖ Even if he breaks my arm, Iím going to fight until the ref calls for the bell. Thatís how far Iím willing to go to get back the High Voltage title. Iíll exploit his injuries, but I will not allow outside interference to determine the winner.

    The room grows silent. Rollings rubs the back of his head, sighing, before meeting Elijahís focused gazed.

    Romeo Rollings: Go get some rest.. youíve got a title to win.

    Elijah laughs. Rollings winks as he gets up form his chair and leave.
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    Re: "Double E" Elijah Edwards


    No code. I was under the gun that day trying to get a roleplay finished because I thought I was going out of town)

    Itís early in the morning, Elijah Edwards, looking worse for wear, is sitting in a chair in a make up trailer. Romeo Rollings is leaning against the wall behind him with his head buried in his cell phone. Elijah yawns as he tries to sit still for Tina, the make up girl.

    Elijah Edwards: So whoís this guy again?

    Romeo doesnít respond. Heís pecking away at his cell phone, laughing.

    Elijah Edwards: RomeoÖ

    Still no response.

    Elijah Edwards: Rome!

    Finally, Romeo snaps out of his trance and looks up at Elijah.

    Romeo Rollings: Huh?! What?!

    Elijah Edwards: Welcome back to, Earth. As you can see, itís as terrible as it was when you left.

    Romeo Rollings: Sorry, I was catching up with my old friend Rebecca. Sheís telling me about a client of hers.

    Elijah Edwards: Great. But about my opponent this week.

    Romeo Rollings: Thatís the thing. Your opponent is apparently her client.

    Elijah Edwards: Well, whatís his name?

    Romeo Rollings: Mark Merriwether.

    Elijah Edwards: So sheís in the wrestling business?

    Romeo Rollings: No, she isnít, but he is now!

    Rollings begins to laugh hysterically. Elijah is confused about what his agent finds so funny.

    Elijah Edwards: SoÖ

    Romeo Rollings: The guy calls himself the Hollywood Standard, but heís been in like eight commercials and had a background role in The FlashÖ in a scene they didnít even use!

    Elijah Edwards: AhÖ

    Romeo Rollings: He was trying to get this commercial before they found out you were available.

    Elijah Edwards: Which Iíve been meaning to ask you aboutÖ why did you make me agree to this?

    Romeo Rollings: Easy pay dayÖ and to stick it to him.

    Elijah Edwards: And to tortue me.

    Romeo Rollings: Oh, címon. Itís not that bad.

    Elijah Edwards: Do I look like I wear a thermal snuggie?

    Rollings smirks, but Double E is none too amused.

    Romeo Rollings: Consider it your stepping stone.

    The make girl gets done and Elijah waste no time popping out the car and heading out the door. Once heís out the door, he notices a CWA camera crew.

    Camera man: Ready for your promo?

    Elijah Edwards: Always.

    The camera man hits record and signals to Elijah.

    Elijah Edwards: For the past two weeks, Iíve been beaten by LIGHTBRINGER for the High Voltage championship. Am I upset about it? Your damn right. Do I want to get back the High Voltage Championship? Absolutely. However, I first need to go back to basics. LIGHTBRINGER is one hell of a wrestler. Thereís no denying that or saying otherwise, but he didnít beat me as much as I beat me. You see, I was so wound up in trying to prepare that I over prepared. I was too rigid when I needed to be loose. Now, itís time to get back to basics. Itís time to remember why I got into this sport besides the desire and aspirations for championships and accolades.. to remember the love of the sport. To have fun.

    Edwards stops talking as a production assistant approaches him.

    PA: Theyíre ready for you on set.

    Elijah Edwards: Which brings me to Mark Merriwether. Merriwether is the new kid in town. He believes heís the best thing since slice bread. Heís a Hollywood A- List actor who wants to conquer the world of professional wrestling. Much like my agent Romeo Rollings wanted to conquer this great sport. Merriewether thinks heís destined to be on top of the CWA in a matter of time, but he hasnít gotten off to a great start.. and itís not going to get any better for him because heís going one on one with me.

    Sound Operators swarm Double E. They begin to wire him up with a microphone and battery.

    Elijah Edwards: Mark, donít get me wrong- Iím not undermining you. Anything can happen on any given day, but Iíve just come out of a series where Iíve wrestled Craig Owens, Andrews, and LIGHTBRINGER. Each one of them serious competition. You? Youíve got Hollywood things on your mind. Youíre busy wondering when theyíre going to bring you sparkling water imported from Paris and the chocolate made by some chef in some European country. Maybe youíre spending your days in an oxygen bar. I donít know. Iím not a Hollywood guy. Iím a serious pro wrestler. While I may be getting back to basics it doesnít mean Iím slacking off in the ring. I take my craft very seriously and youíre going to figure that out at Adrenaline Rush. Good luck, kid. Youíre going to need it.

