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Thread: CWA Adrenaline Rush - Live from Green Bay, WI!

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    CWA Adrenaline Rush - Live from Green Bay, WI!

    The introduction to the show doesn't start off the show, which leaves the fans confused until...

    Remember the Name by Fort Minor blasts across the arena, and the lights shut off! The crowd begins to boo as they look around in the dark trying to see anything they can see. Cell phones turn on, and some lighters get lit up! Rolando Fuentes’s name is splashed across the Videotron giving some light the arena! Then a circle of lights comes on the stage, and while the PnHtron is showing highlights of Rolando, Rolando comes rising up from the stage. As soon as Rolando is completely on the stage the lights shoot on, and you see Rolando in his custom Armani suit, sunglasses, and snakeskin shoes, but one accessory is gone, as Monolyth is not next to him. Rolando walks to the ring with a very upset look on his face, and he goes to the ring steps, and slowly walks up the steps. As he is in the ring he steps into the center of the ring, and looks around as the crowd boos him, and he goes to Lindsay Monahan, and grabs a microphone. He waits a second to see if the crowd will stay silent, but they keep booing. He just picks up the mic to his mouth and begins to talk.

    Rolando Fuentes: I think you people have forgotten who I am. I think you people forgot who stands before you, and so I will remind you. I am the baddest mfer in the CWA!!! Some of you have forgotten what my roots are, so I will remind you. I was a MMA fighter, my record in MMA was 19-0, and I destroyed every single Mixed Martial Artist I ever faced! I have been in a cage, I have been in a ring, and I have been in a WAMMA bowl! I have broken bones, put people to sleep, and knocked people out to when they woke up they had no idea who they were. I have been in bloody five round wars, and tactical three round battles. At any time if I wanted to I could take one of you out of the crowd, and just obliterate you. Some of you have forgotten that I am an amateur-wrestling aficionado. My credentials speak for themselves.

    The crowd gets silent, because they know that Rolando Fuentes has the look where he is not messing around, all is silent in the building as they listen intently to what he has to say.

    Rolando Fuentes: I won’t lie though, you are not the only one’s who have forgotten who I truly am.

    Rolando gets right into the camera lenses as he begins to talk to the camera.

    Rolando Fuentes; You in the back have forgotten who I am! You wrestlers in the back that have laughed behind my back, you wrestlers in the back that have snickered and jeered as I lined your pockets with money the last two months I was the champion. While I was headlining the last four Pay Per Views, every single one of you that were on those cards got a great pay day, because I was on the card, but yet you continued to laugh and jeer. You continued to snicker saying that I was a paper champion, saying that I was only in my position, because of the people I knew. You forgot about my roots, you forgot how I got my start, and I let you forget that at anytime I could snap every single bone in your body.

    Rolando steps back from the camera as again the fans are just sitting their intent, listening to every single word that Rolando says, wondering what he is going to say next, and wondering if he is just going to jump into the ring, and attack them.

    Rolando Fuentes: It wasn’t only you people in the crowd, and the wrestlers in the back that forgot who I am, but it was also the people that make the decisions around here, it was the people who put this whole thing together! During the summer you needed someone to carry this company, and so I was chosen, but I was only chosen, because they knew two of the biggest superstars in the CWA were coming back! I was used as transition champion, because they knew it would be almost impossible to survive a triple threat match with two of the most experienced superstars of all-time! I was used because of my name, I was used, because I could hold that title, and make it credible after the last champion just left it for another organization! I stepped up! I took that title from Joey Nicholas, and you people in the back knew that I would line your pockets with money! The one thing you didn’t realize was that this puppet has a mind of his own, and when I finally woke up I saw what was going on.

    Rolando goes to the ring ropes, and he places one foot on the middle rope while the other leg stays on the mat. He looks right into the hard camera, and begins to talk in his soft matter of fact voice.

    Rolando Fuentes: Let me remind you who I am, let me remind the fans, the wrestlers in the back, and the people that make the decisions, MY NAME IS ROLANDO FUENTES!!! I am the former World Heavyweight Champion! Let me reiterate that! I was the CHAMPION of the WORLD!!

    Rolando steps back, takes off his sunglasses, and throws them on the mat, and then with his left foot he just smashes them!

    Rolando Fuentes: My eyes are clear I can see now, and I don’t want you to ever forget who the hell I am! I am a former Mixed Martial Arts champion, I am the baddest man this organization has ever seen, and I am the baddest man that the sport of professional wrestling has ever seen! There have been people before me that has entered this sport, but those people have accomplished what I have done!! And no one will ever accomplish what I am about to do! I don’t care who I have to get in that ring with! Put Roberto in here, put Ultimate Pain in here, put Mr. Willis in here, take me back to my past and put in Diego Gonzales and NovaKain! I don’t care who gets put inside this ring!!!

    Rolando gets close to the camera, and puts the mic close to his mouth.

    Rolando Fuentes: You may have forgotten who I am, but I never have, and your amnesia will be cured!!!!!!

    Rolando drops the mic as he says cured, and the mic falls to the mat, and Remember the Name plays over the arena. Rolando exits the ring, and no fans are around him trying to slap his hands or get a picture with him. Rolando walks down the ramp, and he see’s a sign with his picture on it, and it says Rolando for next president, he looks at the fan, and the fan moves back, Rolando then takes the poster, rips the poster in half, and then throws the poster back to the fan. All the fans start to boo and yell at Rolando, he just turns around, stares at them, and they stop, and they go back to their seat. The camera then fades as we cut to show's opening video

    Harvey Buckworth: Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to another edition of CWA Adrenaline Rush! I’m Harvey Buckworth

    Tim Coleman: and I’m the greatest commentator in all of wrestling, Tim Coleman.

    Harvey does his best in containing his laughter, and continues on.

    Harvey Buckworth: We are here live in Green Bay, Wisconsin and what a show we have for you tonight.

    Tim Coleman: That’s right we’ll get to see the debut of CWA’s newest acquisition, Christian Bane! I’ve heard good things about this guy, so this should be great. We’ll also see the women’s champion in action as well as Austerio vs Cesar Pineda, and we’ll find out who will face DDD at Uprising as Derek Vendra takes on Dan Maskell!

    Harvey Buckworth: That’s right, and we’ll also see the contract signing between Roberto Superstar and The Ultimate Pain, but first we’ll see Roberto in action as he takes on the man he beat for the World Title, Rolando Fuentes. This one is for the World Championship!

    Tim Coleman: New champ tonight! That means it’ll be Rolando and Pain in a contract signing tonight! Rolando came out before the show and reminded the fans who he is, and why he's a force to be reckoned with.

    Harvey Buckworth: Only time will tell Tim, so let's get to our opening bout

    Tim Coleman: Shut up for a second Buckworth! There’s something going down in the crowd. Someone get a camera down there quick!

