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Thread: The Apprentice (UK) Discussion Thread

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    Re: The Apprentice (UK) Discussion Thread

    Man this was a rough episode. Can't say either team impressed me that much and I say that as someone who has long felt Sabrina was the strongest candidate in the thing. Sarah-Anne leaving was definitely long overdue. But damn to echo the statements already made. No Clue how Camilla is still in it either. She defo should have gone.

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    Re: The Apprentice (UK) Discussion Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Wolf Beast View Post
    Camilla must have an incredible business plan to still be there for the final 5.
    I think Alan likes her business plan because out of everyone, hers is the idea I keep hearing about. nut milk this, nut milk that. Really wouldn't be surprised if she gets to the final two just on that basis. Alan seemed really disappointed in her carry on 70s sex sells mindset. It was Camilla that designed the horrible airline stewardess uniforms too. Girl needs to grow up.

    Sarah-Anne getting pissed during the manufacturing was pretty funny, but totally unprofessional and I'm glad she finally got caught out for doing nothing for 10 weeks. As soon as I heard the task I said 'she'll make the fucking chocolates and stay away from big decisions'.

    Daniel had a shite week, so his stock is dropping. Sabrina this week was made PM, had total control on decisions, no need for whining, and yet she was still too timid, Sian came up with the name and her branding idea idea for the box was so basic.

    idk, I don't think there's one good candidate here. Fancy Sian to win atm.

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