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Thread: CWA Adrenaline Rush - Live from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada!

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    CWA Adrenaline Rush - Live from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada!

    Instead of the opening video that we are all accustomed to, a video plays where the scene opens up inside of a business lobby where Megan Anderson is seen speaking on her cell phone, and once she finishes her call she looks in to the camera. The sold out Canadian crowd shows absolutely no remorse as they boo relentlessly at the image of Megan on the big screen.

    Megan Anderson: Good evening.

    The fans just continue with the onslaught of booing, but Megan pays them no mind.

    Megan Anderson: Now, first of all, allow me to apologize that I was unable to grace you Canadians with my presence, but I had more pressing matters to attend to today. Iím sure by now all of you have seen what transpired on the last edition of Pride N Honorís High Voltage, where I was invited by that bumbling fool Orlando Maxwell, and he doesnít even the audacity to apologize to me publicly after one his talents invaded my show and assaulted one of my superstars.

    The crowd doesnít really know how to respond to that, so thereís a mixed reaction.

    Megan Anderson: Then all of the sudden that no good, arrogant, scumbag Mr. Showtime waltzes in, and runs my name in to the ground. He had the nerve to humiliate me on national television!

    Megan calms herself down before continuing.

    Megan Anderson: Mr. Showtime, do you think Iím going to let you get away with what youíve done? Do you think that just because Iím a woman that Iím just going to stand idly by while you try to tear down what my Father created? No, I will not allow that to happen, and Maxwell donít think Iíve forgotten about you because you have just as big a role in this as Showtime does. You know where Iím at? Iím at the law offices where I just met with my attorneys, and as of today Iím officially announcing that Iím suing Jimmy Van for everything that heís worth. Iím not going to let sit back while his talents run amuck, come on my show, and assault my talent. No, that will not happen on my watch. Jimmy, once Iím finished with you youíll be out on the streets digging through some filthy garbage container, and begging for change in front of a liquor store and eventually someone will feel some pity for you. Then once you're sucking down on that bottle of booze, drowning away your sorrows, thinking about all the millions you lost. I also want you think about the one person that's responsible for you losing all of your money, and the reason why you're out on the streets, and that person is yourself. You'll only have yourself to blame because if you would have just kept your superstars in line, then none of this would be happening, but now it has and I've been given no other alternative.

    Megan smirks as the crowd still doesnít know how to react.

    Megan Anderson: You wanted a war Showtime, well you got it, but let me warn you that this is a war that you won't win. I guarantee it, and as for you Jimmy Van, see you in court.

    She smirks again as she gets up, and walks out of the building as we cut to our intro video.

    As the opening video comes to an end the cameras quickly pan over the crowd before going down to Clint Shepard and Tim Coleman at the commentary table.

    Clint Shepard: Good evening fans, and welcome to another edition of Adrenaline Rush! I'm The True Icon, Clint Shepard

    Tim Coleman: and I'm Tim Coleman!

    Clint Shepard: Fans you heard right, at the top of the show our boss Megan Anderson had some harsh words for PnH's owner Jimmy Van, Orlando Maxwell, and Mr. Showtime. After Mr. Showtime's assault on The Ultimate Pain, Megan has taken action into her own hands by suing Jimmy Van. Do you feel that was the right thing to do Tim?

    Tim Coleman: Of course it is Clint! What Showtime did to Pain was uncalled for, and the swine didn't even have enough decency to apologize to Megan in person! Like Megan said, Jimmy Van needs to learn how to control his talent, so Van is getting what he had coming to him.

    Clint Shepard: Well, that may be your opinion, but I think otherwise yet I don't feel like getting in to that just now. Anyways, speaking of The Ultimate Pain, he was crowned as the new World Champion at Uprising after defeating his long time rival Roberto. I'm sure we'll be hearing from Pain tonight on it feels to be champion again, and what he thinks of this whole situation with Showtime.

    Tim Coleman: Also, we'll be hearing from the former champion Roberto, and what he thinks about Austerio being revealed as the masked man that has been attacking him.

    Clint Shepard: Before all of that takes place let's get to the action.

    vs vs

    The referee calls for the bell and this Triple Threat match between Trainwreck, Christian Bane, and Thomas Jones is underway! The three men circle each other for a bit, but all three are hesitant to make the first move. Thomas Jones and Trainwreck locked eyes and nod, and both run in for the attack on Christian Bane. They pound away at him in the corner as the referee tells them to let him out of the corner. Neither of them listen as they keep hitting Bane with axe handles and forearms to the back. They double irish whip Bane into the opposite corner. Trainwreck and Jones use a tag team manuever, as Trainwreck irish whips Jones into Bane, and Jones nails a SHOULDER THRUST to the midsection. Jones comes back to high five Trainwreck, but Trainwreck won't have it and drops Jones with a CLOTHESLINE! Trainwreck begins to stomp away on Jones. Bane is back up in the corner and comes in to drop Trainwreck from behind with a DOUBLE HAMMERFIST to the back! Bane alternates stomping away at each man, eventually pushing Trainwreck out of the ring. Bane sets his focus on Jones, who's back up and nails Bane with shots to the stomach and chest. The fans are cheering a bit, and Bane fights back, causing the fans to boo. They exchange blows, but Jones eventually gets the upper hand. Jones tries to irish whip Bane into the opposing ropes, but Bane counters. Jones hits the ropes and has a counter of his own in his head, as he drops Bane with a NECKBREAKER! Jones goes for the pin!



    Trainwreck breaks up the pin out of nowhere! Trainwreck goes for the pin on Bane, as well!




    Clint Shepard: This one is already off the to a quick start with these three hungry up and comers looking for a win.

    Tim Coleman: Bane and Trainwreck already have somewhat of a history, but now they have to deal Jones, who's just looking for a fight. Whoever wins will definitely make a good impression here.