    The camera swings around toward the barricade where some kind of commotion is happing. The fans are crowded around one of the entrances ways seemingly to greet someone. Slowly but surely the crowd like Moses and the red sea the crowd parts ways to reveal Chubby Carlos! The big man is wearing street clothes and his sunglasses as he makes his way to his front row seat slapping as many hands as possible on his way down.

    Tim Coleman: What the heck is that moron doing here? He isn’t scheduled to be here. Hey security do your job and eject him from the building!

    Harvey Buckworth: Oh would you stop? Chubby’s a paying customer just like everyone else here. He has every right to be here.

    We pan back to Chubby who seems excited to see the show

    Chubby Carlos: Come on let’s get this show on the road! Adrenaline Rush baby! Lights cameras action! Hey snack guy get over here we need to talk busy.

    Harvey Buckworth: Well folks, I'm being told that we have to cut to commercial, but once we return we'll have the World title match!


    Harvey Buckworth: Welcome back, and without wasting any further time let's go to the ringside for first match of the evening!

    Tim Coleman: Oh boy, new champion!

    Once again the familiar sound of Fort Minor's "Remember the Name" hits as Rolando Fuentes comes out to an immense amount of boos from this sold out crowd. Rolando just ignores the fans, and walks to the with a purpose.

    Tim Coleman: Rolando looks more focused than he ever has tonight! There will be change tonight, I can smell it in the air

    Harvey Buckworth: Are you sure that's not just yourself that you smell?

    Tim Coleman: Go ahead and joke now, but you won't think it's so funny once I'm proven right when Rolando walks out of here as the new champion.

    The Champ hits which indicates the arrival of the World Heavyweight Champion, Roberto Superstar! Roberts runs out looking more pumped up than ever as the crowd goes absolutely wild for him. As he's walking to the ring he slaps hands with the fans along the way, and he even goes up to a young child and gives the kid a hug, which makes the child's night as she loses her mind. Roberto just laughs, and then turns his attention to his opponent Rolando in the ring. Roberto steps in the ring, takes off his robe, championship, and hands them over to referee Billy Stevens as Lindsay Monahan makes the announcements, but before she does the familiar sound The One hits as Mr. Willis comes out to a standing ovation from the sold out crowd in Green Bay.

    Tim Coleman: What's the meaning of this?! What is he doing here?! First Chubby Carlos is in the stands, and now Willis shows up!

    Harvey Buckworth: I'm sure Willis wanted a front row seat to witness this spectacular match up.

    Tim Coleman: Go ahead, and believe what you will Harvey, but I have a feeling that Willis has something up his sleeve.

    Willis is not dressed to compete as he's in street clothes, and walks around the ring where Rolando begins mouthing off to Willis. Willis just puts up his hands in defense as he makes his way to the announce table to sit with Harvey and Tim.

    Tim Coleman: Willis! I was just telling Harvey how wonderful it is to see you!

    Harvey looks at Tim is complete disbelief as Willis takes a seat next to them.

    Mr. Willis: Well, the pleasure is all mine. I plan on being up close to see this match.

    Rolando Fuentes just keeps staring down at Willis.

    Mr. Willis: Some one should tell him to take a picture it will last longer.

    Rolando has some words for Willis before turning his attention back to Roberto, and now Lindsay can make her announcement.

    Lindsay Monahan: Introducing first he is the challenger, weighing in at 235lbs and standing at 6'4, he hails from Houston, Texas he is Rolando "Ice" Fuentes!

    The crowd shows Rolando how they feel about him as his name is announced, but he doesn't care to take notice as he has his eyes fixated on Roberto.

    Lindsay Monahan: Introducing next he weighs in at 225lbs and standing at 6'2, he hails from Los Angeles, California, and he is the CWA World Heavyweight Champion, Roberto Superstar!

    The crowd goes insane as Roberto's name is announced, and he also has not taken his eyes off of his opponent. Referee Billy Stevens has explained the rules to both men, and raises the title up in the air before handing it over to the timekeeper and signaling for the bell.

    CWA World Heavyweight Championship Match


    Tim Coleman: Oh boy, here we go!

    Harvey Buckworth: Will you calm down? Anyways, Willis what are your feelings on this match, and on the two men in the ring right now?

    Mr. Willis: Like they say it down south, its time for some good old WRASTLING!!!

    As soon as the bell rings Rolando is quick on the attack as he charges at Roberto by pummeling down on him with closed fists while Roberto is still in his corner, and he does his best to block the attack by putting his arms up to cover his head. Immediately referee Stevens tells Rolando to back off, and Rolando curses at Stevens before being taken down by Roberto with a tackle! Now it's Roberto's turn as he wails down on Rolando with lefts and rights until Billy Stevens forces Roberto to stop the attack. Roberto does as he's told, and then hypes up the crowd some more while Stevens checks on Rolando.

    Tim Coleman: The man has completely gone off his rocker!

    Harvey Buckworth: Roberto is just showing some emotion Tim

    Mr. Willis: A true star gets the crowd in to and thats what the champ is doing.

    Roberto goes over to Rolando to pick him up, and nails him with a European uppercut that knocks Rolando up against the ropes, and Roberto charges at Rolando in a clothesline attempt, but Rolando is ready for it as he ducks the move. Roberto catches himself with the ropes before sending himself outside, and as he does that Rolando uses this time to clip him in the back of the knee, which causes Roberto to grasp the rope again to keep himself from falling, but he also tries to grab the leg that was just clipped. Rolando takes advantage of Roberto's predicament with catching him in a roll up pin. One, tw-NO! Not even a two count as Roberto is able to kick out with ease.

    Harvey Buckworth: It's going to take a lot more than that to beat the champ.

    Tim Coleman: It's all part of Rolando's plan Harvey, he's trying to wear down Roberto, and when he sees his opening then he'll strike!

    Mr. Willis: Well, what ever his game plan is, he better hope he excutes it well.

    Tim Coleman: Oh he will, don't you worry!

    Roberto is quickly back to his feet, but so is Rolando and he's much faster on the exchange as he nails Roberto with a clothesline that takes the champion down. Without even giving Roberto the chance to get up Rolando starts stomping away at Roberto, and continues with the vicious stomps until Billy Stevens forces him to stop. Once again Rolando doesn't like being told what to do, and lets Stevens know it

    Tim Coleman: Billy Stevens needs to just mind his own business, and let Rolando work his magic.

    Harvey Buckworth: Stevens is just doing his job Tim, and he's doing a fine job thus far.

