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Thread: Adrenaline Rush - Live from Hartford CT!

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    Adrenaline Rush - Live from Hartford CT!

    Ashtun Bailey vs Jason Valence

    Valance and Bailey are in the middle of the ring as the bell rings, the two immediately trading punches. Back and forth they go as Bailey seems to have more power in his punches, having Valance stumbling backwards and not fighting back after a few punches. Bailey backs Valance into the ropes, irish whipping him off them as Valance counters the irish whip. Bailey bounces off the ropes as he eats a shoulder block from Valance. Valance runs and bounces off the ropes, as he goes for the leg drop on Bailey! Bailey however quickly gets back up as Valance misses the leg drop, eating a boot to the face from Bailey! Valance is down on his back as Bailey quickly covers him for the pin!



    Valance kicks out, that boot almost knocking his teeth out as Bailey picks him back up on his feet. Valance however pushes Bailey backwards, as he goes for a running big boot of his own! Bailey though is able to duck under as Valance kicks the top turnbuckle instead, stumbling backwards right into Bailey who hip tosses him right back into the turnbuckle! He is laying in the chest chops on Valance now, his chest turning beet red as the crowd counts along with Bailey's chops, as he stops at the tenth chop! Valance's head is down, his arms on the top ropes that are protruding from the top turnbuckle as Bailey backs up all the way into the opposite turnbuckle. He starts jogging in his place before running straight at Valance, ramming his shoulder right into Valance's head! Valance though rolls out of the way, Bailey ramming his shoulder into the turnbuckle instead as he goes down, crawling his way out of the corner as Valance stands tall over him who picks him up. Valance picks Bailey up, holding him up with his right arm before going for the....


    Bailey though is able to duck under the clothesline as Valance goes flying past him, stopping himself before he runs into the ropes before turning around, Bailey connecting with a leaping enzuigiri that sends Valance over the top rope and to the floor! He slowly gets back up, Bailey inside the ring but not for long as he goes running towards the ropes, through the middle and top ropes for the....


    Bailey and Valance are both down, that suicide dive taking both men out as the referee has no choice but to start the count!






    Bailey is back up on his feet as he picks Valance up as well before sliding him into the ring. Valance tries to crawl over to the opposite side of the ring, away from Bailey but Bailey is able to grab hold of his leg before pulling him towards himself. Bailey picks Valance up on his feet, kicking him in the stomach before lifting him up in the air for the powerbomb! Valance though jumps off of Bailey's shoulders, over his head and onto the canvas as he turns Bailey around, about to go for the Whiplash! Bailey though elbows Valance three times in the head, making Valance let go of him as Bailey grabs Valance from the side, connecting with a sidewalk slam! Bailey now turns Valance over onto his front side, before locking on the....


    Valance did not see this coming at all, as Bailey has the Rings of Saturn locked on! He is yanking and pulling, Valance trying to reach for the ropes but they are out of his grasp, as he has no choice but to tap out!

    We go backstage now where we find the former CWA Women’s Champion Lyssa sitting in the make up room getting her hair done by the stylist. Lyssa is lying back in her chair and has her eyes closed as the stylist works silently. As such, Lyssa doesn’t notice the arrival of current CWA Women’s Champion Ashley Adams and her second in command, Ashley laBella. Adams gives a nasty look to the stylist who takes the hint and leaves. After a few seconds of nothing, Lyssa opens her eyes to see what the problem is.

    Ashley Adams: Hi!

    Before Lyssa can react Adams smashes her title belt into the face of Lyssa and she goes limp. Ashley Adams smirks as she looks in the mirror while putting the title belt back over her shoulder. Ashley laBella meanwhile drags Lyssa from the chair and pushes her to the floor face down. laBella quickly follows her down and mounts her back and grabs her hair much like she did with Sophie a few weeks ago.

    Ashley laBella: We’re ready Miss Adams.

    Ashley Adams looks away from her reflection and down at the floor beside her before smiling and extending her right foot. Ashley laBella then carefully lowers Lyssa head down to Adams’ foot until her lips make contact with Adams’ boot.

    Ashley Adams: Another pathetic peasant accepting their place in life.

    Ashley laBella rubs Lyssa’s face in Adams’ boot for several seconds before Adams pulls her foot away, snaps her fingers and walks away. laBella quickly jumps back to her feet and hurries after her mentor leaving Lyssa motionless on the floor as we go back to ringside.

    We are in the ring with 'The Masked God of the CWA' Austerio, he has a mic in his hand and is certainly proud that he is the Number One Spot in the Rumble match of CWA. He has a smug smile on his face and the crowd boo him as he taunts them instead of the usual ignorance.

    Austerio: Everybody needs to listen clear to me. Have you not forgotten who I am?

    The crowd yells 'What?' and that makes Austerio twist his head in disgust.

    Austerio: Well since all of you peasants don't remember ... I will tell all of you worthless people!

    Cheap heat is gained here, good job guy.

    Austerio: I am Austerio ... the man who took out a few hundred superstars in his career here in the Clique Wrestling Alliance. Has anybody not forgotten that you haven't seen Shane Lennox spread his love ever since I realized that he was a sin here in this utter wasteland? Has anybody forgotten that I beat Diego Gonzalez ... a man who challenged for the CWA championship? Has anybody forgotten that I rid the CWA of a man who believed he was able to be around a royal authority like me? Has anybody forgotten that Moses will never show his face again because of ... me?