    Jones breaks up the pin. Trainwreck and Jones argue for a bit and Trainwreck clocks him with a right hand and the a vicious DDT! Luckily, Jones rolls out of the ring. Trainwreck focuses on Bane now, stomping away and dropping a few knee drops to the head of Bane. Trainwreck starts to taunt the fans, but Jones is up on the outside. He grabs the leg off Trainwreck and pulls him out of the ring. He rocks him with right hands and then throws him into the barricade! He grabs him again and throws Trainwreck into the steel steps! The steps come apart from the impact! Trainwreck is being torn apart! Joes slides back into the ring and goes to work on Bane! He irish whips Bane into the corner and nails him with a CLOTHESLINE in the corner. Now he's looking for the ICE DAGGER! But, Bane is fighting back! Bane hits the right hands. Bane irish whips Jones into the ropes, and Jones comes back with a CLOTHESLINE, but Bane ducks it. Jones hits the opposite ropes, and Bane catches him, lifting him up for the BANE EXISTENCE! But, Trainwreck slides back into the ring, and nails Bane!


    He nailed it! Jones falls to the mat and out of the ring as Trainwreck covers Bane for the cover!




    Trainwreck wins the match!

    Lindsey Monahan:
    Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner at a time of 7 minutes and 56 seconds.... TRAINWRECK!
    Clint Shepard: A big win here tonight for Trainwreck, and he goes 2-0.

    Tim Coleman: He has definitely put the locker room on notice, so if I were the others in the back I'd watch out

    The camera pans to the back, and you see Rolando Fuentes on the phone.

    Rolando Fuentes: Oh donít worry this plan will be coming through the pipe soon, no need to worry. Some of it may just happen tonight. Just keep watching, donít worry your name wonít be dropped, it will be a huge shock to everyone!!

    Quickly the interviewer comes running to Rolando Fuentes, and puts the microphone in his face.

    Interviewer: What was that we heard on the phone? What are you planning?

    Rolando Fuentes: You donít have to worry your head about that. When the time is right you will find out what I am planning, but I will let you in on a little secret. One year ago, almost to the day I was asked to join the greatest group in wrestling history! I joined the Lakers, the Heat, and the Yankees all rolled in one. The Elite rolls off wrestling fans tongues when talking about the greatest group in wrestling lore! You hear about D-X, The Four Horsemen, Evolution, nWo, and you hear The Elite!!! We had championships, money, women, cars, and we can lavish ourselves with the greatest training facilities in the world, that is why The Elite have more championships than any group combined! We have held it all! With this said it is time for me to break off from The Elite. It is time for The Elite to die, and let them be the greatest group in history. There is no more dusting off the diamond and hoping it will polish. Under The Elite I was under certain rules, certain restrictions, and no matter what I did, no matter what I did, I could not get under the weight of just how great the Elite was. I have held the Continental Championship and the World Championship, but I could not get under the pressure of the Elite. No matter what I did, I was hearing about the accomplishments of the other members of the Elite, so itís time for me to break off. Itís time for me to start a new Franchise! The Elite has given me everything I have right now, and just like an old player on a baseball team, the person made so much money they can purchase their own team, and so that is what I am doing! I am starting my new team, my new franchise, and our goal is to be the best of all-time! I want to take the Elite out as the top name in the wrestling business!

    Interviewer: What a new team here in CWA???

    Rolando Fuentes: You must not be very smart, with all of the changes coming to the CWA I will not be buried down at the bottom, and so itís time to make an impact like I have never made before! This group can only be named one thing, could only be named after one thing, and that is complete and total Anarchy! Welcome to the age of Anarchy, and with this said I will be scouting every wrestling organization for the best talent! No stone will be unturned, and so in the name of Anarchy, in the name of what Anarchy expresses, let me introduce you to the very first member of Anarchy! Who could I trust more than any person in wrestling? Who is the one man I think will have my back no matter what goes on? There is only one person I could have thought of. We beat on each other for six straight months, there was no tricks with him, he came out, and his one goal was to kick my ass every night we got inside that ring, the only person I could trust, the only person I know that I would respect enough to have my back as I would have his! DIEGO GONZALES!!!!!!!

    Diego Gonzales comes into the screen, and Rolando shakes his hand, and then they give each other a mad respect hug. Rolando looks very confident as Diego looks into the camera, and starts to speak.

    Diego Gonzalez:
    You heard right, and I bet you're all asking yourselves, "Why Diego, why Rolando?"

    Interviewer: Yes, why him?

    Rolando looks offended as Gonzalez shoots the young man a glare.

    Diego Gonzalez: Your ignorance astounds me, now if you would allow me to finish I was about to get to that.

    The interview quickly composes himself, and apologizes.

    Diego Gonzalez: Now, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, I bet you're all asking yourselves, "Why Diego why?"A man that I have a history with, a man that I know very well. There was a time we despised each other, and we quabbled over the Continental title. That's the past now though, and now I see clearly I see that we both share similar feelings. We both feel as though we've been stepped on by everyone in this company, made out to be jokes. Well, that all changes tonight with Chubby Carlos and Mr. Willis.

    Interviewer: Any words for Chubby Carlos?

    Diego Gonzalez: Carlos, at Uprising you got lucky, but your luck runs out tonight after I choke the life out of you, or whatever is left of it anyway. You think what I did to you at Uprising was bad? After you feel what I put you through tonight Uprising will feel like a walk in the park. I know I made the promise of beating you within an inch of your life at Uprising, but tonight I will go through with that promise. You know why? Because I'm a man of my word.

    Interviewer: What about Mr. Willis?

    Diego Gonzalez: He's just like Carlos, a fake, a phony, pathetic, selfish. He's always had whatever he's wanted handed to him on a silver platter, while guys like myself and Rolando get nothing in return. That's going to change because just like I did to Carlos, I'll do to him and expose him as the phony he is to entire world. There's nothing that he, or Carlos. You see it's like I said, it all starts tonight. Tonight, the world won't see Rolando and I as a joke, but as a force to be reckoned with. Carlos and Willis are the first of many to experience it.

    Rolando laughs as he puts his arm around Gonzalez shoulder.