    Mr. Willis: The referee has to retain order in the ring, no matter what Rolando's agenda is

    Rolando picks Roberto up, and lifts him up in the air before bringing him back down with a picture perfect suplex! He goes to pick up Roberto again, but Roberto is ready for him this time as he starts wailing on him again with punches before throwing Rolando to the ropes. As he does that he's bent down, and Rolando comes back at him with kick straight to the mush of Roberto that has the champion struggling to keep his balance, and Rolando takes this opportunity to run off the ropes again but he's caught by Roberto and he's nailed with a spine buster! Roberto goes for a cover. One, two, NO! Rolando gets his shoulder up, and as Roberto sits up with his back to Rolando he's grabbed by his neck as Rolando has him grounded and locked in a sleeper hold!

    Tim Coleman: Come on Roberto, tap out!

    Harvey Buckworth: Roberto will not give up that easily Tim

    Tim Coleman: He would if he knew what was good for him!

    Mr. Willis: Roberto has heart, this isn't over.

    Billy Stevens is asking Roberto if he wants to give up, but Roberto refuses to quit. Being the submission expert that he is, Rolando has the hold locked in tightly right in the middle of the ring where Roberto has nowhere to go. Roberto seems to fading away fast as Billy Stevens lifts his arm up with no response from the champ. He does it a second time, and still no response. Rolando is beginning to see his future as a two time champion as Stevens lifts Roberto's arm again, and before he drops it down Roberto starts showing signs of life. Maybe it was the support from his loving fans, but Roberto is not showing any quit as starts to get up with Rolando still on his back, and the sleeper hold locked in. Once Roberto is up on his feet he launches Rolando off of his back, and in the process causing Rolando to collide with referee Billy Stevens.

    Tim Coleman: Roberto did that on purpose!

    Harvey Buckworth: I'm pretty sure it was an honest mistake Tim

    Tim Coleman: No! He knows what he did! That no good snake!

    Mr. Willis: Well, we all know how referrers are the most clumbsy people in wrestling.

    Roberto is completely unaware of what just transpired as he has his back turned, and leans on the ropes to catch his bearings. This Rolando time to recuperate as well, and as soon as Roberto turns around he's met with a low blow from Rolando! Then he lifts Roberto in position, and connects with The Ice Pick!

    Tim Coleman: Yes! New champion!

    Tim has literally jumped out his seat in excitement as Harvey and Willis look at as if he's lost his mind.

    Instead of going for the pin Rolando leans over the ropes, and starts mouthing off some insults to Willis at ringside.

    Mr. Willis: You're a nobody Rolando, shut your trap.

    While this goes on Roberto starts to stir in the ring, but Rolando is unaware as he's still having a war of words with Willis. Willis has now gotten up out his seat, but still has the headset on so the fans at home can hear what he says.

    Mr. Willis: Feeling froggy? Leap bitch.

    Roberto is showing more signs of life in the ring, and now is waking up Billy Stevens.

    Tim Coleman: Turn around Rolando!

    Mr. Willis: You might want to turn around buddy.

    Rolando finally turns around, and Roberto nails him with The Edge!

    Tim Coleman: Noooooo!

    Stevens is awake, but still somewhat unaware of his surroundings so the count is slow. One...two...three!

    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner at 12 minutes 18 seconds, and still CWA World Heavyweight Champion Roberto Superstar!

    Roberto's music begins to play again as the crowd erupts in to cheers, and Willis just laughs while he claps for the champion.

    Mr. Willis: Wow, what a title defense. Looks like Rolando played himself.

    He then leaves the booth, and he's still laughing as Rolando starts to come to.

    Tim Coleman: I told you Harvey! I told you he was up to something! Didn't I?! He just caused Rolando Fuentes to lose!

    Harvey Buckworth: The only person Rolando has to blame for that is his himself for taking his eyes off the ball.

    Tim Coleman: Oh shut up Harvey you fool! Rolando wouldn't have lost his focus if it weren't for that lousy Willis out here! Don't you see?! It was all part of his plan!

    Harvey Buckworth: Will you please calm down? We have to go to commercial while we get things sorted out here.


    We cut backstage to Megan Anderson's office where she's seen sitting at her desk

    Megan Anderson:
    I'm sure all of you know that over the weekend at a recent live event one Mr. Willis issued a challenge to Rolando Fuentes, and after what just transpired Rolando has been made well aware of Willis' challenge, and has accepted. At Uprising it will be Rolando Fuentes going one on one with Mr. Willis!

    The scene ends and we cut back to Harvey and Tim.

    Harvey Buckworth: Wow, what an annoucement for Uprising!

    Tim Coleman: I told you that Willis was up to no good, and I just hope that Rolando teaches him a lesson at Uprising.
    Harvey Buckworth: Anyways, next up we have CWA’s newest acquisition Christian Bane taking on CWA veteran Adam Brown. Were about to show you a video now to get you more familiar with Bane.

    Christian Bane, a man followed by pain, sorrow and torture looks to find his way without the horrifying truths that tomorrow brings. Growing up in London, England times were tough and money was practically non-existent. A young Christian had no choice but to find way to fight for his supper and any other spending money he wanted. At a young age he was gifted with quickness and swift movements that enabled him to be a natural in the world of fighting. He met a promoter, a man by the name of Tyler Grunge and quickly was thrown into "The pit of despair" where every week a fight would commence and a quick and decisive winner would emerge. Being young Christian knew he had to win and with his fists he would be able to eat his next meal. The bell sounded and Christian wailed on the poor guy in the opposite corner. 6 minutes went by and the man opposing young Christian was lying on his back knocked out. Young Christian had won his first ever fight and for that he was awarded 32 pounds which is 50 us dollars. Christian was elated and quickly went to the nearest store to revel in his victory with a nice warm meal. Christian bought his food that night and went home to savor his victory. Many years have passed since that night and now Christian Bane is 24 years old and has officially signed a contract with the CWA. His debut match will happen on the 8th of February in Green Bay, Wisconsin against the crafty veteran Adam Brown. In a small room, big enough to train in Christian Bane is throwing his hands in preparation for the big night. Here are a few words from the newcomer Christian Bane.

    {Christian Bane}
    I see you have found me, I enjoy time like this with nobody around so I can prepare for a fight or in this case a wrestling match. Now this wrestling stuff is brand new to me and to be placed in the ring with a veteran doesn’t surprise me one bit. My first fight I knocked out a man who fought 5 years before he faced me, I broke his face! Now 10 year’s later im facing a man who is a veteran in the ranks of CWA, a man who I have no idea about. Adam Brown, your name is stale and so is the ugly image they printed on the card. You are a veteran but I’m not going to be the push over you would like to see. I’m a fighter, a survivor and most of all the man who will administer your overdose of pain!

