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Thread: CWA Adrenaline Rush - Live from Augusta, ME!

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    CWA Adrenaline Rush - Live from Augusta, ME!

    Rumble Qualifier
    Warren Peace vs Ari Bravado

    The bell rings as Warren Peace comes running towards Ari Bravado, quick to go for the Sudden Death rolling elbow! Bravado however sees this coming as he ducks, Warren stopping in his tracks before turning around as Bravado connects with a dropsault! Warren is caught by surprise as Bravado runs towards the ropes, bouncing off as he goes for the spinning wheel kick! Warren is able to move out of the way in time as Bravado misses the kick, quick to get back up and go for the running clothesline! Warren instead kicks Bravado in the stomach, making him keel over as he follows up with a lifting implant DDT on Bravado! He is planted right into the canvas as Warren flips him over onto his back, on top of him for the pin.



    Bravado kicks out, Warren back up on his feet as he backs up into the ropes, rebounding off for the running leg drop! Bravado rolls out of the way and back up on his feet, Warren still sitting up after missing the leg drop as Bravado connects with a roundhouse kick to the head! Warren's head was almost kicked off right there as he slowly gets back up, Bravado striking first with the Lou Thesz press! Warren is getting pummeled with punches from Bravado as he is defenseless, Bravado finally stopping when the referee pulls him up. Bravado pulls Warren towards the bottom rope as he steps all the way back into the opposite ropes. Bravado points around the arena to the crowd as they all knows what's coming up! He slowly runs towards Warren as he stops right in front of him, yelling, "MATZAH!", as the crowd finishes with, "BALLIN!" Bravado drops the elbow on Warren's chest as Warren rolls toward the corner, trying to get some separation. Bravado however smirks as he sees an opening that Warren himself has created, quickly climbing up to the top rope! Bravado is standing up tall on the top rope, as he goes for the...


    Bravado leaps off the top rope for the Shooting Star of David on Warren but Warren is able to roll out of the way, Bravado able to land on his feet. Warren gets back up on his feet, trying to catch Bravado off guard from behind but Bravado connects with a pele kick! Warren stumbles all the way back into the turnbuckle, that pele kick almost knocking him unconscious as Bravado has been in the driver's seat thus far. Bravado runs towards Warren but Warren is able to move out of the way, Bravado running right into the turnbuckle as he turns around to face Warren who comes running towards him for the Northern Lariat! Bravado stumbles forward into the middle of the ring, Warren right behind him as he locks on a half nelson, before connecting with the bridging dragon suplex!



    Bravado kicks out again, Warren getting back up on his feet and methodically stalking Bravado as he starts to get back up on his feet as well. Just as Bravado is up on his feet he turns around, Warren kicking him in the stomach, making him keel over before hooking both of his arms, about to go for the Tiger Driver '98! Warren however is not able to lift Bravado up fully as Bravado is able to use this to his advantage, countering with a back body drop on Warren! Both men are down though Bravado seems to be the fresher one, up first only by a split second. Bravado is unloading on Warren with punches and elbows to the head but Warren is doing the same as the two go back and forth, back and forth.

    Bravado swings with a back kick to the stomach, catching Warren off guard as Warren's offense is stopped at once. Bravado steps all the way back into the corner, before running right at Warren, jumping onto his shoulders before flipping back for the hurricanrana! Warren however manages to hang on to Bravado's legs, not letting him connect with the hurricanrana as he puts Bravado back up on his shoulders, before connecting with the running sit-out powerbomb! Bravado goes right into the canvas courtesy of Warren as he wastes no time at all, quickly walking over to the corner and climbing up onto the top rope! Warren points to the crowd and has a huge smile on his face, as if to say that he's touched by the crowd's "ovation" for him, even though they're chanting "BRAVADO!"

    Warren now looks back down at Bravado, as he jumps off for the frog splash! Bravado however is able to roll out of the way just in time, as Warren goes crashing into the canvas! He holds his chin and chest in pain after missing that frog splash, Bravado now picking Warren up before kicking him in the stomach, about to go for the Sex Drive! Warren however is able to push Bravado away, and just as Bravado comes running towards him again Warren connects with the Sudden Death! Bravado is struggling to stay standing as he puts his fists up as if to signal that he wants to continue fighting, even though that elbow pretty much knocked all common sense out of Bravado's head. Warren now lifts Bravado up into the air, before connecting with the.........


    Bravado is planted head first into the canvas as Warren covers him for the pin!




    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner: Warren Peace!

    We go backstage now where we find Toxic Rain standing by with Alexis..

    Toxic Rain: Ladies and Gentlemen, my guest at this time, Alexis. Alexis, last week we found out that if you wanted a rematch against Ashley Adams at Meltdown, you would have to put something on the line yourself. Later in the show, Ashley Adams made it clear what she wanted you to put up. Are you prepared to accept her demands?

    Alexis: Firstly, I find it beyond stupid that I have to put something on the line when I wasn’t beaten at Redemption, but, what’s done is done. I’ll accept it and move on. As for Ashley’s “demands” of me… sure, I’ll agree to them, no problem.

    Toxic Rain: You’re agreeing that should you lose, you will become nothing more than property of Ashley Adams?

    Alexis: Yes, that’s exactly what I’m agreeing to and it doesn’t worry me in the slightest. Why? Well, I’ve only ever, EVER, lost one match in my entire career. I’ve beaten people much bigger and much smarter than Ashley Adams, hell, I beat her at Redemption! Meltdown is going to be no different. My waist has been feeling a little lonely without my title belt recently so I think it’s time to end the fun and games.

