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Thread: Fight Night 2014 Awards 1/16/2015 Results

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    Fight Night 2014 Awards 1/16/2015 Results

    AWARDS 2014

    Jan. 16, 2015
    Cincinnati, Ohio

    A big pyro show goes off inside the US Bank arena as fans in a packed house begin cheering and screaming. There are signs everywhere in support of Jack of Diamonds, Gabrielle, Shannon O' Neal, Drew Stevenson, RevELoution and The Movement. The camera pans about for a while until it gets to the announce desks where Langdon Trafford and Piers Gallagher are ready to speak.

    Langdon: Welcome everyone to Fight Night! I'm Langdon Trafford alongside Piers Gallagher and later in the program we'll be joined by Lucy Pinder, David Weinstock, Sam McDonald and Harry Baxter for a great experience. We are sold out here in Cincinnati, Ohio which is also the location this very Monday night we will go live with the FWA draft!

    Piers: This is of course all due to the shell shocking announcement from the FWA that CrossFire would be returning to the FWA. This is a grand moment in FWA history and one everyone is excited about.

    Langdon: Of course so many questions still linger in the air, along with who will be the new manager of Fight Night. As many of you already know G-Rich was fired from his position just last week.

    Piers: Well whoever gets the job is going to have a tall order.

    Langdon: But let's not dwell on that for a moment and instead direct our attention to this wonderful night where we will reveal the 2014 awards winners.

    Piers: Oh boy, this is always a fun and sometimes even controversial night. Can't wait to see the winners.

    Langdon: We now get things started by announcing the winner of Best Return of the Year....and the winner is....

    "Last of My Kind" by Alice In Chains erupts through the speakers and Jack of Diamonds makes his way onto the ramp. Ace of Spades is flanking him and Jack is wearing a fresh Queen of Hearts Shannon O'Neal shirt.

    Langdon Trafford: Well Jack of Diamonds has decided to join us by the looks of it. He wasn't scheduled to appear but here he is.

    Piers Gallagher: You have a problem with that? He won a huge match at the Pay-Per-View so I think he's allowed to come out here if he wants.

    LT: In fairness he did win for Return of the Year so perhaps that's what this pertains to.

    PG: Langdon Trafford the all-star reporter ladies and gentlemen! You're an idiot of course that's why he's here.

    Jack is stood at the top of the ramp as the crowd boos and jeers. Some audible cheers eek through the boobirds but Jackie doesn't care either way. He dusts off his microphone and raises it to speak.

    Jack of Diamonds: You know it's funny. This whole awards show business was supposed to be a week off for us. A way to cater to the fans and heal up a bit more than usual. Which was fitting because Ace and I just had ourselves an unsanctioned street where we put an end to N.E.O. and whatever their initials stand for. It's over and I'm glad that I can finally venture back to where I belong. The main event of every show, front and center on every poster and sooner than later...holding the FWA Heavyweight Championship.

    The crowd booms with thunderous disapproval.

    JOD: So this off week I am. After going through hell in that street fight and looking forward to resting my pretty little face, I find out that not only do I have to fly in for the show but I have to come accept my award for Return of the Year. That's right. I won. But was it a shock that I won? Was it even worth talking about? Because who else came back and made an impact like Jackie. Who else returned and was even worth mentioning? Nobody. Because when you're matched up against Jack of Diamonds you are a nobody. Because I am the best. I am the shining Diamond of FWA and I am eternal. I am FWA.

    So this award can sit here on the stage because I don't need it. I know that I had the best return. I came back and singlehandedly changed this company. I wasn't just Return of the Year but I was simply the Best of the Year. And I will be the best next year. And the next. And the next. I'll forever remain the best even after I retire for good because nobody can touch

    Jack motions as if he is going to leave the ramp but quickly shuffles back.

    JOD: Oh...and hey, Gabby. Great match against Shannon and all. The real Queen of FWA finally took her throne. And how fitting it happened at Trial By Fire because it was so, so much fun watching you burn.

    Jack smiles and winks as his music plays. He panders to the audience a bit as they're giving him heat. Jack finally leaves to the back as the screen fades to commercial.

    Langdon: Now let's get to some exciting wrestling featuring some new superstars and a pretty cool return of it's own! Baphomet is in action coming up right now!

    Ghost vs. Baphomet vs. Alexander Alistair Williams

    The bell sounded and from the start, AA and Ghost formed a temporary alliance as they doubled up on the larger Baphomet. They backed the big man into the corner, staying on him like a pack of dogs as they continue to pummel him but Baphomet shoves them back then hits a double clothesline that takes out both men! Baphomet goes on the attack with some hard shots to AA then whips him into the turnbuckle. Baphomet then hammers on Ghost and delivers a pair of kneelifts, followed by a running powerslam! Baphomet gets back to his feet and he runs at AA in the corner but AA gets a boot up into his face! Baphomet staggers towards the ropes and AA gets up a head of steam, clotheslining the big man over the top rope! With Baphomet on the outside, AA turns his focus onto Ghost with some hard stomps. He whips Ghost into the ropes and scores with a dropkick that rattles Ghost's teeth! AA makes the cover but only gets 2 and he quickly locks in the side headlock, keeping Ghost grounded...

    Langdon: A. A. Williams is in the driver's seat at the moment.

    Piers: He needs to finish him off before Ghost finds a way to turn things around or worse, before Baphomet is able to shake off those cobwebs and get back into this match!

    Ghost fights back to his feet but AA takes him right back down again. AA keeping the pressure on but Baphomet is back into the ring and he grabs hold of AA and jerks him off the hold, throwing him into the turnbuckle! Baphomet goes on the attack with some hard rights and lefts to the body, then he whips AA into the far turnbuckle and comes barreling in after him with a devastating Stinger Splash! Baphomet then charges Ghost, leveling him with a shouldertackle an knocking him out of the ring completely! Baphomet takes control of the match, working that straight power offense as he takes it to Ghost with a variety of suplexes and slams. Baphomet hits a t-bone suplex that earns a 2-count. Baphomet picks him up and connects with a running powerslam on AA, then goes for the cover again but this time Ghost grabs his leg from the outside and drags him off! Ghost climbs up onto the apron but Baphomet catches him with an insane forearm shot, nearly knocking him back down to the floor. Baphomet hooks him up and suplexes Ghost back into the ring!

    Langdon: Ghost brought back into the ring the hard way and Baphomet is really flexing his muscles in this one!

    Baphomet hits some repeating knees, then delivers a gutwrench suplex that sends Ghost rolling toward the ropes. AA's back up and he pummels Baphomet with some hard shots to the back, then he goes for a vertical suplex but Baphomet blocks and hits a suplex of his own! Baphomet is dominant as he picks AA up with a military press and sends him crashing back down to the canvas again! AA is in trouble and Baphomet gets up a head of steam bounces off the ropes, Ghost pulls the top rope down and Baphomet goes tumbling to the outside! Baphomet hits the concrete hard and Ghost takes advantage of the moment and delivers the Darkness Falls! Ghost makes the cover and hooks the leg, getting the 3-count victory!

    Winner: Ghost via pinfall
    David Weinstock: Ladies and gentlemen it is my great honor to announce the 2014 winner of match of the year. This was a year filled with great matches but one stood tall and that match is...

    Ashley steps up to the podium. Staring down at the podium for a moment he looks up, a small smile on his lips.

    Ashley: It is per'aps difficult to fully explain 'ow overwhelming this is fer me. See, nearly everyone else that was in a contender fer match of the year will 'ave the chance to foit fer another match of the year. This was my final match.

    He pauses for a moment

    Ashley: Me time 'ere as a wrestler always 'ad a somewot Shakespearean vibe to it. And to be 'onest, that is 'ow I thought it would end. If someone 'ad told me that I would win me final match, I would 'ave called them a fool. After all that I 'ad done, that was one thing I was sure was not in me future. That was not 'ow I pictured it.
    Winning me final match means more to me then most of you could understand. Because it silenced the ghosts that haunted me fer so long. That noit gave me a closure I wasn't sure I would ever feel, and a feeling of redemption I was damn near convinced I would never see.