    Diego Gonzalez: Consider yourself lucky boys, because tonight you're about to be introduced to a little...Anarchy!

    The two walk off leaving the interviewer in shock as we go to commercial


    Clint Shepard: Welcome back fans, and you heard right. Rolando Fuentes and Diego Gonzalez have formed a team, and are calling themselves Anarchy.

    Tim Coleman: I like it! I agree with Diego that he and Rolando have pushed around for far too long now, and they plan to show everyone why they aren't to be taken lightly.

    Clint Shepard: Well moving on, next up we have Dan Maskell going one on one with Cesar Pineda.

    Tim Coleman: That's right Clint, and Dan can't be thrilled about not walking out of Uprising as the X-Fly champion, so if I were Pineda I would be careful.

    Clint Shepard: You may be right, but Pineda has been on a losing streak as of late, and I'm sure he'll do anything to pick up a win here tonight.

    Tim Coleman: The only way I see him winning is by pure luck, but I really don't see lady luck being on Pineda's side tonight.

    Clint Shepard: Well, don't count him out yet he may surprise you, Pineda is a tremendous talent but he's been in a slump as of late. Let's not waste any further time though, and get to the match.

    With that "The Calm" hits as Cesar Pineda quickly makes his way to the ring, and not even acknowledging the fans in attendance.

    Lindsay Monahan: Introducing first, from Chicago, Illinois, he is The Mexican Nightmare Cesar Pineda!

    After Lindsay's announcement the sound of "What I've Done" blares through the arena as Dan Maskell steps through the curtain to a chorus of booing from the crowd.

    Lindsay Monahan: Introducing his opponent, from Essex, England, he is The Patron Saint of Pain Dan Maskell!


    Maskell wastes no time as he gets in the ring, and goes right for Pineda as he tackles him to the ground. Referee Karl Rooney signals for the bell, and this match is underway as Maskell is on the early attack as he has Pineda down on the mat and rains down on him with fists until Rooney forces him to break the attack.

    Clint Shepard: Maskell certainly showing a lot of aggression in the early minutes of this match.

    Tim Coleman: That's exactly what I like to see from him.

    Maskell curses at Rooney before stopping the attack, and then before Pineda can even get up Maskell stomps down on him with some vicious kicks to his chest and stomach. Rooney once again tells Dan to ease up, and Maskell yells at Rooney some more. Maskell lifts Pineda up off the mat, and he hits him with Long Road Back! He then goes for a pin.

    One, two, no!

    Pineda gets a shoulder up at two, and Maskell gets Pineda in the position for London Dungeon but Pineda is able to escape it, turn around in time to hit Maskell with a belly to belly overhead suplex! Upon landing Maskell winces in pain as he holds his back, and Pineda doesn't waste time as he lifts Maskell up and nails him with Bullet to the Back! Adding further damage Maskell's back as Pineda goes for the cover this time.

    One, two, no!

    Maskell gets a shoulder up this time, and Pineda goes for a shining wizard, but Maskell avoids it and grabs Pineda from behind with a quick roll up.

    One, two, no!

    Clint Shepard: What a quick, fast paced match this has been so far. Both of these men showing their willingness to stay in this match.

    Pineda is quick to his, and before Dan can get up he's hit with a shining wizard kick! Pineda climbs to the top rope, and goes for Flipping the Bird but Maskell is able to scoot out of the way just in the nick of time and that causes Pineda to crash and burn to the mat. Now Maskell climbs the turnbuckle, and hits It's Showtime! Maskell goes for a cover.

    One, two, no!

    Pineda barely kicks out as Maskell can't believe it.

    Clint Shepard: What heart being shown here by Pineda!

    Tim Coleman: More like stupidity.

    Maskell shouts at Pineda to just stay down, but Pineda responds back with punches to the head of Maskell as he gets up, and backs Maskell in the corner. He lays in to Maskell with punches, and counting along with each punch. He has Maskell in position for a top rope hurricanrana, but Maskell is able to counter it and Pineda does his best to fight out of Maskell's grip but it's too late as Maskell connects with a vicious powerbomb!

    Clint Shepard: What a move by Maskell!

    Tim Coleman: Pineda is done.

    The crowd is chanting "This is awesome!" as Maskell doesn't go for a cover but instead he sets Pineda up on the top turnbuckle, and from the top rope he connects with Big Ben Bash! The crowd is goes in to an absolutel frenzy after that move, and Maskell is slow to make the cover but he does.

    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner by submission at 10 minutes 8 seconds, Dan Maskell!

    Maskell is declared the winner as he just stares down at the broken body of Cesar Pineda, and before leaving he spits on Pineda. The referee yells at Maskell to leave as more referees come down to check on Pineda.

    Clint Shepard: What an ultimate sign of disrespect! You won the match, enough is enough.

    Tim Coleman: Dan doesn't care about respect, he just wants to hurt people and prove a point. He did just that tonight.

    Clint Shepard: Well, regardless of that, I think Pineda is going to need some help out here. He hasn't moved in minutes.

    Referees check on Pineda, and signal for the EMTs to come down to check on Pineda.

    Clint Shepard: Folks, I'm being told that we have to go to commercial while this situation gets handled.

    Pineda is seen being liften on to a stretcher, and being carted out of the arena as the goes to commercial.


    The show returns from the commercial break and instantly we are welcomed by Roberto's entrance music. Like usual everyone goes nuts, as the former World Champion makes his way out and he doesn't look too happy and rightfully so. At the last Pay-Per-View, Austerio was revealed as the masked man and to make things even worse, he cost Roberto his World Title. Everyone's hero is in his street clothing and he is still wearing his shirt that says Champ of the World. Even without the Title, Roberto is still a champion, according to all his fans anyway. Roberto quickly gets in the ring and asks for a mic, which Lindsay hands to him.

