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Thread: Promos from Adrenaline Rush - November 16th

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    Promos from Adrenaline Rush - November 16th

    Here are all of the promos from this week's show:

    The Brotherhood
    Quote Originally Posted by Griff0rd

    Kenneth Leblanc and Guardian Devil make their way into the arena and a camera is there to meet them as they make their way to their destination.

    Camera man: What are your guys reaction to what happened on the last Adrenaline Rush?

    Leblanc and GD continue to walk as if the question is never asked. The camera man follows along and tries to be persistent with his questioning…

    Camera Man: Does the Brotherhood have nothing to say to the CWA fans after they couldn’t win their belts back last week?

    Leblanc spins and pins the camera man against the wall with his forearm.

    Leblanc: Let me just make this short and sweet for you so you can get to terrorizing whomever else you want to.

    Guardian Devil chimes in in the background.

    GD: Leblanc hates you paparazzi….

    Leblanc: The gangstars are not champions… they got lucky and when they find a challenge in us last week, they have to resort to bending the rules to hold on to the belts. If that match would have been 30 seconds longer, it would have been a done deal.

    GD: He doesn’t like the camera flashers, but he really hates you video-razzi. I’ll let him keep going though… unless he rages.

    Leblanc: We… we’re on our way to find whoever is “in charge”

    GD throws air quotes in the air in sequence with Leblanc.

    Leblanc: And when we do, we are going to get our rematch in a way that they are not going to be able to creep their way out of it. Now, I’m going to let you go…. And I suggest you run…

    GD: I would listen, he looks like your about to rage.

    Leblanc lets the camera man go and he backs away quickly. Leblanc and GD turn and continue to their destination…

    GD: I thought I was going to have to step in there… You looked like you were about to go Bruce Banner on that paparazzi…

    Quote Originally Posted by Austerio
    DuHast” hits as Austerio comes out from the curtain and into thelimelight to the dismay of the CWA fans. Austerio is dressed in blackand red ring gear and mask, sort of resembling himself as acruiserweight Kane in 2011, isn't that nifty? Austerio doesn't payattention to the fans, but stares straight into the ring while thecommentators mention the fact he lost last week to Derek Vendra, afluke of course. Austerio gets into the ring and crouches down in themiddle of it with a microphone in his hand. Austerio is emotionless.

    Austerio:Tonight, I have a match againstMichael DeJesus … but I don't care.

    Smallamount of heat goes up for Austerio.

    Austerio:I don't even need toacknowledge Michael DeJesus to know that Austerio will be making animpact tonight here in Charleston and I'm sorry for you, but's it isnot making this town look better.

    Bigheat for Austerio, it is fairly cheap though.

    Austerio:Tonight, I will be coming homewith a victory, you can mark my words. I won't be losing. I won't beaccepting a loss anymore. I will be making my actions speak louderthan my words.

    Austeriolicks his lips.

    Austerio:I will make people bleed, Iwill make people cry and I will make them leave it all in the ring,to be carried out on a stretcher. I will show no remorse. There willbe no rest for the wicked anymore.


    Austerio:Come Five Star Attraction,Roberto you may just be facing me. You won't like that.

    Austeriothrows down his microphone and it rolls to the outside of the ringwith a rather loud errie noise. Austerio continues to sit crouched,but he angles himself so he can see his opponent coming from thecurtain.

    Chubby Carlos
    Quote Originally Posted by A originalname
    "Tonight, we finish this”
    Chubby Carlos Vs Redick II
    Adrenaline Rush 50th Episode special
    July 13th 2011
    2011 Ruler of the Ring Grand Final

    “We’re All Dudes” by Less Than Jake roars as the crowd comes unglued, cheering for one of their favourite wrestlers as he makes his way down the ramp. His usual, happy-go-lucky attitude is still on his face, but there’s definitely a focused look in the eyes of Chubby Carlos. Nonetheless, Surge remains fixated on his opponent as Carlos slaps hands with a dozen or so of his fans before reaching the ring…

    …but before he can make it in, he’s blindsided by Redick, who nails him in the back with a steel chair! Carlos winces in pain as the masked man slams the chair on Carlos’s right arm, sandwiching it between the chair and the edge of the ring. Surge looks a bit perplexed, but does nothing to stop it as Redick gets in two more of those wicked shots. Carlos is clearly in excruciating pain as Redick calmly takes his chair, walks around the ring to the commentary desk, and has a seat next to it, not bothering to put on a headset.

    Harvey Buckworth: What was that about?! Redick just came down here and attacked Chubby Carlos for no reason!

    Tim Coleman: Carlos obviously did something to set Redick off. He’s not the type to just attack for no reason.

