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Thread: Promos from Five Star Attraction

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    Promos from Five Star Attraction

    Tag Team Title Match

    GD & Kyle Crosby
    Quote Originally Posted by Guardian Devil
    11:16 am
    We enter the shot with a limo pulling up next to Madison Square Garden, hours and hours before many people have even arrived. The sun is shining and there are only a few clouds in the air as the driver gets out, walks around to the back and opens the door, standing at attention. A single leg is placed on the ground below, as a man wearing an all black suit with dark red trim steps out of the stretch vehicle and stands up. Lowering his wayfarers a bit to scan the building and surrounding area, he slips a hundred dollar bill in the front pocket of the driver and begins walking away without a moment’s hesitation, duffle bag in hand.

    Driver: Thank you Mr.Crosby.

    Kyle Crosby: Sure thing Alfred.

    The driver looks confused as Kyle is nearly gone, and calls out.

    Driver: But sir, my name is-

    Kyle cuts him off without turning out.

    Crosby: Have my things ready in case Commissioner Gordon gives the signal.

    Before Crosby can make his way toward the entrance, he is stopped by a man wearing his old t-shirt.
    Crosby: Normally I wouldn't be against a picture or autograph, but I'm in a hurry right now.

    Man: Nah, I don't want a picture or autograph. Don't you remember me?! I wrestle for Pride N' Honor.

    Kyle pushes his glasses down to the tip of his nose as he eyes the man up and down for a few seconds, but aside from being fairly impatient, he is drawing a blank.

    Crosby: Wait, aren't you that Shocktart guy?

    Man: No!

    Crosby scratches his chin.

    Crosby: Hmmm, and you aren't Rikichet or Park?
    The man stamps his feet angrily.

    Man: I'm Mr. Canada, Petey Williamson!

    Kyle slides his sunglasses back on and looks away for a second, he adjusts his suit the addresses the man again in a firm but dignified manner.

    Crosby: Yeah, I still have no idea who you are. You must understand that I'm quite the busy man. Between charity balls and seeing over my own company, things get pretty hectic for a billionaire playboy. If you don't leave me alone, I'll have call for security.

    Petey's face turns blood red.

    Petey Williamson: What the heck are you talking about? Since when do you own a business or company?

    With that, Kyle simply ignores him and walks away as Petey stomps his feet and yells for Kyle to turn around.

    12:34 pm
    More workers and employees throughout CWA have arrived, and the news is spreading like wild fire. Not everyone was fully aware that Kyle Crosby was coming back, and others weren't even aware of who he was. Kyle recognizes and exchanges various greetings with the likes of Jack Adams, Roberto, Mr.Showtime, and even former rival Clint Shepard. Tim Coleman warily walks up to Kyle, as he stammers a bit before finally geting out his greeting.

    Tim Coleman: H-hi there, and welcome back Mr.Crosby.

    Kyle turns towards Tim with a surprisingly warm and friendly smile. He also reaches out and shakes Tim's hand with a firm grip.

    Crosby: Long time no see Timmy boy, and can call me Kyle. Since we're old friends you and I.

    Tim seems pretty surprised and happy about this, but he is confused and cautious none the less.

    Crosby: We didn't really cross paths after the brand split back in time. But you might see a lot more of me these days.

    Tim nods really quickly.
    Coleman: When you disappeared several months back, no one knew what to make of anything. There were all kind of rumors floating around the internet as well as the locker room.
    Kyle smiles a bit more as he snickers to himself. He seems generally curious and amused.

    Crosby: Oh really now? I haven't always been up on things, or 'a man of the times'. But do tell me.....please, enlighten me Tim. Just what did you hear exactly?
    Tim's eyes dart nervously around as a bead of sweat trickles down his brow. He finally and carefully chooses his words, then responds.

    Coleman: Well, some people said you died-
    Kyle cuts him off with a loud outburst of amused laughter.

    Crosby: Well that theory has certainly been debunked now hasn't it?! What else dear boy?

    Coleman: Um.... that you had found a desolate cave somewhere in the mountains where you built a secret base & laboratory, where you have been hiding out, brain washing people and plotting world domination.

    The look on Crosby's face is frozen in shock and awe as his eyes are wide with alarm. He leans in closely to Tim, grabbing him by the collar. He whispers frantically into his ear. Barely understandable due to Kyle's frantic nature but just loud enough for him to make out the words.

    Crosby: Brain washing people?

    Coleman: Um, yes....sir?

    Kyle looks around nervously to make sure no one is listening. He leans in closer. Tim looks scared, but does nothing.

    Crosby: Well that's just absurd! You can't believe everything you hear now can you? And world domination? Okay, so maybe it crossed my mind a few times a while ago, but it was nothing more than my adolescent over active imagination having itself a good turn.
    Tim thinks for a second about what he has just heard, then a light bulb goes off as he connects two missing dots.

    Coleman: Okay, so no brainwashing or world domination. But you really were living in some underground base of operations, sort of like a, well....bat cave?

    Crosby suddenly looks very scared and serious as if the secret to life itself was just discovered. As he is about to respond, a shadow looms over him and Tim, and before either can react Tim is violently grabbed and shoved out of the way. Kyle's smile quickly fades, but he doesn't flinch or move.

    Crosby: Well, this comes as no surprise. How's it going fellas?

    Hade Mckenzie and Jay Walters stand behind Jason Blair, who looks as angry as ever. Tim kind of slinks away unnoticed.

    Jay Walters: What the hell man? You think you can just drop off the face of the earth, then come waltzing back in here for the company’s biggest show?

    Hade Mckenzie: Yeah, you can't just show up again after what all happened. You proved to everyone just how worthless you were as a leader and wrestler.

    Walters: You were nothing but a false profit.

    Jason Blair: Yeah! You're stupid!

    Kyle takes all of their comments in stride, as his characteristic devious smile makes a brief return.

    Walters: And just what is so funny?

    Blair: Yeah, this isn't funny!
    Kyle nods sympathetically, but his reaction and demeanor stay the same.

    Crosby: Look guys, you're some degree. I definitely lead you down the wrong path, that's for sure. But you know what? I wasn't ready to be the leader of a group. I realized, that I needed to worry about me before anyone else, and I needed some much needed time away. Besides, I know you missed me and all, but I had other matters to attend to while I was away. I'm sure you all understand.

    All three men suddenly look less angry, and more annoyed and confused then anything else.. Well, Jay and Hade do. Jason is just sort of "there", as always.

    Crosby: I'm sorry it has to be like this, but maybe if you guys would focus more on yourselves, instead of following someone might actually be booked for a match tonight. Besides, I thought you guys had some real progress. I mean, Jay and Hade, you guys had finally put all that 'New Chapter' garbage behind you and were actually focusing on winning matches. What happened with that?

    Walters: You cheap mother f-
    Kyle pays no attention as he cuts Jay off, still ranting.

    Crosby: It's a shame really. You two could have been tag team champs, and Jason....well...

    Jason, who wasn't really paying attention and kind of zoned out, is drawn back to the conversation by the mention of his name. He leans in with the look of a dumbfounded and confused gorilla.

    Blair: Huh?
    Kyle tries to maintain his composure, but fails as he chuckles to himself slightly. Jay and Hade look more impatient and annoyed. Jason still has no idea what's going on.

    Crosby: Yeah, um.....
    Kyle leans forwards, and in a slow, loud, sarcastic tone says:

    Crosby: YOU KEEP..UP THE..GOOD....WORK. okay big guy?

    Jason smiles and responds with a subtle grunt to himself.

    Crosby: But speaking of tag teams titles. Word on the grape vine is that a certain Guardian Devil might need a partner. I know I'm just coming back to make my big return and all, but I'm certainly more qualified than any of you. Seeing that you did so much with yourselves in my absence.
    Hade stands behind Jay with his arms crossed, Jay looks more pissed than ever, and Jason is still hovering around the moon. Kyle eyes up each man, then gives his final words to them.

    Crosby: So yeah, I'm sure you already realized it, but the Cobra Army is done. So I am gonna find this Devil character, and I'm sure things will work out for you, or something like that?

    Kyle walks off as Jay angrily stares at the ground. Hade's eyes well up with tears as his jaw hits the floor. Jason starts to walk after Kyle until Jay grabs his shoulder.

    Walters: You idiot, you're not with him anymore!

    Jason stops for a second to ponder this, he then turns and punches Jay straight in the face knocking him out cold.
    Blair: I'm with no one!

    Hade sighs to himself and mumbles, flacing a palm on his forehead in disgust.

    Mckenzie: This sucks.

    7:10 pm

    The action quickly cuts backstage where we see an anxious Guardian Devil furiously pacing back and forth, clearly uneasy about tonight’s event. He appears to be donning a top hat, coat with a long tail and smoking a long black cigarette holder.

    GD talks to himself.

    GD: Snidley, this simply will not do. I have a World Tag Team Championship match tonight and I’ve yet to find a suitable partner. Whom will I team with now?? Wait a tickle, I have an incoming textual message, and it’s from Leblanc! Praise Jebus I’m saved. Aheem, and I quote. “GD, sorry bro but I can’t get to the arena tonight. Yeah dude, looks like I’ve fallen off the internets again. Prolly wont be back to CWA anytime soon. XoXo Kenneth Leblanc.”

    GD: Damn Leblanc! First Ultimate Pain falls off the internets, then this guy! I wonder…that’s IT! Pain falls off, and then comes back a few months later for a World championship match? I see what you did there Kenny, I see indeed. I wonder how one falls off these here internets anyhow. No matter! I’ve smaller fish to fry. Oh, another text! Let’s see, it’s from Pain. “Hey Devil man, so yeah, can’t partner up tonight, you know, champions…..err internets issues again. Maybe if I don’t win tonigh….umm, can find a boat back to the new world, we can team up next week. Bunches of munches, U.P.”

    GD justifiably angry, continues to pace. Feverishly puffing his 1920’s cigarette holder, seemingly walking a trench into the cement floor backstage.

    GD: Yeah seeee, yeah. This is no good I tells ya, nooooo good.

    As GD seems about to pace himself through the ground, Megan Anderson approaches for a quick, pre-match interview.

    Megan Anderson: Mr. Devil, might I get a word with you?

    GD: Generic interviewer #6, do you not see that I am busy? Busy busy, puffing this…..thing and pondering my match in 20 minutes. Wtf is this thing even anyways? I thought it was candy?

    Megan: First of all, I’m Megan Anderson. Secondly, I believe that’s a cigarette extension.

    GD: This is a cigarette!? POOOO!

    GD hurls the device down in disgust.

    GD: I haven’t smoked since the indy days of 1947. So, since I CLEARLY am not get anywhere with this self thought, what can I do for you in the next…18 minutes?

    Megan: Well CLEARLY the issue at hand is my topic of discussion. Your rubber match with the Gang Stars is next and you don’t seem to have anyone from the Brotherhood backing you up tonight. What do you plan to do about it?

    GD: My dear Meglor, what do you think I’ve been doing the past 3 hours?? I’ve been textifying my friends, or at least people who I thought were my friends, to see where the hell they are at and if they are contractually available tonight for this here title match. Now, I’ve thought about this long and hard. I’ve have correspondence out to Kenneth Leblanc, Ultimate Pain, Minimal Pain, Shaun-o-caster, Richard Fleihr and a veritable cornucopia of other individuals. All to no avails I can assure you. Now, I’m resignated to my fate of having a handicap match to win those titles back. Perhaps you’d like to team up? We could be like Bonnie and Clydesdale!

    Megan: Uh, no.

    GD: Curses! Foiled aygayne!

    GD twirls a phantom mustache.

    Megan: Also, I was sent to inform you that if you cannot find a suitable replacement in the next 15 minutes, you will forfeit your opportunity tonight. No chance for a handicap match. How do you like that?

    GD: No sir, I don’t like it. If you’ll excuse me, I have to find the maintenance man. Surely he’d like a taste of the glory hole.

    GD paces off towards the locker room in hopes of a last ditch effort to secure a partnership for this evening. As he combs the backstage area, he bumps into Jay Walters who looks annoyed as well, as he sports a fresh bump on his forehead.

    8:45 pm

    Jay Walters: Hey Devil, I hear you are on the lookout for a tag team partner for your match here in a few minutes. How about me?!

    GD: So! You thirst to uncover the secret ingredient?

    Walters: …..Cut the crap, I'm better than these other losers.

    GD: Good! Walk THIS way!

    Walters: Thought so..

    GD and Jay Walters pace off towards the ringside area, cameras in tow.

    GD: You think you can handle the Gang Stars? They’ve come out on top twice against me, and I’m glorious. Initially I thought, p’shaw, talentless do gooders, but recently, I think they are slightly less talentless do gooders.

    Jay: I got this s***.

    GD: Excellent! We go now.

    As Guardian Devil heads towards gorilla position, he bumps into a bystander, partially hidden by hallway shadows.

    8:59 pm

    GD: Excuse me kindest fellow, I must attempt to dominate the Gang Stars with Jason Waters, please allow my passage.

    Jay: Don't get me confused with that big a******.

    ???: Mr. Devil I presume, I heard about your situation through some of my unnamable sources. Quite the conundrum you find yourself in eh?

    GD: Yes yes, it is indeed. But I have Jumpin' Jay here to back me up. Really, he only need to hold the tag rope, I can pretty much handle this solo. And besides, what’s it to you?

    ???: Oh, It’s nothing to me really, but you don't want to team up with this man. He'll bring you nothing but grief and disappointment. I'm a suave and sofisticated man of smarts, stature, and undeniable talent. While I may have never personally faced your opponents tonight. In my time off, I did not hesitate or slack with my scouting reports on all the talent here in CWA.

    GD: I do declare, you sound like the perfect man and partner for such an athletic contest! What be your name my good chum?

    The individual steps forward to reveal himself, It’s the recently returned Kyle Crosby. GD stops to address the sharply dressed fellow.

    GD: Aha! Mr. Crosby I presume? I heard you were back just today. Did you jump the ship or something?

    Jay goes to speak, but without hesitation Kyle sticks his hand in his face and shoves Walters out of the way.

    Crosby: As a matter of fact, I did. You see, things just aren't always what they appear to be around here. I am a man of certain principles, and I had many discrepancies with the company right before I left. So that’s initially why I took a hiatus, to re-evaluate my standing here. I’ve done many things, won many titles and now I seek a new challenge. I figured maybe CWA could offer me that, but on my terms.

    GD: Perhaps you are right, I bid you fondest adieus and well wisheries in your adventure here but I really must be going…

    As GD says that, his theme music “Holy Diver” fires up over the arena speakers signifying it’s time for the World Tag Team Championship match to take place.

    Crosby: As you wish, but trust me when I say that Jay here will not suffice as a partner when you are to challenge two men you cannot face alone. Perhaps I can offer a better arrangement and guarantee for victory?

    GD: Do you also seek my secret theme ingredient? The theme on which our chefs create their succulent variations?

    The trademark grin creeps its way back across the face of Kyle Crosby as he places a firm hand on GD's shoulder.

    Crosby: Good sir, I do believe you're on to something.

    GD: Bizarre isn't it?

    Crosby: To anyone else? Sure. But you certainly haven't deterred me in the slightest.

    GD: Well, I tell you what. I’ve already committed myself to Jason Alexander Walters here. So if you can defeat him in a vicious battle of rock, paper, scissors, you can replace him and seek glory with me as the future World Tag Team Champions.

    Crosby: I accept the ultimate challenge!

    Kyle shoots around to face Jay with his hand at the ready. Jay does not look amused at all. He stares back and fourth at both GD and Crosby.

    Walters: If this is the kind of BS I would have to put up with to get a shot at team gold, then you can forget it! I'm not sure which one of you weirdos is worse!

    With that, Jay Walters storms off in the opposite direction.

    GD: Well Bing Crosby, I guess that settles this little predicament. You're in, let's make bacon!

    Crosby: In my case, i think you mean Canadian bacon!

    GD: I do believe you're right, now on to more pressing matters!