    Toxic Rain goes to ask another question but she gets pushed aside by Ashley laBella who quickly moves to one side to allow Ashley Adams to stand face to face with Alexis.

    Ashley Adams: Well lookie here! It’s so cute, you thinking you have a chance against me. You may have faced people bigger than me before, but I guarantee you have never faced anyone this smart.

    Alexis: I highly doubt you can even count.

    Ashley Adams: I’m going to ignore that right now, but I wont forget it. I’ll make you suffer later. But, to prove I’m not all bad, I’ll give you a heads up for Meltdown. I assume that little speech you gave was you accepting the match, correct?

    Alexis: Well, I must admit, you aren’t as stupid as you look if you were able to figure that out by yourself.

    Ashley Adams: I'm going to ignore that for now as well, but I will be sure to keep it in mind for later! Anyway, at Meltdown, after I beat you I’m not going to hold off. You’ve tried to humiliate me and make a fool out of me for weeks now so live on pay per view, your very first act as my new toy, will be to kiss…. Actually….. I just thought of something better. Your very first act of servitude will show the world exactly how low you are in my kingdom. You’re going to kiss Ashley laBella’s feet first! Then, I might let you kiss mine. That is an honour that you will have to earn! So tick tock tick tock, your time of freedom is almost up. Toodles!

    Ashley blows a kiss to Alexis before smirking and walking off closely followed by Ashley laBella.

    Toxic Rain: Anything to add?

    Alexis looks at Toxic Rain but decides not to say anything else as she walks off the set.

    Toxic Rain: Harvey, Tim, back to you.

    Rumble Qualifier
    Dexter Darwin Douglas vs Hannibal Howell

    The bell rings as Hannibal Howell runs right at Dexter Darwin Douglas, catching him off guard with a knee to the stomach before following it up with chops to the chest and punches to the head, before topping it off with a knee lift to the face! DDD is backed up all the way into the corner turnbuckle as Howell is not stopping the offensive onslaught at all until the referee has to get involved as DDD is in the corner and grabbing the top rope on both sides. Howell steps back, his hands up saying that he means no harm as he pats the referee on the back, before running towards DDD for the knee lift! DDD moves out of the way, Howell running into the turnbuckle as the force sends him a few steps back, DDD running and stepping onto the second turnbuckle before connecting with a flying chuck kick to the head! Howell however does not go down to DDD's surprise, as DDD starts firing the palm strikes and headbutts, paying Howell back for what he did earlier. Howell is pretty groggy as his arms are flailing all around with each of DDD's strikes, as DDD finally stops the strikes and the headbutts before going for a spin kick! Howell however catches the kick, wagging his finger at DDD but DDD spins his other leg around right in Howell's face! Howell is stumbling back as he is definitely weakened, DDD connecting with the STO before covering him for the pin!



    Howell kicks out, DDD now stomping on Howell's body a few times, before lifting up his right leg as he is about to go for a half Boston crab! Howell's size however is a bit too much for DDD as he has trouble turning Howell over onto his front side, Howell able to kick DDD away as the force from that kick sends DDD down onto the canvas. Howell is back up on his feet as DDD rolls back up, running towards Howell only to get hit with the big boot! DDD goes down, slowly getting back up as Howell grabs him and puts him up in the air, bench pressing him in the air! DDD is going on a ride as Howell bench presses him about ten times, before throwing him back down with a press slam.

    DDD isn't going down without a fight however, quickly getting back up as he runs towards Howell for the clothesline! Howell however grabs DDD and holds him back by the throat, before lifting him up for the chokeslam! Howell's grip however is not strong enough as DDD is able to jump behind Howell, about to go for the Russian leg sweep! Howell however stands his ground, not even breaking a sweat as DDD is trying to plant Howell into the canvas. Howell however elbows DDD hard in the head, as DDD falls down on his ass, knee crawling his way over to the ropes. He grabs the top rope to pull himself up as Howell now irish whips him towards the opposite ropes.

    DDD bounces off the ropes but quickly hooks his arms around the top rope, stopping himself as Howell lifted his right foot up, wanting to go for the big boot on the running DDD. Howell now runs towards DDD but DDD catches him with a kick to the stomach before lifting him up onto his shoulders with a fireman's carry. Howell is able to slide off of DDD's shoulders, kicking him hard in the stomach before lifting him up in the air for the......

    BUY OUT!

    DDD however is punching Howell in the head repeatedly while in the air, doing whatever he can to prevent himself from being drilled into the canvas. It is soon enough as Howell is forced to put DDD back down onto the canvas, shoving DDD away before going for the big boot! DDD though sees this coming as he ducks underneath the boot, Howell now turning around only to get hit with an enzuigiri! Howell falls to his knees, DDD going for the quick kick to the head but Howell is able to duck underneath, back up on his feet as he turns DDD around, about to go for the Buy Out yet again! Before Howell can even grab DDD however he connects with a harsh headbutt on Howell, before quickly following it up with a.......


    DDD now covers Howell for the pin and.....




    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner, Dexter Darwin Douglas!

