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    Uprising Promos

    Rolando Fuentes
    Quote Originally Posted by Harry Morgan

    The arena goes dark, and the crowd knows what is going on as they immediately start to boo! Fuentes flashes over the CWAtron as Remember the Name by Fort Minor blasts in the arena. Lights flash in a circle in the center of the stage, and Rolando slowly starts to raise up from the stage. Rolando is smiling his cocky smile as usual. He is wearing his custom made suit, his hair is nice and done, and he walks down the aisle. Rolando doesn’t acknowledge any of the fans, and he just goes to the ring, grabs a microphone, and starts to talk.

    The crowd begins to boo loudly as Rolando tries to speak. They will not allow him to speak, so Rolando leaves the ring and goes straight to the commentators booth. Clint Shepard and Tim Coleman look confused, Rolando puts on the headset, and begins to talk.

    Rolando Fuentes: Why do you guys look so confused? These people here do not deserve to hear what I have to say if they are not going to shutup, and respect who and what I am!

    Clint Shepard:Rolando,

    Rolando Fuentes: Please don’t flatter yourself Shepard! You don’t hang out with me, you are not a friend of mine, when you address me, you will address me as Mr. Fuentes! So go ahead, rewind your speech, and address me the right way.
    Clint Shepard: Errr ok Mr. Fuentes, these are the CWA fans, they are able to do and say what they want! You do not dictate what they can and can’t do!

    Rolando Fuentes: Buckworth, let me tell you something I am a professional wrestler, not only am I a professional wrestler, but I am one of the best wrestlers in the world, and I am by far the best wrestler in this company! As a wrestler, and a very good wrestler, I can manipulate these fans any way I feel the need to! If I want these idiots to cheer me, I could get them to. Don’t even get me started.

    With the ring empty, and nothing going on the crowd begins to chant bullshlt. You can hear Rolando laugh at the commentators table.

    Rolando Fuentes: See, if you could do what I do, then he would not be here commentating my next great match, and you Tim, you Coleman you just continue to call my matches, and you continue to say how great I am! Now that we have all that crap out of the way. DAMN CONTINUE TO LISTEN TO THESE FOOLS!! The crowd is still chanting bullshlt. I am here for one reason, and one reason only, and that is to continue to let everyone know that I am the man here in the CWA. Mr. Willis this former legend, this man who just like Roberto left the CWA, and decided to make a comeback during one of my matches to make a name for himself.

    Clint Shepard: If you are so good why did you lose the World Title, not really being able to defend the title once.

    Rolando Fuentes: Old man you should realize that I work for the A company, not the B company, and I held the World Title for the A company, not the secondary title of the B title. I am main event brother, you will always be my semi-main event.

    Clint Shepard: If it wasn’t for the contract I signed saying I could not lay hands on any of the wrestlers I would take you out right now!

    Rolando Fuentes: Oh well you signed a contract, so just sit there, and realize you can’t do anything to me. Now back to Mr. Willis. Willis you come back to the CWA, because you couldn’t make it in the B company. You come back during my match, let me reiterate, my main event match, at the biggest Pay Per View of the year, and next thing I know I am no longer the World Champion! I am getting tired of this crap! I am tired of these so called legends trying to make their names off of me. I have said it time and time again, for some reason these legends do not respect me. I could list my accomplishments, and it would take up the whole time on this Pay Per View. Yet these so called Legends call me out! Mr. Willis your accomplishments have been grand, your accomplishments in the past have been some of the greatest feats I have ever known, but you need to realize that this is the new era! I am the new era, I am the one who has taken the CWA into the 21st century, but for some reason I am always put on the back burner. When I was fighting in MMA, my trainer told me that I had to make my own luck, I had to make my own opportunities! So this is what is going on here. I am going to make my own opportunities. Willis, you are the toughest challenge I have in front of me. You have been the World Champion, and you beat one of the most dominant World Champions of all-time. You took a savage in NovaKain, and in the end you were declared the victor. You have to realize Mr. Willis that I am the new age. This company was put on my back, when you took your ball and went home. I went out, and headlined five Pay Per Views in a row! I headlined Five Star Attraction, the biggest Pay Per View of all-time, and I was in the Tope Rope Observer Match of the Year. Mr. Willis you have my respect, but you have forgotten how great I am! It has seven letters, and when your feet are touching the heavens, your brain will know what is going on, and your body will freeze, because you know that I will drop you with my Ice Pick! You have forgotten who I am, and I will be the cure for your amnesia!

    Rolando gets up from the announce desk, and puts the headphones down. The crowd begins to boo as soon as he gets up, and Rolando just goes into the ring, goes to the middle of the ring, raises both of his arms, he laughs, and leaves the ring with Remember the Name blasting over the arena! The crowd is booing loudly!

    Clint Shepard: If I was not retired I would have beat that young brat all over this arena!

    Tim Coleman: No need to get worked up champ, but you should show him some respect next time
    The New Brotherhood
    Quote Originally Posted by BenWah
    *Cameras are off location at what appears to be a generally run-down old gym. The dulcet tones of a crotchety old man ring out as several men of varying ages are working out all around him. Of particular note is who appears to be his prized student and current trainee The Guardian Devil*
    GD: “Ok Rick, you got it!”
    GD: “I’m not even sure what that means….”
    *GD turns his attention to the heavy bag he was working and continues to lay shots into it. Out of view, GD’s partner Kyle Crosby calls out to him.*
    Crosby: “Hey GD, what in sweet sweet Christmas is'a goin on here?!”
    GD: “Ohay Kyle, just doin a little workout you know? Gotta get ready for our 18th match with the Gang Bangs and such, tryin’ a new method here.”
    Crosby: “Truthfully, would they be able to go 18 matches with prime talent like ourselves? I know they came on top at the last Adrenaline Rush...”
    GD: “…via shady methods!”
    Crosby: “Precisely! Via shady methods, so apparently that’s deserving of another World Tag Team championship match with us? Come on now, I reinvented the method of winning via shady methods. They're really gonna ave to bring their primitive minds back from the stone age if they want to best, well.....the best!”
    GD: “Well yeah, see, the way I figgers it, I oughta get some hard workouts in so we can really knock their blocks off, end this bamboozle.”
    Crosby: “Knock their block off? What are you, Wally Beaver?”
    GD: “Is that a porno?”
    Crosby: “What the?! No, it’s a wholesome family show from the 60’s. If you're talking porno, i would have said something like polish off their-”
    GD: “NEVERMIND! Anyhow, I deducified that if we are to move on to the greeniest of pastures, we need to finish these guys off once and for all. THUSLY, if I get in the best shape in the history of evers, we might be able to accomplish that mighty feat.”
    Crosby: “Well, I can’t blame a guy for working hard I guess. But why this place? Quite frankly it stinks.”
    Crosby: “What's a Rock have to do with anything?”
    GD: “I have no idea, he’s been calling me Rock for a few weeks now and I just haven’t bothered to correct him. I read he was the best and has helped other underdog fighters BECOME the best, so that’s why I’m here, weird name be damned. But yeah, the place is a bit fresh but I figger what better way to get my blood, sweat, tears, excrement, beer, saliva, and eye boogers on than an old timey gym built in the 1900’s?”
    Crosby: “I guess…..something just seems so…….I dunno…..familiar about this setup?”
    GD: “How so?”
    Crosby: “I’m not sure, just getting this weird vibe I’ve seen this place somewhere before. Maybe in a past mind… life or something. What’s this place called anyhow?”
    GD: “It’s Rick’s Gym. Honestly my old buddy Ken Leblanc told me about it and I just kinda reached in the ol’ bag o’ tricks to get an edge on the Bang Stars.”
    Crosby: “And you figured taking advice from a guy who’s abandoned you half a dozen times might be a good idea going into this huge championship match?”
    GD: “…..couldn’t hurt?”
    Crosby: “Couldn’t it?”
    GD: “No?”
    Crosby: “Couldn’t it?”
    *GD puts his head down*
    GD: “Yes. But look bro, look at these pipes baybay!”
    *GD goes into pose down mode, flashing several different stances over and over to accentuate the work he’s put into his workouts over the past month.*
    Crosby: “Huh…you do look relatively impressive for a guy who used to just play video games and eat nachos all the time.”
    GD: “Yeah, but now I do all that stuff AND work out with Rick over here.”
    Crosby: “Just so I have this straight, you got this physique, working out with this old geezer for a month, and you’ve been doing nothing but boxing training?”
    GD: “Yeah dudefish, pimpcakes eh?”
    Crosby: “Any chance your time would’ve been better spent training in an actual wrestling ring, with actual wrestling training, with an actual wrestling trainer?”
    GD: “…….NOPE!”
    *GD has a huge grin on his face and goes back to pounding the heavy bag he’s been working on for seemingly hours*
    Crosby: “All right then, while you're training with old slick Rick here, I happen to know a certain ex wrestler who just happened to have some free time on his hands. This was a guy who really helped me find my calling. I'll be working off any ring rust with him.
    GD: Oh yeah, whose that?
    Crosby; Oh, just the Icon Clint Shepard.
    GD: *grunting* “9,999…..10,000! Whew! That’s a workout my man! That's cool dude bro, I had heard you two had patched things up. I'm sure he could show me a thing or two as well, once I'm done with nachos of course.”
    GD: “Ok Rick, you got it!”
    Crosby: "We do have some other stuff to workout before we head off to our big match tonight."
    *GD begins hurling a medicine ball with one of the other trainers while Rick looks on eagerly.*
    GD: Speak my boy!
    Crosby: “Ok then. So, we’ve only had a few matches as partners and I think we need to cover a few of the basics that haven’t come up yet.”
    GD: “Sounds good to me bro, PASS IT MAN, NO PAIN NO GAIN. What did you have in mind?”
    Crosby: “Well I…yeah. First off and most importantly, we don’t really have a team name yet.”
    GD: “Valid point *Grunting as he quickly passes the heavy ball*, New Brotherhood sound good to you?”
    Crosby: “Really? Why don’t we just call ourselves Devil and Crosby?”
    GD: “You think that’d get us more lady fans?”
    Crosby: “Ugh……fine, New Brotherhood it is.”
    GD: “Owned.”
    Crosby: “Yeah, ok second item on the agenda. We need an entrance theme.”
    GD: “What’s wrong with Holy Diver?”
    Crosby: “Well, A) It’s too slow B) It doesn’t fit either of our gimmicks C) I don’t like it.”
    GD: “Bbbbut, it’s iconic! Sigh, fine, I guess to truly be a team, you gotta give a little, take a little, let your poor heart break a little.”
    Crosby: “Did you just Glory of Love me?”
    GD: “No good?”
    Crosby: “Oh it’s fine, I love that song, but it’s not a good entrance theme.”
    GD: “Party pooper. Okay how about I let you pick?”
    Crosby: “NOW we’re talking.”
    GD: “So long as it’s by Dio.”
    Crosby: “OH COME ON!”
    GD: “El Dio baybee!!!!!!”
    Crosby: “Whatever, the only song I like by him is Rainbow in the Dark. At least it has a badass intro.”
    GD: “Done! RITD it is!”
    *Rick interjects again*
    GD: “Yes sir! You wanna get in on this action broseph?”
    Crosby: “I’ll pass thanks. I’m not the rugged, outdoorsy type. And what did he mean by firewood?”
    GD: “Dunno, I don’t really question him at this point. The pipes don’t lie man!”
    *Rick and GD head outside. Kyle Crosby, looking more perplexed than normal by GD’s unusual choices, heads outside to try and continue their conversation. GD removes his shirt in a very uncharacteristically erotic way before picking up the axe to begin cutting down the tree*
    Crosby: “I’m not gonna ask. Another thing we haven’t really talked about, is a tag team finishing move. You know? We need something that really sets us apart from from everybody else.”
    *GD has knocked the tree down and is furiously chopping logs out of what’s there. Muscles, glistening with sweat in the sun as he takes chop after chop…too erotic for cable.*
    GD: “Well, I’m open for suggestions. I’ll let you have this one.”
    Crosby: “So I’m thinking, you already do the Steeple’s elbow right? What if we BOTH do a top rope elbow drop onto the downed opponent? Double the crushing blows!”
    GD: “Yeah, that seems kinda obvious though. Mine is brutal cuz I jump most of the way across the ring. Might not be as potent if they are closer to my side. What else you got?”
    Crosby: “Ok ok, hows about a powerbomb/neckbreaker combo? Since you do a powerbomb, I figured it wasn’t much of a stretch.”
    GD: "Ya know, I think that's gonna be the bottle rocket to blow up the picnic!"
    Crosby: "I'm just gonna assume that's you saying yes. I definitely think that could assure us the victory we already had coming."
    GD: "Hot sauce! And we can utilize some other tandem moves as well."
    *Both men have begun to ignore Rick some what*
    Crosby: Really, like what? Although I think I like where this is going.
    GD: I was thinking that with my brute force and Superman like strength, backed up by your Robin-esque agility and technical know how, we could take these boys to school on Krypton and the Bat Cave!
    *Crosby is intrigued, but he seems a little annoyed*
    Crosby: "So you get to be Superman."
    GD: "Of course, the ladies all call me the man of steel!"
    Crosby: "But instead of being Batman, I get to be Robin?"
    GD: "I thought it was befitting, since he was very acrobatic and technical."
    Crosby: "I guess you're right. Anyways, how about a sweet high low type of combination?"
    GD: "Righteous! I could hit a clothesline from hell up top while you sweep the leg in unison!"
    Crosby: "Yeah, or you could Irish whip them into the corner, then you whip me but i reverse it and you hit a corner clothesline. Then I set them up on the turnbuckle for chest kicks and a frankensteiner, but you're ready below with your knees up for a frankensteiner backbreaker combination!"
    *GD gets a fearfully amused expression on his face*
    Crosby: "What's wrong?"
    GD: "I'm just so glad you're on my team bro. You may have had a recent change of heart, but you're still just as crazy as ever."
    Crosby: "I'm prepared to take on the two of them by myself if I have to! Nothing is going to stop us from retaining our titles and showing everyone in CWA universe that this isn't a fluke! But It's always good to be prepared with an even bigger arsenal."
    *Both men trudge outside of the gym and into the Texas desert like terrain and begin their run, all the while Rick struggles to keep up with them while coughing, hacking, yelling, and cursing up into a storm like frenzy. All the while, a familiar song begins to play somewhere off in the distance.*

