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Thread: Meatloaf wants on The Voice

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    Meatloaf wants on The Voice

    Quote Originally Posted by
    Meatloaf chasing TV talent show role
    Rock legend eyes role on The Voice to help uncover new talent
    March 08, 2012 by Michael Baggs | Photo by

    'Bat of Out Hell' legend Meatloaf is vying for a role on TV talent show The Voice, hoping to uncover and nurture raw musical talent.

    He was previously approached by US talent show American Idol but turned the producers, and Simon Cowell, down on their offer. Now, he feels he is ready to take on the role of a TV talent show judge.

    "I think The Voice is a better show (than Idol). Man, I would want to be a mentor on that show," he said in an interview with "Let's put that out there right now... I would love it.

    "I would take it so seriously, would work so hard and would give my heart and soul to that gig if I had it. I pride myself on being able to work like that."

    The Voice launches in the UK on March 24, 2012, with Tom Jones,, Jessie J and that bloke from The Script on the judging panel.

    Meatloaf as a TV talent show judge!? Yes please!

    That would be hilarious!

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    Re: Meatloaf wants on The Voice

    Sorry Meat The Voice is for current relevant artists. X-Factor and Idol are where the has beens need to apply.

    EDIT: Well at least in US just saw Tom Jones on the UK list in that article but the rest are still current in the UK at least.

    The fact that they use relevant artists is a double edged sword in the US version though. It is good seeing big names in the industry guiding young artists versus drugged up has beens. But because they are not has beens they are still busy with other stuff and they have to rush through the show. Also don't like some of the structure of the show. Like the battle rounds. Has been two good singers battling and one having to go while two **** singers end up battling and one has to advance far too often.

    As somebody that was a big Automatic Loveletter pre-US season 2 I shall now conclude with GO JULIET SIMMS!!!!!
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    Re: Meatloaf wants on The Voice

    "I would take it so seriously, would work so hard and would give my heart and soul to that gig if I had it.

    I guess you could say Meat Loaf "would do anything" to be on The Voice.

    I'd watch if he were on it.They should make him counsel emotional contestants who don't make it through to the next round.

    "Look, you can cry all night, but that ain't getting you nowhere."
    Yeah... nah.

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    Re: Meatloaf wants on The Voice

    I misread that as "Meatloaf wants on The View".

    Lord help us.
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