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Thread: CWA Five Star Attraction - Live from New York, NY!

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    CWA Five Star Attraction - Live from New York, NY!

    Fireworks go off indicating the start of the show! The fans in attendance are going insane as they know that they are about to witness an amazing spectacle of wrestling! The camera pans over to Harvey Buckworth and Tim Coleman at ringside.

    Harvey Buckworth: Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to CWA's biggest show of the year known as Five Star Attraction! I'm Harvey Buckworth and beside me is my partner Tim Coleman! What a show we have for them tonight Tim!

    Tim Coleman: It's a big night for sure, and to end it all will be CWA World Heavyweight Champion Rolando Fuentes, taking on Roberto Superstar and The Ultimate Pain in what should be a classic! I know I'll be rooting for the champ later on.

    Harvey Buckworth: We'll also determine a new X-Fly champion as Harry Jones takes on Dexter Darwin Douglas! Also, who will GD find as a replacement partner for tonight's Tag Team title match? and will Alexis overcome the odds against Ashley La Bella and Ama-Zon? All of those questions will be answered tonight, but first we have a pre-show that's about to start!

    Dan Maskell vs Greg Samuels

    Maskell and his opponent Greg Samuels are in the ring as the referee explains the rules to them, and then signals for the bell. Samuels offers a handshake to Maskell, and Maskell just ignores it. Samuels looks taken aback by Maskell's lack of respect, and lets him know it saying some words to Maskell.

    Tim Coleman: Not a good idea kid.

    Harvey Buckworth: I don't like where this is going.

    Tim Coleman: This won't end well that's for sure.

    Maskell responds by decking Samuels in the face with a hard left hook that takes him down to the mat.

    Tim Coleman: That's pretty much what I expected to happen.

    Maskell picks Samuels up and tosses him in to the corner. He hits him with a couple of stiff shots to the face for good measure, puts him in position on top of the turnbuckle and hits him with Home by Midnight!

    Tim Coleman: He's dead.

    Maskell then locks in his deadly submission move he calls Orange Wednesday, and the referee sees that Samuels is out cold as he signals for the bell.

    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner at 1 minute and 20 seconds, The Heretic, Dan Maskell!

    Even though the match is over and he won Maskell has not let go of the hold.

    Harvey Buckworth: Come on you won match, now let go!

    The referee forces him to let it go and he finally does, but he's not finished yet as he picks up Samuels and nails him with Big Ben Bash!

    Harvey Buckworth: That was completely unnecessary! Why did he do that?!

    Tim Coleman: To prove a point

    Harvey Buckworth: What is there to prove? He already beat the kid senseless, there was absolutely no need for that.

    Tim Coleman: He’s proving a point to the kid that he doesn’t care about respect, he just cares about hurting people.

    Harvey Buckworth: Well, you may be right, but that was still unnecessary.
    Maskell finally leaves the ring as his music plays, and the referee is checking on Samuels who is unconscious in the middle of the ring. The tron flickers on as a video starts to play from earlier in the day.

    We are in the streets of New York City. The legendary professional wrestling stadium known as Madison Square Garden glooming in the street, standing out from every other remarkable building in the big city. We hear footsteps breaking out on the pavement, finally coming into picture is Austerio. The masked man, who has recently reached anabsolute boiling point with frustration over CWA and it's management for not letting him break out into greener pastures. The Egyptian has a black Nike duffle bag, slung over his shoulder, it is lightweight as the CWA athlete is carrying the bag with ease. Austerio is not dressed to compete yet, but he is still decorated in a black mask that is embryoed by red bordering and white designs. Austerio is also dressed in a black tank shirt and black jeans, not the warmest attire for the settling in on Winter time.

    Austerio: In the Preshow of Five StarAttraction … that's where I am at?

    Austerio's facial expressions tells the whole story of frustration which he is growing so much on. Austerio reaches onto the sidewalk, it is clear he is reaching up to Madison Square Garden as he scheduled to face the new guy of CWA, Aries in a match on the Preshow. Austerio doesn't seem to be pleased about that at all.

    Austerio: Against who?

    Austerio sets down his duffle bag by the entrance of Madison Square Garden andabandons it, walking from Madison Square Garden, back to the streetsof New York City, for some odd reason. He sees a pedestrian that isabout 5'2, dressed in appropiate seasonal attire. Austerio scoffs at him, but doesn't hesitate talking to him.

    Austerio: Who the hell are you looking at?

    Ped: I-

    Austerio: Shut the hell up and just listen to me! I need somebody to just listen to me! You see that duffle bag?

    Ped:At MSG?

    Austerio glares at the pedestrian, who seems very upset at the way Austerio is talking to him.

    Austerio: Yes, you fu*kin' retard.

    The pedestrian is taken back from Austerio's comments.

    Austerio: Just listen – go over there, unzip it and grab the sign that says “GIVE AUSTERIO RESPECT OR THE FANS RIOT!” Can you do that? Of course you can, I just told you to so go do it, NOW!

    Austerio points to the duffle bag and the pedestrian runs to it, either running away from Austerio or trying not to make him mad, maybe having a fear of having a gun in his pocket and ready to shoot his brains out if he don't obey or pull a knife on him and slit his throat right in the middle of New York City. Crazy people, aren't they? Austerio follows the pedestrian and he sees that the pedestrian has pulled out the sign and zippered the bag back up, leaving it the way it was, embarking to some other pedestrians that he is doing the Strike and not Austerio.

    Austerio: Good. I will be back after the show, once I beat that guy in the Preshow.

    Austerio slaps the ped on the back of the head and chuckles to himself before taking his duffle bag and entering the arena. The first thing tha tAusterio spots is Michelle Kelly, the interviewer who he used to have tease (even though she liked it) whenever he had seen her. Austerio had kissed her before and she liked that too. Flirty type.

    Austerio: Ah Michelle, long time no see?

    Michelle tries to take a step back, but Austerio takes her by the wrist. Rather gently than he would before.

    Austerio: Deja vu, little Michelle? Wantanother kiss? It's still the holiday time and I'm sure you have a misletoe near you, desperate for love. Desperate for somebody who will forsee you more as just than an interviewer.

    Michelle just glares at Austerio. Seems like a theme here tonight for him.

    Austerio: Well – are you going to do your job or just stand there and be like every other despicable, fairly treated, undeserving peasant in this whole company? Or should I just go on and take my worries out on my opponent, that new kid,the new kid who thinks he is going to make more of an impact during his debut than I have in a year! Well, it's not going to happen at all, Michelle. Are you even listening to me?

    Austerio lets go of her wrist, Michelle doesn't even notice his presence anymore. Austerio steadily walks down the hallways of Madison Square Garden, suddenly he just throws his duffle bag! Austerio has had a certain change of mood. He kicks a nearby door and slams his fist against the wall! “Roberto … Roberto … Roberto … Roberto …Roberto … CWA Championship … Five Star Attraction … Austerio wins!” A fantasy railing Austerio.


    Austerio looks away from the door, somewhat collected, at least acting collected, despite the fact that a worker can easily tell that he has had a mood swing and is obviously frustrated by what has happened.

    Austerio: What are you lookin' at?

    The worker quickly looks away, a fear of being hit by Austerio, which hehas done in the past.

    Austerio: Are you lookin' at deja vu? HUH? ANSWER ME!

    The worker nods his head and Austerio smiles, “I agree” before throwing him into a wall! Austerio grabs the worker and goes for the Death Sentence! Onto the concrete floor! Austerio has snapped! He is seething with anger, but then Austerio notices something on a table, a piece of paper. The showcard for tonight.


    Austerio: So that's his name. Certainly ain't Roberto, but damn, it's close to it.

    The video ends as we cut back to Harvey and Tim.

    Tim Coleman: That guy is a loon.

    Harvey Buckworth: You're not kidding.

    Austerio vs Aries


    Aries is already in the ring as Du Hast hits, and that indicates the arrival of the God of Death, Austerio. He doesn't look like he's in the best of moods as he walks to the ring, and the crowd is booing him the whole time but he is ignoring them. As soon as he gets in the ring he starts to pummel on the newcomer Aries, so the referee immediately signals for the bell.

    Harvey Buckworth: This isn't looking good for the youngster, Aries.

    Tim Coleman: Harvey, with the way this has started out, this kid doesn't stand a chance in defeating Austerio here tonight.

    Harvey Buckworth: You may be right Tim.

    Austerio is continuing the assault as he now starts to hit the rookie with martial arts kick to the chest, and Austerio ends the onslaught of kicks with a stiff kick to the head of Aries that sends falling down to the mat. Austerio does not waste any time as lifts Aries up, and tosses him in to the corner. He goes to the corner to hit Aries with more kicks until he finally places him on top of the turnbuckle.

    Harvey Buckworth: I don't like where this is going.

    Austerio gets Aries in position, and plants him with the Death Sentence!

    Tim Coleman: Goodnight Aries!

    Harvey Buckworth: Wait! I looks like Austerio isn't finished!

    Instead of going for a pin Austerio puts Aries in the NV Lock, and the referee has no choice but to call for the bell because Aries is out like a light.

    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner at 1 minute 6 seconds, Austerio!

    As the bell rings Austerio releases the hold, and quickly exits the ring as his music plays while the crowd boos him some more.

    Tim Coleman: Austerio with an impressive win here tonight, and proving why he's being overlooked. This kid Aries may want to think about another career choice.

    As he's walking up the ramp, Austerio turns to look down at the ring where the referee is checking on Aries, and he's seemingly satisfied with his handy work as he just smiles.

    Harvey Buckworth: Next up is the final match of our pre-show as the returning Cesar Pineda takes on Brian Gunn.

    Tim Coleman: Who's Brian Gunn?

    Harvey just shakes his head as the next match is about to begin

    The scene fades back in to Cesar Pineda in his wrestling attire, performing two-three punching combinations in a small wrestling ring with his protege Shawn Summers. Sweat covers Cesar as Shawn calls out the punching combinations for Cesar to perform on the mitt's that he holds. Shawn drops the mitt's and quickly dives down at the legs of Pineda, attempting a takedown only for Cesar to stuff it. Cesar manages to get Shawn in a front chokehold and lock in a guillotine choke on him. Shawn quickly taps and Cesar releases the hold before getting up and leaning on the ring ropes. Shawn holds his neck and laughs before walking towards Cesar.

    Shawn- It's been a while since we got in here and actually worked on your wrestling and striking. Last time I remember us training like this, was probably when you first flew me out from Cali to Chicago and started training me.

    Cesar- We're about to start doing a lot of things like we did in Chicago.

    Cesar picks up a water bottle and drinks some water before looking over at his protege, and continuing.

    Cesar- All the b.s. that I've been doing lately is about to stop immediately Shawn. That b.s. planning of the "Nightmares and Light Dreams" tour and me hyping up the "One Gringo At A Time Movement" is over.

    Shawn smiles and walks towards the center of the ring and begins shadow boxing before beginning.

    Shawn- Good, I was sick of all that pussy stuff. You started becoming a shell of the man that I chose to train me. You started to lose that street mentality, edge, and confidence that made me want to learn from ya. You got it back though now, right?

    Cesar- Yea, It's coming back to me. I want know for sure though if the old Cesar Pineda is back until I step back in the ring.

    Shawn- You got this Cesar. I've seen some stuff from Brian Gunn and I wasn't impressed. The only thing that you need to do in your match is show theCWA bookers that it doesn't matter if they put you in the ring against guys at the bottom or at the top of the ladder, there all gonna eventually end up as another name on the back of your shirt.

    Cesar laughs silently to himself before getting serious and looking at Shawn.

    Cesar- These first couple of guys I face....I gotta make an example out of em. I gotta show everybody that I'm back and that I'm coming back for the spot that I left six months ago.

    The scene fades to black as Cesar leans on the ring ropes and looks at a poster for 5 Star Attraction.


    I knew for a fact that I had to truly prove myself to the CWA roster when I had to call the booking team up and remind them that I was waiting to make my debut. There used to be a time when I didn't have to worry about calling the booking team and asking them for a match up because I would just automatically be booked. I guess that's not the case here in CWA, and I kinda like that mentality if that's how the booking team thinks. I like having to earn my spot on shows because it makes me work a little harder. It also makes me want to show them why the hell I deserve everything that I've worked for. I guess that's good for me an bad for my opponents.

    The first name to get checked off the "One Gringo At A Time" movement seems to be Brian Gunn. I have no clue who the hell my opponent even is, but that aint gonna stop me from going out and making an example outta him. It aint gonna stop me from going out and pulling the trigger on his career. I gotta bring the ruthless, street, cocky Cesar Pineda back and Brian /gunn just happens to be the guy who has to help me do that. I guess its boot something that he should be proud of but it should be something that he is afraid. Once the bell rings i'm gonna be doing everything in my power to end his career and once the bell rings signaling the end of the match, if I'm not dead or knocked out, i'm still gonna attempt to end his career. If Brian Gunn is supposed to be some sort of test for me from the booking team, then consider this test.........passed.

    Brian Gunn is waiting in the ring as The Calm hits, and Cesar Pineda walks out with his manager Bangs by his side. Some cheers from the crowd for Cesar as he walks down to the ring with a look of focus and determination on his face as he's looking to make a name for himself in CWA. Cesar hands his jacket over to Bangs before getting in the ring, and the referee explains the rules to both competitors before signaling for the bell.