    *Both men are pushing each other beyond their limits as they keep running on and on.*
    Crosby: "Do you think Cool and the Gang have been training this hard?"
    GD: "Not hardly. Old Rick back there might look like a miserable and mean old tired sack of monkeys covered in molasses, but he's the best there is at what he does."
    Crosby: "Maybe so, but that means we'll have to be prepared for anything. The thing that makes them so dangerous aside from their lack of experience, is that they are probably willing to do anything to win."
    *As both men make their way into Houston, a fairly large crowd of fans begins to follow along and cheer on both men as they run.*
    GD: "And You and I will be willing to do anything to stop them. This is more than just the beginning of one of the greatest tag teams of all time. It is more than both their little careers combined. We aren't just representing ourselves here, we're representing the CWA and tag team wrestling as a whole, to the entire world."
    Crosby: "Wow GD, that's kind of poetic."
    GD: "I'm also doing it for my baby back home in Philly."
    *Crosby is finally starting to put things together. The gym, the training, GD wearing a headband and grey sweatsuit, the random music as well as nonexistent snow.*
    Crosby: "You aren't from Pennsylvania GD, and I'm pretty sure you're single. This is like something from a movie I've seen before."
    *A big grin creeps across GD's face as they stop at the top stairs of city hall amidst all their cheering fans.*
    GD: "I was wondering if you were ever gonna pick up on anything."
    Crosby: " Ain't it a movie that came out in the 80's?"
    GD: "Maybe."
    Crosby: "I thought it had some big time action star in it too."
    GD: "You're getting warm."
    Crosby: " Wasn't Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie?"
    GD: "Oh for Pete's sake, It was Sylvester Stallone in Rocky! You young Canadians think you know everything."
    Crosby: "Well one thing I know for sure is that we got this match beat!"
    GD: "Preach the truth my brother!"
    *The crowd cheers as both men slam their arms together in a powerful armlock like handshake. Although both men suddenly look worried*
    Crosby: "You thinking what I'm thinking?"
    GD: "Yeah, we forgot about Rick!"
    Crosby: "Who knows where that crazy old coot is at now!"
    GD: TAXI!!!!
    *Both men run for a nearby cab as the music fades and the screen goes to black, all while their fans cheer and chase them.*

    The Gang Stars - Krash
    Quote Originally Posted by Punk Wolf
    CWA Tag title match – Gang Stars vs Devil & Crosby

    Three years ago.
    A young and timid man named Krash stepped out of thelocker room, running a hand through his multi-colored hair as he looked around nervously. Backstage officials here and there could be seen preparing for tonight’s show, which would be the debut of a slew of new wrestlers, Krash one of them. It would be the first time he would be seen on a nationally-televised wrestling company. To say the kid was nervous would be a mild understatement. It didn’t help that he was the youngest here. Everyone was in their mid-twenties, while Krash had just passed 19.

    Krash stepped outside for some fresh air, and sat down on the concrete steps. He breathed out, running a hand through his hair, when a voice next to him spoke.

    “The hell you shivering for?”

    Krash jumped and whirled around, seeing a man in a mask watching him oddly, a lit cigarette dangling from his fingertips.


    “Ah, you’re one of the new acquisitions too, eh?” The mask man asked, and Krash blinked.

    “Ummm… Yes?”

    “You look like you’re about to jump out of your skin. First time on national TV, hmm?”

    Krash nodded, and opened his mouth to speak when the door to the arena shot open and slammed into his face.

    “Hey, watch it, ya fricken’ newb!” A voice shouted out at Krash, who merely groaned. “And what you lookin at, Masky? You think you’re better than me?”

    “I don’t think, I know I’m better than you.” The masked man coolly replied. “Now unless you want to lose the ability to reproduce, I suggest you f*ck off.”

    “Oh, big words! C’mon, I bet you couldn’t be able to hit the broad side of a barn!”

    From his vantage point on the floor against the railing, Krash watched as the masked man took another drag of his cigarette, before flicking it away and turning to face the man who clearly had issues. In one swift movement, the masked man slapped the other guy in the face, before crouching low and punching him in the groin with a vicious haymaker. The man moaned, instantly going limp, and the masked man gave him a light push. The troublemaker toppled over into the dirt, one hand on his bruised baggage.

    The masked man turned back to Krash and offered a hand. Krash warily accepted it, and the masked man helped him to his feet. “Your nose is bleeding.” He noted.

    “Huh? Oh, yeah, it kinda is.” Krash agreed, somehow feeling… safer?

    “Name’s Alyster Black.” The masked man said. “You?”


    “Krash, huh? I got the feeling we’ll be seeing more of each other, Krash. I’ll see you later.”

