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Thread: New Hot Water Music album

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    New Hot Water Music album

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    Newly reformed punk band Hot Water Music have announced that their latest album, Exister, will be released May 15th on Rise Records. The album will be the band's first since 2004's The New What's Next. Hot Water Music is also performing at this year's Bamboozle festival and will release info for a US tour soon.

    1. Mainline
    2. Boy, You're Gonna Hurt Someone
    3. State of Grace
    4. Drown In It
    5. Drag My Body
    6. Safety
    7. Exister
    8. Wrong Way
    9. Take No Prisoners
    10. Pledge Wore Thin
    11. No End Left In Sight
    12. The Traps
    13. Paid In Full
    Pretty sure we have some HWM fans here. Good to see these guys making music again.

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    Re: New Hot Water Music album

    Is Chuck back with them?

    If so, he should leave and concentrate on his solo stuff.

    Not a huge fan, but this is cool, if only for the fact that I know tons of people who basically view Hot Water Music as the creators of all music. Massively over-rated band, but they have a few decent tunes.

    Like I said, I much prefer Chuck Ragan without the window dressing.

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