    {Christian Bane lays flat on his back and begins to do bicycle crunches. He counts until he reaches 100 and stops. Bane eyes a target sitting on a mantle and destroys it will a punch.}

    {Christian Bane}
    For years I have endured the pain of others and I have had to fight for everything damn thing I have ever wanted. My mother or father never gave a damn if I ate or starved and for that they can rot in hell. You, Adam Brown, should watch and listen to anyone from the great United Kingdom who say they grew up fighting. It’s true, Bullocks to all your accomplishments it bloody doesn’t mean squat! You hear me you ****-ant? Your career doesn’t mean a damn thing to me. I will take my boot and stick it straight up your arse when Adrenaline Rush comes on Live! I will show the entire world the new sensation that is The Messiah of Mayhem Christian Bane!!

    {Christian Bane continues to work out and train before his big match. The scene ends with Bane doing a few sparing techniques to hone his skill.}

    Adam Brown is already in the ring as Unrepentant hits, and Christian Bane makes his way out. After having seen the video the crowd shows their disdain towards Bane, but he pays them no mind as he slowly walks to the ring.

    Tim Coleman: Oh boy! I can’t wait, this is going to be good!

    Harvey Buckworth: Try your best to contain yourself Tim.

    Tim Coleman: Don’t you tell me what to do! I just can’t wait to see Bane tear Brown limb from limb.

    Harvey Buckworth: What did Brown ever do to you?

    Tim Coleman: Nothing. I just like watching people get maimed like Brown is about to

    Harvey Buckworth: You’re a sick man Tim.

    vs Christian Bane

    Bane steps in to the ring as he continues to stare down Adam Brown, and referee Karl Rooney goes over the rules with each man before signaling for the bell. As soon as the bell rings Brown charges at Bane, and starts delivering shots to the midsection of Bane, but they seem to have no affect at all on the big man as he just smirks. He then grabs Brown by the throat with one hand, and lifts Brown up with ease before bringing him back down with a chokeslam!

    Christian Bane looks pleased with himself after that move however the smirk leaves when Chubby Carlos stands up from his seat and starts shouting

    Chubby Carlos: ​ STEROIDS!! STEROIDS!! STEROIDS!!

    The crowd laughs and continues the chant to the rage of the newcomer. Bane leans over the rope and yells at Chubby to shut up. Chubby just laughs at how annoyed Bane is getting and sits back down, As Bane turns his attention back to Brown.

    Tim Coleman: That idiot needs to mind his own business!

    Harvey Buckworth: Chubby is just having some fun.

    Tim Coleman: Who cares!

    Bane doesn’t lose a step even after the distraction as he does a primal yell as he charges at Brown, and connects with a brutal looking clothesline!

    Harvey Buckworth: Things aren’t looking too good for Brown.

    Tim Coleman: Ha, this is great!

    He doesn’t hesitate as he puts Brown in position, and connects with a package piledriver that he calls That’s Baneful! Instead of going for the pin he picks Brown up, and places him on his shoulders in position as he delivers his finishing move he calls Baneful Existence! He then makes the cover on an unconscious Adam Brown.

    One, two, three!

    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner at 3 minutes 33 seconds, Christian Bane!

    Bane stands over the prone body of Adam Brown, and just stares down at his first victim. Although hesitant about it at first, referee Karl Rooney tells Bane to leave. Bane glares at Rooney before he does leave, and walks back up the ramp.

    Harvey Buckworth: What an impressive debut tonight for Christian Bane.

    Tim Coleman: That man just put everyone in the locker room on notice.

    The camera cuts to another shot of Bane as he’s still standing on the ramp, and he’s looking towards the ring where Rooney is helping out Adam Brown as we cut to a video.

    It seems a lifetime ago but Trainwreck was once a normal boy. Brought up in a rich home in Greenwich and spoilt with the finer things in life. Home tutored at a young age until he was taken to a private school.

    He and his parents prepared to take a train to visit the opening day of his school. The train derailed and ploughed through the platform into the station. Killing all in it’s path. The boy was lucky to escape and as he turned to see his father trying to pull his mother from the wreckage the platform collapsed, crushing his parents.

    He fled to the next town and grew up in the underworld, used as a messenger for the local gangs. Until eventually he turned a set out to murder his previous employers.

    With nowhere to go Trainwreck spends his life prowling stations, intent on finding those responsible for the death of his parents. It started with attacks on train drivers and ticket staff. But his hatred grew and he would prey on lonely passengers at night.

    Local enforcement was preparing to capture this outlaw and Trainwreck knew he could no longer stay in the country and so he fled the country. He travelled the world and now everybody was threat. Trainwreck would assault anybody who so much as glanced at him.

    Trainwreck has now come to compete in the E-Fed looking for anybody to take his rage out on. He knows he will never find those responsible for the death of his family. And so everybody will now suffer.

    Entering E-Fed
    Knowing he couldn’t simply walk in and get a job Trainwreck found an old RV and ploughed it into the garage of a local arena holding a wrestling event. This is now his home and he lies in wait for somebody to quench his rage.


    Harvey Buckworth: Welcome back everyone! Before the break we saw a video hyping the newest acquistion in Trainwreck, and we hope to see him in action soon enough! Anyways, tonight we’ve already seen two great matches, and next up we’ll the Women’s Champion Ashley Adams defend her title against an unknown opponent.

    Tim Coleman: That’s just not right I don’t know what Megan is thinking here, but I have faith that whoever Ashley is facing, that Ashley can get the job done.

    Harvey Buckworth: For Ashley’s sake, I hope you’re right.

    Best of Me hits as the CWA Women’s Champion Ashley Adams makes her way out with her Women’s championship around her waist, and as always accompanying her to the ring is her entourage with protégé Ashley La Bella, and her bodyguard Ama-Zon . She doesn’t look too happy, but she gets in the ring and snatches the microphone away from Lindsay.

    Ashley Adams: I bet you all think this is so funny that I have no clue who my opponent is

    The crowd cheers in response meaning they do think it’s funny.

    Ashley Adams: You know what I don’t care what any of you think! I’m going to be the one that gets the last laugh after I defeat whoever Megan found to face me. I mean who could it possibly be? I’ve defeated every woman CWA has thrown at me, and they’ve all become irrelevant ever since, so who is it Megan? Who did you scrounge up for me to humiliate?

    Megan Anderson then appears on the tron where she’s seen sitting at her desk in her office.

    Megan Anderson: Before your opponent comes out I just want to tell you that you’re wrong.

    Ashley looks confused for a moment.

    Ashley Adams: What do you mean I’m wrong?

    Megan Anderson: I mean you’re wrong because there’s still one woman in the CWA that you’ve never beat.

    Ashley Adams: Oh really?! Well, who is it?!

    Crushcrushcrush begins playing, and Ashley looks confused as well as the crowd before Mz Kay steps out.

    Tim Coleman: Who is that?

    Harvey Buckworth: That’s Mz. Kay.

    Tim Coleman: Who?

    Harvey Buckworth: She got signed by CWA last year, but never got a chance to make any real impact after suffering an injury.

    Tim Coleman: Hmm, doesn’t ring a bell.