    Roberto: "At Uprising the all world saw what happened. Because of Austerio I lost my Title. He has taken it upon himself to make my life a living hell these past few months. It seems he is sick and tired of being just another wrestler on the roster and decided to make a name for himself at my expense. Well, if noticed is what he wanted to achieve, he has succeeded and he has succeeded well. But be careful of what you wish for Austerio, because now you have to deal with the very best CWA has to offer. I might not have the Title, but I am still the Champ of the World."

    Roberto pauses, as people give him a standing ovation. The fans here tonight are completely behind the Cult of Personality.

    Roberto: "But enough talking Austerio, I know you're in the building, so get out here, so I can make you famous and fulfill your dreams like you want me to."

    Roberto drops the mic and motions for Austerio to get his ass out to the ring. It doesn't take long for Austerio's music to play and the masked man to come out. The fans welcome the masked man with boos and jeers and they are so loud, that it is deafening. Austerio has the biggest smile on his face and a he already has a microphone in his hand. It looks like he is not planning on coming down to the ring, instead he is just going to do his talking on top of the entrance stage. That's a very smart move by the God of Death.

    Austerio: "Roberto, how are you doing my friend?"

    Austerio laughs, as Roberto motions for him to get inside the ring. Austerio answers no with his finger, before continuing...

    Austerio: "All in due time Roberto, all in due time. First let me tell you why I decided to make your life a living hell. I've been in CWA for a very long time now and yet it doesn't matter how matches I win or how many guys I beatdown, nobody seems to be giving me my respect. So I did, what I had to do, I went out there and made some noise and guess what Roberto? People are now paying attention to me, including you. I've called you out over and over in the past, but you kept ignoring me and disrespecting me. Are you still ignoring me now Roberto?"

    Austerio once again begins laughing like a crazy maniac, as the fans let him have it. Austerio though seems to enjoy the fans booing him. For once the world is paying attention to him.

    Austerio: "No, you are not anymore Roberto, because I have cost you your World Heavyweight Championship belt. I did that to you Roberto, ME, Austerio, the God of Death. Everything about you I despise, Roberto. I hate your guts. The Cult of Personality, The Champ of the World, you think you are the best damn thing CWA has, well, YOU ARE NOT!!! I am and I will prove it to you and to the all world on April 18 at the In Exile PPV."

    The arena explodes, as it looks like Austerio and Roberto will most likely do battle at In Exile. A smiling Roberto can't believe it. He looks around the arena and asks the crowd if what he heard is right.

    Austerio: "That's right Roberto, I challenge you to a match at In Exile and I will beat you. Not only I will kill the legend that is Roberto Superstar, but I will also get my fame and fortune."

    Austerio throws his mic down and just stares straight at Roberto. It is a very intense stare down which has every fan in this arena excited. At in Exile these two will do battle in the middle of the ring and the fans know it will be a good one. With that, we go to another commercial.


    Clint Shepard: Well, fans we just heard from Roberto, and it's been made official that he and Austerio go one on one at In Exile. Also, during our last match between Cesar Pineda and Dan Maskell, Pineda was seriously hurt and was taken a local medical facility to be further checked on. No update as of now, but we'll be sure to keep you posted.

    Tim Coleman: Well, enough about that, and on to a more lighter note and that's the X-Fly championship. Tonight we'll see the champion DDD take on number one contender, Derek Vendra, and I'll be the first to admit that I don't really care for either man but there's no doubt that it'll be one to remember.

    Clint Shepard: Right you are Tim, and what an opportunity for the young Derek Vendra. In such a short time here he's accomplished so much, and tonight he hopes it'll all be worth it.

    Tim Coleman: Yeah, but it's going to be an easy task. DDD has been on somewhat of a role as of late, and looks to continue it by any means necessary. Derek wants that title as much as DDD doesn't want to lose his grasp on it, so if I were Derek I'd bring my A game out here against the champ.

    With that "Evolution (Entering the World)" blares through the arena as Derek Vendra runs out from behind the curtain to a standing ovation from the sold out Canadian crowd. He sprints down to the ring in classic green tight shorts and his t-shirt, and quickly slides in before taking off his shirt and tossing it in to the crowd.

    Lindsay Monahan: Introducing first the challenger, from New York, NY he is The Man With No Fear Derek Vendra!

    Vendra hypes himself up as the sound of "Conscience Killer" fills the arena, and out steps DDD to another standing ovation from the crowd. He stops at the entrance ramp, yells out "It's Awesome Time!" before making his way to the ring.

    Lindsay Monahan: Introducing next he is the current and defending X-Fly Champion, hailing from Austin, Texas he is Dexter Darwin Douglas!


    Both competitors shake hands as this match is underway, and right away they go in to a lock up where DDD gets Vendra in a headlock, but before DDD can do anything Vendra is able to reverse it by taking DDD's arm behind his back and twists at it before attempting a German suplex but as he does it DDD is able to get out of the move and quickly lands on his feet. Before DDD can even react Vendra is quick on the move as he hits DDD with a pele kick that takes the champ down. Vendra runs off the ropes, and almost attempts to go for a leaping leg drop but he sees DDD has already kipped up, and before he can stop himself he's met with an elbow to the face that stops him dead in his tracks then DDD grabs Vendra and tosses him in to the corner. He then backs up before running at Vendra, and nails him with a corner yakuza kick! Vendra slumps down to the mat as DDD covers him.

    One, two, no!

    Clint Shepard: Vendra showing he's not giving up not that easily, you have to admire that.

    Tim Coleman: No I don't.

    DDD picks Vendra up, and puts him back in the corner and goes on the attack with repeated kicks to the chest of Vendra, and finishes it off with a kick to the head that has Vendra drop to the mat again and DDD goes in for the cover again.

    One, two, no!

    Vendra kicks out again, and as DDD goes is in the pick Vendra up he's caught in a quick roll up pin from Vendra.

    One, two, no!

    DDD kicks out this time, and kips up immediately realizing that he was just played for a fool. Before he can anything about he's met with a dropkick from Vendra that sends toppling to the floor outside. Vendra anxiously waits for DDD to get up, and once DDD is up he goes for a diving crossbody to the mat below! The crowd is going wild for this action as the referee makes the count.