    (This scene begins in the upstairs loft of Chubby Carlos home in downtown California . In the middle of the loft was a black, recliner chair and just to the left was a large couch almost identical to the chair. Sitting in the chair was the “Chubster” himself Chubby Carlos out of the hospital and back in his regular clothes and eagerly eating a large sandwich seemingly trying to gain back the weight he lost in the hospital. Beside him lying sprawled out on the couch was his long standing beautiful girlfriend April who is casually gazing at the large T.V that took up a large portion of the wall that it was placed upon. They were watching Last week edition of Adrenaline Rush or more specifically the Ashley LaBella vs. Sophie match which was really more of a beat down by LaBella than a match. The match was at its halfway point Ashley continues her dirty tactics by
    giving Ashley a low blow. April winches at this spot)

    April: Ohhh that’s got to hurt!

    Chubby Carlos: Really? I’ve always thought throwing low blows in a womans match was more or less pointless….

    (April sits up looking curious)

    April: Pointless? How?

    ( Chubby looks kinda put off by the awkward question and chokes out a nervous little laugh)

    Chubby Carlos: Well I mean I don’t have to spell it out do I? Lets just say Sophie lacks the right Ummm…“equipment” for a low blow to have the desired effect.

    April: When you say “Equipment” Do you mean a lack of a peni-

    Chubby Carlos: ANYWAY!! Is that seriously her name just Sophie? No last name? What’s the deal with all these female wrestlers with no last name? Alexa, Alexis, Elke, Is it such a crime for dudettes to have real names?

    (At these words suddenly April start to giggle uncontrollable to the confusion of Chubby)

    April: Oh that’s rich! Somehow I don’t think Chubby Carlos should lecture people about using real names.

    Chubby Carlos: Wow the claws are coming out tonight.

    April: What can I say? I call’s em as I sees em

    Chubby Carlos: Whatever, wow this show is really falling apart without me. I bet the ratings have just been in a freefall ever since I’ve stopped wrestling. Meg Anderson probably can’t wait until I return.

    (Suddenly atmosphere changes in the room after these words. It looks like April wants to say something but is clearly reluctant. Chubby notices her attitude)

    Chubby Carlos: I know your mesmerised by my handsome features but if you have something to say, say it.

    April It just that I think your in denial about your return and I think you need to face facts, The doctor said-

    Chubby Carlos: Oh that doctor was out of his mind! He came in my room a few night ago wearing freaky face paint and started dancing naked around my bed!

    April: Oh he did not!

    Chubby Carlos: I swear to god its true! I think at one point the dude tried to steal my soul! You were there, how can you not remember that?

    April: He was just taking your temperature!

    Chubby Carlos: That’s just what he wanted you to think! If you walked in on us a few seconds earlier you would have seen him stretching his vibrating hand towards my heart chanting: “Kali Ma”…“Kali Ma”…“KALI MA“ Which reminds me we haven’t watch Temple of Doom for like three months! I say we call a few dudes over, get a big bowl of popcorn and just go nu-

    April: First off if were gonna watch any Indiana Johns films were watching Raiders cause Raiders is freaking kick ass! Second: Don’t try and change the subject. Look I know what the doctor said sucked big time but maybe this is a good thing Y’know? I mean think about: This means no more getting up at insane hours, No more getting punched in the face for a living. Who knows maybe you’ll have enough time now to finally beat me at Call of Duty! This might be the best thing that’s ever happened to you dude!

    (Chubby rolls his eyes and sighs at this attempt to cheer him up)

    Chubby Carlos: “Whoopee” Lucky Lucky me…

    (April looks annoyed at the least them positive response. But sees isn’t about to give up as she gets off the cough and walks right in front of Chubby Carlos)

    April : Ok look I know you’ve been in a dark place ever since what happened but I need to be honest with you: I couldn’t be more happy about this!

    (Chubby stares at his girlfriend in surprise at this comment before speaking)

    Chubby Carlos: You really suck at this whole cheering up thing you know that?

    April: I’m being serious! Look what happened at Redemption was pretty horrible to watch but this past week, its..its has been even worse. Ever since you’ve got back from the hospital you’ve haven’t been the same dude. You’ve been training almost every hour of every day, That sandwich your eating? That’s the first fattening thing I’ve seen you eat all week! But do you want to know the scary thing is? Do you wanna know who your acting like? Drake Redick! You’ve become obsessed with getting revenge just like him. But I hate to break it to you dude but YOU CAN’T GET REVENGE ON HIM! No matter how much you don’t want to hear it your body just can’t take another beating. Twice Redick almost crippled you and if you give him another chance he won’t hesitant to finish the job.

    Chubby Carlos: So what I’m I supposed to do April? Just roll over and die? Just sit back and watch Redick terrorise CWA? Redick wants to destroy CWA unless someone takes a stand and refuses to be intimidated by the mask freak! So tell me if I admit defeat and take the doc advice,
    what than? What I’m I meant to do than?

    (What April said really seemed to struck a cord with the chubster but April looks him right in the eye and answers him calmly)

    April; What Redick can’t do… Forget about the past and move on with your life.

    (You can almost cut the tension with a knife after these words. There is a pause in which Chubby looks like he’s wrestling with a dilemma in his head. Suddenly in a surprising move quickly jumps off the chair and gets on his hands and knees. Aprils eyes widen in surprise)

    April: What the hell are you doing?

    Chubby Carlos: What does it look like? Push up’s…duh!

    April: Push up’s?! Your arm is Fractured!