    Cesar Pineda vs Brian Gun


    Harvey Buckworth: Our final match of the pre show is underway as Cesar Pineda is looking for a win here tonight against Brian Gunn. Pineda hasn't been around much since his debut, and he's looking for a fresh start here again.

    Tim Coleman: Wow, I didn't even know Brian Gunn still had a job here.

    Pineda tries to go for a handshake, and Gunn cockily slaps his hand away while chuckling about it.

    Harvey Buckworth: Gunn isn't looking to make any friends here tonight.

    Tim Coleman: Does he even have any friends here?

    Pineda just shrugs it off as they go for a lockup, and Gunn shoves Pineda down to the mat while chuckling some more. He cockily struts around the ring, while Pineda was caught off guard by that shove.

    Harvey Buckworth: What is Gunn's plan exactly?

    Tim Coleman: I don't know, but whatever it is it might work.

    Gunn stops strutting, and starts mouthing off with the fans in the front row. This gives Pineda the chance to come back as he waits for Gunn to turn around, and as soon as Gunn turns around he's met with super kick that Pineda calls Da 187! Gunn wobbles around for a moment.

    Tim Coleman: Or not.

    Pineda grabs Gunn before he falls to the mat from the kick, and puts him in position as he connects with the Chicago Nightmare! He goes for the pin.


    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner at 2 minutes 15 seconds, Cesar Pineda!

    Pineda celebrates with his manager Bangs as they leave the ring together, and the fans are cheering on Pineda.

    Harvey Buckworth: Pineda sure looked impressive here tonight! I don't think we can say the same for Gunn.

    Tim Coleman: I'm still in shock that Gunn even has a job.

    Harvey Buckworth: Well, that's it for the pre show folks, now it's time for what you have all been waiting for. The main show is coming up right now!


    A video package airs highlighting the matches for the show including Diego Gonzalez vs Derek Vendra, Harry Jones vs Dexter Darwin Douglas, the tag team title match, and of course the main event for the CWA World Heavyweight Championship. The video package ends with a shot of the three men that will be in the main event tonight.

    Pineda grabs Gunn before he falls to the mat from the kick, and puts him in position as he connects with the Chicago Nightmare! He goes for the pin.


    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner at 2 minutes 15 seconds, Cesar Pineda!

    Pineda celebrates with his manager Bangs as they leave the ring together, and the fans are cheering on Pineda.

    Harvey Buckworth: Pineda sure looked impressive here tonight! I don't think we can say the same for Gunn.

    Tim Coleman: I'm still in shock that Gunn even has a job.

    Harvey Buckworth: Well, that's it for the pre show folks, be sure to stay tuned for the main attraction that is, Five Star Attraction!

    Pineda grabs Gunn before he falls to the mat from the kick, and puts him in position as he connects with the Chicago Nightmare! He goes for the pin.


    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner at 2 minutes 15 seconds, Cesar Pineda!

    Pineda celebrates with his manager Bangs as they leave the ring together, and the fans are cheering on Pineda.

    Harvey Buckworth: Pineda sure looked impressive here tonight! I don't think we can say the same for Gunn.

    Tim Coleman: I'm still in shock that Gunn even has a job.

    Harvey Buckworth: Well, that's it for the pre show folks, be sure to stay tuned for the main attraction that is, Five Star Attraction!


    Harvey Buckworth: Our first match of the night will take place between two former friends, Diego Gonzalez and Derek Vendra.

    Tim Coleman: I hope Vendra gets what's coming to him tonight.

    Harvey Buckworth: A video has been put together to show how this all came about.

    The shot opens up, with Derek Vendra pandering to the crowd in the ring. The shot goes black, and it opens back up with Diego Gonzalez shouting at the crowd.

    Timothy Coleman: Derek Vendra & Diego Gonzalez!

    We cut to the next clip, which is Derek & Diego double suplexing someone, before celebrating together.

    Vendra: We are unstoppable!

    The next clip is Diego hitting the Buzzkiller, and Derek the Hollywood Vendra, before they high five.

    Gonzalez:Derek’s my home boy, we a team!

    The shot goes black again, and then comes up with the words – Adrenaline Rush, November 16th 2011, Derek Vendra V Warren Peace.

    It shows a few moves from each man, before showing Diego coming to the ring with chairs.

    Timothy Coleman: Oh god, not him.

    It shows Diego swing at Derek for no reason, before we hear Harvey Buckworth shout ‘Oh my God!’

    Gonzalez: You don’t deserve me as a tag partner!

    The shot shows Derek laid out, and then Diego in the ring the next week.

    Gonzalez: You don’t like the real me?!

    It TV fuzzes out and back again.

    Gonzalez: I’m sick and tired of you people!

    Gonzalez: I will not stand idly by as Derek Vendra gets a shot at the X-Fly Title!

    Gonzalez: If I don’t get to fight for the title, then Derek Vendra doesn’t either!

    Gonzalez: The Truth hurts doesn’t it?!

    Gonzalez: You’ll never be better than me!

    We then cut to Derek Vendra’s promo.

    Vendra: Everything happens for a reason.

    Vendra: Why’d you attack me, Diego?

    Vendra: Me and Diego went up the roads together, ate together, tag teamed together……

    Vendra: You’ve betrayed me.

    Vendra: I’m gonna enjoy getting retribution on you, Diego.

    Vendra: See you at Five Star Attraction, buddy………

    It then shows Derek & Diego in the ring two weeks ago on Adrenaline Rush. The brawling, the fighting, then Diego tricking Derek, and Derek looking annoyed. It shows him complaining outside the ring, before traveling back through all of it.

    Gonzalez:You’ll never be better than me!

    Vendra: I’m gonna enjoy getting retribution, Diego.

    It cuts to a split screen of Derek & Diego, before…….

    Timothy Coleman: Derek Vendra & Diego Gonzalez!

    Grudge Match

    Evolution (Entering the New World) hits Derek Vendra steps out, and he doesn't look like his usual self as he looks more serious heading in to this match. The fans are going wild for their hometown hero as he makes his way to the ring.

    Harvey Buckworth: When Derek Vendra was thinking about Five Star Attraction in his hometown, I don't think this was the match he had in mind. He was hoping to be wrestling for the X-Fly Championship in front of his family and friends, but that was taken away from him by this man.

    The intro to Hate Me Now starts, and once the opening chorus starts Diego Gonzalez steps out to a frenzy of boos from the crowd.

    Harvey Buckworth: If you can believe it at one time Diego Gonzalez was actually beloved by the CWA fans, but that all changed once he stabbed his now former friend in the back.

    Tim Coleman: In my opinion he did the right thing. He was being held back while Vendra was fighting for championships. He didn't turn his back on these fans, they turned their backs on him.

    Diego steps in to the ring with that ice cold stare in his eyes, and that stare is directed towards Derek Vendra. Referee Nate Byrne discusses the match with both men, but neither of them are listening as they are both just staring holes through each other.

    Once Byrne signals for the bell they step up to each other in the middle of the ring, and all of the sudden they just start going at on each other. Both men pummeling each other like there's no tomorrow, and this crowd is just eating it up as it doesn't look like either man will let up with the punches which is why the referee has no choice but to break them up. That doesn't last long though as they both go at it again, and this time Gonzalez is able to get the upper hand as he pummels Vendra down to the mat, and after Vendra is down Gonzalez starts stomping away at him until the referee forces him to stop. While the referee checks on Vendra, Gonzalez starts taunting the crowd which causes them to boo him.

    Harvey Buckworth: I bet he’s so proud of himself isn’t he?

    Tim Coleman: He should be proud of himself. He has the early control of this match.

    Once the referee finishes with Vendra he backs away as Gonzalez runs at Vendra, but Vendra was ready for it as he ducks down and holds down the rope to cause Gonzalez fall to floor. Gonzalez is able to land on his feet though, but he’s not looking as Vendra uses the rope as leverage to connect a body splash to Gonzalez taking both men down. The crowd just continues to go wild for that incredible show of ability from Vendra, and Vendra is the first to his feet as he picks up Gonzalez and rolls him back in to the ring. Vendra slides in and goes to pick up Gonzalez, but as he’s picking him up Gonzalez starts fighting back on his knees with shots to the stomach of Vendra. Vendra knees Gonzalez in the face which phases Gonzalez, but it doesn’t do much to stop him as he’s now got up on his feet to kick Vendra in the stomach, and hits Vendra with a swinging neck breaker! Goes for the first cover.

    Only a one count as Vendra gets a shoulder up, and Gonzalez sets Vendra up so he’s on his knees and he starts hitting with stiff kicks to the chest, and he finally ends it with a kick to head but Vendra still won’t go down. He asks Gonzalez if that’s all he’s got, and this just makes Gonzalez happier as delivers more kicks to Vendra but Vendra still isn’t down as he’s on knees asking again if that’s all he’s got. Now this starts infuriate Gonzalez as he starts punching Vendra in the head with stiff shots, and as he’s about to finish it off with an enziguiri catches his foot and he’s getting up to his feet he has Gonzalez’s boot in hand and Gonzalez is trying to escape, and Vendra just brings him in close only to slam him down to the mat with his last ounce of strength as he goes down after the slam.

    Harvey Buckworth: What a match this has been so far.

    The referee has started a count, and as he reaches five Vendra starts to move and he rolls on top of Gonzalez for the cover.!

    Gonzalez gets a shoulder up, and Vendra gets up while waiting for Gonzalez to get and once he’s up Vendra connects with the Avada Kedavra to the skull of Gonzalez and he goes down again as Vendra goes for another cover.!

    Gonzalez gets a shoulder up again and Vendra picks him up in a tiger suplex attempt, but Gonzalez is able to escape it and turns around the get Vendra with an inverted headlock backbreaker. Instead of going for the cover he begs Vendra to get up from the backbreaker, and as soon as Vendra does he delivers a shining wizard of his own to Vendra’s skull that he calls Schizophrenia and then he goes for a pin.!

    Vendra kicks out this time and Gonzalez starts getting upset as he decides to go for his submission hold he calls Stretching the Truth, and Vendra is up in the hold in tremendous amounts of pain as Gonzalez has it in tight. Somehow Vendra is able to roll over on his knees, but Gonzalez still has the hold locked in tight as Vendra yells out in pain some more as Gonzalez screams at him to just quit. Vendra will not quit, and Gonzalez is realizing this as he finally lets the hold go before he wears himself out from it, but before he does he still has Vendra by the arms and with his boot he delivers a nasty curb stomp to Vendra to where his face smashes in to the mat. The referee checks on Vendra again as Gonzalez taunts the crowd some more.

    Harvey Buckworth: This crowd is showing Gonzalez exactly what they think of him.

    Tim Coleman: I’m sure he doesn’t care what they think.

    Gonzalez goes back over to Vendra, and barks at the referee to back away from him. He then lifts Vendra up on his shoulders in position for the Conspiracy Theory, but Vendra is able to escape and he bounces off the ropes and comes back at Gonzalez with a hand spring DDT. The crowd is going insane for this come back, and he goes back at Gonzalez with super kick and then hits Gonzalez with Stun the Crowd! This crowd is on their feet as Vendra climbs to the top rope and connects with Hollywood Vendra! He goes for the cover.


    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner at 16 minutes 5 seconds, Derek Vendra!

    The crowd is going crazy for their hometown hero as he’s won here tonight, and he can’t believe it as he celebrates on the outside with the fans.

    Harvey Buckworth: Well deserved retribution for Vendra!

    Tim Coleman: Gonzalez was robbed!

    Harvey Buckworth: He lost, he wasn't robbed!

    As Vendra is walking up the ramp still celebrating, Gonzalez is sitting in the ring and screaming with rage and Vendra just laughs as he sees it. Gonzalez shouts “This isn’t over!”, and apparently Vendra heard him because he mouths the words “Yes it is, buddy”

    We go backstage to find Ashley La Bella and Ama-Zon preparing for their match coming up next against Alexis.

    Ashley La Bella: I’m so excited! We finally get to teach Alexis a lesson in respect tonight. I’m going to make sure that I make Miss Adams proud!

    Ama-Zon: Tonight, Alexis is going to learn the true meaning of the phrase “pain and suffering”. She’s going to wish that this match was never granted to her, and after it’s all said and done she’ll be a Sorority Sister for life. No matter how hard she’ll try, this will be an initiation that she’ll never forget.

    La Bella excitedly shakes her head in agreement.

    Ashley La Bella: Is Miss Adams here yet?

    Ama-Zon: No, but she said that she would be here soon to see our match.

    Ashley La Bella: Good! Oh, this is going to be so much fun!

    Ama-Zon: Are you ready?

    Ashley La Bella: Yes!

    Ama-Zon: Good, let’s go.

    With that they walk off as we cut back to ringside.

    Bad Girlfriend hits signifying the arrival of Alexis and the fans are showing their support for her tonight. She has a smile on her face as she walks down to the ring, and after she gets in the ring throws her arms up that gets more cheers from the crowd. Her music stops and it’s replaced with Last of my Kind that blares through the arena as Ama-Zon and Ashley La Bella walk out to boos. La Bella looks super excited as she’s skipping down to the ring, while Ama-Zon just walks to the ring while staring straight at Alexis. La Bella is in the ring first as she’s still hopping and skipping around the ring, and Ama-Zon is right behind her.

