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    Cesar Pineda

    [ Name Information ]
    In Ring Name: Cesar Pineda
    User Forum Name: Rey De Reyes
    Real Name: Andrés Cesar Pineda
    Nicknames:" The Mexican Nightmare"
    [ Basic Details ]
    From:Chicago, Illinois
    Weight:195 lbs
    Alignment: Face
    Birth Date:June 27 1987
    Age: 24

    Entrance Music:
    -“The Calm" By Drake

    Entrance Description: As Drake begins to rap Cesar walks out from behind the curtain and stands in the center of the stage. The lights in the arena dim and a spotlight is put on him. Pineda looks around the arena and mouths the words to the song before walking down the ramp putting up the gang sign of the "Latin Kings" ignoring the hands of the fans. Pineda gets in the ring and stands on the turnbuckle and puts up the gang hand sign of the Latin Kings. Pineda takes off the jacket he wore to the ring and hands it to an attendant at ringside before pacing around the interior of the ring as he awaits his opponent/ the ring bell.

    Championship Entrance: As Drake begins to rap Cesar walks out from behind the curtain with the championship around his waist and stands center stage. Pineda removes the Championship from his waist and holds it up with one arm, before slinging it over his shoulder as the lights dim in the arena and a spotlight is placed on him. Pineda walks down the ramp putting mouthing the lyrics to his entrance theme, championship still on his shoulder, before entering the ring. Once in the ring Pineda ascends the nearest turnbuckle and holds up the championship before hopping down and handing his jacket and championship to an attendant at ringside.

    [ Exterior Scrutiny ]
    Pic Base/Poser: Anthony "Showtime" Pettis
    Eye Colour: Brown
    Hair Colour: Brown

    General Appearance: Hair is cut short but Pineda occasionally grows it out to have faux hawk. Has four tattoos; Has "Pineda" written on his upper back, "El Rey De Reyes" written in cursive on his upper left arm, ALKN (Almight Latin King Nation) written on his upper right arm, and C.A.P. (The initials of his new born son, Cristiano Antonio Pineda) on the underside of his right wrist.

    Out Of Ring Outfit: Outfits vary depending on the weather but usually dresses casually outside of the ring wearing numerous different FORM Athletics shirts, cargo shorts or different types of jeans.

    Entrance outfit: Basically the same as below except, Pineda wears a black and yellow "Latin Kings" fleece jacket with no shirt under it.

    In Ring Outfit:Wears no shirt, Black or White MMA style shorts with a dark yellow trim (occasionally will have a red and green trim on special occasions), and a black elbow pad on his right elbow. Removes his rosary and has MMA style gloves on both hands.

    [ In Ring Attributes ]
    Years Wrestling: 6
    Debut: July 14 2005
    Allies: none
    Trained By: Homicide, & American Top Team
    Promotions Wrestled Under: ROG, CGS, PWN, CAW, and Takedown
    Activities participating in outside of wrestling: recreational soccer, boxing/mma, blogging, social networking, family time

    Championship / Achievement History:
    Undefeated in The Last Man Standing Mexican Death Match.
    CAW Ultraviolent Champion (X1) *Final Champion*
    OWW Takedown Challenge Champion (x3) *Final Champion*

    Primary Wrestling Style: Luchador
    Secondary Style: MMA/ Muay Thai
    Weak Point: Greco Roman style wrestling

    Wrestling Abilities:
    1. Brawling
    2. Speed
    3. Charisma
    4. Power
    5. Technical

    Persona: Millitant Street Thug who is a member of the street gang The Latin Kings
    Tends To: Brag, insult others, disrespect opponent, represent The Latin Kings
    Will Never: Go against The Latin Kings, or his family.
    Preferred Weapon: Steel Chair, Thumbtacks

    [ Moveset ]
    Commonly Used Moves:
    -450 Splash
    -Belly-to-Belly Overhead Suplex
    -Crucifix Powerbomb-
    -Pelé Kick-
    -Rolling Suplex into Falcon Arrow
    -Shining Wizard
    -Single leg boston crab
    -Sitout double underhook powerbomb
    -Sitout scoop slam piledriver
    -Spinning heel Kick
    -Spinning Neckbreaker

    Signature Moves:
    -Bullet To The Back (Double Underhook Backbreaker)
    -Cierre La Boca (Step up enzugri)
    -Dormirse Cabron (Sitout scoop slam piledriver)
    -Fliping The Bird (Puts up his middle finger before performing The Shooting Star Press)
    -Frog Splash
    -Tributo a La Mejor (Michinoku Driver II)
    -Super Mex (Moonsault off ring apron to opponent on the outside)
    -Da 187 (Super Kick)

    Signature Submission: Mala Suerte (Sharp Shooter)

    Primary Finisher Name: Chicago Nightmare
    Description: Double Underhook Piledriver

    Notable Feuds:
    -Derek Levy
    -Jarek Synkaid
    -PG Hewson
    -Steve Storme
    -Wade Wilson

    Notable Tag Teams/ Stables:
    -The Entourage( w/ Ryan Evans & Derek Levy)
    -The Hispanic Descent (w/ Jose Ricardo & Ella Perez)
    -The Vicious Circle (w/ Steve Storme & Aesha)

    Promo*: This is a RP I did for my most recent match in Takedown

    Quote Originally Posted by Rey De Reyes View Post
    The Final Part of a 3 Part Series: “The Ride”

    ***What Am I Afraid Of?***

    The scene opens in urban neighborhood darkened by the blackness of night with the only source of light coming from numerous street lights lining the sidewalks. The humming of the street lights can be heard throughout the neighborhood along with the sound of police sirens in the background. The sounds of the urban neighborhoods night life is interrupted by the sounds of footsteps. As the footsteps start to get louder and louder a lone silhouette starts to appear, becoming illuminated by the humming street lights. The silhouette finally comes into the light and is revealed to be Cesar Pineda, dressed in a classic Chicago Bulls jersey, black jean shorts, retro Jordan shoes, and a Chicago black snapback hat on.

    As Cesar walks past the street lights his facial features start to become visible showing him to look completely different from how he usually looks. His usual facial hair and diamond studded earrings are no were to be seen as he continues to walk down the seemingly endless sidewalk, with a backpack on his back and a Walkman in his hand. Cesar walk down the sidewalk finally comes to an end as he approaches a small well-kept black house, and walks toward the front door. As he approaches the front door he sees a small boy sitting on the front steps of the house, seemingly waiting for something. Cesar walks up to the boy and the boy throws a small punch at him playfully as Cesar smiles and gives the boy a high-five.

    Cesar- Ey, what are you still doing up man? It’s like 9:30, shouldn’t you be in bed by

    Little Boy- He still hasn’t come home yet.

    A look of displeasure comes over the face of Cesar as he takes off his backpack and tosses it to the side and sits next to the little boy.

    Cesar- We’ll wait here for him man don’t worry.

    Little Boy- He promised to take me to karate practice and never showed.

    Cesar- I’m sure he had a good reason. You know with his job…… he gets busy a lot, so don’t be completely mad at him.

    The little boy twiddles his thumbs a little before looking up at Cesar and beginning.

    Little Boy- I hate his job. Everytime he tells ma that he has to go to work, they get into an argument and then he breaks his promises.


    Cesar looks out into the sky and ponders the words of the little boy as they run through his head, repeating over and over again.

    Cesar- Next time you have karate practice, I’ll take off work and take you. I’ll watch the whole class while you show how we Pineda boys kick ass. Deal?

    The little boy looks up at Cesar and smiles before nodding his head in agreement. Cesar looks down at his watch before looking down the street. As he looks down the street he notices a black sedan approaching the house.

    Cesar- See Marcos, I told you he’d be here soon. Just try not to bug him about breaking his promise. He’s probably got a good reason as to why he couldn’t make it home on time.

    As the car approaches Cesar and his younger brother Marcos stand up and wait for the car doors to open. When the doors to the cars open, two sharply dressed men exit and approach the two.

    Man #1- Is this the home of Reynaldo Pineda?

    Cesar nods his head and folds his arms attempting to figure out who the men are and why they are here.

    Man #2- Is you mom home at all?

    Cesar- Naw, her and my older brother Ivan are still at work. It’s just me and my little brother Marcos right now.

    The two men start to whisper to each other pointing and making eye contact with Cesar and his young brother before one of the men turns and makes his way towards the car.

    Man #1- I’m gonna need you to send your younger brother in the house for a minute son.

    Marcos tugs on Cesars jersey and shakes his head no at the idea of sending him in the house.

    Cesar- Naw, whatever you have to tell me you can say in front of my little brother. You see the neighborhood we live in, he can handle it.

    The man puts his hand over his head and mutters an expletive before hesitantly reaching in his pocket and pulling out a picture. He motions for Cesar to come towards him and he does before beginning.

    Man #1- Son…… is this your father, Reynaldo Pineda?

    Cesar grabs the picture and looks at in shock as he sees his father with a white sheet covering his entire body except for his head. His fathers open eyes stare back at him in shock as Cesar tosses the picture back at the man as the world seems to stand still at this very moment.

    Man #1- We found your father, in a house stabbed to death, alone.

    Cesar begins to shake his head hoping to wake up from this nightmarish reality that he’s living at the moment.

    Man #1- From what we’ve seen it seems like a robbery gone bad. I’m terribly sorry for
    your lose son and if there is anything we can do please…….

    The words of the man start to fade out as tears begin to flow from the eyes of Cesar. His whole body becomes numb as the reality that his father will never come home quickly starts to set in. He grabs his little brother Marcos and hugs him tight as his little brothers words continue to ring in his head.

