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Thread: Natural Approach 2

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    Natural Approach 2

    This thread is a spiritual successor to “The Natural Approach” and this post serves as an index for for the content and information scattered throughout. My signature image will link to this post. Brevity's never been my thing so I apologize in advance if things get a bit wordy once the shows start up. Are you ready? It's clobbering time.


    Commissioner Mick Foley had previously returned to in-ring action solely for the
    2012 Royal Rumble, but has since been challenged to a hardcore match at the
    Elimination Chamber by none other than Rumble winner Dolph Ziggler!

    On the February 6 episode of Monday Night Raw, Commissioner Mick Foley
    announced his choices for the Elimination Chamber match that will determine
    the WWE Champion going into WrestleMania XXVIII. CM Punk's opponents are:

    KANE.......JOHN CENA.......ZACK RYDER.......R-TRUTH.......THE MIZ

    Commissioner Mick Foley announced his choices for the Elimination Chamber match
    that will determine the World Champion going into WrestleMania XXVIII. Bryan's opponents are:


    This will serve as a repository for episodes of Raw and Smack down as well as any other small shows/events.

    Last Event : Royal Rumble


    Next Event: Elimination Chamber

    WWE Champion CM Punk defends the title against John Cena, The Miz, R-Truth, Zack Ryder, and Kane!
    World Champion Daniel Bryan defends the title against Big Show, Mark Henry, Wade Barrett, Randy Orton and Sheamus!
    Card Subject to Change.

    WWE Champion: CM PUNK
    Won from Alberto Del Rio at Survivor Series.

    World Champion: DANIEL BRYAN
    Won from The Big Show at TLC.

    United States Champion: JACK SWAGGER
    Won from Zack Ryder on Raw.

    Intercontinental Champion: CODY RHODES
    Won from Ezekiel Jackson on Smack down.

    Tag Team Championship: PRIMO & EPICO
    Won from Air Boom at a house show.

    Women's Champion: BETH PHOENIX
    Won by default after ending Divas division as Champion.

    Money in the Bank Holder: To be determined at WrestleMania.


    Alex Riley | Face | 6' 3” 236 lbs. | Washington, D.C. | Lifting DDT

    Big Show
    | Face | 7' 441 lbs. | Tampa, Florida | W.M.D. (KO Punch)

    Brodus Clay
    | Heel | 6' 7” 375 lbs. | Planet Funk | What The Funk (Running Crossbody)

    Chris Jericho | ???? | 6' 0” 226 lbs. | Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada | Codebreaker (Double Knee Facebreaker)

    CM Punk | Face | 6' 2” 218 lbs. | Chicago, Illinois | Go To Sleep (Fireman's Carry to Knee Lift)

    Cody Rhodes | Heel | 6' 2” 215 lbs. | Marietta, Georgia | Cross Rhodes (Rolling Cutter)

    Curt Hawkins | Heel | 6' 2” 214 lbs. | Queens, New York | Heat-Seeking Elbow (Diving Elbow)

    Daniel Bryan | Heel | 5' 10” 210 lbs. | Aberdeen, Washington | LeBell Lock (Omoplata crossface)

    David Otunga | Heel | 6' 0” 229 lbs. | Chicago, Illinois | Case Closed (Celtic Cross)

    Dolph Ziggler | Heel | 6' 0” 213 lbs. | Hollywood, Florida | Zig Zag (Reverse Bulldog)

    Drew McIntyre | Heel | 6' 5” 254 lbs. | Ayr, Scotland | Future Shock (Snap Double Underhook DDT)

    Epico | Heel | 6' 0” 217 lbs. | San Juan, Puerto Rico | Backstabber (Double Knee Backbreaker)

    Ezekiel Jackson | Face | 6' 2” 280 lbs. | Guyana, South America | Torture Rack

    Goldust | Face | 6' 6” 243 lbs. | Hollywood, California | Final Cut (Suplex to Swinging Neckbreaker)

    The Great Khali | Face | 7' 1” 347 lbs. | Punjab, India | Punjabi Plunge (Two-Handed Chokeslam)

    Heath Slater | Heel | 6' 2” 216 lbs. | Pineville, West Virginia | E-minor (Inverted DDT)

    Hornswoggle | Face | 4' 4” 142 lbs. | Ireland | Tadpole Splash (One-Star Frog Splash)

    Hunico | Heel | 5' 10” 205 lbs. | Juárez, Mexico | Falling Star (Senton Bomb)

    Jack Swagger | Heel | 6' 7” 260 lbs. | Perry, Oklahoma | Gutwrench Powerbomb

    Jey Uso | Face | 6' 1” 228 lbs. | San Francisco, California | Diving Headbutt

    Jimmy Uso | Face | 6'1” 251 lbs. | San Francisco, California | Samoan Splash (Diving Splash)

    Jinder Mahal | Heel | 6' 5” 222 lbs. | Punjab, India | Full Nelson Slam

    John Cena | Face | 6' 2” 251 lbs. | West Newbury, Massachusetts | Attitude Adjustment (Fireman's Carry Powerslam)

    JTG | Heel | 6' 2” 232 lbs. | Brooklyn, New York | Da Shout Out (Spinning Sitout Sleeper Slam)

    Justin Gabriel | Face | 6' 1” 213 lbs. | Cape Town, South Africa | 450 Splash

    Kane | Heel | 7' 0” 323 lbs. | Parts Unkown | Tombstone Piledriver

    Kofi Kingston | Face | 6' 0” 212 lbs. | Ghana, West Africa | Trouble in Paradise (Jumping Corkscrew Roundhouse Kick)

    Mark Henry | Heel | 6' 4” 412 lbs. | Silsbee, Texas | World's Strongest Slam (Falling Powerslam)

    Mason Ryan | Face | 6' 5” 275 lbs. | Cardiff, Wales | Pumphandle Slam

    Michael McGillicutty | Face | 6' 3” 227 lbs. | Champlin, Minnesota | McGillicutter (Running One-Armed Snap Swinging Neckbreaker)

    The Miz | Heel | 6' 2” 220 lbs. | Cleveland, Ohio | Skull-Crushing Finale (Full Nelson Facebuster)

    Primo | Heel | 5' 10” 215 lbs. | San Juan, Puerto Rico | Backstabber (Double Knee Backbreaker)

    Randy Orton | Neutral | 6' 4” 235 lbs. | St. Louis, Missouri | RKO (Jumping Cutter)

    R-Truth | Face | 6' 2” 220 lbs. | Charlotte, North Carolina | Lil Jimmy (Jumping Reverse STO)

    Santino Marella | Face | 6' 0” 233 lbs. | Calabria, Italy | The Cobra (Throat Thrust)

    Sheamus | Face | 6' 4” 267 lbs. | St. Augustine, Florida | Brogue Kick (Bicycle Kick)

    Trent Barreta | Face | 6' 1” 203 lbs. | Mount Sinai, New York | Dudebuster DDT (Springboard Tornado DDT)

    Triple H | Face | 6' 4” 255 lbs. | Greenwich, Connecticut | The Pedigree (Double Underhook Facebuster)

    Tyler Reks | Heel | 6' 5” 246 lbs. | Parts Unknown | Killjoy (Gutwrench Lift to DDT)

    Tyson Kidd | Heel | 5' 10” 195 lbs. | Calgary, Alberta, Canada | Sharpshooter

    Wade Barrett | Heel | 6' 7” 246 lbs. | Manchester, England | Wasteland (Fireman's Carry Slam)

    Yoshi Tatsu | Face | 6' 1” 210 lbs. | Tokyo, Japan | Roundhouse Kick

    Zack Ryder | Face | 6' 2” 214 lbs. | Long Island, New York | Rough Ryder (Jumping Leg Lariat)


    Alberto Del Rio | Heel | 6' 5” 239 lbs. | San Luis Potosí, Mexico | Cross Armbreaker (Flying Cross Armbar)

    Christian | Heel | 6' 0” 212 lbs. | Toronto, Ontario, Canada | The Unprettier (Just look it up.)