    Women's Match

    Ashley La Bella has offered to start the match against Alexis as Ama-Zon goes to their corner, and La Bella just points and laughs at Alexis, teasing her because she’s alone. Alexis doesn’t care, and all this has done has just enraged her as she charges at La Bella causing her to back up in to a corner. The referee tells Alexis to back away, and as she does La Bella comes out of the corner running her mouth at Alexis and she slaps Alexis. She just laughs, but not for long as Alexis delivers a hard punch to La Bella that takes her down to the mat, and Alexis gets down and starts slamming La Bella’s head up against the mat as La Bella screams out in pain. As she’s doing this Ama-Zon comes in to kick Alexis right in the head with a big foot, and Alexis goes down as the referee tells Ama-Zon to get back to her corner. La Bella recovers from the beating, and sees Alexis down so she goes for the cover.


    Alexis is able to get her shoulder up, and La Bella wastes no time as she starts slamming Alexis’ head up against the mat, and yelling “Doesn’t feel so good does it?!”. She picks up Alexis, and throws her in to the corner, she then backs up and nails Alexis with a corner spear that causes Alexis to just slump down in the corner. La Bella decides to tag in Ama-Zon, and as soon as Ama-Zon gets in she picks Alexis up and tosses her across the ring near the opposite corner, and Alexis lands with a hard thud as she tries to use the ropes as leverage to get up. She’s not quick enough though as Ama-Zon comes over to put her boot up against Alexis’ face, and then starts kicking her in the corner. She then lifts Alexis up in a two handed choke slam position, and throws down Alexis on the mat with a lot of force and goes for the cover.


    Alexis is able to get her shoulder up again, and now Ama-Zon decides that enough is enough as she locks in The Kiss of Death on Alexis. Alexis is trying with all of her might to fight out of this move as she’s kicking her feet behind her in an attempt to get to the ropes to break up the hold, and after moments of struggling she’s able to get her foot on the rope. Ama-Zon is not happy about having to stop the move, and as she goes to pick up Alexis starts fighting back with shots to the stomach of Ama-Zon, and as she has her doubled over Alexis runs off the ropes, and she’s coming back she’s caught by Ama-Zon who nails her with a powerful spine buster! Alexis holds the back of her head in pain after the landing, and Ashley La Bella is begging to be tagged in. Ama-Zon does so, and La Bella goes for the cover.


    Alexis again barely gets her shoulder up, and La Bella is beyond frustrated as she slams her fists to mat and throws a mini temper tantrum. Ama-Zon gets in and tells her to focus, and then Ama-Zon picks up Alexis and holds her with her arms behind her back. Ama-Zon tells La Bella to hit her with the round house kick she calls Good Night, Sleep Tight, and La Bella happily obliges and she goes for it Alexis is able to escape in time and La Bella hits Ama-Zon with the kick. La Bella can’t believe what she just did, and as she turns around Alexis hits The Makeover on her and goes for the cover.


    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner at 12 minutes and 15 seconds, Alexis!

    The fans start cheering as Alexis celebrates her freedom from The Sorority Sisters, but her celebration doesn’t get to last long as she gets jumped from out of nowhere by a hooded individual. The person removes their hood to reveal Women’s Champion Ashley Adams, and she has a smirk on her face as she snatches the microphone from Lindsay.

    Ashley Adams: You didn’t think it would be that easy did you Alexis?

    She starts kicking Alexis back to the mat as Alexis tried to get up.

    Ashley Adams: You didn’t read that paper I had you sign did you?

    She starts stomping Alexis some more as La Bella and Ama-Zon have gotten up to help by stomping on Alexis.

    Ashley Adams: That paper said you not only had to go through them, but you also have to beat me to get your freedom!

    Ama-Zon and La Bella hold up Alexis for Adams as she gets in the face of Alexis.

    Ashley Adams: Sweet Dreams Alexis!

    She slaps Alexis across the face, and then has Ama-Zon and La Bella let go as she takes Alexis’ head and connects with a picture perfect Sweet Dreams! She then yells at the referee as she goes for the cover.


    Ashley La Bella: Your winner in a record setting 10 seconds, the greatest woman in all of CWA and the Women’s Champion, Ashley Adams!

    The crowd is booing immensely as Adams grabs a microphone.

    Ashley Adams: Tough luck, it looks like you don’t get your freedom after all!

    She starts cackling maniacally as her music starts playing and the crowd is booing louder than ever. She motions to Ama-Zon and La Bella and the three ladies leave the ring, while Alexis still lay in the ring and still in the Sorority Sisters house. We cut backstage to find Diego Gonzalez seemingly upset that he lost his match as he yelling in frustration. Chubby Carlos is nearby as this is going on.

    Chubby Carlos:
    Dude, chill out.

    Diego Gonzalez: Chill out?! You want me to chill out?! Why don't you mind your own business fat boy!

    Diego walks off angrily while Chubby looks on appalled at what just took place.

    Harvey Buckworth: Next up we'll determine a new X-Fly Champion as Harry Jones takes on Dexter Darwin Douglas!

    Tim Coleman: I hope Jones can pick up the victory here tonight.

    Dexter tugged on his boots as he sat near the entrance ramp. He had been sitting in the back, watching the rest of the event as he kept preparing himself. His mind was racing as the moment of truth got closer and closer. Dexter Darwin Douglas vs. Harry Jones for the vacant X-Fly Championship Title. What was Harry's plan tonight? Would he try to injure Dexter or even cheat just so he can gloat about a second victory and a having a championship?

    Dexter shook his head as he knew he had to get rid of those thoughts. He clenched his fist and stood up as he knew all he could do is get out there and wrestle the best match he had inside him. Win or lose, he knew the fans would cheer him on. The thought of the crowd going wild as he held the X-Fly title above his head only fueled his passion to win this match. The fans were already hot and wild from the action that had been going on tonight, he could hear their chants and applause from the backstage area, making him smile.

    He stood by the entrance ramp as he heard through the speakers that his match was up. The sound of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's 'Conscience Killer' started up, pumping the man up as his name was announced. He stepped through the curtain to the sounds of cheers and adulation from the fans as the time to prove himself was here.

    Dexter Darwin Douglas makes his way to the ring as his theme music "Conscience Killer" blares through the arena. The crowd is going wild for this young man as he slides in to the ring, and gets on the turnbuckles as a way to hype up the crowd.

    Harvey Buckworth: Dexter looks excited to be here tonight, but he also has a look of focus and determination on his face.

    "From Heads Unworthy" kicks in and out comes Harry Jones much to the disapproval of these New York fans. Jones walks to the ring with a serious look on his face, and he doesn't take his eyes off of Dexter as he steps through the ropes in to the ring.

    Tim Coleman: Harvey, you talk about Dexter being focused and determined tonight, as well as he should be when he's facing a man like Harry Jones. Jones has been a force to be reckoned with since coming to CWA, and he's looking to make a name for himself tonight by winning the X-Fly Championship.

    Harvey Buckworth: Dexter Darwin Douglas will also be looking to make a name for himself, and whoever comes out victorious in this match will walk out of Madison Square Garden with their first ever championship in CWA.

    X-Fly Championship

    Referee Johnny Yamaguchi discusses with both competitors before the match starts, and after both agree to the rules this match is underway as he signals for the bell. Both men begin by circling each other, but they stop when the chants for Douglas start. Douglas lets Jones know what they're chanting, but Jones doesn't care as he goes right after Douglas with some lefts and rights, and Douglas comes back with some lefts and rights of his own that send Jones in to the ropes and it causes him to fall over the ropes onto the mat outside. He's able to land on his feet with his back turned to Douglas, and as soon as he turns around he's met with a suicide dive from Douglas, and both men go down in a heap on to the mat. The crowd is going wild for what just happened.

    Harvey Buckworth: Wow! What a dive by Douglas!

    Tim Coleman: I'm not so sure if that was a smart move by Douglas, he may have very well taken himself out of this match early on.

    The referee has started a count as both men start to get up, and Douglas is up first as he grabs Jones by the head and throws him back in to the ring and goes for an early cover.

    Jones was able to get a shoulder up to stop the count.

    Tim Coleman: It's going to take a lot more than that to keep Jones down. Douglas is just wasting time here Harvey.

    Douglas is on his knees near Jones, and that gives Jones the opportunity to go for a roll up pin.

    Douglas gets kicks out this time.

    Tim Coleman: What did I tell you Harvey? Douglas was wasting time, and Jones took full advantage of it.

    Harvey Buckworth: Douglas is still in this though, so don't count him out just yet.

    Jones gets Douglas in position in what looks a sleeper hold, but instead he starts delivering elbow shots to the side of the head of Douglas, and this seems to go on for quite some time. After Jones finally finishes Douglas looks battered and beaten as Jones lifts him up only to take Douglas right back down with an arm drag, and he turns Douglas on his stomach so he can lock in The Jones Special! He has it locked in tight, and Douglas is trying with all of his strength to get to the ropes and he's finally able to which forces Jones to break the hold. Jones is seemingly frustrated as he sits in wait for Douglas to get up, but little does he know is that Douglas knows he's waiting, and as Douglas gets up he connects with a pele kick that has Jones wobbling. He then grabs Jones in an attempt to go for a belly to belly suplex, but Jones is somehow able to fight out of it as he elbows Douglas in the head and Douglas lets go. Jones then connects with a pele kick of his own that has Douglas wobbling, and that gives Jones the chance to throw Douglas in to the corner and sets him up on the top turnbuckle in position and connects with a poisoned frankensteiner! Douglas looks like he's out of it as Jones goes for a cover.!

    Somehow Douglas manages to get a shoulder up, and Jones can't believe it.

    Harvey Buckworth: Douglas still has fight left in him!

    Tim Coleman: How did he do that?!

    Jones is getting beyond frustrated now.

    Harvey Buckworth: Jones looking frustrated now.

    Tim Coleman: He can't let his frustrations get the better of him Harvey

    Jones picks up Douglas in what looks like he's about to go for the Diamond Cutter, but Douglas is able escape it, turn Jones around and hits him with a belly to belly suplex. Douglas goes right back at him with a uranage, and then once again on the attack with an STO! He then goes for a cover.!

    Jones kicks out and Douglas picks him up to connect with the Hyper Combo! He goes for another cover.!

    Jones barely kicks out that time, and Douglas is in shock.

    Harvey Buckworth: Jones is showing how much winning that championship means to him.

    Douglas picks him up and is about to go for the D3, but Jones is able to escape it and hits Douglas with Revelations! He has the anaconda vice grip lock in tight on Douglas!

    Tim Coleman: Come on Douglas! Just give up!

    Harvey Buckworth: Douglas will not give up! Not just yet!

    Douglas is somehow able to escape the hold, and as he slowly gets up he's met with a Diamond Cutter from Jones! Jones goes for the cover!


    Douglas barely gets a shoulder up in time! The crowd is in shock and so is Jones as he angrily pounds his fists on the mat. He screams at Douglas to get up as he waits to hit another Diamond Cutter.

    Harvey Buckworth: Douglas showing his heart and determination to win this match!

    Tim Coleman: Both men want this so badly! Neither of them will quit!

    Jones is stalking his prey, and as Douglas gets up Jones tries for another Diamond Cutter, but Douglas counters it and he's able to connect with the D3! He goes for the pin on Jones.


    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner at 20 minutes 9 seconds, and the new X-Fly Champion Dexter Darwin Douglas!

    Harvey Buckworth: He's done it! Dexter Darwin Douglas has won the X-Fly championship!

    Tim Coleman: Wow, what a match.

    Dexter Darwin Douglas is on his knees and he's overcome with happiness and joy as Johnny Yamaguchi hands him the title. He stares down at it for what seems like an eternity before finally embracing it in his arms, and then raising it high above his head much to the delight of the fans. He gets up from his knees, and celebrates some more while the fans go wild.

    Tim Coleman: I gotta hand it to Dexter, he earned his victory here tonight. Don't take anything away from Jones though.

    Harvey Buckworth: Of course not, Jones showed a lot out here tonight, but it just wasn't enough to keep Douglas down.

    Dexter leaves the ring still celebrating while Jones is up, and looks on at Dexter who's up at the ramp with his title raised up high in the air.

    7:10 pm

    The action quickly cuts backstage where we see an anxious Guardian Devil furiously pacing back and forth, clearly uneasy about tonight’s event. He appears to be donning a top hat, coat with a long tail and smoking a long black cigarette holder.

    GD talks to himself.

    GD: Snidley, this simply will not do. I have a World Tag Team Championship match tonight and I’ve yet to find a suitable partner. Whom will I team with now?? Wait a tickle, I have an incoming textual message, and it’s from Leblanc! Praise Jebus I’m saved. Aheem, and I quote. “GD, sorry bro but I can’t get to the arena tonight. Yeah dude, looks like I’ve fallen off the internets again. Prolly wont be back to CWA anytime soon. XoXo Kenneth Leblanc.”