    As Mz. Kay is walking to the ring as Ashley and the rest of her crew are laughing. Mz. Kay steps in to the ring.


    Ashley Adams: Who are you?

    Mz. Kay: I’m Mz. Kay, and I’m a legit wrestler.

    Ashley and the other ladies burst into more hysterics as Kay looks on completely oblivious as to why they’re laughing.

    Ashley Adams: I’m sorry honey, but that was just too funny.

    Mz. Kay: What was funny?

    Ashley Adams: You, and this.

    Adams delivers a spinning heel kick that connects with Mz. Kay’s head. She then lifts Kay up, and connects with Sweet Dreams! Ashley quickly makes the cover as referee Nate Byrne does the count.

    One, two, three!

    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner at 45 seconds, and still CWA Women’s Champion Ashley Adams!

    Ashley looks more than pleased with her handy work as her and the rest of The Sorority Sisters exit the ring.

    Tim Coleman: I knew Ashley could do it!

    Harvey Buckworth: There was something awfully fishy about that.

    Tim Coleman: I'm sure you're just being delusional as usual.

    Harvey shakes his head in disbelief at Tim's comment.

    Harvey Buckworth: We'll be right back fans.

    Harvey face palms before cutting to commercial.


    X-Fly Championship Final Qualifier

    Derek Vendra and Dan Maskell are set go here in this one-on-one match up as the referee calls for the bell! They lock up in the center of the ring. Maskell, with the height and weight advantage, pushes Vendra into the corner. The referee calls for a break and gets in between the two. Maskell gives Vendra a hard cheap shot over the referee's back! He didn't see anything as Maskell hits a few more punches. He grabs Vendra's arm and Irish whips him into the corner. Vendra hops off the second turnbuckle, going for a reversal. But, Maskell catches him and delivers an Oklahoma slam into the turnbuckles and then again in the center of the ring, all in one motion! Maskell stays on top for the cover, but Vendra kicks out at a count of one. Maskell wastes no time, lifting Vendra to a seated and slamming his knee into the back of Vendra. He grabs Vendra's jaw with his knee in the back still, applying a wicked-looking chin lock! Vendra tries to fight out as Maskell yells in his ears. Maskell goes to yell again, but Vendra catches him with a back elbow! He does it again and Maskell breaks the hold. Vendra is up and runs at Maskell, who is leaning against the ropes. Maskell body drops Vendra over the ropes, but Vendra lands feet first on the apron. Maskell tries to grab him, but Vendra slides under the bottom rope. Maskell turns around and gets clotheslines over the ropes! Vendra hits the ropes and goes high risk!


    NO! Maskell ducked and Vendra goes chest first into the barricade! Maskell lifts Vendra to his feet and then lifts him up, only to drop him chest first onto the steel steps! Maskell rolls Vendra back into the ring, then slides in himself. He begins stomping at the chest of Vendra! He drops a knee into Vendra's chest then jumps on Vendra's chest with both feet! Maskell lifts Vendra up and get him in position for a suplex. He lifts Vendra and drops him chest across the ropes! Maskell climbs to the second rope in the corner, and leaps off, nailing Vendra in the back with his knee! Maskell goes for the cover, but Vendra grabs the ropes. Maskell lifts Vendra up and gives him a hard suplex! He goes for another cover, but Vendra kicks out at two again. The fans are getting behind Vendra, trying to will him on to a victory. Maskell lifts Vendra up once more, but Vendra connects with a right to the midsection! Another right hand, right to the ribs of Maskell, but he slows this momentum shift with a knee to the stomach. He hits the ropes, going for a a BIG BOOT! Vendra ducks and Maskell lands groin first on the top rope! Vendra bounces off the perpendicular ropes and hits a SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK! Maskell goes crashing to the outside! Vendra hits the ropes, looking to go high risk again, but it didn't pay off last time!


    He connects! Both men go crashing to the outside and before the referee can start the count, Vendra rolls back into the ring, looking to win by count-out.





    Maskell is crawling towards the apron.




    Maskell is about to slide into the ring, but Vendra comes in with a baseball slide, but Maskell ducks. Vendra, now on the outside, runs at Maskell, who launches Vendra over his head! Vendra lands on the apron with both feet! He goes for a MOONSAULT off the apron! But, Maskell catches him! With Vendra on his shoulder, Maskell drives him head first into the steel ring post! He climbs the steel steps with Vendra still on his shoulder. He walks the apron to the turnbuckle and drops Vendra face first across turnbuckle! Maskell climbs into the ring and climbs to the second rope! He lifts Vendra, who is now bleeding from the top of his head onto the second rope. Maskell signals for the finish and leaps off the turnbuckle!


    Vendra hits the mat head first off the single underhook DDT! Maskell goes for the cover on the bloodied Vendra.




    Maskell laughs as he climbs the turnbuckle to taunt the fans.

    Lindsey Monahan: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner at a time of 8 minutes and 43 seconds.... DAN MASKELL!!

    Harvey Buckworth: What an effort here by Derek Vendra, but it wasn't enough to defeat Dan Maskell. Now Maskell will go on to Uprising to face the X-Fly Champion, Dexter Darwin Douglas.

    Tim Coleman: At Uprising there will be a new X-Fly champion, DDD's days are numbered I'm telling you.

    As Maskell still celebrates the X-Fly champ appears on stage, and applauds Maskell. Maskell takes notice, and motions around his waist saying he's taking the gold at Uprising.


    Harvey Buckworth: Welcome back fans, and before we get to our final match of the evening I've just been informed that Megan Anderson has given both the Tag Team Champions, The Brotherhood, and the challengers The Gang Stars the week off in order to prepare for their match at Uprising. Anyways, up next we have our final match of the evening where Austerio takes on Cesar Pineda!


    The referee checks both men and the match is on! Cesar Pineda wrestling Austerio! Both men tease a lock up in the center of the ring, but Austerio roundhouse kicks the knee of Pineda. They tease another lock up, but Austerio kicks the other knee. They finally lock up and Austerio pushes Pineda into the ropes. The referee seperates the men and Austerio slaps Pineda right across the face! Pineda looks furious as they lock up again. This time it's Pineda getting the upper hand as he pushes Austerio into the ropes. The referee separates the two men again and Pineda give Austerio a slap of his own! Austerio is now the furious one, nailing Pineda with a forearm to the head and then takes him down to the mat in a headlock. He wrenches the headlock as the referee asks Pineda if he wants to give it up. Pineda denies and Austerio wrenches the headlock harder. Pineda wraps his legs around the head of Austerio and Austerio breaks the headlock. Pineda has the head scissor on Austerio. Austerio rolls Pineda to his stomach and rolls backwards to try and lock in his signature submission!


