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Thread: Promos from Adrenaline Rush - November 30th

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    Promos from Adrenaline Rush - November 30th

    Here are all of the promos from the November 30th show.


    Quote Originally Posted by Austerio
    Fora pretaped promo, we see Austerio standing in the Parking Lot of anearby rest area. The film is not jumpy or anything so we areassuming that he has a very calm camera man handling the job for him.Austerio looks straight into the camera, smirking sinisterly forwhatever reason.Austerio: So,I'm in the main event of Adreanline Rush, again, what is this likethe fifth time? When is management finally gonna learn that is theright spot for Austerio anyways? That place on the card is reservedfor me, it's my time to strike and Rolando Fuentes can just go kissmy ass , because he is moving over and I'm moving into the Worldtitle picture!
    Austeriobegins to rub his beard, enjoying himself here.
    Austerio: Lastweek, I took out Michael DeJesus, I'm proving a point here CWA! Notfor too long, will all the talent be gone besides me and then, youwill have no choice but to put me in the Five Star Attraction mainevent with Roberto! If I don't kill him before that ...
    Austeriolooks into the sky, maybe asking God when should he destroy Roberto.
    Austerio: Allof you will learn the point in due time, all of you will have tosuffer, all of you will fall into my control and trust me on thispromise, I will allow no mercy. None of it will suffice! It willnever end! This whole company may just be torn to shreds because ofme! Adreanline Rush could be taken off the ****ING air! It won'thappen if you listen to your leader.
    Austeriojust stares into the camera.
    Austerio: Let'stalk about the main event of Adreanline Rush, shall we? My opponents,one is Chubby Carlos. The man who is eating a double cheeseburgerwith one hand and giving Redick a little something-something with theother. Do you not know how ridiculous your product is here Megan?
    Austeriois showing real intensity, he is growing angry.
    Austerio: DDD,the man with no fear aside from me. Remember me, DDD? You probablydon't but hey, after we meet in Indiana, no worries, I will be thelast face you ever see again.
    Austeriowaves bye-bye to the camera and to DDD.
    Austerio: Harry,Harry, Harry, let's see, you are pulling for 5-0 at Adreanline Rush?You must feel good that you have an undefeated streak and that youare in the main event of Adreanline Rush, newsflash for you, you willmeet defeat, I will break you!
    Austeriosays that last message through gritting teeth, obviously furious now.
    Austerio: Well,don't think it is only my opponents I have something to say about. Ihate my partners too. They are on my list to break too. Speaking ofbreaking, didn't Derek Vendra get his heartbroken last week wheneverDiego just wacked him one? Diego learned, your on Santa's Nice Listthis year, but don't you forget, you are on my Break List also.
    Austeriochuckles, obviously knowing he is going a little silly here.
    Austerio: Nowmy partners, who undoubtedly I will have to carry through the matchon the 30th.Warren Peace, Dan Maskell, you are only my partners because Meganbooked me in a match with you, I could handle Chubby, Dexter andHarry all by myself, but Megan likes things to be “fair” don'tshe? Well, does she realize that sticking me in a match that has mepartnering with you two isn't fair to me? You don't even have to showup at Indiana, I can handle those three by myself, thanks fornothing, you worthless peasants.
    Austeriogoes to signal for the camera to stop recording but stops in histracks.
    Austerio: Onelast thing, Roberto – don't worry about Ultimate Pain or RolandoFuentes, just worry about ME.

    Dan Maskell
    Quote Originally Posted by Shade
    As the Crowd in the CWA arena are buzzing the lights suddenly go out in the arena, just then The Greatest Man That Ever lived by Weezer begins to play from the Titantron which in turn causes the crowd to immediately begin booing knowing that is the theme song of CWA’s resident Heretic, Dan Maskell.

    Everyone looks towards the ramp but after a few minutes of nothing happening the music dies and the lights turn back on, just then a few cheers can be heard from one half of the arena as through the crowd walks Dan Maskell, He is dressed in a Black Tracksuit with white stripes and a T-shirt what proclaims ‘There is no Team Edward or Team Jacob only Team Twilight’, Dan slowly walks down the steps towards the ring before breaking out in a smirk and stopping in his tracks, Dan then turns to his right and begins waving to a Pretty girl who blushes(Probably in embarrassment) before continuing his trek down to the ring.

    Dan finally gets to Barricade but stops again this time next to a young boy playing on his I-Phone; Dan kneels down next to the kid and promptly snatches the phone before flicking through it and then hopping the rail whilst still going through the phone, Dan sits down on the steps out side of the ring whilst holding his right hand out for a Microphone as he continues to look through the phone with his other hand, after one of the production guys hands him a microphone Dan finally looks up from the phone.

    ‘Now I do not know if any of you people know this or not but when it comes to CWA I am not a popular guy be it out here in the back with the other Wrestlers however it should be know that Dan Maskell does not give a flying **** as to how he is perceived by anyone but what makes it interesting is that tonight I am in a Six man Tag Team match and I cannot stand any of the people in this match, I hate my opponents and I sure as hell do not like my partners and right now I am going to tell you why.’

    ‘Warren Peace and Austerio in my eyes are thieves, the stole from me and in that respect they stole from CWA, they took wins from the greatest superstar in CWA’s history Dan Maskell but as we all know I got one over Austerio when I made him quit and pretty soon the same will happen to you Warren, I promise that.’

    The crowd begin to boo Dan again especially over the greatest in CWA history comment.

    ‘Now as for my opponents let’s start with the obvious one in Dexter Darwin Douglas, yes he did beat me two weeks ago but that is it he won’t be doing that again, he proved that Every Dog has it’s day when he beat me and I am going to prove tonight that yes every dog may have its Day but it also will at some point have its last.’

    ‘That of course brings me to Harry Jones, what can be said about The retrospective, the Extreme Angel, The Antichrist or as he constantly reminds us the man who is 4-0 in CWA well Harry I want you to know tonight is the end of your undefeated streak, see I am going to hit you harder then you have ever been hit in your life and by the time the match is over you are going to walk backstage dazed and confused and then a glimmer of hope will appear in your mind where you will picture yourself winning but just then the hope will fade and you will remember my foot on your chest as the ref counts Three ending your streak and once the realisation settles in you will presumably stand their tears in your eyes accepting the hard truth that I am superior to you in every facet.’

    ‘Finally for the other team making up their little threesome is a man known as Chubby Carlos, The fat man, El Chuberino or as I have referred to him in the past The second coming of Shamu, I mean Chubby seriously homie I can’t believe you’re a player in this company with a belly the size of the moon but after tonight when I pop you like the oversized balloon you are that will change, you see Chubby you may think were cool and that a Dude here or there is going to make me take it easy on you but the answer is no I won’t my goal tonight is to make an impression and defeating a fat wannabe Sumo Wrestler is what will help me then so be it.’

    ‘see I have said it once before and I will say it again, never make any assumptions when you face me don’t get confident and say you can take me as you really can’t I am the Alpha Male in CWA, I am the King of the Jungle and it does not matter how big you are, how experienced you are, How big your crew is or how nasty you look I am going to bang you out and without a doubt as I have proven before and I will prove yet again when I touch your Chin with my fist you get ******.’