    Marcos- Andres, where’s Dad at? I thought you said that he’d be home soon.

    Pineda continues to cry with his younger brother in his arms as the scene starts to pull out completely before abruptly ending with Cesar jumping out of his sleep sweating profusely. He looks around the unfamiliar hotel room and notices the bright rays of the California sun coming through the curtains of the hotel balcony door. Cesar wipes the sweat from off of his face and leans on the edge of the bed and tries to figure out why he keeps having to relive the nightmare he experienced over ten years ago.

    The door leading to his hotel room opens and Cesar turns to see his brother Marcos walking into the room holding Cesars infant son Christiano in his arms. The fear and sorrow that Pineda experienced in his dream seem to fade away as he sees the beautiful face of his baby son. Marcos signals to Cesar that his son is sleeping and to be quite as he sits down in a chair across from Cesar. The reality of what could possibly happen when he faces Derek Levy in the Last Man Standing Death Match finally starts to set in as he looks at his brother and his son. The reality of, he could possibly be out of a job and left with no type of income if he loses to Derek finally starts to set in for him. He thinks about how he is the closest thing to a father figure for his brother and the main provider for his family in Chicago and his broken/ hidden family in Vegas. Losing at Edge of Glory want just affect him but his entire family and for the first time Cesar realizes that the outcome of this one match could change his entire life completely. Throughout this whole realization Cesar cant take his eyes of his son, who he now realizes is one of the only reasons that he stays in one business and has to get out of another one.

    Marcos- Andres, you aight?

    Cesar looks from his son to his younger brother and nods his head “yes” as he starts to think about how he has to win to give his brother hope for his chance to break into one business and leave the dream of another one behind. His brother reaches in his pocket and tosses Cesar his iPhone that Cesar now notices is missing from the night stand next to the bed.

    Marcos- While you were sleep, Carmen was blowing up your phone man. Guess you forgot to tell me that I would get to hang with my nephew for the whole day while his mom and her new boy go chill all around L.A.

    Cesar- Yea man, me and Jasmine got hella drunk with Eric after you and that one chick left back for the hotel.

    Marcos- Ey Andres, I gotta talk to you about something man.

    Cesar- Aww Marcos, don’t tell me you slept with that girl with no protection?!?! Come on man, I told you about that stuff, you always gotta make sure you packing rubbers.

    Marcos- Naw naw man, that isn’t it. It’s about this wrestling stuff.

    Cesar raises and eyebrow and looks at his brother curiously, for the simple fact that of all the people in his life Marcos has never questioned or brought up Cesars wrestling career.

    Marcos- I’ve known you my entire life, and as long as I’ve known you, the only time I’ve seen you covered in sweat and tossing and turning in your sleep is when you’re nervous or scared about something.

    Cesar lays back on the bed as he anticipates what his brother is about to say.

    Marcos- And every time that stuff happens I know you had that dream about, dad. Basically what I’m trying to say is what are you gonna do if you lose this match?

    Marcos points at Cesar’s son Christiano and himself before continuing.

    What are WE gonna do if you lose this match man?

    Cesar closes his eyes and the visual of Derek Levy and the Militia standing over him with the Challenge Championship from the final Takedown TV appears causing anger and fear to consume him before answering.

    Cesar- I don’t know man.

    Marcos and Cesar both look at Christiano as the scene fades to black.

    ***I Call This ish The Calm, but I’m The Furthest Thing From Calm.***

    The scene fades back in and we see Cesar Pineda sitting at the bar area of a well decorated Condo. The furniture and color scheme follows a very modern and monochromatic style with numerous Championship belts and framed wrestling shorts adorned around the room. Cesar stands up and admires one of the Championship belts and shows himself to be wearing a black and white Chicago Cubs hat, black and white Young Money shirt, tan cargo shorts and white and black low cut van shoes. As he analyzes the belt a small smirk appears on his face as he knocks on the plate of the Takedown Challenge Championship. He reminisces on the night when he won this very championship from Alyster Black and how a month later Carmen finally told him she was having a little boy after months of keeping Cesar guessing.

    His past memories are interrupted by the sound of approaching foot steps. As the figure gets closer and steps in front of sunlight coming into the room from two big windows, the figure is revealed to be Steve Storme. Steve Storme is dressed in stylish ripped dark jeans, black and white checkered Vans and a tight-fitting black zip-up top with the hood down. As he approaches he motions for Pineda to sit down at the bar with him before tossing Cesar a beer.

    Storme- I used to get lonely up here in this condo when I would go on break from wrestling. Coming home to an empty home is probably one of the worst feelings a person can have, but what makes it even worse is when you have the opportunity to have someone with you but you continue to push them away.

    Cesar looks around Stormes condo and tries to figure out why he would ever get lonely in such a lavish place like this and in a as lively as this.

    Storme- To the people on the outside looking in the life of a professional wrestler seems great. Getting to travel to different places every week or month, having the attention of numerous people no matter were you go. It sounds good but the truth behind all of that stuff is that the world of professional wrestling is the most messed up and corrupt life style that anyone could chose to live. But then again why am I telling you this, your apart of The Latin Kings street gang AND the wrestling business. You know all about living a messed up and corrupt life, far better than me my friend.

    Cesar- What if I were to tell you that I’m planning on giving up on one of those corrupt lifestyles?

    Storme shoots an inquisitive look at Cesar

    Storme- Why would you want to give up something that gives you a steady source of income and something you worked so hard to build your name up in?

    Cesar simply looks at Storme and shrugs his shoulders before sipping from his beer again and Storme does the same.

    Cesar- So, this third person you got for are group.... you sure they can be trusted?

    Storme- I’d put my life in their hands, if that answers your question.

    Cesar- Yea, but see I mean the reason I ask is because the last time I was in a group my partner was trying to screw me over at every chance he had I’m just trying to make sure, it doesn’t happen again.

    Storme- You can be sure that this person isn’t gonna pull a Derek and pussy foot around the fact that they don’t like you or pretend to be your friend just to get a little further. This person will be completely 100 about their feelings about you, and that’s why we have such a good relationship.

    Cesar- I wouldn’t call you two’s relationship good.

    Storme and Pineda both laugh and finish their drinks before staring out at the setting California sun over the trees and hills.

    Storme- When we get to Sacramento for the Pay-Per-View, I want you to know that I have your back. I want you to know that we’ve all got your back, and we aren’t in this thing to stab you in your back or use you to elevate our spots in this company. I just gotta know if you have my back? If you have OUR back?

    Pineda winces as the sunlight starts to beam in his face before answering Storme.

    Pineda- Is that even a question that you should ask a gang member, who has the back of anyone that reps the same colors he wears, no matter who they are?

    Storme laughs casually to himself before putting his hood on his jacket up as the sun sets and the screen fades to black.

    ***You Promised Me, You Would Never Change Up***

    The scene slowly fades back in the beautiful night of California, at the brightly lit private section of the pool at the Hotel Cesar and his family are staying at. Cesar brother Marcos sits across from Cesar, who is holding Jasmine on his lap, in the Jacuzzi. Cesar pours a shot for himself as Carmen and Marcos laugh at him as the shot burns his throat and chest going down.

    Jasmine- Why is it that every time I’m with you, you always seem to end up drunk?

    Marcos- Maybe that’s a sign of something for you.

    Jasmine and Marcos laugh as Jasmine splashes water on him.

    Cesar- You should know by now that I’m never fully drunk when I’m with you. If I was drunk you would never have a good time.

    Cesar kisses Jasmine on her neck and catches the sweet scent of her perfume, finally realizing that he’s truly happiest when he’s with her.

    Jasmine- You ready to watch my boy take out Derek in Sacramento?

    Marcos- I’m out here with him aint I?

    Jasmine- Don’t be a smart ass Marcos.

    Cesar- Out of everybody in my life Marcos is probably the only person who I know believes that I can win against Derek, 100%.

    Jasmine turns and faces Cesar wrapping her arms around him.

    Jasmine- Good thing you said probably the only person because, he’s not the only person that 100% believes you can win against Derek.

    Cesar and Jasmine begin to kiss passionately before she exits the Jacuzzi and grabs Pineda by his hand and leads him out of the Jacuzzi and waves bye to Marcos as her and Pineda re-enter the hotel.

    45 Minutes to an Hour Later.

    Cesar stands at the door of his hotel room as Jasmine stands with her bags and her eyes shielded by sunglasses. She kisses Pineda before walking down the hall-way towards the elevator, casually looking back at Cesar.

    Cesar walks back into his room and notices he has a new message from Carmen. He smiles as he looks through the text history between him and Carmen that has been going on since he was at Steve’s house earlier in the day.

    Cesar: “I’m just saying you could do better than, the dude your with now Carmen”
    Carmen: “True, but at the moment your having way to much fun sleeping with my COUSIN!!”
    Cesar: “I’m guessing you’re a little mad bout that huh?”
    Carmen: “Just a little bit, but then again I’m sure when you’re in her I’m the only thought that’s in your head
    Cesar: “Besides my brother, your the only person that truly knows me and I can express my true feelings to and be my self around. I want you to know that when I’m with her it’s just about the sex and nothing more.”
    Carmen: “………..Me and Edgar are about to go get something to eat, Eric has Chris so don’t worry.”
    Cesar: “Carmen, I love you”
    Carmen: “I love you too Andres.”