    As much as I will miss competing... That noit was per'aps the best noit sleep I got in years.

    I need to thank Stu. Stu, brother, our careers were so interlocked and so complex that there is nobody else that I could even picture facing in me final match then you. You brought out things in me...good and bad...that nobody else could even comprehend let along attempt. I hated you loik an enemy, and I loved you loik a brother.
    You gave me exactly wot I needed in this match. You showed no mercy. You gave no quarter. You made damned sure that if I was going to retire with a win, that I damned well earned that win. There was no questions after. There was nobody wondering if you 'eld back. No, you did exactly wot you do. Wot I expect you to do. You pulled me into the bowels of 'ell and kept pulling. It was up to me to push back. It was up to me to get out. It was up to me to get that victory, or lose.
    You gave me nothing. You forced me to take it if I really wanted it. If I 'ad it in me. If I felt deep down enough that I deserved it.

    Fer that, I thank you.

    Winning this award fer match of the year means so much more for me then just the best match of the year. Physicially, spiritually, emotionally..this was per'aps the most important match of me career.

    It was the perfect final chapter.

    Thank you all.

    Dune vs. Jobber Jimbo

    “Heat Miser” by Massive Attack plays as the lights dim. Dune parts the thick cloud of smoke billowing out from just beyond the entranceway. His imposing frame and partially masked face produce a hush that spreads throughout the arena. The few hardcore fans who recognize him cheer but for the most part the crowd is quiet. He strides down the ramp toward the ring, where his opponent Jobber Jimbo stands waiting in his corner. Dune never takes his eyes off him, even when sliding under the rope and rising quickly to his feet. Light fills the arena once more as Dune takes his place in his corner.

    Langdon Trafford: Here’s Dune, the big guy from the Mojave Desert.

    Piers Gallagher: That’s right, Langdon. For those who don’t know, he debuted at the live Trial by Fire pre-show which many of you may not have had the chance to witness.

    Harry Baxter: He took care of business, defeating another strong newcomer in Alistair Alexander Williams by pinning BlackHeron.

    Ding Ding Ding.

    The bell sounds and Dune wastes no time in attacking his opponent. Jobber Jimbo remains in his corner as Dune rushes him, ramming a shoulder into his midsection. Jimbo gasps for air before another heavy shoulder smashes into his gut, sending him to the mat. Jimbo gasps for air from his knees as Dune lifts him up and whips him into the opposite corner. Jimbo hits with a thud only to find Dune right on his trail with a mean clothesline.

    Piers Gallagher: Jimbo’s reeling already.

    Harry Baxter: What’d you expect, Piers? Dune’s had his sights set on him since he walked out.

    Dune throws a series of punches at Jimbo’s head and mid-section before grabbing him by the neck and trunks and lifting him high in the air. He turns and drops Jimbo onto the ropes, the front of his neck taking the brunt of the fall. Dune lifts him up and whips him into the ropes, catching him and performing a vicious powerslam when Jimbo comes back around.

    Langdon Trafford: Ooh…Jimbo’s down. This could be it

    Dune goes for the pin



    Jimbo gets his shoulder up at the last minute

    Langdon Trafford: Just got his shoulder up! I thought he had him.

    Dune picks Jimbo up from the mat, tucking his head under his right arm and hooking his leg. A fisherman DDT gets an audible, “oooh,” from the crowd. Again Dune picks Jimbo up, this time positioning him into the pumphandle position. He performs a pumphandle suplex, resulting in another gasp from the crowd.

    Piers Gallagher: This should be it. Jimbo’s not moving…but wait, no – Dune’s picking him up again!

    Harry Baxter: It looks like Dune wants to be sure his next pin attempt is the last.

    Jimbo shows signs of life as he throws a series of punches. They land but don’t do much more than anger the big man. He grabs hold of Jimbo’s hand as it goes to strike his face and spins him around, locking into a full-nelson before lifting him up and slamming him onto the mat. Jimbo writhes in pain, grabbing his back as Dune kicks him in the face several times. He picks Jimbo off the mat and tucks his face under his armpit.

    Harry Baxter: Oof…I hope Dune’s wearing deodorant. No doubt Jimbo’s getting a big whiff right now.

    Dune performs a reverse DDT and is quick to his feet. He looks around at the crowd, who for the most part are stunned at the beating Jimbo is taking. He frees his arms from the shoulder straps and picks Jimbo up once again. Tucking Jimbo’s head beneath his arm, Dune lifts him up and holds him upside down for a few seconds before performing a brainbuster DDT.

    Langdon Trafford: He calls that The Hourglass. It looks like this one’ – he’s picking him up from that mat again! My, oh my, this is getting out of hand!

    Dune shows no mercy for the dazed Jimbo as he tucks his head between his legs and pins both of Jimbo's arms behind his back in a double underhook hold. Dune flips him over his head, where he adjusts to catch Jimbo’s outspread arms in a crucifix position. Jimbo shakes his head “no”, well aware of what comes next. Dune elevates him even more before shooting him forward and slamming him down to the mat with a crushing thud.

    Piers Gallagher:Sandstorm…this one’s over folks.

    Langdon Trafford:
    Not so fast, Piers. Dune’s not going for the pin! Oh come on, this has gone too far!

    Dune rolls Jimbo over on his stomach in the center of the ring and sits on his back while facing Jimbo’s feet. He grabs hold of Jimbo’s ankles, pulling them toward him into an elevated boston crab.

    Harry Baxter: Jimbo’s caught in the Quicksand. He has no chance of escape.

    The referee calls for the bell after he drops Jimbo’s lifeless arm to the mat three times.

    Ding Ding Ding.

    Winner via knockout: ... Dune!

    Langdon Trafford:That’s it - it’s all over. Dune wins and Jimbo’s out cold! Somebody call for an ambulance!

    Dune throws Jimbo’s legs back down to the mat before scanning over the crowd. Hesitant cheers fill the arena as fans are torn between joy and remorse from witnessing such a beating. “Heat Miser” by Massive Attack plays again as Dune steps between the ropes and hops down from the apron. He walks back up the ramp and disappears behind the curtain.

    Saddle Sally approaches the podium and there are a few audible gasps from the crowd as Sally is not wearing her usual cowgirl attire but instead something much more classic and yet still just as alluring. It's a little black dress that hugs her hips and helps push up her cleavage. She wears high heels that show off her toned legs and she even has eyeliner on. She looks highly sensual as she comes out to accept her award for Female Wrestler of the Year

    Sally: Well, I think we all know what Gabrielle has won eh?

    The audience chuckles.

    Sally: But seriously thank ya'll so much fer' votin' fer' me. I want to thank the FWA fans, even the ones that boo me 'cause they're jus' as fun to get in the ring and shut up as the others are. And I want to thank the FWA fer' supportin' me and the road agents, journalists, and other members who voted fer' me. This means a great deal to have won in a year that had so many ups and downs fer' me. I am reminded of when I first joined this federation and nobody took me very seriously and now to have won Female Wrestler of the year back to back I feel like I've proven myself, and put myself up there with some of the other great women who've laced up boots like Gabby, Jenny Ignito--

    Sally is cut off by cheers for Jenny, she smiles.

    Sally: And of course Anyanka too.

    Light applause.

    Sally: Women in wrestlin' is such an important goal and it is becomin' more and more of a reality. Where we are seein' more competition from so many others and we're seeing more and more people start to take the division seriously as well as more and more women transcendin' their division and that's leadin' to better television and a better sport if ya' ask me! This year I outlasted Beatrixx Black, I defeated some of the best this business has to offer, and I main evented more in one month that I had in my entire career. So I feel honored, blessed and vindicated to win this award tonight.

    More applause from her fans.