    GD turns about on one foot, and prominently prances through the curtain to his theme and the roar of the fans as Kyle begins warming up, waiting for his music to hit.

    Crosby: Damn it's good to be back!

    Quote Originally Posted by Punk Wolf

    CWA Five-Star Attraction – Gang Stars vs Guardian Devil & ??? RP (Krash)

    A quiet breeze whispered in the cold evening air.

    Our scene opens in the Gang Star HQ, late at night on the 23rd of December. The fireplace was roaring, the warm flames heating the living room the best it could, and Alyster Black sighed blissfully as he stretched. Who’d thought that a simple armchair in front of a fire would be so comfortable?

    Alyster spared a glance at the nearby coffee table, wherein sat two of the three things that made this Christmas one of the better ones. One, his half of the CWA Tag Team Champions, the reflection of the fireplace making a rather nice background for his nameplate. The other, his recently-won Apex Pro Wrestling Championship, his second world title and with it the first person to win the championship.

    The third thing that made this Christmas more bearable was outside, currently in the midst of making a snow angel. Hell, Alyster could hear his tag partner now, even from inside.

    “THIS IS SO AWESOME!” Krash cheered, no doubt catching several snowflakes in his mouth as he talked. “I LOVE THE SNOW!”

    Alyster rolled his eyes good-naturedly. Being Australian, Krash didn’t have much experience with snow, which must’ve made Christmas suck down under, Alyster betted. Dressed in a pair of black slacks, a white T-shirt with a picture of a snarling bear on it, and a brown jacket along with his usual mask, Alyster leaned back in his armchair and sighed once more, perfectly content with the world right now.

    Which was one reason why he was caught unprepared as something cold and wet exploded against the side of his face.

    “Alyster, I made a snowball!” Krash said happily, incase Alyster didn’t notice said snowball caving in his face.

    Alyster took a moment to wipe the remains of the wet snow off the side of his face, before he slowly turned to face Krash. The other half of the CWA Tag Team Champions stood in the doorway, dressed in a pair of faded black jeans, a black T-shirt with My Little Pony’s Fluttershy on, a long-sleeved white T underneath the short-sleeve black on, and a black & purple checkered scarf, blowing lightly in the wind. Krash’s grin faded slightly as Alyster silently looked at him, before he tilted his head to the side.

    “Uh, Alyster? Are you glaring at me? I can’t tell that good, since, you know. The mask.”

    Alyster’s glare stood, until Alyster began shaking his head and laughing softly. “Did you throw a snowball at me?” He asked, grinning beneath his mask.

    “Uhh… Maybe?” Krash replied, taking a step back.

    “I hope you realize, this means war.” Alyster said, and before the full meanings of the words could sink in for Krash Alyster had already gotten to his feet and charged at Krash.

    “Oh dear.” Krash whimpered, before his survival instinct got the better of him and he turned his tail and fled.

    He got about five steps from the doorway before Alyster dive tackled him, tackling him face first into the snow.

    “Oh, it is on!” Krash laughed, rolling through the snow to a stack of snowballs he had prepared earlier. Alyster noticed the stack of snowballs and took a step back, putting his hands up.

    “Alright, let’s not do anything rash here…”Alyster said.

    Krash instantly threw the first snowball.

    Alyster easily dodged it, laughing.

    Krash frowned and threw the second snowball.

    This time Alyster ducked underneath it.

    “HOLD STILL, DARN YOU!” Krash cried, throwing a third.

    Meanwhile, next door.

    “Did something just hit the window?” Mrs. Rogers asked, peering through her glasses at the now-white window.

    “No, darling.” Mr. Rogers replied absent-mindedly, more interested in the newspaper than his wife’s yammering.

    “But I heard a thud, and-”


    “There it is again!” Mrs. Rogers cried, approaching the window and trying to peer through the snow.

    “Yes, dear, that’s very nice.” Mr. Rogers neutrally said, the newspaper beckoning.

    Humping, Mrs. Rogers opened the window and poked her head out.

    “HOLD STILL, DARN YOU!” A voice cried out, somewhere outside.

    “You kids keep it down!” Mrs. Rogers tried shouting, but only got to ‘kids’ before she was silenced in the form of a snowball exploding against her face.

    “Did you just hit old Mrs. Rogers with that snowball?” Alyster asked, peering at the neighbor’s snow-encrusted window.

    “Does it matter?” Krash replied, raising an eyebrow.

    “No, I suppose not. What does matter, though, is this!”

    “Hmm?” Krash breathed, before he got a face-full of snow.

    He staggered about blindly, giggling, before falling back into the snow with a ‘thump.’ “No fair!” He shouted from his spot. “I wasn’t expecting that!”

    “Were you expecting this?” Alyster asked, and piffed another snowball at his buddy.

    The minutes rolled into an hour, all of it spent laughing as Alyster and Krash traded snowballs and impromptu wrestling moves into the snow. Finally, as the clock struck 10:00, the two called a truce on the snowball fight, and retreated into the warm Gang Star HQ, closing the door behind them. Grinning and smiling, the Gang Stars sat down next to the fireplace, Alyster on his armchair and Krash on the small white rug in front of the fireplace.

    “Hey Alyster?”


    “When’s our flight to New York for Five Star Attraction?”

    “Tomorrow, 6am.”

    “Oh.” Krash paused, deliberating, before shrugging half-heartedly and laying his head down on the rug again. Alyster leaned back in his armchair, until Krash began snoring. Raising an eyebrow, he kicked his tag partner in the ribs, jerking him awake.

    “You’re seriously not going to sleep there, are you?” Alyster questioned.

    “I dunno, this is actually kinda comfy…”

    “Go to bed, Krash.”


    Early next morning, 4:30am or so.
    “Wake up, Krash.” Alyster ordered, prodding the slumbering form of his fellow CWA Tag Team champion with a finger.


    “I know you’re awake now, you just said no.”

    There was a long pause as Krash slowly considered this hole in his logic.

    “… No I didn’t.” Was the well-thought out excuse.

    “Get up, we’ve gotta go catch our flight.”

    “Well why didn’t you say so?” Krash exclaimed with sudden enthusiasm, sitting up in his bed. “Time’s-a wasting, let’s get on with it!” He then proceeded to lay back in his bed and throw the covers over his face.

    Alyster had a sneaking suspicion Krash’s supposed enthusiasm was, in fact, thinly-veiled sarcasm.

    “C’mon, if you wanna still kick Brotherhood’s ass then you gotta get up.”

    A sigh was heard from somewhere beneath the mound of blankets and pillows. “Fine.” And Krash rolled out of bed with the grace and style of a stoned elephant trying to dance to hip hop.

    “Start packing.” Alyster ordered. “Our plane leaving in an hour and a half, and we kinda need to be on it when it does.”

    “Alright, jeez. Go update your Twitter or something.” Krash stumbled out of his bedroom to fix himself some breakfast.

    And so Alyster did.

    @AlysterBlack – Had to wake up Krash for our flight to NY. You’d figure the guy has an extreme hatred of alarm clocks or something… Hold that thought, I just figured out why there’s always broken alarm clocks in the trash… #ThisExplainsSoMuch


    A quick half hour later, the two were ready, if a little tired, and Krash threw a glance at the Christmas tree in the corner, at the stacks of presents neatly wrapped beneath it, before walking out the front door and locking it behind him.

    “It’s alright, we’ll open the presents when we get back.” Alyster said, patting his partner on the shoulder. “Now I’ll call a taxi, an-”

    “No, I got this.” Krash waved Alyster’s hand down, and strolled to the garage.

    “Krash, you don’t have a van anymore, remember? It kinda got killed a few weeks ago.”

    “I know that!” Krash snapped, pulling open the garage door. “That’s why I got this!”

    Alyster peered into the garage, and his jaw silently dropped.

    In the space that had once been reserved for Krash’s old van stood a remarkable vehicle. It looked like one of those 80’s Cadillac’s, but what were the odds of Krash buying one of those? It was a mixture of red and white, the bottom white and the top red it seemed, and as Krash ignited the engine the headlights switched on, the lights having a darker glare than most.

    “You like it?” Krash asked. “It’s a ’58 Plymouth Fury. Just like the one in Christine.”

    “… What.” Alyster deadpanned.

    “Stephen King story.”

    “Right.” Alyster quietly nodded, and got into the passenger seat. He switched the radio on, just in time for some overpaid announcer to wish them a Happy Holidays before crappy Christmassy music came on. Frowning, he instead turned it to the stereo, and a dark orchestral melody came on.

    @AlysterBlack – Krash got a new car, is about to drive it now, at five in the morning with low visibility and sleep. Stereo is playing a funeral march remix. Pretty sure I’ll be dying in a horrific car wreck before the hours over. #ThisDoesNotBodeWell

    Somehow, Krash didn’t crash the car at all during the trip to the airport. Call it a Christmas miracle. The two Gang stars arrived at the airport in one piece, quickly boarded their flight, and were soon on their way to New York.

    To cement their status as the best tag team around.

    To meet destiny head on.

    To make fate play it’s hand.

    To fight Devil and whoever’s willing to team with him.

    To Five Star Attraction.

    The Gang Stars sat in their seats as the airplane soared through the sky, first class of course. Alyster leaned back in his chair, arms crossed behind head, and gave one of the stewardesses a sneaky once over. 4/5. Wonder if she’s interested in joining the mile-high club.

    Beside him, Krash had booted up his Compaq laptop, and was scouring through YouTube. Alyster glanced at the screen, and frowned.

    “CWA - Guardian Devil vs Alyster Black?” He raised an eyebrow. “I know it’s awesome seeing me win, but-”

    “I just wanna go over his style. There’s still some kinks in his armor that could really help us.” Krash defended, keeping an eye on the screen. “I don’t want to lose to Devil when it matters the most.”

    “I could do meth for eight years straight and still not lose to Guardian Devil.” Alyster replied. “I mean, jeez, that video’s only just started and already I can hear my brain cells slowly dying a painful and horrible death just by watching him try to work.”

    “Harsh, bro.”

    “Harsh but true. I could be a dead body and Devil still couldn’t beat me.”

    Alyster Black and Krash both stared at each other, before Krash broke into a smile and laughed, a laugh that sounded more free and content than usual. Alyster smiled too, chuckling, the laughter infectious.

    “Damnit, Alyster.” Krash grinned as the laughter faded away. “Anyone ever told you that one of these days your confidence’ll backfire on you?”

    “Yep. And look at me now!” Alyster cried, spreading his arms as he began listing off his well-earned accomplishments. “Former Takedown World Champion, Takedown Challenge Champion, CAW Tag Team Champion, current APW World Champion, and current CWA Tag Team Champion! It hasn’t backfired yet and it probably never will! Know why? Because whatever I say, I back it up. What I say, I do. I say I’ll make someone bleed in the match, I’ll make them bleed. I say I’ll make someone tap out, I’ll make someone tap out. I say I’ll seduce my opponent’s girlfriend, get to know her, and then get to know her even more in bed, you’re damn right I’ll seduce my opponent’s girlfriend, get to know her, and then get to know her even more in bed!”

    “Excuse me, sir?” Alyster’s tirade was interrupted by one of the stewardesses, who tapped the masked superstars on the shoulder. “Could you please keep the volume of your story down? Some of the other passengers are trying to sleep.”

    “Anything for you, babe.” Alyster winked. The effect was completely missed, thanks to the mask covering the wink.

    “Err… Thank you… I guess.” The stewardess replied, flustered, and quickly retreated away from the strange masked man. Alyster laughed quietly, grinning.

    “She totally wants me.” He said.

    Krash suppressed a laugh, and merely nodded. “Oh, yeah. You can tell by the way she ran away when you came on to her.”

    “Totally wants me.” Alyster repeated.

    Krash rolled his eyes, the grin fading slightly. “I wish I could be as confident as you.”

    “You should be! Just look at your accolades: Former Takedown World Champion, Two-time Takedown Tag Team Champion, Final Takedown Tag Team Champion in history, Youngest Takedown Champion in history, current CWA Tag Team Champion with yours truly… And I think I’m forgetting a few more…”

    “Takedown Hard Knox Champion, only person to beat Johnny Stardust, and Takedown Triple-Crown Champion.” Krash said.

    “That’s exactly what I mean! With all those accomplishments, you’re more successful than half the CWA roster. You’ve got every right to be confident, you know.”

    “Yeah, I know. Still, though…”

    “No, no ‘still though.’ You’re awesome. I’m awesome. Together we’re awesome personified, the single greatest tag team in the history of everything, the most watched, most-talented, single-handedly most awesome team to ever grace the ring.”

    “Remember what I said about your confidence one day backfiring?”

    “And remember what I said about me backing up my promises?”


    Later that day, around 11pm or so.

    In his bedroom of the penthouse suite of the hotel, Krash sat on his bed in his pajamas, scrolling through the internet on his laptop. He had stopped watching Guardian Devil matches quite a while ago, and was now listening to some music instead. Nice, meaningful music that filled Krash with a sense of reassurance, hope, that everything would turn out fine. He liked this. It was beautiful.

    Finally, tired, he closed down the laptop and put it beside the bed, before climbing into the covers. Here, nice and warm, Krash thought about Five Star Attraction. It was only a few days away. Truth be told, he was still somewhat nervous. This was CWA’s Wrestlemania, and he and Alyster would be having the spotlight shining brightly upon them, tens of thousands in attendance and millions watching at home. He did not want to screw this up. He would be tag teaming with his best friend on the biggest stage of the year during Christmas. It was like a dream come true.

    Krash rolled over in bed, and knocked on the wall with a closed fist.

    Alyster was about to close his eyes and drift off to sleep, when he heard Krash knock on the wall and whisper to him from the room next door, his voice unsurprisingly quite audible through the hotel walls.


    “Yes, Krash?”

    “Merry Christmas, Alyster.”

    “… Merry Christmas, Krash.”

    END RP

    Alyster Black
    Quote Originally Posted by Rawr
    The scene opens right outside the arena hosting Five Star Attraction, a mere day before show time. Alyster Black is sitting on a crate by the back entrance smoking a cigarette. He’s wearing a black and blue flannel jacket, Gang Stars t-shirt, blue jeans, DC skate shoes, and his signature red and black mask (which has been rolled up to accommodate his cigarette). Black watches as the production team is busy at work bringing the ring into the arena, setting up the cameras, and constructing the set. Black takes a drag from his cigarette, finishing it off. He butts it out on the edge of the crate and then throws it away. He produces another one from his jacket pocket and lights it up just as Krash arrives on the scene with two cups of coffee in hand.

    Krash: Those things will kill you, you know.

    Black: Eh, who wants to be 90 anyway?

    Krash: Who wants to use quotes from South Park to defend their bad habits?

    Black: Oh, I do, I do!

    Krash shakes his head disapprovingly as he hands Black a cup of coffee. Black thanks him with a puff of smoke in the face, to which Krash responds with a shrug of his shoulders. There’s no use getting into a fight with Black when he’s like this.

    Krash: So...big match tomorrow.

    Black: Yup.

    Krash: Plan to do something special.

    Black: Yup.

    Krash: What do you plan to do?

    Black: Win.

    Krash: Doesn’t sound that special.

    Black: That’s because you don’t know the details of how I’m going to win.

    Krash: Would you care to shed some light on these illusive details?

    Black: Why not?

    Krash: Why not indeed.

    Black takes a quick sip from his coffee then puts it down on the edge of the crate right beside him. He raises his two hands in front of his body and starts acting like he’s choking something. He begins to shake his hands violently and then pull them apart quickly whilst making a ripping sound with his mouth. Krash stares at the scene, his right eye open wide and his left twitching.

    Krash: That’s the details?

    Black: Pretty much yeah.

    Krash: I think I’ll need you to elaborate with words...but I’m not sure I want you to.

    Black: Oh but I will anyway. So what happens is I’m going to get my hands around Guardian Devil’s and question mark’s necks. And then I’m going to squeeze and pull until I tear their heads off their bodies. And then I’m going to stick their heads on my wall as a trophy. Any questions?