    Fade to Black

    The scene slowly fades back in to a room blanketed by darkness except for in the center were a spotlight illuminates. Through the illuminatation from the spotlight Cesar Pineda casually walks towards the center wearing a black Super E “Entourage” T, black fitted jeans and black and white nick shocks.

    Cesar- Derek me and you both know that this hatred me and you have for each other isn’t gonna go away whether I win or you win at Edge of Glory. See the hatred that me and you have for you want just end because one of us won or retained a title or picked up a victory over the other, because its not just a wrestling storyline rivalry. Our hatred for each other carries on to the world outside of the squared circle. It carries over onto the official Takedown board’s on and it carries over into other companies with other superstars who have no idea who the hell YOU are.

    Alright I’m gonna go ahead and go in on you bro because I’m starting to get tired of this stuff. Ever since you came back you kept talking about how The Silver Phoenix was gonna rise and claim the Challenge Championship because it was your destiny to hold that title. How long did it take you to win that Championship since you came back? I’m gonna say like 4 or 5 Months. How long did it take for me to win my title back after losing it. Like 2 or 3 months and I won it in a match that you claimed and swore up and down that you were gonna finally fulfill your destiny in.

    After I beat you in that match you bitched and moaned about how I screwed you over in the match by rolling you up. Let me go ahead and ask you how the hell did I screw your punk ass over if I pinned your shoulders to the mat 1.2.3? I almost guarantee your punk ass is gonna try and do your generic trash talk and insult my family, my father, my reputation and all that stuff that your predictable ass always does and I’m just gonna let you know that no body want’s to hear that ish.

    You know what happens to a phoenix after a while? I’ll give you a hint, it dies bitch. It dies and then comes back to life again having to try and scrape and crawl its way to the spot that it was at before it died. That’s whats gonna happen to you Derek. I’m not in it to win your little belt because I could care less about that ish or did you bitches in Takedown forget about when I showed up on CGS wrestling and through the damn belt in the trash on the debut episode?

    I’m done playing these games with you Derek. It’s getting old and the stuff has gotten boring to me so I’m gonna tell you and I’m gonna tell your boy Aaron Kendrick. Wait speaking of Aaron Kendrick, stop using my name to try and make yourself seem like you matter in this company. And stop saying I never pinned you or submitted you in a match because I made you tap in a triple threat elimination match and I pinned your ass on the final Takedown TV so S.T.F.U.

    Derek, Aaron Kendrick, and any body else that’s trying to **** me off lately, don’t try me anymore because I don’t need Takedown as bad as you guys do so I truly have nothing to lose.

    Cesar takes his the black Entourage shirt off and throws it at the camera as the screen fades to black.
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    Re: Cesar Pineda

    The Real Rock N' Rolla

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    Re: Cesar Pineda

    Take Care
    Intro: "Over My Dead Body"

    "They're Trying to Take You Away From Me. Only Over My Dead Body.."

    The scene slowly fades in from darkness to an overshot view of the Vegas skyline. The sun sits in the sky, casting itself off of the windows of the numerous buildings of downtown Vegas, beaming down. The scene shifts to the front of a building with the words "The Martin" written above the entrance way of the building. Inside the building the door to a condo is open and we see Cesar Pineda and his younger brother Marcos Pineda, both wearing gym shorts and black wife beaters, moving furniture into place and telling movers were to place the final boxes. As the workers finish Cesar and Marcos thank them before sitting at the bar counters located in the open kitchen area of the Condo.

    In front of Cesar sits a large tan envelope with "Rush Mail" printed on the from of it. As the workers leave and close the door behind them a silence engulfs the room as Cesar attempts to avoid opening the envelope. His brother Marcos reaches over and grabs the envelope opening it up and reading the papers in it.

    Marcos- We've done a lot in these last four months man. You quit Takedown Wrestling and closed down, Ivan got locked up, you told Eric that his sisters son Cristiano is your son with her, Ivan got me out of the Latin Kings, Ma moved to Mexico, and we left Chicago and live here.

    Marcos puts the papers back into the envelope and slides it down to Cesar who opens it up and finally reads over the papers inside of it.

    Cesar- It's been a crazy year for us ey Marcos? But I think that we're gonna make it through the rest of the year without anymore of the b.s. problems. I don't have to worry about the stress of you and the Latin Kings or any of the bull that went on with Takedown. I can now focus on getting your name out there as a fighter and me raising my son.

    Cesar smiles as he thinks about all of the major changes and improvements in his life since leaving the wrestling world. Cesar's smile quickly fades as he looks back at the contract and his brother begins.

    Marcos- We finally got away from all of that bull and stress that came with you being a wrestler and your going back to all of it.

    Cesar continues to look at the papers before glancing over at his brother.

    Cesar- Ivan might have gotten you out of the Latin Kings, but he didn't get me out. I'm still in debt to them for everything they did to help me get trained and finance me to travel around the world as a wrestler. We might of moved away from Chicago and the Latin Kings, but I still owe them and until I pay them off or we get you to the position in MMA were we need you to be, I gotta keep wrestling.

    Marcos- What if that time never comes? What if you keep having to borrow money from the Latin Kings to pay for expenses? What if your son ends up joining the Latin Kings? What if you never get away from them?

    Cesar laughs silently to himself before taking a pen out of his pocket and signing the papers. He puts the papers in the envelope and walks towards the full body windows in his new condo, looking out at all the people below him before answering his brother.

    Cesar- Someone once told me "There's no ifs in life. There's only it happened or it didn't." With me going back to wrestling I'm making sure that none of those things that you said, ever happens. We we'll have paid the Latin Kings off by this time next year.

    Cesar turns around and looks at his brother who grins at Cesar before Cesar can finish.

    Cesar- Cristiano, my son, your nephew, will never join the Latin Kings or have anything to do with them. The only way he'll join or have anything to do with the Latin Kings is......over my dead body.

    The scene fades to black as Cesar turns back towards the windows and looks out into the horizon as the camera focuses in on the envelope that has Clique Wrestling Alliance printed at the bottom of it.

    "I Think I Killed Everybody In The Game Last Year.."

    The scene returns from black to an empty dimly lit arena, with just a wrestling ring sat in the middle of it. Footsteps can be heard in the distance approaching the ring. The footsteps continue to get louder and louder as they person behind them get closer. As the person gets closer and the light begins to illuminate the figure is revealed to be Cesar Pineda. Cesar is dressed in a black and white custom Cesar Pineda, Under Ground Kings Varsity Jacket, a white and black Form Athletics T-Shirt, black jeans and black and white supra shoes. Cesar enters the ring and leans on the ropes looking around the empty arena before beginning.

    Cesar- Looking back on everything that I did this year, I gotta admit that I was on. I had my first child, I won the Takedown Challenge Championship twice becoming the final Challenge Champion in the companies existence. I won the CAW Ultraviolent Championship and then managed to take out one of my biggest rivals/enemies Derek Levy in a match that I'm undefeated in. I did a lot in this one year but I still decided to walk away from it all. I choose to focus on my personal life and focus on my brothers career as a MMA fighter. I was on but still walked away from the wrestling world because I thought that I could and come back and be on the top.

    I thought wrong though, because when I was ready to come back to my home company, Takedown Wrestling I was told that the company would be shutting down and I could participate in the farewell show. I declined that ish because to me that was just a way to make all of us who put so much in Takedown, happy. After Takedown closed I thought about retiring from professional wrestling altogether but then I remembered CWA. I remembered that they had told me that the door was always open for me to join the company, so I shot them an email and they sent me a contract. I signed the contract knowing that I would have to start at the bottom and work my way back to the top.

    I'm putting the entire CWA roster on notice from now, until I win my first title I'll be looking to make examples out of each and everyone of my opponents. I already had majority of the Takedown roster's name on the back of my "One Gringo At A Time" shirt and I'm thinking that I bring the "One Gringo At A Time" movement to CWA wrestling. I've got a son to take care of and my younger brother to manage as he tries to become a MMA Fighter. For my first opponent here in CWA I say this to you..."Don't be scared homie, because the nightmare will be over for you real soon".

    Cesar turns and exits the ring as the camera fades to black.

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    Re: Cesar Pineda

    Blogpost from the (Cesar Pineda's official Website).

    Nightmares and Light Dreams

    Me at my FINAL Takedown Press Conference
    It's been quite sometime since I've posted a blog on here since I've had a lot of things going on. As most of you might know, me and my former manager/best friend Eric Uribe aren't really cool anymore. It's no secret to ANYONE anymore that me and Eric's younger sister Carmen were dating and just 9 months ago had a child together, our son Cristiano. I've got a lot of questions from numerous reporters and fans asking why I kept the fact that I had a kid secret to almost everybody and the answer to that is that it didn't seem like something that the wrestling world needed to know about and I wasn't quite sure how to tell my best friend that I was having sex with his sister while she was still in high school (She was 18 at the time relax people). I recently left my home in Chicago and moved to Las Vegas and being closer to my son was a big part of my decision to leave Chi-Town but another factor that kinda had a hand in me leaving Chicago was to get away from the Latin Kings. Am I still apart of the Latin Kings? For sure. Am I involved in the street aspects of the gang? Haven't been involved in that since I was 16. Do I still support the Latin Kings in everything that they do? Not everything but I do support them as a loyal member.