    Chubby Carlos: It is? Oh yeah! I forgot all about that! Wasn’t that like a two month ago? Its old news. Completely healed. It’s a freaking miracle! I’m like freaking wolverine! Here watch …

    (Chubby quickly starts his push ups while April watches looking concerned)

    Chubby Carlos: One…Two…Three…Fou-ARGGGG!

    (Chubby suddenly collapses on the ground holding his arm in pain April quickly runs over to check if Chubby’s all right)

    April: Chubby! Are you ok?

    Chubby Carlos: …Yeah…I’m cool.

    (Chubby doesn’t seem likes he’s in pain but he’s talking in the tone of voice he used last week in the hospital. April helps chubby back up to his feet as Chubby gives her sad smile)

    Chubby Carlos: That wasn’t the smartest move was it?

    April: Not one of your best ideas no…

    Chubby Carlos :You know what? You might be right about all this. I mean I almost just broke my arm doing push ups. Its hanging on by a tread. Maybe its time to grow up…Maybe for once in my life I have to take the high road and do the Responsible thing.

    (Chubby pauses for a second to contemplate this before after seemingly making up his mind pulls out a phone from her pocket, dials a number and puts it to his ear.

    Chubby Carlos: Hi Meg? It’s Chubby. We need to talk….

    The Gang Stars vs Misery

    “Hear Me Now” hits as The Gang Stars step out on stage much to the delight of the fans, and after what happened at the last PPV Alyster Black does not pleased, but Krash still has a smile on his face as they walk down to the ring. After they get in the ring “Misery” hits as Misery appears on stage to boos from the crowd, and as they walk down to the ring Tim Lucker yells at some fans, and even scares a small child. They get in the ring, get face to face with their rivals as the referee signals for the bell, and this match is ready to start.

    Alyster Black decides to start the match for his team, and Tim Lucker decides to start the match for his team. Lucker has some not so kind words for Black, and Black is not having any of it as he charges towards Lucker, and hits him with a spear. Before Black can do any more damage Lucker rolls out of the ring, and tells the referee that Black can’t do that. The referee doesn’t care, and tells him to get back inside, reluctantly Lucker gets back in but not before tagging in his partner Jakob Draven. Lucker devilishly grins in Black’s direction as Draven gets in the ring, and the two stand toe to toe with each other, and Black tells Draven that he doesn’t scare him. Draven just laughs and attempts to sucker punch Black, but Black is ready for it as he blocks it, and gets him with a spike DDT. Black drags Draven over to his corner, and tags in Krash. Krash comes in quick to deliver some stomps to the head of Draven before he picks him up, and hits him with a snap suplex. He then picks him up to set up for the “Overdose”, but Lucker runs in to make the save.

    Black runs in to the ring right after Lucker to hit him with a few punches before their fight ends up outside of the ring. Krash is trying to catch his bearings after getting jumped by Lucker, and Draven tries to take advantage of it but Krash is ready for it, and is able to hit him with “Krash Kourse”. After the last kick Draven falls down to the mat hard, and Krash climbs the turnbuckle, and hits Draven with “The Kill”. He then goes for the cover, as Black and Lucker are still going at it outside.


    Lindsay Monahan: Your winners, The Gang Stars!

    Before Krash can even celebrate Lucker escapes Black, and goes for the attack on Krash. It doesn’t last long as Black makes the save, and delivers “Satan’s Spike” to Lucker. The two celebrate their victory as the exit the ring.

    Dan Powers vs. Austin McCoy

    Powers and McCoy circle each other to start but before they can even lock up their attention is drawn up the entrance ramp as the fans cheer at the sight of Christopher Jackson on route to the ring. Jackson rolls into the ring and clotheslines Powers to the mat before turning his attention to McCoy. McCoy tries to catch Jackson off guard but Jackson picks out his legs and is quickly able to lock in the Sharpshooter. McCoy screams in agony before tapping like a mad man. Jackson simply leans back a little more until Powers gets back to his feet. Powers tries for an overhead smash but Jackson breaks the Sharpshooter and punches Powers in the ribs. Jackson moves away from McCoy and kicks Powers in the ribs before hitting the Breaking Habit. Jackson looks down on his fallen victims for a few short seconds before demanding a mic. Jackson appears to have something to say.

    Jackson: I know what a surprise right? A suspended superstar has appeared and interrupted a match to make a statement. While nothing i have done hear is innovative or new it was straight to the point. No stupid ban or suspension is going to stop me from being where i want to be. Tonight i decided I wanted here in Augusta in front of all you fans that paid for those over priced tickets to see the Franchise.

    Jackson rubs his faced as if he is frustrated

    Jackson : See my nick name is the Straightedge Franchise. A lot of people notice the Straightedge part. They know me for my morality and my non usage of substances but its like they dont see the Franchise part. I call myself the Franchise because i should be the face of this god forsaken company. I have the skill, the looks and the mic ability to carry this company even farther then it has in its two short years of existence. However I see talent-less wrestlers like these two I just wasted make the card week in and week out while I am left off of it. You see your lovely General Manger Ms.Anderson does not like my attitude. She hates that I rebel against her and i a not a puppet that gets her coffee like our International Champion Daren Storm.

    Crowd screams Daren sucks for a few second before Jackson begins to speak again

    Jackson: Well at Meltdown I have one more shot at the title that has been stolen from me multiple times. i know you people are tired of hearing my complaining and speeches about the travesty that has been going on. So this will be my last chance. If I dont defeat Storm at Meltdown I will go to the back of the line and work my way up again. Its all up to me now. I know for a fact i am better then Storm and with no interference or special interferenc....i mean special guest referees it should be just a matter of time before you feel the sharp edge of the Straightedge Franchise!