    Evan Bourne | Face | 5' 9” 165 lbs. | St. Louis, Missouri | Air Bourne (Shooting Star Press)

    Layla | Heel | 5' 2” 114 lbs. | London, England | The Layout (Neckbreaker)

    Rey Mysterio | Face | 5' 6” 175 lbs. | San Diego, California | 619 (Tiger Feint Kick)

    The Rock | Face | 6' 5” 275 lbs. | Miami, Florida | Rock Bottom (Forward Side Slam)

    Sin Cara | Face | 5' 7” 180 lbs. | Mexico City, Mexico | Moonsault Sideslam

    Ted DiBiase | Face | 6' 3” 214 lbs. | Madison, Mississippi | Dream Street (Cobra Clutch Slam)

    Undertaker | Neutral | 6' 10” 299 lbs. | Death Valley | Tombstone Piledriver

    Women's Division

    AJ | Face | 5' 3” 107 lbs. | Union City, New Jersey | Shining Wizard

    Aksana | Face | 5' 5” 128 lbs. | Alytus, Lithuania | Devo Drop (Spinebuster)

    Alicia Fox | Face | 5' 9” 129 lbs. | Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida | Scissors Kick

    Beth Phoenix | Heel | 5' 7” 150 lbs. | Buffalo, New York | Glam Slam (Double Chickenwing Facebuster)

    Brie Bella | Heel | 5' 6” 125 lbs. | Scottsdale, Arizona | Brie-DT (Snap DDT)

    Eve Torres | Face | 5' 8” 131 lbs. | Denver, Colorado | Moonsault

    Kaitlyn | Face | 5' 5” 135 lbs. | Houston, Texas | Lotus Lock

    Kharma | Neutral | 5' 9” 272 lbs. | Tokyo, Japan | Diva Crusher (Lifting Double Underhook Facebuster)

    Natalya Neidfart | Heel | 5' 5” 135 lbs. | Calgary, Alberta, Canada | Sharpshooter

    Nikki Bella | Heel | 5' 6” 125 lbs. | Scottsdale, Arizona | Bella Buster (Sitout Facebuster)

    Rosa Mendes | Heel | 5' 9” 125 lbs. | San Jose, Costa Rica | Flower Suplex (Snap Suplex)

    Tamina | Face | 5' 9” 140 lbs. | Pacific Islands | Superfly Splash (Diving Splash)

    Air Boom : Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston

    Divas of Doom : Beth Phoenix and Natalya Neidhart.

    Primo & Epico : Primo and Epico

    Reks & Hawkins : Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins

    The Usos : Jey and Jimmy Uso

    Camacho : manages Hunico.

    Naomi and Cameron : manage Brodus Clay.

    Ricardo Rodriguez : manages Alberto Del Rio.

    Rosa Mendes : manages Primo and Epico.

    Vickie Guerrero : manages Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger.

    Any updates made to the info page (title changes, face/heel turns, etc) will be recorded within the following spoiler.


    February 14, 2012 : The Divas Championship has been replaced by the Women's Championship.
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    Re: Natural Approach 2

    Natty, I love you.

    After feeling really down about bailing on my BTB today, you've put a smile back on my face just knowing that you're writing again.

    Best of luck, this will be awesome, the greatest booker ever.
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    Re: Natural Approach 2


    My mind just exploded with sheer excitement.Can not wait until you post the first show if this is anything like your last BTB.

    Welcome back Nat!

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    Re: Natural Approach 2

    My Jesus.

    When The Natural returns you gotta know the ****'s about to hit the fan. Great start... and I have no doubt in my mind that it'll be a great BTB for the apparent future.

    I encourage you young'uns to read this, and follow it's teachings. Many jewels Natty's BTBs hold. Many jewels.

    The EC: Good for Business.


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    Re: Natural Approach 2


    Oh my word.

    I'm pushing back my next project.

    I'm amped. I don't even have to say good luck.

    Can't wait to read the rest. I want more already.

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    Re: Natural Approach 2

    With Big Papa, Ed, Diablo and most importantly GOAT out, looks like Natty's taking over O_O Love the way you wrote your results (as in you didn't just put some quick stuff up, you actually put effort in them). Looking forward to this!

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    Re: Natural Approach 2

    Now this should be fun. Looking forward to where you take us, Natty.

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    Re: Natural Approach 2

    "It's the end of the BTB world as we know it" - Chris Jericho The Natural

    Turned on my computer go online and I see this, with the first Natural approach being awesome and that was just TNA so lets see what you do with WWE and its road to wrestlemania 28. I am beyond excited to read what you got in stored in this project.

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    Jim: I like Willis more and more with each day
    [04:43 PM]Jim: Which is why Willis > Natural
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    [06:06 AM] King Carl: willis has the raw sex appeal tho
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    Re: Natural Approach 2

    Can't wait to read more stuff down the track.

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    Re: Natural Approach 2

    It's so good!

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    Re: Natural Approach 2

    This looks great, can't wait for more.

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    Re: Natural Approach 2

    look's awesome, got a reader right here

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    Re: Natural Approach 2

    Royal Rumble Thoughts:

    - Interesting start with the Johnny Ace segment, but regardless of where you put it on the show, it helped play out that Otunga/Ace relationship and actually gave us a brief explanation to a bonus match on the show.
    - Divas title match was a very gutsy move to open the show, I'm wondering if that was to put a bigger ! on the actions of Beth. Certainly is interesting to see where she goes from here, I'm sensing/hoping for the start of an meaningful Divas feud leading to a WM28 match
    - Double brainbuster on Yoshi, ouch, no question it was the right decision to keep the straps on those Colons
    - I really prefer your way of ending the Cena/Kane match, Cena after all is suppose to be in the main event of Wrestlemania, getting his ass kicked by Kane won't do him any favours. You played on the emotions of Cena to 'embrace the hate' a lot more that the actual Rumble match, I didn't see any great rise in aggression and intensity from Cena last Sunday.
    - Bryan retaining was the decision I was hoping for, and I enjoyed your alternative ending that played off Bryan's speed advantage, compared to Bryan tangling and forcing Show to let go of him
    - Punk giving Johnny the finger halfway in the match was Obviously you've gone down the route of Johnny not (openly) trying to screw Punk, which you'd expect seeing as though he wants to keep his job
    - Considering this is your first show, and we watched a rumble only a few days ago, I was glad to see the Rumble written in brief points, highlights were the Ricardoroonie, Goldust and Booker eliminating Cody (which is what I was fully expecting on Sunday), Ace coming out and Jericho trolling people with the Taker entrance. Out of the final four you had, I wanted either Barrett or Ziggler to win because I think they'd carry the role as winner rather well, Ryder wouldn't have been too believable and Orton doesn't need it. Ziggler's a great way to go, and hopefully you can do a good job turning into a credible challenger, one that could have his day at mania.
    - I only really had too issues with the Rumble match, firstly Sheamus was a pretty big contender going into the match (even more so seeing as he won), but you never told us how he was eliminated, I think someone with his stature in the WWE should have been talked about a bit more. Secondly, and less importantly, why use a picture of Santino and Foley in your BTB when they didn't cross paths in your show. Little things