    Krash: Yeah, how is that a practical way to win the match?

    Black: It’s a practical way to get Guardian Devil to leave us alone for a while.

    Krash: I take it that you’re getting sick of him.

    Black: I have this nightmare where we beat him and whoever the hell his partner is now. And he just keeps getting up and coming back for more. And this goes on for years, until we retire. We waste our whole career in CWA fighting this guy and his hordes of tag team partners.

    Krash: We’ve only been in conflict with him for a couple of months...

    Black: A couple of months too long!

    Krash: And our continued feud with Guardian Devil and his partners is...

    Black: My idea of hell.

    Krash: Right. Well I guess we’d better put him down hard tomorrow.

    Black: I’d really like to make him tap again.

    Krash looks over at Black who has just taken another drag from his cigarette.

    Krash: That’s a way more practical plan.

    Black turns his head to Krash and blows a puff of smoke in his face.

    Black: Thanks brother.

    The scene opens in Alyster Black’s hotel room. Black is sitting on the edge of his bed, staring out the window; a dim stream of sunlight illuminates his silhouette for the camera. Black appears to be maskless, his dark hair stands up in the light. He dips his head down and begins to speak.

    Black: In the morning of the day of Five Star Attraction, Alyster Black has few things on his mind. Today is the biggest day of most CWA wrestler’s lives. Unfortunately it is not the biggest day of Alyster Black’s life, maybe a Five Star Attraction event in the future may take that honour. This day however is far from the biggest in Black’s career. It is defiantly in the top five, maybe top three in the list of the biggest and most important days of Alyster Black’s life. Alyster is going to do some great things on this day. He’s going to relieve himself of a great annoyance.

    Black stands up; he has his mask in hand. Black looks down at the mask which hangs lifelessly from his fingertips. He holds it up with both hands and then puts it over his head. He turns around to face the camera.

    Black: Today all eyes aren’t on me. They’re on three others who are fighting for the biggest prize in the CWA kingdom. The single greatest prize. Those eyes aren’t on me. I’m merely an afterthought. These tag team titles are merely an afterthought. Well...after tonight, I’m make sure of it. We won’t be ignored, we won’t be denied. Tonight the Gang Stars show you what they’re fighting for. When we go toe-to-toe with Guardian Devil and his partner, whoever that is. We’ll show you how much those tag team titles mean to us. How much we value them, and how much you all should. Krash and I, we’re going to fight to keep these titles, we’re going to treat them like they’re both that one belt that’s being fought over in the main event. The biggest day of my life was the day I first became a world champion. Today is the day where I start my mission to build these titles into something that will one day be fought for and treated with the same respect as that big gold belt that’s featured in the main event.

    The scene comes to a close with Alyster reaching over the bed and picking up his half of the tag team titles, holding it close to his chest.
    END RP
    X-Fly Title Match

    Harry Jones
    Quote Originally Posted by Harry Jones
    Click! Just like that, the cameras begin to roll and the scene opens up for this exclusive! As the video loaded, the first sight we'd see would be that of resident interviewer, Ralph Lindgren; dressed in a sharp black suit, accented by his bright red tie. With a cheesy smile upon his face and a microphone in hand, Ralph would nod his head in regards to the camera, obviously in higher spirits than his guest here tonight. That guest being none other than The Anti-Hero himself - Harry Jones! Dressed casually in a pair of blue jeans and a plain, dark-gray sweatshirt, Harry seemed less than enthusiastic to say the least. Jones maintained a look of annoyance, impatience and irritation - but Ralph Lindgren was none the wiser, as he soon brought the microphone in his hand to his lips, and began to speak.
    Ralph Lindgren
    "Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us this evening on this exclusive interview. With me at this time is none other than the Number One Contender for the CWA X-Fly Championship; Harry Jones! First off, Harry, thank you for agreeing to this interview; I realize you have a lot of preparation to do, so I'll try not t-"
    Cut off abruptly, Ralph Lindgren seemed less than happy as Harry Jones put his hand out, covering the microphone with his palm as he stood there for a moment. Gazing pensively toward the ground, Harry would soon lift his head up again, looking at Ralph with a look of confusion as he removed his palm. Gesturing for Ralph to hold the microphone for him, Harry would take a second to clear his throat before speaking up.
    Harry Jones
    "Wait, wait ... Stop right there, Ralph. Did you just say that I have a lot of ... preparation to do? As if ... as if there's some large, monumental occasion approaching; as if Harry Jones will soon be faced with some kind of ... legitimate challenge. Which, in all honesty, is a joke; there isn't a single man in the back who could ever even hope of matching up to yours truly, Ralph. Not one who could even come close to posing an actual, reasonable threat to me, or my soon-to-be championship. So tell me, Ralph; what exactly is it that I have to prepare for?"
    Not even five minutes in, and already Jones had turned the tables on Ralph Lindgren; making a genuine inquiry toward the interviewer. Momentarily dumbfounded by Harry's lack of awareness, as it seemed, Ralph would bring the microphone back to his own lips as he responded.
    Ralph Lindgren
    "Well, Harry, we're only just days away from your first-ever championship match in CWA. Because as I'm sure you know, you'll be fighting the very well-renowned Dexter Darwin Douglas for the X-Fly Championship at Five Star Attraction. So not only do you have to fight off a very driven Dexter, Harry, but ... well, the X-Fly Championship is up for grabs! Are you at all nervous in anticipation for this career defying match?"
    Letting out a soft, almost mocking chuckle, Harry would proceed to lick his lips; running his free hand through his short, dirty-blonde hair in the process. Keeping his gaze away from Lindgren or the camera for several moments, Harry would shake his head as he looked back up; an amused look upon his face as he spoke up into the microphone that Lindgren held before him.
    Harry Jones
    "Ralph, Ralph, Ralph ... When are you going to learn? In fact, when is anybody in this company - this entire damned BUSINESS going to learn that I ... I don't get worried, Ralph. I don't get scared, frightened, intimidated, or shaken up; not by Dexter, and certainly not by those ungrateful leeches you refer to as "fans". If anything, I'm anxious; EAGER to step into that ring and fight for the X-Fly Championship, even if it's against someone as pathetic and unworthy as Dexter Darwin Douglas. A man who shouldn't be placed anywhere above the opening bout on any show ... yet has somehow weaseled his way into the finale of this tournament, despite the fact that I beat him a few weeks ago. Dexter is a thorn in my side; an annoying fly, buzzing around my head and driving me to the brink of insanity in frustration ... but that's all he is, Ralph. Dexter is no threat to me; he's simply another obstacle in front of me, in my quest to solidify myself as the best professional wrestler in the world! Oh, but don't get me wrong, Ralph; I'm not cocky, I'm not arrogant, I'm not overconfident; I don't overestimate myself or underestimate my opponents ... I know I'm better. I'm better than Derek Vendra, I'm better than Warren Peace, I'm better than you ... and I'm definitely ... better ... than Dexter ... Darwin ... Douglas!"
    Not allowing Lindgren to speak, Jones would boldly raise a clenched fist in the air as he
    collected his thoughts. After a moment or two of indecision, he continued.

    "If anyone's to be afraid of anyone here, Dexter should be afraid of me ... However, he isn't... and I know why. I know what it is that makes Douglas think that he's even anywhere near my league; what it is that has him so wrongfully convinced that he has what it takes to step into that ring with, and even more ridiculously, defeat Harry Jones. Now obviously, Dexter is out of his mind; he's living in some kind of deranged fantasy world that he's created for himself to escape this reality. He has himself convinced that he has even the slightest chance of beating me at Five Star Attraction, but the truth ... well, Ralph, you should know that the truth is far different. Nonetheless, Dexter doesn't; he doesn't see the way his strings are being pulled, doesn't realize that he's being used and manipulated - not by me, not by you, not by anyone else on the roster - but by his so-called "fans." You see, Ralph, Dexter has had a veil pulled over his eyes ever since the beggining of his career. He wastes his time pandering and playing with the crowd, feeling empowered by their cheers and support, but not realizing that he isn't in control. Dexter didn't have the mental capacity required to see through the deceit and the lies, Ralph; he didn't have the ability to see what I saw, he was BLINDED by some false sense of obligation to those idiots in the audience ... And he still is. He's still bowing down to them, bending over backwards to ensure that they're entertained ... but at what cost? Dexter has been so misguided, so MISLEAD by those people, Ralph - as we all are - into putting his body, his well-being, his LIFE on the line ... for their amusement. Just as I once was; but I was able to open my eyes, to tear past the veil that separated me from delusion and reality. And the moment, the very damned SECOND I realized that I had to start looking after myself, and not those manipulative half-wits who once claimed to be my oh-so adoring fans ... They turned on me. They turned their backs on me the very moment it became clear that I was no longer under their control; and look at me now, Ralph. LOOK AT ME NOW! I am on an UNTOUCHABLE winning streak, and on December 28th, I am going to achieve my LIFE-LONG dream of becoming a champion in CWA!"
    After a brief pause, Jones continued with his heart-felt rant.
    "I'm the BEST competitor that CWA has to offer ... And while he might not realize it now? Dexter had the opportunity to be in the very same position I'm in now. Dexter Darwin Douglas has all the tools to become the X-Fly Champion at Five Star Attraction! There was every chance that he could have held the belt for God-knows how long, up until the inevitable point where I'd have taken it from him, but he screwed it all up. He made the mistake of a lifetime, Ralph; he became distracted, foolish, ignorant ... he became weak as soon as he allowed his supposed "fans" to take control. For all intents and purposes, Dexter put a toddler behind the wheel of a monster truck, and moreover locked himself in the passenger's seat. Now, in case that analogy is as lost on you as it seems, let me just clear this all up. Dexter will NOT be victorious at Five Star Attraction, because he will give in to the pressure that those leeches are exerting on him, and unknowingly set himself up to fall; Douglas has set himself on a downward spiral of failures and shortcomings that aren't going to cease until he, and his entire career, are all but destroyed. And from the looks of things ... I'd say that's going to happen a lot sooner ... than later."
    Jones would state almost as boldly as cryptically, shining a sinister smirk soon afterward as he took a moment to reflect on what he had just said. Meanwhile, Jones was trying to make sense of anything Harry had just said; though he wasn't making much progress in doing so, as he spoke up again.Ralph Lindgren
    "I'm sorry, Harry, but uh ... I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to say, here."
    Ralph would state, garnering an annoyed sigh from Jones. Giving another shake of his head, Harry would take a moment to sort out his thoughts in his head before looking to Lindgren, and speaking up once more.
    Harry Jones
    "Of course you don't ... and truth be told, I didn't expect you to. Why? Because you're just like Dexter, Ralph ... foolish, ignorant, unaware of the happenings around you. You fail to see the painfully obvious, and instead resort to living your life as a puppet; believing what your masters want you to believe, and bending over backwards to kiss their asses. So of course you can't comprehend the fact that it's these attachments, these distractions that doom not only Dexter, but you and everyone else like him to complete and utter failure. Dexter has been manipulated and seduced by our supposed fans into doing whatever it takes to keep them happy. By verbally displaying their admiration for Douglas, they're only condemning him. They're making sure, Raplh, that Dexter Darwin Douglas is in a position to entertain them; to keep them happy and satisfied ... and you know as well as I do that he won't stop until he's done just that. Whether it means having his skull caved in with a two-by-four, having his breath - his LIFE - choked out of him, or crashing down toward the cold, hard mat from fifteen feet above; Dexter will do what it takes to try and win the crowd over. But little does he see that by doing that, Ralph, he's whittling away his chances of winning this match little by little; Dexter is ensuring his own demise, and in turn, my success. Because unlike him, Ralph, I have opened my eyes; I've come to see those people and their supposed "love" and "support" for what they truly are. Sadists, hell-bent on using men like Dexter Darwin Douglas for their own means of entertainment; obsessed with the thought of manipulating the weak in order to carry out their own twisted, sadistic dreams and fantasies. I saw through their lies, Ralph; I broke free, rid myself of those parasites and rose to lengths that Dexter could never even dream of. I feel no need or obligation to satisfy those idiot fans - only myself. While Douglas will do whatever it takes to carry out the will of those people, even if it means putting himself out of action, I'm wise enough to know better. I'm smart enough to know that it's in no interest of mine to foolishly go out there and get myself injured. Every move I make in that ring will be quick, swift and powerful ... but at the same time slow, calculated, and precise. I don't have to worry about those morons in the audience, Ralph; I don't concern myself with appeasing them or giving them what they want. My interests and my ambitions are exactly that - MY OWN. I'm looking out for me, and me ONLY; I'm not shackled to those fans, I don't care about them or their "support" ... and in the end? It's that very fact ... that gives me the advantage. It's that very fact, Ralph, that all but guarantees my success this at Five Star Attraction; it's that VERY ... FACT, coupled with Dexter's ignorance and incompetence, that will ensure that Harry Jones will hold this championship for a long, long time ... while that insolent fool fades back into obscurity; where he belongs."
    With another bold statement escaping his lips, The Anti-Hero would finally fall silent once more; ending his tirade, if only for now. Running a hand through his hair, Harry would shine a small, somewhat disturbing smirk, oblivious to the once again dumbfounded Ralph Lindgren. Blinking several times in confusion, Ralph would go to speak up several times; ultimately thinking better of doing so as he pondered everything Harry had just said, and chose his words carefully. Finally speaking up after a moment or so, Ralph did his best to hide his hesitance and caution, not wanting to set Jones off on another angry tirade.

    Ralph Lindgren
    "You know, Harry, I ... well ... don't you think that all seems a little far fetched? I mean, those fans are the reason I, Dexter, and even you have a job here in CWA ... Are you sure you're not just speaking out of jealousy? That you're not ... bitter that the fans are now cheering Dexter, instead of ... well, instead of you?"
    All of the caution and carefulness in the world couldn't have changed the impact those questions had on Harry Jones. For as soon as Ralph finished speaking, something inside of The Anti-Hero snapped; his usual smirk gone, replaced by a look of unadulterated anger as he turned toward Lindgren. Glaring holes through the interviewer, Jones stood there for a mere moment before suddenly lunging at Ralph; pinning him against the nearby wall. The microphone had fallen as well, though it was no longer needed as Harry screamed in the face of a terrified Ralph Lindgren.
    Harry Jones
    In that sudden fit of rage, Harry Jones had gone from calm and collected to down-right psychopathic, his face red with anger he screamed in Lindgren's face. Holding him there for several moments more, Harry would eventually seem to snap out of it; letting go of Ralph's collar and holding his hands up as he apologized. Hesitantly, Ralph would step forward from the wall; dusting himself off before leaning down to grab the microphone again. Standing to his feet, Ralph would turn his attention back to the only undefeated Superstar in CWA ... BAM! ... Jones just laid Ralph Lindgren out with a Busaiku Knee Kick! Kneeling down beside Ralph, who was out of it now, Harry would reach over slowly; grabbing the microphone and speaking up once more; a sinister tone in his soft voice.Harry Jones
    "I'm not jealous, Ralph ... I have no reason to be jealous of Dexter Darwin Douglas. He is below me in every aspect; having those idiot fans in his corner ... that changes nothing. I've still got a clean victory over him, I'm still better than him, I'm still smarter than him, and come Five Star Attraction? I'm still ... going to beat him ... and once again show the world why they call me..."
    Pausing there for a split second, Harry would look on at the unconscious Lindgren; not even the slightest hint of remorse as he finished that sentence.
    Dexter Darwin Douglas
    Quote Originally Posted by QuackenColony
    Ready, Set, Redemption!

    There were a lot of things Dexter did not think would happen. As a kid, he grew up thinking he could become a hero just like in the comics he read. He had it all planned out. He would be the funny one who would also come to the rescue of the team at the most unexpected times. As he grew older, he realized having super powers is, for the most part, impossible. Even with that, he knew he could take the ideals of being a hero into real life. Honor, leadership, respect, and courage. He had hope that during his days of high school, he exhibited these traits everyday...even if he was ignored for the most part.

