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Thread: WWE 2012 - A New Direction

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    Re: WWE 2012 - A New Direction


    Staples Center | Los Angeles, CA
    25th August 2013
    The Biggest & Hottest Party Of The Summer

    The new poster for the upcoming Summerslam pay-per-view has been released. At present it shows Seth Rollins set to defend the Intercontinental Championship against former champion Christian, although that is subject to Rollins gaining medical clearance to compete after Christian's recent attack on him.

    Also the theme song has been chosen for The Biggest & Hottest Party Of The Summer with Eve To Adam's Immortal taking the honour.

    And after this week's Raw three more matches have been added to the card for Summerslam.

    Confirmed Matches

    WWE World Championship
    Kevin Steen © versus Dolph Ziggler

    WWE Intercontinental Championship
    Seth Rollins © versus Christian

    WWE Tag Team Championship
    The Prime Time Prayers © versus The Maple Leaf Mafia versus The Flood versus Light SaBour
    Tables, Ladders & Chairs Fatal Four Way

    WWE Women's Championship
    Shaul Guerrero © versus AJ Lee versus Kaitlyn
    Triple Threat

    Thirty Minute Iron Man Match
    CM Punk versus Daniel Bryan

    Tag Team Match
    The Kings Of Wrestling versus Evolution

    Number One Contender's Match
    John Morrison versus Kofi Kingston

    Singles Match
    AJ Styles versus Ryder
    If AJ Styles loses he joins The Unreachable

    Sorry for lack of match pictures as I've been looking to update them to fit my new poster I created. Smackdown is a while away but I'm hoping to get cracking on with some reviews in the near future.
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    Re: WWE 2012 - A New Direction

    Card has shaped up quite nicely for Summerslam with A LOT of the matches on the card feeling like a big deal. Evolution/KOW probably has the best build so far but some of the other matches are just going to be show stealers anyway.

    Raw was pretty solid as I mentioned in a rep comment previously. No real serious comments to come at this stage, but I'll try and catch the next episode of Smackdown.

    As always, keep up the good work.

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    Re: WWE 2012 - A New Direction

    That poster is pretty damn great! Great job.

    As for the card, its stacked as fuck, and I can't wait. Can't believe how good the card already is and we still have almost a month left of shows to go before we get there!!

    Ps. Because I feel like it has been awhile since I've said it....I really need the Cruiserweight Climax now. Like immediately. Can't remember if its starting before or after Summerslam but either way "business is about to pickup" in a big big way.

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    Re: WWE 2012 - A New Direction

    Raw Review

    I thought the Triple Threat Tag Team Match was great. I like the pairing of Evan Bourne & Chris Sabin, due to both wrestlers being quite similar. Light SaBour is definitely a unique name! Happy to see that they earned the final spot in the big match for Summerslam.

    Nice little blast from the past! I wasn't watching wrestling back when the likes of Ultimate Warrior & Honky Tank Man were competing. Guess you learn something new everyday.

    Obviously, I haven't kept up with your BTB from the beginning- but I noticed that Ric Flair was taken out by KOW. I enjoyed the encounter between Evolution & Kings of Wrestling. This seems like a very personal feud- and the idea of Orton/Batista taking on Hero/Cesaro at Summerslam is a dream match for me!

    The pairing of Shaul Guerrero & Vickie Guerrero is perfect in my eyes. Great way to bring heat for Shaul. Latina Heat is sick! Nice exchange from Kaitlyn, AJ & Shaul. Interesting that you've got Kaitlyn paired up with Beth Phoenix & Natalya as The Divas of Doom. I remember that this nearly happened in real life, before WWE pulled the plug on it. Definitely cool to see it in your booker! I also like Vickie being the Head of the Womens Division- and Paul Heyman as the GM is awesome.

    Christian with a megaphone? NO WAY! I thought this segment was awesome lol. How everyone just walked away as soon as they saw Heyman. It makes sense for Christian to defend his shot, for a second time in the week, due to him trying to get others to turn on Heyman because of his own problem.

    I like that you've got a Television Championship on the show, with a title match being guaranteed for most, or each of your shows. Nice to see Slater as champion as well!

    Interesting exchange between Heyman, Striker & Steen- which leads to the announcement of Steen/Orton for later! Should be good. Also, I like how ruthless you're making Daniel Bryan look- due to his rivalry with CM Punk, which is another great match for Summerslam.

    Gargano is coming to the Cruiserweight Climax! Awesome. I love that name as well- and the fact that it's in NXT? Even better.

    Steen defeats Orton, and KOW then pick up the pieces! KOW beat down on Evolution, and they look really, really strong ahead of their match, in response to the segment from earlier.

    So as long as Layla gets a title shot, she will be Shaul's partner? Good enough reason for Layla to team up with her.

    All I'm going to say, is woah. Zack Ryder being the leader of a cult? That's just too dope lol. I had two read the segment twice, to make sure I was reading it correctly. I got a good laugh at Ryder being called a freak & creepy monkey. Ryder vs. Styles for SS should be good. It'll be interesting to see what direction you go with AJ. AJ's been on the dark side in TNA before, and it was quite cool- so I wouldn't mind seeing him join Ryder's flock, but I also like the way he is right now. Win-win situation I guess.

    No problem with Guerrero & Layla getting the win.

    Nice Smackdown Rebound, where James Storm turned on Robert Roode! As someone who hasn't read from the beginning, I like the recaps!

    Kofi Kingston & Lord Washington? I'm assuming that's Abraham Washington? I remember him back from the ECW-lite days, always thought he was decent on the mic. Morrison/Kofi for Summerslam? I'll take that!

    Enjoyed the main event, and I liked Bryan leaving the match due to Ziggler being set to beat him- and I'm enjoying The American Dragon so far. CM Punk comes in for revenge- and he goes crazy, only for Bryan to escape! And the show ends with Steen targeting Ziggler, looking unstoppable indeed.

    Overall, it was a good show mate! I enjoyed it- and I actually like all these unique ideas that you have. I think there was a bit too much Heyman on the show, as you already acknowledged- but I don't think it's too much of a problem, if it helps the segments.

    I'm looking forward to Summerslam, which is clearly shaping up to be great. Some great matches in the line-up, and the one that stands out to me in particular: Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk in a 30 Minute Iron Match. I'm too stoked for that lol. Great poster as well mate! I'll definitely be keeping up with this BTB.

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    Smackdown Smackdown Preview - August 9th 2013

    Friday Night Smackdown Preview
    BMO Harris Center | Rockford, Illinois
    August 9th 2013

    Smackdown comes from Rockford, Illinois and with sixteen days remaining until Summerslam arrives there is plenty that can happen before the WWE superstars reach The Biggest & Hottest Party Of The Summer!!!

    Tonight on Smackdown AJ Styles will partake in one half of the deal he made with Ryder to secure a match with the leader of the following referred to as The Unreachable. Styles agreed to face one of Ryder’s associates, Harper, in a No Disqualification match tonight and despite Styles seemingly getting what he wanted at Summerslam it remains to be seen whether Styles will get there in one piece after he is through warring with Ryder’s henchman. Can The Phenomenal superstar evade the obvious threat of Harper and continue his journey towards his meeting with the thorn that has been in his side since Wrestlemania.

    Also on Smackdown we will see the WWE Cruiserweight Championship on the line as Austin Blake takes a break from indulging in the fact that he has Scarlett Marseille, the girlfriend of rival Prince Devitt, at his disposal for twenty eight days. Blake will put his title on the line against Sin Cara, whose opportunity ironically stems from Devitt attacking The International Sensation last week on Smackdown as the pain of seeing Scarlett alongside Blake, albeit temporarily, unearthed a rage inside the Irishman not seen before. Can Blake hang onto his title once more or will Blake's own actions come back to bite him on the backside.

    Last week on Smackdown the feud between Legacy and former member Joe Hennig continued with Hennig picking up a win over Blackjack Rotunda by disqualification when Legacy interfered, minus their once again absent leader Cody Rhodes. Hennig could have been in further trouble after the match as Legacy tried to pounce but the intervention of The Gabriel Brothers saved the United States Champion. Tonight on Smackdown Hennig teams up with Justin and Adam Gabriel to take on the Legacy trio of Ted Dibiase, Blackjack Rotunda and Dustin Rhodes. Can Hennig continue his run of good luck against his former stable mates. And will we finally get an appearance from Cody Rhodes.

    Another big moment last week on Smackdown saw the sickening incident that has surely broken apart Beer Money forever. With Robert Roode trying to wrestle Christian's Intercontinental championship match away from him, James Storm came down to the ring looking to save his partner from a certain chair shot to the head that would have allowed Christian to place Roode in a bed next the currently sidelined Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins. However in a vile twist Storm would take the chair and carry out the deed himself, smashing the steel object across the head of the grounded Canadian. Christian's victory would be just a footnote for Roode as after the match Storm would take one of his always present beer bottles and crack it over Roode's head, unquestionably smashing the friendship the two had incurred over the years to smithereens. Roode won't be present in Rockford tonight but Storm will. What can The Cowboy state that will justify his actions last week.

    Finally Gregory Helms persistent trashing of the upcoming NXT Cruiserweight Climax brought the surprising return of Rey Mysterio. The former WWE fan favourite called out Helms about his fears that the NXT Cruiserweight Climax would show the WWE that there are different, perhaps even better cruiserweight superstars in the world than The Supernatural. This was refuted by Helms but the threat was used to convince Helms to agree to a six man tag team match at Summerslam between three WWE cruiserweights handpicked by Helms himself and three of the cruiserweights competing in the upcoming NXT Cruiserweight Climax, handpicked by Mysterio. With just over two weeks till Summerslam Helms will need to move fast to put together his team, which could possibly be tonight.

    All this plus much, much more only on Smackdown!!!

    Tonight's Matches

    No Disqualifications Match
    AJ Styles versus Harper

    Six Man Tag Team Match
    Joe Hennig, Adam Gabriel & Justin Gabriel versus Ted Dibiase, Blackjack Rotunda & Dustin Rhodes

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    Re: WWE 2012 - A New Direction

    Styles/Harper in a No DQ match as a stand alone match should be great fun. Really looking forward to reading that main event. Six man tag with Legacy and Hennig should just continue along... I do feel like this feud does need a bit of a shot in the arm as it feels to have stalled a little.

    So happy to see Blake and Scarlett in action tonight as well. More awesomeness from Blake is a must.

    From an outside of the ring standpoint, I think the Cruiserweight teams for Summerslam beginning to take shape should be interesting, but I'm most looking forward to James Storm talking about the end of Beer Money.

    Show looks to have plenty of good stuff in store for us as per usual, I'll be reading.

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    Re: WWE 2012 - A New Direction

    WWE Friday Night Smackdown
    BMO Harris Center | Rockford, Illinois
    August 9th 2013

    A video package airs of some of the highlights from the past few weeks. We see Prince Devitt, fresh from another hard-to-watch viewing of his girlfriend Scarlet with Cruiserweight Champion Austin Blake, attack Sin Cara after their match last week. Also a sickening turn of events saw James Storm cost partner Robert Roode the chance to become number one contender to the Intercontinental Championship after he hit him over the head with a steel chair. Storm carried on after the match and literally smashed Beer Money to pieces as he cracked a beer bottle over the head of a defenceless Roode. And this past week on Raw we found out that Light SaBour would join The Maple Leaf Mafia and The Flood in challenging The Prime Time Prayers for the WWE Tag Team Championships at Summerslam in a Fatal Four Way Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match. In addition to this Rey Mysterio made a surprising return to Smackdown last week to confront Gregory Helms about his continuing trashing of the upcoming NXT Cruiserweight Climax, to which a six man tag team match was made for Summerslam pitting three WWE cruiserweights against three of the NXT CC participants. Finally after being attacked in his own home by Harper, AJ Styles request to face Ryder was granted by the man himself for Summerslam, with the condition that Styles must join Ryder upon defeat, and that Styles must face Harper in a No Disqualifications Match tonight on Smackdown!!!

    ♪ ♪ ♪ Born 2 Run by 7Lions ♪ ♪ ♪

    The show opens inside the BMO Harris Center and the raucous Rockford crowd greet us before Michael Cole and Booker T welcome us to Friday Night Smackdown. Cole states that it’s good to see Booker T looking good after being attacked by The Kings Of wrestling last week, and Booker says he’s fine before moving the conversation on to tonight’s show. Michael Cole quickly reminds us that tonight we will see the United States Champion Joe Hennig in six man tag action and that the WWE Cruiserweight Championship will be on the line as Austin Blake takes a break from his time with Scarlett Marseille to defend against Sin Cara. Booker T wonders what Prince Devitt will be thinking with Blake in the same building for the first time since he ‘borrowed’ Scarlett from him. Cole follows up by also informing us that in tonight’s main event we will see AJ Styles go one on one with Harper in a No Disqualifications Match in exchange for Ryder finally agreeing to a match with him at Summerslam.

    Before the pair can further get into what is going down tonight ***CongreNate*** hits the speakers and that can only mean that the CongreNation are on their way to the ring which draws heat from the crowd. But surprisingly there is no Lord Washington and no Kofi Kingston as it is Titus O’Neil & Darren Young, the WWE Tag Team Champions that make their way out to considerable jeers from the Rockford crowd. The announce team wonder what The Prime Time Prayers have to say, especially with Lord Washington not by their side as O’Neil and Young march straight down to the ring before they grab a microphone ready to address the WWE Universe to start Smackdown off. Young looks ready to speak but the crowd refuse to let him have his say peacefully as they continue to boo the pair at the top of the night. This forces O’Neil to take the microphone and angrily confront the crowd.

    Titus O’Neil: Listen up fools… we don’t need no introduction… we are the WWE Tag Team Champions… we are the best tag team in the whole damn world and when we have something to say you will shut your stupid little mouths and listen!!!

    As expected the request doesn’t go down well with the crowd who only increase the volume of their disapproval.

    Darren Young
    : Now for weeks we have sat back and watched as team after team after team have tried to qualify for the right... the honour even of facing us at Summerslam.

    Titus O’Neil
    : But that's not all because they won’t just face us D… they will face another two tag teams too... because we have been forced by Paul Heyman to defend our titles in a Fatal Four Way Match!!!

    The crowd cheer this idea.

    Darren Young
    : You are right Titus… we will be forced to put our titles on the line against three other teams… but not only that… we have been pushed to put our titles on the line against three other teams in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match!!!

    A bigger pop from the crowd as The Prime Time Prayers shake their heads.

    Titus O’Neil
    : Now at first we thought that this was unfair. We thought that this was uncalled for by Paul Heyman to expect us to defend our titles in such circumstances. But the more we thought about… and the more we took in what was expected of us... the more we realised that this is the only way... and we mean the only way... that Paul Heyman can get our Tag Team Titles away from us!!!

    Heat from the crowd again.

    Darren Young
    : Correct Titus. Simply put Paul Heyman knows that if he put us in the ring with just one of those teams at Summerslam that the outcome would never be in doubt… and that is The Prime Time Prayers walking out of Los Angeles still... the WWE Tag Team Champions!!!

    Huge heat as Darren Young nods at the crowd with a huge grin on his face.

    Titus O’Neil
    : Without question D… in fact I feel that whatever Paul Heyman and the WWE’s tag teams have to offer won’t be enough to take these titles away from us. We have the Lord on our side. And with Lord Washington guiding us we will not, and we cannot fail.

    Darren Young
    : Amen!!!

    Titus O’Neil
    : So the reality of what we are preaching to all you misinformed is that it doesn’t matter if Paul Heyman wants to throw us one team, two teams, three teams, even the whole tag team division. Because just like we always do... The Prime Time Prayers will come out on top. So Maple Leaf Mafia… Light SaBour… Flood… get ready… because in sixteen days we are going to leave you all lying under the wreckage we’re gunna cause at Summerslam!!!

    Huge heat from the crowd as The Prime Time Prayers sound confident ahead of Summerslam but…


    The arena drops into darkness as the crowd let out a slight pop before Ryder appears on the screen, sitting in a dark room, water dripping in the background with the flames burning inside a rusting oil drum the only light available. Ryder isn’t alone though as Ambrose and Crowe flank him on either side, their faces emotionless as they stare towards the camera.

    : Foolish words from the misinformed indeed. You follow your Lord like a flock of ignorant sheep but what does he actually give to you. He leads you to be lambs to the slaughter that my friends here will afford you. You may have your titles for now but your Lord is a false prophet if he truly believes that his guidance will lead you to victory at Summerslam. Follow your Lord and he will lead you down a path of failure. I have proven that my hand is the one that has saved Ambrose and Crowe from the hellish life that they once lived. They say if you play with fire you get burnt. But it’s not the fire that you should be afraid of come Summerslam my friends…

    Ambrose and Crowe walk off away from Ryder and into the darkness. Ryder picks up a bucket of water and stands over the burning fire.

    : … it’s The Flood you should fear… because it’s heading right for you!!! And you won’t escape The Downpour that’s about to wash you all away!!!

    As the last word leaves Ryder’s mouth he launches the water over the fire, extinguishing the flames AND the any visibility on the big screen. After a few seconds the lights come back on… and Ambrose and Crowe are inside the ring!!! Right behind The Prime Time Prayers!!! The fans pop a little bit despite The Flood being villains and Darren Young and Titus O’Neil continue to stare up at the big screen oblivious to what’s behind them. The continuing noise of the crowd alerts them and Young turns around only to be drilled with a running clothesline from Ambrose!!! Crowe launches himself at Titus O’Neil but the latter puts up a bit of a fight until Ambrose joins in the attack and The Flood manage to ground O’Neil with a Double DDT before they kick him to the outside of the ring. With O’Neil out of the equation Darren Young is all alone with The Flood and Crowe heads to the top turnbuckle as Ambrose drags Young up and hoists him up into the electric chair position. Booker T yells out that it looks like Young is about to get washed away by The Downpour as Crowe leaps off the top turnbuckle and takes Young off Ambrose’s shoulders with a Diving Bulldog and plants him face first into the canvas!!! The Downpour!!! The crowd surprisingly pop huge for The Flood taking out The Prime Time Prayers!!! Michael Cole states that it’s more likely that the crowd are loving who the victim of their attack is rather than getting behind The Flood as Ambrose and Crowe stand over Darren Young in the middle of the ring. The emotions are still absent from their faces but they manage to pick up the WWE Tag Team Championship belts and raise them high above their head, signalling their intentions to become champions at Summerslam. The announce team are excited by the action packed start to tonight’s show and expect more of the same as the show heads to an advertisement break.

    Michaels’ Massive MistakeSummerslam 1997

    1997 will always be a key year for the WWE and it was at Summerslam that year that a huge chain of events were triggered by the inadvertent actions of Shawn Michaels. Michaels returned to the WWE as special referee in the World Championship match between The Undertaker and the challenger, and Michaels long time rival, Bret Hart. With Michaels down after a referee bump Hart would use a steel chair to attack The Undertaker. Upon realising what had happened Michaels would confront Hart only for The Hitman to insult Michaels and proceed to spit at The Heartbreak Kid. An incensed Michaels swings the steel chair at Hart but instead wallops the chair accidentally into the recovering Undertaker. Hart immediately makes the cover and a reluctant Michaels is forced to count the three that not only costs The Undertaker the World Championship but hands it over to his rival Bret Hart.

    The Staples Center | Los Angeles, Calfironia
    August 25th 2013
    The Biggest & Hottest Party Of The Summer

    As the show returns a graphic flashes across the screen and Michael Cole and Booker T make it official that after what we just saw before the break we will see the WWE Tag Team Champions The Prime Time Prayers take on The Flood in non-title action tonight!! Booker T adds that he cannot wait to see what goes down later on.

    The show moves on and we are met with ***The Rising*** blasting over the sound speakers before Justin Gabriel & Adam Gabriel charge out from the back and race down to the ring. The crowd give The Gabriel Brothers a great reaction as the pair head to the turnbuckles to pose to them. The announce team talk about what happened last week with Legacy attacking The Gabriels backstage after the former failed to take the final place in the Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match for Summerslam. Booker T adds that despite the setback it was a blessing in disguise for Joe Hennig as later that night it would be The Gabriels that would come to his aid against the three pronged attack of Legacy.

    Video footage airs from last week of Joe Hennig defeating Blackjack Rotunda by disqualification after Legacy interfered. The WWE United States Champion was in trouble as Rotunda, Ted Dibiase and Dustin Rhodes circled him like vultures and began to attack until Justin and Adam Gabriel ran down and made the save.

    Booker adds that things could have gotten ugly for Hennig if it was not for The Gabriels last week. On cue ***Reborn*** hits and the [b]WWE United States Champion Joe Hennig makes his way out from the back to a huge ovation. Michael Cole notes that Hennig’s removal from Legacy a few months back has not only earned him the United States Title but also a strong following from the WWE Universe. Booker T adds that it was probably the best thing that could have happened for Hennig, and the worst for Legacy as Hennig has become a huge thorn in their side over the past few months. Hennig tags hands with several fans as he chucks the towel behind his back, a homage to his father Mr Perfect Curt Hennig. Hennig smiles as he enters the ring, heads to the top turnbuckle and lifts the United States Championship belt high in the air. Hennig jumps down and greets The Gabriel Brothers but the trio’s attention quickly turns towards the big screen as a video starts up.

    A Million $ Production…

    The video moves forward and the setting is a fancy Florida Golf Club. The cameras head inside before moving out to the fairways in sunny Florida. We see two men standing around talking amongst themselves and as the camera zooms in we can see that one of them is Cody Rhodes.

    Cody Rhodes: Come on now Bubba… you know I don’t like to take your money.

    The camera picks up the other man on screen and it is American PGA Tour golfer Bubba Watson.

    Bubba Watson: You ain’t takin’ nothing from me today Cody. I’m ready for ya’ this time!!!

    The video transitions to a highlight reel of Watson and Rhodes golfing against one another. Watson hits a hard drive long and just short of the green before Rhodes goes one better and reaches the green with his drive. Next up we see Watson land a short putt before Rhodes amazingly chips a shot out of a bunker and off the pole for a putt. Watson shakes his head before he wipes the sweat away from his forehead. Finally we see Cody Rhodes take a drive off a short hole and as he hits the ball the video goes in slow motion, with Rhodes landing a breathtaking hole in one (although the camera does cut scenes in between that final part!!!).

    Bubba Watson: You got to be kiddin’ me!!

    Rhodes smiles from ear to ear as the next scene shows Watson handing over a thick wad of American Dollars to him.

    Bubba Watson: What can I say Cody… once again that was perfect!!!

    Rhodes looks at Watson and shakes his head before he puts his right hand on his shoulder and looks towards the camera.

    Cody Rhodes: No Bubba… that was Cody Rhodes… and that… was better than perfect!!!

    Rhodes and Watson laugh as they walk off together and a statement that we saw last week again labels across the screen…

    Cody Rhodes
    ‘Better Than Perfect’

    The video ends and Joe Hennig is furious inside the ring at the blatant disrespect that Cody Rhodes is showing to his family. With that ***It’s A New Day*** hits and Legacy’s Ted Dibiase, Blackjack Rotunda and Dustin Rhodes come out full of laughter. The Legacy trio look smug as they point and ridicule Hennig but that only further infuriates The Product Of Perfection and Hennig takes action as he drops out of the ring and goes right after Legacy!!! Dustin Rhodes tries to meet Hennig head on but the latter ducks under a clothesline and levels Blackjack Rotunda with one of his own!!! Hennig goes right after Ted Dibiase and gets a couple of shots in until Rhodes recovers and attacks him from behind. But the numbers game evens up as The Gabriels head to the outside to help their tag team partner. Hennig rolls Dibiase into the ring and the referee rings the bell to get the six man tag team match underway.

    Six Man Tag Team Match
    Joe Hennig, Adam Gabriel & Justin Gabriel versus Ted Dibiase, Blackjack Rotunda & Dustin Rhodes

    Not too much to write home about with this match. Joe Hennig starts the action off with Blackjack Rotunda and gets the upper hand for his team. The faces please the crowd for the first few minutes but a big knee to the back of Justin Gabriel from Dustin Rhodes on the apron slows them down. Legacy start to work over Justin Gabriel with several double team, triple team and dirty tricks to keep him away from his partners. The turn of the match happens as Dibiase locks Justin Gabriel in The Million Dollar Dream!!! But Justin Gabriel fights out of it before he can pass out and sends Dibiase into the ropes before he dropkicks him in the face!!!

    The race is on the hot tag and Dibiase gets there first!!! Dustin Rhodes comes in and grabs Justin Gabriel by the foot before he can tag out. But Gabriel stands on one foot before he nails Rhodes with an enziguri to the side of the head and makes the hot tag to Joe Hennig!!! The WWE United States Champion bursts into the ring and takes down all three Legacy guys with a clothesline. Adam Gabriel runs into the ring and takes Ted Dibiase over the top rope with a clothesline that takes both men to the outside. Justin Gabriel is up against the ropes and Blackjack Rotunda charges only for Justin to back body drop him over the top rope to the outside!!!

    With Adam, Dibiase and Rotunda on the outside Justin heads to the top turnbuckle and leaps off to take out all three men with a Flying Cross Body!!! The crowd cheer but back inside the ring Joe Hennig has Dustin Rhodes in his crosshairs. But Rhodes catches him off guard with a poke to the eye that the referee doesn’t see. Rhodes mocks Hennig as he slaps him about before he whips him into the corner. Rhodes charges with a running hip smash but Hennig slides out of the way before he plants Dustin Rhodes into the canvas with his signature Flapjack!!! The crowd are on their feet as Hennig calls for the finish and quickly hits Rhodes with The Perfect Plex for the win!!!


    Winners by pinfall with The Perfect Plex……….. Joe Hennig, Adam Gabriel & Justin Gabriel!!!