    Rumble Qualifier
    Alex Scott vs Mr Enigma

    “God Gave Me Everything I Want” hits as Awesome Alex Scott makes his way down to the ring for the next match up. He cockily struts down the ramp as the fans show their hatred for him, but he just ignores them. He then hops into the ring to wait for his opponent, and he doesn’t have to wait long as “Agent of Chaos” hits as Mr. Enigma steps out on stage to receive some boos as well, but just like Alex Scott he pays no mind to the fans, and quickly makes his way to the ring all the while not taking his eyes off of Scott. He gets in the ring, and after the referee goes over the rules with both men he signals for the bell and this match is under way.

    Enigma charges at Scott with full speed with a vicious clothesline, which catches Scott off guard, and as he gets up he’s taken right back down with a big boot from Enigma, and Enigma begins to deliver some nasty stomps to the body of Scott before he rolls out of the ring. The referee tells Scott to get back in, and Scott tells him to back off. Enigma is not having any of it, and gets out the ring and begins to chase after Scott around the ring. Scott is faster on the exchange and gets in the ring before Enigma, and stomps on him as he slides in. He continues to stomp on Enigma until he thinks that he’s hurt him enough, and decides to take this as an opportunity to pose for the crowd.

    As the crowd boos Scott, Enigma begins to stir, and after he gets up he comes up behind the unsuspecting Scott, takes him down the mat and locks in his submission move, “Venom’s Edge”, and Scott immediately taps out.

    Lindsay Monahan: Your Winner, MR ENIGMA!

    Enigma still has the hold locked in, and is ignoring the referee’s pleading. He finally decides that he’s had enough, and lets it go. He mouths off to the referee before quickly leaving the ring, while Alex Scott still lay motionless in the ring as the referee begins to check on him.

    The cameras cut to Toxic Rain standing by backstage.

    Toxic Rain: Ladies & Gentlemen, my guests at this time are Hollywood Hash!

    The camera pans out further to reveal Derek Vendra and Diego Gonzalez standing next to Toxic Rain.

    Toxic Rain: Tonight you two go up against a veteran tag team here in CWA of Adam Brown and Bret Storm, also known as Brown Storm. First I'd like to get your thoughts on this match tonight Diego.

    Diego Gonzalez: Brown Storm? Veterans you say? No offense to these two dudes, but when was the last time that they were even relevant? It doesn't really matter, what does matter is that we will go out there to show them why we are a force to reckoned with, and it'll be just be a matter of time before they come even more irrelevant then they already are. As for what happened last week during my boy Derek's match with Faymen Fortune, well Sex N Violence this ain't over, not by a long shot boys. You think you two can jump Derek here and get away with it? Nah, it ain't happening. Yeah sure, you guys beat us once, but when the time comes where we face you two again, there will definitely be a different outcome I can assure you of that.

    Toxic Rain: Derek Vendra, any word from you regarding tonight's match?

    Vendra: First off, let me start by congratulating Sex 'N Violence. So Faymen, Michael, well done. *Starts to clap* Well done winning your first three matches by holding someone's legs, kicking's someone's Lower Regions, and by distraction. Really clever guys, really clever. However, next time you're in the ring with us, take note of how to 'wrestle' and not how to cheap shot people, because Hollywood Hash are pure wrestling. Next time we face, I'll make sure you can't get diqualified, so I can beat your asses as much as I want! But heading swiftly on to Brown Storm. Now, I've seen them wrestle, and they're good, but HH are better. I've lost my last 2 matches and I really don't intend to lose another one. So you better have you're A-Game, because when you face Hollywood Hash - YOU LOSE.

    Hollywood Hash vs Brown Storm

    Brown Storm are already in the ring awaiting their opponents, and they don’t have to wait long as “Riot Maker” hits as Hollywood Hash make their way out on stage to cheering from the crowd. They’re both dancing to their music as they make their way down to the ring, and they slap some hands with the fans before they get in and this match gets started.

    It seems as though Bret Storm will be starting this match for his team, and Gonzalez will start the match for his team. The two lock up, and Storm is able to get Gonzalez is a head lock to start it off. He then sends Gonzalez running on the ropes, but Gonzalez is able to come back and kick Storm in the face as Storm had bent down. The kick causes Storm to wobble down to one knee, and Gonzalez runs off the ropes again and connects with the “Blunt Force Trauma”.

    He then goes for the pin, 1..2..No!

    Adam Brown runs in to make the save, and Vendra runs in go after Brown, but Brown is able to back away in time back to his corner. Meanwhile, Storm is able catch his bearings, and pokes Diego in the eyes. The crowd boos at this dirty tactic as Storm tags in Brown, and the two go to work on him while Vendra argues with the ref. Finally, Storm leaves and it’s Brown going to work on Diego with some mounted punches. Brown stops to pose, and this gives Diego an opportunity to escape by head butting Brown, and he runs over to tag in Vendra.

    Vendra comes in hot as he clotheslines Brown, and as Brown gets up he’s met with another clothesline. Storm gets in but Diego is able to stop him, and hits him with the “Buzzkiller”. Vendra fights off Brown , and lifts him up in position as Diego comes over and they deliver their finisher “D-Squared”. It isn’t over yet though as Vendra decides to go for his finisher “Hollywood Vendra”, and he connects and goes for the pin.