    Professional Wrestling is and always will be something that I'm passionate about but in my last 3 months of wrestling for Takedown Wrestling I began to hate every aspect of the business. Getting injured in the Last Man Standing Mexican Death Match against Derek Levy was truly a blessing for me. One reason it was a blessing was because I won back my Challenge Championship and broke down Derek, but it was also a blessing because it gave me a chance to step away for a while. When the company had announced that it would be closing and wanted me to come back to wrestle for the final show, I was more than happy to decline there offer and walk away with the Challenge Championship in my possession. The Takedown Challenge Championship sits in my living room in a trophy case and every time I wake up in the morning and see it, it makes me want to step back into the ring. Winning the Takedown Challenge Championship and the CAW Ultraviolent Championship were some of the best times in my wrestling career and the reason they were some of the best times because at the times I won the title the companies were on point with booking, production and made me actually wanting to keep coming back to compete and get my paycheck. After my final run in the dying Takedown I was extremely tempted to get back into the street aspects along with my younger and older brother and thats why I was glad I got to take a break and eventually leave the company. Now that I have the urge to return to wrestling, I really have no where to return to so I have to almost restart my entire wrestling career here on the mainstream circuit of professional wrestling.

    In my downtime from wrestling and training my brother (He's trying to become a MMA Fighter), I started to watch CWA and was extremely impressed with everything that the company had to offer and was shocked to see numerous guys that I had competed against in Takedown wrestling and putting on high caliber match ups in this company. After a couple of months of watching the company I decided to get in contact with the head of CWA Talent Relations and we worked out a deal for me to sign a one and a half year contract with the company. To answer the questions that have been floating around the dirt sheets, I have indeed signed with CWA. I'm still waiting on the official word as to when I will officially start with the company but I'm hoping that I will be booked for a match as soon as the next card.

    When I finally do make my debut with the company I'm officially bringing back the "One Gringo At A Time Movement". Am I racist against white americans? Ehh a little bit. Is the "One Gringo At A Time Movement" a racist movement? Not at all, it's actually a movement that causes everybody who I reveal to be the next "addition" to it, to step there game up so there name doesn't get crossed off my list. Once I'm done with the "One Gringo At A Time Movement" here in CWA I'll move on to PWN and start crossing wrestlers over there off my list but until then don't be scared homies because the nightmare is just beginning.

    -Cesar Pineda

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    Re: Cesar Pineda

    Blogpost from the (Cesar Pineda's official website).

    Nightmares and Light Dreams Tour: Prep. Work

    A lot of you already know this but my debut with CWA will be happening hella soon and s**t has ben stressful lately. Between balancing spending time with my son, training with my brother, and getting things in order for my debut I haven't had time to let everybody know why I decided to call my first six months in CWA a tour.

    The reason I'm calling the first six months in CWA a tour is because no ones ever done it. My fans and haters haven't seen me compete in over six months and now I gotta prove that I'm back and I'm still the same Cesar Pineda that left the business. Official dates for the tour want be released until I officially know when I'm gonna be competing for CWA but......s**t I guarantee when the tour starts and the "One Gringo At A Time" Movement starts to get in full swing everyone will be talking about it.

    I'm throwing my all into this whole tour planning out every detail of it and training hard for it so that I can make my "One Gringo At A Time" movement as big of a success as it was in Takedown Wrestling. This tour will not affect me spending time with my son or training with and getting my brother ready for his upcoming fights. I'll be in Vegas for 4 out of the 7 days of the week to be with my family and to prep for upcoming matches.

    This will be my final blogpost for a while as I got a lot of things to get ready for with my debut coming soon but, sometime throughout the tour I'll post another blog updating everyone on the success of failure of my "One Gringo At A Time" movement but until then, take care.
    -Cesar Pineda

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    Re: Cesar Pineda

    Take Care
    "Over My Dead Body": Part 2

    The scene opens into a crowded dimly lit auditorium filled with cheering fans. An eight sided cage stands in the middle of the auditorium with majority of the lights in the auditorium placed directly on the cage. In the center stands a referee wearing a black shirt and black pants, patiently waiting. The scene shifts to the backstage area of the auditorium in the locker room area, were we see Cesar Pineda sitting on a bench along side other trainers and coaches, watching his younger brother Marcos shadow box. Cesar smiles as he watches his brother prepare for his upcoming fight. Cesar stands up and makes his way to towards the bath room area and closes the door behind him, locking it. As Cesar sits in the bathroom he looks at himself in the mirror, noticing the stress and worry that is clearly displayed for him in the mirror.

    The stress, coming from attempting to spend time with his son, Cristiano, and be a good role model for him and Marcos. Stress also from the strained relationship between himself, Cristiano's mother Carmen, and Cristiano's uncle and Cesar's ex-mentor, Eric.

    The worry, coming from what could possibly happen to his brother, and his son should something happen to him financially or physically. Worry from what can and will happen to him should his debut with CWA goes downhill. Worry from what the Latin Kings will do to him should he not be able to fill the void left when his older brother Ivan went to jail.

    Cesar runs some water and splashes it on his face before taking out a bottle of pills and takes three of them before turning on the water again and cuffing enough in his hands to help swallow the pills. Cesar looks at his tattoo on his wrist, reading C.A.P. (Cristiano Antonio Pineda) and places his hand overt it before leaving the bathroom and returning to his watching his brother. As his brother continues to shadow box a man enters the room and tells them "its time to go."

    A look of worry comes over the face of Marcos as his coaches and trainers wait for him to start the long walk that Cesar has done numerous times down corridors in venues all over the state. Marcos stands, almost completely stricken by fear until Cesar puts his hand on his shoulder and begins.

    Cesar- You got this. No matter what's going on out there, just know that I'm in your corner and will always be in your corner until YOU say your done. Alright?

    Marcos looks up at Cesar and smirks before starting towards the door.

    Marcos- Thats what I tell you before all of your matches. I needed to hear that man. We got this.

    As Marcos begins his walk down the corridor Cesar and Marcos's coaches and trainers follow closely behind. Cesar becomes more and more nervous as the roar of the crowd grows louder and louder. In a short amount of time Cesar would experience the same feeling again as he makes his debut for CWA. But unlike tonight, he won't have "pills" to calm him down. The buzz from the pills begins to kick in giving Cesar a slight high as his brother turns and looks at him in assurance before walking through the curtain as the fans scream and cheer. The adrenaline from the fans cheers, fills Cesars body as he walks behind his brother, anxiously awaiting his turn to use that adrenaline in the ring when he returns to wrestling.

    As his brother prepares to enter the cage, he turns and gives his coaches and trainers a hug before embracing Cesar with a hug and making his way into the cage. Cesar looks around the auditorium and sees a beautiful hispanic girl, who he realizes to be the mother of his son Cristiano, his ex-girlfriend, Carmen. Her and Cesar catch eyes and she smiles slightly before a man comes and places his arm around her. Cesar raises an eyebrow and smiles before turning back to the cage as the screen fades to black.

    The scene fades back in from black and we see Cesar standing outside of his brothers locker room. He wears a black and white U.G.K. letterman's jacker over a black v-neck shirt, black jeans with black and white Supra shoes. As he stands he closes his eyes and thinks of the problems that he currently is going through wondering "When they will all finally end and things will begin to become better? Could this win from his brother, be the beginning of his problems beginning to end?" As he stands in thought he can feel himself beginning to come down from his high.

    As he slowly starts to come down from his high footsteps can be heard coming near him the corridor. Cesar ignores them until the footsteps get closer and closer before stopping near him. Cesar refuses to look at who the footsteps belongs to but immediately knows whose they belong to as he gets a whiff of the aroma now filling the corridor.

    Carmen- Marcos looked good out there. I never would have expected him to be into a brutal as this one.

    Cesar turns his head towards Carmen and almost scoffs at her beautiful presence. Her long black hair, curled and flowing down her back, lip gloss adoring her lips, her shirt tightly hugging her body along with her pants and stiletto heels, Cesars one weakness when it comes to women. She clutches her hand bag as she looks at Cesar, almost attempting to force him to speak back with her.

    Carmen- I hear your going to back to wrestling. After six months of being away from it and getting the chance to bond with our son, I thought you would have seen that it does nothing but complicate things.

    Cesar laughs and shakes his head as Carmen continues.

    Carmen- Remember "Cesar Pineda" when your time as a wrestler is over the only people that will be there to stand in your corner is your son, and your brothers. I know Marcos will stand by you throughout your little career but your son....well you'll be lucky if your son even knows your his father with how long you'll be on the road not able to see him.

    Cesar laughs and points to the tattoo of his sons initials on his wrist.

    Cesar- I'll make sure I see my son a lot even though I'm on the road because, he's the closes thing to sanity that I have in my life right now. But.....lord knows that you would love to take that away from me...since you can't have me to yourself anymore. Remember how happy you were when I told you I was injured and thinking about leaving the business ey Carmen? Well I'm sad to say, the bitch we know as wrestling want leave me alone and I can't break up with her so you'll have to wait.

    Carmen laughs and begins to walk away. As she walks away she says one las t thing to Cesar.

    Carmen- I already let the bitch known as wrestling take you from me, that's why me and our son moved on.

    The scene fades to black as Marcos exits the dressing room beaming at Cesar with his duffle bag over his shoulder.

    "You say I'm Old News, Well Who's The New Star? Cause If I'm Going Anywhere, It's Probably To Far."

    The scene opens to a room filled with darkness. The darkness is broken by the light from coming from a lit cigarette seemingly in the hand of a figure sitting in a chair. The lit cigarette moves up wards and cast light upon the face of the inure before a string is pled in the room causing a single light bulb to turn on revealing the figure to be Cesar Pineda. Cesar takes a long drag from the cigarette before tossing it to the side.