    Elijah makes it to set where him and Director begin talking.

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    Re: "Double E" Elijah Edwards


    Itís a dark rowdy movie theatre illuminated by the light bouncing off the projectorís screen. The movie playing is the cult classic Purple Rain starring the late great Prince. Among the raucous crowd is Elijah Edwards and his girlfriend Cindy Brooks. Most likely the youngest audience members by 30 years. The current stage performance is ďComputer BlueĒ which has many of the viewing audience standing up dancing. Elijah, sitting back in his seat, light bobs his head as he shuffles in his seat. He looks over to Cindy, gazing at the screen entranced by Princeís stage presence. Thereís cheering and mass hysteria at the sight of Wendy Melvoin on her knees before Prince as he plays the enters into the solo. While Double E admires Prince, heís never seen Purple Rain in itís entirety, so the transpiring event catches Elijah by surprised.

    Elijah Edwards: Ooookay. I wasnít ready for that.

    Cindy Brooks: What did you expect? Itís Prince!!

    Elijah Edwards: Good point.

    The hysteria continues as Prince & The Revolution begins to play ďDarling NikkiĒ, causing many of the girls to scream in passion- which makes Cindy a little uneasy. Elijah takes notices and laughs. His attention is drawn to his pocket as his phone begins to rapidly vibrate, checking the name on the screen it reads ďRomeo RollingsĒ. The ringing stops. This is the third time heís called.

    Elijah Edwards: I need to take thisÖ

    Cindy Brooks: Who is it?

    Elijah Edwards: Romeo.

    Edwards climbs out of his seat and shuffles his way down the aisle and out the theatre. The minute he hits the lobby his phone begins to ring again. He waste no time answering.

    Elijah Edwards: What?

    Romeo Rollings: Jesus, whatís with you?

    Elijah Edwards: Me and Cindy are out on a date. Itís movie night.

    Romeo Rollings: Movie night? When in the hell have the two of you had a movie night?

    Elijah Edwards: Since I decided to mellow out and relax a bit.

    Romeo Rollings: What the hell is out right now that you would go to a movie theatre?

    Elijah Edwards: Purple Rain.

    Romeo Rollings: Purple Rain?!

    Elijah Edwards: Yeah, ya know the Prince movie. Spawned some of his biggest hits.

    Romeo Rollings: Donít patronize me you sarcastic ass hat! I know what the hell Purple Rain is!! You just donít strike me as the kind of guy who listens to Prince

    Elijah Edwards: Cindy wanted to come. Itís pretty neat. This place holds like plays and shows movies and concerts. Small, intimate. Thereís going to be an after party too. Theyíre calling it The Purple Party. Food, drinks, and Prince tunes. Real cool.

    Thereís a moment of silence on the phone. Elijah begins to check and see if the call has been dropped, but the minutes are counting up.

    Elijah Edwards: Hello?

    Romeo Rollings: Who the hell are you? Youíre captain buzzkill. Always training and studying tape.. and now youíre out socializing and watching Prince movies.. What next? Graffiti Bridge?!

    Elijah Edwards: God, I hope not! That movie wasnít nearly as good as Purple Rain.

    Romeo Rollings: It sucked! Just like your performance last week!

    Elijah Edwards: ÖThe hell did you just say to me?!

    Romeo Rollings: Not my words. Straight from the mouths of the analyst of CWA. Canít spell analyst without anal. Because every time I hear their opinions itís smells like uncleaned assholes.

    A look of disgust surfaces on Elijahís face. His eyes move from left to right as if heís rewinding the sentence he just heard and replaying it, delivering a horrible mental image.

    Elijah Edwards: That.. was a bit much.

    Romeo Rollings: Are you happy with your performance?

    Elijah Edwards: I won didnít I? Thatís all that matters, isnít it?

    Romeo Rollings: A win is a win to me. Iíll agree with you on that, but they donít see it that way. Especially Tim Coleman. He maintains Merriwether would have had your number had it not been for Marcus Bennett. You would have suffered another loss. He thinks youíve a lost a step since LIGHTBRINGER beat you for the High Voltage title and again in the rematch. This is the beginning of the end for you.

