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Thread: Guess the wrestlers voice.

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    Guess the wrestlers voice.

    Just a bit of fun, the concept is simple.

    I have created a sound clip containing the voices of 3 Superstars. They are wrestlers who have appeared in the WWE and any of it's associated companies from the 80's onwards. They may be from the past or present.

    You must guess the 3 voices in this sound clip by making your 3 picks in this thread.

    Once you have made your picks I will tell you whether you have 1, 2 or 3 picks correct. But I WON'T tell you which picks are correct.

    You may guess as many times as you want but you can't make a 2 posts in a row. You'll have to wait for some1else to post first.

    Can you guess all 3?

    The clip is below. (Post your picks here NOT on Youtube.)

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