    Cesar- I've always hated the smell and the taste of cigarettes and every couple of years I chose to smoke one to remind myself why I hate em. My brother Ivan, although a gangster that never completed high school told me once that "everyone needs to be reminded of things every so often." My brothers words have never been so true. The wrestling world seems to have forgotten about who Cesar Pineda is. The wrestling world and CWA seems to think that Cesar Pineda is a joke and is old news. The wrestling world and CWA seem to think that my time is over and that the "One Gringo At A Time Movement" is old news. They all think that its time for me to go away before I even get a chance to make my debut. They think me, my "One Gringo At A Time Movement" and my "Nightmares and Light Dreams tour" is nothing more than false hype. They all think that my records, my titles, my victories are all nothing but things of the past that mean nothing in this game of the future.

    They think all of these things but...their all in for a rude awakening when it comes time for me to finally start my time here in CWA. CWA needs to realize that what I'm about to bring to this company is nothing to take lightly and that since the booking team hasn't let me know when I'm going to debut yet, the "One Gringo At A Time Movement" is only gonna get meaner. Take Care.

    The scene fades to black as Cesar pulls the string cutting out the light.

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    Re: Cesar Pineda

    I thought that since I haven't been showcasing my best RP's here in CWA I'd post the ones I've been doing in another e-fed. My RP's here are about to start looking like these so look out for them. This first RP is for one I did against a character named Chris Loki (Psycho Dragon).

    /*/Comeback Season/*/

    Session I: "You Don't Owe This Business Anymore..."

    The scene fades into the backstage area of the Mandalay Bay Events Center at the Unbreakable Pay-Per-View event. The APW crew and personal are packing up the stage and ring equipment backstage as numerous wrestlers and staff members begin leaving the building, heading for the planned after party. Among all of the chaos going on backstage, Ella Perez is seen walking down a corridor wearing, a black mid waist leather jacket over a white strapless shirt, black skin tight jeans and black stiletto heels.

    As Ella walks down the corridor she smiles and waves at the familiar faces, all while continuing to walk with almost a purpose towards an unknown destination. As she walks, she looks at the numerous signs posted on the doors lining the corridor. She eventually turns towards one door and opens it quickly before slipping in, closing the door quickly behind her and locking it as a conversation comes to an abrupt end.

    Cesar Pineda is seen with his iPhone to his ear, sitting on a black steel chair with an almost confused face as Ella stands with her back on the door looking back at Cesar.

    Cesar: Hey, put 'em back to bed I'll see you when I get home.

    Cesar hangs up the phone and stands up as Ella smiles and makes her way towards him. Ella and Cesar embrace each other with a friendly hug before Ella playfully pulls away and punches Cesar in the arm.

    Cesar (laughing): What the hell was that for?

    Ella: That's for not talking or hanging out with me since the closing of Takedown.

    Cesar: ****s been a little complicated with me lately Ell. I mean I moved from Chicago to here in Vegas, I've been training with Marcos and my cousin getting them ready for their fights, and trying to spend time with my so...

    Ella punches Cesar again with a playfully evil grin on her face before beginning.

    Ella: Why the hell did I find out that you we're a daddy through your "Blog"? I thought we we're like brother and sister Cesar.

    Cesar: We are but you know......... it really wasn't something that I wanted people aside from me and Carmen to know about.

    Cesar signals for Ella to take a seat across from him. As Ella sits, she looks at Cesar with a calm face before beginning.

    Ella: So how are things and Eric?

    Cesar: You tell me. I haven't talked o him since about a week after my match with Derek.

    Ella: Eventually you two are gonna have to speak to each other. For the sake of Cris.

    Cesar leans down in his chair before folding his arms and laughing. Ella, with a serious look on her face, moves her hair away from her eye and continues.

    Ella: Well anyways, Scott told me that you asked for a match against Chris Loki at the next TV Tapings.

    Cesar nods his head.

    Ella: I thought it was funny when he told me that because, I vaguely remember reading a quote from you in the 'Final Wrestling Report' that you were "Done working with us Takedown and CGS rejects".

    Cesar takes a deep breath and looks into Ella's light brown eyes before fidgeting in his pocket.

    Cesar: I've got some people and issues from my Takedown and brief CGS days that I still have to take care of.

    Ella: So why'd you choose "Psycho Dragon" and not go after the person you always said was "The One That Got Away"?

    Cesar: Because "Psycho Dragon" is the reason that I started to be known as a joke in Chicago, CGS, and Takedown. I let him disrespect me on the internet, in the ring, outside the ring and mentally. The **** he did kind of ****ed me up.

    I tried to make it seem like to the public, to my family and to myself that he never truly go to me during our feud and that he never pissed on my DEAD fathers grave, but in reality he did those things. Imagine not having the guts to go visit your father because, you know you let some one disrespect him and you did nothing about it?

    The **** he did to me has been ****ing with my head now for almost a year now, and until I finally do something about este gringo? No puedo move on.

    Ella takes out her phone and begins scrolling through it, and typing before looking up at Cesar and starting.

    Ella: Steve said it best, when he told me that this business changes, improves, and ruins everyone's life that it comes in contact with. I thought this business was bad to me but what it's done to you mentally Cesar is something that never should have happened. I could never imagine not seeing my father, but if he knew about my work and what I know he would disown me.

    Cesar leans down in his chair and shakes his head before looking up at Ella.

    Cesar: Ella....we've never talked about what you've done in this business and what you do. I've read the dirt sheets and heard the rumors but.....

    Ella (Interrupting): I hate the **** that I have to do in these wrestling companies Cesar. I have to almost "babysit" all of you wrestlers in every company that I'm in. I have to participate in little angles that the bookers come up with regardless of my opinion.

    Ella looks up from her phone and looks at Cesar with a look of disgust.

    Ella: I've had to sleep with so many guys and pretend to enjoy being in a relationship with these guys just to keep my spot in the business. I've been left without a job and without a source of income probably seven different times since I got in the business.

    Cesar: So why don't you just....get out?

    Ella: Why don't you get out of the business Cesar? Why do you still worry about all of these problems that this business has left you with? Why can't you end it with "Psycho Dragon" and everyone else by walking away from it all? You're 24 going on 25, good looking and could leave it all behind if you want.
    I can't just up and stop working in the wrestling business all together and focusing more on my modeling and hosting. I've let this business ruin me professionally.

    Cesar notices a tear beginning to trickle down Ella's cheek and he softly wipes it away.

    Cesar: The reason I don't step away from it all is my Pride. My word, my pride, and my family is all that I have permanently in this life. I've already lost my word and my family, but I'll be damned if I lose my Pride. Chris Loki is the only person that has come close to taking my pride and I can't let that happen again. Harris is giving me the opportunity to face Chris at the TV Tapings and this is my only opportunity to get my word back because I said that I could beat him and I failed the first time. I want fail again Ella.

    Ella smiles at Cesar as a knock is heard at the door. A voice is heard yelling "We're outta here in 15 minutes, all wrestlers need to be out of the building." from the hall way. Ella reaches in her clutch purse and puts on a pair of Louis Vuitton sunglasses before standing up. Cesar stands up as well and Ella reaches for his hand.

    Ella: We haven't hung out in a while Cesar and after that talk we just had I think we both deserve to have a good time. So, we're gonna go get you dressed and then we're hitting up the club for the night.

    Cesar grasps Ella's hand and smiles back at her before nodding his head in agreement. He picks up a backpack and puts it over his shoulder before walking out the locker room with Ella down the Corridor.

    Cesar: Ella, why didn't you ever give me the chance to get serious with you when I first started in Takedown?

    Ella (laughing): Because you we're dating that one chick, and I knew it would never work so I threw you in that friend zone asap.

    Cesar and Ella both laugh as the screen fades to black behind them.

    Session II: "We threw a party, yea we threw a party.."

    The scene fades back in from darkness to the outside of a night club/casino with numerous patrons clamoring and patrons waiting outside. A white M3 BMW pulls up to the valet at the front of the club and stops. The valet opens the drivers side door of the car and helps Ella Perez out, who wears the same outfit she was wearing from earlier. She tips the valet before the passenger side door of the car opens and Cesar Pineda exits. Cesar wears a white long sleeve shirt with the sleeves pulled back to his elbows, black jeans and black and white supra shoes.

    Ella walks over to Cesar and grabs his hand and begins to walk into the club as people waiting outside the club begin pointing and taking pictures of the two. Ella leans in towards Cesar and begins.

    Ella: I'm sure the dirt sheets will be filled with rumors of us two dating by tomorrow morning.

    Cesar: Let 'em talk.

    Ella laughs as the two of them enter the club and make there way to a black jack table. Cesar and Ella both take a seat at the table and order drinks before buying into the game. After a few drinks and a couple of hands Cesar and Ella talk openly about the pay-per-view from earlier in the night sparking the attention of other around them.

    Ella (laughing): So you swear you had nothing to do with those guys jumping the barricade?

    Cesar: I swear. I didn't hear about it until Scott came asking if I had something to do with it.

    Blackjack player: I'm sorry but, you two work for Apex Pro Wrestling?

    Ella: Yes we do. You a fan?

    Blackjack Player: I tune in occasionally.

    Blackjack Bystander: Why aren't you two over at the after party at the Palms with all of the other wrestlers.

    A voice in the crowd is heard yelling "Because they're the rejects" getting laughs from a couple of people. Cesar and Ella laugh slightly to themselves as they continue to play a hand of blackjack.

    Ella: Sometimes, we like to get away from the wrestling business and actually enjoy the club after a big show.