    Sally: I want to take brief moment to thank a few other people; my husband Zaire, I love ya' hun' and am so happy to spend my life with ya'. My parents, my family, my trainer, I'd like to thank Gabrielle for her friendship and support throughout this past year and once again thank ya' so much to all my fans fer' stickin' with me! Your love means so much to me! Thank ya' all and God bless!

    Some cheers as Saddle Sally walks away from the podium with her award, though some still boo her, not letting her charismatic words get to them.

    Zoey Ellis vs The Crackhoe

    "Dirty Pretty" plays through the speakers and the fans jump to their feet in anticipation of their favorite blonde beauty, Zoey Ellis. She makes her way down the ramp acknowledging her fans and giving out high fives. She wears a new t-shirt over her usual sexy ring attire, and on the shirt reads 'Shannon Will Kneel'. Meanwhile in the ring stands her ugly looking opponent tonight, it is none other than the crackhoe. Zoey enters the ring as she eyes the hoe and chuckles turning her back and posing for the crowd. The crackhoe immediately charges at Ellis and Zoey is quick on her feet and moves out of the way sending the crackhoe flying over the top rope and down hard on the floor outside. She laughs and shakes her head again.. The bell finally rings and Zoey heads on outside of the ring to go to work on the crackhoe. She starts by throwing some vicious combinations of kicks to the leg trying to wear her down and then a few nice shots to the midriff. She grabs the hoe by her weave but the hoe slips out and slaps Zoey in her face as it echoes through the arena and Zoey holds her face in shock. The hoe spits on Zoey and Zoey quickly jumps on her like a Hyena throwing shots at her face and pulling her hair, looking like a rabid animal. Zoey picks the hoe up and strongly Irish whips her into the barricade. The crackhoe holds her back in anguish and Zoey stands above her with fire in her eyes. She picks the hoe up again and whips her into the steel steps as the hoes skull bashes off of the steps and cuts her open! The fans start some sort of chant and go crazy at the sight of blood. Zoey's mouth widens. The ref gets to an 8 count and Zoey realizes. She enters the ring and then rolls back out restarting the count. The refs begs her to stop but Zoey ignores him. She drags the hoe into the ring again blood dripping everywhere. She picks her up and hits a solid double underhook DDT with perfection. She goes for a pin then lifts the hoes arm at 1 and a half and shakes her head as to say she's not done yet. She drags the hoe into a seated position in the corner and then proceeds to walk over to the opposite corner. She points to the crowd and winks than sprints at the hoe nailing her with a sexy bronco buster and the guys in the crowd hoot and holler. She drags the hoe into the middle of the ring by her feet and goes for the cover. 1...2... She lifts her arm again and the crowd cheers for this sick act. This is a side of Zoey we haven't yet seen before! So ruthless! She picks up the crackhoe and whips her into the ropes sending her running right back into an Angel Dust out of nowhere! "Zoey looks in the zone yet again. After a long match with Sally at Trial by Fire earning her the title of number one contender, Zoey really looks 100% here tonight folks!" Zoey picks her opponent up and runs to the ropes rebounding back with a Running Bicycle kick! "Wait ... is that Shannon O'Neals finisher!? Ellis is poking the bear, trying to get into the champs head here tonight obviously." Zoey goes for the cover now. 1...2...3! The bell rings and Zoey raises her arms in victory and stands over the crackhoe looking down at her body, blood stains the white ring underneath them. Zoey asks for a mic after the match, slightly out of breath.

    Winner: Zoey Ellis

    "Sure .. she didn't pose much of a challenge. But then again, neither will you Shannon O'Neal! Get yourself ready because I won't let up when that bell rings."

    She drops the mic looking into the camera as Dirty Pretty blasts through the speakers and she walks back up the ramp as EMT's rush down to help the crackhoe out of the ring. "Shannon Will Kneel" chants are heard through the arena. The camera fades to black.

    'I Forgive But I wont Forget' plays, the fans cheer wildly and after a few moments Gabrielle Montgomery walks out atop the stage. A blue dress that uncharacteristically also conceals one of her shoulders and arms clings to her body. The FWA World Championship dangles loosely in her other hand instead of proudly being worn around her waist. She gazes around the arena with a very slight smile and then glances down at the award.

    What a prestigious little...statue this is.

    She mutters to herself.

    For years I wanted to win this, to be recognized as more than just the best female wrestler around. I wanted the recognition...and respect so badly. Now that its finally here after all these years, now that I am recognized as the absolute best finally...that luster I dreamed of isn't there.

    Gabrielle glances down at the little gold award, smiles ever so vaguely and picks up the trophy, and when she does she can be overheard muttering "too little, too late". After that Gabrielle quickly turns and simply walks to the back, to less cheers and more confused silence than she got just a minute earlier.

    Sam McDonald:
    Well that wasn't what I expected to hear.

    Harry Baxter: The woman was burned alive just days ago, and her partner is battling cancer, give her a break.

    Sam McDonald: The stresses of many things appear to be taking their toll on our World Champion.

    Cryos vs. Slom Jom

    Before the opening bell, Slom Jom stares at Cryos, the man who broke his brother’s arm and sidelined his career with anger and hatred. At the sound of the opening bell, Slom Jom’s rage causes him to practically sprint out of his corner while Cryos runs out of his. Both men run full speed at each other, heading right for one another. Slom Jom winds up…CLOTHESLINE! NO!! CRYOS CONNECTS WITH A RUNNING CHOP BLOCK TO THE FRONT OF JOM’S RIGHT KNEE! Jom does a front flip and lands on his back hard, grabbing his knee. Cryos just stands there, staring at Jom writhing in pain on the mat. Jom starts to struggle to his feet and Cryos starts to measure him. Jom manages to get to his feet and Cryos takes off…RUNNING CHOP BLOCK TO THE BACK OF THE RIGHT KNEE! Jom collapses in agony and Cryos gets to his feet, examining his target. Jom starts to crawl to the corner and uses the ropes to pull himself up to sit in the ropes.

    Cryos walks over to Jom and proceeds to deliver multiple kicks to the right knee of Jom! Cryos unleashes hard kick after hard kick until the referee forces him out of the corner. Cryos steps back and the referee starts to check on Jom, but Cryos grabs Jom by the back of the head and drags him out of the corner and back to the center of the ring. As Jom practically hobbles to the center of the ring and the referee is admonishing Cryos, Cryos smirks at the referee before letting go of Jom’s head. Cryos turns around AND JOM CATCHES HIM WITH A HARD RIGHT HAND! Cryos stumbles back in surprise, checks his cheek, and then the surprise turns to anger. Jom, on one leg, hops towards Cryos and throws a huge haymaker. But Cryos easily ducks the shot and HITS JOM WITH A HIGH ANGLE DROPKICK TO HIS RIGHT KNEE! Jom crumples to the mat and screams in agony.

    Cryos steps on Jom’s right foot and proceeds to repeatedly stomp on the right knee of Jom until the referee gets to a count of four. Cryos stops and watches as Jom grabs his right knee and writhes around in pain. Cryos grabs Jom’s right leg and turns him over, slamming his knee into the mat with a Knee Breaker. Cryos hits Jom with another Knee Breaker and keeps a hold of his leg as he rolls onto his back…LEG DDT! Cryos is systematically destroying the right knee of Jom. Cryos stands up and waits for Jom as he tries to crawl to the ropes. Cryos stalks Jom as he uses the ropes to slowly pull himself to his feet. Jom gets back up to a somewhat vertical base as Cryos bounces off the ropes…RUNNING CHOP BLOCK TO THE FRONT OF JOM’S RIGHT KNEE! Jom buckles from the pain and Cryos grabs Jom’s legs. Cryos sets him up…HARD TARGET! CRYOS LOCKS IN HARD TARGET ON JOM! Jom screams for about 5 seconds before frantically tapping out! As the referee tries to pull Cryos off of Jom, Cryos smirks and wrenches the hold harder until he hears two pops! Cryos releases the hold and Jom is rolling around in intense pain, screaming as the referee calls for the medics.

    Winner via submission: .... CRYOS!