    Harvey Buckworth: That’s hardly an excuse! Especially right before the biggest match of Chubby Carlos’s career!
    The crowd boos the fact that Surge wasn’t beaten for a three count, and you can see the look of frustration on the face of Chubby Carlos as he gets up and tries again to regain feeling in his arm. Surge is also back to his feet, clutching his chest as he nails Carlos with a forearm shot. Carlos retaliates with a left-arm chop of his own. Surge fires back with a forearm, then Carlos hits a chop…back and forth they trade forearms until Carlos’ right shoulder starts to ache again, giving Surge the chance to lay in rapid-fire forearms. Surge runs the ropes, looking for the Kill dozer…but Chubby instead stops Surge and plants him with the Big Mac! However, the impact again affects the arm and shoulder of Carlos, leaving him unable to pin Surge for anything more than a one-count. Carlos looks to the corner and, bad arm and all, gets to his feet and ascends to the top, looking for his signature Patty Melt…

    …but out of the corner of his eye, Carlos sees Redick standing up from his seat, staring a hole from the heavyweight highflyer. Carlos looks at his pre-match attacker with evident anger in his face…but his eyes are not on Surge, who rams his body into the ropes and causes Carlos to lose his footing as he gets crotched on the top turnbuckle! Surge takes the opportunity to use the corner to his advantage and drape Carlos on his shoulders with an Argentina backbreaker rack…

    Tim Coleman: No way…he can’t do this! Carlos is 400 pounds! This is INSANE!!!

    Surge, not having to exert energy in picking up Carlos from the mat, has the power to dump him unceremoniously on his head with the Murder Bay Plunge, much to the shock of the crowd! The Surge fanatics in the audience are chanting “King Surge!” at the top of their lungs as Surge, understandably exhausted, does his money-fingers taunt and, instead of going for the pin, locks in Magno-Flex IV, the cross arm bar on Carlos’s injured right arm. Carlos fights and struggles with all he can, and for a good long while resists the urge to tap. However, the damage caused by Redick before the opening bell and the subsequent damage done by Surge becomes too much, and despite the crowd chanting “Please Don’t Tap!” loudly, Chubby Carlos has no choice but to submit, giving the match and the crown to Surge.

    Lindsay Monahan: Here is your winner…at twenty-seven minutes, fourteen seconds…and 2011 Ruler of the Ring, SUUUUUUUUURGE!

    Harvey Buckworth: And we have a new Ruler of the Ring…High Voltage’s Surge. But you have to think the match might’ve ended differently if Redick didn’t assault Chubby Carlos before the bell.
    CWA Redemption
    August 24th
    Grudge Match

    Redick smacks Carlos across the skull with the chair, Redick beats down Carlos with the chair as ruthlessly as one we have ever seen. Redick raises the chair up to his face before turning it around and showing the camera the blood that is smeared across it. The camera quickly pans down to Chubby Carlos who we find is the source of the blood. Redick puts the chair over his shoulder before leaving with it, seemingly as a souviner of his trip to New Zealand. The CWA Medics meanwhile quickly make their way down to check on Chubby Carlos.
    Adrenaline Rush
    September 7st

    Chubby Carlos:You want to make this personal Redick? You wanna go to war? Well I’m game. Drake I want to make one thing perfectly clear and look me in the eyes when I telling you this. If I….

    Chubby pauses to look around the hospital room with a look of frustration on his face before looking back over to the camera with a look of anger on his face that we’ve never seen before

    Chubby Carlos: When I come back I’m coming for right for you This Ruthless Crusade of yours? It stop now! DO YOU HEAR ME YOU SON OF A BITCH! I’m coming to end you and I won’t stop until YOU ARE HISTORY!

    11 November
    House Show
    Another Warzone is just around the corner and you better believe the fine folks of Chareston were pumped! In fact so excited that not only were the tickets for the actually show has been sold out for weeks but also a house show CWA put together sold out in record breaking time! “How did the house show sell out so quickly” I hear you ask? I’m glad you asked! (Well to be honest I was kind of hoping you would because if you didn’t them this promo would stop right here) Anyway The reason why this show was sold out so fast beside of course the normal exciting fast paced matches that fans are so used to but also fans were intrigued by the advertisement for the show which promised : “The return of Chubby Commentary with a very special guest” fans that were previously indecisive about attending the event were quickly swayed by this promise of a very special guest and at the actually event anticipation for the show was at fever pitch until finally they see the ring being set-up for the segment, The mat has been completely covered with an impressive looking carpet, while a director chair with the words Chubby Carlos stitches on the back lies in the centre of the ring. , a Suddenly “Were All Dudes” hits the speakers and the crowds starts to go insane as Chubby Carlos starts to walk down the ramp high fiving fans on his way to the ring. He sides into the ring and walks to the corner and climb to the top turnbuckle and takes in the crowds love before reaching for a conveniently placed mic on the chair and raised it to his lips