    A tiny bit of redemption for Joe Hennig as he picks up the win for his team. His partners Justin and Adam Gabriel quickly join Hennig in the middle of the ring and the crowd are happy that the trio got the victory tonight. In contrast Legacy retreat up the ramp licking their wounds with the United States Champion Hennig leaning over the ropes and demanding they bring their leader Cody Rhodes with them next time. Michael Cole notes that it will certainly be interesting to see what happens once Cody Rhodes does return to the WWE, before the show heads to the first commercial break of the night.

    -------- Commercial Break ---------

    The show returns backstage and we see Prince Devitt waiting patiently in the parking lot for somebody to arrive. The announce team quickly decipher that the Irishman must be waiting for WWE Cruiserweight Champion Austin Blake to arrive with Devitt’s girlfriend Scarlett Marseille. However Devitt is quickly interrupted by the arrival of former rival Gregory Helms. Devitt does not take much notice of Helms but The Supernatural makes it his business to get noticed.

    Gregory Helms: Hey Devitt… long time since me and you have been in the same place at the same time… eh?

    Prince Devitt: Not interested!!!

    Devitt point blank refuses to even acknowledge Helms again, instead looking out to the parking lot area.

    Gregory Helms: Not interested? You don’t even know why I’m here? I’m here to offer you the opportunity of a lifetime.

    Prince Devitt: Does it involve Austin Blake?

    Gregory Helms: Well no but listen here…

    Prince Devitt: Then I’m not interested!!!

    Helms does not like the fact that he can’t get a word in with Devitt and resorts to raising his voice.

    Gregory Helms: What do you mean you’re not interested!!!!! How could you not be interested in being a part of Team Helms, I mean Team WWE at Summerslam!!!

    Devitt finally loses his temper again and turns around to shove Gregory Helms up against the wall.

    Prince Devitt: I guess you are not getting the message Gregory? Unless it involved getting my hands on Austin Blake… I’M NOT INTERESTED!!! For all I care you can shove your team where the sun don’t shine!!! And if you got a problem with that I’ve got a boot that can go there too!!!

    Devitt stares down Helms intensely and finally Helms gets the message as he backs off and scurries away, whilst Devitt returns to scanning the parking lot for the arrival of Austin Blake. Another camera shows us that Austin Blake is already in the building and on his way towards ringside to defend the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. And he has Scarlett by his side!!!

    Back to ringside and the announce team talk some more over Prince Devitt knocking back Gregory Helms’ offer to join Team WWE in the Cruiserweight Six Man Tag at Summerslam. Michael Cole states his understanding that right now Devitt has bigger, more important things on his mind and Booker T adds that as much as he agrees that Devitt is not in the right frame of mind of late, the distraction of being a part of the WWE Cruiserweight Team might have helped Devitt. He also wonders what Devitt will think once he knows that Blake is already here. Before the conversation can go any further ***Ancient Spirit*** hits and Sin Cara bursts out from the back to a great reaction. The ring announcer states that the following match is scheduled for one fall and is for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. As Sin Cara charges down the ring and springs over the top rope the announce team mention that tonight Sin Cara was granted a shot at the WWE Cruiserweight Championship after the misfortunate situation he found himself in last week on Smackdown.

    Footage from last week shows Prince Devitt defeat Sin Cara in one on one action. After the match a vide played on the big screen of Austin Blake teasing Devitt about the Irishman’s girlfriend Scarlett Marseille. Afterwards Sin Cara tried to comfort Devitt but the latter’s rage got the better of him and Devitt locked him in The Devitt’s End, nearly causing The International Sensation serious harm.

    Back at ringside Sin Cara poses to the crowd some more until ***Comin’ In Hot*** breaks it up and the entire crowd jeer as Austin Blake makes his way out from the back, and the WWE Cruiserweight Champion is not alone as he drags Scarlett Marseille out by the arm. The reluctant raven-haired girlfriend of Prince Devitt scowls at Blake as he orders her down to the ring. As Scarlett walks on Blake ogles her from behind with a huge smile on his face before he stops and poses to the crowd, rubbing the WWE Cruiserweight Championship that’s strapped to his waist. Blake doesn’t seem to care for the heat from the crowd as he struts down to the ring and again instructs Scarlett to do something. Scarlett doesn’t look too enthusiastic as she steps up the steel steps at ringside and sits on the middle ropes, holding them open for Blake to step through. Michael Cole calls Blake a disgusting human being before Blake turns to Scarlett and orders her back down off the apron. The announce team wonder if Austin Blake is taking his defence against Sin Cara seriously enough as he again refuses to acknowledge The International Sensation and instead blows a kiss to Scarlett at ringside, who grimaces back at the man who claims to be More Than You Can Take. Blake rubs his hands through his hair before he finally sets his sights on Sin Cara, just in time for the referee to ring the bell to get the contest started.

    WWE Cruiserweight Championship Singles Match
    Austin Blake © (w/Scarlett) versus Sin Cara

    The match starts frantically with Sin Cara sending Austin Blake around the ring with a couple of dropkicks and a running flying headscissors takedown. The champ tries to regroup as The International Sensation looks to win his first piece of gold here in the WWE. Sin Cara dodges a raging Blake and drope toe holds him into the middle turnbuckle. With Blake slumped in the corner Sin Cara makes a run from across the ring at him and leaps up with a dropkick, but Blake slides out of the way and Sin Cara crashes hard into the corner. Blake starts to take over as he grounds Sin Cara, neutralising the Mexican’s biggest threat. Blake hits several suplexes before he comes off the middle turnbuckle with a diving leg drop for a close fall. Blake starts to work on the leg of Sin Cara, with Booker T pointing out that Blake is making sure Sin Cara can’t hit his high flying attacks if he can’t stand up straight. Blake locks in a Single Leg Boston Crab but somehow Sin Cara survives the pain and reaches the bottom rope.

    Blake won’t give up though as he drags Sin Cara back into the middle of the ring and tries to turn him over again, but this time Sin Cara pulls Blake into a small package!!! The crowd think we have a new champ!!! But Blake somehow kicks out just in time!!! Blake furiously rises and argues with the referee for apparently counting too fast. This gives Sin Cara the chance to dropkick the knee of Blake and take him down to a knee… before he comes off the ropes and jumps at the stunned Blake and drives him into the canvas with a Hurricanrana Driver!!! Michael Cole yells that it’s over as Sin Cara makes the cover, and with Scarlett smiling on the outside it looks certain for The International Sensation to pick up the three!!! And Blake gets his foot on the bottom rope!!! The arena cannot believe it and Sin Cara holds the sides of his mask in surprise that Blake survived!! Sin Cara sends Blake into the ropes but Blake manages to hold on. Sin Cara charges at Blake who pulls the top rope down and Sin Cara crashes hard to the ringside floor.

    Blake takes his time recovering inside the ring, and decides to let Sin Cara be counted out. The crowd get behind Sin Cara and urge him to get back into the ring. It looks unlikely but Sin Cara finds the strength to climb back in just in time… just in time for Blake to attack him with several kicks to the back!!! Blake drags Sin Cara up and hits him with The Floirda Key!!! Blake covers but Sin Cara gets the shoulder up at two!! Blake holds three fingers up at the referee before he measures Sin Cara up. Blake runs across the ring and knocks Sin Cara for six with a Shining Wizard!! Blake covers again but once more Sin Cara shows resilience as he kicks out at two!!! Blake yells out in anger before he pulls Sin Cara into position. Blake heads to the middle turnbuckle and calls for The Sunset Driver!!! Blake taunts the crowd but before he can take off Sin Cara springs up out of nowhere and sends him flying off the middle turnbuckle with a super arm drag takedown!!!

    The crowd cheer as Sin Cara gains a breather with that attack and Blake runs at him with a clothesline only for The International Sensation to dodge it and hit a handspring back elbow that floors Blake!!! Sin Cara starts to gain a head of steam as he flies through the air to take Blake down a couple of times. The crowd are right behind Sin Cara as he slaps Blake’s face off the canvas with a drop toe hold before he comes off the ropes and crashes the kneeling Blake with a dropkick to the face. With Blake down Sin Cara heads to the top turnbuckle looking for The Falling Star!!! He leaps off!!! But there’s nobody home as Blake rolls to safety!!! And Sin Cara rolls through back up to his feet… and turns right into a Superkick from Blake!!! Sin Cara doesn’t know what day of the week it is as he drops to one knee, and Austin Blake quickly takes advantage as he hops onto the middle turnbuckle and jumps towards Sin Cara before he propels both of them forward to nail Sin Cara with the Front Flip Piledriver… Sunset Driver!!! Blake impales Sin Cara’s head into the canvas and immediately makes the cover to pick up the three count and retain his title.


    Winner by pinfall with Sunset Driver, and still Cruiserweight Champion……….. Austin Blake!!!

    The fans aren’t happy with Austin Blake being announced the winner and still the Cruiserweight Champion but before Blake can celebrate his win the crowd let out a huge roar as Prince Devitt charges down to ringside!!! Blake hears the noise from the crowd but it’s too late as Devitt is already inside the ring and tackles him to the ground!!! Devitt hammers away with right hands to the delight of the crowd as Scarlett watches on from the outside. Devitt finally climbs off Blake and as the Florida man rises Devitt levels him with a Roundhouse Kick to the face!!! Devitt lays Blake out on the canvas before he exits the ring and takes Scarlett with him!!! The crowd are loving it as Devitt and Scarlett make their way to the back reunited… but the mood dampens as Paul Heyman steps out from the back in front of the pair, and he’s not alone as a group of six security men stand around him. Heyman holds his hands up to try and reason with Devitt that Scarlett has to go back with Blake. Devitt furiously shakes his head and tries to walk past the WWE General Manager, but instead he is met with the group of security who apprehend the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion and pull him away from his girlfriend Scarlett, to the dismay of the crowd. Devitt angrily protests but Heyman again tries to reason that it’s not in his hands. Just as Devitt looks to be calming down Austin Blake appears and charges up the ramp towards the group. Blake yells at Heyman before he points his finger angrily in the direction of Devitt!!! Blake shakes his head but instead of continuing the argument with Devitt he decides to get at Devitt another way? By grabbing Scarlett by the arm and dragging her past the furious and held back Devitt into the backstage area. Devitt continues to rage on but the announce team wonder what could possibly happen next between Devitt and Blake, as the former finally calms down and holds his heads in hands. The crowd look on sympathetic to Devitt’s situation as the show heads to a commercial break.

    -------- Commercial Break ---------

    In the backstage area we see Gregory Helms not looking too happy as he stands on a stage similar to the one that Christian was on last week. However the crowd in front of him is a lot smaller as it seems that just the majority of the WWE’s cruiserweight division have been gathered, which includes the likes of Jack Evans, Tyson Kidd, Richie Steamboat, Xavier Woods and The Puerto Rican Nightmares among others.

    Gregory Helms: Thank you all for coming here tonight to listen to what I got to say. Now you all know me… I’m The Supernatural Gregory Helms. And you all heard what happened last week between me and Rey Mysterio. He called me out. In fact he called the WWE’s cruiserweight division out. So that means that Rey Rey… the man who until last week hasn’t been seen or heard of in over a year… he called all of you (points finger around crowd) out!!!!

    The crowd of superstars start to whisper among themselves but Helms carries on.

    Gregory Helms: But we’re not going to let him get away with that… are we?

    The crowd again whisper but nobody seems to want to speak up until Tyson Kidd steps forward.

    Tyson Kidd
    : What do you want from us Helms?

    Helms smirks as he looks at Kidd before he nods his head towards the Canadian.

    Gregory Helms
    : I’m glad you asked Tyson… because I think it’s pretty simple what I want. I need three guys… three of the best cruiserweights that the WWE has to offer… I need three of you guys… to show those rookies that the WWE is and always will be better than NXT!!!

    A lot of nods from the crowd as Tyson Kidd and Gregory Helms continue to stare off. Helms smirks though as he continues.

    Gregory Helms
    : In fact Tyson… I see you as the crown jewel of this team. So allow me to offer you the opportunity to be a part of Team WWE. Now you might not want to do this for me… I wouldn’t blame you… but do this for the WWE… in fact do this for yourself… and you never know this might be the only chance you get to be on Summerslam this year… I ain’t sayin’ I’m just sayin’!!!

    Helms holds his arms up hoping not to offend Kidd but the Canadian doesn’t seem to have taken offence.

    Tyson Kidd
    : Okay Gregory… you actually seem to talk a lot of sense. So you got a deal. I’m in!!!

    Kidd shakes Helms hand as he approaches but before the celebrations can continue Xavier Woods butts in.

    Xavier Woods
    : Now I’m loving the love up in here but what about the rest of us. Because last time I did maths eight into two don’t go.

    Helms looks towards Woods with a scowl before he composes himself to answer the question.

    Gregory Helms: I’m glad you asked Xavier. Because I have arranged with Paul Heyman for the rest of you to compete in an over the top rope battle royal. And the winner of that will take the second spot in my.. I mean our team. And for the two guys who are eliminated last in that match… you will square off even later tonight with the winner taking the honour of becoming the final prestigious member of Team WWE at Summerslam. Now does that sound like a great idea… or what!!!

    Helms walks off without even saying another word or interacting with anybody else as the WWE cruiserweights talk among each other, whilst also eyeing up the opposition for tonight. Booker T on commentary notes that it sounds like we got an even bigger night ahead of us than planned.

    A video starts playing on a sunny beach. The camera is in the sky as it looks down on the golden sands before we see a sign that tells us we are in Havana, Cuba. The cameras fly around the coastal area as we see several people out enjoying the sea and sun. Eventually the cameras switch to the beach itself where we see two scantily clad women fanning one man sat relaxed in a deckchair with a cocktail drink in one hand and a Cuban cigar in the other. Seeing that the camera has arrived the man passes both his drink and cigar off to two more women before he stands up. Wearing expensive white chinos, brown suede shoes and a black Fedora hat he smiles as he runs his hand over the lengthy gold chain around his neck before he finally addresses the camera.

    ?????????: So you finally made it, eh? I’ve been waiting a long time for you to arrive. I am a man of many things here in Cuba. A man of wealth…

    He strokes the gold chain once more.

    ?????????: A man of the ladies…

    He looks around at the four women who smile back as he stares corruptively their way.

    ?????????: And a man of power!!!

    This time he looks further around as the camera pans out to show several men standing, on guard it seems, with their arms folded.

    ?????????: But I am not a man of time. Here in Cuba I am a very powerful man, with very powerful friends, in very powerful places. Now my time here in Cuba is ending. My desire is to show the world exactly what kind of a man that I am. Soon enough I’ll bring the WWE to its knees with what I can do. But first I’m going to stop off… at NXT!!!

    The individual starts to laugh as he moves in closer to the camera.

    ?????????: Because for those of you who do not know about me, you soon will. My name is Robert Rivera… and when I arrive in the NXT Cruiserweight Climax… you’ll see just how powerful I am!!!!

    Rivera smirks as he backs away from the camera. He takes his seat back on the deckchair, receives his Cuban cigar and drink once more before returning to the scenario we found him in. Rivera lifts his arm to wave the camera away and one of the burly men steps forward and ushers the cameraman away as the video comes to a close.

    Roberto Rivera
    …is coming to NXT Cruiserweight Climax!!!

    As we return to the show the ring is crammed full of WWE cruiserweight stars as Xavier Woods, Yoshi Tatsu, Epico, Primo, Douglas Williams, Richie Steamboat, Jack Evans and Hunico get ready for the battle royal that will decide the winner of the second spot on Team WWE Cruiserweight for the Six Man Tag Team match at Summerslam. Michael Cole also reminds us that the two guys who are the last two eliminated from the match will square off later tonight for the third and final spot on the team that Gregory Helms will put together to take on Rey Mysterio’s Team NXT Cruiserweight at The Biggest & Hottest Party Of The Summer. JBL calls this match a real lottery that he cannot predict and within seconds the bell goes to start all out chaos.

    Team WWE Cruiserweight Qualifier
    Douglas Williams versus Epico versus Hunico versus Jack Evans versus Primo versus Richie Steamboat versus Xavier Woods versus Yoshi Tatsu
    Over The Top Rope Battle Royal

    No early eliminations in this one although Primo comes close until his tag team partner Epico saves him. The Puerto Rican Nightmares work together in the early stages and eventually they get an elimination as they both lift Yoshi Tatsu up and over the top rope before he crashes onto the ringside floor.

    Yoshi Tatsu eliminated by Epico & Primo.

    The Puerto Rican Nightmares dispose of Tatsu but turn right around into a double Honor Roll from Xavier Woods. Woods tries to force Epico over the top but Primo attacks from behind to save his partner this time. Hunico has Jack Evans in the corner but Evans counters out and knocks Hunico down with an enziguri. Evans leaps onto the top rope for an aerial attack but it costs him his place in the match as Richie Steamboat takes the opportunity to shove Evans off the top rope to the outside.

    Jack Evans eliminated by Richie Steamboat.

    Epico and Primo work over Xavier Woods in one corner whilst Steamboat smartly watches on. Hunico has Douglas Williams nearly over the ropes but Williams fights back with a right hand that stuns Hunico. The Mexican doesn’t like a taste of his own medicine and charges at Williams, only for the British star to catch the running Hunico with a Belly to Belly Suplex that sends him over the top rope and to the outside floor, the hard way!!!

    Hunico eliminated by Douglas Williams.

    Down to five and Steamboat tries to catch Williams by surprise but he eats a Belly To Belly Suplex too. Epico charges out from attacking Xavier Woods to have a stab at Williams but he too goes down thanks to a big lariat from Williams. The crowd are right behind the former Britannia man as Primo is next and misses with a clothesline. Williams grabs the waist and looks for Chaos Theory as he rams Primo into the corner… but Primo hangs on to the turnbuckle and Williams rolls back alone… right into the rising Epico who jumps up behind Williams and snaps him down with a Backstabber!!! Williams’ hopes extinguished as Primo and Epico pick him up and toss him over the top rope.

    Douglas Williams eliminated by Epico & Primo.

    Jeers from the crowd as Epico and Primo high five and JBL states that being a team has certainly helped the duo tonight. Primo points towards Xavier Woods in the corner and Epico walks towards him only for Primo to grab his partner from behind and toss him over the top rope to a mixed reaction from the crowd.

    Epico eliminated by Primo.

    Epico jumps to his feet and cannot believe that his own tag team partner eliminated him. Primo shrugs his shoulders and Michael Cole reminds us that it is every man for himself and notes that two of the three men inside the ring will complete Team WWE Cruiserweight, the only question being who will get the automatic place alongside Tyson Kidd and who will square off later tonight for the final place. Richie Steamboat is back up and dropkicks Primo in the back, sending him through the ropes to the outside… right in front of Epico!!! Epico just shrugs his shoulders and storms up the ramp still annoyed by Primo’s actions.

    Back inside the ring Steamboat goes after Xavier Woods and the two start to trade right hands before Woods gets the upper hand. Woods kicks Steamboat back before he dropkicks Steamboat in the face, an action that teeters Steamboat against the ropes. Woods charges and Steamboat back body drops him… onto the apron!!! Steamboat looks to knock Woods off with a right hand but Woods blocks it before he hot shots Steamboat off the top rope. Woods heads to the top turnbuckle and measures Steamboat up. Woods with a Flying Double Axe Handle… but Steamboat counters with a dropkick into the midsection of the airborne Woods.

    With Woods down Steamboat looks to finish him off and sets him up for his Sky High like finisher he calls Dragon Bite. But Woods blocks it with a couple of elbows. Woods with a clothesline, and another… but a third misses and Steamboat catches him with a knee to the midsection. Steamboat sends Woods into the corner and charges looking for a Diving Double Knee to the chest of Woods… but nobody’s home and Steamboat crashes into the turnbuckles!!! Woods is up in the corner and gets the crowd going before he forward rolls… and leaps up…. Honor Roll!!! Woods takes Steamboat’s head off with The Honor Roll!!! Steamboat is up on his feet again but doesn’t know where he is… and Woods clotheslines him over the top rope to the outside!!!

    Richie Steamboat eliminated by Xavier Woods.

    Woods throws his arms in the air thinking he has the victory… but Primo sneaks back into the ring and charges up behind him before he bundles him over the top rope to the outside to surprisingly win the match and take the second spot on Team WWE Cruiserweight.

    Xavier Woods eliminated by Primo.


    Winner by last eliminating Xavier Woods, and taking the second spot on Team WWE Cruiserweight……….. Primo!!!

    A shock that many of the crowd cannot believe as Primo emerges victorious in the Over The Top Rope Battle Royal and earns his spot on Team WWE for the Cruiserweight Six Man Tag Team Match against Team NXT at Summerslam. Xavier Woods cannot believe it as he climbs to his feet on the outside having thought he had won the match. Woods looks up at Primo who smiles at Woods before the latter looks across at the man he just eliminated, Richie Steamboat. Booker T and Michael Cole quickly remind us that later tonight both Woods and Steamboat will be in action as they square off against each other for the right to join Primo and Tyson Kidd on Team WWE. As Primo continues to celebrate his huge win the cameras show Gregory Helms watching on, although it’s unsure whether The Supernatural could-be-host of NXT is happy about Primo being a part of his team or not as the show heads to a commercial break.

    -------- Commercial Break ---------

    ***Take A Fall*** blares out as Smackdown returns and after a brief wait James Storm walks out from the back to a massive chorus of boos. Michael Cole calls the reaction to the appearance of James Storm fully justified after The Cowboy’s actions last week. We get a replay of what Cole is referring to as Storm heads to the ring dressed in jeans and a shirt, as always with a beer in his right hand and the rest of the six pack in his other.

    Replays from last week’s Smackdown show Storm’s Beer Money partner Robert Roode facing Christian with the winner taking claim to Christian’s Intercontinental Championship Rematch Clause at Summerslam, the match made by Paul Heyman as a way of making up for Joe Hennig accidentally costing Beer Money their chance to challenge for the WWE Tag Team Championships at Summerslam. With the referee down mid-match Storm would charge out from the back to stop Christian from attacking Roode with a chair. However, Storm would take the chair and instead shockingly slam it over the head of his defenceless partner. Christian would pick up the win but Storm’s betrayal was far from complete as after the match he would take one of his beer bottles and smash it over the head of a dazed and confused Roode, completely destroying any partnership or friendship the two men had gained over the last decade.

    We go back to ringside with James Storm inside the ring and The Cowboy has a microphone in his left hand and downs the rest of the beer in his right as he prepares to address the crowd. Storm looks ready to speak but the crowd aren’t too keen to let him have his say without protest and instead Storm reaches down and grabs another beer before he cracks it open and takes a swig.

    James Storm: Boy I needed that!! Now I am not coming down here to waste all of your time. Nevertheless, I feel that some things need to be said… I need to make sure that some things are addressed… especially after what happened last week!!!

    The crowd jeer as Booker T states that he can’t wait to hear what Storm has to say for himself.

    James Storm: Now people have been coming up to me all damn week… in the street… in the airport… in the bar!!!! And asking me how my friendship with Bobby Roode… a friendship so deep… a friendship that was so strong… a long and certainly fruitful friendship of over ten years… coming up to me and askin’ how something like that could just fall apart so easily. And you know what I said to them? I just do not know… I don’t know what would possess Bobby to go and do something so stupid that it would cost us our friendship together!!!

    Nuclear heat as Storm tries to accuse Roode of being the one who ended their friendship.

    James Storm
    : You people know what I’m talking about. Last week Bobby Roode made sure he ended the greatest tag team in the world… Beer Money… when he went behind my back and got himself a chance to become Intercontinental Champion. Bobby Roode decided that he was too good for the best tag team the world has ever seen… Bobby Roode decided that he was better than me!!! Moreover, he really believed that he could go it all alone. Bobby Roode abandoned me for his own selfish reasons.

    More heat as Storm continues to try and deflect the blame.

    James Storm
    : All I’ve ever done is be a brother to Bobby Roode. I’ve been there for him all through the highs… and helped him up through all the lows. And how does he repay me? How does Bobby Roode repay the good faith that I have put in him… in us… over the last ten years??? He abandons me. Like a boy fed up with playing with his ball… he abandons me!!! What happened last week was not my fault!!! It was Bobby Roode’s!!!

    Storm continues to rile the crowd with his blatant bullshit.

    James Storm
    : I love Bobby Roode. I’m not afraid to admit it. He’s my best friend. But best friends don’t do what Bobby did last week. Best friends don’t turn their back on their best friends. I’m not jealous of Bobby going it alone… I’m disappointed. And what happened last week has broken my heart. It will take all the beer in this run down city to try and make me forget about what Bobby did last week. And I know Bobby is sat at home right now watching, but Bobby… like I just told all these people… if you want to blame somebody for what went down last week… then I suggest you start by looking in the mirror!!

    Michael Cole asks if Storm is joking as he continues to push the blame on what happened last week onto the absent Robert Roode.

    James Storm
    : However unfortunate last week was it can always get better. Especially for you Bobby Roode. I’m willing to let go what you did to me Bobby. Let bygones be bygones. Because I love you. So just like last week… what happens next will also be down to you Bobby Roode. And Bobby… friends and brothers we may have been… but it won’t be me who’s sorry if you try to pull another stunt like last week partner… once more I can promise you that it will be you who will be sorry ‘bout your damn luck!!!

    Storm drops the microphone and exits the ring to jeers from the crowd. As Storm heads up the ramp a camera tries to follow but he pushes it away and continues on up to the back. The announce team wonder what will happen next between the former team mates that we called Beer Money with Booker T stating that he sure as hell knows that Robert Roode will not have liked what he has heard tonight. We get another shot of James Storm as he stops at the top of the ramp before he heads off through to the back.