    "My Town" hits and "Rockstar" Randy Ramon steps out from the back, before immediately turning and pointing towards the entrance way. Ayla El steps out a moment later, pointing back at Randy. The two lock arms and step up to the microphone.

    R3: Wow. Just wow. Tag Team of the year? Rookie of the year? I can't even... I just... wow. Thanks everyone. You know, when I joined up here back in August, I had watched a few Fight Night's previously, and felt like there was no way I could compete with the talent here. The Rondo's, the Gryphons, the Stevensons... But this? These? These prove that I can. These prove that I HAVE. These prove that I've made a mark, and I can't tell you how grateful I am. Most of all, these prove that the past doesn't matter... what is past is past. The future is standing before you right now... the future is here. Applesauce... BITCH!

    The crowd cheers as Randy steps back and motions for Ayla to step up.

    Ayla: This means so much more than RevEL being the best tag team in the entire FWA for 2014. This is a symbol that Randy is good for me, and I'm good for Randy. So much has happened the moment we became a team, and it looks like it's just going to keep going. I never thought that I'd win this award because I never thought that I'd be in a tag team, but I'm proud of this accomplishment and being recognized by my peers. Not just for our talent in the ring, but what we've done for each other's lives. Thank you.

    The two make their way the back as "My Town" blasts once again.


    "The Orange Man" by James Newton Howard plays over the loudspeakers and the crowd stands up most to boo but some are intrigued as Thomas Princeton emerges from backstage in a finely pressed Italian suit. It's navy blue with a dark red tie as Princeton grins as the audience who are surprised to see him as he steps into the ring and is handed a microphone.

    David Weinstock: Princeton? What in the world is he doing here?

    Lucy Pinder: Well if you hush we just might find out.

    David Weinstock: Oh please, this is just him picking a night where everyone's guard is down. He's going after the North American title again, I'm calling it!

    Tom taps the microphone a few times.

    Tom: Oh subordinates it's so good to see you all!

    Boos, as expected.

    Tom: Calm down, calm down. I'm in a very good mood tonight, if you all keep making me feel better I might become too euphoric and then I won't be able to focus on the task at hand.

    David Weinstock: What's he blabbering about?

    Tom: When I left the FWA on sabbatical to rest up and spend time with my family I had no idea that the next few months in the FWA would become such a hot bed for change. Everything is changing and I was sitting at home watching as the FWA was thrown into controlled chaos with radically shifting divisions, alliances, superstars and a roster that any FWA fan from 6 years ago would have never been able to guess. I've seen some great matches, a few bad ones and new wrestlers that I feel are the very future of the FWA. And then I saw that spectacular final match of Ashley O' Ryan and I must admit I got a bit choked up. As a man whose beaten Ashley more times than even Stu St. Clair I found it touching, very touching. And the day that Ashley O' Ryan announced to all of you at Trial by Fire that he was to be the next CrossFire general manager well I was one of the few people on the planet who wasn't shocked.

    Lucy Pinder: I can't tell if he's honoring Ashley or ribbing him.

    David Weinstock: If it's coming out of Princeton's mouth nine out of ten times it's not friendly.

    Tom: You see I wasn't surprised at all because I was a part of that meeting with the FWA about various things...where their new headquarters would be, who would be running what and of course the brand split. The FWA's 3rd brand split in company history. And they asked yours truly to help them with this task. At first I saw myself as a mere consultant but as the conversations went late into the night I realized I wasn't just someone they had asked for advice, no my subordinates it was much bigger than that. It was a vetting process and after this disappointing leadership of G-Rich the now FORMER richest man in wrestling they asked me your humble favorite wrestler to take on the role of a lifetime. That's right I am the new general manager of FIGHT NIGHT!

    The crowd gasps, many boo and jeer as Tom grins and chuckles a bit.

    David Weinstock: What?!! This can't be happening?!

    Lucy Pinder: Well it makes sense, Thomas has always had a good mind for business and scoping out talent. He's going to be an absolute bulldog during the draft and--

    David Weinstock: This might be the worst thing that's happened to Fight Night since Jimmy King!

    Lucy Pinder: Oh don't be so dramatic.

    Tom: Yes, you see I had to beat Ashley O' Ryan at his new game! And what a fun game it will be!.....I will see all of you later, in the meantime enjoy the last show not booked by one Thomas C. Princeton. It will be....adequate by comparison.

    Tom smirks as the crowd continues to boo him as he walks up the entrance ramp and backstage.

    Lucian Ace vs. Syn

    The arena lights erupt in brigh red and begin flashing along with the rythym Syn's theme music! He slowly turns on the stage with his arms out-stretched while a waterfall of red sparks cascades from all around him on the stage.

    Kurt Harrington: Introducing first, representing the MOVEMENT... SYN!

    Syn turns again and pumps his right arm in triumph and slowly walks down the ramp. A look of stone cold determination is on his face as he stops at the base of the ramp and looks out at the crowd. Syn runs and slides under the bottom rope before hopping up onto the second rope facing the camera and raises one arm into the air. The fans boo which causes a thin smile to spread across his face.

    Piers: He looks like he's in magnificent shape.

    Langdon: That doesn't surprise me. Whether you like him or not, you can't deny that this guy came ready to fight.

    As the music dies down and the lights come back to normal he whips off his jacket and tosses it over the top rope while staring at the entrance way waiting on his opponent. A few seconds later, the lights cut to out entirely, a HUGE cloud of smoke spilling out onto the stage! And through the smoke comes the figures of The Nameless and Lucian Ace!

    Kurt Harrington: And his opponent... Lucian Ace!

    His stare never leaving his opponent as he approaches ringside. The Nameless follows Lucian down the ramp then takes his place at ringside accordingly. He slides into the ring underneath the bottom rope then quickly gets to his feet, coming face to face with the Syn himself!

    The referee offers last minute instruction to both men then then signals for the bell and the match is underway!

    The Nameless: Wait!

    The Nameless enters the ring and Lucian steps back. The Nameless gets into Syn's face. He pulls up his mask to show his face to Syn. This brings a smile to Syn's face and he turns away walking away from the match. The Nameless immidiatelly slides his mask back.

    Langdon: What the hell os going on out here? What did Syn see under the mask?

    Piers: Hypnosis!

    Langdon: You think he put Syn under a hypnosis? How?

    Piers: With his eyes. I have seen a documentary about this.

    The bottom line is that whatever Syn saw under the mask made him turn around and forfeit this fight.

    Winner: Lucian Ace via countout


    The scene opened with a shot of the nameless one.

    The Nameless: you know what your sin is? It's vanity. Your sin stands out like a neon sign. Brand split? You have delluded yourself to the point it will cause your destruction. Just a year ago you were on the verge of extinction and now you want to expand? You've brought all of this on yourself. Lucian Ace hates this company for putting a man like his father, Adrian Wolf, on a pedestal and I have my own reasons. This brand split gives us the perfect opportunity to turn this company into rumble. It happened before and it will happen again. When that happens I want you to know it's all on YOUR head! Nobody else's. But I want you to remember something. When this is all over and what's left of FWA slithers back broken to Hammerstein Ballroom, I want you to look in the mirror when you get there. I want you to take a good long look at the twisted, broken shell of a once proud company and when that little voice in the back of your mind asks what happened? Why did you have to endure such a horrific experience? I want you to look around and realize it is all your fault... In a quest to feed your egos you gave us a weapon of destruction to bring you down.

    We go back to the ringside.

    Shannon O'Neal's classic Guns 'N Roses theme music, "Paradise City," plays inside the Cincinnati arena. The crowd gives an extremely polarizing, mixed reaction to the FWA's Women's "World" Champion. She comes out sporting a bandage above her right eye, right under the bangs of her long, wavy blond hair. She has a slight limp, selling the bruises and busts from her victorious Trial By Fire inferno match against Gabrielle Montgomery, the reigning FWA Undisputed World Champion. The crowd watches her with intensity as she slightly limps to the ring but never losing her distinct, proud, successful "proved them wrong" grin.

