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Thread: Setting the Mood

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    Setting the Mood

    Bow chicka wow wow...

    Okay, so not that kind of setting the mood. Rather, how do you set the mood for watching movies? Do you like the lights on or off? Perhaps you like a big bowl of popcorn? Are you one of those talking Nazi's that will kick someone out of the room if they talk? If there a time of the day where you prefer watching movies whether it's for the right lighting or amount of distractions?

    Discuss all of your environment must haves!

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    Re: Setting the Mood

    - At night - 99% of the time I can only watch a film at night given that I'm either at work, or sleeping in. I find it to be a good way of chilling out and drawing the day to a close
    - Gotta watch it on the biggest screen in the house, hence why I don't download movies, laptop screen too small.
    - lie stretched out on the sofa closest to the TV
    - less light the better to create that cinema atmosphere - in the case of watching anything potentially scary, lights off completely
    - bowl of something sweet to snack on
    - If I happen to be watching something violent, something with bad language, something with the slight chance of nudity (you know, anything good!), I offer my room to my mom for a few hours so she can watch some soap opreas in peace on my TV. I wouldn't enjoy the film as much with her disapproving comments in the background.

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    Re: Setting the Mood

    I started watching DVD's on my Computer which I didn't mind. You can't beat sitting in your basement on a chair, watching an awesome movie with some popcorn.

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    Re: Setting the Mood

    I really don't have any must haves. Only thing I prefer is to watch a movie in blu ray if it's released on it. And in regards to the people talking thing, I don't mind if you whisper, but just don't constantly have a conversation while a movie is playing. If you want to discuss you plans for tomorrow, go in another room or something. Just annoying when you have to rewind something because you couldn't hear it.

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    Re: Setting the Mood

    I like to watch horror movies in the dark and on gritty old VHS tapes if entirely possible. They just feel better that way. I have a projector for Blu Ray movies, which is how I prefer to watch them. I also normally have some movie playing in the background while I'm working or on my computer, which is pretty much all the time.

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    Re: Setting the Mood

    As for my 'rituals' here is what I do pretty much every single viewing I do.
    1. HDMI cable to the big screen
    2. Turn off the lights except for my sky lights above the TV, dim those to preferred lighting.
    3. Prop back on the sofa
    Must haves:
    • something to munch on
    • something to drink
    • lighting remote, well remotes in general (who wants to get up during a movie anyways)
    • Generally don't like people around (except maybe my daughter and misses) (the misses knows not to mutter a word or she goes out of the room in a hurry)
    As for the preferred time it would most definitely have to be at night or during the early hours of the morning.

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    Re: Setting the Mood

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