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Thread: It's somebody's birthday!

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    It's somebody's birthday!

    Today is a very special day as one of CWA's top prospects celebrates his silver anniversary of being on this earth. That's right, it's Leon Wellesley! caught up with Leon who had this to say:

    "I hate birthdays. Mine have always sucked. People say 'Beware the Ides of March' but Dan Maskell better beware of the man who was born on the Ides of March come Adrenaline Rush."

    Indeed it would be a great birthday present if Leon Wellesley were to capture the X-Fly Championship this coming Wednesday in what is only his seventh match in CWA. Be sure to tune in this Wednesday to find out how this epic encounter turns out!

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    Re: It's somebody's birthday!

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    Re: It's somebody's birthday!

    Happy Birthday to Mr. Wellesley!

    Banner credit: Booty

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