    Elijah Edwards: Beg- beginning of the end?! For me?! No, not by a long shot! Iím just getting started. The CWA hasnít even begun to see the greatness of Elijah Edwards.

    Romeo Rollings: He also theorized you maybe a fraud. Youíre not a good of a technical wrestler as they have been lead to believe. After all, a guy like Merriwether almost beat you. Ariel Justice is going to beat you.

    Elijah Edwards: I could be running a 103 degree fever with the gout and suffering the loss of a relative and he still couldnít beat me! And a fraud?! Me? When have I not done what I said I was going to do? LIGHTBRINGER said he was going to outclass me and yet I matched him hold for hold. He just happened to catch me in transition. As far as Ariel Justice goes, sheís just another pit stop on my way back to the top! Who is Ariel Justice anyways? Another Janie come lately! A warm up to the next big challenge. I hope she comes in believing the idea that Iím a pretender to this profession because I promise you sheís going to be stretched beyond comprehension. Sheíll be contorted in ways thatíll make Stu Hart frigginí weep from the grave!Ö and maybe even be proud. I donít know. He took pride in otherís misery.. but thatís besides the point. The fact of the matter is Iím Elijah Edwards. I am Canadian Excellence. Just because Iím not over working myself anymore doesnít mean I still canít get the job done and win decisively. LIGHTBRINGER was a set back. A temporary one because I came back and won the following match, and Iím going to win again. Iím going to remind everyone why I was the High Voltage champion to begin with.

    Romeo Rollings: This will be the second time youíve opened the show.

    Elijahís blood begins to boil, clutching his fist as his face contorts in a way to show his displeasure with Romeoís remarks.

    Elijah Edwards: Any match Iím in is the main event! I leave my heart and soul out there in the ring. Iím a tough act to follow. I dare someone to go out there and out perform me! Hell, Iíve forgotten more holds than they learned in whatever gutter gym they trained in. If I have to leave Ariel a bloody pulp to move up the card then thatís just howís it going be. I will not be disrespected anymore. I will not be regarded as anything less than excellence. This isnít hop scotch and hoola hoops for me. This is my life. This is what I live for and this is what I die for.

    A muffled sound of applause is heard. Elijah looks on confused, trying to figure out whatís going on.

    Romeo Rollings: I knew it. I knew the fire still burns in you. And thatís all they need to know. These words youíve just spoken, I relay them to journalist and the fans. Theyíre going to know Elijah Edwards is still business even if he takes a mini vacation. And youíre right, kid. You are excellence. You are one of the premiere stars in this company. Youíre going to go out there at Adrenaline Rush and remind them of that fact. Youíre going to get back on top of the mountainÖ Now go enjoy the film and your girl. But be ready to work when you hit the airport.

    Elijah Edwards: Iíll be ready once this movie is over with.

    Romeo Rollings: Thatís what I like to hear. Later, Elijah.

    The line goes dead. Elijah shoves his phone back in his back, exhaling a deep breath as he turns around and walks back into the theatre.

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    Re: "Double E" Elijah Edwards


    Donít call it a comeback.

    We open to Elijah Edwards sitting in what looks to be a cold, damped, and dark boiler room. For once, heís without his agent Romeo Rollings by his side.

    Donít even call it my redemption song. In fact, letís call this what it really is, shall we? A superstar spinning his wheels. Why? Because itís Elijah Edwards facing two upstarts who are looking to make their mark in CWA. Two individuals who have illusions of grandeur. Both young and impressionable kids seeking their Valhalla in the form of becoming the World Heavyweight champion. What they donít realize is the road to greatness is a long, winding and difficult road. One that ends in heartbreak and defeat. Believe me, I should know.

    Elijah surveying his surroundings begins to laugh. He buries his head into his hands, shaking his head at the thought of how this looks.

    Perhaps this setting is fitting of my emotional state since I have lost the High Voltage championship. Everyone seems to believe that I have lost a step or two. They believe that LIGHTBRINGER has ďstolen my smileĒ as it were. Maybe itís a true to a certain extent. Itís not easy being a champion for a month and have this other individual having the reign you wish you had. One you expected to have. A championship reign you envisioned for himselfÖ but I canít linger on it. The ďwhat ifsĒ and the could have, would have, should haves will eat me alive. Instead, Iíll focus on Ariel Justice, a woman who I have already defeated, and Duke Martin, a new comer who I have yet to beat. I-

    The train of thought of Elijah is disrupted by the sound of dripping water. Stopping to listen, Elijah can visibly be seen weighing his options. Eventually, he gets up and begins to shuffle his way out the door and back up to civilization.