    Chubby Carlos: WHAT'S UP, CHARLESTION! ARE YOU DUDES READY TO WITNESS THE GREATEST TALKSHOW IN HUMAN HISTORY ... RIGHT HERE,RIGHT NOW?! (There is a thunderous ovation from the crowd, and Chubby Carlos vigorously nods his head in agreement) That’s what I like to hear! Now I’ve got a lot of ground I what to get covered tonight but first off I want to welcome each and every one to Chubby Commentary! Not to be confused with that other talkshow “The Majestic” On that OTHER wrestling show High Velocity or whatever it’s called. No unlike that show this show is the ONLY shows that can contain the incredible charisma of yours truly in one place! You know after last week’s Adrenaline rush to be honest dudes My thoughts right now are scattered. Scattered all over the place. After the event I was happy, sad, annoyed, angry, frustrated, hopeful and a gazillion other emotion. On the one hand we might just might see Roberto give up his Title match at FSA to take on the Ultimate Pain one more time. BUT WAIT JUST ONE COTTON PICKING SECORD THERE! Now I was never any great shakes at maths but if my calculations are correct if Roberto goes toe to toe with old Ulti at FSA that leaves a vacant spot in the world title match! Now where can we find someone to fill that spot? Where oh where I wonder…I guess seeing as there would be no number one contender management could give Rolando Fuentes the night off OR maybe and keep in mind I’m just spitballing here but what if we were to give the title shot to oh I don’t know… the second to last dude left standing in the ring at Meltdown. Yeah that seems to fairest thing to do from my impartial and completely objective view point of view…Ok I WAS the second to last dude left standing in the ring but its stills a genus idea. I mean think about it this way instead of having just one completely, spectacular, amazing, extravaganza of a main event, we now have TWO completely, spectacular, amazing extravaganza main events in One PPV. Everyone wins! I get my much deserved title match two legends gets to lock horns once again, you fans get to see two dreams matches plus the buy rights would go through the roof! Dude I would be the best booker ever… But I’m getting off track nobody came out tonight to hear my thinly veiled attempts at getting a title match let’s get down to some serious business. In just a few days’ time I finally FINALLY! Get my hands on Drake Ridick this week and this time there won’t be any controversy, there wouldn’t be any pre match or post match steel chair attacks and most importantly there won’t be any place to run or anyplace to hide this time for Redick from me giving him a one way ticket right slapbang to the heart of Fat City USA! You know being out of commission gave me a lot of time to think deep, deep philosophical thoughts like always because as you all know I’m a pretty deep guy, and the one question that kept coming back was a simply one: Why? Why did Redick attack me like he did? What have I ever done to Drake Redick? Then I suddenly realised that he has NEVER given a reason as to why he tried to end my career! I mean seriously what did I do? Was he just bored or something? Did I insult him in any way shape or form? Does he think I’m trying to seal his magic bag? All these questions were bouncing around my head and I decided that I was tired of unanswered questions I’ve got enough of them from watching Lost. It’s time for all these questions to be answered right now!
    Ladies and Gentelman please join me in welcoming my guest at this time the man known as Redick!

    The crowd give a massive mixed response, as Rage Against The Machine’s Bullet in your head starts to play the arena sound system, and the titentron comes to life revealing. A lone person who at first glance looks like Drake Redick. However we can clearly see that not only is the mask clearly isn’t on straight and we can see a price tag attached to it, But we can also see the man has different skin tone. It was definitely not Redick.

    Chubby Carlos: Redick… Ladies and Gentelman! So let’s get straight into it dude First question: Why the hell do you hate me so much?

    “Redick”: Wow what a great question! You always ask such amazing questions! You should totally take over from David Letterman.

    Chubby Carlos: I know right I’m awesome at this interviewing gig! But back on track why did you attack me?

    “Redick” Truth is man I’m insanely jealous of you. Your everything I’m not, I mean who wouldn’t be jealous of your insanely awesome skill set?

    Chubby Carlos: Yes Yes, we all know I am a god among mere mortals …

    “Redick”: No it’s not just that. I mean how do you stand being so awesome at everything you do?

    Chubby Carlos: It’s isn’t an easy job but when you’re as great as I am you pretty much…

    “Redick”: I love you.

    Chubby Carlos: …What?

    “Redick”: I love you Chubby Carlos

    Chubby Carlos: Ummm…I’m just going to pretend you never said that…OK! Next question: How do you feel about-

    “Redick”: I want you.

    Chubby Carlos: WHOA! Ok this segment has gotten REALLY weird really fast.

    “Redick”: You the most sexiest man alive Chubby. I want you to hold me in your strong arms and…

    Chubby Carlos: Dude seriously you’re going WAY off script.

    “Redick”: I need love-squeezins!

    Chubby Carlos: Thank you for joining us tonight “Redick” I’ll see you at Adrenaline Rush

    “Redick” But I-

    The picture on the titentron suddenly cuts out as Chubby looks seriously creeped out at what just happened.

    Chubby Carlos: Ummm… Hey here’s a fun game, Let’s pretend that never happened! I think I need to go take a shower I feel dirty…But before I go I need to say just one more thing to Redick the REAL Redick. Redick I just want you to know I’m ready for you. I’m ready to take everything you can dish out. You put me through hell the last two months and I’m determined to give it right back to you. How does it feel Drake? How does it feel knowing that nothing you can do can put me down. Sure you can try attacking me with a steel chair again or can hit me with the Brutal lariat 50 million times but it won’t make a different because I’ll NEVER GIVE UP, AND I’ll NEVER GIVE IN! BECAUSE IF THERE'S A WILL, THERE'S A WAY. YOU BROUGHT ME TO MY KNEES DRAKE, BUT YOU SHOULD HAVE FINISH ME OFF WHEN YOU GOT THE CHANCE, BECAUSE NOW? YOU IN FOR THE BEATTING OF YOUR LIFE! You brought all this all on yourself Redick, You wanted a challenge? Well now you got one!

    And with that Chubby leaves the ring to thunderous applause. The last image we see is Chubby making sure to highfive all his fans before disappearing behind the curtain

    Rest in power, Flock U

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Promos from Adrenaline Rush - November 16th

    Dexter Darwin Douglas
    Quote Originally Posted by QuackenColony

    The Spitfire vs. the Lovestruck Hero

    Dexter was snoring very lightly on his couch. His chest lifted and rested with each breath. He had fallen asleep watching b-grade horror movies the night before, something he had done many times in the past. The only difference this time is that a pretty girl's head was resting in his lap. Katherine, or Katt as she said herself, had stayed over, curious as to what her new boyfriend's hobbies were. She wasn't surprised to see his had quite the collection of video games, movies, and music. A big surprise was his bookshelf filled with many different genres of literature. Ranging from comic books to classics such as '1984'.