    Great show overall. I think it's also worth noting that the layout is clean and very easy on the eyes, I except nothing less from the man who brought us the most stylish BTB ever.
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    WWE Royal Rumble 2012

    January 29, 2012 at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri.

    It is the 25th annual Royal Rumble event.

    Michael Cole, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and Booker T welcome the pay-per-view audience to the 2012 WWE Royal Rumble, broadcasting live from St. Louis. They quickly run down the card and go over the matches that have already been announced for the evening: Daniel Bryan defends his World Championship against Big Show and Mark Henry in a steel cage, John Cena takes on Kane, CM Punk defends his WWE Championship against Dolph Ziggler with John Laurinaitis as Special Referee, and a 30-man Royal Rumble Competition to close the show.

    Backstage, the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and interim Raw General Manager John Laurinaitis is speaking to David Otunga about Triple H's performance review the next day. Otunga is attempting to assure Laurinaitis that he has been an exciting General Manager and at the end of the day, all that really matters is the ratings. Otunga asks if the self-proclaimed 'Mr. Excitement' has any special plans for tonight's event. Laurinaitis gets upset when he assumes that Otunga is referencing his partisanship in the match he has to referee later. Otunga apologizes and makes it clear that he was actually hoping to make a suggestion to John; he claims nothing would be more bold than to give David Otunga position #30 and help bring some more starpower to WrestleMania.

    Laurinaitis makes a visible effort to fend off laughter to inform Otunga that he has no sway over the entry positions any longer. Protocol dictates that he submit a partial list to the production office and then it's out of his hands. For all John knows, Otunga could be participant #2. Otunga expresses his distaste and leaves to get ready for the Rumble. Beth Phoenix and the Divas Championship title belt enter stage left. Laurinaitis thanks Phoenix for seeking him out and congratulates her on being the reigning Divas Champion. Beth maintains a stern face as she asks if Laurinaitis has included her in this year's Royal Rumble. Laurinaitis apologizes, claiming that there wasn't enough room this year.

    Instead, he's booked Beth Phoenix in a Divas Championship defense against Kelly Kelly. Phoenix breaks eye contact with Laurinaitis and slowly looks down to the title belt draped over her shoulder. Laurinaitis doesn't wait for a response, following up the match details by thanking Beth for being such a fierce competitor and making the Divas division an “exciting entity.” Phoenix turns and walks away from him. Laurinaitis is oblivious, still smiling as the camera fades.

    The next match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the WWE Divas Championship. Kelly Kelly's music hits and the blonde bombshell is out on the stage to a decent amount of applause. She makes her way down the ramp giving out high-fives and greeting her fans. One by one, sections of the crowd grow a little bit louder as they see something the rest of the fans don't. People with ringside seats are leaning forward trying to get a good look as someone comes barreling down the ramp. Beth Phoenix blindsides Kelly with a steel chair and she goes down on the mats outside the ring.

    Referees rush out to stop this but Phoenix fends them off with the chair and then delivers another hard shot across the back of Kelly Kelly as she lays helpless. Phoenix drops the chair and rolls into the ring. The fans are delivering a chorus of boos as Phoenix scowls at them defiantly. In a fit of rage, Beth unstraps the Divas Championship belt from her waist and throws it to the ground. She leaves the title in the center of the ring and walks away as her music plays. Cole and Lawler are speechless. Booker T breaks the silence, admonishing Phoenix's actions as “ridiculous!”

    When the dust settles, it's time for the second match – WWE Tag Team Champions Epico and Primo (accompanied by the lovely Rosa Mendes) successfully defending their championship against the team of Yoshi Tatsu and Santino Marella (collectively “Santoshi”) in a fast paced comedy match that sees momentum shift back and forth until the champions bust out a series of impressive double-team manuevers toward the six minute mark. Epico makes the pin on Yoshi Tatsu following a devestating double-Brainbuster in the center of the ring. Rosa Mendes gets in the ring to dance while Primo and Epic have their hands raised. Santino checks on Yoshi Tatsu. Tatsu is ok but a little dazed.

    John Cena and Kane battle to a double countout on the outside. A referee tries to get involved and Kane gives him a big boot for his troubles. They've brawled on the ramp, through the crowd, and around the outside of the ring with nobody being clearly ahead. Cena appears to be building momentum when Kane slips back into the ring to escape. Cena takes the action back inside and starts to launch his comeback but when it comes time to perform the Five Knuckle Shuffle, Cena tosses the playbook out the window and drops down to assault Kane with a series of closed fists. Kane's legs thrash violently. He manages to break away and roll out of the ring. Cena's in hot pursuit until Kane manages to snatch a drink from a fan and smash it into Cena's face. Embrace the Sprite, John!

    Kane takes this opportunity to send Cena face-first into the ring post. Cena stumbles back and Kane gets ahold of him again, this time sending him into the steel ring steps. Kane walks a few steps over to grab a microphone and returns to a fallen Cena. He tells John to give in to the darkness, come to the dark side, and let Sauron control him. Really he just tells Cena to “embrace the hate!” Cena rebounds with a swift kick to Kane's nuts and takes the microphone from him. “Embrace this,” rallies failed action movie star John Cena as he rips the padding away from the outside floor and picks Kane up for an Attitude Adjustment. Crowd pops huge. Referees again try to intervene. Cena's got Kane hoisted atop his shoulders and he makes it clear he has no plans on putting him down safely when he kicks an intervening referee out of the way. Crowd pops huger. The intensity in Cena is almost palpable.

    Fans clamor for the Attitude Adjustment on the outside, but Cena's gaze shifts over to the referee he attacked. Cena starts to consider his actions and then casually drops Kane to the side. Kane slumps down against the barricade. As other referees tend to their fallen colleague, Cena looks on with clear regret before verbally apologizing and walking away. Cena's music plays over a mix of cheers and boos.

