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Well, you cannot blame me for overlooking it when you title the thread with something so obscure and not obviously connected. C'mon, Jim....
It's okay. Eyesight is one of the first things to go with old age.

Mentioned it in the Crockett Cup thread that I had to dig so deeply to find, but I didn't realize you didn't love Dusty.
For the hell of it, let's look at the ratings I gave Dusty's PPV/Clash/Supershow events in the 80s:

vs Ric Flair - Starrcade 1984 - **
vs Ric Flair - Starrcade 1985 - ** 1/4
vs Ric Flair - Crockett Cup 1986 - ** 1/4
vs Tully Blanchard - Starrcade 1986 - N/A (Sooner or later I'll get around to finishing this review)
vs Lex Luger - Starrcade 1987 - **
Bunkhouse Stampede Finals - Bunkhouse Stampede 1988 - ***
w/The Road Warriors vs Ivan Koloff and The Powers of Pain - Clash 1 - * 3/4
w/Sting vs The Brainbusters - Clash 2 - ** 3/4
vs Barry Windham - Great American Bash 1988 - **
vs Kevin Sullivan - Clash of the Champions 3 - * 1/2
vs Animal - Clash of the Champions 4 - ANGLE
w/Sting vs The Road Warriors - Starrcade 1988 - ***
vs The Honky Tonk Man - Summerslam 1989 - 1/2 *
The Dream Team vs The Enforcers - Survivor Series 1989 - ***

On paper, they're not terrible ratings, but that's three matches where he failed to have even a three star match with Ric f'n Flair. Guys like Barry Windham and Lex Luger didn't have as high average ratings for their matches, but they were quite good at that time period. It may not be clear by the list of matches, but Dusty also pushed himself too hard and put himself on too many big events. Take Clash for example, he was on all four in 1988 and only stopped being on them after he left WCW. Meanwhile a guy like Lex Luger, who was supposed to be the most pushed babyface of 1988, never even got on Clash at the first one until Clash 5 and even then, he wouldn't show up again until Clash 9. As a booker, Dusty needed to GTFO because as good as the workrate was in 1988 (Miles ahead of the WWE), his booking revolved around always putting him in big matches, not putting a title on Sting, not putting the World Title on Luger, and booking random ass teams like a babyface duo of JYD and...Ivan Koloff?

The fun what-if about Magnum is whether he could have been a lead babyface for JCP as they pushed for national, went bankrupt, got bought out, and become WCW? What would that have meant for Luger and Sting?
That's the thing, I don't think he stood any chance. He was a Dusty guy and at the time of 1988, it was all about Dusty vs Flair behind the scenes. Flair won that battle so soundly that he was the sole reason why Ted Turner bought JCP, Dusty was outed as head booker, and not having any significant power behind the scenes caused Dusty to leave the company since he could no longer have his way. If Magnum's #1 supporter no longer had the power, what are the chances that Flair would stand behind pushing Magnum? Sting was more of Flair's boy it showed how far Flair was willing to go to help try to boost him up, even at the expense of Lex Luger. I think it's far more likely that Magnum would have left JCP either in 1988 or wouldn't have lasted in WCW with him jumping to the WWE after Dusty left. There, perhaps he would have had an IC Title run.

I think it was Jericho's book where he had some stories about the RnR Express being, essentially, sleezy dirtbags. Wherever I read about that, it always in the back of my mind a bit, but I always find them fun to watch.
I can't say I recall the RnR stories in Jericho's books. I know I read the first...three (I think he has four now?), but it's been years since the first one.