    [As the crowd begin to boo again Dan drops the microphone on the floor before standing up from the stairs and putting the phone in his pocket, Dan then leaps off the stairs with a bit of grace before slowly walking backstage.]
    Warren Peace
    After the epic match that just took place, Warren kindly asks for the remaining wrestlers to leave the ring. Obviously, they oblige and go backstage. While they walk to the back, Warren asks for a microphone, and because of his Amazingness, crowd members immediately begin throwing microphones into the ring. Officials are panicking, trying to stop the crowd from flooding the ring with microphones. Just then, Warren grabs one of the many mics and begins to speak...

    Warren: "Ladies and gentlemen, Warren Peace fans all around the world... I would like to thank you. Thank you all for being so supportive of me even when my winning streak was wrongfully stolen from me by Dexter Darwin Douglas. Because of your support, I was able to get back to my feet and start doing the thing I do best: Winning. And I'm positive that when I go head to head with Gary Bones in the X-Fly finals, there is no doubt in my mind that I will- OH MY GOD, MY LEG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Warren then swiftly falls down and instantly starts clutching his leg, which seems to be in severe pain. Woman in the crowd are fainting, babies are crying, and all the men seem to be shedding a tear.

    Warren: "OH NO, MY LEG! MY INJURED LEG! I hope that it's not too severe, or else I wont be able to face Gary in the finals!"

    Just then, a doctor that strangely looks a lot like PNH wrestler Surge comes running down to the ring with an X-Ray in his hand.

    Warren: "Doctor Egrus, thank goodness you're here! My leg is in SEVERE PAIN, and even with my Amazingness, I'm not able to walk at all! It might be a staff infection or something that will threaten my career!"

    Doctor Egrus: "Warren, I was backstage, watching you, for no particular reason when I saw the injury happen. I was then able to use my portable X-Ray machine through the television screen and come to the conclusion that..."

    Warren: "Please Doc, please tell me I'm OK? And that I can still wrestle?"

    Doctor Egrus: "That..."

    Warren: "The suspense is killing me!"

    Doctor Egrus: "That you..."

    Warren gulps as most of the crowd begins crying for their fallen hero.


    Warren: "NOT MY LEG!!!"

    Doctor Egrus: "Yes Warren, your leg. And because of this..."

    Warren: "I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO WRESTLE AGAIN! At least until after the X-Fly finals are over, correct?"

    Doctor Egrus: "That is correct, Warren. As always, your intelligence is amazing."

    Warren: "Thank you Doctor. Now if you excuse me, I'm going to hobble backstage and pack my bags, BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN INJECT WITH A LETHAL DOSE OF POISON TO MY LEG! My weak leg in fact, that DEXTER DARWIN DOUGLAS injured during the match!"

    The crowd gasps when they hear Warren's accusation.

    Warren: "It was the perfect plan, he knew that he would eventually have to face me for the X-Fly title, so the only way to avoid humiliation was to end my career! But don't worry Peace-O-Maniacs, as I will get him back soon. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not even for another year! But let me tell you one thing Dexter: VENGEANCE!!! THY NAME IS WARREN PEACE!!!"

    Warren then raises his hands in the air as the crowd gives him a standing ovation. He then begins to head backstage, before one of the crowd members says...


    Warren then looks down and notices it, before quickly switching legs to limp on.

    Warren: "HAHA, YOU FOOL! I was joking! Even with the severe pain that I am in, I am still able to have fun with my wonderful fans!"

    Crowd Member: "Huh, that makes sense. Wow Warren, you're so awesome!"

    Warren: "So are you, my friend, so are you. Not as much as me, of course, but you're sorta almost there."

    Warren then salutes to his die hard fans from the stage as confetti falls from the rafters and "You're The Best" blasts throughout the arena. Warren then bows down one last time for his fans, and leaves one last memento on the stage, his lucky official Warren Peace t-shirt, which you can buy at The camera zooms in on the valuable item, which will most likely be auctioned off, before slowly fading to black.

    Dexter Darwin Douglas
    Quote Originally Posted by QuackenColony
    Continue? I Think the Credits are Running out...

    Dexter had been sitting in the locker room ever since the match between Harry Jones and himself had ended. He wasn't in any pain, physically pain, anyway, but he felt like separating himself from the world from a bit. He had left his phone to ring in his bag, letting the music play until it stopped, then the beep of a voicemail notification hit his ears. He let it go on until he finally decided to leave the arena, his hotel room waiting for him, the silent darkness sounding very inviting right now.

    The room was quiet, one bed sitting in the middle as the sounds of traffic were muffled after he closed the door behind him. The room went pitch black when he closed the curtains. Collasping on the bed, his phone rang one more time. He buried his head into the pillow, silencing the phone as he drifted off to sleep.

    He woke up as his phone rang again. The same song ringing every time for the past few hours. He finally picked it up, knowing he had just neglected the person who had suddenly become the most important in his life.

    DDD: Hello?

    Katt: Dexter! Are you okay? I've been trying to call you since last night...I saw the match...and I wanted to...

    DDD: Hey, listen, I'll be home later tonight, we can talk then. Right now I just want to ride the plane in silence.

    Katt knew what he meant, and she nodded as she hung up the phone. The plane ride seemed endless as he stayed in silence. The chilly weather was helpful as it allowed him to zip up his hoodie sweater, lifting the hood so he wouldn't be recognized. He did, however, get a few fearful looks as if he was planning on taking over the plane. A few hours later, the passengers saw Dexter as just a man with a lot on his mind. It had not even been 24 hours since the lost, but all he could think about was what he did wrong. At which point did he lose the match? Sitting up in the ring after the three count, he knew that his strong grip on the X-Fly Championship was lost. All the support he had gain on his quest to the finals had meant nothing now. The fans, Katt, himself, he had let them all down in the worst way.

    By the time he was home, it already pretty late, but Katt was sitting there, waiting for him. She watch as he slowly drifted to the door, wrapping her arms around him, it was the first time since the match ended that he felt a little bit of happiness. The house felt cold and empty as they walked through it, heading to his room. Dexter fell back first on to his bed, the mattress letting out the same worn squeak it does every night he sleeps here. Katt climbed up and rest her head into his shoulder, holding him close. He took a deep breath in before closing his eyes, the familiar feeling of Katt's lips hit his cheek before he fell asleep.


    The night seem to pass fairly quickly as Dexter opened his eyes. He shook his head as he sat up, seeing he was still in his street clothes. Katt was nowhere to be seen, but he could already smell the breakfast being cooked. He stood up and stretched out, still feeling the effects of the match , even if most of the pain was pyscholagical. He slowly walked into the kitchen, seeing Katt busy at the stove. He took one whiff and was unable to frown anymore. Bacon, pancakes, scrambled eggs with mushrooms and cheese. He walked behind Katt and hugged her as she cooked.

    Katt: Dexter, I'm trying to cook here.

    DDD: I know, and it smells are way to good for me, you know that?

    Katt: Shut up and sit down, I'll bring you your plate here in just a minute, okay?

    Dexter nodded as he let her go, sitting at the table as she commanded. There was already two glasses set at the table, one full of water and the other filled with apple juice. Dexter let out a cough as he took a long drink of water. His thirst had been quite demanding since he had pretty much had nothing since before the flight home. Katt smiled and brought him a plate full of food. Dexter stomach growled loudly as the plate hit the table. Katt giggled and brought her own serving to the table as well.

    They didn't say much as they ate, just Dexter complimenting her cooking skills and her modesty. Afterwards, they set their plates in the sink and went to the living room, sitting on the couch close to each other, both worried about having the first say of the matter at hand.

