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Thread: The Director - The American Dream.

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    The Director - The American Dream.

    The Director - The American Dream
    Humble Beginnings

    DESCRIPTION: The project is more or less a journey. It follows the story of a young director, that tries to make the big time in Hollywood. Everyone knows about Steven Spielberg and co, making millions, but how did they get there? Probably one in a million people that choose this profession can actually say they make a decent living off it, never mind the millions. On the other hand, I'll admit that this idea came to me after reading another BTB. It was Backbones ''Making Movies'' one that inspired me to do something like this. So, cheers to him. Thank you. Also, this diary will be done in months. Each post will account for 3 months. I hope you enjoy


    Name: Will ''Donald'' Skym.
    D.O.B: November 25th 1986.
    Country Of Birth: Leicester, England.
    Height: 191cm.
    Weight: 76kg.
    Blood Type: A.
    Current Location: London, England.
    Current Employer: None.
    Occupation: Aspiring Film Director.
    Notable Achievements: Graduated from University Of Cambridge with degree in film.

    List Of Film Production Companies:

    20th Century Fox
    20th Century Fox Animation

    American International Pictures
    Anchor Bay
    Artisan Entertainment

    Blue Sky Studios

    Capitol Films
    Castle Rock Entertainment
    CBS Films
    Columbia Pictures
    Comberg Productions

    Destination Films
    Dimension Films
    DreamWorks Animation
    DreamWorks SKG

    E1 Entertainment
    Elevating Entertainment

    Fine Line Features
    First Look Studios
    Five & Two Pictures
    Focus Features
    Fox Atomic
    Fox Searchlight Pictures

    Gener8Xion Entertainment

    Hannover House
    Hollywood Pictures

    IFC Films
    Image Entertainment

    Jerry Bruckheimer Films
    Legendary Pictures
    Lions Gate Entertainment

    Magnolia Pictures
    Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Animation
    Miramax Films
    MTV Films

    New Line Cinema
    Newmarket Films

    Orion Pictures Corporation
    Overture Films

    Pacific International Enterprises
    Palm Pictures
    Paramount Pictures
    Paramount Vantage
    Pixar Animation Studios
    PolyGram Filmed Entertainment
    Possibility Pictures
    Producers Releasing Corporation
    Promenade Pictures
    Republic Pictures

    Samuel Goldwyn Films
    Screen Gems
    Screen Media Films
    Sherwood Pictures
    Sony Pictures Animation
    Sony Pictures Classics
    Strand Releasing
    Streamline Pictures
    Summit Entertainment

    The Weinstein Company
    Touchstone Pictures
    Trimark Pictures
    TriStar Pictures
    Triumph Films
    Troma Entertainment

    United Artists Entertainment LLC
    United International Pictures
    Universal Studios

    Vivendi Entertainment

    Walt Disney Feature Animation
    Walt Disney Pictures
    Warner Bros Animation
    Warner Bros Pictures
    Warner Independent Pictures
    World Wide Pictures
    WWE Films

    Yari Film Group

    Credits: Before we start, (if you haven't already noticed), that this list was taken from Backbones ''Making Movies'' BTB, so I'd just like to tell him thanks for making this a lot easier for me.

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    Re: The Director - The American Dream.

    November 1986-2000 - I was born in November. My parents were involved in show business, my mother was a producer, and had produced several shows on the BBC. My father on the other hand, was an actor. They had met when my father was cast in the lead role in oneof the programs my mother produced. Due to their hectic schedules, they never spent much time with me. My father was getting quite old, and realized that his performing days were drawing to a close. Before he retired, he began to bring me with him to the studios. This is where I got my first taste of the limelight, as I ended up in the newspaper after being spotted at the studio. I was determined to follow in his footsteps, and had wanted to be an actor for a while.

    '''This kid. He's gonna be something special. I just know it.'' - Anna Rogers (Midwife).

    August 2011 - This was the month I graduated on. It was the best day of my life. Family and close friends were there. I had yet to make a breakthrough, and had made several short films and documentaries for film festivals, but I haven't won first prize in any so far. I was starting to lose confidence, but I knew that I was good enough. I just had to be. Eventually, a short film of mine called ''Winds Of Change'' had got featured in the British Urban Film Festival.

    '''You know, I've met lots of young directors in my time, and I predicted that they'd all go on to bigger and better things. And you know what? I was right. Some of them make millions per film. I've got a knack for this kinda thing.
    In fact, I've got a prediction for you right now. Skym's going to be a big name director one of these days. He's going places.'' - Kevin Allen on Will Skym.

