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Thread: Adrenaline Rush Promos - March 7th

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    Adrenaline Rush Promos - March 7th

    The New Brotherhood
    Quote Originally Posted by Guardian Devil
    Tim Coleman: Well partner I just got word that the CWA Tag Team champions are on their way to the ring to issue a challenge? This should be THRILling….

    Clint Shepard: I can sense that sarcasm in your voice.

    Tim Coleman: Yeah well I’m not a fan of what these guys have done, downright robbing all the teams here to remain champions.

    Shepard: What are you babbling about? These guys have earned every victory they’ve gotten and they have the World Tag Team Titles to prove it.

    Coleman: Be that as it man, I’m told the New Brotherhood should be out any min…..

    *And as if on command the New Brotherhood’s music hits*

    *”Holy Diver, you’ve been down too long in the midnight sea, OH what’s becoming of meeeee” followed by brief static and the intro to Rainbow In The Dark*

    Shepard: And here they are, Kyle Crosby and The Guardian Devil are on their way. Would you listen to these fans?! They are come UNGLUED for the New Brotherhood!

    Coleman: Yeah I hear them, bunch of fools brainwashed by these guys!

    *The Brotherhood head out from backstage, stop and drink it all in. They both head towards opposite corners of the entrance to pump of the fans. GD in particular seems to be beside himself acting goofier than usual and the fans are loving every second of it. Crosby is in his usual getup but Devil is dressed in nothing but bright colored tights with arm tassels flailing about.

    *Crosby and Devil meet at the center of the entrance ramp and hit their signature BroFist Handshake straight out of Commando, as they do a loud explosion of pyro sets off behind them. Crosby gets ready to strut down to the ring, thinking GD would do the same as per the norm. Instead, Devil sprints off to the ring, leaving Crosby in his wake. GD dives into the ring and furiously shakes the ring ropes. As Crosby jumps off the turnbuckle after taunting, GD is still shaking the ropes, sweating profusely, refusing to quit. Crosby motions for a mic and taps GD on the shoulder to let him know he’s ready to go.

    *GD stops shaking the ropes and begins to angrily run around the inside of the ring as hard as he can, while doing so, Kyle begins to speak*

    Crosby: Yes sir! The New Brotherhood, coming at you live and in living Technicolor!

    *The crowd pops massive for this, Crosby gazes over towards GD who’s still running*

    Crosby: Anyhow, we aren’t here to go on one of these massive tirades the likes of Roberto and Ultimate Pain seem to enjoy so much. We just have a few things to say. First things first, we’ve been Tag Champs for a few months and ever since my return, we’ve been thrown into nothing but matches with the Gang Stars.

    *The crowd boos furiously at the one time fan favorites, GD continues to run*

    Crosby: And I don’t know about you guys, but I am TIRED of dusting these fools week in/week out. It’s overdue, but we are beyond ready for a new challenge. So here’s the deal, The New Brotherhood is OFFICIALLY issuing an open challenge to any team back there that thinks they can dethrone this amount of awesome.

    *The fans cheer at the prospect of new blood being infused into the Tag Title picture.*

    Crosby: Now, we love having to whoop a bunch of gang banger ass every week, but it’s really cutting into GD’s gaming time and well, my relaxation time in general. So, we want a new challenge by next week, for the WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP! Any time, any place, any bat channel!

    *The crowd loves this idea*

    Crosby: Yeah, we thought you guys would like that. Tell em GD!

    *Almost on cue, GD collapses in a heap in the ring, completely blown up from his antics. He gets to his knees and gasps to catch his breath. Shaking from exhaustion, GD feebly grabs the ropes to pull himself up to grab the mic from Kyle’s outstretched hand.*

    Crosby: Dude, what the hell? Are you on dem R.O.I.D.S. again? Do I need to call a bambulance?

    *As GD grabs the mic, seemingly near death, he nosells his exhaustion and begins to yell loudly, snarling and snorting the whole time*


    *The cameras pan over the crowd, a veritable sea of confusion. Many fans cheer, several are in stunned silence. A few stand there drooling over themselves in a frozen state. One man falls to the floor, having what appears to be a massive seizure from the words Devil has spoken*


    *GD runs off the ropes multiple times as Crosby’s jaw in agape.*

    Crosby: Uh……yep, the train has left the station. Anyways, CWA ownership, we await your decision. Thank you fans, GOOD NIGHT!!!!!!!

    *On that note, Crosby drops the mic and grabs GD mid-run to exit the ring. Their music hits and the fans, stunned as can be, burst into applause. GD leaps from the ring and shakes the bottom rope outside. Crosby shakes his head and grabs his arm*

    Crosby: Dude, are you smoking pcp again?

    GD: *stops* What, too much?

    Crosby: I mean it was good but I think you crippled a man via-seizure.

    GD: Sooooo, just enough?

    Crosby: Yeah no, it was right on the money. So……..burritos?

    GD: Burritos.

    *On that note, GD spins around three times and bursts into a run towards the back. Crosby shakes his head, shrugs his shoulders and runs with him.*
    Anarchy (Rolando Fuentes & Diego Gonzalez)
    The camera pans to the back, and you see Rolando Fuentes on the phone.

    Rolando Fuentes: Oh don’t worry this plan will be coming through the pipe soon, no need to worry. Some of it may just happen tonight. Just keep watching, don’t worry your name won’t be dropped, it will be a huge shock to everyone!!

    Quickly the interviewer comes running to Rolando Fuentes, and puts the microphone in his face.

    Interviewer: What was that we heard on the phone? What are you planning?

    Rolando Fuentes: You don’t have to worry your head about that. When the time is right you will find out what I am planning, but I will let you in on a little secret. One year ago, almost to the day I was asked to join the greatest group in wrestling history! I joined the Lakers, the Heat, and the Yankees all rolled in one. The Elite rolls off wrestling fans tongues when talking about the greatest group in wrestling lore! You hear about D-X, The Four Horsemen, Evolution, nWo, and you hear The Elite!!! We had championships, money, women, cars, and we can lavish ourselves with the greatest training facilities in the world, that is why The Elite have more championships than any group combined! We have held it all! With this said it is time for me to break off from The Elite. It is time for The Elite to die, and let them be the greatest group in history. There is no more dusting off the diamond and hoping it will polish. Under The Elite I was under certain rules, certain restrictions, and no matter what I did, no matter what I did, I could not get under the weight of just how great the Elite was. I have held the Continental Championship and the World Championship, but I could not get under the pressure of the Elite. No matter what I did, I was hearing about the accomplishments of the other members of the Elite, so it’s time for me to break off. It’s time for me to start a new Franchise! The Elite has given me everything I have right now, and just like an old player on a baseball team, the person made so much money they can purchase their own team, and so that is what I am doing! I am starting my new team, my new franchise, and our goal is to be the best of all-time! I want to take the Elite out as the top name in the wrestling business!

    Interviewer: What a new team here in CWA???