    Clint Shepard: This has been a very exciting, fast paced, back and forward match so far.

    The referee's count has reach 5 when both men start to stir, and they both immediately roll back in to the ring and back to their feet. Before DDD can do anything he's met with a hurricanrana from Vendra that sends him across the ring, and DDD is up after the move and is met with another hurricanrana but this time it's in to a pinning maneuver!

    One, two, no!

    DDD stays alive in this match, and heís up heís met with a spinning heel kick to the temple and he falls to the mat. Vendra then connects with Standing in Hollywood! Another pin attempt by Vendra.

    One, two, no!

    DDD kicks out again, and Vendra canít believe it but he doesnít let frustration get the better of him. He sets DDD up, and connects with Avada Kedavra! He then climbs to the top rope, but before he can do anything DDD is right back up to his feet and climbs up to the top rope with Vendra. Vendra tries his best fend off DDD, but DDD will not budge and heís able to hit Vendra with a belly to belly suplex off the top rope! Vendra is sent across the ring like a rag doll, and DDD goes over to Vendra and hits him with D3! He goes for the cover.

    One, two, three!

    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner at 11 minutes 10 seconds, and still the X-Fly champion Dexter Darwin Douglas!

    As heís announced as the winner DDD is handed back his title, and he sees Vendra having trouble getting up to his feet. He goes over to help him, and then offers him a handshake. Vendra accepts the handshake, and then leaves as DDD celebrates his win.

    Tim Coleman: Well partner I just got word that the CWA Tag Team champions are on their way to the ring to issue a challenge? This should be THRILlingÖ.

    Clint Shepard: I can sense that sarcasm in your voice.

    Tim Coleman: Yeah well Iím not a fan of what these guys have done, downright robbing all the teams here to remain champions.

    Shepard: What are you babbling about? These guys have earned every victory theyíve gotten and they have the World Tag Team Titles to prove it.

    Coleman: Be that as it man, Iím told the New Brotherhood should be out any minÖ..

    *And as if on command the New Brotherhoodís music hits*

    *ĒHoly Diver, youíve been down too long in the midnight sea, OH whatís becoming of meeeeeĒ followed by brief static and the intro to Rainbow In The Dark*

    Shepard: And here they are, Kyle Crosby and The Guardian Devil are on their way. Would you listen to these fans?! They are come UNGLUED for the New Brotherhood!

    Coleman: Yeah I hear them, bunch of fools brainwashed by these guys!

    *The Brotherhood head out from backstage, stop and drink it all in. They both head towards opposite corners of the entrance to pump of the fans. GD in particular seems to be beside himself acting goofier than usual and the fans are loving every second of it. Crosby is in his usual getup but Devil is dressed in nothing but bright colored tights with arm tassels flailing about.

    *Crosby and Devil meet at the center of the entrance ramp and hit their signature BroFist Handshake straight out of Commando, as they do a loud explosion of pyro sets off behind them. Crosby gets ready to strut down to the ring, thinking GD would do the same as per the norm. Instead, Devil sprints off to the ring, leaving Crosby in his wake. GD dives into the ring and furiously shakes the ring ropes. As Crosby jumps off the turnbuckle after taunting, GD is still shaking the ropes, sweating profusely, refusing to quit. Crosby motions for a mic and taps GD on the shoulder to let him know heís ready to go.

    *GD stops shaking the ropes and begins to angrily run around the inside of the ring as hard as he can, while doing so, Kyle begins to speak*

    Crosby: Yes sir! The New Brotherhood, coming at you live and in living Technicolor!

    *The crowd pops massive for this, Crosby gazes over towards GD whoís still running*

    Crosby: Anyhow, we arenít here to go on one of these massive tirades the likes of Roberto and Ultimate Pain seem to enjoy so much. We just have a few things to say. First things first, weíve been Tag Champs for a few months and ever since my return, weíve been thrown into nothing but matches with the Gang Stars.

    *The crowd boos furiously at the one time fan favorites, GD continues to run*

    Crosby: And I donít know about you guys, but I am TIRED of dusting these fools week in/week out. Itís overdue, but we are beyond ready for a new challenge. So hereís the deal, The New Brotherhood is OFFICIALLY issuing an open challenge to any team back there that thinks they can dethrone this amount of awesome.

    *The fans cheer at the prospect of new blood being infused into the Tag Title picture.*

    Crosby: Now, we love having to whoop a bunch of gang banger ass every week, but itís really cutting into GDís gaming time and well, my relaxation time in general. So, we want a new challenge by next week, for the WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP! Any time, any place, any bat channel!

    *The crowd loves this idea*

    Crosby: Yeah, we thought you guys would like that. Tell em GD!

    *Almost on cue, GD collapses in a heap in the ring, completely blown up from his antics. He gets to his knees and gasps to catch his breath. Shaking from exhaustion, GD feebly grabs the ropes to pull himself up to grab the mic from Kyleís outstretched hand.*

    Crosby: Dude, what the hell? Are you on dem R.O.I.D.S. again? Do I need to call a bambulance?

    *As GD grabs the mic, seemingly near death, he nosells his exhaustion and begins to yell loudly, snarling and snorting the whole time*


    *The cameras pan over the crowd, a veritable sea of confusion. Many fans cheer, several are in stunned silence. A few stand there drooling over themselves in a frozen state. One man falls to the floor, having what appears to be a massive seizure from the words Devil has spoken*


    *GD runs off the ropes multiple times as Crosbyís jaw in agape.*

    Crosby: UhÖÖyep, the train has left the station. Anyways, CWA ownership, we await your decision. Thank you fans, GOOD NIGHT!!!!!!!

    *On that note, Crosby drops the mic and grabs GD mid-run to exit the ring. Their music hits and the fans, stunned as can be, burst into applause. GD leaps from the ring and shakes the bottom rope outside. Crosby shakes his head and grabs his arm*

    Crosby: Dude, are you smoking pcp again?

    GD: *stops* What, too much?