    So with that, he had planned on being a screen writer. Movies had become his hobby, going to see at least two or three films a week. Unfortunately, with the industry becoming mostly about remakes, sequels, and just straight up garbage, his interest died down. He had passed on the college route, instead spending most of his hours inside a movie rental place, being forced to rent the trash he had given up on to the public.

    The idea of being a wrestler didn't come into mind until he was approached at a local show by the owner, looking for new trainees. It was cheap training, and he had the money at the time. It was a tough year and half, but Dexter passed with flying colors, his passion being brought out quickly while many others would come in for a week or two, and then drop out. The local scene was dying fairly quickly when he had made his debut. That was a few years ago, now he was on his way to New York's famous Madison Square Garden. It was a bit of luck, but mostly his wrestling talent, that he was put into this match.

    The X-Fly Championship Tournament Finals were in his thoughts, very curious as to why Warren Peace was not in his spot. The self proclaimed greatest wrestler had seemed to be injuried not long ago, but Dexter couldn't shake the thought that maybe, just maybe, that Warren was playing a game of hooky. Dexter let out a breath of air as his thoughts were racing like crazy. Closing his eyes he remembered what Katt had said to him when she dropped him off at the airport.

    Katt: I know you'll do your best...and I know you'll come back with that title around your waist. If you don't, I'll come up there and beat you up myself.

    Her smile was infectious, and it made Dexter blush. They shared a quick kiss before he stepped out of the car, turning around to wave at her. She stuck her head out the window for a quick second.

    Katt: I love you, Dexter Darwin Douglas!

    A few people looked over as the girl yelled her affection to the average wrestler. He blushed again and watched her pull away, giving him a bit of pride and fire, wanting to win this match more than ever.

    By the time he opened his eyes, the plane was making its landing procedure. The plane came to a complete stop, so he stood up and got his bag. His steps were quiet as he made his way out of the airport, the nerves already setting in he could feel his body shake a bit as he got his first look at New York City. It was quite a sight...louder, busier, and definitely brighter. The cab ride to the hotel was painfully long, the driver having to comment that this is usual for the city about a thousand times. The bed in the room was nice and warm. He was like a child as he buried his face into the pillow. He had two days before the match. Tomorrow he was given a bit of camera time in order to psyche himself and his fans up. He let out a sigh as his phone rang. Just on time, he thought as he answered it.

    DDD: Hello, sweetness...


    Dexter is seen with his back to the camera, staring off at the brightly lit city as he stands at the top of what could be NYC's most well known landmark, the Empire State Building. The wind was blowing, making his zipper hoodie strings flow in the wind. His hand was tapping against the railing, his breath showing in the cold air as he looks around, taking in all the sights and sounds of the city before turning around.

    DDD: New York City...I've never been here before, and honestly I always doubted I would ever get to come visit it. Now I'm here on top of the Empire State Building. I'm so high up that I can see just about everything in this city if I try hard enough. Look, there's my hotel!

    Dexter smiles as he points outward and in the distance there is a building, spotted with lit rooms, suggesting that some of the rooms are occupied by other visitors, maybe even some other wrestlers. Dexter moved closer to the railing and looked at a place much closer to the building he was standing on top of. It was a very familiar place to the average, everyday pro wrestler.

    DDD: Tomorrow night, I'm gonna be down there, having the most important match of my life. I'm not really sure what to think at this point. Not long ago I was having a breakdown, thinking I lost this chance when Harry was able to pin me on Adrenaline Rush. Now I get a chance to not only redeem my lost to Mr. Jones, but I also get one more chance to hold the X-Fly Championship Title over my head.

    When I first was drafted to Adrenaline Rush, I was just so happy to know I could wrestle against some of the best in the world in front of some of the most passionate fans I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Some of you who may be a little may be wondering why I'm getting this chance, when Warren Peace had made it to the finals...well Warren seemed to have the unfortunately fate of being taken out of the match with an injury. Now I'm here, sitting pretty until that bell rings, then Harry and I will have one more encounter to find out who really deserves that championship belt.

    I'm sure you have some words for me too...I'm guessing they don't extend much further than 'I'm gonna beat you, Dexter. The X-Fly Title will be mine, I already beat you.' You're not the type of person who has wide vocabulary, but as long as I have been alive, I've found it very true that actions speak louder than words. So while I may mock you for your choice of words, I know that tomorrow night I'm going to be in one hell of a match...maybe even match of the year, if we both bring our best. I have a feeling it won't take long for me to convince you that you will have to bring yours while we are in that ring together.

    Dexter smiles and winks at the camera as he steps away, the camera shutting off and following him. The cameraman and Dexter talk for a bit on the elevator ride down the building. Dexter let out a quite sigh as the two parted ways, he headed back to hotel, still trying his best to shake his nerves away.


    Dexter tugged on his boots as he sat near the entrance ramp. He had been sitting in the back, watching the rest of the event as he kept preparing himself. His mind was racing as the moment of truth got closer and closer. Dexter Darwin Douglas vs. Harry Jones for the vacant X-Fly Championship Title. What was Harry's plan tonight? Would he try to injure Dexter or even cheat just so he can gloat about a second victory and a having a championship?

    Dexter shook his head as he knew he had to get rid of those thoughts. He clenched his fist and stood up as he knew all he could do is get out there and wrestle the best match he had inside him. Win or lose, he knew the fans would cheer him on. The thought of the crowd going wild as he held the X-Fly title above his head only fueled his passion to win this match. The fans were already hot and wild from the action that had been going on tonight, he could hear their chants and applause from the backstage area, making him smile.

    He stood by the entrance ramp as he heard through the speakers that his match was up. The sound of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's 'Conscience Killer' started up, pumping the man up as his name was announced. He stepped through the curtain to the sounds of cheers and adulation from the fans as the time to prove himself was here.

    Rest in power, Flock U

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Promos from Five Star Attraction

    Derek Vendra vs Diego Gonzalez

    Derek Vendra

    The shot opens up, with Derek Vendra pandering to the crowd in the ring. The shot goes black, and it opens back up with Diego Gonzalez shouting at the crowd.

    Timothy Coleman: Derek Vendra & Diego Gonzalez!

    We cut to the next clip, which is Derek & Diego double suplexing someone, before celebrating together.

    Vendra: We are unstoppable!

    The next clip is Diego hitting the Buzzkiller, and Derek the Hollywood Vendra, before they high five.

    Gonzalez:Derek’s my home boy, we a team!

    The shot goes black again, and then comes up with the words – Adrenaline Rush, November 16th 2011, Derek Vendra V Warren Peace.

    It shows a few moves from each man, before showing Diego coming to the ring with chairs.

    Timothy Coleman: Oh god, not him.

    It shows Diego swing at Derek for no reason, before we hear Harvey Buckworth shout ‘Oh my God!’

    Gonzalez: You don’t deserve me as a tag partner!

    The shot shows Derek laid out, and then Diego in the ring the next week.

    Gonzalez: You don’t like the real me?!

    It TV fuzzes out and back again.

    Gonzalez: I’m sick and tired of you people!

    Gonzalez: I will not stand idly by as Derek Vendra gets a shot at the X-Fly Title!

    Gonzalez: If I don’t get to fight for the title, then Derek Vendra doesn’t either!

    Gonzalez: The Truth hurts doesn’t it?!

    Gonzalez: You’ll never be better than me!

    We then cut to Derek Vendra’s promo.

    Vendra: Everything happens for a reason.

    Vendra: Why’d you attack me, Diego?

    Vendra: Me and Diego went up the roads together, ate together, tag teamed together……

    Vendra: You’ve betrayed me.

    Vendra: I’m gonna enjoy getting retribution on you, Diego.

    Vendra: See you at Five Star Attraction, buddy………

    It then shows Derek & Diego in the ring two weeks ago on Adrenaline Rush. The brawling, the fighting, then Diego tricking Derek, and Derek looking annoyed. It shows him complaining outside the ring, before traveling back through all of it.

    Gonzalez:You’ll never be better than me!

    Vendra: I’m gonna enjoy getting retribution, Diego.

    It cuts to a split screen of Derek & Diego, before…….

    Timothy Coleman: Derek Vendra & Diego Gonzalez!
    Diego Gonzalez
    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy King View Post
    A video package begins playing.

    The music comes to an abrupt stop as soon the footage of the chair shot takes place.

    The video comes to an end, and we open up outside of an apartment building in New York City. Suddenly, Diego Gonzalez walks in to the shot of the camera, he's wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, and baggy jeans. The hood of his sweatshirt is over his head, and he has hands placed in the pocket of the sweatshirt as he stares at the building. After a moment he finally looks straight in to the camera, and he has that cold, icy stare in his eyes.

    Diego Gonzalez: Here we are again, in New York City, for Five Star Attraction. New York is home to many champions, such The Yankees, The New York Giants, the list can go on. I'm not here to talk about sports though, in fact those are the least of my worries. New York is also home to someone else, yet unlike those teams that I mentioned, this man has never won a championship in his life. The man I'm referring to is someone that I once considered my best friend, Derek Vendra. Now, speaking of homes, I happen to be standing outside the home of Derek Vendra. It took me some time to find out where he lived, well for one thing he never once invited me over. I thought friends invited one another to each other's home to have a good time, but not once did Derek ever invite me in to his home.

    Diego is getting visibly upset, and he takes a deep breath. When he let's it out, you can see his breath signifying the cold weather of NY.

    Diego Gonzalez: Anyways, I figured I'd take it upon myself to make a visit to the home of my once good friend.

    He walks up the building to see what number Vendra lives in, he then goes up an elevator until he reaches the third floor. He goes up to a door that reads #50, and he knocks on the door. After one knock the door opens to reveal an elderly woman with glasses on and a nightgown.

    Elderly woman: May I help you young man?

    Diego Gonzalez: Yes, I was wondering if Derek is home.

    Elderly woman: I'm sorry, but my son is not home right now. How do you know my son?

    Diego Gonzalez: Oh, I'm just an old friend of his that wanted to come by to see him. Do you think I can come in and maybe wait for him?

    Mrs. Vendra: Sure, but I don't know when he'll be home.

    Diego Gonzalez: That's fine, I can wait.

    She allows him to come in, and she shows him to Derek's room. Diego walks in to find the room to be very cluttered, and very messy.

    Mrs. Vendra: Oh, I'm so sorry about the mess. I've been telling that boy to pick up this mess for weeks now.

    Diego Gonzalez: Oh, it's quite alright ma'am.

    Mrs. Vendra: While you wait would you like a glass of water or something to eat?

    Diego Gonzalez: No thank you.

    Mrs. Vendra: Okay, I'll be out in the living room watching my stories. If you need anything don't be a stranger.

    A fake smile grows on his face.

    Diego Gonzalez: Okay.

    She shuts the door, and as soon that happens the smile quickly leaves his face. He starts looking around Derek's room, and he sees posters plastered all over the wall. Food wrappers scattered all over the floor, dirty clothes strewn about everywhere, etc.

    Diego Gonzalez: You should listen to your mother Derek, and tidy up your room. I'm not here to give you cleaning tips though, I'm here to show the world who you truly are, and what you are is a loser. A 20 something year old loser that still lives at home with his mother. You were born a loser, and you'll die a loser. The truth hurts doesn't it Derek.

    He gets up as he looks on Derek's dresser to see photos of Derek and friends.

    Diego Gonzalez: Are you still friends with these people Derek? or did you think you were better then them so they dropped you like a bad habit because they got sick of you? Sound familiar? You thought you were better than me, and I just couldn't handle it any longer. What drove me over the edge was when you were handed an opportunity to wrestle for the X-Fly title in a tournament after only be in the CWA for what, 5 months? What about me?! Where's my opportunity to wrestle for a championship?! After all I've done for the CWA, and that's how they repay me? I just couldn't stand by while the spotlight was being shone on you, when it should be on me. I was the star of that team, before they put you with me you were nothing.

    He sits back down on the bed and just continues to stare in to the camera.

    Diego Gonzalez: As far as I'm concerned, you'll always be nothing. You were nothing when we teamed together, and you'll continue to be nothing until the day you die. When we meet in that ring at Five Star Attraction you're going to learn exactly that, and you're going to learn that I was always the one that the fans cared about on the team. Now, the fans seems to care about you for some reason, but after I'm through with you at Five Star Attraction, they won't care again. You'll be an after thought in the minds of them, and everyone else in CWA. I'm going to make sure of that.

    He gets up and leaves the room. As he's leaving Mrs. Vendra stops him.

    Mrs. Vendra: Leaving so soon?

    Diego Gonzalez: Yes, I just realized I have to be somewhere very soon, so I don't want to be late.

    Mrs. Vendra: Oh, okay. Well, I'll tell Derek that you stopped by.

    With that Diego walks out the door, and after he shuts it he looks right back in to the camera.

    Diego Gonzalez: At Five Star Attraction, I'm going to make sure I do everything I can to hurt you badly enough to where you won't be able to walk again. You better reserve a room at the hospital, because that's where you'll be after I finish you at Five Star Attraction. Don't worry about your mom while you're in the hospital, I'll make sure she gets taken care of. See you at the show Derek.

    With that an evil, sadistic smirk grows on his face as he turns around to leave the building.

    Cesar Pineda
    Quote Originally Posted by Rey De Reyes
    I edited out the curse words, for my next RP I'll keep the cursing out. Thats all I edited though.

    One Gringo At A Time Movement
    Victim #1: Brian Gun

    The scene fades in from darkness into the bedroom of Cesar Pineda, numerous shirts and pants litter the floor and make the normally clean and well decorated bed room of Pineda resemble a pigsty. Among all of the littered clothes sits Cesar Pineda with eyes that appear seemingly glazed over. Cesar is dressed in Green Form Athletics Tee, black and green fight shorts, and black and white Supra shoes. Cesar turns around and looks at his younger brother Marcos, sitting on the edge of Cesar's bed, with Cesars Macbook open on his lap.

    Cesar- I can't handle this stuff any more man.

    Marcos- What stuff?

    Cesar- This pressure that's been put back on my shoulders.

    Marcos starts working again on Cesar's Macbook seemingly ignoring what his older brother has just said.

    Cesar- I thought that after seeing you fight and win in you MMA debut some of this pressure would be gone from me it seems like theres more pressure than ever.

    Marcos- Why does it seem like since you got injured in your match with Derek that you've become a pussy?

    Cesar arises an eye brow to his brothers words as the glazed over look in his eyes quickly begins to fade.

    Marcos- What happened to the man that I looked up to and wanted to be just like? What happened to all the confidence that you used to have before you got injured? What happened to the man who called out Steve Storme when everyone was hugging his nuts out of fear? I don't know were the hell he's gone but, I think everyone is starting to miss that Andres Cesar Pineda.

    Cesar begins to seriously think about what his brother has said and mutters "Don't tempt me" under his breath.

    Cesar- What's gonna happen if I don't bring back the old Andres Cesar Pineda?

    Marcos- Then everybody's gonna be over you. This "new" Cesar Pineda thats blogging about his Light Dreams and Nightmares tour and hyping up the "One Gringo At A Time" movement is the biggest pussy and let down in my opinion. My brother Andres Cesar Pineda, The Latin King Member, The Proud Father, My Role Model, wouldn't need a freaking "tour" to hype up the "One Gringo AT A Time" movement. Naw, my brother would just show these gringos what the "Mexican Nightmare" is all about.

    Cesar looks at himself in a mirror across from him and begins to wonder if becoming a father, getting injured and taking time off from the Latin Kings and Wrestling has truly changed him. Cesar's thoughts are quickly interrupted by the cries of his son coming from a crib in the corner of his room. Cesar slowly gets up and walks towards the crib and stares at his son crying. Cesar eventually reaches in the crib and picks up his son who immediately stops crying once in Cesar's arms.

    With his son in arm, Cesar sits on his bed next to his brother and looks down at his son before looking over at his brother and beginning.