    January 2012 - After being featured in a few ''Directors To Look Out For'' lists after ''Winds Of Change'' was featured at the British Urban Film Festival, I thought things were only going to get better. I was wrong. The buzz about me had died down, and the media were now after some new director on the scene. People seemed to have forgotten about me. Not everyone, it seemed. A good friend of my mother's, who was a executive producer had approached me. My mother had managed to persuade him to give take a look at ''Winds Of Change''. He must have been impressed, or else he would never have given me the chance to direct his new film. He had given me a budget of 70,000 and 6 months. The 70,000, I could use for anything I wanted. The executive had taken care of all that. This was the break that I was looking for.

    '''Listen here, kid, and listen well. You've got 6 months and 70,000. Hire some writers, some actors, rent some sets. Do what you want. You must think I'm crazy, practically handing 70,000 to someone, right? Wrong! When you're in the big time, like I am, that money is nothing. Go out and impress me! Good luck, son!'' - Executive Producer.

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    Re: The Director - The American Dream.

    The Director - The American Dream
    Humble Beginnings.

    February 2012 -
    I had to spend my time wisely. I had 6 months to come up with a good film. I didn't even have an idea yet! Most directors would be told what they had to direct, but the producer had given me creative control. I liked to write, but whether I could pen down a script and translate it into a movie worth watching, I wasn't sure. I could play it safe and hire some professional writers, but then again, I was on a strict budget. I decided to write the entire movie myself. I had my heart set on it being a one and a half hour film. I had realized what I wanted the film to be. A horror movie. The Blair Witch Project had managed to gross millions worldwide, despite having such a low budget. Now that I had the actual point of the movie down, the next thing I needed to do was to write the actual script. Who would be the main character? Where would it take place? I had so many ideas, but I had to keep them reasonable. I couldn't afford incredible makeup, amazing special effects, with only 70,000. After penning down the script, I had figured it was quite modest. It wasn't a literature masterpiece, but it wasn't awful, in my opinion. I had around 10 days left, after writing the script, and spent the rest of my time, auditioning people. I had managed to get some of my friends to get on board. They were aspiring actors, and were willing to work for free.
    • Keith Grey (free agent, actor, 24)
    • Johnny Marshall (free agent, actor, 23)
    • Jenny Sanders (200, actress, 26)
    • Joey Knight (800, actor, 41)
    • Camera Set Up (15,000)

    I was quite happy with these signings. Keith and Johnny were good friends of mine, and they worked for free. They were both pretty good actors, in all fairness. Jenny was quite unknown in the British filming industry. I contacted her agent to discuss fees. I attended one of her plays, and she was quite good. She will benefit the project, I hope. The most experienced of the lot was probably Joey Knight. A veteran of show business, he knew the industry inside and out. He was no longer the big name he used to be, and he was willing to work for 800. The producer introduced me to his studio. A good camera set up was crucial and cost me quite a bit.

    • Jordan Manning (100, set designer, 25)
    • Andrew Knox (50, screenwriter, 27)
    • Props (10,000)
    • Lana Stevenson (750, editor, 39)
    • Tony Short (500, camera operator, 35)
    • Tina Morgan (700, makeup, 29)

    Jordan Manning was straight out of art school, and was looking for work. He was a good artist, but the sets themselves were very unbelieving. But for 100, it was a good bargain. Andrew Knox on the other hand was a writer. He looked for mistakes in the script, and gave me his advice. The finished script was quite different from what I had in mind at the start of the month. It was a step forward. Props cost 10,000 and Lana Stevenson offered to edit the film, when we were finished filming. Tony Short was hired to work the cameras. By the way, Tony's actually not very short. Tina Morgan on the other hand did makeup.

    March 2012 - June 2012 - Pre-Production took the entire month. We had the plot sorted out, the actors hired, the sets made, several people were hired and props were bought. Several sets were being made, but we didn't need them just yet. Filming was a tiring process, but it was a fun experience. It was good being in charge. I was a good leader, and while I could have a good time with the cast and crew, I could also get a lot done. March was all about production. At this rate, we knew production would extend into April, and maybe even June. Production eventually finished late June. Post-Production, where we take all the footage, and then edit it, mix out the sounds, would take place next month. The producer told me that the film would be shown at the Raindance Film
    Festival. Can't wait!

    Total Expense - 28,100.
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