    While this sad and decrepit place was great for metaphors and all, this isnít my style. My style is winning. Itís my way of reminding you all that I am still the competitor I was a month ago. I will not be defined by defeat. I will not be upstaged by two new kids. Not again. But Iíve been wondering to myself why exactly itís always me caught up in the preliminary matches of the show. Despite my better efforts. Itís always me relegated to taking on the new kids. Is it because the powers that be feel as if Iím old news? Is it a test? Or maybe itís because I am what I should have been as the High Voltage champion? The measuring stick of CWA. If you truly want to belong here and move up the ranks, you have to go through me- Canadian Excellence. And thatís why I am to Ariel Justice and Duke Martin.

    Elijah leaps up the stairs and whips around the corner, heading outside into the beautiful blue and cloud filled sky. The sun shining very brightly.

    Ah, thatís better. And this setting? This setting is a better reflection of my mental state. Because things are going to get better for me. Itís a slow rebuilding process, but it will be done. I canít say the same for Ariel and Duke. Because like I said earlier, I am the measuring stick around here. I may no longer hold the gold, but I am still every bit the definition of what a champion in this business should be. Heart, determination, sacrifice, and skill. Arielís motto is ďShow up. Destroy. LeaveĒ. Tell me, Ariel, how did that work out for you the last time you and I squared off? While you gave a good showing and even manage to take me off my feet at some points, you learned real quick that you were no match for me. All the years spent training and preparing for your chance in the spotlight, and you were treated like a world class amateur. Not because you didnít have heart, you have that in spades. But I canít be outfought, I canít be matched, nor will I ever be outdone. I showed you what itís like to reach deep down in the depths of you that you never thought existed just to win. I showed you what itís like to have a man starved for greatness. What you came up against was a man who worked for years to be champion and losing it quickly as he got it.. you witnessed the distance I will go to get it back.

    Duke, you on the other hand.. well, I donít know anything about you except you think youíre from the 1950sÖ Youíre just here. Nothing more, nothing less. Another obstacle for me to overcome. Another problem that I have to solve. And another victim on my road back to the top of the heap. Everything Ariel has found out form facing me, you will too. Maybe after this match, youíll quit, realizing you don't have the ability to hang with CWAís finest. Maybe youíll take this a lessoned learned and apply yourself even moreÖ whoís to say, but I do know I will NOT allow you to leave a winner. Not at my expense. Not againÖ see you at Worldís Strongest, kids. And good luck, youíre going to need it.

    Elijah grins. His gaze move towards his left, noticing a park- and with glee in his eyes he moves towards the park to sit down, relax, and enjoy the beautiful day.

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    Re: "Double E" Elijah Edwards


    Am I a novelty?

    The scene opens on Elijah Edwards standing beside his agent Romeo Rollings, who instead of donning the trademark expensive suits- heís wearing a pair of blue jeans and a button up shirt with a bright red vest, in front of the famous CN Tower. Double E is gazing at the silver tongued agent with an inquisitive gaze.

    Elijah Edwards: Was my High Voltage championship reign the height of my powers in the CWA? Maybe so. Perhaps Iíll never recapture the magic I once had before LIGHTBRINGER decided to crash the partyÖ

    A look of concern appears on Romeoís face. He turns to Elijah, hoping to find some answers.

    Romeo Rollings: You donít believe thatÖ do you?

    Elijah flashes a coy smile.

    Elijah Edwards: Of course not! As much as I hate this song and the artist who soiled the music business, to quote him- All I do is win. Simple. And to quote another act, an even older one at that: I get knocked, but I get up again. And youíre never going to keep me down. I laid waste to Ariel Justice and Duke Martin at Worldís Strongest. At Adrenaline Rush, Iím facing off against Dustin Dreamer, a man who recently stood toe to toe against LIGHTBRINGER for the High Voltage championship. Much like everyone else before him, he lost.

    Romeo Rollings: Nothing to be ashamed of, Dustin. Besides, better men than you have tried and failed.

    Elijah Edwards: Yet you tried every under handed tactic you could possibly think of. You threw salt in his eyes, you tried to piledrive him through a table. Hell, you even took an axe handle to the champ.

    Both men exchange a look to one another.

    Elijah Edwards: Pretty ruthless, right?

    Romeo Rollings: Definitely. That Dustin Dreamer is a cut throat kid.

    Elijah Edwards: Heís unpredictable. You never know what youíre going to have come your wayÖ But do you know what else that match taught me, Romeo?