    February 18th, 2012.
    Krash sat on the caramel-brown couch lazily, playing with a yoyo half-heartedly as time ticked by. Growing restless, he tossed the yoyo over his shoulder, either not noticing or plainly ignoring the sound of its mashing against something fragile. He breathed out, rubbing his hands over his face, and sighed. Wearing a pair of blue jeans along with a white T-shirt underneath a dark red waistcoat, Krash drummed his fingers against the side of the couch and noted how time seemed to be passing extra slow today. Flicking on his laptop, Krash scrolled to YouTube for the latest My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episode. Maybe it’d help pass the time.

    But even his favorite show couldn’t keep his attention right now. With a defeated sigh, Krash closed the laptop as the opening credits ran, placing it on the coffee table and laying back down on the couch. This had been happening all day. He couldn’t keep his attention focused on things, his mind kept drifting away to ponder things Krash really didn’t want to ponder.

    The sound of the front door slamming shut caught his attention, and he looked up slightly as Alyster Black entered the room, threw a bag on the floor (where an audible ‘CRACK’ was heard) before stomping past the couch into the kitchen.

    “Alyster? You okay?” Krash called after him.

    Alyster didn’t respond, or at least not verbally. The sound of Alyster opening the fridge and grabbing a can could be heard, before Alyster slammed the fridge door much like he did the front door. Concerned, Krash rolled off the couch and fell to his feet, cautiously approaching thekitchen. “Alyster?” Krash softly called again, as he stepped through the doorway.

    If Alyster heard his partner he showed no sign of it. Alyster Black, de facto leader of the Gang Stars, sat at the kitchen table with a freshly-opened can of alcohol in one hand and a lit cigarette in the other, his back to Krash. This in itself was not that unusual. What was unusual was that Alyster’s trademark mask had been taken off and placed in the middle of the table. Seemingly oblivious to Krash’s presence, Alyster took a long drag of the cigarette, exhaling in relief before downing a small mouthful of liquor.

    “Alyster?” Krash mumbled, staring at the back of Alyster’s head. It has been a long time since he had seen Alyster without a mask on, and now that it was off… It seemed unnatural. “Alyster?

    “I can’t take it anymore.”

    Krash blinked. “S… Sorry?”

    “I can’t take this sh*t anymore.” Alyster said forcefully, putting the can on the table and reaching for his mask. He pulled it on, before turning around. And gave Krash a look that did so much more than unsettle him.

    The mask did nothing to deter the effect.

    “I’m sick of this.” Alyster said, flicking the cigarette onto the floor. “Krash, do you remember what I said to you a few nights ago?”

    Krash froze, any and all traces of smiles slowly disappearing from his expression. He shuffled his feet and scratched the back of his head awkwardly, mentally going back to the conversation mere nights ago.“Yeah.” He muttered. “I remember.”

    “Well, have you thought about what I said since then?”

    Krash fidgeted. “A-A little bit, yes…” Well, alright, a little more than a little bit…


    “And, well, I, um…” Krash muttered, before dropping into silence.

    “Well?” Alyster prodded. “Speak up.”

    “I think you’re being a bito verly critical.” Krash finally let out, before falling silent again.

    Alyster paused, considering Krash’s words, before shaking his head in disappointment. “You haven’t learned a thing. You… you’re still so… so godamned delusional!” Alyster spat. “Why can’t you see what’s written so plainly in front of you?!? Those pathetic wastes of people don’t care about you! They don’t care about us! They clap their hands and wet themselves whenever they see the grossly-overrated Brotherhood, and why? Because, they’re, quote, ‘Home-grown heroes.’ They turned their back on us the second Leblanc appeared and again when Crosby filled in for him, purely for nostalgic purposes! We’ve done everything they asked us, jumped through every hoop and over every hurdle, and this is how the fans treat us? Stabbing us in the back, abandoning us?”

    “That’s not true-” Krash interrupted, but Alyster quickly shut him down.

    “That IS true and you know it! Meanwhile Brotherhood has done nothing but ride on their reputation, and kiss enough ass to allow everything to go their way! You’ve seen the messageb oards, heard the chants at the shows… You’re in denial, Krash! You still think you’re loved by these people who clearly don’t! And for that…” Alyster paused, shaking his head. “For that, I pity you. I pity you because you’re too short-sighted to see that pandering to these ungrateful idiots has gotten you absolutely nowhere. You go out there, each and every week, put your body on the line and risk your life… And what do you have to show for it? Nothing. Nothing at all. All these people, the fans and the bookers and everyone, all they do is spit in your face and kick you away. And… you somehow think that if you smile enough everything will be alright? Newsflash, this isn’t a f*cking fairytale! The good guys don’t always win! Krash, this is going to sound really, really bad, but… Sometimes, you need to be cruel.”

    Krash looked at Alyster with an expression of hurt on his face. Deep down, he knew what his friend was saying was right… But still…

    Alyster sighed. “Look, I understand that you’re more sensitive and whatnot. But these people, the fans, other wrestlers, even the bookers, have been neglecting us nonstop. Krash, I’m going to tell you something a very wise man once told me. If you kick a dog often enough, soon they’ll be doing one of two things: Cowering at your feet, or attacking you with a vengeance if you so much as go near them. Guess which type I am. Here’s a hint: I’m not going to be groveling at anyone’s feet anytime soon. And you shouldn’t either. You need to think for yourself and stop letting yourself be pushed around by these jackoffs.”

    Krash stood silent, quietly staring at the floor as Alyster’s words revolved in his head.

    “Think about what I said. Really think about it.” Alyster softly said, patting Krash on the shoulder before walking out of the kitchen.

    Krash heard Alyster go through the front door, get in his car, and drive away. Alone with his thoughts, Krash gingerly sat down on one of the chairs and put his head in his hands.

    Late-2010, a few days after Takedown’s Manifest Destiny PPV.
    Clutching at his newly won world title, Krash limped backstage in the Takedown arena, still feeling the after-effects of taking a fireball to his face and having his wrist basically crushed by a returning Ryan Evans, Derek Levy, and Matt Ashburn. He didn’t even get the chance to celebrate what could be the pinnacle of his career before he was attacked.

    Up ahead in the corridor, the sound of a shouting match caught his attention. Normally Krash would’ve avoided such a thing, but one of the voices sounded oddly familiar.

    “No, I DON’T give a damn whohe is! He left the company, what, six months ago, and when he comes back and attacks me and Krash instantly after our match, I’m just supposed to sit back and smile politely while he buries me?!?”

    Oh dear.

    “Look, Mr. Black, I understand you’re unhappy, but-”

    “You don’t understand sh*t!”

    “We figured that such a loyal figurehead of the company would have a better returning impact if-”

    “’Loyal figurehead’? He abandoned you six months ago, turned his back on you, and you respond byl iterally giving him the number one contender spot to the word title when he hasn’t done a damn thing to earn it?!?”

    Krash paused in the hallway outside the room where the shouting match was taking place, frowning. That was Alyster, alright.

    “Mr. Black, I’m sure-”

    “If there’s one thing I can’ts tand, it’s petty backstage politics like this! F*ck you and this company, if you’re going to push me aside for some no-talent moron with his lips firmly planted on your ass, then I quit!”

    The doors to the room flung open, and former Takedown world champion Alyster Black stomped out in an angry rush. He paused in front of Krash, who was now bearing an expression of shock on his face.

    “Alyster, you don’t mean that, do you?” Krash asked.

    “I mean every word. I’m quitting this place before all this backstage politics makes it disappear up itso wn ass.”


    “I’d jump ship too if I were you. You know they’re just going to feed you to Evans thanks to his ‘loyal figureheadedness’ to the company.”

    “Alyster, this is the first fed that accepted me. I grew up here. I’m not going to quit just because I don’t like what’s happening.”

    “Then you’re stupider than you look. Bye for now, maybe forever, but don’t say I didn’t warn you when this place goes belly-up.”

    With that note, Alyster Black walked away.

    It would be a very long time before Krash saw him again.

    Takedown closed about four months later.

    Alone in the Gang Star HQ, Krash thought about Alyster’swords. He wanted to believe that Alyster was wrong, so very wrong. Oh, how he wished Alyster was wrong.

    But beneath himself he knew his friend was right.

    Though try as he might to block out the negativity, it didn’t completely escape Krash that the fans weren’t cheering him as much as they used to.

    What had he done wrong? He didn’t go out of his way to make enemies. He didn’t try to bury his opponents. He was polite and civil outside the ring. And yet, the fans chose to cheer on Brotherhood, who did the exact opposite. Brotherhood cheated to win, using every loophole in the book, and were cheered relentlessly. Anything wrong Brotherhood did, the fans still cheered for them and tried to justify their actions. The Gang Stars, meanwhile, did the best they could, not only to win, but to give the fans their money’s worth, and were spat in the face in response.

    Shaking his head, Krash got to his feet and walked into the empty living room. “Alyster, I…” He began, before cutting himself off. Alyster was gone. Krash was alone in the Gang Star HQ for now. Sighing, Krash took a step forward-

    And tripped over the lump of a bag on the middle of the living room floor.

    Wincing, Krash rubbed a hand against his head and looked at his feet.

    The bag Alyster had dropped when he first came in stared back at him.

    Krash sat up, pulling the bag onto his lap. “Alyster, you forgot your ba… right, forgot.” He laughed nervously, the laugh of someone who was very close to the edge, mentally speaking.

    He moved to put the bag on the coffee table, when curiosity struck. Krash glanced at the bag, remembering the odd ‘crack’ sound it made when it smacked against the floor, and shrugged. “Oh, what the hell.” He zipped it open and peered inside.

    His nervous smile disappeared as he pulled out a broken picture frame and a photo, waving off broken shards of glass. He set the frame on the coffee table as he gazed at the photo, one taken a long time ago if the date in the corner was anything to go by.