    Lindsay Monahan: Your winners, Hollywood Hash!

    Gonzalez and Vendra celebrate by hugging, and raising their arms in the air. They then begin to celebrate with the fans as we cut to the big screen.

    While the music starts playing and the guy starts talking about the scene in the song, you see a stare down of Joey Nicholas and Rolando Fuentes, the camera turns around as both men look at each other with their intense stare. A graphic comes up showing both names, and then between them slowly the CWA World Title comes between them. As Dr. Dre begins his part of the rap, the scene goes to Joey Nicholas. The music is lowered in the back ground while Nicholas talks.

    Joey Nicholas: I know I can beat him, I have beat him before, and his MMA background doesn’t scare me, this is professional wrestling, not MMA.

    After the quick seated interview the video goes to Joey Nicholas working out. You see him lifting free weights, and then doing some running across the track. What ever exercise Joey Nicholas is doing there is a face of Rolando Fuentes right above him. You see Joey Nicholas in a pretty run down facility just going grass roots. He is sweating profusely as their looks like there is no air condition as he looks into the camera he spits out sweat showing how hard he is working.

    Then Eminem’s voice comes into the song, and the camera cuts to a seated interview with Rolando Fuentes

    Rolando Fuentes: He is scared of me I know he is. He may have more experience in the CWA, but he chokes under pressure look at his track record, he can’t win the big one.

    After the short answer, it goes into the a montage of Rolando lifting weights. While Joey Nicholas focused on his back roots free weights workout you see Rolando working in a high class facility, working on weight machines with computers giving instant feedback. With each push you see Rolando yelling out in pain. Rolando finishes some reps, and he looks into the camera and smiles. Above him you see the Monolyth just looking down on employer.

    As the announce introduces the second scene, the camera focuses in on both Joey Nicholas and Rolando Fuentes again in the staredown, and then the camera shows Rolando Fuentes losing the first match, and Joey Nicholas celebrating, and then Rolando Fuentes winning the second match, and then a graphic comes up on the screen, flashing one to one, now it’s time to settle!

    As Dr. Dre starts to sing the second verse, it cuts back to Joey Nicholas answering a question.

    Joey Nicholas: He is scared of me, that’s why he needs his body guard to help him. I don’t need anything, I have the fans out in the arena to motivate me, and I have my extensive knowledge of how he moves. He doesn’t do anything that could scare me.

    After he says that it goes back to Joey Nicholas training as he is doing up downs, and then doing pushups with four cinderblocks supporting his arms and legs. He goes all the way down, and then yells in pain on the way up, again the sweat is just dripping down as he works, he then looks at the camera, and just yells into the camera, then it goes to him punching and kicking on a punching bag.

    When Eminem’s part comes up the camera goes back to Rolando Fuentes.

    Rolando Fuentes: He doesn’t need to be scared of anything I do, last time I remember he was out cold, because of my submission skills, Joey Nicholas will not get past this match as the champion, there is no way he can. It has been written when I got to the CWA that I would be the World Champion, and now Joey Nicholas is the only thing standing in my way.

    The camera cuts to Rolando’s training as he is suspended upside down doing crunches, and then the Monolyth chopping his abs as Rolando goes up and down. It then goes to where it shows Rolando rolling on the ground with various athletes, and you see Rolando get one in a rear naked choke, one in an arm bar, and then another one in a gogoplata.

    As the announcer introduces the new scene both men are seen again in the stare down, and this time Rolando Fuentes has the world title around his waist, and is smiling as he stares at Joey Nicholas, then the scene shifts to Joey Nicholas, and Nicholas refuses to put the title on his waist, and just looks at Rolando and smiles. Nicholas shakes his head no, and looks down to Rolando saying he is going down.

    Then Dre starts to rap again, and the scene goes to Joey Nicholas.

    Joey Nicholas: After this PPV and after Fuentes vs. Nicholas 3, I will be the champion at the end, and I will fulfill my childhood dream, and I will be the champion of the wrestling world. That is the only title that matters, the CWA title is the only thing that matters to me, and I will bring dignity back to that great title!!

    The camera shows him rolling with other wrestlers, and then him working on wrestling moves. He has a couple of different wrestlers there, and all of them represent Rolando’s speed and size, and then Eminem begins to talk and it shows Rolando.

    Rolando Fuentes: I am the champion, Joey Nicholas knows I am the champion, and the whole fan base of the CWA knows that I am the champion. After this PPV I will be deemed the CWA champion officially, and I will add it to my list of championships, and Joey Nicholas will be just another victim of my Icepick!

    The scene then shifts to Rolando training as he is the ring running the ropes, and putting various people of various size in the Icepick, he is sweating looking into the camera, and yelling at Joey Nicholas, every time he lands the Icepick he goes for the pin, and counts to three, and then he poses with the a replica CWA World Title.

    As Eminem and Dr. Dre begin to rap together, the scene shifts to both of the men, and the Pay Per View name flashes across the screen with the date. The CWA world title dangles between them, and then both men come after each other, and they start to punch at each other when the song ends with the gun shot, and the screen shatters into a million pieces, and the PPV name and Date come up with the stare down of Joey Nicholas and Rolando Fuentes plastered on the screen.