    Backstage, Matt Striker interviews Daniel Bryan about his upcoming steel cage match. Striker (perhaps intentionally) makes the mistake of asking whether Daniel's size disadvantage is his biggest concern going into this match tonight. The World Champion balks. He corrects Striker and tells him that it is Henry and Show who have the size disadvantage in this match. Bryan may be smaller, but he is also quicker and has more dexterity. Striker begins discussing AJ's condition, which Bryan states is “looking more and more positive each day.” While Bryan appreciates everyone's sympathy over the issue of his injured girlfriend, he tells Striker that the true victim tonight is Mark Henry, because Mark Henry is his only worthy opponent in this match. Mark Henry, he says, deserves a fair one-on-one shot at the belt tonight. Big Show, however, has done nothing to deserve another opportunity at the World Championship, a title he lost in mere seconds. Mark Henry held it for three months, so even if he was feeling generous and rounding Big Show's reign up to one full day, Bryan tells Striker, Henry's championship reign is still NINETY TIMES greater. Bryan says he respects Mark Henry. He also respects the World Championship around his waist, calling it 'the top prize' and claiming he will never dishonor the prestige of the belt the way that The Big Show has. Bryan leaves.

    The cage begins to descend as the crowd swells in anticipation. Mark Henry is out first to a decent reaction from the crowd. Big Show, second, does his give-away-the-beanie shtick on the outside but keeps his eyes on Mark Henry. And finally it's time for World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan to make his entrance. Big Show and Mark Henry stand in the ring, waiting, but there seems to be a small delay. After a few moments, a grandiose fireworks display starts that seems to go on for twenty long seconds. Bryan's music hits and he comes out onto the stage with the World Championship raised over his head. Crowd tells him where he can stick it.

    The match is brutal, hard-hitting, and short. Bryan does a lot of work on the knees of both opponents. Henry and Show occasionally toss Bryan to the side and battle like the beasts they are. Eventually, Bryan's had enough of this and hits a sick springboard front dropkick that sends both men crashing into the ropes/cage. Lots of back-and-forth. Finish comes when Big Show has Bryan dangling over the outside floor but manages to fling him back into the ring. Bryan's face reads disbelief. Show smiles at him and then steps down off the ropes, apparently looking to give Bryan more punishment. Henry out-of-f***ing-nowhere and Big Show gets his head slammed into the cage wall. Big Show faces away from the action as Mark Henry lifts Bryan up for a World's Strongest Slam but his knee buckles and Bryan drops with a thud. Big Show recovers in the corner, oblivious to the failed finisher attempt, and manages to nail Henry with a WMD. A few fans scratch their heads at Bryan being suddenly unconscious. Show looks at Bryan, then the cage, then Bryan, then the cage. He starts to climb the cage and moment he passes the second rope, Bryan is resurrected. He kips up and quickly ascends the opposite cage wall. Big Show is just getting his arm over the top when he turns his head to see Daniel Bryan doing the same. Bryan smiles at him and drops to the floor outside, retaining the World Championship. Big Show climbs down slowly and looks morose. Bryan does his “Yes! Yes! Yes!” chants as we see Royal Rumble participant #1 The Miz lacing up his boots.

    Elsewhere backstage, Laurinaitis is being interviewed about his role as Special Referee in the next match. He assures the WWE Universe that there won't be a St. Louis Screwjob. He's going to be as fair and impartial as one can be under the circumstances. That said, he says he has plenty in store to make sure that this is a memorable night, if it is indeed his last one as General Manager.

    The WWE Championship match is up next and it's a great twenty minute display from both Dolph Ziggler and reigning champion CM Punk. The special referee stays relatively neutral until Punk hits a huge Macho Man tribute elbow and feels Laurinatis' pin count was intentionally too slow. Punk argues with Laurinaitis until Ziggler pulls himself up and launches a big dropkick. Punk collides with Laurinaitis and Laurinaitis tumbles out of the ring. Ziggler goes for the Zig Zag but Punk holds onto the ropes. (Might be a good time to pick a new finisher, Dolph...) Punk gives Ziggler no time to recover, snatching him as he begins to stand up and delivering the Go-To-Sleep. Punk instinctively goes for the cover before realizing Laurinaitis hasn't yet made it back in the ring. Punk helps him up and gets him back to his feet just before Ziggler hits a running superkick on Punk.

    Ziggler stays on the offensive and locks in a sleeperhold. Laurinaitis looks hesitant, as though he considers calling the match right then and there. Punk starts to pass out. Laurinaitis lifts Punk's arm once and it drops. The crowd starts to rally behind Punk. Laurinaitis lifts Punk's arm again and it drops. “CM PUNK!” chants echoing throughout the arena. Laurinaitis lifts Punk's arm a third time and lets go. Punk's arm stops halfway to the floor and he gives John Laurinaitis the middle finger. Crowd pops huge. Punk manages to get up even with Dolph trying to force him to the mat. Punk backs him into the corner so that Dolph is practically sitting on the second buckle. Punk counters the sleeperhold and Dolph finds himself in position for the GTS.

    Punk leaves the corner with Dolph but before he can hit the GTS, Dolph gets him with a solid knee to the temple and escapes. Dolph seizes the moment and nails the Zig Zag on CM Punk. He wastes no time making a cover but Punk kicks out at 2.75. Ziggler complains but Laurinaitis assures him there's no foul play. Punk manages to get some momentum back before the final series ensues. The finish sees Ziggler go for another running superkick but this time CM Punk manages to dodge it. Ziggler almost hits Laurinaitis but manages to stop himself in time. His efforts to avoid hitting the ref leave him open to the GTS and this time, he doesn't kick out. CM Punk celebrates and the place is on their feet. Laurinaitis is about to leave the ring when he makes eye contact with Punk. Punk smiles at Laurinaitis. Laurinaitis looks unhappy for a moment, but then he smiles back. Punk stops smiling and looks a bit concerned by that.

    Finally, it's time for the 2012 WWE Royal Rumble. The announcers go through the instruction manual for the umpteenth time and we are ready for our first competitor. The Miz comes out followed by Alex Riley, and so on and so forth.

    Royal Rumble Highlights

    Big Show eliminates zero participants.

    The Funkosaurus makes his WWE Royal Rumble debut...
    ...only to be eliminated moments later by all of the victims
    of his new gimmick: Reks, Hawkins, Riley, JTG, Kidd.
    Hawkins taunts “somebody call his momma!”

    Booker T got Rodriguez to do a Ricardoroonie before
    he sent that sucka flying out wiv da greatest of ease!

    A wild Jim Duggan appears with 2x4 in tow but
    Jinder Mahal argues to have his weapon taken away.
    While Duggan is distracted, Mahal tries to eliminate him
    but Duggan manages to duck and pull the top rope,
    causing Mahal to effectively eliminate himself.

    Cody Rhodes eliminates Duggan quick but takes his sweet
    time punishing Booker T until the next entrant is Goldust.

    Goldust and Booker T manage to eliminate Cody Rhodes
    and he is furious, throwing a camera to the floor as he leaves.

    With Cody gone, Swagger and Barrett play dominating heels,
    eventually taking out Booker and Goldust as well as Show.

    Primo and Epico are the business, elminating Kofi Kingston,
    Jerry Lawler, and Ted DiBiase before Sheamus takes them out.