    Another 'What' but this time Austerio doesn't care.

    Austerio: Has anybody forgotten that I won the main event last week to qualify for the Rumble and enter Number One? Whether you guys heard it or not ... I told myself that I was going to win the main event and it wasn't going to matter what number I drew as the match could go out the whole window whenever I stepped out from behind that curtain as I was gonna clean house!

    The crowd keep saying 'What' for some reason.

    Austerio: Mark my words ... I will win that Rumble and then go on to win the CWA championship to whoever may hold the belt ... and that ... that's not arrogance ... that's a promise.

    Austerio drops the mic and inhales deeply the words 'Promise' before crouching down in a corner, ready to take on Dan Maskell in the main event. He smiles as he waits for him to come out.

    Grudge Match
    Dan Maskell vs Austerio

    “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived” begins to play as Dan Maskell walks out to a chorus of boos from this crowd. Dan does not care about the crowd as he has a look of determination on his face. Looking to avenge his loss on the last Adrenaline Rush.

    As Maskell gets in the ring the referee has to keep him at bay until the bell is rung, and this match is underway. These two men go at right away lefts and rights to each other’s head, it gets to the point where the referee has to break them up.

    After the referee has calmed both men down he signals for the match to continue, and once again Maskell is quick on the attack, and takes Austerio down in a tackle. He locks in a sleeper hold on Austerio in the early goings of this match. He has it locked in tight, but Austerio is able to fight out of it by elbowing Maskell in the stomach until he lets go, and Austerio runs off the ropes right into Maskell with a cross body splash and lands in the pinning position.




    Maskell is able to get his shoulder up, and Austerio wastes no time by delivering some mounted punches on Maskell while he’s still down on the mat. Austerio finally stops when he gets tired of the referee’s pleading. It looks as though Maskell has a busted lip from those shots, and Austerio sees this and looks pleased with his handy work. He then picks Maskell up, and takes him right back down with a suplex, before picking him back up again and just nailing him with a nasty DDT. He then goes for the pin again.




    Austerio argues with the referee claiming that it was three, but Maskell was able to get his shoulder up again showing that he will not go down easy. While Austerio argues with the referee, Maskell catches his bearing, and grabs an unsuspecting Austerio from behind and hits him with a reverse suplex that he calls Good Night Sweet Prince, he then goes for the pin.



    Austerio just barely kicks out, and Maskell wastes no time going for the attack again as it’s his turn this time to deliver some mounted punches to Austerio. Much like his opponent he stops when he grows tired of the referee’s pleads. Austerio also has a bloody lip now, and Maskell seems satisfied with returning the favor to Austerio. He picks Austerio up, and whips him into the corner. He comes running at him full speed, but Austerio is able to move just in the nick of time, which causes Maskell to crash and burn into the turnbuckle. Austerio takes advantage of this by grabbing Maskell by the back of his and slamming into the turnbuckle. He finally stops and sets him up on top of the turnbuckle. It looks like he’s going for his finisher the Death Sentence, but instead he backs up and then quickly runs towards Maskell, jumps up and hit a picture perfect top rope hurricanrana. Maskell goes flying down to the mat, and Austerio quickly goes for the pin.




    Maskell somehow kicks out, and Austerio cannot believe it. He slams his fists on the mat, and curses himself for not finishing off his opponent. He picks Maskell up, and whips him into the corner. He sits him atop the turnbuckle again, and this time he signals for the Death Sentence. As he’s climbing Maskell is able to fight him off with punches, and eventually pushes Austerio off of him which sends him crashing down to the mat. He then hits his move It’s Showtime on Austerio, but he wants to inflict more punishment to his opponent, and locks in his new submission move he calls Orange Wednesday. Austerio tries to fight out of it, but he realizes he has no other choice but to tap out.

    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner by submission, The Heretic Dan Maskell!

    Maskell lets go of the hold and raises his arms in the air in victory. He looks down at Austerio, and just spits on him. He then leaves the ring, and while walking up the ramp he wipes the blood away from his lip.

    Backstage we go and we find Elke in a hallway in conversation with Alexa. The two seem to be getting on unusually well until Ashley laBella pops up in the middle of them. Neither Elke or Alexa seem pleased with her arrival and cut their conversation short. Alexa walks past laBella and down the corridor and out of sight. Elke meanwhile stares a hole through laBella who simply grins back like they are best friends. Elke seems to decide that laBella isn’t worth her effort and turns to walk away but is met by Ashley Adams. Elke squares up to the champion but is then clubbed from behind by laBella. Adams kicks Elke in the ribs before laBella grabs her arms and chicken wings them. Adams takes aim with her title belt but Alexa is on hand to save the day. Alexa charges into laBella to free Elke before going for Adams. Alexa runs full force at Adams and gets up close and personal with the title she used to hold. Elke and laBella trade shots as they move away from Adams and towards the entrance ramp. Adams looks at Elke and laBella before looking down at Alexa and smiling.

    Ashley Adams: It would be a waste not to.