    GD: Damn Leblanc! First Ultimate Pain falls off the internets, then this guy! I wonder…that’s IT! Pain falls off, and then comes back a few months later for a World championship match? I see what you did there Kenny, I see indeed. I wonder how one falls off these here internets anyhow. No matter! I’ve smaller fish to fry. Oh, another text! Let’s see, it’s from Pain. “Hey Devil man, so yeah, can’t partner up tonight, you know, champions…..err internets issues again. Maybe if I don’t win tonigh….umm, can find a boat back to the new world, we can team up next week. Bunches of munches, U.P.”

    GD justifiably angry, continues to pace. Feverishly puffing his 1920’s cigarette holder, seemingly walking a trench into the cement floor backstage.

    GD: Yeah seeee, yeah. This is no good I tells ya, nooooo good.

    As GD seems about to pace himself through the ground, Megan Anderson approaches for a quick, pre-match interview.

    Megan Anderson: Mr. Devil, might I get a word with you?

    GD: Generic interviewer #6, do you not see that I am busy? Busy busy, puffing this…..thing and pondering my match in 20 minutes. Wtf is this thing even anyways? I thought it was candy?

    Megan: First of all, I’m Megan Anderson. Secondly, I believe that’s a cigarette extension.

    GD: This is a cigarette!? POOOO!

    GD hurls the device down in disgust.

    GD: I haven’t smoked since the indy days of 1947. So, since I CLEARLY am not get anywhere with this self thought, what can I do for you in the next…18 minutes?

    Megan: Well CLEARLY the issue at hand is my topic of discussion. Your rubber match with the Gang Stars is next and you don’t seem to have anyone from the Brotherhood backing you up tonight. What do you plan to do about it?

    GD: My dear Meglor, what do you think I’ve been doing the past 3 hours?? I’ve been textifying my friends, or at least people who I thought were my friends, to see where the hell they are at and if they are contractually available tonight for this here title match. Now, I’ve thought about this long and hard. I’ve have correspondence out to Kenneth Leblanc, Ultimate Pain, Minimal Pain, Shaun-o-caster, Richard Fleihr and a veritable cornucopia of other individuals. All to no avails I can assure you. Now, I’m resignated to my fate of having a handicap match to win those titles back. Perhaps you’d like to team up? We could be like Bonnie and Clydesdale!

    Megan: Uh, no.

    GD: Curses! Foiled aygayne!

    GD twirls a phantom mustache.

    Megan: Also, I was sent to inform you that if you cannot find a suitable replacement in the next 15 minutes, you will forfeit your opportunity tonight. No chance for a handicap match. How do you like that?

    GD: No sir, I don’t like it. If you’ll excuse me, I have to find the maintenance man. Surely he’d like a taste of the glory hole.

    Holy Diver is blaring through the arena as GD makes his way down to the ring while The Gang Stars are already in there , and the fans are going wild for the CWA legend.

    Tim Coleman: This is a familiar scene isn't it? GD coming out alone to face The Gang Stars again with the tag team titles on the line. LeBlanc bailed out on him, and now he has no one again. He must rub people the wrong way.

    Harvey Buckworth: I highly doubt that. GD is a great athlete and an all around genuinely good person that just likes to have fun.

    Tim Coleman: He's a goof, plain and simple. LeBlanc was a goof too, but he must have came to his senses and dropped GD like a bad habit just like the rest of The Brotherhood.

    GD is in the ring and he music goes off as he tells The Gang Stars to pay attention to the entrance area.

    Tim Coleman: Oh, he actually found someone that can tolerate him, I wonder who it is.

    The tron flickers to life and an image appears

    The fans go crazy at that image because they know who it is.

    Harvey Buckworth: Is that who I think it is?

    Tim Coleman: Oh dear god.

    Rock Bottom's "Bring the Slaughter" hits as The Canadian Cobra Kyle Crosby has returned!

    Harvey Buckworth: Kyle Crosby is back!

    Tim Coleman: I should've known.

    Harvey Buckworth: Known what?

    Tim Coleman: I knew he was here because I spoke to him earlier today.

    Harvey Buckworth: What?! You're just now telling me this!

    Tim Coleman: Don't you yell at me! I didn't think it was relevant! Now it all makes sense.

    Crosby walks down to the ring while the crowd is going wild for him, but he doesn't seem to notice as he gets in to the ring and shakes hands with GD. The Gang Stars are in their respective corner as they watch GD and Crosby discuss strategy in their corner.

    Tim Coleman: Things aren't looking good for The Gang Stars that's for sure, they weren't expecting this.

    CWA Tag Team Championship
    The Gang Stars(c) vs Guardian Devil

    GD is going to start the match for his team while Krash will start for The Gang Stars, and the two start circling each other before getting in to a grapple, and GD gets the upper hand as he gets Krash in a headlock and takes him straight down to the mat. Krash quickly rolls away from GD and gets up not expecting that from GD at all. GD just shrugs and they go in to a grapple again and once again GD gets Krash in a headlock and takes him down to the mat. Krash gets up again not expecting this, and he goes to tag in Alyster Black while GD tags in Crosby.

    Harvey Buckworth: Crosby hasn't been in action for months! Let's see if he's still got it!

    Black trying to be the humble one attempts a handshake with Crosby, and Crosby just looks at it, a sneer on his face before he laughs at Black.

    Tim Coleman: Obviously Black is unfamiliar with Kyle Crosby.

    Black is a bit taken aback but accepts it and moves on as he goes in for a grapple with Crosby, and Crosby gets the better of it as he gets Black in a reverse headlock and starts hitting with elbow shots to the chest. Then after he's worn Black down Crosby positions him in for a snap suplex, and Black holds his lower back in pain from the impact of hitting the mat, and Crosby wastes no time as he hooks Black by the leg and hits him with a nasty looking belly to back suplex and Black is once again rolling in agony from the impact to his back as Crosby snickers sadistic like.

    Harvey Buckworth: He seems to be enjoying this.

    Tim Coleman:
    It wouldn't be Kyle Crosby if he didn't enjoy inflicting pain onto others.

    Crosby goes after Black again as Black is crawling to his corner, but Crosby doesn't allow him to get there as he grabs Black by his leg, but Black was ready for it that time as he kicks away Crosby to give him enough time to get on his feet and he starts laying in to Crosby with fists to the head. Crosby fires back with his fists to the head of Black, and he's able to lift him position to hit him with a double underhook backbreaker! He goes for the first pin of the match.!

    Black gets his shoulder while GD tags himself in, and Crosby was not expecting that but he lets it slide as he goes in to his corner. While that's happening Black was able to roll over to his corner to tag in Krash, and Krash comes running at GD, but GD catches him with a spinebuster! He picks up Krash and nails him with a jackhammer slam! Krash lies in agony on the mat and GD goes for a pin this time.!

    Krash kicks out and before GD can get him he rolls to his corner so he and Black can rethink their strategy.

    Tim Coleman: The Gang Stars were not ready for this. If they aren't careful, their reign as champions could be in jeopardy.

    Harvey Buckworth: Don't count them out yet Tim.

    GD is growing impatient as runs at Krash, but Krash is ready as he moves out of the way and GD crashes in to the turnbuckle. Krash then tags Black back in to the match and Black turns GD around to set him up with a yakuza kick in the corner right in to the face of GD, and GD goes down like a ton of bricks as Black goes for a cover.!

    GD is able to kick out as Black grabs him by the hair to hit him with a hair-pull backbreaker which is then followed by a spike DDT, and Black tags Krash back in.

    Tim Coleman: Smart strategy by The Gang Stars with the quick tags, and it's also smart of them to wear down GD.

    Harvey Buckworth: Don't forget about Crosby, he's still in this.

    Crosby is in the corner begging to GD to crawl over to the corner, and GD tries but he's stopped as Krash grabs him and throws him right back in to the corner near Black, and he runs at GD to connect with a monkey flip that sends GD flying across the ring with landing hard on the mat.

    Harvey Buckworth:
    GD desperately needs to make a tag to stay in this match.

    Tim Coleman: Now is his chance because he's near his corner.

    Crosby is reaching his arm out to GD, and just GD is about tag him in he's stopped by Krash again with a leg drop this time. Krash then gets GD up and he starts hitting him with Krash Kourse! GD is just absorbing all the punishment, and as Krash is about to finish it off with a kick to the chin GD is able to counter by grabbing Krash's boot, spinning him around, and lifts him up to connect with a backdrop driver! Both men are out as their partners are both trying to will them on, and GD is the first to start moving as he somehow tags in Crosby!

    Tim Coleman: Oh boy! Here we go!

    Harvey Buckworth: Business is about pick up!

    Krash has now tagged Black and now Black and Crosby run at each other as Crosby nails Black with a clothesline, then another clothesline, followed by another one and this continues on until finally Crosby feels like he wore down Black enough to get him position for The Black Death! But Black is able to fight out of it and starts laying in to Crosby with shots to his head, but the punches seems to have no effect on Crosby as he starts firing back with punches of his own. Then he gets Black in position and hits him Canadian Venom! Black is down as now GD begs to be let in by Crosby, and Crosby somewhat reluctantly tags in GD and GD climbs to the turnbuckle and hits Black with a Steeple's Elbow! He goes for the cover.


    Krash attempted to make the save, but Crosby did not allow him to make the save in time.

    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner 16 minutes and 20 second, and new CWA Tag Team Champions, the team Guardian Devil and Kyle Crosby!

    Harvey Buckworth: What a win here tonight for GD and Crosby!

    Crosby takes both of the titles and celebrates the win. GD looks somewhat confused before Crosby hands one of the titles over to him.

    Harvey Buckworth:
    Well folks here we go! The biggest show of the year, and now we are at the biggest main event we have ever had! It is now time for Roberto Superstar vs. Ultimate Pain vs. the CWA World Champion Rolando Fuentes!

    The camera pans to a hype video.

    Change by the Deftones play and the screen shows a video package where all three men are being featured, as each man has a 360 camera, that is panning around them as they do their signature poses and taunts. Then it goes and shows some highlights of all three mens career!

    Roberto now with a Brainbuster on Enzo. Roberto delivers a well executed belly to belly suplex to Enzo. Enzo quickly back to his feet. Enzo catches Roberto with a High knee. You can't take anything away from either of these wrestlers. Enzo with a pin attempt! Roberto gets a leg over the bottom rope! Enzo argues with the official before pulling Roberto to the middle of the ring. Enzo with another pin but Roberto easily kicks out.

    A side headlock by Enzo. Roberto fights out with a forearm smash to Enzo. Enzo falls victim to a big knife edge chop from Roberto. Enzo catches Roberto with a body slam. Enzo needs to capitalize on his opponent's vulnerability. Enzo mocks Roberto by prancing around the ring. Enzo falls victim to a head butt from Roberto. Roberto is giving the signal... there it is! The Tutti Frutti is locked in tight! He's on the mat now. And Enzo taps out!

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and gentlemen, the time of the match is 12 minutes, 07 seconds. Your winner, via the Tutti Frutti is Roberto!

    Roberto falls to his knees and screams in joy at his victory. The main event for CWA Uprising is now set. Roberto will face Ultimate Pain to determine the first CWA Heavyweight Champion.

    As Roberto celebrates in the ring he spots his opponent atop the ramp. Ultimate Pain is watching closely. The two men lock eyes as they both know what is up for grabs. The stare is only broken when Roberto is jumped from behind. Roberto is choked out in a Dragon Sleeper before being dropped to the mat. “The Figure of Destiny” Vance Johnson stands over the lifeless body of Roberto and takes his place in the stare down with Ultimate Pain to end the show.
    Roberto sneaks up behind Ultimate Pain and hurls him with a pump handle suplex. Ultimate Pain grabs Roberto in a nerve hold but he quickly makes the ropes. Punch, caught by Ultimate Pain. He twists Roberto's arm around for an arm wringer. A couple elbows from Roberto, later, and the hold is released. Roberto hooks in a camel clutch on Ultimate Pain. After a few minutes, even Roberto grows bored and releases it.

    Ultimate Pain and Roberto are exchange a series of closed fists. Pain bounces off the ropes for more power but Roberto drops down and manages to lock in the Gay Crab. Roberto leans back in he centre of the ring. Ultimate Pain fights it but eventually taps out.

    Lindsay Monahan:

    Your winner and NEW CWA Heavyweight Champion, via submission, in 38 minutes 49 seconds, is Roberto!

    Roberto jumps to the second rope and raises his arms in victory. Roberto quickly drops out of the ring and over to the time keeper who is currently in possession of the CWA Heavyweight Championship. Roberto seems stunned when he picks up the belt as looks at it. After a few seconds Roberto kisses the belt and climbs back into the ring as pyro goes off in the background and confetti falls into the ring. Roberto is nearly in tears as the entire arena stand and applaud the new champion.
    The camera then pans to show Roberto’s 360 motion, and showing him doing his signature taunts, and then at the end he sticks out his tongue and places his arms around his waist to signal he will be the World Heavyweight Champion!

    Roberto gets lifted off the mat by Pain in a two-handed choke and dropped back down just as fast. Pain works over Roberto's shoulder some more with a shoulder breaker. Pain grates Roberto's face into the side of the cage, Roberto will be sore in the morning.

    Go-behind by Pain, and he nails Roberto with a knee breaker. DDT lays out Pain. Roberto bounces off the near rope and hits a big splash. Roberto renders Pain's brain cells scrambled with a jumping kick to the head. Go-behind by Roberto and he drops Pain right on his head with a killer German suplex.