    It was a photo of Krash and Alyster Black at a local bar, not posing… just being normal. Just being themselves. Being friends with no worries. Alyster had a large smile on his face as he nursed a glass of liquor, a smile devoid of anger or force, while Krash was playing with the miniature umbrella that came with his drink. The two were laughing, smiling, having a good time like two friends rarely do.

    Seeing the photo embedded with broken bits of glass and nearly torn up… it made something snap inside of Krash’s already fragile mind.

    All the emotions he had blocked out – hatred, anger, jealousy – all burst forth at once as his mind clicked and the gears turned. Suddenly, everything made so much more sense. Krash was wrong… everyone had well and truly turned their back on the Gang Stars. The fans, the bookers, even Steve Storme… everyone. Krash and Alyster hadn’t been able to enjoy themselves because no-one would let them. They had kept prodding, cheering on the bad guys and spitting in the face of the Gang Stars, that it was an actual relief to embrace the hatred instead of bottling it up inside himself.

    The Gang Stars had been abused.


    Stabbed in the back.

    Spit on.



    The fans had been so fixated on coming up with excuses to make them the bad guys that after a while, it had created exactly what theywere looking for.

    Krash looked up from the photo, and gone was the cheerful expression that was usually found on his face.

    Gone was the sense of childish glee that what made him so popular.

    Gone was the innocent twinkle in his eyes.

    Instead, the cheerful expression was replaced with a glare of bitterness.

    The sense of childish glee was replaced with an aura of danger.

    The innocent twinkle was replaced with a dull shine.

    Krash spoke in the empty Gang Star HQ, and if anyone had heard him they would’ve been quite unnerved by the path Krash had chosen to go down.

    “Alright. You pricks want a bad guy? Fine. I’ll be your f*cking bad guy.”

    Slightly less than one year ago…
    Krash frowned as he read the words printed on the contract in front of him, scanning the text quickly and efficiently before looking up at Alyster. His friend’s face was unreadable, no big surprise with the mask, but even without it Alyster’s expression would’ve be difficult to decipher. Krash put the document on the coffee table, and stroked the side of his face thoughtfully.

    “Okay. Explain this to me one more time.” Krash asked, running a hand through his multi-colored hair. Alyster made a small sound of minor annoyance as he sat down across Krash, leaning forward slightly.

    “It’s simple.” He explained. “This wrestling promotion is on the lookout for some new talent. I’ve been drifting between companies for a while now, and this one looks stable and won’t close after a month or two. I could go in by myself and reign havoc and chaos and all that, but I was thinking… Theirt ag division seems pretty thin at the moment…”

    A small smile made its way across Krash’s face as the implications sunk in. “Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”


    “Then why me? Why not Steve?” Krash asked, and Alyster paused.

    “We… don’t get along very well anymore. Don’t worry about him. What matters is us, you and me, the only pairing of the Gang Stars who haven’t won gold together. And besides, I’dr ather go in with a friend watching my back that anyone else. C’mon, it’ll be fun.”

    Krash took a moment to think, before a large grin spread across his face. “Fun, you say? Alright, Alyster, you got a deal.”
    The Gang Stars - Alyster Black
    Quote Originally Posted by Rawr
    The scene openes in Gang Star HQ where the two Gang Stars are lounging around the living room. Krash is watching TV on the couch while Alyster sits on the lounge chair to Krash’s right, writing up a new blog on his laptop. Alyster pauses for a minute and starts clicking around the browser on his laptop, he starts reading the official CWA message boards. After a few minutes of reading Black closes his laptop and puts it down on the coffee table to his right. He leans back in his seat and presses his hands to his face, moaning rather loudly. Krash looks over at him.

    Krash: Something wrong dude?

    Black: Mmmmrrrrrrpphhhh.

    Krash: Use your words buddy.

    Alyster drops his arms onto the armrests but still leans his head back over the top of the chair.

    Black: It’s these goddamn message boards man. I swear no one out there is showing us any love or support.

    Krash: Are you serious bro?

    Black: Everyone wants to see the Brotherhood defend the tag titles...they don’t want to see us get them back.

    Krash: Huh, well...guess we gotta win them back at Uprising.

    Black: I don’t think it’s going to be that simple. These guys, for the most part, are showing a cult-like sense of loyalty to the Brotherhood.

    Krash and Alyster sit in silence for a minute, lamenting on their dwindling fanbase. Alyster gets up off the chair and walks over to the kitchen, he opens the fridge and takes out a six pack of beer. He returns to the living room where Krash has taken his laptop to read the discussion on the message boards. Alyster sits back down in his chair and pulls a can of beer off the plastic holding it. He offers it to his partner but is turned down. Alyster puts the other five beers down on the coffee table and rolls his mask up above his mouth so he can drink his beer. He occasionally glances over to Krash who’s facial expressions show how hurt he is by the total distain that the CWA faithful have for the Gang Stars.

    Krash: This guy wants me to trip off the top rope and die.

    Black: At least they didn’t accuse you of wearing a mask because you’re ugly.

    Krash: This other guy said that if I was his son he’d have me put down for being so “tweaked” all the time.

    Black: Someone on there said that they want me to get lung cancer.

    Krash: Do they really hate us that much?

    Black: Probably...

    Krash: But it’s just a small minority of them, I mean how many people post on the CWA message boards? And these are just die-hard CWA fans. Of corse they’re going to support the Brotherhood over us.

    Alyster is taken aback by his partner’s acceptance of the CWA faithful’s response to the team. He chokes on his beer for a second then spits it out. He put shis can down on the coffee table and stands up, looking down at his partner.

    Black: It wasn’t like this before Krash. They used to have good things to say about us on those message boards. But now, no. To them we’re stale, we’re trash, we’re not as good as their precious Brotherhood.

    Krash: Come on man...they don’t all think that.

    Black: Have you heard them at the house shows? The ammount cheering the Brootherhood compared the ammount of fans cheering for us are...I don’t know, they don’t cheer for us anymore.

    Krash: We still have fans though.

    Alyster shakes his head.

    Black: Not when we go up against the Brotherhood. Don’t you see? They’ve turned their backs on us Krash. The moment Kyle Crosby walked through those curtains; they turned their backs on us. Like a child with ADD whose seen something shiny. They turned their affection away from us and gave their hearts and admiration to the Brotherhood. And this wasn’t a sudden change, it’s been building up for a while now. These people have been on the fence about us ever since Ultimate Pain and Guardian Devil showed up on our doorstep. At that very moments they secretly turned away from us, from the Gang Stars...and they started living in the past again. Don’t you see Krash, we’re the future of Adrenaline Rush, we’re the future of the CWA. But these people are still living in the past. They worship farmiliar faces and

    Krash looks uneasy, he’s never been the unpopular one before. He’s always been the underdog, sometimes the favorite. Boos were almost foreign to him. But he had noticed a change among the crowd recently.

    Black: I don’t want to pander to these people anymore. They have no loyalty to us. We have them one of the best years of our lives, and for what? Just so we could be opponents to boo against their favorites.

    Krash:’s not like that. When we go out there at Uprising, they’re going to cheer for us and we’re going to put on a show for them.

    Black: Don’t be so naive Krash. We’re better than this. We don’t need to pander to these people. We don’t need to put on a show for them. If anything we should be putting on a show for ourselves. We should be one hundred per cent focused on bringing those tag team titles back home where they belong, by any means necessary.

    Krash: Are you sure Al?

    Black: As sure as I’ll ever be of anything. I say **** the people, it’s time we started doing things for ourselves.

    Krash looks back at the laptop and starts scrolling again. Black again shakes his head at his partner.

    Black: Look I’m going out for a walk, I’ll let you sit there and lament on the fact that these people have betrayed us, I trust you’ll adopt a similar attitude towards them that I have.

    Krash doesn’t respond. Alyster rolls his mask back down his face and makes his way out the door, which he slams shut rather hard.


    Author: Mr. Black
    Date: 18/2/12
    Mood: Disapointed
    Listening To: “Ascendency” – Trivium

    What can I say? Five Star Attraction didn’t go the way we planned. But you know what, neither did Redemption. But you know what has gone the way we planned. Every single other pay-per-view match we’ve been involved in, and (for me at least) every match on Adrenaline Rush. Do you people know what my record is in CWA? It’s pretty good, I’ve only lost two matches here. TWO MATCHES. How many other people in CWA can say that they’ve only lost two matches? The list is very short, I can tell you that. So for all the people out there who are selling the Gang Stars short this Wendsday, who are saying that we don’t have a chance in hell of beating this New Brotherhood. I say thee nay! We do have a chance in hell of beating this New Brotherhood. We’re better than good enough to do it, we’re the best tag team in the whole of the CWA. To all you doubters and haters, I say screw you. Purchase the pay-per-view instead of streaming it for free and watch as Krash and I prove you wrong.

    In the future we’re all going to look back on this and laugh. Kyle Crosby is going to look back on this and fondly remember the time he spent at the top, fighting the best new tag team that Adrenaline Rush has ever seen. Kenneth LeBlanc is going to look back on this and be grateful that he had a run in the spotlight, he’ll be like a fat man whose been thrown a bone by a women, “Oh thank you so much, I love you”. Guardian Devil, he’s going to look back on all this with regret. He’s going to regret grabbing his friend Ultimate Pain and coming back. He’s going to regret enlisting the help of Kenneth LeBlanc and Kyle Crosby. He’s going to regret crossing our path. You see I can’t be sure that this will be the last time we face Mr. Devil. I was sure that the last time we were going to face off with Mr. Devil was Five Star Attraction, but that wasn’t the case. So if Uprising isn’t the last time we fight then things are only going to get worse, we’re going to delve into those gimmick matches. Those ridiculous hardcore and death matches (which I excel at BTW). We’re going to engage in wars, we’re going to be main eventing pay-per-views. If this keeps going on, if no one else steps up to fight for those tag team titles. Then the Brotherhood and the Gang Stars may be locked in a never ending battle, Krash and I will face off against Guardian Devil and a rotating cast of team mates, all of whom will abandon and save him, time and time again. That’s the formula for this little feud, and in the future Devil will look back on this with regret and he will say to himself, “Why didn’t I take LeBlanc’s lead and just leave?” You really should Devil, you should do what LeBlanc did and just go. Get the hell out of our hair; you’re making things stale for us.