    Romeo Rollings: What is that, Elijah?

    Elijah Edwards: Dustin doesnít believe in himself. He doesnít believe he is as talented of a wrestler as myself. Itís why he didnít take LIGHTBRINGER on with natural ability. If he thinks the High Voltage champion is a tough opponent then wait until he gets a load of me. Dreamer, any hopes youíve had of getting back into the High Voltage championship contingency than Iím sorry, but thatís not happening. Not at my expense. Because I know where Iíve been and where it is that I want to go. Iím not going to be sidetracked on my back to greatness. You can use an axe handle, bring all the salt that would make Salem believe that itís a bit excessive, and use the entire Hellís Angels motorcycle club and itís not going to be enough to beat me. I could stay up for three days binge watching Orange Is The New Black and still come out on top.

    Romeo Rollings: A little bit of arrogance oozing out there, huh pal?

    Elijah is taken aback by Romeoís comments.

    Elijah Edwards: Confidence, my friend. Confidence. You of all people should know the difference. As a matter of fact, Mr. Rollings here could take another night off and not miss abeat. Iíll still stretch you farther than Stretch Armstrongís capabilities before his appendages snapped and oozed that goo. Thatís your future, Dreamer. Best of luck to you.

    Elijah strolls off as the scene fades to black.

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    Re: "Double E" Elijah Edwards


    The scene opens on a close up of the banner that reads ďAir Canada CentreĒ. After a few seconds, the camera pulls back to reveal Elijah Edwards, dressed in a pair of torn and tattered jeans with a Ramones t-shirt and a military jacket, standing in front of the arenaís entrance. Double E is clam, cool, and collected. His smile shines a bit brighter being in his hometown.

    You would think going into the biggest match of my CWA career I would be nervous. After all, I am facing the World Heavyweight Champion Jonathan McGinnis, arguably the best wrestler in the company today, in the main event. That alone is enough to make anyone nervous. When facing a man like McGinnis you have to be at your best. You have to be better than your best. You have to move past your limits- pushing yourself to the verge of your breaking point- in hopes of just getting a chance to win. Heís a world renowned wrestler. The Indy God moniker isnít just a fancy name slapped on a t-shirt. Itís the truth. His name, his reputation, his legacy was built in places like Ring of Syndicate and overseas in NWA Japan. He further cemented it here in CWA, capturing the World Heavyweight championship twice. As far as technical ability, heís everything I aspire to achieve. I hope to one day have his credentials. And itís that impressive body of work that would leave an average wrestler intimated, shaking uncontrollably in their boots, too nervous to begin to formulate a strategy and down right overwhelmed once the bell sounds and you begin to square off with him.

    Elijah heads for the entrance, opening the door and walking inside. The camera follows in front of him, trying to stay a few steps ahead of him in order to keep him in frame.

    Letís take on the extra pressure of wrestling Jonathan McGinnis in the main event in your hometown. Everyone you know, from your friends to your family, are scattered throughout the crowd showing their support for you. Your fellow countrymen showing national pride and support for one of their own. Main Events are already anxiety ridden as it is. Youíre closing show, the spotlight is on you and it burns extra bright in this moment. Now, youíve got to make sure you donít disappoint everyone. You donít want to leave your hometown with egg on your face and leave yourself and everyone else filled with disappointment.

    Elijah enters into the empty arena area. The stage set up for Adrenaline Rush is in the process of being built. Crew members are hastily working in order to complete its construction. Canadian Excellence marches towards the ring, hopping over the barricade and surveying the empty seats. In this moment, itís as if heís imagining a crowd watching him.

    Letís turn up the fire of this pressure cooker a little more, shall we? For me, the Air Canada Centre is home to the biggest mistake of my wrestling career. When I worked for PCW a couple of years ago, I was the leader of a group called the Agents of Salvations and we were waging a war against a group simply known as POWER, lead by the owner of the company Ryan Blanchette. After being cheated out of the tag team titles by him and his partner Dan Murph, he offered me an ultimatum. I could stand with my brothers in arms as the self proclaimed Savior of PCW, fighting a losing battle or I could become a member of POWER and receive all the accolades I had desperately wanting to have. On that night I compromised my integrity for fools gold. I was left beaten and bloodied without an alley and without my dignity and pride.

    In a moment of retrospect and shame, Elijah lowers his head.

    That moment haunted me for years.. and it still haunts me to this day. After this match, I hope to cleanse myself of that moment.. and I hope to leave Toronto with something to be proud of.