    Sex N Violence vs Major League Stroke

    “Club Foot” begins to play as Sex N Violence, and the erupts in boos as Sex N Violence, Michael DeJesus and Faymen Fortune, make their way to the ring. “Come On” plays as Major League Stroke come out on stage to a chorus of boos, but Kyle and The Wall pay them no mind as they walk down the ring. After they get in the ring Kyle begins shouting instructions to The Wall, and Wall just stares at him with the same dumb look that he always has on his face.

    As Kyle is still shouting at Wall the referee signals for bell for the match to start, and Fortune has opted to start this match for his team, and he quickly runs at Kyle who still has his back turned, and is taken down by Fortune with some clubbing blows to the back of his head. Fortune stomps on him some more, and then he mocks The Wall while still hurting Kyle. Fortune continues to punish Kyle with a front flip snap mare driver, then he picks him up to deliver a spin out power bomb, and then hits him with “How’s Zat”.

    He then tags in DeJesus, and DeJesus just laughs as Kyle is still out on the mat, he goes over to the Kyle to pick him up and hits “The After Party”. Wall finally decides to run in but he’s quickly with a clothesline from Fortune, and DeJesus climbs the turnbuckle to taunt before delivering the “E-Bomb” to Kyle, and he does for the pin as Fortune continues to pummel The Wall.


    Lindsay Monahan: Your winners, Sex N Violence!

    Fortune and DeJesus celebrate their win as their music plays, and before they leave they see Wall checking on Kyle, who has not moved for quite some time. Kyle’s sister Shanay runs down to also check on her brother, but Sex N Violence have other plans as they attack The Wall and Fortune hits him with the “Bringing Down the House”. The duo then look at Shanay and like what they see, they start talking to her and she has a smile on her face as she takes their hands and leaves with Sex N Violence, leaving her brother and The Wall knocked out in the ring.

    We go to a camera outside where it follows Guardian Devil into the new Brotherhood Bus.

    GD: See we decided to put a little coin behind our new part wagon. It’s a lot easier to keep things the way we like and without Pain and other minions… well we decided why not just set up the ride and just take it with us.

    GD enters the bus with the camera man following close behind. The camera catches Leblanc who is standing looking at a poster hanging for Gears of War 3. He has a marker in hand and GD is shocked to realizes that a mustache and other choice actions of vandalism has happened to Marcus Phoenix on the poster. GD pauses and slowly addresses Leblanc.

    GD: Hey, ummmm. Is everything ok here.

    Leblanc slowly turns around wearing a PS3 shirt. GD makes an audible gasp and covers his mouth dramatically.

    GD: Say it isn’t so….

    Leblanc looks up at GD with a wild look to his eyes…

    KL: They made me do it… they drove me to where I am now, and there is no turning back.

    GD: Who did this to you?

    KL: THEY… did this to me.

    Leblanc gestures to the poster and then back to his PS3 shirt.

    KL: THEY did ALL of this to me. They drove me to this place. Taunting me unrelentlessly. Over and over and over. Never stopping, never discriminating, never showing mercy. So I… I had to take matter into my own hand.

    GD looks puzzled and scratches his head in confusion.

    GD: But why Marcus, you and Marcus were boys.

    KL: YOU’D LIKE TO THINK SO! When they did their awful deeds, where was Marcus? He wasn’t there… He was gone forever. He turned tail and left. So, I leave the CWA and I go looking for him. I try to get Master Chief to come and….

    GD Shakes his head.

    GD: What did you do to Master Chief?

    Leblanc slowly inhales a deep breath. He looks to the camera then back to GD.

    KL: Let’s just say… Master Chief, well he won’t be in any more sequels.

    GD: You VILLIAN!

    KL: No, it wasn’t my idea you see… When I was lost looking for my friends who deserted me I made some new friends…Kratos was the first to call to me. He offered me some rest. He helped me when I was down. He was there when Marcus left me.

    GD: You went to the darkside.

    KL: I went where I was wanted… where THEY couldn’t hurt me anymore. I was trained in the ways of the Station until the day I was able to return to the CWA. Now I know you are still tight with those… well… I will be the bigger man here. I can live with the fact that we’ll be traveling together with them, but this time I have my buddies here too…

    The camera pans over to posters of God of War and Metal Gear Solid.

    KL: One day, when they come for you… you’ll understand… 3 little red lights…. Flash … flash…. Flash…

    GD looks at him and shakes his head...

    GD: Do we have a match tonight?

    Kenneth snaps out of his trance after remembering the horrors of the 3 red lights.

    KL; I don't think so, I think everyone looked at some old footage of us and their intimidated. I mean can you blame them? Nobody better lay a finger on my...

    GD: Butterfinger!?!

    KL: No,... My salsa dish fool.

    GD shakes his head in agreement.

    KL: Now lets get this camera man out of here and let me show you how this PS3 gamin has made me the playa from another laya'.

    The camera man backs out of the bus as GD and Leblanc push him out and ready themselves for another night of gamin'

    Harvey Buckworth: Ladies and gentlemen, it's already been an action packed evening where we learned some rumble participants, and we have a few more to announce at this time before we get to our main event. First off is a man that you'll be seeing in moments in the main event, he's been on a tear as of late, this man is Redick

    Timothy Coleman: Next up is a CWA original who hasn't been seen in months, but he'll be competing in the rumble, TJ Styles!

    Harvey Buckworth: Finally, another man that we have not seen much of in recent months, Billy Hatcher!