    I’d like to address a trend that I’ve noticed recently, that is you people, you pathetic, moronic fans, I’ve noticed that you’ve taken a rather strong liking to the Brotherhood, or should I say the New Brotherhood. Ever since Crosby showed up you people have been turning against us. Well you know what? That’s not cool. Krash and I have given you one of the best years of wrestling, period. We’ve been pandering to you people, performing moves to keep you entertained as opposed to try and win. We’ve shown up and performed at second rate house shows. Signed autographs and posed for pictures. And for what? Just so you could all turn your backs on us? Well **** you all. You’re not turning your backs on us. We’re turning our backs on you. No more posing for pictures, no more autographs. No more going above and beyond the call of duty just to entertain you. From now on everything we do, we do for ourselves. You want to see someone almost kill themselves doing some spectacular move off the top rope without rhyme or reason? Ask Guardian Devil to do it. You can all go to hell for all I care.

    Black out.
    - Mr. Black

    Rest in power, Flock U

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Uprising Promos

    Cesar Pineda
    Quote Originally Posted by Rey De Reyes
    Blog Title: "Is the Nightmare Finally Over?"
    Mood: Somber

    The thought of the "Mexican Nightmare" finally ending has crossed my mind as of late. My contract with Apex Pro Wrestling (APW) is finally coming to an end on March 17th and then I can finally begin my goal for Clique Wrestling Alliance (CWA). My goal for CWA is to walk into the Unbreakable event in my hometown of Chicago Illinois carrying gold or to walk out of the Unbreakable event with gold.

    I can't really accomplish that goal with the mindset that I'm in right now. It seems like lately I've just been coming into my matches here in CWA with no enthusiasm and no will to actually attempt to win them. It's a damn shame that it's come to this. Like I've said before, I'm not focused at all and the only thing that keeps me coming back and competing in CWA events is the pay check.

    My will has been wasted in other feds that really don't deserve the talent that is Cesar Pineda. The names of the people that I have crossed off my "Bingo" list haven't given me satisfaction like they used to.

    To my fans I have to say, I'm sorry for the poor in ring quality that I've exhibited as of late but I promise that on March 7th, my quest to Unbreakable will begin and CWA will finally get to see the real Cesar Pineda.
    Quote Originally Posted by Flex Kavana
    1 week ago – Adrenaline Rush - Greenbay
    Sitting in the corner of the ring in an empty arena a lone figure mutters to himself.

    TW: It’s been a long time coming. My days were numbered. My addiction for pain and suffering was going to see me imprisoned with the mould of humanity or dead; personally the later seemed like a blessing. But I couldn’t leave this vile existence when my deed was far from over.

    I may never find those responsible for my past but someone must suffer my future. The past was petty; it was all too easy to rip the fear from a pathetic being. But this place…this place is different. Men come here to fight, take out their anger on whoever walks through that curtain. Seemed like a better deal to me. The difference is; they fight for honour, pride, respect and the rush. Me, those juices don’t taste so good. I have no goal, no purpose. I care not for championship gold. My goal is simple, the world is going to pay for my suffering. Here I can do it without going down for an eternity of hell living or dead.

    I watched as these men fought and one in particular committed the most deadly of sins. This pathetic excuse of life sickened me to my core. His opponent was defeated, ready for the end. But this “man” just walked away. THIS is what makes me angry. Men would rather just walk away from responsibility than finish the fight they started. And then he was praised by the incompetent announcers for such a victory. No war has been won by leaving the opponent able to walk away. It’s a disgrace and I will not let this happen again. BANE did this to himself; he set his course for Uprising where I shall teach him that no man walks away from a TRAINWRECK.

    Yesterday – Houston Texas
    In the corner of the ring

    TW: Here we are another ring, another town. In a couple of days Uprising will become this arena. I walked in here earlier and saw the poster on the wall. It’s funny, they couldn’t even be bothered to post a dam picture of my face for this match. But that’s ok I guess the thought of trying to get close enough for a photograph was too daunting for the promoters; smartest move they will ever make.

    Now soon this ring will be the setting for my first battle, the first man I can legally destroy. They promote this as a match; Bane thinks he is coming here to defeated another opponent. They are all so innocent and pathetic. This will not be a match, I do not care if a bell rings or a measly man in a striped shirt gets between us. This will be a war… NO a demolition. War insinuates that the other man has a chance of winning. Like I said this is not a match, there is no winner. And as for an “opponent”, that is where Bane will fall short. He is expecting a guy who plays by the rules and fights in the spirit of good competition. Well Bane, no good will come of this. I AM NOT YOUR OPPONENT, I am your DEMISE.

    Don’t think for one second you will repeat the so called victory you had before. I will sit in this ring as you walk through the curtain, heart pumping, muscles flexing, drule running down your chin like some sort of animal. You’ll walk to the ring filled with confidence as you watch me sit motionless in the ring, simply staring through you. You’ll take your time, slouched in the corner of the ring. But then you’ll realise I’m no longer in the corner; but an INCH BEFORE YOUR FACE. I don’t care if the bell even rings, it probably won’t have time. Because before you have time to wipe that smug grin of your face and get that second foot over the rope. It will be the END OF THE LINE for you.

    You did this Bane, you walked away, but you won’t make that mistake tonight…you won’t be able to.

    Derek Vendra
    Quote Originally Posted by ATLBrand
    We cut to what looks like a remote island. There’s a beautiful beach surrounded by sea, but the beach is not empty. There looks to be about 10 to 15 people, all surrounding a big wrestling ring. In the ring are two men; one with short cut hair and a Portuguese look wearing wrestling tights, another with long wiry hair, and short wrestling tights, well at least we know that’s Derek Vendra.

    From the minute we are watching the match, we can see both men are technically brilliant. After about a minute and a half, the short haired man goes for a roundhouse kick which Derek dodges. Derek then returns the favour, straight in the face. He then goes up top and hits Hollywood Vendra, and gets the pin.

    He then rolls out of the ring and some kids rush up to him. He signs autographs and talks to them, before heading off to a building in a forest. The camera follows him, and we see Derek getting a refreshing drink, before his opponent walks up to him.

    ???: Hey Derek, thanks man, great match.

    The grasp hands together, before shoulder bumping.

    Vendra: Yeah thanks Manuel, always great to put on a show for the locals, huh?

    Manuel: Always.

    Vendra: And thanks for that training, don’t know what I’d do without ya, man. I’ve got my next match in the bag, huh?

    Manuel: Thank you for the training, aswell Derek. I am sure I’ll never lose again with ‘Hollywood Manuel!’

    Vendra: You’ll never lose again, haha. Oh, by the way, I’ve got something for you.

    Derek reaches into a bag with the initials ‘D.V’ on it. He pulls out 2 Lime Green T-Shirts and what looks like 4 pieces of paper.

    Vendra: Give these to your kids *He hands the T-Shirts over* you said they’re fans? Oh and these *He holds up the pieces of paper* Are four tickets to Uprising in Houston. Ring the family, free of charge. They’ll get you in backstage with me, aswell. Oh and ring my agent, he’ll get you plane tickets. I gave you his number, right?

    Manuel: Oh my, thank you Derek, my family will be so pleased!

    Vendra: It’s my pleasure man, hey work on your sit ups, it’ll get you into the big time. I’ll put a word in for ya, huh?

    Manuel: Thank you Derek! Oh thank you! I’ll see you on the 22nd in Houston, no? Thank you!

    Manuel jogs off out of a door and down a corridor. Derek then looks at the camera, and starts to talk.

    Vendra: What can ya do huh? Oh, hey Vendrites! So you’re probably wondering where I am and who in the blue moon is Manuel? Well I realised something last time I faced Austerio, I promoted in Cairo, and the last time I faced Cesar Pineda I promoted in Chicago. So this time, seeing as I’m facing them both, I decided to go in the middle, and promo in the Azores. A beautiful little port island 1,500 KM west of Lisbon, Portugal. And I gotta say, these guys know there wrestling.
    Derek messed about in his kit bag a little bit, before pulling out some deodorant. He applies it, before starting to pull off his knee tape, but he continues to talk.

    Vendra: So I’ve been out here for about a week, and I’ve been training at the Horta Capitala Wrestling and Boxing Gym, and man these guys are good. See, they train under the beliefs on the Dragon & Mantis, so there whole style is based around that, and honestly, these guys could take on the half of the CWA & PNH rosters put together... oops, Copyright.

    He starts to take out some Shower Gel & Shampoo from the bag, before carrying on.

    Vendra: Now Austerio, Cesar, I’m speaking directly to you. I could beat you any day of the week, as I’ve proven in the past. I could beat you on my own, but with the advanced ways of these Azorian People, I can’t lose. So when you big yourself up in all your interviews and journals, just remember one thing; I’ve got the Power of the Dragon & the Mantis on my side. With that, nothing can stop me. So you may aswell just turn around, and not bother turning up at Uprising, because you turn up, and I’ll send you back down. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to shower.