    Katt: do you feel?

    DDD: Like a failure.

    Katt was silently stunned as she looked away, never hearing such a blunt answer from him. He was staring down at the carpet, shame washing over him as she took his hand, rubbing it gently.

    Katt: can't talk like that. So you lost a match, that doesn't mean anything...just means you have to bounce back.

    DDD: This was different. I was one match away from the finals...two matches away from holding the championship in my hands. I could have been sitting here, waiting to go against Warren Peace one more time...

    Dexter had tears in his eyes as he was trying to pled his case, a reason for his sadness. He didn't have anything else to say. This was a feeling he had not felt since his first few days of training. The chops and slams he took until his body couldn't stand, the work out regiments that tore his muscles to shreds, all of it seems to rush back to Dexter, as the voices repeated over and over in his head, telling him he had no chance, he would never make it in this profession.

    Dexter's crying was interrupted as Katt's lips touched his. The shock of the sudden kiss made him jump up a bit, but he quickly relaxed as she cupped his face. This was something he had forgotten. No matter what happened, he would have this beautiful woman to help him through the pain and the disappointments. He kissed her back as she laid him against the couch, climbing on top of him as no more words were said.


    Dexter is seen sitting on a park bench in his hometown of Austin, Texas. The park is a bit empty as the winter has been creeping in. Even Dexter is forced to zip up his signature hoodie sweater, the Megaman 1-Up patch on his shoulder even seemed to let out a shiver as a cold wind rushed in. Dexter looked around, seeing a few joggers and a couple of what appeared to be homeless around the park. He let out a sigh as he looked back to the camera.

    DDD: I'm sitting here in my hometown of Austin, I thought maybe if I could relax for a little bit it would clear my head. I'm having no such luck, unfortunately. I think it is safe to say that the last time I was in the ring was easily the lowest moment in my short career. I went from being in the finals of the X-Fly tournament to being just another 'mid-carder'. This week, I'll be teaming wit Chubby Carlos, a man I have not had the pleasure of being in the ring with. Also I'll be teaming with Harry Jones, the man who pinned me last time.

    Dexter lets out a sigh as he shifts in his seat, another cold breeze pushing his grown out hair out of his eyes. He stuffs his hands into his pocket as he continues.

    DDD: A lot of people would ask how are we going to get along. To me, this match is very important. On the opposite side of the ring will be Austerio, Dan Maskell, and Warren Peace. I have defeated all three of these guys in singles matches in the past... but Mr. Peace has fought his way to the finals of the tournament, getting another victory against him would shoot me up in the rankings...maybe even making me #1 contender.

    I'm sure Carlos will have no problem helping me get this for Jones, I'm really not sure. I know losing is something Harry doesn't want at all, but is he really willing to help others, especially one whom he may face in the future to defend a title, just to win? I really hope so. I want both Warren and Harry to listen very closely. Even though one of you will be holding the title soon, by the time Five Star Attaction rolls around, I'll be waiting for my title shot.

    Dexter tries to relax as the camera keeps staring at him. The CWA worker that was sent to him lets out a cough as the wrestler goes back to his normal life.

    DDD: What? You want me to say more? Why do you care, you're just some guy the company paid to come down here and film me. I'm giving you a break now, go back and give them that tape, have them edit it or whatever, and bam, good to go.

    The worker nods as he turns the camera off finally. He walks away as Dexter lets out a sigh, not even wanting to shoot a promo for the show this week, he pinches the bridge of his nose, trying to help himself relax. His lonesome body is interrupted as a familiar hand comes into view with a cup.

    Katt: Hot coco?

    Dexter smiles as he takes the drink, steam rising up slowly he takes a sip, letting out a wince as the hot liquid burns his tongue a bit. Katt can't help but laugh as she takes his free hand, leading him on a walk around the park. From the average person, they just appeared as a regular couple, only a real fan of pro wrestling could tell it was Dexter walking along with the cute girl hugged at his side.

    Katt: What are you thinking about?

    DDD: I think...I think everything is going to be okay.

    Chubby Carlos
    Quote Originally Posted by A originalname

    ”Caught in the Middle”
    6 Man Tag Team Main Event
    Warren Peace/Dan Maskell/Austerio vs Chubby Carlos/Harry Jones/Dexter Darwin Douglas

    We would like to apologue for the delay of this week’s mind bendingly awesome Chubby Carlos promo. The delay was put in place to pay respect in light of the death of the career of the former “Future CWA World Champion” known to CWA fans as ‘Redick’. It was announced that shortly after the main event of last week’s Adrenaline Rush between Chubby Carlos and Redick, CWA Officials found “Redick” career dead in the middle of the CWA ring. It is reported that the cause of death was due to the fact that “Redick” was flatten in the mat like a pancake by a very heavy object dropped from a great height.

    RIP Redick Career

    The scene opens up in the Adrenaline Rush parking lot where we see Chubby Carlos unloading his bags from his car. Chubby seems to be in good spirits after his win against his arch enemy Redick the previous week. There some small swelling on his jaw from the brutal lariat he took, but beside that he looks ready to kick major ass in the main event tonight. Chubby starts to make his way into the building when suddenly as if she was auditioning for a slasher movie Michelle Kelly jumps out from behind a car and taps Chubby on the shoulder causing him to jump almost a foot in the air.

    Chubby Carlos: WHOA! Michelle don’t do that!

    Chubby takes a minute to catch his breath while Michelle looks on amused

    Chubby Carlos: Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t scared or anything. I fear no mortal man, but it was incredibly dangerous for you. I could have you felt your hand on my shoulder and using my ninja skills I could have turned around and snapped your neck in one move‘cause I’m awesome like that!

    Michelle Kelly: Well seeing as you didn’t break my neck with your ummm…”Ninja Skills” and you didn’t die of a heart attack how about some of your thoughts heading into your Hugh main event six person tag team match.

    Chubby Carlos: My match tonight? Yeah I guess I could pull out another hot nugget of perfection that are my interviews. You know this past week has been one of the best weeks ever! Even though just yesterday there was a scary incident after I was convinced that someone had hired some kind of midget assassin to sneak into one of my kitchen cupboard and jump out when I least suspected it. Luckily April pointed out to me that it was just a bag of sugar falling out of the cupboard as I was calling the police so it’s all good. But you know what? Even after that near death experience well make that two now, This is still the best week ever for the simple reason that I am now officially free at last, free at last from Drake Redick! No longer do I have to cope with his constant insane rambling and his backstage attacks for no apparent reason! Now it’s time to look to the future namely tonight’s main event and how me and my chubsters are going to rock this building to its foundations
    But I won’t be alone oh no, no, no I’m gonna be joined in the ring by five other of Adrenaline Rush finest. Some of them might be great hell they could be some of the best in the world but you know what? None of them is Chubby Carlos, and tonight? I’m gonna hit the net!

    After these words squints his eyes and tilts his head in confusion

    Chubby Carlos: “I’m gonna hit the net?” What does that even mean? Isn’t that a soccer reference? Wait isn’t hitting the net something to do with tennis... Or maybe it’s a term that I just made up on the spot? I seriously need to make that into a t-shirt…

    Chubby stares into space seemingly lost in thought. Chubby stays like this for a few seconds before Michelle snaps him out of it.

