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Thread: KOWC 2015: Nominations and Guidelines

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    KOWC 2015: Nominations and Guidelines

    King Of WrestlingClique 2015

    As soon as summer hits, many look forward to the laughter of children playing, the splish-splash of the swimming pools, or even the chance to show off their toned and tanned bodies on some exotic beach in the Caribbean. Those people are fools. Summer means one thing in our small inhabitable patch of the internet, and that is KOWC!

    A massive thank you to my esteemed colleague Nicky Talent for allowing me to run this years tourney, if I can do half the job that Nicky has done in the past then I'll be pleased. He assures me that this year he's firmly about winning, and doesn't want anything to dull his visions of a glittering crown and the internet adulation that comes with lifting the trophy. Godspeed Sir Nickolas, I wish you good luck.

    For those not up on their WC History, this will be the 11th tournament across 3 different guises of the forum. The competition itself is relatively simple, it's basically a popularity contest where you vote for your favourite member in a series of 1 on 1 matches. However, the true skill comes in the mental manipulation and underhanded tactics needed to progress to the very top, and some of WC's most notorious fallouts and memes have stemmed from the quest for the crown. Just to let you all know, once again I will be accepting bribes for my vote this year, the more creative and extravagant the better.

    Some of the most notorious members of the site have won this tournament in the past, take a look at this Roll Call of Ne'er-do-wells.

    By blood a king, in heart a clown.
    - Alfred Lord Tennyson
    2006 (WH)

    2007 (WS)

    2008 (WS)

    2008 (WC)
    Tyler Durden

    2009 (WC)
    James Deuce

    2010 (WC)

    2011 (WC)

    2012 (WC)

    2013 (WC)

    2014 (WC)
    Carl Grimes

    Nomination Details

    This a VIP ONLY competition, no non VIP members may enter the tournament of champions, and following on from Nicky's lead last year, once again I will be handing the #1 seed to the 2015 WrestlingClique Royal Rumble winner, none other than Jimmy King!

    - You may nominate up to 10 Platinum members, no more. I'll be tallying the votes in this post, and I'll try to keep on top of things as much as possible

    - Members with five repeated nominations automatically enter the tournament, so make sure you get your champs in early.

    - Nomination process will stop when there are 32 valid members nominated

    - Tournament seeding will be determined by the speed in which someone is nominated (meaning the first member with five nominations will be the number two seed in this case, the last will be 32)

    - Give the current Username of the person you're nominating.

    - No editing your nomination list

    - You cannot nominate yourself

    - Members that are nominated cannot be banned and must have made a post in the year of 2015 to be eligible for the tournament.

    I believe reigning King Carl is currently in exile, but I am a man of respectful tradition, so he will of course have a bracket named after him. He will be joining former Kings Jim, PS and Nash as a bracket head.

    Winner will get free samples from Fuji's sex dungeon, a few reps, the adulation of the masses, and one free favour (within the realms of decency) to be called in at any point from the Admin team. Yeah I said it. I'd say I'd make you a sig, but nobody wants that. I'll also write a coronation post for you, and I won't be a dick about it.

    (Note: Not all prizes are guaranteed, in fact I'm pretty sure Fuji's sex dungeon went out of business years ago)

    Start nominating below, and let the battle begin!

    Confirmed Entrants
    #1 - Jimmy King
    #2 - Nicky
    #3 - Ed
    #4 - Punker
    #5 - Jon Snow
    #6 - Shade
    #7 - Willis
    #8 - Silk
    #9 - Order
    #10 - Nash
    #11 - Fuji Vice
    #12 - Prof. Booty
    #13 - Mikk
    #14 - Baldwin
    #15 - Jim
    #16 - Shock
    #17 - Carl Grimes
    #18 - Simmo
    #19 - SSMike
    #20 - White Rhyno
    #21 - DD
    #22 - Crocker
    #23 - PeepShow
    #24 - PS
    #25 - Postman Dave
    #26 - Hardcore Iceman
    #27 - Shake
    #28 - King Steve
    #29 - Zero
    #30 - Stan Smith
    #31 - Cyrus T
    #32 - Coxatron

    Nominations Tally
    Punk Wolf IIIII
    Jon Snow IIIII

    White Rhyno IIIII
    Ed IIIII
    Willis IIIII
    Shade IIIII
    Silk IIIII

    Nicky Talent IIIII
    Nash IIIII
    Mikk IIIII
    Order IIIII
    Shake IIIII
    Simmo IIIII
    Baldwin IIIII
    Fuji Vice IIIII
    Professor Booty IIIII
    PeepShow IIIII
    Wang Chung IIII
    Jim IIIII
    Stan Smith IIIII
    Shock IIIII
    CGS II
    Marshall IIIII
    Postman Dave IIIII
    Crocker IIIII
    Suntan Superman IIIII
    King Steventon IIII
    Zero IIIII
    The Game Rage II
    Inogenius IIII
    Regal or Riot I
    Hardcore Iceman IIIII
    Carl Grimes IIIII

    Coxatron IIIII
    Cyrus T IIIII
    HoHo III
    Big Papa II
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    WC Fantrax Premiership

    2014 - 20/12/5 - 1st in Regular Season, 2nd Overall
    2015 - 21/14/1 - 3rd in Regular Season, Tied 3rd Overall
    2016 - 21/14/1 - 1st in Regular Season, 2nd Overall
    2017 - 20/15/1 - 3rd in Regular Season, Tied 3rd Overall
    2018 - 20/15/1 - 4th in Regular Season, 2nd Overall

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