    Rolando Fuentes: You must not be very smart, with all of the changes coming to the CWA I will not be buried down at the bottom, and so it’s time to make an impact like I have never made before! This group can only be named one thing, could only be named after one thing, and that is complete and total Anarchy! Welcome to the age of Anarchy, and with this said I will be scouting every wrestling organization for the best talent! No stone will be unturned, and so in the name of Anarchy, in the name of what Anarchy expresses, let me introduce you to the very first member of Anarchy! Who could I trust more than any person in wrestling? Who is the one man I think will have my back no matter what goes on? There is only one person I could have thought of. We beat on each other for six straight months, there was no tricks with him, he came out, and his one goal was to kick my ass every night we got inside that ring, the only person I could trust, the only person I know that I would respect enough to have my back as I would have his! DIEGO GONZALES!!!!!!!

    Diego Gonzales comes into the screen, and Rolando shakes his hand, and then they give each other a mad respect hug. Rolando looks very confident as Diego looks into the camera, and starts to speak.

    Diego Gonzalez:
    You heard right, and I bet you're all asking yourselves, "Why Diego, why Rolando?"

    Interviewer: Yes, why him?

    Rolando looks offended as Gonzalez shoots the young man a glare.

    Diego Gonzalez: Your ignorance astounds me, now if you would allow me to finish I was about to get to that.

    The interview quickly composes himself, and apologizes.

    Diego Gonzalez: Now, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, I bet you're all asking yourselves, "Why Diego why?"A man that I have a history with, a man that I know very well. There was a time we despised each other, and we quabbled over the Continental title. That's the past now though, and now I see clearly I see that we both share similar feelings. We both feel as though we've been stepped on by everyone in this company, made out to be jokes. Well, that all changes tonight with Chubby Carlos and Mr. Willis.

    Interviewer: Any words for Chubby Carlos?

    Diego Gonzalez: Carlos, at Uprising you got lucky, but your luck runs out tonight after I choke the life out of you, or whatever is left of it anyway. You think what I did to you at Uprising was bad? After you feel what I put you through tonight Uprising will feel like a walk in the park. I know I made the promise of beating you within an inch of your life at Uprising, but tonight I will go through with that promise. You know why? Because I'm a man of my word.

    Interviewer: What about Mr. Willis?

    Diego Gonzalez: He's just like Carlos, a fake, a phony, pathetic, selfish. He's always had whatever he's wanted handed to him on a silver platter, while guys like myself and Rolando get nothing in return. That's going to change because just like I did to Carlos, I'll do to him and expose him as the phony he is to entire world. There's nothing that he, or Carlos. You see it's like I said, it all starts tonight. Tonight, the world won't see Rolando and I as a joke, but as a force to be reckoned with. Carlos and Willis are the first of many to experience it.

    Rolando laughs as he puts his arm around Gonzalez shoulder.

    Diego Gonzalez: Consider yourself lucky boys, because tonight you're about to be introduced to a little...Anarchy!

    The two walk off leaving the interviewer in shock as we go to commercial

    The Ultimate Pain
    Quote Originally Posted by PS
    Adrenaline Rush returns from commercial and the lights in the arena almost instantly go out as the opening notes of Supernaut boom out of the sound system. Spotlights begin to zoom around tonight’s crowd, who are already letting Ultimate Pain know exactly what they think of him before they have even saw him! As always, the spotlights all go out before one shines down on the middle of the entrance ramp where Ultimate Pain is standing in his usual pose, though for the first time in a long time, Pain also has a title in his hand! Pain holds this pose for a few seconds, staring out at the booing crowd, soaking up the electric atmosphere almost as if he thrives on their discontent.

    Pain then begins to march down the entrance ramp towards the ring. Pain still looks somewhat more dishevelled than usual. It appears that he has still not shaved since his victory at Uprising, his beard becoming very over-grown, and he is dressed down in jeans and his “Property of Nobody!” t-shirt. However, his trademark aviators have made a return! Pain reaches the end of the entrance ramp and climbs into the ring. He then poses on a turnbuckle on each side of the ring with his belt held high in the air much to the displeasure of most fans in attendance. With all his posing eventually finished, Pain is handed a microphone. It takes a few more seconds but the crowd does finally settle down to hear what Pain has to say.

    Ultimate Pain: “For the very few out there who don’t know me, you are looking at the new CWA World Heavyweight Champion…”

    The crowd don’t stay quiet for long as they instantly start a “Roberto” chant, while Pain simply holds up his World Title once again!

    Ultimate Pain
    : “No, no, my name isn’t Roberto. I think you’ll find I’m better known by The Ulllltiimateee Paaaaiinnnnn!”

    This only infuriates the crowd even more, who continue to chant for their hero “Roberto”.

    Ultimate Pain: “If you’d let me continue, I’ve came out here for three reasons tonight. The first is simply to show off this gorgeous piece of gold that’s currently draped over my shoulder!”

    The crowd are giving Pain a lot of heat tonight, booing almost his every sentence right now.

    Ultimate Pain: “I said it would be mine again, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that I’m a man of my word. I’ve been obsessing over this title for a long time now and now I have it again I don’t plan to lose it for a long, long time!”

    As if to show exactly what the CWA World Title means to Pain he takes a few seconds to stare at it before placing it back on his shoulder.

    Ultimate Pain
    : “The second reason I’m out here is to discuss the manner of my victory over Roberto at Uprising.”

    This starts the crowd off on another “Roberto” chant, which seems to be getting under Pain’s skin a little.

    Ultimate Pain: “Relax, relax. I’m not going to bad-mouth the man! I just want to clarify to Roberto first-hand that I had no part in Austerio interfering in our match, but I’m sure he already knows that. That’s not how I wanted to defeat you Roberto, but it will always be in my nature to take advantage, so when the opportunity arose, that’s exactly what I did! Now I don’t know what business Austerio has with you, but when you’re done with him I’m sure I’ll be ready to go at it with you one more time to finally settle who’s the best once and for all, because love you or hate you, I will always respect you!”

    This is very unlike him but the crowd seems to appreciate this almost sentimental moment from Pain with a few fans chanting “One More Match!”.

    Ultimate Pain: “Now those two issues are cleared up, it’s time to get down to the third and final reason that I’m out here...Showtime! I don’t know who the hell you think are, but after my victory at Uprising you decided to jump me. Maybe you’re just after a moment or two in the limelight, or maybe you’re trying to get a spot on a real show so you go after the top dog in Ultimate Pain. All I know is you made a big mistake Showtime. That was meant to be my moment, and nobody should have taken that away from me, especially not someone who doesn’t even belong in CWA!”

    Pain takes a moment to look around the crowd, who almost seem to be swaying some support towards Pain in this matter, before he continues.

    Ultimate Pain: “I’m guessing you’re so happy now the world is talking about you for something you’ve done in the ring instead of your crappy movies that you won’t bother to come back to the big leagues! You’ll go back to where you belong, under a rock in PNH!”

    A small “CWA” chant is starting to break out now in the arena.