    Michelle Kelly: Ummm Chubby regarding your match…

    Chubby Carlos: What? Oh right… Anyway teaming with me tonight are “Triple D” Dexter Darwin Douglas and Harry Jones. First off let me say that I’m glad to have Dexter Darwn Douglas as a partner tonight. Sure he’s a little weird, he’s a little out there but he’s proven for months that he has the determination to become a future champion here in CWA. I know I can trust Dexter to have my back tonight and he knows that I have his back because tonight because his has the honour and privilege to be my tag team partner.
    If it was just me and Dexter I would have no doubt that we’ll destroy the competition. But it’s not just us isn’t? We have a wild card in our team by the name of Harry Jones. In the short time he’s been here Jones has making some serious waves. Undefeated… has the chance to win of the X-fly title. The Dude has the world at his feet and the ability to boot. But the problem is the man is a major douche bag! I mean the way he treated Dexter after his match last week was seriously un-cool! So now the million dollar question If Dexter and Jones can work together? They better because we’re up against some the best Adrenaline Rush has to offer take Warren Peace I swear to god if I have to hear the guy talk about himself one more time I gonna loss my mind! There’s nothing I hate more than obnoxious, wrestlers who thinks there the best wrestler in the world! THAT’S MY JOB! Sorry Peace only one person can be “The most amazing wrestler in the world” and you’re looking at him dude, and I’m gonna prove it tonight. Who knows maybe I’ll beat you so bad that you’ll have to quit the company out of pure embarrassment and I’ll get your place in the X-fly tournament just because I’m so awesome! Then of course we have the man that’s more creepy that a werewolf falling in love with a new born baby Austerio. It’s actually really sad that this weirdo still thinks that he can step up to me, I have no idea what goes on in the head of that creep and have no plans on finding out, I don’t need that type of nightmare fuel. But I’ll like to remind him of something. Date: April 6th 2011 City: Nashville ring any bells dude? No? I’m not surprise because that night I annihilated you! Now I know what you’re thinking “But I’ve improved even since than” Dude at least half the roster has pinned you! If anything you’ve gotten worse. And you claim to some kind of king? Some kind of God? Well Chubby Carlos BOWS TO NO ONE BABY! So Austerio you better starts preying to your “Gods” Because tonight I’m taking you down to Chinatown!

    And last but not least we have Dan Maskell.

    Chubby takes a deep breath as if about launch into a rant about Maskell. But stops himself and pauses looking bewildered

    Chubby Carlos: Ummmm… He’s English….He has a lot of nicknames … He likes to punch people, that all I got. Seriously who the hell is Dan Maskell? You know what? I take it back. Dan Maskell is the least! I seriously think he just in this match to make up the numbers. The CWA bookers must have thinking “Damn we need to get one more dude to make this a six man match, who’s not doing anything of worth? Quick get Dan Maskell!” Anyway I’ve no doubt it’s gonna be a hell of match. And I can’t wait for it to get started, dude. I can’t wait to get out to ring and compete free from Redick. I’m gonna personally guarantee that I’m gonna destroy the competition. I’m gonna go out there and steal the show like only I can seem to do. Why? Because I can! No if you’re excuses me Michelle I need to get ready for my match.

    Michelle Kelly: So why are you going in there?

    Michelle gestures towards the building

    Chubby Carlos: What are talking about?

    Michelle Kelly: You realise that your walking into a McDonald’s right?

    The camera swings around to reveal that they are standing outside mcdonald’s. The camera swings back around to show a very awkward looking Chubby Carlos.

    Michelle Kelly: The show is just across the street.

    Chubby Carlos: Well this is embarrassing. But do you know what’s worse?

    Michelle Kelly: What?

    Chubby Carlos: I have no idea how to end this promo.

    Michelle Kelly: Oh…So what are you going to do?

    Chubby Carlos: I don’t know I guess I can always do this…

    Suddenly Chubby pulls a smoke pellet out of his pants and throws it’s on the ground and smoke engulfed the scene. When the smoke clears we see Michelle coughing but Chubby has disappeared from sight. After Michelle recovers she shakes her in bemusement

    Michelle Kelly: Someone has been playing too much Arkham City.

    Rest in power, Flock U

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Promos from Adrenaline Rush - November 30th


    Quote Originally Posted by Punk Wolf
    “I didn’t think it would happen. I honestly did not see this day coming. But congratulations, Alyster, you did what I failed to do for a long time. You have successfully killed my car.”

    Our scene opens somewhere in L.A, California, at the Gang Star HQ. The rugged heroes of our story, the current CWA Tag Team Champions Alyster Black and Krash, having just narrowly retained their titles by outsmarting the under-skilled and over-hyped Brotherhood, both sat in the garage of the building, Krash with a look of sadness etched across his face, Alyster with… Well, Alyster was wearing his mask as usual, so it was still hard to tell what his expression was.

    “It is not killed!” Alyster reasoned, shaking his head. “It’s just… uh… broken. In many places.”

    “It’s not broken, it’s passed on!” Krash replied harshly, as Alyster began to slowly raise an eyebrow beneath his mask. “My car is no more! It has ceased to be! It’s expired and gone to meet it’s maker! It is a ‘late’ car! It’s a stiff! Berift of life! It rests in peace! It-”

    “Hold on, are you quoting Monty Python?” Alyster interrupted. Krash paused mid-tirade, one hand gloriously frozen in the air, and a smirk slowly pushed through the sour expression.

    “Okay, you got me.” Krash admitted, dropping the pose. “But c’mon, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity, now could I?”

    “It’d be more effective if your car was an actual, you know, living thing. But it still works, I guess.”

    “Pfft. Everyone’s a critic.” Krash handwaved Alyster’s remark away, glancing at the empty space in the garage where until recently his van had laid. ‘Course now his van was probably crushed into a cube by now. Alyster didn’t exactly go into the specifics of WHY Krash’s van was now the size of a small box, but long story short it involved drinking, speeding, and a rather not-well-thought-out wager. Basically a standard weekend for the Gang Stars.

    Alyster shrugged, leaning back on a fold-out chair. Today, he was wearing a pair of black jeans with a yellow skull shirt, along with his mask, with a matching black & yellow motif. Krash, meanwhile, wore a pair of dark blue jeans and a light blue shirt that for some reason had a blue Pegasus with a rainbow mane on it. Alyster really didn’t want to ask, and just left it at that.

    “Sorry about the whole ‘you getting your car destroyed’ thing, by the way.” Alyster added.

    “Ah, it’s alright. It was getting old anyway. I’ll buy a new one later.” Krash replied, taking a seat beside his partner. “I’m too overjoyed at being tag team champion to stay mad.”

    “Hell yeah, bro.” Alyster cheered, clapping his partner on the back. “Those Brotherhood fellas can’t handle us. Speaking of which, you checked the CWA website yet?”

    “Nope. Did I miss something entertaining, or was it about the Brotherhood?”

    “Was that a subtle implication that the Brotherhood aren’t entertaining?”

    “Yes sir.”

    “Nice.” Alyster hi-5ed his partner, grinning. “You remember Bitch and Fetus?”

    “The guys whose asses we kicked to become number one contenders to these here titles a while back?”

    “Yeah. Well, next show, you’re taking on Alex Scott in a single, one-on-one match, while I’m facing the other guy, Howell.”

    “Wait, those guys still have jobs?”

    “Apparently, yes.”