    A video starts to play of a muscular man jogging down a long highway. The man is wearing a grey tracksuit and a black beanie hat. The individual gets away from the camera as he powers on down the road before the scene changes and we see that the man in question is Big E Langston!!! Langston has a skipping rope and he rapidly jumps through it repeatedly, spinning the rope side to side on occasion. The scene changes again to Langston working extremely fast on a pectoral machine before again the camera changes, this time to Langston inside a wrestling ring, and up against two padded up volunteers. Langston charges across the ring and takes both men down with a double clothesline. The big man does not look like he came to waste time as he grabs one of the men and hits him with the overhead belly to belly suplex!!! Langston grabs the other and lifts him high into the sky with a military press. Langston shows his immense strength as he holds the volunteer in the air for a long time before he tosses him over the top rope to the floor for a very hard exit. Langston begins to stalk the lone opponent inside the ring and creeps up behind him before he raises him into the air across Langston’s shoulders, and shakes him about with a Torture Rack!!! Within seconds the volunteer gives in and taps out and Langston mercilessly drops him down before he holds his arms high in the air in celebration of a job well done. Langston approaches the ropes and grabs a towel to wipe the small amount of sweat from his head, he takes a sip from a water bottle before he looks directly into the camera that has closed in on him.

    Big E Langston: I’m Big E Langston… and I’m coming to the WWE!!!

    The cameras shut off as the screen fades to black, but not before a message spreads across the screen.

    Big E Langston
    Coming Soon!!!

    Michael Cole and Booker T start to discuss how excited they are about the soon to debut Big E Langston. Booker T says he looks very impressive but before the discussion goes any further the lights go out and ***Behold The Darkness Instrumental*** hits which can mean only one thing!!! About thirty seconds later and the lights come back on… and Ambrose & Crowe, The Flood are standing at the foot of the ramp in their trance like behaviour. The duo slide into the ring as the announce team talk about what happened earlier tonight at the start of the show.

    A video airs of Ryder interrupting The Prime Time Prayers as the WWE Tag Team Champions exclaimed that they would be retaining their titles at Summerslam. Ryder warned them to beware of The Flood and the lights came back on to reveal Ambrose and Crowe inside the ring. The pair attacked Titus O’Neil and Darren Young before they hit the latter with The Downpour.

    Booker T says that he enjoyed what The Flood did earlier tonight even if he isn’t the biggest fan of Ryder and his associates. ***CongreNate*** blasts over the speakers as The Prime Time Prayers stroll out from the back. Titus O’Neil and Darren Young do not look happy as they make their way to ringside, without manager Lord Washington who is not here tonight. Michael Cole wonders if The Prime Time Prayers will still be the WWE Tag Team Champions after Summerslam with the pair set to defend their titles against The Flood, Light SaBour and The Maple Leaf Mafia in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match. Booker T reminds us that he has seen plenty of TLC matches over the years and they are never kind to the body. He also adds that they are unpredictable and would not try and guess who will walk away with the WWE Tag Team Championships at Summerslam. O’Neil and Young head into the ring and immediately try to bump heads with The Flood. Neither team is backing down, with the referee having to come between both teams to try to restore some order. Finally he does before he rings the bell to get the non-title match under way.

    Non Title Tag Team Match
    The Flood versus The Prime Time Prayers

    The action starts with Ambrose and Darren Young with the former immediately knocking Young off his feet. Ambrose backs Young into the corner and starts to hammer away until Titus O’Neil intervenes from the apron. Ambrose knocks O’Neil off the apron but the distraction allows Young to catch him from behind with a chop block. The Prime Time Prayers work over Ambrose for the next two minutes with a few close falls from double team attacks. Crowe tries to help his partner several times but the referee foils him. Titus O’Neil sends Ambrose into the corner and follows up with a clothesline but nobody’s home as Ambrose slides to safety!!! Ambrose comes off the ropes and knocks O’Neil down with a clothesline of his own. Ambrose finally makes the tag to Crowe who explodes into the ring!!! Crowe knocks O’Neil down with a couple of forearm shots before he turns and levels Darren Young for good measure. Crowe hops onto the middle turnbuckle before he jumps off and nails O’Neil with a flying elbow to the face!!!

    Crowe makes the cover but Darren Young pulls him out of the ring to break it up. Young grabs Crowe and sends him side first into the steel steps!!! Young rolls Crowe back in and O’Neil covers for a close fall!! The Prime Time Prayers take control of the match again with Young hitting Crowe with a gut buster for a very close fall. But The Flood keep coming back as Crowe counters a back body drop from Young and drives him into the canvas with a running DDT!!! Both men are down as their partners look for the tag into the match. To the crowd’s delight Ambrose gets the hot tag!!! And then so does O’Neil!!!! Both men race into the ring and Ambrose dodged a wild swing from O’Neil before he bounces off the ropes with a Lunatic Clothesline!!! Ambrose sends O’Neil into the corner before he charges and smashes him with a clothesline. O’Neil slumps in the corner but Darren Young slides back into the ring. Young lunges at Ambrose but he sidesteps him and tosses him into the corner... standing on top of the seated O’Neil!!!

    Crowe comes back into the ring and both of The Flood stand across the ring from The Prime Time Prayers. Crowe charges and hits a clothesline in Young in the corner!!! Ambrose charges and hits another clothesline in Young in the corner!!! Crowe backs up before he runs across the ring and nails Young with a jumping knee to the chest in the corner!!! Crowe headlocks Young and tosses him out from the corner... right into a jumping knee to the face from Ambrose!!!! The crowd are really getting behind The Flood tonight as Darren Young rolls out of the ring. Ambrose grabs Crowe and whips him towards O’Neil.... but Crowe reverses and Ambrose propels towards O’Neil instead.... and crushes him against the turnbuckle with a running hip smash to the face!!! The Flood are in control and on the verge of defeating the WWE Tag Team Champions as they set up for The Downpour!!! Crowe heads to the top turnbuckle as Ambrose picks up O’Neil, and Ambrose gets O’Neil into the electric chair!!!! But Darren Young is up on the apron!!! And he’s got one of the Tag Team Championship belts in his hand!!!! Before he smashes it into the back of Crowe’s head!!! And the referee calls for the bell!!


    Winners by disqualification after a title belt shot to the head……….. The Flood!!!

    The bell rings hard as Crowe collapses off the turnbuckle into the ring. Ambrose has his back to what’s going on but the bell sounding alerts him and he drops Titus O’Neil down and spins around… only for Darren Young to blast him across the face with the title belt too!!! Young helps his partner up and the pair aren’t done yet as they start to put the boots to Crowe!!! The crowd jeer as The Prime Time Prayers try to get some retribution for what happened earlier tonight. The duo grab Crowe and Young heads to the middle turnbuckle as the pair set up for The Gospel!!! O’Neil puts Crowe in the backbreaker hold but the voice of the WWE Universe rises…. as Light SaBour charge down to the ring!!! Chris Sabin and Evan Bourne, who will compete against both teams at Summerslam, race into the ring!!! O’Neil and Young forget Crowe and look to meet Light SaBour head on but Sabin ducks under a clothesline from O’Neil and takes the big man out with a dropkick!!! O’Neil rolls to the outside and Darren Young decides to fight another day as he swiftly exits the ring before anything can happen to him. The Prime Time Prayers retreat up the ramp as Bourne and Sabin stare them down from inside the ring. Michael Cole and Booker T note that Light SaBour just saved The Flood.

    WHAT IN THE!!!

    The crowd gasp as Sabin and Bourne are spun around!!! By The Flood!!! Crowe and Ambrose are up and Crowe drives Evan Bourne into the canvas with a Headlock Driver!!! And Ambrose kicks Sabin in the gut before he spikes him into the canvas with a Straight Jacket DDT!!! Now the crowd jeer The Flood as the pair stand up and look down on the fallen Light SaBour!!! The Prime Time Prayers look on from the ramp, shocked by what just happened but smiling about it nonetheless. Michael Cole asks what the hell The Flood are playing at and Booker T states that it’s every team for themselves at Summerslam and that The Flood are just making sure that Light SaBour know it. The Flood stare out at The Prime Time Prayers with a look of revenge in their eyes. As everything at ringside is going on we get a shot backstage of The Maple Leaf Mafia, and their manager Sylvester Lefort, watching events transpire with a smirk on their faces. The announce team take this moment to plug that at Summerslam it will be The Prime Time Prayers defending the WWE Tag Team Championships against The Maple Leaf Mafia, The Flood and Light SaBour in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match. Booker T states that he cannot wait as the show heads to another commercial break.

    -------- Commercial Break ---------

    As we return Michael Cole and Booker T talk about how the feud between Drew McIntyre and Harry Smith continued to escalate last week.

    A video plays from last week’s Smackdown of Drew McIntyre and Harry Smith brawling into the backstage area after leaving a six man tag team match. The intervention of Smith’s manager William Regal helped The Canadian Bulldog and Regal to escape the arena in their car, although not before McIntyre attempted and failed to catch a ride with the pair on the roof of the car.

    Back to the show and the announcers continue that what happened last week is nothing compared to what happened earlier today before the show went on the air.

    Another video airs and starts with Harry Smith and William Regal arriving at the arena earlier today all smiles. The pair trundle through the parking lot before their attention is caught by a loud horn. Both men jump before laughing at one another over the silly fright they gave themselves. But as they turn to make their way towards the arena they are caught off guard by the rampaging Drew McIntyre!!! The Scotsman hammers away at Smith against a small wall like area before he turns to Regal and slams him face first off the said wall. McIntyre follows up by body slamming Smith on the hard concrete floor in the middle of the parking lot before surprisingly he disappears. Regal crawls up to his knees and checks on Smith on the floor before a bright light starts to shine in his face. Regal holds his hands up to his face to try and block out the flash but soon enough the camera picks up that the light is being caused by a car headlight, and Drew McIntyre is at the wheel!!! Regal shakes his head in fear as his eyes nearly pop out of his head at the sight of a crazed McIntyre sitting behind the wheel of a car facing in his direction!!! Without warning McIntyre puts his foot down and the car speeds towards Regal and Smith as the former helps the latter to his feet. McIntyre doesn’t seem to care for anybody’s well-being as he hurtles towards the pair…. and fortunately Regal and Smith escape to safety before McIntyre can smash them up against the wall with the car!!! The car still hits the wall but McIntyre seems to be okay as he clambers out of the driver’s seat. McIntyre looks like a man possessed as he searches around for Smith and Regal but the duo seem to have vanished into thin air and McIntyre is instead left in frustration again as he kicks a shutter several times before the video concludes.

    The announce team are in shock and cannot believe what happened earlier tonight in the parking lot. Michael Cole notes that Paul Heyman has already stated that the actions of McIntyre are at the top of his agenda and the consequences of those actions will become known soon as he will make an announcement on the matter after Smackdown goes off the air tonight. Booker T adds that he worries that McIntyre might find himself unemployed in the near future but he hopes that Paul Heyman will give him another chance.

    ***Blood Work*** hits at ringside and out comes Richie Steamboat as we get confirmation that the final spot in Team WWE at what is now being billed as the Summerslam Cruiserweight Showdown is about to take place. Steamboat looks confident as he heads towards the ring, with the crowd mixed about his arrival. Michael Cole reminds us that Steamboat was the second runner-up earlier tonight in the Cruiserweight Battle Royal that saw Primo take the second spot, alongside Tyson Kidd, on Team WWE for the Summerslam Cruiserweight Showdown. As Steamboat taunts to the crowd in the ring ***Get Funky*** hits to a big pop and moments later Xavier Woods bops out from the back. Woods looks in great spirit as he dances with some of the fans on the way to the ring. Backstage we see Gregory Helms watching but he does not look happy to see Woods prancing about. Back at ringside the announce team discuss how Woods thought he had won the battle royal earlier tonight.

    A video replay from earlier tonight shows Xavier Woods eliminate Richie Steamboat from the battle royal. Woods began to celebrate a victory but Primo was outside the ring, never eliminated from the match. Primo crept back into the ring and bundled Woods over the top rope to win the match and earn the second spot on Team WWE.

    Back at ringside Xavier Woods is inside the ring and finally seems to be taking things serious as he steps up to Richie Steamboat. The two have a few choice words before the bell rings to start the match, with the final spot in Team WWE in the SCS on the line.

    Team Helms Qualifier Singles Match
    Xavier Woods versus Richie Steamboat

    A back and for encounter saw Xavier Woods start the brightest but Richie Steamboat comes back into it as he rolls off a couple of Sling Blades. Steamboat heads to the top turnbuckle for a Diving Cross Body but Woods counters midair with a dropkick to the midsection that downs Steamboat. Woods continues to play to the crowd as he looks for pops rather than getting the important win. Woods looks for a clothesline but Steamboat dodges it and hits Woods with a superkick for a close fall. Steamboat comes off the middle turnbuckle with a Flying Elbow Drop for another close fall as the son of Ricky The Dragon Steamboat tries to book his place on the card for Summerslam.

    Richie Steamboat wants to finish the contest off as he sends Woods into the ropes. The Dragon Bite is nearly hit as Steamboat tries for the sitout spinebuster… but Woods sees it coming and counters with a running tornado DDT!!! Woods starts to build up some momentum as he drops Steamboat with a couple of right hands before a swinging cradle suplex gives him a close fall. Woods backs off into the corner and gets the crowd going for The Honor Roll!!! Steamboat rises to his feet and Woods rolls across the ring before he leaps up and takes Steamboat’s head off with a clothesline that completes The Honor Roll!!! Woods quickly hooks the leg and picks up the win.


    Winner by pinfall with The Honor Roll, and taking the final spot on Team Helms……….. Xavier Woods!!!

    The fans cheer as Xavier Woods picks up the victory and takes the win that completes Team WWE for the Summerslam Cruiserweight Showdown. Booker T can’t help his excitement at Woods winning and states that ‘Summerslam is gunna be funky!!!’ Inside the ring Woods celebrates with the crowd as we see a shot backstage of Gregory Helms watching on. Helms smirks as he looks on and Michael Cole wonders what The Suprnatural thinks of his team’s chances now that it has been confirmed that Xavier Woods, Primo and Tyson Kidd will represent him at Summerslam. Before the show moves on Michael Cole receives word that after tonight’s show there will be a video up on WWE.COM from Rey Mysterio, where The Master Of The 619 will make an announcement regarding Team NXT!!! Booker T gets excited some more before the show heads to a promotional video.

    A video starts to air outside a wrestling arena where the only noise that can be heard is the chanting of the crowd.

    "Ole... Ole... Ole... Ole! Ole!! Ole!!! Ole... Ole... Ole... Ole! Ole!! Ole!!!"

    Finally the chants start to drown out as we see a red-haired man with his back to the camera standing inside the middle of the ring inside an empty arena.

    ??????: Those chants... ole... ole... ole... ole... sometimes they are all I can remember. Sometimes they are all I can hear. And most of the time they were all I could feel.

    The man turns around and we see that it is soon to be NXT Cruiserweight Climax competitor Sami Zayn!!! Zayn stares towards the camera but we identify that he is holding a black and red luchador mask in his hand. Zayn looks down at the mask.

    Sami Zayn: But those chants... and this mask... they were my disguise. They were my escape... my shield from the world. And they were the world's shield.... from the real Sami Zayn.

    Zayn looks down at the mask in his hand before he shakes his head.

    Sami Zayn: But this mask won't hide me anymore. Now that the mask is off, the chants I kept hearing have stopped. Now the real Sami Zayn is free. I can follow my own dreams now, not the dreams I once concealed as I obscured myself from the world behind this mask.

    Zayn tosses the mask out of the ring. He looks up at the camera.

    Sami Zayn: My dream is to reach the promised land. My dream is to be where the best of the best are... the WWE! However, to get there... I must prove myself in NXT... and that is exactly what I am going to do.

    Zayn moves in closer and looks directly into the camera.

    Sami Zayn: My name is Sami Zayn... and I'm coming to N.. X... T!

    Zayn continues to look into the camera with confidence and intensity as the video comes to end, but not before the customary notice that all NXT participants have been granted.

    SAMI ZAYN coming to NXT!!!

    The show returns ringside with Armando Estrada standing in the middle of the ring. The Cuban manager, who briefly took hold of The Usos until a few weeks back stands all smiles inside the ring but the crowd are not too pleased to see him and show Estrada exactly what they think of him with a chorus of jeers aimed his way. Estrada is nonplussed by their reaction though as he has a microphone in hand ready to speak.

    Armando Estrada: Todos... escuchame!!! Everybody... listen... to me!!! Ha-ha!!

    Boos for Estrada as the crowd don't really care for him.

    Armando Estrada
    : As ju people know... my name... is Arrrrrmando... Estrrrradaaaa!!! Ha-ha! And tonight ju will all listen to me because I got somet’ing I need to get off my chest!!!

    The crowd look a little confused to what Estrada could be talking about, with Booker T also wondering what on earth the Cuban is banging on about.

    Armando Estrada
    : But before I can do t'is I need two people to come out here so t'at I can tell them this right… to their face. Jimmy??? Jey??? Can ju bot' come out here right now... because I got somet'ing I want to say to ju two!!!

    The crowd are a still confused by what is going on as Estrada looks to the top of the ramp. Estrada looks a little worried himself as he sweats profusely, before he takes his hat off and continues to wait for a response from The Usos. A few seconds later and ***So Close Now*** hits and Jimmy & Jey,The Usos make their way out to a very positive reaction from the crowd. The two play up to the fans with several taunts and slaps of the hand with the WWE Universe as they make their way down to ringside. As the pair reach the bottom of the ramp they look up at Estrada, who smiles at the duo, but The Usos smiles seem to have turned to a look of uncertainty to why they have been called out by their former manager. The Usos waste no time trying to discern what Estrada's agenda is as they slide into the ring and immediately approach the Cuban.

    Armando Estrada
    : Jimmy!!! Jey!!! I'm so glad that ju two could bot' come out and join me here!!

    Jimmy Uso
    : Cut the crap Estrada!!!

    Huge pop from the crowd as Jimmy has heard enough of Estrada and jumps straight in.

    Jey Uso
    : You call us out here Estrada... you want us... you got us... so tell us what the hell you want with us!!!

    Now it's Jey Uso who isn't being patient as The Usos stare down Armando Estrada. Estrada holds his hands up as if to say he wants no trouble.

    Armando Estrada
    : Guys.. guys.. guys!!! I did not come here for trouble. I came out here to how ju say... bury the hatchet.

    The Usos look at Estrada and do not look convinced by the Cuban's response.

    Jimmy Uso
    : You came out here to bury the hatchet?

    Estrada nods back at The Usos who look at one another.

    Jey Uso
    : That's funny Armando because I thought we buried your hatchet when we gave you The Uso special treatment a few weeks ago. Then you come back saying you have found a better team than us...

    Jimmy Uso
    : The Puerto Rican Nightmares?? How did that work out for ya’?

    Jey Uso
    : That's right it didn't. Now you come out here and say you want to bury the hatchet with us? What's your game Estrada? Why you trying to play us?

    The Usos continue to interrogate Estrada as their former manager looks a little worried. Estrada shakes his head before he finally responds.

    Armando Estrada
    : Everyt'ing I said to ju was true!!! I came out here tonight to make things right!!! I want ju two to know t'at I... Arrrrrmando Estrrrrrrada... I am sorry... I am sorry for everything t'at happened between us. I am sorry that ju and me did not work out. And the thing t'at I'm most sorry about is that ju two would not do as I always ask... escuchame!!!

    The Usos look confused as Estrada raises his voice and seems to grow a bit of confidence.

    Armando Estrada
    : Maybe now ju two will.... ha-ha... listen... to meeeee!!!!!

    Estrada puts on his hat and exits the ring. The Usos look confused as the Cuban stops at the bottom of the ramp and stares back at them, but the crowd raise the volume of their voices as an individual jumps over the guardrail and leaps onto the apron on the side of the ring. Jimmy and Jey Uso see him but freeze as the man is wearing odd looking white and red face paint as he just stares at The Usos. The cameras close in on his face as Booker T asks 'Who in the hell is that?'...


    The freaky looking man pokes his tongue out at The Usos as Armando Estrada smiles on the outside. Jimmy and Jey look out at Estrada briefly for answers but that is a huge mistake as the cameras pick up another man jumping the guardrail behind The Usos. He is a lot bigger than the other man and without face paint as he slides into the ring behind The Usos. The crowd try to alert the brothers to the danger but this second man charges up behind them and levels them both with a double clothesline to the back!!! The crowd erupts with jeers as Jimmy and Jey Uso crumple to the canvas. Armando Estrada grins from ear to ear as the camera zooms in on the muscular man inside the ring, with his eyes covered by a pair of dark shades.


    The face-painted man steps through the ropes and joins his accomplice inside the ring before the big man pulls Jimmy Uso up to his feet and he effortlessly tosses him into the sky and slams him down into the canvas with a hard-looking Samoan Drop!!! Jey Uso climbs up to his feet and shows a bit of fight as he takes it to both men!!! Jey rocks the big man with a couple of right hands before a big boot stops Jey in his tracks and sends Jey into the corner. The big man charges and connects with a big clothesline in the corner. The big man holds Jey up against the corner as the face-painted man stands across the ring from him. The face-painted man charges across the ring and leaps onto Jey in the corner with a Stinger Splash!!!! Jey drops to the floor now and with both of The Usos down Armando Estrada steps up onto the apron with a huge smile across his face.

    The announce team condemn the actions of these two men that Estrada has brought here tonight for a pre-meditative attack on The Usos. However, Estrada is not completely satisfied as he sees that Jimmy Uso is crawling on his knees. Estrada urges his new associates to finish the job and the big man pulls Jimmy Uso up by his hair before he lifts him into the air for a powerbomb. The face-painted man heads to the top turnbuckle and creepily pokes his tongue out as Michael Cole asks what could possibly happen next. The face-painted individual leaps from the turnbuckle and catches the suspended Jimmy Uso with a Flying Neckbreaker.... just as his partner drops the helpless Jimmy into the canvas with a Kneeling Powerbomb!!! The devastating double team attack leaves Jimmy Uso motionless in the middle of the ring as the face-painted man kicks Jey Uso under the bottom rope to the outside.

    An extremely pleased Armando Estrada enters the ring and stands over the broken body of Jimmy Uso. The fans continue to jeer their disapproval at what just went down but Armando Estrada doesn't seem to care too much as he looks down over Jimmy Uso and shakes his head, before he pats the backs of the two men he has seemingly drafted into the WWE. The trio exit the ring with Estrada's boisterous gloating accompanied by the silence of his new hired guns. Shots of both of The Usos still down inside and outside the ring are shown as Michael Cole asks again who the two men are. Booker T adds that he does not know but states that they as sure as hell laid a beat down on The Usos tonight.

    The pair move on as we see a shot of AJ Styles backstage making his way through the arena for tonight's main event No Disqualifications Match with Harper, which is up next!!!

    -------- Commercial Break ---------

    Smackdown returns for the final time tonight Michael Cole and Booker T discuss what has already happened with tonight’s show. They talk about how Primo and Xavier Woods joined the selected Tyson Kidd on Gregory Helms WWE team of cruiserweights, whilst adding that Prince Devitt refused an offer to join the team earlier in the night before Devitt tried to unsuccessfully reclaim his girlfriend Scarlett Marseille from the clutches of WWE Cruiserweight Champion Austin Blake. They also talk about WWE United States Champion Joe Hennig and The Gabriels defeating Legacy in tag team action and The Flood defeating WWE Tag Team Champions The Prime Time Prayers, albeit by disqualification. Before they continue on the lights in the arena go out!!! This can only mean one thing and as soon as ***Behold The Darkness*** echoes through the arena it is confirmed that The Unreachable are here!!! The lights come back on and Harper is standing at the foot of the ramp, the bushy haired giant not showing any emotion as he just stares blankly into the distance. There’s no sign of his leader Ryder, or The Flood for that matter, as the announce team remind us that Ryder promised AJ Styles that The Flood would not get involved in tonight’s No Disqualifications Match, because Harper himself wanted to rectify the mistake he made at Night Of Champions by not defeating AJ Styles. Harper steps onto the apron before he steps over the top rope and into the ring. The crowd give Harper heat as he stares out at them as they, like Harper, await the arrival of AJ Styles!!!

    ***LIGHTS OUT***

    However, surprisingly we do not get AJ Styles but the sight of darkness as the arena lights once again go out. Michael Cole yells that he knew that Ryder would not be a man of his word. But Cole is wrong as the lights come back on… and AJ Styles is inside the ring standing behind Harper!!! And he’s got a steel chair in his hand!!! AJ Styles!!! AJ Styles!!! Booker T shrieks out Styles’ name and The Phenomenal One slams the steel chair into the back of Harper to force the referee to ring the bell and get tonight’s main event under way!!!

    No Disqualifications Singles Match
    AJ Styles versus Harper

    With Harper down to a knee from the chair shot to the back Styles backs up and delivers another stinging shot into the spine of the powerhouse. Styles decides to tackle Harper from the front next as the kneeling Harper looks up to see that AJ Styles is his assailant, only for Styles to slam the steel chair over the head of Harper, finally taking the big man down. Styles turns Harper over and makes the cover, but Harper manages to power out at two!!! Styles refuses to refrain from using the steel chair and this time he drives the side of the chair into the midsection of Harper several times. Booker T mentions that they’ve never seen AJ Styles this vicious before with Michael Cole adding that we’ve never seen anyone just take down Harper like this either.

    AJ Styles sets the chair up in the middle of the ring and looks like he wants to drop toehold Harper into them. Styles sends Harper into the ropes but as he looks for the drop toehold Harper hangs onto the ropes. Styles comes back at Harper but the big man boots him away. Styles is a little dazed and his early momentum evaporates as Harper launches himself across the ring and takes Styles head off with a Discus Clothesline!!! Harper does not go for the cover though and stands over AJ Styles for a few seconds before he pulls him up to his feet. Harper backs Styles into the corner before he uses his long legs to choke AJ Styles up against the corner. The referee cannot break it up, as it is a No Disqualifications Match.