    Ultimate Pain: “But if you are man enough to come back here, maybe the next time you’ll come and talk to my face instead of jumping me from behind. You see the thing is Showtime, I’ve got unfinished business with you from last year so if you wanted to go all you had to do was say! The only problem is, as far as I’m aware, a PNH wrestler is only allowed to fight for their Mickey Mouse title so I’m afraid if the most prestigious title in wrestling is what you want Showtime...”

    Pain lifts his CWA World Title high in the air.

    Ultimate Pain: “’re going to have to find a way around that before you get the chance to face me!"

    Pain drops his microphone and poses to the crowd once more as Adrenaline Rush goes to commercial.
    Derek Vendra
    Quote Originally Posted by ATLBrand
    Uncharted 1 2 & 3 - Nate's Theme - YouTube

    The music plays for about 15 seconds, before quietening down. Then, the unmistakeable voice of Derek Vendra sounds over.

    Vendra: All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night, in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find – it was vanity... But the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, as they may act their dream with open eyes to make it possible – this, I will do.

    For I am a dreamer of the day... and my dreams have indeed come true... apart from one...

    June 29th 2011 – CWA Unbreakable – Berlin, Germany
    It shows Derek stepping out of the curtain for his debut match with Moses. He’s announced, it goes to black, then shows him hitting a few moves, and then goes to black. Finally, it shows his hitting Hollywood Vendra, and winning.

    Vendra: And then, 5 Months later, I got my first genuine chance to capture gold. The only dream not achieved. But I was thwarted. I was thwarted by treachery, deceit and the jealousy of one man...

    November 16th 2011 – CWA Adrenaline Rush – Charleston, West Virginia
    This time, it shows Derek facing Warren Peace, where the winner got a X-Fly Championship shot. It speeds through some of the epic moves in the just as epic encounter, before reliving Diego Gonzalez heading to the ring. Then it shows the treachery of Gonzalez, hitting Derek over the head with a chair and letting Warren Peace win.

    Vendra: Treachery and deceit.... but I overcame. I overcame the jealousy of a man who I thought of being my best friend. And when I overcome, I do it in style. Which leads us on to a month after this incident...

    December 30th 2011 – CWA Five Star Attraction – New York City, New York
    It shows some highlights from the Derek V Diego match. The moves roll past, before the Hollywood Vendra and Derek getting the win. Then Diego shouting at Vendra saying “It’s not over,” and Derek answering back “Oh yes it is”.

    Vendra: And that is how I overcame. And those three moments are the biggest moments in my career so far. My debut, Trechary of a Friend, and my match on the Grandest Stage of them All... but there is one thing missing from that list... and this is how I earned the shot...

    February 22nd 2012 – CWA Uprising – Houston, Texas
    This final clip shows some of the better moves (Most of which include Derek) from the Vendra V Pineda V Austerio. Austerio leaves, then Derek hits Hollywood Vendra (This has been a recurring thing) and wins.

    Vendra: And that is how I got my title shot. You see, the only thing missing from my list are the words “My First Title in CWA”. Debut, Treachery of a Friend, Debut on the Grandest Stage of them All... to X-Fly Champion.

    Now Dexter Darwin Douglas, I am addressing you, and you alone. We’ve never wrestled before, hell, we’ve hardly even spoken before. But when we step into that ring, we’re enemies. And from this evidence, it is clear what I do to enemies. I beat them, but this time, I get more. I beat you, and I take the X-Fly Title, which is mine – and I’ll never let it go. Some men are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. And this Tuesday, I achieve greatness by becoming the X-Fly Champion for the first time. So when you go to sleep on Tuesday, remember this... Derek Vendra... is coming for you.

    And with that, we fade to black.

    Quote Originally Posted by Flex Kavana

    Trainwreck vs Christian Bane vs Thomas Jones


    Frustration grows as Bane is realizing he needs to just ends this immediately, and lifts Trainwreck up position for his finisher Baneful Existence, but Trainwreck is able to escape it and gets Bane from behind with a backstabber! Once again he lies in wait for Bane while shouting "You did this!" again, and as soon as Bane turns around to be met with the End of the Line! Trainwreck goes for the cover.

    One, two, three!

    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner at 10 minutes 2 seconds, Trainwreck!

    Johnny Yamaguchi raises Trainwreck's arm in victory, but Trainwreck quickly pulls it away and looks at Yamaguchi in disgust. He then leaves the ring as Bane is coming to his senses in the ring, and looks out at Trainwreck who is mouthing the words "You did this" as Bane looks beyond furious as our pre show comes to a close.
    This week…

    AHHHHHHHHHHHH, Trainwreck screams as he sits in his truck watching the PPV re-run over and over. Sweat dripping down his face; throws his television out of his truck before speeding off into the night.
    TW: “How dare you call that a win, how dare you give me the victory! That match was disgrace. I WASN’T DONE. Oh but don’t worry when I get to Mississauga those who denied me my destruction have now stepped out on to the live rail and they will feel my pain!!!”

    Adrenaline Rush…Trainwreck arrives at the arena…

    Screams echo through the arena, “NOOO HELP ME!!!” Before a door is slammed shut and the arena has an eerie silence. In a locked room the lights come on, Trainwreck is sitting in the corner and standing before him is a petrified LINDSAY MONAHAN, trembling with fear.

    LM: “Ppplease don’t hurt me”.

    TW: “QUIET…I will not hurt you, As much as I despise humanity, I watched my mother get crushed to death, so no I will NEVER bring PHYSICAL harm to a woman; Emotional torment is far more effective anyway.


    LM: “But you won”

    TW: “HOW DARE YOU. I was not done, I had the pin but the match was not over. Bane needed to feel the full effect of my pain and you saved him from that. You got in the way, but that will not happen this week. Nobody can stop what is coming. “

    Trainwreck exits the room slamming the door behind him before locking Lindsay inside, ignoring her screams. But instead of heading back tot his truck, TW heads further into the arena and locates the referee’s locker room.

    Trainwreckck breaks the door down with a powerful boot before he attacks the men in the room. The referees try to fight TW of but there is no chance as they are thrown into lockers, writhing in pain.

    TW: “Where is Johnny Yamaguchi?”

    A trembling referee points a shaky finger to the men’s room. Trainwreck storms in; smashing the cubical doors until he finds his target.

    JY: “Holy ****, what are you doing in here?”

    TW: “Don’t you EVER raise my hand again like I am some prize. You humiliated me in front of that crowd. The match was already a disgrace the way it ended and then you deliberately embarrassed me. This will not happen again.”

    CRACK!!!! Yamaguchi’s arm was snapped in two. What the hell is wrong with this monster?

    TW: “You did this.”

    As Trainwreck exits the locker room, THOMAS JONES approaches him.

    TJ: “Hey Trainwreck, I like your style, you have a ruthless hatred, just like me. Wouldn’t it be great if we formed a team and took over this place? I know we have a match tonight but we could turn on Bane and announce our unification after the match? What do you say? “

    Trainwreck looks at TJ with a smile and walks away. Is this really happening? Have these two formed a team?