    Clothesline by Pain, reversed into a crucifix DDT by Roberto. Roberto climbs to the top rope and gets knocked off. Roberto takes Pain's head off with a lariat. Pain is stunned but still manages to exchange punches. Roberto plants Pain with a bulldog.

    Roberto climbs to the top rope and gets knocked off. Pain kicks Roberto in the temple before hitting the Ulti-Bomb out of nowhere. Pain makes the cover. 1, 2, 3.

    Lindsay Monahan: And your winner and NEW CWA Heavyweight Champion, in 50 minutes and 01 second, is The Ultimate Pain!

    Ultimate Pain remains on top of Roberto as he couldn’t stand up if he wanted to after that match. It takes several minutes of recovery before he can start his celebrations and his title reign. We are shown a replay package of the main event in which we crowned a new Heavyweight Champion. After the video package we see the new champion atop the cage with his title belt in hand raised in victory. Roberto meanwhile needs to be helped backstage despite his protests that he can manage by himself.
    The camera then pans to the Ultimate Pain as the camera goes 360, and he just stands there looking at the camera in a very menacing way. He cracks hi knuckles, and just looks menacingly at the camera not cracking a smile!

    One…two…thre-No! Nicholas is able to kick out, and Fuentes picks him up but Nicholas stops before he can do anything with some punches to the chest, and then gets him in position for The Road to Destiny. Fuentes is able to fight out of it though with some hard elbows to the head of Nicholas, and then he takes Nicholas and lifts him up in position for the Ice Pick, and he nails it on Nicholas. Nicholas looks to be out of it as Fuentes goes for the pin.


    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner, and new CWA World Heavyweight Champion, Rolando “Ice” Fuentes!

    Fuentes is handed the title, and his arm is raised in victory by the referee. Fuentes looks down at his championship, and then back at Nicholas, who has still moved since getting hit with the Ice Pick.
    The camera pans to Rolando who is standing there with the World Title draped over his shoulder, he looks at the title very lovingly and as the camera pans around him in a 360, he points to the title, and then points at himself, and mouths this is mine!
    Timothy Coleman: What is he doing here?!

    Harvey Buckworth: Does it matter?! He’s back folks! Roberto is back!

    The action in the ring has come to a stop as Roberto walks to the ring, soaking in the adoration from the crowd. He finally gets into the ring, and Abdul goes running at him but is met with a boot to the gut and tossed outside.
    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner of the 2011 Royal Rumble, Roberto Superstar!

    Harvey Buckworth: Roberto has done it folks! He’s comeback, and he’s won the 2011 Royal Rumble!

    Timothy Coleman: I can’t believe it!
    Roberto celebrates his hard fought victory. He climbs on each corner, and throw his arms out in victory. Suddenly caos erupts in the crowd. Something is going on, but we can't tell what it is. The crowd is going crazy for whatever reason. The camera gets a closer look and we understand why the fans are so excited. The Ultimate Pain is in the house. Pain makes his way through the crowd, before climbing over the guardrail and getting inside the ring. Roberto looks shocked, as Pain gets closer to him and just smiles.

    Harvey Buckworth: What is he doing here? What's the meaning of this?

    Timothy Coleman: It's pretty clear. He's letting Roberto know that they have still some unfinished business to take care of.

    Harvey Buckworth: Well, it's been a great PPV! Ladies and gentlemen that’s all we have time for, we’ll see you next time on Adrenaline Rush!

    The show goes off the air with Roberto and Pain in a very intense stare down.
    The camera goes to both Roberto Superstar and Ultimate Pain staring each other down with Rolando Fuentes in the background just laughing and watching.

    Rolando Fuentes: “Of course, Ulti and I are still very close…”

    Suddenly Ultimate Pain walks into the camera shot, much to the delight of the fans in attendance. Pain stares at a slightly uncomfortable looking Rolando for a moment, before Rolando breaks the silence.

    Rolando Fuentes: “Ah Pain, good to see you! We were actually just talking about you. I was letting everyone know how close we’ve remained in your absence.”

    Pain continues to stare at Rolando, but the closer the camera gets, the more it appears that he is actually staring at the belt on Rolando’s shoulder.

    Ultimate Pain: “Close? I thought people had to talk to remain close?”

    Rolando Fuentes: “Oh yeah, right right. But our relationship is more about respecting each other. We’ve always got each other’s backs, right?”

    Ultimate Pain’s eyes have still never left Rolando’s CWA World Title.

    Ultimate Pain: “If it helps you sleep any easier at night Rolando, then sure.”

    Pain finally breaks the stare, and meets Rolando’s eyes.

    Ultimate Pain: “Oh and I almost forgot, congratulations kid.”

    Pain slowly taps Rolando’s shoulder with the belt on it, before offering Rolando a handshake which Rolando quickly accepts. Pain then marches off, leaving a rather pleased looking Rolando with a somewhat confused looking Michelle Kelly, as the camera cuts to ringside.

    Paper Planes hits as Diego Gonzalez steps out to cheers from the crowd. He has on a black Odd Future shirt, baggy jeans, and a San Diego Padres baseball cap. As he’s walking to the ring the fans notice that he doesn’t look like his usual happy go luck self, and he has a serious look on his face. When he gets in the ring he asks for a microphone from Lindsay, and she gives it to him.
    The camera pans to Rolando and Ultimate Pain facing off, and you see Rolando trying to shake Pain’s hand as Pain is just looking at the World title very intently!

    Roberto Superstar: "I have faced a lot of people in this ring, from Vance Johnson, to Rich Stone and of course my toughest challenge..."

    Roberto pauses, as the fans again begin chanting Pain's name. Roberto once again looks around and just smiles...

    Roberto Superstar: "...Nickolas Kennedy Arsen!!!"

    People boo what they just heard come out of Roberto's mouth. It has nothing to do with him mentioning Arsen; it is just the fact that Roberto is completely ignoring Pain. Once again, Roberto pays no attention to it and decides to continue, but before he can go on the opening notes of Supernaut play out over the arena. The crowd erupts in a chorus of cheers as The Ultimate Pain also makes his long awaited return to Adrenaline Rush! An irritated Pain makes his way out in casual attire as well, also completed with his trademark aviators. Pain begins to talk as he continues to march down to the ring.

    Ultimate Pain: "Woah, woah, woah! Easy there Roberto..."

    Roberto has since removed his sunglasses, simply watching Pain’s entrance with an ever-growing smirk on his face, as if he was expecting this. It seems Roberto was ignoring Pain on purpose, almost as if he was playing mind-games with Pain.

    As Pain reaches the ring, and begins to climb in people are going nuts, at the two former CWA World Champions being in the same ring once again. This is what everyone here wanted to see! Pain gets in the ring and right in Roberto's face much to the delight of the fans.

    Ultimate Pain: "It sure seems like you’re forgetting about someone, champ!"

    Pain and Roberto simultaneously look around the arena, as everyone begins chanting, 5 Star Attraction. It is pretty obvious that Pain vs. Roberto is the match every wrestling fan in the world wants to see. Roberto just smiles, as Pain backs away from Roberto before continuing.

    Ultimate Pain: “Now I know you won the Rumble at Meltdown Roberto, and I’ll be the first to congratulate you on that. However, there’s the slight problem that nobody cares about watching you, unless it’s against me!”

    Roberto and a large part of the audience seem to disagree. Roberto simply laughs at Pain’s claims before shaking his head. Roberto starts to lift his microphone as if to speak but is quickly cut off by Pain before he can draw breath.

    Ultimate Pain: “Think about it Roberto, the biggest win of your career, was against me. Your biggest defeat was against me. Your greatest feud has and always will be, with me! There’d be no Roberto Superstar, if it wasn’t for yours truly!”

    The crowd seems a little mixed in their reception to Pain’s words. Some seem turned off by Pain’s arrogance, while others seem to be enjoying it.

    Ultimate Pain: “This of course proves to be particularly difficult when it comes to…”

    Pain looks around, holding the pause for dramatic effect.

    Ultimate Pain: “…Five Star Attraction!”

    The crowd loves this, and pops loud as Pain continues to hint at a Roberto vs. Pain match.

    Ultimate Pain: “As you said, the Rumble winner gets a shot at the World title at Five Star. That’s all well and good but who here really wants to see Roberto face a former Pain protégé in the main event when they could be watching you against the man himself, to see who really is…the greatest of all time!”

    Pain continues to stare at Roberto, as he lifts his arms into a signature pose to the delight of most of the crowd. Finally he drops his arms and gets in Roberto’s face once again.

    Ultimate Pain: “So what’s it going to be Roberto? Rolando or The Ultimate…”

    Pain gives his usual pause, before taking his sunglasses off, to stare eye to eye with Roberto.

    Ultimate Pain: “…Paaaaaiiiiinnn!”

    Roberto stares at Pain for what feels like an eternity. He then turns to the crowd who are still cheering loudly at the prospect of this dream match, which seems to cause Roberto more confusion.

    Apparently tired of waiting, Pain then cheap shots Roberto with a slap across the face before quickly rolling out of the ring.

    Ultimate Pain: “Maybe that will give you something to think about Superstar!”

    Pain drops his microphone as he slowly walks up the ramp backwards, continuing to shout at Roberto. Meanwhile the 2011 Royal Rumble winner, just stares him back, not too happy about what has just occurred. These next two months leading to 5 Star Attraction should be very, very interesting.
    Roberto: "Well, it seems I have a decision to make. At Five Star Attraction I could either go for the World Title and face Rolando Fuentes..."

    Roberto pauses as he looks around the arena for a response. There are a lot of fans who want Roberto to go for the big prize.

    Roberto: "Or I could just face The Ultimate Pain in the ultimate dream match..."

    Roberto pauses again and again looks around the arena and this time the place explodes. If Roberto is looking for advice from these fans on he should face, well, he just got his answer. People have been waiting for these match for years now and it looks like it will finally happen. Roberto smiles, while nodding his head. It seems he has made his decision.

    Roberto: "It looks like the decision on who I should face is simple. It looks like that at Five Star Attraction I will be facing..."

    Right before Roberto is about to name his opponent, "Dropping Plates" by Disturbed hits the PA system and out comes the World Champion, Rolando Fuentes. Rolando has the CWA Title proudly draped over his right shoulder, as he arrogantly struts his way down to the ring with the huge Monolyth behind him.

    Tim Coleman: "The World Champion is here, the World Champion is here!!!"

    Harvey Buckworth: "Calm yourself down a little there Tim, you sound like a kid at a candy store."

    Tim Coleman: "But the World Champion is here."

    As soon as Rolando gets inside the ring, he gets close to Roberto and throws the World Title up in the air. It seems that the Champ is challenging Roberto. Rolando keeps the title in the air for what it seems an eternity, before taking the microphone from his back pocket and beginning to speak.

    Rolando: "So Roberto, you have made your decision uh? Bravo, good for you. Well, before you tell everyone what that decision is, let me remind you Roberto, that I am World champion around this place and I play second fiddle to no one. Do you really believe that I am going to let you or Pain or anybody else out stage me? DO YOU???"

    Just like Pain did two weeks ago, Rolando gets right in Roberto's face. Roberto just answers Rolando with a little smirk and this seems to make Rolando even more pissed off that he already is.

    Rolando: In my finest hour, in my greatest triumph, both you and my mentor, the Ultimate Pain, decided to return and thus shadowed my moment as the newly crowned World Champion! I am the CWA World Champion, something that you have been on one occasion or two..."

    Roberto smiles and then puts his right hand up showing Rolando 4 fingers.

    Harvey Buckworth: " In case anyone doesn't know, Roberto has won the CWA Title 4 times."

    Tim Coleman: "Yeah, but he never beat Rolando for it."

    Rolando: "...but once the competition got too stiff for your liking, you decided to go ahead and bail. Oh wait, I am sorry, poor little Roberto was injured actually. Well, that's a freaking joke and you know it. You were at home waiting for the right time to come back and when you thought it would be easy pickings for you, you decided to do so. That shows me that you have no respect for me, and so I may just have to beat some damn respect into you. I am not the same person you knew when you left. I am not that rookie that was dominating the lower card. I am not that rookie that was carrying your bags for you, because I looked up to you and because I was trying to move up the card. You are now staring and looking up at the new World Heavyweight Champion! Actually let me correct that for you Roberto...YOUR World Heavyweight Champion. As it stands now, you are the newbie on the block Roberto, so you should go and carry my bags now. You need to realize and understand that I am the measuring stick around here, and you are just a fossil hoping to get on my coattail."

    Roberto laughs, then makes a punching motion towards Rolando. The former MMA fighter flinches just for a millisecond, before laughing it off a little.

    Rolando: "Oohhh very funny Roberto, keep disrespecting me. You come in, take away my spotlight, you pick my mentor, the Ultimate Pain over me. This is my company!!! I am the World Champion, damn it!!! At 5 Star Attraction you will not be the main event like you think you are, unless it is against me"

    As soon as Rolando finishes his sentence, he tries to slap Roberto out, but the Royal Rumble winner blocks it just in time. Roberto then looks like he is about to punch Rolando right in the face, but Monolyth gets in between them right before he is about to do so. This stops Roberto instantly. The big bodyguard is one scary dude and even Roberto is cautious of him. Rolando laughs as he hides behind Monolyth.