    Harper continues to use the rules, or lack thereof, to his advantage as he uses the bottom rope to choke AJ Styles. Harper kicks Styles out of the ring as the announce team worry what could happen to Styles out there. Harper slides out after Styles and immediately knocks him down with a short clothesline. Harper slams AJ Styles’ head off the steel steps a couple of times before he chucks him into the air and drops him off the top of the ringside barricade. Harper looks over to the ringside announce table and starts to pull it apart, which forces Booker T and Michael cole to jump up and take cover. Harper grabs a hold of Styles and sets him up for a powerbomb through the announce table, but Styles has some fight left in him as he rifles off a couple of right hands as Harper suspends him in the air, before Styles counters out with a hurricanrana onto the ringside floor.

    AJ Styles buys himself a few seconds but Harper is back up and charges at Styles near the ringpost. Harper goes for a big boot but Styles sidesteps him and Harper kicks the steel steps away from the ring. With Harper stunned shortly, Styles takes the opportunity and dropkicks him in the back, sending Harper face first into the steel ring post!!! Styles rolls Harper into the ring before he heads straight up to the top turnbuckle. The crowd are cheering for Styles as he steadies himself, and leaps off the top rope…. Spiral Tap!!! Styles connects!!! Styles crashes down on top of Harper before he makes the cover… but Harper throws a shoulder up!!! Somehow Harper kicks out and Booker T asks if Harper is even human!!! Styles cannot believe it but he pulls Harper up and calls for the Styles Clash! Styles sets Harper up… but Harper back body drops Styles into the air!!! Styles jumps back to his feet and charges at Harper…. but gets caught with a Swinging Side Slam!!! Harper crushes Styles into the canvas but again elects not to make the cover.

    Harper instead exits the ring and looks down at the detached steel steps. Harper picks up the steel steps and rolls them into the ring. Harper enters the ring and lifts the steel steps high above his head and looks to drop them onto the head of AJ Styles!!! Michael Cole asks for somebody to stop this!!! But Harper slams the steel steps down!!! And AJ Styles moves out of the way!!! Harper misses with his attack as Styles escapes certain demise. Harper stalks AJ Styles as he struggles to his feet, and takes aim with another Discus Clothesline!!! Styles ducks it… Pele Kick!!! Styles hits it and Harper bounces into the ropes and right back to AJ Styles… who trips Harper up with a drop toehold… into the steel steps!!! Harper’s face smashes off the top of the steel steps but somehow he’s still moving!! AJ Styles cannot believe it and heads to the ring apron. Styles watches as Harper rises to his feet, and AJ Styles springboards into the ring… and takes Harper’s head off with a Phenomenal Forearm!!!

    Harper is down but AJ Styles is taking no chances as he pulls him back up to his feet and sets him up for the Styles Clash!!!This time AJ Styles hits it as he plants Harper face first into the canvas. The crowd are on their feet but before AJ Styles can make the cover the lights go out!!! The fans jeer but the lights come back on, and Ryder is standing in the ring beneath the steel steps!!! AJ Styles doesn’t see him straight away and Ryder runs up the steps before he takes AJ Styles out with a Rough Ryder!!! Styles is down and out but Ryder has one more attack in him as he pulls AJ Styles up to his feet, drags him up the steel steps, turns him around before he cracks AJ Styles down with a lifting falling inverted DDT… on the steel steps!!! Michael Cole calls Ryder despicable as Ryder beckons a recovering Harper to make the cover. Harper does as he is told and picks up the three count and the victory.


    Winner by pinfall after Ryder interfered and hit a Lifting Inverted Falling DDT onto the steel steps……….. Harper!!!

    The match is over and heat is burning for Ryder and Harper as the duo stand over AJ Styles, who lays motionless across the steel steps in the middle of the ring. Michael Cole again condemns the actions of Ryder and states that AJ Styles was seconds away from a huge victory. Booker T agrees that it looked very likely that AJ Styles would win tonight after a brutal battle with Harper. Inside the ring, Harper does not even celebrate as he stands beside his leader, with Ryder standing over AJ Styles, just staring down at The Phenomenal One. Michael Cole adds that AJ Styles will be looking to get his revenge at Summerslam when he finally goes one on one with Ryder, with the camera again focusing on Ryder standing over AJ Styles as Smackdown goes off the air.

    Fade To Black

    Friday Night Smackdown Results August 9th 2013 – Rockford, IL
    - Joe Hennig, Adam Gabriel & Justin Gabriel def. Legacy by pinfall
    - Austin Blake © def. Sin Cara by pinfall to retain the Cruiserweight Championship
    - Primo def. Epico by pinfall to take the second spot in Team WWE for the SCS
    - The Flood def. The Prime Time Prayers by disqualification in a non-title match
    - Xavier Woods def. Jack Evans by pinfall to take the third & final spot in Team WWE for the SCS
    - Harper def. AJ Styles by pinfall in a no disqualifications match

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    Re: WWE 2012 - A New Direction

    ★ ★ ★ WWE NEWS UPDATE ★ ​ ★ ★ 10 AUGUST 2013 ★ ★ ★

    These are the big stories coming out of the World Wrestling Entertainment after the 9th August edition of Friday Night Smackdown.


    The WWE have announced that they will host a special preview event for Summerslam called Summerslam Axxess. Similar to the event that precedes Wrestlemania every year this will air the night before Summerslam and will feature a couple of matches that might not have reached the Summerslam card in Los Angeles this year. Summerslam Axxess will be held at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California.

    The first match has already been announced for the event with WWE General Manager Paul Heyman confirming it via an interview on WWE.COM after Smackdown went off the air...

    "After the ridiculous events that preceded Smackdown this week between Drew McIntyre and Harry Smith I have decided that if they want to continue to beat each other up everywhere they go and anywhere they please then I may as well do them both a favour and the WWE Universe a pleasure by booking them to square off at the inaugural Summerslam Axxess event. And seeing as though they like to take matters outside the ring every time they see each other I think it's only fair that I give them that opportunity once again. Because at Summerslam Axxess I can confirm that it will be Drew McIntyre versus Harry Smith in a Falls Count Anywhere Match!!!"

    So it is official that Drew McIntyre and Harry Smith will meet in a Falls Count Anywhere Match at the first ever Summerslam Axxess event.


    As promised on Smackdown former multi-time champion Rey Mysterio was set to announce his team for the upcoming 'Summerslam Cruiserweight Showdown' that will pit three of the WWE's cruiserweight stars, handpicked by former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms, against three of the cruiserweight stars set to participate in the upcoming NXT : Cruiserweight Climax series that will begin after Summerslam, which would be handpicked by Mysterio. On Smackdown we saw Team WWE completed as Tyson Kidd, Primo and Xavier Woods all made it into Helms' trio of selection. But Mysterio dropped short of naming his complete team, instead revealing that the final pick for his team would be announced next week, live on Smackdown. As for the first two picks Mysterio chose the man whose actions started the ball rolling on this match, Adrian Neville, and for his second choice he opted for a man that he expects big things from in the future... Sami Zayn!!!


    During this week's Smackdown The Usos were attacked by two mystery men seemingly hired by Armando Estrada. Although nothing official has been released by the WWE on the identities of the two men the internet wrestling community has been quick to point out who the two men are. The man in the red and white face paint is Alipate Tifita. He is the adoptive son of former WWE and WCW star Haku/Meng and the adoptive brother of former WWE lower card star Camacho. His partner in crime is Fale Simitaitoko and both men hail from Tonga. Also both men have had previous experience wrestling overseas in New Japan Pro Wrestling albeit with limited success and both attended a WWE tryout camp earlier this year, a camp which was also attended by current WWE Cruiserweight Champion Austin Blake. Both men were signed to developmental contracts in February and have seemingly impressed the WWE hierarchy enough to earn a spot on the main roster. Hopefully next week more on the two men will become clear.

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    Re: WWE 2012 - A New Direction

    Smackdown was a solid enough show, doing what it needed to, to continue to build towards Summerslam. I had a read of the show and whilst I don't have time for full comments right now, I will say that solid was definitely the right way to describe the show. There was nothing bad, everything did its job without being outstanding. Good, consistent stuff on the road to Summerslam so far.

    McIntyre/Smith being on Axxess is interesting and not really something I mind. It should be fun, however I do have issues with Heyman booking the match the way he did. I don't mind that it was an after the show announcement, but Drew has just tried to run over two people. It's ludicrous that Heyman would then reward him with a match, surely there needs to be some sort of punishment for trying to run somebody over? Based off of what occurred on Smackdown, I think this needed to develop a little further before the match was announced. It just doesn't sit right with me currently.

    Neville and Zayn as the first two members for Mysterio's team is ridiculously good. Looking forward to seeing who number three is, but right now, Rey's NXT team definitely looks to be in the box seat to win at Summerslam.

    Estrada's new hired guns are completely fine as well. Really enjoyed their debut segment taking out The Usos, and hoping this leads to a good feud for a few months.

    Thread continues to chug along nicely mate, keep it up.

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    Re: WWE 2012 - A New Direction

    I really enjoyed this show. Focusing mainly on the mid card feuds, giving them time to shine. Perhaps this is a staple of your shows, but it’s only now that I’m noticing it, and I like it.

    Giving the tag champs some promo time at the top of the show is great. Shines a spotlight on the TLC match at Summerslam, and rightfully, as it should be treated as a big deal. Good points raised by Titus and Young, as they have essentially been forgotten during the qualifying period for TLC. I’ll not dwell on Ryders involvement, but I will say you scripted him well here, given his gimmick. Some great peculiar lines there, and the last line I found particularly enjoyable.

    Big fan of incorporating famous moments from previous events to hype the enormity and the history of a big show like Summerslam. WWE don’t do it enough, which is a shame.

    These Cody Rhodes ‘Better Than Perfect’ promos are tremendous. And making it plainly obvious that the videos are heavily edited is a great touch too. Very easy and effective way to build anger in Hennig toward Cody for mocking Mr. Perfect week after week like this.

    The six man tag was built well from last week, and here, you had the right result, giving your U.S Champion a good win, and letting the veteran take the fall on Legacy. Still though, despite the win, Hennig wont be happy until he gets his hands on Cody.

    I still feel you’re treading a thin line with Devitt, as he is coming across like a bit of a raving psycho at the minute, to the point where people might start to wonder if Scarlett is better off away from him. The argument I have is that he knew what he was signing up to at Night of Champions and should really swallow his pride and accept it’s his own fault he‘s in this situation. Helms catching himself saying Team Helms rather than Team WWE was funny though.

    Blake checking out Scarlett whilst walking to the ring is great. Good to see Blake getting a clean win to retain his title, not always having to cheat to win matches - nice to see that from time to time. Again, to me, Devitt just comes across as a sore loser by trying to take Scarlett away, despite knowing the stipulation he signed up for. That’s a whiny heel move imo. I did like the way Blake dragged Scarlett out of there though, as that would’ve made for a good visual.

    Would’ve preferred for Helms to just select the three men on his team for Summerslam, as the qualifying matches just felt a little bit too fair. Given his attitude, you’d expect Helms to handpick all three guys, and not just Kidd. Would’ve also been nice for someone to speak up against Helms in his crusade and walk off in protest, though it makes sense for the WWE guys to want to protect their spots, so I cant be mad at it.

    These Cruiserweight Climax introduction videos keep getting better and better. This tournament is going to be really epic, given the build it’s getting. Hoping Sami Zayn wins it - but there’s legit half the field that could win it. Zayn and Neville getting the spotlight by competing for Rey at Summerslam is a good indication of what the future holds for both men.

    Primo winning the battle royal was a surprise. Given he’s primarily a tag team guy, I had expected maybe a Yoshi Tatsu to get the nod here. A nice surprise though, as Primo is great, and him having a spot at Summerslam is fine by me.

    Very enjoyable explanation promo from James Storm. These post-heel turn promos are always fun to read. Storm placing the blame on Roode for ruining the team, and claiming Bobby abandoned him works as motivation for Storm turning on him - though I think there was a flub with Storm saying they’d been a team for ten years. Next week should be interesting, though surely Storm cant honestly think Roode isn’t going to be coming for revenge. Fun promo from Storm.

    DQ finish in the tag match made sense, struck me as surprising that the fans got behind The Flood in this, as that group should be trying to be the most hated, given Ryders gimmick, and what he’s been doing as of late, I’d expect his lackeys to be treated with disdain. Post match stuff was the highlight with the run in - although, again, I’d find it weird that anyone would run in to save The Flood - and the Flood attacking Bourne and Sabin after just being saved by them was great. Glad the Maple Leaf Mafia just watched this from the back too, laughing as their rivals all beat each other up.

    I have to echo stojys sentiments on the McIntyre angle with Smith and Regal. Think there would need to be some sort of punishment coming for Drew after attempted murder. Much like the actions of Devitt earlier, McIntyre trying to kill two people feels a little bit heelish for a face to do. One thing I will say though is that the booking of Falls Count Anywhere makes total sense, and was explained well by Heyman.

    Xavier Woods felt like the better option to go over and take the final spot on Helms team for Summerslam. Expecting some dissention between now and Summerslam between Helms and Woods, given Woods being a face, is bound to disagree with Helms approach. Could add a whole new dimension to that match at Summerslam if the team mates are at odds with each other.

    Highlight of the show for me was Estrada debuting Tama Tonga and Bad Luck Fale. Haven’t watched a whole bunch of either guy, but I’ve always though Tama Tonga had the right ‘look’ for the WWE. With that face paint too, he’s a scary looking mother fucker, whilst Fale brings the size to the team. With Estrada leading the pair, they had better get a push to the moon, and this debut was tremendous. Very interested to see this team going forward. Feuding with The Usos is a great place to start.

    Again, I’ll not dwell on the Ryder stuff as I’ve probably moaned enough about my issues with the gimmick, but the booking of the main event segment was perfectly fine in order to build toward the final chapter of Ryder vs. Styles. Styles unable to overcome the odds on this occasion should make it all the sweeter when he finally does overcome the odds at Summerslam.

    Like I said at the top of the post, a really solid show, giving the mid card feuds plenty of time to shine and build. Very big fan of this approach. Makes everything feel important.

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    Re: WWE 2012 - A New Direction


    AUGUST 25 2013

    Official Theme Song = Immortal by Eve To Adam








    RYDER versus AJ STYLES


    AUGUST 24 2013


    Plus there will be a showdown of the cruiserweights at Summerslam as Gregory Helms leads a three man team from the WWE against a Rey Mysterio led trio from the upcoming NXT Cruiserweight Climax series. All this plus much, much more will head your way Summerslam weekend - just four shows away!!!

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    Re: WWE 2012 - A New Direction

    Just looking over this card again, and it really is setting up to be an AMAZING Summerslam card. There isn't a single match on the card that I wouldn't expect to be high quality, and they all feel as if they have had the necessary build as well.

    You've just done a sensational job building towards Summerslam, and with only two weeks to go, I can only see it continuing. At the rate you post shows, we might get Summerslam by Christmas right?

    Either way, keep up the good work and I'll try to leave some detailed comments on your next show.

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    Re: WWE 2012 - A New Direction

    WWE Monday Night Raw Preview
    Sleep Train Arena | Sacramento, CA
    August 12 2013
    “Hot Tags!”

    Raw hits us this Monday night from the Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento and it promises to be another action-packed tag team-filled night as the Road To Summerslam stops off in Sactown just thirteen days before The Biggest & Hottest Party Of The Summer!

    Three big matches we already know that will take place in Los Angeles will tie together tonight as two HUGE tag team matches have been made for Raw. One will see the WWE Unified World Champion Kevin Steen team up with Daniel Bryan to take on the recently reunited pairing of Randy Orton & Batista, Evolution!! The Animal & The Viper will team together for the first time since aligning once more as they look to build momentum ahead of their impending showdown with The Kings Of Wrestling at Summerslam!! Speaking of The Kings Of Wrestling they will have their hands full too as they do battle with the Summerslam opponents of the previously mentioned Steen and Bryan. Both Dolph Ziggler and CM Punk will have to forget about Summerslam for tonight as they must first overcome the twin threat of The King of Swing and The King of Knockout, a force that Punk himself is very familiar with.

    Also on Raw there will be a preview of sorts of the upcoming WWE Tag Team Championship Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match as two of the challengers to the titles held by The Prime Time Prayers square off in a match stemming from events of last week’s Smackdown. Light SaBour will take on The Flood after the latter attacked the former despite Chris Sabin and Evan Bourne preventing Ambrose and Crowe from being assaulted by the Tag Team Champions!! It’s every team for itself but what roles will The Prime Time Prayers AND the other challengers The Maple Leaf Mafia have to play as the chaotic enigma that is the TLC Match edges closer and closer.

    Joe Hennig will also be in action as the former Legacy man defends his WWE United States Championship against a man who he was teaming with last week, one half of the Gabriel Brothers, Justin Gabriel. Hennig has been the target of former allies Legacy for months now but still cannot get his hands on their leader Cody Rhodes, who has resorted to mocking Hennig’s father, the late Mr Perfect Curt Hennig, from afar in a series of videos. Will tonight be another victorious one for Hennig or is it going to be Gabriel’s lucky night as the two clash to decide the future of the United States Championship!!

    Raw will also see James Storm in action as The Cowboy goes one on one with Shelton Benjamin. Last week Storm explained his actions the previous week when he smashed a beer bottle over partner Robert Roode’s head, effectively ending their tenure together as Beer Money. However Storm’s account of why he did what he did was not as expected, instead The Cowboy put all the blame for Beer Money’s breakup firmly in the lap of his now former partner Roode. Nobody is buying it but Storm will look to start his new path as a singles star with a victory. And will we get an appearance from the aforementioned Roode who hasn’t been seen since the incident two weeks ago.

    Finally the new Women’s Champion Shaul Guerrero was brought crashing back down to earth last week as General Manager Paul Heyman removed her mother Vickie Guerrero from her duties as the Head of the Women’s Division. Not only that but Heyman hit Shaul Guerrero with another bombshell as he proclaimed that at Summerslam the self-proclaimed Latina Heat will defend her title against both AJ Lee and Kaitlyn in a triple threat match. Tonight though it will be the challengers who battle it out two weeks before they vie to become Women’s Champion again as Kaitlyn teams with fellow Divas Of Doom member Natalya to take on AJ Lee and her friend, the Anti-Diva Paige!!!

    Scheduled for Raw

    - WWE United States Championship Singles Match -
    Joe Hennig © versus Justin Gabriel

    - Tag Team Match -
    Kevin Steen & Daniel Bryan versus Evolution (Batista & Randy Orton)

    - Tag Team Match -
    CM Punk & Dolph Ziggler versus The Kings Of Wrestling (Claudio Cesaro & Kassius Hero)

    - Singles Match -
    James Storm versus Shelton Benjamin

    - Tag Team Match -
    The Flood (Ambrose & Crowe) versus Light SaBour (Chris Sabin & Evan Bourne)

    - Tag Team Match -
    AJ Lee & Paige versus The Divas Of Doom (Kaitlyn & Natalya)

    Sorry in advance for the plethora of tag team matches coming your way. Didn't realise I had so many for this week of shows before I rounded up the storylines. I think each one will be different enough to make it enjoyable though!! Hoping to get it up some time this week.

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    Re: WWE 2012 - A New Direction

    Definitely a big night of tag team wrestling, luckily I really enjoy tag team wrestling. Card looks strong, and really looking forward to the Evolution and Kings of Wrestling tags against the main eventers. Should be fantastic stuff.

    Things have been building solidly towards Summerslam for what feels like forever now. Looking forward to a few jam packed shows to set the tone.

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    Re: WWE 2012 - A New Direction

    Monday Night Raw
    Sleep Train Arena | Sacramento, CA

    August 12 2013

    ”Unlucky 13”

    A video plays to highlight the events of last week with The Flood laying out Light SaBour on Smackdown, we see the war between The Kings Of Wrestling and the reformed Evolution continue. Whilst CM Punk returns at the conclusion of last week’s the main event to avenge the vicious attack Daniel Bryan gave him earlier that night and Dolph Ziggler surprising WWE Unified World Champion Kevin Steen with a Zig Zag to close the show out.

    The Night by Kromestatik

    The Raw intro video ends and the camera immediately throws us inside the Sleep Train Arena where thousands of screaming fans are on their feet to kick off Raw. The camera picks up several fan signs in the crowd including ‘We want Rollins’, ‘Here To See The Show Off’ and ‘No! No! No!’ We hear from Michael Cole and John Bradshaw Layfield as the announce team welcome us to tonight’s Raw. They run through what an exciting show we have ahead of us with three big tag team matches set for tonight. They inform us of what we already know, that The Show Off Dolph Ziggler & CM Punk will team up to take on The Kings Of Wrestling whilst we will see the first tag team match of the reformed Evolution as they square up to the tandem of Unified World Champion Kevin Steen and The American Dragon Daniel Bryan. They continue on that just announced before Raw went on the air was ANOTHER tag team match, this time pitting Summerslam opponents John Morrison and Kofi Kingston against each other with a partner of their choosing. JBL states that it’s shaping up to be one hell of a night as Michael Cole also announces that Joe Hennig will defend the United States Championship against Justin Gabriel as he tries to continue his run of victories over the last month.

    ***Here To Show The World*** blares throughout the arena and the Sacramento crowd are on their feet as Dolph Ziggler steps out from the back. The Show Off looks pretty serious as he heads towards the ring and the announce team debate whether Ziggler can regain the Unified World Championship at Summerslam from the man that beat him at Night Of Champions for it, the 2013 King Of The Ring Kevin Steen. Ziggler tags hands with several fans at ringside as he heads towards the timekeeper’s table and retrieves a microphone. Ziggler heads into the ring and waits a few moments for the crowd to lower the volume of their cheers before he begins to speak.

    Dolph Ziggler: Ya know there are just thirteen days left until Summerslam... and some might say that thirteen is an unlucky number for a lot of people and for a lot of different reasons. But not for me… because thirteen is the amount of days left until I take back my Unified World Championship!!!

    Pop from the crowd.

    Dolph Ziggler: Now I ain’t out here to start complaining about how I lost the title. Because as much as we all want to hate him… Kevin Steen beat me fair and square at Night Of Champions. I’m a big enough man to admit that. He deserved to win the Unified World Championship.

    Jeers from the crowd as they don’t want to admit that Kevin Steen was the better man.

    Dolph Ziggler: But Kev… I got some very unfortunate news for you. Beating me at Night Of Champions was probably the biggest mistake you could make. Because you have made me realise that I need to work harder towards getting back the Unified World Championship. You’ve lit a fire deep inside me Kev that I didn’t even know existed. I come out here each and every week looking to steal the show, because I’m The Show Off… and making these fans happy has always been my number one priority... but now I’ve got an even bigger reason to be at the top of my game come Summerslam.

    Ziggler pauses for a moment as he looks around at the crowd.

    Dolph Ziggler: At Summerslam I’m not just coming to steal the show… I’m coming to kick your ass all over Los Angeles Kev… I'm coming to take you to places nobody has ever taken you… and I’m coming to take back what’s rightfully mine… the Unified World Championship!!!

    A huge pop from the crowd.

    Dolph Ziggler: Make no mistake about it Kev… I won’t underestimate you again. You might just be the King Of The Ring… and you might have the Unified World Championship around your waist right now. But I’m coming at you with everything I’ve got… and when it’s all said and done… and when the dust settles and the crowd have deserted the Staples Center… all you will be able to hear ringing in your ears will be the voice of the ring announcer… and your NEW Unified World Champion… The Show Off… Dolph!!! Ziggler!!!!

    Ziggler stands confidently in the middle of the ring but ***Nightmare*** hits and here comes WWE Unified World Champion Kevin Steen with Matt Striker by his side!!! Wrestling’s Worst Nightmare marches down the ramp before he jumps into the ring despite Matt Striker trying his best to convince him to change his mind. Steen goes nose to nose with Ziggler and the two start to use their heads to push each other back and for but instead of throwing any attack, Steen brushes past Ziggler and asks for a microphone of his own. The announce team wonder what could go down any minute now as both men have not been able to hold back their rage towards one another over recent weeks.

    Kevin Steen: Once again Dolph you sound cute… out here filling all the heads of these people with lie after lie, begging for their affection like a lost little puppy.

    Ziggler shakes his head as the crowd jeer Steen.

    Kevin Steen: Let’s say it how it is Dolph. At Night Of Champions I crushed you like a little bug. And at Summerslam I’m going to finish what I started when I finally scrape you off the bottom of my foot and toss you aside like the piece of garbage that you are. I’m the Unified World Champion and I don’t need to appease these fans to make myself feel good. Every morning I wake up with this…

    Steen raises the Unified World Championship above his head.

    Kevin Steen: … by my side and that’s all the motivation I ever need. But you Dolph, I bet every night since Night Of Champions you go to sleep thinking about me and what I did to you. And I bet you wake up in the middle of the night wonderign what I'm going to do to you next. And you should be afraid Dolph… because Night Of Chgampions… that was just the tip of the iceberg. What happens at Summerslam is going to give you nightmares for the rest of your life. I am not holding back anymore Dolph. I’m Wrestling’s Worst Nightmare… and at Summerslam all these fans won’t be able to stop me when I crush every one of your pathetic little dreams with my bare hands. I’m the King of this ring Dolph… you and these people need to bow down to me and worship me… before I feel the need to make you!!!

    The heat is definitely on Steen as he stars a hole through Ziggler. But The Show Off doesn’t look scared as he raises his microphone to respond.

    Dolph Ziggler: You think I’m scared Kev? You think I’m scared of you? Well you’re wrong!! You might have beaten me at Night Of Champions but you don’t understand that everything has changed now. Now that you have the title, you’ve got something to lose. It’s easy throwing your weight around… and let’s face it you’ve got plenty of that…

    Steen scowls at Ziggler as the latter gives the crowd a cheap laugh.