    The elevated cloverleaf! But, it's not quite locked in as Pineda is still fighting! He crawls to the ropes and grabs them, but he can't hold on as Austerio pulls him back into the center of the ring. Austerio places his knees into Pineda's back. Austerio rolls to his back and traps Pineda in an elevated stretch! Pineda rolls and lands across Austerio for the pin, but Austerio kicks out at one! Both men get to their feet and Austerio drops Pineda with an ENZUIGIRI! He crawls on top for the cover, but Pineda kicks out at two! Austerio lifts Pineda up and drags him into the corner. He rocks Pineda with a few shots then irish whips him into the opposing corner. Austerio runs in with a head of steam and nails a RUNNING ELBOW! Pineda stumbles out of the corner and Austerio nails him with a SPINEBUSTER! Austerio stays on Pineda for the cover!

    Austerio scrambles into the pin he hooks the leg.
    But the referee isn’t there to make the count!

    Tim Coleman: What the hell is going on? Austerio has this match won! This is a screwjob Buckworth plain and simple!

    Harvey Buckworth: This is indeed a blizzard situation. I can’t recall something like has ever happened in the history of wrestling. I mean the ref just disappeared. But where the hell is he?

    Austerio head snaps up in confusion and frantically searches for the referee.

    Harvey Buckworth: F-Fans? I-I don’t know what to tell you. But-Wait a minute, I’m just getting word through my earpiece… Yes, We have visual on the referee! Cut to camera 2!

    The picture cuts away from the ring where we see the missing in action referee deep in conversation with Chubby Carlos who is casually leaning over the barricade seemingly not troubled by the fact that he’s interrupting the match in progress.

    Chubby Carlos: …and that’s the story of how I saved a hospital of sick puppies from 300 evil ninjas with nothing more than a 2 month old potato chip and a very pointy stick.

    Tim Coleman: I knew it Buckworth! I just knew it! I knew Carlos couldn’t go the entire show without messing things up.

    Referee: Wow that’s quite a story Chubby. Especially the part about the flying unicorn. But I really need to get back to officiating the match.

    Chubby Carlos: Don’t worry about it dude. I tell you if your needed in the ring. Oh that’s reminds me did I ever tell you about the time I destroyed the one ring of power? It was awesome! See one day this old dude with a beard walked up to me and said-

    Unfortunately we’ll never get to hear that story as Austerio grabs the referee by the scruff of the neck and forces the ref back in the ring. We see Austerio mouth the words “Mind your own damn business fat man” Chubby tries to play innocent by forcing a look of mock surprise on his face as if to say “Who me?” Austerio gives him a dirty look before returning to the ring.

    Austerio yells at the referee to pay attention and wastes no more time before lifting Pineda up. Pineda fights out and rocks Austerio with a few right hands. Austerio stops Pineda's momentum with a forearm and a dropkick! He lifts Pineda up and drags him to the corner once more. Austerio scoops him up and puts Pineda in the Tree of Woe! Austerio runs in for a SLIDING DROPKICK, but Pineda lifts up a bit as Austerio slides to the outside. Austerio reaches under the bottom rope and grabs Pineda, who is still upside-down, under the chin! He's stretching out the back as Pineda screams in pain! The referee counts for Austerio to break the hold. But, before the referee can count to five, Pineda grabs Austerio by the wrist and pulls him into the steel ring post face first! Austerio stumbles around confused about where he is. Pineda sits atop the turnbuckle then climbs down to the apron. Pineda tries to recover a bit, but Austerio grabs the ankles of Pineda and pulls his legs out from under him! Pineda's head slams against the apron and Austerio pushes him into the ring. Austerio rolls into the ring and goes for his finish again!


    But, Pineda rolls, sticks his legs through and locks his own submission finish.


    Austerio is fighting! He lifts himself up and uses his leg strength to throw Pineda off. Pineda is up and hits Austerio with a gut kick! He signals for it and lifts Austerio up for the CHICAGO NIGHTMARE! Austerio is fighting, and Pineda drops him back down. Austerio lands on his feet and sweeps the legs of Pineda! He rolls Pineda to his stomach and locks it in once more!


    It's in full effect here! Pineda is screaming in pain! He has no choice but TAP AND HE DOES!

    Lindsey Monahan: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner at a time of 9 minutes flat..... AUSTERIO!!

    Austerio doesn't even celebrate his victory because as soon as the match is over he storms out of the ring as we quickly cut to commercial


    Harvey Buckworth: Were just moments away from one the contract signing between Roberto and Ultimate Pain, wait what's going on over there?

    The camera pans across to reveal Chubby Carlos who has up to this point been sitting quietly for most of the night Jumping the guard rail and heading in the ring with a chair in head. Security tries to intercept him but Chubby (Faster than most 300+pound men) easily avoids them and quickly slides into the ring. Once there he raises his chair above his head threatening, to stop security getting any ideas about coming into the ring, seemingly satisfied that he won’t be interrupted. He makes his way over to Lindsey Monahan who had just entered to the ring moments before Chubby to introduce the participates competing in the main event and grabs the microphone out of her hand. He then opens his chair and slowly sits down right there in the centre of the ring. The fans are clearly have conflicting emotions about these turns of events. On the one hand Chubby is universally beloved by all the CWA Fans, however he’s holding up the beginning of the hotly antiapartheid main event. Chubby ignores the mixed reaction he’s receiving, takes a deep breath raises the mic slowly to his lips, pauses for a moment as if contemplating how exactly he’s going put whatever bothering him in the right words before beginning to speak.

    Chubby Carlos:…I gonna keep this short and sweet. Diego! For the last few weeks you’re been running me down calling me worthless, calling me pathetic and every other name your twisted little mind can think of. Do you think those names are effecting me? Do you think I’m scared of you? Because if you do than you need to pull yourself out of the fantasy world of conspiracies and pot when I tell you that I heard worse insults when I was eight years old, and guess what dude? It didn’t work than and it isn’t working now. You’re taken cheaps shots when my back was turned and when I had you in a fair fight? You ran away, and you have the nerve to call me a coward? Well in that case that makes you a SUPER ULTRA MEGA COWARD! Oh yes. I just went there… But at Uprising there’s gonna be no place to run and no place to hide when I serve you my special home made pie. Shhhhhh don’t tell anyone dude but the secret ingredient…IS PAIN! A PAIN PIE you could say!! But he’s the thing…I don’t think I can wait until Uprising. So he’s whats going down. As of this moment Adrenaline Rush is on hold, and instead it’s the Chubby Carlos Show! That’s right I’m not leaving this ring until either Diego Gonzalez comes down that ramp, steps into this ring and face me like a man. You better hurry Dude I can practically feel the ratings dropping as we speak…

    Chubby drops the mic and just sits there staring at the ramp as we head into a impromptu commercial break.

    *Commercial break*

    We come back from commercial break where we see a bored looking Chubby Carlos still in the middle of the ring with no sign of Diego Gonzalez. Chubby gazes at the invisible wrist watch he’s wearing and raises the mic to his mouth once again.