    Ashley Adams then shows us a variation of her humiliation tactic where instead of having Ashley laBella force her victim into her foot, Adams rubs the sole of her boot in the face of Alexa being sure to cover the mouth several times and even making kissing noises as she does so. Ashley chuckles to herself for a moment before remembering that Elke and Ashley laBella are still fighting somewhere. Adams then takes off on a run towards the entrance ramp and catches up with her protégé as she is getting strangled with a television cable by Elke. Adams smashes her title belt in to the back of Elke to break her grip. LaBella coughs on the ground but Adams doesn’t care about her condition as she grabs her by the hair and drags her back to her feet before they both go after Elke again. Elke tries to fight both ladies off but fails and tries to put some distance between them instead. Elke heads out on to the entrance ramp and towards the ring, closely followed by Ashley Adams and a still coughing Ashley laBella.

    Elke slides in to the ring hoping for a break but gets no such luck as Adams and laBella are again right on top of her and show no signs of letting up. After a few seconds of double teaming, Ashley Adams takes a step back and lets laBella do the dirty work for her. Elke tries to fight back on several occasions but each time Adams gets involved to ensure it doesn’t happen. After several minutes, Ashley laBella pays tribute to her mentor and hit’s the Sweet Dreams on Elke in the middle of the ring. LaBella, with a huge smile on her face, looks to Adams for approval but instead gets an order to get in position. LaBella doesn’t argue and quickly mounts the back of Elke and holds her head in place as Ashley Adams extends her left foot this time and orders laBella to make Elke kiss her foot. LaBella rubs Elke’s face into Adams foot for several seconds before giving her mentor a heads up.

    Adams turns and looks where laBella is pointing to see her opponent at Meltdown, Alexis, making her way to the ring. Ashley Adams invites Alexis in to the ring to “join the fun” but when Alexis enters the ring, Adams bails out the far side and lets laBella deal with her. Ashley laBella holds her own in the beginning but soon tires and bails out before any damage can be done. Alexis challenges laBella to come back in to the ring but she refuses as Ashley Adams comes back in to view and they both leave the ringside area with the CWA Women’s championship over Adams’ shoulder.

    Harvey Buckworth: Ladies and gentlemen, at the next PPV Meltdown it will be Daren Storm vs Christopher Jackson. Storm has put Jackson through hell, and he's all that has happened leading up to this match.

    Jackson tries to drag Storm back for a third sharpshooter but Storm is refusing to let go of the bottom rope and instead pulls himself out of the ring and to the floor where he quickly grabs hold on his lower back. Jackson doesn’t wait around as he soon follows Storm out and comes up from behind before pushing him into the ring post face first. Storm spins around in mid air and lands with a thud on the outside. Jackson climbs back in to the ring and sits himself atop the top turnbuckle and waits for his opponent to recover. Storm isn’t moving much and was in danger of being counted out when Karl Rooney stopped counting in order to deal with a new problem. Roderick Kyle and the Wall have made their way down to ringside and the Wall doesn’t look too happy as he holds his neck where Jackson tried to strangle him earlier tonight.

    Harvey Buckworth: What the hell are they doing here?

    Tim Coleman: They came to stop this injustice!

    Karl Rooney leaves the ring to send both men to the back but they are refusing to leave. Jackson considers doing it himself but out of the corner of his eye spots Billy Hatcher coming in from behind. Hatcher tries the sneak attack but Jackson is ready for it and is able to fight Hatcher off. During the commotion however Daren Storm has pulled himself back into the ring and is now sporting an elbow pad that wasn’t there a few minutes ago. Jackson doesn’t notice as he sends Hatcher packing. Karl Rooney is still out of the ring but has now been joined by several road agents including Don deVries. deVries and the Wall square up to each other before Kyle pulls his partner away and they reluctantly leave having seen Hatcher fail to do his part of the plan. Storm is back to his feet in the ring before Jackson see’s him and gets nailed with a Roaring Elbow. Jackson goes down like a ton of bricks as Storm slips off the elbow pad and stuffs it down his trunks. Storm drops on top of Jackson as Rooney runs back to the ring and counts one, two, thr…. No! Jackson gets his left foot on the bottom rope. Rooney spotted it at the last possible second and calls for the rope break.

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and Gentlemen, Christopher Jackson has used his second rope break.

    Storm cant believe he didn’t pick up the victory as for the first time since it became a part of his arsenal, the suspected loaded elbow pad has failed to pick up the victory. Jackson may not have technically kicked out, but he’s the first person to survive it albeit by the skin of his teeth. Storm forces Jackson onto his stomach and after making sure he was nice and close to the ropes, flips over and locks in the Last Chancery. Jackson is barely conscious but still has enough about him to prevent Karl Rooney calling Jackson as passed out. Jackson weakly tries to break the Last Chancery before realising how close he is to the ropes and using his final rope break.

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and Gentlemen, Christopher Jackson has used his third and final rope break. The ropes are now in play for Daren Storm.