    Crosby: I mean it was good but I think you crippled a man via-seizure.

    GD: Sooooo, just enough?

    Crosby: Yeah no, it was right on the money. SoÖÖ..burritos?

    GD: Burritos.

    *On that note, GD spins around three times and bursts into a run towards the back. Crosby shakes his head, shrugs his shoulders and runs with him.*


    Adrenaline Rush returns from commercial and the lights in the arena almost instantly go out as the opening notes of Supernaut boom out of the sound system. Spotlights begin to zoom around tonightís crowd, who are already letting Ultimate Pain know exactly what they think of him before they have even saw him! As always, the spotlights all go out before one shines down on the middle of the entrance ramp where Ultimate Pain is standing in his usual pose, though for the first time in a long time, Pain also has a title in his hand! Pain holds this pose for a few seconds, staring out at the booing crowd, soaking up the electric atmosphere almost as if he thrives on their discontent.

    Pain then begins to march down the entrance ramp towards the ring. Pain still looks somewhat more dishevelled than usual. It appears that he has still not shaved since his victory at Uprising, his beard becoming very over-grown, and he is dressed down in jeans and his ďProperty of Nobody!Ē t-shirt. However, his trademark aviators have made a return! Pain reaches the end of the entrance ramp and climbs into the ring. He then poses on a turnbuckle on each side of the ring with his belt held high in the air much to the displeasure of most fans in attendance. With all his posing eventually finished, Pain is handed a microphone. It takes a few more seconds but the crowd does finally settle down to hear what Pain has to say.

    Ultimate Pain: ďFor the very few out there who donít know me, you are looking at the new CWA World Heavyweight ChampionÖĒ

    The crowd donít stay quiet for long as they instantly start a ďRobertoĒ chant, while Pain simply holds up his World Title once again!

    Ultimate Pain
    : ďNo, no, my name isnít Roberto. I think youíll find Iím better known by The Ulllltiimateee Paaaaiinnnnn!Ē

    This only infuriates the crowd even more, who continue to chant for their hero ďRobertoĒ.

    Ultimate Pain: ďIf youíd let me continue, Iíve came out here for three reasons tonight. The first is simply to show off this gorgeous piece of gold thatís currently draped over my shoulder!Ē

    The crowd are giving Pain a lot of heat tonight, booing almost his every sentence right now.

    Ultimate Pain: ďI said it would be mine again, and it shouldnít come as a surprise to anyone that Iím a man of my word. Iíve been obsessing over this title for a long time now and now I have it again I donít plan to lose it for a long, long time!Ē

    As if to show exactly what the CWA World Title means to Pain he takes a few seconds to stare at it before placing it back on his shoulder.

    Ultimate Pain
    : ďThe second reason Iím out here is to discuss the manner of my victory over Roberto at Uprising.Ē

    This starts the crowd off on another ďRobertoĒ chant, which seems to be getting under Painís skin a little.

    Ultimate Pain: ďRelax, relax. Iím not going to bad-mouth the man! I just want to clarify to Roberto first-hand that I had no part in Austerio interfering in our match, but Iím sure he already knows that. Thatís not how I wanted to defeat you Roberto, but it will always be in my nature to take advantage, so when the opportunity arose, thatís exactly what I did! Now I donít know what business Austerio has with you, but when youíre done with him Iím sure Iíll be ready to go at it with you one more time to finally settle whoís the best once and for all, because love you or hate you, I will always respect you!Ē

    This is very unlike him but the crowd seems to appreciate this almost sentimental moment from Pain with a few fans chanting ďOne More Match!Ē.

    Ultimate Pain: ďNow those two issues are cleared up, itís time to get down to the third and final reason that Iím out here...Showtime! I donít know who the hell you think are, but after my victory at Uprising you decided to jump me. Maybe youíre just after a moment or two in the limelight, or maybe youíre trying to get a spot on a real show so you go after the top dog in Ultimate Pain. All I know is you made a big mistake Showtime. That was meant to be my moment, and nobody should have taken that away from me, especially not someone who doesnít even belong in CWA!Ē

    Pain takes a moment to look around the crowd, who almost seem to be swaying some support towards Pain in this matter, before he continues.

    Ultimate Pain: ďIím guessing youíre so happy now the world is talking about you for something youíve done in the ring instead of your crappy movies that you wonít bother to come back to the big leagues! Youíll go back to where you belong, under a rock in PNH!Ē

    A small ďCWAĒ chant is starting to break out now in the arena.

    Ultimate Pain: ďBut if you are man enough to come back here, maybe the next time youíll come and talk to my face instead of jumping me from behind. You see the thing is Showtime, Iíve got unfinished business with you from last year so if you wanted to go all you had to do was say! The only problem is, as far as Iím aware, a PNH wrestler is only allowed to fight for their Mickey Mouse title so Iím afraid if the most prestigious title in wrestling is what you want Showtime...Ē

    Pain lifts his CWA World Title high in the air.

    Ultimate Pain: ď...youíre going to have to find a way around that before you get the chance to face me!"

    Pain drops his microphone and poses to the crowd once more as Adrenaline Rush goes to commercial.