    Derek’s obviously done now, and he shows it by walking away without a second thought.
    Christian Bane
    Quote Originally Posted by LegendarySG30
    {Adam Howard, a veteran, most will pay homage to a man who has paid his dues over a significant amount of time. In the case of Christian Bane that wont happen. The Messiah of Mayhem doesnt care what accolades you have accomplished or achieved as long as he feels you can be beat all your impressive acknowledgements will go unnoticed. The Uprising favorite is preparing his own way in a undisclosed location. He removes a bucket of ice and fills a bathtub of it and sits in the tub. The Mental conditioning this plays will strengthen his mind as well as his body. After 30 minutes of this conditioning Bane gets out and starts a series of Push-ups, then some sit ups, some jumping jacks and stretches. After he is completely finished he makes a healthy protein shake and gulps it down. Bane then gives his attention to the CWA camera's.}

    {Christian Bane}
    I dont care who it is, who I face or who I destroy because names are nothing, accolades are inferior and The Messiah of Mayhem doesnt give a damn who my opponent is. I walk into Uprising with a head full of steam, a victory many thought wouldnt happen and my name being recognized. Soon, very soon I will be named among the greats and I will claim my gold.

    {Bane sits in a old, broken down chair and watches his match against Adam Brown.}

    {Christian Bane}
    The guy didn't have a chance, I am stronger, smarter and faster then Brown. He is lucky I allowed him to walk away, which wont be the story with Trainwreck because I plan to wreck him for good, what will be his first match I will make it his last. Follow my words people because after Uprising is over I will be 2-0.

    {The scene fades as Christian Bane continues to study films of his opposition.}

    Rest in power, Flock U

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Uprising Promos

    Dexter Darwin Douglas
    Quote Originally Posted by QuackenColony
    Someday this will Make you Proud

    Christopher: So...are you nervous about defending your title?

    DDD: Honestly, I'm always nervous each time I step into the ring, although I guess that means I'm always wanting to prove myself, huh?

    Christopher nodded as his brother brought another forkful of baby carrots to his mouth, chewing happily. Dexter has not seen his brother in a few weeks, so he decided to buy him lunch, the restaurant was particularly empty, the lunch rush not there yet. Our averagely awesome wrestler had gotten himself a meal that most people would deem unhealthy at first glance. A plate of chicken tenders, a baked potato with a somewhat large amount of butter and cheese, and a pile of nicely boiled carrots. Christopher went a bit more simple, just a turkey sandwich and a cup of tomato soup. The two had been discussing Dexter's career, how he had somehow shot from basically a nobody to a now nationally known champion.

    DDD: Are you coming to the show?

    Christopher: I can't, Jenna doesn't want to go, and really I owe her a favor. I need to clean the garage anyway...

    DDD: You really found a good wife, huh? Someone who doesn't enjoy any of your hobbies.

    Christopher: Well, at least she's pretty. Speaking of significant others, how are you and Katt getting along? Has she gotten bored of you yet?

    DDD: No, in fact I'm going to invite her to come out and watch me wrestle. She hasn't had a chance to see it live. She's going to be sitting front row at Uprising.

    Christopher: Well aren't you just the sweetest guy? Sounds like a good idea though, you really need to see how good your relationship with her is.

    DDD: What do you mean by that?

    Christopher: Let's just say you lose your title.

    Dexter was about to say something, but his brother held his hand up, stopping him. Dexter really had not thought about the idea of losing. Lately he had been on quite the high. Getting a second chance at the X-Fly Title and winning it had given him an extreme boost in confidence. It seemed like everything in his life was going well, which was also a sign that things just might turn sour soon.

    Christopher: Anyway, like I said, let's say you lose, and Dan walks away with that gold...what's to say that Katt decides that maybe you just aren't good enough for her? You know how relationships work in your business. Just give it some thought, okay? I don't need to get another phone call from you sobbing in bed about how you didn't get to dance with the girl with the blue dress.

    DDD: I wasn't sobbing...

    Dexter took a deep breath as he had just been knocked off of cloud nine. The bad memories of a lonely high school life came back to his head. The fear of being alone is something that everyone fears, but it gets exponentially worst after one gets to have someone by their side. An important match lost and being dumped by an amazing girl. Dexter shook his head as he needed these thoughts to go away. The two continued to eat, Christopher shifted the conversation to another topic quickly, knowing his brother was feeling a bit down after having the idea of his life doing a complete one eighty coming up. Christopher had to go back to work soon, so after eating he hugged Dexter and told him good luck, feeling a bit bad being the spoiler of the day. Dexter told him it was alright as he watched his brother drive away.


    Dexter was coming home from the gym, getting prepared for his upcoming title defense of the X-Fly Championship. It would be the first time he had a match with the gold on the line, and our awesomely average pro wrestler was incredibly lucky that it was in Houston, Texas, just 3 hours away from his current hometown in Austin. This meant that he could actually drive to the arena instead of flying out, leaving his girlfriend at home. As he was walking up to his small apartment complex, he reached into his pocket and pulled out the surprise he had for Katt - a front row ticket to Uprising, where his title defense against Dan Maskell would take place.

    Katt was working on a surprise for Dexter at well. It was a complete coincidence that she would show it to him as soon as he walked in. She heard the doorknob turned and let out a small yelp, hiding the gift behind her back. He walked in and gave her a smile, big and bright, as he threw his bag onto the couch. They shared a quick kiss before he pulled the ticket out of his pocket and handed it to her.

    Katt: What's this?

    DDD: Can't you read? I got you a front row ticket to the show, so you can watch me retain my title.

    Katt: Really? I'm going to go with you?

    Dexter smiled and gave her nod, making her squeal and jump into his arms. The hug was short as he felt something hit him in the back. He notice the bright yellow color and raised an eyebrow.

    DDD: What's that, Katt?

    Katt: Oh! I made this for you, I thought since you've been so successful lately, you deserved a shirt with you branded all over it.

    He took the shirt in his hands and looked at it. At first it looked like a plain yellow shirt, nothing special. He inspected it and noticed on the right chest area a black symbol in the shape of D3, obviously for his name, Dexter Darwin Douglas. He smiled again, showing off his teeth as he turned it around, and saw what appeared to be a warning sign that said, 'This is a Model 0742 Heartbreaker Pro Wrestler. It will Become Awesome When it gets in the Ring'. Dexter stared at the logo until he realized the entire shirt was modeled after one of his favorite comic book heroes, Scud: The Disposable Assassin. He tore his current shirt off and threw it on.

    DDD: Fits perfectly...I love it.

    Katt: I'm glad...I was hoping you would let me send the design in, so maybe fans could buy it too.

    DDD: Sounds good, now I think we need to get packing our bags, don't you think?

    She nodded as she walked off, Dexter right behind her as even though they had a bit of time until the day of Uprising, they both wanted to get the busy work out of the way. This was important because it would leave the lovebirds with a bit of time to show each other some affection before he had to focus on his match.


    Uprising had just begun and the crowd was already red hot from the action they have seen. Being a champion, also being so close to his hometown, he decided he wanted to make his presence known before his match was set to begin. The crowd was in a hush discussion as Lindsey Monahan stood up with a microphone in her hand.

    Lindsey Monahan: Everyone, please welcome to the ring, your current X-Fly Champion, Dexter Darwin Douglas!

    The crowd erupted as everyone's favorite awesome wrestler stood up on the ramp, wearing a pair of jeans and the newly created D3 his girlfriend had gave him a few nights before. He had the X-Fly Championship Belt wrapped over his shoulder, holding on to it as he gave a wide smile, holding the gold in the air the crowd only got louder. He made his way to the ring, stopping by a few fans to shake hands and slap high fives. He finally got up to the ring and entered it, being handed a microphone he stayed quiet as the crowd kept chanting his name. 'Dexter! Dexter! Dexter!' filled the arena as the pro wrestler took his time to take in all the love he was receiving. He signaled for them to quiet down a bit so he could address them.

    DDD: I could get used to that. Now I know many of you are just waiting for me to get in this ring, and defend this X-Fly Title, but I wanted to come out here and get some things off my mind. Now first off, I have to say it was pretty awesome to be able to watch the entire contender's tournament. I got to watch every match, and see one by one every person who wanted a shot at this championship, but get shot down completely. Now we are here at Uprising, and one person back there is pacing his locker room over and over again, having no idea what challenge he has in front of him. That man is Dan Maskell, the Heretic.

    The crowd boos instantly at the sound of the #1 Contender's name, loud enough for the man to hear it even in the safety confines of his locker room. Dexter looked all around him and saw that just about everyone was joining in the jeers, just to show more support for the hometown hero.

    DDD: I'm glad to hear that everyone feels the same way. All of you know that tonight is my first ever title defense, and I'm sure I don't have to bore you with me saying, 'I don't plan on losing this title, blah, blah, blah.' You see, I don't want to be the champion forever, that would prove nothing at all. What I want to do is be the best champion that anyone has ever seen. I hate to use the cliche, but I will defend this against anyone who wants a shot. That's not all I promise, you see, every time I get in this ring, I want you fans to go home and say, 'that match was awesome!'

    When I search myself on Google, I want to see blog posts that say 'OMG, I can't believe how amazing that match was last night!' Yes, I am the X-Fly Champion, but that doesn't mean I'm going to take it easy, and treat everyone as a lower class. I will make sure that this title is known long after it is taken from my waist, no matter when that happens, but tonight is not that night.

    Let me remind you, Dan, not only have I defeated you in the past, but I was the one who threw you out of the rumble. Ow...does that string? Are you starting to get flustered at the thought of having me take your dream away again? How will you deal with it, when everyone in this arena is chanting my name and booing you at every action you do? Your rage will take you over, it will enfold you and make you go crazy until you finally get your chance to let it out. Will it be tonight? Are you even listening to me right now?

