Video leaked after the CWA Championship Match at Meltdown...

Cyrus has just walked back stage and medics and referees are rushing to the ring where an unconcious Samuel Hyde lies. The fans are cheering and are chanting "CYRUS TRUTH! CYRUS TRUTH!" As the first medics begin sliding in, Hyde begins to move again, sliding his hands on the mat. Feeling the mat. Almost caressing the mat. Tim Coleman and Clint Shepard have left their table, perhaps for a water break so there is no commentary for this. In fact, the shot we are getting is the main shot meant to cover the ring, as if someone left the camera to itself.

His eyes open suddenly and he pulls back his hair as he sits up, only to seemingly feel pain in his back and cringe. Samuel Hyde cringed. He seems hurt. Sitting up as the medics come to him, he doesn't seem to be listening as they ask him questions, yelling, trying to get him to respond, but he just stares at his hands, layed in his lap. Now noticing the people around him he looks up. The details of his emotions, of his face, are unclear to us, as the camera is neither at an optimal angle, nor is it zoomed in to pick anything up. But we can tell, as he tosses his head back and forth, that he's confused, perhaps looking for something. He asks the medics something now. The men surrounding him grow quieter. They begin noticing and checking him more. One man is looking into his face but we cannot see what he sees, again, due to the camera angle. He shoves the man slightly as he pulls himself up. He stumbles towards the ropes and holds himself up until he's standing, back against them as he shouts something at the group.

The crowd has died down, but a few notice whats going on and we can hear a little of what is going on now. One of the refs steps forward from the group. Sam yells at him, but...

It's not Sam's voice.

The usual growl, the usual menacing, full, steady sound of Samuel Hyde's voice is not there. This voice is scared, confused, worried, amazed. Higher toned than before, his shout is terrified.

"Where am I?! What is going on?!"

The ref steps to him and from reading his lips, as Hyde has his back to the camera, one can see him say "Meltdown. You just had your match. You lost to Cyrus."

Hyde is silent. Is it Hyde? He tilts his head back and stares up to the lights. He holds his head. We hear him as he increases the volume of his voice.


He crumples in on himself and he looks like he's going to break into tears and lose himself in the middle of the ring, but he stops. He seems to be listening, but the refs, who took a step toward him, stand still, saying nothing. He says something. His lips move. The group can't hear and another steps forward asking what.

"He's GONE."

Loud and forceful, he stands again.

"Nothing... He's gone! I'm... I'm me... He's gone!"

He runs at the ref and shakes him.

"I'm Riff! I'm Riff goddammit! He's not there! I hear nothing! I'm me!"

Riff Radley. He sits down in the corner and we can now see that there is no red in the eyes of this man as he brushes hair out of his face. He lets the people attend him as the video finally is shut off by a camera man.