    Katt woke up to the sound of the vhs copy of 'Phantasm III' rewinding itself. She let out a yawn as she stretched out, lightly tapping Dexter in the face. He snorted a bit, but stayed asleep. She smiled as she poked him more, trying to wake him up. Letting out a grunt, he finally opened his eyes.

    Dexter: Uhhhhh...what time is it?

    Katt: Looks like it is about noon...I thought maybe we could eat breakfast before I go to work.

    Dexter: Sounds good to me...what are we getting?

    Katt: Hmmm, I want breakfast tacos.

    Dexter nodded as he stood up, his jeans almost falling off as his restless legs loosen them during his slumber. It didn't take them long to get ready and they were off to the restaurant rather quickly. Their meal was tasty, but also probably terrible for their health. Dexter sighed as he realized he would have to be at the gym longer. They talked a bit about life before Katt brought up a certain topic.

    Katt: So...who do you have to fight this week?

    Dexter: Harry Jones. From what I've seen the guy knows what he is doing. I guess they have some good schools down there in Australia.

    Katt: I saw him last week...he really likes to swear. Do you think that maybe he has got some anger issues?

    Dexter: We're professional wrestlers, I think we all have some anger issues of our own to deal with. I mean, did you see what I did to Austin McCoy a while back? I don't think I've ever been that crazed.

    Katt looked away a bit, knowing exactly what he was talking about. She had been a fan of pro wrestling for a long time and she had seen several matches that featured the athletes getting cut open, bloodshed being a normal thing in the business. The fury Dexter showed that night put fear into her...making her nervous to approach him that fateful day in the supermarket.

    Katt: I know you will do fine. You're the best wrestler I know.

    She smiled and leaned in, kissing his cheek. He blushed as he stood up, the time passing by too quickly. Katt's work was already texting to make sure she was coming in, even though she still had about a half hour to clock in. Dexter was sad to see their time today was over, but his schedule of working out and traveling for CWA was calling. He drove her home and kissed her before they separated. It was easy to see Dexter had become quite infatuated with his new love, but he had to focus, and he knew it.


    The crowd in Charleston, West Virginia is in a hushed state before the sounds of 'Howling' come through the speakers. The Japanese lyrics fill the arena as the crowd is already looking at the entrance, waiting for Dexter Darwin Douglas to appear. As he steps up and salutes the crowd, the fans start to cheer wildly. Dexter makes his way down, stopping at points around the ring to shake hands and slap high fives. Even posing for a picture for a lucky front row fan. Dexter teases going into the ring, hand on the bottom rope before he lets go and gives another set of fans some love. Finally leaping into the ring, he jumps into the corner and lifts an arm up, causing the crowd to cheer louder. A visit to each corner post is done before his entrance theme finally dies down. Dexter is handed a microphone, but stalls to speak as the crowd starts to chant 'Dexter! Dexter! Dexter!" He nods, appreciated the love he is getting before the crowd calms down, letting him speak.

    Dexter: I'm so happy to see that I'm so welcome here in Charleston. Now a lot of you are probably surprised from me getting in here and speaking. I'm sure you are all used to me getting in here and entertaining you all while I defeat opponents, win matches, and show the entire locker room just how awesome I am!

    The crowd cheers again, hearing Dexter's catchphrase. He walks around the ring, taking in the bright lights of fame as the fans keep showing how much they have grown to love the hero that has been developing the past few months.

    Dexter: Now I don't want to take up a lot of time here, because I do have a match tonight. A very important match that will allow me to enter the Finals of the X-Fly Tournament. You see, tonight, I face a man by the name of Harry Jones.

    Most of the crowd boos hearing the Aussie's name, but there are a select few who start to chant his name. Dexter nods as he walks to the side of the ring where the Jones supporters are. He looks down as they give him a thumbs down.

    Dexter: I see that you guys are a bit unconvinced about me, and there is probably nothing I can that will make you cheer for me tonight when I face Harry. Honestly, I have no problems with that. You see, I respect him for the wrestling skills he has. I'm not the type of person to get in front of this camera and just lie to it. Everyone I've faced here with very few exceptions has been a great challenge, and Jones will also be one, if not the most difficult.

    The crowd is unsure whether to cheer or not. They watch as Dexter gets close to the camera, the image of his face on the large screen getting bigger. He motioned for the camera man to move closer, signaling for a somewhat intimate moment between the device and him.

    Dexter: The one problem I have with Jones is that it seems like he has to come out here, week after week, and not only insult the people you have to battle here in the ring, but those around the ring as well. These fans are here to be entertained, they spend their paychecks in order to watch us wrestlers battle it out in a never ending conflict to find who is the best.

    The crowd cheers a bit as Dexter smiles, seeing the unanimous agreement from everyone. The camera pans around the crowd, showing off the many, many shirts featuring CWA stars, giving proof to Dexter's claim.