    Chubby Carlos: Well I guess Diego isn’t going to show… Well I can’t say I’m surprised but hey it was worth a short. So I guess if he won’t come down here to face me… I’m just going to have to go back there and drag his ass to the ring! Ready or not dude here I come!

    Chubby jumps up from his seat and goes to leave the ring

    but suddenly Diego Gonzalez appears on the tron where he's shown sitting backstage in an unknown location. He's wearing a black hooded jacket with the hood over his head, and the jacket is unzipped to reveal a Scarface t-shirt. He begins chuckle, and the chuckle turns into a sort of maniacal laugh that causes the crowd erupt in boos.

    Diego Gonzalez:
    Carlos, do you really think I'm going to come out there? You must think I'm a fool, or you're just as foolish as you look. I'm leaning towards the latter on that one. You're probably thinking it's because I'm afraid of you, but you're wrong. We all know what would happen if I came out there don't we? Let me enlighten you, if I came out there I would be forced to cripple you, and I don't want that...yet. You see, I want to wait until our big match at Uprising where I'll leave you in the middle of that ring in a pool of your own blood. I'll leave you so broken that you will have no other option but to just call it quits.

    The crowd begins booing Gonzalez which causes him to laugh some more.

    Diego Gonzalez: You can go ahead and boo me all you want, but I'll be doing all of you a favor. Ridding the CWA of that worthless, selfish piece of scum. Once I do that you'll come to your senses and realize you were wrong in booing me, and you'll be thanking me. Not like I'll care, because when was the last time any of you cared about me? Cared about what I did? Never! That's why I do things for myself now because I don't people like you holding me back.

    Carlos is still standing in the ring, and now he's the one laughing which causes Gonzalez to get upset.

    Diego Gonzalez: What's so funny Carlos?!

    Chubby looks up at the titantron as if he forgot he was there with a big smirk on his face.

    Chubby Carlos:
    What’s Funny? Oh tons of things are funny. Cat videos, Zoolander,Ghostbusters, Austerio’s wrestling skills…But right this very moment I’m laughing at you! I mean do you hear the insanity that’s coming out of your mouth? I’m worthless?! I’m the one who’s selfish?! Then riddle me this dude? What does that make you? You spat in the face of everyone that every called you a friend and everyone that chanted your name, to feed your own warped ego. That’s about as selfish as you can get! You…You really believe your speaking the truth don’t you?

    Chubby looks at Diego in disbelief

    Chubby Carlos:
    Oh my god you totally do! Nobody was holding you back absolutely nobody! You were you own man. All people like me and Derek Vendra spurred you on and if anyone was holding you back it was you and your personal sense of paranoia. Diego just…Just look at yourself dude! Look at what you’re become! You’ve thrown your fans, your friends and your career away for what? This…this imaginary personal vendetta? I hope your happy with the choices you made because at Uprising? Karma’s coming to collect dude! No empty threats, no conspiracies and no hiding backstage. Just you and me and the ring!

    Diego Gonzalez: You go ahead and believe all of what you just said there because come Uprising you were going to wish that you had listened to me. You're going to wish that you had believed me, and not your own foolish beliefs. By then it'll be too late for you because you're going to be beaten within an inch of your life, and not even your own foolish beliefs will be able to save you. That's not an empty threat, that's a guarantee, a promise and I never break promises. The only one that will be collecting karma will be you.

    Diego now starts laughing maniacally.

    Diego Gonzalez: See you at Uprising...dude.

    He continues laughing as the screen goes to static leaving Carlos in the ring, and before he can say anything The Bitch Came Back hits as Megan Anderson steps out with security.

    Megan Anderson: Chubby, last I checked I gave you the night off, and I have show to run here tonight. I can't have you interfering in other people's matches just because of some grudge you hold against Diego Gonzalez. Your personal affairs are just that, personal, and I can't have them ruining my show. Despite what you've done tonight I'm letting you off easy, but don't consider it as a form of gratitude on my behalf. Now, I'm going to have security escort you out of the building, and I expect you to see you at Uprising.

    With that Megan sends her security down to the ring, and Chubby doesn't put up any resistance as he walks out of the building with security, much to the disdain of the fans as we cut to commercial.

    Adrenaline Rush returns from commercial and Harvey Buckworth has made his way into the ring, meaning it is time for the contract signing between Roberto and Ultimate Pain to begin. The ring has been kitted out with a large table with a clipboard and paper placed in the middle of it, as well as a large leather chair on either side with a microphone on each.

    Buckworth already has a microphone in hand, and appears quite happy to have such an important role in tonight’s show. The crowd gives him a warm reception which finally settles down as he begins to speak.

    Harvey Buckworth:
    “It’s now time for the contract signing of CWA Uprising’s main event between the World Heavyweight Champion, Roberto, and his long-time rival Ultimate Pain!”

    The crowd is red hot for this and a Roberto chant has already broken out around the arena.

    Harvey Buckworth:
    “Introducing first, the longest-reigning World Champion in CWA history but he will be the challenger come Uprising, The Ultimate Pain!”

    The lights in the arena go out as always as the opening notes of Supernaut blast out from the sound system. Spotlights zoom around the crowd before they too go out and a lone spotlight shines in the middle of the entrance ramp where Pain is in his usual pose. The crowd are as unhappy to see him as normal and they are letting him know it. Pain stares around the audience, soaking up the atmosphere, almost as if he thrives on the fans boos. Pain then eventually begins to march down to the ring with great purpose. Upon entering the ring he immediately makes his way over to Buckworth and gets in his face! Pain seems to tell Buckworth how he wants things to go down tonight but Buckworth simply offers him a handshake which Pain not too politely refuses by slapping his hand. Pain then points to the back and seems to be telling Buckworth to bring Roberto down here!

    Harvey Buckworth:“And now introducing, the only five-time CWA World Champion, also known as The Cult of Personality, he is none other than Roberto!”

    The fans in attendance tonight are absolutely buzzing as The Champ by Nelly plays out for the second time tonight and the CWA World Heavyweight Champion comes out. Roberto and Rolando opened the show tonight in an amazing match in which the champ was able to retain his title. Roberto strikes a few poses with his belt at the top of the entrance ramp before making his way down to the ring. As always fans are shouting and cheering for Roberto and he high fives a few as he walks down the entrance ramp. Roberto hops on to the ring apron and enters the ring. He stares at Pain for a few seconds before climbing the turnbuckles and again posing for the crowd. Pain can be seen in the background pretending to yawn. Both men then stand beside the table staring each other down. Roberto simply lifts the World Title up, signalling to Pain that like it or not he is still World Champion after tonight’s victory. Pain just nods knowingly at Roberto. The crowd are delighted with this intense stare down but all the while Harvey Buckworth has been asking both men to please take their seats. Eventually Pain breaks the stare and takes his seat, and is soon followed by Roberto.

