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Thread: Major update: New owner, new developments, new pushes

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    Major update: New owner, new developments, new pushes

    As seen at the end of Fight Night on Friday, Clique Wrestling Alliance owner and CEO Jimmy King is the new owner of the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance.

    He made it quite clear his intentions for the FWA as a "developmental territory" to the CWA, but as many probably figured out, that is a storyline that will play out over the course of the next few weeks.

    Former FWA wrestler Alexx tried to raise enough money, but he only raised a reported $60 million and did not have a TV network slot lined up for Fight Night. The FWA board, which must approve all sales, did so with the deal with King, whose CWA appears on the CW Network. King bought the FWA for a reported $83 million and will continue the company as a separate entity of the CWA. In other words, this will not be anything like the WWF and WCW merger, aside from it being acknowledged on air and connected in an on-screen storyline.

    Sources indicate the FWA will run a storyline where a select few wrestlers either "jump ship" or align with King and support his efforts to make the FWA a secondary federation to the CWA, mostly for each wrestler's own career gain, whether it be financial or actually joining the CWA roster. Former FWA champion Chris Kennedy already stated he will join the CWA on January 1, 2014, when his current FWA contract expires. Since the FWA has a new owner, the 60-day, non-compete clause is voided and since King is the owner of both the CWA and FWA, Kennedy joining the CWA so quick makes sense.

    Going against that alliance will be a few fan favorite characters who have been feuding with the Syndicate as of late. This storyline will continue the already-planned and already-beginning pushes for Shane McLean and PAJ, who have been the most impressive non-main eventers since the most recent Back in Business.

    Another major development on Fight Night was Lucian Ace announcing an injury that would keep him out of the ring long enough for his Golden Opportunity World title shot to expire. He awarded Whyte Thunder with the opportunity. This continues a push for Whyte Thunder, which began in the summer when Devin Golden left the FWA amid a contract dispute and returned in his Whyte Thunder persona not-so-coincidentally just as Ryan Hall aligned with the Syndicate. However, as seen on Fight Night, it appears the long-awaited match between Golden and Kennedy will take place soon as they had two separate segments which either indirectly or directly mentioned Whyte Thunder's desire to face Kennedy one on one for the first time ever.

    Here is the rumored card for FWA's next PPV, Trial By Fire, based on developments from Fight Night:

    FWA World title match:
    "The Inferno" Ryan Hall (c) vs. "The Caramel Goddess" Gabrielle Montgomery

    Whyte Thunder vs. Chris Kennedy

    FWA North American title match:
    Shane McLean vs. ???

    WOLF vs. PAJ

    FWA Television title match:
    Ryan Rondo (c) vs. Mac Michaud

    FWA Tag Team titles match:
    Vodka & Venom vs. ???

    FWA Women's title match:
    Sarah Wolf (c) vs. Shannon O'Neal

    FWA X-Division title match:
    Jason Gryphon (c) vs. "The Emerald" Drew Stevenson

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