    “Well, color me surprised.” Krash did indeed raise his eyebrows in surprises, sadly their color remained unchanged. “Well, we beat them, what, two times? Once one-on-one, once in the triple threat tag match? Let’s go for three-for-three and prove why we’re just as awesome alone as we are together.”

    “I figured we already were awesome alone. We both won world titles by ourselves and according to our win/loss record in both tag team and singles competition we’re a force to be reckoned with.”

    “Yeah, but with some people you have to beat the point into them before they grasp it.” Krash shrugged, before faltering as a thought struck him. “That came out a lot more… heartless than I thought…”

    “Ah, who cares? It’s Bitch & Fetus . They’re like the Ted DiBiase Jrs of CWA.”


    “I know, but with these guys you can’t give them enough credit.”

    “Fair enough, I guess...” Krash nodded. “So, to recap: We kick ass as per the norm, look awesomely epic in doing so, anything else?”

    “We might have to answer Brotherhood’s challenge.”

    “Oh, right. That.” Krash answered, his eyes narrowing. “Must we? I mean, they haven’t done a damned thing to deserve a rematch.”

    “I know. Don’t worry, I’ll handle it. I’m pretty sure we can handle whatever they throw at us, so there’s nothing to worry about.”

    “I ain’t worried! Is it really wrong just to want a sense of justice in the world?”

    “Sometimes? Yes.” Alyster deadpanned.

    Krash was quiet for nearly a full minute, before his shoulders slumped. “Darn.”

    With that note, our scene ends, with Alyster giving Krash a rather unhelpful attempt at reassurance, which consisted of two pats on his partner's shoulder and a deadpanned 'there, there.'
    Alyster Black
    Quote Originally Posted by Rawr
    Part 1

    The scene opens in backstage in the CWA arena where Alyster Black is standing by ready to cut a promo. He’s wearing his usual mask and ring gear. His CWA Tag Team title is draped over his shoulder and the Gang Star banner hangs on the wall behind him. Black shuffles around for a second then tilts his head to the side, cracking his neck, before starting his promo.

    Black: Good morning, evening, afternoon, whatever time it is where you are all around the world, I know we got fans tuning in from all areas of the globe. My name is Alyster Black and I am one half of the reigning CWA tag team champions.

    Black holds the title out in front of the camera so the name plate reading “Alyster Black” can be seen. He puts it back on his shoulder and continues.

    Black: But you already knew that didn’t you? I know you all tuned in for Meltdown. I know you all watched that Rumble and I know you all witnessed that career defining moment where I and my tag team partner Krash did what many thought we could not do, and that is defeat the Brotherhood, smack dab in the middle of that ring, one, two three, for the tag team titles. I know you all watched as I dropped that bastard Kenneth LeBlanc right on his goddamned head, as Krash dropped all his weight right on Kenneth’s body, and as I dropped down, hooked his leg and after three suspenseful seconds took the tag team titles away from the Brotherhood. You all saw that, but unfortunately on Adrenaline Rush a couple of weeks ago, you didn’t see lightning strike twice. It’s true; me and Krash didn’t defeat the Brotherhood two weeks in a row. Because unfortunately **** happens and time limits do run out. On any other day things could have been different. Whoever is currently in charge of Adrenaline Rush might have had the foresight to book a longer title match, or whoever is in charge might have shown some more gross incompetence and booked a match with a shorter time limit. But as I said **** happens and what’s done is done. The time limit for that match ran out, that match was over and done with. Sure the Brotherhood might have been about to win, who knows? Chances are that Krash was going to kick out anyway. But we will never know. What we do know is the future of the Gang Star’s reign. Kenneth and Guardian Devil feel cheated, and rightfully so, our boss didn’t really give us a chance to settle this. So you guys want another shot at me and Krash. That’s understandable and my answer is...

    Black is cut off by the arrival of his partner Krash. Krash taps Black on the shoulder and whispers something into his ear. Black looks and his and nods then faces the camera again.

    Black: My answer...will be revealed after our back to back matches against Rich and Famous. So stay tuned CWA fans, an ass kicking is about to be handed out to Hannibal Howell, for like the fifth or sixth time, by yours truly.

    Black and Krash walk out of sight as Adrenaline Rush cuts to commercial.

    Part 2

    Black slides into the ring with both tag team titles in hand. He hands Krash his title then calls for a microphone. Black takes it from a staff member at ringside.

    Black: Okay, that was good. Now I’ve had some time to think and on behalf of the Gang Stars I’d like to accept Guardian Devil and Kenneth LeBlanc’s challenge. You guys want another shot at us, you got it at Five Star Attraction!

    Black drops the mic to the floor as “Hear Me Now” starts blaring over the speakers. The two members of the Gang Stars pose with their arms and tag team titles held high for everyone to see.
    Derek Vendra
    Quote Originally Posted by ATLBrand
    Harvey Buckworth: As you may remember folks, two weeks ago, Diego Gonzalez attacked his friend and tag team partner Derek Vendra, during his X-Fly Tournament match with Warren Peace. Now, no one knows why-

    Timothy Coleman: I know why, because Derek Vendra is one of the most annoying men ever! I’m surprised Diego lasted this long before lashing out!

    Harvey Buckworth: God, Tim, Shut Up! Anyway, because of the attack, Derek can’t be with us tonight, but he is coming to us via satellite from his home in New York City, let’s see what he has to say.

    The shot the goes into an apartment front room. We scroll past a Flat Screen Television with an Xbox 360, a table with a Mac on, before settling on a white sofa, sat on is Derek Vendra. He is in casual clothes, with his hair tied up. You can see his arm in a sling, and the side of his head layered in stitches, plasters and bandages.

    Vendra: You know, everything in life happens for a reason. Me being signed by CWA happened for a reason, me supporting the New York Giants happened for a reason, even me eating a sandwich just then happened for a reason. But you know what I can’t figure out? I can’t figure out the reason for Diego Gonzalez attacking me last week.

    Derek put his good hand up the bandages on his head.

    Vendra: You see, for 4 months, me and Diego went up the roads together, ate together, tag teamed together, and there was nothing wrong with Diego. So I question you, Diego. Why did you do it? Why did you attack me two weeks ago? Why did you cost me the chance to go to the final of the X-Fly tournament, for the chance to win my first gold in CWA? Why did you do this betrayal? You’ve betrayed my trust, you’ve betrayed our partnership, and most importantly, you’ve betrayed me.

    Derek now sits forward, looking deadly serious.

    Vendra: So when I get back to CWA, at Five Star Attraction, I’m gonna enjoy getting retribution on you Diego. I’m gonna enjoy kicking your ass all around the ring in New York, and I’m not gonna stop until I do to you what you did to me. See you at Five Star Attraction............ buddy.

    Diego Gonzalez
    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy King
    We come back from commercial as the intro to MIA’s “Paper Planes” begins to play when suddenly the sound a record skipping happens, and the crowd is confused, but it is soon replaced as “Yonkers” by Tyler, The Creator starts playing and Diego Gonzalez walks out. The crowd immediately erupts in to boos as the man that was once beloved by all, is now completely hated by all. He has on an Odd Future t-shirt, baggy jeans, and black Vans shoes, and as he walks to the ring he has an icy cold stare that never leaves his face as he grabs a microphone and sits down in a corner of the ring.

    Diego Gonzalez:
    What’s the matter? You don’t like the real me?

    The crowd boos some more in response.