    Dolph Ziggler: But when you’ve got something to lose it rests on your mind. You might not say it out loud but I know you feel it. That feeling deep down inside that tells you that one mistake and everything you worked hard for is gone… just… like… that!!! At Summerslam I’m going to show you exactly why it’s too bad for you… that I’m just too good! At Summerslam I’m going to steal the show and give these fans the main event that they paid to see!! And most importantly of all… at Summerslam I’m going to beat you Kevin Steen… nightmares and all… and once again become the WWE Unified World Champion!!!

    Ziggler is defiant in the presence of the menacing World Champion and despite nobody wanting to back off as the two stare down it is Matt Striker who gets involved and tries to convince Steen to leave. Steen and Ziggler continue to lock eyes before Steen smirks and begins to walk away… ONLY TO TURN BACK AND KICK ZIGGLER IN THE CROTCH!!! The crowd jeer as Ziggler starts to crumble to his knees, but Steen doesn’t let him drop and instead tosses him into the ropes before he pops him into the air and slams him down into the canvas with the Pop-Up Powerbomb!!! Ziggler is down and Steen is by no means done with him as he beckons Matt Striker to the outside. Striker heads out and grabs a steel chair before he slides it into the ring for Steen. The announce team beg for Steen not to go through with whatever sick idea he has in mind, but Steen places the chair flat in the middle of the ring before he grabs Dolph Ziggler and sets him up for the Package Piledriver on the steel chair!! Michael Cole yells that Ziggler might not make it to Summerslam if Steen goes through with this attack, and to the relief of the crowd Ziggler counters with a huge back body drop!!! Steen holds his back in pain as Ziggler picks up the steel chair!! The crowd urge Ziggler on as he looks to crack Steen with the chair… but Matt Striker jumps on the apron… and Ziggler swings the chair at him… but misses!!! Striker jumps down just in time before Ziggler can cave his head in and the distraction was fruitful for The Teacher as it allows Kevin Steen to roll under the bottom rope to safety before Ziggler can strike with the steel chair. Striker and Steen start to back up the ramp in retreat until Steen realises that he’s missing something! The WWE Unified World Championship!!! Steen starts to lose his mind as Dolph Ziggler picks up the title belt that he left inside the ring and stares at it for a few moments. Ziggler looks out to Steen before he raises the title high above his head!! Steen yells at Striker to get him back his title as Raw heads to a commercial break with the WWE Unified World Champion and his Summerslam challenger locked in a staredown.

    Heartbreak Comeback – Summerslam 2002

    The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels retired in 1998 due to an injured back and many believed he would never wrestle again. But in the summer of 2002 Michaels made his long yearned for return to the ring to face former best friend turned bitter foe Triple H in an Unsanctioned Match after The Game had viciously assaulted Michaels a few weeks before by throwing him head first through a car window. The two would beat each other mercilessly, weapons included with Michaels hitting an elbow drop from the top of a ladder. Michaels went for Sweet Chin Music but Triple H would catch the foot before he looked for the Pedigree. Michaels would trip The Game up and execute a jacknife pin to get the victory! The Heartbreak Kid was back, and winning!

    The Staples Center | Los Angeles, Calfironia
    August 25th 2013

    The Biggest & Hottest Party Of The Summer

    We return to Raw and after a quick replay of what just went down between Dolph Ziggler & Kevin Steen the announce team happily remind us that both men will be in tag team action later tonight, although JBL regrets that we won’t get to see them go at it once more. ***Ain’t No Stoppin’ Me*** starts to play and out bounces Shelton Benjamin to a decent pop and reaction from the crowd. The Gold Standard looks happy as he makes his way down to the ring. The announce team discuss how Benjamin was unsuccessful last week in winning the WWE Television Championship from Heath Slater and wonder if he will fare better tonight. As soon as they state that ***Take A Fall*** blasts across the arena and the crowd start to boo and jeer as James Storm marches out onto the top of the ramp. The Cowboy has a beer in his hand and the rest of the six pack in the other as he slowly saunters down towards the ring. The announce team remind us that the crowd’s depreciation of Storm is all down to what The Cowboy did two weeks ago.

    Video plays from Smackdown two weeks ago where James Storm’s Beer Money partner Robert Roode was facing Christian with the winner becoming number one contender to the Intercontinental Championship. With the referee down mid-match Storm would charge out from the back to stop Christian from attacking Roode with a steel chair. However, Storm would take the chair and shockingly slam it over the head of his defenceless partner. Christian would pick up pieces and the win but Storm’s betrayal was far from complete as after the match he would take one of his beer bottles and smash it over the head of a dazed and confused Roode, completely destroying any partnership or friendship the two men had gained over the last decade.

    As the cameras return to James Storm and his entrance, Michael Cole castigates The Cowboy’s explanation from last week where he blamed Robert Roode for everything that happened that night. JBL agrees that Storm must be crazy to think that he isn’t the one to blame for what happened, and also that he surely must be crazy to want to do something like that to someone he calls his brother. Storm is inside the ring with his beer bottle in hand. He stares down Benjamin before he downs the rest of his beer. Storm wipes the beer residue from his lips with his wrist before he tosses the empty bottle outside the ring. The referee finally rings the bell to get the first match of tonight under way.

    Singles Match
    James Storm versus Shelton Benjamin

    The opening contest of the evening starts with The Cowboy acting very heelish. But Shelton Benjamin shows just why he is one of the most athletic superstars ever to step into a WWE ring as he makes a comeback and takes control of the match. Storm looks to be in trouble as Benjamin heads to the top rope but a Diving Cross Body misses and Benjamin crashes hard on the canvas. Storm takes his opportunity to punish Benjamin for the next few minutes as his new demeanour takes full effect. Storm calls for The Last Call Superkick but Benjamin ducks under it and hits a German Suplex!!! Benjamin starts to fire up as he levels Storm with a couple of clotheslines but Storm halts a kick to the gut, only to spin Benjamin around and immediately regret it as The Gold Standard cracks him across the face with the Dragon Whip. Luckily for Storm he lands outside the ring and regains his bearings. Benjamin doesn't allow him to settle too much though as he body vaults over the top rope and takes Storm out.

    Benjamin rolls Storm back into the ring and heads straight to the top turnbuckle for a risky aerial attack. And the risk again fail to pay out as James Storm trips Benjamin off the top turnbuckle and The Gold Standard falls down hard in the corner. Storm stomps a mudhole in Benjamin before he himself heads to the middle turnbuckle with Benjamin in his grasp. Storm locks on an inverted DDT clutch before he swings out of the corner with his inverted tornado DDT attack, The Swinging Noose!!! Storm hooks the leg and thinks he has got the victory but Benjamin throws a shoulder up to keep the match going. Storm shakes his head as he climbs to his feet and looks down at Benjamin. Storm wipes his hair back from his face before he measures up Shelton Benjamin. As the latter slowly scrambles up off the canvas Storm punts forward and connects with The Last Call Superkick!!! Storm kicks any last bit of life out of Benjamin and hooks the leg, this time picking up the three count and the victory.


    Winner by pinfall : James Storm

    James Storm celebrates his victory and the crowd jeer The Cowboy who throws an arm up to say he does not care what they think any more. Storm heads out of the ring and picks up the remains of his six-pack before he breaks one off, cracks it open and starts to drink it. The announce team call it a very impressive victory for Storm as he starts to exit the ringside area, but not before he looks back towards the ring and raises his beer to the defeated Benjamin. Storm downs the beer as he turns to leave… but the crowd erupt? Because Robert Roode is standing at the top of the ramp staring down at James Storm! The Cowboy doesn't know he is there but the noise of the crowd finally forces him to turn around… and Storm spits his beer out as he finally clocks Roode!!! The man they call Double R does not look happy as he stares a dagger right through his former tag team partner. Roode decides he wants a piece of Storm and makes his way down the ramp to a huge roar from the crowd! Storm panics at first but instead holds the bottle of beer in his hand up as a potential weapon to try and deter Roode from coming towards him. Despite this Roode is a man who won’t be held back and charges straight at Storm… who swings the bottle… and misses! Roode ducks it and tackles Storm to the floor on the outside! The right hands fly as Roode gives Storm hell to the delight of the crowd before he drills him with a clothesline on the outside. Roode sends Storm into the ring before he whips him hard into the corner! Storm bounces out and Roode drills him in the back of the head with a Northern Lariat!!! The crowd are on their feet as Roode calls for the Double R Spinebuster! Roode pulls Storm up and chucks him to the ropes… but Storm hangs on and quickly drops out of the ring to escape the impending wrath of Robert Roode!!! Roode rips off his t-shirt and puts his hands up to tell Storm to get back in the ring and face him like a man. However, Storm decides to keep back tailing it up the ramp to get as far away from Roode as he can. But Roode isn’t finished as he grabs a microphone and yells at his former partner.

    Robert Roode: Hey James… you yellow-belly coward!!!

    Storm stops in his tracks and snarls back at Roode for calling him a coward.

    Robert Roode: Yeah… I’m talkin’ to you James… now you keep on running and hiding your country ass from me… because we all know exactly what’s gunna happen when I get my hands on you again!!!

    Storm shakes his head at Roode and points to his head signalling that he’s too smart to be caught by Roode again.

    Robert Roode: Oh that’s right… I forgot that you think you are smarter than me. Well whilst I was at home last week recovering from what you did to me I was listening to what you said James. The absolute horse-crap that you were spouting to these people. About how this was all my fault and that it would be in my best interests If I was to stay out of your business, well let me just say that the moment you made that knucklehead decision to turn your back on me and cracked that beer bottle over my head a couple of weeks ago… well, you became my only business and I’m going to make sure I’m yours!!!

    Another big pop from the crowd as Roode looks fired up.

    Robert Roode: And guess what James? I got a little surprise for you. You see I’ve just been to see Paul Heyman…

    The crowd cheer as Roode pauses to let Storm get a little worried.

    Robert Roode: And I asked him for a match!!

    Storm starts to shake his head vociferously.

    Robert Roode: Oh yeah James… ya' damn right I did!! You better drink all the beers you can get your hands on to… because you won’t want to remember the beating I’m going to give your ass… because it’s happening… me and you Cowboy… one on one… at Summerslam!!!

    A thunderous roar from the crowd as Storm puts his hands on the side of his head. He continues to shake his head as Roode leans on the ropes as he stares up the ramp at The Cowboy.

    Robert Roode: I’ll see your ass at Summerslam James… but one more thing…

    Roode glares up at Storm intensely as the crowd go quiet.

    Robert Roode: Sorry ‘bout your damn luck!!!

    A big cheer from the crowd as Roode drops the mic and stares up at The Cowboy as the announce team discuss the huge announcement made by the former that at Summerslam former partners will collide as Robert Roode and James Storm will battle it out!! JBL says he cannot wait to see that match and if the intensity is anything like we just saw between the two then it is going to be one hell of a match. The announce team remind us that later tonight we will see Dolph Ziggler and CM Punk take on The Kings Of Wrestling as well as the return of Evolution as Batista and Randy Orton square off with Daniel Bryan and the Unified World Champion Kevin Steen.

    We are backstage and in the make-up room as the camera shows the back of someone’s head. The cameras get closer and former Head Of The Women’s Division Vickie Guerrero comes into the shot and we realise that the person in the chair is her daughter, the Women’s Champion Shaul Guerrero! There is audible heat from the crowd as Shaul has her make-up touched up by one of the female artists.

    Shaul Guerrero: Make sure she gets it right this time mummy… I don’t want to have to tell her again!!!

    Vickie Guerrero: You heard my daughter… do it right. The Women’s Champion deserves the best.

    Vickie scowls at the make-up artist, who looks very uncomfortable in the presence of the two strong minded Guerrero women. Fortunately for her the moment is interrupted as Layla walks into the room.

    Layla: Hey Shaul, have you got a minute?

    Shaul Guerrero: Not really Layla… can’t you see I’m having my make-up done. Being the Women's Champion means I have to look my absolute best day in day out.

    Layla: Yeah I get that Shaul… it’s just that last week you promised me a shot at the Women’s Championship if I helped you out with Kaitlyn and AJ Lee… which I did… and I was kind of hoping I could have that shot tonight??

    The mood dampens in the room as both Guerrero’s stare at Layla. Shaul ushers the make-up artist away as she steps out of her seat and gets in Layla’s face.

    Shaul Guerrero: Are you for real Layla? Last week you stood on the apron whilst I did all the hard work. I didn’t even need you last week. Do you know who I am? I’m the Women’s Champion! I’m Latina Heat!!! I Lie, I Cheat and I Steal!!! And last week sweetie… when I promised you a shot at MY title… I lied!!!

    Shaul smirks at a disappointed Layla before Vickie Guerrero bumps her way in front of Layla with a huge smile on her face.

    Vickie Guerrero: You heard my daughter… you get nothing… now EXCUSE US!!! We are pretty busy!!!

    Both Guerreros turn their back on Layla who looks a little annoyed at what just happened. However she doesn’t exit and instead responds to the pair.

    Layla: Okay that’s cool. No sweat girls. I guess I’ll have to take my grievances up with Paul Heyman instead!!!

    A nerve is struck as the Guerrero’s faces freeze out of sight from Layla, who stands behind them with a smirk now on her face. Shaul turns around and tries to look apologetic as she speaks to Layla.

    Shaul Guerrero: Now, now Layla. There’s no need for that. You know what seen as though I’m feeling in a really generous mood. And because I really like you… you can have your shot… tonight!!!

    Layla looks happy as she stares down the snide Guerreros.

    Layla: Thanks Shaul… you’re a star. You really are. I guess I’ll see you out there. And don’t forget to hug the title tight when I leave… it might be the last night it belongs to you!!!

    A confident Layla struts off to leave Shaul and Vickie Guerrero stone-faced. With Layla out of sight, Shaul grabs a bottle of water and chucks it against the wall in anger. Vickie Guerrero scowls in the direction that Layla went as a seething Shaul Guerrero lets out a primal scream before the show heads to a break.


    Raw returns with ***Clavicle*** playing across the arena to cheers from the crowd as Chris Sabin and Evan Bourne, collectively known as Light SaBour make their way to the ring. The duo look in great spirit as they hand tag several fans on their way. The announce team are quick to remind us that Sabin and Bourne will compete in the Fatal Four Way Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match for the WWE Tag Team Championships at Summerslam in thirteen days. They continue on that tonight’s action was sparked by events of last Friday night’s edition of Smackdown.

    A video plays from last week’s Smackdown as The Flood, Ambrose & Crowe, take on the WWE Tag Team Champions The Prime Time Prayers, Titus O’Neil and Darren Young, in non-title action. The match is thrown out as Young attacks both members of The Flood with a tag team title belt. With O’Neil and Young looking to inflict further punishment on the duo afterwards Light SaBour would charge down to the ring and make the save chasing The Prime Time Prayers off. However The Flood would not twist things further as they attacked Sabin and Bourne from behind and laid them out with a Straight-Jacket DDT and a Headlock Driver respectively. The final shot of the video shows The Prime Time Prayers and The Flood staring off.

    The cameras are back on Light SaBour inside the ring and both Sabin and Bourne shake their heads after re-watching what went down on Smackdown. However the pair’s train of thought becomes interrupted…


    The arena plunges into darkness and that means the imminent arrival of Light SaBour’s opponents. Seconds later ***Behold The Darkness Instrumental*** begins to echo through the arena as JBL and Michael Cole begin to discuss the disturbed duo that is Ambrose and Crowe. The lights come back…. and Ambrose and Crowe are inside the ring and immediately attack Light SaBour from behind!!! The referee rings the bell to start the match!!!

    Tag Team Match
    The Flood versus Light SaBour

    As evenly balanced a match that you will find, both The Flood and Light SaBour put in a great effort to treat the crowd in Sacramento. Chris Sabin and Evan Bourne use their speed to get the better of the early going but The Flood come roaring back with some hard hitting strikes and a big double clothesline to Bourne. With Bourne isolated for a few minutes The Flood hit him several double team atatcks until a whip into the corner sees Bourne leapfrog backwards over the oncoming Crowe in the corner before he dropkicks him in the face. Bourne starts to unload a series of right hands but Ambrose steams along the apron and connects with a big right hand that allows Crowe to powerbomb Bourne off the middle turnbuckle into the canvas. Crowe puts his feet up on the ropes for leverage but the referee spots it to break up the fall.

    The Flood continue to have the upper hand until Bourne manages to evade a rebound clothesline from Ambrose and get the hot tag to Chris Sabin. This is where Light SaBour start to pick up some steam as Sabin comes in and starts to knock The Flood both down one by one. Sabin ducks under a Crowe lariat before he dropkicks him onto the apron. Sabin follows up with a kick to the jaw of Ambrose that seats him up against the middle turnbuckle. Sabin charges and hits a flying cross body in the corner to Ambrose before he scoops him up and props him in the tree of woe position. A helpless Ambrose tries to scramble free but instead Light SaBour are both up and dart across the ring to nail stereo dropkicks to the hanging Ambrose!! Crowe rises on the apron and Chris Sabin immediately springboards off the middle turnbuckle to knock him off with a triangle dropkick.

    The crowd are right behind Light SaBour as they start to look for the finishing line. Bourne hits the ropes before he leaps through the middle rope to crash into the rising Crowe with a suicide dive, which gains a huge reaction from the crowd!! Back inside the ring Chris Sabin calls for the Cradle Shock, but as he lifts Ambrose up the latter manages to slip free. Sabin walks right into a kick to the gut before Ambrose sets up for his straight-jacket DDT… but Sabin fights it off and sends Ambrose into the ropes only for both men to crack each other with a clothesline knocking both men down in the middle of the ring. On the outside Evan Bourne and Crowe rise to their feet and start to trade right hands, but the crowd make some noise as Titus O’Neil comes out of nowhere and levels both men with a double clothesline!!! And the referee calls for the bell.


    No contest

    The crowd shower The Prime Time Prayers with heat as the great match they were enjoying comes to an abrupt end thanks to the WWE Tag Team Champions. With Ambrose and Chris Sabin still down inside the ring O’Neil and Young continue to stomp away at Evan Bourne and Crowe. Titus O’Neil picks up Crowe and hurls him into the steel steps at ringside with the Crowe crashing knee first off the stairs before he slams against the ringside floor. Darren Young quickly follows the suit of his partner as he grabs Bourne up and cracks him face first off the steel ring post. The pair finally slide into the ring just as Sabin is rising to his feet. O’Neil charges across the ring and smashes Sabin in the face with a big boot. With three out of four men down O’Neil and Young turn their attentions towards Ambrose as he stirs up to his feet. Ambrose starts a fightback as he wails away at The Prime Time Prayers, which brings a few cheers from the crowd but the numbers game catches up on him as O’Neil delivers a swift knee to the midsection before he sets Ambrose up in the backbreaker position. Darren Young quickly heads to the middle turnbuckle before he flies off and hits an elbow drop to the elevated Ambrose across O’Neil’s knee!! The Gospel!!! Michael Cole quickly condemns the actions of the WWE Tag Team Champions before JBL points out that they are not done as Young heads to the outside of the ring and starts looking under opposite sides of the ring. A few seconds later, we see what the duo are after as he drags a table out from under the ring. Crowe is back up on the outside but Young slams the table into his midriff before he rolls him back into the ring. Young slides the table in after as a seriously p***ed off O’Neil hits the stumbling Crowe with Clash Of The Titus!!! As Young sets the table up by the corner O’Neil kicks Crowe back out of the ring. With the table set up Young rolls Ambrose on top of it, handing him a few right hands to the face for good measure. O’Neil ascends the middle turnbuckle and waits as his partner grabs hold of Chris Sabin. Young pushes Sabin up to O’Neil who sets him up in a powerbomb position! However, Evan Bourne is up on the apron trying to save his partner… only for Darren Young to crack him across the back of the head with the WWE Tag Team Championship belt. With the diversion out of the way Titus O’Neil takes off and POWERBOMBS CHRIS SABIN OFF THE MIDDLE TURNBUCKLE ONTO AMBROSE!!! AND THROUGH THE TABLE!!! The crowd start up a chant of ‘Holy S**t’ as O’Neil stands menacingly over the splintered wreckage that he just caused. The cameras pan around ringside as we see shots of Crowe, Evan Bourne, Ambrose and Chris Sabin out of it before the cameras focus on The Prime Time Prayers standing tall inside the ring. The announce team talk up O’Neil and Young sending out a huge message to their Summerslam challengers as the pair hold their title belts high in the air to jeers from the crowd. Moments later the cameras are backstage where we once again see the fourth team in that Summerslam match, The Maple Leaf Mafia and their manager Sylvester Lefort, observing what just went down with smiles on their faces. The segment cuts out with the trio deep in conversation.

    Next, we visit the office of WWE General Manager Paul Heyman. Heyman is sitting in his chair going over some documents when there’s a sudden knock at his door.

    Paul Heyman: Come in!!!

    The door opens and in comes Daniel Bryan which brings a chorus of jeers and chants of ‘No’ from the crowd watching on the big screen. Heyman stands up to greet The American Dragon.

    Paul Heyman: Ahhh Daniel! I see you finally made it to my office.

    Daniel Bryan: You wanted to see me Paul?

    Paul Heyman: Yes Daniel I did… several hours ago. What took you so long??

    Daniel Bryan: I guess I didn’t get the message soon enough. What are the odds, eh?

    Heyman does not look impressed by the attitude of Bryan as he shakes his head.

    Paul Heyman: Okay Daniel, I believe you. Well I hope you get this one. Tonight I’ve booked your Summerslam opponent CM Punk into a tag team match as you might be aware. And after what you did last week by ruining a huge match that I personally made… which by the way has gotten me into a lot of hot water with the WWE Board… I just wanted to see you to let you know that I don’t want a repeat performance tonight. Okay?!?!

    Bryan smirks at Heyman and goes to speak… but Heyman puts his hand up to stop him.

    Paul Heyman: Because if there is a repeat performance Daniel… then there will be consequences. Understand?

    Daniel Bryan: Oh I understand Paul. I hear you loud and clear. I'll stay away from CM Punk tonight… but it's only delaying the inevitable. At Summerslam I'm going to prove to Punk why he will always be in my shadow.

    Paul Heyman: Good! You do just that. But as I said… tonight… you keep away from CM Punk… and me and you… we will not have any problems. Now get out of my office!!!

    Heyman lays down the law to Bryan and The American Dragon sheepishly exits the office of the General Manager. The cameras are outside with Bryan as he shakes his head at what just happened before Bryan’s attention heads east… and the camera pans out to show us that Bryan is staring at Matt Striker! The Teacher does not say a thing but smiles broadly at Bryan. The two continue their little stare off before the camera cuts out before we get to hear anything said between Bryan and the associate of the Unified World Champion Kevin Steen.

    A video starts to air of a masked superstar standing in a very dimly lit room. A lack of light means all that we can see is bright green segments around the eyes of his mask. The masked superstar does not move but instead stands there with his arms folded, staring back towards the camera. A few seconds later we hear a woman’s voice.

    ???????: The darkness is where all our fears lie. In the darkness we cannot see where we are going. The dark is not a place that you want to find yourself... especially alone.

    The video turns to some sort of highlight package inside a ring, but the room is still in near darkness as we just about see the masked superstar hit a random foe with a running kick to the head before he expertly hits a springboard Arabian Moonsault.

    ????????: My man… he is the darkness that you truly never want to come across. Larger than all your fears combined. In his darkness, you will not see him. In the light, you cannot stop him.

    Another shot of the masked superstar hitting a different guy in the dark ring with what looks like a Hammerlock DDT is shown before he ascends the turnbuckle and lands an inch perfect Moonsault. The picture returns to the masked superstar standing cross-armed in the dark before we hear the sound of high heels walking. Seconds later a short brunette woman in a red cocktail dress steps out of the dark behind the masked superstar and strokes her hand across his chest. The masked superstar doesn’t even move as the woman looks into the camera.

    ????????: I am Zelina Vega… and I am not afraid of the dark. But you should be? It's about to consume you all. His name is La Oscura… and we are coming to NXT!!!

    The video quickly transitions away from the video as a reminder flashes across the screen.

    La Oscura

    …is coming to NXT Cruiserweight Climax!!!

    ***Insatiable*** is playing inside the ring as Layla makes her way to the ring. The announce team talk up how she got herself a shot at the Women’s Championship earlier tonight by scaring the Guerreros with the threat of Paul Heyman. As Layla poses inside the ring ***2 Hot 2 Handle***hits and Women’s Champion Shaul Guerrero heads out to the ring, noticeably without her mother Vickie Guerrero. Shaul looks angry as she storms down to ringside, with word reaching the announce team that Vickie Guerrero has been barred from ringside for this match by Paul Heyman. Guerrero gets into the ring and squares up to Layla before the referee pulls them apart. The announce team discuss Shaul Guerrero being pencilled in to defend her title at Summerslam against AJ Lee and Kaitlyn in a triple threat match, but that is only if she can overcome the challenge of Layla tonight! The bell goes to get the match for the Women’s Championship under way.

    WWE Women’s Championship - Singles Match
    Shaul Guerrero © versus Layla

    A very cocky and arrogant Shaul Guerrero does not take Layla seriously at the start of the contest but that soon changes as Layla catches her in a small package and nearly scoops a surprisingly quick victory. Shaul immediately realising the threat of losing her title, catches Layla with a back elbow to the face before she grabs her hair, and starts to slam the back of Layla's head off the canvas several times. A fired up Shaul sends Layla into the corner and follows up with a running dropkick to the midsection. Shaul takes Layla out of the corner with a snapmare before she leaps over her and snaps her head back off the canvas with a neck snap for a close fall. Shaul gets angry at not picking up the win already and starts to slap Layla across the face. This ignites Layla who starts to fight back with a series of right hands before she sends Shaul into the ropes and looks for a back body drop, but Shaul sees it coming and counters into a running swinging neckbreaker for another close fall. Shaul drags Layla up and his her with a vertical suplex, before she rolls over and picks Layla up and hits her with another. Shaul isn't done as she rolls through a second time and hits Layla with another vertical suplex... the Three Amigas!!! Shaul hooks the leg and looks to have the victory in her grasp... but pulls Layla up at one!!! The crowd and announce team and especially Vickie Guerrero at ringside are surprised by Shaul's actions but Latina Heat wants to inflict more punishment on Layla as she picks her up and hits her with a Gory Bomb!!! Layla is out of it as Shaul Guerrero makes the cover and picks up the win.