    R-Truth takes out The Miz but is eliminated immediately
    afterward by Jack Swagger. R-Truth is visibly upset by this.

    Otunga, Swagger, and Barrett are in control of the match
    by the time we reach #22, making his debut, Johnny Ace!

    This is where things get interesting. CM Punk comes out to protest this decision but Laurinaitis is already in the ring so it's too late. The ringside officials stand between Punk and the ring. Eventually, a frustrated Punk throws his fist into the air and heads back up the ramp. In the ring, Johnny Ace and the Superfriends dominate the match as Justin Gabriel then Ezekiel Jackson come out for quick, one-sided eliminations.

    Next up is Mick Foley, who does better than his predecessors but ultimately falls to the overwhelming numbers on Team Heel. Nobody's ready for the next entrant, however – it's Kane! Kane comes limping down to the ring and it's clear that even when he isn't at his best he's still a big red monster. Kane beats the crap out of everyone but stops at Mick Foley.

    For a second, there seems to be a comfortable silence between them. Then, Kane starts to tilt his head slowly. Simultaneously, Mick starts going for Socko. The lights go out and Undertaker's music plays. Crowd hits their peak until seconds later when a flashing jacket appears at the top of the ramp. Break The Walls Down plays and the lights come on. Jericho strolls down to the ring smiling at everyone.

    Jericho enters the ring and then hops over the top rope to eliminate himself. He doesn't stop smiling for a second before walking back up the ramp and leaving. In the meantime, the heels have gathered their composure and they use this distraction to attack Mick and Kane. They manage to get Kane over the top rope and eliminated. Meanwhile, Foley nails Laurinaitis with the Mandible Claw! The heels turn around and save the interim General Manager. Laurinaitis orders them to go after Foley and they do, beating the stuffing out of him.

    The crowd starts getting louder but it isn't apparent why until CM Punk hops the guard rail and enters from the audience. He nails Laurinaitis with the GTS and Johnny Ace topples over the top rope. Punk books it as the heels turn around to realize what's happened. Amidst the chaos, Mick manages to eliminate Otunga. Barrett and Swagger start pummeling him when out comes Randy Orton! Orton takes out Swagger and begins brawling with Barrett.

    Ziggler is out next and he looks tired as all hell but he doesn't waste any time getting in there. Everyone brawls for a few moments. Ziggler sends Foley out of the ring and then helps Barrett deal with Orton. They've almost got him up and over when #30 hits. Woo, woo, woo, it's Zack Ryder! Long Island Iced Z comes out fist pumping and wincing through the pain as he clutches his taped up ribs. Michael Cole chastises Zack Ryder for embellishing his injury only to make an appearance at the Rumble, but King and Booker agree that being unexpected is never a bad strategy.

    We are down to the final four: Barrett, Orton, Ziggler, and Ryder. Only one of these men will be heading to the main event of WrestleMania, and it's not Orton as he gets tossed out by Wade Barrett. Barrett goes for a clothesline to Dolph but Dolph ducks (nearly collapsing from fatigue) and then Ryder counters with a back body drop to the outside. Anticipation is building and you can feel the excitement in the air. The fans are chanting for Zack Ryder as Zack manages to survive an elimination by clutching the ropes. Ziggler starts to kick over the middle rope, nailing Ryder in the taped up area. Ryder holds onto the rope but Ziggler keeps stomping, harder and harder. Ryder lasts a long time but eventually succumbs to the pain and drops. Your 2012 WWE Royal Rumble winner is Dolph Ziggler. Vickie Guerrero comes out to celebrate and the show goes off the air.

    This is the prologue for Natural Approach 2. The regular shows will have a different format. Of course it's long. What did you expect? "Quick Results" and information page coming soon. Thanks for reading.
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    Re: Natural Approach 2

    Such a slick, sexy layout. So appealing. I'm stoked for this man, am I right in saying there are no brands? Or is that just the way you organized your roster? Maybe I mis-read something.

    PS - Did you make them GFX yourself?

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    Re: Natural Approach 2

    I am impressed with your layout once again, you really are the king when it comes to making a BTB look pretty.

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    Re: Natural Approach 2

    Oh baby. Natural is back kids! This looks really sweet. It pretty standard for being post Sunday. Guess whoever betted against Mr. Willis saying there won't be no BTBS on the Royal Rumble is owing Willy alot.

    Anyways, this is real awesome, the results are fabulous and Ziggler winning the Rumble is an excellent choice I say. BTW, Brodus Clay has a dancing gimmick but you have him as a heel? And what about Raw and Smackdown, is it one brand now?

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    Re: Natural Approach 2

    I just put together the name and the BTB. We always get along and have similar thoughts in the wrestling discussions, so I feel like I should follow this and give thoughts. Really really great layout for your stuff. I'm a Keep It Simple Stupid kind of guy, but tbh that's mostly because it's my excuse to be lazy. Sometimes I feel like BTBs can be hard to read when they get too "out there" with their layouts, but yours manages to make it enjoyable to read (that goes for this most recent update, the Rumble, and I went back and checked out your original "Natural Approach" to see the same idea). You've got a really great challenge ahead of you because (imo) WWE is in a pretty solid state right now and shaping up for what could be a great Wrestlemania, so it's up to you to see if you can top it. Ziggler winning the Royal Rumble is off to a very good start. Best of luck, and I'll be following with feedback as it goes along.

    Go read my TNA BTB.

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    Raw WWE Monday Night Raw 01.30.2012

    Monday, January 30th, 2012
    Monday Night Raw begins with a slideshow of photos from last night's Royal Rumble event. We see stills of Beth attacking Kelly, Primo and Epico standing victoriously over Yoshi Tatsu, John Cena and Kane fighting all over the arena, Daniel Bryan with a **** eating grin on his face after retaining the World title, an exhausted CM Punk holding his WWE Championship, and Dolph Ziggler celebrating with Vickie Guerrero after winning the 2012 Royal Rumble. When the slideshow ends, we return to the arena to see 'ELIMINATION CHAMBER – 3 WEEKS AWAY' written across the display near the curtains.

    Before Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler can welcome us to another exciting edition of Raw, the speakers throughout the arena erupt with Dolph Ziggler's theme song. Ziggler and Guerrero appear on the stage, all smiles. They make their way down to the ring.

    Vickie Guerrero: “Excuse me! … I said EXCUSE ME!”

    She gets a chorus of boos in response. They don't phase her.

    Vickie Guerrero: “It is my pleasure to introduce to you – the 2012 Royal Rumble winner and future WWE Champion – Dolph Ziggler!”

    Ziggler takes the microphone from Vickie. He brings it to his mouth but pauses to gaze up toward the WrestleMania logo. The fans continue to boo but Ziggler keeps his eyes on the prize until they shut up somewhat.

    Dolph Ziggler: “Not only did I win the 2012 Royal Rumble, but I did so after wrestling the WWE Champion for over twenty minutes. I can't even begin to explain how much cardio that requires in a way that would make sense to any of you so let's try something else. Pop quiz: how many superstars have wrestled for the top title and then went on to win the Royal Rumble in the same night? The answer is ONE and you are looking at him.