    Harvey Buckworth: Now, here's our main event of the evening!

    Timothy Coleman: It's going to be something I can tell you that.

    Rumble Qualifier
    Dan Maskell vs Redick vs Brian Gun vs Austerio
    vs vs vs

    “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived” begins to play as Dan Maskell walks out onto stage, and the boos have begun for him. He just simply ignores them, and walks to the ring with a look of focus and determination.

    “Bullet In Your Head” hits as Redick walks out, and he quickly makes his way to ring with a purpose, and as he gets in he begins to stare down Maskell, trying to intimidate him.

    “Du Hast” hits as the always unpredictable Austerio walks out, and he also has a look of focus and determination as he gets in the ring for this match.

    Finally “Blow Me Away” plays as Brian Gun cockily struts out on stage, and continues to strut all the way to the ring. As he’s getting in the ref signals for the bell, and right away Austerio makes the attack on the unsuspecting Gun by pummeling him with punches to head, while Maskell and Redick go at it on the other side of the ring.

    Austerio continues the assault on Gun before delivering a vicious looking DDT to Gun that sends his head crashing down hard on the mat. Meanwhile it seems as though Maskell has gotten the upper hand on Redick as he gives him a cutthroat neck breaker, and then goes in for a sleeper hold early on in the match, his plan is to wear Redick down with this hold. It doesn’t seem to work though as Redick is able to quickly fight out of it by hitting Maskell with some hard elbows to his head before he lets go, and he then hits Maskell with a hurricanrana sending the man down to the mat and he quickly goes for the cover.


    Maskell is able to out in time, and it seems as though Brian Gun has been able to mount some sort of come back against Austerio as he has the man in an arm lock, and then he picks Austerio up before hitting him with a suplex, and goes for the pin.


    Austerio gets his shoulder up, and Gun looks frustrated as he thought he had him. Meanwhile, Redick has taken charge of Maskell after the attempted pin by a hitting him with a flowing snap DDT and wasting no time he quickly follows up with a piledriver, and goes for another pin.


    Maskell still has some fight left in him as he gets his shoulder up, and while that was going on Austerio took care of Gun with a roundhouse kick to the head, followed up by more martial arts kicks before he finishes him off with a hurricanrana sending Gun outside. He takes this opportunity to go stomp on Maskell while Redick just looks on, but then he decides to join in by stomping on the downed man. The two masked men seemed to have formed some sort of team here for the time being as they both pick Maskell up. Austerio tells Redick he’ll hold him so Redick can charge at him with a kick, and Redick reluctantly runs off the ropes, but Maskell is ready and is able to escape from Austerio as Redick kicks Austerio in face. Redick looks down at Austerio and just shrugs, but he’s wasting time as Maskell goes for the attack with a signature move he calls the “Fantastic Five”, and Redick slumps down which causes Maskell to go for the pin.


    Brian Gun is back in this as he stops the count just in time, and he quickly goes to work on Maskell as he gets Maskell in a stance to set him up for a shining wizard, and he connects with it right to the skull of Maskell, and it looks as though Maskell is out of this as Gun goes for a pin.


    Austerio is back in this as he pulls Gun outside of the ring, and quickly hits Gun with another roundhouse kick, and this time Gun looks out of it. Austerio then gets back in as Redick begins to stir, and Austerio goes for the attack on Redick, but Maskell is getting up and he then goes after Austerio. Maskell is able to connect with the “Tramp Stamp” on Austerio, and goes after Redick now. Redick is ready for it though as he pokes Maskell in the eyes, and he hits him with the “Brutal Finish”. Before Redick can go for a pin Austerio is able to stop, he pummels him before climbing up on the turnbuckle with Redick, and delivering the “Death Sentence”. He then goes for the pin.


    Your winner, and now number 1 entrant for the Rumble, Austerio!

    Austerio has his arm raised as the victor, and he goes on to the Rumble with the number 1 spot. His opponents all lay in a heap in and around the ring, he continues to celebrate his victory as the show comes to an end.

    Quick Results:
    Warren Peace defeats Ari Bravado
    DDD defeats Hannibal Howell
    Gang Stars defeat Misery
    Enigma defeats Alex Scott
    Hollywood Hash defeats Brown Storm
    Sex N Violence defeats Major League Stroke
    Austerio defeats Maskell, Gun, and Redick

    Segments by:
    Jimmy King
    A originalname
    Harry Morgan
    Mr Franchise
    Guardian Devil

    Matches by:
    Epic Andy
    Jimmy King


    I'm so sorry that is late guys, and some stuff is missing, like Jackson's promo but it will be added as soon as I get it. Like I said, it's my fault that it's not in yet, because I forgot to remind him. The Brotherhood Segment will be added in as well when I receive it, and I'm putting it up now because I want to give you guys some time to get promos in for the show next week. I should have the card up for that show either tonight, or tomorrow.

    Enjoy the show everyone.
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    Re: CWA Adrenaline Rush - Live from Augusta, ME!

    Worth the wait, top show, good job guys

    Credit to Kabel for Epic Batman Sig

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    Re: CWA Adrenaline Rush - Live from Augusta, ME!

    Very solid show people

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    Re: CWA Adrenaline Rush - Live from Augusta, ME!

    Very well done...

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    Re: CWA Adrenaline Rush - Live from Augusta, ME!

    Very good show

    Glad to see another win for Sex N Violence

    And congrats to Austerio for winning the Main Event.

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