    Trainwreck turns and SPEARS Thomas Jones into a concrete wall, leaving him barely moving on the floor. Thomas Jones looks to be seriously hurt.

    TW: “I don’t need your help you worthless carcass. I stand alone.”

    Trainwreck heads out to the empty ring and sits in HIS corner.

    In The Ring… Trainwreck speaks

    “A couple of weeks ago I came to this company to release my hatred and rage. I was a nobody. But NOW, now my face is on the roster, people are asking to team up with me? What is wrong with people? I am not a team player, I don’t give a dam about any man in the back or anyone watching at home. I am here for my own personal agenda. I wanted Bane ONE on ONE this week, to finish what we started. I’ll be honest he has opened my eyes somewhat. Requesting a re-match is incredibly bold, but ultimately his own suicide.”

    “I came to this town ready to finish the job, but then I hear from some kid that he is in this match; a triple threat match? THEN he has the audacity to ask to be my tag team partner. What the hell is wrong with this place? When two men despise each other it is their place to settle it. TJ has no place in this match, but I let him know that personally. And if he attempts to get between us in this match, I cannot be held for my actions as I will finish his career before it even starts.”

    “DO YOU HEAR ME TJ. Stay out back and you MAY have a career. Come to this ring and it won’t even begin. You wanna do this? Come see me.”

    “Now that’s off my mind I come to my REAL opponent. Christian Bane. That match was a monstrosity; it was finished before the end. You did what few can do; you stood up from the wreckage, ready to fight again. I commend you for this, but now I only despise you even more. You should of taken that as a blessing and continued on your way. But you insult me and asked someone out back for a rematch. But you didn't come find me did you? You get up after the match, go as far as to ask for a rematch, but don’t have the balls to come after me yourself; COWARD. So guess what, I'm coming for YOU.”

    “The difference this time is I have the advantage. I know I can beat you. But you don’t have that confidence do you? You’re scared I can feel it. You may have thrown me around the ring like a “ rag doll” last week; you’re a big guy I get it. But I draw pleasure from pain, the only reason I didn't nail you the moment you stepped through the ropes was because I wanted to see what you had. And fair dues you brought the fight, but your confidence got the better of you and you fell.”

    “I despise you Bane; your bravery is irrelevant; because this week you shall fall to the same ending as last time. Only this time, my hand won’t be risen and nor will yours as you lie lifeless drooling in to a puddle of your own blood.”

    “And I repeat this message also to TJ. Get between this and you will experience a beating that no man can endure. This is a war and that ring is the mine field. Stay out of our way.”

    “Tonight this ends. Tonight I will put you down for good Bane. No excuses, no one to get in our way. Man vs. Monster, we fight to the end. NO HOLDS BARRED.”

    “Last week you got off the tracks before the end, tonight this train will DERAIL and you’re going to be under it. It’s the end of the line Bane. I’m going to CRUSH you for what you have done. YOU WILL KNOW HOW IT FEELS TO RISE FROM A WRECKAGE ONLY TO BE HIT BY AN UNCONTROLABLE MONSTER. THIS WILL TRULY BE THE END OF THE LINE BANE.”


    * As Trainwreck exited the ring he climbed under and stayed there for a few minutes, before exiting with what looked like a crowbar. As he came out from the ring it seemed to shake as he pulled himself up. What has he done?

    Instead of heading to the back, TW climbed the ring side barricade and headed out into the stands before disappearing out of sight.


    Rest in power, Flock U

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush Promos - March 7th

    Quote Originally Posted by QuackenColony
    How you Play your Hand

    To say that Dexter's mood was sky high would be an understatement. The pro wrestler's life has been running very smoothly ever since he had joined the Adrenaline Rush roster. Before then, anyone who saw him on the streets would comment at his nerdy attire, sporting shirts that would display either video game or comic icons. He was never embarrassed at the love of his hobbies, even as a kid. Growing up he somewhat ignored, spending his time with his games, pro wrestling tapes, and visiting arcades to play outdated pinball machines. Now he had fans, a girlfriend, and a gold championship title around his waist. The cheers he got at arenas around the world were loud and supportive, a sign that his career choice was the right one. Katt was beautiful and fun, making Dexter wonder if he had met the 'one'. All of this was important, but the main reason he was getting so much attention would be the X-Fly Championship.

    Winning it back at Five Star Attraction, it seemed the think tanks backstage felt that the title holder deserved a little rest. He had a few matches here and there, but it wasn't until Uprising that he would finally defend the title, against one Dan Maskell. Successful, the rest would not last as Derek Vendra would win the chance to fight for the title, very quickly at that. Dexter was sure his opponent was counting down the days until March 7th, when that day came, Derek would then count the hours.

    The both of them had become fan favorites at Adrenaline Rush, performing to their best during every match getting the house crowds to cheer loudly at every move they would perform. It is easy to say that the two are similar, but the biggest difference is the championship title that Dexter wears to ring currently. From a standpoint of someone who didn't know any better, they would put Dex above Derek in standings just because he is the X-Fly Champion. Is that fair? Of course not, but that is the way of the world, and Dexter was dead set on making sure he would stay champion after his encounter with 'The Man with No Fear'.

    The grilled veggies that his girlfriend made were pretty tasty, and Dexter was getting his fill. Even though the man loved his meaty meals, he felt that he should at least change his diet somewhat, having a healthy meal every once in a while. Lucky for him, Katt was a great chef and had once roomed with a vegetarian. If anyone had seen these two interact in the confines of their home, they would just say they were a normal couple. Dexter was very good at making sure the success would not go to his head.

    DDD: You know...if you never end up being a vet, you could make a pretty good living being a cook, Sweetness.

    Katt: Why thank you, so where are you going this week?

    DDD: To the Great White North, so I need to remember to take a jacket. Honestly I'm pretty excited, I've never been to Canada.

    Katt: Well I hope you have fun, if you get hurt, make sure to take advantage of that free health care they got.

    Dexter laughed as he kissed her, letting his loved one pick up his plate and take it to the sink. Our pro wrestler stood up and went into his room, finally getting used to having a person share the workload around this apartment. His bag was already packed. He had also gotten adjusted to the many flights he would have to take for his career. The X-Fly Championship Title sat on top of his bag. He let out a sigh as he knew he should put it in the bag, the last time he tried wearing it through the airport, he was stopped and questioned thoroughly. Putting his bag over his shoulder, it was only a matter of time before he would arrive in the land of our friendly neighbors to the north.


    Landing in the new country, Dexter was surprised that it wasn't as cold as he thought it would be. He thought about the hours of SCTV he watched and how Bob and McKenzie lied to him. 'Bastards' he thought to himself as he carried his bag outside the airport. On his way to the hotel, all he could think about was how if he successfully defends his title here in Canada, he would become an international champion. Why stop there, once he was able to defend the X-Fly Championship on another continent, then he would be a world champion. He started grinning widely, making the cab driver a bit nervous as he finally dropped him off.