    Dexter: The last time I saw Harry in this ring, he felt it was necessary to come out here and put the blame on the fans for losing the Rumble. He even threw in a few non tv friendly words into his rant. Now I also lost the Rumble, but I only have one person to blame: Myself. I wasn't watching, and Warren Peace took advantage. When I watched Harry talk into the mic about the fans and Mr. Enigma, I saw many things in him. Confidence, pride, and most of all...fear.

    The crowd is silent again as they seem a bit confused. Some are texting on the phones, others are paying full attention to Dexter's latest comment. A few fans are pointing their cameras at the man they had come to known as somewhat of a comedian, now taking a more serious stance.

    Dexter: Let me explain. Harry Jones is a man who has spent his whole life making sure that people know who he is, and that above all, he is a winner. He comes into this ring, and gets business done. When he gets on this mic and talk about how easy he will win, I see right through his ego and see a man who is scared. Scared of being pinned, submitted, and losing his chance to battle for the X-Fly Title we all want so badly. Harry, I won't stand here and say I'm gonna plow through you in a quick second, but I will let you know...after our match is over, and after I get my victory against either Warren Peace or Derek Vendra, whoever it may be, I will be in this ring, holding the X-Fly Title above my head, while these loving fans cheer me on.

    Dexter drops the mic and climbs the turnbuckle again as the fans start to chant his name again. 'Howling' begins again as the camera cuts away.

    Harry Jones
    Quote Originally Posted by Harry Jones
    Chronicles of an Anti-Hero

    EPISODE #1

    "What is in a rating? By definition a rating is the evaluation or assessment of something, in terms of quality, as with a critic rating a novel. Evaluation of quantity, as with an athlete being rated by his or her statistics, or some combination of both. See being rated means that you are looked over with a fine tooth comb. Reviewing who you are as a person, or what you do for a living. We all are rated in one way or another. Whether it be by looks, work ethic, or by your skills. We all are being rated. Some claim they are G rated, others claim PG, some claim TV-14. Yet none of these ratings accurately fit the program or person that they are rating. Sex, language, violence, realistic violence, adult themes, adult situations, and nudity are some of the names associated with being rated R. Yet as the times progress this list keeps getting smaller and smaller. As our society goes straight to hell, we become immune to these scenarios. They don't seem too bad, anymore. They are no longer shocking. Our depravity is what makes us normal. What we tolerate is making this once great nation crumble beneath our feet. Nothing is shocking anymore."


    September 1st, 1982. 11:43am, Melbourne, Victoria ~!!!
    Jason Williamson: "Doctor ... Doctor Cobo!"

    Dr. Cobo: "What do you want, Jason?"

    Jason Williamson: "He is complete."

    A smile would disperse on the face of Dr. Cobo.

    Dr. Cobo: "You mean to tell me that the Android is ready to be released? My oh my, what a
    happy man I am! After all these years of research; he is complete! The greatest professional wrestler will be upon us all in mere minutes! After collecting DNA samples from Surge, Cyrus Black, Twista XL, Warren Peace, John Heroman, Dan Maskell, Cameron Worley and millions of Earthlings, we have finally garnered enough bio energy to release my greatest creation! Jason ... It is time!"


    November 16, 2011. Charleston, WV ~!!!

    >> 29 Minutes Until Adrenaline Rush Goes on the Air <<
    Scanning over the completely electrified and incredibly excited Adrenaline Rush Audience, it is obvious from their screams of joy, animated and energized behavior, and the general thrilling atmosphere, that the fans are incredibly excited for the upcoming show. Chants in support of the audience’favoritete superstars break out, as each side battles for audible dominance, attempting to outshine and outclass each other so that theoretically their superstar may reign ultimately supreme. However this joyous scene is short lived, as abruptly the lights begin to flicker and then dim, and as always when something unexpected and surreal happens, a gradual hush falls over the members of the CWA Audience as they stare anxiously towards the Titantron realizingng that it will presumably flicker into life at any moment for something which demands their utmost attention. Promptly the screen sputters into life, displaying an unsettling image of constant static with the deafening sounds of white noise, to which the audience react with complete and utter disdain and revulsion, before unexpectedly cutting to absolute silence. The audience, almost unaware of what they have just experienced, stare blankly at one another in a state of total confusion, with many of them being completely unable to comprehend and react to the simply bizarre experience which they have all just been subjected to and it becomes all too clear that this confusion, this chaos, this vile and extreme attack to the senses which has literally shaken the audience out of their previous state and changed each of their attitudes and perspectives, was the opening video’s main prerogative, something which could only have been concocted within the twisted, surreal mind of the man called Harry Jones.

    In another absolutely surreal and incredibly poignant manoeuvre, the video proceeds to open with a piercing, blinding white light, effortlessly refracting and spreading throughout the arena, creating a fantastical, dreamlike shade of white which illuminates the darkened arena and shocks the audience once more, a deplorable tactic intended to overwhelm the audience’s senses to literally shock and terrify each member of the Adrenaline Rush Audience into silence, while simultaneously enticing them and drawing members in, like a Star Gate into a realm of ultimate knowledge, so that whatever messages and philosophies are presented within the video may easily resonate and be as poignant and effective as possible. However, the crowd are taken aback when 'From Heads Unworthy' blares out of the titantron. Harry Jones emerges from the backstage area with a microphone in hand, prepared to share his larikan-like views on the wrestling industry with the CWA Universe. Jones ascends to the top rope as his music cuts out. The fans in the arena tonight are somewhat against one Harry Jones, whom has excelled in the CWA Singles Division, keeping his undefeated streak in tact after defeating three unworthy adversaries. The crowd quiet down as Jones lightly licks his lips. As the crowd begin to chant "You suck" in unison, Jones raises an eye-brow and quietly chuckles under his breath.