    Diego Gonzalez:
    Just a few weeks ago when I said told you all that you’d see a different side of Diego Gonzalez, and every single one of you all clapped and cheered, but now all of the sudden I’m not good enough for you?

    He stands up with anger in his eyes.
    Diego Gonzalez:
    Now all I hear is “Why did you do it?!” or “Why Diego, why?!” You wanna know why I did what I did to Derek Vendra?! Allow me to explain myself!

    All of the sudden he begins mumbling to himself.

    Diego Gonzalez:
    Calm down! Calm down! I told myself I’d stay calm, but I just can’t help it! I’m sick and tired of you people! I’m not gonna let you all control me! I’m gonna do what I wanna do and I will not let anyone stop me from doing it!

    He finally begins to calm down as the crowd is now just confused.

    Diego Gonzalez:
    I will not be held down by the corporate politics anymore! I will not be an after thought, and I will not stand idly by as Derek Vendra gets a shot at the X-Fly title by competing in the tournament. Why didn’t I get a chance to compete in the tournament? Am I not good enough? I’ve done more than enough in this company in the year and half that I’ve been here, and that’s how I get repayed?

    He now starts to pace around the ring as he speaks.

    Diego Gonzalez:
    That ain’t gonna fly with me! No way, not happening. If I’m not getting a shot to fight for a title, then it’s only right that Derek Vendra doesn’t either.

    This causes the crowd to boo some more again.

    Diego Gonzalez:
    Don’t act ya’ll wouldn’t do the same thing I did! I’m sure each and every one of you would have done the same thing if you were in my situation.

    This entices the crowd too even louder.

    Diego Gonzalez:
    The truth hurts doesn’t it?! Want know something else that hurts? Not getting my rematch for the Continental Title that I lost. There’s a rule that states that once a champion loses his title, he’s allowed one rematch to reclaim his title. That’s funny, I don’t ever recall getting my rematch, but I do recall Christopher Jackson getting plenty of them for that same title. There’s some sort of conspiracy in the back that’s holding me back from ever making it to the big top, and that was made very clear to me when I wasn’t put in the X-Fly title tournament.

    He stops pacing and looks straight in to camera.

    Diego Gonzalez:
    Vendra, I know that you’re watching from the hospital bed that I put you in, and I know you’re probably aching for some retribution after what I did to you, and it seems like you don’t have to wait long because for some reason they have decided to put us in a match at Five Star Attraction. I guess they figure I didn’t make you suffer enough, so I want you to listen real closely right now, what I did to you last week was nothing, that was just a preview of things to come . At Five Star Attraction, I’ll make sure I finish what I started, and put you out of this company for good. I’ll make sure that you’ll never be able to walk again,then you’ll know the real me and you won’t like the real me. Then you’ll know that you never have been, and never will be better than me.

    He throws down the microphone as “Yonkers” begins to play again, and the crowd has not stopped booing as Diego leaves the ring without looking back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Promos from Adrenaline Rush - November 30th

    More that I forgot to post earlier...

    Quote Originally Posted by Sawyer View Post
    We go backstage and in the parking lot, where we see a beautiful all black 1969 Dodge Charger driving in. We don't know who is driving it yet, but as soon as it stops we found out who the man is. It is non other than Roberto Superstar. He steps out of the car and with his AMLL Championship Title draped over his right shoulder, he make his way inside the building, as we go to another commercial.


    The show is coming to an end and it is finally time for Roberto to come out and tell us who he has chosen to face at 5 Star Attraction.

    Harvey Buckworth: "We need a Main Event for our biggest PPV of the year and tonight we will hopefully find out what that is."

    Tim Coleman: "Who gave this jerk all this power?"

    Harvey Buckworth: "He has all that power 'cause he won the Royal Rumble."

    Tim Coleman: "Big deal. I would have won the Rumble if I was in it."

    Harvey Buckworth: "HAHA, you wouldn't even be able to win an arm wrestling match against my 7 years old nephew."

    Roberto makes his way down to the ring, as Cult of Personality plays on the loud speakers. He is in full gear, even though he is not scheduled to wrestle here tonight. His AMLL World Championship belt is like always proudly draped over his right shoulder. He gets in the ring and after posing for his fans on all four turnbuckles, he gets a microphone and begins talking...

    Roberto: "For the past two weeks, I have done nothing but think about who to face at 5 Star Attraction. It's not an easy decision, as both matches has its pros and its cons. I could go out there and face The Ultimate Pain in the ultimate dream match and that's something that I've wanted to do for a very, very long time. Everyone wants to know who the very best here in CWA is and 5 Star Attraction would be the perfect opportunity to find out."

    Roberto pauses as the fans cheer for that match. Roberto Superstar versus The Ultimate Pain is what made CWA what it is today.

    Harvey Buckworth: "I have goosebumps just thinking about that match. It would be incredible."

    Roberto: "But as good as that match sounds, I could also go out there and face Rolando Fuentes for the CWA World title and there's nothing in this world more important than that for me. Being the CWA World Champion is what we all strive to be and that's a fact."

    Roberto pauses again and the fans also cheer for this match. It's seems the crowd is split here. Half wants to see Roberto face Pain, while the other half wants to see Roberto face Rolando.

    Tim Coleman: "Rolando is the CWA Champion and he deserves to be in the Main Event. Roberto should stop being disrespectful towards our champion and just pick him as his opponent."

    "It's a tough decision as you can tell, but I have made one. I've also gone to the big boss already, Jim Horrorfan and made the match official. The papers have already been drawn, and except for a couple of signatures, this thing is done. So, I'd like to ask both Rolando and Pain to get out here, so we can get this all thing over with..."

    Dropping Plates by Disturbed begins playing and out comes Rolando. The champ doesn't look too happy as he makes his way down the ramp. The fans, meanwhile, don't look too happy either, as they boo him with all they've got. Rolando gets in the ring and begins muttering something to Roberto, but we can't hear exactly what. Maybe it's good 'cause I don't think he saying anything too nice.

    Rolando's music is then interrupted by Supernaut by Black Sabbath, which means only one's the Ultimate Pain's turn to come out. The former CWA Champion makes his way down to the ring to mix reaction from the fans here in attendance. Pain pays no attention to the fans, as he looks completely focused on Roberto. Pain gets in the ring and goes straight for Roberto, and completely ignores Rolando, who was trying to offer his former mentor a handshake. Pain gets right in Roberto's face and now it's him who's muttering something to Roberto, but once again we don't hear what's being said. Roberto cockily smiles, before backing up and motioning for both men to calm down.

    Roberto: 'Woaaah boys, relax a little. I know it's been a stressful past few months, but it's finally over. Tonight you will both find out who I've picked to be my opponent at 5 Star Attraction. I'm not going to drag this any longer, therefore I am going straight to it. My opponent in New York City on December 28th will be...Rolando Fuentes!!!"

    The place explodes into a mix reaction. A lot of boos here, but there are also a lot of cheers. Rolando is one of those guys cheering, as he knows that main eventing 5 Star Attraction against Roberto could possibly make him a legend down the road. Pain meanwhile looks angry and disappointed. It seems though that Roberto is not done here. He tells the crowd to hush as he gets to Pain's face...

    Roberto: "...and The Ultimate Pain!!!"

    Everyone looks confused here, including Pain and Rolando.

    Roberto: "Yeah boys, you heard me right, at 5 Star Attraction I will face both of you in an old fashion three way dance and it will be for the World Title."