    Elijah raises his head up, his charming smirk resurfacing as well. He takes a moment to survey the ring, taking in the future sight of the biggest fight of his CWA career. A few seconds pass and he marches up the aisle way. The camera follows behind

    So letís recap. Iím wrestling in the Main Event against the world champ in front of my hometown looking to right a wrong. I should be nervous. I should be intimidated at the challenge that lies ahead of me. Itís as if Iím trying to make my way up Mount Everest on a big wheel. Itís impossible to overcomeÖ so am I nervous?

    Elijah stops, turning around to face the camera once more. As he does, the camera focuses in on his intense gaze.


    A moment of silence commences, allowing the answer to sink in. Edwardsí expression doesnít change from this point on. Thereís a hint of anger and frustrating resonating in his eyes. Itís a look we havenít seen before from Elijah Edwards. Perhaps unwittingly, he begins to ball up his fist. His body possibility registering the emotions and feelings heís yet to verbalized and have been germinating from within.

    Let me reiterate it for you incase you didnít understand me. No, I am not nervous. In fact, this is the most relaxed I have ever been going into a match. Now, donít get me wrong I realize the challenge in front of me. I understand the magnitude of the situation. This is the kind of thing I live for. Itís the moment I thrive on. Iím going one on one with the champion. Win or lose, regardless how this thing plays out I am leaving the Air Canada Centre with my head held high and stand on my own two feet like a manÖ. which is more than I could say for Jonathan McGinnis. Because quite frankly Jonathan McGinnis doesnít fit the criteria of what a man is.

    A man doesnít cheat on his wife when things arenít peachy. You either pony up and work it out or go your separate ways. You donít go to an old fling, thus disrespecting your entire family- your children and the woman who raised them, who took care of them while you were too busy on the road 320 days a year making a living as a wrestler. A man doesnít assault a defenseless elderly man, let alone his boss, when a decision is made he doesnít like. A man especially DOESNíT STRIKE A WOMAN EITHER!

    At this point, Elijahís face is red with anger. The intensity is palpable and haunting. Elijah closes his eyes, releasing a deep and calming exhale, hoping to channel and save his anger for the night of this match with McGinnis instead of wasting it all here.

    That is an action that I can not stand back idly. Youíre going to pay for that one, Jonathan. Megan isnít a wrestler, sheís a business woman. YOUR boss. For what? Because you arenít man enough to face Snowmantashi one more time? Is your ego so fragile that you refuse to face the possibility of failure even if itís to a premiere wrestler in our sport? Losses happen, Jonathan, in life and in the ring. I figured someone like you would already know that. Even if you were to lose itís not like youíd never get another shot at the title again. You could invoke your rematch clause or win a contenderís match. You run around acting like a petulant child throwing a temper tantrum when he doesnít get his way, so you strike a woman in order to achieve some sort of satisfaction? Some man you are, Jonathan. Some champion, too. To be honest, you donít even deserve the right to call yourself a champion. Youíre lucky the powers that be havenít stripped you of the championship and banned you from CWA. Question my abilities all you want, McGinnis. Believe me to be an inferior wrestler to youÖ but at least I can look at myself in the mirror and know that I am man filled with dignity and honorÖ something you will never be able to say.

    You run around here proclaiming yourself to be CWAís meal ticket? Well, Iíve got a little news flash for you, Jonathan. This place was fine before you were here and it will be fine without you. CWA prosperity isnít reliant on just one person or some club. No, itís a team effort. This company is built off the backs of every hardworking guy and girl who lace up a pair of boots. You arenít more important than any of us, youíre just a cog in the machine. If youíve done anything for the CWA itís giving it a bad name. While you may thumb your nose at me and consider me to next to nothing, youíre going to have hard time breathing when I bust you in your snot box. In fact, when your eyes begin to water and it becomes hard to breathe or see, thatís when you realize youíre in for a fight. No, the term ďfightĒ doesnít adequately describe whatís going to happen. Because this isnít a fight, McGinnis. Itís your reckoning. Reckoning for all the ills youíve committed against this great sport and organization. Because youíre not a God, Jonathan McGinnis, youíre a ill tempered tantrum throwing baby. If nobody else is going to stand up to you and the rest of your stupid club than I guess itís going to be me. Because I can no longer stand back and watch you try to destroy the CWA. I am an agent of salvation here to cleanse the CWA of your vile existence. This isnít about a title, itís about survival. Itís about restoring honor to the CWA. Itís about standing up for whatís right. Iím here, as a MAN, to knock you on your ass and render you a broken heap. I donít give a damn if youíre the Heavyweight champion of the world, apart of a club, or if Iím a man without allies. Iíve come to kill a self proclaimed ďgodĒÖ And I will do just that even if Iíve got to go through hell and back. You will pay for your sins, McGinnis. Be the coward you are and bring your club, bring your advocates, and ex lovers because youíre going to fall regardless. I promise you that.