    All four men are in the ring and they all come face to face. Exchanging words, it looks like they are about to come to blows, but the referee restores some order and separates the teams. All four men walk backwards to their corners, not taking their eyes off one another, exchanging words and profanities the whole time. The referee calls for the bell and this tag match is underway! Rolando Fuentes and Diego Gonzalez against Chubby Carlos and Mr. Willis, both teams are stacked with talent as this looks to be an explosive main event. It looks like Mr. Willis will start against Rolando Fuentes, and these two men have a history against each other. The fans are wild with anticipation! Mr. Willis comes in for a Collar Elbow tie up, but Fuentes won't have anything to do with it, kicking Willis in the gut and hitting some right hands! Willis falls on a knee as Rolando grabs the head, pulls him to the turnbuckle and slams Willis face first into it! Rolando keeps hold of the head and does it one more time! Willis falls to a seated position on the lowest turnbuckle, as Rolando is rocking him with right hands! The referee pulls Rolando off and tells him to let Willis have a chance to get up. It looks as if Rolando is going to comply, but has a sudden change of heart as he runs in again with more right hands to the head of Willis! Rolando pulls Willis to the middle of the ropes, hits a few right hands and a chop, before irish whipping his opponent into the opposing ropes! Rolando goes for a CLOTHESLINE, but Willis ducks. Both men hit the ropes and Willis fights back with a FLYING FOREARM, but Willis comes down on top of Fuentes with an ELBOW DROP to the heart! What a move! Willis covers Fuentes and the referee slides into position, but Rolando kicks out before the referee can even start a count. Rolando is up and Willis is right back on the attack, hitting a few chops to the chest of Fuentes. Willis goes for the irish whip, but Rolando reserves. He grabs Willis' head on the rebound and with one hand sends him sailing over the top rope! But, Willis was able to land safely on his feet, and he quickly climbs back onto the apron to stalk Fuentes, who is taunting Chubby Carlos in the corner. Willis leaps onto the top rope! Chubby smiles and laughs at Rolando, who is confused by the gesture. He turns around and gets nailed with a SPRINGBOARD CLOTHESLINE from Willis! Willis scrambles to Rolando for a cover, but Rolando is quick to get up. Willis instead goes for a HEADLOCK, but Rolando is quick to fight out with elbows to the stomach of Willis. Rolando hits a gut kick and a knee to the midsection of Willis, then rocks him with a right hand that knocks Willis to his back. Rolando goes to the corner and tag in his partner, Diego Gonzalez. Diego runs to capitalize on Rolando's right han, but Willis is already back to his feet and drops Diego with a CLOTHESLINE! Diego is up, but dazed, as Chubby gives him a jab from the apron and then Diego turns into another right hand from Willis, knocking him to the mat. Willis piks up Diego and puts him in the corner, as he tags in Chubby Carlos!
    Clint Shepard: Willis and Carlos with the early advantage.

    Tim Coleman: Hopefully that doesn't last long

    The crowd cheers loudly, as Chubby steps in and begins to stomp away at Diego. Chubby hits a hard chop as Diego stumbles away from the corner. Chubby grabs the head of Diego, but Diego uses an EYE RAKE to stop him. Diego irish whips Chubby into the corner and runs in for a CLOTHESLINE! He starts hitting chops to the chest of Chubby in the corner. After a few chops, Chubby quickly grabs Diego and puts him in the corner, and retaliates with chops of his own! chubby pulls Diego to the middle of the ropes and irish whips him across the ring. Diego comes back with a SHOULDER BLOCK, and Chubby hits the mat. Diego hits the ropes and Chubby quickly gets to his feet, nailing Diego with a knee to the midsection! He gets Diego in the suplex position and nails one! He rolls over, and lifts Diego, slamming him for a second! He rolls one more time, lifts Diego up, and drives him down for a third suplex!


    Chubby got all three suplexes! He covers Diego!




    Clint Shepard: Close call there, but Rolando makes the save for his team

    Tim Coleman: That was too close.

    Rolando breaks the pin! The referee lets Fuentes have an ear full, but not for long, as Willis comes running across the ring and nails Fuentes in the corner with a forearm! The referee tells Willis to get out of the ring and get back to his corner, which he complies. But, while the referee has his back turned, Fuentes and Gonzalez manage to lift Chubby up for a DOUBLE SUPLEX! Rolando quickly rolls to the apron, and the referee saw nothing. Diego brings Chubby to his feet and Diego takes him to his corner. He begins stomping away at Chubby, and Rolando comes in to help again! They're stomping away at Chubby, and then taunt him. But, that may not have been the smartest idea, as Chubby begins to fight back with right hands to both men! He rocks Rolando with a hard chop, and Rolando hits the mat and rolls out of the ring. Chubby focuses on Diego now. Chubby rocks him with right hands in the center of the ring! Diego tries to retaliate with one of his own, but Chubby catches the arm, lifts him and drives him to the mat!


    Rolando is back in the ring, but not for long, as Willis hits him with a dropkick before he can break up the pin and Rolando rolls to the outside once again! The referee lets Willis have it as he's telling him to stop interferring. The referee won't take his eyes off Willis! Chubby has had a pin for about 10 seconds, but he drops the leg and gets to his feet, wondering what's happening. With the referee yelling at Willis, Rolando slides in the ring behind Chubby and hits him between the legs!


    Clint Shepard: What a cheap shot!

    Tim Coleman: Rolando is just showing that he'll do anything to win, and I like that

    Rolando turns Chubby to his back and puts Diego on top. Fuentes runs over and rocks Willis with a right hand! Willis goes crashing to the mat. Fuentes hurries back to his corner and the referee goes for the count!





    Tim Coleman: That was three!

    Clint Shepard: No, that was two Tim, Fuentes took up too much time which gave enough time for Carlos to come back

    Chubby kicks out! The fans are going wild! Diego can't believe it, as he quickly hits mounted punches on Chubby and then begins stomping away at him! Diego hits the ropes and hits a KNEE DROP! Diego is furious! He starts choking Chubby! The referee gets to a four count and pulls Diego off, warning him of a disqualification. This allows Rolando to once again get involved, as he pulls Chubby out of the ring and throws him into the barricade! Diego picks up Chubby and rolls him back into the ring for Diego to pick him apart. Diego hits a few more stomps, but decides to tag in his partner, Rolando comes in and continues where Diego left off, stomping away at Chubby. Rolando puts Chubby in the corner and hits him with a right hand. But, Chubby has such an adrenaline flow from the fans cheering him on, and he rocks Rolando with a right of his own! Fuentes hits a right, and Chubby hits one even harder! Rolando goes for a third, but Chubby blocks it, coming back with a right of his own that sends Rolando to his back! Chubby lifts Rolando to his feet and puts him against the middle of the ropes. He irish whips Fuentes and waits for him on the rebound, but Rolando comes back with a NECKBREAKER! Both men are down and trying to crawl for their corners. The fans are cheering Chubby on, as he crawls to get to Willis. Willis is cheering Chubby on as well. Rolando makes it to the corner and tag in Diego! Chubby is almost there, but Diego grabs the ankle. Chubby gets up and stands on his free foot, and he turns around to knock Diego out with an ENZUIGIRI! Chubby jumps to the corner and makes the tag! Willis runs across the ring and nails Rolando with a shot, sending him off the apron! Willis stalks Diego from behind! Diego turns around and Willis gets him in position!