    Langdon Trafford: Ladies and gentlemen, I don't know if there is anything I can say. Shannon O'Neal, the FWA Women's Champion, defeated FWA World Champion Gabrielle Montgomery. It is history...the flood gates have been opened.

    Piers Gallagher: The flood gates certainly have been opened. And you know what...the FWA World title should've been up for grabs. Shannon is the rightful FWA Undisputed World Champion.

    Shannon steps into the ring wearing a "WORLD CHAMPION" shirt and long, tight, 1980s pants. She is handed a microphone and hoists her Women's Championship belt over her shoulder. The crowd is buzzing with anticipation as Shannon smiles at the "Shannon" chants and a few "Gabrielle" chants mixed in.

    Shannon O'Neal: For months, people told me what was truth and what was fantasy. I told them they were wrong, and I was OK being the martyr to change the way things were. And for months, Gabrielle Montgomery and all her supporters and fans and friends tried to keep me down. I refused to stay down. And on Jan. 3, at Trial By Fire and in the main event inferno match, I proved them wrong and myself correct. I proved women like myself CAN challenge Gabrielle Montgomery and her reign of tyranny as the best female wrestler and the only one competing against males. So here we are...the world now cannot stand and say anything to the contrary. They cannot deny me when I say I AM the FWA Women's Champion, the best damn female wrestler in the FWA. That's what this belt represents.

    So it's call this what it truly is...the FWA Women's World Championship. And to call me what I truly am...the FWA...World...Champion.

    The crowd is ecstatic with boos and jeers as Shannon O'Neal holds up her FWA Women's Championship belt. She has pride standing there with a smirk on her face and the crowd mixed between approval and denial.

    Sam McDonald: She's right, you know. Whatever she one can say she's wrong anymore.

    Piers Gallagher: That's something you guys have to learn. I always believed in her. ALWAYS!


    "Just Close Your Eyes" hits the PA System and causes the crowd to go into raptures as "The Amazing One" Ryan Rondo appears at the top of the ramp wearing his wrestling gear for tonight...

    Langdon Trafford: Here he is! The man that the FWA fans have voted as what is essentially... the good guy of the year!

    Piers Gallagher: Ha! Shows how fickle they are!

    Langdon Trafford: What do you mean, Piers?

    Piers Gallagher: He spent a quarter of it being hated by these people! How can people forget what he did to Shane McLean and Whyte Thunder?

    Langdon Trafford: Because he has cancelled that all out with the good he is doing today!

    Piers Gallagher: He can't be trusted!

    Rondo walks down the ramp and gets extra cheers as he is wearing an APA.....B top which is a callback to his time in Sunrise-Sunset.

    Sam McDonald: Another Sunrise-Sunset reference tonight!

    Harry Baxter: What do you mean?

    Sam McDonald: Didn't we see Whyte Thunder and Maroon Monsoon, earlier?

    Harry Baxter: ....

    Piers Gallagher: Idiots!

    Rondo grabs a mic from the timekeeper as he poses for the fans at ringside before getting into the ring - he's holding a small trophy in his hands in recognition of his achievement. His music stops playing and the crowd quietens down as he speaks on the mic.

    Ryan Rondo: It's been five, hard, long, years. But those five years have been strewn with accolades and titles... but this means a lot more. This proves to me that my journey this year has taken a turn for the best. I spent this time last year cursing you all out and claiming that I would take out anyone and everyone that gets in my way.

    Some fans boo at this.

    Piers Gallagher: Even he remembers!

    Ryan Rondo: But you know what? I changed my ways and you took your time... but this award proves to me that what I am doing now is the right thing. To stand here and now officially be the good guy of the year in your eyes? That means alot to me. It tells me that I am not alone in wanting to capture that title... I have you all behind me. I have been standing here for weeks saying Carnal Contendership this, World Title that... but now that I don't do this for me. I am doing it for every single person that wants a champion to cheer for. A champion to be proud of. Now, I know I have the seal of approval right here in my hands. All I have to do is get the job done. You can count on me for that.

    The fans cheer Rondo for this

    Harry Baxter: Rondo is going to be a favourite for the Carnal Contendership for sure!

    Piers Gallagher: My money is on Drew Stevenson!

    Sam McDonald: I think Jobber Jimbo can do it this year.

    Ryan Rondo: Now, i'd love to stand out here and talk more. But, I have a match to prepare for against Drew Stevenson. Tonight, you'll see the next chapter in my step towards title glory.

    Rondo looks to leave the ring but looks as if he remembers something and picks up the mic...

    Ryan Rondo: One LAST thing. Crossfire. That is all.

    Rondo drops the mic as the crowd starts to break into a cheer at Rondo's somewhat cryptic declaration as we head into a break.



    "Monster" by Imagine Dragons blares over the speakers and the Commissioner of the Pure Division, Michael Garcia, makes his way out to the ring. Flanked by Jeremiah Jones, Drew Jolson and Lovisa Snow, Garcia is ready for a fight as he confidently walks to the ring. Lovisa Snow grabs a microphone from ringside and brings it into the ring.

    "Shut up, you idiots, and listen! Listen to the real men of power in the FWA! These are the men that truly deserve to be the General Managers of Fight Night and CrossFire, not that washed-up drunkard Ashley O'Ryan or whatever FWA never-was that they dig up from the retirement home! These men are your true leaders!"

    WIth that, Lovisa lovingly smiles at Jolson, who responds by grabbing her arm, pulling her in and planting one of the more, um, enthusiastic kisses in recent FWA memory on Lovisa. After a few seconds, Garcia stepped in between them and mouthed "Hey, we got a match to get to here, guys....Settle down...." Lovisa rubbed her jaw as she coyingly smiled at Jolson and handed him the microphone.

    "And lead....we shall. We lead the X Division, or should I say the Pure Division, into a new era. One that does not include Lord VIncent Takaab Blackbird. For those of you who missed it, let's replay the beating that Michael, myself, and a little group we call "The Movement, laid on our former Commissioner at Trial By Fire."

    The tron replayed the scene from Trial by Fire, with VIncent taking multiple top rope finishers from the four men involved. When we came back to the ring, Garcia had the microphone.

    "And then, when I get back to my hotel, and I get out of the shower, I hear an interview from Ms. Anna Kendrick complaining about how it wasn't a fair fight. Ms. Kendrick, I'm sorry, but have you ever been to prison? Have you ever seen the inside of a Prison Yard? Because it's funny that you're complaining about people not following the rules of a PRISON YARD match. Do you think that rules exist inside the Prison Yard? Let me explain to you...the rules of a Prison Yard match. Rule #1 - The person that runs shit, is the one that survives. Rule #2 - Make sure you always have someone to watch your back."

    "So, Anna, that brings me to tonight. You want to complain about the rules? Fine. That's why tonight....I'm forcing Vincent, even in his 30% state to compete in this "You Can't Win" match. You want to complain about the rules? Well, I'll make sure Vincent hears every rule, loud and clear, as I think them up. And tonight, Ms. Kendrick, will end up no different than any other night. WIth Vincent failing, and Garcia reigning supreme. Anarchy always wins? Not. Today. So, Vinny Blackballs, please step up to the plate, walk down that ramp, and let's finish this war."

    "Sweet Dreams" plays out over the speakers, and the crowd goes wild! The lights all focus on the stage, but no one comes out.

    "Wait...Wait a minute, I know this one! This....this is what Gryphon did last year, when I thought I had him dead to rights, and it was the beginning of the end of my dominance over him! Where are ya, Vincent? In the rafters? In the crowd? Under the ring? Where the hell are you?"

    The music stopped and there was no sign of Vincent Blackbird.

    Kurt Harrington: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome.... "Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird!"

    "Sweet Dreams" played again, and again the crowd cheered heavily. The lights all focused on the stage, but again...nothing.

    "Vincent! Vincent! Where are you? Get out here now! I demand that you get your ass out here this instant!"


