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Thread: CWA Video Game?

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    CWA Video Game?

    (The Following Post Is Out Of Character)

    I think it would be cool if the CWA Universe, released a CWA Video Game, what do you think? I could make one up if you wanted (a fictional article about the game not the actual game haha) What do you think?

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    Re: CWA Video Game?

    Hahaha I say High Voltage The Video Game sounds more like it

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    Re: CWA Video Game?

    But personally I was thinking "CWA: Rise Of The Immortals"

    I was thinking that I could use Smackdown vs Raw games to take pictures and videos to promote characters etc. (example Mr. Showtime/Dolph Ziggler) and also promote it through the episodes. I get a document up in a moment.

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    Re: CWA Video Game?

    CWA: Rise Of The Immortals is the first video game released by Clique Wrestling Alliance, in partnership with game creation company, EA Games. The game was developed by Neversoft Entertainment, and is being released by EA Games on the 20th of December, 2011, to coincide with the 2011 edition of Five Star Attraction. It is being released for XBOX 360, Playstation 3, Wii, Nintendo DS and Playstation Portable.


    CWA: Rise Of The Immortals is planned to a more fast action paced gameplay than majority of wrestling games. It supports up to four players at a time on console, although online play is only avaliable for XBOX 360 and Playstation 3. Damage done to opponents is realistic in that, when an opponent starts bleeding the blood hits the canvas of the ring for example. Signatures can be built up by building one’s, “Vendetta” meter to Signature level, where each wrestler can perform one of three signature moves. One can then build their meter past Signature level, and to Finisher level, where one can perform their finisher on their opponent. Also, on the screen, a colour coded damage indicator is used to show the amount of damage done on opponents, along with mini games for breaking out of pins, escaping submissions, climbing over the steel cage etc.

    Game Modes

    The main storyline featured in the game is, “Countdown To FSA” which follows the story of one of 10 wrestlers with each having their unique storyline, on their quest in the CWA from Uprising to Five Star Attraction, in their quest to win the CWA World Heavyweight Championship. In total 5 wrestlers from each brand can be chosen. They are:

    Adrenaline Rush : Chubby Carlos, Billy Hatcher, Diego Gonzalez, The Future and Joey Nicholas
    High Voltage : Mr. Showtime, Mr. Willis, Roberto, Jackson Sonik and Surge

    Once a competitor is selected they will play through their weekly brand show each week, along with competing at their brand’s Pay Per Views, with the event ultimately cultimating with Five Star Attraction.

    Along with this there is also a mode called, “Alternating The Path” which consists of three in game options. Relive, Rewrite or Redefine. Relive gives you the option to recreate a well known match in CWA history. Rewrite gives you the option to change a match from CWA history, and Redefine gives you the option to change the match type and stipulations all together. Each option consists of a total of 8 matches, and each match will not just require you to win, but to also complete several in game objectives. Only one match has been revealed so far for this mode, and it hasn’t been revealed as of yet what option this is going to be for. This match is:

    Five Star Attraction I: CWA World Heavyweight Championship Match: Roberto vs. Nickolas Kennedy Arsen (completing the match unlocks Arsen as a playable character)

    There is also a mode called, “Commisioner Mode” which allows players to take control one of the two brands, and book the show how they seem fit, along with competing against the other brand.

    Create Modes

    The game will feature six create modes.

    - Create A Wrestler (CAW for short) Giving the option to create up to 100 custom in game wrestlers, to compete alongside other CWA stars, as long as against each other
    - Create A Finisher - Create A Finisher allows you to create your original finish maneouver, based upon 500 animations.
    - Create A Entrance - Allows you to customise your entrance for your Created Wrestler, or for an existing CWA Star.
    - Create A Moveset - Allows you to customise the moves your created wrestler or an existing CWA Star can use
    - Create An Arena - Customise and create up to 20 of your own arenas, customising the text, mat colour, titantron shape, lights and just about everything possible in a CWA ring.
    - Create A Story - Create your own story, as you book your own version of CWA, and publish it online for everyone else to see!

    Match Types

    The following match types have been so far confirmed.

    - Single
    - Tag Team
    - Tornado Tag Team
    - Triple Threat
    - Four Way
    - Street Fight
    - Cibernetico
    - Battle Royal (10 Man, 20 Man, 30 Man and 40 Man)

    More matches will be confirmed later on.


    The following roster has been announced on July 3rd 2011. The roster announced for the game is:


    Adam Brown
    Alex Scott
    Alyster Black
    Ari Bravado
    Austin McCoy
    Bakary Eboue
    Billy Hatcher
    Bret Storm
    Christopher Jackson
    Chubby Carlos
    Damage Nixon
    Damien Kahn
    Dan Maskell
    Dan Powers
    Daren Storm
    Derek Vendra
    Dexter Darwin Douglas
    Diego Gonzalez
    Guardian Devil
    Hannibal Howell
    Hank Bonsen
    Jakob Draven
    Joey Nicholas
    Kenneth LeBlanc
    Roderick Kyle
    Rolando Fuentes
    Roy Michaels
    The Wall
    Tim Lucker
    TJ Styles
    Top Dog
    Ultimate Pain
    Warren Peace


    Ashley Adams
    Ashley LaBella
    Mz. Kay


    Abdul Akbar Alsam
    Axl Storm
    Cyrus Truth
    Clint Shepard
    Dave Hunter
    Devon Jones
    Eddie Von Gunner
    Frankie Enzo
    Hade McKenzie
    Hakeem Mustafe
    Jackson Sonik
    Jay Watlers
    Jason Blair
    Jeramiah Johnson
    Jimmy Sanchez
    Joven Rayo
    Joey Johnson
    JT Saxon
    Kyle Crosby
    Matthew Summers
    Mike Carnage
    Mr. Showtime
    Mr. Willis
    Nero James
    Peter Jacobs
    Petey Williamson
    Ralph McCoy
    Rich Stone
    Tigre Santos
    Tony Burlom
    Victor Thompson
    Zakk Force


    Anna Williams
    Ms. Sabin
    Victoria Stone
    Vikki Venom

    DLC Package 1

    The first DLC Package will be released on January 6th 2012. However those who preorder the game by September 10th, will receive the DLC upon the games release. The package will include:

    Dan Maskell
    Twista XL
    CWA Uprising 2009 (First PPV in CWA History) - Downloadable Arena

    Confirmed Arenas

    The list of confirmed in game arenas has been released with the roster.
    - Adrenaline Rush Arena
    - High Voltage Arena
    - Uprising Arena
    - In Exile Arena
    - Hostile Takeover Arena
    - Redemption Arena
    - Meltdown Arena
    - Collision Course Arena
    - Five Star Attraction II Arena
    - Five Star Attraction I Arena (Unlockable)
    - AMLL “Senior Los Trios” Arena (Unlockable)
    - Old School Adrenaline Rush Arena (Unlockable)
    - Old School High Voltage Arena (Unlockable)

    More info on the game will be released as it comes!


    Damage Nixon making is in-game entrance in his, "Classic" attire.

    Mr. Showtime's in game render.

    TJ Styles vs. Mr. Willis in a match in the game (a part of Willis's FSA Countdown Story In The Chapter: "Adrenaline Rush Invasion"), as Willis's colleague from High Voltage, Tony Burlom watches on.

    In game video demo will be released soon...
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