    The dealer passes out more cards as the game begins again and the questions keep coming to Cesar and Ella.

    Bystander: So Cesar, are you and Ella dating?

    Cesar (laughing and signaling for another card from the dealer): Yep, just for tonight though. After her I'll be on to the next one.

    Ella and Cesar laugh as the games continues to go on. Cesar and Ella both receive more drinks from a waitress as the questions continue to come there way.

    Bystander: When you stepping back in the ring Cesar?

    Cesar: At the next TV tapings. I'm taking on Chris Loki.

    Bystander: PsyDrag?

    Cesar: Yep, Psyfag in the main event.

    Ella laughs and playfully punches Cesar in the arm. Cesar takes another sip from his drink and continues to play and answer questions.

    Drunken Bystander: Aye, it's Jose Montoya!!!!

    The bystanders surrounding the table silently whisper to each other at the comments from the drunken man. Cesar asks for another card from the dealer before taking another sip from his drink.

    Ella: Oh no you must be....

    Drunken Bystander (interrupting): Naw, that's totally Jose Montoya. You mind posing for a few pictures and signing a couple things for us man?

    Cesar looks over at Ella with an annoyed look before placing his hand on the table and getting a huge ovation from the fans as he wins the pot. Ella laughs before mouthing "calm down" to Cesar.

    Cesar: I can't help you guys out with that tonight.

    The drunken bystander and a group of his friends look to be annoyed at Cesar's comments as they continue to drink more and more.

    Drunken Bystander: You know what, that's whats wrong with all you celebrity athletes. When your first starting out you don't mind taking some time out to appreciate their fans, but when you get a little more famous you start thinking your too good to do anything with us. Way to become a conformist Jose.

    Cesar asks for another card from the dealer and takes another sip from his drink. Ella looks over at the drunken bystanders and smiles before turning back towards an annoyed Cesar.

    Cesar: I mean, I wouldn't have a problem hooking you guys up with a couple of pictures and an autograph but ****, you don't even know who I am.

    Drunken Bystander: What are you talking about man?!?! You're Jose Ricardo right?!?

    Cesar: Wrong........

    Drunken Bystander: Then who the hell are ya?!?!

    Cesar shakes his head as Ella shows him her hand and they continue playing. A waitress bringing drinks to the table whispers to the Drunken Bystander something inaudible before placing two drinks in front of Cesar and Ella.

    Drunken Bystander: Now I know who you are. You're Cesar Piñata!! Yea, your that one wrestler!!

    Ella looks at Cesar with a confused smile and mouths "That one wrestler?" As Cesar smiles and shrugs.

    Drunken Bystander: Now that I think about it, why the hell would I want you're autograph. Lord knows it aint worth ****.

    Cesar ignores the comments made by the men as Ella leans her head against his shoulder. Cesar looks over at her and smiles before pulling out his phone and checking the time (3:34 AM). The drunken bystander approaches Ella with a group of other guys and attempts to grab her hand.

    Drunken Bystander: Ey I know exactly who you are "mamacita" your Ella Perez. I've seen the leaked pictures of you on the internet and read the stories about you. Why don't you ditch your dude ad come home with me.

    Ella grabs her hand away from the guy and rolls he eyes before beginning.

    Ella: I'll pass, but thanks for the offer.

    Drunken Bystander: Why?!?! You think I can't afford your ass? I've got enough money to buy you and your boy over there. I mean that's all I need to sleep with you right? A little money for the Ella's honey?

    The audience begin to laugh as he tosses money at both Cesar and Ella. Cesar plays his hand again and wins the pot before looking over at Ella and winking. Cesar swiftly turns towards the bystander and hits him with a sharp right hand to the jaw sending the guy to the floor. Cesar picks the guy up and pulls a switch blade from his pocket and places it up against his chest laughing. The guys friends back away from Cesar and the guy as he begins to cry and plead to Cesar.

    Cesar: Aww, whats wrong bro? You were talking sooo much **** before I got up from the table but now your real quite. You kinda remind me of this dude I know named Psyfag. Running your mouth just to see what reaction you could get outta people. Is this the reaction that you were hoping for ey?

    Cesar moves the blade closer to the neck of the guy as the people begin to scurry away from the scene. Ella stands behind Cesar with an expressionless look on her face as he continues.

    Cesar: You see people like you and Psyfag have made me realize that Im starting to be viewed as a joke again in this business. People are starting to view me as the guy whose bark is bigger than his bite. People are forgetting that i'm not the guy out making jokes and doing this wrestling **** for the simple laughter of others. I'm gonna let you go, and when I do I want you to make sure you show up for the TV tapings so you can see me show Psyfag what happen's when you **** with Cesar Pineda backed into a corner.

    Cesar pushes the drunken bystander back towards his friends and tosses the knife towards them. Ella laughs as the bystanders realize the knife is plastic. Cesar collects his earnings from off of the table and hands them to Ella. As they begin walking towards the cash out station, the drunken bystander and his boys attempt to run up on Cesar. Cesar slightly lifts up his shirt and the guys see a glimmer of chrome coming from his waist before backing off. Ella continues to laugh as they receive there money and exit the club.

    Ella (laughing): Whatta you think they would have done had they known it wasn't loaded?

    Cesar: Who says it isn't loaded?

    Ella continues too laugh as the valet brings her car to the front of the club and the scene fades to black.

    Session III: "I Hear They're Coming For Me. Because The Top Is Lonely"

    The scene fades in from darkness with Ella and Cesar walking up a flight of stairs in a building. The only sound coming from the stair well is the foot steps from Cesar and Ella. Ella reaches in her pocket and pulls out her blackberry checking the time before taking off her glasses and placing them in her purse.

    Ella: You sure it'll be okay for me to stay here tonight?

    Cesar: Yea, why wouldn't it be?

    Ella: Well, you know I thought maybe your girl would be pissed or...

    Cesar (Interrupting): Ella, how many times do I have to tell you. I don't have a girl anymore and even if I did it wouldn't matter because you're like family. Everyone should know by now that there's nothing going on between us.

    Ella smiles and continues to walk behind Cesar as they approach the door of condo 1503 and stop. Cesar takes out a key and opens the door before walking in and turning on a light, illuminating the modern design of his condo. Cesar tosses his keys on a bar like area in the condo as Ella looks around in aww at his condo. She places her clutch bag on a small end table before walking over towards a trophy case in the living room section of the condo. Cesar takes a seat on a counter in his kitchen and watches as Ella continues to walk towards Cesar's trophy case and look at the title belts and awards inside.

    Ella looks at the Takedown Challenge Championship and the plaque under it and smiles before turning around towards Cesar.

    Ella: I remember when you won this for the third time. You and your brother seemed so excited at the press conference after the show. That was probably one of my favorite memories from Takedown.

    Cesar: It was a good memory Ella, but it was a false moment.

    Ella cast an inquisitive look at Cesar after his words.

    Cesar: I was in pain, physically and mentally. Physically from the match but mentally from the business and the thought of where to go next. I now have only one person keeping me linked to the Takedown rejects and I get to end it with him soon.

    Ella: Psydrag....

    Cesar nods his head and hops of the counter and approaches the trophy case, standing next to Ella.

    Cesar: He's one of the people in the business that ****ed up a little piece of my life. He's one of the people that caused me to start getting addicted to antidepressants.

    Ella looks at Cesar in somewhat shock.

    Cesar: Don't worry I got off of em once Cris was born, but none the less he' of the reasons I got on em.

    Cesar sits down on a couch and looks up at the ceiling as Ella continues to look at Cesar's trophy case.

    Cesar: I already know Psyfags gonna do his little comedy **** and try to embarrass me and my family through one of his skits. I already know that Ella, and I'm ready for that. I let him get away with it once, and my family haven't forgiven me for it. I won't let him get away with it know that I've got my son and my brother looking up to me. I'm coming back for the top of this business and to get there, I've gotta get rid of my problems "one gringo at a time". Psyfag is just one of two people that I truly wanna get rid of.

    Ella: Whose the other person?

    Cesar: You already know Ella.

    Ella turns away from the trophy case and looks out the full body windows of Cesar's condo, looking at the sleepless people in the streets of Vegas as the camera focuses in on a "Vicious Circle" T-shirt in the trophy case, before fading to black.

    Session IV: "Got two bones to pick, but I'mma only choose one..."

    The scene fades in from darkness to Cesar Pineda dressed in his ring gear standing in front of a tattered poster emblazoned with the CGS logo. Cesar takes a deep breath before beginning.

    Cesar: I'm not gonna lie, I didn't spend that much time in CGS but I did follow it and the wrestlers that were in it. I followed Kyle Evers, Dash Blade, and of course Steve Storme and saw a company slowly die. In that companies last months of existence I saw the emergence of a new wrestler going by the name Psycho Dragon. He accomplished some pretty impressive things in his time with the dying company. Final CGS World Heavyweight and Legends Champion, 2010 Bloodshed Cup Winner, nominated as Superstar of the year and wet undefeated for three months in the company. I'm not gonna even lie, that's some impressive ****. It took me a while to gain any accomplishment on the big stage of professional wrestling but it took him probably less than six months.

    If you put our careers right next to each other you would probably say, "Damn there's not even an argument for whose better. It's obviously PsyDrag." and you'd be wrong. You'd be wrong because every one of PsyFags came during the dying days of a company that no longer was at the level it was at a year before he came. You see his accomplishment would mean something if he achieved them when CGS was in it's prime and talent like Storme and Evers were still going for the World Title, but he didn't.