    Harry Jones: "Well thank you all for that warm, heartfelt welcome; it almost brought a tear to my eye, it really did. And for those of you out here tonight who lack the intelligence and mental capacity to realize just how sarcastic that last comment was, allow me to enlighten you all. Because there was nothing warm or heartfelt about that, quite obviously; what it was, however, was ignorant. Moronic, even ... but I'm not surprised. Not at all, in fact. I mean, what more could I possibly have expected from any of you half-wits out here in ... where are we again? Actually, you know what? It doesn't even matter, just like none of you ungrateful morons matter; the only ... thing that matters right now is the fact that in mere moments I am going to advance to the final of the X-Fly Championship tournament by defeating Dexter Darwin Douglas, and CONTINUING my winning streak."

    Crowd: "You suck! You suck! You suck!"

    Harry Jones: "Ha. Haha. Hahahaha. Ha. I suck ... Yeah, I suck. That is so DAMN hypocritical! After EVERYTHING I have done for you and all I have given to entertain you, while you stuffed your faces with nachos and popcorn. I sacrificed myself while you sat back, finding some kind of sick, twisted solace in the fact that you had someone like ME to do the things YOU couldn't, risking my body, my health, my life to put a little thrill into yours. But ... but you know what? You don't matter. Not anymore; not ever again. Your opinions mean NOTHING to me, or to you ... the only thing you need to concern yourself with is that practical joke of a professional athlete, Dexter Darwin Douglas! Y'see, after tonight - "

    Dr. Cobo: "Harry, please, stop!"

    Harry quizzically raises an eye-brow at the strange looking old man on the entrance ramp.

    Harry Jones: "Who the hell are you?"

    Dr. Cobo: "Please, Harry ... We need to speak right this minute!"

    Harry Jones: "Well first of all, who are you?"

    Dr. Cobo: "No time! Follow me!"

    Harry Jones: "Oh, sure..."

    Harry drops the microphone and cautiously retreats up the entrance ramp with the old man as the video fades out to another transition screen.


    November 16, 2011. 3:21pm, Dr. Cobo's Lab ~!!!

    >> 13 Minutes Until Adrenaline Rush Goes on the Air <<

    Harry Jones: "Wait, so all this time you have had laboratoryry hidden under the arena in

    Dr. Cobo: "That is correct."

    Harry Jones: "Oh, cool ... So why am I here?"

    Dr. Cobo: "Yes, Harry, why are you here?"

    Harry Jones: "I don't know, I was ask - "

    Dr. Cobo: "Afterall, this place should seem familiar, seeing as you were BORN here!"

    Harry Jones: "What, no! I was born in PrincesMargarettete Hospital back in Perth!"

    Dr. Cobo: "Oh sure, that is what they told you after you killed Jason Williamson and escaped
    from thlaboratoryry!"

    Shockingly, Harry suddenly has a perplexing flashback to the year 1982. He is a small, fragile baby being held in the arms of a balding middle aged man. It appears that Jones is definitely in the same location. Out of nowhere, the baby version of Harry Jones executes a Diamond Cutter onto Dr. Cobo. The shock and severity of the maneuver sends Jason sprawling backwards into a heap. Jason falls into a pool of acid as the flashback comes to a horrifying end.

    Harry Jones: "What ... What am I?"

    Dr. Cobo: "You are an Android."

    Harry Jones: "A what?"

    Dr. Cobo: "You are bio-mechanicalal being whom was created for one soul reason; to become
    the best professional wrestler in the world."

    Harry Jones: "But, that makes no sense!"

    Dr. Cobo: "I am your Father, Jones!"

    Harry Jones: "What! No! NO!"

    Dr. Cobo: "Yes, and I assume that you are curious as to how you have established your
    unprecedented skills and abilities. Well, the answer is simple. My good friend Jason Williamson collected Bio Energy from human beings."

    Harry Jones: "How did you - "

    Dr. Cobo: "It was simple really. Jason and myself killed a few hundred-thousand innocent people and stole their DNA. Thfascinatingng part is, our advanced technology was so advanced that we could actually pin-point the future superstars such as Surge, Warren Peace, Cyrus Black and etcetera. We let the wrestlers of today live, because without them then there would be no industry ... and there would be nobody to squash on our way to the top!"

    Harry Jones: "What do you mean, on OUR way to the top?"

    Dr. Cobo: "Well, Harry ... I created you. Surely you'll see the sense of teaming up and taking over the industry together."

    Harry Jones: "Doc, you brought me into this world. You are responsible for my success. But the thing is; if the press caught onto our little secret, then I would be ruined! My followers would consider me to be your puppet. And, well ... I need to make sure that this little secret doesn't slip out to the public."

    Dr. Cobo: "What do you mean?"

    Harry Jones: "I'm sorry, Father..."

    ROUNDHOUSE KICK! Dr. Cobo's head flies off of his neck and crashes into a recycling bin on the opposite end of the room.