    He didn't spent too much time in the rented room. Just long enough to put his things away and prepare himself to visit the arena he would be fighting Derek Vendra in very soon. He took a deep breath as he took the gold title out his bag. It still shined brightly under the room's lights. He knew being champion wouldn't be easy, and this would only be the second of his many title defenses.


    The workers were busy making sure every seat and guard rail was in place for this weeks edition of Adrenaline Rush. The lights were bright enough that anyone could see the entire arena if they stood in the middle and turned in a circle. That is what Dexter was doing. The ring was already set up, and he was looking around, imagining all the fans that would be filling this place up. It would be a complete contrast of how it looked now. The X-Fly Championship hugged Dexter's shoulder snugly as his steps made an echoing thud through the mostly empty arena.

    DDD: You know, I've never seen a wrestling ring without fans, refs, or wrestlers around. It is quite a sight, honestly. I I've always called this spot my home, being in this ring was something I've wanted for a long time. Now, not only do I get to do what I love, but now I've proven myself. The fans know that I belong here, and it is all because of this Championship Title.

    But it seems that it is only the fans that think I deserve this. I know many of the competitors in the back would love to get their hands on this and take it away from me. While many of those people are fine at what they do, I doubt many of them like me. For the most part, I don't 'hate' anyone I fight in this ring unless they have done me wrong. I wonder if now that I'm the champion, are the other wrestlers holding a grudge against me? Maybe some of them are.

    This is where we come to the next contender for this title: Derek Vendra. Now you seem like a pretty good guy, so I'm sure you are looking forward to the great match we're going to give to the fine fans. We've never met in battle, so I can only imagine how this fight is going to go. Will the fans leave saying our match was the best? I certainly hope so. Now that I think about it, we have a bit in common, you and I.

    We're both young, loved by fans, and do our best. We both also have been betrayed by our respected tag team partners. I say the big difference is that when it came to taking care of the problem, my 'techniques' were a bit brash. I guess you could say I 'lost it' for a bit. The point is that now no one has seen hide or hair of Austin McCoy, while Diego Gonzalez is still here.

    I think now that I've proven to myself that I am a champion, my mind is a lot clearer now. It means I'm more determined than ever, and I want to make sure this X-Fly Title is well known to anyone who even thinks about this amazing sport we compete in. So while I'm hoping you bring your best to our match, let's just say I'm positive that I'm going back to the States as the X-Fly Champion.
    Dan Maskell
    Quote Originally Posted by Shade
    Time: 14:10
    Location: Hallway of Arena

    The New Beginning

    {In the hallway of the arena. Production Workers and other staff are walking up and down for various reasons. Going in and out of rooms. However one man has not moved since he got to the arena. Seated on a crate with his back against the wall. Clad in a Dark Grey Hooded Jacket with the Hood pulled up to conceal his face, Dark Brown Jeans and Black trainers. There is an uncomfortable silence from this man as he has not spoken all day and has just kept his head down. Various people have approached him and asked if he is OK but he has not replied. As he sits there a few people nearby are watching him. As he sits their he begins to mumble the same words over and over again}

    'February 22nd. CWA Uprising.'

    {After a few minutes of mumbling. The Man's fists begin to clench. He then looks up at the people staring at him. Revealing a pair of mirrored sunglasses under his food concealing his eyes. He then pulls down his hood. Revealing his identity to everyone. As Dan Maskell is revealed to be the mysterious man sitting in the corridor. A sense of unease can be felt as he leans his head back against the wall.}

    'At CWA Uprising. I took on Dexter Darwin Douglas. In a Match for the CWA X-Fly Championship. Leading up to that match I had defeated all of those in my way. Greg Samuels, Cesar Pineda, Austerio and Derek Vendra. They all suffered at my hand. Dexter Darwin Douglas was supposed to be no different. I wanted so badly to defeat him. To Destroy him. To take his Championship. Yet it did not turn out that way. Because when I had Dexter Darwin Douglas beaten. When I had him hurt. He caught me with a lucky Backslide. Now I could sit here right now and claim I was hurt. Or that someone distracted me but I won't. What I will say is this. Dexter Darwin Douglas. We will face off again.'

    'Now I know the thought of facing me again Dexter must not be pleasant. You gave me everything you had. You gave me your biggest moves. You hit me with everything but the Kitchen Sink and I was still standing. Next time we face I will be the winner. I am going to take your Title. I am going to become Champion. I WILL LEAVE YOU LAYING IN THAT RING WONDERING WHAT JUST HAPPEND.'

    {Dan places both of his hands on his face before he removes his glasses. On Removal it is noticeable that his Left Eye is partially swollen with deep bruising around it. More people in the hallway can not help but look now as Dan just stares at the Wall Across him.}

    'After my loss at Uprising. I pretty much left the arena straight away. I was driving along in my car. The thoughts of my loss haunting me. The fact that I come so close to becoming Champion that I was dreaming about the looks of shock I would recieve when I went back home. The things I was going to say to my supposed Family when I raised that Title in the air. Most Importantly I dreamed about their expressions when I continued going on and on about the fact that I did not need them to become Champion. It played on my mind in my journey so much so that when I finally got to my hotel room. I finally let loose.'

    'The Pressure had been building up. My Blood was Boiling. I Started throwing everything around in the room. I was smashing the mirrors when I stopped halfway through. I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror. I then did something what would trouble anyone else. I clenched my fist as hard as I could and I drove it right into my own face. Not just once. Certainly not Twice but Three Times. I needed to show myself that failure was not an option. I needed to feel more pain then the pain I felt in that Loss. The pain I experienced was not for Punishment. I put myself through it for Motivation. Since my loss to Dexter Darwin Douglas. I have Refocused myself. I am using that Pain I felt. I am using the anger I am feeling and I am channelling it. I am channelling every bit of anger. Every bit of Hate and every bit of rage and I will unleash it upon my Opponents in ways there worst nightmares can not envision.'

    {A sick smile can be seen on Dan's face as he puts his Glasses back on.}

    'What I am going to do to my opponents will be immoral. I am going to beat them like the dogs they are. Cesar Pineda. You are going to be the first of many. You are going suffer. You are going to experience more pain then you ever could ******* imagine. Last time we faced off. I defeated you soundly. This time I am going to destroy you. Devestate you. Maim You. Hell I might even try to end you right on the spot.'

    'At the start of this year. I claimed 2012 was mine. The year of the Heretic. I said 2012 was going to be the year I achieve everything I have dreamed off. Everything I expected myself to. I will become Champion. I will defeat Dexter Darwin Douglas. I certainly will defeat Cesar Pineda. This year is mine. CWA be ready as the Patron Saint of Pain is here to take over.'