    Chris Loki might dress and act like an idiot but I'll give him credit because he aint one. When he first came into the company he nut hugged the face of CGS, Steve Storme, and basically ensured that he wouldn't have to go against him, Kyle Evers, Alyster Black or any of the big names in the company. Me and Psyfag are completely different because when Steve Storme came into Takedown I didn't nut hug him like everyone else. Naw, I straight up told him that he wasn't **** and that I didn't see or respect the hype for him.

    And just like I don't see or respect the hype for Storme, I don't see or respect the hype for some pussy going around calling himself Psycho Dragon. When CGS was taking its last couple of breaths me and you finally had some words and you embarrassed me on my own blog.

    Cesar tears down the CGS Poster and walks onwards a poster with the CAW logo emblazoned on it.

    Cesar: We finally got a match set up between each other in CAW after CGS died. in the weeks leading up to our match you paid a little trip to my fathers grave and pissed on it. I lost the match against you and I lost the respect of my older brother and my mother because I let you disrespect the man that made me into who I am today. You ****ed me up after our match and I habent been right since because now all i want is a chance to gain back my families respect. Gain back my own self respect and gain back my fathers respect.

    After I lost my match against you and came back home, I couldn't even look my family in their face. My older brother doesn't even respect me anymore because of that **** you pulled. He used to look at me as the only member of our family that could bring a good reputation to our family but now.....Now he looks at me as a disgrace and feels like I'm not destroying the reputation that he helped build for our family.

    My mom tells people that she only has two son's now instead of three because she doesn't want anyone to know that one of her sons let some outsider disrespect and degrade the grave of her husband.

    That's a real ****ed up feeling knowing that your own mother has disowned you. Thats why I asked Scott for this math because I can get it all back. All I have to do is take you out, and I've never been more determined and fueled by emotions to accomplish this goal.

    I can't lie Chris i hate you.
    I hate that I let you embarrass me on my own blog.
    I hate that I let you get into my head.
    I hate that I even let you get to my fathers grave.
    I hate that i didn't put a bullet in your head the moment I heard what you did.
    I hate that I lost to you in our first match.
    I hate that I could possibly lose to you in our next match.
    And I hate that I've allowed you to put doubt in my head.

    I've only hated one other person in the wrestling business and thats your mentor Derek Levy, but I took care of him and now I have to take care of you. I let you get away with disrespecting me and my family before but now I'm done playing. Your not facing off against Cesar Pineda, your facing Andrés Cesar Pineda. I'm out to get back everything you took from me and to make an example out of you like I did Derek. Come ready for a fight or don't come at all because no matter the outcome, I'm not stopping until they take me outta the arena in hand cuffs.

    Cesar rips the CAW poster down and puts the hood up on his jacket as he walks away and the screen fades to black.

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    Re: Cesar Pineda

    Here's my RP that I recently did against Alyster Black. I didn't really like this one but I finally perfected (In my mind) the style that I was going for with this RP after many attempts. Enjoy

    <<From February 17th to February 18th professional wrestler, Cesar Pineda, allowed MTV cameras back into his life as he prepares for his upcoming match with APW World Champion Alyster Black. Cesar Pineda has asked that viewer discretion be advised before watching.>>


    Voice of Cesar Pineda-The world keeps asking me fifty million questions about my career as of late, that I shouldn't have to answer. Questions on if I think I can beat this guy, or if I think I'm on the same level as that guy. I've been avoiding the questions for so long but now I'm finally ready to answer them. I'm not ready to answer them with my words, I'm ready to answer them with my actions in the ring.

    -February 17thLas Vegas, Nevada7:13PM

    "Under Ground King" by Drake, begins to play as the scene slowly fades in from darkness to an overview shot of Las Vegas Nevada drenched with the orange rays of the setting sun. The camera shows numerous shots of famous Las Vegas landmarks before showing Cesar Pineda sitting in his car at the red light.

    Cesar is dressed in a black Chicago Cubs fitted hat, black sunglasses, a white Form Athletics shirt, black cargo shorts, and black and white supra high top shoes. Cesar nods his head to the music as he sits in the car listening to the music before peering up into the rearview mirror at his son, Cristiano, sitting in a car seat in the back.

    Voice of Narrator-On February 18th, Cesar Pineda finally takes on his rival Alyster Black in what could very well be their final one on one encounter with each other. It was publicly announced on the February 4th APW on HDNet broadcast that Cesar would be leaving the company soon and Cesar intends on going through all of his nay sayers before he leaves.

    The scene shifts to Cesar sitting on a stool in a darkened room with a small spotlight placed on him. The camera focuses in on Cesar before he begins.

    Cesar Pineda(Professional Wrestler)

    I consider these last couple of match ups here in APW as my sort of farewell tour from Takedown and CGS Wrestling. In these last couple of match ups I'm ending it all with the people from those two companies because I'm trying to move on from the past feuds that I never ended. I'm trying to end it all with these guys once and for all so that I can finally get away from them.

    I started things off with Chris Loki and showed the world that Cesar Pineda isn't nothing nice. After Chris, I took out Krash to finally say basically "You might have won a world title, but you ain't on my level boy". The next person that I'm going after to end things with is Alyster Black. It's finally time to write the final chapter in this almost 5 chapter story.

    The scene returns to Cesar driving in his car down a street as he continues to nod his head to the music. The camera shot exits the car and shows Cesar's Black M3 BMW pulling into the parking lot of a building marked with a sign reading"International Fight Champions".

    Voice of Narrator-In preparation for his upcoming match up with Alyster Black, Cesar has been spending numerous nights and weekend training with his team at his gym with his team the, "International Fight Champions". For this bought Cesar has brought in former tag-team partners from Mexico, family members and his protégé to help improve his game plan and his ability.

    Cesar is shown with his son in his arms as he walks into the gym. Numerous people are seen hitting punching bags, grappling on mats, shadowboxing, and performing wrestling holds on each other in the ring. Cesar's brother Marcos comes and takes Cesars son from him as Cesar heads for the locker room to change.

    The scene shifts to Marcos Pineda sitting on a stool in a dimly lit room with a small spotlight on him.

    Marcos Pineda (Younger Brother of Cesar Pineda)-

    Cesar has never been this focused or this determined in his entire Professional Wrestling career. He finally feels like he has something to prove and he's gonna do it. He's ready to prove that when it comes down to it, he's better than Chris Loki, he's better than Krash, he's better than Alyster Black, and he's better than Steve Storme. Period.

    Cesar exits the locker room dressed in his ring gear and greets all of the people in the gym before calling over Marcos, Shawn Summers, and two other guys.

    Voice of Cesar-For this entire training camp, I've basically relied on my brother Marcos, my protégé Shawn, my cousin Sergio, and my tag-team partner from Mexico, Luis. Alyster Black isn't going to be ready for what I'm planning on bringing to him in this match. There's not gonna be any of that bull**** strictly wrestling crap that people are starting to get a boner about. I'm coming into this match as if I were coming into a fight. I'm coming to hurt Alyster.

    Cesar and Shawn enter the ring and Luis starts shouting out drill routines at Cesar performs with Shawn on que. Takedowns, back and side mounts, submission holds, body blocks. Shawn and Cesar trade moves back and forth with each other before Luis calls for Shawn to leave the ring and Marcos gets in with Cesar and the two begin trading leg kicks and punches with one another.

    Narrators Voice-Of the four match ups that Cesar and Alyster Black have faced each other in, Cesar has come up victorious once. In that victory Cesar managed to capture the Takedown Challenge Championship but in preparation for that match his trainer was his ex friend, Bangsurluna.

    Cesar is shown sweating profusely as Luis call for a break in the training and motions for Cesar to come over to him. The scene switches to Luis sitting on a stool in a dimly lit room with a small spot light on him.

    Luis (Trainer and former Tag-Team Partner)

    Cesar doesn't need Bangs in order to beat Alyster. Cesar and Bangs haven't spoken since it came out that Cristiano was his son and ugh...Cesar slept with his sister. We don't need Bangs to get Cesar ready for this ****. Alyster has been coasting through victories lately in APW because he's been facing subpar competition. He's been playing around in tag-team match ups over in CWA. Cesar's ready for this moment and I'll be damned if Alyster tries and take this **** away from him.

    The scene returns to Cesar and Luis discussing his training as the cameras focus in on it.

    Luis-See you're biggest problem in the match is gonna be him talking **** throughout it and leading up to it. You've gotta stay focused and keep your eye on the prize. He's gonna talk that talk about how he's beaten you four times before and how he's faced guys ten times better than you and that you're not worth his time, BUT that's where he's wrong. He can talk that **** but when it comes down to it the only thing that is gonna matter is if he can back it up in the ring.

    Cesar (interrupting)-He can't back it up. He's not the man that I faced before. While everyone was out there coasting through match ups and partying after wards, I was out there learning from my mistakes and trying to improve on em. I'm not laying down for Alyster in this match, and I guarantee we're fighting Steve at that pay-per-view.

    Narrators Voice-The hype surrounding the possible final one on one encounter between Alyster and Cesar has caught the attention of the professional wrestling media. Cesar is no stranger to the media surrounding his match ups and feuds and he feeds off of it in preparation for his match ups.

    The scene shifts to show Cesar sitting in the ring talking on his iPhone, taking a small break from training. With his iPhone on speaker phone an over the phone interview can be heard being conducted with Cesar.

    Interviewer- A lot of people are saying that Alyster Black is going to be the bump in your road towards facing Steve Storme. A lot of people are also saying that after four losses to Alyster you need to just stop trying and accept the fact that he's better than you. What are your thoughts on that?

