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Thread: Women's division in the UFC?

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    Women's division in the UFC?

    Does anyone think it would be a good idea for the UFC to add a women's division? Just finished watching Tate/Rousey and they had a great fight.

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    Re: Women's division in the UFC?


    Basically, its too early in the development of that side of the sport. There are a few good fighters but not really enough to create a division with much depth. So either they have a really small division (8-10 fighters) or have some fighters who probably don't belong there. Which likely leads to some really poor fights. That is not going to build up the popularity amongst fans, especially with some of those fans outright resistant to the mere idea of women fighting.

    The best thing for women's MMA at this point for the Zuffa to continue to with Strikeforce. It gives women's MMA a decent stage and allows them to offer something different from the UFC. Women's MMA is sitll really on its first or second generational cycle of talent, compared to about 8 talent cycles for the men's side. In 3-5 years, they will be on the 3rd or 4th cycle and we will be seeing more rounded talents and more depth of talent, which is where the UFC could legitimately look toward adding that side.

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    Re: Women's division in the UFC?

    Like Big Papa said, I think we're a few years away from a women's division in the UFC. Plus, Strikeforce having a women's division is one of the things that keeps it unique from the UFC at the time being.

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