    "Okay, fine! Enough games! Start this match! Countouts are only a count of 3!"

    "You Can't Win!" Match

    Michael Garcia vs Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird

    Jolson held the referee like a hostage, as the referee counted....




    Here is your winner at 0:04 - "The Monster of the Midway" Michael Garcia

    Garcia was pissed as he was looking forward to another crippling beatdown for Vincent....

    ”Sweet Dreams” plays and Vincent comes out from the back slowly and looking down and not out to the crowd as he usually does while the crowd cheer loudly. Vincent stops at the end of the stage soaking in the cheers waiting for his music to stop before raising a mic up.

    Every..... Every night for the past several years I have gone down to that ring, put on a show for all of you..... I've won matches and I've lost matches, I've won battles and wars against the likes of Carmine Reaper and Katie Goldsmith; Alexander Sokolov and the Russians; Jethro and Amber Warren with the late Judas himself, Trace. And as brutal and career ending some of those battles, wars and matches had gotten with some of them, we all understood and respected the art of the conflict.

    That was, until this war over the X Division started between you and I, Garcia. You and your Brute Squad, down there, with you. Feel that you've accomplished something last week with that ambush assault, feeling as if you've destroyed me, destroyed my spirit and my body. Well, you didn't destroy my body as that's been destroyed multiple times at the hands of the Reaper and Jethro.

    You..... You all did however destroy my spirit, and because of that, my announcement that I said the FWA Universe and the FWA Board of Directors will be very interested in as this announcement affects their bottom dollar. My announcement is in regards to my future, not just in regards to our war Garcia, but also my future in the FWA as a whole.

    Vincent lowers the mic and looks around at the crowd as they repeatedly chant “No” towards Vincent, before raising the mic back up.

    E..... effectively immediately...This war.... I give up....

    With that, Vincent drops the mic and walks to the back as the crowd shouts “Noooooooooooooo” and “Don't go” as Vincent disappears through the black curtain.



    The lights go black as "People Are Strange" by The Doors begins to play. People wriggle an around in an attempt to see who is coming out. Marcus Thane soon makes his way out to a chorus of boos from the crowd. Thane is wearing black wrestling tights and boots as well as an unzipped sleeveless black hoodie. The hood is pulled over his head and skews our vision of his eyes, but his scowl shows that he is not very pleased to have lost the X-Division Title. Thane doesn't even glance at the crowd as he walks down the ramp, grabs a microphone, and slides into the ring.

    Thane: Trial By Fire did not go as planned. I was not supposed to walk out of there without my title. I did not get pinned. I did not lose the match. But yet a man who I thought I dismissed in the past somehow decides to leave with MY title.

    Thane, becoming increasingly frustrated, takes the hood off of his head and stares into the camera.

    Thane: Now, I could come out here and complain. I could demand a rematch and tell everyone that KAIZEN is not fit to hold that title, but I'm not going to do that tonight. I know that my rematch will come soon enough, and I know that I can beat KAIZEN on any given night. But, KAIZEN has proven that he can also beat me. So, I would like to shake his hand and congratulate him on becoming a two-time X-Division Champion like myself.

    There are some cheers from the crowd, but still some boos. The crowd seems unsure on how to feel about Thane's praise.

    Thane: KAIZEN, I would really appreciate it if you could come out here so that we can put this all behind us. From now on it's all business, nothing personal.

    Thane has an indifferent look on his face as he leans against the turnbuckle, looking up the ramp in anticipation of KAIZEN.

    After a moment, "Real Rock'n'Rolla" plays and out walks KAIZEN with the X-Championship belt resting on his left shoulder. The crowd cheers as KAIZEN looks left and right, surveying the crowd from the top of the ramp with a slight smirk on his face. The camera catches KAIZEN saying "Once in a Generation, baby" as he slowly walks towards the ring, intermittently lightly high-five-ing fans who reach over the barricade while keeping his eyes fixed on Marcus Thane.

    KAIZEN enters the ring and slowly walks up to Thane. They have a face-to-face star down only inches apart from each other as the audience chants "ONE MORE TIME! ONE MORE TIME!". KAIZEN breaks eye contact and gestures for the mic. Thane slowly hands its to him. KAIZEN takes a step back, puts the mic to his mouth, and is interrupted by another "ONE MORE TIME!" chant. KAIZEN stops and smirks as he surveys the crowd. Thane glares at the belt on KAIZEN's shoulder and refuses to acknowledge the crowd reaction.

    KAIZEN: "Looks like.... the fans are finally starting to warm up to us."

    The crowd cheers both men in acknowledgement.

    KAIZEN: "Before you say anything more, Marcus, let me say one thing first... theres a lot of things we don't see eye to eye on, but theres a few things you definitely said right... you are indeed a two-time X-Champion, and now...."

    "So am I."

    The crowd cheers.

    KAIZEN: "And yes, maybe in the past things got a little personal between you and I, but I think we can both admit that sometimes taking things a little personal is just the spark we needed to get the best out of each other."

    "You're right on another thing too, somewhere down the line, I know that you'll get a rematch for this X-Championship... theres a lot of changes going on in FWA right now, who knows when or where that'll happen... if it was up to me, it'd be sooner rather than later."

    "You see, the way I see it, Marcus, you bested me our first encounter in an Ultimate X... you beat me within an inch of my life with a steel chair at the Crossfire Reunion... while I beat you in a Last Man Standing at Mile High and in the Triple Threat at Trial By Fire... so the way I see it...."

    KAIZEN lifts up a V-sign with his left hand.

    "... is that its two... to two."

    "But the FWA Universe is changing... all this talk about brand splits, backstage politics, who's going where, who's scheming with who to get what.... I don't care about any of that right now. And you know what? I don't think these fans care that much either. What the FWA universe wants to see isn't politics or unfair beatdowns of constant video packages or teases... hell, most of them probably don't want to hear me ramble like this right now. What the FWA universe wants to see... is a fight. It can't end just like this between us. At 2-2? No, no, no... the fans want one more, I want one more, and I know that you... you're the one who wants one more match the most."

    At this time the crowd, who had been pretty silent during KAIZEN's uncharacteristically long talk, erupts and goes back to the "ONE MORE TIME!" chant. KAIZEN puts his free hand on the title belt and continues over the crowd.

    KAIZEN: "I don't know what time, what place, what brand, whatever... but let me tell you this Marcus Thane. I don't give out respect easily but over the course of our rivalry over the X-Championship belt, you've earned my respect. Next time, no more gimmicks, no more shenanigans, no stupid rules made up on the whim of some sham GM... just KAIZEN. Marcus Thane. The Savant. The Monarch of Shadows. One on One. You better be ready. You better bring it, because I know I'll be ready, ready to represent these fans and the FWA as X-Champion, ready to defend this belt..."

    KAIZEN lifts the X-Championship up.

    "...with my life."

    The crowd roars as KAIZEN and Thane stare each other down. Some fans boo as KAIZEN doesn't rub the belt in Thanes face, but instead puts it back on his shoulder and extends his right hand out for a handshake.

    Thane stares at KAIZEN's outstretched hand for a moment as he raises the mic to give a response.

    Thane: Well, I never thought that I would say this, but we have been through a lot together here in the FWA. We have gone back and forth, each of us taking that one extra step up after a loss. And right now, you're the one on top. You hold the gold, and how can someone not respect that.

    As Thane finishes speaking, the arena goes silent with anticipation. Thane pauses for a moment and looks around at the crowd as a few people let out some cheers. Thane then reaches in and accepts KAIZEN's handshake as the place erupts. Thane then switches hands and raises KAIZEN's arm in the air in a show of respect.

