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Thread: Randy Orton *possible spoilers*

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    Randy Orton *possible spoilers*

    So this doesn't make it true, but Justin LaBar out of Pittsburgh and columnist for another wrestling site is reporting his sources have told him the Orton injury is a work, or at least not as serious as WWE announced on their website. LaBar says inside sources he talked to threw Orton'a name out as the winner of the Royal Rumble and now LaBar feels this is all but a certainty with the show taking place in Orton's hometown of St. Louis. Now if this were to happen, LaBar doesn't feel it would be a 1-on-1 match at WrestleMania between Daniel Bryan (given he is still World Champion) and Orton, but more likely a triple threat or even a fatal 4-way involving any of the main event-caliber stars from Smackdown such as Henry, Big Show, Barrett, Sheamus, Rhodes, or Christian.

    So first off, do you guys buy this? I would give WWE a lot of credit if they were able to keep the majority of the fans in St. Louis in the dark about Orton and then have him come out to a huge pop as a surprise entrant in the Rumble. What I disagree with is their alleged plans to give him the win. He needs another Rumble win like I need another hole in the head. However, if this is all true, I'd like to see a Fatal 4-Way between Bryan, Orton, Sheamus and Barrett with Sheamus or Barrett walking out new World Champion. Big Show and Henry will obviously be in a triple threat w/ Bryan at the Rumble and their series of matches from Vengeance through TLC were mediocre. All of your other late-card matches will be 1-on-1 matches, so this would be a nice change of pace. As long as Orton doesn't get the gold again already, I'd be fine with this.


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    Re: Randy Orton *possible spoilers*

    Get your stuff from credible sources of dont post stuff like this at all

    Thread closed.

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