    Harry Jones: "So, I've been under the watchful eye of a mad professor for the entire duration of my life. I guess ... today is the day that I finally become my own man ... Today is the day that I create my own legacy! It all starts with you, Dexter Darwin Douglas!"

    [ END PROMO ]

    Warren Peace
    Quote Originally Posted by Co Host 3000
    The scene opens with a shot of the legendary Kami's Lookout. We then see the totally badass PNH Superstar SURGE~!!! coming flying out of the clouds going almost faster than the speed of light. He then lands on the Lookout and heads towards the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Yea, the only place where you get can a years worth of training done in a single day. Surge, being the awesome guy he is, is the only person who knows about this secret location. BUT WAIT ONE FREAKIN' SECOND! Surge senses a presence within the chamber! He quickly teleports over to the door and enters the chamber, only to find... Oh my god. It cant be. Holy ****. ITS WARREN FREAKIN' PEACE!!! YEA, THE MOST AMAZING MAN IN THE WORLD KNOWS ABOUT THE HYPERBOLIC TIME CHAMBER. THAT IS AMAZING. So yea, Warren is just standing there though. In his ring gear. Doing nothing. In a totally awesome way though. Surge then walks up and places his hand on Warren's shoulder.

    Surge: "Uh, Warren?"

    Warren: "Good evening Surge."

    Surge: "What the hell are you doing here? How did you even find out about this place?"

    Warren: "I'm The Most Amazing Man In The World, Surge. I find out about a lot of things. Like how you actually weigh in at 242 pounds."

    Surge: "Oh. But I dont-"

    Warren: "You do."

    Surge: "... I don-"

    Warren: "I know these things. Don't just take my word for it..."

    Warren then pulls a scale from out of his pocket and tosses it over to Surge.

    Surge: "..."

    Surge then curb stomps the **** out of the scale.


    Warren then continues to just stand there. Surge also continues to stand there. They just stand there. Doing nothing.

    Surge: "So... You're not doing anything."

    Warren: "Oh, but I am."

    Surge: "Oh. But you're not..."

    Warren: "I'm training so fast that you cant even see me move. The best you'll get is a glance of a blur that somewhat resembles me. I must be at the top of my game for my match next week."

    Surge: "Oh. Really?"

    Warren: "Nah. Wasting such vigorous training on a scrub like Derek Vendra would be silly. I'm meditating. Training my senses, being aware of my surroundings. I knew you were here the moment you arrived on the Lookout."

    Surge: "Oh. That's... That's..."

    Warren: "Amazing?!"

    Surge: "Oh. No. I was gonna say retarded."

    A beam of light then comes out of nowhere and slaps Surge accross his head, causing him to stumble back a bit.

    Surge: "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!?!?"

    Warren then chuckles.

    Warren: "My hand."

    Surge: "You didnt even move though!"

    Warren: "I told you Surge, I'm Amazing."

    Surge: "Oh..."

    ANOTHER BEAM OF LIGHT~!! This time it decks Warren!! Warren gracefully does a backflip, leaping high in the air, and easily lands on his feet, even though the gravity is 10 times that of Earth.

    Surge: "Yea, you're so amazing, aren't you?"

    Surge laughs in Warren's face.

    Warren: "That's it, Surge! I have been very lenient in regard to your disrespectful behavior, but enough is enough!"

    Warren rips off the cloak he magically has on, and throws off his turban. They land on the ground to his right, making an immense crashing sound Warren's power sky rockets now that he's taken his weights off. Surge does the same, throwing off his boots, pads and cloak, his power skyrocketing up as well.

    Warren: "Ready?"

    Surge: "Toaster."

    And just like that, the Chamber EXPLODES~!! with power!! The battle is so fast that the human eye can barely follow it, let alone see the strikes and techniques being used. They're on the right!! On the left!! In the air!! There's no place to hide once I step inside the room, Dr. Doom, prepare for the boom!! Bam!! Aw, man, I slam, jam, now I scream like Tarzan!! A huge impact rocks the Chamber as Surge and Warren each backflip and land on their feet, landing about 200 meters from each-other, bringing the fight to a stop...for now. But knowing the ability of both, they could easily cover it in one or two seconds.

    Surge: "Now that we've skipped the warm-up, how about we get to the real fight?"

    Warren: "Let's."

    Surge and Warren both get into a horse-stance and start shouting at the top of their lungs. AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! UUUUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHH!! FFFFWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAA!! A red aura begins to glow around Warren, as a golden one begins to glow around Surge. AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! UUUUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHH!! FFFFWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAA!! AN EXPLOSION OF LIGHT!! And finally, through all the light, Warren and Surge can be seen. Warren has his hair standing up, glowing fully red, as Surge's tassels do the same, glowing gold.

    Warren: "So, I seen that you learned how to go Super Surge."

    Surge: "Toaster."

    Warren: "Toaster indeed."

    Warren then reaches into his pocket and pulls out a couple horses. He then jumps on the back of one of them as the other charges at Surge. Surge is about to get run over, but he leaps into the air and lands on the back of the horse as well. The two then start jumping from horse to horse, having the most epic battle that the world will never see. Surge then jumps off the horse once again and attempts to kick Warren in the face, but Warren sticks his hand up and Surge stops dead in his tracks.