    Storm milks the five count before breaking the Last Chancery but then takes a page out of Jackson’s playbook by trying to lock it in again straight away. Jackson however has recovered enough to block the second attempt and push Storm away. Storm gets back to his feet before Jackson does likewise. Storm goes for another Roaring Elbow but Jackson ducks it and tries for a super kick. Storm ducks it and kicks out Jackson’s standing leg before grabbing Jackson’s ankles and calling for the Sharpshooter. Storm tries to lock it in but his lack of experience with the move shows as Jackson is able to easily block the attempt. Storm tries again but Jackson kicks him off. Storm stumbles backwards and bumps in to Karl Rooney who stumbles but doesn’t fall. Sensing he needs a little help, Storm shoves Rooney out of the ring to temporarily take him out of play. Rooney lands hard and is holding his hip on the floor as Storm leaves the ring and returns a few seconds later with a steel chair in hand.

    Tim Coleman: Business is about to pick up!

    Storm returns to the ring to find Jackson back to a knee and just about recovered from that loaded elbow shot. Storm takes aim at Jackson’s head but when he pulls back Jackson once again shows he isn’t opposed to breaking a few rules as he hits another low blow to great effect. Storm drops to his knees holding a tender area and in the process drops the chair. Jackson smiles as he grabs hold of the chair and uses it to push himself back to his feet. Jackson takes aim at the head of Storm and pulls back before swinging a vicious shot to the side of the head of Storm who falls to the mat in a head. Jackson disposes of the evidence by throwing the chair from the ring but it’s too late as Karl Rooney calls for the bell. Jackson tries to plead his case but knows he got caught in the act as Rooney informs Lindsay Monahan of his decision.

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and Gentlemen, Christopher Jackson has been disqualified, therefore the winner of this match, and STILL CWA Continental Champion, Daren Storm!

    Tim Coleman: Hah! Serves him right for trying to cheat!

    Harvey Buckworth: It’s a tough break for Jackson who was only doing what Storm tried to do to him.

    Karl Rooney is now back in the ring and raising the limp arm of Storm in victory as Jackson leans against the ring ropes with his head in his hands. Rooney tries to explain what happened but Jackson isn’t listening and after a few seconds does something very out of character. He kicks Karl Rooney in the stomach before hitting the senior official with the Breaking Habit!

    Tim Coleman: SUSPENSION!!!!!

    Harvey Buckworth: That was totally uncalled for. Jackson is clearly annoyed but their was no need for that!

    The CWA Road Agents and Referee’s are quickly on the scene now to make sure Jackson doesn’t harm anyone else. Two road agents convince Jackson to leave the ring and eventually he does. Several more check on Daren Storm and help him out of the ring while the rest carry the motionless Karl Rooney to the back. Storm may have won the match, but he sure doesn’t look like the winner right now.
    Powers and McCoy circle each other to start but before they can even lock up their attention is drawn up the entrance ramp as the fans cheer at the sight of Christopher Jackson on route to the ring. Jackson rolls into the ring and clotheslines Powers to the mat before turning his attention to McCoy. McCoy tries to catch Jackson off guard but Jackson picks out his legs and is quickly able to lock in the Sharpshooter. McCoy screams in agony before tapping like a mad man. Jackson simply leans back a little more until Powers gets back to his feet. Powers tries for an overhead smash but Jackson breaks the Sharpshooter and punches Powers in the ribs. Jackson moves away from McCoy and kicks Powers in the ribs before hitting the Breaking Habit. Jackson looks down on his fallen victims for a few short seconds before demanding a mic. Jackson appears to have something to say.

    Jackson: I know what a surprise right? A suspended superstar has appeared and interrupted a match to make a statement. While nothing i have done hear is innovative or new it was straight to the point. No stupid ban or suspension is going to stop me from being where i want to be. Tonight i decided I wanted here in Augusta in front of all you fans that paid for those over priced tickets to see the Franchise.

    Jackson rubs his faced as if he is frustrated

    Jackson : See my nick name is the Straightedge Franchise. A lot of people notice the Straightedge part. They know me for my morality and my non usage of substances but its like they dont see the Franchise part. I call myself the Franchise because i should be the face of this god forsaken company. I have the skill, the looks and the mic ability to carry this company even farther then it has in its two short years of existence. However I see talent-less wrestlers like these two I just wasted make the card week in and week out while I am left off of it. You see your lovely General Manger Ms.Anderson does not like my attitude. She hates that I rebel against her and i a not a puppet that gets her coffee like our International Champion Daren Storm.

    Crowd screams Daren sucks for a few second before Jackson begins to speak again

    Jackson: Well at Meltdown I have one more shot at the title that has been stolen from me multiple times. i know you people are tired of hearing my complaining and speeches about the travesty that has been going on. So this will be my last chance. If I dont defeat Storm at Meltdown I will go to the back of the line and work my way up again. Its all up to me now. I know for a fact i am better then Storm and with no interference or special interferenc....i mean special guest referees it should be just a matter of time before you feel the sharp edge of the Straightedge Franchise!

    Derek Vendra vs Harry Jones

    “Hear Me Now” begins to play as Harry Jones walks out to a mixed reaction, there’s some fans that don’t like the tactics of Jones, but there are a few fans that can respect Jones for who he is.

    “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” hits and Derek Vendra runs out to a loud reaction from the crowd. They seem to love this young man as he quickly makes his way down to the ring, slapping hands with a few fans before jumping into the ring. The referee goes over the rules of the match and signals for this match to begin.

