Last Christmas Eve in Beijing a masked woman was spotted by many to be roaming the streets giving food, supplies and even money to the less fortunate. Wearing low-cut black tights and a blue mask, this vigilante calls herself “Redbud Woman.”

The appearance of this mysterious woman did cause a stir of sorts among the residents of Beijing. People started talking about her on the internet and in local media. Pictures of her acts of kindness at public places such as the Xidan subway station and in front of the Wangfujing bookstore have been making the rounds ever since the night of Christmas Eve. The super-lady herself communicates with the world through a microblog, written in Chinese. She currently has over 7,000 fans online. Where will this caped crusader strike next? Sources close to me have implied that it could potentially be in my bedroom. Which happens to have a heating blanket and TWO memory foam pillows……stay tuned.
Link to webpage with article and pictures of the woman: A Chinese female superhero feeds the needy : theCHIVE

I found this pretty interesting. Its also nice to know there are hot Asian girls out there doing good in the world.