    {Dan then slowly gets up from the crate. He then begins to look round at all of those who are staring at him. As he looks round at the guys they all quickly look away trying to look inconspicuous. Dan shakes his head before he slowly begins to walk down the hall. Dan then enters the Locker room before slamming the door shut behind him as the scene fades to Black.}
    Thomas Jones
    Quote Originally Posted by iceman90
    Thomas jones = I am here I am here finally I get to banish all the anger inside me.Finally I get to unleash the hatred within me, and finally I will be able to unleash everything that has rested in my head all this time.I'm ready for a fight and I have two people too take my hatred out on.The CWA will be my playground and I will be it's apocalypse I want a fight and now that I have one I will paint the faces of my opponent's with the faces who have wronged me.

    I'm the iceman and the CWA has been put under the ice age.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sawyer View Post
    The show returns from the commercial break and instantly we are welcomed by Roberto's entrance music. Like usual everyone goes nuts, as the former World Champion makes his way out and he doesn't look too happy and rightfully so. At the last Pay-Per-View, Austerio was revealed as the masked man and to make things even worse, he cost Roberto his World Title. Everyone's hero is in his street clothing and he is still wearing his shirt that says Champ of the World. Even without the Title, Roberto is still a champion, according to all his fans anyway. Roberto quickly gets in the ring and asks for a mic, which Lindsay hands to him.

    Roberto: "At Uprising the all world saw what happened. Because of Austerio I lost my Title. He has taken it upon himself to make my life a living hell these past few months. It seems he is sick and tired of being just another wrestler on the roster and decided to make a name for himself at my expense. Well, if noticed is what he wanted to achieve, he has succeeded and he has succeeded well. But be careful of what you wish for Austerio, because now you have to deal with the very best CWA has to offer. I might not have the Title, but I am still the Champ of the World."

    Roberto pauses, as people give him a standing ovation. The fans here tonight are completely behind the Cult of Personality.

    Roberto: "But enough talking Austerio, I know you're in the building, so get out here, so I can make you famous and fulfill your dreams like you want me to."

    Roberto drops the mic and motions for Austerio to get his ass out to the ring. It doesn't take long for Austerio's music to play and the masked man to come out. The fans welcome the masked man with boos and jeers and they are so loud, that it is deafening. Austerio has the biggest smile on his face and a he already has a microphone in his hand. It looks like he is not planning on coming down to the ring, instead he is just going to do his talking on top of the entrance stage. That's a very smart move by the God of Death.

    Austerio: "Roberto, how are you doing my friend?"

    Austerio laughs, as Roberto motions for him to get inside the ring. Austerio answers no with his finger, before continuing...

    Austerio: "All in due time Roberto, all in due time. First let me tell you why I decided to make your life a living hell. I've been in CWA for a very long time now and yet it doesn't matter how matches I win or how many guys I beatdown, nobody seems to be giving me my respect. So I did, what I had to do, I went out there and made some noise and guess what Roberto? People are now paying attention to me, including you. I've called you out over and over in the past, but you kept ignoring me and disrespecting me. Are you still ignoring me now Roberto?"

    Austerio once again begins laughing like a crazy maniac, as the fans let him have it. Austerio though seems to enjoy the fans booing him. For once the world is paying attention to him.

    Austerio: "No, you are not anymore Roberto, because I have cost you your World Heavyweight Championship belt. I did that to you Roberto, ME, Austerio, the God of Death. Everything about you I despise, Roberto. I hate your guts. The Cult of Personality, The Champ of the World, you think you are the best damn thing CWA has, well, YOU ARE NOT!!! I am and I will prove it to you and to the all world on April 18 at the In Exile PPV."

    The arena explodes, as it looks like Austerio and Roberto will most likely do battle at In Exile. A smiling Roberto can't believe it. He looks around the arena and asks the crowd if what he heard is right.

    Austerio: "That's right Roberto, I challenge you to a match at In Exile and I will beat you. Not only I will kill the legend that is Roberto Superstar, but I will also get my fame and fortune."

    Austerio throws his mic down and just stares straight at Roberto. It is a very intense stare down which has every fan in this arena excited. At in Exile these two will do battle in the middle of the ring and the fans know it will be a good one. With that, we go to another commercial.

    Rest in power, Flock U

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush Promos - March 7th

    Dam why did my promo go all weird? Ah well, will have to preview it before I send it next time.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush Promos - March 7th

    Was mine and Chubby RP so awesome that it wasn't posted in here lol?

    [04:46 AM] Punk Wolf: Willis is our Modern-Day Jesus.
    [06:15 AM]Baldwin: Ily Willy
    [05:35 PM]Jon Snow: Willis, your misogyny must be put to an end.
    [06:57 PM]
    Jim: I like Willis more and more with each day
    [04:43 PM]Jim: Which is why Willis > Natural
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: hes like a roman reigns
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: willis has the raw sex appeal tho
    [11:18 AM]Order: I LOVE BIG WILLY

    Spartacus - " There is no greater victory than to fall from this world... A free man. "

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush Promos - March 7th

    Hang on, did Bane no show? If so I want him on the next Rush to finish this. If he did sh never mind, who's next?

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush Promos - March 7th

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Willis View Post
    Was mine and Chubby RP so awesome that it wasn't posted in here lol?
    MuffinMan and Sawyer have it I believe. I'll have have one of them put it here.

    Quote Originally Posted by Flex Kavana View Post
    Hang on, did Bane no show? If so I want him on the next Rush to finish this. If he did sh never mind, who's next?
    Yeah, Bane no showed. I already have a match in mind for you on the next show.

    Rest in power, Flock U

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush Promos - March 7th

    Thanks jimmy.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush Promos - March 7th

    Mr. Willis & Chubby Carlos

    Mr. Willis & Chubby Carlos in
    "Suit up, because this RP is going to be LEGEN...wait for it...DARY."

    ~ The scene opens in lovely Toronto, Canada. It is about night time as the sun has finally set on the day and CWA is just a few days away from rocking the place when Adrenaline Rush comes to town. The night life is beautiful as people are just walking around in the city of Toronto and just living life. Everyone seems happy as the camera catches up with someone who doesn't look all too happy and that person is "Mr Sports Entertainment" Mr Willis. Willis is seen walking in his street clothes, the casual long sleeve white t-shirt and a warm wool hoodie with denim jeans and construction boots. He is walking with a hot chocolate in his hand as the CWAcameras follow him around. Willis turns around and see's the CWA camera crew following him as he finds a small bench and he sits down on it.~

    Mr. Willis: I never seen the day where I would 2nd guess anything, but since my return I am starting to think if I just should of stayed where I was in my home town of Chicago and decided to choose another career path. It seems that since my return, I have not been striking with the same fire that I have been striking with, it kind of feels like I am off by a step or maybe even a step and half. I know that even when Michael Jordan made his return to the NBA, he had to find himself before he can return to playing like he used to but my question to myself is how long? How long will I be off by a step? I mean if you have seen Uprising then you should know what I am talking about. I hit Rolando with not one but TWO!!!! D.T.E and with one slamming his ass through the announcers table but it did not put him away, then he managed to break free from the legendary submission hold Turn Kings To Pawns. It seems that I threw everything but the gods damn kitchen sink at this guy and he took it and continue to keep going and to defeat me in the middle of the ring at Uprising.