    Cesar- When we left Chicago and moved here, It never really hit me that everything that I did from now on would affect you and Cristiano. I got away from my life as gang member in Chicago and came here to Vegas to give my son a good life close to both of his parents, and I got soft.

    Cesar looks down at his son and smiles slightly before looking back over at his brother and continuing.

    Cesar- Marcos, you wanted the old Andres back? You got it. If I wan a make any impact with my debut in CWA, I'm gonna have to show everyone who the hell Cesar Pineda really is.

    Marcos- You gotta show em that the Mexican Nightmare, is just beginning for these pinche cabrones in the wrestling world.

    The scene fades to black.

    When I think about my wrestling career and how it's affected my personal life I start to get sick to my stomach. I hate all the stuff that my wrestling career has done to my life outside of the ring. I hate to think about how my wrestling career ruined my credibility in the Latin Kings, ruined my relationship with my Carmen (Cristiano's mom), my friendship with Eric (Cristiano's Uncle) and my relationship with my own mother and older brother.

    My wrestling career hasn't been something that I'm proud of but for my little brother Marcos and for my son I put on this pokerface and pretend like I'm proud of my accomplishments in this business. When reporters write stories about me they always talk about the fact that I won CAW Ultraviolent Championship from Krash (Jake Morrison) and that I'm the only man to win the Takedown Challenge Championship 3 times, but what they fail to mention is that both CAW and Takedown Wrestling are now dead companies. They also fail to mention that my title wins in those companies came when the companies were basically on life support and about to die.

    The scene fades back in to Cesar Pineda in his wrestling attire, performing two-three punching combinations in a small wrestling ring with his protege Shawn Summers. Sweat covers Cesar as Shawn calls out the punching combinations for Cesar to perform on the mitt's that he holds. Shawn drops the mitt's and quickly dives down at the legs of Pineda, attempting a takedown only for Cesar to stuff it. Cesar manages to get Shawn in a front chokehold and lock in a guillotine choke on him. Shawn quickly taps and Cesar releases the hold before getting up and leaning on the ring ropes. Shawn holds his neck and laughs before walking towards Cesar.

    Shawn- It's been a while since we got in here and actually worked on your wrestling and striking. Last time I remember us training like this, was probably when you first flew me out from Cali to Chicago and started training me.

    Cesar- We're about to start doing a lot of things like we did in Chicago.

    Cesar picks up a water bottle and drinks some water before looking over at his protege, and continuing.

    Cesar- All the b.s. that I've been doing lately is about to stop immediately Shawn. That b.s. planning of the "Nightmares and Light Dreams" tour and me hyping up the "One Gringo At A Time Movement" is over.

    Shawn smiles and walks towards the center of the ring and begins shadow boxing before beginning.

    Shawn- Good, I was sick of all that pussy stuff. You started becoming a shell of the man that I chose to train me. You started to lose that street mentality, edge, and confidence that made me want to learn from ya. You got it back though now, right?

    Cesar- Yea, It's coming back to me. I want know for sure though if the old Cesar Pineda is back until I step back in the ring.

    Shawn- You got this Cesar. I've seen some stuff from Brian Gunn and I wasn't impressed. The only thing that you need to do in your match is show the CWA bookers that it doesn't matter if they put you in the ring against guys at the bottom or at the top of the ladder, there all gonna eventually end up as another name on the back of your shirt.

    Cesar laughs silently to himself before getting serious and looking at Shawn.

    Cesar- These first couple of guys I face....I gotta make an example out of em. I gotta show everybody that I'm back and that I'm coming back for the spot that I left six months ago.

    The scene fades to black as Cesar leans on the ring ropes and looks at a poster for 5 Star Attraction.

    I knew for a fact that I had to truly prove myself to the CWA roster when I had to call the booking team up and remind them that I was waiting to make my debut. There used to be a time when I didn't have to worry about calling the booking team and asking them for a match up because I would just automatically be booked. I guess that's not the case here in CWA, and I kinda like that mentality if that's how the booking team thinks. I like having to earn my spot on shows because it makes me work a little harder. It also makes me want to show them why the hell I deserve everything that I've worked for. I guess that's good for me an bad for my opponents.

    The first name to get checked off the "One Gringo At A Time" movement seems to be Brian Gunn. I have no clue who the hell my opponent even is, but that aint gonna stop me from going out and making an example outta him. It aint gonna stop me from going out and pulling the trigger on his career. I gotta bring the ruthless, street, cocky Cesar Pineda back and Brian /gunn just happens to be the guy who has to help me do that. I guess its boot something that he should be proud of but it should be something that he is afraid. Once the bell rings i'm gonna be doing everything in my power to end his career and once the bell rings signaling the end of the match, if I'm not dead or knocked out, i'm still gonna attempt to end his career. If Brian Gunn is supposed to be some sort of test for me from the booking team, then consider this test.........passed.
    Dan Maskell
    Quote Originally Posted by Shade
    [Asthe crowd in the Madison Square Garden Arena are buzzing in anticipation forCWA Five Star Attraction with repeated CWA Chants being heard. the cheershowever immediately turn into boos as The Greatest Man That Ever Lived by Weezerplays over the Titantron. the crowd then look to the stage and carry on theirbooing waiting for Dan Maskell to appear on the stage but after a few minutesof the song being looped nothing happens and everyone begins to wonder what ishappening when a lot of noise can be heard from one side of the arena.
    The cameras all point up into the fans and there sitting on one of chairs inthe crowd is ‘The Heretic’ Dan Maskell, Dan is casually dressed in a Black andRed Tracksuit and white trainers as Dan sits in the crowd he notices his faceon the Titantron and smiles before reaching into his pocket and pulling out amicrophone however instead of making his way to the ring Dan just stays seatedin his seat which is coincidentally next to a group of good looking girls.]

    ‘So I bet your all wondering what is Dan Maskell doing up here instead of beingdown in the ring as tonight he is in action against a debuting young rookieknown as Greg Samuels.’

    ‘Well that is the point isn’t it I am being looked at as a stepping stone forthis debuting rookie, every single one of you in this crowd probably think I amgoing to get banged by this Kid Greg Samuels well let me alleviate just alittle bit by stating I am no one’s stepping stone, I am 6’3 and 238 pounds ofpure Brutality and Violence and I am taking on a punk kid who refers to himselfas ‘The Maine Attraction’.

    [Dan then begins to clap his hands in a sarcastic fashion before resumingtalking.]

    ‘I have been in CWA for months now and instead of getting what I deserve theymatch me up with a joker but then I thought clearly and realized I have latelybecome the joke and not a very good one either. Dan Maskell used to beassociated with pain, agony and violence hell people would walk the street toavoid me but now look at me I nearly got beaten up by a fat man in my lastmatch, all my training and all my skills and the guy who trains in Burger Kingnearly kicked my ass.’

    ‘Well no more of that will happen again! Dan Maskell is not your joke and I amcertainly no one’s stepping stone or bitch! What I am is the most violent andbrutal competitor to ever step foot in that ring and I am going to prove thatagainst Greg Samuels tonight by giving him his first and last match with CWA.’

    ‘This is the last card of the year and Dan Maskell is looking to make an impressionleading into 2012. The Mayans predicted the world would suffer an apocalypse in2012 and they were right! I am bringing the Apocalypse; The Age of Heracism isupon you all! 'The Patron Saint of Pain' Dan Maskell will become the new king.’

    [Dan then quickly stands up on his chair and outstretches his arms almost in acrucifixion position as he looks up at the lights, the crowd begins to boo butDan undaunted slowly climbs down from his chair and slowly walks from the crowdto the concession stand before disappearing in a large group of fans.]
    Quote Originally Posted by Austerio
    We are in the streets of New York City. The legendary professional wrestling stadium known as Madison Square Garden glooming in the street, standing out from every other remarkable building in the big city. We hear footsteps breaking out on the pavement, finally coming into picture is Austerio. The masked man, who has recently reached anabsolute boiling point with frustration over CWA and it's management for not letting him break out into greener pastures. The Egyptian has a black Nike duffle bag, slung over his shoulder, it is lightweight as the CWA athlete is carrying the bag with ease. Austerio is not dressed to compete yet, but he is still decorated in a black mask that is embryoed by red bordering and white designs. Austerio is also dressed in a black tank shirt and black jeans, not the warmest attire for the settling in on Winter time.

    Austerio: In the Preshow of Five StarAttraction … that's where I am at?

    Austerio's facial expressions tells the whole story of frustration which he is growing so much on. Austerio reaches onto the sidewalk, it is clear he is reaching up to Madison Square Garden as he scheduled to face the new guy of CWA, Aries in a match on the Preshow. Austerio doesn't seem to be pleased about that at all.

    Austerio: Against who?

    Austerio sets down his duffle bag by the entrance of Madison Square Garden andabandons it, walking from Madison Square Garden, back to the streetsof New York City, for some odd reason. He sees a pedestrian that isabout 5'2, dressed in appropiate seasonal attire. Austerio scoffs at him, but doesn't hesitate talking to him.

    Austerio: Who the hell are you looking at?

    Ped: I-

    Austerio: Shut the hell up and just listen to me! I need somebody to just listen to me! You see that duffle bag?

    Ped:At MSG?

    Austerio glares at the pedestrian, who seems very upset at the way Austerio is talking to him.

    Austerio: Yes, you fu*kin' retard.

    The pedestrian is taken back from Austerio's comments.

    Austerio: Just listen – go over there, unzip it and grab the sign that says “GIVE AUSTERIO RESPECT OR THE FANS RIOT!” Can you do that? Of course you can, I just told you to so go do it, NOW!

    Austerio points to the duffle bag and the pedestrian runs to it, either running away from Austerio or trying not to make him mad, maybe having a fear of having a gun in his pocket and ready to shoot his brains out if he don't obey or pull a knife on him and slit his throat right in the middle of New York City. Crazy people, aren't they? Austerio follows the pedestrian and he sees that the pedestrian has pulled out the sign and zippered the bag back up, leaving it the way it was, embarking to some other pedestrians that he is doing the Strike and not Austerio.

    Austerio: Good. I will be back after the show, once I beat that guy in the Preshow.

    Austerio slaps the ped on the back of the head and chuckles to himself before taking his duffle bag and entering the arena. The first thing tha tAusterio spots is Michelle Kelly, the interviewer who he used to have tease (even though she liked it) whenever he had seen her. Austerio had kissed her before and she liked that too. Flirty type.

    Austerio: Ah Michelle, long time no see?

    Michelle tries to take a step back, but Austerio takes her by the wrist. Rather gently than he would before.

    Austerio: Deja vu, little Michelle? Wantanother kiss? It's still the holiday time and I'm sure you have a misletoe near you, desperate for love. Desperate for somebody who will forsee you more as just than an interviewer.

    Michelle just glares at Austerio. Seems like a theme here tonight for him.

    Austerio: Well – are you going to do your job or just stand there and be like every other despicable, fairly treated, undeserving peasant in this whole company? Or should I just go on and take my worries out on my opponent, that new kid,the new kid who thinks he is going to make more of an impact during his debut than I have in a year! Well, it's not going to happen at all, Michelle. Are you even listening to me?

    Austerio lets go of her wrist, Michelle doesn't even notice his presence anymore. Austerio steadily walks down the hallways of Madison Square Garden, suddenly he just throws his duffle bag! Austerio has had a certain change of mood. He kicks a nearby door and slams his fist against the wall! “Roberto … Roberto … Roberto … Roberto …Roberto … CWA Championship … Five Star Attraction … Austerio wins!” A fantasy railing Austerio.


    Austerio looks away from the door, somewhat collected, at least acting collected, despite the fact that a worker can easily tell that he has had a mood swing and is obviously frustrated by what has happened.

    Austerio: What are you lookin' at?

    The worker quickly looks away, a fear of being hit by Austerio, which hehas done in the past.

    Austerio: Are you lookin' at deja vu? HUH? ANSWER ME!

    The worker nods his head and Austerio smiles, “I agree” before throwing him into a wall! Austerio grabs the worker and goes for the Death Sentence! Onto the concrete floor! Austerio has snapped! He is seething with anger, but then Austerio notices something on a table, a piece of paper. The showcard for tonight.


    Austerio: So that's his name. Certainly ain't Roberto, but damn, it's close to it.

    Rest in power, Flock U

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Promos from Five Star Attraction

    CWA World Title Match

    The Ultimate Pain
    The camera opens to a scene of Liberty Island early in the evening. The small island is dominated by the Statue of Liberty. The camera spends a few seconds focusing on the Statue from afar, trying to show the sheer magnitude of its size before it finally zooms in to its face and crown. Although the statue is closed to visitors at present due to some internal renovations, it is clear there is some activity within the crown as there are a number of people moving around inside it. The camera then seamlessly goes from outside the statue to inside, where we are shown the back of a man standing looking out from the windows in the crown. The man remains still for a few seconds, his back still to the camera, before eventually turning round and showing himself to be none other than The Ultimate Pain.

    Pain is dressed for winter. It appears he is wearing a pair of suit trousers underneath a buttoned up, full-length coat, with a scarf wrapped around his neck. Even though it is early evening, and presumably bitter cold, Pain is still wearing his trademark over-sized aviators. Just as he is about to speak for the first time, he removes the aviators, slipping them into his inside coat pocket.

    Ultimate Pain: “Welcome one and all to the great Statue of Liberty. I’m sure plenty of you are wondering why I am here the night before the biggest date in the CWA calendar, Five Star Attraction. Well, quite simply, it is here that I wish to signal the true beginning of this new chapter in CWA for Ultimate Pain.”

    Pain takes a moment to once again look out at the windows; he is clearly deep in thought. He then returns his gaze to the camera, composing himself before continuing.

    Ultimate Pain: “Yes, what better place than here. For this magnificent Statue has represented liberty, freedom and new beginnings to millions over the years and tonight that is exactly what it represents to me. People may question what exactly I’m free from but it shouldn’t be too difficult to realise. No longer am I tied down by The Brotherhood or The Elite. It is not my responsibility to look after their interests as well as my own anymore. No longer do I have to look out for my younger brother Matt. He isn’t around to distract or irritate me. More importantly than all of that though, I am once again free from injury! My entire career has been blighted with a recurring injury but finally I feel back to my best. In fact, scratch that, I feel even better than my best. I feel improved and reinvigorated. I feel even better than the man I was when I held the CWA World Title for the longest period in history. Ultimate Pain is finally ready to fulfil his ultimate potential! Now isn’t that a scary thought?”

    Pain allows the slightest smile to creep across his face at the thought of his apparently new and improved self, but it is gone nearly as quickly as it came.

    Ultimate Pain: “However, unfortunately there always seems to be a however, and this instance is no different, for in my way are two admirable foes. These two men are the only thing standing in the way of my destiny to return to my rightful spot atop CWA.”

    Pain pauses once again. He appears to be deciding which of his opponents he will talk about first.

    Ultimate Pain: “Firstly, there is the CWA World Champion himself, my one-time protégé, Rolando. He’s not turned out too bad now has he? It almost makes me wonder where he learnt it from!”

    Pain allows himself a slight laugh at this comment before continuing.

    Ultimate Pain: “Quite a few people seem to be under-estimating Rolando in this match, almost forgetting him, but I certainly haven’t. I know what he’s capable of, having worked with him first hand. The thing is I’ve kept a few tricks up my sleeve that I never taught Rolando, that I will never teach anyone. I have experiences that Rolando has never even considered. This is the man that tried to follow in my footsteps; does anyone genuinely think he can beat the man he dreams of emulating when it really matters?”

    Pain considers the thought of Rolando winning at Five Star and a look of disdain shows across his face.

    Ultimate Pain: “I do not expect Rolando to win at Five Star. In fact I can guarantee he will not. Rolando is a transitional Champion. He is the best of the rest, but he isn’t in the same league as myself…”

    Pain pauses again, his train of thought seemingly shifting from Rolando.