    Winner by pinfall & still Women’s Champion : Shaul Guerrero

    A delighted Shaul Guerrero rips the Women’s Championship away from the referee before she holds it high above her head with two hands. The announce team call her victory a very dominating one as Latina Heat proves that she doesn’t need her mother Vickie Guerrero at ringside to get the job done. Shaul Guerrero celebrates up the ramp to a negative reaction from the crowd as the announce team wonder if she will be be keeping an eye on her Summerslam opponents later tonight when AJ Lee and Kaitlyn square off against each other in tag team action that also involved Paige and Natalya.


    In the backstage area, we see John Morrison taping up ahead of his tag team match later tonight. The announce team remind us that Morrison and a partner of his choosing will square off against The Guru Of Greatness’ Summerslam opponent Kofi Kingston and a partner of The CongreNation man’s choosing. Morrison slaps his wrist down as he finishes up before he stops in his tracks. The camera pans out to show us why as Kofi Kingston and Lord Washington are stood in front of him. Morrison jumps to his feet and gets in the face of Kingston.

    John Morrison: To what do I owe the displeasure of seeing you two. If you’re here to get a preview of what’s going to happen at Summerslam The Guru Of Greatness is more than happy to oblige.

    A pop from the crowd as Morrison fronts up to The CongreNation. Kingston looks like he wants to go but the Money In The Bank holder is held back by Washington, who steps between the two.

    Lord Washington: Preview? No Johnny boy… we have not come here for a preview. Quite the opposite in fact. We have come with a proposition. You see your Lord has come here with words of wisdom that he thinks that you should really listen to!

    John Morrison: Oh yeah? What could you possibly have to say to me that I could give a damn about?

    Lord Washington: I’m glad you asked John… you see I’m the all-seeing all-knowing Lord Washington. And I can prophesise for you John exactly what is going to happen if you push forward with trying to face my chosen disciple Kofi Kingston at Summerslam. And that prophecy is not good John. It ends really badly for you. In fact it ends so badly that you won’t even want to know what it is. But there is hope John. There’s a little ray of sunshine for you, conjured up by the Lord himself, and it’s all yours… if you just do what I say.

    John Morrison: Okay Abe… I’ll hear you out. Haven’t had a good laugh for a while. Give me your wisdom. Try and convince me.

    Washington looks a little taken back that Morrison wants to hear what he has to say, and presses forward with it immediately.

    Lord Washington: Okay John… here’s what the Lord can do for you. You pull out of your match with Kofi Kingston at Summerslam and the Lord guarantees that when, not if, but when Kofi Kingston becomes the Unified World Champion… because that is a sure fire thing with the Lord by his side… but when Kofi Kingston becomes the Unified World Champion… you will be the first in line to receive a title shot!!!

    Morrison stares at a smiling Washington who chimes back in to try and reassure him.

    Lord Washington: It’s a win-win situation John. I know it. You know it. What have you got to lose?!?!

    John Morrison: How about my dignity?

    Lord Washington: Who needs dignity John when you’ve got a guaranteed shot at the Unified World Championship?!?!?

    Morrison smirks as he shakes his head. He looks over at Kingston, who isn’t saying or doing anything before he looks back at Washington.

    John Morrison: A couple of months ago… before I went on my break from wrestling… I would have bit your hand off for that kind of offer Abe!!! But these last few months I’ve changed. I want to be a man that those fans out there can look up to again. Besides, I’m getting my shot at the Unified World Championship after I beat Kofi at Summerslam. Nice try guys… but you know what you can do with your offer Abe? You can take it and shove it where the sun don’t shine!!!

    Washington’s face is a picture as Morrison rejects his offer. Kofi Kingston finally gets in the face of Morrison to defend his Lord.

    Kofi Kingston: Who in the hell do you think you are Morrison? You can’t speak to my Lord like that and get away with it. You’re gunna pay for your lack of respect Morrison. Not just at Summerslam but tonight too because you see I’ve found an impeccable tag team partner for our match tonight.

    John Morrison: Oh you have? Well who is it… because they can’t be that bright if they’d want to team up with you.

    Kofi Kingston: Funny you should say that Morrison, because this partner is someone that knows you inside out. Someone that was in fact a former tag team partner of yours. Bells ringing yet Morrison. I’ll give you one last clue… my partner tonight is someone who can be described with one word….

    ???????: AWESOME!!!!!

    Morrison looks a little annoyed, as he knows what that irritating sound means. And moments later what everybody thinks is confirmed as The Miz walks into the shot. The crowd jeer as Morrison eyeballs his former partner and fellow Tag Team Champion.

    The Miz: Hey John! Remember me… the better half of the duo that brought you The Dirt Sheet. Now that me and Kofi here are teaming up do you really think you have a chance tonight John? Really?? Really!! Really???? Because let’s face it we all know that tonight, just like at Summerslam… you’re on a collision course with failure. And how do I know that John?

    Morrison shrugs his shoulders as a little smirk appears on his face as he really does not take The Miz seriously.

    The Miz: Because I’m The Miz… and I’m… AWESOME!!!!

    Morrison continues to stare at the trio in front of him but he’s not about to leave it without having the final word.

    John Morrison: You know what? I’m glad that you two are teaming up tonight. That way I get to beat up the past that I left behind and kick the crap out of the future I’m about to conquer… all at the same time. But I’ve got a surprise for you too Kof'. And for you Abe. You see you’re not the only one who can grab someone from the past and get them to want to team up with you just because of who you’re facing. Any moment now MY tag team partner will be joining us!!!

    Kingston, Washington and the Miz turn around to watch the locker room door and to see who might walk through as Morrison’s partner for tonight. Instead we hear a loud flushing sound coming from the locker room toilet and after a few moments out walks former CongreNation member Elijah Burke!!! The Miz waffles his hand across his nose aghast the stench of whatever Burke has just been relieving himself of in the toilet but ‘Showtime’ is all smiles as he stares across at Kingston and Washington, who are far from happy that Burke is going to be Morrison’s partner tonight.

    Elijah Burke: Hey guys… so what I miss?

    Lord Washington, Kofi Kingston and The Miz don’t say anything before they storm out of the locker room in disgust. Burke sits down, starts to read a newspaper as Morrison shakes his head amusingly at what just happened. The announce team laugh too at the segment before they hype up that coming up later tonight we will see John Morrison and Elijah Burke teaming up to take on the pairing of Money In The Bank holder Kofi Kingston and The Miz.

    Smackdown Rebound

    The Smackdown Rebound airs as we see the segment between Armando Estrada and The Usos. Estrada stated that he was looking to iron out his differences with the team he used to manage only for the whole thing to be an elaborate setup. The video shows a man in white face paint appear on the apron to distract Jimmy and Jey Uso before another, larger man enters the ring and attacks The Usos. The duo end up hitting Jimmy Uso with a nasty looking Kneeling Powerbomb/Flying Neckbreaker combo before the video comes to a close with a shot of a beaming Armando Estrada standing over the broken bodies of The Usos alongside his two new accomplices.

    Michael Cole and JBL comment briefly about what happened on Smackdown with Cole hoping that we get some answers soon. They also promote that this Friday night on Smackdown there will be a special edition of The Peep Show, held by Christian. His guest will be none other than WWE General Manager Paul Heyman. JBL states that he cannot wait to see what transpires between the pair before the cameras head to the top of the entrance way. After a few seconds ***K.O.W (Kings)*** hits the sound speakers and a chorus of jeers greets the arrival of The Kings Of Wrestling. Claudio Cesaro and Kassius Hero do not seem to be bothered by the crowd as they make their way down to ringside. The announce team mention that last week The Kings had the final laugh in their burgeoning rivalry with the reformed Evolution.

    Video footage airs of Randy Orton going one on one with Unified World Champion Kevin Steen last week. After Steen won the match The Kings Of Wrestling attacked The Viper and laid him out with the KRS-ONE. Orton’s Evolution stable mate Batista ran down to his rescue but ended up getting hit with a Knockout Blow and a Very European Uppercut by Hero and Cesaro respectively as The Kings Of Wrestling stood tall over Evolution.

    The Kings smugly watch their actions over again on the big screen but ***Cult Of Personality*** blares across the arena to a massive pop from the crowd. Out walks CM Punk. The Straight Edge Superstar looks focused as he drops to a knee before yelling out ‘It’s clobbering time!’ to another big reaction from the crowd. Michael Cole excites himself in reminding us that in thirteen days at Summerslam it will be CM Punk going one on one with arch rival Daneil Bryan in a match that will test the resolve, the resilience and the sheer endurance of both men, a Thirty Minute Iron Man Match! JBL adds that it is a match that you would not dare predict a winner of as CM Punk enters the ring. Punk hits the turnbuckle before he poses to the cheering crowd one more time. Punk drops and faces The Kings Of Wrestling, who have some words for their former rival.

    A few seconds of finger-pointing and trash-talking concludes as ***Here To Show The World*** booms across the arena to interrupt the trio. Moments later former Unified World Champion Dolph Ziggler bursts out from the back to a thunderous roar from the crowd. The Show Off parades to the fans as he makes his way down to ringside, and Michael Cole asks the burning question of whether or not we are looking at a man that will reclaim the Unified World Championship at Summerslam in thirteen days. Ziggler heads into the ring and poses on the apron and turnbuckle to more fanfare before he sets down into the ring and starts to converse with CM Punk, refusing to take his eyes off their opponents. JBL states that this match is going to be a treat for the WWE Universe as the referee rings the bell to get it up and running.

    Tag Team Match
    The Kings Of Wrestling versus Dolph Ziggler & CM Punk

    A tag match that everyone is excited for starts with Dolph Ziggler and Kassius Hero. The Show Off takes the upper hand and knocks Hero back with a dropkick. Hero tags in his partner Claudio Cesaro but he runs right into a hip toss from Ziggler. The number one contender to the Unified World Championship looks on fire but Cesaro catches him with a knee to the midsection, follows up with a trio of upeprcuts to the face before he whips Ziggler into the ropes. But Ziggler counters as he catches Cesaro with a Running Tornado DDT on the return!! Ziggler makes the tag to CM Punk which gets a great cheer from the fans. The Straight Edge Superstar resumes an old rivalry with The Kings Of Wrestling as he comes in and starts to take it to Cesaro. Punk tosses Cesaro into the corner and hits him with step up knee to the face. Punk holds on to the head of Cesaro and looks for a bulldog, but Cesaro pushes him out. Cesaro charges with a clothesline but Punk ducks under it… Welcome’s To Chicago!!! Punk hooks the leg but Hero dives in to break it up!

    CM Punk goes right after Kassius Hero but the referee steps in to break the pair apart. The distraction allows Cesaro to catch Punk off guard with a shoulder into the midsection before The Swiss Superstar swiftly hits Punk with a Ricola Bomb out of nowhere!! Cesaro makes the cover for the win… but Dolph Ziggler this time breaks it up!! Unlike CM Punk a moment ago Cesaro lets Ziggler exit the ring and instead chucks Punk into the Kings’ corner. From here on out The Kings Of Wrestlign begin to isolate CM Punk away from Dolph Ziggler and use their tag team nous to keep the Straight Edge Superstar grounded and as far away from The Show Off as possible. A couple of near falls arrive for Cesaro and Hero after some double team attacks and Punk just manages to get his foot on the bottom rope after Hero hits him with a Rolling Cravate! The Kings Of Wrestling start to bend the rules behind the referee’s back as they try to goad Ziggler into illegally coming to Punk’s aid, but the referee manages to keep Ziggler on the apron as Cesaro and Hero continue to dominate Punk.

    However the match turns as CM Punk holds onto the ropes ahead of a Very European Uppercut from Cesaro, kicks the onrushing Cesaro in the face before he comes off the ropes and both he and Cesaro nail each other in a double clothesline spot. Both men crawl to theire corners and Kassius Hero gets the tag into the ring, but CM Punk dives across to finally make the hot tag to Dolph Ziggler!!! The Show Off explodes into the ring and ducks under a Hero clothesline before he knocks Claudio Cesaro off the ring apron with a right hand. Ziggler starts to unload right hand after right hand into the face of Hero but The King Of Knockout saves himself from Ziggler's barrage as he lands a rake to the eyes. Hero calls for The Knockout Blow as he whips Ziggler into the ropes but the attack is a swing and a miss as The Show Off ducks under it and drops Hero with a big dropkick to the face. Hero stagges to his knees and Ziggler quickly follows up with The Famouser!!! Ziggler hooks the leg... but Cesaro dives into the ring to break up the count!!

    The Swiss Superstar angrily pulls Ziggler up to his feet and drills him with a series of European uppercuts before he kicks Ziggler in the gut. Cesaro sets up for the Ricola Bomb... but Ziggler counters out of it with a back body drop!!! Cesaro rises up against the ropes... and CM Punk comes out of nowhere and clotheslines him over the top rope to the outside!! Kassius Hero is all alone now as both Dolph Ziggler and CM Punk stalk him. The tables have turned on The Kings Of Wrestling and Hero rises towards Punk, who cracks Hero in the face with a roundhouse kick! Hero bounces across the ring towards Ziggler and The Show Off snaps Hero down with the Zig Zag!!! Ziggler makes the cover... but he's pulled out of the ring!!! By Daniel Bryan!!! The crowd jeer as Bryan halts the count, before he launches the surprised Ziggler into the steel steps. The referee has no choice but to call for the bell.


    Winners by DQ after Daniel Bryan interferes: Dolph Ziggler & CM Punk

    Everyone inside the ring is frozen as Daniel Bryan stands over the broken body of Dolph Ziggler after he just threw him into the steel steps. CM Punk points at Bryan and looks to exit the ring to go after him but as he takes a step forward, he hurls across the ring as he is taken out from behind…


    … the jeers are deafening as the Unified World Champion flattens CM Punk from behind with a big lariat. Punk crawls up in the corner as Steen shares a look with Daniel Bryan before the former nods at the latter. Bryan nods in agreement and inside the ring Kevin Steen sizes up CM Punk in the corner before he charges and launches himself at the Straight Edge Superstar… and crushes CM Punk against the corner with a Human Cannonball!!! On the outside The Kings Of Wrestling join Daniel Bryan in putting the boots to a defenceless Dolph Ziggler as Michael Cole states that this is what Matt Striker wanted to talk to Daniel Bryan about earlier tonight. JBL adds that as cruel as it is it seems that Steen and Bryan have smartly found a way around not putting their hands on their Summerslam opponents. Steen lifts CM Punk up and sets him up for a Package Piledriver…


    … the crowd erupt as Batista and Randy Orton storm down to ringside. Steen immediately bolts from the ring as Daniel Bryan and The Kings Of Wrestling retreat just in time to avoid the incoming Evolution. Batista and Orton check on Punk and Ziggler as the heel foursome back up the ramp full of smiles. Michael Cole condemns the actions of Kevin Steen and Daniel Bryan and wonders what WWE General Manager Paul Heyman will have to say about this, and ironically we don’t have to wait too long as ***Mental*** breaks across the arena to a huge pop. The heel foursome stop in their tracks as we await the arrival of the WWE General Manager. A few seconds pass before Paul Heyman appears on the big screen, and he does not look one bit happy.

    Paul Heyman: Daniel? Kevin? It looks like we seem to be having a slight communication problem. Did I not make myself clear, especially to you Mr Bryan when I told you earlier tonight to stay away from CM Punk… and that if you didn’t I would no longer tolerate it?!?!

    Bryan and Steen don’t seem to care as they smirk at the General Manager.

    Paul Heyman: Oh you think this is funny? Well consider me no longer tolerating either of your actions. Because you two just ruined that tag team match… I have decided that tonight’s main event between the returning Evolution and the conniving team of Daniel Bryan and Kevin Steen is hereby CANCELLED!!!

    Jeers can be heard ringing throughout the arena as Paul Heyman cancels the huge tag team main event for tonight!!! Bryan and Steen shrug their shoulders and don’t seem to care for Heyman cancelling their match later tonight, but inside the ring the face foursome of Orton, Batista, Punk and Ziggler are furious that it seems Steen and Bryan will get away with what they just did. But the crowd start to cheer again as a sadistic grin rolls across the face of Paul Heyman.

    Paul Heyman: However…

    Heyman purposely pauses and it finally puts a look of worry on the faces of Bryan and Steen.

    Paul Heyman: Never to be one that disappoints the WWE Universe… I may have cancelled tonight’s scheduled main event. Yet again, you seem to underestimate me. Because Daniel Bryan? Kevin Steen? You will still be in action tonight. But it won’t be a two on two tag team match… it will be a four on four tag team match!

    The crowd raise the volume again as Daniel Bryan and Kevin Steen start yelling at Heyman, understanding where the WWE General Manager is taking this.

    Paul Heyman: That’s right! Tonight, in the main event… right here in Sacramento… it will be Unified World Champion Kevin Steen teaming up with Daniel Bryan… and The Kings Of Wrestling… to take on the returning Evolution… and their tag team partners… CM Punk!!! And Dolph Ziggler!!!

    Now the crowd erupts as Paul Heyman books a blockbuster main event for tonight. Bryan, Steen and The Kings are not happy as they continue to aim their tirades at Heyman. Inside the ring Punk, Ziggler, Orton and Batista point at their future Summerslam opponents as the announce team hype up the huge Summerslam preview we are going to get tonight as all eight man will be in the same match. JBL adds that he cannot wait for everything to kick off later tonight as a grinning Paul Heyman waves goodbye to everyone before we head to an advertisement break.


    As we return to Raw we are met with the presence of Raw’s exclusive interview host… Renee Young!

    Renee Young: Ladies and gentlemen… please welcome my guest at this time… he is the WWE United States Champion!!! The Product Of Perfection!!! Joe Hennig!!!

    A big pop from the crowd as Joe Hennig emerges from the side to join Renee Young. Hennig looks super serious as he awaits the first question.

    Renee Young: Joe? Over the last few weeks Cody Rhodes has been absent from WWE programming yet still managed to find a way to continue your rivalry through pre-recorded video. Some fans have even stated that Cody Rhodes has stepped over the line with the content of said videos. Do you have anything you would like to say in response to Cody Rhodes seemingly mocking your late father, Mr Perfect?

    Hennig looks angry as he takes a moment to settle himself. He nods his head before he takes the microphone to speak.

    Joe Hennig: Renee! Cody Rhodes stepped over the line the moment the idea to mock the legacy of my father even came into his thick little skull. Cody and his friends must think that they are real funny taking the legacy that my father left behind and tarnishing it with their idiotic videos. But mark my words Renee, when that coward Cody Rhodes finally comes out of hiding I’m going to be waiting for him… and I’m going to make sure that he regrets ever bringing my father into this thing between us.

    Renee Young: One more thing Joe? Do you have any thoughts on defending the United States Championship tonight against Justin Gabriel, despite the fact the two of you were team-mates last week against Legacy?

    Hennig takes a moment before he smiles at Renee Young.

    Joe Hennig: One thing I am Renee is a fighting champion. And I take my hat off to Justin Gabriel and his brother Adam for helping my cause over the last week or two, but tonight we won’t be friends… we’ll be rivals. Justin Gabriel is a great guy… but tonight I’m going to show him exactly why they call me The Product Of Perfection as I walk away STILL… the United States Champion!!!

    A confident Hennig struts off as the announce team remind us that later tonight Joe Hennig will defend the United States Championship against Justin Gabriel.

    We head ringside where immediately the irritating yell of AWESOME!!! echoes through the arena before ***I Came To Play*** starts to spread through the arena to introduce The Miz. The crowd show the Ohio native what they think of him as the heat showers down on the one time WWE Champion. The announce team discuss Miz being the partner tonight for Kofi Kingston, with JBL mocking Miz for stating that he’s had the better career since he split up with John Morrison, especially after Morrison’s yearlong domination of the WWE. Miz prances towards the ring and slides under the bottom rope before he winds the crowd up further by posing. Moments later ***CongreNate*** welcomes out Money In The Bank Holder Kofi Kingston and Lord Washington, although like The Miz the crowd are not too happy to see The CongreNation pair. Washington shakes his head at the crowd as he leads Kingston towards the ring. The announce team remind us that in thirteen days at Summerslam it will be Kofi Kingston going one on one with John Morrison in a match to determine the number one contender to the WWE Unified World Championship. Kingston gets into the ring and confers with Miz for a few moments as they await the arrival of their opponents for tonight.

    ***Don’t Waste My Time*** plays and out walks Elijah Burke to a decent reaction. Burke looks happy as he heads down towards the ring, and Michael Cole is quick to point out that Elijah Burke was once a member of The CongreNation under Lord Washington last year, but since his departure has not been too successful. JBL adds that maybe the Lord can guide us all to a better destination before Cole scoffs at him. Burke stands at the bottom of the entrance ramp as he awaits the arrival of his partner. The crowd are excited as they wait and as soon as ***Ain’t No Make Believe*** hits they are on their feet for John Morrison, and The Guru Of Greatness struts out to another big pop. Fur coat and shades on Morrison stops at the top of the ramp before he throws his arm in the air in his trademark pose, and the pyros go off as the former Unified World Champion salutes the crowd before he heads down to ringside. Michael Cole and JBL discuss how John Morrison could very well be back in World Title contention after Summerslam. Morrison slaps hands with Burke as he reaches the ringside area before the two men step into the ring together. After a few moments of Morrison disrobing and the referee having a couple of words the match is finally under way.

    Tag Team Match
    Kofi Kingston & The Miz versus John Morrison & Elijah Burke

    The contest starts with Money In The Bank holder Kofi Kingston and his former CongreNation ally Elijah Burke. The two lock up and Burke immediately sends Kingston into the canvas with a hip toss. Burke mocks Kingston with a little dance before an angry Kingston climbs back up to his feet. They go again and Kingston is again on the receiving end as Burke manages to waist lock him, but this time Kingston catches Burke in the face with an elbow. Burke stumbles back and Kingston dropkicks him in the face, the momentum sending him into the corner. Kingston stomps away at Burke before he looks for a whip across to the opposing corner, only for Burke to reverse it. Kingston hits the corner but jumps out of the way of a roaring Burke who tries to catch him in the corner with a Stinger Splash… and Burke lands on the turnbuckle. Burke looks for a flying cross body but Kingston ducks under it and Burke crashes hard in the middle of the ring.

    Kingston quickly takes advantage of Burke’s misfortune as he picks him up and drops him with a Reverse STO, only for Burke to kick out on two. Kingston makes the tag out to The Miz who comes in and immediately picks up where Kingston left off with a series of boots to the midsection. The Miz drives Burke shoulder first into the steel ring post before he makes a cover for a two. The Miz mocks the crowd and a brief Burke fightback comes to a halt as Miz catches him with a knee to the midsection before he plants him into the canvas with a Snap DDT…, which gains The Awesome One another close fall. The Miz argues with the referee, which distracts him, long enough for Burke to surprise him with a small package. Fortunately, The Miz kicks out just in time. Both men climb to their feet and Miz wildly swings a clothesline but Burke ducks it and plants him with a Russian Leg Sweep.

    The crowd get behind Elijah Burke and within seconds he makes the tag to the fresh John Morrison!! The Guru Of Greatness charges into the ring and decks his one-time tag team partner with a right hand. Morrison unloads several more right hands before he sends Miz into the ropes and clatters him with a jumping calf kick to the face. Morrison turns his attention to Kofi Kingston on the apron and he urges his Summerslam opponent to get into the ring. Kingston feigns entering the ring and it gives Miz the opportunity to attack Morrison with a club to the back. Miz sends Morrison into the corner but his follow up charge sees him eat the bottom of Morrison’s boot. Morrison steps back onto the middle turnbuckle before he jumps off and takes Miz out with a missile dropkick. Morrison rises but Kofi Kingston is into the ring and strikes as he takes Morrison’s legs out from under him with a chop block.

    Kingston heads back to the apron at the referee’s wish but quickly gets the tag into the match where he ferociously starts to stomp all over Morrison. Kingston drags Morrison to the corner and slams him face first off the middle turnbuckle before he stomps him back into the bottom corner. Kingston uses his foot to choke Morrison out, forcing the referee to step in and pull him off. Kingston hits a couple of suplexes before he drops a knee into the face of Morrison for a close fall. The next few minutes see Kingston and Miz isolate Morrison away from Elijah Burke. A series of double team attacks see the dastardly duo hit Morrison with a double suplex as well as distracting the referee several times to illegally choke Morrison in the corner. The tide finally turns as the pair try to hit Morrison with a double clothesline off the ropes but The Guru Of Greatness ducks under and explodes off the other side of the ring with a Flying Double Clothesline to take both men down!

    Elijah Burke begs for the tag into the match and despite the best efforts of Kofi Kingston it is Burke who gets the hot tag from John Morrison! The crowd lift as Burke bursts into action with a duo of clotheslines to Kingston and Miz. Lord Washington on the outside starts to panic as Burke picks up some momentum. Burke sends Miz into the ropes before he takes his head off with a dropkick before he body slams Kingston into the middle of the ring. Burke comes off the ropes but Kingston moves as Burke goes for a senton splash, and Burke hits the canvas. Kingston comes off the ropes himself and drops a jumping knee right into the face of Burke, but the latter kicks out at two. Kingston gets up angry with the official again but Morrison jumps him and the two Summerslam opponents are going at it, that is until The Miz attacks Morrison from behind.