    Harvey Buckworth:
    “Ladies and gentleman, it is my great pleasure tonight to be presenting this contract signing and I am hoping both men allow this to go as smoothly as possible. Both men have gone through the contract backstage and know exactly what it entails. Upon signing it, no further physical altercations between the two men may take place or the guilty party may be suspended."

    As Buckworth says this he simply stares at Pain almost as if he is pleading with him to not do anything drastic here tonight.

    Harvey Buckworth: “First up to put their signature on the dotted line is Ultima…”

    Ultimate Pain:
    “I believe that goes a little more like this, The Ullltimaaaateee…”

    Pain gets out of his seat and points to his t-shirt with “Best in the World” emblazoned on it as he says this, all the while staring at Roberto!

    Ultimate Pain:

    Pain then begins to walk around his side of the ring as he talks.

    Ultimate Pain:
    “Roberto, people have been asking me all week, about who I wanted to face between you and Rolando and almost everyone has stupidly thought the answer would be Rolando. With no offense intended to him, people think you’re the best there is, so they wonder why I would want to have things tougher for myself by facing you. But that’s where people are so wrong and stupid!”

    The crowd don’t take too kindly to being called stupid and give Pain the usual boos.

    Ultimate Pain:
    “Everyone should know this goes beyond the World Title. Yes I deserve to be World Champion again, and yes I want my title back, but I want to defeat you to do so. No, in fact, I have to defeat you to do so! I want to prove what we already both know, that I am truly the ‘Best in the World’!”

    As Pain says this he again points to his CWA t-shirt.

    Ultimate Pain:
    “Harvey, the pen if you please.”

    Harvey suddenly looks around a little embarrassed, patting down his jacket pockets hoping to find a pen. Pain looks at him with a look of disgust on his face when he gets hit in the chest with a pen by Roberto. Pain quickly turns his attention to Roberto who has a huge smile on his face.

    “Hurry up and sign Ulti. Let’s make this official!”

    Pain snarls at Roberto before flicking to the back of the contract and scribbling his signature down on it and then taking a seat once again. Harvey seems to thank Roberto for bringing a pen with him before continuing.

    Harvey Buckworth:
    “Thank you Ulti.”

    Pain quickly turns his head to Buckworth again, who has clearly picked this name up from Roberto, but Pain shakes his head from side to side at him.

    Harvey Buckworth:
    “Uh, I mean, eh Ultimate Pain of course. Anyway, now it’s time to hear from a friend of mine before he signs this contract. Take it away Roberto!”

    Roberto: “I think that goes a little more like this Harvey, Rooooberrrrtttooooo…”

    Roberto now hops up, mocking Pain from earlier, as he too points to his t-shirt which says “Champ of the World”.

    Roberto: “…Superrrsssttttaaaaarrrrr!!!”

    Pain laughs and shakes his head, before mouthing something to Roberto and even though he does it without his microphone, we can still make out what he is saying; he is telling Roberto "not for long", as the Champ just raises his belt high in the air.

    Roberto: "Can you feel the energy Ulti? Man, personally I have shivers down my spine. Finally we get to do this one on one, the way it was always meant to be. You talk about wanting to face me, well, the feeling is mutual. At Uprising the score will be settled once and for all and I'm telling you now Ulti, you are going to lose. You see, while you are the self proclaimed "Best in the World", I am the Undisputed "Champ of the World" and I have this Title to prove it."

    Roberto once again lifts his World title up in the air and this time it seems to be getting on Pain's nerves. Roberto knows this and keeps the pose for what seems an eternity, as another intense stare down takes place. Meanwhile, all the fans in attendance are loving this, as they cheer with all they've got. Eventually Roberto breaks the pose and turns to Harvey...

    Roberto: "Alright, let's do this, give me that pen Harvey and let's make this official."

    Harvey does what he is told and hands Roberto a pen. Roberto signs the papers, then hands them back to Harvey. The biggest and most important trilogy match of all time is now official. Both Roberto and the Ultimate Pain stand up and you can tell right away that Harvey is worried here. Roberto moves the table out of the way and gets right in Pain's face. The intensity is out of this World. But the next move Roberto makes shocks everyone, as he just puts his hand out for a handshake. Pain looks at Roberto's hand for a bit, then he shocks everyone as well by accepting the handshake. As much as these two hate each other right now, they respect each other just a little more maybe. Usually these contract signings end up in brawls and pure chaos, but tonight it doesn't look like that will happen.

    Roberto and Pain break the hadshake and the Champ walks out of the ring. He begins walking up the ramp, then stops midway to pose with his Title once more.

    Harvey Buckworth:
    "Alright, in two weeks time Roberto Superstar and the Ultimate Pain will Main Event Uprising and unless you have a tickect to watch it live, you will need to order it on PPV. Don't miss it, as this is going to be off the hook. I want to thank both Roberto and Pain for respecting the contract and not attacking each other. Thank you all and have a goodnight."

    It seems the night is over, but it looks like the Ultimate Pain has other things on his mind. Pain grabs the mic from harvey then gets right in his face...

    Ultimate Pain: "Woah, woah, woah, hold up there a second Harvey, this thing tonight doesn't look quite right. I see this table here inside this ring still in one piece and that in my opinion is completely wrong; actually you can even say this is a sin."

    Pain drops the mic and an evil smile can be seen on his face now. Harvey is worried and he should be; he tries to run, but Pain grabs him by the collar and pulls him close, before quickly setting him up for an Ulti-Bomb. Pain looks at Roberto and smiles, as Harvey hopelessly tries to get free. Roberto pleads with Pain not to do it, but it falls on deaf ears, as Pain delivers one nasty Ulti-Bomb on the wooden table.

    Roberto runs back inside the ring, but Pain quickly makes a run for it through the crowd. Roberto checks on Harvey and it doesn't look good for the official voice of CWA and probably the number one play by play man in all of wrestling. Roberto is mad as hell and tries to call Pain back, but it's not going to happen as the former champion just motions for belt.

    EMT's comedown to the ring and check on Harvey, as the show goes off the air. See you all at Uprising people.


    Quick Results
    Roberto Superstar def. Rolando Fuentes
    Christian Bane def. Adam Brown
    Ashley Adams def. Mz. Kay
    Dan Maskell def. Derek Vendra
    Austerio def. Cesar Pineda

    Harry Morgan
    Mr. Willis
    Flex Kavana
    An Original Name
    Jimmy King

    Jimmy King

    Promo Grading
    Jimmy King



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    Re: CWA Adrenaline Rush - Live from Green Bay, WI!

    I edited it the show and aligned it on the left. Its better like this in my opinion.

    Anyway, great show and good job everyone.

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