    ~ Willis takes a sip of the hot coco as he uses his hand to wipe his mouth. Willis places his cup right next to him as he folds his hands and places them on his lap as he refocuses his attention to the camera.~

    Mr. Willis: At Five Star Attraction, I made my huge return to the profession I love in professional wrestling and the wrestling company I love in CWA. Since my return at the grandest stage in CWA, I have not lived up to the Mr. Willis that the wrestling world knew before I took my hiatus. Since my return, I have had two official matches and I lost them both. Now this is not the ass kicking Mr. Willis that blazed his way to the top of the company two years ago, it seems that I have to find my ass kicking swagger again for me to go back to the boot to ass machine that I was before. Maybe it will just come back to me and only time separates me from regaining the success that I had in the wrestling ring. Maybe, it will never be like it used to and I have to find a way to either re-event myself or leave the business alone but before I do that, I want to walk in to Adrenaline Rush and give this ass kicking side of Mr. Willis one more shot, one more time to see if I can hit this son of a bitch out for a home run.

    ~ He finishes his hot coco as he throws the cup to the ground before again giving his attention back to the camera crew but before Willis can speak, the camera man asks Mr. Willis a question.~

    Camera Man: It seems that the last time we had seen you, you spend a good portion of your time speaking about how Rolando did not have the desire to make it in the wrestling business. Now with the results of Uprising being what they are, does that change your opinion on Rolando?

    ~ Willis pauses for a second as he quickly then answers the camera man's question.~

    Mr. Willis: At Uprising, Rolando fell victim to two D.T.E and one being through the announcers table and then he battled through the Turn Kings To Pawns. With all that he still came out victorious and picked himself up a huge win in his career. So yes, my opinion on Rolando has changed since before Uprising as this guy looks like he is for real but my question is what will happen when we meet in the ring again? What will happen in this tag match at Adrenaline Rush when I team up with Chubby Carlos to take on him and Diego Gonzalez in the main event? You see at Uprising, he knew he was expecting from me but I underestimated him and that is why he picked up the victory but at Adrenaline Rush, we will see what will happen when I step in to the ring and go face to face with him.

    Camera Man: Now you also team up tonight with the unpredictable Chubby Carlos, what are thoughts on that?

    Mr. Willis: Well you see the thing about Chubby Carlos is .......

    ~ Willis stops short of his sentence as he see's Chubby across the street sitting at a bar surrounded by a crowd of people. Curious Mr.Willis and the un-named camera man go across the street to see what causing all the commotion. They cautiously enter the bar and squeeze into the crowd to get a good view of what's going on. The camera man gets a good shot of Mr.Willis looking very bewildered at the bizarre scene that's in front of him.

    Mr. Willis: What the f....

    ~ The camera swings around to reveal Chubby Carlos wearing (Of all things) Moose antlers on his head while drinking what looks like one of many shot glasses full of ambler liquid which at first seems to be alcohol but judging by the way every single glass seems to take several prolonged seconds to drink because the contents of the glass seems to be sticking to it, it’s actually maple syrup. After what seems like forever Chubby drains the glass much to the delight of the small crowd. Chubby slams the glass on the counter and punches the air as if he accomplished some great feat.~

    Chubby Carlos: Yeah Baby! 59 shots of maple syrup, I am un-touchable tonight dude! Hey that reminds me did I ever tell you about the time I kicked a dude so hard in the head that his legs turned into trumpets? I felt bad for the guy he had to leave the ring playing the theme from Pink Panther!.

    ~ Suddenly Chubby sees Mr.Willis in the crowd. Chubby jumps up from his seat and greets Willis with a smile.~

    Chubby Carlos: Hey dude! Willis man, good to see you this party just getting started here. Thank God you’re here dude because between you and me these Canucks are a little nutty.

    ~ Willis stares at the man drinking maple syrup and wearing moose antlers on his head seemingly at a loss for words. He’s about to say something when suddenly Chubby puts his hand up silencing him.~

    Chubby Carlos: Shhh…. Do you sense it? Do you feel it? Do you feel the excitement in the air of having the two most awesome wrestlers of all time on the same team! The planet might just explode due to sheer awesomeness! Together you and I we’ll take over America! No wait! Chubby Carlos and Mr. Willis will take over North America! America, America! The world! The Universe! The Milky Freaking Way! You and I are going to fight for truth, justice and Rock and Roll! Defeating evil where ever we go! Its gonna epic! The only problem now is what to call ourselves… Chubby Willis? Mr. Carlos? I don’t know what do you think?

    ~ . Mr. Willis smiles as he places his hand on the shoulder of Carlos and looks at the camera man.~

    Mr. Willis: I knew that teaming with this man right here would be well out of the ordinary but you know what? I can dig it. As for a team name Chubby, well how about the Party Seekers? I mean you like to party..... a lot and well so do I so I can uses to rocking Adrenaline Rush and wrestling world but down to business as we get started, boots to asses is a must for when we step in to the ring with Diego and Rolando .... boots to asses I say!

    ~ Chubby Carlos sits down at the bar as he reaches over and pulls a bottle from behind the counter. Willis sits next to him as the camera man remains there, Chubby pours three shots as he slides one over to Willis and hands one to the camera man.~

    Camera Man: Sorry I don't drink.

    ~ Willis and Chubby stare at the camera man as they answer the camera man in unison ~

    Mr. Willis & Chubby Carlos: What you mean you don't drink?

    Camera Man: I don't drink, why is that so hard to believe?

    ~ Willis and Chubby turn their backs as they each take a shot of Jack Daniels. Willis looks over to Chubby. ~

    Chubby Carlos: So Willis, me and you delivering boots to asses on Adrenaline Rush. Rolando and Diego will not stand a snow ball of a chance against the Party Seekers, we stand for the right of the world and probably the best tag team since r2d2 and c3po.

    Mr. Willis: I get to be r2d2....

    Chubby Carlos: DAMN IT!!!! but Rolando and Diego will not know what hit them because we are awesome x2, NO!!! x100, NO!!! x100,000, NO!!!!! x MOTHER FREAKING INFINITY!!!!! and we will not be stopped .... high five buddy!!!

    ~ Willis and Chubby do the corniest looking high five ever as the bartender brings them more to drink. Willis sits there sipping his drink as he sees a very attractive female sitting a few seats over as Willis slowly gets up and goes to talk to her. Chubby see's this as he screams to Willis.~

    Chubby Carlos: HEY!!! See if she has a friend. I'm working on putting together a dance dance revolution team and I need to get one more person!