    As much fun as I had playing second fiddle in my WWE Championship match last night... I mean, we get it, CM Punk has authority issues... I had a much better time throwing Zack Ryder over the top rope and paving *MY* road to Wrestlemania. You can boo all you want but that won't change the fact that in 8 weeks I will be standing before you the new WWE Champion.”

    The crowd erupts when they hear the opening riff of “Cult of Personality” and CM Punk arrives on the scene. He's got his Best in the World shirt on and the WWE Title belt firmly around his waist. When the fans eventually stop chanting his name, Punk addresses Dolph and Vickie from the stage.

    CM Punk: “I don't think I've ever heard anyone put such a positive spin on losing a WWE Championship match before. You should be a politician, Dolph. Lord knows we need more of those backstage...”

    CM Punk looks toward the camera for a second then looks back at Dolph.

    CM Punk: “But really, with all due respect, congratulations. You are the 2012 Royal Rumble winner.”

    Dolph Ziggler says 'thank you' without using the microphone.

    CM Punk: “That means this is going one of two ways: you can lose to me again, this time in front of even more people. Or you can take your shot at the World Championship and see if you can't go a full day before losing it this time.”

    Dolph Ziggler: “You seem to be forgetting that you don't have a guaranteed ticket to WrestleMania. I do.

    Punk looks over his shoulder at the 'ELIMINATION CHAMBER – 3 WEEKS AWAY' banner behind him.

    CM Punk: “You've right. I don't have an easy ride to 'the grandest stage of them all.' I have to earn mine in an Elimination Chamber. And you know what? I will be happy to. Because these people want the best in the world and that's exactly what I plan to give them.”

    The crowd pops for Punk. Dolph turns and looks out toward the crowd.

    Dolph Ziggler: “Unbelievable.”

    He glares at Punk.

    Dolph Ziggler: “'The man who cashed in two Money in the Bank briefcases for two World titles has the nerve to act like I have an easy ride?”

    Dolph looks out toward the crowd again.

    Dolph Ziggler: “You people would cheer for a hypocrite like this. Despicable. This is MY TIME to celebrate MY WIN at the Rumble. I shouldn't have to deal with you for another eight weeks if at all.”

    CM Punk: “Sorry to disappoint but I'm not out here because I want to see you, sweetheart. I figured that as WWE Champion I should take it upon myself to give the fans a heads up on some last minute changes to tonight's program.”

    Dolph looks to Vickie for some insight but she is just as puzzled as he is.

    CM Punk: “Normally, right about now Triple H would be out here talking about responsibilities and management skills and blah blah blah Johnny Ace is a tool and thirty minutes later he would get to the point. It just so happens that Johnny and good ol' Hunter Hearst were called away at the last minute to an important meeting in Greenwich.” (Punk sarcastically gestures that he's scared.) “...But not before they booked tonight's main event.”

    Dolph's interest piques with that last line.

    CM Punk: “For the viewing pleasure of everyone in this arena and the millions watching at home, you and Wade Barrett are going to come out here as a tag team and then Zack Ryder and I are going to kick your asses. How does that sound?”

    Fans cheer loudly for Punk and Ryder in the main event. Punk takes the WWE title off his waist and raises it above his head. The crowd starts a CM Punk chant and Vickie doesn't want to hear it. Punk turns and heads backstage. The CM Punk chant takes some time to die down. Vickie is doing her best to calm down a livid Ziggler as we go to commercial break.


    When we return from the commercial break Heath Slater is already in the ring as Yoshi Tatsu makes his entrance. Michael Cole informs us that this is actually a rematch of the dark match that took place before the Royal Rumble event the night before. Upset at the outcome, Slater demanded a rematch and tonight he's been granted one.

    A quick paced match up with a decent length that sees a more focused and aggressive Heath Slater on the offensive against Tatsu for most of the bout. Slater's impressive showing comes to a halt when he allows the fans disapproval to distract him long enough for Yoshi to blast him with a rolling wheel kick. Yoshi's kicks are unrelenting, leaving Slater staggering on spaghetti legs. Tatsu finishes him off with a sick roundhouse kick and gets the pin.

    Yoshi Tatsu wins via pinfall.
    Yoshi takes a moment to high five his fans on the outside before heading backstage. Heath Slater spends a few moments arguing with the referee (then, blaming the fans at ringside) before exiting the ring area a sore loser. Backstage we see David Otunga pacing around the locker room on his cell phone. He notices the cameras rolling and closes the locker room door.

    Jerry Lawler: “I have just been informed by that our previously scheduled Divas match has been canceled due to Beth Phoenix failing to show up for Raw tonight. I can't believe it.”

    Michael Cole: “Any more good news?”

    Jerry Lawler: (ignoring Cole) “Last night, Beth Phoenix made a statement, viciously assaulting Kelly Kelly and discarding her Divas championship belt in the center of the ring. I was hoping we would get some kind of explanation tonight but-”

    Michael Cole: “You know if she really wanted to make a statement, she should have just eliminated herself from a battle royal. All the cool kids are doing it. Speaking of not-Gail-Kim, what is Chris Jericho supposed to be doing tonight? Is he finally going to say something or what? I think I speak for everyone when I say he should either speak up or stay home.”

    Jerry Lawler: “Since when do you speak on behalf of the WWE Universe, Michael? I'm pretty sure they usually want you to shut up.”

    Michael Cole: “They're a fickle bunch, King. They don't know what they want. You hear them when John Cena comes out? They can't make up their minds!”

    Jerry Lawler: “Really? Because I'm looking at a sign over there begging you to retire.”

    Cole squints and looks around.

    Michael Cole: “Where?”

    Jerry Lawler: “Right there. The one that says 'Michael Cole PLEASE STOP TALKING.'”

    Michael Cole: “Of course what King fails to mention is that it says 'WRESTLE FULL TIME' on the other side. And while I appreciate the sentiment, I'm going to stick to being the best commentator in professional wrestling for now, thank you very much.”

    Jerry Lawler rolls his eyes as we get ready for our next match. Michael McGillicutty is out first and it might as well be an empty arena match with the response he's getting. McGillicutty grimaces as he stands in the ring and awaits his opponent. Mason Ryan is out next and the crowd gives him a lukewarm response. Ryan enters the ring and gets ready to dismantle kid Perfect.


    A decent length match considering the men involved. McGillicutty gets a little bit of offense in, but it doesn't seem to phase the beast from Cardiff. Ryan shrugs off the attacks and puts McGillicutty down with a pumphandle slam for a dominant victory.

    Mason Ryan wins via pinfall.
    After the match we go backstage to see Heath Slater approaching Justin Gabriel. Gabriel is watching WWE Raw on a nearby monitor.

    Heath Slater: “There you are, I've been looking everywhere for you, man. What are you doing?”

    Justin Gabriel: “I was just watching the McGillicutty/Ryan match-”

    Heath Slater: “Why?”

    Justin Gabriel: “Why not?”

    Heath Slater: “Well, Mason Ryan's like extra strength Ambien, for one.”

    Justin Gabriel: “At least he wins his matches.”