    Rolando: "Yeah, touch me Roberto and see what the Monolyth does to you. You are pathetic Roberto, PATHETIC!!! I am done with you, and do not forget that I am the World Heavyweight Champion of the CWA!!"

    A laughing Rolando drapes his title over Monolyth's shoulder, then proceeds on exiting the ring, surrounded by a chorus of boos. Meanwhile Roberto doesn't seem too happy at what has just occurred, as he just stands in the ring, eyes locked on Rolando.

    Harvey Buckworth: "That just made Roberto's decision on who to face just a little bit tougher."

    Tim Coleman: "Who cares about Roberto."

    With that the show comes to an end.
    The camera shows all three men staring each other down, and fireworks going off in the background!! They all look at each other intently, but you see Rolando trying to goad Ultimate Pain and Roberto to fight each other!

    Roberto: "But as good as that match sounds, I could also go out there and face Rolando Fuentes for the CWA World title and there's nothing in this world more important than that for me. Being the CWA World Champion is what we all strive to be and that's a fact."

    Roberto pauses again and the fans also cheer for this match. It's seems the crowd is split here. Half wants to see Roberto face Pain, while the other half wants to see Roberto face Rolando.

    Tim Coleman: "Rolando is the CWA Champion and he deserves to be in the Main Event. Roberto should stop being disrespectful towards our champion and just pick him as his opponent."

    Roberto: "It's a tough decision as you can tell, but I have made one. I've also gone to the big boss already, Jim Horrorfan and made the match official. The papers have already been drawn, and except for a couple of signatures, this thing is done. So, I'd like to ask both Rolando and Pain to get out here, so we can get this all thing over with..."

    Dropping Plates by Disturbed begins playing and out comes Rolando. The champ doesn't look too happy as he makes his way down the ramp. The fans, meanwhile, don't look too happy either, as they boo him with all they've got. Rolando gets in the ring and begins muttering something to Roberto, but we can't hear exactly what. Maybe it's good 'cause I don't think he saying anything too nice.

    Rolando's music is then interrupted by Supernaut by Black Sabbath, which means only one's the Ultimate Pain's turn to come out. The former CWA Champion makes his way down to the ring to mix reaction from the fans here in attendance. Pain pays no attention to the fans, as he looks completely focused on Roberto. Pain gets in the ring and goes straight for Roberto, and completely ignores Rolando, who was trying to offer his former mentor a handshake. Pain gets right in Roberto's face and now it's him who's muttering something to Roberto, but once again we don't hear what's being said. Roberto cockily smiles, before backing up and motioning for both men to calm down.

    Roberto: 'Woaaah boys, relax a little. I know it's been a stressful past few months, but it's finally over. Tonight you will both find out who I've picked to be my opponent at 5 Star Attraction. I'm not going to drag this any longer, therefore I am going straight to it. My opponent in New York City on December 28th will be...Rolando Fuentes!!!"

    The place explodes into a mix reaction. A lot of boos here, but there are also a lot of cheers. Rolando is one of those guys cheering, as he knows that main eventing 5 Star Attraction against Roberto could possibly make him a legend down the road. Pain meanwhile looks angry and disappointed. It seems though that Roberto is not done here. He tells the crowd to hush as he gets to Pain's face...

    Roberto: "...and The Ultimate Pain!!!"

    Everyone looks confused here, including Pain and Rolando.

    Roberto: "Yeah boys, you heard me right, at 5 Star Attraction I will face both of you in an old fashion three way dance and it will be for the World Title."

    Roberto smiles, as the place goes insane. Everyone seems to love the idea of these three men going at it in a triple threat...well, everyone except for Rolando, as he looks like he's been shot. He knows that retaining the title against both Pain and Roberto will be literally impossible. The Ultimate Pain, on the other hand, looks satisfied about Roberto's decision. All of a sudden, he has a shot of not only beating Roberto, but a shot at the Title as well. Rolando tries to complain to Pain that this is not fair, but Pain just shrugs his shoulders, while all the time staring at the belt.

    Harvey Buckworth: "5 Star Attraction is going to be spectacular."

    Tim Coleman: "This is not fair to Rolando. Roberto just screwed our champion."

    Meanwhile, Roberto is about to leave the ring, but right before he does, he changes his mind and turns back...

    Roberto: "Ooohh and by the way, don't think I forgot about the slaps both of you gave me..."

    Roberto drops the mic and quickly clotheslines both men down. Both Pain and Rolando slide out of the ring, as Roberto tries to call them back in, but they retreat up the ramp instead. With that, the show goes off the air.
    The camera then pans to Roberto Superstar, and in the background you see a screen that is just showing all of his career highlights, he stands there as the camera pans, and he just continues to do the world title pose.
    Roberto: "Did I hear you right Pain? Did you just say that you wouldn't wanna do anything drastic to me before Five Star Attraction?"

    Ultimate Pain: "That is absolutely correct Roberto. I want you at 100% for Five Star Attraction, so that when I beat you and Rolando, no excuses will be taken."

    Roberto nods his head, while scratching his head. He seems to be confused by Pain's statement.

    Roberto: "So what happened down in Mexico last week doesn't count?"

    Pain begins to laugh, as the fans let out a "Pain sucks" chant. It it wasn't for Pain, Roberto would still probably be the AMLL Champion.

    Ultimate Pain: "I never laid a hand on you during that match Roberto and that is a fact. The distraction on the other hand, I am guilty of, but the truth is, I did you a favour. That AMLL Title was not only distracting you, but it was tiring you out defending it. Like I said, I want you at 100% for our match and now you can be."

    Roberto: "Wow, I never looked at it that way Pain. Then by right I should be thanking you for what you did."

    A smiling Ultimate Pain nods his head in agreement, as the fans on the other hand disagree. We can easily tell here that Roberto was being sarcastic here, even though he puts out his hand for Pain to shake it. The former leader of the Brotherhood accepts Roberto's handshake and it seems that maybe Roberto wasn't being sarcastic at all. Maybe he is really gratefull to Pain...can it be??? But wait, as Pain tries to leave the ring, Roberto doesn't let go of his hand, instead pulls him right back close to him.

    Roberto: "On second thought brother, I really loved that Title."
    As Monolyth rolls out Rolando begins to stir in where he was knocked out by Pain, and after Pain helps out Roberto they wait for Rolando to turn around. As soon as he does he's met with a punch from Pain, then a punch from Roberto, then Pain, then Roberto, then Pain and this time Pain holds on to Rolando and allows Roberto get a few shots in on Rolando. Then Roberto says he has an idea, and he runs off the ropes in hopes of hitting Rolando with The Edge, but Rolando is able to escape Pain's clutches and gets out of the way just in time and Roberto hits Pain with The Edge! Roberto is in shock as to what he's just done, and Rolando takes this opportunity to go for the pin!


    Lindsay Monahan: The Ultimate Pain has been eliminated!

    Rolando is unable to celebrate for long as Roberto shoves him away to go over to a visibly upset Pain, and the two begin argue. Rolando just stands back as he watches his two opponents bicker at one another, and it eventually leads to Pain angrily leaving, but wait! He turns right back around, kicks Roberto in the gut, and nails him with The Ulti-Bomb! He then leaves as Rolando scrambles over to pick up the scraps as he goes for the pin!


    Lindsay Monahan: Roberto has been eliminated! Which means your winners at 16minutes and 25 seconds, Harry Jones, Diego Gonzalez, Daren Storm, The Monolyth, and the CWA World Heavyweight Champion Rolando Fuentes!

    Rolando celebrates his victory as he leaves the ring, and Pain is back in as Roberto is getting up and two start bickering some more before they start going at it with blows. Security has to come down to stop them from tearing each other apart, and all the while Rolando backs up the ramp as he watches his two foes go at it with a smirk on his face as the show comes to an end.
    The camera again pans to all three of them as they look at each other, Roberto and Ultimate Pain are looking at the championship, as Rolando is holding on tightly to it. Then the camera pans to a younger version of Rolando, and it slowly morphs to the current day Rolando with his cocky smile, and World Title Belt. Then it pans to Ultimate Pain, and it does the same thing, showing a younger Ultimate Pain and morphing, but as it morphs in a younger form it shows the CWA title around his waist, and it disappears as the form gets older, and you see the current Ultimate Pain standing there, then it shows Roberto Superstar, and as it forms it shows the 4 times he has won the World title until eventually it gets to the current form of Roberto Superstar! The camera then shows all three men, and the fireworks are exploding behind them with the a rotating image of Madison Square Garden.

    Champ of the World by Nelly explodes across the arena, and the fans start to chant Robertos name. He comes out on the ramp, and the crowd blows the roof of of Madison Square Garden! He looks into the crowd and smiles as the crowd goes insane for the former champ. He is wearing a very flasby blue robe as he stands on the corner of the ramp and points to the sky and Pyro just explodes around the arena! Roberto slides into the ring, stands in the middle, and looks into the crowd as he wraps his arm around his waist, signifying he will be the new champ. The crowd is just going insane for the former champ. He takes off the robe and hands it to the ring attendant.

    Harvey Buckworth: He looks in the best shape of his entire life! Roberto Superstar looks ready for this battle, and it is obvious the crowd is one hundred percent behind him!!!

    Tim Coleman: It doesn’t matter what the hell these fans want! It’s about who gets the one, two, three, and to be honest the odds are stacked against him!
    Supernaut by Black Sabbath rings around the arena, and the crowd is mixed, as there is a smattering of boos, and a lot of respect chants. Ultimate Pain comes out onto the ramp, and he stands at the edge of it. Pyro explodes off the stage as he just stands there allowing the moment to be captured. He doesn’t do any taunts he just waits for the pyro, and then starts to walk down the aisle. People are trying to touch him, and he just keeps walking down with his facial expression not changing. He gets to the ring, and he goes up the ring steps, and gets into the ring. He walks across the ring, and he looks right into Roberto’s eyes, and the referee is there so he can separate them. Pain just stands in the middle of the ring and then pyro shoots off inside the ring. He doesn’t take his eyes off of Roberto, and goes to his corner.

    Harvey Buckworth: Of course Ultimate Pain doesn’t show any emotion, he just ready for this match, he is ready for the biggest match of his wrestling career!

    Tim Coleman: Ultimate Pain has always been in the top echelon of CWA, and now he headlines the biggest show of the year! His eyes do not leave Roberto, that is who he wants!
    The lights shut off, and the crowd is waiting for Dropping Plates by Disturbed to play over the arena, but they are a little confused when Fort Minors Remember the Name blasts over the Madison Square Garden arena. Before Rolando comes out, pyro is exploding everywhere, and the fans are already booing loudly! After the pyro explodes Rolando Fuentes comes onto the ramp with the World Title over his shoulder! He looks up at the crowd who is booing him loudly. He just smiles as he puts both of his arms up in the air, and pyro goes off all around the arena. As he begins to walk to the ring he just says I am the man! He walks down the aisle very cocky, and gets on the ring apron he turns around in complete disrespect for his opponents, and raises the title over his head. The crowd boos even louder, and then he walks into the ring, and he gets into Robertos face, and then goes to Ultimate Pain, and just looks him up and down.

    Harvey Buckworth: The champion is here, and he is ready to defend that title, but his odds are almost impossible to comprehend! He is in there with two legends of the sport.

    Tim Coleman: He will come out as the World Champion, these two men can’t hold a candle to our, to your WORLD CHAMPION!!!

    The referee takes the World title, and shows it to Roberto who looks down at it, and shakes his head, the referee then goes to Ultimate Pain and shows him the title, and he just stares at it intently, then the referee goes back to Rolando, and Rolando kisses the title. The referee then lifts the title in the air, gives the belt to the ring attendant, and rings the bell!!!!!!!



    All three men look at each other, and Rolando looks at the two challengers, and smiles as he just puts his hands together, and sits on the turnbuckle saying for Roberto and Ultimate Pain to go at each other. Pain and Roberto look at each other, shake their heads, and goes after Rolando. Roberto goes first, and Pain follows. Rolando looks scared crapless, and as soon as Roberto gets the lead Pain goes for a clothesline in the back of Robertos head, but Roberto was expecting it, he does a reverse kick, and nails Pain in the gut, Roberto who lost just a moment of concentration, does see Rolando coming for him, and clotheslines Roberto to the mat. Ultimate Pain smiles, and both Rolando and Pain start to kick Roberto while he is down. Rolando gets very excited, and you see a huge smile on his face. Rolando turns around to address the crowd and puts his finger to his brain, but it doesn’t last long as Rolando has a look of horror in his face, and Pains arms lock around the waist of Rolando, and throws him half way across the ring in a release german suplex! Pain looks down at Rolando, and he waves his finger no at him. Rolando scoots over to the ring ropes, and Rolandos look of horror is all that Pain needs, and he smiles. As he stalks Rolando, Pain is chopped down as Roberto chop blocks Pain, and Pain’s knee goes out from underneath him! Roberto then looks at Rolando with a huge smile, but before Roberto does anything, Rolando springs up and nails Roberto in the eye with a finger. While Roberto is stunned Rolando goes and nails Robertos on move!! He executes The Edge, but he spears Roberto out of the ring, and again Rolando has a big smile on his face, knowing that he has really scored the first blow, but with his happiness he forgets about his old partner in Pain, and Pain comes from behind turns Rolando around, and he nails Rolando with the Ulti-Bomb!!! Rolando is arching in pain, and is in utter shock at what just happened. Pain looks down, and then goes for the pin, One, two, thhhh, but Roberto is able to slide into the ring, and breaks up the pin! Roberto looks down at Rolando, and just rolls Rolando out of the ring. Roberto and Ultimate Pain look at each other in an intense staredown!!!

