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Thread: Real Housewives of WWE

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    Real Housewives of WWE

    The Real Housewives of WWE will follow 6 of WWE's Housewives around in their day to day. The show will mainly feature the Housewives interacting with each other and their husband's/boyfriend's. The show will feature 6 women who have been in the WWE spotlight and are married or engaged to current WWE Personal. The show is set to air on the WWE Network aswell as Bravo. Real Housewives of WWE, will be produced by Vince and Linda McMahon, aswell as various producers, directors, etc from The Housewives.

    So then, I thought I'd give a try at this. I love Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, as well as some of the others. I think I got into the serious because my mom and sister watch and I need something to talk to them about. But after watching for a while, they're great series', especially Beverly Hills. I could see this airing on the WWE Network. I hope you enjoy this, as much as I love writing it.

    The Contestants

    Linda McMahon was one of the first housewives announced for the show. Married to Vince McMahon, and a political diva. Linda looks to keep order on the Real Housewives of WWE.

    The other housewife that was announced first, the Executive Vice President of Creative in WWE. She's married to WWE COO, Triple H. Stephanie has appeared on screen for years with various different roles. Her three kids, husband and her will be appearing on the show.

    Sharmell Huffman, was cast as one of the housewives, later on. Sharmell is married to WWE Commentator and former 5 time WCW Champion, Booker T. Sharmell, her 1 year old twins and Husband, Booker will be appear on the show.

    The third housewife that was announced was Elizabeth Cena, John Cena's wife. Elizabeth will be appearing on the show with her husband John.

    The final housewife that was announced was Natalya Neidhart, long time girlfriend of Tyson Kidd. Natalya was unsure of whether she would appear on the show, with her ongoing career. However, Linda offered her a break and more money if she joined the show. Natalya and Tyson will both appear on the show.

    The third housewife, wife of former World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger. White, a former wrestler was a unanimous choice for the show. Catalina, Jack and their son will all appear on the show.

    Real Housewives will air on Thursday nights.

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    Re: Real Housewives of WWE

    This will be interesting. But i seriously doubt WWE Would ever do this if they did it would be all bullsh*t and lies. I seriously doubt the wives see their husbands that often.

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    Re: Real Housewives of WWE

    If I was Jack Swagger, I'd be bringing my wife every where to be honest. The son can go to a boarding school

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