    Dexter walked around the ring, taking in his surroundings as some people in the crowd were taking pictures of their favorite wrestler, while others were busy wondering what he was going to say next.

    DDD: Now, I'm sure you guys are tired of hearing me talk and go on about my match tonight, but don't worry, the time will be here very shortly. I'll be walking down that ramp the X-Fly Champion, and at the end of the match, I'll jump on top of that turnbuckle and hold it up for you all to see, as I will still be the champion!

    Dexter handed the microphone off and left the ring, holding the X-Fly title above his head as he walked around the ring. The crowd cheered and chanted his name again as he stopped by his girlfriend and gave her a quick kiss before heading up the ramp, already focused hard on his upcoming match, so close he could taste the victory.
    Dan Maskell
    Quote Originally Posted by Shade
    Date: 14th of Febuary 2012
    Time: 1:54 PM
    Location: High Street.

    This is My Moment!

    [As The rain falls from the Grey Sky. People are running into shops and cafes to get into the warm. However noticeably one man has not moved since the rain started falling. He is wearing a Black Hooded Jacket and a pair of Black Jeans. As people look outside the windows of the shops and cafes at this man wondering whether he is a lunatic. He slowly pulls the hood down from his jacket and tilts his head back as he out stretches his arms. The rain is pouring off of the man as he then turns to faces one of the shops. In that moment he is instantly recognized as Dan Maskell. CWA Superstar and the current Number One Contender to the CWA X-Fly Championship.]

    'Since the start of 2012. I am a Statement. A Proclamation. That statement was that. 2012 is going to be about me. The real threat this year is not an apocalypse nor is it a rapture. The real threat is me. When I made that statement some of you laughed at me. Many took it as typical trash talk. Others saw it as the ravings of a complete psychopath. However now people are opening their eyes and realizing the truth. The truth is my statement was not a threat. I was not joking. Since the clock struck midnight on December 31st and we went into the New Year. I have been on what many call a hot streak or a roll. I have not only defeated my opponents but I have dismantled them.'

    'I took their dreams away from them. I broke both their spirits and their hearts. Greg Samuels, Cesar Pineda, Austerio and Derek Vendra. None of them was ready for the brutality and the aggression I unleashed upon them. I showed them and all of those who doubted me as of late. What I will do to achieve MY GOAL. MY DREAM. OF BECOMING CHAMPION.'

    [As the rain carries on falling. The unmistakable sound of Thunder can be heard in the background.]

    'All my Life. I felt I was put on this earth to be the best, Every time I got close to proving it. Life knocked me back down. I got arrested. All my friends ditched me. My Family abandoned me. All of these hardships stopped me at various points from reaching my goals. However now nothing is going to stop me. Especially not the X-Fly Champion Dexter Darwin Douglas. Because THIS IS MY MOMENT. I AM GOING TO BE THE CHAMPION. At CWA Uprising Everyone is going to remember that as the day. Dan Maskell finally achieves his dreams and reaches his goal. I have not come this far to have had all my sacrifices and all my hard work be taken in vain. Especially by someone like you Dexter.'

    [Dan slowly buries his face in his hands as he can be heard breathing deeply. After a few deep breaths. Laughter can be heard. Maniacal Laughter as the loud crashes of Thunder can be heard in the background.]

    'See Dexter, I know what kind of person you are. You are practically an open book. The over aged nerd. Who plays games in his spare time. World of Warcraft, Skyrim or even Runescape. They are most likely your choices and why? Because you get to imagine yourself as someone else. You get to portray anything or anyone you like. You get to be strong. You get to be tough. Hell you even get to act like a hard man. However unfortunately for you After Uprising the game for you is OVER.'

    'See Dexter. What I put the likes of Cesar Pineda, Austerio and Derek Vendra Through. The harm I caused to Greg Samuels. Will Pale in comparison to what I am going to do to you. See if winning the X-Fly Championship and fulfilling my dreams are not enough. The fact that you beat me in our last encounter is also motivating me. When we faced off in the first round of the X-Fly Championship Tournament. I was a hollow shell of the man I am now. Since that time I have managed to refocus myself. I managed to refocus myself towards my main objectives.'


    [Dan basically screams that last bit as the rain is basically dripping off of him. People can still be seen watching him from the windows of the shops.]

    'As soon as I win the X-Fly Championship. And as soon as My hand is raised and the announcer declares my victory. I am going to go back to my hotel room and book myself a flight back to England. Once I get back to England. Can you guess what I am going to do? The first thing I am going to do is simple. I am going to go home. I am going to go back to my roots. Back to where I grew up and I will knock on the front door of my parent's house. As soon as the door opens I am going to raise the X-Fly Championship in the air. I am going to look both of them in the eye and say LOOK AT ME NOW. I AM A CHAMPION AND I DID IT WITHOUT YOU. YOU SAID I WOULD AMOUNT TO NOTHING AND YOU WAS WRONG. The looks on their faces will be priceless. I will then go back to some of my old haunts. With the title proudly on display round my waist. I want all of them to see me now. However I am not doing this to be accepted by them again.'

    [Dan begins to breath heavily. As the rain slowly begins to stop.]

    'NO. My reasoning is simple. I WANT THEM TO GROVEL LIKE THE SHEEP THEY ARE. I WANT THEM TO APOLOGISE. ASK ME FOR FORGIVENESS FOR SHUNNING. FOR FORCING ME OUT. When they ask me I am going to take pleasure in saying. NO.'

    [As people begin to walk out on the street now that the rain has stopped. They can't help but take notice of the man they was watching an assume of being a lunatic. Break out into maniacal laughter.]

    'February 22nd. CWA Uprising. Is The Day I have been waiting for all my life. I am going to become Champion. I am going to get the chance to get my REDEMPTION. Dexter Darwin Douglas. Brace yourself. As I am going to destroy you.'

    [Dan carries on laughing maniacally as people around him look incredibly uncomfortable. Dan then pulls his hood back over his head before he begins to slowly walk off down the street. As Dan walks down the street he ignores the stares from various people before he disappears down a nearby alleyway.]
    The Ultimate Pain
    Uprising then cuts to a pre-prepared vignette. The audience in the arena and the fans watching at home are shown a dark and dingy room with a very dull light shining across a desk. There are papers and photographs scattered across the desk. As well as this there are cartons and tubs of eaten food piled high at one side. As the camera gets closer to the desk, photos of Roberto, Ultimate Pain and the CWA Championship become visible.

    The camera then moves past the desk, and into view comes a large chair facing away from us. The camera pauses for a second, presumably expecting the occupier to turn around but when it becomes clear that they have no intention of this the camera begins to move closer still.
    As the camera moves to the side of the chair, the viewers can now see the glare of a small television screen which is being watched by the occupier of the seat. Unsurprisingly the television is showing matches between Roberto and Ultimate Pain.

    The camera finally shows us that the man sitting in the seat, staring intently at this television screen is none other than Ultimate Pain. Pain is looking much scruffier than would normally be expected of him. He is dressed in just jeans and a plain t-shirt, with no over-sized aviators in sight. Also, his beard is over-grown and his hair unkempt. This along with the food on the desk makes it appear that Pain has been sitting in this room for quite some time.

    The camera again waits for Pain to react to its presence but still he does not move or flinch and instead just remains staring at this screen, his eyes could almost be burning a hole in it his stare is so intense. After an almost awkward silence Pain finally begins to speak in a low, hushed and deliberate tone, all the while never taking his eyes off the television screen.

    Ultimate Pain: “I know what you all want to hear tonight. You all want me to say I’m the ‘Greatest in the World.’ I know you all want to hear the usual sayings and see my trademark poses, but I’m done talking and I’m done posing! Everything that needs to have been said has already been said.”

    Pain then goes silent again for a long time. Just when it seems the camera-man might be about to give up Pain slowly speaks again.

    Ultimate Pain: “In a few short hours, I will back up everything I have said this past few weeks in emphatic fashion.”

    Pain pauses once again before continuing.

    Ultimate Pain: “Tonight, the obsession will end.”

    All this time, Pain has never taken his eyes off the screen, but finally he tears himself away to look at a photo he has been holding this whole time. The camera can just about make out the photo, which is of Roberto proudly holding the CWA World Title.

    Ultimate Pain: “It will be mine again!”

    The screen in the arena then fades to black and we cut back to the arena where Tim Coleman and Clint Shepard are discussing what they just saw.

    Tim Coleman: “Well that was…strange.”

    Clint Shepard: “I have never saw The Ultimate Pain act like that before. He was almost in a trance-like state!”

    Tim Coleman: “I’m sure he knows what he’s doing!”

    Clint Shepard: “Either way we’re in for an exciting main event as we finally see who truly is the greatest in CWA!

    Rest in power, Flock U

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Uprising Promos

    Ah, my rp for Uprising isn't posted in here. You guys did get it right?

    [04:46 AM] Punk Wolf: Willis is our Modern-Day Jesus.
    [06:15 AM]Baldwin: Ily Willy
    [05:35 PM]Jon Snow: Willis, your misogyny must be put to an end.
    [06:57 PM]
    Jim: I like Willis more and more with each day
    [04:43 PM]Jim: Which is why Willis > Natural
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: hes like a roman reigns
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: willis has the raw sex appeal tho
    [11:18 AM]Order: I LOVE BIG WILLY

    Spartacus - " There is no greater victory than to fall from this world... A free man. "

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    Re: Uprising Promos

    I had a feeling I was forgetting one, yeah I have it.

    Here it is, apologies.