    Harvey Buckworth: This is what Five Star Attraction is all about!!! The two biggest legends in CWA history staring each other down, wanting the biggest prize in wrestling history!

    Tim Coleman: You can feel the buzz around here, look at them staring at each other, I have goosebumps!

    Then like a bomb exploded both men just start throwing punches at each other. Roberto has his right hand wrapped around Pains head and Pain has his right wrapped around Robertos head, and they are just throwing lefts at each other, and no man is backing down. The crowd is going insane as each punch gets a louder pop!!!! Finally Ultimate Pain stops, and just gives Roberto a knee to the gut! Roberto doubles over, and Pain delivers a nice DDT, and quickly goes for the cover. One, two,, and Roberto kicks out pretty easily. Pain is up, and he kicks Roberto in the gut, but Roberto catches the kick, grapevines the leg grabs the other leg, and Roberto puts Pain in the Flavours of Roberto!, Roberto though doesn’t realize how close he is to the ropes, and grabs the ropes. The ref starts the five count, but Roberto doesn’t even let the count go to two. Roberto and Pain are both up, and Pain whips Roberto into the ring ropes, and as Roberto comes back, Pain drops down and Roberto jumps over him, as Roberto comes back Pain is going for a back drop, but Roberto leap frogs him, and Roberto bounces off the ropes again, this time Pain goes for the clothesline, but Roberto dodges the clothesline, and then he bounces off the ropes again, and this time Roberto goes for the flying forearm, Pain moves out of the way, grabs Robertos head, and drives him down into the mat. Pain goes for the pin again, One, two, th. but Roberto kicks out. Rolando sneaks into the ring, and as Pain gets up from his pin, Rolando delivers a drop kick, and it doesn’t drop Pain, it just stuns him a bit. Rolando goes for the whip to the turnbuckle, but Pain easily reverses the move, and drives Rolando into the turnbuckle, but Pain is rushing in, and he delivers a nasty clothesling to Rolando, and you see his eyes roll back in his head. Pain is not looking very happy, and he throws Rolando out of the ring over the top rope. Roberto goes in for a blind clothesline, but Pain ducks, and Roberto hits the turnbuckle, Pain grabs the back of Robertos head, and drops him in a reverse DDT. Pain then basically dismisses Roberto for the time being, and he looks down at Rolando who is on the floor. Pain exits the ring, and Pain looks right at the commentators! He then looks down at Rolando, and Rolando has a deer in the headlights looks. As Pain comes to the floor, he just nails Rolando in the head with his boot, and then he puts Rolando in the Ulti-Bomb position again! Pain looks at the commentators again, and then Pain lifts up Rolando, and just bombs Rolando through the announce table! The table just explodes underneath the force of Rolando’s body, and the commentators jump out from their chairs. Rolando’s body just lays there broken!!!! The camera zooms into Rolando’s face and there is no expression on his face at all. The lights are out in Rolando’s eyes! The camera then pans to Ultimate Pain and you see he is happy with his work.

    Harvey Buckworth: OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! The Ultimate Pain just destroyed our announce table!!! Rolando might be dead on this table we may need medical assistance! Ultimate Pain just destroyed the World Champion!!!!

    Tim Coleman: Someone come down here and help Rolando out! He can lose the title like this. I think that Ultimate Pain should be disqualified!!!! This is a miscarriage of justice!

    Pain then turns around and looks at Roberto who just saw the destruction of Rolando. Roberto though is not scared, and he gets up and tells Ultimate Pain to come into the ring, and lets go. Pain looks at Roberto, looks at Rolando, smiles, and then goes into the ring. Again both men look at each other, and Roberto throws a European Uppercut that stuns Pain, because he wasn’t expecting that from Roberto, and so Roberto throws another one, and then one more, and it stumbles Pain, and then Roberto again goes in and just delivers a nice clothesline that sends Pain to his back, and Roberto doesn’t stop the onslaught as he mounts the former champ, and starts reigning blows down on Pain. Pain though is able to absorb most of the punishment, and in a show of strength throws Roberto off of him! Pain gets up, but Roberto doesn’t mess around, and delivers a nice kick right to the head of Pain, and it sends Pain reeling back to the mat. Roberto then goes in and locks in a chin lock! You can tell he is just using the move to gain his breath a little.

    Harvey Buckworth: Roberto using a veteran tactic and is trying to catch his breath a bit. This match has been going strong for a good ten minutes!

    Tim Coleman: Why is there no medical assistance for Rolando, he needs to get up, and defend his title.

    Roberto goes from a chinlock to a leg lock where Roberto locks his legs around the neck of Pain, and tries to drain more energy from Pain. The referee is on the action asking Pain if he wants to submit, and Pain looks more annoyed than hurt, but Roberto locks his legs tighter, and you can see the Pain is now uncomfortable. Roberto lets go of the move though, because he knows that what submit Pain, and he doesn’t want to give up all of his energy. Roberto looks at Pain, and decides its time to finish him, and he locks Pain in the Ganzo Bomb, but before Roberto can even get the big man locked in, Pain just uses his powerful neck muscles, and then he pushes Roberto over his back, and Roberto lands on his back. As Roberto gets up Pain comes in for a nasty mafia kick, but Roberto just drops back down to the mat, and Pain just basically goes almost to the turnbuckle. Roberto gets up quickly though, and goes for The Edge, but Pain almost baited Roberto into the move as he sidesteps Roberto, and almost like a bullfighter leads Roberto right into the turnbuckle post. Roberto’s shoulder drives straight into the post, and you can tell he is a lot of pain! Ultimate Pain looks down at Roberto, and just smiles, he then signifies the World title around his waist. He picks up Roberto, places Roberto over his shoulder, and delivers a nasty looks shoulder breaker that sends Roberto into a rage of pain, and Pain really looks happy with himself. Pain goes to Roberto and just kicks Roberto in the shoulder, and Roberto tries to kick Pain away. Pain just delivers another brutal kick to the shoulder. While Roberto is trying to take care of his shoulder, Pain shows his quickness, and is down on Roberto, and locks in the crossface. You can almost hear the tendons being ripped out of Roberto’s shoulder, and you hear a huge cry of pain from Roberto!!!

    Harvey Buckworth: This could be over!!! Ultimate Pain is trying to rip the shoulder right off of Roberto socket! We may have a new champion in just mere seconds!

    Tim Coleman: Rolando wake up wake up!!!! Come on you need to get back in there, your title is on the line!!!!!!! Someone pour some water on him.

    Harvey Buckworth: Sorry to tell you this it looks like the title is switching hands!!!

    Roberto is trying to fight the hold, and the crowd is silent as they see Roberto struggling. Roberto puts his hand up like he is going to tap, and Pain just rears back to make the pain more intense, but as Roberto raises his arm to tap, the crowd explodes in a Roberto chant!! Roberto’s eyes get bright, and he hears the chants, and brings him an Adrenaline rush. Pain just continues to tug at the shoulder, and Roberto starts to reach for the ropes, but the ropes are too far for him to get to. He uses his last bit of strength to turn the crossface over. He uses his legs for leverage, and he rolls over Pain, eliminating the pain for an instant, but Pain knowing that reversal puts his legs back up, and puts Roberto back in the crossface, and the crowd dies again, and you can see that Roberto is fading. The crowd looks down at Rolando, but they see that Rolando is still out cold on the table, and the referee goes to Roberto, and lifts Roberto’s free arm once, and it just drops to the mat like a rock, the ref looks at Roberto, and then lifts the arm again, and the arm falls like a rock! The crowd starts to chant Roberto’s name, and the ref looks at the limp arm, lifts it again, and the arms starts to drop like a rock, but then it shoots up in the air, and the crowd just goes insane!! The building comes unglued, and Roberto again shifts his weight, throws his weight back, and he is on top of Pain, and this time Pain can’t get his legs up in time, because he thought he won the match. He breaks the hold, and then Roberto rolls off of Pain, and then rolls to the outside of the ring. Pain is spent, because he put all of his energy into that crossface. You can see that Roberto’s shoulder is hurting him bad, and it looks like its dislocated. He shakes the cobwebs slide into the ring, and Pain is up, but you can see he is weakened and the lactic acid has built up in his arm. Pain goes a left hand, but it’s slow, and Roberto goes and gets Pain with a right hand, his good hand, his shoulder is still limp, and Pain goes for another left, but again it’s very sluggish, and Roberto connects with another right hand, and the crowd is just going insane!!! Roberto nails a European uppercut, and he starts to stumble Pain. He lands another uppercut, and then the third one finally puts Pain down! Pain just doesn’t have the energy as he wasted it all!!!! Roberto goes down for the pin, One, two, thrr, but Pain kicks out, the heart of a champion not giving up! The crowd lets the air out of the building as they continue to watch the spectacle!

    Harvey Buckworth: Both men are just giving all they go, this is why the CWA World title is the most important title in the history of wrestling! Both men are giving their all in this match!!!

    Tim Coleman: Rolando get up Rolando you still have the title!!! Come on Rolando you can do it!! Get up!!!!!

    Roberto wasn’t expecting the pinfall, but he was hoping to get some life back into his shoulder. Roberto wiggles his shoulder a bit trying to get more blood into the shoulder. Pain though has recovered a little quicker, Pain turns Roberto around, and sends him into the ring ropes, and then delivers a devastating side-walk slam. All the blood that was just put in his shoulder is all for naught, and most of the impact lands right on Robertos shoulder. Pain goes for the pin, One, two, thrr, again thought Roberto is able to kick out, but not as aggressive as he had been. Pain knows that this is over with, and he signals for the Ulti-Bomb!! Pain lifts Roberto up, and starts to spin, but before Pain can execute the bomb, Roberto shifts his momentum, and is able to deliver the Fruitilicous!!! One, two, thhhhhh, and this time Pain kicks out, and he is not happy. Roberto looks almost desperate thinking that he was going to get the win, but he also knows that his shoulder doesn’t have much left! As Pain tries to recover from the shock of his Ulti-Bomb being reversed, Roberto goes off the side, and waits for Pain to get up. As soon as Pain gets up, Roberto runs at him, and delivers [b]The Edge!!{/b], it wasn’t as powerful as it usually is, because he had to use his uninjured shoulder which isn’t the shoulder he hits the Edge with as usual. Still the shock in the move puts a jolt through him, Pain goes down, and Roberto goes for the pin again, One, two, thhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrr, but Pain kicks out again, and the crowd lets out a huge sigh! Roberto wants this match over, and so he signals for the Ganzo Bomb!!! He lifts up Pain who is still trying to recover from the Adrenaline Dump, and Roberto puts Pain in between his legs. He picks Pain up for the Ganzo Bomb, but Pain is able to readjust his momentum, lands on his feet, turns Roberto around, and then executes the Full Nelson Bomb! Pain goes for the pin, One, two, thhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrre and Roberto is barely able to kick out again! Pains look is full of frustration! He slams his hands down on the mat, and just can’t believe what the heck is going on. The crowd is going insane in Madison Square Garden, and the roof just blew off!!!!

    Harvey Buckworth: Both of these men want this World title, they can feel it in their bones, they want this title, it means more than anything to them!!!!

    Tim Coleman: Rolando!!! WAKE UP!!!!! COME ON ROLANDO WAKE UP!!!!!!

    Pain gets up, and he looks frustrated, he picks up Roberto, locks Roberto in a fishermen suplex, and holds on for the pin. There is a huge problem with this though. The referee looks at both men, and both mens shoulders are down!!!! So the ref counts with both of his hands, One, twwwwwwoooooooo, thhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre, both men raise their shoulders right before the count of three, as Pain being the veteran understood the referee pounding down both of his hands, again the crowd is just going insane now as they chant Roberto’s name!!!! Roberto is pretty much useless right now, as he gets up Pain is waiting for him, and he locks in the Ulti-Bomb again!!! This time Roberto has no defense against it as his shoulder is in so much pain, and as Pain drives home the Ulti-Bomb you can tell that Roberto finally has no more left as his bad shoulder explodes on the mat!!!! Pain knows that he finally has the victory!!!!!! He goes for the pin, One, two, ttttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrree, the referee is not able to finish his three count as Rolando slips into the ring, and locks in a rear naked choke to the Ultimate Pain!!!!!!

    Harvey Buckworth: OH MY GOODNESS!!! I can’t believe this. Rolando has risen like a Phoenix from the ashes, and he crawled into the ring! Oh my goodness, and now he has locked the Ultimate Pain in rear naked choke!!!!

    Tim Coleman: YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!! The champion is alive!!!!!!!!!!!