    Vendra holds out his hand as a sign of good sportsmanship, but Jones just slaps it away and the crowd lets him know how they feel about that. They then go for a lock up and Vendra is able to lock in a headlock on Jones to start it off, he’s pushed off by Jones and goes running off the ropes, and as this is happening Jones is bent down and he gets up close and personal with the foot of Vendra as he’s kicked straight in the face. He begins to wobble some, but he’s still able to stand. Vendra kicks Jones in the stomach again to get him bent over, and runs off the ropes again to once again kick Jones in the face. Again Jones just stumbles, but he’s able to keep his balance. Vendra decides to try his luck a third time, but Jones catches his boot before it meets his stomach for the third time, spins Vendra around and catches Vendra with a clothesline.

    Jones points to his head letting the crowd know that he just outsmarted Vendra on that exchange, and then proceeds to stomp away on Vendra. He’s just laying into him before he finally runs off the ropes, and drops a hard elbow on Vendra that takes the breath out of him. Jones then climbs to the atop the turnbuckle waiting for Vendra to get up, and once Vendra is up he turns around and is met with a missile dropkick delivered by Jones who quickly goes for the cover.




    Vendra gets his shoulder and Jones wastes no time by continuing his assault on Vendra by locking in a sleeper hold on Vendra. The crowd begins cheer in order to amp up Vendra, and it seems to be working as he’s slowly getting up while still locked in the hold. He hits some hard elbows to the stomach of Jones before Jones lets go, and instead of making the same mistake Vendra decides to hit Jones with an énziguri that takes him down and Vendra goes for the pin.




    This time it’s Jones who is able to get his shoulders up, and Vendra gets up to run off the ropes and jumps on Jones with a leg drop and goes for another pin.



    Jones is able to kick out at one, and Vendra realizes he should not have gone for the pin there. While Vendra is beating himself up about his mistake Jones has been able to catch his bearings, and just waits for Vendra to turn around and when he finally does he catches him in the Diamond Cutter. He then goes for the pin.




    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner by pin fall, Harry Jones!

    The referee raises Jones arm up in the air, and after that happens Jones walks over to the body of Vendra. He grabs Vendra’s hand, and shakes it, he then leaves the ring.

    Commercial Break

    We cut backstage where we find Derek Vendra still feeling the effects of his loss to Harry Jones, he's with his tag team partner Diego Gonzalez

    Diego Gonzalez: You gonna be okay dude?

    Derek Vendra: Yeah man, I'll be fine.

    Vendra quickly changes the subject.

    Vendra: Come on, let's go get Chinese food.

    Diego: Really?

    Vendra: Every Wednesday Night for the last 4 Months we've gone and had Chinese Food. I order Duck, while you have Chicken Fried Rice.

    Diego: Nah, I'm good. I don't really want Chinese food.

    Vendra: What do you mean you don't want Chinese Food?

    Diego: I mean I don't want really want it tonight.

    Vendra: That's settled then. No Chinese on a Wednesday. I'm Dead.

    Diego: Dude, it's not like it'll be the end of the world if we don't have Chinese food. Don't you think your being a little melodramatic?

    Vendra: No Diego. No. I'm not being melodramatic. Screw You, I'm finding Eric Young.

    Diego: Who?

    Vendra; Eric Young, the funny guy! Maybe I can win the TV Title! Woo *fading out, singing* We're going to find Eric Young, and get Chinese Food.

    *Diego just shakes his head as they both walk off deciding on what to eat*

    Sex N Violence vs The Gang Stars

    “Club Foot” hits as Sex N Violence strolls out on stage soaking in the boos from the crowd. As they are walking to the ring Fortune tries to sell a bag of paraphernalia to a guy in the crowd, while DeJesus takes this as an opportunity to hit on that guy’s girlfriend. The girl looks disgusted, and tells her boyfriend. He gets angry and begins jawing off at DeJesus who just shrugs with a smirk on his face, and gets into the ring with Fortune.

    “Hear Me Now” begins to play as The Gang Stars come out on stage to standing ovation from the crowd. They love these guys, and as they are walking down the ring Alyster Black tells that guy in the crowd that he put a beating on DeJesus for him. They both get in the ring, and get on turnbuckles to hype up the crowd even more before this match gets started.

    Krash will be starting this one off for his team against Faymen Fortune, and they circle each other before locking up. Fortune shoves Krash down to the mat, and just shrugs while laughing at Krash. Krash gets up and tags in Alyster Black, and he comes in fast with a hard clothesline to Fortune, and as Fortune gets up he gets taken down again, but this time it’s with a hard lariat to the face. As Alyster looks down at Fortune he yells, “Who’s laughing now?!”, and begins to lay in some stomps on Fortune. He picks him up and delivers a snap suplex, then picks him up again and throws him off the ropes and hits him with a snap power slam straight into a pin.