    Then, out from the crowd comes Brennan O'Brien. He slides into the ring as KAIZEN and Thane face the crowd in the opposite direction. Brennan lurks as the two slowly turn around, and he hits KAIZEN with a huge discus lariat! Marcus Thane erupts with laughter as this whole thing was a set up. The two men continue to stomp away at KAIZEN before Thane slides out of the ring. Brennan picks a dazed KAIZEN up from the ground, sets him up, and delivers The Celtic Cross (Running sit-out crucifix powerbomb)! Thane is just making his way back into the ring as he has a table in hand and sets it up near the corner. Thane climbs to the top as Brennan brings KAIZEN over and lays him on the table. Thane leaps from the top rope and hits the Veil of Truth sending KAIZEN through the table! Thane proceeds to scream in KAIZEN's face.

    Thane: Respect?! How can I respect you?! You come out here holding a belt that you did not earn. You pinned Alana in that match, not me! You are not the better man here, and I am embarrassed that I've let you hang around this long. One more time, KAIZEN. One more match for me to finally put you out of your misery!

    Thane gets up and sees KAIZEN's X-Division Championship lying on the floor. He walks over to it, picks it up, and raises it over his head to the crowd. The boos in the arena are deafening, but Thane seems to revel in it with a big smile on his face. After a moment the smile fades as Thane looks over at a lifeless KAIZEN. Than angrily throws the belt onto him before Brennan and he leave a lifeless KAIZEN in the ring.

    "Feels Like the First Time" by Foreigner airs through the arena as the crowd explodes with cheers. Whyte Thunder emerges from the entrance way wearing his patented black trench coat with gold and white face paint. The red highlights on the tips of his hair tell a story of confirming exactly who Whyte Thunder is, but the crowd still explodes into a euphoric state as the announcers all rally with excitement upon seeing Whyte Thunder for the first time in six months.

    Sam McDonald: YES! Whyte Thunder is here! In the building!

    Piers Gallagher: Of course he's in the damn building, you jackass. It's just Devin Golden with face paint and a black rain coat.

    Piers sounds exasperated, but Whyte Thunder approaches the podium in the ring and grabs the microphone, and then the award. He is about to speak, with the dark eyeliner from his more well-known persona still showing characteristics. Suddenly, the rarely heard theme music plays for...

    Harry Baxter: MAROON MONSOON!!!!

    Another man wearing a cape, except with blue Mardi Gras mask hiding a small minority of his facial features, the man called "Maroon Monsoon" who most assume is Ryan Rondo races down with a beaming smile to the ring, joining his evil-fighting companion.

    Langdon Trafford: Sunrise-Sunset, the superhero version, back together again! Former winners of the Tag Team of the Year award.

    Sam McDonald: That was Devin Golden and Ryan Rondo, not Whyte Thunder and Maroon Monsoon.

    Langdon Trafford: Sam...

    Piers Gallagher: I work with a bunch of freaking imbeciles.

    Maroon Monsoon stops his fast-paced leaps right next to Whyte Thunder. The crowd is buzzing and chanting, "Sunrise-Sunset" and clapping after, and the pair smile in the ring before Whyte Thunder hands the "Feud of the Year" trophy to Maroon Monsoon, who gives a perplexed look at it as if to say "I'm not Ryan Rondo." Whatever. It's comedic gold.

    Whyte Thunder: ...

    Crowd: SUNRISE-SUNSET! *clap, clap, clap-clap-clap* SUNRISE-SUNSET! *clap, clap, clap-clap-clap*

    More cheers follow, as Whyte Thunder leans back from the microphone and allows the entire aura to settle in.

    Whyte Thunder: All I can keep fighting the good fight. There are urinals to save out there. And there also are friendships to save out there. And people voted for us ... for "Feud of the Year" ... but it had a happy ending. So maybe ... just maybe ... Sunrise-Sunset will shine down again.

    More cheers, and more "Sunrise-Sunset" chants begin from the packed arena. Maroon Monsoon and Whyte Thunder trade places, with Whyte Thunder holding the "Feud of the Year" trophy. Maroon Monsoon steps up, and with the crowd chanting "RYAN---RONDO" he can only raise his fist into the air, clenched like a true superhero, and receive a speakers-busting eruption from the thousands of screaming fans.

    Piers Gallagher: When will we get Devin Golden talking about playing some game again...or whatever he's been on about lately. That's better than this crap.

    Harry Baxter: Two Crossfire legends! I wonder whether they will stay on Fight Night or return to the blue brand!

    Piers Gallagher: Y'all can have the speedo-wearing Power Rangers. Take them. PLEASE!

    Drew Stevenson vs. Ryan Rondo

    Ryan Rondo is out first and he's beyond anxious to get this one underway as Drew Stevenson makes his way to the ring. Stevenson climbs inside and Rondo runs right at him but Drew nails him with a big boot, knocking him down hard! The bell rings as Stevenson lands a couple clubbing shots across the back then hits a HUGE european uppercut, sending Rondo crashing into the nearby turnbuckle! Rondo doesn't even have time to recover as Stevenson moves in, landing some heavy duty stomps to the chest and abdomen. He drags Rondo up and buries a knee in his midsection then tags him with a couple quick jabs. Stevenson lays into him with a couple boxing combinations but he misses with the haymaker and Rondo makes him pay with a sambo suplex! He makes the cover and hooks the tights, NEARLY getting the 3-count ! Rondo goes on the attack, striking like a rabid dog with several vicious stomps followed by some snapping right hands to the face. Stevenson gets a block and comes back with another boxing combination but Rondo goes downstairs with a kick to the midsection, followed by a swinging neckbreaker that leads to a 2-count! Rondo maintains the upper hand for a couple minutes, keeping the Drew down on the mat while he continues to wear him down...

    McDonald: A solid strategy from Ryan Rondo, keeping Stevenson grounded and not allowing him to make use of that high-powered offense of his.

    Piers: Stevenson is proving why he's an FWA champion right now - though he should be UNDISPUTED champ, if there was any justice in the world.

    Rondo continues to torment him for a while but he starts to get a little too cocky and he lifts him up in an electric chair but Stevenson slips loose and drops down behind him. Rondo fires off a back elbow but Stevenson blocks it and pulls him into a dragon sleeperhold, going for the submission! Rondo thrashes around like a wildman trying to break the hold but Stevenson's got him locked in tight. The referee's in excellent position but Rrondo manages to get close enough to snag the ropes with his foot, forcing Stevenson to break! He drops Rondo to the mat in a winded heap but Stevenson presses the attack as he takes to the top rope. He goes for frog splash but Rondo is able to get his knees up, driving them into his ribs on impact! Stevensom rolls away clutching his midsection and Rondo scrambles for the cover, getting a 2-count. Rondo lands a couple hard right hands then delivers a brainbuster that leads to another 2-count. Rondo immediately covers him again but Stevenson kicks out once more! Rondo picks him up, peppering him with right hands along the way, then whips him into the ropes but he misses with a clothesline. Stevenson bounces off the opposite ropes and he mows Rondo down with a bicycle kick! Stevesnon delivers some high-impact maneuvers before he hits another bicycle kick that knocks Rondo over the top rope to the concrete floor outside!

    McDonald: A thunderous kick and it looks like the fight's going to the outside!

    Stevenson climbs to the outside and drops down off the apron with an axehandle between the shoulderblades! Stevenson terrorizes Rondo on the outside, slamming his face into the commentator's table a couple times then drops him with a headbutt. Rondo tries to shake it off but Stevenson gets up a head of steam and runs him down with a stiff clothesline! Stevenson picks him up and fires him back into the ring again. He rolls in after him and hits a couple heavy stomps before he lands a legdrop that leads to a 2-count. He drags Rondo and slings him around to the turnbuckle. He goes after him, but Rondo gets his legs up and stuns Stevenson. He pulls himself up and goes from the top rope nailing Stevenson with a flying hurracanrana that sends Stevenson across the ring. Rondo cover and gets another 2-count. Rrondo hits a scoop slam and the bell rings. The referee announces the match to end with a time limit draw.