    Cesar-Umm, you know I hear and read all of that bull **** that people keep saying about me and my pad to Storme and my matches with Alyster. I'm hear to tell you that Alyster isn't going to be the bump in my road to Storme. I'm not taking this whole match with Alyster lightly because I'm finally ready to end this **** with him. He's been running his mouth every time he gets a chance when he reads something about me. When I have some words with Storme he's always jumping in and trying to add his little two cents into the conversation that doesn't concern him.

    I'm the person that's helping to keep Blacks singles career relevant at the moment because I'm the only one that actually challenges him to go hard. I'm the only person that actually makes him have to work in the ring and thats exactly what I'm gonna do. The only way that I'm willing to let my shoulders stay on the ground for three seconds or give up is if I'm out cold or dead.

    Interviewer- Do you think you can get the victory over Alyster without Bangsurluna n your corner and helping you train for Black?

    Cesar-I don't need Bangs to help me with Alyster. Having Bangs in my corner is the last thing that I need at the moment because theres to much animosity between the two of us. I don't want to have to watch my back while I'm in the ring handling business.

    I've brought in family, and friends to help me train for this ****. Who does Alyster have? Krash, I already whooped his ass not once but twice. Chris Loki, I whooped his ass and now he's on a losing streak. Storme refuses to even **** with Alyster now so he's out of the question for help preparing for me. He might have this whole mentality that he doesn't need to prepare for me but........he might wanna think again.

    Cesar ends the interview and exits the ring towards a room located in the back of the gym where his team is watching and studying tapes of old Alyster VS Cesar match ups. Each member of Cesars team comments on different flaws they see in Cesar wrestling and holes they see in Alyster game plan.

    Voice of Cesar-This match up is very important to me. Losing to Alyster Black is not going to **** me off. The thing that will **** me off is that Alyster will get the last laugh in our little saga. I'm gonna get that final laugh and I'll be damned if I've come this far and lose everything before I get to the only man that can finally give me a challenge.

    The scene fades to black as the end of the final match between Alyster and Pineda is shown on the TV in front of them.

    Voice of Narrator-As the night comes to an end Cesar now focuses on the second aspect of his life outside of the ring. An aspect in which Cesar considers the most important of his whole life, being a father and a good role model.

    The scene fades back in to Cesar playing with his son in the living room area of his condo. Cesar son smiles as Cesar makes funny faces at him. His brother Marcos sits across from Cesar and his son and laughs at the softer goofier side of his older brother as he plays with his son.

    Voice of Cesar-People don't realize that me winning and losing match ups really affects my family. If I lose, the money that I was gonna make gets cut dramatically. I'm supporting my son, my brother and myself. Until my brother picks up more and more victories and gets more sponsorships, I'm the sole bread winner in this family. I'm the role model, the father, the father figure, the head of the household. I'm not gonna let Alyster or Storme beat me. My families well being depends on it.

    A commercial appears on the TV highlighting the upcoming match up between Cesar and Black on APW on HDNet. A calm somber comes over the room as Cesar smirks at the Television before turning it off and picking up his son heading towards his room.

    The scene returns to Marcos sitting on the stool with the spotlight on him.

    Marcos-My brother has always been a really prideful person. Loosing truly messes with his pride and he feels like he's let everyone down when he losses. Alyster Black has no one that depends on him. He's doing everything for himself. Cesar knows that he's dealing with a different Alyster Black than the man he faced in Takedown. He's dealing with a weaker and more craftier Alyster Black. We've prepared for this and we're gonna handle Black before we finally handle Storme. There's not gonna be any "Gang Star" beat down on Cesar in any parking lots or nothing like that. We're gonna handle this in the ring and finally end things with him.

    The scene fades to darkness before fading back into the outside of the Mandalay Bay Events Center. Shots of numerous fans are shown as they slowly crowd into the center for APW on HDNet.

    February 18th Las Vegas, Nevada6:19 PM

    Voice of Narrator-As time draws closer and closer for the epic showdown between Alyster Black and Cesar Pineda. The hype surrounding this match has caused APW representatives to expand the seating arrangements for the show to accommodate the high demand in tickets.

    The scene switches to the backstage area of the Mandalay Bay Events Center where Scott Harris is shown dressed in a black Armani suit speaking with numerous backstage personal. Harris controls the frenzy going on backstage at the APW show as a man with a headset pulls him to the side and tells him the arrival of the wrestlers.

    Harris-I don't want Cesar Pineda and his team having any contact at all with Alyster Black and any of his allies at all tonight. The only time that I want Alyster and Cesar to have contact is when the bell rings for the beginning of the match up. Have Cesar arrive at the north entrance and have Black arrive at the south entrance. Oh and have Cesar come to my office as soon as he gets here.

    The scene shifts to show Scott Harris sitting on a stool in a dimly lit room with the spotlight on him.

    Scott Harris (Co General Manager of Apex Pro Wrestling)-

    I knew that Cesar wasn't going to stay committed to APW. He told me that from the very beginning and I could respect that. Since the time has finally started approaching for Cesar to leave I can truly see a lot of determination and a different side of Cesar Pineda. I can't say who I'm rooting for in this match up or who I think has a better chance at victory but I will say that I believe this is gonna be a war if we've ever seen one.

    The scene fades back into the backstage area of the Mandalay Bay Events Center. A backstage worker alerts the MTV Camera crew that Cesar has arrived at the arena before taking off running towards the north entrance. The camera crew runs behind the man down the corridors of the events center, showing numerous familiar faces and wrestlers backstage at the show. The run finally stops as the doors to the north entrance way is shown opening.

    Cesar Pineda enters the through the entrance way hand and hand with Ella Perez. Cesar wears a white long sleeved Jordan Athletics shirt, black sweat pants, and black and white low top vans. Ella wears a black Cesar Pineda "Mexican Nightmare" shirt cut low to show her stomach, with white jean pants and black stiletto heels. Cesars brother Marcos, his cousin Sergio, protégé Shawn Summers, and trainer Luis walk behind them all looking focused for the match later tonight.

    The scene shifts to Ella Perez sitting on a stool in a dimly lit room with a spotlight situated on her. Ella moves her hair away from her face before beginning.

    Ella Perez (Cesar Pineda's Girlfriend)-

    The night of our last pay-per-view, me and Cesar hung out and we really connected. I saw something in him that I had never seen before and realized that we really clicked. He convinced me to leave the business for a while to get away from all the rumors and the bull**** and the allegations against me. We hung out everyday after that and we decided to give us a shot.

    When I'm backstage at these pay-per-views and these shows I'm legitatmitely scared for the well being of these guys each and every time they walk through the curtain to the ring. For this match up I'm legitimately scared for both Cesar and Alyster. Cesar's not the same kid that wrestled in the beginning of Takedowns dominance. Cesar's evolved since dramatically and adapted to the situations around him while everyone else has gotten comfortable with were they are in the business. Cesars hungry and ready to shut down all of these guys around here from our Takedown and CGS days.

    The scene fades back to Cesar walking down the corridor along with a APW worker towards the make sift office of Scott Harris. Cesar and Harris greet each other and shake hands before Harris leads Cesar into his "office" as the scene fades to black.

    Voice of the Narrator-Both Scott Harris and Cesar Pineda requested that their conversation be held off camera. In Cesar locker room his family and friends wait intently for Cesar to return to begin final preparation for his match up. Out of his entire team, Cesar will be bringing his protégé, Shawn Summers, accompanying him to the ring for the match up.

    The scene shifts to Shawn Summers sitting in the dimly lit room on a stool with the spotlight on him.

    Shawn Summers (Cesar Pineda Protégé)-

    Getting Cesar prepared for this match has really made me realize that I need to step my game up. I'm almost done with this suspension from the Nevada State Athletic Commission and and I'm ready to prove myself in this company. Alyster might hold a couple of victories over Cesar but that one victory over Alyster that Cesar has is hella important in this match up. This puts doubt in Alysters head because it's been proven that Cesar has what it takes to beat him. Cesar beat him for the Championship and will do it again at this show.

    The scene shifts back to Cesar, his brother Marcos, and his cousin Sergio all sparing with each other on mats in the locker room. Luis points out the flaws in each of there movements before a member of APW production team knocks on the door and tells Cesar to start getting ready.

    5 Minutes untilCurtain Time

    Cesar is dressed in his ring gear in the locker room with headphones on as he paces back and forth listening to music. Cesars brother Marcos taps Cesar as Luis tells him to bow his head. Everyone bows there heads in prayer as Luis leads.

    Voice of Narrator-As the time draws nearer and nearer to the match up Cesar Pineda takes these last couple of minutes to connect one hundred percent with himself and god.

    Luis ends the prayer and Cesar hugs each and everyone of the people in the room. A knock is heard at the door letting Cesar and his team know that "It's Time". Cesar kisses Ella before signaling for Shawn to "Come on" as they both walk down the corridor towards the gorilla position. The sound of the fans in the arena can be heard and Cesar Pineda lifts the hood of his jacket over his head as he continues walking.

    Voice Of Cesar Pineda-Alyster Black just like Steve Storme as of late, has fallen off. He used to be recognized as one of the top wrestlers out there and was easily talked about in the same circles that Steve Storme was discussed in, but not anymore. Alyster has gotten to damn comfortable and is starting to think that his thrown and his title are safe but.........I see it all for the taking, and like I told Steve Storme.....Watch me take it.

    The scene fades to black as the credits begin to roll.

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