    Ultimate Pain: “…Or for that matter my other opponent, Roberto.”

    Pain peers out of the Statue’s windows once more, his gaze drawn to the New York City skyline in the ever-darkening sky.

    Ultimate Pain: “It has been a long time coming but I am finally set to face my greatest rival once again. We haven’t faced each other for almost 18 months now, for various reasons, but tomorrow night CWA fans in attendance and watching all across the world will witness something very special…the resurrection of the oldest, and some say greatest, rivalry in CWA history.”

    Pain finally tears his stare away from the windows and returns to looking at the camera. Pain’s serious demeanour almost seems to have shifted to something slightly more jovial when talking about Roberto, as if Pain enjoys the thought of this rivalry not only shaping CWA but himself as well.

    Ultimate Pain: “Love him or hate him, and most seem to love, but Roberto is truly a great wrestler. Nobody can ever take away from him what he has accomplished here in CWA. His achievements are arguably greater than anyone else’s, although I have to remind everyone all but one of his World Title reigns came when I was injured. That’s all irrelevant now though, tomorrow night will not be the end of this feud, just as it will not decide who is the greatest in CWA history, we’ll need to face each other one on one again to gather that.”

    Pain seems pleased at the thought of facing Roberto one more time in singles action to finally show who truly is the victor in their rivalry.

    Ultimate Pain: “No, no. Tomorrow’s battle will simply show that true order has been resumed in CWA. That Ultimate Pain is once again back on top! As great as Roberto is, his victory over me is tainted. He has only defeated me when I was not at my best, when I under-estimated Roberto, and most importantly when I wasn’t fully fit. In the rematch it was I that came out standing tall to start my affinity with the World Championship. It is an affinity I miss; an affinity that I crave to have once more!”

    Pain’s mood has clearly shifted once again. It has been a long time since he held the World Championship, and it obviously pains him.

    Ultimate Pain: “The World Title is the one possession that has meant more to me than anything I have ever owned before. I’ve had to watch several men hold my Title this past while, men who have not deserved. However circumstances have stopped me from returning it to my clutches. Well, those circumstances are no more. Tomorrow night I finally get the chance to fight for my most cherished belonging again, and I will not let that opportunity pass me by.”

    Pain’s facial expressions clearly show his determination to walk out of Five Star victorious tomorrow night. Five Star’s main event is evidently what Pain has been building towards for a long time now.

    Ultimate Pain: “As I’ve said though this match will be anything but easy. It will be a battle. In fact, it will be an all-out war! When you place three men, with so much history and ability in a match, it has all the makings to be something truly special, and I can’t imagine tomorrow night being anything less. You just have to look at Five Star Attraction’s history to realise this. The three of us have all wrestled once at Five Star, and none of us have been defeated. That will all change for Roberto and Rolando tomorrow night, when I will be the only man left standing, the World Heavyweight Title returned to my grasp!”

    Pain once again allows a smile to come across his face at this thought. This one does not disappear so quickly, instead remaining on his face as he continues to speak.

    Ultimate Pain: “CWA should be ready for tomorrow night marks the beginning of my second period of dominance. Roberto and Rolando, try as you might, you will not be able to stop…”

    Pain has slipped his aviators out of his coat pocket during this time, and placed them back on his face.

    Ultimate Pain: “The Ulllltimaaate…”

    Pain steps forward so his face is only inches from the camera as he slowly slides his aviators down his nose. He then takes a few seconds, simply staring coldly at the camera. His smile has since faded to an almost sinister smirk.

    Ultimate Pain: “…Paaaaaiiiinn!”

    Pain then takes a step back, and signals to the camera man to point the camera out of one of the crown windows. The camera is now looking at the torch of the Statue of Liberty. Suddenly the millions of lights in the torch flash on and the now dark, winter night sky is completely illuminated by the torch.

    Ultimate Pain: “The true shining light of this company is set to become World Champion once more!”


    Roberto Superstar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sawyer
    “The more difficulties one has to encounter, within and without, the more significant and the higher in inspiration his life will be.”
    Horace Bushnell

    The Diary of a Champion
    "The Road to Five Star Attraction"

    Friday, December 23rd - 2:15 pmEveryone knows that the Christmas and Holiday season is a great time to visit New York City, which explains all the crowds. Whether you're looking for window shopping, holiday events and performances or a place to enjoy your Christmas dinner, New York City is definitely the place to be. Also, every year, an enormous tree adorns Rockefeller Center; it's a must see attraction if you're visiting New York City during the holiday season. Typically lit the week after Thanksgiving, this is a sight you really should see once in your life. Anyway, one man who’s in New York City on this day is non-other than 2011 Royal Rumble winner, Roberto Superstar. It looks like he is doing some Christmas shopping. It is quite a cold day today and Roberto is dressed for it, with a long coat, a sharp and even a hat and some gloves. With all that clothing he is wearing, you can’t even tell it is him and this explains why no one on the street is approaching him for an autograph or a picture like they usually do.Roberto walks straight forward, as the camera stays in front of him. The former World Champion is admiring the beautiful store windows, before turning to the camera…Roberto Superstar: “Nothing beats New York City during the Christmas Holidays. I love this city during this time. Tonight there is a house show in Atlantic City at the Trump Plaza, Hotel and Casino and I thought to myself, while I am here, why not shop at little.”
    Roberto keeps walking, before stopping at the HMV store. It seems this is where he was heading. In case you don’t know what kind of store HMV is, this is a music and DVD store.Roberto Superstar: “Alright, here we are.”
    Roberto walks in the store and it is full of people. He walks around before finally making his way to the DVD section of the store. This is where he wants to be. Roberto then approaches a HMV employee. She is about 18 yrs of age, if we had to guess and very pretty...Roberto Superstar: “Excuse me honey, can you tell me where you guys keep the wrestling DVD’s please?”
    Employee: “Sure sir, they are located right over there. We have a huge selection, from old Full Throttle Wrestling and Wrestling Society DVD’s, to CWA and PnH DVD’s. We even have DVD’s from Xtreme Wrestling Planet. In case you don’t know, they are one of the biggest indy wrestling company around today. And if you are looking for something really great, then you’ll be interested in the Super Mario Ganzo Anthology. It has his greatest matches against guys like Gary ‘1st Degree’ Burns, Felix ‘The Cat’ Walker, Sydney ‘Boom Boom’ Bang, etc.”
    The girl knows her stuff and seems to really like wrestling. If she knew she was talking to Roberto Superstar, she would probably go crazy here.Roberto Superstar: “What about stuff from Rolando Fuentes and the Ultimate Pain?”
    Employee: “Sure, we do have some. I know we have the Best of the Ultimate Pain and some old MMA DVD’s featuring Rolando. You can find them in the discount bin.”
    Roberto Superstar: “Discount bin?”
    Employee: “Yeah, they are not the best of sellers.”
    Roberto laughs a little before thanking the girl.Roberto Superstar: “Alright, thank you very much sweetheart.”
    Employee: “No problem and if you need any more help, do not hesitate to ask.”
    The girl seems to have some sort of crush on Roberto, and as she walks away, the camera catches her turning around a couple of times. Meanwhile, Roberto makes his way to the bin to pick out some DVD’s.Roberto Superstar: “Yeah, I just need some more tapes of these two, so I can study them some more. I want to be fully prepared come Five Star Attraction; and it seems I’m getting a pretty good deal today.”
    Roberto laughs again, as he picks out the DVD’s.Roberto Superstar: “Okay, let’s pay for these stuff and hit the road. We have to be at the Trump Plaza in a few hours.”
    With that, the scene ends.Later that same day - 9:45 pm

    "The Shoot"

    We see Roberto in the ring in a match. He is wrestling the Hated Hero, Dan Maskell. It’s the end of the match and Roberto is getting ready to finish Maskell off with the Edge. Maskell gets back on his feet and Roberto spears him right out of his boots…1, 2, 3 and the R Superstar gets another win. The fans go crazy, as Roberto celebrates by climbing all four turnbuckles, but it doesn’t take long for him to motion to Lindsay Monahan for a microphone, which of course she quickly hands to him.Roberto Superstar: “We are just a few days away from the biggest PPV of the year, Five Star Attraction. Can you feel the energy???”
    Roberto pauses and looks around the arena. Everyone is cheering and excited and they do feel the energy.
    Roberto Superstar: “At Meltdown I made my return and I won the Royal Rumble. That was the first piece of the puzzle and on the 28th, the last piece will be ME winning the World Heavyweight Title. It’s going to be a war, but when the smokes clears and dust settles, I will be the one holding he Title high up in the air, because this company needs a champion who is actually talented. You see Rolando, while you work hard and you give it your all, you just do not have the talent to hang in the ring with either myself or Pain. As much as I dislike Pain right now, he is a very talented sob. You on the other hand, are mediocre at best. Who have you beaten Rolando? Diego Gonzales? Chubby Carlos? No offense, but neither Diego nor Chubby are Roberto Superstar or the Ultimate Pain. Ooohhh wait, you did beat Joey Nicholas. Well, that would have been a great accomplishment one year ago, because the Joey Nicholas you beat at Meltdown was just a shell of himself. You could almost that the Joey Nicholas that showed up at Meltdown was an imposter. You know what, let me put it in a way that you can easily understand Rolando. You’ve got a horse and a mule. The mule works hard; in fact the mule is arguably one of the hardest working animals on the planet. But you see, while a mule works hard, a mule will never, ever be a horse. You, Rolando, are one of the hardest working mules….oops, I mean wrestlers in the world today, but you will never, ever be a Roberto Superstar.”
    The fans all laugh at that reference and a huge smile can be seen on Roberto’s face. Roberto then is about to go on, but he stops right before he is about to. He thinks for a few seconds, and then goes on…Roberto Superstar: “Alright, you know people, I wasn’t going to do this, but seeing how this is the biggest show of the year, and seeing how I am the most controversial superstar on the planet, how about I do this the right way? How about, I close out the year with a good old fashion shoot.”
    The fans once again go crazy. For those who don’t know, a shoot in professional wrestling is a term that refers to any unplanned, unscripted or real-life occurrence within a wrestling event. Contrary to popular belief, the name does not originate from "shooting in" for a take-down, as in amateur wrestling; rather it is a carnie term shortened from "straight shooting" which originally referred to a gun in a carnival target shooting game which did not have its sights fixed. This term has come to mean a legit attack or fight in professional wrestling and its meaning has broadened to include unscripted events in general. Anyway, this should be exciting and the fans know it.
    Roberto Superstar: “About 16 months ago, I was forced to drop my Title to Rich Stone ‘cause of an injury. That was the hardest thing I had to do. CWA was doing better than ever and I was the top dog. I was coming off the best year of my life. Early in the year, Arsen and I sold out every arena we wrestled in. Rich Stone and I did the same. The ratings were the highest ever. As hard as it was to leave, I was happy that the company was doing well. But fast forward one year and the shows were drawing the worst ratings since we begin this thing. Truth be told, it wasn’t my idea to return so early at Meltdown. I was begged by management to return ‘cause of how bad things got around here. Rolando, you as the main man here in CWA, have basically, in a very short period of time, destroyed what guys like me, Arsen, Stone and Doc Adams with our blood, sweat and tears, built. Your time as the CWA Champion will come to an end in 5 short days, I promise you Rolando.”
    Roberto pauses again, as the fans begin a Roberto chant. The fans know that promos like this one don’t happen every day.Roberto Superstar: “And don’t think I forgot about you Pain. I’ll give credit where credit is due and the truth is, you Pain are one of the greatest wrestlers ever. Even when I beat you for the CWA title three years ago, I’ll be honest, you were still better than me. Everyone knew that, including myself. But you see, while you stood still, I improved. While you took it easy, I worked hard and got better and better and that’s why I AM the greatest in the World today. You see Pain, lets be straight here and call it the way it is…you my friend are one lazy mofo. You could have been the greatest ever Pain, but you always took the easy way out and this is why you will never be better than me ever again. While I went out there and won myself a shot at the Title and a chance to headline Five Star Attraction by winning the Rumble, you went out there and did basically…NOTHING. I will not stand by and watch you win a Title you do not deserve to win. I will beat both you and Rolando and I will take CWA back. Boys, do what you want, say what you will, but remember one thing…both of your asses belong to me!!!”
    Roberto drops the microphone and stares at the camera, with an intensity that very few man in this world can match. This match at Five Star Attraction just got so much more personal. Roberto did not hold anything back and both Pain and Rolando won’t be too happy when they hear Roberto’s shoot promo.The Cult of Personality makes his way to the back and on the way he takes the time to slap hands with his fans. The camera keeps following Roberto past the curtains, where we see most of the CWA Roster waiting there. From Derek Vendra, to Dexter Darwin Douglas, to even Ultimate Pain’s former partner, the Guardian Devil. They all pat Roberto in the back as he walks by. Roberto is a favorite even with the all wrestlers in the back, ‘cause they know that even with all the success that he’s had, he’s always remained one of the “boys”.With that, the scene fades to black.
    Rolando Fuentes
    A limo drives up to a red carpet, and the flash bulbs are going crazy. Everyone is wondering who is going to come out of the limo. The chauffer comes out, and opens the back door. Rolando Fuentes comes out of the back seat with the CWA World Heavyweight Championship draped on his shoulder. As Rolando comes out of the limo and steps on the red carpet people begin to boo, and Rolando Fuentes just smiles and laughs. The cameras of TMZ are everywhere, and a reporter comes up to Rolando Fuentes!

    Reporter: How does it feel being one of the featured presenters here at the Video Game Awards?

    Rolando Fuentes: Young lady don’t you see how these people love me! Listen to their love and admiration of the greatest champion of all-time! I love you all, I love you all!

    The young lady rolls her eyes, and Rolando Fuentes looks at the young lady, and gives her a very suggestive eye.

    Rolando Fuentes:
    If you are ever looking for a good time, talk to my agent, my hotel room and key are yours! As for the Video Game awards, over the past year I have been sought out to present many awards, and as always they are honored to have him in their presence. This night as always will be epic, just because I am here.

    Rolando walks away and the crowd is booing loudly and Rolando Fuentes just smiles, but a couple of ladies jump the railing and start to hug and kiss the champion, and again you see a big smile from Rolando as he walks into the arena, and the ladies are being escorted by the cops to their respective cop cars.

    TMZ Host: This has been the scene at many award shows across the nation as wrestling superstar, who is becoming a megastar, Rolando Fuentes has been all over the awards circuit. He was a presenter at the VH1 Video Music Awards, the Nickoledeon Kids Choice Awards, the Video Game Awards, and just recently he even hosted Saturday Night Live, not only did he host Saturday Night Live, but his show was the highest rated show in 15 years, and some have stated that because of his appearance Saturday Night Live maybe back on track. One of our reporters after Saturday Night Live asked him about his recent success!

    The camera pans back to the backstage area of Saturday Night Live, and you see a different female reporter talking to him.

    Female Reporter 2: Mr. Fuentes it seems that have been very liked around here tonight!

    Rolando Fuentes: Sweetheart you need to realize that I am a star, even if it has taken you people several years to figure it out. I am now the World Championship, and everyone wants a piece of the World Champ! I can’t tell you what an honor it had to be for Saturday Night Live to use me.

    Female Reporter 2: We have to ask how are you training for your match at Five Star Attraction?

    Rolando Fuentes: My training is going fine. I have been working towards this match for two months already, I have the best training partners, the best training facility, and the best diet in the world today. I am a very fortunate man to have the means to do all this, Train smarter not harder.

    Female Reporter:
    How is all of this television work helping you with your training?

    Rolando Fuentes: It is not helping me, but it is putting more money in my bank account so I can afford to have the training I can have. Plus my cutie the more people that are aware of Five Star Attraction, on December 28th at Madison Square Garden, the more people will order it on Pay Per View, since it has been sold out since day one! This will be the biggest Pay Per View buy rate of all-time, and I will take the majority of the credit here!