    The crowd can’t believe what just happened as they didn’t see Rolando sneak in. Rolando locked the rear naked choke, and they rolled off Roberto, and Rolando has locked in the hold, and Ultimate Pain is trying this hardest to keep his breath so he doesn’t pass out!! Rolando is excited, he thinks he has the title in his grasp, but Roberto always being in tune with his surrondings jumps on top of Ultimate Pain and the referee goes down for the pin!!!! One, two, tttttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre, Rolando has to let go of the hold so he can raise his shoulders!!! All three men are on the mat trying to catch air! The crowd is going insane, no one is in their seats they are all going insane!!!!!

    Harvey Buckworth: Folks what you are seeing here is the greatest effort in CWA history. They are telling you how important the World Title is, no one is giving up!!! Folks this is insane!!

    Tim Coleman: I am speechless, I think I am losing my voice!

    Roberto is first to his feet as he tries to go for another cover, but before the referee can even make it to two Pain breaks up the pin by pulling Roberto off Rolando and he goes the cover this time, but Roberto pulls Pain from the pin this time. Before Pain can do anything Roberto is able to hit him with The Gonzo Bomb! While this is going on Rolando has recovered, and he tries to take advantage of the unaware Roberto, but little does he know Roberto was aware and as Rolando runs at Roberto he's able to duck it causing Rolando to crash shoulder first in to the turnbuckle. Roberto is waiting for Rolando to turn around, and as soon as the champ turns around Roberto connects with The Edge! He goes for the cover!


    Pain tried to break up the pin by using his last ounce of strength, but he was too slow as Roberto picks up the win.

    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner at 25 minutes 11 seconds, and new CWA World Heavyweight Champion, Roberto!

    Harvey Buckworth: He's done it! Roberto has done it! He's the champion!

    Tim Coleman: Poor Rolando!

    Roberto's music is playing as he celebrates his victory while the crowd is going absolutely insane, but the celebration is cut short as Pain jumps Roberto from behind and starts laying in to him with stomps, and Rolando sees this and decides to join.

    Harvey Buckworth: What is this all about?! This isn't right!

    Tim Coleman: Yes! Get him guys!

    This assault continues as now Rolando holds Roberto as Pain goes to town on him when all of the sudden the arena goes dark.

    Harvey Buckworth: What's going on now?

    Tim Coleman: Did we forget to pay the electric bill?

    The lights come back on and The One by Slaughterhouse hits, and the fans go absolutely bonkers as they know exactly who that is, and it's Mr. Willis!

    Harvey Buckworth: Oh my god! It's Mr. Willis! He's back!

    Tim Coleman: Oh brother!

    He runs down to the ring and Rolando goes after him as soon as he gets in but Willis is ready and starts hitting him with lefts and rights until he clotheslines Rolando right out of the ring, and Roberto starts fighting back and does the same to Pain. Both Pain and Rolando leave together while Roberto and Willis look on from in the ring telling them to bring it.

    Harvey Buckworth: I can't believe what we just witnessed! What a show this has been to close out the year! Ladies and gentlemen, I'm Harvey Buckworth and he's Tim Coleman, goodnight from New York!

    The show comes to a close as Willis and Roberto celebrate in the ring while the fans are going crazy.


    Quick Results
    Derek Vendra def Diego Gonzalez
    Alexis def Ashley La Bella & Ama-Zon
    Ashley Adams def Alexis
    DDD def Harry Jones
    GD & Kyle Crosby def The Gang Stars
    Roberto Superstar def Rolando Fuentes and The Ultimate Pain

    Rey Dey Reyes
    Quacken Colony
    Guardian Devil
    Harry Morgan
    Jimmy King

    Harry Morgan
    Jimmy King

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    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: CWA Five Star Attraction - Live from New York, NY!

    Harry Jones: 5-1 in CWA ... THY STREAK IS OVER!

    "There Will Never Be Another Harry Jones"

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    Re: CWA Five Star Attraction - Live from New York, NY!

    Oh well, kudos to Dexter
    Harry Jones: 5-1 in CWA ... THY STREAK IS OVER!

    "There Will Never Be Another Harry Jones"

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    Re: CWA Five Star Attraction - Live from New York, NY!

    Oh hell yeah, GD & Crosby new World Tag Team Champions! Hell, I didn't even see my new partner coming! Major props to BenWah for his half of the promo we turned in, hopefully that gets posted for everyone cuz it's fantastic. With me bringin' the humor and BenWah brigin' the class, we'll be unstoppable. Such a great return for Crosby.

    Amazing show to everyone involved here, extremely well written, especially the main event. T.T4PeaceSells and his epic loss tonight, see what happens when you abandoneer the Brotherhood?

    Things can only go up from here folks, CWA is hanging tough. Job well done by everyone involved.

    Team Cyrush T: ftBest

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    Re: CWA Five Star Attraction - Live from New York, NY!

    Definitely an awesome show for sure.
    Props to the way everything was written and laid out.
    Glad to have Crosby back.
    Props to GD for helping put together a great promo for the win.

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    Re: CWA Five Star Attraction - Live from New York, NY!

    Great returns by both Crosby and Willis.

    I still need to read the show honestly, but from the feedback, it looks like a great show.

    Please rep Jimmy King and the rest of the efed mods for their hard work.

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    Re: CWA Five Star Attraction - Live from New York, NY!

    This was one heck of a show to put together, so I'm glad you all like it. Thanks for all of the feedback as well, very much appreciated. Send a rep to Harry Morgan for writing that fantastic main event, all I did was put in the ending, he did everything else so major props to him on that. Also, rep CAPS LOCK for that awesome banner at the top of the show.

    BenWah, I'm sorry I didn't put your promo in the show. I wanted to keep the return as a surprise to everyone else that was going to read it. You and GD put together an excellent promo though.

    Harry Jones, honestly the match with you and DDD was a tough call. Both promos were really well done.

    I'll post all the promos sometime tomorrow.

    Congratulations to all of the winners.
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    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: CWA Five Star Attraction - Live from New York, NY!

    Jimmy I really like what you have been able to do with all the new talent you have. You have done such a great job especially with Austerio, DDD, Harry Jones, just great stuff in pushing those guys, and really pushing them through, and keeping them interested in the fed. For you just coming in the way you did, and able to pull this off especially for the biggest show, just good times, really proud of you.

    I really liked the show, I like all the new guys getting pushed. The main event was fun to write, and it was pretty easy with the characters. I myself am disappointed in the outcome, just have to work harder next time.

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    Re: CWA Five Star Attraction - Live from New York, NY!

    I'm glad to see I won and cant wait till the next show. I gotta say that you guys are on point with your results and match writing quality. My other fed would have NEVER had a fully written show out this quick. Nice work and I'm glad to be hear.

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    Re: CWA Five Star Attraction - Live from New York, NY!

    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy King View Post
    This was one heck of a show to put together, so I'm glad you all like it. Thanks for all of the feedback as well, very much appreciated. Send a rep to Harry Morgan for writing that fantastic main event, all I did was put in the ending, he did everything else so major props to him on that. Also, rep CAPS LOCK for that awesome banner at the top of the show.

    BenWah, I'm sorry I didn't put your promo in the show. I wanted to keep the return as a surprise to everyone else that was going to read it. You and GD put together an excellent promo though.

    Harry Jones, honestly the match with you and DDD was a tough call. Both promos were really well done.

    I'll post all the promos sometime tomorrow.

    Congratulations to all of the winners.
    I'm not bitter about losing my streak or anything, but I'll admit I am slightly disappointed. Just have to come out even stronger next time :D

    Just finished reading the show ... *splooges pants*. Great to see Danny Maskell get another victory.

    It'll be chill to see both of our RPs, though. Just to see what areas I can improve on.
    Harry Jones: 5-1 in CWA ... THY STREAK IS OVER!

    "There Will Never Be Another Harry Jones"

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    Re: CWA Five Star Attraction - Live from New York, NY!

    Honestly, I'm in complete shock. I've had a pretty terrible week, and to come home and see I won is awesome. I'm glad that I was able to have a great opponent like Harry Jones to fight against. This is my first time being a champion in a fed, and I hope I can make my reign a memorable one. Also this was a fantastic show!
    Former CWA X-Fly Champion

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    Re: CWA Five Star Attraction - Live from New York, NY!

    Great main event Harry, really enjoyed it.

    Props to Sawyer for winning. I really thought I had won this! lol not sure if I can write a better promo than I did for this event.

    PS - great show all around too!

    Don't play the odds, play the man!

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    Re: CWA Five Star Attraction - Live from New York, NY!

    hahah quite surprised Harry Jones lost. Congrats to Dan Maskell and to Jimmy for an awesome show!!
    John TPA, Thee AJ Styles Mark

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    Re: CWA Five Star Attraction - Live from New York, NY!

    Quote Originally Posted by QuackenColony View Post
    Honestly, I'm in complete shock. I've had a pretty terrible week, and to come home and see I won is awesome. I'm glad that I was able to have a great opponent like Harry Jones to fight against. This is my first time being a champion in a fed, and I hope I can make my reign a memorable one. Also this was a fantastic show!
    Congrats nuqqa! <3
    Harry Jones: 5-1 in CWA ... THY STREAK IS OVER!

    "There Will Never Be Another Harry Jones"

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    Re: CWA Five Star Attraction - Live from New York, NY!

    I'm not bitter about losing, but for ****'s sake. Who in the everloving **** is Kyle Crosby? What right does he have to be part of the tag title match? Jesus ****ing Christ. You had the time to write in someone else who, by all intents and purposes, has nothing to do with the storyline, but at the same time you don't even bother to write a Gang Stars entrance? You could've made it a singles match with one of the GS standing out, but instead you go the route of bringing in someone else at the very last minute and screwing the Gang Stars over, again? Let me emphasise that, 'bringing in someone else at the very last minute and screwing the Gang Stars over, AGAIN?' First it was Ultimate Pain stubbing his toe and dropping out of the tag match months ago, and defeying common sense and basic pro wrestling rules Kenneth Leblanc joins in the match, while it has already started, and somehow wins it? And there's never a definative face or heel? Who books this ****?

    Look, there's a pretty practical solution to no-shows that doesn't involve a last-minute change that makes no sense: It's called 'Having the originally booked match anyway & having the no-showed getting their ass kicked.' You don't need to pull a new plot out of your ass everytime someone no-shows.

    Other than that, it was a good show, the matches were good. Aside from my justified rant at yet another GS screwover, I enjoyed it.

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    Re: CWA Five Star Attraction - Live from New York, NY!

    Great Show guys. Glad that I beat Diego, a win at my first Five Star Attraction, just 18 away from tying with The Undertaker on his big show. Well done everyone.

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    Re: CWA Five Star Attraction - Live from New York, NY!

    Quote Originally Posted by Punk Wolf View Post
    I'm not bitter about losing, but for ****'s sake. Who in the everloving **** is Kyle Crosby? What right does he have to be part of the tag title match? Jesus ****ing Christ. You had the time to write in someone else who, by all intents and purposes, has nothing to do with the storyline, but at the same time you don't even bother to write a Gang Stars entrance? You could've made it a singles match with one of the GS standing out, but instead you go the route of bringing in someone else at the very last minute and screwing the Gang Stars over, again? Let me emphasise that, 'bringing in someone else at the very last minute and screwing the Gang Stars over, AGAIN?' First it was Ultimate Pain stubbing his toe and dropping out of the tag match months ago, and defeying common sense and basic pro wrestling rules Kenneth Leblanc joins in the match, while it has already started, and somehow wins it? And there's never a definative face or heel? Who books this ****?

    Look, there's a pretty practical solution to no-shows that doesn't involve a last-minute change that makes no sense: It's called 'Having the originally booked match anyway & having the no-showed getting their ass kicked.' You don't need to pull a new plot out of your ass everytime someone no-shows.

    Other than that, it was a good show, the matches were good. Aside from my justified rant at yet another GS screwover, I enjoyed it.
    I feel your pain man. I too have been screwed out of titles for questionable reasons.

    Chubby Carlos vs Daren Storm anyone?

    Beside the obvious injustice of my exclusion. This was top to bottom a great show, congratulation to Roberto and bravo to the writers for putting this all together
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    Re: CWA Five Star Attraction - Live from New York, NY!

    Seeing the RPs would still be nice. Just slightly curious as to how I beat Dexter with a subpar RP, but lost with my best RP. This is Inception ****!

    Aight, I'm done being a woman. xoxo
    Last edited by Harry Jones; 12-30-2011 at 10:03 AM.
    Harry Jones: 5-1 in CWA ... THY STREAK IS OVER!

    "There Will Never Be Another Harry Jones"

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    Re: CWA Five Star Attraction - Live from New York, NY!

    Quote Originally Posted by A originalname View Post
    I feel your pain man. I too have been screwed out of titles for questionable reasons.

    Chubby Carlos vs Daren Storm anyone?

    Beside the obvious injustice of my exclusion. This was top to bottom a great show, congratulation to Roberto and bravo to the writers for putting this all together
    There are other options...

    All right, I'm done being a talent scout.

    All in all, great show.
    The Manliest Motherfucker Who Ever Lived:

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    Re: CWA Five Star Attraction - Live from New York, NY!

    Quote Originally Posted by Cyrus T View Post
    There are other options...

    All right, I'm done being a talent scout.

    All in all, great show.
    Better options than myself?! I find that quite impossible!

    Also I think at this point I should make it clear that my last comment was a joke and I'm really not bitter at all about not being on the show (;
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