    Warren: "MASEEEEEEEEEENNNNKKKKKKKKKKOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    A giant Ki Blast then comes rushing out of the palm of Warren's hand and blasts Surge to the other side of the time chamber! Warren then smirks and watches as Surge flies away, but he then suddenly disapears! Surge then reappears right behind Warren and KICKS HIS ARM APART!!! Seriously, Warren's arm just came clean off. Incredible. These two are major badasses. The only way this fight could be better is if it involved Cyrus Truth.

    Warren: "No, not my arm! Whatever shall I do without my arm?!?!?!?"

    Surge's mask then somehow smirks until Warren starts shaking a bit. Surge backs off, not knowing what Warren will do. Suddenly, ANOTHER ARM POPS OUT FROM HIS BODY. OH MY GOD. Holy ****, Warren can regenerate! Who woulda thought?"

    Surge: "So... You can regenerate..."

    Warren: "Yea, pretty Amazing, right?"

    Surge: "Maybe... But guess what..."

    Warren: "You can do it too?"

    Surge: "I can- Wait, yea, I can. HOW THE HELL DID YOU KNOW?!?!?!?"

    Warren: "I'm Warren Peace."

    Surge: "Good point. But I can regenerate better."

    Surge then takes out a butcher knife and chops off both of his legs. His legless body then falls to the ground and chuckles to himself as a new pair of legs grow back.

    Warren: "Oh really?"

    Warren then places his hand in front of him, with his palm facing his head. He then lets out a large Ki Blast and SHOOTS HIS OWN ****ING HEAD OFF. His lifeless body then falls backwards and just stays there. His head doesnt regenerate, his body just lays there. Lifeless. Dead.

    Surge: "... Warren?"

    Surge then slowly walks over and looks down at Warren's body. He then reaches down to check on him, before another head pops out from Warren's body! HOLY ****ING ****! Warren then starts scream so loud then Surge has to back away while covering his ears. The scream is loud that the Chamber starts to shake. It then starts becoming even louder and powerful that it creates an interdimensional portal leading to another dimension! AN INTERDIMENSIONAL DIMENSION!!! Warren then jumps to his feet and kicks Surge into the hole, and then sews it back up with some thread that he got from his ripped clothing. Warren then sighs, and drops to his knees, obviously getting tired from this intense battle. Just then, ANOTHER HOLE OPENS UP WITHIN THE CHAMBER, AND SURGE COMES FLYING OUT OF IT ON A GOLDEN HORSE MADE OF CRYSTAL!!! Surge then breaks off one of the horses legs and uses it as a sword as he leaps toward Warren. Warren then dodges one of the swipes, but he wasnt fast enough to avoid the second one. Warren stumbles backwards while holding his cut up arm. He attepts to heal the cut with his regeneration powers, but Surge DECKS HIM IN THE FACE!


    EXPLOSIVE BLAST OF RED~!! Surge goes flying back, towards the entrance, and smashes through several pillars that hold it up!! A portion of the structure than falls down, crushing Surge. Warren springs up and moves into a sideways Horse stance. He cups his hands together as a red aura concentrates between them.

    Warren: "Ka-me...ha-me...PPPEEEAAAACCCCEEEE!!!"

    Warren fires the immense wave of red at the pile of rubble covering Surge and it obliterates everything - NO!! It is met with a blue beam from under the rubble. The rubble explodes and Surge springs out, glowing in a blinding golden light. Except it doesn't blind Warren, 'cause he's that amazing. Anyways, both men are even with each-other as the beams barely inch one way or the other due to the immense amount of power being forced into them.

    Warren: "KAIO-PEACE TIMES 10!!"

    Warren's beam suddenly rapids toward Surge, who's beam is losing ground - ASCENDED SUPER SURGE!! Surge's beam rapidly regains traction, almost over-taking Warren's, but the powers even out again.

    Surge: "ULTRA SUPER SURGE!!"

    Surge's beam begins to over-take Warren's now, as Warren struggles, being pushed back. Surge begins to step forward, pushing Warren even further back.

    Warren: "KAIO-PEACE TIMES 20!!"

    Once again, the beams even out, and the two warriors are at a stand-still. They're about to go at it once again, until they hear a familiar voice...

    "The-The Chamber"

    They then both look over and see MR. POPO~!!! standing there with his jaw on the floor. He then picks up his jaw and walks over to them.

    Mr. Popo: "What have you two done?!?!"

    Warren then looks over to Surge, and then back at Popo, AND THEN BACK AT SURGE!

    Warren: "Uh... SURGE DID IT!"

    Warren then pokes Surge in the eyes and places two fingers on his forehead.


    Warren: "INSTANT TRANSMISSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Surge attempts to tackle Warren to the ground, but its too late and Warren swiftly teleports away!

    Surge: "DAMN IT! AND HE CONCELED HIS ENERGY SO I CANT EVEN FIND HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS ALL YOUR FAULT MR. POPO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Mr. Popo then gulps and takes a couple steps back.

    Mr. Popo: "S-Surge, calm down-"



    Surge: "I'll kill you Warren... Someday."

    Surge then lifts off and flies into the air, leaving his wake of destruction behind. Did this epic battle prepare Warren for his fight against Derek Vendra? Well, yea. I doubt Derek can shoot Ki Blasts, or teleport for that matter. Yep, it's only a matter of time until Warren destroys Dexter Darwin Douglas and becomes the NEW X-Fly Champion...

    Rest in power, Flock U

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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