    Elijah stares into the camera, briefly, letting his point settle in before walking out of frame.

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    Re: "Double E" Elijah Edwards


    Jonathan McGinnis is sitting on the mat in pure shock. The fans fill the Air Canada Centre with defining cheers. In a burst of excitement, Elijah Edwards rolls out of the ring and dives into the front row where his partners Bobby and Carol along with his girlfriend Cindy Brooks and some of his closes friends are sitting. Itís a big group hug as Elijah bares a huge smile on his face. He stands on top of the guard rail pumping his fist in triumph. The crowd again shower him with cheers.

    Jim Taylor: Listen to this crowd, Tim. When everyone thought he wasnít able to do it- Elijah Edwards beat Jonathan McGinnis.

    Tim Coleman: He better had thank his lucky stars that Jonathan Snowmantashi was around! Otherwise I donít think he would have walked out of here with a win.

    Jim Taylor: None the less, Elijah Edwards is a winner. The home of his biggest failure will now be known as the place of one of his monumental successes here in CWA. No one can take away the fact that he was able to pin the World Heavyweight champion in the main event.

    The ring is now empty. Double E rolls into the ring, ascending to the top rope to pose for the sold out Air Canada Centre.


    Elijah walks through the curtain, receiving an applause from producers and various wrestlers. Canadian Excellence shakes a few of their hands before moving through the crowd. Meeting him at the end of the crowd is Romeo Rollings. His agent charges him, giving him a rather big congratulatory hug.

    Romeo Rollings: Congratulations you talented MFer!

    Elijah Edwards: Thanks, Rome. I appreciate it.. Say, where were you.

    Romeo Rollings: Ooof, let me tell you immigration can be a real hassle sometimes. There was a problem with my visa so I was stuck at the airport the entire day until they could have sorted this thing out.

    Elijah shakes his head as he laughs.

    Romeo Rollings: That win though is going to put you on the map. Mark my words. Now LIGHTBRINGER and Michelle von Horrowtiz are going to have recognize you as a serious threat.

    Elijah Edwards: ÖWhat?

    Rollings stares at Double E with a surprised gaze.

    Romeo Rollings: You- your title matchÖ in a Triple ThreatÖ against LIGHTBRINGER and Michelle von HorrowitzÖ for the High Voltage ChampionshipÖ.

    Elijah processes this information. A few moments pass before it finally dawns on Elijah as to what Rollings is talking about.

    Elijah Edwards: Oh, right! Yeah, dude. I forgot about that match. Iíve been so focused on beating McGinnis it slipped my mind.

    Romeo Rollings: Focus. I love it. I love what Iím hearing. Thatís the kind of mindset you need going into the High Voltage championship match. Ride this wave of momentum, kid. You keep winning the way you are against high caliber athletes and I promise you youíre going to get the title back at the next pay per view. Mark my words.

    Elijah Edwards: Iíll take back whatís mine soon enoughÖ but for now. Iím going to enjoy this win.

    Romeo Rollings: As you should

    Edwards walks away as Rollings gives him a pat on the back. Cindy Brooks has made her way to the backstage area at this time, hugging Double E tightly with tears and a smile on her face.

    Cindy Brooks: Iím proud of you, Elijah.

    Double E hugs her a bit tighter.

    Elijah Edwards: Thank you.

    A Few Days Later

    Are you taking him seriously now?

    The scene opens in a dilapidated gym where Elijah Edwards is sitting on a beat up and broken weight bench curling 55 lbs dumbells. Romeo Rollings is standing behind with his arms folded. He unfolds them and walks around the bench in front of the camera.