    Miz and Kingston both beat down Morrison and Kingston whips Morrison into the corner. The jewel of The CongreNation charges but Morrison slides out of the way as Kingston crashes hard into the corner. Miz looks for a clothesline but Morrison ducks it and springboards off the middle rope to smash Miz in the face with the Flying Chuck!!! Miz flies across the ring but somehow bounces up to his feet, which allows Morrison to run towards him and clothesline him over the top rope… taking himself with him!! Back inside the ring Kofi Kingston and Elijah Burke rise and Kingston goes for Trouble In Paradise!!! But Burke ducks it before he runs up the turnbuckle and hits a Moonsault… Showtime!!! No!! Kingston gets in front of Burke, who amazingly lands on his feet before he dropkicks Kingston into the corner. Across the ring John Morrison climbs back up onto the apron and wants the tag into the match.

    Elijah Burke listens to the crowd and plays to them a little before he starts to make his way over towards his partner… but The Miz rises on the outside and pulls Morrison off the apron. Burke looks on in confusion with nobody to tag to… and his hesitation gives Kofi Kingston the opening he needed as he strikes the unsuspecting Burke with Trouble In Paradise!!! On the outside Morrison is still trying to deal with Miz and eventually drops him with a back body drop on the outside, just as Kingston makes the cover on Burke!! Morrison hears the cover and desperately dives into the ring but it’s too late as Kingston squeezes out the three count before Morrison can break it up, giving victory to Kofi Kingston and The Miz.


    Winners by pinfall : Kofi Kingston & The Miz

    Kofi Kingston steals the win for his team!!! Morrison just misses making the save after The Miz occupied him with that late interference and Kingston is not sticking around for the aftermath as he rolls out under the ring and starts to retreat up the ramp, with Washington beside him. Morrison checks on his partner Burke but his eyes stay locked on Kingston, who smirks as he motions to Morrison that he was one step ahead of him tonight. A frustrated Morrison stands up against the ropes and continues to eye-ball Kingston, but The Guru Of Greatness looks to his left and sees that The Miz is staggering stupidly into the ring and up to his feet, unaware of where he is. In a flash Morrison nails Miz with Sweet Chin Music!!! A huge pop from the crowd as Morrison flattens his former tag team partner. Morrison looks up the ramp at Kofi Kingston, whose smile seems to have dwindled, and John Morrison points towards the Money In The Bank Holder to let him know that the next one is for him. The announce team hype up and promote Morrison versus Kingston at Summerslam before the camera cuts away.

    We see video footage of a superstar flying through the air to perform several aerial attacks. A springboard clothesline!!! A moonsault!!! A flying cross body!!! Moments later the screen flashes to the superstar training hard in the gym before the picture again switches to the superstar facing us with a hood covering his head. The hood comes off before the superstar speaks.

    ???????: I’ve trained all my life to be where I am today. To be one of the best cruiserweight superstars that the world has ever seen!!

    More footage of the superstar hitting a Tornado DDT and a Rolling Thunder.

    ????????: Some people have doubted me along the way, but deep down I always knew this was my destiny.

    Footage continues, this time showing a corkscrew plancha to the outside before the video goes into slow motion as the superstar hits a 630 Senton from the top rope.

    ????????: And in a few weeks time I’m going to take that idea of destiny and make it a reality. For I am Rick O’Shea!!! I am The Future Of Flight….. and I am coming to NXT!!!

    The video comes to a close with a close up shot of an intense looking O’Shea. Finally the picture transitions to the somewhat common reminder screen that has accompanied the NXT vignettes over the last few weeks.

    ’The Future Of Flight’ Rick O’Shea

    …is coming to NXT Cruiserweight Climax!!!

    We head to the locker room area where Unified World Champion Kevin Steen, his manager Matt Striker, Daniel Bryan and The Kings Of Wrestling are gathered. Steen stands menacingly in the background as Striker take the floor.

    Matt Striker: Gentlemen! I don’t think I need to educate you on how important tonight could be… not just for my client Kevin Steen… but for all of us. Tonight we get the opportunity to put those who await us at Summerslam… out of commission!!

    There’s nods all round as Daniel Bryan butts in and looks towards The Kings Of Wrestling.

    Daniel Bryan: Now I don’t like you two… and you know why. But that’s nothing compared to the hatred I have for CM Punk. You’ve already seen what we can achieve if we stand united against the CM Punks and Dolph Zigglers of the WWE. And later tonight we can make sure both of them… and Batista and Randy Orton… suffer so much that they won’t even want to fight any of us at Summerslam!

    The Kings looks pretty happy with how the meeting is going as smirks spread across the faces of Kassius Hero and Claudio Cesaro.

    Claudio Cesaro: That sounds good to us!

    Kassius Hero: It sure does! Tonight they aren’t going to know what’s hit them. Tonight… we… reign supreme!!!

    The heel quintet look confident as they all nod along in agreement. The announce team discuss whether the team of Kevin Steen, Daniel Bryan, Claudio Cesaro and Kassius Hero will reign supreme later tonight as they take on the team of Dolph Ziggler, CM Punk, Batista and Randy Orton in tonight’s huge main event.


    We return from the break to the noise of ***The Rising*** and Justin Gabriel is half way down the entrance way as he makes his way towards his shot at the United States Championship. The fans give Justin a good reception as he slaps hands with several of them along the way. Gabriel slides into the ring and removes the ‘Gabriel Brothers’ t-shirt that he’s wearing before he throws it into the crowd for another cheap pop. Gabriel stretches with the help of the ropes as JBL mentions that tonight is Justin Gabriel’s big opportunity. Finally ***Reborn*** hits and there’s a huge reception for the arrival of Joe Hennig. The Product Of Perfection steps out, towel in his left hand and United States Championship around his waist, and Joe Hennig looks focused as he strolls down the ramp towards ringside. The announce team mention the mocking videos that Cody Rhodes has directed Hennig’s way over the last few weeks with JBL stating that the videos will either fire up Hennig tonight or become a mental distraction. Cole adds that we will find out soon enough as Hennig enters the ring. The US Champion shakes hands with his challenger in a mark of respect before the referee rings the bell to get the title bout under way.

    WWE United States Championship - Singles Match
    Joe Hennig © versus Justin Gabriel

    The title match starts off quite evenly with Justin Gabriel hitting a couple of pacy attacks to stun the champion in the early stages of the contest. However, Hennig gains the upper hand as he counters a tornado DDT by dropping Gabriel face first off the top rope. The Product Of Perfection gets a close fall after a rolling neck snap before he connects with a clothesline against the corner. Hennig hits a trio of shoulders into Gabriel's midsection before he looks for his signature Flapjack, but this time Gabriel does land the Tornado DDT as he counters in midair to plant Hennig into the middle of the ring for a close fall. Gabriel connects with an enziguri that sends Hennig through the ropes to the outside. Gabriel follows up with a suicide dive that takes both himself and Hennig down on the outside.

    Gabriel rolls Hennig back into the ring and springboards in for a cross body… but Hennig catches him in his arms mid-flight before he tosses him over his head with a Fallaway Slam!!! Hennig follows up with a running boot to the face of a kneeling Gabriel for a close fall. Hennig calls for the Perfect Plex but before he can lock the set up in Gabriel starts to fight back with right hands. Gabriel drops down and spikes Hennig off the canvas with a sitout jawbreaker!!! Gabriel stalks Hennig before he drops him with a Northern Lights Suplex…. And Hennig just gets the shoulder up!!! Gabriel thought he had it but Hennig just saved his title. Gabriel tries to keep the momentum going as he sends Hennig into the corner. Gabriel charges at Hennig and nails him with a dropkick to the face in the corner.

    Gabriel doesn't rest as he quickly pulls Hennig up to his feet and looks for a suplex but Hennig counters free with a suplex lift of his own that sees Gabriel land on the apron. Hennig releases and goes for a clothesline over the top rope, but Gabriel ducks under it before he runs along the apron, uses the outside middle turnbuckle to springboard into the ring and take Hennig down with a flying clothesline. The WWE Universe applaud as Justin Gabriel climbs to his feet and dropkicks a rising Hennig in the face, and gets a close fall. Gabriel decides that he wants to finish the match off the way he knows best, and heads up to the top turnbuckle. Gabriel gets ready for the 450 Splash… but Joe Hennig springs up out of nowhere and crotches him across the top turnbuckle.

    The US Champion avoids what could have been his last moment as champion and he heads up alongside Gabriel before he takes him off the top turnbuckle with a big superplex!!! Hennig makes the cover but this time Gabriel throws the shoulder up before the three!! Hennig sends Gabriel into the corner but his follow up clothesline meets a back elbow. Hennig comes again but Gabriel kicks him back before he comes off the middle turnbuckle with a missile dropkick. Hennig is in a daze and Gabriel heads out to the apron. Gabriel slingshots into the ring but Hennig counters him in midair with a Flapjack!!! Gabriel smacks face first off the canvas and Hennig grabs his bearings before he drags Gabriel up, and nails him with The Perfect Plex!!! Hennig holds it for the cover, and picks up the win to retain his title.


    Winner by pinfall & still the United States Champion : Joe Hennig

    A successful Joe Hennig celebrates his victory as the referee brings the United States Championship to him. The Product Of Perfection retains his title after a hard fought win and Hennig raises the title high above his head. However Hennig’s glee is short-lived as the familiar introduction of the past few weeks appears on the big screen.

    A Million $ Production…

    …the video quickly transitions to outside a huge football stadium, and within moments, we see a sign that says Lambeau Field, which is the home of NFL side the Green Bay Packers. The cameras head across the street to the Clarke Hinkle Field, which is the training complex of the Packers. Inside we see a quarterback tossing the ball down field before the camera zooms in to show us that the quarterback is none other than the Packers Superbowl winning quarterback Aaron Rodgers… and a few seconds later another man walks up to him and begins talking to the NFL’s Most Valuable Player. And as you most probably realised by now that individual is Cody Rhodes! The two come together before they shake hands and Rhodes has a huge smile on his face as he pulls Rodgers in for an embrace.

    Aaron Rodgers: Hey Cody… my man! It’s great to see you again.

    Cody Rhodes: Hey A-Rodg! You good? How’s the NFL treating you?

    Aaron Rodgers: Can’t complain. Glad you could finally make it down here and take me up on my offer.

    Cody Rhodes: Well I finally found some free time in my schedule. I’d be happy to show you a thing or two.

    Aaron Rodgers: Okay let’s get started!!!

    The video transitions to clips of Rodgers and Rhodes throwing passes. At first they throw a couple of short ones to one another before we see Rhodes ‘teaching’ Rodgers the art of throwing. We see Rodgers launch a touchdown pass down the field only for the ball to drop short of the line. Moments later Rhodes, with the scenes again cut, throws a faultless touchdown pass into the end zone of the training field. Rodgers shakes his head in admiration before he greets Rhodes again.

    Aaron Rodgers: Wow! Cody man! I got to say…

    Cody Rhodes: Woah! Hold on A-Rodg… I got one more trick up my sleeve. Watch this!!

    Rhodes looks up into the air before he unloads the ball high into the air. Rhodes looks at Rodgers before he starts to take off on a run, as ***Perfection*** starts to play over the video. Split scene shots show Rhodes charging down the field, before we see the ball still sailing through the air. We see Rhodes running again and then a shot of Rodgers looking on open-mouthed. Another shot of the ball in the sky before we return to Rhodes running, and the Legacy leader reaches the end zone, and amazingly catches his own pass. Rhodes jogs back up towards Aaron Rodgers, who is still open mouthed in amazement at Cody Rhodes ahem, skills as the music dies out.

    Aaron Rodgers: Once again Cody you amaze me! I might be the MVP but you my friend are just perfect!!

    Rhodes shakes his head at Rodgers as he steps towards him.

    Cody Rhodes: No A-Rodg! That was Cody Rhodes… and that… was better than perfect!!!

    Rhodes places the ball onto the chest of Aaron Rodgers as the two embrace once more. The camera pans out from the pair before the familiar message of the last few weeks spreads across the screen.

    Cody Rhodes
    Better Than Perfect

    The video closes and a furious Joe Hennig stares up at the big screen; however, there is a commotion from the crowd as a hooded figure jumps the barricade and slides into the ring. Hennig is unaware of what is going on as he gets caught from behind with a jumping enziguri to the back of the head. Hennig crumples to the canvas and the hooded figure pulls down his hood to reveal…



    The Legacy leader is back and the video was a distraction as Rhodes stands over Hennig with a huge menacing smirk across his face. Rhodes heads to the corner and picks up Hennig’s hand towel before he looks over at The Product Of Perfection. Hennig crawls to his knees but he does not know where Rhodes is. And Rhodes sneaks up behind the crouching Hennig… and starts to choke him with the hand towel!!! The crowd jeer furiously as Rhodes viciously strangles the United States Champion. Hennig fades out as Rhodes finally drops his lifeless body down to the canvas. An livid looking Rhodes looks at the towel in his hands before he spits in it!!! And chucks it down on top of Hennig!! Michael Cole calls Rhodes ‘sick and disrespectful’ as the Legacy leader stands over Hennig. Rhodes finally moves, but only to pick up Hennig’s United States Championship. Rhodes looks at the title belt and then out to the crowd before he raises the gold high above his head to another massively negative reaction. Rhodes drops the title on top of Hennig before he slowly exits the ring to a chorus of boos. Michael Cole again denounces Cody Rhodes’ actions as JBL notes that you can bet that if Joe Hennig wasn’t already tipped over the edge by Rhodes’ actions over the last few weeks, then he definitely will be now. Rhodes disappears backstage as we get another shot of Joe Hennig, still down inside the middle of the ring.

    Backstage and we are met with the presence of Dolph Ziggler, CM Punk, Batista and Randy Orton.

    Dolph Ziggler: Now I don’t know about any of you but tonight I’m not going out there to wrestle… I’m going out there to fight!!! They won’t get away with what they did to us.

    CM Punk looks angry as he speaks up.

    CM Punk: For once I’m inclined to agree with you Dolph. What those four pulled earlier tonight won’t be forgotten when we go out there later tonight. And Daniel Bryan better hope that I don’t get my hands on him… because if I do he will regret ever making our match at Summerslam an Iron Man Match!

    The conversation switches over to Evolution and Randy Orton goes next.

    Randy Orton: Over the years we’ve all had our battles with one another but tonight we’re united against a common force. If we’re not on the same page then that force is going to run right through us… and tonight is not going to end well… for any of us!

    Punk and Ziggler nod their heads as the focus switches to Batista.

    Batista: Randy’s right guys. If we don’t buck up our ideas tonight then what those four buffoons have been doing over the last few weeks will be nothing compared to what they hand out to us tonight. They don’t care about the rules, so tonight we make sure we fight fire with fire. Tonight we give those idiots a taste of their own medicine.

    There is a big collective cheer from the four men as they all lock eyes and nod accordingly. Michael Cole again promotes the huge eight man tag team main event as the segment comes to a close.

    Back at ringside the crowd rise as soon as ***Stars In The Night*** hits and there is a huge cheer for Paige as The Anti-Diva walks out full of confidence. Paige salutes the crowd as the ring announcer informs us that the following is a tag team match. Paige heads into the ring and poses to the crowd before Michael Cole notify us that the following tag team match will pit two of the challengers for the Women’s Championship up against one another. And ***Let’s Light It Up*** comes on to bring out one of those two women, the former Women’s Champion AJ Lee. AJ grins wide as she skips her way towards ringside. AJ high fives several fans before she skips around the ring and finally enters the ring to greet Paige. The two embrace as the announce team discuss AJ Lee’s chances of winning back the Women’s Championship in the first ever Women’s Championship Triple Threat Match at Summerslam.

    Before they can go deep into conversation ***Higher*** echoes throughout the arena as Kaitlyn, Natalya & Beth Phoenix, The Divas Of Doom, make their way out to a barrage of boos from the Sacramento crowd, but the trio don’t care as they scowl their way towards the ring. A quicm reminder is given that Kaitlyn will also be a part of the Summerslam Triple Threat Match as JBL adds that there has been no love lost between former friends Kailtyn and AJ Lee over the past few months, and that things will only intensify at Summerslam when both are vying for the Women’s Championsip. Inside the ring The Divas Of Doom square up to AJ Lee and Paige, who refuse to back down and be intimidated. The referee tries to grab some order before the match can begin but he gets a helping hand…

    ***2 Hot 2 Handle***

    … because here comes WWE Women’s Champion Shaul Guerrero. We’ve already seen her once tonight and Latina Heat walks out and makes her down to the ring. Guerrero stops at the bottom of the entrance way and looks into the ring at both Kaitlyn and AJ Lee, who have not taken their eyes off the champ as she makes her way around the ring and to the announce table. However, instead of joining Cole and JBL on commentary, she takes a seat, with the announce team noting that it looks like Shaul Guerrero wants to get a closer look at the two women she will defend her title against at Summerslam. Finally the referee manages to kick Beth Phoenix out of the ring and start the tag team match that will see AJ Lee and Paige take on Kaitlyn and Natalya of The Divas Of Doom.

    Tag Team Match
    AJ Lee & Paige versus Kaitlyn & Natalya w/Beth Phoenix

    The action starts with AJ Lee and Natalya, as the former and her arch nemesis Kaitlyn are kept apart. Natalya gets the better of the opening exchanges but AJ counters a corner clothesline before she drop toe holds Natalya face first off the middle turnbuckle. AJ makes the tag out to Paige who gets a decent pop when she comes in. The Anti-Diva immediately goes to work on Natalya in the corner with a series of kicks to the midsection. Paige suplexes Natalya into the middle of the ring for a close fall. Paige kicks Natalya in the gut and comes off the ropes but Kaitlyn interjects herself into the action as she steps across and drives a knee into Paige's back!!! Paige stumbles into Natalya and The Queen Of Harts drops her down with a Powerslam for a close fall. Kaitlyn asks for the tag into the match and Natalya obliges and The Divas Of Doom leader is barraged with boos as she arrogantly steps into the ring.

    Kaitlyn stomps away at Paige before she sends her into the corner. Kaitlyn with a series of shoulder thrusts into the midsection as she wears Paige down. Kaitlyn looks out at Shaul Guerrero and trash talks her before she sets up for another shoulder thrust, only this time Paige leaps over it and rolls her up with a sunset flip!! Kaitlyn just about kicks out in time and levels Paige with a clothesline as both women rise to their feet! Kaitlyn continues to stomp away at Paige before she hits her with a big vertical suplex in the middle of the ring for a close fall. Kaitlyn and Natalya trade tags as the pair hit Paige with a couple of double team attacks. Kaitlyn again takes her eye off Paige as she mocks AJ Lee on the apron. Kaitlyn sets Paige up for a superplex in the corner but Paige starts to fight back and kicks Kaitlyn backwards. Paige leaps off the middle turnbuckle and nails Kaitlyn with a missile dropkick!!! Both women are down but it's Paige who moves quicker and makes the hot tag to AJ Lee!!

    Kaitlyn is up and charges at AJ but the latter ducks under a clothesline and knocks Natalya off the apron with a right hand. AJ sees Kaitlyn coming at her and back body drops her over the top rope. The crowd are on their feet as AJ steps out onto the apron to and comes across the vocal barricade that is Beth Phoenix. AJ Lee says to hell with it before a little run sees her leap off the apron and take out Phoenix with a Flying Cross Body!!! AJ Lee is on fire but she comes face to face with Shaul Guerrero at ringside and the two have a few words. But Kaitlyn is back up and dropkicks AJ Lee in the back... right into Shaul Guerrero!!! The Women's Champion is down as Kaitlyn tosses AJ Lee back into the ring. Kaitlyn looks for a Spear but AJ Lee dodges it and Kaitlyn lands in the face's corner. AJ Lee looks for the Shining Wizard in the corner but Kaitlyn manages to dive sideways to avoid it and AJ Lee somehow lands safely on the middle turnbuckle, only for Paige to tag herself into the match!!

    AJ Lee looks a little surprised by the blind tag but Paige roars into the ring and hits Kaitlyn with multiple short arm clotheslines before she sends her into the ropes. She dropkicks her in the face and Paige lifts Kaitlyn up and hits her with a Fallaway Slam for the cover but Natalya dives in to break it up!! Paige starts to take it to Natalya as the referee tries to usher the latter out of the ring. Paige looks for a back body drop but Natalya kicks her between the eyes. As this is happening, Shaul Guerrero is up on her feet and absolutely raging at what just happened. She sneaks up behind a recovering AJ Lee on the apron and pulls her down before she smashes her in the face with the Women's Championship title!!! The referee didn't see it and Shaul smirks at the fallen AJ Lee before she steps over her and starts to exit the ringside area. Back inside the ring Natalya looks for Nattie by Nature but Paige ducks under it and lifts her up before she drives Natalya down with a Ram-Paige!!! Paige covers but the referee reminds her that Natalya is not the legal woman. Paige turns to see that AJ Lee is nowhere to be seen but the crowd pipe up to try and alert her, because Kaitlyn is stalking Paige... and as the Brit turns around she is cut in half by a Spear from Kaitlyn!! Kaitlyn hooks the leg and with AJ Lee out of it on the outside there's nobody to break up the pin as The Divas Of Doom get the win.


    Winner by pinfall : Kaitlyn & Natalya

    A delighted Shaul Guerrero mocks AJ Lee as she skips up the ramp, having cost AJ Lee and Paige the match tonight. Kaitlyn celebrates on the outside with a recovering Natalya and Beth Phoenix as The Divas Of Doom turn their attention towards the gloating Guerrero. AJ Lee holds the back of the head as she climbs back into the ring, and there is a look of disappointment on her face as she checks on her partner Paige. However, Paige doesn’t look too pleased with how things have gone down and pushes AJ Lee away before she heads out of the ring, past The Divas Of Doom and straight up the ramp. Latina Heat can’t help but laugh at the chaos she has caused however the five that are left at ringside are not alone for long….


    …. Paul Heyman is here!!! Unlike earlier tonight Heyman makes his presence known as he comes out onto the top of the entrance ramp and he stops next to Shaul Guerrero as it seems that she is the subject of his interruption. The smile seems to have vanished from the face of the Women’s Champion as the WWE General Manager does not look happy.

    Paul Heyman: Shaul Guerrero! The WWE Women’s Champion!! Now I’m not sure what planet you live on but around here I’m the boss… and I make the matches. And tonight I made that tag team match because it is a match that I wanted to see happen. And I am pretty sure that it is a match that the WWE Universe wanted to see happen!!

    Pop for Heyman!

    Paul Heyman: However, it seems that once again you want to carry the family tradition of refusing to follow the rules. You think that just because you are the Women’s Champion that you can go around doing as you please, ruining matches that I have booked. Well not on my watch sister!!!

    An intense Heyman brings the heat into the conversation as Shaul Guerrero looks worried. Both AJ Lee and The Divas Of Doom look on, unsure of where Paul Heyman is taking this.

    Paul Heyman: Now two weeks ago I did indeed book you to defend the Women’s Championship against both AJ Lee… AND Kaitlyn… at Summerslam in a Triple Threat Match! But it seems I must’ve developed Guerrero-itis… because you see that isn’t entirely true… bottom line Shaul… I lied!!

    Big cheer from the crowd but it is still unclear what Heyman is going on about.

    Paul Heyman: You see it is definitely true that at Summerslam the Women’s Championship will be defended in a Triple Threat Match. And I can also confirm that it is undeniably true that at Summerslam both AJ Lee AND Kaitlyn will be the challengers. However…

    Heyman pauses and the worry is all over Shaul’s face as the announce team wonder what Heyman is going to pull out of the bag.

    Paul Heyman: However… who the champion is heading into that match is still to be determined!!

    Alarm bells go off as Shaul Guerrero’s worries become more serious. She shakes her head at Heyman as the crowd start to cheer in approval.

    Paul Heyman: The saying goes… that no good deed goes unpunished. However true that may be I believe that no bad deed should go unpunished too. And last month Shaul Guerrero… you committed a very bad deed… and got away with it… or so you thought!!!

    Heyman again pauses to let everything sink in. The stare Shaul is giving Heyman is too crazy to describe but the announce team expect that things are not going to end well for Latina Heat.

    Paul Heyman: Because this Friday night… live on Smackdown! It will be Shaul Guerrero defending the WWE Women’s Championship… against someone with a huge score to settle with Latina Heat!! EMMA!!!

    Shaul Guerrero’s face drops as ***#Emmalution*** hits and out struts The Raver From Australia. Emma stares down Shaul Guerrero who starts to scream at Paul Heyman. Emma smiles as she continues to look towards the WWE Women’s Champion, with AJ Lee and The Divas Of Doom equally stunned by the announcement. The announce team wonder what all this will mean for Summerslam if Emma can wrestle the Women’s Championship away from Latina Heat this Friday Night. Emma motions to Shaul that she is winning the title on Smackdown as the show heads to a break after a huge announcement from WWE General Manager Paul Heyman.


    The show returns with Michael Cole and JBL running through what we’ve already seen tonight on an eventful Raw in Sacramento. They talk up the returns of both Robert Roode and Cody Rhodes as well Shaul Guerrero retaining her Women’s Championship against Layla. We get a quick reminder of the match made for Smackdown just before the break before The Voice Of The WWE and The Wrestling God hype up Summerslam and how it is shaping up to be the greatest Summerslam in the history of the WWE.

    The conversation finally breaks with ***K.O.W (Kings)*** blasting over the arena, and out comes The Kings Of Wrestling for the second time tonight. Claudio Cesaro and Kassius Hero make their way to the ring to heat from the crowd as the commentary team discuss what happened earlier tonight when The Kings took on CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler.

    Replays of the tag team match are shown from earlier tonight. Ziggler looks to have got the win after hitting the Zig Zag on Hero, but Daniel Bryan pulls him out of the ring and sends him into the steel steps to cause the disqualification. Afterwards Kevin Steen joins the attack as he targets CM Punk before Evolution’s Batista and Randy Orton charge down to make the save.