    The camera pans back to the TMZ studio with the hosts still running down the list of places Rolando Fuentes has been, and the shows he has hosted. The screen finally goes to commercial.

    In a house about fifty miles away from society, the camera pans on to Rolando Fuentes sitting on his executive high back chair, (think Scarface with the insignia RF on the head of the chair). He turns off the television, and just smiles. Rolando has the title in a case in front of his desk, and a stack of papers he needs to be shifting through, he grabs the phone.

    Rolando Fuentes: Please grab my lawyer, I need him to go through these contracts! I need him to make sure he goes through them with a fine tooth comb!

    He then slams the phone down, and as he slams the phone down, a butler comes opens the door in a panic, and you see sweat beading down from his brow.

    Rolando looks puzzled, and the butler is able to get the words out.

    Butler: Mr. Fuentes, you need to turn in onto CWA television right now, I don’t think you will like what you see!

    Rolando turns on the television again, and he sees a promo from Roberto Superstar that starts to turn him angry with rage, then on the back end another promo by The Ultimate Pain plays, and Rolando is now angry beyond belief. He slams his heavy hands on the desk, and then looks at the butler in a look of rage!

    Rolando Fuentes: Go get the camera crew get them in here now!!!!!

    This message is brought to you by The Elite and Rolando Fuentes:

    The camera pans with just Rolando sitting at his chair smiling into the camera. He looks calm and relaxed, and he starts to speak in a jovial manner.

    Rolando Fuentes: Over the past couple of months I have been sitting here in my office hearing about the great return of Ultimate Pain and Roberto Superstar. Everyone is having a taste of nostalgia, seeing the two returning superstars coming in, and hopefully coming in to regain their prior glory. I walk the streets and people are asking about how Ultimate Pain is in person, people want me to get Roberto Superstars autograph for them. I take their papers, and I crinkle them up, and just throw them in the trash. The poor kids go and cry to their parents, and when the parents come to confront me they see me, and quickly run away, because they understand I am not someone to be messed with! So where is this going?

    A few short months you two returned, and you returned during the greatest night in my professional life. You two decided to return when I became the World Heavyweight Champion! The spotlight was not taken off of me, but instead I had to share it, and I did not want to share that moment, I wanted the moment to myself, but then something crazy happened. My phone started to ring, all of a sudden Saturday Night Live wanted me to host, I am on the cover of every important magazine in the nation, and every awards show wanted me to grace their carpets, so in the wrestling world, while I was giving it more exposure, it allowed you two to take more of my spotlight, and instead of the World Champion being the focal point, it was the two returning legends! It was the two legends you can play as unlockable characters in the new CWA video game. So you two are saying how much you hate each other, and beating the crap out of everyone, and look what happened to me, I became second potatoes. Well you have something very wrong there, no matter how you cut it I am the number one dog in this organization, and you two will have to try and pry this title off of my dead hands to take it from me!

    Let me give you a history lesson, and a lesson I know you know too well. You guys were in this organization on the ground level. You passed the title between each other, and Ultimate Pain you became the longest reigning champion in CWA history, but let me tell you a dirty secret you refuse to realize. When you held this title it meant NOTHING! You were a start up indy federation, where if you could strap your boots up you could be the champion! A retard named Kenneth leBlanc even held this title! That is ridiculous. Everyone wants to remember nostalgia, but I have watched the footage, I have seen the rinky dink places you guys performed in, and let me tell you something, and let me inform you. Once you left this title really started to mean something! On the backs of Mr. Showtime and Mr. Willis this title became the championship everyone wanted to hold! If you don’t realize it, I have taken this title to heights it has never ever experienced! It graces the television everyday, either it be on TMZ as I host award shows, host Saturday Night Live, getting in the best limos, wearing the best clothes, having the prettiest women at my side, and when you two held the title it meant nothing, NOTHING!

    Rolando is starting to get agitated, and you see the calm in his face turn to rage as he looks intently into the camera, and starts to talk quietly!

    Rolando Fuentes: When you held the title you were wearing shirts saying I am the World Champion, do you want my autograph? When I first got into this business you guys were running gimmick tables, hoping to make a couple of bucks off of being the champion, and because you were the champion or former champion the kids would give you the extra fifty to a hundred bucks for your autograph. THAT’S PATHETIC!!!! I never had to do that! You know why, because as I wear this title, everyone recognizes me as the WRESTLING CHAMPION OF THE WORLD! Because of the sweat off my brow, I have made this organization the number one organization in the world! After he yells this he goes back and whispers it again, The world. When you two left, this place was just about to explode, and you were idiots, you didn’t see what was going on! You didn’t see what was happening around you, and so you left me the ball! You left Joey Nicholas the ball, you left Mr. Showtime, NovaKain and Mr. Willis the ball, and look what happened. Every single one of those names are main stream, and when you left you thought this organization would DIE!! DIE!! And hopefully when the time was right you would come in and try to save it! It seems that we have done pretty good without you two here. It seems not only have we done good, but we have excelled, and done better than you would ever think!

    You see Rolando Fuentes huffing and puffing as he gets up from his chair, and he takes the title off of it’s pedestal, and drapes it over his shoulder, and he stands about fifteen feet away from the camera.

    Rolando Fuentes: So here you two coming back, trying to piggybank off of my sweat, my hard work, my blood, my tears, and my determination to be the best. Now you want your accolades for your past. Let me tell you a little secret, you two are what we call fossils! You are only alive in the imaginations of these people watching old tapes of the CWA, or in dream matches with the kids playing the CWA video games. See this will be a rare instance where we can give these fans the dream match they have always wanted, but you two need to realize I am not Kenneth leBlanc, I am not Guardian Devil, or Don DeVries, I am not the old guard! This is the new guard, and I have the ability to take both of you out in one swoop. This is not the Rolando Fuentes you saw coming up while you guys were holding on to old glory! This is not the Rolando Fuentes wanting to sniff the glories you guys once had! This is the Rolando Fuentes who took the ball when you QUIT! This is the Rolando Fuentes who has taken this company on his back, and taken it to places you could just dream of! Rolando Fuentes starts a crescendo in this next phrase, he starts off soft, and then gets louder and louder THIS IS THE ROLANDO FUENTES WHO WILL KICK YOUR ASS ON DECEMBER 28TH AT MADISON SQAURE GARDEN! [i]Rolando then starts to decrescendo in his voice, until it is nothing. In the biggest Pay Per View spectacle of all-time! This is the Rolando Fuentes that you will have to respect when both of you are beaten and battered. You will respect me when I bury both of you! The you is almost non existent as Rolando goes into silence.

    As Rolando speaks his last words the camera goes to a video package!

    Change by the Deftones play and the screen shows a video package where all three men are being featured, as each man has a 360 camera, that is panning around them as they do their signature poses and taunts. Then it goes and shows some highlights of all three mens career!

    Roberto now with a Brainbuster on Enzo. Roberto delivers a well executed belly to belly suplex to Enzo. Enzo quickly back to his feet. Enzo catches Roberto with a High knee. You can't take anything away from either of these wrestlers. Enzo with a pin attempt! Roberto gets a leg over the bottom rope! Enzo argues with the official before pulling Roberto to the middle of the ring. Enzo with another pin but Roberto easily kicks out.

    A side headlock by Enzo. Roberto fights out with a forearm smash to Enzo. Enzo falls victim to a big knife edge chop from Roberto. Enzo catches Roberto with a body slam. Enzo needs to capitalize on his opponent's vulnerability. Enzo mocks Roberto by prancing around the ring. Enzo falls victim to a head butt from Roberto. Roberto is giving the signal... there it is! The Tutti Frutti is locked in tight! He's on the mat now. And Enzo taps out!

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and gentlemen, the time of the match is 12 minutes, 07 seconds. Your winner, via the Tutti Frutti is Roberto!

    Roberto falls to his knees and screams in joy at his victory. The main event for CWA Uprising is now set. Roberto will face Ultimate Pain to determine the first CWA Heavyweight Champion.

    As Roberto celebrates in the ring he spots his opponent atop the ramp. Ultimate Pain is watching closely. The two men lock eyes as they both know what is up for grabs. The stare is only broken when Roberto is jumped from behind. Roberto is choked out in a Dragon Sleeper before being dropped to the mat. “The Figure of Destiny” Vance Johnson stands over the lifeless body of Roberto and takes his place in the stare down with Ultimate Pain to end the show.
    Roberto sneaks up behind Ultimate Pain and hurls him with a pump handle suplex. Ultimate Pain grabs Roberto in a nerve hold but he quickly makes the ropes. Punch, caught by Ultimate Pain. He twists Roberto's arm around for an arm wringer. A couple elbows from Roberto, later, and the hold is released. Roberto hooks in a camel clutch on Ultimate Pain. After a few minutes, even Roberto grows bored and releases it.

    Ultimate Pain and Roberto are exchange a series of closed fists. Pain bounces off the ropes for more power but Roberto drops down and manages to lock in the Gay Crab. Roberto leans back in he centre of the ring. Ultimate Pain fights it but eventually taps out.

    Lindsay Monahan:

    Your winner and NEW CWA Heavyweight Champion, via submission, in 38 minutes 49 seconds, is Roberto!

    Roberto jumps to the second rope and raises his arms in victory. Roberto quickly drops out of the ring and over to the time keeper who is currently in possession of the CWA Heavyweight Championship. Roberto seems stunned when he picks up the belt as looks at it. After a few seconds Roberto kisses the belt and climbs back into the ring as pyro goes off in the background and confetti falls into the ring. Roberto is nearly in tears as the entire arena stand and applaud the new champion.
    The camera then pans to show Roberto’s 360 motion, and showing him doing his signature taunts, and then at the end he sticks out his tongue and places his arms around his waist to signal he will be the World Heavyweight Champion!

    Roberto gets lifted off the mat by Pain in a two-handed choke and dropped back down just as fast. Pain works over Roberto's shoulder some more with a shoulder breaker. Pain grates Roberto's face into the side of the cage, Roberto will be sore in the morning.

    Go-behind by Pain, and he nails Roberto with a knee breaker. DDT lays out Pain. Roberto bounces off the near rope and hits a big splash. Roberto renders Pain's brain cells scrambled with a jumping kick to the head. Go-behind by Roberto and he drops Pain right on his head with a killer German suplex.

    Clothesline by Pain, reversed into a crucifix DDT by Roberto. Roberto climbs to the top rope and gets knocked off. Roberto takes Pain's head off with a lariat. Pain is stunned but still manages to exchange punches. Roberto plants Pain with a bulldog.

    Roberto climbs to the top rope and gets knocked off. Pain kicks Roberto in the temple before hitting the Ulti-Bomb out of nowhere. Pain makes the cover. 1, 2, 3.

    Lindsay Monahan: And your winner and NEW CWA Heavyweight Champion, in 50 minutes and 01 second, is The Ultimate Pain!

    Ultimate Pain remains on top of Roberto as he couldn’t stand up if he wanted to after that match. It takes several minutes of recovery before he can start his celebrations and his title reign. We are shown a replay package of the main event in which we crowned a new Heavyweight Champion. After the video package we see the new champion atop the cage with his title belt in hand raised in victory. Roberto meanwhile needs to be helped backstage despite his protests that he can manage by himself.
    The camera then pans to the Ultimate Pain as the camera goes 360, and he just stands there looking at the camera in a very menacing way. He cracks hi knuckles, and just looks menacingly at the camera not cracking a smile!

    One…two…thre-No! Nicholas is able to kick out, and Fuentes picks him up but Nicholas stops before he can do anything with some punches to the chest, and then gets him in position for The Road to Destiny. Fuentes is able to fight out of it though with some hard elbows to the head of Nicholas, and then he takes Nicholas and lifts him up in position for the Ice Pick, and he nails it on Nicholas. Nicholas looks to be out of it as Fuentes goes for the pin.


    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner, and new CWA World Heavyweight Champion, Rolando “Ice” Fuentes!

    Fuentes is handed the title, and his arm is raised in victory by the referee. Fuentes looks down at his championship, and then back at Nicholas, who has still moved since getting hit with the Ice Pick.
    The camera pans to Rolando who is standing there with the World Title draped over his shoulder, he looks at the title very lovingly and as the camera pans around him in a 360, he points to the title, and then points at himself, and mouths this is mine!
    Timothy Coleman: What is he doing here?!

    Harvey Buckworth: Does it matter?! He’s back folks! Roberto is back!

    The action in the ring has come to a stop as Roberto walks to the ring, soaking in the adoration from the crowd. He finally gets into the ring, and Abdul goes running at him but is met with a boot to the gut and tossed outside.

    Lindsay Monahan:
    Your winner of the 2011 Royal Rumble, Roberto Superstar!

    Harvey Buckworth:
    Roberto has done it folks! He’s comeback, and he’s won the 2011 Royal Rumble!

    Timothy Coleman:
    I can’t believe it!
    Roberto celebrates his hard fought victory. He climbs on each corner, and throw his arms out in victory. Suddenly caos erupts in the crowd. Something is going on, but we can't tell what it is. The crowd is going crazy for whatever reason. The camera gets a closer look and we understand why the fans are so excited. The Ultimate Pain is in the house. Pain makes his way through the crowd, before climbing over the guardrail and getting inside the ring. Roberto looks shocked, as Pain gets closer to him and just smiles.

    Harvey Buckworth: What is he doing here? What's the meaning of this?

    Timothy Coleman: It's pretty clear. He's letting Roberto know that they have still some unfinished business to take care of.

    Harvey Buckworth:
    Well, it's been a great PPV! Ladies and gentlemen that’s all we have time for, we’ll see you next time on Adrenaline Rush!

    The show goes off the air with Roberto and Pain in a very intense stare down.
    The camera goes to both Roberto Superstar and Ultimate Pain staring each other down with Rolando Fuentes in the background just laughing and watching.

    Rolando Fuentes: “Of course, Ulti and I are still very close…”

    Suddenly Ultimate Pain walks into the camera shot, much to the delight of the fans in attendance. Pain stares at a slightly uncomfortable looking Rolando for a moment, before Rolando breaks the silence.

    Rolando Fuentes: “Ah Pain, good to see you! We were actually just talking about you. I was letting everyone know how close we’ve remained in your absence.”

    Pain continues to stare at Rolando, but the closer the camera gets, the more it appears that he is actually staring at the belt on Rolando’s shoulder.

    Ultimate Pain: “Close? I thought people had to talk to remain close?”

    Rolando Fuentes: “Oh yeah, right right. But our relationship is more about respecting each other. We’ve always got each other’s backs, right?”

    Ultimate Pain’s eyes have still never left Rolando’s CWA World Title.

    Ultimate Pain: “If it helps you sleep any easier at night Rolando, then sure.”

    Pain finally breaks the stare, and meets Rolando’s eyes.

    Ultimate Pain: “Oh and I almost forgot, congratulations kid.”

    Pain slowly taps Rolando’s shoulder with the belt on it, before offering Rolando a handshake which Rolando quickly accepts. Pain then marches off, leaving a rather pleased looking Rolando with a somewhat confused looking Michelle Kelly, as the camera cuts to ringside.

    Paper Planes hits as Diego Gonzalez steps out to cheers from the crowd. He has on a black Odd Future shirt, baggy jeans, and a San Diego Padres baseball cap. As he’s walking to the ring the fans notice that he doesn’t look like his usual happy go luck self, and he has a serious look on his face. When he gets in the ring he asks for a microphone from Lindsay, and she gives it to him.
    The camera pans to Rolando and Ultimate Pain facing off, and you see Rolando trying to shake Pain’s hand as Pain is just looking at the World title very intently!

    Roberto Superstar: "I have faced a lot of people in this ring, from Vance Johnson, to Rich Stone and of course my toughest challenge..."

    Roberto pauses, as the fans again begin chanting Pain's name. Roberto once again looks around and just smiles...

    Roberto Superstar: "...Nickolas Kennedy Arsen!!!"