    ~ Chubby drains his glass and sets it back down on the table before turning to the camera. ~

    Chubby Carlos: So as you can see me and Willis get along just fine. "The Party Seekers" I like that and in tag team competition that is oh so important and tonight we going to prove it in the main event where I belong! Were going to show that Mr. Willis and Chubby Carlos are the best damn wrestlers on the planet. How can I be so confident that we'll win? Well for one I'm Chubby Carlos and two were facing the most vile combination of evil since the Jonas brothers! Rolando Fuentes and Diego Gonzales. To be honest dude I don't think I have it in me to face Diego again. I mean did you see Uprising? He destroyed me! He gave me the beating of my life! I don't think I can ever walk again let alone compete! It looked like Diego proved once and for all that- What a sec. something coming back to me... Hold on.... I seem to remember hitting Diego with fastfoods and then BEATING HIM! Ohhh did that sting Diego? I bet it did. I’ll give credit where credit is due. He took me to hell and back! He tried every dirty trick in his playbook but he just couldnt keep me down. How does it feel Diego? How does it feel to know that you hit with everything you had but you couldn’t keep me down. At uprising I delivered on my promise and made you eat you’re words and prove just how worthless I really am and tonight? Tonight I’m going to prove it again! The Ice man on the other hand? Lets just say he's going to brought down a few levels by us tonight. He’s the most arrogant wrestler on the planet and I’m honestly surprised that you head can actually fit in a room because you’re damn ego. You wanna talk about boots to asses? Well this guy is a master of hands to asses! Because your ass is practically your own ventriloquist! He like to talk about everyone he’s beaten but guess what? He hasn’t beaten anyone until he’s beaten me! And if you think that’s going easy just talk to Diego about our match! These guys can't work together their egos are just too big! While me and Willis are going to show that we are the better team the most effective team and most importantly the winning team!

    ~ Chubby turns back around to see how Willis is doing with the girl. They both seem to hitting it off as Willis starts working his mojo. ~

    Cameraman: Whatever Willis is saying to her sees to working .

    ~Chubby grins at the camera and whispers under his breath.~

    Chubby Carlos: Three...Two...One

    ~ Pow! The girl angrily slaps Mr.Willis right in the face and leaves her table in clear anger. Willis holds his bright red cheek in pain and embarrassment while Chubby just laughs his ass off as Willis walks back to the table in defeat.

    Chubby Carlos: Dude what the hell did you say to her? ....Also why is there a purple parrot on your shoulder? Can I pet it?

    Mr. Willis: Well , I was talking to the chick and I started to make my move and then I realized that this girl looks familiar. As I sit there with her, then I realized that I knew her sister and well she felt victim to the Mr. Willis - nail and bail program so I informed her about that and well it turns around that her sister attempted suicide over it and I try to tell her that it wasn't my fault but I get the slap across the face.

    ~Clearly the drink is getting to Chubby as he having trouble putting words together.~

    Chubby Carlos: I seriously love you dude.

    ~Willis takes another shot as he looks at Chubby.~

    Mr. Willis: Why wouldn't you, I am a sexy beast baby. Though Rolando and Diego won't be getting any love when we take our boots and shove it so far up their asses that they will need to use our shoe laces as dental floss. Ass kicking is the goal and victory is the mission and we will complete the mission.

    ~Mr. Willis goes to take a shot as the camera man asks a question.~

    Cameraman: Showtime arrived at Uprising, what are your thoughts on that?

    Mr. Willis: I really don't care about that right about now, I am just looking for a fine female to join me and BANG!!! BANG!!!! BANGITY!!! BANG!!!!

    ~Mr. Willis looks away from the camera as he scoops out for chicks as the camera man looks at Chubby Carlos.~

    Chubby Carlos: Dude what are the bets that Fuentes and Diego even make it to Adrenaline Rush without tearing each other apart? There's no way they’re going to work together! Fuentes will probably be all like ...

    ~Chubby starts to speak in a fake deep sounding voice.~

    Chubby Carlos: I am the Ice man! I’m the greatest wrestler in the world blah blah blah, I am the better than everyone else in CWA yada yada yada. You sir are not worthy to team with me ha ha ha!!" and Diego Gonzales will be like

    ~Chubby tries to mimics Diego Gonzales wide eyed stare and starts to speak in a paranoid whisper.~

    Chubby Carlos: “The man is trying to keep Diego Gonazles by making me team with you! You see you say your my partner but I see through the conspiracy! The magical elfs in my head told me that you're going to betray me! Blah,blah conspiracy blah!" And then Fuentes will be all like " YOU DARE INSULT THE SECOND COMING OF ROBERT VAN WINKLE!!? I challenge you to a duel sir!" Then he pulls out his light-saber and Diego pulls out his nunchucks and then-

    ~Suddenly Chubby gets interrupted by Mr.Willis running pass him at a rapid pace.~

    Mr.Willis: Calm down man! She came on to me!

    ~The reason for Mr.Willis sudden appearance is quickly revealed as the large and angry looking bartender pushes past Chubby and looks at Mr.Willis with murder written all over his face.~


    Mr Willis: All I said was she didn't sweat that much for a fat chick. What? Its a compliment!

    ~Chubby sensing trouble stands up from his seat and steps in between the two trying to defuse the situation.~

    Chubby Carlos: Dude calm down, peace, love and polka dots! Please excuse my friend. He's had a bit too much to drink. So have I for that matter…I think I’m starting to hear colours…

    Bartender: I don't care! I'm going to rip both you and that pervert limb from limb!

    Chubby Carlos: Whoa whoa whoa!! Before you do something stupid I think its only fair for you to know that we are highly trained athletics and if you attack us I'll have to--

    ~Before Chubby tells them what he is going to do the bartender quickly takes a double barrel shotgun from behind the counter and points it at our heroes.~

    Chubby Carlos-....Apologies for getting in your way good sir. Wow look at the time I need to get home! But you feel free to deal with this disgusting pervert whoever he is! He must be sick in the head to insult such a fine upstanding gentleman such as yourself! Well bye now!

    ~Chubby tries to leave but the bartender cocks his gun causing Chubby to freeze in place.~

    Bartender: Oh no you don't! You think you two can come into my bar and insult my wife and get away with it? Your both going to pay!

    ~Chubby inches over to Mr. Willis and whispers in his ear.~

    Chubby Carlos: Dude this guy is nuts! Were in a tight jam here man. If you have any bright ideas on how to escape this guy I would love to hear it!

    ~Mr. Willis scratches his chin contemplating what to do, and then really fast he slaps the shotgun that the Bartender is holding up in the air and it FIRES!!!!!!. Willis snatches a bottle of Scotch off the bar table as he, Chubby and the camera man run like hell out of the bar. They run down the street and down the block as they stop infront of a hotel and it is the hotel where Mr. Willis is staying at. Willis looks at Chubby Carlos.~

    Mr Willis: I got Call of Duty upstairs, you ok to play?

    Chubby Carlos: Awesome! Let’s do it dude!

    ~ Chubby Carlos starts walking forward …. and instantly falls straight to the ground in a drunken state. Willis tries to help him up but Chubby snatches the bottle out of Willis's hand and guzzles it down. Willis walks in the hotel as Chubby sits on the front steps of the building before he just passes out on the ground. The scene goes to black as the segment comes to an end. ~

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush Promos - March 7th

    ok I serously need to work out some stuff.

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