    Fortune kicks out as Alyster tries to pick him up, but Fortune fights him with punches to the head, and finally a head butt that takes Alyster down. Fortune quickly gets up, and stomps on Black before dragging him over his corner where he tags in Michael DeJesus. DeJesus comes to continue the beating on Black with stomps and kicks to the head, he then turns Black around and gets him with a reverse DDT. He then makes a quick tag to Fortune who jumps over the ropes to land a leg drop right onto Black. Krash is in the other side trying to aid his partner on, while Fortune is lifting Black up on his shoulders, but Black escapes it and is able to connect with a hair pull backbreaker on Fortune. Black then gets up, and is able to tag in Krash and he comes in hot to hit Fortune with a spear as he’s getting up, DeJesus comes in but Krash gets him with a hurricanrana that sends DeJesus flying over the ropes onto the mat below, but he’s able to land on his feet. DeJesus drags Fortune out of the ring, and says he’s had enough. Before they can leave they’re both met with a suicide dive by Krash. Black runs over to check up on his partner, and Krash is up and throws Fortune back into the ring. He drags Fortune over to his corner he tags in Black, and Black comes in to lift Fortune up and hits him with the Satan’s Spike. He goes for the pin.




    Lindsay Monahan: Your winners by pin fall, The Gang Stars!

    DeJesus tried to make the save during the pin ,but was met with a baseball slide by Krash that sent back down to the floor. The Gang Stars celebrate their win with the fans as the exit the ring, and slap hands with the fans as they walk back up the ramp.

    Commercial Break

    We return from commercial to find that Dexter Darwin Douglas is seen standing in front of a poster for CWA Meltdown, his DS glowing in his hands, his fingers moving frantically as the sounds of beeps and boops come from the small machine. He finally looks up and sees the camera, closing the game system close and letting out a smile.

    DDD: You know, in my short career and life, there are a lot of things I haven't done. I never climbed a mountain, I never wrestled a bear, and I sure am not fighting any monks soon. I have, however, saved a princess before. It took me looking through eight castles, but I eventually found her. Sadly I was then told there were more princesses to rescue. That's why I stick to other games. I'm getting off topic now, but the beginning of this rant does have a point.

    Like I said, there are many things I have not done, but I also do not go around claiming on doing said things. I'm not pointing out my opponent Warren Peace on being a lair, in fact, from the way he wrestles, it seems like he does have some honesty in his words. Yes, the man is egotistical, sometimes sarcastic, and is in need of a haircut, but he can wrestle like no other.

    I'm impressed with how well he has done since his debut, but there is something he hasn't done: defeat me. Yes, he has a tag team victory against me, but I wasn't the one pinned. I also have a tag victory against Warren...but that doesn't say much against how our battle will go. I actually think we have a lot in common. We're both young and determined. Maybe in some weird dimension we're friendly rivals. Like Deadpool and Taskmaster. I'm Deadpool, of course.

    When we meet in the ring, I feel like it is gonna be an epic match up. Two rising forces in this promotion going head to head to see who is the better. We're gonna show everyone why we deserve to be in the main event this week. I'm sure you will have another story for everyone to hear, and I'll have another chance to show everyone how awesome I am.

    Dexter smiled again and walked away from the camera, the sounds of the game echoing through the room. They got louder as he came back into frame.

    DDD: By the way, while I know this is our first encounter, I have a strange feeling it won't be our last. Maybe that's a good thing though...

    Dexter winked at the camera this time before leaving again, this time staying off screen until the scene went black.

    The Brotherhood vs Misery

    Misery is already in the ring awaiting their opponents when “Tom Sawyer Remix” hits as the tag team champions, The Brotherhood, Kenneth LeBlanc and Guardian Devil make their way to a loud, positive reaction from the crowd. They both slap hands with fans before getting into the ring for their match.

    It seems like Devil will be starting this one for his team against Misery’s Tim Lucker, and they go in for the lock up. Lucker gets the upper hand and gets Devil in headlock, he then throws him off the ropes, and when Devil comes back he kicks Lucker right in the face, and then delivers a neck breaker. Devil then picks up Lucker and throws into the ropes and when he gets back he hits with him a spine buster. He then goes to tag in LeBlanc, and before LeBlanc can go for the attack Lucker was able to crawl over and tag in Draven, and Draven comes charging at LeBlanc but he ducks it and Draven catches himself before falling outside the ring. He turns around to find LeBlanc, and LeBlanc sheepishly shrugs before Draven charges at him again but this LeBlanc catches him, and hits him with the Canadian Shield Slam. LeBlanc then locks in the Maple Lock, and Draven taps out immediately. Lucker tried to make the save but he was too late.

    Lindsay Monahan: Your winners, the Tag Team Champions, The Brotherhood!

    The Brotherhood doesn’t even get a chance to celebrate as Lucker breaks up the hold by attacking LeBlanc. Devil is not having any of that and comes in after Lucker, and he’s able to hit him with the Holy Driver. Draven is beginning to stir, and before he can do anything else Devil picks him up and hits him with the Holy Driver. Devil then goes to check on LeBlanc, and as he’s doing this he sees The Gang Stars on the stage watching them, maybe scouting the champs before the upcoming PPV.

    Commercial Break

    Brian Gun is seen in the ring waiting for his opponent Mr. Enigma, when unexpectedly Megan Anderson walks out on stage with a microphone in hand.

    Megan Anderson: I’m sorry to inform you Brian Gun, but your opponent for this evening Mr. Enigma missed his flight, and was unable to make it to tonight’s show.

    Gun doesn’t really know what to think.