    Heath Slater: “Ouch. That hurts, Gabes. That really does.”

    Justin Gabriel: “What do you want, Heath?”

    Heath Slater: “Don't be like that, man. Sure we've had some differences in the past but c'mon, we're former tag team champions.”

    Michael Cole: “Who isn't these days...”

    Justin Gabriel: “You say that like it means something to you all of a sudden.”

    Heath Slater: “Fair enough, fair enough. But I thought maybe we could put our issues behind us and focus on the opportunity in front of us.”

    Justin Gabriel: “Get to the point, Heath.”

    Heath Slater: “Air Boom is Air Bust. And the Usos? Who-sos..”

    Justin Gabriel: “And?”

    Heath Slater: “And? And this is our shot, man! I mean, seriously, Santoshi? If we team up again, we immediately become the frontrunners for those tag team titles. And no offense to Primo and Epico but the hottest part about their act stays outside the ring most of the time. We got this.”

    Justin Gabriel: “I don't know.”

    Heath Slater: “What do you mean you don't know? The tag division has never been weaker. It's ours for the taking!”

    Justin Gabriel: “I don't disagree, I'm just not sure if you and I are...”

    Heath Slater: “You're still bitter. Harboring a little resentment. That's fine. That's normal. I get that. Just tell me you'll at least think about it, okay?”

    Justin Gabriel: “Sure.”

    Heath Slater: “That's all I need, Justin. I'll catch ya later.”

    Slater does some contrived double-gun salute as he leaves. It does not look as cool as Heath thinks it does. Gabriel sighs and goes back to watching Raw. Of course he starts watching Raw again just as we go to a commercial...


    And when we're back, it's time for David Otunga to come out and be absolutely fabulous. He's got the thermos, the bow-tie, the silver shoes – pure Otunga. He gets in the ring and requests a microphone. A ringside official obliges him to everyone's dismay.

    David Otunga: “My name is David Otunga.”

    The fans react accordingly.

    David Otunga: “I serve as legal council to Executive Vice President of Talent Relations, Mr. John Laurinaitis.”

    Still booing.

    David Otunga: “Unfortunately, Mr. Laurinaitis has urgent meetings to attend that will be keeping him from tonight's episode of Raw.”

    That gets a pop.

    David Otunga: “The silver lining to that cloud is that as such, it is my duty to oversee that Mr. Laurinaitis' plans are followed to the T, including-”

    That old familiar car crash blares throughout the arena and Mick Foley appears on the stage to a deserving ovation. Otunga immediately goes from smiles to sads. Foley gets in the ring, smiling ear to ear, and requests a microphone of his own. It's cheap pop time.

    Mick Foley: “It's so good to be back in (wherever they are)!”

    Obligatory pop.

    Mick Foley: “It's so good for me, at least... It might not be so good for you, Dave.”

    David Otunga: “That's Mr. Otunga, thank you.”

    Mick Foley: “Whoa! Don't wanna offend the guy in silver shoes! But I admire your confidence and I like your spunk so here's what I'm going to do.”

    Otunga's patience is wearing thin.

    Mick Foley: “Oh, don't start pouting on me. I appreciate a good attorney just as much as the next guy! Mine was so good, in fact, that he managed to get a clause attached to my Legends deal that actually helps out in situations such as this. You see, when there's no clear authority figure present during an episode of Monday Night Raw, that role defaults to the person or persons with the highest ranking title. In case I'm not using the right technical jargon, let me be a little bit more clear Mr. Otunga: tonight, you abide by Foley's law.”

    Crowd starts cheering for the inevitable Otunga squash. Foley does “bang, bang” and Otunga checks his watch.

    Mick Foley: “As well as you perform in your role, Dave, I think I'll be taking things over from here. Why not start by introducing your opponent for this evening? *clears throat* He hails from Planet Funk...”

    Otunga immediately regrets his decision to come down to the ring tonight.

    Mick Foley: “Ladies and gentlemen... the only living, breathing Funkosaurus in captivity... BRODUS CLAY!”


    This actually turns out to be one of the longer Brodus Clay matches we've seen. For a while, Otunga gets a bit of offense in against the Funkosaurus, surprising everybody. It isn't long before Clay's able to take Otunga off his feet with his big headbutt and gets ready for What The Funk. Otunga sees Clay hit the ropes and quickly gets out of the ring. Deprived of their “What The Funk,” the fans start to boo. Jerry Lawler yells at Otunga to get back in the ring as Otunga stands near Michael Cole, adjusting his bowtie as he waits for the referee to count him out.
    With Clay's back to the ramp, he doesn't see two figures run down the ramp and slide into the ring. The Funkosaurus turns around in time to fend off their attack as Otunga makes his exit. A lot of brawling back-and-forth but Brodus holds his own and eventually he manages to clothesline Reks over the top before throwing Hawkins out onto him. Referees manage to diffuse the situation. Hawkins and Reks head backstage while Brodus grabs the microphone.

    Brodus Clay wins via disqualification.

    Brodus Clay: “Sheeee. They wanna deprive you of the Funk. But we aren't going to let them, are we?”

    The garbage children in the crowd cheer for this idiot. “Somebody Call My Mama” hits and Brodus rotates through his extremely limited dance repertoire with Cameron and Naomi. Michael Cole finishes laughing at the absurdity of it all and mentions an update on Beth Phoenix. Apparently, Arn Anderson has been trying to work something out with Beth to no avail and she will be appearing on Smack down to formally announce her departure from the Divas division.

    Jerry Lawler: “I'd wish her the best of luck in her endeavors but I don't think the most dominant female in professional wrestling today needs any.”

    Michael Cole: “If this is true, we are losing a great talent and you shouldn't be putting her over, Jerry... Certainly a sad day when the scariest members of the Divas division are Natalya's farts.”

    Lawler doesn't even respond. He just looks at Cole with disdain.

    Michael Cole: “What? I don't book this crap!”

    We cut backstage where a limousine is pulling up in the parking garage. The door opens and out steps Chris Jericho, blinking jacket and all. He smiles at the camera. There's an audible cheer from the live audience. Jericho starts walking toward the arena but just ends up walking up to another limousine, getting in, and taking off.

    Michael Cole: “The Ayatollah of being a troll-a, everyone.”

    Jerry Lawler: “Alright... next up, one half of the tag team champions takes on Kofi Kingston in singles action.”

    It's time for Kofi Kingston against Epico. Due to the Wellness Policy suspension, Kofi's out alone tonight. Epico, however, is accompanied by both Primo and Rosa Mendes. Primo and Epico take a moment to pose with their WWE Tag Team Championship titles before the match, pouring salt in the wound of former champion Kingston.


    Starts out as an even match but Kofi eventually gets the upper-hand. Rosa tries to be a distraction but Kofi is focused. The former tag team champion has something to prove. And for the most part, Kofi is succeeding. Rosa gets on the apron to distract the referee and a plan is in motion. Primo's on the apron next and Kofi sees him. Kofi swings at Primo but Primo ducks and hotshots him. Kofi stumbles backwards into a Backcracker from Epico just as the referee turns around and it's over.