    ***Flight Of The Valkyries*** hits next and the crowd starts up a ‘Yes’ chant to sarcastically welcome Daniel Bryan. The American Dragon does not look happy as he marches out shouting ‘No’ back at the Sacramento crowd. The announce team discuss Bryan going up against CM Punk in thirteen days’ time, in a Thirty Minute Iron Man Match. JBL claims that it is going to be one for the ages before we see Daniel Bryan yelling at the crowd some more as he reaches ringside. Bryan enters the ring and angrily paces back and for, as he and The Kings await the arrival of the final member of their four-man team.

    Eventually ***Nightmare*** screams across the arena and after a brief delay Matt Striker walks out, closely followed by his client, WWE Unified World Champion Kevin Steen! Wrestling’s Worst Nightmare menacingly powers his way down to ringside to a sea of jeers from the WWE Universe. JBL talks up how Kevin Steen has dominated the WWE over the last year and at Summerslam will look to once again defeat his challenger Dolph Ziggler, just like he did last month at Night Of Champions to become the WWE Unified World Champion. Steen heads into the ring and joins his team mates as the four start to converse about what their plan for the contest will be.

    ***Cult Of Personality*** breaks up the get together as all four men look to the entrance ramp and CM Punk steps out to a huge reaction. The fans show their approval for the StraightEdge Superstar. Punk foregoes his kneel at the top of the ramp this time and makes his way straight down the ramp, thinking only about what happened earlier tonight. Punk stops at the bottom of the ramp as he awaits back up rather than heading into the ring alone.

    And also for the second time tonight ***Here To Show The World*** hits the sound speakers and the former Unified World Champion Dolph Ziggler heads out to a massive round of cheers. The Show Off looks a little more upbeat than Punk did as he poses to the crowd, but as he makes his way down to the bottom of the ramp he too stops alongside Punk as they await the arrival of their partners. The announce team discuss Punk and Ziggler having huge matches in thirteen days time, and wondering whether either man will finally be able to overcome Daniel Bryan and Kevin Steen respectively.

    After a short delay the crowd are on their feet as ***Line In The Sand*** surprisingly plays over the arena for the first time in many years. The Evolution soundtrack brings out Batista & Randy Orton and the two former World Champions stroll out to a great reaction from the WWE Universe. The announce team state how interesting and exciting it will be to see Evolution back together not just tonight, but at Summerslam too when Batista and Orton will go into battle with The Kings Of Wrestling. Batista hits his trademark entrance pose as Orton stands in the background performing his signature taunt too. Both men make their way down to the ring and join CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler. With the heels looking out at their Summerslam opponents it is the faces that show their own united front as they storm the ring and take it to them!!

    Eight Man Tag Team Match
    Kevin Steen, Daniel Bryan, Claudio Cesaro & Kassius Hero versus Dolph Ziggler, CM Punk, Batista & Randy Orton

    All eight men go at it with their respective Summerslam opponents and immediately Batista sends Kassius Hero over the top rope with a clothesline. Claudio Cesaro seems to get the better of Randy Orton but The Viper ducks under a clothesline attempt from the Swiss Superstar before he dropkicks The King Of Swing out of the ring. CM Punk tosses Daniel Bryan over the top rope which leaves just Kevin Steen and Dolph Ziggler in a battle. Both men are throwing fists but Steen manages to catch Ziggler with a knee to the midsection before he sends The Show Off shoulder first into the steel ring post. Steen smirks as Ziggler crumbles to the outside but he is not done as he exits the ring and again throws The Show Off shoulder first into the steel ring post. Steen laughs as he watches Ziggler writhe around pain but as he turns around he is met with the presence of Batista, Orton and Punk inside the ring. Steen decides to front them up anyway, showing exactly why he is the World Champion. It's CM Punk who decides to actually get the match started with Steen as we get the contest up and running with a pairing that we were supposed to see go one on one last week but for Daniel Bryan's attack on Punk. Dolph Ziggler remains down on the outside and is eventually taken to the back as the action starts as a three on four handicap match.

    Punk and Steen lock up and the latter shoves Punk down to the canvas. Punk comes back for more and Steen misses with a clothesline which gives Punk the opening to kick Steen in the gut. Punk backs Steen into the ropes before he unloads with a series of back elbows to the face. Punk pulls Steen out of the ropes and after a swift knee to the midsection he hooks both arms and drops the Unified World Champion into the middle of the ring with Welcome To Chicago!!! Punk hooks the leg but Steen powers out early on two. Punk pulls Steen up and hammerlocks him before he makes the tag to Randy Orton. The Viper, defeated last week by Steen, is eager to make amends and comes in to deliver a series of kicks to the abdomen of Steen. Orton whips Steen but Wrestling's Worst Nightmare reverses it before he catches the running Orton with a Belly To Belly Side Slam!!! Steen takes a moment to recover before he picks Orton up and tosses him into the heel side's corner. Steen makes the tag out to Daniel Bryan.

    The American Dragon storms into the ring and start to unload with a flurry of shoot kicks to the midsection of Orton in the corner. The crowd again sarcastically chant 'Yes' at Bryan, which breaks his rhythm as he stops to yell at the crowd. Bryan pulls Orton up out of the corner and hits him with a snap suplex for a close fall. Bryan stomps on the head of Orton a few times before he makes the tag out to Kassius Hero. One of Orton's nemeses licks his lips as he enters the ring and Hero pulls Orton to his feet, only for The Viper to spring to life and start to nail Hero with right hands. Orton stuns Hero before he connects with a dropkick to the face. Orton doesn't relent as he sends Hero into the corner hard, The King Of Knockout bounces out and Orton turns him inside out with a running clothesline. Orton seems to be catching a second wind as he comes up behind Hero and snaps him down into the canvas with a neckbreaker!!! Orton makes the cover but Hero gets a shoulder up on two!

    Orton shakes his head before he looks across to the corner to see Batista begging for the tag. Orton gives in to his partner and tags The Animal into the match. The crowd erupt as Batista charges into the ring and tosses Hero up against the corner. Batista drives a shoulder into the midsection of Hero several times before he pulls him out and slams him down with a sidewalk slam. Batista makes the cover but Claudio Cesaro dives into the ring and breaks the count up. Cesaro pulls Batista up and whips him into the ropes but The Animal explodes back and smashes into Cesaro with a Flying Shoulder Block!! Daniel Bryan charges in next but he's cut off by CM Punk. The crowd are on their feet as Punk bundles Bryan out of the ring, and Punk clotheslines Bryan over the ringside barricade!!! The crowd raise their voice as Punk and Bryan disappear through them but back in the ring Batista is up and looking to the apron at Kevin Steen!!! Batista urges his one time rival to come into the ring and the Unified World Champion obliges!!

    Kevin Steen circles the ring with the man that defeated him at Wrestlemania earlier this year before they lock up, but out of nowhere The Kings Of Wrestling are back up and jump The Animal. This brings Randy Orton into the ring but it's two on three as Evolution are outnumbered with Dolph Ziggler still unable to compete in the match. The Kings wear down Batista as Kevin Steen sends Orton into the corner. Steen charges across the ring and crushes Orton in the corner with a Human Cannonball before Cesaro drops Batista down with a Ricola Bomb!!! The dastardly trio debate what to do next… but the crowd erupt as Dolph Ziggler charges down the ramp!!! The Show Off is back and jumps onto the apron before he spirngboards into the ring and takes down all three men with a cross body attack!!! The crowd are right behind Ziggler as he fires off right hand after right hand at the trio. Steen takes a breather in the corner as Ziggler is caught from behind by Hero!! Hero grabs Ziggler by the arms and looks for Cesaro to nail him but Ziggler ducks under it and Hero knocks his own partner down!!!

    There is a huge cheer as Hero can't believe what he did. Ziggler however capitalises as he kicks Hero in the gut and leaps up to drop him down with the Famouser!!! Ziggler throws a fist in the air in delight but he doesn't see that Kevin Steen is stalking him!!! The crowd try to warn The Show Off but it's too late asWrestling's Worst Nightmare steams up behind him… but Ziggler does see him and sidesteps the Unified World Champion before he throws him over the top rope to the outside. Ziggler isn't done as he uses the ropes to vault over the top rope, and take out the man he will try to win the Unified World Championship back from at Summerslam. Ziggler does not want to relent but Matt Striker causes a distraction that sees Ziggler hit The Teacher with a Zig Zag on the outside!!! A huge pop as Striker gets what's coming to him but Ziggler is furious as he sees that Steen has retreated up the ramp.

    Back inside the ring we are left with The Kings Of Wrestling and Evolution. The former are rising quicker and start to put the boots to Batista and Orton. But here comes Dolph Ziggler who slides back into the ring and starts to trade fists with Kassius Hero. Ziggler gets the upper hand but Cesaro creeps up behind him and wears him down with a series of clubs to the back. The Kings Of Wrestling call for the finish as Claudio Cesaro looks for The Very European Uppercut!! Cesaro tosses Ziggler into the ropes but The Show Off hangs on!!! And Randy Orton springs up out of nowhere and drops The King Of Swing with the RKO!!! Kassius Hero freezes as he is caught between two rocks and a hard place but Ziggler steps out of the ropes and superkicks him right in the face!!! Right into the path of a rampaging Batista…. Who breaks Hero in half with a Spear!!! The Animal makes the cover… and picks up the win for his team!!!


    Winners by pinfall : Batista, Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler & CM Punk

    The crowd are ecstatic as the faces pick up the huge victory in tonight's main event. As Dolph Ziggler and Evolution celebrate the cameras pick up an irate Kevin Steen standing at the top of the ramp looking down to the ring. The Unified World Champion is the only man left standing from his team as we get a shot of both Claudio Cesaro and Kassius Hero down inside and outside the ring. The announce team state what a huge boost tonight’s win will be for Dolph Ziggler, CM Punk and Evolution ahead of Summerslam as the show goes off the air with The Show Off Dolph Ziggler locked in a stare down with Wrestling's Worst Nightmare Kevin Steen, the man he will challenge for the Unified World Championship in thirteen days at The Biggest & Hottest Party Of The Summer, Summerslam.

    WWE Monday Night Raw Results August 12 2013 – Sacramento, CA
    - James Storm def. Shelton Benjamin by pinfall
    - Light SaBour & The Flood went to a no contest
    - Shaul Guerrero © def. Layla by pinfall to retain the Women’s Championship
    - Dolph Ziggler & CM Punk def. The Kings Of Wrestling by DQ
    - Kofi Kingston & The Miz def. Elijah Burke & John Morrison by pinfall
    - Joe Hennig © def. Justin Gabriel by pinfall to retain the United States Championship
    - Kaitlyn & Natalya def. Paige & AJ Lee by pinfall
    - Batista, Randy Orton, CM Punk & Dolph Ziggler def. Kassius Hero, Claudio Cesaro, Daniel Bryan & Kevin Steen by pinfall

    This one took a lot longer than usual to get up, due to me being a lazy so and so. Hoping to kick on now with just three shows left before Summerslam. Expect a news feed and updated Summerslam card very soon. Hope you all enjoyed Raw. Ciao for now!!

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    Re: WWE 2012 - A New Direction

    I believe that this is the first time I have read your BTB and I am initially impressed with your writing of the 1st promo. I am still trying to put together who some people are…the Flood and Light SaBour. I like the booking of having Ziggler holding the belt up high before the PPV.

    I like the story your telling between Storm and Roode…thank you for the recap video and the angle would of played out nicely I believe, if I was reading at that time. The match at Summerslam should be nice start to this feud.

    Shaul Guerrero as your women’s champion is different…I never really saw any of her work…I liked the promo, and im sure Vicky gets her plenty of heat…I do like the Latina Heat name.

    Ahhh…my answer about Light Sabour is answered…I like the teaming and the TLC match intrigues me. And then I get my answer about the Flood…that is an interesting team. I enjoyed this segment as well….i like the 3 teams fighting and then The Maple Leaf Mafia( I assuming a team Canada type team) just watching…makes me think they are the favorites to win.

    Cool little video for the new person to NXT…I think the time frame on this is 2013 so im not sure if Zelina Vega was even in wrestling at this time…I know she is really young…but I may be wrong.

    Shaul going over was good…Im intrigued by how you continue to use her.

    Again, Im reading this episode blind of all other shows, but the Morrison promo, I was clearly able to see who was Heel and Face…I am assuming Lord Washington is Abraham Washington…I like that he has a little group…that’s cool and the name is awesome.

    I enjoyed how you intertwined all of the big angles you have going on into a huge 8-man tag. It was really really well done.

    Great match between these 4 here. I liked that the heel Kofi won the match in a very quick way.

    I absolutely loved the Better than Perfect promo…it was so so well done…kudos

    I can officially say that I like how you book Shaul…I wanna see her lose the belt on Smackdown and then Summerslam is made into a 4 way match. But I don’t see that happening.

    The babyface team should be the ones to win this match and I’m glad you went that route.

    I really enjoyed my first read of your show…I will be back…check out EWA if you have time.

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    Re: WWE 2012 - A New Direction

    Been waiting for this one for what feels like forever so figured I’d leave some comments. I really enjoyed the opening segment tonight with Ziggler and Steen getting some much needed one on one microphone time. I thought this was really good as we probably haven’t had a hell of a lot of this in awhile between the two. Dolph’s argument for wanting to win was fine, but I enjoyed Steen more, mentioning how Ziggler will always think about what he does and playing on his nightmare gimmick. Ziggler’s last bit was fine to outside of the fat joke. I don’t mind comedy at times but this felt like a real intense segment which didn’t that moment in there. Outside of that, real fun, and the brawl was good as well to make Ziggler looks really strong. A very impressive start to the show.

    That Shawn/HHH match at Summerslam 2002 was so damn good!

    I just want your Summerslam to be here already. You better not take this long between every show until Summerslam.

    Storm/Benjamin opening the show is some fun in ring action. As much as Shelton can go in the ring and is fun, he always had to win this one considering the angle he is in the middle of at the moment. He simply has the higher standing in this thread. A good win here to keep him looking strong for his feud with Roode. Good stuff.

    I thought the brawl between Roode and Storm was very well written and I felt myself barracking for Rude throughout the segment. His bit on the mic was fine as well and a Summerslam match between these two was inevitable. Well built feud so far though and this segment continued that, good job.

    The Guerrero’s interaction with Layla here was interesting. I’m honestly not completely sure how I feel about it. Playing off her family name, Shaul saying she lied when promising Layla a title shot is fine. The whole threatening to go to Paul Heyman thing felt a bit off though, just because what has Layla really done to deserve a shot? I get the Guerrero’s just not wanting Heyman to get the opportunity to mess with them but something just felt a bit off here. Still, the concept of Layla cashing in tonight is fine and should be fun.

    Simple tag match here to hype the four way TLC match at Summerslam which is fine. At this point, this match doesn’t really need anything overly special. I thought you booked this perfectly with the interference causing a No Contest, before the brutal attack from the champs, ending with the table spot. Obviously table spot was very smart considering TLC stipulation at the PPV. Intrigued to see why TMLM didn’t appear although showing them with smiles maybe just shows that they are being smart. Either way, another well booked match here. You’re off to a great start with this show, everything hitting the mark so far.

    Interaction between Heyman and Byran was nice, with Heyman laying down the law, and Bryan showing attitude, being a bit of a dick. I don’t expect Bryan to interfere now but that stare down between Bryan and Striker was interesting as hell. Looking forward to seeing what happens from that, good stuff.

    Zelina Vega? Awesome. Interested to see what impact Vega and La Oscura have moving forward. It’s been so long between shows I almost forgot about the Cruiserweight Climax lol.

    Before I get onto the actual match itself, Vickie got barred from ringside by Heyman? But the Guerrero’s tried so hard for Layla to not get Heyman involved, even though he’s the one who needs to book the matches. Still think that aspect of this angle tonight is probably the only thing I haven’t really liked so far. A smart match/win here for Shaul from a booking perspective as it probably feels like the first time in forever where she hasn’t needed interference. I enjoyed the mean streak by lifting up Layla when the match was already over to land the Gory Bomb. Good stuff, your champ looks great.

    I really enjoyed this segment between Morrison and Kofi. Lord Washington trying to convince Morrison not to bother is pretty standard for a heel but was never going to work. The reveal of the partners and both men using somebody from the others past makes things very interesting. The toilet humour here worked to… Good stuff all around, looking forward to this tag match tonight.

    KOW against Punk and Ziggler is a huge match. Before I get onto the aftermath, which is really what is important here, I didn’t initially enjoy the booking of this match. I hate when a part time team of two big names like Punk/Ziggler beat or are about to beat a legitimate tag team like KOW. It just hurts the tag team more than needed, in my opinion. I know they didn’t get pinned but they were about to if it wasn’t for Bryan. The aftermath with the attack, followed by Evolution making the save was fun as well. It obviously makes sense what Bryan/Striker spoke about. Heyman making the eight man main event is epic though. More good stuff here.

    Joe Hennig interview was completely fine, putting over his match tonight against Gabriel… But more importantly, continuing to put forward his hatred of Cody and crew. I can’t wait for Cody to finally show up.

    I actually really enjoyed this tag match here. Playing off Kingston and Morrison both having to wrestle against members of their past in the early stages was a nice trip down memory lane. Kofi not getting into the ring until Morrison is down is standard heel tactics. From here, match was solid and a good win for Kofi. Morrison doesn’t lose anything in defeat, this just leaves us wanting Morrison to get at Kofi even more with how the finish played out. Good stuff.

    Rick O’Shea clip? Cool.

    The heels all getting a pep talk from Striker and then chiming in with their own bits was all fine. Standard main event hype really, but it’s good to know that they are all getting along.

    Another really solid title defence here for Joe Hennig. He has basically looked sensational since I started reading this, continuing to win without letting Cody distract him too much. Another really solid defence here to keep him looking like a strong, fighting champion. Gabriel put up a nice fight though and doesn’t lose anything either, so a win win here. Solid stuff.

    Another laughable yet awesome video here from Cody. I love the cut scenes and I couldn’t help but him chuckle at catching his own touchdown pass. The attack afterwards from Cody was nice to as he finally returns. This rivalry has been brewing for ages and with Cody back, I can imagine the next two weeks before Summerslam are going to be crazy. Awesome stuff here mate.

    The faces of the eight man huge tag getting a chance to pep talk each other, and show that they are getting along is fine. What everybody said made sense about the united front although Punk’s dialogue came across as really awkward. If he gets his hands on Bryan, he’ll make him regret making it an iron man match at Summerslam? Why? What is so bad about an iron man match? Would have come across much better if he was going to make Bryan regret interfering tonight, any of his previous attacks, being a dick, anything… But using the Iron Man stipulation the way you did here just didn’t read right. Still, a small thing in the scheme of things as the segment did what it needed to.

    Another match before the main event? Holy shit, this show has felt long in terms of in ring action. Is this a three hour Raw or something? Either way, Guerrero, AJ Lee and Katilyn hype in this tag match really, with Shaul proving to be the difference maker. Booking 101 with Paige being the one who gets pinned as well.

    Shaul’s getting involved and war with Heyman continues as she gets booked to take on Emma. Big time title match and nice booking arch, although Shaul obviously comes out of this with the title.

    As mentioned a big time main event and you definitely gave it the detail that it deserved. A nice write up, perfect hype for Summerslam without giving to much away, and a nice win for the faces, especially Evolution who have had it pretty rough in their feud so far. A good way to end the show.

    Outside of the length, in terms of matches and what not, show felt VERY long, this was an enjoyable read. Nearly everything did what it needed to and hit the mark. I’d argue this is probably one of the better shows I’ve read from you in my time here, just felt really well organised and written. Keep up the great work, with Summerslam coming up; this is the perfect time to be firing on all cylinders.

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    Re: WWE 2012 - A New Direction

    ★ ★ ★ WWE NEWS UPDATE ★​ ★ ★ 14 AUGUST 2013 ★ ★ ★

    The biggest news coming out of Raw is the announcement of two more matches for Summerslam. Plus there is a big announcement made ahead of Smackdown this week regarding the upcoming NXT Cruiserweight Climax series.


    The first of those two matches will see two former Legacy team mates battle it out with the WWE United States Championship on the line.

    Legacy leader Cody Rhodes has taunted United States Champion over the last few weeks, mocking Hennig's later father Mr Perfect in a series of videos. Rhodes finally returned this past week as he assaulted Joe Hennig after his match with Justin Gabriel. After choking Hennig out with Hennig's own hand towel, Rhodes held the US Championship high in the air, and now WWE General Manager has made it official that Hennig and Rhodes will battle it out at The Biggest & Hottest Party Of The Summer, with the winner taking the United States Championsip, as well as bragging rights with them.


    Closer than close, now bitter enemies. Summerslam match is made official.

    The announcement was made by Robert Roode on Raw but it is has now been confirmed by upper management that he and James Storm, formerly best friends, formerly Beer Money, will square off at Summerslam in what is certain to be a brutal encounter based around jealousy and revenge. The Cowboy's actions a few weeks ago, where he smashed a beer bottle over his long-time partner's head will have serious repercussions once Robert Roode can get his hands on him inside The Staples Center.


    Last week we found out five of the six participants in the Cruiserweight Showdown match at Summerslam. And this week on Smackdown three of those participants will be in action, two making their WWE debuts!!!

    With Gregory Helms' Team WWE being formed of Tyson Kidd, Xavier Woods and Primo last week it will be the latter that will be in action as Primo teams up with his partner Epico to take on the two guys we know so far that will be a part of Team NXT, Adrian Neville and Sami Zayn!! All eyes will be on Neville and Zayn as they look to make a good impression. It will be interesting to see how the now veteran tag team of Epico and Primo get on too, after the latter eliminated the former from the battle royal last week to determine who would be a part of Team WWE at Summerslam.

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    Re: WWE 2012 - A New Direction

    Hennig/Rhodes and Roode/Storm both being announced for Summerslam is awesome. Could see the announcements coming from a mile way, but both feuds have a real feeling of hatred towards them that is worthy of the big stage. I'm really looking forward to see both matches and I guess how you keep them different.

    Primo and Epico against Neville and Sami should be a fun way to continue to introduce the newer talent to a larger audience. I'm looking forward to Smackdown, so, you know, hurry up.

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    Re: WWE 2012 - A New Direction

    Okay, I'm up-to-date. I just took the family away for the week, so had the time for some light reading!

    Sykotic, I'd highly recommend at some point soon doing a couple of summaries of the history of your BTB. I found it really hard to get in to this to start as it's basically an alternate universe which I couldn't wrap my head around, but once I started to get a sense of where everything was and where it came from I've totally fallen in love with it.

    Case in point, Unreachable Ryder! To start I was like "what the hell is the Woo Woo Woo guy doing with a 'Taker gimmick?", but once you get in to it and forget real-life it's absolutely brilliant. The Flood are an awesome group and their feud with AJ over the last couple of months has been epic.

    I've also enjoyed Steen elevation to the top. In a world without the likes of Cena, Brock, Triple H etc, seeing him and Dolph at the top of the card is weird until you get a feel for it. Then, it becomes awesome. I wasn't sure of Striker as his manager until I got used to it, and now it has an almost Vader/Cornette type vibe to it. Factor in Dolph as the Shawn Michaels character and you basically have mid-1996 as it should have been. The build has been great, with Steen correctly going over clean to start, and the promos on the last show really hyped the rematch for me. Great stuff.

    Another example of the above is having Kofi and Morrison as elite level guys. It's one of those things that probably seemed doable in 2011, but now just seems odd. You've made it work through your booking of them, but initially it's a bit jarring. Morrison's turn to the good side has been well handled, and I wonder if he's getting lined up for a shot at Steen, only for Kofi to cash in MitB?

    Rollins has been really interesting. He came in with such a particular direction when he debuted, to see you take it a different way is exciting. Christian putting him out after losing (after a great series with Sheamus, I might add) is classic old school booking. Christian being a dick about it only adds to it, and their Summerslam match should be off the charts. Wonder what you'll do with Christian after this, though, presuming he loses to the returning Rollins.

    Punk & Bryan from Mania to now has been great. I loved Bryan turning on him, and being a complete prick since then. You really can't go wrong with these two together, but you've built it excellently. I don't really know which way this will go, but I hope the winner gets elevated in to something huge from here as it's such a long term rivalry.

    The "Better Than Perfect" vignettes have been a total highlight of the last few shows. I hope Cody goes over as, even though you've given Hennig a lot more of an interesting edge than real life, Cody just seems to hot and the deserving champ right now. Since he left WWE (irl) we've seen what he's capable of and I hope you tap in to that, as in 2012 he still has so much untapped potential.

    I really like the KOW, and their feud with Orton has been great. Good to see Evolution back together.

    The Women's scene is particularly interesting. Shaul Guerrero being a thing is a really interesting twist, but it works great with Vickie as the overbearing protective mother, and having the tradition of Lie, Cheat and Steal gives an energy to the division that, at this point irl, didn't really exist. Good stuff.

    I've enjoyed the tag scene. My only complaint for now is that the Prime Time Prayers are the champs, and yet one of the less interesting teams you have. The Flood are absolutely the best team you have, and KOW have been awesome, but even Light Sabour are a more exciting proposition to me (even with their terrible name!)

    The Cruiserweight series has been well built too. I didn't love Helms being so down on them all as the host, but the stuff with Rey is good, and looking forward to seeing how Neville and Zayn and one other get on at Summerslam. I have no idea how you'll pick one winner out of all that talent, though! Rick O'Shea to win and Zayn coming a close second, maybe?

    My one bit of constructive criticism would be the use of Heyman. I liked his feud with Jericho, but since he took over it feels like he's in every segment. I understand that it's sometimes necessary, but I wonder if there are ways that you can get to the same outcome without including him all the time? Just to freshen up the presentation a little.

    But yeah, all in all, loving it. It takes time to get used to it, but once you do, it's a terrific bit of fun. Awesome. I'll certainly be keeping up from here mate.

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