    Roberto smiles, as the place goes insane. Everyone seems to love the idea of these three men going at it in a triple threat...well, everyone except for Rolando, as he looks like he's been shot. He knows that retaining the title against both Pain and Roberto will be literally impossible. The Ultimate Pain, on the other hand, looks satisfied about Roberto's decision. All of a sudden, he has a shot of not only beating Roberto, but a shot at the Title as well. Rolando tries to complain to Pain that this is not fair, but Pain just shrugs his shoulders, while all the time staring at the belt.

    Harvey Buckworth: "5 Star Attraction is going to be spectacular."

    Tim Coleman: "This is not fair to Rolando. Roberto just screwed our champion."

    Meanwhile, Roberto is about to leave the ring, but right before he does, he changes his mind and turns back...

    Roberto: "Ooohh and by the way, don't think I forgot about the slaps both of you gave me..."

    Roberto drops the mic and quickly clotheslines both men down. Both Pain and Rolando slide out of the ring, as Roberto tries to call them back in, but they retreat up the ramp instead. With that, the show goes off the air.

    Rolando Fuentes
    Quote Originally Posted by Harry Morgan View Post
    Dropping Plates by Distrubed plays over the arena, and the World Heavywieght Champion comes out of from the curtain. He is dressed in his usual suit and tie, and he has the World Championship draped around his left shoulder. The Monolyth comes out behind him, and they both look into the crowd. Rolando goes into the ring, and goes to the center of it looking into the crowd, as the fans start to boo him wildly. He gets the mic, and then tells the people in the back to cut his music.

    Rolando Fuentes: It seems that people are twisted around here! Ever since I have won this championship I have been put on the back burner, and it is getting just a little under my skin! Don’t get me wrong I am glad to have my pal The Ultimate Pain back, but I am not happy how Roberto comes into the picture wins the Royal Rumble, and now he is the talk of the CWA!!! I walk around the arena, and I hear about how Roberto Superstar is so awesome. I look up at the billboards, and do I grace them! NO! It’s Roberto Superstar! This afternoon Monolyth and I walked into the building and when we walked in we were given a program. Who is on the cover of the program? Is it myself? No it is Roberto Superstar!!

    The crowd starts to go wild when they hear Roberto’s name, and then Rolando notices a sign in the front row, that says Roberto Superstar the Uncrowned Champion!! Rolando goes and tells Monolyth to go grab the sign and rip it. Monolyth goes down to the fan who yanks the fan away, and Monolyth just stares at the young kid, he the kid starts to cry, and Monolyth takes the sign, and then a huge boo comes around the arena! The camera pans to Rolando who is just laughing!

    Rolando Fuentes: Look you idiots there is no such thing as an uncrowned champion, because I am the champion, I am not the champion of the CWA, but I am the champion of the whole damn world!!!! This is what I do no understand; you fans go and flock to Roberto Superstar like he is some conquering hero, when he left for two years! When I was just making my start in the CWA, Roberto Superstar was the man. I looked up to the man, and I told myself I am going to be like him one day! I shook his hand, and tried to get to know Roberto Superstar, but in the back he ignored me like I was nothing like I was beneath him! So I was ecstatic when he was injured, I was ecstatic that it sounded like a career ending injury! No love was lost with me, because I knew a spot opened up, and that spot could be mine! So what did I do? I went out every night, and I dominated my competition! Every single person in the backstage has been pinned by me! That is why I am the World Champion, it’s because I went and busted my ass off every night in this ring. I bled, I put my sweat on the line, I risked major injury, and some great men have died inside this ring, but I kept going! I kept going while your hero was on the shelf, and to be honest I even question his injury. I think he left, because he was tired of all you ingrates! He was tired of putting his life on the line for people who did not care!

    The crowd starts to chant Roberto Superstars name, and it drives Rolando insane, and Monolyth goes to Rolando, and covers up his ears. Rolando takes the title belt off of his shoulder, and give it to Monolyth who drapes it over his shoulder. Rolando grabs the mic again.

    Rolando Fuentes: You cheer for him all you want, you ask him to go down to this ring, and shut me up, but the truth of the matter is that he is scared of me! Since he has been gone I have dominated everyone! I have retired people, and I have sent people packing to other organizations, because they know they have no chance of taking this top spot away from me. Roberto Superstar while you were gone there was only one thing for me to do, and I took your spot, not only did I take your damn spot, but I took it, and I performed better in your spot than you could ever dream of!

    Monolyth pats Rolando on his shoulders, and Rolando shakes his head in agreement, needing that reassurance from his bodyguard.

    Rolando Fuentes: I look at your list of accomplishments, and they are all great in their own form and their own manner, but the most impressive stat which also shows how sad it is, that you were a four time champion. In my book it means you lost that title four times, you lost that World Championship four times, I don’t ever intend on losing this title! What it tells me is that you didn’t have the fortitude, you didn’t have the guts to dig deep when the going got tough, and you lost! Even one time they just handed you the title! Nothing, and I MEAN NOTHING!!! Has ever been given to me. I busted my butt I everything I could in this ring to be the best, and now look Roberto! I am in the greatest stable of all-time, I know hold the greatest title of all-time, and now to be honest you are irrelevant compared to me!

    The crowd begins to boo loudly chanting bulls****t. Rolando just laughs at the notion, and continues on his diatribe!

    Rolando Fuentes: Roberto Superstar you are the past, and I am the present and the future of this company! You are washed up, probably coming back for that last paycheck before you go on welfare! I do not need this, I never needed this, I have money coming from my ears! I do this, because I love to do it, and I love to hurt people! I love to make people wrong, and I am going to make you and all these ignorant people know just how wrong you are! I am the greatest wrestler in the world! I am the greatest wrestler of this generation, I will be the greatest wrestler in future generations, and when it’s all said Mr. Superstar you will be remembered as someone that I will have to hire to carry my jockstrap! Roberto Superstar Rolando gets real close to the microphone as they camera pans in closer to Rolando. I am the champion of the World, and you will never become a five time World Champion!!!!! NEVER!!!!!!!!!!

    Rolando drops the microphone as Monolyth hands the title over to Rolando, he puts it over his head, and just smiles while the crowd is going insane and booing Rolando wildly! You can see before the camera pans away Rolando is mouthing, come and get me!
    Cesar Pineda

    Quote Originally Posted by Rey De Reyes View Post
    Take Care
    Intro: "Over My Dead Body"

    "They're Trying to Take You Away From Me. Only Over My Dead Body.."

    The scene slowly fades in from darkness to an overshot view of the Vegas skyline. The sun sits in the sky, casting itself off of the windows of the numerous buildings of downtown Vegas, beaming down. The scene shifts to the front of a building with the words "The Martin" written above the entrance way of the building. Inside the building the door to a condo is open and we see Cesar Pineda and his younger brother Marcos Pineda, both wearing gym shorts and black wife beaters, moving furniture into place and telling movers were to place the final boxes. As the workers finish Cesar and Marcos thank them before sitting at the bar counters located in the open kitchen area of the Condo.

    In front of Cesar sits a large tan envelope with "Rush Mail" printed on the from of it. As the workers leave and close the door behind them a silence engulfs the room as Cesar attempts to avoid opening the envelope. His brother Marcos reaches over and grabs the envelope opening it up and reading the papers in it.