    Time: 15 minutes

    Winner: Time limit draw

    The theme music for Thomas Princeton welcomes us back from commercial break and airs through the arena as the entire audience erupts into cheers. Wearing a slick dress suit and tie, the former World Heavyweight champion glides toward the ring with a nice folder filled with sheets. Inside the ring, the canvas is covered in red with three podiums positioned equal distance from one another and balanced across the ring forming a triangle.

    Sam McDonald: It's time for the 2015 FWA Brand Split Draft! YES!

    Langdon Trafford: This is how things will go. The first pick will take place front of everyone, us and all the fans. The draft picks will continue through the night as Thomas Princeton, the Fight Night general manager, selects wrestlers for his brand. Ashley 'O Ryan will be out shortly to represent Crossfire!

    Just then, Ashley's Irish-themed music blares through the arena to Dropkick Murphy. The crowd is cheering like maniacs as Ashley walks to the ring with a sloppy, yet stylish, collared shirt and slacks. He doesn't take as much time and doesn't have any sort of business folders with him like Thomas Princeton. They enter the ring, where Lucy Pinder is already waiting at the middle podium.

    Lucy Pinder: As you all know, the FWA in 2008 held its inaugural brand split draft and introduced Crossfire as a second brand. In late 2011, the brand split era ended. But the board of directors have brought Crossfire back...and soon, half the FWA wrestlers no longer will be able to associate themselves with Fight Night. Half will be part of the 'Blue Brand,' and Ashley's pledge of confidence will bring them over.

    BUT...with honors as the long-standing flagship program of the FWA...Fight Night receives the first pick of the 2015 draft and Thomas Fight Night general manager...the floor is yours.

    The crowd erupts into a massive "THOMAS-PRINCETON! clap, clap, clap-clap-clap" chant. He soaks everything in for a good 15 seconds before Ashley receives his own chant from the Cincinnati crowd. Finally, the former leader of Executive Excellence takes the primary speaking role.

    Thomas Princeton: I remember what it was like getting drafted seven years ago to Crossfire. I remember the excitement, anxiousness and general uneasy feeling everyone going to Crossfire felt at the time. But the first pick will stay home, on Fight Night, where we will continue building a DYNASTY as the best sports program on television. It's where WRESTLING...wins.

    And with the first pick in the draft, Fight Night must make a statement. Fight Night must grab the best of the best. Therefore...Fight Night selects...Ryan H...


    As Mr. Princeton is about to speak any further, the public address sound system comes to life playing "I'm the Man" by Aloe Blacc as the curtains part to the side and out steps the current reigning and defending North American Champion, Drew Stevenson who has the title draped over his left shoulder and holds two awards, one in each hand. Dressed to kill, he wears a very expensive Armani suit as he walks down the ramp and over to the steel steps quickly stepping into the ring. Ignoring the fans, he motions for a microphone and it is given one as he brings it up to his lips to begin speaking.

    "What better way than to end this little draft then by having yours truly come out here and say a few words."

    Looking down at the awards, he looks at the one in his left hand first.

    "This little award right here is for heel of the year. Now let me ask you a question, why is it that *I* am the bad guy? Is it because I say things that this company doesn't want you to know? Or maybe it's because I called them out on things that I think are stupid and ridiculous. Whatever the case may be, I'm perfectly fine with that because I would prefer to be hated for who I am then loved for who I'm not. I proved this year alone that I am every bit as good as I say I am, I proved this year that I am the measuring stick around here and if that's not true then why are people rising up and saying that I am the man to face? Why are people saying that I am the champion to face, even over your precious Gabrielle?"

    With a smile running along his face, he nods his head up and down very slowly before continuing to speak.

    "I will tell you exactly why they are saying that and that is because it's true. Hell, you can go ahead and nominate me for heel of the year already because I'm about to drop some truth bombs. This year alone? Everybody started to remove the blinders from their eyes and what do you think they saw? They saw me, standing there and speaking out against everything that I hated. They saw me saying and doing things that nobody else in this company would do and that's because they are yes men and women and they don't know how to think for themselves. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not going to sit here and say that Gabrielle has been a terrible champion because she hasn't but what I am going to sit here and tell you right now is that she never deserved the honor of being the "Wrestler of the year" because while she was flashing her tits and lying on her back? *I* was stepping in between those ring ropes and doing what nobody else can do in this company and that is be the best wrestler alive today."

    With the fans giving him a very mixed reaction, he nods his head and looks out at them.

    "Oh yeah, try to tell me that I'm wrong because I have all of the facts and proof that I need to shoot your claims down. I beat Gabrielle, I beat Ashley O'Ryan, I beat your precious Ryan Rondo, hell; I pretty much beat the entire roster in one year and everybody that is smart began to take notice at the work ethic that I have. People began to tell me that I am the man that they want to face, that I am the measuring stick around here but don't worry Gabrielle, I'm going to let you keep that award because I'm telling you here and now - you're not going to win it next year!"

    Looking as serious as a heart attack, he had lowered the microphone down for a moment before then bringing it back up to continue speaking.

    "Oh yeah, and if you don't believe that, then go home and ask Chris about the ass kicking that I gave him because he'll tell you that I'm far worse than cancer ever could be."

    Now looking at the award in his right hand, this one brings a sadistic smirk along his face.

    "Now I'm not going to lie, this award right here is something that I find to be quite beautiful and do you know why? Because it is for the most shocking moment of the year and that took place when I shot on this company in my beyond the mat series which left a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths and a lot of people didn't like the fact that I forgot the lube when I bent them over."

    Chuckling while continuing to smile, it was pretty clear that he is still happy at the outcome of that shoot.

    "Oh yeah, the truth hurts but for many of you? You should be thanking me because if it wasn't for me then we would still be seeing the same shit each and every week that they force-fed us for years on end. But let's talk about what a shocking moment really is because I'm about to drop a nuke right on this building and in this company. I want every single one of you to mark your calendars right now because I am going to capture this award next year as well with the announcement that I am about to make..."

    Lowering the microphone down for just a second, he leaves everybody on the edge of their seats. Turning around and walking in towards Mr. Princeton, he looks him straight in the eyes before bringing the microphone back up to his lips.

    "... Now Mr. Princeton and Mr. O'Ryan, you both know that I'm a man of many words and you know that I really love nuclear warfare when it comes to words. So what I want you to do, is I want you to go backstage and make sure that you have my name already engraved on next year's award for most shocking moment of the year because I'm telling each and every one of you right now that you are looking at the uncrowned FWA World Champion, and letting me slide only means your show is the inferior one..."

    Grinning from ear to ear, he throws the microphone down on the canvas as it makes a thudding sound upon impact. Leaving everybody speechless, he walks over to the nearest turnbuckle and leans back into it while holding his awards as the North American Championship still rests on his shoulder.

    Sam McDonald: Drew Stevenson just etched his name in the annals of FWA history.

    Langdon Trafford: Time for Princeton to finish picking Ryan Hall number one, so we can go on to the next picks.

    Thomas Princeton now looks around, with the crowd absolutely buzzing at what they just witnessed. Princeton looks down at the sheets of paper he had in his hand, and looks up to Ashley 'O Ryan, who is grinning with eyes wide open as sort of a "You see that?" expression.

    Ashley 'O Ryan: Yer' pick, Tommy boy.

    Princeton, while looking at Ashley and scanning around the arena, crumples up the papers in his hand and tosses them aimlessly over his shoulder.

    Thomas Princeton: With the first pick in the 2015 FWA Brand Split Draft...Fight Night selects...

    Drew Stevenson.

    FWA goes off the air. Here is a full list of all the winners of the 2014 FWA Awards.

    Show of the Year - Crossfire Reunion
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    Re: Fight Night 2014 Awards 1/16/2015 Results

    Very nice show, and congrats to all the winners, you guys deserve it.

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    Re: Fight Night 2014 Awards 1/16/2015 Results

    Nice job ladies and gents.

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    Re: Fight Night 2014 Awards 1/16/2015 Results

    Great show all around, congrats to all the winners!
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    Re: Fight Night 2014 Awards 1/16/2015 Results

    Amazing show! Congrats to all the winners!

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