    D.T.E!!!! HE GOT IT!




    Rolando pulled the referee out of the ring! Chubby won't have this, as he runs around the ring and chases Rolando! Rolando begins to run around the ring, and then slides in. Chubby slides in right after him and Willis tries to drop Rolando with a CLOTHESLINE! But, Rolando ducks and Willis almost hits his own teammate. He stops before the contact, but Rolando shoves Willis into Chubby, and they bang heads! Willis and Chubby hit the mat and Rolando quickly shoves Chubby out of the ring with his boot. The referee is back in the ring and yelling at Rolando to get back to his corner! Rolando complies as he tries to cheer Diego on to make the tag. Diego is stirring, and so does Willis. Both men are crawling towards their corners. Willis is reaching as far as he can! Diego gets to the corner and tags in Rolando! Willis hears the tag and jumps to his corner! BUT, there's no tag! Chubby isn't there to make the tag! He's still out cold on the outside! Willis doesn't know what to do, and he quickly turns around to see Rolando Fuentes staring and smiling at him. Rolando runs in and begins pounding away with right hands and european uppercuts to Willis! He's going all out! He pulls Willis to the center of the ring and hits him with a SUPLEX! Chubby is regaining consciousness and is up to a knee. But, it may be too late. Rolando is taunting Willis now. He's yelling at Willis and slapping him in the head, telling him to get up. Rolando tries to pick him up, but Willis sweeps the legs and locks in the submission!



    But, Diego comes in and breaks the hold! The referee gives him an ear full as Chubby doesn't come at Diego, but instead climbs the ropes! The referees back is turned! Rolando rolls to his back, but he doesn't see Chubby! He leaps off the ropes!


    Chubby quickly gets to his feet as Diego runs at him! But, Diego gets nailed!


    Chubby hits the spear! Chubby rolls out of the ring and pulls Chubby with him! Willis is up and lifts Rolando to his feet. He's going for the finish! But, Rolando elbows him in the head and lifts him up for the ICE PICK! But, Willis lands behind him! Rolando tries to hit Willis with a SPIN AROUND CLOTHESLINE, but Willis ducks and catches him! He hits it!


    He got it! He goes for the cover!




    Willis and Chubby win!

    Lindsey Monahan: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winners at a time of 17 minutes and 51 seconds.... CHUBBY CARLOS and MR. WILLIS!!!

    The fans are going wild as Chubby slides in to celebrate with Willis, making sure he's ok.

    Tim Coleman: What a travesty!

    Clint Shepard: Big win here tonight for Carlos and Willis, and that's it for tonight fans! Good night from Canada!

    Carlos and Willis celebrate their victory as Gonzalez has rolled out Rolando, and they both look in at the celebration in the ring as the show comes to an end.

    ************************************************** *******************

    Quick Results
    Trainwreck def. Christian Bane and Thomas Jones
    Dan Maskell def. Cesar Pineda
    DDD def. Derek Vendra
    Chubby Carlos & Mr. Willis def. Anarchy

    Jimmy King

    Jimmy King

    Harry Morgan
    Guardian Devil
    Jimmy King

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: CWA Adrenaline Rush - Live from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada!

    Great show as always guys, I know you put in a lot of hard work and I thank you for it. As for Trainwreck 2-0, not bad at all. Hopefully my feud with Bane is done now and I can move on to bigger and badder challenges.

    Keep up the great work guys.

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    Re: CWA Adrenaline Rush - Live from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada!

    Very nice stuff from GD. Always on top.

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    Re: CWA Adrenaline Rush - Live from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada!

    Honestly, the promos produced on this show were amazing. Great promos from Pain, Austerio and Roberto, the New BH and everyone else. Well done.

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    Re: CWA Adrenaline Rush - Live from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada!

    Yeah great show as always. Like Sawyer said some great promo work. I loved the New BH's promo particularly, had me genuinely laughing, good stuff.

    And he scores goals...!

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    Re: CWA Adrenaline Rush - Live from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada!

    Party Seekers!!!!!! Mr. Willis and Chubby Carlos

    [04:46 AM] Punk Wolf: Willis is our Modern-Day Jesus.
    [06:15 AM]Baldwin: Ily Willy
    [05:35 PM]Jon Snow: Willis, your misogyny must be put to an end.
    [06:57 PM]
    Jim: I like Willis more and more with each day
    [04:43 PM]Jim: Which is why Willis > Natural
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: hes like a roman reigns
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: willis has the raw sex appeal tho
    [11:18 AM]Order: I LOVE BIG WILLY

    Spartacus - " There is no greater victory than to fall from this world... A free man. "

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    Re: CWA Adrenaline Rush - Live from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Willis View Post
    Party Seekers!!!!!! Mr. Willis and Chubby Carlos
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: CWA Adrenaline Rush - Live from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada!

    7 replies for all this work is a bit disappointing guys, show the staff some love for god's sake!

    Team Cyrush T: ftBest

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    Re: CWA Adrenaline Rush - Live from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada!

    I will great read jimmy and muffinman.

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    Re: CWA Adrenaline Rush - Live from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada!

    I thought the show was really good. I liked the promos what were on the show especially the New Brotherhood one as that made me chuckle when GD went off on one. Also the pre show speech from the GM was good adds to the whole CWA/PNH Rivalry. The Main Event was by far match of the night for me. Also good wins for Trainwreck, DDD and Dan Maskell(Glad I managed to mention myself).

    So yeah good show guys keep up the good work.

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