    Megan Anderson: Don’t you worry though because I found a replacement opponent for you, and here he is now…

    Dropping Plates hits as Rolando Fuentes walks down the ramp, and Brian Gun is in a state of shock as Fuentes gets into the ring and he has evil grin on his face as he stares Gun down and the referee signals for the bell.

    Rolando Fuentes vs Brian Gun

    The two men stand toe to toe with one another in the middle of the ring, and Fuentes slaps Gun across the face, and just laughs. Gun doesn’t take too kindly to that, and sucker punches Fuentes in the jaw. Gun is the one laughing now, but Rolando won’t have any of that and hits Gun with a vicious clothesline. He then picks him up, and hits him with a brutal looking Ice Pick, he then goes for the cover.




    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner by pin fall, the CWA Heavyweight Champion, Rolando Fuentes!

    Rolando is not finished though and continues the assault on Gun by putting him the Icelock. Gun won’t stop tapping, but Rolando will not the hold go until finally the ref is able to talk him out of it. After that he asks for a microphone while the referee tends to Brian Gun

    It's now time for the main event of the evening, and boy oh boy is everyone pumped! But guess what? The match isn't happening yet! You know why? Oh you do? Well them tell me why, since you're so smart. Oh... Well, yea, that is why... But I'm gonna announce it first! So ha! Ladies and gentlemen, the reason that we are not going straight to the main event is because we have an interview to conduct. Not me of course, as I am not an interviewer. We do have Michelle Kelly though, and that's as close as we're gonna get to an actual interviewer. We cut to a set backstage where we see Michelle Kelly awaiting her next guest, she looks a bit irritated and takes a deep breath before finally speaking into the mic as the cameras start rolling.

    Michelle Kelly:
    "Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest this evening, Warren Peace..."

    Warren Peace walks on to the set with his hands, because using your legs all the time is for losers. He then does a front flip and lands feet first beside Michelle, who just rolls her eyes at Warren's amazing hand walking skills. Warren ignores that though, as he is busy observing the black dress that Michelle is wearing this evening. Compared to Warren, who is wearing his totally bad ass official t-shirt, she looks looks pretty bad. But comparing someone to Warren is pretty unfair, so we'll forget that. Will Warren say something about how beautiful or sexy she looks? Lets find out!

    Warren Peace: "Wow Michelle... You're really not trying anymore."

    Michelle then scowls and is about to go off on him, but she realizes that she's live right now and decides to let it go for now.

    "... So you lost to Dexter Darwin Douglas."

    Warren: "Yea well Darwin is a nerd. The funny thing, though, is that despite his overall nerdy-ness, I'm still smarter than him. You know why I'm starter than him? Don't even say anything, because I'm going to tell you anyway. I am smarter than him, because I was able to realize that his win over me was a fluke. Due to his massive ego, however, he obviously wont admit it. But it's true. The only reason I lost was because (a) I'm scared of clowns. And (b) I had an incompetent partner who wouldn't even fair well wrestling against my toaster. Our match tonight will have none of these factors, and I guarantee that I will once again secure victory and continue my singles undefeated streak. But the funny thing is, our match tonight isn't even about my undefeated streak. No, it's about proving that I am better than Darwin. Now obviously I shouldn't have to, as it's common sense that I am the greatest superstar in CWA history. Sadly, after actual wrestling abbility, common sense is the thing that Darwin lacks the most."

    Michelle: "Really? I recall him being very intelligent."

    "This isn't friendly competition Douglas, this is personal."

    Despite having such a bad ass line, Warren's dramatic moment of silence is ruined when Michelle decides to chime in.

    "Don't you think you're overreacting?"

    Warren: "Overreacting?! The man attempted to rip into my soul and rob me of the thing that defines my CWA career the most! Surely the doer of such an evil deed is deserving of my vengeful wrath upon them? You don't just go and try to take down the Most Amazing Man In The World! It doesn't work that way! So because of your foolish decision, Dexter, I am forced to utterly destroy you in the ring tonight. It wont be easy and it wont be pretty, but I'm sure a good ass kicking will put you in your place."

    Michelle: "I don't know Warren, Dexter is pretty tough..."

    Warren: "Are you mocking me now?"

    Michelle: "More like trolling, but I digress. Do you seriously think you're not going overboard with all of this hatred and intensity?"

    Warren: "Just like your previous question, you seem to lack the understanding that Dexter tried ending my career!"

    Michelle: "Not even close."

    Warren: "What do you even know? Are you a wrestler? No? Well then no one needs your input on the matter! You seem to not know how egotistical and selfish Dexter is. The man is pure evil! The wrestling world, and the regular world for that matter, would be better off without his demon worshiping presence. And because it seems likely that no one will do anything about it, it's once again my job to make this sport good and pure. Dexter can use all the tricks in the book, you could even cheat if you wanted to, but just remember that not only am I the Most Amazing Man In The World, but I'm also the Most Amazing Wrestler In The World. I've beaten him multiple times in singles and tag matches, but because of this one win he thinks he's better than me. No worries though, I'm sure a swift kick to the head will change his mind. Oh, maybe I could also lock him in a Guillotine and choke him out! So many ways to embarrass him, so little time! Because really, this match wont last long. Probably around 8 minutes, it'll most likely end with an amazing Revolution Brainbuster. Unless I feel like breaking his back with the Neji To Hashi . I'm sorry Michelle, but my strategy for tonight is much more important than some silly interview.... Especially if it's conducted by an unprofessional."

