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    Nickname:Mr Mainstream
    Date of Birth*:27th of April 1990
    Place of Birth:Chicago, Illinois
    Currently Residing*:Tampa, Florida
    Height*: (In foot and inches) 6ft 3
    Weight*: (In lbs) 240 lbs
    Gimmick*:Cocky, Narrastic and confident are just a few words to describe Hawk. He looks down on everyone and feels he is the greatest man that ever lived.
    Disposition*: (Babyface or Heel, No Tweeners) Heel

    Wrestling Style*: (Hardcore, Technical etc.) Technical
    Wrestling Abilities*: (Rank from 1-5, 1 being your best) Speed, Technical, Power, Brawling, Charisma.

    Signature Taunts/Poses:None
    Catchphrase:You Can Hate me now
    Entrance theme:You can hate me now by Nas

    Basic Moves*:Snap Suplex,German Suplex,Running Lariat,Dragon Suplex,MMA Knees to Skull.
    Signature Strike Moves*:Running Knee go Skull,Dropkick,Flying Forearm and Lariat into Corner.
    Signature Submission Move*:Arm Trap STF
    Regular Finishing Move*: (One only) Firewall (RKO)

    Previous Experience (If any):Hawk started in the Minor Leagues of Pro Wrestling before steeping up to the big leagues of Pro Wrestling to try his trade.

    Injury History (If any):Had a history of knee injurys in the past but looks to have got over it.

    Name of character representative*: (Please look at wrestler’s first, it makes my job so much easier than if you pick some random actor who appeared as an extra in one episode of Happy Days. Choose your character rep carefully, as you wont have a chance to change for a long time.) Zack Ryder

    Picture*: (Minimum 150x150, non-animated jpg, png etc, no gif's.)

    Promo*: (It doesn't have to be long, but you do need to write something.)

    Greatness has arrived.Yes, The Rumors are true. Hawk has put pen to paper on a multi million pound contract here in CWA. You won't have to endure that utter garbage you normally have to be put through each and every week. I will change the face of CWA forever. I will make the show actually watchable instead of trying to force yourself through watching it. Week after Week you will see me entertain everyone in Attendance and the thousands watching at home. I am certain that I am better than any of the so called "Superstars" here in CWA. I am so much better than Mr Willis and Mr Showtime who unthinkably somehow got their grubby little hands on the world title. I am the greatest man that even lived.

    You Can Hate Me Now.


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    Re: Hawk

    Quote Originally Posted by OctoberFalls View Post
    I am the greatest man that even lived.
    No, that would be Warren Peace.

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