    People boo what they just heard come out of Roberto's mouth. It has nothing to do with him mentioning Arsen; it is just the fact that Roberto is completely ignoring Pain. Once again, Roberto pays no attention to it and decides to continue, but before he can go on the opening notes of Supernaut play out over the arena. The crowd erupts in a chorus of cheers as The Ultimate Pain also makes his long awaited return to Adrenaline Rush! An irritated Pain makes his way out in casual attire as well, also completed with his trademark aviators. Pain begins to talk as he continues to march down to the ring.

    Ultimate Pain: "Woah, woah, woah! Easy there Roberto..."

    Roberto has since removed his sunglasses, simply watching Pain’s entrance with an ever-growing smirk on his face, as if he was expecting this. It seems Roberto was ignoring Pain on purpose, almost as if he was playing mind-games with Pain.

    As Pain reaches the ring, and begins to climb in people are going nuts, at the two former CWA World Champions being in the same ring once again. This is what everyone here wanted to see! Pain gets in the ring and right in Roberto's face much to the delight of the fans.

    Ultimate Pain: "It sure seems like you’re forgetting about someone, champ!"

    Pain and Roberto simultaneously look around the arena, as everyone begins chanting, 5 Star Attraction. It is pretty obvious that Pain vs. Roberto is the match every wrestling fan in the world wants to see. Roberto just smiles, as Pain backs away from Roberto before continuing.

    Ultimate Pain: “Now I know you won the Rumble at Meltdown Roberto, and I’ll be the first to congratulate you on that. However, there’s the slight problem that nobody cares about watching you, unless it’s against me!”

    Roberto and a large part of the audience seem to disagree. Roberto simply laughs at Pain’s claims before shaking his head. Roberto starts to lift his microphone as if to speak but is quickly cut off by Pain before he can draw breath.

    Ultimate Pain: “Think about it Roberto, the biggest win of your career, was against me. Your biggest defeat was against me. Your greatest feud has and always will be, with me! There’d be no Roberto Superstar, if it wasn’t for yours truly!”

    The crowd seems a little mixed in their reception to Pain’s words. Some seem turned off by Pain’s arrogance, while others seem to be enjoying it.

    Ultimate Pain: “This of course proves to be particularly difficult when it comes to…”

    Pain looks around, holding the pause for dramatic effect.

    Ultimate Pain: “…Five Star Attraction!”

    The crowd loves this, and pops loud as Pain continues to hint at a Roberto vs. Pain match.

    Ultimate Pain: “As you said, the Rumble winner gets a shot at the World title at Five Star. That’s all well and good but who here really wants to see Roberto face a former Pain protégé in the main event when they could be watching you against the man himself, to see who really is…the greatest of all time!”

    Pain continues to stare at Roberto, as he lifts his arms into a signature pose to the delight of most of the crowd. Finally he drops his arms and gets in Roberto’s face once again.

    Ultimate Pain: “So what’s it going to be Roberto? Rolando or The Ultimate…”

    Pain gives his usual pause, before taking his sunglasses off, to stare eye to eye with Roberto.

    Ultimate Pain: “…Paaaaaiiiiinnn!”

    Roberto stares at Pain for what feels like an eternity. He then turns to the crowd who are still cheering loudly at the prospect of this dream match, which seems to cause Roberto more confusion.

    Apparently tired of waiting, Pain then cheap shots Roberto with a slap across the face before quickly rolling out of the ring.

    Ultimate Pain: “Maybe that will give you something to think about Superstar!”

    Pain drops his microphone as he slowly walks up the ramp backwards, continuing to shout at Roberto. Meanwhile the 2011 Royal Rumble winner, just stares him back, not too happy about what has just occurred. These next two months leading to 5 Star Attraction should be very, very interesting.
    Roberto: "Well, it seems I have a decision to make. At Five Star Attraction I could either go for the World Title and face Rolando Fuentes..."

    Roberto pauses as he looks around the arena for a response. There are a lot of fans who want Roberto to go for the big prize.

    "Or I could just face The Ultimate Pain in the ultimate dream match..."

    Roberto pauses again and again looks around the arena and this time the place explodes. If Roberto is looking for advice from these fans on he should face, well, he just got his answer. People have been waiting for these match for years now and it looks like it will finally happen. Roberto smiles, while nodding his head. It seems he has made his decision.

    Roberto: "It looks like the decision on who I should face is simple. It looks like that at Five Star Attraction I will be facing..."

    Right before Roberto is about to name his opponent, "Dropping Plates" by Disturbed hits the PA system and out comes the World Champion, Rolando Fuentes. Rolando has the CWA Title proudly draped over his right shoulder, as he arrogantly struts his way down to the ring with the huge Monolyth behind him.

    Tim Coleman: "The World Champion is here, the World Champion is here!!!"

    Harvey Buckworth: "Calm yourself down a little there Tim, you sound like a kid at a candy store."

    Tim Coleman: "But the World Champion is here."

    As soon as Rolando gets inside the ring, he gets close to Roberto and throws the World Title up in the air. It seems that the Champ is challenging Roberto. Rolando keeps the title in the air for what it seems an eternity, before taking the microphone from his back pocket and beginning to speak.

    Rolando: "So Roberto, you have made your decision uh? Bravo, good for you. Well, before you tell everyone what that decision is, let me remind you Roberto, that I am World champion around this place and I play second fiddle to no one. Do you really believe that I am going to let you or Pain or anybody else out stage me? DO YOU???"

    Just like Pain did two weeks ago, Rolando gets right in Roberto's face. Roberto just answers Rolando with a little smirk and this seems to make Rolando even more pissed off that he already is.

    Rolando: In my finest hour, in my greatest triumph, both you and my mentor, the Ultimate Pain, decided to return and thus shadowed my moment as the newly crowned World Champion! I am the CWA World Champion, something that you have been on one occasion or two..."

    Roberto smiles and then puts his right hand up showing Rolando 4 fingers.

    Harvey Buckworth: " In case anyone doesn't know, Roberto has won the CWA Title 4 times."

    Tim Coleman: "Yeah, but he never beat Rolando for it."

    Rolando: "...but once the competition got too stiff for your liking, you decided to go ahead and bail. Oh wait, I am sorry, poor little Roberto was injured actually. Well, that's a freaking joke and you know it. You were at home waiting for the right time to come back and when you thought it would be easy pickings for you, you decided to do so. That shows me that you have no respect for me, and so I may just have to beat some damn respect into you. I am not the same person you knew when you left. I am not that rookie that was dominating the lower card. I am not that rookie that was carrying your bags for you, because I looked up to you and because I was trying to move up the card. You are now staring and looking up at the new World Heavyweight Champion! Actually let me correct that for you Roberto...YOUR World Heavyweight Champion. As it stands now, you are the newbie on the block Roberto, so you should go and carry my bags now. You need to realize and understand that I am the measuring stick around here, and you are just a fossil hoping to get on my coattail."

    Roberto laughs, then makes a punching motion towards Rolando. The former MMA fighter flinches just for a millisecond, before laughing it off a little.

    Rolando: "Oohhh very funny Roberto, keep disrespecting me. You come in, take away my spotlight, you pick my mentor, the Ultimate Pain over me. This is my company!!! I am the World Champion, damn it!!! At 5 Star Attraction you will not be the main event like you think you are, unless it is against me"

    As soon as Rolando finishes his sentence, he tries to slap Roberto out, but the Royal Rumble winner blocks it just in time. Roberto then looks like he is about to punch Rolando right in the face, but Monolyth gets in between them right before he is about to do so. This stops Roberto instantly. The big bodyguard is one scary dude and even Roberto is cautious of him. Rolando laughs as he hides behind Monolyth.

    Rolando: "Yeah, touch me Roberto and see what the Monolyth does to you. You are pathetic Roberto, PATHETIC!!! I am done with you, and do not forget that I am the World Heavyweight Champion of the CWA!!"

    A laughing Rolando drapes his title over Monolyth's shoulder, then proceeds on exiting the ring, surrounded by a chorus of boos. Meanwhile Roberto doesn't seem too happy at what has just occurred, as he just stands in the ring, eyes locked on Rolando.

    Harvey Buckworth: "That just made Roberto's decision on who to face just a little bit tougher."

    Tim Coleman: "Who cares about Roberto."

    With that the show comes to an end.
    The camera shows all three men staring each other down, and fireworks going off in the background!! They all look at each other intently, but you see Rolando trying to goad Ultimate Pain and Roberto to fight each other!

    Roberto: "But as good as that match sounds, I could also go out there and face Rolando Fuentes for the CWA World title and there's nothing in this world more important than that for me. Being the CWA World Champion is what we all strive to be and that's a fact."

    Roberto pauses again and the fans also cheer for this match. It's seems the crowd is split here. Half wants to see Roberto face Pain, while the other half wants to see Roberto face Rolando.

    Tim Coleman: "Rolando is the CWA Champion and he deserves to be in the Main Event. Roberto should stop being disrespectful towards our champion and just pick him as his opponent."

    "It's a tough decision as you can tell, but I have made one. I've also gone to the big boss already, Jim Horrorfan and made the match official. The papers have already been drawn, and except for a couple of signatures, this thing is done. So, I'd like to ask both Rolando and Pain to get out here, so we can get this all thing over with..."

    Dropping Plates by Disturbed begins playing and out comes Rolando. The champ doesn't look too happy as he makes his way down the ramp. The fans, meanwhile, don't look too happy either, as they boo him with all they've got. Rolando gets in the ring and begins muttering something to Roberto, but we can't hear exactly what. Maybe it's good 'cause I don't think he saying anything too nice.

    Rolando's music is then interrupted by Supernaut by Black Sabbath, which means only one's the Ultimate Pain's turn to come out. The former CWA Champion makes his way down to the ring to mix reaction from the fans here in attendance. Pain pays no attention to the fans, as he looks completely focused on Roberto. Pain gets in the ring and goes straight for Roberto, and completely ignores Rolando, who was trying to offer his former mentor a handshake. Pain gets right in Roberto's face and now it's him who's muttering something to Roberto, but once again we don't hear what's being said. Roberto cockily smiles, before backing up and motioning for both men to calm down.

    Roberto: 'Woaaah boys, relax a little. I know it's been a stressful past few months, but it's finally over. Tonight you will both find out who I've picked to be my opponent at 5 Star Attraction. I'm not going to drag this any longer, therefore I am going straight to it. My opponent in New York City on December 28th will be...Rolando Fuentes!!!"

    The place explodes into a mix reaction. A lot of boos here, but there are also a lot of cheers. Rolando is one of those guys cheering, as he knows that main eventing 5 Star Attraction against Roberto could possibly make him a legend down the road. Pain meanwhile looks angry and disappointed. It seems though that Roberto is not done here. He tells the crowd to hush as he gets to Pain's face...

    Roberto: "...and The Ultimate Pain!!!"

    Everyone looks confused here, including Pain and Rolando.

    Roberto: "Yeah boys, you heard me right, at 5 Star Attraction I will face both of you in an old fashion three way dance and it will be for the World Title."

    Roberto smiles, as the place goes insane. Everyone seems to love the idea of these three men going at it in a triple threat...well, everyone except for Rolando, as he looks like he's been shot. He knows that retaining the title against both Pain and Roberto will be literally impossible. The Ultimate Pain, on the other hand, looks satisfied about Roberto's decision. All of a sudden, he has a shot of not only beating Roberto, but a shot at the Title as well. Rolando tries to complain to Pain that this is not fair, but Pain just shrugs his shoulders, while all the time staring at the belt.

    Harvey Buckworth: "5 Star Attraction is going to be spectacular."

    Tim Coleman: "This is not fair to Rolando. Roberto just screwed our champion."

    Meanwhile, Roberto is about to leave the ring, but right before he does, he changes his mind and turns back...

    Roberto: "Ooohh and by the way, don't think I forgot about the slaps both of you gave me..."

    Roberto drops the mic and quickly clotheslines both men down. Both Pain and Rolando slide out of the ring, as Roberto tries to call them back in, but they retreat up the ramp instead. With that, the show goes off the air.
    The camera then pans to Roberto Superstar, and in the background you see a screen that is just showing all of his career highlights, he stands there as the camera pans, and he just continues to do the world title pose.
    Roberto: "Did I hear you right Pain? Did you just say that you wouldn't wanna do anything drastic to me before Five Star Attraction?"

    Ultimate Pain: "That is absolutely correct Roberto. I want you at 100% for Five Star Attraction, so that when I beat you and Rolando, no excuses will be taken."

    Roberto nods his head, while scratching his head. He seems to be confused by Pain's statement.

    Roberto: "So what happened down in Mexico last week doesn't count?"

    Pain begins to laugh, as the fans let out a "Pain sucks" chant. It it wasn't for Pain, Roberto would still probably be the AMLL Champion.

    Ultimate Pain: "I never laid a hand on you during that match Roberto and that is a fact. The distraction on the other hand, I am guilty of, but the truth is, I did you a favour. That AMLL Title was not only distracting you, but it was tiring you out defending it. Like I said, I want you at 100% for our match and now you can be."

    Roberto: "Wow, I never looked at it that way Pain. Then by right I should be thanking you for what you did."

    A smiling Ultimate Pain nods his head in agreement, as the fans on the other hand disagree. We can easily tell here that Roberto was being sarcastic here, even though he puts out his hand for Pain to shake it. The former leader of the Brotherhood accepts Roberto's handshake and it seems that maybe Roberto wasn't being sarcastic at all. Maybe he is really gratefull to Pain...can it be??? But wait, as Pain tries to leave the ring, Roberto doesn't let go of his hand, instead pulls him right back close to him.

    Roberto: "On second thought brother, I really loved that Title."
    As Monolyth rolls out Rolando begins to stir in where he was knocked out by Pain, and after Pain helps out Roberto they wait for Rolando to turn around. As soon as he does he's met with a punch from Pain, then a punch from Roberto, then Pain, then Roberto, then Pain and this time Pain holds on to Rolando and allows Roberto get a few shots in on Rolando. Then Roberto says he has an idea, and he runs off the ropes in hopes of hitting Rolando with The Edge, but Rolando is able to escape Pain's clutches and gets out of the way just in time and Roberto hits Pain with The Edge! Roberto is in shock as to what he's just done, and Rolando takes this opportunity to go for the pin!


    Lindsay Monahan: The Ultimate Pain has been eliminated!

    Rolando is unable to celebrate for long as Roberto shoves him away to go over to a visibly upset Pain, and the two begin argue. Rolando just stands back as he watches his two opponents bicker at one another, and it eventually leads to Pain angrily leaving, but wait! He turns right back around, kicks Roberto in the gut, and nails him with The Ulti-Bomb! He then leaves as Rolando scrambles over to pick up the scraps as he goes for the pin!


    Lindsay Monahan: Roberto has been eliminated! Which means your winners at 16minutes and 25 seconds, Harry Jones, Diego Gonzalez, Daren Storm, The Monolyth, and the CWA World Heavyweight Champion Rolando Fuentes!

    Rolando celebrates his victory as he leaves the ring, and Pain is back in as Roberto is getting up and two start bickering some more before they start going at it with blows. Security has to come down to stop them from tearing each other apart, and all the while Rolando backs up the ramp as he watches his two foes go at it with a smirk on his face as the show comes to an end.

    The camera again pans to all three of them as they look at each other, Roberto and Ultimate Pain are looking at the championship, as Rolando is holding on tightly to it. Then the camera pans to a younger version of Rolando, and it slowly morphs to the current day Rolando with his cocky smile, and World Title Belt. Then it pans to Ultimate Pain, and it does the same thing, showing a younger Ultimate Pain and morphing, but as it morphs in a younger form it shows the CWA title around his waist, and it disappears as the form gets older, and you see the current Ultimate Pain standing there, then it shows Roberto Superstar, and as it forms it shows the 4 times he has won the World title until eventually it gets to the current form of Roberto Superstar! The camera then shows all three men, and the fireworks are exploding behind them with the a rotating image of Madison Square Garden, finally the Five Star Attraction Poster comes up!

    Rest in power, Flock U

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

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