    Epico wins via pinfall.
    We go backstage to Scott Sanford for an interview he's conducting with Eve Torres (yeah yeah, we know where this is going...) who discusses Beth Phoenix's actions at the Royal Rumble. Eve points out that Beth Phoenix thinks she's better than everyone else but a real champion behaves with class. She let's the WWE Universe know that Kelly Kelly was told to sit the week out by physicians but she's going to be okay, she's a tough girl.

    Out of nowhere, Kane hits Eve with a big boot. Stanford actually tries to raise a hand to the big red monster but he pummels the interviewer and tosses him aside. Kane drags Eve to her feet and then whips her into the wall. Eve lets out more of a grunt than the type of scream typically associated with Divas wrestling. Kane drags her by the hair and she struggles, crawling to keep up. Kane brings her toward a table with a few clipboards and papers scattered about and chokeslams her through it. Kane walks away.

    Michael Cole: “My god, King.”

    Jerry Lawler: “Someone needs to get her medical attention.”

    Michael Cole: “Someone needs to stop Kane.”

    Jerry Lawler: “And for once I actually agree with you.”

    We return to the aftermath of Kane's wrath. Eve Torres is being tended to by medical personnel as Zack Ryder looks on with a heavy heart. Zack accompanies Eve on her trip to the ambulance. John Cena arrives on the scene, distraught. He looks as though he is going to call out to Zack, but he's speechless. Cena looks at the broken bits of table, then turns and walks away all angry-like. We fade out to our last commercial break of the evening, taken well before the end of the program to ensure the main event isn't cut up by commercials. Because, you know, it's supposed to seem like a big deal.


    When we return, it's time for our main event. Wade Barrett comes out to “End of Days,” not that crappy garbage children music he came out to at the real Royal Rumble. Dolph comes out next, accompanied by Vickie Guerrero. CM Punk makes his entrance to a tremendous ovation. And then out comes Mick Foley.

    Foley gets in the ring with a microphone to update the fans on the status of the main event.

    Mick Foley: “Unfortunately, due to Kane's vicious assault of Eve Torres, Zack Ryder is being pulled from the main event at my discretion so he may accompany her to the hospital. As a result, we're one man down. Now, if Johnny L were here, I know exactly what he would do. He'd turn this into a handicap match to let Dolph and Wade tear the champion appart. But I don't think the fans want to see that, do they?”

    The fans boo, meanwhile Barrett looks bored – he could not care less about Foley or his administration style.

    Mick Foley: “I didn't think so! Tonight's Raw main event was supposed to feature the WWE Champion and the last three Royal Rumble participants. But I don't see why we can't make do with the WWE Champion and three out of the final four instead. So I replaced Zack with this guy!”

    There's a shared look of dread between Dolph and Wade as they remember which wrestler was eliminated from the Rumble third-to-last. The arena is ignited by “Voices.” The crowd pops huge and Foley smiles. Foley gets out of the ring and sits at commentary, discussing the uncertain fate of Raw's authority figure role.

    # MAIN EVENT #

    Awesome main event, as though you were expecting anything less from these guys. Ziggler and Orton spend some time in the ring, then Barrett and Punk, then eventaully both feuding parties end up going at it and it's all out war. The referee manages to regain control of the match and the fierce competition resumes after a lot of brawling.

    Orton and Ziggler are the legal men when Ziggler tries for his sleeper submission but Orton counters with an RKO and should have the pin, but Vickie Guerrero's managed to distract the referee from the apron. Orton gives Vickie one of his “lol I'm a snake” glares and starts going after her before he gets blindsided by Barrett. Punk tries to get in but of course the referee prevents him from doing so.

    Vickie gets down from the apron and revels in her effectiveness. This gets the ire of Mick Foley on commentary who wonders if this match might have been better with Vickie ejected from ringside. Orton manages to fight off Barrett and make the tag to Punk. Punk gets in with Ziggler and goes for the pin but a recovering Ziggler kicks out at 2. They fight back-and-forth and a CM Punk chant starts. Ziggler goes for a fameasser and Punk moves out of the way. Dolph lands in a sitting position on the canvas with just enough time to look up before getting nailed with a shining wizard from Punk.

    Sensing the end around the corner, Vickie looks to get up on the apron once more – only to get stopped in her tracks by Mick Foley and his assistant Mr. Socko! Crowd pops as Dolph Ziggler gets up, half-distracted by Mick and Vickie, and staggers into a GTS. Barrett enters the ring but so does Orton. Punk covers Ziggler for the pin in the center of the ring as Orton flies over him and takes Barrett down with his sloppy Lou Thesz press. He beats the crap out of Barrett as the referee counts to three.

    CM Punk and Randy Orton win via pinfall.
    Orton is absolutely going to town on Barrett, to the point that Mick Foley actually involves himself and separates the two. Foley holds up the arms of Punk and Orton who celebrate their victory as Ziggler curses all of them from the outside of the ring and Vickie Guerrero dry heaves. It is a beautiful sight.

    Thank you to everyone for the kind words so far. I'm not 100% on the formatting so expect some tweaks over the next few shows while I find "the sweet spot." I'm just going to try to have fun with this so I hope all of you do as well. Aaaand my word processor just tried to turn 'fun' into 'funkosaurus.' Terrible. Anyway, figured I would use this space to answer some questions – those which haven't been answered in the actual program, that is.

    Personally, I like to think of the Royal Rumble as a silly gimmick match with grand implications that should be used to reward someone that has been knocking it out of the park. So it was down to Cody or Dolph for me, and I like the idea of Cody marinading in the I-C scene for a while. His legacy needs to be written. I think it's Dolph's time to be the persistent main event heel. That and Sheamus' character was absolutely directionless. I'm not wasting a Rumble win to solve that.

    And as for the Santino/Foley image, I just like the image and it has 'Royal Rumble' written somewhere in it. Seemed easier than making an image for the Rumble. Totally understand the complaint though, I just wasn't thinking about it too much.

    As for brands, I wouldn't say the division has been erased entirely, but I am definitely keeping the lines blurred while all of the Supershow and “who's in charge” nonsense is going on. Graphics are self made. One of these days I'll get around to teaching myself how to do tricky stuff but I think this stuff works for simple/quick.

    Brodus Clay is a heel. I defy anyone to explain to me why he isn't. He's condescending to his opponents, he forces his dancing upon us without taking the time to learn HOW TO DANCE, and he's a “production” that doesn't pull it off - meaning he's packaged and far from genuine (hell, he's re-using a gimmick that belonged to someone else), he comes off as all style and no substance. It would be different if he were a good dancer but he isn't. I see no redeeming qualities to Brodus that would make him a face and if someone tries to tell me that fan reaction dictates character alignment so help me god this BTB is over.

    To everyone who has responded/replied/commented: Hope you're enjoying it. Thanks for reading!
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    Re: Natural Approach 2

    I'm going to have to give it a second read-through later but on first read... Everything I expected and more. Two Big Papa thumbs up.

    BTW, I can tell you are a huge Brodus Clay fan. It comes across in the writing.

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