    Romeo Rollings: Has Elijah Edwards proven himself to be a force to be reckoned with yet? Is there any doubt in your minds now that Elijah is every bit as good as we have been saying he is? If you havenít believed us before than maybe his win against McGinnis will prove just that. Two weeks ago, Noah Hanson decided to make a Triple Threat for the High Voltage championship pitting the champion LIGHTBRINGER against my client and Michelle von Horrowitz. Two individuals heís got a history with. Elijah teamed and fought against LIGHTBRINGER and heís been in a series of matches against Michelle. As much as I hate to do this, I agree with Michelle for what she said last week. Elijah and Ms. von Horrowitz should be competing for the World Heavyweight title being consistently on Adrenaline Rush and winning matches. Hell, even after last week Elijah makes a strong case to be a contender. However, weíll gladly take a High Voltage championship match. We could always use more hardware. A heavyweight title match will come soon enough. And LIGHTBRINGER, I hope youíre ready because a third timeís the charm.

    Rollings look back at Elijah, whoís on his 12th rep in the third set of his bicep curl exercise. The sleazy smile appears on Romeoís face as he turns back towards the camera.

    Romeo Rollings: Heís ready. More ready than he was before.. but before we get there. Before we can focus on winning championship titles. We have to worry about this 6 Man Tag against the Indy Club. Elijah is teaming with Jon Snowmantashi, our former World Heavyweight champion and a man Elijah has had the pleasure of sharing the ring with, and Krash, a man returning hell bent on breaking up the Indy Club. Elijah is more than ready to take another crack at Jonathan McGinnis. Heís especially excited to stretch The Echo worse than theyíve ever been stretched before. Hereís a little message for this independent club. Elijah is not scared of you. Snowmantashi isnít afraid of you, nor is Krash Iím sure. Theyíre all tired of you disrupting the show and causing headaches in the lockerroom. Theyíre done with sitting back idly allowing you to reek havoc on a regular basis. The CWA is a proud organization that Elijah Edwards is happy to represent.

    Elijah is done with the reps, violently throwing the weight to the side before standing up beside Romeo Rollings.

    Romeo Rollings: If this man isnít the best representation of the sport of professional wrestling and the CWA brand than I donít know who is. Elijah Edwards is everything a wrestler needs to be. Heart, dedication, determination, and a winnerís mindset. If you fail- if you fall and stumble, you pick yourself up dust off and try again. No complaining or underhanded tactics. Work until you get what you want.

    Canadian Excellence steps to the forefront of the shot. The sweat from his brow drips down his face. Romeo Rollings hands his client a towel. Edwards wipes his face off before he begins to speak.

    Elijah Edwards: Last week, was one of the best moments of my career. All the negativity from fans, wrestlers, journalist, and whoever else was put on mute. Shut out and ignored as I put my nose to the ground and went to work. I took what I wanted. I walked into my hometown of Toronto with the intent of beating Jonathan McGinnis. Heíll make the excuse that Snowmantashiís presence distracted him and thatís why he lost, but that isnít a good enough excuse. A champion knows where to keep put his attention at all times. He took his eye off the ball. He thought I wasnít a viable threat to him.. and it cost him dearly. Iím facing McGinnis again this week.. this time in a 6 Man Tag. While we arenít friends, we may not see eye to eye on everything we happen to agree on one thing. The Indy Club is a problem that must be taken care of. Beating McGinnis gave me credibility as a major player in this company. Beating the entire Club in a six man tag match cements my credibility a little more. If I can beat them, I can beat LIGHTBRINGER and von Horrowitz for the High Voltage championship..

    Romeo Rollings: The people want to know whatís more important though: dismantling the Indy Club or recapturing the High Voltage championship?

    Elijah Edwards: Canít both be important? Must my focus be solely planted on one goal? Do I want to beat LIGHTBRINGER and recapture the High Voltage championship? Of course I do. Do I want to beat the Indy Club? You bet your ass I do. I want to get rid of them more than anyone in this company.. and right now they are whatís in front of me. If my mind weighs to heavily on strategizing for the triple threat at the next pay per view and not at on the problem in front of me. If I undermined the Indy Club in exchange for the High Voltage championship match, I undermine the importance of this week and what Iím ultimately working for in the CWA. Right now, the Indy Club are in a vulnerable spot. They felt threatened that Krash was on the verge of beating Drew Connor that they decided to take a disqualification lost instead of eating defeat cleanly. McGinnis lost to me because heís more worried about Snowmantashi. And that man is hot on your tail, McGinnis. And he will rip the World Heavyweight title away from you.

    I wanna continue to put the pressure on them. Youíre going to realize that Elijah Edwards is not a scrub. I am not some wrestler whoís going to dwell at the bottom of the card. I am one of the best wrestlers in CWA. I will earn the respect of everyone in CWAÖ and Iím going to beat the respect into you. You will no longer use the numbers game on us. We are unified and we stand against you. And we will win tonight at Adrenaline Rush.

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