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Thread: AMLL "La Masacre" PPV (Sept.18, '11)

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    AMLL "La Masacre" PPV (Sept.18, '11)

    Another AMLL Pay-Per-View takes place from the beautiful city of Mexico City. “La Masacre” is taking place from the “Palacio de los Deportes”. This is a historic arena where even the 1968 Summer Olympics took place. Over 20,000 fans are in attendances for this and there is no doubt this is going to be an entertaining event.
    Before the first match even begins, it is announced that a last minute injury to AMLL World Champion Joven Rajo will keep him out of the Main Event and therefore he won’t be able to defend his Title against Joseph Unitas. The injury in question is a broken ankle and this means Joven will be out for a very long time. A decision had to be made and it seems like the powers that be have decided to strip of Joven Rayo of his title. This is hard for the fans to accept, as Joven Rayo has been the champion now for over a year, defending proudly every time he stepped inside the ring.
    Anyway, Joseph Unitas will now fight for the vacant Title against an unknown opponent, who’s no strangers to Titles. Everyone in the arena is wondering who this man is…

    AMLL World Tag Team Title Match
    The Divine Thugs (Reverend Rudy & 2Fon Tastic) ©
    Los Calavera (Julio & Jose Domino)

    Last month at LuchaMania, Rudy and 2Fon won the Titles from Los Calavera. It was a classic battle with both teams giving their all. This is their rematch and there is no doubt it will be just as good. After 21 minutes of pure back and forth, Rudy is able to pin Jose after a nasty looking DDT. Both teams shake hands after it is all said and done.

    Falls Count Anywhere Match
    V Versus Sammy Santoro
    These two guys have been going at it for months now. The Italian has been making Logan’s life a living hell. The masked luchador will be looking for revenge in this match. Great and hardcore match here with Logan getting the win following a flying splash from the AMLL sign.

    Mixed Tag Match
    Bonita Garcia & Rey Guerrero Versus Lola Lopez & Pantera Jr

    In this match the men can actually fight the girls. Both Lola and Bonita held their on here against the boys. The heels’ team win this match after Pantera gets the pin on Bonita.

    #1 Contender Match to the World Title
    Miguel de Blanco Versus Sumo Asako

    Awesome match here with Miguel showing a lot of heart. In the end though, Sumo seems to be just too much for the smaller man. Sumo Asako wins this after his Sumo Drop finisher. He is now the new #1 contender to the World title.

    AMLL TV Title Match
    Cyrus Truth © Versus Abdul Akbar Alsam

    Cyrus Truth defends his Title against rugged, Abdul Akbar Alsam. Tough match for the champ and many times it looked like Alsam would take the Title…but Cyrus like a true champion, weathered the storm and got the win by submitting Alsam with a Triangle Choke.

    AMLL World Title Match
    Joseph Unitas Versus
    Roberto Superstar
    Joseph Unitas comes out first and he awaits his opponent. Everyone is on the edge of their sits, as they desperately wanna know who the surprise challenger is. After a few sseconds, Cult of Personality begins to play and out comes the one and only, Roberto Superstar. He is in AMLL!!! Unitas can’t believe it and begins complaining to the ref, but it’s no use, this match will take place. The fans meanwhile are going absolutely nuts. Roberto poses on the turnbuckles for his fans, but Unitas quickly assaults. He nails him with some punches to the head, then Irish Whips him to the ropes, but on the way back, Roberto nails him with the Edge. Roberto goes for the cover and incredibly just like that, this is one is over. Roberto is the new AMLL World Champion. Unitas complains to the ref, but once again it is no use, Roberto is the new Champion. With that the show goes off the air.

    Biggest Pop:
    1. Roberto
    2. Logan V
    3. Miguel de Blanco

    Biggest Heat:
    1. Sammy Santoro
    2. Joseph Unitas
    3. Abdul Akbar Alsam
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