    Mr. Willis
    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Willis

    Mr. Willis Presents
    "Cause they think that I can help them get back to where they fell from"

    ~ The scene opens up to Mr. Willis sitting down and flipping a nickel in his hand. He keeps flipping flipping the nickel in his hand as the camera zooms out to show the scenery that Mr. Willis is at. Mr. Willis finds himself in a local diner in Houston,Texas as that is where Mr. Willis will go one on one with Rolando Fuentes at the pay per view event CWA presents "Uprising". Mr. Willis sits at the diner booth with a bacon cheese burger and a large order of mozzarella sticks on the side but his food looks untouched as he sits there flipping the nickel a few more times before he gives the camera his undivided attention. ~

    Mr. Willis: "You know the saying, if I had a nickel? People usually use this saying to talk about if they had a nickel for this one thing that they do or did all the time that they would make pretty good bank. Usually people over exaggerate when they use this saying but if I had a nickel for every wrestler that I try to use me for a quick ride to wrestling fame then I will have ...."

    ~ Mr. Willis counts on his fingers really quick as he smirks before looking at the camera and he stuffs his face with a mozzarella stick. ~

    Mr. Willis: "Now if I had a nickel for every wrestler who has used my name for fame then well I would have 15 cents. Now if your math level is above 2nd grade then you should realize that means three people. I know what you're saying that three people that are nowhere a lot but before you say that just look over at the other wrestling company, you know the one that the lamest of lame people watch and look at the main event for their most recent pay per view and look who is in it. So just if you, guys at home cannot figure it out, that is Mr. Showtime,NovaKain and Surge. My name alone made the P'nH main event scene. Who was the one that put Mr. Showtime on the map? Uh? How about NovaKain? Who was the person who turned that piece **** to a headliner? And the guy who seems to have snorted enough oxycotton to think that the reason I did not want to be in PnH was because of him. Somebody better tell that paper champion over that the reason why Mr. Willis did not end up signing with the piece of **** company is because he represents the CWA and has the loyalty for the company that him a star and well CWA made you ....... never mind I see why you left. "

    ~ He then takes a bite out of his burger and then quickly stuffs down another mozzarella stick before looking over to the waitress and asking for a drink. ~

    Mr. Willis: "Hey toots, let me get a glass of Vanilla Coke over here please."

    ~ With grease for the burger he just bit in to on his face, Mr. Willis picks up a napkin as he starts to wipe his face with it as the waitress walks over and she is a pretty attractive looking waitress with nice size fun bags and she leans over as she places the drink on that table as she and Mr. Willis lock eyes. She then stares at him with a sexy grin on her face as she asks him is that it. ~

    Waitress: "Would that be all?."

    ~ Mr. Willis takes another mozzarella stick and slowly eats it as he takes a drink of his soda before slowly placing it back on the table. He looks up at the waitress with a grin on his face. ~

    Mr. Willis: "Yeah, I should be fine over here."

    ~ The waitress slowly slides down the hand of Mr. Willis as they lock in eyes as she then walks away from the table before looking back. ~

    Waitress: "Well if you need anything, just let me know."

    ~ Mr. Willis nods his head as she walks away and Mr. Willis staring at her back side. He finally turns his attention back to the camera and back to the topic at hand. He takes a quick sip of the soda and a small bite out of his burger before going back to speaking. ~

    Mr. Willis: "I guess this brings me to Rolando. This guy seems to have been on a roll during my absence for CWA as he even won the prestigious CWA world championship. So now it seems that your little role up hill is slowly starting to stop and you're back peddling back down the mountain that is the CWA and he blames me for his recent decline on the CWA ladder. You say that people forgot who you are? Well if that is anybodies fault, it is defiantly yours. This career whiles depends on opportunities , it also depends what you do with your opportunities, you may have done ok for yourself but for you to take the next step and be on the greatest of all time list like me, then you are going to have to want it. Not kinda want it but you're going to have really to want it. When you want to succeed as bad as you wanna breathe than you will be successful. That is how I live, I want to be the best wrestler more then I want to breathe and more than I want to eat. I look at you Rolando and I see a man who doesn't want to be successful but thinks that he should be successful. Nothing in the world of wrestling is handed to you on a silver platter, you got to fight and crawl your way to the top and once you get there you have to be ready to defend your spot so the job is never done. "

    ~ Mr. Willis pauses and he goes back to taking a bite out of his food and then a sip of his soda before wiping his mouth with his napkin. He gives his attention back to the camera. ~

    Mr. Willis: "At the Uprising event, I will show Rolando how much he doesn't deserve to be the top guy in CWA. I will prove that he doesn't have the desire and dedication to be the man in CWA, and while doing that I will also prove that I am coming back to be the same ass kicking machine that I was before and when you step in the ring with me, you will see why I am one of the greatest of all time to do it in CWA. I do hope you are preparing yourself for an ass kicking like you have never felt because Mr. Willis being back sure means that ass will be kicked. You may had your little run during my absence but now its time to see where you stand up to the best of the best and I am indeed the measuring stick here in CWA. Now at Uprising the world will see how you measure up to the best of best of CWA. I guess this is all I can say heading to the match Rolando and that I wish you luck because well you are defiantly going to need it ..... Willis .... OUT!!!! "

    ~ Mr. Willis finishes his meal and then quickly gulps down his soda before taking a $100 out of his wallet and placing it on the table. He then heads to the bathroom and quickly washes up his hands as he walks out the bathroom. Willis see's the waitress that he was talking to earlier leaving as she must be done with her shift. He slowly walks up behind her as she turns around and sees Willis as she smirks at him. . ~

    Mr. Willis: "Finished up for the night?."

    Waitress: "Yup, about to head out."

    Mr. Willis: ""Ah, I see what you mean. I am about to head out and see what is there to do in Texas, I never really explored it and its funny seeing how I have been here a lot on my days on the road."

    Waitress: "Well, I was about to meet up with a few of my girlfriends at the bar down the road, you can come with me if you want? ."

    ~ Mr. Willis thinks about it for a second as he shrugs his shoulders. ~

    Mr. Willis: "Yeah, sure why not it's not like I have anything important to worry about in the upcoming days or something."

    ~ Willis and Waitress head up the road as the camera shows them conversing as the scene ends. ~

    Rest in power, Flock U

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Uprising Promos

    Where's Chubby and Diego's promos?
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    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: Uprising Promos

    In reading these RP's all I know is that I better bring my game up, my RP's aren't holding a candle to you guys, and in the past I figured I could do a half ass effort, and do well. All these rp's are pretty darn good, and most of them destroy mine. Keep up the great work guys

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    Re: Uprising Promos

    Quote Originally Posted by An Original Name View Post
    Where's Chubby and Diego's promos?
    Mine was on the show, but I'll put up here. MuffinMan has yours, I'll ask him to put it up or I'll get it from him.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy King
    The sound of the Saw theme hits as Diego Gonzalez steps out. He's wearing a shirt with a depiction of the severed head of Chubby Carlos on a steel chair, and a pool of blood has formed under the head.

    Clint Shepard: That's a twisted shirt.

    Tim Coleman: I want it!

    Clint Shepard: Why am I not surprised?

    Tim Coleman: Now, you're learning!

    Lindsay Monahan: This next match up is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first from Tijuana, Mexico...Diego Gonzalez!

    The fans are booing relentlessly as Gonzalez steps in to the ring while talking to himself, and then he asks for the microphone from Lindsay, who looks disturbed by him as she hands it over.

    Diego Gonzalez: I want all of you to shut up because I have something to say, and I'm not going to repeat myself.

    This entices the fans to boo even louder than before.

    Diego Gonzalez: This is just longing the inevitable beat down that I'm about to give your beloved Chubby Carlos. Speaking of love, Valentine's Day has just passed, and Chubby I hope you enjoyed the day with your girlfriend April. How a fat, disgusting slob like yourself even has a girlfriend boggles my mind, but that's not the point. The point is I hope you enjoyed it because it was the last time that you'll be able to enjoy it. The last time that you'll be able to stuff you face with candy hearts, or a box of chocolates. Because after what I do to you in here tonight you won't ever be the same again for as long as you live, and your girlfriend won't want to be with you because she won't be able to bear the mere sight of your broken, beat down body. She'll also come to the realization that you're nothing but a worthless loser, and she'll ditch you. Just like these fans, sure they may love you now, but soon they'll stab you in the back just like they did me.

    The booing grows louder than ever.

    Clint Shepard: These fans letting Gonzalez know exactly how they feel about him.

    Tim Coleman: I don't think Gonzalez really cares quite frankly.

    Diego Gonzalez: Carlos, I hope you're ready. Ready for the truth, because you know what? It hurts, but not as much as what I'm about to do to you.

    Gonzalez hands the microphone back over to Lindsay as "Were All Dudes" blares through the arena, and the fans go wild as Chubby Carlos walks out shaking his head while looking down at Gonzalez. Gonzalez motioning for Carlos to bring it, and then does cutthroat motion.

    Lindsay Monahan: Introducing his opponent, from Los Angeles, California. He is Chubby Carlos!

    Carlos rolls in to the ring, and as he gets up he gets in the face of Gonzalez. Referee Nate Byrne quickly splits them up, and Carlos mocks Gonzalez as he imitates the cutthroat motion from earlier. Then just laughs, but Gonzalez isn't laughing as snatches the microphone away from Lindsay.

    Diego Gonzalez: You laugh now, but I'll be the one that gets the last laugh.

    Carlos mocks him again acting as if he's afraid, and Gonzalez throws the microphone back over to Lindsay. Referee Byrne explains the rules, and then signals for the bell.

    Rest in power, Flock U

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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