    Marcos- We've done a lot in these last four months man. You quit Takedown Wrestling and closed down, Ivan got locked up, you told Eric that his sisters son Cristiano is your son with her, Ivan got me out of the Latin Kings, Ma moved to Mexico, and we left Chicago and live here.

    Marcos puts the papers back into the envelope and slides it down to Cesar who opens it up and finally reads over the papers inside of it.

    Cesar- It's been a crazy year for us ey Marcos? But I think that we're gonna make it through the rest of the year without anymore of the b.s. problems. I don't have to worry about the stress of you and the Latin Kings or any of the bull that went on with Takedown. I can now focus on getting your name out there as a fighter and me raising my son.

    Cesar smiles as he thinks about all of the major changes and improvements in his life since leaving the wrestling world. Cesar's smile quickly fades as he looks back at the contract and his brother begins.

    Marcos- We finally got away from all of that bull and stress that came with you being a wrestler and your going back to all of it.

    Cesar continues to look at the papers before glancing over at his brother.

    Cesar- Ivan might have gotten you out of the Latin Kings, but he didn't get me out. I'm still in debt to them for everything they did to help me get trained and finance me to travel around the world as a wrestler. We might of moved away from Chicago and the Latin Kings, but I still owe them and until I pay them off or we get you to the position in MMA were we need you to be, I gotta keep wrestling.

    Marcos- What if that time never comes? What if you keep having to borrow money from the Latin Kings to pay for expenses? What if your son ends up joining the Latin Kings? What if you never get away from them?

    Cesar laughs silently to himself before taking a pen out of his pocket and signing the papers. He puts the papers in the envelope and walks towards the full body windows in his new condo, looking out at all the people below him before answering his brother.

    Cesar- Someone once told me "There's no ifs in life. There's only it happened or it didn't." With me going back to wrestling I'm making sure that none of those things that you said, ever happens. We we'll have paid the Latin Kings off by this time next year.

    Cesar turns around and looks at his brother who grins at Cesar before Cesar can finish.

    Cesar- Cristiano, my son, your nephew, will never join the Latin Kings or have anything to do with them. The only way he'll join or have anything to do with the Latin Kings is......over my dead body.

    The scene fades to black as Cesar turns back towards the windows and looks out into the horizon as the camera focuses in on the envelope that has Clique Wrestling Alliance printed at the bottom of it.

    "I Think I Killed Everybody In The Game Last Year.."

    The scene returns from black to an empty dimly lit arena, with just a wrestling ring sat in the middle of it. Footsteps can be heard in the distance approaching the ring. The footsteps continue to get louder and louder as they person behind them get closer. As the person gets closer and the light begins to illuminate the figure is revealed to be Cesar Pineda. Cesar is dressed in a black and white custom Cesar Pineda, Under Ground Kings Varsity Jacket, a white and black Form Athletics T-Shirt, black jeans and black and white supra shoes. Cesar enters the ring and leans on the ropes looking around the empty arena before beginning.

    Cesar- Looking back on everything that I did this year, I gotta admit that I was on. I had my first child, I won the Takedown Challenge Championship twice becoming the final Challenge Champion in the companies existence. I won the CAW Ultraviolent Championship and then managed to take out one of my biggest rivals/enemies Derek Levy in a match that I'm undefeated in. I did a lot in this one year but I still decided to walk away from it all. I choose to focus on my personal life and focus on my brothers career as a MMA fighter. I was on but still walked away from the wrestling world because I thought that I could and come back and be on the top.

    I thought wrong though, because when I was ready to come back to my home company, Takedown Wrestling I was told that the company would be shutting down and I could participate in the farewell show. I declined that ish because to me that was just a way to make all of us who put so much in Takedown, happy. After Takedown closed I thought about retiring from professional wrestling altogether but then I remembered CWA. I remembered that they had told me that the door was always open for me to join the company, so I shot them an email and they sent me a contract. I signed the contract knowing that I would have to start at the bottom and work my way back to the top.

    I'm putting the entire CWA roster on notice from now, until I win my first title I'll be looking to make examples out of each and everyone of my opponents. I already had majority of the Takedown roster's name on the back of my "One Gringo At A Time" shirt and I'm thinking that I bring the "One Gringo At A Time" movement to CWA wrestling. I've got a son to take care of and my younger brother to manage as he tries to become a MMA Fighter. For my first opponent here in CWA I say this to you..."Don't be scared homie, because the nightmare will be over for you real soon".

    Cesar turns and exits the ring as the camera fades to black.

    Ashley Adams
    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy King
    Best of Me hits as The Sorority Sisters, lead by the CWA Women’s Champion Ashley Adams, make their way out. On the left side of Adams as always is her protégé, Ashley La Bella, and on the right of her is her bodyguard, Ama-Zon. Behind them is Alexis, who walks with her hanging low, and is the last to get in to the ring as Ama-Zon takes the microphone away from Lindsay Monahan and hands it over to Adams.

    Ashley Adams: Good evening peasants!

    The booing has begun, but as always Adams simply ignores it and turns towards Alexis.

    Ashley Adams: Now Alexis, after disobeying orders last week and getting yourself involved in Ama-Zon’s match, it is only fair that you be punished for your actions. You will have to face Ashley La Bella right here tonight.

    Alexis actually looks somewhat relieved, and La Bella has a smirk on her face.

    Ashley Adams: Can we get a referee out here now?

    After a few moments referee Karl Rooney comes running down to the ring, and he signals for the bell as Adams exits the ring with Ama-Zon by her side.


    La Bella and Alexis begin circling each other, but they are interrupted right away by Adams

    Ashley Adams: How silly of me! There’s one thing that I failed to mention.

    She gets back in to the ring.

    Ashley Adams: Alexis, you will lay down flat on your back now.

    Alexis cannot believe what Adams has just told her to do.

    Ashley Adams: You heard me, get on your back now. Don’t act as if you’ve never done it before, we all know how much of an expert you are at laying flat on your back while someone is on top of you.

    There’s a sound of “Oooohs!” from the crowd and boos can be heard as well. Reluctantly, Alexis does as she is told, and lays down on her back in the middle of the ring.

    Ashley Adams: Now Ashley La Bella, you get down to pin her.

    La Bella happily does as she’s told.

    Ashley Adams: Now referee, make the count.

    Referee Karl Rooney looks confused by all of this, and this frustrates Adams.

    Ashley Adams: You heard me, COUNT!

    He reluctantly does as he’s told.




    Ashley Adams: Your winner, Ashley La Bella!

    La Bella jumps up and down like she just won a championship, and she goes over to hug Adams.

    Ashley Adams: You may get up now Alexis.

    Alexis gets up with a look of embarassment on her face, and she looks right in to the face of Adams who is smirking.

    Ashley Adams: Now, since you’ve been such a good slave tonight, I will grant you a match at Five Star Attraction where you will fight for your freedom.

    The look of embarassment quickly leaves the face of Alexis as she looks happy.

    Ashley Adams: At Five Star Attraction, you will face Ashley La Bella, and Ama-Zon in a handicap match.

    Alexis doesn’t look as happy now as she did a minute ago.

    Ashley Adams: If you are able to defeat both Ashley La Bella and Ama-Zon, you will have your freedom, but if you are unable to defeat them, well then you will be in the same situation that you are in now.

    She throws the microphone down as her music hits, and they all exit the ring to the back.

    Rest in power, Flock U

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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