    "Alright, Warren, I'm getting really tired of-"

    Warren: "Bla, bla, bla, whatever. You'd think that you would know by now that I able to tune you out completely. After all the interviews you've done with me, I've been able to only focus on whats important, which is usually whatever I'm saying. Actually, scratch that. It's not 'usually', it's more like 'all the time'. If I could, I'd edit all the parts with you out and have the interview consist of me talking. No questions, just answers. And that's all the people need, right? What else would capture their attention like I can? Except for Cyrus Truth, no one has ever been able to say the sheer amount of wisdom as I have. And with that said... I must leave."

    Michelle: "Leave? We just started!"

    Warren: "Once again, 'More Important'!"

    Warren points to his face as he says this while walking off the set. Michelle yells at him to come back, but Warren is too busy thinking about how he's going to humiliate Dexter in his match tonight. Maybe he'll go the odd route and make him lose by count out, or maybe he could win by KO with a Rolling Elbow to Dexter's jaw. So many choices, it'd be impossible to list all the possible outcomes of this match. Which is why we're leaving it up to you, the viewer. Will Dexter once again be victorious over Warren? Or will Warren punish Dexter and reclaim his amazingness? Find out tonight, same CWA time, same CWA channel!




    Main Event
    Warren Peace vs Dexter Darwin Douglas

    “You’re The Best” begins to play as Warren Peace walks out on stage, and the crowd is already letting him know how they feel about him. He’s oblivious to that, and he’s telling everyone how great he is as he’s walking to the ring. As Peace is getting in the ring “Howling” hits and out comes the fan favorite Dexter Darwin Douglas, who looks amped up for this match as he quickly makes his way down to the ring to get this match started.

    The bell rings as DDD runs into the ring, and right away Peace goes for a clothesline but DDD ducks it and runs across the ring to bounce off the ropes to come back and hit Peace with a dropkick that sends Peace outside on the mat. DDD is wasting no time, and goes for a suicide to Peace as he was getting up outside, and they both go crashing down to the floor. As DDD gets up he tries to hype up the crowd, and he goes grab Peace by the head but Peace is able to fight out of it with punches to the stomach of DDD. The referee is counting as Peace throws DDD into the turnbuckle pole, and DDD grimaces in pain as Peace takes him and throws him back in the ring for the count to be broken up. Peace gets in and begins to deliver some repeated stomps to DDD all the while telling him how amazing he is, and then runs off the ropes to come back to DDD and he hit’s a leg drop onto him.

    He then goes for the pin…




    DDD gets his shoulder up and right away he’s picked up by Peace who hits him with a a lifting DDT, and goes for another pin.




    DDD gets his shoulder up again and this time Peace puts DDD in a headlock down on the mat. He the hold locked in tight as DDD is trying to get out of it, but is not having any luck. The referee lifts DDD’s arm up once, no response, second time, no response, third time, as he lets go DDD starts to show signs of life as he sits up and fights out of the move while the crowd cheers him on. He elbows Peace in the chest until the hold is released, and he gets Peace down with a snap mare, then kicks him in the back and Peace yells out in pain. DDD runs across the ropes as he comes to Peace with a dropkick to the face, and he goes for the pin.



    This time Peace gets his shoulder up, and DDD gets him up and whips into the ropes and catches him and hits him with a belly to belly suplex. As he’s picking him Warren tries to fight back, but DDD catches it and hits him with a uranage and goes for another cover.




    Peace gets his shoulder up again and DDD picks him up and whips into the corner this time, and runs at him in an attempt to hit him with a yakuza kick, but Peace moves out of the way and DDD crashes into the corner, and Peace takes this opportunity to hit DDD with a vicious looking german suplex that sends DDD flying across the ring. Peace crawls over for the pin.




    Somehow DDD is able to kick out, and Peace cannot believe it because he thought he had DDD done. He picks DDD up, and hits him with the Oriental Skull Spike and DDD looks as though he’s out of it. Instead of going for the pin Peace decides to hit the Peace Walker on DDD, then he goes for the pin.




    DDD is somehow able to kick out again, and Peace begins to get very frustrated and just stomps on DDD and tells him to stay down. He then picks up, and lifts him up in position for the Revolution Brainbuster, but DDD reverses it and hits Peace with the D3! He then just falls on top of Peace in a pinning position.



    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner by pin fall, Dexter Darwin Douglas!

    The referee raises DDD arm in the air as the winner, and he then just celebrates his victory as the crowd cheers him on and the shows comes to an end.


    Quick Results:
    Ashtun Bailey def Jason Valence
    Dan Maskell def Austerio
    Harry Jones def Derek Vendra
    The Gang Stars def Sex N Violence
    The Brotherhood def Misery
    Rolando Fuentes def Brian Gun
    Dexter Darwin Douglas def Warren Peace

    Segments by:
    Jimmy King
    Co Host 3000

    Matches by:
    Epic Andy
    Jimmy King

    There's just one small promo I'm waiting on for Fuentes, but it will be added as soon as I get it.

    As for everything else, I hope everyone enjoys the show.
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